Newspaper of Evening Star, November 2, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 2, 1860 Page 1
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9 ' ?* * * ' is I < j ' V Sj^v I 4 "/ J " #^?ll^ llA^ A JL' A# Ai '.^iA> _Ar J-' jLY 4-iA/A^ fl B^r l^w |%^wlf T Tf IT v ?^ I XT b^ I I I I r 11 I II || \Q | /s| | ""i":- y ft | I III || II y I ll | r , , Vm?i'*w ' :?mp>*-^?<\ \^/-^< "" ?' WASHINGTON. P. C-. FRIDAY..NOVEMBER 8. IMd. W. SUM. / THE EVENING STAR ' rUBUS HKD B VBR Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE ITAR BULLDI.IQft, Corner of Pmrutylvanui a+f?ut andlltkJi-, BY i?*S j .? W. D. ^TAIXAOH. > ,A. ' ,*1 P*v?n varr^uiMkafM br .? ot V MU& ?*f toAath. To mU whrt>W Mm rrw? twfSJi a yaar, M iJnm4( t* MMkK VIffee tkrw ?onth?; sad tor t*m tk*a - tti ? uMiiiittt?rtUof?owUtw?fc.<tgtn?U JUMI ?? M.Wt_??TA " * ? w 'TTf? I " " > ^aaSsssigs&& I !<*? & tMrntfey. -i?*i n? Ffttttle*r CrUia. f Oaeaau Bjwuam ?Tl? AUaata (<*a) Am?rVean givaa Mlli?iut t?i oarrMpondent, Who coolly caicuUWa th* dlt&calliaa of dltauloa. ?ad the ?*1la which would follow. Among 1 tb?e eriii, pretest? 4 pvMpccUv*, the followiag are ciud: , ^ t **1. Tk< &ar? profct of it haa now reduced the ntir# of eaLtnn lift n#r hiU h#to?r Its vain* and 1 aa over 400. UU? bale* will be told ktfor* tk* itr;A \ if iV.r?w*?r, tbe law will be W,000.000 to tiae j Sontb from tbla cauae alone. Tbla la below tbe m figure; rrtry cotton buyer A*#vm it. W ' t. All tbe Southern Bank* have cloud down. [ abut op abop. and now refine to pet oat tbelr I btlla to pmy for cotton mm bllia of exchange, pay| able at the North afttr tk* sixth of ffovtmber, becauae no Xatkern Bank wiIt take Souther* I _ M*mJc drmfts or kills pa>at?ie a/ttr that d*te,(or tbe reaaoa that di.tai o? mud tear wituli cancel and aanul tbe debto of beiiigereata Hence a Money erlaia ia on ua Cotton la gala* down ' 'hpre, wbtlat it ia rialag in Karope, a?d ruin la '*jBead: Reaaoa why f Tbe Preetdential election Minn a# tbe atztb af Novetnber, Mid disunion is "S If disunion should com*, bacon, now 16 "fcrata, would then be 50 or 76 cento per pound " A Pitt W i ??inn ?ThJ? PTinUiiiin fAnrUr ay*: if northern editor* will decelv* and delude their lgaorant aud creduloua reader*, let Lbeaa rnderror to keep up ?<>n>e regard, and at leeat a dtatant raapert. for truth. Tht South Will not nubmit t* ikt taction Linc?ln We repeat, ' the elec^ tloa ? I Lincoln la th< diasolutioa of the Talon" Sicuii#!! Pi?iiiTtont in Miaeieairri.? Gov. PeUua stated, a abort time stnee, that tte I L?kUUturu had peaaed a law authorizing him to j porciiaae nrmi for the Sate, and had made an ap/ propriatlon for that purpeae; but that there wj bat llttl? money at thla time in the treasury, aud he waa determined that it abonld go toward* payIujI for the uau. ev?n If the oth"?-r* of tbe state had, for a lint*-, to du without their ubrlti. "Ovt*t Act."?Those who say wait for an I "?vert act" before sectdiug, inean?wait till the Abokjtk*it?<? tie the hands of the South. Thank tied: the O A a are very few In this section.? Mmtfm'Tf Mtil. Louisiana Aloviao ?Th? New Orleans Delta aaya that a number of the citizeoa of Louisiana, IitclodiD/ maav of the irost prominent merchan's of New Orleans, without regard to ps^ty, have vddrraaed to Gov. Moore a petition, requesting him to oonvene the Legislature of Utm State, witn a view of taking wcasurea to aoe? t the great political crista which now confronts the South The Columbus (Georgia) Times savi: We have not postponed the issue indefinitely. We are not going to wait for an overt act of aggret tju before misting a black republican President We repeat there 1* uo Issue of dissolution i lk the platform of anv party before the country We repeat that when Lincoln 1* declared elected, we shall appeal to the "people to redress thai r grievance.'' We repeat all that we have ever said ' uiat moaaa M buck republican ra;e, ti om Oral to last. The Mobile Mercury says:?1"The time* are now ripe for a political movement in toe ihvtholding i*tat*a. The plana ai a Southern organization brve too* set on foot and almost matured preparatory to aetloo. Wi earnestly hope the good work may go on, and speedily " Mr. R 1) Kfcett, of i?. C . bu declared that? ' All true statesniamhlp in tbe South consists In formiug combination* and stuping events sou to bring sbcut a dissolution of tbe l'nion, and the establishment of a doqthern Confederacy." Got. Perry, of Fia . saysMI believe that her voice should be h<*rd in touts nwt loud, but deep, H? favor of an eternal separ^Upn *' tM Mr Keitt, af 4 C , says* * Should tbe repubf Ucau pally succeed in the next Presidential eiectloa, my advice to tbe South is to aaap the cords af the L'nion at once and forever " Aa Ass r or Th Thoc***d M an ?Tbe Sum tef <Sa ) Republican says: We have seen a prl' vaW letter written br a distinguished geAUeuian residing in Ogk-therpe couuty. to a gentleman of high standing in a neighboring county, from which we take the following amtiinent ottered by Se:?ator Toombs tV? are not at liberty to give the aamea of the parties, but If denied, they ran oe oo?:neu >*i nnra a Uborgit senator aay the otb-r day In private con venation, that in U?? eveatof l.lncnlu'a election, he would renigu before Buehauan tlwe was oat, com* home, rtui in army of l-n tk*ui*nd men, and wktn kc crossed tk* Hrtomac afum it would bt with kit drawn The S-.*at?r tatd tker* wire thirty mm l-r* of Csmgret* pledged ( tkmt fMiiilta, mnd tcou.'d gu ieitk ktm, *?m< frvm everjr So it Ik em StAU Att?st'oti, Soothe* Mis ?The young neii of tbl* e:ty, thinking tuat the t!m? baa arrirrd wlitn they atiould prepare to realat ny farther agvmMon oa tbe part or the North, wonld reapeotFaliy I ante the young nirn of thia rtty aod vicinity, between the agea of 16 and '&), to luaet U Concert llall. on Friday nigbt, Oct. 1Mb, at 7? o'clock, for tlK purpose of forwluv a clab, wLote motto ?bail be, "Keaiitaoce to I.Tnroln la obedience to tiod "?Montg?n%'ry (Alt.) Mai/. \ll?pmbliean Arguments. I ' / ? J W LIB | COi.* , J fieyuMic*? PrinctpUs. _ A HUM I ??e a ?. ? < T ?*a I Mil ?To iA* Editor of ike CharUttmI Mrrtmrf: Pleaae publish the tollow'ag queries They ara iijrgMttre, and ar?tn to merjt couilderation: la cm?? the Cotton .^tat?>* ?ece<Ut wUl VIfgtala and Maryland, and Delaware, aod Kent i tacky jot u *&?