Newspaper of Evening Star, November 3, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 3, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVEMN.i STAR. [ WASHINGTON 01TY: j t .^ . ? ,I ... , ? ?- ?-??? . s i ?**m mt t?r Mtniw Pro*. The CMiiiintt'oi conaiders Ne#Vofl the baffle ground where the Conitltntion ?nd Uttltfn are about to conquer or perlab, and *ppoala to the freeman of that State to avert the terrtfe*?4i?tfer j k* f i of th* utter irwurt The fntollirnr* tudt?l*e? In ?'A Pew Pihbl Wordai: ou eloctlo* natter* TTT* rapt. Vnftrtnirl Gordcn, and the. \\>rreri mnd Hall, o/^ the .slaver Erfe, in S^f \ La*? W?i arraigned oajadictmfeits charge lag tLem wilb piracy. TheVtet H to Cioaia oWf an *ri? daw ss * ?** *? ?v,a/ S-CT) " Hon. A R. Bolder, of V* , |i at Brown*' Hon M O "Mordersl mod family, of S C , are-st the National ? Mrs J u&gt Owitfas vii ro>ib?f On a steamboat nnt >1 etapblt, last week, of S ?oki Watch, Inlaid ?ut pearl* Queen Victoria wu la Brussels on the 13th of October, and expected to arrive In England on the 17th.- . zu The family af Mr Faulkner, the American Minuter. haa returned te Pari* from Swttzertaad. aad gave their first dinner and reception on the 9th sit Rarey, the horsa-tamer, waa to glre a farewell performance at the Sydenham Crystal Palace on the 27th ultimo, before leaving for the United States The celebrated horse Cruiser was announced as one of the stars of the occasion. According to the Saturday Press, "Albert Edward writes for it "The Prlaee of Wales has agreed to write a description of his American tour for the Ledger, on condition that Mr. Bonner will pay off the national debt of Eagland <94,0U),0UU.0U0) within one vear of the 1st of January next The terms will probably be accepted.'' Tut Dimocbatic P?oc**mon i* Balti.yubi ).a?t Nigbt.?The San says of this affair : --The friends of Breckinridge and Lane, rallying m .National Volunteers, turned out in procession last and aMtbcr moat imposing and eff? rt've demoostrstion attracted thousands and score* of thousands as spectators into the streets. Beautiful # lamps, variegated lanterns, music, banner#, trans* parence*. a uwg line of borsem^n, and tbe cohorts on foot, narcbnl by, armed a* it were wlttispears of Saaw, until Hi the distance the swaying, meandering, sparkling line looked like a river of lire sweeping away Into tbe distance as far as tbe eye could resrh Tbe scene tefll*-* description and tbe grandeur of tbe effect will leave Its impression upon all who witnessed it. until sue. passed by soma new and mora striking public spectacle Tbe mounted volunteers formed on Oreenmount avenne to tbe number of about 601, and moved through G.iy to Baltimore, and up Baltimore to Hanover, wberea positiou was taken Baltimore street at this junction presented s living barricade of people of both sexea. from South to Fremont streets, embracing space over a mile in length At 90 minrtes to?) o'clock the waving of a flaming torch at tbe bead started tbe raounted cavalcade, ana up Baltimore Hurt rode Ibt WW NMM National Volunteers TLe member* were attired In fBiiiforrn similar to the foot volnnteers?light colored capes and red rap* Many of them carried the torches. and managed tn keep up a good lire along the line Tbe hone cavalcade moved forward rapidly, and tii'- tremendous clattering of horses booh along the *rr?et was almost deafening. The bora^men were ten minutes in passing to a position west, when another wave of the torch at Hanover street started the torch division out of foiltb to Baltimore street, which was followed i by the divis:on* ia Calvert, LI4.Lt and Charles street, each d-flllag through Lombard and South street, and the whole line moved up Baltimore street The Hue. which was thirty minutes passlag Hanover street, was nearly three miles in length, llghtiag up lUe entire distance by the glare of 3.U*i torches, and 740 horsemen. 1 Tbe first foot division carried the unique Chinese lairps, and were preceded by the Maryland liiianl Hrnm rAfna* P?!ilim?n Tk? ??? ??. ? ? - ? ?'- J"-""' ??'f - a ur IICA* division displayed a pwr'.rastcf John C. Breckinridge on a tru u?|. ijhikv ?fnl>la*ooed witb motion This division was preieued by tbe Marine Band of Washington, l>. C .and Ibe dear sllvtrvoiualc of their iostrumetits rang along the lurid line Neil cornea gorgeous chariot, representing tbe Temple of Liberty, guarded bjr b?>ys diriifd as sailors, who were overwhelmed wltb Chinese lamps, tli^-s. and wreaths, which were plentifully distributed, hurled InLrt^e ranks of the prorrss.oa frofti tbe sidewai is along tee rente Another feature was exhibited by a representation of cigar makers at wo k. Other novelties, patriotic and appropriate, were displayed throughout tbe length of the processes, and great enthusiasm greeted tbem success!vgjy l*ti>cBss:a? op tub 440<whs* Intisciblks" 1* B*ltimu?r. Last NieMT ? Man Mteitnf tn Squart ?-1 he friend* of Douglas and Johnson. in Baltimore, lsst night, as an oiftet to tbe Breckibfidtt* demonstration. held a mass meeting in Monument Square, which was attended l?y a prneeuion of th? Douglas Invinotries, who assembled at Cjf o'clock in five divisions on &>uth Gay itrr?t,-ttie right retting on Baltimore street The cbief marshal of tb? occasion ?rn Hugh tJifford. Ksq., who with his aid* wii mounted. The division marshals appeared on foot. About rigi<t hundred of tbe Invincible* were in line, with any number ot transparencies, emblazoned with mottoes, but ia the abaence of nny special feature, Mcii as a uniform and torches, now ao popular, their movement* did not attiart any ftreat amount of attention At ?)