Newspaper of Evening Star, November 2, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 2, 1860 Page 3
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I r.OC A L NEWS, 1 t - . - =1= U^Thoujrb Tme 5*ta* U prt?t?d on the fofttrf 1 tears frm in nm smith ft BaMmnre, tta edition larje a I" require It to b?r pnt to press at to , 'Mrtv fcowr; Advertisements, therefore, tifeouTd be Mot 1* trfoie 12 o'clock nj, otherwise they ??y ' not'a ppear nntll the aext day. V T "?lH i * Notic*.?OsUlctdf MAdMNH Ad vert' ?*m enU^ - 5 Si pwdisjf i>? w?? W**T t ajgy i w-oMCrdf the t*4cl?a^b?t W? ootf eel jlJuiKd i or the ball. ml4ti |)?mln tpoatin^ wn goliw ^ ?o from HWn-wrtw V* * ? ffttj* 1 two t&^3aU*n and foreitm " et^OieAU' ol ?m Uie ?Uaf bt? tween tfa* troe ?h?i?T repsMieana ?k? wmotho In the darkey <ka man and a ?rotber," md'tb# Wood atrlpe. or what we oi^v uLtbe straw- J r*oeed repo*ncani. uho h<mktu>w<fw(t do pkrtlenlaf ' loVerm of Uta ni^ffott'' #!? ebjoM Id tiwir holding ?A<m. m4 wbi? have "joined id v < j?* to beat tiho fc*e?forO?," and becrgjr tbey'bolleve aUtverr oppreaaire to IttoLfUa , From the lntfleaWnm tbfw tezrt-baruli^a nay lead to a jVt qu^rrrt ?re ionit. A?m>oI llftv applicaMona fur m etn berabl p were received and '(fcrrad to thoaiual manner 4 Tbo ritjcxeiarv Mog absent. hnt little bmlfle* HMMMIJM a financial way. * ' j ^ Mr H F WITklca, or Va . fca<rin? ronsented at the previous meeting to pddreas th? Associatiou. v the request of the President came for?. ward and spoke at considerable length. The wnfcr' mid that these thronged meelittys. ?lje enthusiasm of look and too* and Kestur# which Lere ahow themselves, are so msny conaiclBi{ proofs tint at last m is aroow-d dch caunut 6 frightened from the performance i dirty d-*?tved upon it by the misdeeds of a tv whn too loriiT have fceld the control of the oestinies of this republic. (Applause j The march of public sentiment Wwrnrds a <*on? diUon wbkb wfil permit the free expression of thought and optn^m la d*ily procreating. T.wtiy? iiiomti sirtre the ttnm1>er,of per*ou* wL<> attended the nupliiid* of this Association could erafr*i+ i>? auiuaruit-d b? couple*,- now tbe term 'hundrvdi ' H eecWEry to eonrey an Idea of their number, t Tbe prinrl pie* of the republican party have undergone uo ciitu?e in that time, but the people a.'4 1 iMKi&nlng to learn that those p-tMefph-* ere at the v*rr foundation of our Oorrrnmrnt ^Afcpftu^.; J 1 ** The advocate* of slavery maintain (hat !ue ifisti- < tntion wu stable and enduring as the bills; that ! It was a benefit to the master aud U:e slave, clvl.- < Izlug and christianizing them both?Unit It vr?i 1 the true condition, and the only" condition in which sn inferior rare r onlfl occupy the same Urfrltorv as a superior But If this theory were trmty < who la to drliue where slavery ends and marter-. ship begins? There must be some dividingline i A half dosea of as might sally out and eusTav? u like number of inferior persona, and convert to * our own use thebenHitof their Ubar. aad pdeslbly ' be well pleased s* tt?e result; but if a party Stipe- ' rWr to onrselvea should happen to come along aLd ' serve us in the same way, we would be apt to cry ott against th<* doctHne Yetthat was thv teach- 1 ??* carry th? principle out, aad the whole human I < race would be slave* to one niu-a Our, n I Boniparte. or some one combining greater wisdom < and talent than the rest of u* [Applause ] 1 But If slavery be so firmly established that all ' the winds shall never prevail a^ainat it. why I* tt 1 tLe verdict of a X/ee people shake* ittoiU very 1 foundations? istbi* ito coasted strength. that the juore expectancy o4 * ? advene breath Cannes it to 1 reW to and fro as a drunken irnn. The assertlou 1 of it* Invincibility of streDg'h must be with- 1 drawn, or the admission male tbat the mut>r?-d > threats which are loruat into our ear* at every tarn ( v* buttle** and puerile [Applause ] ' A dissolution ?f the Union 1s threatened in ease 1 of the election of Lincoln Vf ell if such be the 1 oaly alternative, we must submit If the election ( of a President by tbe people, by the mode *>.d in 1 the manner provided id the charier of our iibrr- 1 tin. be a proper ciuk for the dlaaotutiou of tbe Union to which tiuit charter gave btrth?if jcich a cauae can produce inch an effect?then f cay, la Heaven a name. let It eoine [Lund applause ) If our boaeted free inatltutioiiicauaot auru iLe abock cf a majority acting within tbeir le^al limita, then, dire a* the alterative ritcay be. let us be broken; if we arc living over a volcano, let tr? le*rn tu?* fact, and not go on. building our boiue* and planting our vln?-e, hoping for a aecurity We cannot convince ouraeives we poueaa L But tbla cry of aeceaalon and diaunion fa an old acquaintance. It wra like the eevectr-eo-ye-ir loft cuats, only more frequent tn ita periodical appearW ance It mijtht be called tbe "four-year argu- 1 inrui At a ii k oe appreciaiea uow a* it has beret* fc?re, *f will ui?* anotuer visit froiji 1 It at tbe next Presidential election, if not earlier fl*aogbter ] Tbe difficulty in dissolving the L'nion ' in Iniy lies ' tbe b-ginn!ng; nobody know* the ' first ?t-p to bring it ahoot The Yan-eyites and 4 ttUtict ructi from the Tuumbs, uri the \i rth cannot do without their cotton Tnat may or may not be so ? :I remains to he seen; b'.it it is a prop- 1 ositimi aa plain as a. b, c, that the .North could 1 get along without the great s'aple just to long a* ' toe >oiiIh could wttt.out the money which she ' r?<-eiveU for it aiiauaiiy. {Applause aud laughter .] Sir W welt on to warn dlsunlanfits of the J South of the cootetjueQoea of the actions they to ' ruably advise; and than proceeded to briefly enu- 1 merate the principles of the republican party, viz: ,\oa tnUrf reit'-e with slavery lu the states, but 1 opposition to Its extrusion over tha Territories; a more efficient law for the prevention of tbe Afri <jim (lave trade; tbe admtaaion of Kanfcu with the ! * pfrarut couct.tuli *?; a pf<>U-<-t1 vt- revenue Li v.-; a I reduction of the of tUe Central Govern- 1 jiienl. to proved- lionierteacla fyr ax luul s?Ulers on tbe pirhlh- Linda; the laipr^VMuent of rivera and < Larboia, wl.erc tii?