Newspaper of Evening Star, November 1, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 1, 1860 Page 4
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s? i ' ' i te= THE EVENING STAR. Fbom tbb RioGea>uk?Tai Babbit Cobtiiia. The S*n Anteoio Ledger of the lSlb sajrs: By authentic information. rfrcef*?d at department toadqaarters, we le*rn tint the best relation* exist b?twpen Gen QsHcl#. cominm&dln* at Matumoraa, and oar rfflr?rs on that line The General had officially potlft^dthrm that he bad recehred a ernnmnnlretfen Mm Cortina, dated beyond the Sierra m*dre. ailing for pardon, With permission to come to Matamoras; he wss answered that Imprisonment and trial awaited his return Subsequently Cortina went Into Mexico, and rumor tart dm lomm Tbe onlr incidents of active life have beet) the d??ert1on of three men?one of whom escaped with a woman, another after a Woman, and a third frrm a woman Two officers, one belonging to the first artillery, the other to the second cnval'y. who paraded them Into Me*1co. recovered the horses. arms, and accoutrements, bat failed to retake the deserters, although they both speak of the efficient aid and courtesy of Gen. Garcia la forthr-ring their object. Tbo Rio Grande 9ent net aayathat a civil ault has been brought against the notorious Joan N. ' Cortina bv Robert N Shears, In which the latter elaima $&) UUO damages?because, on tbe 13th day of Jnly, A. D 1sj?. while the aald Robert Sh^ara was engaged in tbe discbarge of bis duties as marshal of tb?* citv of Brownsville. In the State and county aforesaid, the sa d Juan N Cortina did th-n and there wilfully Interfere wlto the aald city marshal for the purpose of rescijai^ from his custody a prisoner, then and there held, and that while engaged in the said interference, he. the aald Juan N Cortloa, did, wilfully, maliciously, and feloniouslv ahoot at, maim, and cripple, and otherwise fnjure the said Robert Hhears Ltrcols andi*orthxk!(9tstiskxx.?The Boston Courier makes the following remarkable statements:? Letters bave, to our certain knowledge, been qnlte lately addressed, by peraona la the fan poeseaslon of Mr Lincoln's confidence, to leading statesmen of tbe South. We are able to name the writers of aome of these letters, and the individual to whom tbev bave been addreaaed. In aome Instances these letWs have t?een confined to an emphatic aaeertion of the conservative character of Mr Lincoln's administration. In general terms He will not recommend a repeal of the fugitive alave law. nor th?* abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia, nor a prohibition of the slave tradf brtweffl the States; and hla oppoaition to tne ..dni>naio?i of new alave Hfettea will not extend to tboa* c^rv^d out uf territory aouth of tb? degree of latitude. To aome person a who It baa b?en thought might be approached < onttdentlaily. Indirect overtures have ueen made to theeffect that Mr. Llacola would by no means confine blmaelf. aa far aa the South la <-onr<-rned, to bla own party, but would be will us to placediitlniiiiibtd southern statesmen of the Union party in hi* Cabinet We have beard the name* of live distinguished statesmen?four of them member* of the Cabinet* of Messrs Tyler and Fil more?that hare been approached in tb1* way. Thrse letter*. of course, have not been written by Mr. Lincoln himself Honest Old \be" is too shrewd to be caught in that trap; but tk-y knrt brtn irriUrn tcuk ku k*ovrh4nf ami apnrovil " Faox Utah.?The New York Timet has ad toes from Utah to October 5. Hon.W H. Hooper, delegate to Congress, accompanied by his wife, had left Silt Lake City for W ashlngton. and with him bad departed the last of the Mrrmon missionaries for tb? States Mad Europe Among the missionaries were three of the 14 Twelve Apostles"? Orion Pratt. Krastus Snow, and Geo Q. Cannon? the first two destined for the States, and the last for England. Five of the Twelve are now absent among the Gentile*,working for the cause of Mormonlsm. Aa agricultural fair had been held at Pro to, which was attended with considerable success. and another wai in progress In Salt Lake City at the date of our correspondent's letter Mors Indian hostilities are reported in the northern pert of the Territory. A party of emigrant*, numbering about twenty, had been attacked, and bad lost all their wagon* and stock before assistancecould reach them. The party had arrived at Salt Lake City, under escort of U S troops, in a destitute condition Captain Rath, of the Indian Bureau at Washington, nad arrived In the Territory to look after the Government property connected with tb? Indian a^encv of Dr Forney. K.iiohts or tub Goldbs Cibclb.?Gen. Blck wr, wbo signs himself "President American I Legion." writes as follows to the Galveston News of the causes of bis delay to cross tte Mexican rabicon : "The recent failure of Gen. Walker in his expeditton to Honduras, and the silence of our Go/ernmeot in reference to the intervention of tbe BrFtisb, has caused many to fear that our task would be more difficult than had been previously supposed The difficulty of transporting large quantities of material and troops across tbe country, and tbe approaching presidential contest, have all shown bow necessary to success is tbe element of tlir.e Arms that ought to have been at our rendezvous have not arrived, and agents bave to be sent In search of them Corn tnust be shipped from the Ohio river and the force in this State imultaneouslv assembled. To throw ourselves in a body of 400 or 500 men only across tbe river -would Insure disaster This will not do; if I crose it must be with every eleair-nt of success in mv i*rw4* ? * *?1 w ? , .... ? j ui ui?, ouu niawTifli. *> r sballt ruw at the earliest possible moment '' [J~7" There was a double team race at Louisville on the V4th Miller's Damsel and Bob Watson beat Polly Lewis and Ik* Cook In a two miles race, insklni; tbe fastest time ever made, beating Lady Suffolk and Rifle's time & quartet of s secoiid Tbe editor of the Mountain (Qa.) Signal was sbowa by Mr Asbnry, of Pleasint Retreat, a few dav* ago. a beautiful lot of gold, luu dwts . which was made by fatm In a deposit mine near that place. In ibc apace of one month, wltb 12 hand* |JT The Boston Traveler says that a correspondent paid f5 for the autograph of Ralph Famham. appended to a letta published la the Traveler a day or two since. The money wj transmitted to the veteran ?oldter. 