*? Sutea* I ?1il I l^lruifcl* ini n? flw* tUiWt.c fW_ fiUeraey, will ike city of Washington renmtn a 1'edcral Capital to the'Northern States ?V W 3d. Will not the action of Virginia have a great eflfert on that of ?lary!and and Delaware tUi 9fcould Maryiv& wall aaVirginia,join the Southern Cor {rderacy, what spot would b# fixed upon as a Federal Capital for the Northern States' Mb If the SUWi aonth of M?aon and Dixon's | liue form a separate Confederacy, ou^U not the City of Wwhingtoti be 1U Federal City ? Btti Ought the City of Waahingtou to be abandiurd by ajutheft: n??n. until aacertatned that Maryland rrfueea to jaio the Southern Confederacy ' B S VuMtMta Mnrn Mi* ?The movement recommended by Gov. Wiae, at Prlnceaa Anne, baa been taken up in several portions of tbe 8?ate We inotlaed oa our atreeta yeaWdny afternoon the eaf of an* young gentleman. from the apper eonntry, decorated wiib the cockade and Virginia button ? Alta Meetings are aaked for in Norfolk rounty, to follow db the move laMy made by Gov. Win, In Prlnveaa A Dae. The Norfolk fir rail adviaea tbe purple to beve nothing to do, at pram*, with any auch efforta to bring about trouble and ex> riietawt in advance of the aec realty of the eaae. vrj- Tbe offlrtal (Canada) Gazette ronUlna a rriir't?tivm U* Governor General, eCerlnjf t - - * -m i I m rciniu v? h?? "7 pvrwnv or peraun wbo mar give such evidence aa (hill be < onaldeeed aottafaetery to the Oorernraeat of, |%? frounce of Carada. of tbe exlateace and faeaeut ?Ureof irmderu-e, of John SberUU?4t*?an.Esti I P-P , (?ebo myatertoaaijr diaappaared mUtJ Urt *tHM,ta4 u supposed to bav* out hllfttt^uir wbeee on tbta thfe the boundary,) If alive, ot if hm be dead, of tb? cii<tfeta?raa atte#<U?i pa bla ' death a*d btttlal.. t 'h?mH .1 j .i ?. 1 n smalt jl? UT Mayo;fl?nt applet?fall pippin*, pound frees i?ga. and ?ther floe vifWfleb-bayfc tbe Nm Yark Day Book?are Belli rw from tUe oe< turda, tip tbe '1verfcat fraia twenty to tweutyfivr frttta ter U.aVl on tie tr?n. hud vuod citur ??? b* U?d in ttw country fur cue do I Jar w barrel rftblrty-#? gallons. Nf?r, wjihtn the memory of that e?ereo*n>ed tUnd-by, the ten lor lsfcablLaat, Las tkierr brtii auch an a pate wmar is Uie NoitLaattii prolific l *>. C)d?r linaJvlsoAred In Mew Jeraev at from iu tar cost#* gallon Ttao State ilgbtalay waa ueeer ao cheap before CD" A a Immense harrac* k i? tts buiU la Paris oa 4b* Uiiad im tkf Mae e*Hrd the Cixt ?the moat laAai rjssHee * ?* <*p ?l pw tt*?, one hundred and ?l* house* are to be torn down t > n.ak* roq*n for thiJ new military Lf*dquarteis' dratlned to M occa pi ad by t Lm Uarda ?1? faria, or military poUse. a corps posed mt the pl<-k<-d L lo<n oTUte v?r. Sad arWted for honesty, tea A prrai?:e, and faithfulness to duty. M v frrtf-ssor Loomla. wbo auccosds Prstesor f [ \ Otniatead Yaia Coilere. Is Mow in Europe j^L v_ McbssioK a sear pbfln?pfatcsl apparatus for fl* I pm TTed to tbe college by J osepb K J^beffleld, at I 15Wt ( W|(M/. t%? sfcomua Talk Pr* ?a4 Cm. , j | vv e kafr? g! v?o eoQiidcrabU iput to the utteraneeaof Um southern proas favoring or fearing *cession in view of Lincoln's election, and now pre?at a budget of oplnlona copVawUe: - i TU Naahvllle Union thtaha that Seward would Ulin to be fearad than Lincoln, aa having more calm new. ner*e, and coatiol mt bit party, and adda, that in the fktlare of the popular elecf.ob, Llaoola mmf get the vote of tbe lluuae. ? ' - - * *" (. I win mr iMinm sine in case 01 disunion ? Will it be Virginia, or Maryland, or North Carolina ? HUve property *alt be rktap It the border t*UW, *li*n 1b secession no constitutional guarantees need be respected by the North." The St Louts Republican says that treasonable and ambitions men "are wild with an Insane Idea that a southern confederacy would be a heaven on earth, when It would be worse to tbem than a II v* fng bellj but. like Lucifer, they deem it 'better to rafjjn la hell than serve la heaven;' and tltey are n.uv:ng nil the niarliinerv of devilish malice and iB^ruuuj 10 proauce 11 piaee wnere thsy can enjoy their ambition to tb? foil " TUa Louisville Journal rebnk?s d'sunlonlsU, and derldfl* their claim to be the champions of Southern rights. The Dally Progress. printed at Newbsrn, North Carolina, says of an effort ta organize a branch of the South Carolina Minute Men, ''the attempt Croved a miserable failure ThU Ii aa it ahouid ?, and we rejoice at It South Carolina may plot to break ap the Union,but North Carolina never.-' The Charlotte Whig aava, that the motion to organize a company of "Mluule Men," made at a meeting cali?*d for the purpose, was so coldly re* eel red that aot a single person la th? Court House seconded It. The chairman condemned the at* tempt A secessionist In Alabama writes to the Charles' ton Mercurythat Alabama is divided. Tk'rt tcil' be a large party i? stir midst vko tti'l, under tk* i hallow prtt'xt watting for mm mMtt met, odes; emit u?? man aojtei submuttim This partr vril1 b? led on by able aud eloquent men. It willeowiJ bine tk* strength of tk* Douglatand Bui/Cdivtui add wiU a/i? carry off from Ik* Brttktnrtd ge party all of tk* foritgn rots, on4 Jerg ? portion 9f ib* merchants and trading people." Hi thinks me *drocitt? of resistance are a majority now, bat doubts whether they will be two months longer Many of the journal* endorse the proposition! of the Methodist* of St. LonU for a day of special prayer for the allaying of sectioual animosities.^ ( The people of tbe Alabama town which lately espelled young Brewster, tbe schoolmaster from Massachusetts. arc negotiating for Ills return. The Rtebssond Knqulrer declares that not a man In Virginia desires the dissolution oX tbe JT.I vmun. Tbe Mobile AdverUer ridicules the idea of op* poelng the Federal Government, or of refusing U> accept Federal offices. It argdes that the refusal, of Judg'S, Land oUcara, and Poatmas ers to serve under Lincoln would work small Inconvenience ssve to Southerners themselves, while there can b? no dlAcuity about the Custom Houses, since the United States Collectors would not be obliged te laad, but could collect tbe duties on beard a revenue cutter. ITT- Tbe Neapolitan army fought well at tbe tamerf Yoituruo It la said that they were stung Into valor by the sarcasms on their cowardice which have been floating through Europe One of three wraa at ributed to King Ferdtnand, who, when blason asked permission to ohange the nut fvrm of the army from the British scarlet to tbe Austrian wbft?, replied : "Very good ! Drew tbetn in red. or draaa them in white?Just aa you like?tk$y tcill run airay just tki same ScraaioatTT or Ambeicah Ships.?Tbe clipper hip Lightning, built by Donald McKay, in Boaton, Maaa., for Bala's line between Liverpool and Australia, bas b?aW?