Newspaper of Evening Star, November 1, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 1, 1860 Page 1
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/ * < <1 - _ ? . ' * ' .. s* -?.('.jr... . ' ?? ' ' ' * ? v 1 iv -'4 ?> .'. ^ I Msm. I b . . ^ ^ .. ? J^miA -4P ' >K WF ^K -H B : * ^j.,.. m H i 11 . ^ f - , . m fl 4 ^ _ . #4 .. . da ? ?MM < ~. k?T? / ? ; l? , 1 < i 1 ^ , :< 1 .1* t* t [_. .... .. # ? * J _. . _ _ . .. ..... " .' * " '/. ^T"""""1 I : 1 . : '. ? 11 11 V*. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C., THURSDAY. NOVEMBER I. 1860. N?. 8.405 ... . - . i r. - w * * > / JltA'II * ft -*? ? I THE EVENING STAR I f PUBLISHED BVBRY AFTBRNOON, I (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT TUB STAR BULBINOft, Corner of Pennsyi+rnnia awn us and lllA BT W. D. WALLACH. rapara aarrad to ftekmi by aarrlara it ? t r?.r, or n oaoia par moath. To mail aaba?ribara lha prioa ia f jje ? year, m? mdvmct; $2 far ME montha: fl for Ouaa nanotha; and far leaa ttu. UrM months at Uiarata of Kwati a twk. Binfia copiaa, oni cb*t; ia wrapper a, two cn?. C7AivnTBHnTi aooald b? aent to tha oBea Iunuiv v fiuua VWIVI w ? ? w; uw? *ff?w aaUi Um wit day. = Operatlm ( the Patcat Office. Thn fbilowing U a Hat of patentsIssued from the IT. S Patent Oace for the week ending October it, lt40?each bearing that date: Ssaa'l Aldrioh and. Alex'r Aldrlch, of Washington. D. C ?For improvement In devlc* for elevating waW from wella. etc. T. F. Allen, of Dyaravllle. Iowa ?For improvement in India rubber railway car spring*. Francis Arnold, of Middle Hsddaui, Con.?For Improvement in clothes squeesera. I Wm. H. Babcock. of Homer, N.Y.?For print, of Brooklyn, N.Y.?For improved I I eyg beater f Daniel A. Balmer, of I.axington, Ind ? For ion! paovement ia leveling n>iil stone. J W Barnea, of Murfreeabom', N. C.?Fbr provement in attaching h or see, 4c , to two-wheel vehiclea. i Henry Harth, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For printtng-preaa ft-eder. sA, Bond, of Greenwood, 8. C ?For improvom*M In harness tsrge 5 Boaworth, of Troy, N. Y.?For la>nuent In car wbeeia. R. Brown and A. C. Babcock, of New HaConn.?For Improved shaft tug H. H Bennett, of Hunt'a Hollow, N.Y.?For ovement in gatea Tkoiau Hyrne, of Baton Rongn, La.?For Improvement In refrigerator* IWan.B Carr, *J New York. N. Y ?For Improvement la valvea for water cloaeta John C Cllne, of Camden, N J.?Fo* improved arrangement of mechanism In aewlng machines j Jamea B Cottn, at Hayeavtlla, Ohio.?For 1mDrovrmrnt tn wuMnir Charles W Cartas. of New Haven, Con.?Fpr 1 nproared collapsible bucket. Francis B L*? Keravenan, of New York, N. Y. For Improvement la bm|?. Abraham Denny and Edward Maynard Denny, of Watorford, Ireland.?For Improved apparatus fur singeing plga. Isaac Detherla^e, Jr , of New York, N.Y.?Fo? improved knife cleaner. Arthur de Wlttleben, of Washington, D. C.? For envelope ruler | Henry H Dodge, of Georgetown, D. C.?For Improvement in gas burners. I wm A. Dudley, of Petersburg, Va.?For Improvement In apparatua for removing calculi. J H Fisher, of Placarv. le. Cal.?For improvement Id railroad car seata ?.nd couches. Perry G. Gardiner, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in cotton prnssa. John Gilchrist, of Berlin City, Wis.?For improvement in spoke machines. Collins W Griffith, of Dayton, Ohio.?For improved device for adjusting the rako of muly saw*. David A. Hopkins, of Bergen, N. J.?For improvement in railroad chairs. John M Jones, of New Orleans, and Joseph Charpantler, of Psttersonvllle, La.?For Improvement in bagasse furnaces. Albert F. Johnson, of Boston, Mass., assignor to A. B. Ely, of Newton, Mass.?For ImproveIO#ilt la Mwinor mwHtnas D A. Johnson and F. M Gibson, of Boston, ?For Improvement in carriage wheal*. W. J. Johnson, of Nem-ton, Mass?For Improvement in pumps Frederic Kettier, of Mllwankle, Wis.?For Improved rotary engine. Francis L- Kidder, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For Improvement in the running gear of vebictes. David Landis, of Lancaster, Pa.?For improvement in screw for flour bolt*. Wm. J. Lane, of Cbappaqua, N. Y.?For improvement in lifting jacks. Joseph F. Letlllier, of Grand Rapids, Mich.? For improvement In sfc-am valves gylvester Marsh, of Roxbury, Mass ?For improvement in grain bins Wallace Lyon, of Deep River, Conn.?For ttnI proved bit stock. James MacDonongh. of New York, N. Y ?Ftor style of engraving bank notes, Ac. Daniel Lombard, of Boston, Mass?For improvement in rice hulling machines John McArthur, of Aurora, 111?For lmDroved method of elevating water from well* Jamea B Mohler. of Pekln, 111.?For Improvement In grain weighing machine* F Moore, of Panola, Mlaa.?For Improved ffcn ventilating bedstead. Murdoch Murchlaon, of Denmark, Tenn.?For Improvement in cotton preaaea Frederick D Newbury, of Albany, N. Y.?For Improvement in revolving tlrearin \V H. Oakes. of New York, N. Y.?For improvement In plate printing Adam Got, of Minette, N. Y.?For improvement in car coupllnga. N. A Pattaraon, of Kingston, Tenn.?For Improvement in cotton gina Uaavm 1> Di...? * --? * f una oiiu rfuiiui mill, OX 31 !?OUll, M<> ?For Improvement la v?ntilating mill akiDti Mtlea Pratt, of Watertown, Maaa?For improvement in cookingatovea A Kaudel, of New vork, N. Y.?For improvement in preaaea, Michael E. Rudaall, of Shelby, N C ?For Improvement In machine* for cutting atalka. 4c Philander Shaw, of Abingdon, Maaa?For improved boot crlm plug mac blue Mile* J. Sbinn, of Richmond, Ind?For apparatua for detecting fraud In ballot boxea Ahijah Smith, of ttingaton, N. V?For Improvement la ma:hiaea for dresainp atone. Ira A K&fford, of Eaacx. N. Y.?For improved furniture <-aeter Ira A Stafford, of Eneq, N. Y?For iroprorement in machine for eleranug cleaning ana hagring grain. Nathaniel M. Stratum, of Naw York, N. Y.? For Improvement In feucea. John 8 Stuart and Aaael L. Coraon, of Marblehead, Maaa ?For Improved machine for dreaalng boot and ahoe heela. A E Taylor, of Ogdensburg, N. Y?For Improved bell attachment J. D Tracy. of Springfield. Maaa.?For im -? NBUUIIICHI IWf unuir una. Nathan B Webrter aud Robert W. Young. of Portsmouth, Va ?For Improvement In prevention of Incrustation of steam boilers. Jesse B. Wheeler, of Chicago, III?For Improved machine for drying and cooling grain John P. Wilson and rreelova V. WiUon, of lllon,N.Y.?For