? o'clock tbe procesaton. bonded by music, moved through the principal str-ets to Monument Square, where their presence it-rveil to swell the aas-mbiage present to between and 4,UU> persons Addresses were uiaae by Geo W Brent, of Alexandria, Va , State elector; Walt r Bowie. Jr . Ksq .of Prince George's county. Md ; Hon Henry May. of Baltimore; Mr. (Jouveuor, of Frederick county, Md , and Dr S J K Handy. Other gentlemeu announced to speak were called for. and eicuses nude for them by Mr. Handy While Mr Handy was (leaking a vanguard* of about fifty of tbe mounted .National Volunteers came up * : * uaiiuiiuic ?UCC* IfUUI lU* r??lfW ^TOUHQ OH Brovdway, at d entering the square. the clutter uf their chargers caused some commotion anionv tbe Douglas Invincible*, who shouted andcbe?red lustily for their candidates Tbe origtuttl intention of the Volunteers was to encircle the Battle monument, but Hudlug tuat feature of tbe pro< ession could nut be carried out witboutinterrupting tbe Douglas meeting, that part of tbe programme was abaudaned Tbe meeting adjourn**} about 11? o'clock in good order. Thz Daxaqv to the ViaumiA and Tekxes sis Railioad?We learn that tbe damage to tbe Virginia and Tennessee road, by th? into heavy rains, is much more serious t&at: was at first supposed. Tbe damage s coafined principally to (bat part of the r< ?d between Dublin Depot and Wytbevill*, a distance of Stf miles, but is of a very serious character, no lesa than fourteeu bridges having been washed away, and the road destroyed in many place*. Tbe cat at Clark's Summit la filled up with mud and rock, at least Vt> feet deep. X train reached here laat evening, bringing (Be way nulls and a portion of the through ptsseugers tha had been detained by the '? >k. i u i. ??. L- - ? * ?t- > ?K iv*u > w wuu^m iup roaa ca:iuot be pat in eouiplete running order undt-rtwo or tbree week*, but arrangement* are being made by wbiiii tbr mailaacd paaamgera will be tranaporud over tbe Hue with but little interruption. ' Tbe l?u to tlu* company ia varw>ualy ealiinuted at frotu lUi.UJU to tl^i.OOU, lu addition to which j will be tbr heavy luan auatalned by the proiiacted Interruption* of freight and travel. Tb? pceaidmii and awperlntendent of tbe read, together with a Urge force. ate now engaged tn repairing tbe damage, iwl we /eel eouhdrat that no r**r- ( tlon will be ?pared to put tbe road In after a*, tbe iur.ieet puaalble moment.?LyacA6?rglUfuliUtan Clou or tub Bill.abi* T<>vbhamkit is Niw Yoaa ?Tue Poat of Friday evening aaya : '?A i.irge and Uigbly reapeetabi* aaeemWage of ladiea and gentieraea waa gathered at I.enrh'? ???. yeelerday aflrraoou, to witueaa tUe content between the Aid and uu< wnijucMl damplon of blll.ardi Mr PueUn, and tLe i?ew champion, Mr Kavaiiagu. wLo Km defeated ait competitor* In the iaie jouau Anions tne company we noticed one Governor, one Prraident of a College, three J udge*, two Member* of Congreaa, four editor*, and at ieae* u wore of Laiideoiue women. The play vvaa eicelleut throughout the game, bat not perbnpa brilliant Kavnnagh mule one eplendid run of Mr>, aad at the nutart promoted to win the yame. but the ateady counting of Phelaa mub put Xlm bebiud, where be remained till the end. Pheian waa victor by 60 po.ato in a game of 750. H la aucreaa waa vehemently applauded At two o'clock hHUy Kavan*t;b waa prevented with the gold mounted cue, which waa the prlie of the I tournament " t The Cm.i*** awdtm* Allies.?Advice*from China atate the poeltlon of the Chineee oa the Pel bo river l? feprreeatad U? be a very strong one, and in addition to thoae fort flcation* they have two liodiea oft ooi*. one numbering 40,(U), aad ibe other tu rn <0 OU) to M,UI0 It waa "Pecfe* tlie attack ou XL* ymr\%t tbe Knglith and French nrtii wobi* c*ruuiiy be madeoo U>e 12tb or L3tL cf Auguat iatt. aa a longer delay might raault in a great Ammk cf eb-kneae, from the malaria of the jnatsbea Mr. Ward. oi?r mlnliter, waa with the allied fleet, a* waa cur entire naval force on the station Tbia fart gave diaaatiafartlon to the American reaidenta of Shanghai, who <-ould net me* the neceaaliy of two AwticaH war itiaaim at the Pel-bo, especially when Shanghai wua threatened by a rebel force of *) GuO, wbleb waa reported to he oalf (oar !ilea HT The available force la the eity to defend It waa only about l,Mt H V? 31 JK ? t i . iM7% v- . / "" pctakthewt irrws. Thk CosvMtioN or Sailixo Ves*iels isto pT?AMi*?.?The board appointed by the Secretary of the Navy to examine the Balling ?hips of the Navy to determine the expediency of convert- , Ing them Into efficient war ateamera?which has , been In aeulon for tome ttn?r-?faa coaipleted i kbeir report and aubmitted ft j? <l? IrrnlyT , After careful and thorough examlnrfbn of alltbe hi pa at the navy vardt on the Atlatffe roa?t,|fcew nave round it inexpedient, owing lutbeir Hianl y capacity and various other ronaideiflons. to sec- , ommend any but the following- uue-of-fcwtl* , ships: Pennsylvania, Pi ininlim' Qjpi il i iXliii. North CarolHa, Vlrginia.^kw Vml Yb(^3tbeK , two?the Delaware and NewOrlearn?are unit, tM'th in frame and planking, for this alteration. The entire cost of converting these ships, acrordng to their estimate, will h* S3,064,000?shout >Trtmr.fla rim iff maw mgaasansoanw.- . iota class The board close their report as fol- , ows: a VV# jff, therefore, of opinion that, in , rlew yft tbanM. cpo^ffon, model, and general iharacter of tne vessels after their conversion, it buttle ships into steamers in the manner proposed; a;.d wa b^n^Vs tb?y Will [Tove to bs efficient steamships at war of full steam power JL ^ I Tm 4rut ?General A. S. Johnson has been tA f Km /kAim Atanjl A# (KA <1.... _& A M gtibw. ?W ?UC unuu VI IUT ucptmufm OI exu General Harney baa been tendered hit rihoic? of tbe d'pertmr-nl of tbe VVeat and department at California He will probably select the Utter, on account of large private Intervals In that quarter requiring some little of bis personal attention. ' Aimt Officer F.lkctid Paorassoa or EnotTR?nrn ? f.teut Henry M Robert, of the cor pa of engineer* of tie United States Armv, baa been elected Professor of Engineering and Drawing in tbe North Carol) ua Military Institute. Lieut, ftobert is a native of Sooth Carolina, sad graduated at VVeat Point with the secoad honor of his class. ' -" *' i ? . A pro i ??t mints by tdk Pbb?ident.?The following appointments have been made by tbe Pr*ai<ieiit: Wat Priestly. Postmaster st Canton, Miss ; Kdward P Loll, to be a Lleuteuant In the Navy. - Militia or inr DuTaicT?-The President has r*iumlwioned Robert Ould, Hugh Caperton, and C. Carringtoa to be Brigadier Generals of th? | MiHtia of the District of Columbia. I Thk WEiTBit.r-Tbt following report of the wither for the morning la made from tbe Amoriron Consolidated Telegraph Line to tbe Hraltha.iiit?n institution. The fame of observation Is thout T o'clock. noumki s, imn ny Baltimore. Md.