* rvery ship oil that route In 14 rorsgea out and back, her average time wus only Todays, tbe shorteat passage being 01^ davs, iunm?? no any*, rnf American Built ahlp tied Jacket la also vary fatf, and t* In the lame Um In 17 voyagea burr average time, out and bacl. waa only &> daya, ? : 07" Tbe colored people, It la aald, are making arra*yem>nta for a grand torchlight proceaaloa in Xew York city 01^ Friday evening next, with a via* to stirring up public Interest in the queatioa of negro eu?r<u?caUfui?t, wbloli la one of tbe taMaaltefer* th? <people la tkat State. Theapect?cl?9 will be a ??rrl ene. even m tbe noveltiea of jNew Vork polltica. ID- The premium of $l(? offered by tbe Ag 1ruitaral Nociaty of Lynchburg, to the beat-drilled tatiltary company in Virginia, waa contested for on Friday last, on tbe grounds of the society, by two companies ?f Lynchburg?the Home Guard, t; apt* in Samuel O rrtand.jr , and the Rifle Gra>a, . . !? !' i >" 9 i.ugu?rne. tar u comuauv drtlled about two boon The ceuUat waa decided In fivor of th* Hwbm Ouard. 117* Dr. Adtfud. Um nedicnl attendant ot the Prince of Wale* declined a prrulng Invitation Iodine with the Faulty ?f the Montreal College of Pbyakiaua and ttuvgeoat, oa the ground that h?* di( not like to leave the Prince for one hour, although happily through hit entire journey ilia Reyal Higbneu bad kept well, aa had the parly generally. They had all got through better than the due tor expected. y~r~ The Prince of Walea, while ta Iloaton, vtuced a de?lr? to procure autograph letter* of dietluavUbed American atateeinen During bl( ^Ul* Ia ?WA ? *" ' * ih>>?oti?wiii unmnNcunieui ninoricai Society, he expressed moth interest In the letters f tbe mni of the Reeohittonary Era, and Dir. V' inthrop presented hint with letters of WasUtt^toe nd Franklin to Governor Howdoin. JJ7" Tbe New Vork Express says : "The New Vork Alliance, an asaoctatlea formed of all de1 somjuatUnj, for the spread ef tbe Uospei to tfee a eg lee ted masses, was formally Inaugurated at Dr. I Alexander's cburch en gunday evening. A rery InSeresttSK report waa reed, which abewed the deplorable fart that at leaat ffVe-elxtba of tbe pop<4t?t1an at tbta tily wefenepferidedwttb cburcU VMMWlttOM" "? PlvuKiCuior Pouoxixu ? Mra. Watklna, widow of tbe late Jaa Watkiaa, tiled at ber rwridruoe tl W?M End, Fairfax county, very auddenly, qn /Maoday alteruooo, under elreumatancea wblcb it^dMUw belief tbat her death waa cauaed by potaoa. An Uiveatlgallon will be bad, and a poet ; iportem examJnatieti made iUaW f, 1 Bectoa ^ftpera tbd 'people are in a t lAuddle cttnc?ritlnx U*e Prince'* partner* at tbr ' 11 there ft seem a thai a?ne of tbe manager* ! Hied t? txfiud* Mm u#t. Banka from dancing L^fitb him. ICTThe Atlanta Confederacy la Informed tbat Mhe governor of Alabama, In compliance with aa > wt puaeed by tbe leu ialature, baa ordered from l|rlgium twobaadred Ibnoaaud iiaml aTuni to of .... a in the evmt of L. lucolii ? election ILfTlw hat Vers Cm* papers unosncc ttM tbe rails for the new railroad from that city to (be neighborhood vi%? o( MedeUta, art soon expected eut from Knyiead. Medelito Is the fkvorrl|e ?? nwrt ?T tke people of Verm Cruz 0 OiiTttr FisstF,lulii'i Soi ferny Rlls1*1 ami died U| N*M? ? shert tine ego Kenny V*?w HU vee Bellas, end resides tn Vienna. Ttu Jhiisri ?JsMiH iif Pr??l* ts united to her by p niorgaeaVc jOefrtace, tele was hie ebiUl ITT The popafctloa ef Arkniu Is lftfly to ^otin^t dyiliBf. noiulir kMjMAAitiiff dff? ,w?OTii?r - v - '. 17" tal tnKw Balls, to prottef*br angora from i-<mmi Undent to corn husking, arcunong U? last luvcuUtfus cUroalcled. ' roe rNUQvnie uaxeue says tuat bair the Nertli and ail ihe tMwtli l> &?alast Lincoln, and thinks ikal with as ? ? -* Ia Kim ko in much barm, and counsels patience.' J' The AttanU Anieric&n, after rert?i nufaatoMa lfl Which figures don't tie. conclude*, 4,?l*thlv, ill who are In fivsr of civil w??, starvation, ruik, desolation, robbery, arson, murder, and the utter deaixuctfoa of the gouth, should go W disunion Lf IJaeUu is eleoted." i The Richmond Examiner discusses the state af politics, and derldas the Issue of union or disunion as a Wick to avatd presenting s true issue, adding that the greut cara of aiiy President will be, not to weaken, bat strengthen the Union. The Richmond Whig ventures the following propbsar : "Not ana In i thousand of all the oMce-holders in the South will deellna to continue la otBca after Lincoln's alecUou " The fletena (Ark )9hleld thinks that the owners of negroea la tha bordaf State* are selling their slaves South aa fust as they can, for fear their value will depreciate npon Lincoln's election "We aak alt souttaara men to consider HrWUk will W- IV. V. ' * - ? The Gold Dollar* The AasoclHed Press agents telegraph from Washington as follow*: Aa much kit recently b?en said in public prints about the recoinlng or gold dollars into pieces of larger denominations, It may be stated that orders for that purpose had been lasned by the TreasuryDepartment oa Wco special occasions only, and then on representation that the smaller coins occasion much inconvenience In the receipts and disbtusemenlBi for no sooner are they paid oat than they are again returned in businr** transections, there appearing lobe a redundance of tbem among commercial classes. The assistant treasurer at Nsw York was, for the .greater facility in ruunii n<{, aniuorizpd to have about two millions of them reeoined, and the anlstant treasurer at St. Louis upward of una hundred and fifty thousand for similar rea?ous This recoiuiag, bowever, applies to the original of earlier issues, which. it is known, are smaller iu circumference and thicker than the later or auperlor coin. Of the former there are now nine million*, and of the latter aix millions in circulation. WhUc the gold dollar* are a great convenience In imall, it is coitaidered that there la a