Newspaper of Evening Star, November 3, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 3, 1860 Page 1
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0 % 0 -.J, .<*5.11 1 ilA l |?0???-M" .rtit ' T##l :-r. '. UK'Jj I ?ne*T v . '.- > t+S 1 ~~ ; {? ' y ^ f I y ~ p ~ ~ T kj^" j ' _.L ..L. "' __. , |? I ? -' I 14 ."? ~ > f ' _ " ' ' "' I i li ? I III M* I T*Z JffixA 4,Ta^ WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER a. I8fifi. to a in7. j THE EVENING STAR f PUBLISHED BVBRY AFTERNOON, } :?iyNDAY8 EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR ICILMMf, Cor%v of awm ?id lltA ft., M W. D. WiLLACH. ; * m ? - . 1 ' M r?fflra earned in HoU(M by earrtor* HM? f??r. or r oanta mt moaU. T? nil setw*8?e* the rrioe 1* fSJO a ;mt, m mdv?uti ft* / moaibe; 41 /?r three moatba; m4 fer tan Am HtMignuki?th?r?ltonfMatfl*Mt. Id|)t ofitt. oh c?*t; fa ttfcjflulhr nv.^t before U o'o.ook nu otk^iyi^f >#r0OUFP*i *->w S ' Ti^K rACI AT TUI WINDOW. It wm a woman'* face I uv'tt t itiW lelfc I / ?t Catbbert Hall?? pale. calm, almost proud I face, with large Creole e/ea, and coal-black hair, looped iwijr from me ?b*U in kMrj and shining fold*. % * I had seen diibj nor* beautiful faeee during my wintere in New York and Washington?my summers at Cap* May, Newport, tad Kahani; and, be# idea, I *ai expeeting to meet at the , Hail a certain Southern belle and heirees, a I sitter-in-law of the friend who had invited ma at his house So I gave only a pawing glance to the pale stranger, and, dismounting, rang tht hell A slave answered the summons, and, conducting me fcito the library, went to v:- ?? f? . ( j <k. vau uia uiMici . &n iuw iuvuivum iu? hwwi opened, and the lady w ao.TX I had aeen at the window came in, wi'.h two early-headed children clinging about her. Shfl bade me good rning in a roioe tweet as the thrill oralute triSg and said, with some embarrassment: Tim aorry that Mr. and Mr* Cathbert are totfcout riding." ** Ah! and so am I," was the anawer; ' hut I Mppoee they will not be long, for thoagh they did not expoct me to-day, I wrote them I ahoald probably be here thia week." " Then, yon are Mr. Vinoaot?" " Richard Vincent, at your aerrioe; and BOW introduce yourself ?" "I ?I?I am"?eke panted, wound one of the little girl'a ring lata about her finger, in her y eonfoeioa. and began again, "I am ?once more ahe heaicated, and I resumed '4 hare guessed it?you are the governeas!'' She smiled, bat the color mounted to h? very temples Poor and proed." I soliloquised, "how that blu?h b?rome? her!" At this moment we heard the tramp of horses' feet, tad saw Cuthbert and his beautiful wife daahing up the broad avenue leading to the mansion. The governeas hastily left me, and I shortly after ea*r her talking to my friends ia the verandah Their brief oonference over my host and hostt* entered, and gave me the cordia! welcome which, is the characteristic of the South. Wheh the greetings had been inUuehaaced. I turned U> Cuth bert. and said : " Pray. where is Miss Dnjxmt. the charming sister-in-law uf whom yoti spoke?" He tad his wife eaobanged significant glanees, and I continued, " I am* all impatience to Me this paragon?don't keep me long in suspense !" " I will not?you will meet at dinner !" The next uaooiMt the dressing bell rang, and the boat led the way to the guest chamber i where be left me to make my toilet. In those days I was not indifferent to my persona! apriarance. and with the aid of an attantire slave arrayed myself in the most elegant suit my wardrobe affjrded. * " I wonder if I sball salt tbe beireas?"i queried mentally, as I took a last surrey in the mirror and descended to the dining-hall. There, near tbe Labia, sat Catkbert and his wife, tb? face I bad aaen at tbe window, and not far from tb? governess a young lady with ? fair complexion, a blooming ebaek, tke sunniest of 'olue eyes, and a profusion of golden nair. i wu a eonnotsaeur in lad lea dress at that period, and I took in at* glance her eoatly India muslin robe, with its trills of Meehin lace, the splendor of her bracelets, neckiaca and eardrop*, an<J the exquisitely trroag htgolI dan comb which looped op the rieh tresses. Why was it that my face wandered from her to M the pale, caldi governess, with her bands of raW Ten nair, and utr greet eloqaeat eyea, and a i drese that fell ahovt her like a "Dummist.** " Blanche," said my host, " allow me to present aa old and valued friend?Richard Vincent." The blonde beanty colored, simpered, and with an inclination ahe intended to be like that of a prima donna to an applauding crotrd, acknowledged ray bow. ' " Miss Marguerite," resumed Cuthbert, "this Is Lha guest we bare been expecting." She bowed with the grace of a queen, and I as respectfully as if she had indeed been one, as I aaid : 1 We bare bad the pleaeore of meeting before. Catbbert." " As I told you," murmured the rorerneM, " I went down to toll him yoffwere absent." The oeremonies of dinner now beg*n, aad as a seat hss bean assigned me beaide Btanebe, I tried to play the agreeable, bat I often found my thoughts wandering to the pale silent girl opposite. Whea the meal was orer, and the ladies bad left the room, we lingered at oar wine. What do yon think of my sister7" aaked Catbbert. " She is very beautiful." I replied. " Aad hare you fallen in lore at first sight?" "If I bare I shall not tell you!" I exi claimed, and then we went on chatting ia a merry strain. When we adjwurned to the *i gr**' coo,< lazarioas parlor. I found Mrs. ' Cuthbert and her sister, but the governees M was walking to and fro on the terraee, appar* ently absorbed in thought. The usual small talk easaed, aad at last, at aiy request, the beiress sat down at the piano and playedand sang with much skill. 