-.?,*. cloudy; W5 Washington. D C raining, wliid P Klchmund, V*...,. clear, 7B*. Petersburg. Vr. ....clear, TtH. Ralelgb, N. C clear, Mf?. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, cool. Columbia, tk. C cwur, cool. Charleston, 8. C... clear, 49 . A ag usta. 6a...?w clear. pleasant. Savannah, Ga..... clear, .Iw*. Mlr-.n Urn - ? ? ? vkcmi, wui. Colnmbua, Ga ..clear, plerjant. Montgomery, Ala r.laar, pl'?aant. Jarkaun, Act cloudy Mobile, Ala clear, pleaaant. Mew Orleana, La clear, plaasant. rmoM >11 wnt. Frederick, Md raining, warm. Hageratown, Md raining, warm. N ( Cumberland, Md cloudy, damp. Grafton. Va cloudy, damp. , A'LMIng, Va cloudy, damp. Parkeraburg, Va.... elenr, pleaaant. i Cincinnati, O clear, pleaaant. Barometer at the SmithaonUn at 7 a. m., (corrected for teu;perature,> 89,M5; at nooii, 1?,737. Thermometer at 7 a. m , 65*; at noon. 87-*. ' Maximum during XI bntira, ending a. m.to4av,72)f'; minimum 63)^'. Amount of rein laet night and tiila morning, one inch and a quarter. , P.UH..1 > I jl ?iiUL?i itrMVt The Alexandria Gazette speaks as follow* on the 1 disunion question: "With a very authoritative I dir. the Charleston Courier repeat* that 'the elec- ) tloa of Llncola if a dissolution of the Union*' Fortunately, it does not depend upon that journal ( to settle the question. We do uot say that the ; ehction of Lincola may not lead to great difficulty. But the !*ontb Larollua newspapers will please to recoll^.t that in the matter of disuaion 1 V irginia has a sap, and that it would be hardly 1 fair, at this stage of the game, to Ignore Virginia altogether, even In view of what South Carolina intends to do And just juyfot* Virginia were i to say that the mere election of Liucoin shall nor dissolve the L'nion Sh? ">??? 4-Ui ? ?? ? WIUVU I fC U? ?U ur-ik. and to apeak to the point, too, as South Carolina " Tbe disunion resolution* offered by Ex-Uovernor i Wise, sud adopted at a Breckinridge meeting beid In tbe county of Princess Anne, havtng been 1 tbe insert of much comment In Norfolk, and fearing that their silence might possibly be con- , strued Into acquiescence, tbe friends of the Union issued a call fur a meeting to be held on Tuesday ?-vfiitng at tbe Opera ilouse, aud, although tba i rata f*-fl in heavy (bower*, by eight o'clock that spat ia ' om was densely packed. Strong Union l?-ccijt:? were luaae, ana strong L nion resolutions adapted. Mr. Senator Green, of Missouri, made a speech at Boonviiie, In tint State, on the 30th ultimo, in which, it is stated, he declared that the Congressional protection of slavery was the only doctrine thatccuid preserve the Government; but he would support Mr. Douglas If it was the only chance to defeat Mr Lincoln. "He did not think that Mr. Lincoln * election was a cause for secession? a tother name for revolution." An immense and enthusiastic German meeting in support of the Uni>>n electoral ticket was held in New Vork on Wednesday evening at the Cooper institute. The hall overflowed, and two meetings were held outslda. The speeches were all in German. The same eveniag another big meeting of tfce Democracy was h"lcl In Brooklyn, and was ~AA.. 1 w_ - - ? uuickku uy iue non jiimi-i r. Urady. A letter I from I). S. Dickinson wv aiso reed. la several of the N*w York city congressional j districts where the coust-rvative strength has l>eea ; divided among a number of candidates, we are flid to observe that a union has been effected. < n the seventh district the committee to whom ! the matter was referred decided on the withdraw* alofMr Udolpho Wolfe, and the support of Hon. 1 Elijah Ward as the union candidate In the irst , district R. Jennings and D L Gardner withdraw, \ leaving Kdward H Smith as the union candidate. < Kx speaker Orr,of South Carolina, has recently J declared himself opposed to the separate secession or mat State, but propose* Instead tbat commit- \ toners *ball be *eot to tbe otber Southern State*, aud a general plaa of action formed. Tbe Cbarle*- i ton Mercury, ibinka tbl* course would prevent < se< eaaion entirely, and tbe Mercury accuse* Mr. Orr of desiring tbat result. Senator Green, Democrat, ha* made a speech in { St. Lout* disapproving secession. ysff-ALBLRT SMITH, Esq , of London. I so- 1 I 5 iures TO NIGHT at Odd Fallow*' Hall. Su. ject -Arctic Exploration*. it* j rV-THK REGULAR MONTHLY MEKT- i i? inje of t?e Columbia Typographical Society wiibebeld THIS EVENING at 7>? o'clock. U* H S UP WEN, R. ami C. Sec. i YV?A LECTURE WILL HE GIVEN TOl 3 NIGHT by Albikt Smith, E?q . member of the Koyal Geographical Sooiety of London, at O.U K-liows' Hail Doors open at 7 o'o.ock;-ntertajnineut commence* at 8. it* nrs^tHK REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION L 3 Of lh? VtM m.r..t -J- -.'1 - . _ . - ? ??> tt ?i ur will IIU1U tk m<*?t)iic at odd Fellow*' Mali, Navy Y*rd, on ! MO* DA V K V K NI > G, at 7 o'clock. An opportu ity will b*? atfordod to pemoaa who wi*h to unit* 1 ue 111>? precent at our next meeting. _no 3 CHAS. 8LK1GH, R?c. 8o?. 1 WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY L9 BATTALION.?The regular monthly meetin/ <f Compani?* A and H will take place on MO.NL> A\ KV K.N I in G, at ? o'clock, at their armory. 1 lie funotual attendance of every member n re- I nuenft'j. as buuue?a of importance will bo brought < before then. If P. J, KNN1S9. See. rw-V(II NU CATHOLICS' FRIRNDBOC! ' 1 H hTY.?The monthly mooting of tba Society W'l he h?ld at SR. Mat kew'a Churob SUNDAY AFTKRViiOV n?t( N,iM?.h.pi?h no 2 it P.' fc'.N K'VTtt*o"tt*>V 1 rV?MASO.NlC.-rhi Annual Communication 1 L? "I the M. VV. Gr?n>1 LoJ<e of Pre* and Ac i cept?d M?<um of the l><atriot of Columbia will ha h?Id an TUESDAY next. November 6th, at four I o'otoak p. m . at ftlaaonio Hall, corner of li and i Nintu atrecte. Ail brethren ia good standing art i cordially invited. I B? order of the M. W. Grand Ma*ter. I doi.'.3t G. A. 8QHWAMZMAN,G. 8. ! fY"3=4NOTICK.