redundance of them for large transactions, and hence the r?c*nt mpedal ordera iu relatlou to the new coinage There does not seem to be any purpose so to reduce the amount of this description of coin as to uicouvenieuce the S-VM K1 n Thk Klkctimm im the Horsi ?TheNew York Journal of Commerce, replying to the Times' article on "How to electa President," remarks: ? Tbua far we have met the Tine* on Ita own ground. But there is 110 need of devolving the election of President upon Congress, if Lincoln should not be elected by the people. For, the parties opposed to him, can agree with each other through tUe Klector a1 Colleges, as well aa in the Houaeof ftepreeentativea Of courae it will be known, wlthtn a day or two after the election, how the votes stand, i. e. who are ehoeen K lectors in the diiierent StsiU a (except Oregon and California]; and thoee of them who are opposed to Lincoln, em, if th^y aee tit, vote unanimously for for Breckinridge, or Dougltta, or HeJI.ns well as to devolve tfce dnty upon the House. And there would be so in ? iiiduciiK'ut to take tfcij fn-use If. fee inatnnre. the v..? ? ? 7 ? w?vaw* ^V u* York, by giving its vote to one or other of th? above candidates. could elrct him, It would place fhe party so wielding that vote, in very favorable relations to the President In the outset. If Llucoln Is not elvcted by the people, then of coarse a majority of all the Electoral votes will have been given against him. aud being concentrated upon any od? candidate, will elect that candidate ty thr propl*. In the town of I.udlow, Mass., there is living a soldier of Napoleon, past eighty years of age, named George Hynes He entered the French army in 1 <1X5, then not quite fifteen, and coutinued a soldier till near tbe cM?e of the Russian campaign He was repeatedlv wounded He f tight at Auaterlttz. Lcimlr. Mawn "n<i _ , , J ----- V HilW He wag present as a cavalry soldier at tbe terrible crossing of tbe bridge of Lodl?wai wounded In tbe engagement and three of bit brother* ilalo. lie attended Napoleon in bit expedition to Egypt, and with painful interest recall* the siege of Acre, tbe forced march acrou the burning (and* of the desert, tbe thirat and hunger experienced, and the skirmishing with the Mamelukes that ever harassed their flank aud rear. He was with tbe French army upon its entrance Into Mo?cow, but disheartened, and seeing nothing but disaster before him, with thirty-five others left the service, and finally arrived in this country. Gas Mitzi* ?An exchange papers gives the following timelv advice to gas consumers: "Tbe time has arrived when a little attention paid to gas meters will save a world of trouble when cold weather attacks them. If people would pay as much attention to these Indispensable articles as tbey ordinarily do to a bushel of potatoes or a barrel of tDDlea. no trouhlH wmild h??rn<i?un /i r t f - ? ? v . >W? J'V I I VM V* Vk A box to inclose the meter, with lining of straw, or rags, or tawduit, or even an old bed quilt wrapped and tied around it will keep the frost away and tar* the temper of the household on many otherwise trying occasions There is no more disagreeable adjunct to housekeeping than to go home at nl* htand find the gas frozen up and a sickly tallow dip stuck In a tumbler lighting the supper?table. If upright men may beexeused for indulging iu profanity ou any occasion this it the one above all others. Take warning, men, and protect your meters." Nioao SvrvkAoi to be Tkstbd in Coxeaisa. In the sixteenth congressional, district of Ohio, /I At ?? * v/uuer, repuDiican. wan elected by sixty-four majority over Jewett, democrat In a large number of precincts negroes voted the republic in ticket, and in consequence the democratic candidate vu defeated The Marietta Republican gives the number of negroes voting In aeverai precincts?enough to decide the result?and intlniatea that the election will be contested Aa the Constitution of the State provtdea that no oneah.tll vote If he ra not a white citizen of the United State*, all persons of negro blood are disqualified from voting Thla la a plain i ropoaltton, which the Houae of Representative attlrmed, In the contested election rate of Vallandighain va. Campbell, two year* ago! CT7" The billiard tournament In New York continue* to excite great Inter*at. and the room of Mr Lynch, In Fourteenth atre*t, where ltiahHd, ia dally crowded to its utmoet rapacity by gentlemen Who feel an interest iiituegame. The game* on Monday were first between .Wessra Kavauagb and White. Mr White was beaten by 19*2 pointa, Iks Klrrk<^> I.. ?.= 1?' * ? ?-i-t ?V I Kit 1M tuc KiMUC UCIU^ k>v>, WUICU WAS made by Mr Kavahagb. who it a cool and graceful player Tbe second game, between Tifiuan and Lynch, was one ?>f tbe closest and best-contested of any tbiu far played. Mr Lynch led off in some splendid run*, ranging from 74 to 10, but toward* toe close of tbe game hlslnsty birt goq^-natnred antagonist was sblned up, and when th<9^?ma was even within a tingle point, made a tpkiHdld ran of H5, and was proclaimed the victor GKO*OM UAXKS CK*S1NU TO RO BUSINXSS WTTU the Nokth ?The Hoehester L'nlou, of ()rt 'Jff, says: "A gentleman retiding iu th t city received* a letter on Saturday from a creditor in Georgia,* who remitted blm notes on tbe-Bank of the !*tate of liiorgla The latter stated that the Writer applied at the Bank above named to purchase a draft on New York to remit, and was told that no draft could be told at tbe Bank had ( eased to do business with tbe North 1'be uotes on the Stat*. M*nk Of Ofeorgta ware taken to Power*' Banking Otllce and sold. Oar l>a?ke/s do not- yet decline to receive ontbern notes at the customary discount, iltliougu the southern banks decline to do uv builuen with the North " ' ' Amhioak Kailkoads in Loudon ?The Loodon HUr of the lith Instant uyi: "The Metropolitan Street Railroad question w?i again brsught before the Marie bone Kepresentati ve Conacil yesterday . The enterprising Mr Train attended In support of hit plan, and Mr W ilklnson on behalf If the 1 joiidon General Otnnlbns t'ooiuany, and a entlensou named CnrtU appeared for the purpose ?)f urging delay?both of these parties having Schemes of their own to promote The vestry, however, resolved, by a very derided majority, to accede to Mr. Train's application. We may aoon expect