- uatiouai iuwr>?l retjolrta It; 1 and tbe roi.aUucUou uf a railroad to iLe Pacllc 1 Aud tboujib Uw Chicago Convention did not 1 deem It proper R> ?av the) Wrte in favor of " U.e < L bIor. tte Constitution and Uie Caforc?a>ent of I tbe t.awa," yet time Wuuid <>rove tke party would 1 be true to tbeui. I Mr V\ ilkuia waa fallowed by Jnd{? Conway, 1 k of K?aa**?member elei-t, when the Territory., 1 1* aboil be admitted at a Stat*?wlio dwelt luainiy otr4fee vtrlowa wTonga which be averred bad beeu I Mrni tn 11 rl hi' H*<run<>raiii- ? *iW* i P. i ? f?? *T ?pvw ?"? people of Kuui, and sanctioned bjr the prevent: Adu.inisUaiiou When he luij/raU-U from Baltimore. where be bad long resided, to Kansas, he \?aa Usually iuib'ied wito democratic. principle*, but aot long a/Vr nil arrival at the laUer plate, be. with haodredi of others, >uun became disgustrd a .id chagrii-ed at tbe actloa ot tbe democratic party m encouraging aod pholdtng the border ruthaas of M isaonri ta their unwarranted and outrageous attacks upon tbe peaceable Inhabitants of \ that Territory, and determined no longer to c?? operate wlfti a p?rtv tbat could be guilty of eoun' teuar.ring such villainous acta A coat)nuance la these flagrant aggressions opoa tbe rights of a free I people, by the*- ruiUus, induced him fljwlly to ,, denoune* epeuly these blood iy transactions, and to become an M?r*t juivwaU of the rights of this free people. He gave a minute and interesting d-scr i pt.on of tua mode vf exercising U*a fight or suffrage In Kansas. Which is lomrwUI t^jpel in its cueraicier., tie corr#hoi*trd the "shamm' relstlve to the great drought wllmh had prevailed la Kansas, acid *# the pitiable ^ond.tyui t<4 the people in copapoaence. .^ir i\urz?wa??: ^fTw??n(iuMfn ?ilirPf? times imluy -skj "j, of tbls city,followed J udjie Conway. ..UllTs j The ^nnrlpal objaeft *tii!i the* tp *+*&4 b?forr tbe Assvciatloa, he ?Uted. was* to tbem of the otfcanliatlon of a German Republican Club, as au auxiliary awocution. Alms tfiau fifty muici were now enrolled on be hat of uienit>er btp. afcd b? bad a? doubt but that la a thort while aluust every Uermao to the city wou*d heroine associated wl:b them Of tVuae who bad aaauted in the formation of this clut> many ym ?! t among oar most respectable German cftlAftt )Tbe ?>< rtLtu, coming aa most of tb?m did. ftam t the revolutionary sjiiuoia of Europe, understood and appreciated the hlrastl^gaof free institutions lie claimed to abow iu?t Aieaauder, the present Liuperor of Russia, v.-m iciach mare of a rcpubllcai. In aptrlt and deed, thai the present Incumbent of the White House To render this fact r ear to tfce minds of all, nothing mur< was nseeaa ... ??.? n Anfei?iarlaAJ? t\f (Kit Mitlaua anil H?i naa T J kaiJUJ iVHt"1 v. ?* ? 7 * v??rn*jjB of tUeae two d'.aiinjiulstaed pe:a?aa#es W bHt tec our ww endeavor! iiv to alleviate U.r cMMiltfon o< tbe people, and remedy ?be e*Us consequent on X tbe de?rK>tlc sway wfa:cu bad ber?toA>re exUted * la vuat uxiBUy. ibe otiter wu attempting to opufe?a and tirrau tu libftkltaatl, deMny ill toe rf oU etTrtu re*oltlag fro.u tbe op*ration of otrr Wt??l notion* of freedom, to simple sod yet ae juat 1-4 tneir character, aud by all Xbe uaMts wtttlft bla p?v?r to loaux urate tbe system of tvranay wbl< U bad *o lonjj depressed tae people ?ad retarded tLe prog re** of Kuropeaa uutiu?a \V fi'ile every public movement of Aiex^i.d. r WM oue of pry* ret*, tiki as kept p*ce wltb 11m pint M tLe UUN, e??ry action of Mir PreaUUa ?ii a retrograde uae.aurb as In many cases alga* be said to be SMrb as dtagrae* d tbe latter part M.t Ik* i I* of \? fil AlrftHn Karl iku L'.r.i^ena ! Trf Ru*U the u-tt ?y?Um of *l??<nyjo ? a bau, m tual country, M d h?d 4ccUrcd to lh* ot Bu?!i Itot hi* t.M? iMVOrtMal ' zFJisxtt&abJTssti; EeS^j^vrwar* I ft- <" ?' * p wr?t pur ?i{>Uw of mi? ftouuUv mk wtrwrmrnt nni-? g .t?4i u> ail Uio*?? wfce k auM deuwluU a*y' 4?r?. U a jm/tlcu'? a?ciiou of our cu5tS-' k tr?.f ?i? i? ?v?* Jim fu(Sihi>u4^A(^uio' i4Mt*'c4.nrl.*Wwflr*r Kfn*atouikv*?Wfr?. Wltfio-it IIH1 otUrf Imhinw, ibr AMMKtlM UjwrM^ b awH h Tti>tday U re^iw ttt* wtwu ftectlo# rrVanu ? *?* ?** ft**-a <*>*. i ?? 4 ^ ^ 1 ?. I M The victim ?f tbe.Btll and E*?ret*Clab last night (f Worn ?M?H> win large. andtbarartarlred by no littin lttt WUt ?ood feeling Win w# fM*b?d tb* bull Mr. w?.? r>n the toor, pitching into dfaunionTatn with r.^jtywod will. He IbwtgW tbe border aUv# SUU* especially had all to Inn and nothing to train bv dtouniaa Tfce inaeearlfy of stwva property In ft"%e Stato* in ?ich an event waa dwelt upm?: and tfce speaker Aen alluded to tfc? nnpHMan-dnna of tie Cave States tor wngtng War wffc^tbe Mortjt it wnajVerf js ?uRSsi&?'a err Jstr "Tof~aC U49 hot .xntont Um> \ntt*r* thW a* fl* toitylw nwrtncV M *jc3 i ri lto?w?K?f 1^TanCltTW^?t <*>* lOotk flfcUrJd *t ?rtr;*rtl!f ftir.tyferdihlp* and rv?i* tr<ret? feting * foreign torn ?: u-- IfiTtHfWW tb-n p-oc.*?ied to pay M* MUpecta to i^Yuwy ttd Uxirotvm toecWftoae idta of a ????' w? ttrrt the m??crlty AdtgtffMlf tetb* minority* ft. gnie e??#?i?^nr**lBtr tccgaMi of Union proapecta In JMmrttti or Virginia he had rec?aflf -visited. Old Audita coaiOf m*m toroH Tip a malorltv < fromt H**> 10 2.000 ft>? Bell aftd Krrrrn, jand Loudoun Mtll |It(i handsome majority the tame, way. The Breektarldjre |*rtv * trying to itdun* the whiga of Vlrgiula to iuae with tharo. but tbey would decline. The election of Breckinridge win not aettle the ntlUm! trouble*, but mIo um fx V..? IkM. .I(~. ww. v*? i y VI ?v ?V m\ K f* ?UCMI ?!(??. I Uf aCCUVTI' 01 It'll a ad SnreU was the only way to nlv? peace to the copatrv - '< W bat ?U> we gala by disunion? Suppose tbe northern people do steal a few of our negroes; are we anr better off by secession? In eaae of dinttion he would not give one cent in the hundred dollars far property In thla eitr He would not give f 100 rent for the Patent Ottce. The flreeaters talk about upsetting tliia great Government aa if It was a nob-bouse. Why, In his dav, they called ?uch talk treason, and came very near I anting Aaron Burr, whose scheme of ambition only struck at Mexican territory and the ex'reme South This disunion talk had beeu tolerated long eaoczh, and tbe braggadocio Naders would won be driven Into retirement The noisiest Breckinridge men were thcae who owned the fewest slaves Mr VVm P. Webb next addressed the meeting, and suggested that tbe occasion should be taken to ltnaidate all dues against the Association and conclude their existence as a club with a