-All laraclitea of the Diatrict are L? reeaecllull) invited to atteud to a general iim' nag to dm held on HUN DA V, November 4th, at i o'c ock p. in , at the First Baptist Church, ou j Tenth a:re?t b tween k ai d P. Dev. Or Hu h- , Hit m of Baltimore, will deliver a lecture on the | occasion. It ia hoped every peraon will favor aa i witn their presenoe L. UAH, President or no 1 Zf Washington Hebrew Congregation. , NIGHT &CHOOL8. V.? Notioe ia hereby given by the Board of Traatcea of Publie Hehoois that Night tools, for the benefit of apprentioea and otheva. will be opened a ike several aofcoui diet mta of tha oity on lha evening of November lat, W6>, at the following UflAa ' Kirit school dutriat, in U>? Mwio ?>bOol kHW wrMr of Poarteentfc end G ?U. . , abound ihoul dutrioi, ui tto Berrtt public ehool bcuae, corner of Sixth fttreet ftod N?f I ork ? . Third ohool dutuot,pablie school Iwum Kit., ot?r Sixth at ?Mt , Apfuntou fur ftdiricMon My bo mod* to the Truatt*-* is U? kt>v?r?l UittrieU. U) orflor cf the Ryard. ? no 1 11 ROBBRT RICKKTT8. Sec j UNION PRAYfcR MF.F.TfNO will bo i[ 3 fuldenevrry U*i thuw?H 1a Rev. l>r. F?n- i fle'g Churon, (Gerrneo LuUtetenl oeruer E end auk M . First Word. U> ooroieeooo ?t 4 o'eluok pn^Klj, be wuUiwe wM^i, ? ? 1 The Jadf*1 Watrrai Cam. [From the New York Weekly Trmnacrlpt ] Supreme Court?Chatnbtrx?Hon William H. Leo*0rd, Justui < Slnion Mussina agt. I b*rfcp? StlllipaA,* nl ?Thi? well-known branch of tMI VVatrout iiapearhqilnt ca??, on which proreedhafi bave been fcpre, and to which #?(riouM^ference bM Iwdemtde in the Transcript c?m? tp on application of the defendant for comqilliioBa to examlae witneaaea. among waom wereTme_0? #_Judge Watroua'a Coatft in, M rxm. i * pwununi misted tbe application, en tbe ^rot?r? that it not competent, Mftder the pleedlng^for lhe**#4?nU to use tbe te?Ummywlticli tbey eeck to ob^in by tbe commissions at tbe trial. \ J _ The gravamen of th? aeltiplaint In tbit ^0* ' wrs, tLat by tbe collusion of tbe defendant* wTTh Judge Watroua. through tbe machinery of bla court. Um plaintiff* -bttd brcn. Jt&fifiad uf ItiTF > tttte to th* clly of Brownsville. Texas, for which tbey ask *601,000 da?ua?es.. XUetfaarge-iu lb* r cortpiaiot vras, 'HMtthe d*f?i4an?7cqidbi afcifc) ? conspiring, and cdrffwmatinu to cbeat ana defraud tbe plaiuUfi*, oatoMd lata uwwpt ml * Secret agreement, whereby it was stipulated to declare tbe titlevf 9UlimM), Belcfeo k Musina illegal ?nd void, and after the decree should be rendered. Carazoa and wife, to aki tbe said con-;!' federate* in cheat)eg and defraudta? the defendants, J mod 8. M ualne, oat of tbetr fcrtemt fn said property, were to convey the property to Basse k. Uord, to be held In secret trust for tLe de fendsnts, and that Judge Watroas vru a p.irty to tbe arrangement " On this issue and In opposition to the motion at defendants for commissions. the plat ntlfllicontend that there waa no proper answer or affidavits of merits; that while In their original answer the defendants fully denied the above allegation, averring tbat they did not enttr in I o a?y corrupt or ttcret agreement whatever," in tbeir amended answer tney retract this denial, and counsel said, confess tbe substance of the charge by saying that they did not ' ' enter into awy suck corrupt or secret agreement at it set forth in the complaint." This, plalbtiffif' counsel contended, was a full admission of tbe charge, by the rule of pleading, and tbe retraction ?f tbe former denial; and as tbe amendment was sworn to h- material and ntces sarv, it must beconceded tbat there was no longer an issue on tbat point, and tbe cousplrsry charged stood confessed. .? The plmlntlir* further resitted the application on the ground tbtt it vtr*? nut .-.udeln Mth. and that the low* fid t of the defense hts never been supported by a single nflld ivit since the defendant* were compelled to answer, the verillcatlon of the answers having been made by an attorney, Upon the ' personal statements ' of ?>?etof tbe defendant*. without altering the statement to have been made to Mm; and, further, that nearly e*t rj allegation*?f tu? answer thus mode has'bce.n disproved by defendant's testimony: arid that ef tbp thirteen affidavits of merits tiled in the case, live, which were made before the answer, are exact and formal, but the eight since the answer were Informal aud defective The defense made no lengthened reply, and the Judge Ueld :i,.,t as the testimony soueht U> be ob t itned by tbrse commission* for tbe defendant* might be v?luabks for us as in mitigation of damages, and although a proper affidavit of merit bad ii? t been made. y?t as or the question of damages alone one could be made in any case, be should direct tbe commission to Issue, but should so make the order as to permit tbe plaintiffs to puttbeir Cite on tbe January calendar, and limit tUe stay ef proceedings to tbe 1st day of February. Lott C. Clark for defendants and motion; H C. Gardner for plaintiffs and iu opposition to motion. Th* Blck Cockade.?We observe tbat these emblems of ''Revolution" bave made their appearance In this city, upon tbe coat lapels of seveitl pcrs ?ns, wbo bave openly embraced the DIs union dogma so ptxwlsr among tbe extremists of Southern States.?liukmorul IKatjf. Xov. I. LACKEY'S VALEDICTORY. Wa?ui.ioton, Nov. 1,1*0. Editor Stattt and Union : None other than a viae man (though presumably l/i.l 1 AtftH .n Wd?iLi<atliaMnjl/mi?l.l I... Ji- ?1 wv^r H?('IVHU{ ? VVUIM it ftto OIBOUT I ?'l that the b?.it recipe for jotting into popniar favor vu to aleai a aheap lla d*aorved an ovation, literally. A Ii m nor to hia memory. % es. Mr. fcditor, it la a lamentable fart that political distinction cannot t>aatia?B?d 111 thi* great and (l'trioua country without firat iiiantging to get loarseif well abuee'i by a free and enlightened public proaa j and, had I aay aapira'toLa that way, I might contratulate myaelf upon being in the liue of tale precede i. ta. without having tre*pa<aed upon mjr iifighlKtr'a mutton The circumatancoa undei which I cease to he a public qei vaot. audouoe more retain 10 in) not conn it ion a* one of the aoteraigna, 11 ocortainly anspici ,u?: for, without vanity. I may ba a tolerably well abuaad ludiviuaai at thia iaw. I have not the egotism of supposing that my p:ivate art' irs are at all interesting to the publio, but. aa a g^eat to-df haa been made over my removal fr?.?i thy petty osf oe that 1 lately held in the Treaa ufy Department, a J various reanwua? noma oorr?ct, c tiler* uot au-funvd for iuj 4i?ini*?fti. 1 feel It lnoumtont rnme, af a good citic?n, to gratify public curiosity atiil further by the fohowlug expla. ua ion : 1**1 r it t f Ka rt I wanlif Kaliov* 4U?a * * m ?'