Improved revolvingspoolstand Uurduu G. Wolfe, of Troy, N. y.?For la> provement In cooking stove*. Richard B WrljihT, of Norfolk, Va?For improved ventilator lor railroad can. A T. Ballautlne. of New York, N. Y., aastgnor to himself and T O. Conkling, of same place.? For Improved box for dropping sugar. Edward Burke, of Philadelphia, Pa , assignor to himself and Abraham ttalger, of same place ? Fee Improvement In seals and coaches for railroad ears _ _ o?o. rener, 01 ruuadeiphla, Pa., aaalgaor to 8. Pancoaat, of mm place.?For Improvement In aewlng macblaea. Gao C Gourlay, of New York, N. Y., aaaignor to bimeelf and Andrew Ha allay, of Mate place ? For lmproT'infnt la port Ugbte for Teaalt Caleb H. Urlflth, of Lyno, Maa , aaaignor to W altar 1) K icharda, of Boa ton, Maaa ?For improved mac Line for cutting boot and ahoe aolra. Ferdinand F Mver, of New York, N. Y., aaaignor to bimaelf and Auguatua Schellar. of mme place ?For Improvement In manufacture of chloride of lead * Tbomaa A Morria, of Green Bay, Win , aaaignor to htmaeif and F. U bet tier, of lime place ? For Improvement lu cruablng and pulverising quartz John J. Watoon, of Buffalo. N Y , aaalgaor to bimaelf and Solon Dike, of Columbia. 8. C?For Improved method of adjusting the rake of reciprocating aawa D^kJ-a U *1 ?A- - r?l 1? ? ? ? * - ? " huucii ii una juu v usrics t UOVO, OI KU1idelpfati. Pm , assignors to Robert H. (iratx aforesaid?For improvement is dry gas meter*. Rimuts ?Owen Dorsey, of Dorseyrllle, Md.? For Improvement in hs/rester rakea Benjamin M Nyce, of Kingston, Ind.?For improved refrigerator. Hiram Van dieesbnrth and Joel Kgror, of Cstakill, N Y., assignor! to themselves and Peter Baurbyte, of aun? place.?For Improvement in sppsrstua tor hoisting and storing ice. [ For tk? W*tk tndiMf Ottotor 30 ] George ? Boswortb, of Troy, N Y ?For Improvement in moulding cast iron wheels 7era U Brows, of s matrarg, Coon ?For Improvement in (esdist boss. Wesley A. Coe, of Greensboro', N. C ? For Improved poach pnrer. H or race Collier', of SmitbeiUs, Ark ?For Improved machine for delineating the course of I A Cowdrry, of North lllddletows. Kv . >n4 U W cowdery, of lireet Bead, Okie.? Far Improvement la straw cutter* ElUot Dlekecmaa, ?f Kiehmoad, Vt ?Par Improved clothai dryer. Robert U Uonaldaon, of Wuhlagton, D C ? For Improved *w?r ?pr lu< Henry Crane, Jr., of Baltimore, Md ?For Improved machine tor beedtag theet metal Ixwl*, of Mergaatown, Va?For Improved Oaak far easting parking around caunou | tdQ|. ?* I . Win Heppenatall, of Sprtngfleld, Mam?For imjKOvemeat in ekirta. } Eugene Mack, of United States Nary?For improved machine for stretching the strapa of ships' blocki I. W. Lyon, of Brooklyn, N. V.?For improved machine for finishing gas fitting*. Edward Maynard, *7 Washington, D. C.?For Improvement la breach-load lag fire-arms. H L. Pierce, of Millport, N/Y For improvement in smut machine. , r* A 01.1 J% tf- n__ t _ ' v. rt. mi ri?wjf, UI i\ IIUUIUIIU, VI.?fOT ID" proved saber-foay?#??t futon I BR. John Outram, of Klmtra, N. T.?For improvement in mar bine* for cleaning grain John Parsons, of Clevlura, O.?For Improvement In brick machine*. W? H. Pack ham, of Hobokea, N. J.?For Improved heel for boota and shoes. Robert Pllson.of Laurel, Aid.?For Improvement In machtnea for dreasing warp. James M.Pitts, of Sumter, 9. C.?For Improvement In fencea. Kugene M. Koxford, of Indlanapolia, Ind?For improvement in the manufacture of square pani of sheet metal William H. Rarey, of St. Augustine, Fla.?For Improvement in lampa. Daniel R Pratt, of Worreater, Maas?For improvement IB bearings for railroad cara. Silas Stevens, of Worcester, Maaa?For improved tool bolder. Wm. Watts, of Newark, N. J.?For Improvemeut in hanjeera and boxes tor shafting. Henry E Woodford, of Watertown, N.V.?For improvement In valves for steam engines Joeee Johnson, of New York, N ., assignor to hhnaeif and John Ward, jr., of Brooklyn, N. Y. For improved eiothee dryer. C. W Sbedd, of Addison, Ala., assignor to himself and R Jamison, ir , of Tuscaloosa, Ala. For Unpf?v?nAt in grinding mills. S V. Turner, of Westborougb, Mass , assignor to hliusaif and Otis F. Vinton, of sime place ? For improved marbine for splitting leather. Sidney S. Hogle, of Cleveland, Ohio ?For improvement in roUry harrows. The Battle of the Veltaraa. The papers brought by the Asia brings us full particulars oi me usme 01 me v oiturno, wiilrh proves to have been the moat extensive in which Garibaldi was ever engaged The Garibaldian troop* were disposed In a semicircle, and were attacked at dawn on the 1st of October, at three different points, by the Neapolitans Garibaldi did not arrive nntll the Neapolitans had gained some advantage, and were driving a body of Garibaldlaus across a road leading to St Angelo. a village near by It was at this critical moment that Garibaldi arrived. He had taken, with his staff, carriages at Santa Maria, and was coming on in the main road towards St. Angelo. The balls and grape were flying about, but the carriages still proceeded. When they arrived in the neighborhood of St. Angelo tbey were In sight of tbe Neapolitans, who were drawn up there in line of battle. Fortunately, eloee to this spot was one of the torrents dammed In which formed a covered way. In this the carriages turned down, eccept the last, which was struck by a cannon ball and remained on tbe road Through this road Garibaldi advanced, revolver in hand, toward St. Angelo, and arrived just in time to give new courage to the defenders. The object was to drive away tbe column in the rear on the hills to the left of St. A nthis urtt amHw Hah* ? a ?, .... ? ? %IVBC MJ luivniu^ auuic skirmishers on tbe belgnts above those occupied by tbe intruder*. There was, fortunately, some artillery in front, whicb was turned to good account, but, as usual, it was tbe bayonet which deelded. The Neapolitans tried to penetrate by a cavalry attack, but were beaten back, chiefly by the coolneu of tbe Calabrese, who behaved spleudidly. After three or four bours' fighting, whatever could be got together of available men were carried forward, and tbe Neapolitans not only driven back from tbelr position on thegreat road, but likewise the barricade retaken. This was about 9 o'clock. During ail this time tbe battle was actively raging in other parts of tbe line. After tbe first defeat in tbe morning the enemy bad returned with new forces to rarrySt. Angelo. Not only did sli his Held guns scatter death in every direction, but likewise three batteries from tbe opposite bank end tbe mortars of the fortress began to open a tremendous lire, under the protection of which the Neapolltana advanced between ten and *i?