Newspaper of Evening Star, November 2, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 2, 1860 Page 4
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?- r ' EVENING ST Alt ANoniCR oifk roiTie mifCE. It ia pretty generally- known that the EnglUh reaideata o{ New Vork city ?pp#tnt' A* committee toInVlte the ynan^ P loce to a biaqoet, not Ifta^ age; end it ia equally '"[f11J1uown that aald committee 1rat k"*r?iMY anutro^x bjr the adriaara f "'U'lfli-at? " Th&^wbbtng been bkaa ttadhr, b?we*<r. for a fill)** fnferma ut Uaat mi HrMaaolo feMaar-oltf^a? b?t* juat addreaaed'aksMtowlaff' ' J? Tlrrtw ,3{lKl.'j sit ^ " -"?*.',JBVSKia2SSS2!' ? 1 - i'? i i * T.Mt Biik l.kedcm. o ?l?a Thay :aaiy??4t fcMhlH'j AiUy?t?k 'a h'owaid th? ?la?e, <*" 11 * 1 ^ ' ? U. -* A^a. . mA* A/il t ,3Tl rR* moa9; .. . TkMh'iaU > ? ,v ua 'ftppeO thM To fkll baa Atk joar k'?y?..i< Bat let h'n? leare thia 'orrid then*. 'j0a And 'ave a vtid ur two '' ' " About the folk? jovje ooiae k'Asoaf, Before we b id V adieu , ? New York coeietr h'ie fori?d . . Of k'aUtke fe'odOa sad k'anda ,> * T|*t h abuut \ e almne of wa?AM??- oi>: ?***tfc?Tl !iV?oh h'other fn??ul?. They 'are an 'o-ror of the stook From wLx.i they h'a.l 'are coma. H'and p ide themseivee on Hinfiiak k'atra? Htrt rhar 1* all 'am. Yon royal 'iikivasa >hould beware U'of u'ail Hie plana tbay'U uiaka i > To oauxn rh-? 'op of Hin< and'* Mil A Yai k e bnde to take \V> *ou!J h a*lviae you . hoLored air. To 'old yourself aloof < ? From h'any^miig a.iproaihing to A V"ai lt?n*s private roof. For the j h'*r<- mad to catch a prinoe, W.tti trail their 'i^h rlowi, taik& Awd h'if tt?? y iia;> you faitiy onco, Vtm'll 'ave to walk the ch&Ik. So. h* Albert h'EdvarJ, t ??at tbem h'all H as though you we e tbeir king, fa'and h'if you anuhthun *ard h'enough. You'.l 'car 'ow small they'll sing. H 'and wh?n jron do return h'uuto Tti? lai <1 oi 'ops and b 14, Pray Mil 'e .VI vj??ty, tlie Queen, We nay to 'or. all 'ail H'old Hiniclan-J h in tha 'appieit h'ltie T) att'iom th? h'oc an atai ta, ) '?ad h'ever may it '?M our 'ome?. Our h'mtarMta ami oar Varta ' Tn* CoCTtr* F.x-Gov. Win ?A Washingtoi dispatch saysr Jeatousits are arising bclwr^ii ci Oov Witt and Got l.etcber, of Virginia, In i ian11111rni r of lb* conn* the former I* pursuing with reference to the organization of committee* of aafotr (9itv I .etcher deems the revalarly constituted authorities of ?toe State capable of aasvrtand maintaining all her rights, whether in tti? Union or out of It, and quotes thi receat fulmlnations of Mr. Attn, during tht Jobn Brown Raid, bark npen htm. The Governor Intends to Inn a the Inws and anpport the Constitution in accordance with bit oath, whether the penalties tkii hpoo disturbers of order outside the State or. witkla Its limits. Oy Tbe New Pemberton Mill, in Lswrence, Mais . which was commenced last March, is now roofed in, snd will be tn fall operation in January neat, gtela y employment to one thousand bands, I sale and female, in making ticking, shirting stripes, cotton flannels, cotton pantaloon cloths, cottonades. cotton vestings aud ginghams The mill baa been rebuilt. It Is said, in the mat thar. ougb maimer IET The weather In Northern Oblo for tome I tlim past appeara to have bcrn uuuaoally wrt and VDComfbrtabU. A private letter from Ci??rlaud, da tod tbe 24 tb lint , aays . Thia la the flrat day far ?if weeka tbat we nave bad prom lee of One WMtber A srentieaiau who baa kept an accurate aeeoant Hyatt baa rained, more orleaa. sometime daring tbe 24 hours of each day, for 46 daya, ending ye*terdav. tbe 23d."' |[TA Parla letter of the lith, to the N. Y. K*r?w, aaya : ' Mr Faulkner, minister of tbe I nitcd State* to the Court of St Cloud, w?a received lu private andience bv tbe Emperor on Monday laat | and placed In b1? Majesty shands the reply ofth? * I'-u -? a*.*? 4_ At _ ? -?? - rrrwiarui wi iur t uiwu CvaKTO lO tUt? lfclWn OX ffoaii ppwntM at Washington by Count de Sarttgas, late minister of France to the United State*. tfT Mayor Wood. of.New York, ban applied to the Hoard of Alderiuett to appropriate *4,-MO to ? meet the expenses of recalslug the Prinoeof Wales. As. however, the Aldermen consider themselves nabbed on that occasion they iati mated a disposition to let the Mayor pay the bill hlasself, aad laid the application on tha table. To Wbitk fob Nothing ?it Is stated that Bonnar. of tha New York l.edj^er, when he invited Mr Huchanau to becentea contributor to bis journal, proposed to pay bis excellency for his productions, and that a thousand dollar check was the ?flared retained fee. Mr. Buchanan, however, promptly declined tha generous offer Siii or thi Tixu ?The day after the recelpt of tbe uews of the Pennsylvania election here. letters. addressM to his "Excellency" Aba Liu.'oln, were, we are to'.d, deposited in the pott ?mrm u?re for