1 had observed a harp in the boudoir adjacent, and Ragged har to weep ita strings for me. ' I cannot," she said, "hut Mia* Marguerite ean ; I will call bar.'1 And moving to tha window she ezalaimad, imperiously; g ' Coma, Marguerite. we wish you to play some airs on tha harp." The governeM hesitated a moment, oame in f and took a seat at the harp. As she aat there I noticed Cor the first time the superb proportions of her Augers, the graceful poise of har bead on the stately neck ; hat I forgot thoee when she smote (he chords of thebarp, and began to sing. Waa she an improvatrice7 I thought she must be, to fall of eoul was the music she poureJ forth, and when she concluded. I asked Mrs. Cuthbert whose composition it was ? > .. II? fl 1?, e i< ? nor uwo, idi rtpiiiu, "toil Mi* never knows what iki is going to sing when she eommeaou.'' I uttered no fulsome words of commendation to Marguerite, but my eyas mast have spoken volumes of approval. That night when I retired to raat my dreams I were not haunted by the heiress, hat by the pale face I bad seen at the window?the face of Marguerite, the governeaa. The aext morning I waa awake at ao early hour, and glaacinjcoat saw Marguerite gliding | across the Tawn I hastened to join ber?her cheek wore a rich flow, her dark, lustrous eyea were (ail of light, her lipe tremulous with smiles; ber white apron waa full of aaowy blossoms, and she had wreathed a epray of jaaasmine smid the bleakness of ber hair." How we began to talk I scarcely know, but I never was so eatartained by any woman as by War I could touch upon no subject in II* * !*L ?-?J- -* - ' - - Hwiiian ur art. win wnicn ?ne wu not Hr miliar, and Madam d? Staei might bar* ?eveted bar cMiirnUoa d powers- Ob the lawn we separated, bat when wa mat at breakfaat In the presence of the Catbbarta and the iup?rcilioua heiress. I ia> that tba old gorerneaa' look had eonie baek to her fact, and aba wu Bora reticent than ever. My friend propoesd horseback exeuraion to a bJilingrpringin the neighborhood, and when oar party assembled i n the verandn, I noticed with tba keanaat diaappoiitUaeat. tbat tba governeaa had been xeluded. I rode at tba bridle rein of tba fair Blanche, who looked wary pretty in tfee blue habit and witb bar velvet cap eat ooqnettiably above her golden treats**. but I found it an aff >rt to Interest myaelf in her common-olace chit-chat I fait a aenee of relief whan mi Aim. I uaunied at the Hell, m<1 m aoon u I had led ay partaer in, boanded up the tUireeee. On I the way to my chamber 1 paeeod aa open door, I and through it eaaght a glimpee of Marguerite p The two children were busy at their taaka, aad r i in t patiently oorreoting a sketch which one il ?f Ihctn had uade A portfolio lay betide her V wbut/ [ doubled oot wee Ailed with her own diNinp Sha beard my step, aad looking up mm ?e on the threafeeML = ? ? V.A -? -? ' ? ' "Whet"' A? eketaftned, 'Xto** yoa retained so loos ? I did not e^poct van for an hour or two. I bopo yon. hw? MW?d your**? . T .* ' - IV " ' , " No, I hare sot. I wm really disappointed .because you did not go " A taint mile ptfltd over bar face " I?I/' aha mattered ; V you can't underttand etianette, if joa fuppose a gorerness is to ba made an equal " I felt the blood rush to my brow m I replied? " There are many falsa notions in society; I am sore Mrs. Cuthbert's governess is the equal of any one, and as such I regard her." Her face crimsoned, ana for a time there was a silence, which I broke by sayiaf? II Is thil Lb a Mhnol room "Yea." "It looka very oool and pleasant; may I come in?" "I tappoM Mrs. Cathbert would fkava no objection.'' "I hope sot!" and with these words I moved to the table at which aha waa sitting ' Does that portfolio belong to yon T" I inquired. laviitg my hand on the article in uue?Uon She bowed aaaent, and I resumed, 4,?bHU I have the pleaaure of examining ita contents?" " Certainly, air." She waa calm, grave, quiet; bat when I drew furth the pictnrea and began to expatiate upon mem, ner reticence vanisued. Mar ?JM lit, tbe pale eh*?k glowed, her lipa?those mobile lips of her*?parted, and (be talked with tbe enthusiasm of girlhood. The aketohea were indeed wonderful, and at laat I said: " It is * shame for you, with yoas genial for painting, t? dnidge as a gorerneas!" > Again that peculiar smile flitted over bar features, as she murmured, 44 The poor mast do what they ean?not what they would." At this moment we ware interrupted by the children, and I left her. T ik. - IS. V - _ t in mo uternovn, M 1 ?u lounging OB a > luxurious sofa in the library the door opened, auri Marguerite appeared, bat at tight of me precipitately retired. ' Stay! May"' cried I. following her. -, " No, no, I cannot; I did not dream yon were here, I was lonely, and oame down for a hook.", " Come and get it." With some reluct%aoe she entered, and took a splendidly-bound copy of Taaso from the' shelf. I glanced at it, and said: " What, do yoa read Tasso?" " A little." Then take a seat be',<!* me, and we will read tAffAikor " she hesitated An instant, and then assented, j The liquid Tuscan language sounded very I beautiful, syllabled in her aeeents, and the ?p<Hl with whieh the governess had bound me, deepened with every passing moment. A month wore on, and one night I set in my china ber. holding oommuuioation with my own heart. The faee that I had seen at the window n my arrival?(he face that had seemed so pale, eo ealm and oold, had sinoe aesamed eTsry variety of expression. I had eome hither to woo Blanche, I had falle^ in love with tbe governess! Yes, I was in love at last^MarJaerite haunted ali my sleeping and waking reams. I was musing thus when I heard a | tap at my door, ao4 Cathbert entered. 44 Well, a penny for your thoughts," be said. I " I am thinking," I replied, "how mysterious a thing love is!" "You are in tove, then?glad of it?glad of I it. Pl>n<kA will Ka tk kinn* ?Af??an ' 3 ' ''Tia?'tis not Blanche!" I stammered; i " 'tis not Blanche my heart has chosen?I love the governess!" " The govereee*!" said Cathbert. " Zounds, man, what do you mean ?" " I have to-day laid hand, heart and fortune at her feet, if the accepts me, I shall envy nobody in the wide world." Cuthbert meditated awhile ere he resumed. " You must be sincere, Vincent, or yoa would not marry Marguerite." ' Sincere?God knows I in!" My hoat gazed at me, and laughed a merry laujgb, that rang long and loud through the "My dear fellow," he began, "you are the victim of a little rase. Mv i??? had a mortal fear of falling the pray of aoine fortune-hunter, and when you on your arrival, mistook her for the governess, she could not resist the temptation to earry