to lee these street railroad* M C uimon In England as they are in the great cities of America. * * , BrtrD Qcikcm* ?Mr. C. I) MrlvUam tell* us that a new sensation Is In store/or those who have rwf?r eaten qu+ace* baked like apples, and eaten With snijar and cream. Uls plan U to uksfhir, ripe q at nee*, bake them rather qaieker than apples, cut thetu open and remove the core, which Will come o?t, if the fruit is property cooked, like a nut from the sbeM Sprinkle on while sunt,, and eat them before they are quite cooled, adolu?; nallk or cream. Our Informant says ihe fruit a ??A iMiloo " ? WHMwv? til ?UM niaiinci uai a aciicxooi flsvor, which woold scarcely be imagined. ...i . tif'I'M.tOWlll of "Jvvok Lyhch'' Pusuhkd ?The partis*concerned In riding on a rail oie l)r. Munatli, a dentist in the town of RockTill*, Conn , have been arretted and lined I each Tbe doe tar baa alio brought a auitfor damate* against tbe partlea Tbe public sentiments Id Rockrille istbat Dr. M. la innocent of the charge* alleged a* the cause of the sssault upon blm, that of improper liberties with female patients while under tbe influence of chloroform: and that abundance of evidsnce can be fnrnisbea to exculpate him froaa thsss charges 1 1 Amirt om a to A?*cosd ? Alexander, si* veto Mn. DaTid Walk*, of Norfolk, secreted himself oa ths rtossaer Adelaide on Saturday last for the purpose of making hi* waj to Baltimore and benceao PennsylTania. He was frustrated, bower*, for en* tbe trip up tbe bay h* wa* discovered In his biding place, in tbe round bouse, hod transferred to tb* steamer Louisiana, on which < steamer In iselnd Norfolk on Suoday.' This to ths second time be ha* attempted ths same things baking taken passage on tb* Great Eastern on her tfip up tb* bay last aunuarr.

. * , ?. | , . ? 1 . . m " ID*" Auburn Stole Prison, during tbe H*c*l Er wUlch bus just closed, has earned s surplus of jWJO ev?r exj*uso?. -w AUCtlON SALES. T "i n m i \t -n - , ? ? Bf J. C. MoGUlUB * COh Auctioneer!. I ?EXTENSIVE BALE OF FURNITURE AND Ju Err sera or Ciimki'i Hotel?On MOlfA^ MORNING, Noreaaber5->. cowim?nctnr ht o'clock and ocntutHnr until the whole la dikpoaed of, we (hall sell the Mlua Furniture and Efiet* o' "Caaparia'a Hotel/' on south A street, oppoaite the Capitol Pari, comprising the ' Furniture, ho , of forty rooma, viz : J Mahi>?aujr hair eprmc aeat Sofas, Rook era. Arm J t'haira and Parlor Chairs, j MatWetof Centre, Sofa aad Aide Tables, Mahogacy r\rd, Hreakfaet, and Writing Table*, llllt-lw .r>~ U J * mauwi snu nor uiHMfli l)&nuk and Cbiats Curtains, Lit* Curtains and , Cormoe, Cane-seat Cham, Lounges. Kasy Chairs, Rush seat Chairs Fsue* T?Wm. WainJf. Mahogany. end olid Cherry French Bedsteads, of BraJly's make, Walnut and Mahogany 5larl>fe top Dressing BaMaliogauV auJ Painted Wardrobes, Wuhstuds, ( Superior Feather U Us. Hatr and Husk Mattreaees, " Bolst rs and Pillows, Exoellout Blankets, Comforts, S?rsa<ls, I Large quantity of Sheeting, Table Cloths and < Towels, I Hrucsols, Three ply, and Ingrain Carpets, i Oiloloth, Matting, Crash Ao , 1 China. Glass, and Crockery-Ware, Table ('utl*ry, Blook-tiu Ware, Castors, Waiters, Refrigerator, Stoves of varioas kinds. Also, one very superior Billiard Table, Bar-room Fixtureseomeleie. 1 Together with a lar** a?s rlm?nt of Household Ffleots not necessary to enumerate. P S. Tne House, which is on" of the most ?on&lete for its size 10 the city. is for rent. Inq uire on fie promises or of the Auctioneers. oc24d J_. C. McHUlRK A CO., Ano's By CLEAR V A GREEN. Auctioneer*. TOG yin:k strtet, fEXTENSIVE SALE OK STOCK, GRAIN, . !i VKi? eta ST.K*. FaR*IN? I MTi.k\t*rft*, C*K?i o?*. Waoo.I*, lIorsruoLD Fvrhittjkk, Ac., helriuciug to the tat* of the late Danus Clagett, deoeaaed, at Public Auctiou?On FRIDAY and SATUR D*Y, th ?l6fh and 17th of November n??t, ?e shall sell, at the farm and reddencc of the lata Darius Clasett, d?ceasiMl at 11 o'o'ock a in.. on the Seventh street turnpike,(the flag on tli? road : 11 J *- * * - * - * " win udii|hmq inn finoUT b miles Irom tliS ci'y, fill of tho Personal belonjing to th? said lie CAR Mil, 0'?:8Utl'g la (WV't of? 5 tu? farm w ?rk a-id oar r . a jo Horses, I Sexoelleut MilohCows, 1 Heifer, '3 Hops, 1 dult,l Mgle, 4 vark-n W???n?TTor one or two horses. 1 fine Family Carriage, Harness and Cover, 1 do. Small do. do. do. 4 Cart* wth a lar*e l<jt of Harness, St i?ts of complete H&nj??s. Mow in it Machine. Horse Rakes, Koilers, P'ow? of every description and make Cuttias- beiNi Corn and Cob Crnthera, i Har ov*. Cultivators, Wuaat i>ril s, < Rake?, Hoes, Shovel *.8 ades, Foiks, &c., J P' tato l>if iter, 1" sets Plow Harness, Wason Monies. Harness Racks, Sieves, Wheat-fans. VVhe Ibsr ows Seythe-. Cradles, Threstiiu* *aohi??a. in perfect orde-, urui. ? 1-?*. 1 - *- ~r *1 * * TTiuiBi>rit?iDi ui o'ner implement*, too nutnerons to m-ntion, 40aoree of growing Wheat, now in fine oider, 1 711 tone of p-inn Timothy and Or **r Hay, i GO* boahela of excellent Potato?*, ? 125 bar el* of Corn, 8,2 0 etallM of fine Celery, Large !->t of fine Cabbage. Large lot of Straw and Long Fodder, M*nur? (98 tragi.) * la ?e lot of hot- bed >??h. AL?0. I The HOUSEHOLD KFFBCT8, oonaiating in part of? 1 Piano. Stoo'. and Cover. Mahogany Sofa, i Mahogany Par'or Ch&ira, Rocker, Ao , Do B?*l stead, Wardrobe,and Hureau, t Do Marble-top, Centre. and other Tablra, , Patent Siok ohair, Oi?t Bronze ^an4e'&bra*. , 3 PaHor Window Cvrtrina and Omamenta, ? Large 'ot prime Ge*?a Fea.hera, in Bade, Bolster*, and Pillow, i - Kxeeilent white curled Hair Mattreaa-b, t l>? Partoe, <'ha- bv. and Ha 1 Carpeta. ToiletSeU.Mi?ror?,Shuek and Cotton Mattreaaoa, Large lot of Bedding, eon?iating or beautiful i Blanket*, Comfort*. QuiU, Linen BheeUand Cases, a R?d?teads, Waahataads. Bureau*. Cbaira. I Cooking, Radiator, Hal', and Chamber Stove*, r Andirons. Shovel and Tonga, Fenders, and Fire- ji board*. C Dining. Hall, and Chamber Table*, Handsome plated Tea Set and Caatora, Silver Spoons. LmJi**, aud Fork*. , Otlo oth, Coooa. and Straw Matting. , vimi. anu ?'rucKerj VY tr6t q Together with a larre and excellent aaeortment of c Kitohen, Pantry,and Dairf War?. ' Teriua < f aale: AH earns vndar ? cash; over 991, a credit of 2,4. aud 6 Months will be In 8 all cas-a notes must be satisfactorily endorsed, * bearin* interest, and uiads payable at uxoe bask 6 in th? oiy of Washington ' IC" Wedeeiretu call particular attention to the above Bale. It is by far the meat interesting uila that has ever taken plaoe in this vicinity. <Oracibuaes will start for the place of tale on the ? mnrnir; of fach day at i o'okok from the door of * the Aoctioneers on ?th street. near the avenne. W. H. CLAWETT. Administrator. ocSdtd ClJfcARY * GREEN, Auota. J ? - -? c yy HAT THE LADIES^ WANT TO KNOW. ? Where they ean buy J covin's W st Kid Glnrea at 1 75 cents. >lana l.oui a, new make, at ?2H oenU. . 