clean chtf of unHaiUkf ?n a V ? J -J J " ,wvw., ?..wvw. ....... . OHJ VI iur U"U^P? iur ratting the wind of fbelr friends down tbe street. Tliev were not In a position to make honorarf menib-rs at $o apiece. rLanght-r] He urged thai the club should maintain Its organization'. Let them keep and hold occasional if not weekly meetings Let who will be elected, this wsg tLs treat party to keep others In order. The balance uf power wm with theaa. as In the last House of Representatives. and thetr party had grown up in s few months to be tbe most poteut one in the eo?ntry. They hnd had jolly good times in meeting together, and hoped for vet others If some of their friends had gone to the Wlywain, Le Loped thev would get their reward [Laughter J The fact of their having been for some time in tbi Bell and Kverett ranks Indicated that there was loot*" good in them. Mr. John Ball followed in some humorous remarks. which kept the audience well amused He had been with the deino^tat* inH *..??? ?"" Ibtn : about tbeir movements In turn they had tried to call to tbeir aid every party that they bad heretofore abuied, tbe Cbv whigs, the knownothings, and uow tbe Cnlon men. But be wax like tbe brother Method Ut at the Fairfax ramp meeting A new convert bad been tumbling ihAnt In l>i? ?vi _ 41 1 ..... ... .?? .< >?* i?i a tuiiaiucrttoiC lime in treat d1strra?, and it wsi prop<aed to (end him to tke tent awhile to reat Ob, no." waa the aniwer, "hf'hnan't bad half'enough yet. Turn him )vf( and let bim agonize a little more.'* N'?w t hi look on and aee the democracy agonliea itt'.e more: 11'proarlon' laughter ] Mr T G Cliyton spoke next, urging: them not ;??lve up tbeahlp. nnd called attention to the exm,pie of Garibaldi at Capua, a* an evidence of what faith does. Garibaldi fought there from 3^ n the mornlnt; till 7 o'clock in the evening, mnd taring that time hia do,-'t'on waa thr*. mm? *kea, and tbree timet retaken ; yet at noon, and when tnp tide of battle was apparently against 3iin, be wrote a dispatch, saying be bad conltiered. He had en intuitive mind, and could foresee victory. Even If tbey were conquered in ibia contest, tbey would be stronger in defeat tbin r inv other party in victory. He believed Lincoln tronld lost- several Northern States?New York, [1 Ifnnll and WiacAwIn K?. #v? -*-* * * .. , ?N?t ire lawugui UHIO uy no means certain for him Alluding to the Republican Association In this ity, b? s?Yd there were elements in it that would iestrov ft There wai tbe Dutch plank, with f?arl Phurtt And then there were such men as J!m Wite and Wood But Wood don't want inytb'iig of the Association, and gave it fits at tbe Seventh Ward meeting Thf native and the foreign element! would be In opposition Oh, lh*y wouid Lave lively times at tbe Wigwam if the comes In' Abe was bound to disappoint heir, aud in nix months he would be the mo*t , tnpopular nun in his party. Naturally be would riah to conciliate the South In th? ?p4nion of the speaker the water would ontinue to run down the Potomac a? usual. If [.Ineoln waa elected; but be f?*r?-d that tbe mon>tsry condition of the com.try would be dL>turl>ed f Brfcklnridne *bould get a respectable vote. In i be event of envision by the cotton State*, he bought it would not be necessary to lire a gun to jrln^ the ?<*ced*fs to term*. All that wm needed * 3? to blockade New Orleans, Charleston, and Mobile, and let tb"ni swat It out Virginia and .be border slave State* had no Intere*!* in tbe way Ct ^-Southern Confederacy, and would not |oin In it. The importation of negroes by tbe opening *f tbe slave trade would destroy tbe value of ?!a?* property la the border Stitet. ke - -1 i * % uc mrruui; ?uj?uruvu till ueil I li t'W J y III bl, with three tall cheer* for Jieli uiid Ever^U RSTVKS of the Wids A wauk*? Demonstration if Wlh.iingfM ?T u?' Wutliiii^ion Wide Awake* returned last evening from tL>?-tr trip to Wilming. Ion. OH , whiter they went to join in 'be great Wide Awik>> demonstration ill tliat place Thev ;ame bick bi^blv deli^htt-d with their trip and !he cordiality and hoapitality entended to tbem uytbe republican* of Wilmington Tbey ieem 10 Lave Leeu tije particular favorite* of the ladle*, *;ho literacy covered tLem wttb wreath* of choice lowers. We noticed *ev?-ral of the Wide A wake* Drought the?e trophies home with them. The PrMidf nt of 1 h<? r 1 nil V..I ??? ?. ? - .mv V #.? M ( ^IHULUIUIIJ, UI Will/ Him a baudaome laurel wreath, prevented by the .'dirt of Wilmington to lLi? wide Awake* of VVmUIu^Uim They report it to have been one of tl.e uautti brilliant proceasiona ever wituraaed kv tliem, there belo* wme 5*i0 mounted Wide A w-Hkrt and !2 5UU on foot, each Waring a lighted torch. Kaeh club wore a different colored cape ind cap, making a moat iui|K*lag appearance. unit iii'aiu, *ui.vstkbk".? im?n??0'iation, which wag mrM only ia?t t* iturday ni^oi, now lumberi one hundred ti.d forty-four members, lad has been divided Iuto three companies, nnbered reapectiwelv A, B, and C. Companies A tnd B have already been otiicered, as fallows : ? Of Company A, M K Clearv It Captain, and lyler Powell and Henry.Bradford First and Second Lieutenants. Company B P. H King, Capbits; .\1. La Truite. First Lieutenant; Phil J. Emii*. Second Lieutenant. Company C is not yet officered At tbe meeting of tbe National Volunteers last night, at the Breckinridge rooms, it wn uuaLimouUy resolved to go to Balttmnre Uii< afternoon, acrotn(muled by a band of muklc, and appropriate banner*, to join tbe Breckinridge demonstration to take place in that city tbi* evening It ts eapeoted that upward* of ilxty of tbe members will go by tbe 1 2t? p m. I ruin AnoTHgjt Larcshy Ca?In May l**t, tbe boute of Charles Mc.Namee. Esq . was robbed of a number of valnsbU dresses and other articles A description of them wss given to detective i Ulcers Allen* Co.. and this mornliui they arrested s young woman, Mrs. Bovle alia* Anna Oollitui, srd recovered the property of Mr. Mo Name*, sr.d also otUar goods, suppessd to belong to 3 .8 Parker. Tbe prisoner had bees formirly (. mlr.MAil aa * tt? ? ** miv winuy p| r TICXamee. but baa lioce been married, uc w?i r-emnittted to Jail by Jmtice Donn; but In ooa(deration of her delicate condition ?be wai fivornl witb an opportunity to get bail, wbl&b b#r friend* are trying to do Maxkiagk at Brows'*?Yetterday afternoon the aplendid parlors at Brown t Marble Hotel were thrown cuesi to receive cmrtpanr to wltaeaa t'ae unMlala of a happy couple wbo had arrived frani Fauquier county, Va. Tb? ceremony waa J w.. t> 1?