>vhj * *?iiiy wuiio? o i.iai Ml rumovftl ! uttril' itable in reality to my being charged with D<>d-Htism-an accusation so true that 1 hftv'nt a word t * say in i'( defenee. Hut as it in also ehtrg'd that i have expressed a prefer?-nc ? for Lincoln over Itrnckiaririite, I nm-t bee leave to ina nua ? in the mi d?st po kiltie mani.or tliat whosoever in - kes auoh an assertion lies?under a nil?t?ko As a Virginian b. birtli I cduc&t.on.a id the owner of la tied and kiare r roper tv. such a charge is aimpl) ahaurd .Mv ohw-f offense appears, however, to consist in the feet of my having alluded to unofficial couver ?a'ions held at various times with Judge Hiilyer of f? orgia, !*olicitor of the Trea>ury. awl head of the Bureau in which 1 w?? lately employed. The good Jud<* is a rampant fire eater and if not for smashing up thing* aenerally. goes in at Uast for aruieU resistimoe to I,ino?lu if fleeted, an4 has iii-xio iiu wujmHKuiui in* tisws ior months pit'? Iiwiok expr*?sed thein freely to inys'lf and scores of per of m* acquaintance. I Km a peaceful. law abiding man? /. "sul nusiioniat," and in favor of k vine Lincoln? or aiiylnxly else ooncMiutio ally elected?a fiir tnal,I *a? much ?h"Cked a? hearing such treason to the U.ion ut Urnd in buh places, and expressed myself to that nf ct. 'I his is alKiut the whole story. Hi*e *lla latkrima. . . Altltoofh I do not entertain the di?union senti me 11* <>f Judto Hillyer, 1 may have anJ do f,? l a huh renp'-e' for him. aud aa 1 sh uid b#sorry to see Knn com? to grief, would tugge*t to him when ha ? :d his fr.en-Js march up to Alason and Dixon's line with cortius on their hacks?that lie secure ^<?cretary Cobb aa his front ra k man?for i either batonet nor bullet u yet iavented that oou.d p?' for bte that mass! i)j mo w?..jr, u i were mo worst enemy or tlx* sejemioni-t*, L do not know tliat I oou'tl wish them rrckier harm tuan to sei Cwbh at the he*d of tireir financial afl'air?. He may be a terrible fighter but rave u* from a financier whose greatest achievement* since ha got into the public orjb have oonu*t?d in pitohi .g out "nubbin*" to hi* own relation* and friend*. Well, wo love man who takrs >%r? of his own. He would be wor*e than a h*ath*n \[ h* did not; but some of the sovereigns object to >?eiDK whole families quartered on the public treasury. My parting wo.d of advioe to Mr. Cobb is, that he dorm out of the disunion ptrty ; and, as he has long had his eye on the ?enat<*. he may yet. to use the preeiae language of the iate Mr. ilentou, Dhtrvde his uat in there! Thn editor of an evening paper, in alluding to my little atfai:, says : "We were this morn'n* inniil?n??ll? I? the officer of tlie Treasury Department all iced to have made the terrible revelation to Mr. Larkei, Lost he h?? never enjoyed the honor of that gentleman's acquaintance; never havinc aid eves on him, to tite be?t of hi* knowledge and belief." Ha allude* to Mr Assistant Secretary Clayton. / iiiln't, and they b< th knew it. It :s t'uo Mr. C(a>ton "ha* never enjoyed the honor of my aoquaintunoa." 1 havtfa weakness for good society, and have generally given him a wide berth when meeting t)im in the corrido s of the Tr- asury Huil'Hng, a.o<l n s'inctivaly shuddered whenever heahook hi* head in iny neighbothood, whilst the uppermost thought iu my mind was ivory and it* great usefulness in the manufacture of fina-tooth oomb*. 1 bid him a friendly auiou. In cmo u un, I mast exp e?* iny ?inoere and heartfelt thank* to vditors generally for tne many first rata n lice* given >?ie, and would aay tn th- m and the public at iarg? that my profession is that of lawyer, my home r*t Joseph, Uuohauan oounty, Missouri, where 1 shall be happy to hear frura any one dosiriug mr professional services N. B.?Business executed promptly. Charges moderate. Very respectfully, yours, it* a. j. lackey. VERY VALUABLE SERVANT GIRL FOR MALE.?A likely, well di*posed, and excellent Kenerai lumee about .5 years old, and a lave Tor IU<>, will l>e ai4d to any good family witbl* the l>i?triot of Coiamhia. Apply to JAME8 C. Mont'IRE Jt UO , Auction aad Commission Mershaiita. , y no 3 6t Doctor william p. Johnston has removed bis residence to No. J'?9 H street, between Uih and 19th street*. HisOAoe mil be continned at his former raeiienc?. No. Seventh street, where mestages may be left, day or aight. FOR RENT- In the hoasa No. 460 Seventh at, two verv eliciulo suits ol I'nfwwilrtti u ? ? ?- ? -.-..wv i?vuure|Duri* iiting aaolt of two rooms comiuunioatinf, with sarvant*' room, kitchen and as* of bath room supplied with hot aud cold water, Ac. Also, one sintie with south exposare. Apply to BEKNAKD HOOK, Esq . residing on the premises. no 3-3t* A ALEXANDRIA KXHKKsB NY On* desiring fs eight?much or little?barrels, bales, boxes, handles, or. in faot, aa* thing, safely transported and delivered between Washington, Georgetown aud Alexandria, mar rtljr inplieitli upon the Express Wagons of the under Hgned, which run regular It every day bot?e*n those cities. Order* entered upon the slatei or hia sxpress at the Star Bason's GraJtoy Store, ?rat K Wheeler's Hardware Store willbe promptI, UMM U..-J ? r.^,.i.i * no3 lw (Cato Qtborn's Express ) IIEQUISITES FO* KVKRY PAMUV. SpaHtng'a Prepared Giae.with Gap and Hraefc. Uov?il's Extra AUbaaive Maattage.wiUi Cap and Brash.