tranmnluion td the rail* splat- r. \Vooder If th? writer* want a job.?AT. O. Dtlta. f, ICTOne rraultof the completion of the telegraph i>a** betwrrn St Loot* *rwl San Francisco wllT be that evory mfw^p -rtit will arrive tbree hour* In advanc* of the time It wa* sen!! Thu*, a iQr**axr leaving St Louts at noon will reach 8a& Frauo iro at 9, a ir. [TV \V# *ee it stated that the owner* of the steamboat AUda, on the Hud ton. are willing to acccpt th? challenge of the owueii of the Daniel Dr<?w. to rua a race for $1,900 Botu boat* ire very flett. ARRIVALS AT THB HOTELS. BROWNS HOTEL?F VaUernaa, J Hlteshrw.Md; D Hi**, Capt vv EaliM, A McBrlde, w ? Florence ud fan, La; w Harscll. NY; O Koados, O; T Pofee, BC; Mr* Atkinson, Mitt Kitiah?v MIm W Vn?I ui?r?... ?j. " _ M - ? j ? .mm . -? | i'l'H WHI) iliUj J H Bibb mad ly, J M Blbl>. 8 J Warder and If, W Mellon, J Flaber. J Colbert and 2 later*. Mia* L Marti a, Miaa B Stuart. R Martin, Cr Peeteandly, W L L?wla, Mt?a Kelle, Mra Dr Trigg Mra F Campbell, J 8 Raoaen, Dr D P May an a ly, Va: M ae M A Boyd, R Darla, NC; J Peete, Tenn; T J F rank, J Fellow* and ly, Mra Leavett and fam, MUi L Sp fford, N V; J 8 Beard, 111; 8 Burgee* andly, o P Poor?, Maae; Dr J Hiyglna, Mo; L WoodvllU. Md: J Davldaon ?ud lam, Mr* Sedle aad child, La; j I elhalne atd ly, Ala. NATIONAL HOTEL.?Mra Johnaon, Miaa; J A Medley, L Worodotr. Md; W P Hammond, Pa; H tiaualtae. A Hltebrock. A Powell, J L O'Balll van J O'Reukr, W A Fay, M A Myora, C J Balabf dre J H Coatee, Mlaa!<haw.NY: J John. on, NC; L VV Bealey, Bombay; ? W Gk?n,ALd; TrSdtra.b P Hcoeven, Ga; M Btglow, NJ. Mlaa Schall, MklKiuib. Pa; F B Frrr%U NC,T Herran, P Her ran, 8\; W O Blllin, R C Coaae, T i CarUale, W B Reed, W T Momaan, H 0 G ardner and iy, Ml* Gardner, Pa; S L Gouver ?ur, T S Lee, C Browne*. Aid; i> Taylor, La; S W Wtlllama, Cblna; J H Lester aud fain. V?; J Htrrtok, Mlaa; A Leans, Me; Mr? Qodrlch,?; J Find lee aud ly, Ca. . KIRKWOOD HOUSE -Mr and Mra Lackey and child, W Holloweil, DC; J W Aahn.eod, N Y, J O Wanon, V*. 1 1 1 A YEA'S A > V B CURE, For / la'eTflrittonf Perer, or Faror and Afue, Remittent &rcr.r,, ^ I DiiMnia rtwi, IDdMd for tb> who!* Cmm of Dnnm Originating ia 61 icry Derangement, Ctuai by Ui? MaJarm of :i*smat:o Countries. Ma one ?iaody m loader oaHed for by the neooa* sitis* ofth* American piwte than a sura a'id laic care for F?v?f aad An*. Ml we are now eaaUed to offer. with a perfect certainty that it will Vradi" oaw dieoaae. aoU with uwrwe >, founded as prowl, tfcai no harm aaa a>iee from its ute in m| **fSet'^rhioh proteot* from or p-rvetta this di? order met be ef unmans* service in Ue o^nuuiMtibee en?r? it ?re\otls Prerntion i? better than euro, tor Ute pntient escapes the risk vhjoh h# must ran in vi??ie-1 attacks of this baienit dis em Mr Tim* "Ccsb" o*pon tlio miaamio poison of Fivnixs / act from th? tystem, ood prevent* the 4 ?*?-"?mnal of dieraee, if taken on tho&rst approach o' itt pMiaoaiuwy Symptoms It u not only ti** beet remedy <-ver yet dlsoovered for thu oiaee of ci)irp.?iiu. r.ot alto the cheapest. The larf- aaanUtv ?e sepf.y Tor a dolisr brings it Vithia ttie reeeu ul rf end in billons distrusts, vksie Favwi1** preva> , everybody should bare it ai.d nee it trmiy bath for n?r? a d prenn ] ti?a A gre^lbuperionty ' I this remedy over any | uCnei I'vri o*e*<'V-'ei :or the bmm? ??l i our*. l iMcrwuw. 11.thatitu, .ltii.iloOg.UM or wwu *??? * try ,t rvodwaW m aistim or otttff ujunuM edrou wh?uvtr n?on tl? 1 bow ??r^ by N ut left Mif th?y n?d n?ver ha J - ?m 7 Fiw and A(?e U uot t oit tk? ton^ag^, o( a;rit oB, "id^otion 01 t*? ?*l?en. P*iii j* * Mow?^, 0?j^io. Par*i,?i?^cd &?r*c<? n?f !??*! b+*M*, p<W on tjW tayr'aUttoot !?& BALTiM?EKBUTTE* HOVQE. Dmilr wwiriag frojb ud avMtJa Godmyttk * 6?o gjjjf T^EW EUCKWHEAT\ |UJC?WHEAT LOVKJUN ?' "* burcukll! ' '' * " *' !\ '* * *' i. ! > ,< ,iO ^ WOOD AND COAX.' JMPOHTA^T TO HOTfsEKfclfcPERS! THE PIONEER AW flILL il? riilWMD FACTORY* (Vm ov TVS Blvb Ft a? 8r?rr,) >Mtk < Uir UunI, arar Tth itr?rt BrU|?i ciiiiBft iiuALtttr,1; ? Or ANT K iwd, V r'\Jj u minian ni?pyaremwmu?f?iWp. C?t?r >*** ?.' ' ^*v TU<3ar . , OfiOBCUB PAGE, Afiit -CT ERioriiu <iX" or airaentioaf ISAVV KD, POJJTS ar .^'lgTy^lpf^y ft tj(5 ess iSi tniOH r^Rfi-WMD* 9flL.lL, c C*?jl>r ml iMtBth tt m( Cmral. # .. . .? W O "o D of all kind, manafaotured to order, any leafth or MM, ready for um. COAL?COAL. . We have nw on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, beth K?i and W kit* A ah, dilf?r?nt use ir~7? Wo are ???r,and will b? receiving Coal for the a?xx: ten Jay#, whteh wo Mil, delivered from the a reduction ol 2S oenU per toe. Send your order* early. MoKNEW k MAR1?QW. r ^ a t Pr?prifltrtrs,] P w-u turner gwTPBvn >i. SHU v^anm. Woo# AND SO A L the olty, at the lowest poseiuie rate*. T. J. * W. M. 6ALT, Offloe 393 Pa. a v., between llUi and litli in. ma 17-tf north side, OENTISTRY. ~ MTEKtH. U>OMlK, M. D.? the inventor and patentee ultiw MINKRaL puatk TKKtH, at tviiiii personally at hi* offios In thia olty felfiaA* Many persoa* can wear tiieeo teeth wtw^ u cannot w?r others, and no person oan w*ar others who eumit wear these. Forsous calling it my offioacaii be aonommodated with an* style aud pnoe of Teeth th?y may desires but to those waoarepartooular aad wish the purest, oieanekt, strun^be', and most perfect denture tfcai art can s-o'iuec. tlia .