out tbe imposture. In the nit of a eon fab we had with ner in the veranda, she begged as not to undeoeive you, and we humored her whim. She ooaxed the oousin who was staying with us to aet the part of the heiress, and as she taught the ohildren during the absenee of the Frenoh governess, they were not likely to betray her secret?Blanche Marguerite Dupont oome here and "ltoar, dear Richard, I know I can trait youF' Blanch* ia now ray wife, and peeping over my shoulder at the manoaeript, she bid* dm tell the world ahe haa sever repeated the "ft- u" won my lew*. Bbbqbb Octdohb.?A weetern champion of the 6ue is practicing to aurpaaa Mods. Berger. He haa had bat little experience aa yet, bat la improving, and hopea to cope with the trameudoae Frenchman after a few years' practice. The following are kum of hi* diversion shots? a new name for what Barger ealla the "ro MM." "Driving a ball down a leg of the billard tabU, down two pain of stairs, making a carom on three bails suspended over a pawnbroker's door. "Shoring his ball through three lengths of tore pipe, and drawing it baek into his overcoat pocket. He makee a very pretty right angle shot through a stove-pipe elbow. "Making a carom by causing a ball to travel a portion of the distance on a enshion, and travel the remainder on its nerve. "Driving bis ball between two balls four feet apart?and hitting both at the tame time. This is dune by hie ball bursting just as it gets between them. "Making mass shots from various portions of the table, oausinr the player's ball to twist forcibly against the abdomen of any bystaader designated. His great forte liee hi nursing the balls. Tn this delicate operatiqp he is aided by twoaompete*i wet nurses." Fmmty Ft**'a "Xwa" o* a HisaaaD.?A day baring remarked that is the most delicious feeling * wife oan hold toward her husband, Fanny Fern thus comment*:?Awe of a man whose whiskers you have trimmed, whose hair you hate cut, whose eravat you have tied, whose shirt yoo have put into the wash, whose boots and shoes you have kicked into the closets, whose dressing (own Ton have worn while combing your heir, who has been down in the kitchen with yon a*eleven o'clock at night to hunt for a chioken bone, who has honked your dreenes, unlaced your boots, aud tied your bonnet; who has stood before your looking-glass with thumb and finger on proboscis, scratching his chia; whom you have battered and teased; whom you have seen asleep with his mouth wids open; ridiculous. ?? A? * |j r a Uuvana letter to the Journal of Comment a?y?:? 'For the maturing augar cropa of Cute, our planter* could not bar* more favorable WMthrr. If tbev ted ordered it for theoiaelvea Tber? have been no boavy wlnda to proatraU tbelr uo(K* in rrgiru >a in cine, wnue (ha moisture distributed eauallyfrom above bu been followed by a nool lUoMpoert which Is seasoning the cane, so that all planters who are prepared with their machinery cau commence roiling from three to f*er week* ear I lee tfcan laat year Prom present appearance* we may reeeonably anticipate a Urge product of raperlor nigin" U7" The New Orleans Mtn report the dement of the police on a regular Jktrlean "Incantation," Half n d. ten naked African women were dancing around a ehaotdroa In which make waa boiling The object t>f| the voodenk rites" waa to dell Wf n man from the city prlaon. The "wltchna" t WeratakM tntkn loakup. ir? .4, : i? . ' j ttempt or a Yocns iAvr to doxftrr 9ricioa?5*? ? "io<i( ?ir|f Siek but do*t nol fiu ?In _ one at ovr most fleiltUhlng iu bur ban villas*!, a i young man baa recently eMabllabed himavlf In the 1 apothecary bueioea, with a good degree ?fewcc??. L A abort time since a daughter *f one at the prom- N l?ent citizens of the place called upon him, and ?j Mia sne wanted to buy aom? strychnine. He *j leoked at her, and noticing macks or confusion in v bur ( ountenaace. bad a vague suspicion of mim- ? thing wrong He accordingly answered by an evaalv? question, as to wbether sbe knew that ai apothecaries were not allowed to sell poison. U*llitg hex that If she would bring a prescription of a *' phvsiclau It would be all right. She answered, ^ With a smile, that she only wanted to kill a cat; ^ tkatshe was somewhat attached to the animal, bated to kill it, and therefor* would like something that would cause ai little pain as poaalble. ? Sit would be sure death. The apothecary did j d not like to off -nil the young lady, but still bad Cl bis suspicious. Hi accordingly mixed a prepara- tt tlon and gave It to he*. As be suspected, sbe ai Wer>t home, took it, was very sick, and finally, ti cilllng ber father, told him she was tired of ^ tttii world, bdd taken strychnine, and bad ouly a fdw minutes to live. The father, after much persuasion, obtained tbe name of the apothecary and rtshed to bint. Tbe latter received him without | eaiouon, ana in response to tbe anxious parent's * inquiries, told blm the circumstances. and explained tbat be bad^iveu ber a dose which would w oaly produces very nauseating, and perhaps bene- ^ fletal effect. This proved true, tbe young lady, is wLo was only about 1? years of age. being made v+ry sick, and now having recovered entirely ? tl Bottvn Traveller. J Death of Jambs ^heeid** Kiwwlm ?The p Ffelton briags us intelligence of tbe death of tbe P successful play-writer, actor, elocutionist, and ' clergyman, James Sheridan Knowles, who Is well r, liown in this country through bisdramatic works o Ha was a distant relative of tbe celebrated Steri din, and was born in Cork, Ireland, 1784. Hit H father waa a lecturer on elocutloB. and young ? Koowlet exhibited his histronic inclination* by ? writing a Juvenile play when butlj ye. rs old. and j. by going ?u the ste^e when'23 For many y.'irs fc bo continued to write plays. the moat popular uf S which are " Vlrglnlua,'' (extracts from which are U to be fouod In almost ?v?ry book of elocutionary elections and to be beard at alinoM every school . exhibition.) ' The Hunchback," "The Wife, a w Ttle of Maotfta," and --The Love Chase '' The two latter are standard plan, often given at our theatres; while the ' Hunohback" is specially af- I tected by new claimants for histrionic fame, who J Usually think ihey