117" The French government has Interdicted abacrlption for a sword to be presented to General de Lamoriciere. the Idea of which was started by some of bis legitimist friends In Brittany. ||T During the week ending October 18 there were five hundred and seventy pre-emptlons made at the United States land ofllce in St. Peter? nearly a a VUC UUHUICU per u?y ()T A new hot?l la being erected near the depot at Adaina. Jefferaon county, New York, in which. H la aatd the Kev Henry Ward Btecher, D. b , own* ? - ?? later est Ah KIVA Ls'a T THE HO TELS NATIONAL HOTEL -W H Berry. Md; T P Pendleton. Va. H Weat*r?elt, John H Oozta, AC; Col Hollauui, t!*A; P S Rowland, H Duulap,Pa; J W W1111 anaa aud l?dy, NY; A J Uarilee, SC; A C Worthlngton, Mlaa; E *uter, Mo; F C Sherlock, C Parker. En#: John Fallon, J Z Detiaveo, B H Smith. Pa; T Hunter, ?; C D Boydm, NC; H Whitman and lv. O HI n ?*** n u M ** McKaig, F Brook man. W Mitchell, Dr Grain A Lawtou, J Barton, 8 Hurlbut. Md; T Ten Evc.k Mrs Ptirir, J Mellck and 1*. NJ^b Some. R B Boiling. R Preston and ly.Mlaa Preaton.Miaa White, Va; T Sullivan and ?ia, J Eoatta. ? Stew, art, La: J Haatle, Mtat Haatle, Ala; Mra Mltly, J jJcUubbern, NY; B Coin and If, Ark; W Connail, Ala; A Brcqued and ladlea, France; Harry W ood, Pa. BROWN'S HOTEL ?W J Hu-ter, Va; R M Beall, Md. B E JoaUk, Pa; 6 StlU. T D Farral. J fbyte and ly, 8 Koanberry, NY; W Ma* raw, Va: Hoe O W Jooea, C Jonea, la; P O Perrall, O; O J Rathbjrn and ly, Pa; J Hall, NY; W Enckle and ly, J Manila. U A Srbutz, J Kerr. Pa; W Picket. H H Peck and ly, Va; J C Coleman, Eng; J A Rica, Md; C A Booth and ly,Cal; M J Faiaen and ly, A Barton, NC; U Fitten and fan, H P DbtU, Ala; W P l>adriek and ly, G Mayo, Tean. K1RKWOOD HOU^E ?A W Pitfleld. D Harlan, La,* J 8 Thackrry. J Fuller, Pa; H Hrewater. Tea; DrHB Arnold, Oa; B F TlckW, Mo; R W Eacliab. Ill Look to your interest.purchas ers ok cabinet punnl lure. Wi litre now in store and daily reoatnng the lare e?t, hacdtoiuoet, and obMpMt lot of i'ai/uiet Furniture ever W offered to the cMlzeDS of Wanti;[>ftou.-_?Ma^ Veorg?fU>wn and Alexandria, which w?"?" oordiai j Invite all who deene furniabii g to ?all ai d axamibefor iU*ms?l<?e. Oar stook emb aoee everj onaeiTatila artiole neoesear; to faraielia par:or. ha.^dining room, ohamber, and kitaken. Our ax Wieire (took ta too uamerona to partieu an?> a?a Jew of the leading artioiea, uu I aoetwood.Wtiunt ?--< u-i- ??- * aphoUUr?I iii a aparior uut ia Brooatafl* Si k rlaaL, Luu ii and Hair Ciotk, art frama Mai lei, l?i?r ?sc olh?r blMHl, Uut tt*?* Tab.ea, Gilt Braakrta and WarMa Slakft Soihia and u(Mr miInm fUo^tioa Chaira, ia < Brooatall*. Pjaafc- Koak aa4 C^ua Beau. KU *tm, with Mwblt-U?M aad Mirror BMka, i T,o. Fari?r i?a*k? ai.d WhatnoU. ^;^tai??aa^wKKt m Jb'/wTti ?" * * w""t- I MarM tot Ceeter TsbUe, |Cilt<< Coaiforta, QuliJ??p* "',?.% oar ?? la addition U? oar * look mjf fHSf * ^TT_. ? , " ' I? Wfll TUWIVU IWOI OI CMM,Ol??ud Cruokeif. PlttMl GwtdiJlMB!P*?i i%bi? Urit*nm? War*. Blocktin 8?oai, Buktti, Sraaiwa. &?., iltafMkM form lu ft ooataUte v%ti*tj of ?v?rf Ouec dmmmtt to iferiUftJl AOBH IB ftil tu IMltUfOU . C J*,i B?TKLEl A SONS, m M .1^? No. M8 P?nn. ituu. ? W-M*Thtf b#t?M 9th >ad loth *U. C200D LIGHT! * CHfiAP LIGHT! RiBB I ICUT I > ARAPFIN E 01L. rnmCodT * ' Ml NO* BVECHKLL, I * # A??au fur ita ail*, j - 7y?g WOOD AND COAL. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER B1W BILL ill riftlVHI P1 T#KT? <!*ian ot rn Blue Flab Statf,) eath ef the Canal, aear *th e?reet Bridge, Wtli Airmail ft tVtm linpfut FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY, O* A*t Kino, CW <x?d Split to ? ? Dimtn?imu. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With full measurement guar an tied. TTT Remember, Ths Bttrs Fla? Staff, VMt sii> of berenth street, south of ths Cacal, and opposite ths Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Afeit trT- HICKORY AND OAK PLANK or TIMBER (ol an/ us* or dimen*ion?) SAWED. POSTS er JOI9TT RIPPED, or LOOS SAWED, at ths Shortest notioe _ _ IL7" braaii Jobfcf BLACK8MITHING promptq q q q q riflOM FIRE-WOOD MILL, verier ei seventh at ana Cml. W 6* 0 D of all kind, n.anufactured to order, any length or use, ready for uaa. COAL?COAL. . We have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both Red and White Aah, different aise 117 We are now, and will be receiving Coal for the next ten daya. winch we aetl, delivered from the ve?ael,at a reduction of 3o eenta per ton. Send yoar ordera early. McKNEW 4 MARLOW, Proprietora, ae?T-tf Comer Seventh at. and Caual. WOOD AND SO A h ?U_ Jl. -? ?L. I_ . vv..Tv??r-i w mi fww w m? w?J? ivwwi possible rates. T. J. * W. M. ?ALT. Office 999 Pa. ? ., between Ilth aud 13th its . ma 17- tf north lid*. N O T I C I wish all gentlemen Ujfl to boar in mi ml that hSH the plau whioh I ^Oa^^^vtopteil, six years ago, of selling and BOOTS, at greatly re duced prices for cash is in successful operation. Jnst received a full 'upply ol the latest New York styles of DRESS HA'IS The very finest Hat 935^; a firat rate Hat 93; and very good.fashio able Hat #2 50. All of the latest at* lea of s?ri HATS and ?'ArS,at the very lowest prices. I ain constantly *upp led with a very large stock of those hue DRfcSS BOOTS a*. 93.75?which 1 bave be?-n selling for many years?as woll aa the ve-y best qoal t* of Pat nt I.eatherGAITKRS at 93 50. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from 92 to 92 5n. Terms cash; n<> extra charge in order to offset bad debts ANTHONY, Agent for the Manuiaoturera, Seventh street, second bat store from the oorrer, opposite Avenue House, No. 540. se IV 3m (A 1)1 KS', MISSES. " i AND CHILDREN'S HATS. The most el- ?.? *"la11 profiu'' oo 15-8w corner of 9ixth tt. and Pa ar. pROPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Your attention and examination ia respeotlullt olioited to examine the oeJebrated New York I n 11 t*T a unn ? - ? * ? * v?v>.m r r.iv^n A. kujCHK and the OUTTA PKRCHA PMNT for painting tin roofs. This Gutta Peroha Roofing and Pan.t i? acknowledged b? all the beet arohitacta in Now York oity to be the bMt and chaapeat Koofirg and Paint in ?xist ance. It can be seen at H. wT HAMILTON'S Paint Store, 31-2 Seventh street. CA^FlELD & HAMILTON are the aoie a*ents for Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria *nd the South. For far ther iRformat on addie** aa above. oo 18 tf A CLOSING OUT. LARGE AN D SPLEN DID STOCK OF DRY GOOD*, WITHOUT &IOARD TO COST. The death of Mr. Danua Clagett makes it nooeasary for ua to wind up our business aa spoediiy aa posaible. We therefore announoe our inteution positively to ofose out the whole of our large a took of DRY HOODS by the lat January next, tor oaah, without regard to coat. The atook embraces a general assortment of FOREIGN and DOMESTIC GOODS, oi the very V>e?t Qualities,(it is well kcown in this community that we have naver kept any thing else tlian fi st class articles,) aud we will warrant all goods t" prove at represent-d. IL^The lowest cash price will ba marked on eve.