\41NKK AL. fLATE will be morefnliy w^rnUited. Kunin- m this oity?No. 338 Pa. avenue, between SLajMUOUi ste. aU, tm>t Arch street, Phttartel ta: oo 16 tf t\ DKNTAL CARD. I#Q UlllUslfkM U?,. ? A J ?1 LI ? ?. iu"iiown its* inmuni ?uu miuni m> rofasMoa. OAe# and honse at 403 E third Uour east of Sixth. In addition V fMSarf very o?her approved style. Dr. M. has set^ 11IJJ teeth on velouute Base for the last three yean ai d. from exenrienoe, knows it exoe.a all others. a'>d is one-third leas In price than fold. His old 1 across of Washington, Alexandria, and Oeorfeurwn are roepeotfully solicited t > oall. an SB-eoTy | \ DENTISTRY. UR. HILLS, after a jpraottoa: test of nre years feels tliat he aan witS oonfi.ienoe rsoom raeod the Cheoplastio Prooesa forinsertiueNlfliH arti&oiai teetii It has the advantages 0VUl?JJr streagth, beaoty, oteaiuinoes, aod oheapress. Pal aster sets inserted for 991. Partial in proportion, OSoe 304 Pa. avenae. se7 , EAtiLE IRON WORKS, Coksxk Ohio Av. and Thixtkx.nth St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The undersigned have t>een appointed *oI? agent* tuUusoity for the manufacture and aaie of the above, and are pr?par*xi to supply all orders with Eip'ness and dispatoa. Tuese engines have ! satisfactorily introduoed, and are now practi- I employed in bakeries; by bookbinders; for . boxwood cutting; br cabinet maker*; for drawing 1 fan blowers to ventilate buildings; for pumping; for domestic purposes; elevating gram; glass outting; ginning ootto ,; grinding quartz; grinding paiata; xrlading sugar ?ane on plantations in Cuba; for hoisting; fur kuitling machine*; bv maHiifaoturers of pla'ed ware; of printers' material, of silver ware, of agricultural implements; of matches; of hooped skirts; for pumping at railroad >tat omtandon board ?hips; for sewing maeiunas: for job printing and priuUugd*ily newspapers; for various plantation uaos; fOr sawing and planing lumber; for picki-g hair: for polishing ooniU; for shoemakers' us?*; for saud sifting; turning; tobacco outline aad pulverizing; In tanneries and w re making establishments: for s<Xia v?t?r inan'lTaoture; for hone crushing; ma.l nashuic; towing; grinUm* outlery, - They arc mexpiosieconomical; easily managed; they require co uugineera; use no water; and consaflnt* ver? fuel. Any p*'?on<l?#iroM? ofuswu theie Knfiae*. oan hy application to tne undersigned I >4 kotra a larito number of testimonial 1 fro'i. jxtmoni who hare them in daily use, expressing thoir entire satisfaction in their operation and use Prices of the fe.ngtnes a* established by the Pat nt?e: 12 in. eyl'r $35" iJ*? inohes cylinder, !J56> L)j Jbie 2* " 1,4??> 32 - " 1,360 ? a* " 2^?<|4n ? ' 2,3 0 " 40 " 4,Wi48 " " S.&I0 j " 48 fi.sooian ? ' 5,ow " au 14 9JOOI34 M " 730 We are^are also^rapared In fufrish, at short no- J no*, alum outturn i.Hinm. i um any aoiun* that I ruay be furiiislied. as cheap ?< can l>o obtained els-;- | wnere Ai?o. HM&m En<hie?, portable and station <*ry \ hich or low p-eaaure; paw and gri?t mil's; hydro?UUo, or other p eme? ; boiler* f?i ht-aring bnildinga, wrought iron water tan? ; tliaftin*. gearing, Jto., for ttonring or other mills, and forging of "V U-?w?,i WM M KI, IP A BRO ??'_!<=?< EX23U I wi*h all gentlemen IJW "!1 to b*ar in mind that KjMflK the plan whioh I ^JtjKJH^^Aadoptod, six t?\m ago, of aelling ^flPB^^THATX and BOOTS at greatly re i duoe?i pric** for ca?h it in auccc**ful operation. Ju?t reonved a full kupplv ot the tate?t New York ?tyle? ofDKESS HATS The very finest Hat f3 5?t; a fir?t rate Hat #3; and very good, faanto able Hat #2 50 All of the latsat ?ty lea ofnah HA TSEIIH r. A PM mt fk. i ? ? ? - - - W, ? -HW ? OI J ivr W OB k UI 1 OOli I I Mi constantly enpeiied with a very lar*e ?tock of I tint &D? UK RS8 BOOTH at ?9.7V-vbich 1 have j bttn Mi hue for many year#?as well aa the v#r* j best qual t? of Pat'nt Leather GAIT RES at 9390. Fine French Carfakin Gaitara from 92 to 92 *>. l'erma eaah ; no extra charge in order to otfaet ' t>a<Jdebta ANTUONY. Agent for the Manufacturer , Seventh atroet, aooond hat atore from the corner, opposite Avenue Houae, No. 640. e 14 3m i am km*. IWII>4?K?? ^ AND CHILDREN'S HATS. I^titpokeyer new and iu?t ^EalSf opened to dajj. fnte'est to ca.ll and ^umme lt^vJy^May^^|^Wj|^P mall profit*. HOPKINS, oo 13 2w corner of Sixth tt. and Pa av. pROPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Your attention and examination i* raapeotfallr oiioited to examine the oeiebratad New York GLJTTA PERCHA ROUFINO and thaGUTTA PERCHA PAINT for painting tin roofa. Tkie Qutta Pereka Roofing and Paint ii acknowledged br ail tke baetarokiteota in Naw York oity to ba a^f^'sy'risf Paint Store, i 14 Seventh street. CAN FIELD A HAMILTON are tka aola areata for Waakin<U>nt Georgetown, Alexandria and tha South. For for taar information addraa* a* above. oo 18-tf The UWI:-. - 1 WEDNESDAY, Novkmbbb 7, lwo BOHTEO NUME&O M5 ORDtNAKlO CAPITAL PRIZE ?!