find either in ' Julia" or 'flelen" suitable parts In which to make their T first appearances Several vearsagoMr Knowles, under the influence of religious motives, abandoned the stage and all connected with it, and became a clergyman of the Baptist denomination, fur which recanting actors appear to have a special 1 rpsijrd TIim knnwlpfiu* nf ?!rv?nMAn bad acquired on the stage served htui well In the c pulpit, and made him a vigorous, eloquent, a:id u popular preacher, and he preached with accept- r\ anee in Loadon and the provinces. Mr Knnwlet % was on board the steamer Arctic on his way from Crfnstadt to Hull at the time of his death. He had reached the advanced aye of 76 years. ^ t: M~7" Company E, Ninth Kegltuent, In New u York, having conceived an idea of an excursion to -England, addressed to Ixtrd Palmerston the lbauiry whether a company of one hundred men, Including a band of music, of the New York n State Mifltla, would be permitted to land in England and parade, armed and equipped as a mill- {g tar* company. The reply, dated Oct 12th, states li "That her Majesty's government, as well as the a whole British nation, would feel very great V pleasure at a friendly visit from anv portion uf the ? people of tb? U nl ted States; but It would i.ot be conslstrnt with the laws of the United Kingdom, that v a body of armed men, organized asa military body, and not being subjects of the British Sovereign, i should land "n the'Dnlted Klni/do.n anrf about therein Lord Paimerston, however, would remark, that If any of tbe members of tbe corps wtllcb you mention were to come over to Kngland in the summer of ue*t year, bringing with ] them the rifles, for the purpose of euterin^ into ? competition at the annual rifle shooting meeting, there can be no doubt that they would be moat r heartily welcomed." Tbe matter Is still under consideration, and will be the subject of future 1 correspondent between Adjutant Copplnger and * the Lngllsh Premier, through Lord Lyons, tbe '* British Minister at Washington, and Mr. Arcbi- p bald, the British Consul In New York. Tbe trip ? If undertaken, will occupy nearly two months, at a su expense of ?)0,UUU? J10. (HA) of which bas al- * ready been subscribed by eight members of tbe ? company. a PIoion ?The general agent of tbe New York Associated Press was in our village a J few days since for tbe purpose of locating some carrier whifih th* Awnrifltlnn nFii uKftnf fA a employ for the purposiof intercepting the la- ? bound Europmu stesa,er?, off Fire Island. Tbe ' itiiM parties h?ve, for many year* putt, employed * piteous at Halifax, N. 8., and at 8*ndy Hook, where they proved of great service, *nd have, doubtless, < ontrlbuted in no ainall degree to th? \ Assoc iatiuu's world-wide repuUtlou for successful enterprise in outstripping all their opponent*? 7, whether editor*, newt agents or speculators?In the early recept'ou of European newa. Prompted 0 by their paat success and inspirited perhaps, some- a what by the ex pressed determination of a majority 1' of tke directors of the American Telegnph Coni- * pany to strangle the Associated Press, and thein- * selves control all the news of the old world and a tbe new, the Association have. we understand, { decided to extend their Pigeon Kx press to every I point alonu tbe se?-board, from New York to t Cap* Race, where it it possible to have the s steamers Intercepted. Among the poluts that are thus to be covered in addition to Halifax. Sandy Hook and 1- ire (sland, are. we understand, MonUuk Point, Nantucket. Portland, St J?uu *. " N F.. and Cape Race ? Babylon (L. J ) Dtmo ,1 *>- . - ' * * 1 1 ' >' Fgosi Ccba ?It is reported in Havana that the * steafruhip Granada had lauded a cargo of Aflcin?, 19It in number, at or near Sierra Morena, on the 16tn ult . and that they had all been aold for Sl.'iOo each, on a credit of three, six, and nine ?< months. a The steam slaver City of Norfolk has been got off tbe reef* by the Spaniard*, and waa towed into a Havana by th? Spanish war steamer Velasco. \ The brig Byron, of Newtown, waa brought into t Havana on th?? J-Jil nit a nrlif Ia th? Srunlih ur>r steamer Neptuno, by whom she bad been captured a few days previously near Sagua la Chica, with 371 Africans on boara. The poor wretches were . In a must miserable condition, and twelve of then* have died since tbelr capture by the Nep- I tuno. 3 The lieutenant-governors of the jurisdictions of J Cardenas and Colen recently uu'ted their forces to 0 break up a runaway negro settlement forming In ? the mountains. They burned all the negro h ranches and captured six runaways, the property s of IHn Jultwa 7.ulueta. The settlement was being 3 formed in the most Inaccessible part of tt* rnouu- * tains called Las Ai ueva. J Nmiow Esc am ?We are Informed that the \ Mall train of the Virglniaand Tennesee Railroad, ft whlcb Is detained by tbe washing away of the bridge* some distance above Newbern,m?de a very narrow escape from serious damage Monday night. Tbe train bad crossed a bridge against which tbe ^ swollen stream was fiercely rushing, and pro- | Ceedtd about half a mile whtn nnthw i??? reached which it wasdeemed prudent tr> examine r before attempting to pass \Vhile the Conductor . was engaged in the examination, the Kngtneer | who remained on the engine frit It tin king beneath him, and with remarkable presence of ? nxind, roimaenced to back bia train. Scarcely tl had he removed from the spot, wlxen the embark- f' ment was awept away. A moment's delay and all on board would probably have met a fearful death. Tbe train waa hacked until the Irat bridge wai reached, and that too waa f.iund to be gone. The escspe waa remarkable and all on the train a* doubt owe their safety to the prudence of the . officer* ?Lyntkbwrg Rip. | fj~7* The following item has been telegraphed q from this city:?"Should Line.In be elected, It 0 1a now positively asserted that Secretaries Cobb ( snd Thompson will resign and retire to Georgia j> and Mississippi, to assist In tbe preparations for ?? seceasioa. The Secretary of War. Gov.. Floyd, and the Postmaster General, Col Holt,?the one of Virginia and tbe other ef Kentucky?have d?