>v?n a m ? ? ? ... - . ... a MVJT vuiiicu viiuc more the position of the b*rric?de, and occupied even the Ar?t houses leading up toward St Angelo. Medici and Col. Spangaro. beside (iaribaldl, did mrervthlng to steady the wavering troopa, who, seeing themselves ao much outnumbered, and attacked by aucb formidable artillery, began to tbink the day lost For hoars the fight 1 sited, a continual advance or retreat on both sides, but attll the Neapolitan!could not gain much ground. Ttrls was, perhaps, the moat strongly contented spot on the whole line, and only In the afternoon the advantage began to show on our aide The Neapolitans nad again to clear the road, but they still taeld our barricade, and (be wooda on both sides df It. With great trouble two skirmishing line* w*r? formed, and sent to threaten their left and riglzt, aad then a hundred men were collected behind tbe first bouse. and these made a rush at the cry If "Viva Garibaldi!" and carried the poaltlon about two p m , which was kept, as well as the guns wbicb were in it This was the signal for tbe defeat of tbe enemy. mi - - * * - i ury aoon gave way, sua were driven back to Capua, though their force* are estimated at3u,000. ana those of the victors at 15 (Mil) The London Times correspondent says that '-It was as com* plete a defeat as ever an army suffered." Ths Parts Patrle says that Garibaldi's losses amounted to 4.SOU men, while that of the royalists wm not so great. Amoug other Incidents of the bfitle It is recorded that at one of the most critical moments of the day Garibaldi asked for luu men. and among those who responded and rode forward with the (ieneral wss Count Arrivabene, heir to one of the first Milanese families, and acting as correspondent to the Gaily News. The Count was not seea afterward, but it was hoped he was among the prisoners. A * tk. 1 ?* *a._ ?s n .won* ui iuc wuuiiucu on mc nfia 01 Volturno died for want of ambulance*. There was a cannonade under the walla of Capua on the 9th, and the Garlbaldians gained fresh positious. lloatilltlea were afterward suspended for 24 hour* to bary the dead. The cannonade recommenced on the ltrth, aud continued on the lltb Coloned Turr, Colonel Medici, the Caerlaterl, and two BrltiabaaUora, particularly distinguished themselves at the battle of Volturuo. Mutiny os ax Amzkican Vkmil in tub China Skas?A circular dated Manilla, July 18th, Una been received In New York, containing the following : Government baa received notice that an American ahlp or bark baa been taken charge of by the authorities of tbe Province of Cagayan. at the northern end of this laland,?her crew having mutinied?and taken her Into one of tbe porta of the Babayan Islands, which are under the jurisdiction of the Alcalde of Cagayan. It Is said that tbe Captain waa wounded and eonllned by the mutineers, as also his wife and tbe officers, and that three persons bad been killed on board and several wounded. Neither tbe name of the vessel nor that of her master Is given, nor is it known where she is from, or where bound; but as she Is reported to have a quantity of artillery and nill tary stores on board, It t? presumed she wtll prove to be one of the British or Freuch chartered trausporta bound for the north of China. At last accounts, a rudder was being fltUtd for her at Babuyanes, whence she was to be taken to Aparrl, in Cagayan, and thence brought to this port, (Manilla.) Excoustke Bktwkxn Cows ASoGiui.-We cutthe following from the West Uig bland (C. W ) Journal of September *Hh: On Thuisday afternoon a Bock of about twenty geese, belonging to Mr. F. Hogg, a termer, Blytta, wandered from the Links, where they usually feed, into a Seld near Croflon, where four cows were grazing. The cows on seeing them bellowed furiously, and presently setting themselves shoulder to sboolder, like soldiers, they made a run at the geese This they repeated several times, when one of the geese petti n* ??? ?" _ w ^ ?" ?(IVIU Ittf MUC* y wu run upon by the oowi, oue of which caught It upon lta horuaand toaaedlt up In tbealr After it fell tbe fourcowa act upon It and killed It. By this tine > alarm wm given by aome peraona who bad witnraaed tbe atrange acene, nnd two men well to tbe rearue with a dog. W bile driving thegeeee out of tbe field tbe cowa again gave cbaaevtef the dog, men. and geeae, and It waa with tome difficulty that they got clear off. IP* Tbe Presidential canvaaa la New York la being fought with uauaual animation on both aides On Saturday evening there waa an Inline uae Union meeting at tbe Cooper Institute rnn>i<i?~Ki? ~ ' -* * ^???ucu ruanu IDOUl tt>? building, and in the early pert of tbe evening 1 rockets were discharged la front of the Institute Mr. Joshua J. Henry presided at the meeting. The tret speech was delivered by the Hon Chas. J Heiaae, of Ky , who was followed by Mr. Gerard, of New York city, and the Hon. Mr. Stevens, of Oregon. , IIT The last piece to look for chickens on ship- < board Is in the hatchway. I'll Qiectki ef DlmMi. ' Positio* o? Senator Toomii.-The Athmta (On.) I/OCorootlYe has t sketch of a speech delivered in that city on the 23th, toy Senator Toombs, in which he said the election of Lincoln was suf- | Helen! cause for the dismemberment of the Vnion. If we were united among ourselves we would < have but little to fear In the change. When gov- "j ernments ceased to protect their citizens In the en- i jovment of their property and refused to comply J with the statute laws the people owed them no af- < leglance * J prorourd Reptdiatioh or Norther:* Debts. i The Charleston Mercury of Oct. 25 says:?Our correspondent,''Caution," in our columns to-day, j treats of the effect of the secession of South Caro- j Una from the Union, in case Mr. Lincoln Is * elected?first, with respect to our Bank, and, ecund. as recawiithe l*?rth?fii ? ? ?