<> ,000. I ?nn *M?> M )nu> ?? g, ?? 1 do Mywo au 40 _ frS i ? ?" '*199* -satsassgtsWWEttSSt ' tfttta oa all solvent Bank? taken at par. A drawiat will *iferir*Tded ae auoa as the resale h+oomoa known. 4 . 11 All M4?n far uliwiior tiokeu to be rtdreeset teoe 12-1> Caw."cftr ftefc Charleston?! a ()U> ?IC.iIJLl5?WfcNI>/WB MONUNGAHELA HYK WBI8KIY, Conventional7 diaull#d by Mr. Jamee Hera aide, of Ailegaay Ooantv, Peana., in the old-mahieaed honest war, from the ehoioeat aad moet eerefulty i?K?t?l ftie. and in ao ease ever offered lor aale until adapted to waolseoine- aee by age It is at onoe tlie aaoet palatable, aa it U esapialieelly one ofthe pareet beveragee in the raaeh of Uke mMio. To the laralid.aa veil aa to thoee ie health, it oommftads itaelf Ibr ita unrivalled <ueliUee aa a etimulaot of the eamst. surest, and moat benefiooot description. and many of the moet dletiantehed ahynoiaos are using it in their praetfae With the vuoom 1 W * v o o vi b Wo8W,2t & 1?V% .ry--^^aa, f UOWU?t^fu# I 4? * -~~;yiaci&M#,Eou8. ,: :i QUA"KR-"TEV3^ggRp8. WabHISQTON, Ootolw 4, 18:0 1 Norember naxt for f?rni?lf.n< t>? contract >o the United States Marin* Corps, durin* the year 1MU the fo lowmj a?ppile>?, dtbrarahle at the oftoe of the Asaiataat Oaartermaster, U. 9. M.C., Philadelphia, in so en qaantities as may from time to !,(*?red wor?t?d posnpoee, ball shape, % inches ia t fiBti' pc?r?7*Uow^Mt*l oreeoenti and eaaleetrap* ] auu I?ti epaulette ^llm^ >A'|T'|P |f[ ud oorpo?? 3? xr4ti^fti^,D jorAw#^ %jm yrjfr tMU 1mm for pMia, t? taobee wide, te> weigh 13 os p^r yard Jty S.500 yard* dark-biuekareey .all wool, fre? from hair,, Minohe* wide, to weigh 8?oa, W>tUe?anl, (it f, d?? wool dyed > . . 5 000 yard* ?ky txa* km>r, all wool, free from hair,1 ftr&MSi;* s.000 yard* wlHteUnen far akifts, 9* laokee wide, lo weigh 11 ox. per yard four inobe^ >oug. la the oentre, to be 7 feet long and Sfset wide, free fro/ngreaee 8,003 paire TOXM iookt, 9 made of good fleeoe wool, with, double aac twl?t?d Tarn. t*? W*i|% 3 pound* per doaea pair*, free 1,800 fatigue oapi, with ? ? ??, to be made of blue oloth,(muigo wool dyed) t I 3.000 yards dark blae flaaiMi for ehirtt.all woo!, (Indigo woo. dyed,) 27 iaahes wide, to weigh 6>i os. per yard 1J00 Tarda dark h!ao flannel ftif !! I wool, (indigo wool dyed,>54 inohes wide, to wwgh 18 os par vard 600 yards rcarUt ol? th, (ooohineal dye,)S4 inohei wi'li, to weigh 1C or. per > ard 1,500 jda dark blue twilled eloth for ontflwrcn ooats (iiiuigu wuoi uyou,; at laoues Wltle, to W?l(B 33 n* per T*'d 2,000 yarda Canton flannel for drawsra, Zl luohei wid.. to venh7oz. par jard ?0 o?rtnd(te b jxm anO perouMion oap pooohM 90o bayonet aoabbart a, with braaa mountinga 90 aoreeanta' awortla 25 inukiciana' aworda 35 toaor iti ana Mi box-wood II fifea, (fallow) 60 drum oorda 30 aoU drum anaree luo drum iieada, t batter) 76 do do (anare) 80 aword frora 9uo mnaket ol blaok leather 215 k rose of ?oat huttoi.e,(eanU> 86 do do jaaket do do 56 do do vmi do da For making and trimming watch coat a: aorreanta, oorpo-aa, mu*ioiana, ani privatea' anif. rni ooata; fatigue oo&U for the earn*; aer;ranta, oorpoia>c, mu .iaiana, aou privates' woolen pant*; linen pauta; drawora; tlann-> atii'ta; flannel overaacka; Luen aliirta; add r<nl aud biuo jacket* for b >ya. Ail the abova mentioned artiolea mu*t conform in nil reyptcls to the a?ale<! ataodard patterue in the Ufioe of t*? Quartermaster Marine Corpe, Waahiugton; Aaaiatant Quaitermaater'a Ofioe, 1 -i 'i ft 5?pruo? atreet, Phi.adelphia; and at tiie Marine Vt\ti?n? Brooklyn, N V., a i<l Boston, Maaa., wbera they oan L>? examined. The* wi I b? rigidly impacted cj'"p&r?d witli these *&iiipie? by the Aaaia'aut <.{uart?r?r.T. t?f, or auoh oth?r p vaoni ay nift* b?? properly sppomte.l. Such as may ne unequal thereto will be r<?j--cU?d; in whio'i ca?e tiia w.l' be bounl ,u iuriiish ottiera of ikf 1 required kind or quality within fifte*r, day?: cr, if that be not done, they will be purchased at hia expense. F.aoh propoa%l rauat be aooouipauatd by the following guarantee: Form of Guarantee The utderaigueo, , of .in the 8 ?