aiala' new and iQ^rior la^ehbU Ink. no h?> a, and with Cloth tttretabar attaofe?d Tt>? sz&zzz-xsxr" *"<?rssTix; ^|^5sw?sr?,,:.,S3iiUAs,sa to o^oti. I*ii itj Wub Book, a ioiplA mode of kwilu I | ... ? }? J? HI-avk* v T - /TT . .. r 0 9 RkJCAJNlNO9!? Ui? WPiK. WuMnctoB City. D. C-Norember $, lMn. (Ordtrtdto b* iiMrttd in th? Eruim 9ru< it being the Mwip?f?r having the iargeat circulation of any daily pap?r pat>hih?d in Washington. 1 |?7?M1 p?r?on? applying for ittt?rrt*i thofaUow- , im lirt, ?*rth*T miirnn>?# t LA Dim' I4?T. A ..M = Am < 0.iS7.M.Mj31a ' feril. ~a ^(kni.Vr, **?,. Mr.mF4"kc*'"r'j BttspL Boyd.wti Er*in\ HtiCnlri E Snla, M m Harriet Bradford, Mra Elii Hayta, .VittMiryH Stuck, Mih Mifr i Brady. Miaa E M Hindy. Mri M A Super, Mia* Ellen L fc*' km Mra J H H?rriufton. Mary Seaaford, MiuNaa'* B\ifield. Miaa S Htrriaoa, Mra R P Stanley, Mia* M 1 Bra Mian, Mra M Huffman, Mm M't Sajbnrt,H** Baalwl BrUfcOuPrU Mra A ffa*T?, Mm ?.i| am, Mntr " CmTflici, Mtaa Alice Hamilton, Mr* Sinclair, Mr* D ffinRn???thi<n?i* M'Carro*, Mia* " Webb, Mra P Krnuo*, MglilJ B^A' . -W*?lt..MlWfcta?efc? Pitlf (rald.Mrt MA MciiJlira. Mn M'? *' * Final**, MeXfMit, ttrejaae William*. Uaiaet.Miaa AaaaR ? ' Wlutuker/Mr. L Grear, Mr. N?iait Fmll, Mia* 9?aa?Ya*nr,M... MaryF bwyaa, M.w?lu ? I TM*r, Mn Mary A GENTLEMEN'S U*T. i AltunJ?r,SO Grviuea, Ja. H Jhl**, totm 9 Adiin?. John GriBthe, J W O'Oaoa, Appltky, J*i?** Jejuni, Capt J 4 OBrio^Pat AnfUi.Ja* CnlMier, Ja? Ordmao, Ckat C Baaioa, T J Gr**r. >? * Porter, C>rt W? Baib.r, Wni Gawraa.H I - Pkillipa. Wm Brady. wru Gimer, h L P'dh.w j Barber, Wit R Qarritoa, Geo W Purler, R a G Breekenboar<i,WW0ibb*, D )? t Porter, Robt L Harden, W H 0*rdu?r, B F Prn'.f rnirl, P f * Hc.fuar.Wia Hum, LtW B htm Mirhul Itailer, Dr W'tu W Hull, W T Fool. J.,o W | Rirretl, Th..? H H?r??y, W T Prkinn, j j B iron. P H<rdiuf,WL P*d<l?rk, F A J Heck, wm Pr?u, Dtn ft. I)*cku*. 8y|T*,,ue RillmAiui, V?J Pl.rer, Cha? B(owi,?i(, R Harru, Dr tim Reek, T . Barch, Richard Halitead, Tito* M Roaauar. Tlko* Br> ok, Robert Heneey, Tiai Racee, P p F-rrr?, Robert Hvrrmirton. Thoa R ???, Loui* * Bildwin, 0 8 Handy, liinl H Ri?t, L?*i 1 Brow, Nekeduah Hawks. J \* Roftra. Lewie 1 Balluck, Mr Henry, Cap< J Ri?har<ia, Jaa I Benjamin. L A Hoveuburf. J N R>f n, J n?n,inir neinpnill, J Kupiulde. J A Banter, UJN H?rn?, J??.e? R J Bruwn.J HotUnd, / LT Run1?T. O . Btlau, J Hubu, J.a ?J?o * ?lieT,]>n<M Hi*mi, J _ Ruler, ? P Blown, H K Reaier, L>r J-4 I H?ll, Geo R"d.A B . Beltcy, Kr?4 HiM.'Geo W??3 flirtith. W-n 6?t1?. ? H?"J llwnr.llfoW ftmrt, Wm Barley. C Si CUir lU^muo, T?S SattaefUml. W J Belt. C*h<? Htyd^w.FV 8 ).?, Win ? ' Hrrm?r, Alfred IV Hariitou. E Su?.rl, W , Beck, Andrew Maim?, Deal Smiltwood. W CfDckrr, Win C H.million, C J S.mfltrird,Th?-1 c^ll thtii. Til HowerH, I" R Spencer, T W ! 11 Til * v.iiuii, inn n irritou. n Smith. Hunl P Cm|K#o, U. luff 11?, Cap* R Hterliiir. R Cueriduii. P*t JuImxxi, Tb?a Ntr^nr, Roki 1 Cum irt, Mi'b Joh?*,.n, Cel ? M Httw.burr, Mr . ' Caimbr. J T Jotlyn.Kob! 8cou, J*i W?i ' Chu*. Joi.nea-i, lua B M.uiifc, J,? I ChfOd, J*tl> Johnt. Heart T Mpruri. J f ColU,.. J,*, *?*b., W C femith, J.tmr CiWueU, B fc S W Ktujf, N.r**l Bimpkioo, J J I lowUM. John P Kiur, N Sullietr,, , 1 OwidUr, Jo* B Kidder, L 8( OUir, J.? W J C.l'.well, Jock Kl?r. J Kr??ri? MMelde. J.. I Cl?in?nu, Jm W JCtlftr, J. cot. 8 nr. H Coouw^;. JuoC K>;?r, Jo* A Hcmc. Hear* rain**. J?mn Kfj.HGS 8ai.diord.<J R *1 Coi.-Geo 8 Kramer. QW Shorter, E 8 Cummins, ? H Ring, Geo Shotimker, E \ Carr, Chat K?gl?r ft Crock* Ifcoue.CMP " Criif.UrBP Rtudill, A L B V < Col' i.AL Linton. Dr W D Hwaru, A Jordan | , W C S Love, Jno L Tillev, JUtdic 1 i)oti*r, W C Lear. Jno P TilloU, W C IHtitl, W H Loomn. Jno Talbot, R 8 Huektu, Jno H Limmon, J A Thorn.., Pfcjtin DeUnjj Thoe B Liult. CM?1 Todd. Jo*.nh < Dein, Ritt B Mnifiii, Win Tijrln, inn H I lfojU, Peier Morton, W Z?2 Tyler, Cku N I Don^liertf, O R Mille, Wit H Todd, Dr A Dorttjr, M N M-.?rod?r, W E Ullrtch, Wm I Df?ptr.LC-t .M uni, Tho? W I'nderwnod. M RriiiJ S Murphy,T Vin Htck>rt,Oh4 J Ood'e. Joth S Mitchell, Thf.t A V..ul>.,Uo, H Peahard. Jno Mittler. RroUeu Wood, W 8 I PiMUjr, J wo W-? M.h.r, P Wnrtt.WW J Purull, Ju Mini, LuBii H William*, Thoe J I llur^l^JxE Mtr.nliif, Jw Wibxir, Ktihui-4 J Duoohuo, Hurh Moore, Juo Witkui*. N Duncan, Henry N Miller, J 4k Co Wolf, Mi Dehaer, C*pt E Martin, Jn# Walker, L n...; -? ?' ? - ? vr aiini t Anuic* * *?14 IOTI y | JB" Wnldfl, LI" m IV?t, Augunu? M M?rciH,ino H Wktiln.L C EllU, J Mjr?n, llfurjr Wijn, Jiio E J Eilcra, H B MerrtcV, Heurjr E Wtoil, Jio ' Elilnii, H Mintr.OI Wtiin, J A ' Eliiott, Ch?? Muinfurrt, Cruk M Willurd, J B ' PitircrilJ, W G Mttit, C U Wiiluis*, J4J ,? F?rri?li. W ' Mori?on,J Whufng, J 8 f1t|il,IK Mnild, Oonmie Whitney, Jo* KcMlcr, Mnore, B W WooJwirn, fu Parrili, iwtcpK Miaoh, 4 F Word*. Hew* -..k-r " ... . ?, r'* ?* vu*?4ii| r rtiitil T? CCIUI| fl ? Flr?hm?n, J McKmutjr, Piwcit Ttvdji), H Q I I'r/, H McC?l??, John Wodru?n,CH I riidiurh,E C McWir*. J Wi?, fl I Ford, Ch?i MeCuiloeh, TII Wu.ur, FB I Ftrrutoo, B S McK?jr,T A Wluu, D Ficwi, Auchouy B Wm H?J Wortlnucton, H C Ocffcri, Wid Pftioii, W O Wird, Ci (iatrcutVuGitr- Nc wot >n. TV* A William*, B i?r Ntlnn.T L WttUrd, 5 < Gnmei, Tt'oa Noia*. Tht* Wiynu, A W | Uiimiki, W Newman, J A Youoj, Htfh , bilioare, T A MISCELLANEOUS -C?.h. Merchuiu' Ex. B?nk : M?riditn B*ak , Mtdieal Joorntl ; 8 C M ; To th* Hiiild Offiac. IHTlilTTUI MBIT IN ALL CASH n PlffAII. Nor3 WM. JONES. P. M. J AMUSEMENTS. ^ yy A SUING TON THEATER. I.MMB Mr. 8. W. GLBNN. ' Sta?e Manner Mr. HrMPnxxY Kumi. ' Leader ofOrcheater Mr. W*. Withxxs. i The above Ettabliahment will Open lor the Seaeon , SATURDAY. Notixsii 3d, 130n, i With the following Company of < Fift*t ci.iaa Amti?t*? t j Mr. L. P. Roy*. Mr. F. 0. Baxgs, < Mr John T. Raymond, Mr <?. H. Coinn, i >1 r. \V H Bartholoineu, Mr. D R.,ku, Mr. T. Brougham iiaker, Mr. G A. Rovd, Mr. D.W Walton, Mr. John W. Carrol. I Mr John T. Mathew, Mr. Joe. L Gallagher, I Mr Humphrey Bland, M r. S. W. Glenn. ? M>sc Alice PliioHl* Main, Miaa Mary Shaw, ( Miaa Lucy A. Cutlrr, Mre FI-xa Mann, , M'?. Humphrey Bland, Mr*. D. Ryan. *nd Mim SJaiue Gotdoa. Mt*a Ellen Klnu re. ( SATURDAYTNovember 3d. The entertainment will mmnnnix will ?K? Hnl- ' liant fotnedy. in 5 acts, denominated ' OLD HKADS AND YOUNG fJEART3! 1 With an Excellent Cast of Characters; J And will oonolude with the musical Bnrloaque c called c JENNv LIND! i In whtch Mice Mary *!<aw will appear, introducing t Sours and Dances. S\r. J. T. Raj mond, tne La- 1 Torite Comedian, will alto appear in the same J ITT" Rox sheet open oa Friday from ? am. to 4 J p. in., when seats may be secured for Saturday, Or 1 any evening of Mr. iKvrsasoa's Engaeeosent, J wlueh will oommenoe Monday. November 4. , boors open at 7 ; curtain rises at 8 precisely. 1 Ratks or Admission. 8arqo't and 1>i ess Circle. JO cents 4 cheater Chairs ? 