-y article in the stock, which will ba muoli below its raa! value. All gacka e? will We delivered promptly, on the tAmy ui wo, to u.uj pari 01 the city. rree <>f charge. CLAGJiTT * MAY, No. 324 Pennsylvania avenue, oo 17?lot between 9th and 10th sU. 1~ ROYAL, HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana (?ottery, coudnotad oy the Spauish Government, nnder the supervision of the Captain General of Caba, will tate plaoe at Havana on WEDNESDAY, Novimbi* 7. 1MB. SOKTEO NVMERO 646 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE lOO.OOO. . p.iMoi 91ou,(K? sopnzaso? 91306 t do ?? 50.'M) 00 do ....... M 1 do ?,000 153 do 400 1 ilo >j,'joo 3D appro r. ... ... IJM l do lO^Ott iy ALL PRIZES. Whole Tiohata, fio-$ 10? Quarters, 96. Pnzes cashed at sifht at 6 par oent. aisooanC u,r? -"-.i "?- ' vm*? ud mi *VIH Dftnil HU6B ftt fftf* A d-swinj will be forwarded m soon aa Uie rmil beoomes known. Ail orueia for aohemee or tioketa to be addreued to DON RODRIGL EZ. oc ?2-tr Parenf CitT Port. Onrlwton. 8. O. WK WANT OUR OUR CUSTOMERS AND < frieixia to know that our aaaortment of GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS it now complete in every department, embra^iai ever* article, ai.d in great variety, usually kept in a well ortanned GENTLEMEN'S FURNISniNG STORE. Oocupyina for tlie paat twenty year* the >&me ttore, auJ buying all our good* exolueively for "oa?h," we are satiated that we oan sell a newer BETTER STYLE OF GOODS at lower prioea than thoae who bur on "eredit." We wish, however, to maintain a reputation for FIRST QUALITY GOODS, and those at the loveiit aud uniform prio*f. At STEVENS'S 04318-Gteo Salesroom. Brown's Hotel. CEMETKRY NOTICE. 1 H E ?ob?orl ber offers for sale his stock of M A RBi.K MONUMENT*, TO MBS. GRAVE ST?>NK8 aud MARBLE MANTELS at reduo-d prices for eaah or approved notee. An ?arlr eaJl ia solicited. "WM. RU I HERFORD. Marble Works, 35S K at north. oo 17 Sna between 12th and lath. c. s rowLit . .join r win . m. wi. bkveki doe. CHARLES S. FOWLER & CO.. IMPORTERS, Wholesale aad Retail Dealers ia CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WAR1, Fine Cutler?, Plated Ware, Roll Metal Gooda, i Block Tin Goods, Tin Chamber Seta, J ?paoM i Waiter*, Ethereal and Solar Lamps, ''oafcajil Lamps, Lanterns. &o . Ac. < 404 (Odd Fellows' Hall) he yen TH ST., * oc 11 iw6w Washington City. Tjfl^ NOTICE! NOTICE!! ! SflB Mrs. HELLER IotiU. ts? Washington and vioinitr to her Grand Opening of Fashionab.e FALL and WINTER BONNhTS, on Friday and Satarday.Sth and 6th instant, vhM she wi'l be happy to hare ladies oonw and examine ! her >took of Good*. H she ha* a very handsome took of FEATHERS. FLOWERS, DRESS J TRIMMINGS. HEAIl DRESSES, CLOAKS, ' SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS, CORSKTii .'ft* "" w?f oo 4 No. *4 Market Spaoo, bet. 7th and tth sts. j /JENTS' Pine Calfskin Sewed Boots, 9a.76 "I Gents' Double sole aud Doube-uiMr^^ I Boots, $6: Genu' fine Frenoh <2alfs?iaflHI \ Gaiters ?u?l Boots: Boys'and Youth*' loqc^Wj Hoot*? V'-? "? n -* - " !T^tV55r BouU. Alto, rerr oth*r tt?Y# siJ^sfcajawfe SiLis&a - B ,u* oo 17-ootr orapffigpAa ?w door. south of Pa. ? ., ... . ^ ?????' old stMd, Pim . ^Id* Wwkiniton. Hi! M?r u o-ntUaUj iudpud vith the ohuioe.t Liquor* and Cinri Tna Ut Fried Oy.Ur. in IF YOU WISH TO QKT GOOD CLOTHING Call at A* I#w Piicn, ( ? ?, 8mitb^ "vwstfraywu 1 F?* oy?C^? ! Go to HAtfiTAND CAPS, - SMITH'S, No. 460 Ssvaatk * 4 oo 19-lan Oy^ur^TtO&M. , ? * ? # 1 . .. , I 1 (No. ?7a.) i gT 1WB PRBSIDEPTT^P THB UNITED ? ^v.ysraW'^rA^; i daoiara and m*k? known th?t ?ubti? mJm will h? J k?M a* Um nndermeationM Land OSom id tiie ! ptatc or calironnia at Uie pwiodi kamultw a?ncu*Md, to vit: At the L*nd Ofiee at M **t?vat*, ?ommenoing ( on Monday .the M dar of J on* next, for the diapo . aa. ofthetablio landa heretofore no offered, situated y in Uia following townahipe and farU of townahipa, . ria: Horth & tkt kmst tim amd ran a/ tkt Motmt lHmblo ffi/fi 4ittn I TewaafatM and ?; the NWJ^of aeotien t; the , N H and the 1W X of Motion S; aeotiona 4, S. and 1 $, St to vnahtp S); toe 9W K of eeotion the 8E Jtf i of aeotion IS; the 8 W ^ of aeotion 17; aeotioae 18 to ? M, inotBiiTe of tovnthip St. of range 1. . Townahipa 9.10, and 16, of ranee 2. , TheNK of the NE*,the S&Xof NK*. the J NE * of the 8E and the W H of Motion a: aeo- J ttona 5,6 7. and 8; the !*E i? of the NE Jf.the 9E 3< Hid W K of otion 9; the \V K of the Nff X. the w X of S W Af. aiyi the SE of the 8W *4 of aeo J tion 15; eeot o a'7 to 21 inoiuwve; the N W the { N X of the 9W Jtf, and the 8W X of gW M, Ct aeot on 22; the W X ofthe N W X ana SVV X or aeoUon i7; aeotica JBto 35 looluaive; the S*WKof?heNfc. 1 X. the N W M, and the 8 X of aeotion 34, or town- . nip 9 of ranges. . , \ beotiona 1 to 18 iaolaaiTe,oftownahip 10, of range . * 1 North 4f the 6aj? /mm and 1etst of tkt Mourn mnhio ? m 'riHran. 1 T" wnahipa 8,9 and 34; t?? t?W % of Motion 6; the j W H of Motion 7; the 8K 3i of section 13; the N W J* of Motion 18: the S K of section 19: the 8 X of section 20; the 8 % of tion 2'; the 8 K of Motion 22; the NE of tne 8 X cf Motion 23; Motions 24 to $5, inotusive, of township 31; aeotiona 1 to 30 luolu si ve; the N W of aeotion 31; tl)e NE^tf s.otion 33; aectious 34 and 35, of township 32. of range 1. Section* 1,2,3, and 4; the N fc \ of aeotion 9; aeotiona 10 to 15, inc!u?ive; the NE^ of aeotion 22; aeotiona 23 to 26. inclusive; E K of .action 35. of township 8; ?eotion? 1 to 4. inclusive; the N K \ ot aMtion 6; the 8E .*? of aeotion 8; aeotiona 9 to .4, ino u ire; the E >* oi aeotion 17; the E H of auction 2>i; aeotiona 21 to 28, inclusive: the NV of aeotion 2J; aeotiona 33,34, aud 35, of township 9; aMtiona i to 8, inoluaive; the N w U "f amotion 7; the E >* of aeouon 9; aeotiona 1<>. 11, and 12; tha NE of ato tion 13; the N W V or amotion 14; tie NHui a'otion 15; the 8 K <>f aeotion 25, the rtb '4 of aeotion 36; the E H nf aeotion 34; aeotion 35, of township 31; the 8K >4 of aeotion 9; the E K and the b W of amotion 10; tne 8E V* oi aeotion is; the EH and 8\VA? of aeotion ISi ta* 8 W of Motioii M: ctuiu ia- ?