- ? -? * wj i\cy. ;ni. nriin^ra. K??raiRK lO tbe fono Brrttrlbt-d bv tbe Baptist Church, The groom wtl Joseph W, Colbert. Ksq , and the bride Miss Settle A. tkuart. They departed this morning to rettrra home. (DX*TiriKP ?YfaleidAV. Jtt i James Higgins arrived in this cl|f^> cja|niiil* servant, who bad been captured by AiUn,*.,C?. Tbe deteofcv* bad muU an srrsn*'jusi. ?e^ the security of tke fugitive b? wbiok li-e waster rare Id not fell to get biin; and lket nfitht tbe mtater and servant were confronted, aad tbe tecovnldoti was mutual. The ervsut left with officer Allen untfl J)g. Higgles could return to Me horn* and Mud for him. AxotM* Cashwdat* rem ti* MuiiAitmr. is.*3? ar?scy.ixr!^at? pole bv Mb. lloraii? K- Marryuus, wbe having achieved tbe t*?ie nltmf wlthont accident, and ailed tbe Lracoln colors to tke WMt, did bouor jo tbe oceaslQAfey koeplog ep*? &on*e l*stevninK. Immit CsiVj'i Wi?(j frotof TM**5W n*-a.baff ttreeC ecboOwm Wni fl pergHac>?, mltU im ?t coal ft* Weaara ilfgfmmi i^mm1 ? ? ; f- , * Chami ttfjaicsiy ? A few day* ago, Mr K. Kingman Infnrmtid officer Giaalty tM he ha? been missing nticlM from hU house fWr eighteen months pa**, in aa atiaecouri table manner, and that amoog other thing* he bta loct four caaea ot pilots (Tamable ones)"tbat have been preeeatad ta its from time to time. The officer proceeded ta , fee tcaidence of Mr K., Hi Fourteenth street, and made tame examination*, aad toon informed him that some one ?bout the premises was, in his, opinion, the thi 'f. A man aimed Pat .Murray, a y? V16 w>? *"<***> uua^'wu wwr<m ciTiog oren obtained U>?: officer proceed. ?l I# L')iiir, wbrrr he hutd tfewe <"i the ptftota and tire?. ciw Pat wah 1 Mrtl %>ro-.f^br!nU)icrw1it and whila ou the wmfj In Cfftrtfmny ifritb the tflWef ,thcv m( man Informed the oJBcerthat ho had ynfut piatol aod wt from .Pat. about month* | ago. ile produced tU^pMM, which Mr. Klngnian Sr^^^.Vaa&sjrSL' bf Viag #U>leO the puwi4?a*d a**Tted Mm*!* tad UUtlj(1Il thetn at an auction; but ho afHMtrv confessed that ft* badhtoUh thefn from M r Kinfmon'a .bouw. He waa put In jail for ? further tuBla?tl?g to-morrow,. before Juatico Buud* Ckntbal Gumid-*oii?*C*s** ? Margaret c**anaugh waa arrested by Policeman Connie*. for an unprovoked Malt and bstt&ry upon Niv Henrietta Cook. From the evldenoe It appeared that the prisoner met complainant on the (tree*, and truck her in the face with a atone, cutting her severely Complainant knew nothing of the Woman. when brought up for trial, ahe cu Bed and wore so that, in order to try the case, ahe waa put in a cell After tbe trial sbe waa strain brought out, ana forthwith pitched into Officer Oormfey, who behaved with mueh Judgment under the circumstance*, and prevented her from injuring his face and eye*. For her disorderly conduct the wa* sent to the workhouse for ftidava; after which she will be placed in custody of u>e marshal for trial at court. Jim Mason, col'd, drank and disorderly; fine and costs. 14 David Jackson, do ; 15. Charles Dav s was arrested by P*lice. man Fanning, for larceny. It appe;-*a that a Mrs. Ann Graham had received a #5 golf, piece,which she wanted Cbant'd. and *ent a little boy to get It changed into small money; be got two sW M piece* for it at oue placc; and meeting Davis, asked him if he could change them for him. He aid be could; took them, went into a bouse near, got one of the pieces changed, gave the change to the boy. and kept the other piece. He was held to bail for court. SSrspicion* ?Thia morning. Policeman Henrv Veatmau rec eived Information that the body of an infant was bid under a pile of coal dust In the Infirmary lot. Theoflli-er Immediately proceeded to make' the inv?stigation. and discovered the perfect body of a white infant, except the hwd From Its decomposed condition it was supposed to have been there several weeks, and to have been placed there when but a few hours old An U731 f^i*m*nl 11 n n ^ **' * ^ ' ? 1 uii.icvcooaij, auu fcUC PVUJT was ordered to be interred. Tbx Clergymen of this District, connected vith the onion prayer meeting, publish a card ug?te?tinn to their brethren In the Ministry, and to all God's people iu the I'aited States and their Territories, that on the tlr?t Sabbath to November special and earnest prayer be offered to the Almighty Ruler of Nations that He will continue to bUss our beloved country, that He will deliver us from our perils, and preserve us as one people in prosperity and peace. Prof Henry will deliver another lecture before tb* Teachera' Association, to-morrow morning, at II o'clock. Oar citizens who are interested in the natural sciences have an opportunity to attend these lectures. Failed to Appiak.?Mr. Jaun-a A. Wli- did not appe-ar to aiuwer the charge of assault and battery', ruled before Squire Myers. ye* e day afternoon. He haa given bail for a hearing on Friday next. Odd Fellows' Hall ?Thia evening, at 7# o'clock, Wolfatenberger'a Mirror of the Arctic Regions. The greatest painting In the world. Go and see it. MARRIED. un Thursday, November 1?t, l>? Rev. H. U Binton. Mr. Hnl AKL CRO?S to Mu? ELIZABETH CHAMPION, all of Washington city. * On the 31st uiti<ro, at the Church of the Kpipha nr, ??y the Rev Charles H Hal1, Mr, SAAli'Kb C. AlI to Mua MARY A. KNOT r. daughter of (ioorje A. Kn jtt, Esq.. a 1 of this city. * DIED, Novemb rl't.atthe residence of hit hrothor-inlaw, J%?. ftonoh, in Alxxaadria county, JOHN U CAR SON. in th* 45th year of his a*e, ion of tho laie Dr. Jan. Car on. Ilia funeral will '"If place on aftturd"iy, the 3d instant, from 8t. .Mar* 'a Churoh, Alexandria, at 10 i> clock a. m., to which tha friends a .d acquai<tMce* of the fa iMly a-0 inriud. * A NOTICE. LL Person* indebted t-> the estate of mr late hi'stiand, A H. Yoitnn, are earnestly requested to settle their Recounts as ?oon as possible either with i Mr \Y. I-LtNMKR (who is authorized to make the I councilors, or mtaeu. M. A. YOUNG, Admiristr&trix, no 1 3t 1 ?t.. httweT. ')tli and l?th ata. OYSTKR9?OYSTERS!?1 am now opening very hue FRESH UYSYKKH,^. / ?s. which will iiw Ment free of charge to an> Wb /. j part of the citv, shuok?tl or in tin- stv iLMw utiell. \ZMaF SAMUEL T. DRURY, Gror r. not St Corner P?. av.aud Fourteenth *t Kindling and stovk wood Manufactured a y length, and d liverod to any pv?t*tf thocity at the ?..ort?