8(tod Kid Gloves at 87 J* certs, beet quality Kid ? aui tii-ttf ut S1.12S,, laino assortment of l,allies' o mJ .Misses' Fleecy-lined f-iU aud Thread (jaunt a lou* at lew prices Rost French CoisCfs at 61^3; Hoop Skirts at Hi If priots Ladie*' and !lliM?? llusiorr ; Merino Vee'a; l.iuen. Cambric and Embroidered Hai.dkerouiof'- al low priees; Mil* Kolie* and Ityadet e Silk*, a liuie outol r?aif pric: Konla-dand Psuct |)rd?? ?1iks; ulaok Silk* ana Drt ss i>(MxU of all kinds at unusually low prions. A'so. large and hundsoiuoassiirtmMitol Cloaksand n Shaw la. Cait?arly and *et first choice. r HfcNRY K?A\\ a 321 Penn. av.,ar*i iil Seventh ?t? L oe36-6t _______ n??r Avmum Houm. J piKKMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND OKOROKTOWN. ? Capital T77...tsie0,000. e Office romrr C xtrret *n-l l.ou'.nan* ?v., ae*r Bank ' of W l.\ht tilt to* I INSUREHOUSES A!?DOTHKR PROPERTY AGAINST LOWS BY FIRE. a DlKKCZOEfi I ll flw Shoemaker, S*oi*?l Roif-vn, S*mn?l Crop lev, \Vi liam \V i u 8 Kiciiarri Joneu, Jo'uu D Barclay. ? Jaoub <iiUoon, Andrew Kotiiwell, Thoa. Parker. Rwliard Barry, 11 II. B. French. f ?- n..i: ? nu UJUVIKC IUI rwjiviw? * JAMES ADAMS, President. l All), (>. Davis, 9 ctf fry. ooltKaotiin Notice to"juu?nkvmkn tailors. AT HOME AND ABROAD. * The foliowin* id a correct lint of Hio employers who par the bill prices ol. and are r*co* niaotl by. theHooiety, to wit: W. H. Stanford, Matlock & Griffith, * oval A Bra.. Matlock A Herbert, Win.Tuoker, James La?key, 0 W. Hint<>n A Co^ J. T. Molut^ab, I Loudon A Co., K- Gray, E. M. Drew Yaatlurao. ? 27l 3m '318 EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. , I have the 'arsest snJhandeoiueet aasortmMit of ? COOKING and HKATING STOVKa (new pat- 0 t 'rim) that has ever baun imii in Lhva market, lor WooJ w Coal. The aa^irtinent bainj t o large to enuiiMraU) I lespect'u iv invite all those in wautof tha boat Stoves tv eall aii4 exan i afn* aoortmeut C. WOUDW \*D, ?ls Ha avenue, t oc 1C eo6t between loth at" 11th ata. IViV GOODb-DKV GOODS! P \f DKY GOODS-DRTGOODS! We liave now iu store a .?iy iarire and well as , sorted >>tOCk I<f Dr* fiooila. uf *#? If I tilt aul unaJ- " ur Wo cordiatJy invite all persons hi jraaialliy 1 Good* to call and examine our ktoea oefcr*?i?Uu<e thair purchases elsewhere. Every article wul b? sold at the lowest marker pr}??. ' " iiv b W*l. E. RILEY fc BRO., o N<>. ?# Central stores, ft Between Tth and 8th sweats, e oc 3-eolm Opposite center Market. c pinimunMR ,em,D. ^ J 1 1 Will |ira the aborertwara for the; arrest and eonvietion of the person or pj-suns wao fired the o rpenter's shop of Beers A. Brother oa the airM <if the 12th tn?tant. Their ail was destroyed, fha 1 cencoas and eympathixing public will be callea oa J for suiail amount to aoabie them to resume their for,rs i,aac ?ect?. ? MBS?RTlS:rllN'HAIB JRWRLRV. 1 suah as Braoeleta, Ear-rinrs, Fob^liains. Fin- j, ler-rings. Necklaces, B.aa?tf?i?e.???rd ti Hearts, Ctombs.ta.t * u No. W?Ta. Avbwub, ?ir?r..?r?>ii?*w8?.. * ,-r | j AD^^gHK8^8XPA^Dl^G^|l*T^|- * ?n?1? V> ladlM and nnti ?r? inv%h|abie, both U to and j?r?on?l appaaranoa. w*Uaad ?xaimiiM, at ^ _ MOOKK's Waat fend Prut 9tora. Z q? any - ii? ?* avaana. ,J ^jouens, COLOfl. HWAWKNKS8, *0. fT eflqftoy. It oau b? bad at *11 tk? ?rino ?1 rirujj' ' ttorea at as and an o*nUa N?ttla ita dfrwUnwytin* IF YO'J WANT ta get good * luiliing, huruiaklui (i >-d<, MaU ai.d Capi atiov iiio?^ cuml Vi SAU'iU'S, No, 4<K> fltmtk ?U?eiT ?M ?1* 1 I 11 J. U PI I 1 QBO&GgTOWN AJVKRTIITS QQ LARGE STOCK! QU "o best ?oods:: ~D wffsT P R I c E s::: , PP1LMAN * B0NT, M Bridf* vtrMt, between Waahintton and CourMi, ara low roaa'ed to iliow tucir w*>ll MlMtnl stock of DRESHOOOnf. DOMESTICS, Ao. Thair atora t the old ataad of HI. E. Berry? having be?n renudelied aad fitted ap ia the moat thorough nmcuer, lh?y toaaaaa fac. i uaa uneqnlad in the Diatriot tor th? pioa?euti"n if atinwt! Dry ?ooda Buain?>a*. They reapeotully invito a oai. from theetUsena of George**wn m vwuiiT. 00 8->wi CST RECRIV KD? I W nkd?. prime Porto Rioo Sl'GARS, \tt) bbU. i ml RyaWHlMvY, * W4a. BERRING Mid A1.EWIVK8. AO bbla. I'riMhed and R? hnni -I GARS, SO lAcit R to auJ J?\-a COFKEE, 10 lihJ*.(low priced) MO LASSES*. For?loN JQffN J. BOoTe. aa 10 (JRANDELU tfTICUy ^ 04truttmkt Haa oonat&ntlr on U*nJ a Urge aaaortmoat of ""renoh Nearaiichted, Panacoaio. Col - - ? ??rad, and ST. other SPECTACLES. Ma baat *oa.ity. is jotd. stiver, steel, and Germu ulcer fnnM. N. B. Old F>mm Repaired and urw ( UimiMiii tbeei to order. n> l*-b MAMKY. COLLINS * CO,'S PH1LADELP HIA D K A UO HT A L K.-# ? are oon.Un t j eoemng kMii uppliea of thaabovedttiglitfu! berirace, ud invite a<l persona who want a pere mnkdulterated Ala, to cit* it a trial. ARN Y A SHINN, A|?su, fit St QrMC it. 9wi?totnk Dk. J. II. McLEAN S STREHGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD riRIFlKK. rwr RRFJTVSf eri/rnv ? -? ">"? " _ _ in I1C *r UAlfi/) I tDlLICIOCI AND U rtrictljr a ?ci- ^VT^V loutc UKi t?f<tatie Coeapooad, pro- MhT cured by the dietillano* of mate, kerba, i.d uuki. Yellow K, gl Bofk, Wmd Roof, BB.?M H,?xl Ro~,II4| nil*, Wild Cherry B?Hi, aad Dandelion BFJ eater* nit iw i?B- Vj position. ^ |w?j The entire active jv ^Kg v remedial pnuciple of each Sofrrditut liatHlir.