>e of , and , in the State or , hereby guarantee that in oaae the fnrfrmnr hi.I of ? (or supplies, as above de>oribed, be aoo-pted, he or tiiey will, within ten days after the >?ceipt of the c ? traot at the post offioe naiue<l. *x*<>ut4 the eontract for the sain* with good ami sufficient securities; and in case the said 1 fai to enter int > oon 'act. as aforesaid, we cuaran'ee to osako goou lUe difference between the offer of thwuaid *l? tliat whioh may beaeoepttd. A B, Guarantor. C 1), guarantor. E F, Witness. . 1*65. I hereby oertify that tit* above nanu J are known to ins as wen of propsrty, and able to make good their tuarantee U. H. To be ?i? ned hy the United States District Judge, United (Mates District Attorney, or Colleetor. No proposal will ba o insider ed unless acoompa nied ht th? nKnvn Newspapers authorized to publish the above wi 11 setid the paper oonUiutni the first lasertiou to this Offcoa for ?xainii)aiion. The bidder's p ace of businaes. or laannfaottirian eitablulunent, roust be speaifioally stated in ihe proposal. Pr posals to be eudorsod: "Proposals for Sup p'.ies. to., for 1861," and addressed to the under- I signed. ? ont aoU will be awarded to the Invest responsible bidder furnishing the required seountiee. W. B. SLACK, o?5-laiHw Qoart?rma?tPT, M. U. PROrO*AL8 FOR FURNISHING THE PAPEK FOR THE PL'HUC PRINTING. OrricK 3rp?rintixdk>t o? Public P*ii?tij?g( Washington, OotwberT.fi360. { in DliriD&r.OA Of tk? awivi m?.s nf ?h? ? . r??. . ?HW tfUk fcU |fiu j vide for executing the public printing," &.O.. ap proved Auituit SS, 18J-2, and ol the 10th aeotion of the not entitled "An act rcskiujc appropriations for the legialatiw ex*cutiv-,and ju ticial oxp*tsea of (tovernnient for the year ai.ding Jcue 3>, INU,"ap proved M&roh 3.1MB, aoaird propiisas ?rul M n oeivo I at thii *.ffioe, in the Ca;iio , until th? first Monday (3d day) of December next, at U o'oiootr. f >x furnishing the paper thftt may be roquirea fur the public priutiaf tor th? ye*r ending on the let Hay of Deoeuiber, lOil. Th* iuhjoinpd steoififs. aa nrarly aa can be an .ertamed. the quantity quality, and description of each kind of paper that will ba required: Cun 1. 1 /OA ream a fine printing paper, B' ca'.ei dered, to me a'jrn 34 by 3B Inches. ai d to waigh forty-five pound* to the ream of 4S0 aheeta. Tlass 2. 6 <j00 reams fine priuuug pap*r, calendered, to meature 24 by SK inobe*, and to weigh fifty aix pouoda to the main of 46A aheeta. Class 3 w retmi sapsrnn* printing paper. bard-sised and ?Bp?r oalandered, to wioasare34 by 98 inches, and to wuigh lorty eight pound*to the reaxofSBO nilflttl. 2 000 roams mperfine printing papar, aiaed and uper-'alendered. to measure 2t by XI mohes,an4 to weigh fifty pounds to the roam of 480 shears. Class 4 1 (KX) reama anperfin* map paper, *:x^d andoalendsred, ofauoh siies as maybe required, oojraapondiac in weight with paper measurtr.g ly by 34 Incite, and weighing twenty pounds per ream of 430 afcewta. Class5 310 reams sueerfins data saaar. rfta.1*nrfar*H ? ui.oaTendered as may bo required.) 19 by >4 inolea, ana of auoh weigh! per be reqoi eJ. The fibre ol the paper ofeaoh of the alxnr Ha?a?e to be of linen aud cotton, fr?e from all ad I tent on with mineral and other kubatanoee, ai d ol a fur 1 whiteaeaa. a d put up iu quires of twenty-four aheeta each, and in t>uudlea of two reema eaoa; each rea? to oor.tam 48" perfret aheeta. Uniform! 1 ty in oolor, thiokn?aa. and weight will be required; and no handle(exo'uaive of wrapper*) varying over oi under five ps^ject from toe atau'la>d weight will lx? received, iVi the 'groaa weight will mall oaves be required, Mixi re of varioaa t icltne ><V* iu

the itae bundle to mak* up t e vtltot will be oonaidered a violation of the ooutraot. Cuaa ?. 1. I IWrMMi nr ? '? ? '* 1 ?- I ?w yw ?mi?< paper, ?u oj IB IQCilCft, 'i MM do tip do 13 by 16 1-8 do 3 100 do dtay do 14 braoi-8 do i. IJUOt do foliofxMt do 17 by 23 do A. 108 do ncdiuia do 18 by 23 do 6. SO do royal d > 19 bj 24 do 7. 30 do tuptr-roytl ' do 20 by 18 do 6. SO do iwptrial do 221-2b; 31 do I. 100 do do?ibla-cap do 10 by 26 do 10. 100 do toUrod uitiliMB, (aaoorltd color, ) CLASS 7. 1. retry* writing paper, 16 by 98 inohe*, to veigli tw?n*y-three pound* p r re?m 2. 1,500 ream* writing paper, 18 by iS mohet, to VHik twenty eight pound* jer ream 3 3,180 ream* writing paper, it by 26 laohes, to weigh twenty six pound* 4 100 reams writing paper, 18 by 22 inohei, to weigh twenty-four pound* p r ream 5. 540 ream* writing paper, IS by *8 luohee, to weigh twentf two pound' per ream ?. 4"0 ream* writing papor, 12 by U inches, to weigh twelve pound* per ream. All the papore designated in c'asses ? ud 7 must contain 480 parleut aiteets to the ream, and no "out * * w?Ut j ?ro m oe muio oi the bftut urn. t#mU. free from adulteration, finished in the ?