>" ^ of Motion 17; tlie SW li of aootion 18; sections 19 to t So, tno usive, of townaUip 33, of targe 3. rownsbipn-M ?nd 32; sections 25 to 36, inclusive; j of townahip 33, of range S The 8W* of aeotion 7; aeotiona IT to 35, luolu- ( aive, of towuahip 34; aectiona I to 5, inalunive; sec- , tionsS to 15 inotasive; sa-tiona 17 amK4to29, in olusive; aeo'io a 32 to 35, ino'usive. of township S2; ( aeotiona 25, M, 27,34, and 35, inoluaivc, of township | 33, of range 4 i Township 39, of ranga 5 At the LandOf&oeat commencing 1 on Monday, the 10th day of j uoe uoxt, for the di?- i poaal of the public lanaa heretofore unoffsraJ, ait i uatrtd in the following townahipa and parta of i townalupa, viz: < North of the base line an.lwtt of the Mount Diablo meridian. The W%of section*; the S of action 13; the | W X of aestiou 18; tne N >? of s? tion 19; the N vV % I and the 8 H of aeotion 30; the 8X?f aection 21; the I 8 H of aection J2; the 3 % of aection 23; sections 24 i to 28, lQC'usive; the K >? ofsection 29; the E >? of < aeotion 33; teotion* 34 and 35, of township a, of ranges. 5 The SW \ of auction 1; the SE and the W of aeotion v; tne E >? of aection 3: arctiona 9. 10, 11, i and 12; the N H of ??otlon 13; th i iM !>, of section 14; the N K, the s VV V. ana the W > of the Sfc of i aeotion IS; the N fc \ of aeotion 21; the NWlj and the W a of the Nh of seotiou V2, of town?bip 10. ofrania4. Sootiona 1,3,3 4, and 5: the N E % of aeotion 6; J thr 8K \ of aeotion 7; aeotiona 8 arid 9: tli? NW \ ) of Motion 10; aeotion 17; the NR\of aeo ion 18, of , townahip 16: the3Wofaeotioa5 tue s K of aeotion 6; aeotiooa7, 8, 9, and tO; the ^VV of nectioa 14: 1 aeotioni IS and 17 to 35, inclusive, oi township 17, of ranee II. The SE K of aeotion V, aeotiona 11,12.13. aid 14; * the N K X ol aeotion 83; aeotion 24; the N E Af of aeo- j tion 25 of tnwn?hip 17; aectiona 3 to 10, mutual v,; 2 the S W 3^ of aeotion 14; aeoti Jna 15 and 17; the N E t X of aeotion 18; aectiona 3>, 21,22,and 83; aectiona < 26 to 29, inoluatve; aectiona 32. SJ, and 34: the NW < >4' of aeotion 35, of tovnahip 20; the NW' .^of aeotion 3; aeotion* 4to9, inoluai?e; aeotiona >7 to 2i. inotu ive; aeotioua 28 to 33, inoiueive; th* SW \ of aeotion 34, of townahip 2i; theNWJ* of aeotioni; . aeotiona 2 and 11; the NW Jiuf aeot.on 14: action 27, 21, 31.32. 33, and 34, of to wnaiiip 22; teotioaa 1 to 18, inoiaatTe; aeotiona 2u to 27, inomaive; aeotion 3S. of townahip 23,of ranee 12. Motion* 3 and 4; the NE of aeotion t; aeotion 9; the N W \ ofaeoti->n 10; action 13; ihtSbV of seotion 14; the HVV of aeotion l&; aeeiiona 2i to 28, incluaive; aeotion* 33, 34, and 36. of townahip 17; the W X of aeotion 5; aeotiona 6,7.8, 9,17,18.19, 2u, ar.d 21; t*e?W ot aoction 22; aeotiona 2> to 34. looluaive, of towuahip !t; aectiona 3 10,15,22, 23, 26. 27,34, and 35, of to vnahip2J; the SE of aeotion 12; aeotiona .13 and 14; theSK \ of aocuon22; aeo tiona 23,27,aud 34, of townahip 23, of range 13. Seotiona 1 and 2. the HE of auction 3; t.e S X of aeotion 10: aeotiona 1!, 12,13.14, 23 24 25, at d the HE % of auction 34. auction 35, of townahip 18; tbe N W \ aeotion 3; aectiona 4,5. and 6; the NK of aeotion 7; aeotion* 8 and 9; the 8 of aeotion 10; the \V X of aeotion '5; the E S of aeotien 17; the NE of aeotion aeotiona 21 &ud 22; tna xw l? of amotion 23; the \V >* of aeotion 26; 27, 28. 33. 34. and 36. of townahip 19; the 8W of aeotion?; the S\V X of aectioa 17; awtiona 18 to 36, luolaaive, of towiiahl* 21, of raru-e 14.' , a >?? /> > t ?? * - * ' # * * - c-gn\jum I vuot II1UIU IVO; lilt) .1 Ci ^ OI I60C1 fl 6; sect.on* 8 to 15 inclusive; toe NE K of Motion 17; sections 21 to 27, inolusive; the MK^oI seotion 2fl; the N K ii o! section 34; section $5, of township 2??; a?otiona 1 t j 4, inclusive; the N K M of section 5; the K X of section 9; sections Id to IS. mo usive; ections *' to if, inclusive; the SK % of ?eotion 31; sections 31 to 36, inolusive, of townanip 21: aeotion 3; th* K X of soon on t; Moti nsg .b, and 10; the sW \ of section 11; sections u, 15, sud 17; thi NE V of section 2D; sections 21,22, and 21; the ? W \ of section 24; sections Z5, 26,2T, and 38; the 8E \ of aeotion 32; Motions 33,54, and 36, of tovnahip 22, ol range 15. Nortk of th4 base line and east of the Humboldt meTttiiflft The W X of seotion 3; sections 4,5,?,7,S,9t10. 15,17, IS, IS, JO, 21, and 22; the N X or aeotion 27: aeotiona 28 to 33, ino'usive; the 8 H of aeotion 34, of township 4, of (ange 2. North of the bast >tiu and west of the Humboldt meridum. Th? ?W K of p Ant inn 7- thm ft\V Is action 18; tne E \ of taction 111; aeotioue 20,21,22. and 29; the W X of amotion 24; the W X of aecuon ia; aeotiona 26 and 27; the NK J* of aeotion 28; the N K X of aection 34; aeoUou 36, of townahip 1, of f*!*eoti<>na 1 to 23, moloaive; the NHof aection 24; the 9 X of aeotion 26; aeotiona 26,27, 28, and 29; the N X oi aettion 90, > f townahip l; aeotional.2, and 3; the NWMof the N W *, the H X of the ft W 3a. and the S> of aection 4; the NK X of th? NE J?, the S X oftLe N K X, the Ht^oT the N W X. aid the ? X of aeotion 5, the 8Ki>[the S ti X. of aeotion 6; the imK X the a X of the N W K, and tho S X o? necuou 7; aeotiona 8,9,10. and II; tfce NX of aeotion 12; the N W X of section 17; aectiou 18; the N X aiid the SK X of aection 19; the SW X of aeotion 29; the KM of aeotion iW, aectionaSl, li, and 83; the ? W X of aeotion 34, of tovnahip 2. of range 2. The SK X of aeotion 1; aeotiona io, II, aod 12; th* N X of aeotion 13, aeotiona 14, L5,22, and 23; the S X of ?<?cti >n 24; the N X of amotion 25; aeotiona 26. 27, 28. and 31. the N W j| of aection 36, of towtahip 1; 1 iiooui>ii?i bowmuip 2, oi range o. At tha Land Office at Stocktos, oommenoinc on [ Monday, the 3d day ul June next, for the diapona) , or the public lands, heretofore nnoffer. d, situated t in the following towuahipa and pt^te of tuwnahtps, win-. t North of Ike bcui line and *att of the Mount Diablo meridian. I fteotioaa 4.5.6,7, S, 9,17,18, and 19; the N K of the t NEK, the N H of the NWM, anil tneSW \ of the I SWiofaeotion 30: aeotion 3D, exoept the bE H of i the sE , of t >wnahip 6 of range 3. i Townkhipa4,6,and7,ofraii(e7. I North of tko bate line and ttest of tho Mount Diablo . mtruitnn' , Towoahipa6 and 7, of ran?e 1, , Seetion 2; the NE * of aectiou 3; the W K of aae fl tiou 6; aeotion 6; eeouon 7, exoept tha S % of the ? * w ii the NW X and the S^of aeotioa ; the 8 , Unrunhnna- Ih.HL * " " .?? U ^ VI OUIIUB l?j nvuoi 11; III f VV X of Motion 13; Motion* 14 and It; Motion 17. eioept th? 8 S of the 8W X; Uie E X of the WW ? X, the K X H ih. ?W it, aud the fc X of Motion I 31; Mot una 22 and 23, tha W X of Motion 24; the w X ofaeotion3 ; aootiona26and 27; the NK J(, j th* fc X of the N W H. the ?fc X ol the NW V the N X of the 9E *. the 8E X of the BE M oi aeot oo 21; U? fc H of ine Nfc M,nad the fc X of the Hfc X of eeetion 33; inUodi 34 a.d 35, of tovnahip ? 