1 I Private Boxes. |5 No extra charge for reserved seats. ; Bo? Office opes all day. Tickets for sale at the principal Hotels. no l-3t /"fc b D F K I. I. O W *' H A I. T. yj ' _ o*~ FRIDAY EVENING. November 2d. Wolfttenberger's Mirror j or t ARCTIC REGIOH8! J A now Painting, by firat-ciaaa English Artists, i illustrating the Exploration* of Sir John Frai.kltn, j Dr. Kane, and Captain McCIintocX. j A? exhibited at Egtptias Hal. , Lpiioo*. for jm , consecutive nights. to mora than naif a million f i p'ople.aod as exhibited brfor* her Maje?tv Qcekx < Victoria, aud the Entire Corar at Baokiughaai i Pa*o?. < These Paintinga have been pronounced, by F.uaoriAM andAmuu'an ba the most | eiiohanting production* of artutic renius in the i world,and are quit* unlike uy attempts of i pa: oramio art. Produced from original sketches, with every attention to accuracy of detail, these Paintings nay i be confidently teliedos; while the subject tteeif 1 a i ree'ete with scientific (ems, and offer* a rare and I intellectual erfterUioment. I The attraction ol the Arotio subject?the woiider- < {'ul artiatic merit of the paintings? the felicity ol il- j uetrat on?the e'eganoe of diotioa and eloquence m? j t.-ought conveyed by the lecture?rarely fails to enchain ev?r* cultivated f tMlect. The thrillingeoeneeof tho?e daring nav'rators of i Mi-? Arotio Zone are portray d with a vi vidne-s so i ta t ing that th* audience are (ad to believe them- 1 eel re* actually amid the aoeaee represented j Kaehacenelaadoraed in fresco with aetheatia portraits by Winterhalter, of the priuoipi.1 Arotio ooldiiri ti9i? 1 Lecture by Alt*?d<**itb. E*?., of London. i Admission cents; children 15 cents. I i iberal a r rants men te mpdo with eoh^ols to exhi- ' bltion uo Saturday eften.ooa, November 3d. ] boors open at 7 o'clock; Entertainment oom- j mtnees at I o'clock. 4 See descriptive bills. nol St* jy|WIC, M1ATH AND MELODY. LEHNE-S^HOUSE, Formerly Steuben House, Pa, sc., bet. 84 mmd 3d tts. The manager of the above named House takes ; this opportunity of informing his friends, and publio in MUttf&l. thftt thAm will h? a Soiertaium*iit ru NIG HT,(Thur?d** ) 8AtTr\V and MONDAY, November 1st. Sd aud 5 h. I860. The Mlibrawd 8errtia? Ralladi?t. Mr. CA.H()L"3 POHLK, vhe liat ju?t arrived from Koro??,viil favor the audienoe with eomeofhtsotoi ( [ ctioui from oe] Pirated operas, &o., *o Thar* will t* so pains spared to make Una one of t 1m md pleasinc ana intereiticf placet tf amusement ever in Wa*hiafton. The trie* of admission baa been fixed at cents, The artmieeioa is small and the erforinaaoe ia seanino, therefore, oome ow-coae all, m 1 3t?) M. L&BNE. Proprietor. Jin UOBVM ?T TWO ?O.E ?'^th^ism H^'b??sf?! aad Caase of its 8ao4aaa j by Rov. tf. *. T?fl, D. D., LL. D.; 12ino., ofoth; pri e jiittbT ?a>u o?a O AO TO " ~ T RKMCH * mCH-.TKIN'li, No 878 Pa.a*. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. Q^R N4H&JS OUR MOrTO! ^bat'R^^SycoTH.LoN piSfirVw th* a'NKKR iiUUCI.l'B will take W% . *K8DAY> >wT J1 j|h o^^ag** ^rtT'wnT*1'' wpi^y r?n?B, Hdisu McGm. ^ HV, Mr'l?rf<MtiU Ptr/t m tin Hrmrtt T?li>IRST*GR A/WTctTlTL' ON PAETY ! I*of the OMPftT W ASHINCi TON H UUADRILI.K A*M)ClATION will jit plaoe at TV rn'? II*J! on .M"NDAY, 12 S*chf?d?r'? o*!l>r?t?d coalion n unc >*UJA for th? oec* ion. For lu ther MrtjcuUrs mrm* *r?iii nf riafciiiif SALE AN^ttxT. 1 fc. ,V^?Ty5offiM^SrHSn?k"f>W ELI.Will h? low Apply to J.*"/*??A*LKbR.M Lumber Yard opt at WU^CWL __22Jt?_ ThO SINGLE GENTLKMEK-A room in t.imi *>- "?* ~ "* ?thert tban the farm.) of the mm} i? ?kiiren. Inquire 494 ?ixth ttreet, between K and (i. Partial B *!*. if r*mwin*. no? Jt FU URNiSHKD HOUSES FOR RF.NT.-Tke ei?!?ort?>er? off. r (br ?*n? t*e Ftunithe'l Hoa?e recently occupied by Lt J C. I vet, oorner of Ei*h!? tilth 4 iU. Also,a rtwtiraWe FurnitheJ Hose* 01 New York irenwe, between *th and l*th ?te. Apply to JAS C. aoGllRE k CO- Aaetioneera im CenMiumg erchmtt. nottt F| OR SAltK^A. rev twoetor? brick HOC8F, ci Fourth ?tre*t, t?l.?w New V? k The tiOuse it JO fret front and 4) feet drop ; hat S-fnot pMtare, parlor, d ni> f-rnoni, kitchen, and lour jltainhert, with ttairwayt if paaenge ami kitchen, wit good cllar under the whol<* houte Fu terme _ 4 A<% <3 ?' ? - ? "* * imiiii'- u ?>* ovvtnui MrMi.vtlKWi't OU?l t m Jow Hall. no I tl JAX S. TOPWAMF| OK RKNT-A Srst-ctaM RESIDENCE ifurniehed.ion Pa. fttoau*. ne?r tid ttroet wast,, Immn outto prtwiiai. . ? ? *>* POR HE NT. ? A tlipa?-?t.>ry and l*.a?m*tit FRAME Ul)t>E,Dfir Pa. av , on hitji. C W*fn G auJfl <U?., No. 413. Ii.^mre at?1 ?l,JriY V GUY'S WaUware Store, Pa. av or ?-tf ITOR RENT-A fi'at ola?a Furmaha* RESIP K, on I ftraet north, between 13t.ii a d Uh ?r?. weat, oapoai?* Prank "in Square. Inquire > the pr?iTHi??i rr< ?ui 2 to * p m , No. 3 "Kratikiin Place. _ ?*??' |?ur RENT.?Two of thoae four hvBRICK r HOICKS latel? erroto^l on P-. a*. totwaea Kth and .'5 ii (?., in tu-? Firat ward, boutaikia* ruitms ^aoh. ami anp^liod with gas, Potomac water ?ivl uditr ??nv?Qii?i Avoir to I,. P. Cf.??* No a?y Pa. iv , bat. 1 it.ti aud IMtk ata ~ oe 3 l^fW R KNT?Daniir the ?eeam? of Concreaa? a " firit-claii thrM-?tnr> BRICK HOl'Pfe. with Pa matted Kooiua. ul<>?t*d in ona af U>a moat <ia uraote and he\Ithf location* in the eitjr Fur eriim.jkc . apply at 373 Seventh at. oo27-12t |>OR RENT?Two new BRICK HOU8Kt>,with r Itack buil linaa and oeltara, each having I rwarn*. atth eaa, and atde al)?*e, anuved on t. atre^t n ar rhirtecuti*. Real maderata la a food t*uant. Ia juire t.f M- fiREEN, Uroa r, oorner tH Thireenth and I. at*. Thi? p'oaer'y ia near Franklin Raw, only a few minute*' walk from the Treaau7 BuiMinga.aod one of the kaalthieat location* ia waaliinnt^ij oo ?- w" F| <>K RKNT?A four-etory brown-froet DWKL LINft. aituate on Thirte<<nta ?t.. betwaan I. ind m&<a*rhn*eUa bt? ?a?of the moat daairabio ooation* in the eitjr. Th? houae furaiahed wita na*' le luantiaa ; alao. f?? and wat?r fixtaraa, with nth room Inquire at VVM. P. SHhUU'8 Pancjr 'tora. No Sail llth >t oo ?