> " pose to nf a few word* on these subject*. Vhe Juration of separate State action, or action in cos- . unction with other States, Is not involved in our nquiry; but, being out, bow will tbe Banking and Commercial Interests of South Carolina be a? fee ted' Whether our Ban ki suspend specie payments or not, the secession of this State from the northern connection wiust put thetii into a position pf great power. At present, by the Constitution of the United States, the citlxcns ef tbe Northern States can enforce tbe collection of debts due to them by the citizens of the Southern States, In ail our Courts of Justice. But the compact of the Constitution being ended, the citizens of the Northern Stat** are aliens?Foreigners?With no power to us* our Courts of Justice to enforce the payment of debts due to them from citizens of the Southern Slates The hostile conduct of the North will hsve caused the separation. L'ntil tbe relations between the Southern and Northern States are settled, they must be considered as quasi eneiiii?s. If the Nortlif-rnStatesqutstlyrecognlzeour right to resume our independence of them, doubtless the right may be accorded them, by special treaty, to enforce the collection of debts due to thsm, through our Courts of Justice; but if they attempt to force?make w?r upon us?forthwith all deots oetireen the nfonlt nf'ihr tr-nmn o are expunged anil, ?nlest revived by triaty, icilt f be obliterated forever. War between two nations I makes every man, woman, and child inhabiting I them enemies to each other, and to take, destroy, * or enjoy the property of an enemy is the right of all belligerents. p Movement Aoainst Northern Insurance 1 Companies.?The Columbia ($. C.) Uuardian says:?"A large number of insurance companies of the North have established agencies in this city, and throughout the South whic h, for years j past, have been doing a very large business. We B are pleased to learn that some of our leading iner- t, cantile houies have determined to change their d insurers. On yesterday, a tirui that has 8z5.1)U<)ln 8 four companies located at Hartford, Conn , one of * the policies having expired, took out a new policy { In a Southern insurance company They have ^ determined, as soon as their policiett expire, 0 which will be within a few days, to Insure alto- ? gether In Southern companies We understand there are agencies of six or seven reliable Southern insurance companies in this city, and one English company, so that there will be no necessity for continuing to enrich the enentlts of our institutions. 1 he Hartford companies Uave become wealthy by doing an lmmeuaa Southern bust nea. " ~ Spot o* the Sus ?From early yesterday mornlug up to 1U o'clock, a dirk spot could be seen ou the sun. by the naked eye. apparently covering one twenty -fifth portion of Its disc. At twelve o'clock it could be seen through a piece of smoked ^lass, but appeared considerably smaller than it did in the morning. Such a phenomenon, as far as known, has never before been experienced by the naked eye, and we would be pleased If some learned gentleman would throw light on the subject This spot which in the morutng was seen in the upper portion of ttas right lower quarter of 2. the sun, late in the evening could be seen in the extreme upper portion of the left lower quarter, thus changing its positions.?Silma (Ala. ) Reporter, 17 tk. 1 ID^The Buffalo Express states that Governor Morgan has pardoned Chas K Swan.who wascou P vie ted and sentenced to State prison on the charge * of having attempted to murder his wife by poison given her in an apple. The pardon was granted, p it is stated, in consequence of production of satis- 3 factory proof that the evidence upon which he L was convicted could not, in the nature of things, be true. Of the positlveneas of this proof the pub- E lie will doubtless have an opportunity to judge T ere long, as Swan has procured the arrest of his > wllaa mother, who um the principal witneaa against h'm upon hi* trial, on the charge of perjury She baa been bald to bail in the auiu of 0 **,0UO C7" District Attorney Waterbury, of New York, n baa published a card about the new capital pun- [j isbiueut law, In which he dt-uieaall abare in lta s passage and says I clearly tainted out (to ttia 0 legislative committee) that th<* death penalty C could not be inflicted under the provision* of tue T bill, although lla prcfesaed object waa to render it In some cases more certain. 1 baa bo doubt then that It was, a* the result L-? proved It to be, K a moveiiieiit to abolish the capital puniakiuent by b indirection. I did not, however, go into a crlti- it < al analysis of the language of the bill, and, therefore, did not observe that it left the law in such a * aha|>e that no puniaUoieut could be Inflicted for murder lu the first degree. < ti irr The late Captun Saunders, of the Navy, who died on Friday, was a native of Virginia, and received his original appointment in tue service on the loth of Noveml>cr, about three years previous to the war of 1S12. He led a very active life, no less than 21) years duty having be?n performed by hint, of which 14 years were spent at sea, and tbe remainder on shore. He was one j> of the oihcers placed on the retired list by tbe Naval Board, and consequently no change takes Elace oil the Register by bis decease Captain ouiiders waa at different times attached to tbe ? Mediterranean, Pacific, and Ea?? India Squadron, and to some navy yards, lit various capac- ? lUes. a 11^ The Wife of Wun. D. Totty?the wretch * who is now In prison at Rlchinond,Va.,awaitii,g execution for tie murder of his wife's syter, and tl for whom Mr*. Totty is now in deep mourning? manifests the most extraordinary affection for lier P1 unnatural husband She is quite young and * beautiful, and her devotion under all (he rircuui- I stances is a mystery. It will be remembered that 1 it was the refusal ?f Miss Catherine J Thorn (sistunifUn < 1~"*- 1 * " " w w m?. m. f hi uvuiiiu) ubk una aitiionorable proposals from Totty which caused him to tnke tier life. After repeated attempts to violate bis marriave tows, and then the murder of ber " own sister, Mrs T. still clings to bim with a fondness and affection wbicb appear scarcely credible. |] Sinoclak Casualty?On the morn Ins of the 13th Inst., some negroes passing along the road between Decaturville and Perryville, Tenn., found by the road side the dead body of Jefierson Kelly, who, with bis wife, bad camped by a tree the (light before, aud lighted a tire, which had burned the tree so