5; aeotiona 1 and 2; the N fc AC of aeotion 3; the ?fc * W of eootion 10; aeotioo* 11, to 15, inoinaire; the N S of tha N E X ?C aeotion 21; tha N X of tha NW t i, and the fc X of aeotion 22; aeotiona 23 24 25 and o ; tha K X of the 8W X and tha E X of aeotion 2:; ti tne W X of aeotion 35; of townahip 7, of range 2. a Svutk of tkt bait lint and tatt <J tht Mount Diablo ? meridian. ' BeoOona 1 to 27, inolueive; the N X, the N X of t, the few X> and N X *f the 3fc X of aeotion 21: th* . N X.tha N X of the 9 W X. aaa th* N X of the * fefc X of aeotion 2*. the N fc X ?nd the N X of the ;4L >4 of aeotion au; the Nfc X of aeotion 34; th* N X ol aeotion 35 of tovnahie 3, of ranee V Beotiona&.a.7,8,*bd 17 to 21, m luaivd* h? N W ? W and the 8 X of amotion 27; aeoUona 2a to 34, inoln- ? nve; the W X of MOtiun 35, of tovnahip 3. of , rtngo 6 f t raotional aeotiona 1 nnd 2. a?(in? 1 ?J - Bie NE X of section 7; Motiooil,?, M, amiTlTRo- onal seotio 112; seotioos 13.14 a id 16; the ft t a of t w<JuoSl7; th? >KM of Motion 21: Motion. 81?27. ( inclusive; the NE \ of seotioi. 34; 35, of township 5; Motions 1,,14,23 , 24, 2), 96. ?nd 35, ot township 6; Motion 1; the Nt X ol Mellon 2; IMUUOI 12,13, 24, and 26, of tovuimp 7, of o "leW \ and th9 W H of the SK X of swtioa 18- Motion itf; the W H ol eeotion 2); Motions 30, u H and 32; the 8W of BMtion 33, of township 6; o tovBthtMCand 7, Motions 1 to 5. inclusive;'the o N ? M of BMtion 6: sections 8 to 13. inclusive; Ihe 1 MR ? of section 17; the NE V' ot seouon 21; MO o to 27. inolusive; the X of section s3; s?o lions 64 and 36. of township ?, of .ante it. U Townships 7.6, and 9. of ranee * P Townships ? aad 6 of raag* 10 h T.-wnsjiipt G. 7. and 8. of range 11. II *Jd ?7oTr?.\?.V wwataip ,IM" ?* ? Townships * 7* ?. of raago 13. Mold*? n? ^"hJdlUSiS ; >1 lhj public lauits iieretoiore uaoffered, ?i tutted 1 o^tho Following towuafcips and pert* of towushipi, South *f tkt b+u HmjMMfsajlOf tkt Mount Diablt ft Seotums 5\o* MjfiMlallnTK' ?' oU on 1 f and n to ?, sSanix v, is: ; Beetions* to 9. inoiasire; section 17 to Si, melange, Motions ? to S3, inv naive, of township 6: o wnshifs 7.?. ft. 10.11, and 1*. of range j*. ' 7, Township* ?, ?10 1l,aad 1J. of ranee 17. fc Township* 9,10, aad 11; sections 1 to 38, inclnsi re, f? if township I*. of range It. llslw* of section 1?; the 8W \ of taction ?: otioos ?to 93, laolasivci the tt W J* of ssotiouj*, m f >f to wnship 9; townshie s 10 fcnd lliseoUoni 1 to tt. n?iwtions7nn7Wto*35?iMlMm?ohtbwLBhip 10; wtwM 1 to 11, iaalaetT*; seetion* if M IT t*>?, nahmiTB-, eeotiom Tt to M, inclosi v?. ot townsl'lp Lis Motion* 5.6,7,12. 13,14, It, and 23, to tt, inolu ur?; eeotions 33, St. and 35, of township >2. ot u(*M> At tho Land Oftee at Visalia, oommer oiri on Sonday, tue loth day of J?ne next, for the disp?eai | the pnhi o taarta heretofore st offered,sitoatod a the following township* aod parte of township*. ns: SotitJk of the but lint amd msi of tk* Mount Di*bl? mtridimtt. Seotion* 1 4n<fc %? XK Jfaf saou<Ntf3;%totions 1, IS, Ud 1& thelVE )i of .seotion 14: tactions 3K tnd 25 oftownship 17; seotion* I to 9 irulnwy; tee V * of Motion 6: saofcons to IS, motnsiva; the St k'of section 17; the NE If of saauon 22; aoo;iona a. 14. and 2S the NEi?uf eeotion 36, of to wn ihip 18; sections 1 to , inolutive: the NK Hof seoion 7; h^)o? > to IS, iiolnstra; the Ntiaf teotion 14: the NK * of seotion 14, of townskiy*. y Townihlpi W. If, and 1?; sMtionsl to ST, inolu lirr; the NK * of:eeoUon?; tbabE * ol Motion B, sections S4 and 35, of township 21; Motions l and [; the N E X of Motion 3; soetions 11,?, 13, asd 14; he NE M of seoloa 23; ssotioa 14; the Nh ki oi lection 15. of township 22. of ?* ? !* Sections 1 to 37, incm?iv?; the .N K of section t8: aeetions 34 and 35, of township 21; sections 5, e, J, and 8; the 14 W K ol aaciinn ft; the W K of src;io? 15; seotions, 17 to 32 inc usive; 'ha ?vV A? of section 33; seotionsSStn as, inolosive, oftowi.?: i> B; s*>oti?ts 1.2.and3: the NE * of section 4; the P* E M of section 10; aectwas 11, 13.13, and 14: tha S E V of section 33; Motions 34 and 25; the SE J* of teotiou 32, sections 31, M, and 35, of township 33; leotions 1 to 5 inclusive; the Nr. fractional % of leotion 6; the N E <% of section 8. Motions 9 to 15, nolutti ?e; the N E ^ of seotion 22; section 23. ?4,3?, (6. and 35, oftowrsinp 24; e*ouoas l, 3, and 3; Ue NE % of section 4; th* NE A* of sootioa 10; seotioas >1,12, *nd 13; the NE A? of section 14; seotioa34, of township 26, of raa<a 17. Township21; seo'iona 1,2,3,and 4;the NE Jfof taction 5; the N E \ of section 9; seotiona In to 14, noiaaive; me r. *401 aeouon <5: the NK >4 of ift;ion 34; the 8W \of ??ettou S); aeouon 31; ihe SW ? of aeotion 33, of townahip 32: iMtioml and 4 to 1. inolu ive; aeotiona It, IS, and 17 to 21. lnelnaiva; he 8W \ of aeotion 22; the PE a of Motion tK aacioD?24, to 3S, loolomva. ? f townahip 2*; township !4; aeotion* 1 to 15, inalaaive; aeotion 17; the Nt \ taction 18; th? NE >?' of aaotfon 23; a*o 10m23, !4, Mtl 25; the N F of ?aetiii? 2ti. ol townahip 35; lectiou l;theSK 3^..f section2; the9W ofaeotien k aeotiona4 to 18, inoluaiva; the NW >4 of aeotion it; the NK^nf amotion M; aao ion? 21 10 36 inclusive; the Nil Atf of action 37, ?f townahip 2b, of anise 18. b'ra At l>ir>a I hWnaki mm ctm * *- ?1 * ? * (C'tivuvi WW 11*111 v* Ml auu imJ I Miwmuips ^|| !S, %<id 2t>; section* 1 to 5, inoiuur*; aeotiooa 8 to 17, noiusive; arotiona 21 to 2*. inolrsive; aeotona34 ind 3>, of town*tiip 27; aaatioaa 1,2,and 12, of towuilnp "23, of racijem. > townsMfa 93 and 24: townships 25. 26, lud 27; s otions I to 1* inclusive, tiw N K of **c ;ion 9>; tho N fc 3* of aaatioa 34; iwUxn 96, of town* ibtp 28, of range 20. Kt the I and Offioeit, oornmenoing on Monday, the 24th day of June next, for the dispoi&l of the puliiio lands, herot'>fore uueffered, situ Urd m the following townships and parta of town ilnpr, viz: South tj tht baseline and rati of the Mount Diablo meridian. Township* 27 and 28; woiiona 1 to 6, inolnsire; he NK Jtfof section 7; srotious 8 to 17, inclusive; he 8 H of section 18; sections II to 24, inclusive; ;lie Nh.V of sootiou ;9; the NK if of section 33, loction 34; the N \V V of aeotiou 35, of township 29, >f ranice 21. Townships 21 and 22; fractional townships 23 and !4: towaahi pa 25, >1. anu 27. of range .4. Township* 21, 22, 23, 24,23. 