*?r manner, o?t to ?t?8 lai ? and ubatantiaily enve.ope<l. The puvt iVnu,. r ara to t?IWWU orrtu^ and of kuofa^rSShtaM mi be iMUrUkf ?kta office. Tbo.e in ofa 7ar? t! U^whJiffe *** "d ^wTOKSiS Tfc* rurfatia raatrveJ of o<darinr a traater or Imi quantity oi each and every kind contracted for in a'l fee oiaaaaa, to be fanned at ...oh UraM ?& t? uoh auantitiaa aa tha auUu _ : Ln Kaoli oiass will be MW(i*r?l' aepara?A(<rT'aui^je sabjeet to MfMU pontraot; but bidders maj oJ\,r for on* or m*?* of the ohnu in tha Mue proposal. No proposals vitl beoonsidered unless acoorapaPi* by to* fiwaoUj that the bidder or hMdJrf. if kia or their proposal shall be aooeptM. will enter into an obligation, with rood and aaAoieot sereties. to farntsk the frtiotea prepoMd Blank forms for pro# ay la will *e fonuehed at thfsoffioj, and Bone will be taken into consideration uuleki substantially acrveinx therewith. All the paper in the several classes must be de >iver?d at sttoh plaoeer ptaoes as mai be d^rirnat^l in Wasbinitoo oity.iu rood order, free of alt and every extra obarfe or enense. and subject to the inaaeottoa, eoant. weuhl. and mea*uremeit of the Ss peri a teed eat, aad be in all respects sati.fao, Samples of ail the paper repaired may be seen at thTsofiae.Jbat bidders areresairnl to firiush, witii "fl *3 a U?nLoaV-aTuS of each of the kind* bid ["'(And upon which jlsix WfSerHairedXt conlorm>,t?,&r sa2apUs. -il Proposals will be addressed to "Job* Uma.wt Saperinteadent of the Pobiio Printing, WaahUctoa," and endorsed "Proposals for 8nppf? insTO* ' " ' V oo? <MKd r YOU W"VlS>g%loTB,2Ow MY. TtaaAla MMAdaftOtt ?n?Jt ud koya onij fend o&coot fikil loriva entire. Mtulfcotion to ooa nwsr TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. | ROOW AND ?urr m j W?K. oo? munluuuiu >U kindiof BOOT* gli&iftlj "*fiifaoM in vaat Of AooW %n4 8I?om of aMtara oc ? | u p?-r'' >14 ISMTfTa'aT^ ?TWni* ? ?1 EtMNQPi m|m r?sii ntaktu at HiiitM ttoirWMt nrM; I of tr?r?li? r??iiiufM. ai inodarMe ftWM.tD ?e J jgOPTHKRW TRUNK MANUFACTORY. j Orroriu Odd hi.ovt' Ji*u, Wmtkmstmt, D. C. Tr?T9t?T? will ?nulj Uiair intoraata u. ?*.?iiua < !RgB belt material the market afford* sad "" .t*?1 Tor*??. I o" oonfidentiy recommend mj , Work to bs superior in StrtMgtk mad UvrukiHty to J Tnmki that are made lti other ciUee and aold her*. 1 *et,P constantly on haud, and make U> order ?ofc , ITOOi> BOX TRVfasj ASHlAXD aJd .TRAfRLlJttBAbsy'klt iir.aa. 3AL/VI.&a; wturs, tre., tc. Tri;ak?, S.o? Repaired and Covered. ia a wrk manlike manner, at short notice. Trunk* d#liv*f<*d in any part of the Q^ty, Otor|? 1 lown, or A lez&nflna I rftoiWkSftifiSSf ~"b""d FAMIL' de l& U JAME8 8. TOPBAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. ! DALT1WORK AND OHIO RAIl.ROAtf. ! t> WASHINGTON BRANCH. < g??M ! Ciumi or Horn , ON AND AFTKK WKDNE8DAY, June 13th, 1MU, trains will run a* follows: Leavo Washington at6 >i and 7.4? a. tn. Leave Waahinnton at 3.*'and *ju p. ?. On Punrtar at3 30 p. m. \ I?aave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 4? a. m. l,oave Uaitimore at 3.15 4.20 p. iu. <?? bindsy at 4 ?> a. m. i Passengers for the Ka*t will take train* atflJO ? and Stl>p tn. I For tli* W??t at 1?' a. m and p. m. I F<>r Auuapoii? at7.4ii a in. and 3.2" p. m. ' For Norfolk at7 4u*. m. 1 On Main Hay eveumc theSJO p. m. tram goat to < Philadelphia only. I* 13 d T H. PAKSONS. At?U J NEW OKLEAN8 IN TXERBEi Ci&.T'a WITS TBI < CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL KAIL ROUTK, Via Orm.ige and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCUBURO: Virginia and Imrussee, BojI Tcnnsssee and Virginia, Bait T* insssee and Georgia, Nashville and Ukattanaogm, Memphis av.d Charleston, Mittissiyvi Central, Nmo Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: i Memphta by Kail, by First ola*a Paokata to New Orleant. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTK: Mont/omary by Hail, thence to MoUla kr Firatolaaa r&okou. Mobil* to New Ortaaca br I aVa * ~ ? 1 TWO DAILY TRAlNg-tteNDiYa lacLVnra, ' Ltavt Wailiutn at 6 a. a. aai i p. . The Bte&mer OEOROK PAGE Intm her wltarl 1 foot ot Seventh street at 6V a. m. and Di p. in. and < connects at Alexandria with the Orarje and Alexandria Traina lor the South vest O tfioe?PounarIvania avenue, oorner of Sixtli <st. < BA6SX0B UI10UD T1TBOPBM TO W OKLBASI. Lynchbu/e ? 87 Ui .MemyLui <31 00 iirutol-? 18Of ACauta 36 00 Knoxnlle 20 00 Mauon 38 oo Chattanoota... iSHiw Ooluinbua . ...Jil 50 i Dai ton ? iJ-4 oo M&nUomerr -SB t<C Hnntaville in oo J via &iei&auia.t2 50 6ran?l Junction Soon N.O.> via6. Juno..u fc) Naal>vil':ft.?? ?...24 W \ v:a Mobile.-46 00 , THIS ROUTK IS ENTIRELY GY RAIL asd is BOO MILKS SHORTER, and 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any otLor l.ine?the Lrn?hburs Extension being new complete. a* the Mississippi , Centra:, making it tbe QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROVTE ftili SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Firat claw Bleeping Cars! {To New Or!eai.s . 