that it fell, instantly killing Kelly and breaking both the legs of bis wife. The woman was still alive, and was properly taken care of The tree lay across the bodies of both, aud bad to be lifted bodily up before they could \ be extricated The poor woman bad called for help for several hours, in vain; but }t Is thought 7, she will recover. O* His Royal Higbuess Prince L. Kamehame- ai ha. whose arrival at Vancouver was noticed in the late intelligence from California, left Hono- " lulu en tbe29tb of August, on the steamer "Emma (l Rooke," In company * ltn Hon. Levi Haalelea. . uavia Kaiakaua, and J C Spauldlng, esq Tbe F Honolulu Advertiser uyi his departure was wit- 1J nessed by about 8,000 people, wuo assembled on A tbe wharf to bid him adieu. Tbe King parted 9 with bla brother on the steamer, and when she backed Into the stream a salute was fired from the fort, and hearty cheers were sent up by tbe assembled multitude He will travel through 1 California, and will return to his 1 aland home without visiting the Atlantic States. o< ? _ c JET The question whether New York ladles ol hire thalr jewelry isuuderdebate Kev.Dr.Tyng I< recently stated that they did, saying that tbe an- C" thority f?r the sUtement was Messrs Ball. Black IU a. n- ? ? 41 *-? a vv m uimv gcnurmen, nowevf r} deny the itaW- ?

neat la unqualified terms. ' it la." they sayv II " absolutely and totally false m applied to our- T selves, and we think that every respectable bouse w In tbe trade can say the same " Messrs Tiffany k. Co. also deny tbe report so far ss tbelr establish- n ment Is coacerned. LLr The brothers Brooks, balloonist*, (tbe elder f of whom preceded aad pioneered Professors La V Mountain and Wise aad Editor Hyde, upon tbe occasion of tbelr perilous trip from St. Louis to . tbe Atlantic, in Jane, 183?,) recently wrbte s letter r; to Qsrlbaldi, proffering their services for tbe purpose of roconnoitaring the positions of tbe Nea- at Kitaaa Thev received, per steamer Asia, on <_ aday, an autograph letter from Garibaldi, ac- ( cepting tbelr servloea, aad will leave early in No- u Tcatber for Italy, ' AUCTION SALES. Bl CLEARY ft GRREN. Aufltioawra. V06 Ninth street. f ARSE 8ALE OF SECOND HAND CARU pets, BlMTUDt. TilLII, CHAIRS. SATURDAY MORNING, tke kl Norember, * stall sell in front of our Auction Koom, No. 406 Ninth street^ at 10 o'olook, a. m , i large lot of Carpets and Fern it lire from a large Hotel in thu city. oonsistiar of about? yards Velvet Tapestry Carpets, IW do English Brass*'* Carpets, too do very good '1 bree-ply Carpets, m do Ifctrain Carpets. Also, a large lot of? tfahoganv Siieboarda, and Washstamls, Mahogany and Walnut Tablea, Chairs, 3edste?d?. Rockers, Leaf Tables, IWetlier with many other articles. Terms oaah. oo3U <State) CLEARY A GREEN. Auota. By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. EXTENSIVE SALE OF FURNITURE AND Ej Errwrs of Caspars'* Hotkl ?On MONDAY MORNING, November5th. commencing at ^ * * ' v u muu> suu SUBUIiaiDC UUDI U( vbolt 1> diltosed of, ve shall sell the entire Furniture and Sfeets oT "Cmpari*'* Hotel,' on south A itreet, opposite the Capitol Hark, oomprisiug the "urnitare, Ao., of fort* ruomi, Til: l&ahogany hair spring-seCt Sofas, Rookers, Am Chairs aud Parlor Chairs, itaM>te-u>p Centre, Sofa aud Side Tables, rfahogany ?'ard, Hreakfaat, and Wntiug Tables, jilt-frame Mantel and Pier Glasses, jamas* and Chinta Curtains, um Cnrtains and Cornice, ?ane-seat Chairs, Lounges, Kaiy Chairs, tush-seat Chaira. Fancy Tables, Walnut, Mahotanr. and solid Cherry French Bed* steads, of Bradly's make, A'aliuit and Mahogany Marble-top Dressing Bureaus, ilahogany and Painted Wardrobes, Waahatanda, Superior Feather Beds. Hair and Hask Mattresses, Bolster* and Pillows, ixoellent Blankets, Comforts, Pproa.!s, ^aree quantity of Sheeting, Table Cloths and Towels. irusaels. Three ply, aud Ingrain Carpets, tiloloth, Mattin*. Crash. Ac , Jbina. Glass, and Crocker*-Ware, Table Cutlery, Block-tin Ware, Castors, Walters, lefneerator, stoves of various kinds. tleo, one very superior Milliard Table, iar room Fixtures ojmDiete, l'oge?her with a large a.-h rimont of Household tffeots not necessary to onuroer&tv P. 8. Tue House, which la on* of the most comlete for it* size in the o;ty. is for reat. Inquire on he premises or of the Auctioneers. oc24-d J. C. MoUIJlKE A Co., Auc's By clear v A GREEN. Auctioneers. 506 Ninth street. Extensive sai.e ok stock, grain. Vkqetibi.ks, Implkmkmts, Caei givW'aooji, Household Fimnitcrb, Ac , el.i!)*in< to the e?tats of th? lat? banns Clagett, ecased, at Publio Auction ? On FRIDAY and ATURl)* Y, thil6 h and 17th of November oei r, re shall "ell, at the farm ind lesldenoe of the late iarius Clatett, d?oi?aat-d at 11 o'c'ock a m.. on he Seventh street turnpike,fthe flag on the road rdl desijaat9 the plac?,i a'out 6 miles from the ty, all of the P?:so al Kff ots belousiag to the aid deoeased, oousmii'g in pan of? 5 fine farm work and carriage Horses, Sexo^llent Milch Cows,l Heifer, 13 Hogs, 1 tfull.l Mule, 4 Market Wm .n?. ft>r one or two horses. 1 Sue Family Carriage, Harness and Cover, 1 do. Small do. do. do. 4 Carts, with a large lot of Harness, 39 sets of complete Harness, Mowing Machine, Horse Rakes, Rollers, P'ows of every description and make Cuttins-boxas. Corn and Pnh Harrow*. Cultivators, Wheat i>rilis, Raken, Hoes, Shovels, 8<ales. Forks, 4c., P' tato Ingcer, lo lets Plow Harness, Wagon Rodie*. Harness Raoks, Sieves, Wheat-fans. Wheelbarrows Soythes, Cradles, Thtenhing fciaohin*#, in perfect orde-, Willi a large lot of other Implements, too numerous to mMitinn, 40 seres of growing Wheat, now in fise order, 7? tons of piime Timothy and Clover Hay, W bushels of exoellent Potatoes, 125 bar-els of Corn, 2 O * talks of line Celery, Large lot of fine Cabbage. Larre lot of Straw and Long Fodder, Manure Cement, (86 b^gs.) A la & lot of hot-bed sash. , ALSO, 'he HOUSEHOLD KFFBCTS, oonsisting in part of? iano. Stoo', and Cov*r. Mahogany Sofa, lahogany Parlor Chairs. Rocker, 4o., l)o Bedstead. Wardrobe,and Hureau. I Do Marble-top. Centre, and other Tables, atentSiek chair, (Jut anil Bronze Can 'elabras, i Parlor Window Curtains and Ornaments. i .arge lot prime Geese Feathers, in Beds, Bolsters, and Pillow*, i ',xoe.lent white eurled Hair Mattre?e*s, Do Parlor, Cha>- ber. and Ha'l Carpets. 