*at nottoo, and at the lowest poa?il>le rates, by SHKRIFF & DAWSON. *CT* Office south aid* l a. Hveniie, tween 3d and >ta.; wharf and mi l wat rule 4>? street and UanKI. no 1- lm 'I' II t. IM K W KH1AULI8HMKN T! "ATS AND ffi? .. caps. ffsfw OLf DMON has ia*t reoflived an 1KB imin lue ?to< k of H AT* ard CAl'S.^^kJJjgL which he will sell as low aa any iu the United sftatea. Don't io'js#-t the plac?. M O. GLADMON. Hatter, 266 Pa av., nrar corner 11th *t., no 1-lw Qppoeit* Star Otbca. PU H K COUNTRY MILK. Familife* can be nuppliod with pure Milk on moderate tarma bjr leaving their addresa at Ho* N' .'iO. B'ar Offico ooa-itewltn* . MERl'NOSHiaTS AND DRAWERS. My stock i<? i??? w oomp isms a lar^e an ?<>rtm?nt of (Jenta' aud Bays' Mtmno and Utiubfcwuoi ShirU un Diawert?at lowprises. 1 HKNHY KGAN, 00? tit 3'il Pa. ar/ami iU\ Seventh st. IV KW AND KPLFADID STOCK OF K1CII DRKSSGODS, Whioh we mnte our friend* and pnrohateri to aali and examine before making their selections elsewhere, as we have ma-jr ohoioa s-vles. i w ihii.i.kv -v nn oo m-4t in j Seventh wt , al>o?e Fa. a'v. FMFTY NBW AND STYLISH CLOAKS. Opaned t >-day, \ul at tnuoh le?s tliau former p ic n lAdiM w 11 pi<>a??oali and niakrf their ??li otiuuk at (,bc?. 1/ the? waul 1 he be?t atylaa J. W. COLLKY A CO , ou 3t-5; 333 SaveLtti ?t., above Pa av. ANOTHER LIFE SAVED HV SCJHENClt'f PULMONIC 8VRUP. Thi*uto certify tbat I have been ^oing ma decline formori" than twu teare. I ?t< fi(?; taken With & dull pain lu my richt aide and up in* bv?k to n>T ?ou der blaJ?; my bowel* (at o?>ktive. and I would gee nek hsad%ohet; then have to take totoetb>'s to work it cff. a a would feel better fur a etior i time ^'lienevwr i would take a cold i would grt hoir?e, awl it wo?id Uko a long wniletoiet over it. I jut Fall, i g?t tie Drtpeptta, with it loit ia< M?eute; nothing wcaia etajr on my eto IBIOU, ?> U | |VUU VMK I DAI 1 OOQiQ ?C?rO*>IT gel aboftt. Some data I wouid feel Middling wall and utiuir daya would have to lia in b?d ha f of the time, l.&at Pail 1 t<>?k another oo.d which avttlad oa nr la a** l ooagbt-d t'ay acd niglit and all thf time ta*iu< ?edi?ui?, but notiiirigwouid do any good. I fall avij to nothing but akin and bona 1 had pain iamr right b ea'at, pain under my thoalder blade,

my xtojiaeh woalu gei ftill of wiud ard twetl.tny n ppotii* wae alt gone, and I could think r f nothing taat 1 e uld eat. i would hare to he on one aide all nighi, or wow Id o<u?h myt?alfto dea h. Son* dava 1 wou.d feel dull, drowar tow apintad and of roeaurrry aaougb to get off Ttry onair. I had orwoficg ohilla, night sweat*, and in taat, everybody that kaew me thought I was far gout In Con luinpuun. Hearing ?n muoh of Dr. Sehraolt, I thought tha naxt TMMday. b*iar in Baltimore, 1 arould go do wo and ??e him, and hav? mytell examinad with hi* Ro?pir<?m?to'-; ?o, in February last, 1 o<% l:d oh him,and * a? txairined. Heaaidmy liver was 1;i an awful cou^Uiun, and th&t iny ruht'ua? wM aff- otod *U thaSra? down, or tit* tub?? of tha !? ; . .v?^5:tSw: ?riw5t!sffi5l had th? ConiTawption, and a&ul ha did not know wYtthw I ooujd ba our? or pot. I wawna 4 ?<rn?, the SwawJjl Taclo ?ad?&a^iaf?nJ( Th? Pi!l?ard Toniotook nefct ho d uf m* l?w?r uui etcm&ch, but my oougb did not ?top m 1 ?iM?t?d it would" t w<mld row to m? bin every wweft or two, isd ha 'would toll m? I *u brtt?r, and I knew < i wufttl but tU? o?u|lw Ut *pp*tu? vm hot* ?r: | my bow*!? got reenter; I iotmtri>D*?r,?n?| for?h?. ut two moath* py ooaio hm left mo, mo 1111,or food h?ktk,?|Mr< oaoo inawhito I (at a littlo -Oct 96 TifiP-ui itrthui thu ?Utw?t. ( Ut* at Klkridc?rf Landing, ee tho road to Waefciagton ciQr. liiqo buIm from Baltimore. where *v?rJ p*f?ou U?re KaeWa re?. 4Sli*?ait# Hall, jpasggaep - .. ? .1, ? |\1 *r i !?OHTHk -?4 1 INkW YQRK DA1LT nERAL?, , js f 0 0 a my uroMiiHim stock ? Fall and Winter AT R TT R. T> PTTK's w JUI X A U , . J .. " H?nuf dtferrtd ray future* #centij, I im n? w grep***! to r(fi* ? nry tn? pul.lic generally ono oMM H*lfiu4*t I Alck*l>r * ?f?? 1L tTl ? on r good ?i to ho foan**yirtief?H4j4s6Ui?Mif it .least t?apar cf ut.?b^p?rU?f thPM wh? bo?**rwrt part of this uuon, '-' < < A ' 't9\ r .-.}}: ..? ? - '! Jll^MSeWdt'Ttirtfc'Ov'SSrTtkin* i# th* w?y of DR|S* GOOBS ted * ' < Chtals Firnrad Siik*. r; rlsin ud ?trip<xi Silk. "1 ** my Em ud hMvy, a* #1. BILK AND ffOMIID OOOD9. _I Nt tOC*!! HlVlBlflitJ at tU I rnAimm fci mis MfWMwBtl Figured French Mmibm. m> iDo. do. Mouv*?lin? Delainci, > Plain do. Menoot,all oolora, ' laid , 'do. do da, Fn*li*h Prtp'in?,*n colon, P aid Valencia*, Knglirh Merino a, all ?olora, 5n pieces of grey Poplina, anu other textures of Goo'lsfcr Travelm* DrMNi, ton* very good at 12,'? centa per yard. Of a /ii? n r* /\ r*f* UUAVI& Ul/UUOl ( constantly keep on hand all the bait makes of BOMBAZINES, MERINOS, TAMISK CLOTHS. ALPACAS, MOUSSELINK DELAINES, Ac. WHITE GOODS. Table Linens at 37,5rt 6\T>, ?l and f 1 25, Shirtinit do. at 2i, S7, 51,62.75 and fl, l.i ;en I.awn,Cambric, Napkins, Towelings and Handkerchief*, very cheip. FLANNELS. 201 piece* of All Wool and Domet Flannel*, 2 ' ??? of heavy Canton Flannel, at in cent*, 10J piece* n?>at Figured Caheo, will be ?oM at 10 cent*, inch as are generally retailed at 12S ct*. i__. CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. I have all tb* new ntyla* of Cleaks of the *eaeonA srcat variety of Shawl*?M Stella Shawl?, only 52. MEN AND BOYS' WEAR. 100 pieced of hear* Endi*h CftiiimerM, Cloths, Sst neU ami all color*. ON THE SECOND FLOOR OP MY STORE will be found a very deniable stock of CARPETING DRUGGET*, RUGS. OILCLOTHS, *o. My creftt a?h autAj* is in ooutrolir.g a large busi nets with small expense. TERMS CASH?Ow* Prick as xkab as Possible. W. W. BL'RDETTE, 351 Srrtith Street, OO 31 5t BktWXXN I AND K. Heath * knowue*, life. firk 4. marine INSURANCE AGENTS. (lfTioo? Room 16 o?er Bank or Waahmgtuu, oo 29 tr Waahinittnn, D. ^ p the Connecticut mutual life insur anck company of hartford. Accumulation 93 500,000, Pretcins iodncement< to all olaser* equal to ur oorapMiT. and far *np nor to nuit Dividends made an?l paid annua')*. HEATH t KNOWI.FAAjMU. oo tr Offic*. over Bark ot Wa?h1n?.tr>n. trimmings, buttons, tassels' "The U?t assortment of TRIMMINGS. RUTTONS, TASSEL*, &o. Al?). VA*N, Zephir and Shatiaml WOOL. ar? kept in Waahiurton, No. SO Makot Space, near 8th at., at Ttww York and Baltimore pncea. oc 23 2W F. ML'HLINGHAUS. All kinds ok family furniture linen and cotton goods, AT COSH A full of heavy t in<sn ShocUana, in 10-4, It- 4,and W 4 widths, at 65, TO, and 73 cent.:, wo. in 9<?. 