- ? ciuiiicu to remain ? meir posse. ana 10 stand by " the Union and agatnst those who seek ita overthrow The eoura?< f the becretarr of War will N be cloeely watched by patriots la all parts of th? country. Be will be compelled to take the InltJ. _ alive?either for er against Southern traitors?and ? I am gratified to state, will uotdisippoint patriotic \ expectations It is said he has But fully made up w bis mind as to what course he will nasuiB* In the event of the formal secession of entire States, partirnlarly if such secession shall be the apparent act of the people, bnth* will resist a?d punlsb ?U T case* of violent or Individual tressea The difl* } I cal^i at #ta|t will be bow to pwiwlseoertee. * m EDUCATIONAL i . rROFKS-i> K. Of? F RK NC&'and ?ERMAN < lANUUAGE^V, Ul? Eighth street, between Ltnd I, tia* the honor to announce lo the publics thet he M returned ha Ioimjui in the above lansuacee, id nu OMned ftt Misa W<?od a eeaniaary. *94K I i treet, between 12th and 13th eta , a French Class ia 'hioh young will b? admitted. Thia clam I ill nw?t three time* a week at ha'f-paat 3 p m. Terms: $6 per quarter at 10 week* Satisfactory 1 rraiigpin -nta made ior lesson* giv-n in sehools. ' Mr de Viluers offer a the beet referencea aa to hit ' lal. ability, *c.. ftp oc 24-lm ? JCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, ? No. S7T I FisaT Wa*d. < Miia ANN1F, E. PECK. Teaoher. Number of pupils limited to twenty, oe 16 eo2m r? FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wiin their daughters to relive a thorough and svatematio education. where . ieirpffve<oa< teaming wi l recaire daily and special . ttention, under the moat approved system of 1 )emc*and Gyibnaatios, are respectfully invited to isit the Union Female Aoadeiny, corner Four- 1 ?nth st. and New York av. . , MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, ' au 30-tf Prmoipals. , 7EMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL * ALKXAyURIA. VA. \ Mrs. S. J. McCORMlCK, rai>c:PAU I The thirteenth annual so.?ion of thin Institution r rill-commence on Taesday. September IBtii, in the e 4 use recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., i io. ISO Kin* street. The course of study pursued will oompri?eali to branches requisite to a thorough English Kdu ation, and Mime, F.ench, Latin and Urawiag, H sired. In addition to day seholars. Mrt. McCormick is rvpared U> receive a limited numher of pupils as iiiuHdra. vim An?atihihnv a ? j, will t>? uglier liar immediate earo and nuper vi- ? ion. She will endeavor, as lar a* poaaitde, to eur- ' Hind tbein with the oomfurtaand Iciutliv luaaenoaa f Home. K'/trmef*.?Rer. Geo H. Norton. Rev. D-. Kliaa larriaon, Rev. D. K. Sprief, William H Powle, iaq., Kd<ar Hnowdnn. fj?q.. Kdannnd F Witmer, l?q? Henry Mar bury, fcaa , l/fwu MoKent e, lq . Robert H. Hunt<>n, K?q . W D Wailaeh, ditor Kvenin* Star. Benjamin Water*, K?q. ,Ja?. latwide. Jr., Km , Col. .lolin W. Minor. Loudoun, Irxnra. Blacklook Sc. Marshall, Moaara. Curve | rothara. i TEBM*. 1 Board, with Tuition in aJl Hie Kngliah Branch**, J"lor iiie annual aeaaitm?payable aeioi-annually, i fcd vanee. Mi??ieand I.anrnnren ttt Profeanora' pricea. 1 i~ ,\o extra charges. an 2g-tf LfRS. M. K. KINrtSFOKD S SEMINARY. 41.1 K St.. Wa?h;n?ton, D. C. T.'?e next aesaion will oo?iini?nee October 1st, 180V j 'onus, A o.i forwftrded on application. su 15 tf CAiililAGE FACTORIES. ; Jt/ASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY^ J F ? I) Strtet, Bttftten 91 k and 10IA Strut?. *'e bava juat finished a number of first o.&aa , ARRIAGF.S, aueh aa l.itht mri, MBlS. r??ma, Pari PkviUms. hamxlv Car-VMjPt&i ia*ej, aaJ Eutttei, wlucli we will aeli at* J ver aoudl profit. Heini praoi.oal laeohanioa is different branch#* j f th? Tioaiiieae, we flatter onraelvoa that we know c 34 styiea and.quant? of work tiiat will give attu t UKMMI Oaillhi ill nr lirKbiAaa Anm/n?* J ?k?M ..awwpwt WUUWI ? MJU UUWII1 r. ' Repair I ill promptly and carefafcy attended to ! ehorte*t notice ana moat reasonable oharrea. WALTER. KARMANN A BOPP, ^MMhntktri, i?M*uori to Wm. T. Hook. r CARRIAGES. " ~~ HE Bibooribor harms made addition! to ki rotory, maJiiny it nov one or the !ar (Mt^MML i the Dietriot, vhere hie faoilitiee for9R"?^K MiuiaoturinxCARRIAGE A LISHT-MEi^^E: V At?OiN8 or all kinds oatnot be ?nrpa?sed, aad od |iie lone eipen saoe m the buuneu, he hope* > lire general aatie&ouon. All ktad? of C*rT**ee and Lifkt Waioa* kept M and. aji REFAIX.BaMtty aadall *r<?r* yrmyt - attended U. , SM?k-ku4 CtrrltiM taken Is sxahan*e for in in. andrew j. joyce, f ?.M ?m? mt 14th W.T.S K ate. J IIJ9T RECEIVED, ' AT ?M!TH*??, A lot of GKNTS'S UNDERSHIRTS AND ( IRAWERS, from aiiotton, which he will aell very J nr. oe T9 1 m JIANOS. PIANOS?The larjreet navortment of i H.ajioa, Melodeone, Guiutra, Vio-w*mhm n?. U&Dcora Beat Italian dtrmta Ao FfjnrPl I itrdeout, Flatinaa, Cnocertin&a. K utea,' ? ? ? < 'ilea, F!%xeol' tta, Glaionett*. Braaa < natrumetita, >ru .? a"d evury variety of uimioaI ware, alao n tmaie?i?e *t?OK of Sheet Murio. Mumo Hooka < id Opoiaa, for ?very matrun>i*nt at the Muaie . tote of \V. G. ME TZfclRO TT. corner of P?.av. | nd lit!) atreet. Sole A*>-nt of Stain way A; s^m'a lm aon O m 1. o - ?- i */_.! - - -* * ?* ? ?? vu wiu nun*m, i/o, i nanos. 1X3 V if , JTOVE8! S T O V Ji jj!' J 5 8TOVF.S!!! J ! kave on hand a 'arjo assortment of Cooking *ud th#r vtor?a, which I wijl sell oheapor than -A. nv other house in the Distriot, as it ia m?|95 . it ntion to close them <>ut Call and see,^Brl ad then judge for yourselves. W/: , C. SNYDER. i oo9 Next door to tVe Star OCoe. ^yHAT THE LADIES WANT TO KNOW. Where they can bur Jouvin's Ur>st Kid Glnv^s at 5 oents. iVaria Lorn a, new make, at 82?* o:*> ts. ood Rid Glov*s at J7H oents, best quality Kid >auntietts at 91.12%,.l%ree .assortment of I ndies' , nd .Misses' Finecy-lined >ilk and Thread Gaunt , ftte m lyw prices. Best Prenoh Corset* at #125; i ?oop Skirt* at half pnoe; Ladies'and Misses* Ho | iery ; Men do Ves>s;, Cambrio and Em- i noidered Handkerchief* at low prices: Silk Holies ] nil ftyadere Silks, a little out or stvl*-, at half price: j roula d and Fanor Urei-s Silks; B'aok r*ilks and ' )ress Goods of all kiwis at unusually low p'leea i klbo. large and handsome as*ortm?