*, prodacii.g delic/aui. exhiWrauuf epirit, and tke XI infallible reaiedy for re.,ovmtiur the dlaaaiad tvetam. aid teetering thi nek, iitinuf, tad debilitated me'aitd le lealth and etreufth Mr LEAN'S STRE NOTHENINH CORDIAL Will edectua'.iy care Li?er ConpUmt, Dyepepam, Jeanlie*, Chronic or Nervosa Debility, Dieeaaee of the Kidneye, icd all dteeaiee uuu j Irani a dieordered Li?er at 8'oiuech, )yepepe<a, HiariMfa, liinri Wm, A'iditT or Sickneea of ha Ctonttk, FiIIdm uf Blw<l u Iti Hi<g, 0?li Paiu or Iviraintng in the Head, Palpit .tiui. of the Heart, KtliuM ir Weight wa the SeuoMck. Soar Kra.rauoae, Chokir.f or lafocatinf Kielrnf when l?T_uf dovu.Dryaeea or YelioW. taaa of the Skin and Eyee, Nipht Sareata, luward Pe?ere, Hill lu the Small of ihe Ba?k, (Jhaw, or Side, Sudden 'laetiee of Heat, Depremon of Spirite, Frifht/al Dreaiae, *aar>or, Deenor.deiicy ar u; uereoul diaeaae Korea or lloicbee oa the Sk?t., and Keeer aad Afae (or Chille aad N"r> OMR A MILLION BOTTLES lire bean told dam, J the laal atx inoatke, and ta tic mtance haa it failed io r">?| enure eauafaction. ? ho. taea, | rili infer from Weawieae or Debility vhen McLEaNV ITRENGTHLNING CORDIAL will care Ton I No language can toniey an adequate idea of Uia uuaedj He aad almoat miracaknio ckat ge produced by utmr Cardial iu Ui? di?e**ed, debilitated, od akaltared eerevei yitioi, arkf'Jier broken down by e&ceea, weak by aa are, ir impaired by eickneae, the relaxed and tr.rrutif orgar.i. auoo le reeiored ta >ia prmine health ami eifar MARRIED PERSONS T othera, cooecioae of inability wbateeer cane, will lod MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a thooszk regenerator of the ayetan, and All who a? ha re ir ared flien.eeWee by improper indulgence! will fad la line Cordial a certain aad ef eedy remedy TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRKNuTHtNINU CORDIAL ta a aoeer irn and epee-it core for Incipient Coneornption, Whitee, )beiracteJ or Diftcalt MeneiruaOoo. laconliaeate of Urine r Involuntary Diacharge thereof, Falli-g of the Womb, hddineee, Painting, and all d'aeaeee incident ta Femalee THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT taffer ao langer Take it accordiag to dieecteoeia It will timalate, etrengiben, aad invigorate yoa aad cauae tka loom of health to aeeet roar cheek afafa. Every bottle le ramaivu w |i?? wuwicuoo. FOR CHILDREN !f roir chiiJrtn ar? nckly, pnnv or aflictad. MCLEAN'S ;oiil)lAL will raaka than hailtty, fa(. and rot oat IM*y ot * aooKiil; ur u, uJ will b? (Mnuc<d, It u d?iciowa touka. CA VTlOfi. Bcwara of Jrwffuta uc dt tiara wha ma J try M paia apoa oc loint biuar ur atra ipartll.* trtah, which thry eta t>u? heap, br uiia^ u it u pood Avoid aach ntr Ail m McLtAN* QT&KNUTfiEKlKG COSXJIAL, and uka othinp alaa. It i* the only raiaady that will parity th? Hood tnoroBfhl* >nd at tha aatoa tima atraofthru th* avattia. Una taiapooafal ukau atarj aaarwuij luuaf ia a ernam ra?anti?a for Oiolrra, Chilla ud F??er, Yallww F??at,a( a* praaalaat diaaaaa It ia pat ap in iarrt bntOaa fr%t? 11I7 |l pir tMXilt, w (Iwttln b' |i J. H Mt'LEAN, loir proprietor of Uhit Cordial; alao, Me Lean'a Volcanic Oil Lunataat Principal Dapo* an tha coratr of Third and Pioa atraata, Si. Lotua, Ma. VilT a n m ' m UaIa*?<m Ail V ??? < ?m A 4 uviioan v wivauiu uii AjililuiCUL, (Ths p??t liwtmewt r* the would ) Tli? gul; ufi aad crrun curt (or Cancan, Pilra, Ta iwa, 8??llmf* *wl Broi . ktU *r Court, Pnnlraia, N?? tfi*. Wetkr.cuof tbi, Chrome or Induuuuiiir; Lbeumuirai, lulmuol ibt Joinia, Coutracitd Maiclrt or .ifimrnu, Kar.cbe or TouiltAcJio, Brutaot, Bprtma, Fraaii M, Woaud*, Clear*, F??*r Bcrta, 0-.k*J Br? j;, Scrt Iipplra, Barna, Sealda, Sari "Hi root, or ot.T ii!*??-.rnnioii ot ?u, i.j <ii9>t?nce how at TOT* or ia?( <h? dm?r mtf ova Mcl.KAS'i CELEBRATED LINIMENT u eirum remedt. Tbouud of haraui beu.ja bare bam itnd a Lai* of did rtpttti'lo and ninit kr th? ox of jl ia invaluable rimtdf. MtLRAWS rOLCAPrir OIL LIMITEST Tiil rtltaft p?Ui alaonat iiuWiiraMoaaljr, u>d * ? ill (ItU, nrlf/ and hr.l the fouled .orea iu a* luuiwUt ahuri um>*. FOR HORSES AXD OTHER ANIMALS. McL>ICAN'8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT U lb* oal* ufi ud iculii rcmtdj (or the euro of Bpavla, Rd>{baae, VindfalU, Sp'ioU, UuBataral l.atrpa, Nodea <.r *>? eiiifcjti t Dover failed to tare Big Head, Poilenl, KUOila, Old iwimiif Sorea, or Uwtuy, if prtMrif api lied Tar praise, Brunei, Scrat'bee, Cracked lie cle, CWca, S?JJU r Got la r (jaile, Cuja, taree, or Woti.<i, it it u it fallible mad;. Apply it u directed a*4 Ml< ta ctnaii in mry MtuM. Thou trite on loafer with the map? wort hi eea Ltul>.ente farad to yoa. Ohun. a ?uj.pi? of IMt. McLEAN * CkLE.K.ATEO LINIMENT. cura ?oa. J. IL Mc LEAH, ttoN ftjjmaior. Corner Thud ul Pu.e eta., St. 1*?", fcU. CHARLES rrorr, 37SPa. e?? euleafeat i. WaakiKf; R.M.T. CUWKL.u?irf.u?w. ? M MW1, bkn' W. french. wxi. J. b1chstk1.n. hew firm ' FRENCH A RICHHTE1N, (Smtctitari U ir?n. Aayiy ) Wlo *?!? ?:irt K?t?il l)*?:er( in iOOKfi. STATIONERY, amd PERIODICALS, No. 8TB Pknnstlvxnu Avkxcb. W odd in* and VUiiing Caida netiij en craved ,nd printed. i*m.per Hid Knvelopei stamped with I lilt I*' with iot rxtra charge. SuUecriptiuua-rooaiVod fertl! the Weekly Paper* nJ M&ctziuea; alao. New York Hetaid, Timet, >IIU riVHBV, t'a'l and examine ou' ttook. All bound Hooka ?c.d f om 10 to ZD par oant, :aaa h&n the Publisher'! trio#*. fry Any Booka na< on Hand ?r*pred wrtli dlaatch from Loudon, Paha. New York, boaton, ad Phii?<ial?bia. ??M lm SCHOOL AND OOLLE0M OUTfrlTS. loutAs' and Boys' Clothing for School and ' Drtss Wear. Pareata and rsardiaaa wietnc* to farnufc thair kiiorecand warda witii School ardCollrce Outfit* Jr the coining ae%aon. are invited tn examine nur resent arc# aud exUMi.lva aaaorWnant BOY** IL'iTHlJltt.whera oat tacir child ran Sl}^>JKKr4^J8SjjpS6 co? aoJjft-tf ^iW faaa. arwiaa. 30U?EKBfcPING ANt) tl SKRVANT8* GOODS. Wa have now an hand a wall ealaetad atook ?f tie abova coo^a, auea aa Sheetiaaa. TaMa Livaaa, lapkina, Towelia?a, Liaaaia, rail Ciotha, B aa #ta?from onoimon to rarr fine?Oanaburca, 8?a UaaA>ftaa Cinahami * ->a ? amJ BTTkH* CLarlS* Co ,?bq Rio'irdtoo't lnah Umm } ail qaaliMucUof wtuok W will d;?fK>*e a# M tk? beet "?*?' 1 ; TAYLOK * HUTO* W?N. i. W- "M.LTO^ PAII<TM ' DKALEft IN PAINTS. Mo. MA 1th IrunjiMr Odd AW HmU. mu 1-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. JA.APP.NE 5"VB$U, CANT>LB*? J A haantiful trUalt.niitl in wmmum to mImI W% P*.. ay., Bktw.Hih ajto ^ nti1 Wk4rf S??v i - THE WEEKLY 8TA8I H1SJX KWS&BtiSS&- '*** t] r*'??l1 Mdma hmhI afli km mmmi) * tM rNuWi# ? MM? the pA^er. rfiO^ THKEE CKN^B* "? JBEBasaaeas?m?**I ??? EDUCATIONAL. T PROFEaggji' & jSeWjWBPtx OKIMAN LAN U LAmm Ki|M ???^lSiifcii li uJ MTm* tk? |M?r,k> mmmtmmm oikiMhta <J*t he ha? ruMPtt WM ?b?r? ltk?<?), whioh toanf !?die? viU be Admitted. Thi? <ita?s will nM?t thrw buN m * <?