'uilet Sets, Mirrors, Shuck and Cotton Mattresses. ,arge lot of Bedding, ?ca?istitig of beautiful Blankets, Comforts. Qui:t*, Linen Sheetsaiid Case*. iedsteaJt, Waahstands, Bureaus, Chairs, Ua.Kai * _!! ? - * ' * ? . nouiavur, hi. . tna untmiier StnvM, , inilirop*. Shovel and Tonga, Fendera, and l ira- i boards, i mine. Hall, and Chamber Table*, landaome plated Tea Set and Caatora. I liver Spoons. L*dl?s, and Korku, ilo'oth, Ooooa. and Stnvw Matting, hin*. Ulasa, and Crockery Ware, . ogetoer Willi a argeand exotllent aaaortment of ( Kitchen, Pantry,and Dairy VVarae. Term* rf atle: *'l iora? under cash; ov?r ( 90, a oredit of 2,4. and 6 month* will be given In il eaa<*s notea must be satisfactorily endorsed, naruig interest, a-.d made payable at some bank i the oity of Washington We desire to oail particular attention to th? bove sale. It is by far the moat interesting sale lat has ever taken place in thi? vioinitv. OiU' ibusra will utart for the plaoe of aale cn the lorning of each day at 8 o'oloek fr< m the door of 1 le Aactioneer* on ?th street, near the avenue. W. H. CLAGETT. Administrator. 1 OOZ) dtd Cl.KARY 4 GREEN, Aucts. BEN t. FRENCH. W?, F. XICHSTKIX. ; NEW PI KM FRENCH A KICH?TEIN, (Successors to Wm. F. jfrayly ) I Who m*&1m and Retail Dealers in 1OOK8, STATIONERY, AND PERIODICALS, I No. liT8 Pknmtlvania Avenue. , Weddinx and Viaiung Carda neatly engraved nd printed. Paper and Envelopes stamped with Initial withnt ?xtra charge. Subecriptiona received for all the Weekly Papers nd Magasinea; ai*o. New York Herald, Ttiaee, nd Tribune. Ca'l and examine our atoek. , All bound Booka aoid from 10 to AO par eeut. leaa , im the Publiaher'a prioea. 1 CO" Any Hooka not on hand ordered with dla- ] atoh from London, Paria. New York, Boatoo, i nd Philadelphia. oo ?t< 1 tn JMREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY . o? ( WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777... 9200,000. ffirr conur C itrttt and Louisiana a mnr Bamk of WashingtonSSURE HOUSES ANDOTHFR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Director* Geo Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, i Samuel Cropley, William Wilaon, < Richard Jonea, John D Barclay. i Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Roth well, < Thoa. Parker, Ritihard Barry, B. B. French. \ No charge for Policiea ' JAMES ADAMS, Preaident. Am G. Da via, Secretary. oe I0-eo6cn ^HAT THE LADIES WANT TO KNOW. < Where they can boy Jcuivin's b?at Kid Glovea at > cents, Maria Lout?a,~new make, at 62H oent?, Kxl Kid Gloves at 37H cents, best quality Kid auntletts at A1.12)k, large assortment of ladies' ad Misses' Fleecy-linea J?ilk and Thread Gaunt itu at low prices. Best French Corsets at 6125; , oop Skirts at half price; Ladies' and Misses' Ho- j ery ; Merino V?s>s; Linen, Cambric and Emroidered Handkerchiefs at lowprioes; Silk Kobes 1 nd Byadere Silks, a little out ofstyl*, at half pnoe: ( oula d and Fancy l)re?s Silks; Black Silks and t ress Goods of all kinds at unusually low prioea. , Iso, large and handsome assortment ot Cloaks and hawls. Call early and get first choice. I1LNIO EGANi 331 Penn. av., and 331 Seventh st., oc 2&-?t near Avenue Housa. ?IRE! FIRE!! FIRE!'! < * ?100 REWARD. 1 will giv* the above reward for the arrest and j >nvietion of the person or parsons who fired the irpenter's shop of Beers * Brother on the nicht i r the 12th instant. Their all waa destroyed. The ^ ?nerous and sympathizing public will be oalied on i >r a amaii amount to enable them to reaume their < 'finer buaineea. ' ISAAC BEERS. ^1RS'AJRTISTMN'HAIR JEWELRY. 90" * Bracelet*, Ear-ring*, Fob Chain*, Finger-ringa, Neoklaoea, Breastpin*, Guard Chain*, Hearu., *o.| made t. at ^ a. 344 Pa. Avinui, bbtw. 9m and 10th Bn., ^OUfcliS, COLL*. HOAiRMENKSft, *?. J tzsr*. . Mo bo long known and extenaively need, tkatmoct trains have beoome familiar with its axtraordina ' effica^r It oan be had at all the prino.pal drag } ore* at 25 and H) oenta a bottle. ec? dtrnAmXrii* tATCHELOR'8 INIMITABLE HAIR DYtS. TuVi'j,* firat-o aaa Toilet Artiolee, for *aie at IBBH's wig, Braid, and Curl Manufactory k.afMI*,MMl?km Ml Silt is & '*.rvi f- - . - jj GEOROETOWNADYERT'MTS Arab mantlks: M ARAB mantles.' DIRECT FROM AVCTIOX, ? Pmics 6 aro 9 Doi, ai?. I,A RH, at St, 9t. ?, 7S and trt Mats, worth doable. Ceartoiaiar'a oalabraiad ltd Oioraa, at ? iwii a. pair. A vary cheap lot of Embroidared Trimmtnia. aaoa aa Caaibrio Hatnli, Dimity B&atla, Cambria Edging* anvi lnaartinga, . IN KNDLE3S VARIETYToeathar with a good aaaortinant of Shirt Froata ia the greateat bargaia arar I Aia*, a grod a took of Ladiaa* Draaa Good*. M?a'a and Boya' Waar, and a great Tariaty or othar gooda equally a? oteaa. Uaii at Um right piaoa?No. 117 (aoath a*4a> Briuca aboat, Uaorgetown, D. C. _ oa ItT?w * K. &UTMAW. QQ LAHGE STOCK! AO JO BK8T 6 0 0 1)8!! V O LOWEST F&iCKBn: PPII.MAV* HI'VT ad O.n? k- I - ? ?. - ? ?- w v?? m. f avi iu|w ?nVWWOVH Waittinrton And Coa*re?a, are now ir?MrMl to how their w*t. eeieoted atoek of DRK&3 GOODS. DOMESrirS.Ao Their atore < Ihe oW jtmJot H. K. Berry) havinr be?n remedelled and fitted op id the n:o?t thorough manner, they eoeaeea facuitiM oneqaaled in the District lor the p-oeecuU' n of a genera! Dry Gooda Baaiueaa. They respectfully Invite a oail from the oitiieoa of George-swu an'* v 101 city. 006-lm J| UST KKCKIVKU? 10 hhd?. prune Porto Rioo SUGARS, iy?bMe.?-id Rye WH1?KY, 2So t.bli, HERRING and ALE WIVES. 50 bbla. Crapned and Refined " UGARS, SO baga Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hh<ta.(low priced) MOLASSES. For aalel>T JOHN J BOG UK. ae 10 /^RANDHJLL, OPTICIAN, ' V1 No, lUff Krxdfi H.,6wr|it?lfBt Haa oonetantly on hand a large assortment ot ' French Ne&r aighte-i. Periacopio, n?i- ? ored, aiidal. other SPECTaCl.ES, of^-^ the best quaaty, in fold, ailver. ateel,jand German aiiver tramea, N. B. Oid Fmmea Repaired *bd new i aaae? net in them to oider. no lt-ly \I ASPEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PH1LADELLfl PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oonatantly reoeiving f-eah anpsliea of the above delightful beverage, and invite all peraom who want a pare un adulterated Ale, to rive it a trial. ARNY A SMINN, A genu, f0 ? 4T CrMn ?t__ fiAAr*?#A?a. Dr. J. H. McLEAN S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AM> BLOOD PL'fllFlKK. THE GREATEST REMEDY r? tk* WORLD, and the most Dklicioc* and ?