*nt of Cloaks and lhawi*. Call early and get first ohotoe. hv.mbv vr1v 321 Fenn. ar., and sil Seventh it., oc24-61 near Avenue House. II/K WUNT OUR OUR CUSTOMERS AND * v friends to know that our assortment of GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS i now complete in every department, embracing verv ar: icle, and in great variety, usually kept la . well organnnd GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE. Ooeupyine for the past twenty yeare the same tore, and buying all oar goods exclusively for cash, we are satisfied that we can sell a newer .nd BETTER STYLE OF GOOD^ .t lower prieea than those srh?? bnv on "credit" iVe wiah, however, to maintain a reputation for he sale of FIRST QUALITY GOODS, ind those at the lowest and uniform prices. At XTPVt'vs'a oolft-Cteo Salesroom. Brown's llotel. jft. N O T i C E! N OTICh ! kSSK Mrs. HELLER Invites th? of^T Vasmngton and vioinitr to hor Grand Opening of 'ashionab.e FALL and WINTER BONNrTS, >a Friday and Saturday, 6th and 6th instant, when i he wi'l r>e happy t? have tadies oome and examine er ?tock or Goods. as she has a very handsome i tock of FEATHERS, FLOWERS, DRESS PRIMMING?*, HEAll DRESSES, CLOAKS, i 1HAWL8, EXTENSION SKIRTS, CORSETS i if all sizes and prices, and a very large s toe It of CMBROiDERIES, Ac , Ao. oo ? No. *4 Market Space, bet. 7th and 8th sta. I Comer of 19th and H ata.. a\]J|f 1 few doors south of Pa. ay., Favi?r'a old stand. First I Vard, Washington. His Mar is constantly suplied with the choicest Liquors and Cigars. Tne est Fried Oysters in Wa?hm?ton oan be obtained t his place. Families supplied with Oystora in eveC atviB. an<t ? paa?Anakl-. ? 1 I ?-i ?- ?? ? wqUQBI j fkRY GOODS?DRY GOODS! I Li DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS? I We havo now in store a ?ery large and well u < urtfd stock <>r pry Goods. of every kind and qoal I '.t Wo cordially invito all persona in want of Dry c rood* to call and examine our stook before making t?sr purchases elsewhere. Kvery artiele will be Pld at the lowest market price. \ WM. R. RILEY A BRO., No. SO Central Mores, J Between 7th and 8th eti eeta, 00 3-eolin Opposite tenter Market. . JMRK! FIRE" FIRE!'! I \ ,, , . f 100 REWARD. 1 1 will five the above reward for the arrest and 1 oovietion of the person or persons who fired th? t ?rpent*r's shop of Beers A Brother on the night t f tne lSth in*tM^ Their all wfs destroyed. The t raerous and syMuthiginc puhlio will be called on ?r a small amount to enable them to resume their : inner business. oc 15 ISAAC BEERS. J L|R8. J. HIGBIE, Ft ARTIST IN HAIR JBVfRLRY, uoh as Bracelets, Ear-rings, Fob Chains. Fincer-nngs, Necklaees, Breastpins. Guard Chains, HearU, Jrosses, Ac., made t > order, at !o. 3114 Pa. Atinui, bstw. 9th and 1?th Sts., i (Over Clagett A May's Store,) I oe 16-lm* ysUisfiei, D. Q. ?.y } ? ^' A V -V." v*? C *. ? ^ w. , *1 . v.i l'* J. OBOEGETOWN ADVERT'MTO ftU LARGE s*TOOR! QJ i/0 BEST OOOllg" Jfo f, O WEST P R I C K ?! ! ?PILMAN * HUNT, 9+ Bridf# stmt, t*m*n *' 1 inrten &nd CntirreM, mt* imjw to ihow ttnnr wtllwltcltd tuxk of Mt KM GOODS, DOM K? ri?*S, ^o. Tfcair atore i tb? rid ataad of U. E. Berry) hfcviix b*"n reui?Kl?.?jd md fittoc up . the moat ihoruuxii in&?LB?r, U*j >.uiu f&c.iiwrwqwa!?} i? nip piatrfct tor tM fwonti d ?f R |0n^r&i Dry Bonua Buaineaa. Thtfy r#ap*ctrtlljr mvit* & c*ll from the OiUzcaa of Georcaevn in-< vicinita. oa 6-'w? JUST RECKIVP.DW hh<t?. prim* Porto Rioo SVGARS, UB bMa. ?.rri Rro WHISKY. 8?bl>U. HKRftlNU siwl Al^EWITKS. W*bt?a. ustiaii and Refan-J .-UGARs. Ju t*c? R io *m! Jm POP FEB, _ 1U nna?.(!->w pricedl .MOI.ASSES. Fortaichf JOHN J BOQL K. * 10 f *RA>IMvLU OPTIC1AH, U .> . IMS lirxdtt tt., BwrrHW, Hu oonatantlr on haad a targe aa*<>rtni?nt of freiuih Near-sighted. Penwjnc. g?|.n ??i >r*d, and aT. other SYECT A CLKS, oi be l>e?t qoa.ity. in gold, ailver. stoel.and Gerruac ulverframes. N. B. Old F'md?? Repaired and it* * m?m at* m tbom toonter. no H-ly ilA8SRY.C0LI.IN8 A GO'S Phi LA DEL* I PH1A DRAUGHT A LK-?\V> are oousiaoby , ereivin* fr?nh aopslioB of the above deluLtful bev>rage, and invite all persons who want a pure nn du iterated Ala. to aire it a tnal. iRNY A 8UINN, Agenta, 1st iT QrMg ?t.. Otnriiitovft Dr. J. H McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL XD BLOOD rt RIFIEM THE GREATEST REMEDY is tk* WORLD, id the most Dblicioc* and 14 Brrj \JJ It it itrietl? a ?cijbJjAl tnliic utd VfjrnBmTU U? Cu? fi?J, ?r?hn&fts# tmt?4 bj tk? du:i?UFi ? tioii of nwti, bcrt-?, iMHWua ar.d b*rk? Vrl) >w Wm.i iAl nKM\ f*ock, Blood Root, DP, 1 wftR Mt?k Kw.lampi ]ww iUrk, uil DandtUoa flHff tni?r? ml* iu com SJ5 1^ *" r'" *"tirt aetir# L r???di?l pr?. . , 4. ' j* I Dili of eta i?*reJ.ei.i u Btfore UE5*.i^<:.' ;v,w" listi'linf, I ? ?liei?0?, rxlalretlnf epiru, Add U.e Kill iifclhblt ttnHtf hr rmo>i|iii| ihe ajMIUi, md reetonng the eick, eaderiag, and dektniaud invalid to isallh and itinfth. McLEANS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Till effectually car* Lifer Complaint, Dyspepsia. Jaaalice, Chronic or N?r?u?? Utbility, [lui. tee of the Kidjiers, md all diet?ees arising from a disordered Liver or Stoiaack, tjepepeia, Heartharn, Inward Pilee, Aridity or Siekneae of lie Stomach, P a Lin ass of Jilood u> toe Head, Dali Pan, or Ivinimuif in the Head, Palpiuuon of toe Heart,> >r Weight in the 8;om?e*, ?>ar Eroct-tions, Choking or 1 u#nr alu.v Paal in* ?kan 1 W/in ?. ?a? iest of tht Skiu and E;?, Vigtit liuti, Lavar4 Ki?ir?, Hia in thi Small of tht Back, Chut, or Bidt, Sadden 'tulxi oI Ht?t, Dapraaaion of Spiriti, Frifht/i! Dritui, ^naraor, Dttpoodtucy or any B?r?ai distant, Sortt or Slolehtt au ia? Skin, and Ft?tr nnd Apt (or Chilli and Ntll.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES mTt bttn told darinr iht laat an moatha, and in ne intauet hat it fatltd in ri?Uij tntirt satisfaction Who, lb?n, riil aafer fro* Wtahntaa or Dtbility whtn MiLIANH n'RKNUTHtNING COK.D1AL trUl tan yom 1 No luptft can con?ty an adaqaata idaa of tht imasadiitt and almost miraculuot cbanft prodoctd by iaiit| this Cordial in tht dtttaatd, dtbilitattd, and ahatttrtd ntr*oa? fitta, whtthtr broktn doarn by tietss, vtak by aatart, >r impairtd by ticknaaa, tht rtlatad and anatruaf arfmni?Uau it ratlartd to ua prittiat ktaJtb and riftr MARRIED PERSONS >r athtn. eonaeioas of msbilitv from ahiiaMf will lad M CLE ANY BTRENOTilKNlNti ' COROUL "a Ua-' Oiifh r?