91 UH ?nd 91.25 in the regular retail 1 aalee. pi lov and Bolster Lireca at prime ocat. fclejant Real Frenoh Curtain Chintz a at co?t; t<iejr verc houglit at low figurea, and will be uio.ed out at the aaine ; they are rioh in the extreme and very cheap. Eleaant French Piano Covem^onac ernlirmUnred, othi-M in imitation of India or Caxhmera ileu^n* novel Mid Hey*nt, at cost price?. New atjle of Covera, for d'nner. circular and ' oent'-ntalilaa and wnrkatanda, at eoct priree. IMnner aud Hreakfant Table Dainahka, no me in the cuifbiaUHl aid aearie Belgian mike*, in all ?i?e?. with Napkina aud Overlay*to tnatch, at coat 1 price* All ?ize? ar.J qi(*liti4a Bed ?prea?l* in Mar- 1 aei les, Turki?)i, Dro^l.u, aitJ oth<T inakoa, in whito. pink and blue, at >*t prices . and t)io?e ouiiiinenoing housek??j?inn will itoubtlxiik never have kuch aKother opportui ity of supplying theinaelves villi coiulo/tabiu and r.eo -s*ary a ttclos at auch unprecedented]; low pnees ?k the p*?x?nt opportuuit) afford* 'P!ie?>o roods wi-re a 1 bought nn the very Iwst terms, s ud they are now sell tit oil' at Uio Mine ; no more will Ite atkeJ, no more taken, at Uit ol.l stand of CLAGK IT A. DODSON, oo 23-eoet No. 4 Market Space. Trancing ACAUKMY, ,1/ ' . At Fiaxiux Htu. 1 i Prof h. G. MARIXI bat the honor to inform his friends and tne pouiioia general that We vi! t iin*?>i n f)A.r.Aini7 At P.mklU Mi t Lull, corner ui I) and 9th it* , for th? lienefi of thona wlio wuh u> perfect themaelvM intUB thik g ocoiu! aocoiopluhmt" t, on XVednrsd?^No vf-iri!>or 7. Dnj * ui mitiou, Moiuiavs, v* Mii>?<?1ayi fcud Ftidat*, f oni 3 U> & o'clock p m fur ladiei and ohildrau, and from to 10 for Kentleiitcn. Kor particulars. apply at lite Academy from 8 to 10a ni. oc 31 bf , pUKS! K lT JtS m F U A 8 11! 1 wi?h to oall tho attention of my ouatomera and the puhliein gen- m^"i? ndbouih'rt'h* lowott cash prio*. I oan oger mv fr?*?m1 a and cmtom?r? one of the largect ai.d beat seleot*d atocka in that line ev- r offered in Wa&luarton. A call is all I a->k. Sitno^lu^kiW, oc 17 wlir Corner of Stxttca^ aod Pa. aT. ^rtH 1 BS. WOOLEN YARN in Blue. Grey, ?UW B aek. White and audem cn ori. Woolen and Cotton Hosiery sod Gloves. tQontiemeu'* Ribbed \Vooi Shirts and Dravera. h^xe gooda ar?* extra quality. Silk fcltdrta and Drawer*. Merino Shirt* and Dmwe-f cf all grade* We *'oul?lcaU particular attention to our veil amorUM .took yJ\ m 1 kind ??f Dry Good*. ?uitab!e aaaae of teraoa*, all of wbi H will ba sold at tiia lowest market p.-ioee, V, ??? WM.R R1LEY4BHO.. No. 3&Gaotral Stores, bet Tth and 8th eta, <10 fcVStawIm oppoeit* Onj'ii Market 486 IJ,tEElOE ADORNMENT. PAPSRHANGINGS amd WINDOW MHJTDBS. ?r fl>peHka??i?M from th? ri?h a*d ornate to the moittLuU and tingle pittimi, & opr. priate for parlors. haTlft, d.ninx room*, ohambai B and nbrariea. Aleo, a ohoiee atock warranted GukI Band Window bhadeijJrauaton GoM and common Shad**, Buff, Green and Blue Whaie Hoi I j id# Picture Cord and Taaeeia, Crimmm Peartet, B ue fcnd Green color*, froia photo*iaeh to portrait 1 jp, ? Ju.t received at No ?B6 Seventh *t , J;4nj> tar Papirhan^iu?? or Window Sfeadee lalthfurj exeou'ed la oujr or oonatrv. Satisfaction ..?r 00 P.*' "Hjured. Pleaae give a?e a oail. Don t foricet the number, M ? ? JTMAHKRITK*. . No. 486 Seventh ?l door* above o 5-eolin* Md* Fellow' Hall. Ww ? .v. CLOAKS. 5 Bave thie day reoeivsu from New Vork a beauti.u!aaaottnent of new ?t?ie Pali a ad Winter C LO 4 KA, la^h ae the Arab. Zouave and other --<X*13 . TAVLO BtH UTO HI8 01*. OP P 0**^ Na. 4 Marfct 8yx?. C1MI1ROIDERY 8TAMPCTtO, wr*ll kind* <if 'I^_mM*r.*LdoB? in th* beat manner, u C. F. ; SCHMIDT** Tot u< F?n?T Stnr# \a. fiO Pm. 1 Corr$syondmm of Tim Star Our polk* bawtaatfa bu?v time 1 tfeU week-, Uyiof r?, and terra dtepao^ of more than lb c*f* netting tbe Corporation can. ldmbte ita U) tb? W*, of forfeiture moat of th?B WW* *** ?* T*tnbnnt? *?* dl**r* derte conduct Ctawk* Bon?, ?feo tired plttol t 7enif?, (botto eotatrtl ??,> 4? letu* of Wcdft?*d?f, wm fcg Jyttc* White ?+t U. iiili?? irUnU ?* ***>b*11 ** k* FP^?"t* &5* *r Crry'.nH C^urt- TheJwtlE viva ? ttjuttjj rpan nam fa win HODmu. c Uarsdd With di**rderlT cwd> ( and ?Mag iMalttag 1??fa wbrm'.Tf stass^Srs ^Vl lmi? 661 reec *4lit wr i ^ i. nearly fciOp^nda, wblrfa ij^tUauUd^r of Vina tt&t+k it the CMfcetari office ?f Uw-Cfaewtip aed OW? Oa?*l tier* tfttrla* the month of Octofcw. ! <91,411 M d* L^UdlMt, 9i.*n ?9 MCendlhgi total 9?,ms H Kwnber o# rrtraljdtirln* th* thouth. 3&f Mr. 8op*r, the obliging Cqtfpctor, who furtutfcad th? above autemrtjt, uddi that had it not b?a?i for li^ SffttX!!* Jfi p "-"" * ? Iiii.aiiriiii a IUO yi?vi y Ui iQf C HHO 1. The Potomac Lltfbt Infantry. Capt. McH Hoi* lingswortb. will parade this afternoon, and pro* reed to some point In thesnborfes, for target practice. \\ e saw in market here a lot of potatoes from 1 the market farm of Mr*. Brltt which sur|?ss la I site anv grown In thia regis* One weighed i pounds 1 x ounces. a?d waa about 10 Inches la length W bo can beat It! Do not forget the singing school concert at Forrest Hall this evening It will b? a rich musical treat, and we hope will be liberally patronized by our citizens We consider the slnglag school a benefit to our coinmuuity, and that thoae who originated and sustain It are worthy of all piaise. See the advertisement. Auother excellent institution has been started and ts ta good hand* We allude to the uigbt school for apprentices and others who nnnni ?t. i tend the da'y'acbools which will opeu uu Mou- < day evening next. It'la supported by sui>scrl{ tlon, and it under the control of the Guardian* of tUe Georgetown arhool, to whoru application mutt be made for admittance. We undcnbyid ' thai Mr. Henry Craig la chosan as teacher * The contract for the construction of tbe alntce wall aud gatehouse at the Great Pall* baa been ' awarded to Mr. Dobbina, of the Arm of Carman. Dobbins tc Co . and be haa already coauMBeed work thereon Leave your advechsmenU at Dr. Baraard's, ?t Crandtli ?, or at 114 Hndgeatre**, where the Star's \ agent maybe sean. It will save the time and \ trouble of going to Washington, and coa.? no i more. , w i . . ?????? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTfc ? . .. a I, For otktr Vtorgnoun* odvtrtis.tmm>i tu Jtrtt pmgi A y ' GKOBGETOWW TiX fcli.?Noiiea it I ? hereby mveu th it after Monday, 5th of Moveuiber, the Collector m reumreo io advaiti** ?r distrain property ui*on winch ttoe annual tax la un paid, H.d alio for tax** Uiau due, tor wnpi ovement . f alroeta ui.der the law# of tkia Corporation. Paw promptly, and ??v? coats. i ocai'-lw CHAS. 1). WELCH. Coi'r. , ?ONCERT AT FoKKEBT HALL! A Vucai vid Inatrtim ntal Concort will bm tlren | ?t Korieat Hail THIS KVKNING, h? the ?* or?e town Sinking school. Titf p.o*r?nimc trill ?mhraoo twenty s x pi-oes nelected with treat ?are, and the choruse* will l>? rendered by about fifty v ice?. There will be an acomnpainnient of Piano, Viulin 1 and Ua?e Viol, hr t?>ud performera. ">i<d we lu?p<* to a mak^ane tertaiument wl.ioh will pleaae even the o iti ai audieu.e. The police arrant eiuenta are parfeet, and pood order ia *uara tied. f Admiii oa 25 cents; oUdr<-n 10 aentr. Uoora i open at 7; conceit to commence at T\ o'aloak pr?- i cueiy. It O CORN?CORN! . N Hand a large lot of Corn : will Utod low to olosc, Applr noun a: No. U3, west of tke M rket, , on the Canal, Georgetown, to A. II BOUC HER. ; no l-3t ^ IOnO APPl.Et*?APPLE*! t ?UUU BB> t* APPLE**, now landing from , schooner J. * N Biker, whien will be *old uu accommodating term*, Irom wharf or store, I jr , j. g. waters, ' no 1 2w* 109 Water ?t . Georgetown. 1/ORNfcu' YORK?Ike packet echoon r York- ' town, i apUin Wofloni, wi.l commence loading ahjvrt on FkIDA V ??'. ?d met For freigkt apply to 1 mecohb k PODGE. t BO l fl? Water it. Georgetown. \ 11^ CLOAKS! ?? CLOAKS'! f f J II# CI.OAK9!!! II# c i loth Cloak* *old for v<~>rth $H. for waith 510. fo- 310, worth ?12. i.ioea handkerchief* at U:*, worth 25 Cambric ami >wu? Set* it %.? and $ 1 7V worth double .Maitene Co,Uia and ta . at very tuw prices. Coartois?r? ee etaraied Kid , Gloved at 75 cei.U per pai , worth .$1 V? vet and Bonnet Kili'u->ns la great variety. C!tha of all t f..r Mantsea Hurt Boa ni* at 12S and 1k\ J para, worth double. Belta and tt< It R inborn < f all v k nd*. Ri?h Stf'la Shawl*. wi'li Brochet Bordera *t f<i, woiti. ili'ubi# 11 'opSkiila a I iiim iaciu<r Mechauical C.'oraeU. alt uxeg. aoid fur 5 I Cfcasimera, Ca>sibr'a, Fall Cloths, Linioti, b'lanket., an! all ktnua o< SMvitti'Wnr r wiM - Pr. low, aud a rn it daut other articles too a numeroin to mention. All "Be a)>ov* guuda are bought lroin 'he truxtca of a Ua- krupt n.ercbaBt, and will be aold at au uum?r>k* aao ihce. Coiae all and accare v'Ui l>arrai' x,a.'d <1 n't fnnet tbe place. Groat ind.cemttLtaoffered to wnol-*n!e tarera. h Ol'TMaN, a 117 south aide Hml*< Kreet. r no 1- w Georgetown. D. C. 1?><Uk PUTATOR& FOTATOKS. n ??')" BUSHK1,>>Of prmi? Now jeraey White j M"roef aud Peatli lilon-juitt arrivetl a?r aehoonor IAU n. ..... I ?I_r -I u u; ?ui, suu i?M e?ic ii VMII ? rMCI. PKTKK BKRRV. , oc 41-St ?3 \V liter it, Georgetown. ] A SWINE. f LL Persous are mf<?rni?Hl that it it unlawful for c Hogi to go atiAr*# with is lite Corp.i<at~ lirr.,t? of > tto l? to wo from thJfi rat day ol November to the b rat * Jay of Abiil. A11 auvli animals that are found at Iarj(e ;?l\cr tins brst day of \ov?Mnt>-r next will be (| uaugUt aiid <i?rrit>U to tl<e Aiint ilou* *. THE l'OlJCE. Georceutwn. I>. C oc y lw October ?th IMm. |\JKW?TORK! MEWOOOU8! ( H MR*. M. 8IMSON Informs tier nutneruui Trie .d< aud tho public general!) tint tli? lb now ealaliiutttxJ tu ;??r ,\ew^A 8tor?, No. Ill lirulicu Mlrtct. Georgetown,, Iwudvuri aUivo tiie old ?tnnd, wIitcii]\> W* . found n* nana', a lar*<? as-ortin'iit o( M H.l.l.N KKY DRY GOOD*, HOslKKY. and KMBROIDKKIK^. at tit* rfj lowest market prioea. oo 12-i in _ - FOR RENT?In ieorge'own, two &rat-ota? ' 111 >1>KS, ituateJ on Writ ?tr.?t, one oo* I l&lnuu )b 'I'Oint,Mid tuaoliaer B. with cMftiuibathrooiius swat>l*t* Af ply to H. U OFFUTT, No 49 Hi(h at.. 6*or(?tovs. ucJ-lm ^ ' personal. [\|auamk ^lorrlck, thi _tfskat .a<t*oifo ( ? ' m Wl* r An I> U(ICT?IF>, TTOm HUT Oft.? i ni* UUU:y giftd ftud intelligent l*dvf en, he conm tea on the Pant. Present and Futnr? Kvei t?. Cail at No. 403 Kuhtta at., between G and H, Washington. t no 2 8t* J Ai.l pgju?p3te ark forbidsfn to ! limit, siMM>t, or oUreiwui ?e_m this pl4o?. WM. T. MAURy, . P>et ? Pr?s?eei, i"*ar Georgetown , OeU^sr *Kb, W) . oc 3t 3t I AD* ME PEL'X. F? rtuB" Teller f>oir Pans beg" leave to iutorra Iper former frieuds, aed n the put Tie generally.that tbd ha* removed ro 350 ' Ninth street, northeait corner of N. where the will b*> happy to ?? ftli who ?*r decirn to hare the put, present and future sfttis&tcionijr explained. oe 11-lm* ^HEAPESTSTOKE! SAVE YOUR TIME ,k AND MONEY. AJVD GO AMD PUKCHASK YOUR * DAY OOOM ft AT THE CHEAPEST STOR JP, 399 SEVENTH STREET, ( Ennt S*de> J %&() K oo 1>-I?a MATTHEW9 4 PORK. j now HAVE THE LADIES VOTED? Eli a? Huwx, J*, of Button .vfco ia thn inventor * CU (Ho "lock-stuqh" u?e<t uj tli? principal Nwmr n^tohioua, reunites ?*Or? return* to m rr.ade to hau of the number told Kjr ?-?ch ecmf ant, u>d ai[?i then* to pay hini nlio*nae for rrorj mnehrtre a. Tne foiluwiajr ? a ten rent ie enpie.f from Mr. Howe'a publimjd rrport. for 1366 as J Its. jt ?nll be keen ttnvt vHfiffi.KR WILSON'S 3> \V> . 1NO MACHINE i? pr? fened bv an lmmame majoritr of the ladies, in rp te of the effort* > f inter 0 e?ted partiea to injure iia ta!e. Wheeler fc Wilson.;., . ?vsteirk-: $2 kk b?M? ; .v.." XS va J & Co y? ?*? * * Fiskl^lt 'fl Tt"EiffelTCyriHiji>i?Mr?f' *" ?? i *4? PmdijIvWi- ?v?nu? M. f?i ?Orc?l?r. ac 23~Unf a.""* i |m?? an e*ten?ive a*?ortnieut * ( Moie ^Hb H?l*. t ns&^natss? t THE LATE8TNEWS TELEOBAPHXO. . 1 * ' utimifwttiMk la* .pmmAOtftKiwUt" B*n&k ? her mvr t? ihaatea vis Myites Theeteamer Pmli tmd aiM ? *> Covml P?uiv, Freiuh JUIHh * Lwln. sr^srda ?res*jr The rnSk wd cimwf camtrnw* U nuke a view*** Aria* mf th? fuii raw It u btl:?v?d tb?l the Papal N*?*1? at Plfli Will Ant frtura Another attach ?f the Royal tftew hai bare r* pulard by liarthaMI Cent* *l<-lllaa ?-l ? Tn^e >a ratginl ? ii imwriiwtHfo?