* JP DELIGHTFUL 3tf - CORDIAL gr'M& EVER TAKEN. Jkmfi .AK& ?|m u atricilra aciAflil yr aotiic and TipuM\ bia Compound, pro- ^^nr [Mhj carad by lha diatilla- UTv !tI uou of real*, herb*. W at.(4 barki. Yellow V Dack, Blood Root, R 1H. Blatk iU^r, 8arupi' f> WHk niU, Wild Cherry iWJf Bark, and Dandelion /9|W ?ot?r? ltt comW Ttie t-urt wum _#^r C VjK-'l V remtdial principle SAsKjBteP ofaach log radiant la More takjuftiysfil; SSSl^Hlef <?ki?g. diiullinr, producing a dtticioui, rahilaraur.g apt r it, and lha moat infallible rtmtiy for rcnorauug tbt dittttad tyataia, and reetonng the tick, eafftnug, and debilitated la valid la ' health and auaofth. , McLean s strengthening cordial j Will efectnally car* Liver Complaint, Dyepepeia, Jaaodict, Chrcnie or Ntr*oaa Debility, Diee-tet of the Eidneyl, | and all diteaaee anting from a dieordered Lit?t or Stomach, Dyepepeia, Heartburn, Inward Pilaa, Acidity or Bickneee of . Lb Stomach, Fallotai of Blood to lb* Head, Dall Pain or Bwimounf in lh? He*d, Palpitatioa of the Hear., PaiUieae or Weight in tha Stomach, 8 ,ar Erucutiot.t, Chokiu or Suffocating Feeling wh*o laying down. Dryntat or YalloW ?/ ,h*. aw;? .'a r... Ma." ? " Pain ui ih? Small of th? Back, Lhaat, or SiJt, Soddan Pluhn of Haat, Dapraaaion of Spmu, Krigbtfa! Dritw, Languor,-Daapondaucy or aay i.araoua diaaaaa. 8?rw or ' B.otchra on lb* Skin, and F??ar and Agn* (or Chilli tad f#T?r.) 1 OVER A MILLION BOTTLES [ bar* b*an cold daring tka lut an aoatlii, and in ao la- i llanea haa it failtd in gi?mg tour* latufacttoa. Who. than, will aaffar from WaaVnaa or Dability whan McLEANH , STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will ear* yoa 1 ' No eaa eooray an adaqaata idea of tka imiotdi- S it* and aliooat nirualcu cbanga prodacad by taking this { Cordial ta tha diaaaaad, dabiluatad, aad akattarad oarvoaa lyatam, whathar broken down by accaaa, wank by aatara, ' ?r impatrtd by alcknaaa, tha rtlatad and aoatruif effiaU J latioa ia raalorad to tta prtatina health and rigor. MARRIED PERSONS rr othara, eooanoaa of inability fr<m whatever eauae, will Ind MCLEAN'S 8TRENGTHENING CORDIAL a tha- . rough ragc??rntor of tha eyatera; and all who mar have in i arad tbetueelrea by in.proper iadalgtacaa vill tad la Lhta ?, Jordial a certain aad apaedy remedy. TO THE LADIES. c MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL U a ao?ar ign aad apaady car* for Incipient Poneamptioo, Wbitaa, 1 Dbatrasiad or Difficult Menetruatioa. Incontinence of Crma >r Inrolnntiry Diicharge tbaraof, Falling of tba Womb, jiddlnr**, Fainting, ana all diaaaaaa incidaot to Eaiualea. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Mir no longer. Take it aecordtar to directioae. It will I llluinlata, atraajtheii, and iimgurili J oil and ClIH the ' .i-jom oI health lo ihooi.i year cheek agiuu. fcrery b?ule ta <1 varrautaJ tu fi?e aatiafacttaMPOR CHILDREN Urnar chiMren ara aickly, pu:; or alicud, MCLEAN'S f CORDIAL will inuka theni healthy, fat, and rotuat. Delay 1 sot a inoineut; trj it, and 70a will l>e convinced. It U delictual touke. CA UTION. Beware at dmr^iiu or dar ltra who hut try to palm upon joo aoma biuar or earetpanlla trieh, which they can ha* * :he?r, byaayiiirit ta Juat aa rood Avoid aueh rnau. Aik For McLEANV VTRKNGTHENlNfi CORDIAL, and take 1 nothing alee It u the only remedy that will purify tht -I Blood thoroughly eud at the aama nine atreoftkeu th? ayatau. J On* teaapootifiil taken ***ry uortiu f fatttny la a certain 2 preventive for Cholera, Chilla and Pner, Yellow Fever, or my prevalent diaeaa*. It ia put up li. larre bociea. Price 5 auly f I par bottle,?r (bottle* for #S. J.'II .M, I.KAN 5 Bole prcprMtor or till* Cordial; al*o, McLtu'i Volcanic Oil V Lintcxat Principal D?|M>t ou Ui Curuer at Tkird ud Pin* *u**t*, St.Loaia, Mo. , McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Th* oolj Ml* and certain car* for Cuctri, Pile*, Tm. n.ori, Swelhuf* and* or Coitre, Paralvei*, N*arulfia, Waaku*** of Lta? Muaclta, Chronic or lufl-uauatory 1 Rbcuniauam, Stiffuew of the Joitu, Contracted Mnaclra or j Lifaia*ut?, Earaeh* or Taotbaeb*. Brviaei, Bprauia, Kraah L'uU, Wonuda, Clear*, Ke?er Sort*, Caked Breast, Sort a Nippl**, Barn*, Scald*, Sore Throat, or any inflammation or J Cm, no difftMue* bow ***?r* or I oar th* diaoa* air t* asUtad, McLEANti CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* * cirtu* raiof dy. Thousand* of himaa baiof* ha** baaa aaaad a Itf* of dia j :r*[itud* aad nail; by tb* o*? of this inralaabl* remedy. _ McLean s volcanic oil liniment Will raliaea pais altnoat inetaaUnecoaly, and it will claaa, partfy and baal th* fool**t eor* a in aa incredible chart tiaa. for horses and other animals. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* lb* only *af* and rtliabl* rctatdy for tfc* ear* of 8pa?m, Rmrboo*, f Windfall*, Spliata, Uanatwral Lamp*, Nod** or Swailltaf* ; It o***r failed to cur* Big H*ad, PoIUtiI, Futula, Old ' lUiiouf Soraa, or Sw**ny, if (iroparl* applied. Por ^ Sprains, Brni***, Scratch**, Cracked H*al*, Chafe*, Saddle >r Collar Oalla, Cau, Sor**, or Wonuda, it u an infallible r*m*dy. Apply it aa dirtcud and a car* i* c*rtua ia *?*ry I ina'.aoc* J Then trila aa longer with tb* maay worthl*** Lini"ieoU >ff*rad to yoe Ohtam a *apply of Ds. MCLEAN'S CLLE BRATED LINIMENT. It will eara-jra*. . J. H. McLtAN, Sole Proprietor. * Comer ThirS and Pin* tu , 81. Loan, Ma. . CHARLES 8TOTT, 373 P>. sr., sols Sf em in Wubnr > Ian; R, 8. T. C188CL., Georgetown ee M-DtWIy ^ j^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and : bress W*ar. Parent! and ruardians wishing to furnish their ikiltfran and ward* with School ard Collate Outfit* For the aominf seaaon, are invited to examine oar Eresent la'ce and extensive assortment HO?' :LoTHIN?,wnere they o&n fit oat their children ?f all sixes in a few momenta with arerv desolation of Reedy made Garments, of substantial and co, an 3H2 Pann. avenue. HOUSEKEEPING AND I n SERVANTS' GOODS. 