|flncn(or?f tha ijitim; and all who mar hava in ar?d ihtn-aairta by improper indalgancaa will fad ta Ufca yordiai a cariain and aptedy remedy. TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL to a ar?arurn and apeedy cure for Incipient Cauaawpuaa, Whitca, Jbatrneud or Diffcall Manetruatioo, Incontinence of I'nua >r In?olant*TT Ihacherre thereof, Falliuf of Ui? Womb, ilddtaaaa. Fainting, and all uiaaaaaa mcidai.t U) Fecaalaa THE HE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT taftr na longer Taka it according to diraetiona. It vill lUmniate, e'.rengthaa, and tnrigamta 70a and caoae tl.e >loorn of health to mosnt your cheek again. tmj bo'.tla te rarraiAed tc gire aatiafaction. FOR CHILDREN H toot children arc licklT, paiy or aliciad, McLIANt CORDIAL vill make theni kaaltfiT, fat, and robaeu Delay lot a moaient; try it, and y*a aril'l ba eanrinead. h ia 4a kiouuuki. CAUTION. Stvin of dragfitt* or dulin ?bo mty try t? palm apoa r-JU iomi l.jtter or* raapanlla trtth, which ihej c<n bay ;hc*i>, kv?*r"<r4t it tutt at rood. A?o;ii ?uch ixco. Atk ror McLean* STRENGTHENING COKICAL. ?.,d ukr nothing I It It l* U>? oe.l_? ria<4; thai Will p>nfp tn* Blood tlinronjhlj tod *t th? tun* Ua.f *ti?ugihtu ih? tjtltia. Oat ttatpoMRil ttkte (Ttry morning hiUit; u m ctnua pri<?au>? for Cktltrt, Chill* *r>d Frffr, T ell iw r<?ir, or u>? punlibltiHMi It it pw ap It Itrft l> . ' ! Critf 5IMT si ptr bottit, or 6 bou.ct for ft* J H MCLEAN. Role proprietor of Ihit Ccrditl; *l?o. McLuo'i Vticuic Oil Lmant Pnoiipti I>?pot on tit corntr of Tlurd tad Piat ttrtttt, It. Laau, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLO ) Tha only uf< ?ul etrtain ear* for Caxctn, Pile*, Ta non, ixnapwi mutlliiw < nirre. ralfia, WiikiiU of :kt MhcIm, Chronic or In4->wm*t?cy Rht amillaai, D ifuiucf ui J->mu,r.M(rmcia4 tluclfi or Lifimeoti, Earache or T?.< ihacbe, Bruiaee, Bpr.nn, t'rnh !!?u, Wonnde, Clc?n, F???r Scree, Ctktd sttut, bri Nipple*, Barn*, BctKi, Bore Throat, or uj iolimeiitio* or miu, no tifiniici how uiir* or tour the riie?.ee mar Ut? eneted, McLEiNV CELEBRATED LINIMENT < t certain remedy. Tfcocaande of noman beioje have beeo iitiiI l,fe of die tnpiodi iiail meeiy by the Me of thu liTilnbli remedy. McLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve pun eimoai inetauti neouely, end it will deu, ptrif; end heal the fouleet eorea in an incraaib.e ahort tiM. POK HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS McLEA.VSCELEBK.ATED LINIMENT i? the ?.ly eafe Cd rrl'uble remedy for ike cure of 8p??ie, R.i^beee, indfii'i, Bf'inte. Uanataral Lamp*, Nodee or 8wellior* It never failed to core Bi( Head, Polleoil, Fiemla, Old Rwiuu; Socea, or Sweeny! if properly apflied. For Spr.ina, Bruiaee, Bcratcbee, C{*tked Heele, Chafe*. Riddle or Cellar (ialla, Cute, Sorec,, uieta infallible remedy. Apply it a* directed and a cure ia cenai*> in every inst&ace. , Then trite no loafer with the inur wartkleae Liniment* offered to yon Obtain a ewpply of D?. McLEAN 6 CELEBRATED LINIMENT. It will eere ton. J. H. McLEAK, Sole Proprietor, Corner Ttiird and Pine at*.. Si. Lucie. Ma. CHARLES HTOTT, t!S, mIi irmt in W iiimrl M?; R. a. T. CIH8EI., Ueorfttowu. 94-DAWlj BKN F. FRSRCH. WM. ?. RICHSTX1N. NEW FIRM PRENCH ft RICHSTE1N, (Sueetssors to Wm. F. 2MWv ) Who mala and Ketail l><*aiers in BOOKS, STATIONERY, axd PERIODICALS, No. #T8 PERSSTLva&ia Averce. Weddinr and Visiting Cards neatly engraved End printed. Paper and Envelopes Stamped with Initial with out -xtra charge. Subscription* received for all the Weekly Papers tad MacaEiaes; also. New York Herald, Times, and Tribune. OaH aad examine our stoek. II bound Books sold Com U to 5* per eent. less She Publisher's pnoes. Any Uook*not on hand ordered witn d * from London, Parts. New York, Boetno, hi adelpkta. o? 34 lm ^CHOOL AND COLLK8K OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys'1 Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parents and gvardfans wishing to furnish their children and wards with SeHoolaed ColUceOeaftta or the oominx te%aon, are invited to examine our ireaent v te ud exU-aaive UMrtiMnt BOY*' CL? where they o?b fit out their childr+m >f all aiz*e in a few momenta with evory deecrip:ion of Kcadrinade Uarmnata, v( aabataatial ud titrable guilty. at very moderate prioea. WALL., STEPHEN? * CO.. an sn tf Situ Peun. ayenue. fJOUSEKEKPlNO AgDRVAN?, GOOM. We hare now on hand a well aeieoted etoek of he above cooda, such aa bbeetin*a. Table La nana, Mapkiot, Towehnga, Linee;a, Fail Clothe, Uiea reta from onmmon to very ana?Oaa^bnrga, B *e >ome?tica. Ginghama, Pillow CaaaCottoae and J nana, Don bar 4. Dtetciaeun'e, Barkliee. Cnarl?v t Co . and Rtov ardeun^a Irtah Lineae la all qualiiee, all of whion we will dirpoee of on the beat TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. B W. HAMU.TON pjUNTK^ a r./l ^ i DEALER IN PAINTS, j No. #?* Tth Stew. nmr Odd hlUtrf UmlL i m?-tf rPTTT 1^ DOWN. J ^*af?NE oVSMWmk CANDLE?! ]j A be*util u? arU4i#, ?^u?J id iipMrtiN to p&tsvt ' at-'-- ?w nffN'STiu.cH^r" om H) Cm?r V?m8n? mr. wmi )XJ> ?U. I Noon AQppj$^ COAL i ?M P4. At., I"*-? m lh* Btfc, . j * * r *" '***' r? v % Toil fti*. S**"1!, It lavariMM* ooattiM th? ? takiMfftnn N*w' h*4 MM* Tke ftMWI ?Mr rw^r thro?(ho?t tb? omitfr. ^=SBffiS3S=??? in? . ? - [ lotia ft vaiwia?Io?%?anMBLL***" MEDICINES. prop, w won't RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD B.E50VATER II proetafly wi?*t Its n?ra* i diMtn. for, wMt lewa.Lt t? the ;a?t?, it la rartvifjint.axbil* ttifi(, i?T??or?- B( and atrao th?r,in? to ?it* y*?Wa> MM It U ? ??w ti?r? r*n vifcoa, raiarta-aa. ? J r* nrw? tit* b.oJ ta?.i ite m?}>.aad tk?a at one?**5{orf* and rtvdtrt Ikt tytlrn. :t aita<i> dtirau Ilia t?" ob.j ?rrn aJl.oa vnr off^rou to Ua worM. ao chonMoal'f *nd aklF faltr O'VUMd uu> br t* oat ftvaifil frm.?, and at the us* Luna ao porfaeUr tOpH"1 ?' ? art Ui perfact acourdauoa wna tba taaa of Mturo, W'i hanea will tooth* tkt viaktit ttommci, au4 tona up tha difaativ* orjaia, an-i tbbk all*) a,; Bar vnaea* d "litmr irritation, it ta parfNtt* atlila* tinf and at too aaaaa tiata it la cw?aa? oatira<? mi ve?et?t> a*, ret e?