> ?t F^j, M arr*nceai?ut/ina3e lor I *?*? ib aafcMi* Nr. ?vulMn offer? tli* l?eet rifcHM* ?> Ma geaJ, abilitj, 4 c.. ?a. ?* GEORGETOWN raMALCMMINAIt, iFoiamt Una I- H. Rmui^i.) A BOAHDimt AND DAY 9C MOO L. , The tlobaa v^Uua InatitatMa wall be reeeeWd on the farat MowUi in t^ptenttar a ext. The owurae <H instruction ambraeea ?>1 lh*t ta tMfht, frow the mdimeaU to the moet h<ih.) fen i ah erf education. The eorp* of taaohera, ten in nnwl>er. are es>' knU) <m!iM ?ad atlwilMaJ >a their eev** aep&niMDiji. Lectures Friday evetungaon tba Natarai Mater cm without afcarga to the pupils. Circuit** mar beobtainad b> ?dJre??ing tb? pn?oip?l, Mim mTj HARROVKR. Georgetown, 1j t\ a?g eo3wi T female education. HOSE Parent* who wish then daughters to re oetve a thorough and ayatematie educatioa. vhw* their ahyetoal training wi 1 raoai v* Aaii? and ?p?cia attention. ui^ler the moat approval vatemof Ca?u theme* and liyninutioa.ara raapoctfuliy lliflWcl to viait the I*uion Featala Aoadaaay. eoraar Foatee nth at. and New ^ ork a*. ME. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*, _au an-tf Priaoipala. jpEMALE B^DIN^U^V^CHOUL Mr*. B. J. McCORMICK, Painqrai. Tb* thirteenth trnni, mmiod of this Institution will oomiueno* a* To*s<t*T. 9eptomb*r Ifch, i* tile house recently oooupied by 3slv**tor Sooll, Em.. No. 1M Kmc atrwC Tli* court* of stud> pursued will ?croons* *1 the branches r*<|Uiiit* to a thorough Englub Mfcation, and Matic. French, I .at in and Drawing. it desired. In addition to day aebolara. Mra. MoCormick la prepared to receive* limited number of pupil* a* boarder*. wIhv cot.atitnting a part of her own '* ily, will b* under !?** imuiediab oare ano **pam> aioo. Slie wiV endeavor, as tar as p^ssibl*. to **r rouml them with the comfort* and kindly inn aecoes of ilom*. K'/*rtnre*.? Rev. G*o 11. Nortoa. Rev. D'jNIm Harrison. R*v. D F.Sprigg, William H. Fowl*. Ka*., F<uiu juonti-n, iMf -, (v*m?a F Wrtmet. Esq., Henry Marbdry, Esq., l^wis Mcfc*us?. Esq . Robert H. H union. Esq . \V D 'Walla?> , Editor EveeiazStar, Benjamin Wat*r*. bH .Jas. Entwiale, Jr_ Em , Col. John \V. Minor. Loadoan, Me??rs. Black ock k Marshall, M?**r* Cora* Brother*. f ? B >ard, will. Tu;i un ,i. a., tha Ktr.i*/, ti.e ai.nual nmiud-pay aw* **mi-auillii, iu wj M iitic and I.??ku&xm m Professors' rn*? C7" *w ?*tra chars?. SB M-tf M R? " " "SStK!WiSSSMK-c. Tut nut mhioi will #ommtnttOctob?r 1st. 1M. Tsrnit.fcc., forwftrded os ftfpUsatoon. ft* li * CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WA?hinstun * 1/ utflfl * ACfWCM s?? ?W4 Ws bftvs just finished ft number of first stftM "ftfiill| r#fl rMfttOAJi /bwiUlf (/Afntfti, fiwnu, sutli vs will mIIuJBKI ft Tsrr smftll srofit. Bsfr.s prsotiC* meob&aios in diffsrrat brmosh? of tns buinssa, vs flfttttr ovrselvss thftt vtt&o* the stylet *ud %uAiitt of work tbftt wtli ciss sate (motion, oombiunf infctness, oonuort ftod duiftbm fc.s?m.r.L( promptly sad sftrsfnity sttfded to THE tddioow ? U WAGONS oTmi kuwa ?uo( m nriMMi >a< from hi long MfwKfcM is Uw buioin, ka MfM ttfin f?n?r%t MQnKtion, /ll kinds WOfcrrUfM ui iiffcl Winn k*?i ? REPAIRS Mtttr 4?M,M4all Mtal KW|t *?SK? ' VlV* A ?vur af IMk Mtf K&a. JC8T RECEIVED, ^ A lot of 0KNT9"8 AND DRAWKRI. from Motion, whioh ha will Mil m? j WW. wW Iw PI AN OH. PIANOS?TKa lM*Mt Maortmant or PiMioa. Meuiiaona. UmtMa, Vin? lint. B*uf?-a Beet Italian Strinja Ac mPfff cohiMiN, KJutmaa. ConeertiaMtTr'atM,' ? ? ? I'liea, PlwBoi'tu, Claui.neU', B ua ioatruna*ala, PrnuiB. ftnd ever? variety uf moKiea! war*, Mao Mi i rumei ?u-ck of Sheet Mumo, Muaio Hooka and Ope , for "v*rj_ initru"fti.t at the Rim r?M>r?iH v? . u. Mr. rzr.KH IT. Curu? uf P? tv. and nth street. St.Is Agent of St->iawa,j A Sot. Bason ItTOT k. Co *s and Knabo k Co.'a Pianos. oo a tf STOVES! - STOVES?' UTOVKKS I have ob hand a arte assortment of Cooking ?od r cWrtt, which I Will sell eheapor that Jk? any other hoese in the District, as h ta irn int-ntioaU pioee tseni oat. Call and and then judge for joarseives. L* ' C. MYDtjT oo 9 Next door to tie Star Obm. u musical notice. "' JLAA VING Been irdace.4 to aooept Uj? position of orgaaist atft. AIojkius Ckim in thi* Hy 1 hare detessstsed to remain oaring the entu-iEHfe in* winter. ivn<l shall l>e happy to reader ui>AC* Brotfaeiooal eervtoM to those who ma. n-utnre teiii. T. N. CAUl,FIELD, Professor of the Organ, Piano Forte, and Sin* tag. . For partiealare as to terms, fee , it,guire atUa , Music Depot of JOHN F. ELLIS, Pecnsvlraj ia aveuue. ocs^lm' NOT,CE- REMOVAL. . ~ INVITATION.?llieieh* eotifir iuj eoatom*** aad the poMic iu genera. Ihfct 1 haw* rstuovwl to No S4'? ?v\ ?treet, i Liiree dt?>rs fraia Msm. svenue.) where I shall kop our.siaaUs oa iiami a la ~ce assortment of FOREIGN and DOMEJTI?* J?KY GOODS.HOSIERY, FANCY ARflCLtii?. MILLINERY. *a. New Goods r?oeued vwil?, wUtoli will M sold at astoaithing low p'ioes ae 2P-lwn* S. FISHMAN. |.n?t>vc-<10m m(m|c A. F. LITTLE. PROFkSSOK OP JWPWT, fcas returned to the etty aad rmrmd tha da. 1K-. tin of bli proration Prof LJTTLK, ha*1U ohorao of M uaioo1 Dcp?f tinent at A.oOiwk 9 and PlMiMi View t*?mman??, atul b-iu i?iai ur da>a IB oaoii ??ek at tries* luatitunoaaTfcaa d kul tvod??im Hek Ttck t davoio , to arivwu loaUufltlon of pupila. or to a tiowlor oo HiiiiMt ii another inatttution. Tboaa 4a*>riBf hi* arofasai'-aa1 wrruw will plooaa mate* appliao- i Hon at Pr. Hunt*. 310 Pa. aviaai m4 lu??' Tmore new good*. ~ " i HK Uodoraitnad bava jnat ooiapietad U*ir took ( Uuadi tor the F*.'. ami WiBtor atulltt?d wall Ml?ct*d a??'rtwent at CLoTltf. > CA8*?IMKRE?a?? VESTING*. witi, U>* %? * r'sswt^tvsiagmisass'j OOODP of tli? boat quality, to wfciok tkoj rao?M-?t. folly ibti?? tkoattontion ortfcair inaoda a?d oo?"* eiwrrbai. Milttmry Nmvml and Cuxznu' Mere tool Tuafixa, * oea-oofm no-sup***. ^ B HALL ' w -aaJe a&l^ eau^^ra^'fcoo FaMII.Y gi ixl "Mirar 7 cent* par ndT Com at No *34 7th frset, betweoo D and Lobimooo or. oe ?-tf ' J^O w I E A P Y 1 ^ r l fftfel, ta ail Umu mtniii, fflSIB stineSct^..? t!3BSi 0 9 on** Th?rU?U 1, ] Ani! #4?iJmii *a Mil4- TF*?***PlI# . ?M tail* of Ofin ? ?? . n?w c?* WtlX,?K?Sft CO.. &s Pmmi)^ * "itAlD AND CUB I. MAN 1'ITFaCTOIY, < Nu. ?MtM, MtrllMMrMr of TkirtMvU acraac.?A rfy 01m :* ?? ??*m< nt of Htidi, Cirk PnMtt*>, * <!_ now on Urfl. n ?o m*d* to or^or at <* ikro.t oum n-1-|-^