26, 27, 23, 29, and 30, of a?i?e 2i. Townahipa 22, 13, 24,25, 26,27, 28,89, and 30, of ante 26. Townships 22,23 , 24,25,26,27, and 28. of range 27, At the Land Offiae at Max Fraxcisco, oomnenciua on Monday, the 10th day of June ntxt, the aisposa of th-> public lands, heretofore astfered, situated within the following townahipa ind parta of townships, vis: Sortk af the bate Une and wtt-qf tk* Mount Diablo meridian Township 6; sections 1,2. and 3: the NEkof #?a ioii 4 tlie W H of aectiou 6; eeotioa7; theSW H if aection*; the PE X otaeotion !>; aeetiona 10 to !S, ino us'vn; the E H, the fiW^ ami the E X of ho S\V V of aeotion 36; *eotion? J9, 30, 31, ana 32, >f townahip 7, of Muite 3. South of tk* bate lint and east of tkt Mount Diablo meridian. Township of range 9. Townahip 21; aootiona 1,3 End 3; the E X of aeo,ion 4; the t H of section 10; aeotions U, 12 and 13; ;ne K K of aeotion 14; aeotion 34; the .\t X of aeoton 33; aeotion 35; the 9? X of aeotion W; the ?E ? of aeotion 34; aeotion 96. oi townahip 34; the iw 4 of aeotion 14; aeotiona 15, 30, 21 ?nd 33; the W K kud the PE H of aeotion 33; the 8 % of aection 34; i onona 35, 6,27 aid 38; theNE \ of aeotion 24; he N fc. V of aeotion 34; aeotion 35, of townahip 25, >f r&cge To. Townahip 34; aeotiona 1 to 18, molnaive; the N H >f amotion 1 <; aeotions 2) to 2), incluaive; theNE V >f aection 39; the X of aeotion 3t; aectiona 33,34 tod35.oftownthip25; t?'Wnahip26 of r&ngell. Townahip 27; fraolion&l a ouona 2 and 3, aeotiona I to 10, inoluaive; fr&cticua. aeotiona U 13 and 14; a ?? a lO. ?t ^1 * ' * ' * - ? 1'vviui.B j, as anu is, mo w ai 01 section ***? tne K ,S? >>(aectioci 22; aection 23; I r actional aection* tl auo 26; tue Nfc ,* ? of aeotiou 26, of township 28, of ange 13 Towuahipa 25 26 and 27: aection* ! and 3; fraotota aectionb 3. 4, 9 and 10; aeotiona 11 to 15, icoiuuve; fraotioLal aeotiona 17, Band 20; aeotions2l to W ino u?i ye. the N K Ji? cf s.ction 27; the N \V V of iectiL.ii l>. of township 2S, of range 14 i'he fSVV M of section 3 sections 4 to9, inolusive; he 9W hi of section IV: aeotiona 15 and 17 to 22. inilutirt; aeotiona ?7 to S4, inclusive; the 8W * of I'otion 36. of townahip 21?; towo?hips 30 an ! 31; ?eo.ionj 1 t<> 12, inoluiive; the NK V of section 13, of .ovi^li p 32. of range 19 The S w V of aeotion 27; the BE and the W M ?f R?otion 17: aeotiona IK, 19 and #>; tu? SvV 3* of i?ction21; theSSWStfof section 2;; aeotiona 2< to U. inoluaivj: the SW V of aeotion 35, of townahip i; townthip 31; seotton* I to IS, inoluaive; me N vV ? of aeotio i 9; the NF. H ?f aectior 21; sect">ua a, a, *\ una io, me m H <>l amotion 26; the NE >4 of iroiion f. of township 82, of ranee 20 The 8E X of Mctiou 17; the 8W V of aeotion 1?: i?otiona 1** and 20; the W % of awuun 21; the 8W ? of aeotion *7; aeotiona 28 t > 54. inolnaire; the S >f aeotion 35, of townahip 91; townahip 32, of range Worth of the bast lint and H>ttt of tke Sam Bernardino mtridian. Section* 3 *nd 4; the N KM of aeetmn 5; the N K ei aeotion i?; notion 10. of township 8; the N W Ag ?f aeotion 5; aeotiooa G, 7, lit. aud 19; the 8 W W of i-otion an; aeotiona 29, ?, 31. and 32; tb? <VV (J of teotion 33, ol t >wnahip 9; a otiou I: Ihe S\(f -?ion 2; the H X ol aeotion 3; the 8E \ of 1 otion 9; motion 10 to 33, inc'.ujive, of townahip 10, of range 14 Ssotiona 1 to II, inclusive, of townahip 9; theSW 4 faeotion 7. aeotiona IS to 36, inoluaive, of townmiplO, of r*nge?5. The St and tue ffXnf aeotion 4; aeotiona 6 .0 11. inclusive; reotion 12, exoept the N K of th? M K iii aectiooa IS to 36, luoluai ve, of township 10, >f raofe2b. s-eotional to 34, inolnaive. the NK \ of aeotion >Jt nf tovnahiA 1A nf ra OH ?eotion? 1 t<> It inclu*ive, of town*htp7; the SW i of seoiion 19; the H X nf seouon 25; the 8K k of lection 36; *ectioa? an to 36. inclusive, of township I, of ranze 30. To wnship 11, of range 31. Buttons 1 to 27. inclusive; the NKMof section S, the NWMof Motion30; the E K of emotionSt, motion 3j. ol to vnship 10; township il.of range 32. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, miliary and other purposes, or those ooverec by tonfiuied private land olaims, together with the iwamp or overd jwed lauds, will be excluded from Jie sales. No" mineral land* " or tracts containing min iral deposits,are to be offered at the publio sales. iuoh mineral lands being hereby extreesly excepted kad ezoiuded from sale or other di-posa., pursuant o the requirements of the act of Cobgrees approve* tfaroh 3,1843, entitled " An act to provide for the inrvev of the publio lands in California, the grant ng of pre eruption rights therein, and for otuer TrlT offering of the tjion lend a will be ooinnenced on the dni MpoinUd, and will proofed in he order in whion they ere edveitised until the 'hole shell liave been offered, and the sales ihue iloMd; but no nale shall be kept open looser than wn weeks, and no private entry of an* ofthelenUs rill be admitted until after tie expiration of the wo weeks. ^iiven under my hand,at the City of Washington, his twenty seoond day of October, anno Domini ne thousand eight hundred \j the President: Joe. 8. Wilson. Commissioner of the General Laud Oftoe. IOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every Demon entitled to the right of pre-emption e> any or the lands within the townships aad parte f towrahips above enumerated, is required to estblish the aame to the satisfaction or tne register nd receiver of the proper land office, aim tuxkt ayment tktrtfor at hhm at practicable afXtr ttetmt fcu notice, and befere the day appointed for the oramenoeiuent of tbe pubtio sale of the lands eraracing the tract claimed: otherwise such claim nil be forfeited. JOS 8. WIL?ON. Commissioner of the General Land Oftoe Note.?Under the regulations of the Department, a heretofore and bow existing, no payment can be lade for advertising eroolamat ons exoept to Meh nbiishera ae are tptMllyautkfixtd to an btiah bj lie Commissioner ?f the General Land Oftos. oc as law?Sw.T 3LDEICH. MALLOW ^ND^URK MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Consoientionsly distilled by Mr. Jaases Bnmside, f Allegany Const*, Penna* in the old-fashioned onset war, from theohoiaeet and most carefully elected Rye, and in ao eaee ever offered for sale ntil adapted to wholesome nae by age It iaat no? the most palatable, aa it la emphatically eae f the purest beveragee ia the reach of the pablio. ,0 the Invalid.aa well aa tothoee ia nnmkoj. t.. it. >- j -"* v.HMiviiws I'M IM HUriT?|l(M IUI1UM M ft tinultqt of the m#mL raat, u4 moil bmcftMct onption, and many of the aod diatingoiahcrf tiMiuuu ir? uidc it la (Mr piMCioa wit* Um yKDALE^Pro^?tor?