|iM>i V|H?4O. aad ether ptaoaa wlWIa an! tea ?f Rat**. h*4 rauard frrMt diHMWw??a(Huong rt?e nwounu The drpartaaaaT ?W R?aalaa Ranhwaf froo. Turin ha* tx-en aAclallf mmn< It larviteraM teat tb? Awtrnui mlanriyrMcentra ting on the troatten. bot the report la ?UU aeMlnMi A report also prevails thai ?,00t Aaatrlaaa frum Mantua b*mmmmt4 the rtvrf Po The oational eoto It Airily baa halt poatpeaed to the 99th (Vtak* It la reported Mat Prwata wtl! l?uud ?a the Clceofber a part ?* AortrH that tfca UOrr will Ip in reviving the qoption of the Uanlat. Doehiea The Parte Pa trie anneuarca that tha Kagltab I'nitiaaaariar ti T*Mn? had iwelvad aa I aU ma lira tbat the F.mperor will be d'.apaeed to ma*? II U?e allies rapttfc Ik* Mhe fort* Victor Kantrl had not mebf4 Naples ?l Ui? Latest ad vim Gsr.haldl't ministry still remained In ofltoe, on iccount of the popular dsmonttratluna ud U.? rx pec ted arrival of Victor Emiml The people of tb? Papal Slates war* imm unaly lignlng petition? on tbe ssbject of the norwnu irfthe Frwb troops The Saiflslso Chamber* closed oa the IWh, ifter adopting as addreaa of homage aod gratitude to tbe King Tbe meeting of the Sovereigns of Auatris. Prosits and Riissls was to take pUc? st Warsaw on tbe 90*. The Rombsy mails report anothsr rtslag of an Important character at KaUiawar An arrimI r./w.. ??- ?--? - ' " ?iv ui up HTiin 10 Nrpteen?er 45 tb Ooftr wmi dakl at &0UU"4Mh and MIW> TIM eia for good fin* quality Kscban*e *7 to ?7 k Tb?> l.ondtn monev market baa beeai *wv brisk it rxtrrme ratea, but on the Ifttb yreawr eaM wm nanlfeated. tbougb the market waaatill naeetird. Later (ram the Iitkau. Nrw Yoke, Not 2 -Tba itwuhip Nortbera LI2bt. from Aaplnwall, arrived bare Uiiamarata*. *be bringa Callao datra tu October 1H Tbe ?atumitoin ur the Amrlcaa Gowaneat bad kaea r?-Jecttd by t^e Peruvian trover nrnent, M far m the t.tu e Thompaun, the Georitltaaa, rod Sirtorla were concerned Tbla action will eampal Ibr Atnrrlran Minister to demaad hla peaa porta A aerloua accident, cauatng great luaa at Itfb, A<>/> M * ? * - vwu?. njr an accioent to tM dry dcck a Peruvian frigate wan destroyed MM numerous sprcUtors were killed. The rrvofjllou 1b Bolivia Lad beea lupprnNl. In Nicaragua Mr Dlmttry, the Anrrtcu Mleister. ?u preasing tbe aeitlenieut of our claim Mr V nurrbllt bad made aa offer to tbe Mle* razusn Government for tbe right af tr?n?1t but It wsi rejected A diftcnlty hsd occurred at Panama bet woo n tbe British and American naval fore*, and tue former bad a guard stationed la tbe it-Mi Political ttotarkaacri to tot. LmIi Sr. Oct 31 ?Tbe Dou*l.saod Breckinill i cIiitia rawr into collision last night Jee? aa ;be latter were dispersing, at their club room. TU rtoonnte pubt sii-d charge tbe Douglas bms with jnemg bren tbe aggressors, though tbe Bwckta* 1dge men wet*- victorious The police alarm waa and toe tre department called out Coeaid ratote e*~lten?ent prevailed, but ao aerloua dawtge waa done The lstf CmctmiaTi. Oct. 3l ?A ten-mile trot bki Mace bm on ?*?tnrd?v *??i K-??- n' Jueen. of Obtcajo. Oapt NlcGowaa, of Lwii*lie, and l.adr Gay, of CtnciiiaaU, far a pane of Tbe two former borse* trotted tea-nil* M?Bt Louisville lest week, making a dead beat. rb ? k tbe only caw of tbe kind tuowi la tb? Dotted rtlater. txtUtiH ?t m HlMiMlrft Meaner?Thirty Pemias Killed mm4 YIfty Scalded .Niw UILUKI. Now 9 ?Th- *tearner H ft . Hill, Cap; T. H Newell, running between kiacltraad Mempbts. exploded her boiler on A'educaday nlztit Sbe bad a large number of >^Menv*ra ou ooard Tbirtv persons w?r* killed iuu ig ui, aiiu ui(f wpre wore Of M ICtldHi Errata. New You. Nov *.?The Sbertdaa Knowle* eported lost on tbo Arrtle. between Hall, F.aj(and, and CWmatradt. HumIi wm not tte aathcr, >ut the AuMriaa of the Americas Bank tiote Company, ?b*rtf*d with the prrfornmc* el vork for iLt Liuport/f of Kuili IcatUr Oa?|lai ka Alakaaaa. tit. Mo*TCK>MBhY. Ala., Xor I ? Jttdr** bouvlai' eceptioc h< re waa a very Uandtotue aud entlua'.?uc afi'?kr The State fair here U progreaai ag very ffcvor* bly. Baitl?*r? vitrktia. Nov. 4 ?Floor trmer, Howard lr?*e?. Ohio and City Mllla US 541 Wheat trm; t-d Sl3Uai:j:i White II iui m IU.W 66afcc i utile Prnvtaiot? qft?A; u-*? pork 519 Tj Lard 13c Col? firm Riv <J%al5j?c. Wbiaky Sic. DROP. L- C. UARIM haa tha honor of laformL luntiiafonnar j>atronaaii>t tii??ubV(?n % irallr tf>*t In* "Wncing &cfel?ntj >? mow up*n or lha rOcaptionw pupil*, and (hat Ko * ul/TM oiBiu?fK<? lua aratauait ron TIH'HSDa VlaflMfc liov.mi* >>, o eiork at I'aion A omar .T ?tr?**t and New York artin. uiiiii... i u?tu?i?, i n?rKk|4, M Mter" A>? <?f ??on we?k (h* For i>?> ticular see Circuiar*. 57J-W [lirtH } ri E. E-O URIEV iJBOCERlE* AND VARIKTll?t?i (luutbweat ouruer t>f L ftntl Ninth it*. t VERY UfE?io? ARTfl.F. OP" OLp \MOLNTMN DEW RVK WHISKY.0?r nialf.c.i South* ft* t ooruftr of L Mi J N inll: lU. a cilDL'DIikO t rvf ? * Wrv?? -- ? " jf r?vi I^JVIV/A IjV V' r 99 lift ^ T ? H ^ 1 \ U>u.?,??>l U:-D EVE WII8RY, * ???&& r boUla. J utl received ??d for ?i? kg ft E. O'BJLIEN. - SonlhvMt eo'B?r of L udNuU M V*(S'Sg9' K?a|hTMt aornv of Lwd Ninth ?a. nHXXliES. I EMON?r** UAPLB ?*OA?. J J cat roceivfedkad for *]? by T goutn*m? oorcoT or L ?i*d Nu?U ?t?. I, (>00 MMV8W" - oc J7-m. sutliVrM o*nter ?r I. and "V1 ntt m*. r AT Jt r* T 1 N V fcN UOM! LADD WtBfTBB fc ' rigtii-Siltch Sewtef tfuchime* BOOT T^?j &ct U? no t nmmk*.' TTi?y ?re the etrouiiit Th?y *r? the ur^*' ?U>?r lyiiMM. Tfc?y u?e ? >.4*41*, . (C?ryi>mtwo(>oinMW.> TOy^JsrvL. o/ ?<rwn?they waJc* the m<m ruflU ?riU*?t My (lohn^U. L?L ?DU exAmui*? _ ? At >48 PfMHioiitMnyhy ^nn.itn c i'. 11 uci tin r> P Btf< LK.fl v OtSKW BO<*r? Po* l&p 4JB0 l*M. lllrtorf of the Lit* Tmat of Jt>m on. bf Wm. C. R vo?;?oL 1, auw r??4t - , Women ol the SontSi for UM1 Lore* of the Pix-U fur 1K1 National edition <fl !*?'* Work* ll'aatrmtaJ piriey'a NewTiUUrMwiVd of Cooeer jQVMll.'e* for Uftl. PIamoiII ?M(| u.k ?t nmr tfk of JU7^j"p'Tk*' ^BSE*! Maeooic, OdJ FelW-, Military, MocktaioaJ. lecHitcciaral, Qmm, aa4 Billiard liooka. el ware a hana. AL' ^VSWftL iTSTA' * ?! "*?*> Ou,*SW"? *32!?'r??W? xSshtait o^r.toir"11 s,r*? *' ^ ft Stj&fejstAC '-s&S?jE"j^ |fc*miropor? ov?Ur?.u^/onpltitt ktei^ ?*,~4 *? to f#?al. f karn t* ?, t jM ?J!J^ BO tevfctp ?'not tot m? fry? M*u Md 4?wt i ,ov the bu?.n?>?? to t* o*rri?d M (rWB *T n?i> L.akmrat ??1 do >M M ?,n4*n^*UUtf. ' Center b?v? I <#l >>rfo?k ofmi Htokmantw ?..j p?rroi"tt?f city. No ?yiton ?i? Mat k* m t* ^bshbwb