> ooaibiiirti aa to prodaoa the Mil thorough tonic effect, Without producing My n jarioua oodm^ikdch. Snot, a remedy Ui -oig been fail to be a d aideratam in the nrt^o .o* v > Id. for it ufwItliomtdlNl ?k II to m* Tha* debility f lowitli kttirki of 4inw*. to4 proceed ,k di dead taya the a??tem open to lh? a<ra< ha of <!?? ol the n.oat (aUl.iwok. for luuik, M l*a f,j!lowin*: Cocacmpttor., 1 Ldl|-?tio?. D>?repeia, on of Appetite, F?, Narrcua IrnU.. Hit), N-a'a gi%, ra oitouon of the heart. Naiaaenot), Night sweat*. Laaguv, Oid inaai. Retentive of. aa wall aa Painfui obairueted. *ao profaee, or too ao?ni ManatruaUoa. aiid Fall tea of tha Woalj. Ttieee all depend upoi general deb,.tt?. Taia pur, healthy tonic Cordial aad B ou?l JLeuoraWr la as aare to cure aa tha aan ia to nee and aet. There ia * ao mi>take aboat it. Bat thia ia lot all If tha ayatam ia weakened we are apao to Mieaa at tarka, the hrer become* torpid, or wnrae ditiaaad, the kidney a reftee to perf-ra Uaeir faaotioaa, a?,u we are troubled With aoaidinc and taaoi trei.oe of unne, or inroiontary diact>ai te ol the qpjne, in the bacfr. tide and between tne ?|R>atd?-e, ex eecdtatly liable to altpht eolda, o??ch?, *rd if MM (iMkad.MoitmtiMtra follan.Mi Mw ytUMt (OM dovi to ? y?raiMBr? trave. Hut iPM* wit I ant allow ua to enumerate the muf ll.e'o whiah wo ara liable in a weakened ooadiuoa ol the ayatem. Bat we will aay in thia Cordial and B>ooJ ftemra tor yow have a perfect. aa'e, pleaea.Lt and rffeetna remedy for loea uf Appetite. tti,i'>oaneaa. Flat* lenee, weak a?<i eick Btoaaah. LMitoar, uvtr Complaint, Chtilaana Pevw.utaiy BiImni* attaok, Co. tiv^ueaa. Acidity oltlMrtoaMk, N<"voumm?, Naaralcia, Va'pitation of tba Heart, DaymaiM ?fppiiU.Soroa. Pimplea on tba Faoe, oraxi oia oaaeanaing from impure blood, auch aa ^orofu.a, fc,r>aipeiaa. Hronebitia. Couih,diScu*%y of Rrwatfc in(. aod ail tfcat ola?? ol diaeaaee ea ed (rnaia waakucea. anu enumerated abve. Wo Wld aieo aay tlie trave.or expoaed to epidereica. ohauj o( ohmate and water, wnl fii.J it a peaaatt. aaia tad aure remedy, &n4 n<> one ahoald ever trarel w.tXnut. Read-r. try tt, for. we aaaare you ?ou will ti n) in it a friend ind- ed.aa we.i aa a tri?-nd in need. All p?ra?>na ot eodenary ba!>ita will ft n J It a porfeot p.evrutive ol. aa we'I aa a cere for thoee ait mi*t* which tnej are r*rt;ou.arly ex p<*ed Hei.oe uiiriatera. <iui>nt>, attorney*, liter*** (on 1mm, and !nd:?? ?h? ?r# !? t ar.uat med to niuoh outdoor eieici^e, will find it to their advaota?e t<J keep a botUe eon*tanti* on h?cd; tkd ab?ve a1] m< tner? or tiioee r>?cominc eoeh, will ?o th'Otik tnat n.oat rfauferoua period nM onli with Ail their Moucoined itrei gth, bat Mfe im free front iiie thouaand ailmenta eo irer?J?it taoaf the few*i? portion of the wo. Id. In abort, la ludeec a mother cordial. Try it old ar.ri *on;.t;no lot f er rnn tke riak of deiay: it will relieve and pro** iteelf emphatioal.y ? lUttorttv* C0r4tmlmrn4 Bl?4 Km*t*Mr. ? O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 4 44 Bro4dvM, New York, and 114 Market Street St. Lonu, aM ao d by all good Drucsiata. Prioe Uu 1)oUm per Bottle. _ PROF WOOD'6 RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD Rk?\0VAT0R !* ?b y-#o!y tlw TJm O. R^db T. . HrifMEW(LL>8 U9TYXK8AL COUQH UUDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Comgks to Actual Conrnmpnon, HUNNEWELL'B JUSTLY CILKIK1TIP Tkt Natural and Surt Romody for mil Nor* vous Ccmplatntt, Prom N?ar?l(iA throaih a i cwn *h?r? Q^iim ITM ever Uiod to thfet oi LVuriaa oommon chief oanae of Ilia?<*i? 1.1M8 OF BLEKP, The Tu!? Acodynft, th"Ufh oonUinuur not a par tio a of (I|>:C1|, prodooe? all the r?^uirontebt? ol, aixi roar b* ?s?J in ail M>ri wh?fw Ovidtt. ni ma*4 vitko?t prt miik anrtmnc fc?t Caraa, and i*>viuc tfi* p&Uant Lukprttol f nattira atato. TfcaXniveraai Cou*h t(rw?1 from aii th" titnunon obtoction of 1 oogh R*in*<iiM. wtuoh B.>dn?? nanaoa ?.r proat.-s.Uon,) ma? ua oontidvred e o-'tnraoc ccfmj to w.! Thriatar.J Luui Comyi&iDta.Md n*u witt porfect impunity Asking ?li to court from proprietor* ur fr-enda the noat ae .-are invtr'.irauoc of both Kemcdiea, arwi wd u of our puarhlMi U> li? ImimI witi. all daaitci. uJ more rvticutar^ to paroLaaa out* of tlini* <? o%n b- depraved upon, *amt tn aoLfcuonoa IM d^cif.on . of PatienU and Phtne^u. "fiiaoa within roaoh of a?lv DKMUl AM KWTfc. J. W. HcnssvEio. *. Co., t ud fc Commercial Wnarf.Motion, beHLN*t'VF.LL, 145 Water ml.,Nw York, I'fcdey the tpecm: n?j, rviaior juH.V L. h IN pi tad rhantiay> iti t, Boatnb, mH>., v u< -? XCIMlun WDTVfl m? CO k ( of U>4 r*'<nir>? uDij.&cato whom uur*?? &11 serameaiostions. tioid bj all r<|MAOt*bia d<*!<*r? rtirjwhfm, tuU all the D'uiriuin Wuiui^uinud 6?uri<(o?k. glfcrat *r\.T 1* PROCLAMATION! . O THE CJTIZF.N* OF WA9HINOTO*N, 6KORUETOWN.4*. nUnu. At th? prevent ?i>ini ? Um flU CHOLERA UO.BU*. (HMUSi DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA. DttBlLITY. prevail to aa ala'nung exteut: And irUfMu, I? every family to know ->i A RF^EDY M Pasii, ? * offers Lit MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER u the mu?t CERTAIN AND KFFECTL'AL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS la order to aatiify * THE PUBLIC tkat no imposition is ibUmM ib the eaie of uue THE MON E Y^I Llf'ftSSlEFl, N DED in ml cum vken Ue medioxne tail* to t?ve entire eabafcotlo " u"u7?Dw,f?}g,s, _... stsstsahs u, ?vyt. tvW" Pno*?? m4 SO Cnti Mr BottU. For?U?t?U Drm^9torM mrrvlMr* JA&. MaDONMBLLn jyll-t?tr e"*#r* . B. ALL WhUpftl*MM&U'Ih FAHflLT GRu?RK?KS,JKA8, WINLS, ud MOIM UQU<>F!* of *H A fr?|h stork jn?t <>p?w*d. Good Bu?r?r?eeat* Mr C?'l it No #54 tf?t. Mtw? D Lwhmm ?t. oef-tf FLOU* DA!^ jggJ^ CO&MIMION c-r-'tf WESSS'tiSlbia* K7" C?h ?**<* fr?r *11 kind* of Orw ? ? ? NKW PSKMraftffiHBk CA? wall. IV??pk^? a &>., nta Amub*, bar* j Bit rM?iv*d ?f iww Rail ?kioh may i>f tl>*>r fri>? AMwd mm t*-tt i.^^g?PTT?,i'oVljvyaaff8a L^sEftspiSf .fessx; poLoms. coujfiyBo^ms*Ne??, * . '_d a\snmv* ssssi?w, - ' ^ 1mp ^ j^GdP

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