^^ a/uooi n wooi>uwood?' 8TOVK u< KINDL1N0 WOOD, at UM Iovm Maibie trios. T. 1. k W. M. QALT, FSPfg?^ r yitao. violin, and fl?U, 4%, 4a. AW, DmU "ui - ? -wj?} 'r^ra,-. Chiokeriugt* Pimo Store, 0Q? SO# P*. ?*., bM. IU MM 10U ?U. ) TRUNKS, BOOTS AND 8HOBS. | b??t8 task. "" acpM ?< sa*twn ia*4? wort (TntnVflll i acnptio*. made axpraaaly tnorder, ami wilirKv w A uaaioli l?w?r ?no?tku>M Imn' pfc 1 k?ratofoca ?Ur|(d in tkia ottr fcfl?il IM>HW Peraona in wut of Boota tad Saoaa of mUri M itr made work, will alwaraftada tood mwi'jmi atwariiKr M*-r >14 P?oii?TlfMi? ?f8?. E?IVK HUNDRED TRAV&L1NS T*?"**? F siriTad tkia 6?r, tm braeiai *11 , tea and aii6* of Sola L eat War, UdiM'HnP Dre*? ard Packing Tranka. Oar trank^^^"* I yaa rtx>*exhibit* n^i?r? lor m onae. WALU 1TephKNS * CO., Trail k 8*1 ac Room, < aw H-tf **? Pa. ara^f. < QOVTIUIN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. d 499 tth mm _ ^ Oprosxtt Odd hiiiai' JiJU; IvaikwiMa. D. C. <.u, f al.iua9 M.,be[ora pv-am ehatf ng ?!iew?n Aa I at* none hit theHHfl < fcoet material the market afford* and emeioT^?^? the kx?t workman, 1 ou eoeidently raooi?lme?d bit , work, to be superior in Swttik ud Lwrafefcry to 1 Trunk* that are made in otier oiUm and old here. I koep constantly on hand, and make to order < on I ene Wftek'i notioeT every deeoriptien of SOLE ' LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS 1 , Mi WOOD BOX TkONKS: ASHLAND m4 I TrsDii, Ac., Repaired au4 Covered, la a rkm&nJike manner, at ehort noUoe Trunk* delivered in any part of tfc* eity, Qeorge- > loviior Alexandria. Aieo?Agent for HoWi iilibntii FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. die U-lv JAMBS 8. TO^HAM. TRAVKloBttS' D1BBCTORY. i r Ht ri' ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, JimUU, tflbu, train* will mil a* follow*: Lwn Washington at 6 ? and 7.40 a. m. Leave WaafcHirton at 3.30 and (JD a. ax. Ont*?udayatS?p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.39 and I 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.13 and tau p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. a. Pataaager* for the Eaat will lake trains at tJt* and 7.?t a. ni aodsan*. m. For the West at m. and SJO p. m. For Annapou* at 7M a to- and &J0 p. k. For Norfolk at 7 a. m. On Saturday evening the 3.30 p. m. train com to Philadelphia enly. )e MM T H. PARHONg, Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN TBLR.BX1 wit* ni CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orrnngt and Alexandria Roiirtmd TOLYNCBBUKVi Virginia, mad Tennis B+Jt Tennisttt and Virginia, nasi j 6A.netset and (Georgia, Naskvxile and CAattmmaaga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Orleans and J actum, , TO NEW OR LEAN? ' MKMPHIiTROUTE: 1 Mwaphia by Rul, thoDo# br Pint olau Paokato to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE? Montgomery by Rail. 'Seiioe to Mobil* by Pint ofaaa Packet*. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Svwdati Inclvbbs. Lmt> WukiBftn at a. at and 6 p. m. The Pteanur GEORGE PAGE Imtm her wharf foot of Seventh street at fik a. m. and Qfc p. m. and oonneots at Alexandria witL the Oranee and AJax* aiidria Trains for the Sonthweet Ottoo?Penney! vaus, avonue, comer of Sixth ft. aeoAOB cmciiD tbbousb to nw o&lbabs. Lyuohburr ? #7 5f> Memvhia , Bfi M Bristol lion Atlanta M W r""tti'U ,.m?i Mnivir MOO CiAttAaooi* MOO Cotombui 9 V Da: ton 34 0m MontfomerrJJ 00 HucUvi', a 27 (*i I na MeatybiMS *> Grand Junction 30 ai N.O.J naG. Jnno ?2 K Naahriile tf iui S na Mobil*. _4l 08 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL 900 MILES SIK>RTKK^and 94 HOURS LEBS than any other l.iae? the* Lynehburi Extension being now oomtletod, aa aiao the Mis*:saipn Central, making it the QUICKS ST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia jroTided with First ni??? C^r?! I (To Nw n''"r T" Hoan |Sn&ois?r??do: Naahnli? .46 do. ICTThe U.S. MILud ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken orar taia New Lin*. Xioketa can be obtained at the South W?torn oo, ooraer of Sixth street and Peouej lva&ia atesae, to the following aointf: Lrnohburt, B.-irtof, KnomUa, Atlanta, ChaKauooza. HnnUrille, Graod Junction, Macon, Naabnfia, Dal ton. Oolunbu r' UJ- THKOVUH TICKKT6 TO THE VARIOUS riKUJNJA SfKlNtiS. in^Otnaibu?a? and Wacou laare U? offioe at t> a. m. and 6 p. in. JAMES A. EVANS. Tioket A rant. ma?-g CoriT fttxtk ?t. igj m. 1-?UK STEAMER / Al*. GUY WU1 rmnikli tripe on TtKSpAT, 21?t of 1 ^ February. 1M0. Wijl le?ve WASH iNttTON every TITRBDAY PR I DA Y, at? o'oiook a. m., and ALEXIN DEI A athift ?*?t6 o'clock, for CURR10MAN and the AndBATURDAV,at*o'elock a. bl NATH'L BOl^H. A&^M^nT.' ? QFPICK OP^WEC^OR^ND 8EALRR WAeEUMTOH. Jnly 11,1MB. NOTICE IS HEREBY OTTES, That. air**- , ably to the provision* of the oidinanoe of the Corporation approved May IS. 1MB. the iLdtmintd im now prepared, "whenever reenlred in writinf. and on pre payment of the fee of fifty eeaU, to teepeet. examine, teet, prove, and aeoertain the aaoaraoy of ( rer titration of wit ru meter in bm i? ?*? -??- " Every meter. if found inooireet, will be oondemDed, ud MioUer, eeeJed and marked m tree, will be Bet IB i'? ylaoe. If proved to be ?oear?te |n lU MMNBMt of iu, it w*i be sealed tooordiagly, end mud eut in position for eae. Office No. 610 Seventh street, (new Odd PelOW'' Jy II-tf Ins*>otor sad fteeler of 8m M*Ur?. OT'ABMNOTON SEWING ROOMS. ? CM 9m u?HHaMri Nertk i/ fe. iei ?? y*faT ; w. n mmw ROWE'S IMPROVED WEISHINGBCALEB tut^ iVafirjr-evlc1N e^S'ork^ tate Fair, . Vermont State Fair, ke., Ac. In r*n mm vkM ' delS-Iy B? a PATTI9QN. Ami Wmm G A 8 FIXTURES. t E Han in (tore, and are dat y rsoeiriM, 8il 4 FJXTl/KJSS of entirely New Pattern* endDesicns I And Finish, superior m styis to enjthinf heretofore offered in this market. We'inrfteoiUzens general J ly to eall and exam ice oar ?tock of Gas and Water I Fixtures, feelioK confident that we hare the beet 1 elected stock in Washington. All Work in the abore Tine intrusted to car sars will ha - LTJtr "" ! DRANCll HARPER, PAMILY OROCK^AlsiPFEEDeTO**, I Corner *f Nrte Y*rk mmh tmd Tmuk strut. 1 Reef eotfatly aolieita tbe patronage of thoMV : may be in want of any artioie in the abort uae. Hie MHwri ehall be to pieaae, and by a Knot ttui- i tiontotfce wantaofthe public, he hopee to mania hare of their patronage. . Hi* took oonaiata or erary article laaallr to be j teaad in a ftsat-olaea Family Grooery ail Feed j i. I. . LUUL r&im i. k Avrai. ? POE ALL DI8EA9KS OP IMPEUDBNCE. LET HO FALSI oTLlCACY PAX TMNT. APPLY IMMBD ATELT d evRE WARRANTED, OR NO CJUAVM, IK FROM OJTE TO TWO DAM. Ss %?TSL 4? * ?tCT5 t ! > i> 111 drn<hi uj mmimum prmkm vhmk mf am huntfi u4 <mmi hau m; u4 nm toimiiu lifnult htktl muai u* tiritml *f hmuf tim, tri tmlhl u< immttri btktt ttm mwllt ivnm m u m*wlr (*'i lhwuii <f tmaf mm w i?? mm ? uia* min? atfcrtllam liwumt, m< tfkfiktivm k?h uuut?4 imwilmm <ul u?uniin w ilwimi m nth u nmitw h?i*g if?