78 Houra M erapKia 44 do. Montfomerr : .IS do. NaahnUe ... 4 6 do. 117*The U.8. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS arvtakeu over this New Line. Ti&kets can be obtained at tbe South WMtern O?oe, oornor of S^xth street and Pennsylvania avenue. to the following pointsL? 'ichDurj, Dristol, KnoxviL'e, Atlanta, Chattanooia. HuLtsvili*. brand JnnoUon, , Maoou, Nashville, D&ltou. Colun.bss, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and, NEW ORLEANS. I ITT THROVOH TICKETS TO THE TAHTSUS Y1RUIN1A SPRINGS. i U^OaaibuiuM awl Bateac* WaeoH* taare th? i offiocatSa. m. ami p. in. i JAMES A- EVANS, Tiokot Arent, < ml a-tr Corttf Sutli ?t. aod Pa. * . 1 1*11 K STEAMER JAS. 8UY Will rwunia hw , trip? on TVEHDAY, 21?t of -If*?^ , February. 1360. Wi;i leave WASii ; INGTON Jr? TUESDAY j FRIDAY,ateo'alock a.m..?nd ALEXANDRIA at LaTf-ps?t e o'oiook, for CURRIOMAN and the LUC1AN 8. PA6K, Proprietor. NATH'L HOUSW. At't, Alexandria. f* ? , ii 4 QFPICK 0^j? GAi*EMETKR^ND S?ALKA WaaHJlMToaj Jaly 18,1MB. J NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, Tku.wra^ i Ably to tha proviaiona of the nidinaaoe of the Corporation approval May 12.1880. the nndersigned ia J now prepAred, "whenever reauired in writing, and i on pre payment of the fen of fifty i?nta, la inspect, xamlw*, teat, Drove, and Aeoartain the aaoaraoy of i registration of any gas meter in use in this city." i Every meter, iftuund incorrect, will be c<<ndeain< d, And another, sealed and marked as true, will t>e et in i'< place. If proved tn be aeearate in ita , measur-meat of gas, it will be sealed aooordingly, . And aeain sat in position for uae. Oifioe No 610 Seventh atreet,(near Odd Pel ow?' Hail ) Open from 8 a. hi., to 5 p. m. CHAKl.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, iv IA. frf Iti?BAnfnr anW MjukUr nf iiae W WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS. MMl*doort Nortkifrm, i?*, .Nov is the time to rot SPRING ted RUMMER SHIRTS made veto order. The auUoriberTa ?ro oredto ?Me ?HIRT8, $RA W ERB, &e., tt the ssrs? ,^iyy*tT,tlU m n WI1TW ilOWK'SLMPROVKp WEieHINeSOALN ITTbw Soalee irtonirai to the eublie ae the most ?i tuple, darafcle, and reliable iotlN erer eat is M. > ir?t oIam premiums have been ?w?rdodfew by the United State* Fairaad Vir?iaia Agricultural Sooiety; V irgiai* State Agneultara! Fair: Fragklia Institute Fair, Peiinev?v*aia; New Yur* &tateFttr, Vermont State Flair, ke? Ae. Ia ever? ?ue where delh-lV"* "** K* C. r ATTI8QN. Agent VV GAS FIXTURES. "" E Have, And are dai.y reoervtax, 9 AS FlfXpHJtSot entirely N ewPatter neanioeug ne [ anu r inisn. aop'uor in sy>e u? auytiuac iioretofore ofl'wed in thi?market. We invite eiti*en? teneral I \rto call ana examme out itook oi (* Md Water 1 Fixture*, reeling confident that we have tke best lelected atock in Waaiuiutoa. 1 All Work La tha above Tine intra ated to oar oar* will be promptly attended to. PIANC1H HARPEI, PAM1LV OROGISVA^IF5#RKP STORK, Ctmur tf Net* York atenut anJ Ttntk strut. Keepeetfnll) Miieita the patronage of thoaew may be in want of any arttoje in the aitove line. Uia euueavora ahali be to plaaae, and br a ?tnot attention to the wanta of the public, he bopea (omenta hare of their eatrona*e. (la toekeontfetaof er?rr article usually tot* to and to ft br?t-ejft*s Fiioilj Urooery Feed Store. " mftlVtf 12,000 the sttoaUoa uftfte pebito to oar ImoftBd WTl ae ? > V 'j ,i't^ Wo- IT Breew at.. eonrefeSa. IM cairn QUUMvpoUl jMdiauu Uutiiot ofMU"JUT T VK4w"q^fS5.^DjM '? E P???iP : * Kiaom^HrooB. ie hM *dd?4 tn'hta' eataMfaintf hniuoeaa lr?jastir^i5fawisf?sjf. KaoaUMlff MitiaMclt fkraiik lirliit j|wk?< low m U oy^ >itjjhr wyyKad %tf*#ftr??hJd fn^FeWTo^'lttl^e*mamSS fuk WiL;k?A^5p?-rt.? Cojuoaaratly 1 atall twin ta W?*fe(totf \J& ng ia all ita priBchea. Ola G.aaiai aroauu/ aiirodad to. ruvttitt ai d Orcwnentinj Cott*|? Farmtare 10 the Mat atyla T tlao, oar aitetUoc o tua i'aiatuwof Ro<fa?nd Cnek wih. Allof the above I will do a? oh**# *?tfceebeaa ?t ' thai flora auUoit the patroMca *f ?y frteada lw! fallow oiUzena of tbe Diatriat. Peseta*.ity i'.riot!f o blurred, ud work doao in Ike boat abater. M oB will^li? nrind yoor atogi and etof at M I r. n n. C{f\ a rtlBUDI naiiDtiaaanent, no. ?J' (3 ! S3 !!! Louiiim av, aorta aid*, wtm CUi wd 7th eta. P. 9. Sljna pot ay ftee ef ohui?, M HUl. an >i 3m IMPORTANT TO BOUSE*EKPBR& E. R. DURKEE k. CO.*8 B3>X20T BPZOM. Guarantee.; aot only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE. >ut * round from freeh Spioea, aeleotad aac eleane* >t ua expreealy for U?e paraoae withoat reference ?j ooct, Thoy are IxtauUfttlly packed ia tiafcnV, lined with paper,) to prevent ujory by keepiaf. Mil are fall weitht, while the ordinary iroiM tpioee ara alaa<<*t invariably abort. We waxraa* hatn, in poiat of atrenz tt aad notiDeaa of flavor, CEYOND ACL COMPARISON. it a aingle trial will abaadantly prove. Manufactured only by te u-iU>*w.t, WATCH REPAIRING ANDS1LVKR WARE MANUFACTORY. 