1 Wt have now on hand a wall aeieoted stook of he above goods, snob aa Sheetincs, Tab.e Lineus, Napkins, Towehnjs, Linseva, Pull Cloths, H an lets?fr?m eomnnn to veir fine?Oan&barcs, B?e ksumoiiiia. ruiuw y>uiMjnu mo Liaana, D?t?rV D>okioaon'a, B?rkliaa. Ch*rl*? _ k Co , uH Rio^ardaoa'a Irtah Linana in all quail- , jea, all of vhiota wa will diapoaa of on the beat [ LArnn op 16 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. H. W- H""LTON PAINTkflt. : ud o DEALER IN PAINTS, : No. MS 7th 8t?kkt. ?t Odd WUlmrt HmlL I au 8-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. J DARAFFINE CANDLES! r .. . , PARAFFINE CANDLES! A beautiful article, aqual in aapcaraaoa to Mtont Farm, tbain* olaar and po ubadj and at much 1m 1 oat. ? KING A BCRCHELL. 1 oa 10 Coraar Vermont %r. aad 1Mb ata. w ? ?? *X&. ? ? *L * 8dfi PA. AW.. iu? *? ^ I1 : the weekly star ?ai~E==ll u throafh nH^PottMMUrt vfeo Mt M?c**ta via M tti lovm % oomwtmum of ? mti EDUCATIONAL. Eass^^KJtts^fttg MTbm ih^hoaor * *nc"u no? to Uw^nbhe^rhat W* ana DM OMtN ?t .-a IU w .*o4 MlDill f etreet, between lltt and 13th at* ,aF ranch Claee ib which jomng ladiee wtU ba admitted Tma class Will inMt WM titnee a Wfk at Mf^ut p. m. Ten?; |i pm ennrter af HwtU tetufutMi arrnin^rn*nu made lor iwwm Ui schools. IF m VUIi?ri oftfi the beet iiAiuom mm to hie ?L?hi?ilr,*?^*n ? Mia . gcbool for small buy*, ? No. ?17 1 ptiibt. first was*. mim ANNIK K fmCK. Tenaher. NumUr of pupil* . tmited to twenty. oc 16 aotai female education. ~ HOSE Parent* who with their OM|htora to raoeiTe a tkoroach and systematic education. a Keie their phy?o*l tmtainf will receive daiit nod spauaai attention, under the moat approrad ayatemof Calisthenics and flymnaetice. are reepactfaliy inviton to ieit the Union Famale Academy. corner Fourteenth ?t. and X?wV ark ar mr. * mrs. z. richard*, an Pr.uupea Female boarding and day school ALtlAXDKJi, J A. Mrs. R. J. MoCORMICK, Pniprirau The Urn teenth annum ea*eion of this Inetitetion will oommenoe on Tuceday, September TOh, ii< tit* house recently occupied by Sylvester 5*oo%t, F.e?., No. ISO Kin* itreec The eourae of study pursued wil. oompri?e aii the braochae requisite tu a tlu>rou(h F.iiaiisfc Edu oation, and Muaio, Fiench, Latin and ljianrini. ll dee i red. In addition to day eeHolare. M?b. MoConntek i? nreDared tornMint ?- - ? boardera, who. cooalituUu? a part <7 Har ow family. Will be u'.der her imuMiiU care *?d auperv.ion. She will ena<*aror. a* !ar aa poaaible. to aurr<wind tneiti with theoofufortasad kindl* ininnrti of Home. H</erencf$.?K?v. Geo H. Nortoa, Rev. D% Kliu H&rrison, Rev. D F. Sprigf, Willmn H Fowl*. K?|., Edgar iSnowden. Lm., Edmund F W Kaq., Henry Marbory. L?kj . L*wi? McKentie, K?| , Robert H. Huatno, E?i . \V D WtllMk, Editor Wnlera. Keq..Ja*. Entwiale, Jr., Eaq ,Coi. John W.MiHr, Loud one, Momia. Black ook A Marahail, \ieaara Cora* Brothers. Tkkms. Board, with Tuition in all ftie Engliah BanoKea, #3? for the annual aeeaion?pavabie Mmi-tunii) . in adranoe. Muaic and I*anfua?M at Profeaeora' pricea try tso extra charcea. an ?-tf \fRS. M.K.KINGBFOROSSEMINARY, ! ! 414 ? ST.. Wuiimto!!, L?. C. The next aauion wil! oommece October let 1W. Terma, Ac., forwarded on application. an 14 If CARRIAGE FACTORIES WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, ?" D &B*twm 9iktuU >0?A Strttt. Wo have juat fcr.iiijed a lutuber of Irat CARRIAGE?*, suoh m Lukt F?ncvrmgmja. Park Phtatons. fhmiJv Car bHK uuci, awl ??inw, whioa we will aa>l i vtr? a mail profit. Catdc practoa. ineckanloa ia different hranakaa if the boaineaa, we fatter that we kno? i<e atyiee and ?uanty of work tkat wit] tive atX> ivntioa, oombimn* lifktnaaa, oomfort aba da?bm *y Repair: lc promptly and oarefuhy at landed to * ' wvftvr griBzsv? awr Coaohmakera, aaoooeaora to W*. T. Hook. ap TT-dly TCARRIASn. HE Babaortbor hanac maw adc.ooaa to kt WAGONS or airktada oacnot be enrpaaaed. aa4 torn nia locr axpononoa la tka bauneaa, ka kopat to tioo general aatiafaotion. ? All kinda of Cama?aeaad Ufkl Wiiaatkofto* All RHP AIRS Mfttly iaaa,aadall oHora proa* 'vr? IU8T RECEIVED, f AT A lot of GKNTS*8 UNDERSHIRT* AND "kD A uri.'n? r ?* * - /nn ??, irum utuoa, WIIN M Win Mil \"*Tf OW. <KJ 1# lw_ PIANOS. PIANOS?The larKest aesortmpi.t of t Pianos, M^-odeon*, Oait&ra, Vio-^^w in*. Baof ore Best Italian Htnoca Ac tordcons, Fiutinas, Concertinas, tutea,' ? * ?* "ilea, Fia*eo>tta. t;l? lunetti. R'MalutrnasaU, 3run.a, and avert variety of musioal war*. ajso in immense stool of Sheet Masio. Mn?ie Books md Operaa. fur every instrument at the Masio 'toreof W. G. MErZEROTT, oorner of Pa.av. .nd 11 til street. Pole Afent of Steiov*y k Son's )a*on Raven k. Co.'s aud Knabe k Ce.'a Piaaoa. ooatf STOVES! STOVES" 3 8 T O V K 8 !!! I hare on hand a taree assortment of Cookinc anj >ther -tovea, wbioh I will a*ll cheaper than ^ ay other home in the Diatrtot. u U r.? nt^ntion to el<>se them out. Call eaJ im jhA .nd then jud(? for youraelvea. T5r C. 81YDRJL. oo I Next door to tlrt Iter o?m. MUmCAL NOTlCK. * AVING Be?u induoe<4 to eocept the poiitioc of rganiat at M. AI<j)?iu? Cnuroti id tlufcOit). Wfa have determined to remainoonn* the euau fCBi C winter, and ehail be b&pp? to reader in) roft'Mional aervtoM to thoa? who may reautr* hem. _ T. N. CAIXFIKID. Profeuor of tlie Organ, Piano Porte, and MHigMif, For particular aa to term*, *o , inquire at tKe iluaio Depot of JOHN F. U.L10, Peunatlvaoia venae. ooVlm* BALES COTTON LAP*. LUU For Smlr at Fketary Price*. n pair fine Bed Blanketa, all ais*a. 10 pair H ue. Brown, Grey and White Blanketa for aervant*. D pieoea M Fu.led Clotha of the be*t kiu<< 5.t * ?*%he&o?l? 1<* VI o T 1 C E- BEMOVAU . mj 0m*OUJ*? 1NVITATJOHAJgg) ^Wl ,B<1 the<ihir,.?ntl? on >e j9-lwi*" ' * S~FrlSHM AN. B.JALL israeu'dkming. Retail Dealere in fcae FAMILY IROCEKlKf*. TKA8, WINE8. and choioe Lr. >L'OR8 of all kind*. A freeh stock ju?t uptiM. Food buitar 7 cnti par pound. C? at No *34 7th troet, IwtvMD D and Loataiaaa a*. oe ?-tf N0T1rETTOJOURNEVM|gtTi.L???. The folloartac la a oorraot hat of tha ara^ioftrt rho pay tha bill frioaa ot, and ara raeotniBM by, ha 8->eiaty, to wit j V H. Stanford, Matlock ft G-iftth, 'aval ft Bro., Matlook ft Herbart, Vin. Tu?ker, J?m? Laokey. \ W. Hiat-n ft Co., J. T. Meletnah, .oudon ft Co., Ttioa K. Gray, 1. M Draw Va doraa. ae 77 a few ^ O W R E A D Y t ladTes* la a'ltbairranatiaa, ' M'NKkbVVa> l * Flour S8aMiwo* cJLLJt Sim. THF c%ah p*id fnr all kind* of Gr%?n Mi K4m . - ~ T New F\er*T4S/SS^ wall. mft&knf* co!. * * p?mri?. ift Atmh, h?r? jnst r*o*tv?d a l*r*? v?r??tv of eVpall Good., to wkick U*jr laviU fh? ,n f thwr fri?d?wl MiWMft ?? te-tf si* 21 gaftgareswrgaaa oti<M HAirworkrafUiWMiaNtatukWkfc }*ltlmoeebutter house. ^ rfiw buciwu^at. UgUIKtt W^YSjad-W,