*, >; mm via hiimti imm. miuud lltft,km| iftntl fkfmmi vhutm, limriuuu, a*., >f?i4ui iinl. vto (uch kibmir *4n ikt un ' 9t j. r?mmdf mll? is m* k?ml ** pailim* 1*4 munllt hn ifm to* afclh u ffcibtm. urncb ? t ?otr? r?u>uucsiruit, l*ft u>< hu( (nb illumtl ??*. ? tow <m* nm to* ***? ?*. i ?ll mi m*tni?* m*** m4 wa*u. u<m*i mil fct bali tfti to *??> ptjoawtva, ? *?? C*l?f tfftrpMi, UtM. tn<M MM IkMMI OU?| M ? (k? ?,H*3 iMk ?4 IM J?HWt fm ?* *im !!< Imi ktM i^Mt iM k? Willi MUato. Pw?, ftil?l>l?>n mm4 ilMvkiti, kM # "M *f ?* MM ???! ? | CWM |k? *>H IM ?M??i ???J UMM*? ?IU rtufM.g u Ua k?.? u4 MM ??? uU??i ir?M mummb, Mm iUim< m nMm Mfc, buknbiu vid^fra^HM >l??n^ ib?M m*> uu pancaui motick. ? iMf Mm iM ?k?n *W mii ?Mn? ix^mItm fc^M. liiuk n?iMl tm (kM ?U?? ? fc&fcu httMife tun*! hm itII laufuitM, ?r n MkMl, ik? ifi. J | vtkkin i((M; Ml *? wh*a utotp, ud if aw eejCT mHt ' U"' ** S ut hbi mum Mi >?4 mIuiM; iIiui inln?j kf Mil; kktu ifMit 'Hi VtUaMi aftb* IkI Itiak*. Puh to IhatiM* af feffct. Lm af Mwikl h?ir, Mfintto i<?i <nn,Pw^pa t Mufm |y.l>ar%Af*ru*ai,#f to* IH?*at.**fiMMn, t^nl BaMMy, 'S6?ilLT.-^(HiW ifuua* lb* aM u< mU to N ?NtM-bw >T MMHn.UalMM #Md.?*. D*M*aa*aa tl Bf irrta, B?U fWMtora, ItiNMtflNlMi, BeW-DWreto, k#**af talaia.TWdfiy, abk.a** mm m IM avlto paaB|H^L RUTOII DIIIUTT -Ttoiutnu ?ku to (! UIM rfUiir d*cllulia( k??Jik. laatof tba*# *toa*, ba M?( (Ml, pala, ?"" ?< Maxiu^ WT*! * aw fatal i>fMWII iM*? iyM,iM|? ac iyi?niMi af wxM^toi DtltilU Or 1MPMIDUCK VkM |k? aiiniM u4 isprtoMi nuij W ptoaaaaa Ml k* baa ia>(M lb* a?*da af tot* d?aa?aa, k laa aJUa toffam thai aa Ill-Uni*d mh? af ihtnt ar 4raad af 4toca*arf d*Y*r* Mn frwa applying ta lb*** ?ba, fi itoulto u4 raapattahUny. Ma ala?a bafrtaad Ua. I< Iklla lata toa lull al ifMrut aad iaalnuj praiaa4ar*. ?U, mijrtli af caruif, kick bia (tiuur; nMuca. baaa toa taUtog astk aflar Matk, ar aa toa* aa Iba aaallaMW ?u ka aBtoiaad. ?4 to Baaaalr laa** bUn wHk raiaa* k**lU u auk a*ar bia aalttaf dn?pp*iaua?n ar kj lb* aa* af that da?4/ pan**. Martary. km?a Iba aaaautauaaal ifww af tola iambi* toaaaa, aaak a* Afacuou* o< toa Mean. Vkwai. Haaa,, pr*fr*Mir.| wttk frifktfai rabidity, till laalb put aartad to bia draadfai aafartnf* ky a*adiuf kia u tbai aalia*a?arad uiiury trmm vbaaa kaaraa aa ua*aia* utaiai. or routoviuuitDY roE oMtmc vuuna AMD IMPOTMCY. By ttoa avaai aad laiaim na*i; vattoaaaaflkaaiiM iMiiaadS; ta>a4 ui fall tl|ai raauni Tbaaaaa?a aftoa toaat o*r*aa* aa4 d*WUl*t*d, aba bad toa* all kipi, kwa b*aa imiaaduialy ?all*?ai. A Li HayiAiaaai* to Marrtof*. Pbyatoai m Maau ItoaaaaBliiBam. Uaaa af Pratraatta* Waraaaa IrvtoakMw tNaUaf u< Waakaaaaa* Kabaaauaa a/ toa atohaM ktod apa**dnj lani BMIX>ft?E>IB?T OF * PI IN tib HlirnuBIAllDI cw.j >iuu imummaa vmmb Ik* Um h>himi ???r*. u< ik< Miuna u>pwtui hwl Ml ipinttm fwftfbn k? Dr. >?*> >?. *iumm< vf m KMfUn tt * ftpwi Ul BU7 ?tti iiwm.MWM ?f vtak h??? imun< tfti* ?to i|m >inh tk4 hmm, to* itw >I?IIIIM M I (luluu ?f itmlMl IM IHfN* Uky. to t mAiIm puutM w U* itlml |w S4f R. J. BOVEE IMJDT5 IMPERIAL WINK BITTERS, Ara now Mc< u*d (rofB Mum to the Oraat flait Ldra, ill Ike aaivfiml of til who mm tM ?tMr m a wrwi tt w i kmnn. u tul tier >f? t?i?TM?a in the word. p?. jDoUi u?c w* *mQSm?i7V^T*Co!? ri( ht to ma^ajhatare iMmaRtlMK for ?ia to the pvblio. Forth* OirtW iMifknl Conauraation, luti/ncuor., prlHNi?. Pilto. Ntrrsui tfteeaaae. Female Omu piaiata, and Ml mm rMiansc atonio, they in to T> Dd duubtamoet lnvftlKAbU reredr. Amdsfr&m their medium- aro>?rtiee they axe a pare, whtoe ome and deaghtf&j Beror*? % arv<i ttoi as ah tha pleasant a*hiieratitf affeeta or Brandy or WlM without their injtmouc mult*. t<et all f'.ead* of huci&oltj and *11 advooatoe af temperutoe %aa!1 a 10 lubaUtuin* thaac wuawle Vegetable Hittora for the ?w<rM f*u?u ai*I adaffn aiirf Lmmrt with wtict t-.e MUbj u flooded, and thereby a<feotua.. r ajd la baciaUci Diaaaaa and Dmnkabeee Pro^net^r^V For Piimii of tha Kidaeyajiaddar anJ Canary Orfui, aii^ Mpwtllr fur Ftaitl* Olxuvouuti, arrar faii to Mr*, and ara warrants to (iv? aau? *C&ARLK8 WIDDIFIKLD * COProjnatora,T? Wlllni L.ISewA'ort, J*T-Iy,r Aj ec tJ \V m!?i ii j u, I. . pf'c. WMP APPLY DT REJOICE W HEALTH. . Frtwd, do roa anffer> Are you the victim of any ofUoM hmtou ail menu which aria* iron iptarity of the biood' What are umv, do yow aakf fcitW irt rhn art they not i The blood la tbo oirMot Lwaad beaitk. and it l* the irat tineat or oar t>?a? to reapoiiJ to aof oum which ?feot? the ayatmn, aa tbe pulae inikaiblr aOeeu The evar erwvaiiict Neural fia, tbe irritatinc Krya peaa. tli* eebt'e Scrofula, tbe a<ouisit.( Rheuinatiam. Ner ?h;:&S:3 urn tk*t tr^y vxituib * inMjo?nieijt Irnon m w^yWiN T*QSfABL^DECOCTION. T~*f^ . l>i? *'?"?t infallible ip<vjifi? kn5 T!i**"kwj '** ? * ? torui, f irT *Vb trm* ?Aom? *r* mm?.filito from iU vm *rt ajt?r iTl oUiar rwaMUMMd tit* brmt medio*; skill have (ulec ljtft Bl MV. I Ti fV if.r naw.i fka* ?*. C a earae are not sought fr-.m tit* literate u?)inerbut they are ToiniiU"?r?d from the mitt reepactabla eoarsae aad jo?ti'T tl?e hif beet toiu la whieh It U po??ible to cobriiU eo rtliftbi* a to jnit> to aperovai WtiatrMduio lUl the on rati ee proyartiea of the medioiae are quailed only by ita raatorative effeou. uie y*t?n rtoowrlax from dieeaee wtth raaewed ueti tut'oi.a rtror. For sale br all raaaaotabie 1)raj reta in this wit. aad bj tLe, MK8 M CO JvNoa* f eaaiae aaleaa bar name la U.owa oa taa bottle and her eeaToc the ourk irPfnei #1 par bottle, aix bottlM for |1 WloUt+U At mi. J w. r. CIBr?KL. Dragriat. Beoriatevi.D C.. Wholaeale Agaat for the Die tn*?.aad win aappir Um trade at ay pnoaa. -Jg-g-fr AZ POE STAMPING r&y A PACKET OP PAPKE. ^ l|A I AND BNVKLOPEE Nv I TO MATCH, chargeI BOOKSTORE. PH1LP 4 FOLOMON8. dtmtt fm Iwrmi'i t*Ubr*n4 Ltmrn Pm/trt. -U ?w ~ 279 jBSSKr"- 206 NilMMluuii tfeeilleLUei. u/ h.? fn?il Mi w ? gwwmlly UikisNew Store, iwiw wf rd'e Hot?(, jut opened, in eoa??iio? vitfe kirn SwsSsffc JgSftautfsRAK 3WtHIM. ar./r,ts;"? "ifr A WM. T. DOVE A OO. VttBaSSpxr By Store ob ttk ito?H.>wr 4oon nortt of PI rfcUPQMT*8 QUNPOWDUi * LT rpr km It auiiutirtri yriM^by C75 "i" 275 JACKSON, f * 'plol lr?<*i * - J Hww mn wa ri&Vfc?Mg *

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