1 have on* of th? beet eatabliahmeitU. aad f?rnahed wilh a complete aet of tool* far repairnn every doaonptiou of iiua Watchea, and/Wj particular attention give to the tame, by horoegh eompetent workman Aad a work lawanjed Al ?. every denertp ion of a'atidard SILvKR IV ARE. pla nand or namei.tal, nianufactu-ed under ny own supervision, which m> euatomere will ftnd ar superior in ^uaJityand fcniah to n<>rtliera ware told by dealers in genera! and repr aet.tcA aa their >wn inaiiufacture. Ii. O HOOD, ae 6 33* Pa. av?uue. aaar Mi at. nENW'BlllRW, ur COULARS, TIK*. STnORb. HANDKJBR HIKP?. And ill kin-la of G?> NTS' ftENIfHING 3<ion?,at p^roenu ? ? ih%u any .tU?r?U>f? n th? city. At oc 19-1 m SMITH'S 9?v?nth at. PIEMAN ^ SIMPS())|J f FAMliy RYll FAMlUfFRYeI The above PURE WHlSKV.Coprmm Dtstilluc raox malted grain, being lohnvr and mfurre quality. and hi*hly improved dt m?, ? preferred jy ooE?um#r- to a'l other Whiakiee, and partiouarly reoonr.mended by th? beat pbyaio'ana an J ihemiata ae ?eeeieing all the reeuireanenta of a Tntt Tonic Tnvigorator and Rmudxal Af*nt. The Schurikili Water <>| Philadelphia, aeed in the die illation of tine Whiaky, la proved by aualy iia to be th? ?o(Wt and pnreat water id tike United State* ; and to th<* may, in a jrrat derrte, be attubuUd the exoelienoe of this Whiaky. For aale by FREE vlAN ft S<Rft*SOM Pkeuix DictiUery, (In the Sehuyikili liver. Phi adelphia Officer?96 Wall at'ee', New York ; 109 boatk Front etr^et, Philadelphia And can be had in Wa?>iinrton of Samuel Bacon fc Co , 319 Pa av ; R. I. Rtob. Wee* 9th at., o >raer D; Kennedy ft Piwh,4w?* VVeet 7th et: Murray ft Sain me i, 407 Pa. ar.; J. K Wilaon, S87 Pa. av; Barbour ft ^emm*a, 64 I.a. av ; H. C. Purdy, 403 Pa. *v.; VVm. Brjaa, 44 Market Pp.; Moore rieeell ft Co , 3*7 We*t 7th et.; 6 F.Ca lick. 5A6 N. J. av ; A. Oaddia. Jr , * Co.. M, ooruer K<vat lllh ; Edward Hall, 40 Market Space ; K. E. WMte ft Co 63 La. av.; Jc hn H. Bemmee ft Co . 323 Weat Ninth at. ooSB Imi / 00*0*11 V\ (!^,/*> OVtFATCH! $v? Site the_Pieeet! At mmUtmu will kmrrm, mm fa mll-rtrmuud ' miku, U Li vary dMinbl* to h*T? hhm oha*? uui ooovoutnt var fur rvfciriux Kami tar*, Tuys. OnMkerr, fco. IPALOINfl'l P&KPAAED 6LCI mo?t? ill aaoh euiercenoiaa. nn h^iukulH m? ifiord to be without it. It ia alwaya reHj and ay lo the evoking poiat. There n bo longer a neceelitjr for MmyiBg ehaire.apliatered ?*?ee*r*, !sm loUa, Hid broken otadloa. It ia imat the arCiele for aon?. ahell, and other ornameuta. work, eo popaiar rith iadi??a of refinement and taste. Thu admirable prevaration la aeod eoiu. ttf ipi sbemtoaHy held in eolation, and poceeaalng a IT the raluaolw aualitiea of the beet oaianet maker*' cine. It majr be uaed in the piaoe of ordinary aa?ei!age. being vastly more adhee;ve. " USEFUL IN BfSEY HOUSt." Gfc4*Sk aooompaniae eaeh bottle. Wk?U?mi? No. 4B Cedar atreet, Ntv York kddreee HKNttV cTbl'AXDlNe fc OOm Box No. S,MO, Na? York. fw< ay for Dealera in Cum ooataiaing Four, Kigirt.aJid Twelve Doier-?aWBtifnlLitLograyfl? Show Card accompany lag each package. irr A Btncie bottle of SFALBltfVS PREPARED ULVE will an ten timee it* ooet aolually to overt houeehoKL^Q Sold by all prominent btationera. DtiuInl Hardvwe and Pariuture Dual era, Crooera, aM Kanoy Storea. DWV5'rSS5?f?lW lhatrliet. It wilfatand any climate felony (*' 4 C jA if i imlw/w m* h (li? *d?i WiMfcr m J V^r/r Vd* Mn<ll<JUMU^?,)/i?i2i ^ nK'4?/?#??i,JF f ? C_" "-' "' P3*'j? rjrdw JJUM mUhik* Bmlt ? '?. itimjF *5p ,y cvmmrmJrJ bji tit frtt Htmimmmt taw *gf? !(> tjU Tow? a. u iu li ^ I ty?\$,u j CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL M PURCHASING THF VAIIFY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT 13 ' TT ^ ^^9 MuiemuiEYwra IJWITHTHE 8IGRATURE OF ON THE ISB LAUTDTHE??S ARE All IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ASOVE WHJSKEt WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR n sun wuum sr kwyml OK sALt Yjfwismmtos $y 1 7-lf BSXX&i - J ? .? . . I. ?i. MEDICINES. Ua ??WUT?M. UTiMU __ LMI at?iriT4L, X/kImJ IihiAt Ml FOE ALL OTSRABfc^OF I*P*UD?ACE. LMT MO FALMM 0&LICACY PRSfEffT. APPLY UMO ATBLY. a mi WAMMjtm. UM fro cuam*m, MMuM MM?Uf liM^n r, > ? lu Ji! r*??71Ww^* >fc? ??? m ?. MMW ?*/ -** ? >"Nm? M * pMll?U ?4 II Mil <|H? pw Mi *UI u k fk^w u urnciifonommiuviiTHLLt l M ku< ftoa IiICimh Mr?M, t kv Mm (mm Ik* Mnil r?i: Ml U tkMMf M?l 111 Mrtn UwM IOIMTUR, MmiIiii Wife* M*i UIM|I rfNui'm, Mm. tutMl kw ? *7 U? MM ? ! ?? Ui ifti ? im 11 ml |MI? udtl< rrttiu p?rt W whMM UN Lu * >. la III l<r Ml* tf Lata, Pant, Pbtk??tati4 ...??> , Im ? Imm4 ?mm mt til mm i?wi*m| itni taw * > km ta*w>i au; i*mmMM4 ti; " *>?? 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