-Tt* ROOMS FOR RENT.?Furniahed Parlor* a ad Chamb ra. Alao, an Office for rent, au table to ruilents. aa H ti located u.?r th? t*?p? Fourth tL, oorner E. oc 27-eotf FOR HUNT-A bar dsome, first olasi RK8Il>ENCK. No 444 E street ,h?t ween 6th and Hi street*??na of tha m st engine locations of this >|tf. '1 he bouse is furnish* 1 wit* *11 wjodera imirovomonli, such u Lath room. Wot aud eoitl Mtr mtach door, rarpe first and second Boor* beaded 'roni ba?a*iefct, Ao., Ao. Ai>el? w?xt door, to Dr. I Ah. i. WARING, N*. 444 fc a4n?t between* h im] 7th. <*> 14-eotf LXjR " RKNT-TK- ne-w bbnt HWRLt , fN(Tr hOtrtt No. ftO PrKspeot sireet, (jeonre own rhe house i? two atones auU *<aeemeBt Uev* rround ; frrooms, includiiij kitcutn and tervanU' <Nim: ?mukI vaWin thr priwiM R nt roa onhltie tp a p.rman^nt tenant. Apply to I). ENGLISH. 13s iiri<lfe street, GwrpWwi. <>C *6 ?w b'on iv i. > I ?A UMlIf lurauhed HDt 8fc IB tlM r First Wtra, on IT, betweoiiJ7lh ud lSlh streuta. No, 227, (KMiuunm* a double parlor, 5 or 6 chain vrs, dimnc room kiMMn an J pantry; with f%4, sold or hot water, Imtn room. Jkc , *?. Applyte L. L. LOVING. Fourth Auditor'. U&c?. _o?4-lm . FOR RUNT?Po?'?mi?n ob the let of October The DWELLING HOUJENo. 439 D.tre^C it present occupied bj the Rev. Or. Butlwr, Cud text door to the restdenoe of the advertiser. J. M QARLiiLE. N. B.?It w.l! not be let for a boarding house. sam-tf LM)R RENT?A brick.I we] lug HOlSK.onbU U r vM',M?MiiMsad N sts. north. No. 930, sontair in* 8 room* and a kitchen. Terms ?rvdertte. Apply nextdcor north. ?o'.( H* THRF.E HUN DRKD AND FIPTLKN ACH F.!* in Fairfax count*. V?., in excellent order; w*ll limbtTed; tood buildic|s; a brown stone qunrrj. A -ailroid car shop and water station must lie ?reeled ob the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi 1 in Loudoun oountj. A purinn? r cm jet a btrcaia >i v. w. KKAV, Agent, 510 Seventh at., Wailing ton , D. C. oo II Im* F| OR RENT?The fine BRIOK HOl'tlE No. 100 W?t it., Gec.getown. at preaont ooou tied br the subscriber. it has ?? ro;ms, wilh gas tnd w?it?r Uirouichon', a fine ya*d, stable ko , and s ia a food neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. M A3RL'f)KR. i>o 26 tf LTOR RENT?A large and desiraWe DWELLr ING H?>l\<E. No 444 Twelfth street. t>etw??n J and H aU , eonrainlng 1# rooms, witli all the mod>rn improvements Fossesrvm given No?*n ber 1, 86". fur terms apply to JNO. ALEXANDKI, Mo 340 Pa. avenu*. oc 16 eo3w L^OR RUNT.?Two new three-story BRICK r HOOES with back buildings, eaeh hoes* >ont*inmg rooms, with gas. plea?anilj ?Uoated in 8th street r.or h. between M and N streets; rent notWate. Appl' to K. LAZKNBY. nooosite or o JOHN T. LENJklAN, Ohio imui,' biirna 3tn and lath ?tre?t?. oc 9tf 17OK RENT?Tk? FLRHT FLOOR of UM I?aii4 r inc imiMGiateiy oppctit* the Toil wincof Utf 3ity Hai.,r*??!it<? ?oc?yt*d by Chaa. M. Wall sot m an oftq*. Alto tha front room is tkamcoad itory auii lu? third floor of U* wui tmudiaf. Km arraa appir to RICHARD WALL AC H, No. 9 LtOiaaiaiia arano*. ja U tf S7* H M R |f P M H S ASH. BUND. DOOR. AND MOULDING ESTABLISHMENT. 40.004 SirisTU Stbkst. oproutt Cc&Hr if?rU - II . Q . COB K I M O . firriNOl TO h. w. Hamilton * co. I tftkft this oppor'unitT of calling the attaetioa of Carpenters and Bui dera to the immense itock of *ASH DOOR*, BUNDS, MOULDINGS, 4O, tc., now ia iture and daily receiving from the raanlUotmr. It hae oeoouea veil known faet. ifcat :tae materials fumish?i from thi? establishment krr seoonrf to aon*. Oar stock we warrant maoo acta rod from we 1 aeaeooed amber, and finished >y experienced workmen. We do not hesitate to ?j that we now hare in store the most oonplete itook of the above-mentioned a' tloloe erer before )ff-red in thta rie<uit), to which We raepeotfelly nvite the attention of the public. SAVfc YOUR TITTR AND MONEV, ? psrcba*in( jour B adding Material a at the OM hitat.hahaiect, No. 363 He enth >t eet, where joa r ilgef a coo* artic e at a ikir prioe. OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT ia wa'l stocked with a No I art*..* of all tha t?ioaa a!***. atrlee, and thiekroseoa. A small lot of Preiliaa FaiMT rraat Dean. ?niaS an worth" .he Attention of thoae about hui.dmc?beeing Iraw* the 6r?t pr*n>mjn at the, fenae? Ivmub Uttll Pair, and matinfattared at tha Enpira Julia ol iturt. P*tt?r k. Co. OUR SASH AtyD BUND DEPARTMENT aaJao oomplste with all atse* and* t/lea, to vhioh re oall partieelar attention G tas*d :*aah oonataal? 01. Iiaod. Hot Hod Saab, inaide Skatftara, Re., 'arniahea at abort actio*. OUR MOULWNe~DFFARTMKNT m alao ooaae.ate with all the at*4ea now hj i antral ua. We era alao prepared tof -rmah MoeWnegaof Mir ieaired pattern. Al?*, all fctade ?f Tented Work, Boron Savior. Novell Fou*. Da!n?tara, Door Framee,and Window Frame*. of ell kim. llao on haii i,a general a ertmeatei <>la?a, Ketty. to . which wa are offartcg at low rate*. frr A ca'l it eolloitod aaa aatialaeuon givea or ,lN**B.-A liberal dieoount for oaah. - ^ N.O.CORNiNO, Proprietor of the Emair- Sa?h. Bit ad . ,f K rsSsrHSE |*7A3HINOTON SAVINGS BANK, B " 11U Nim St , nil Pa. IrmL PROFITS TO TflE DEPOSITORS. Opes to re?ir? deposits (rota W to 1 o'clock. JVvtilui. Ssob Gideon, o*o. C.Aaoa, iv^eSr"^ ississr flaof. Bim. Wa. 0. IMI> T. J. MtjrwUr , ?i. JACOB GIDEON, Prtttdort. Joan 11. Btuev, Traoaiuac. Thia institution will Ftr to tk# iiWH11" nt? of rour poc eent pa( annua? outof Uia profcU of t>asina?a, and tftvtdn ta tkroa ! *?? "? JHWM profit* amour auoh depositors asntftj ? tatlar Ilia rules. - . j&sfsansa&liCisarjK a uttr aucuvKii at oai Wi I IBOTIOK HAJiBt H) A i<KKKV. Aasto ??r. AP?I.M?TK|T((R'3 HALfc. ?V MDIR^ i Of THl'DliM <-KH,af Hwii.C**, 'bb? W Kixs *i Mtx*? roa i VA?oR,Pu?MiM).|:LtiMUi eikn.t*?i>4 I M',n ordor of tb? ? paui' Coi't. > fro Am mr IMtlM Stor#. M l? o'o.< ?t a ?. , tk? rf nMoifi, JfH. ?u?r<?*,'! . I I <>< ? ?, I Cotr/i m? F**d Wk?jr. 1 Burr. 1 tannine Q?w. ~ _ t^^6$lS5^1l4 ?? ? - > 7,rn, .Tiii g ^yt-mpl ^.viisansM. . i jaT/sa ii ? 1 . Br A. OEVKN. AMbocNT. ' UO**KM. row- r..?>i fur I ii * *??', CmiMi'no hiinn*ffuirr ( M WM(, C***, ?a?U ?aCT? ??T ll? J *M a??M. ?< * : k* ? ? ? * ? *? I'tlWU *c , 1 ZiJSJXt I&'tfw&AaSfl agl i Mllat Um n?4*Mrui M* t?i F?r<? ,>f k|ra *<? . l?da Winr, aU> ?t MUf A uuta fro* t*? N?r? Mfcrd B IdM. ftdJuinlDc tli?Urmn>( CuITNi; wr, Job* A. Baarth.??>4 * * !?<*?. act it trm-iA. m., tkai*jWi?>i.? >?S %at ttufl Hm?*, 1 Cut, i*w htu| < mil; ot m Cora. F?>d-)*r m i fcitaeh". ( Viim* ? tsisrr \uH I h? F?.rm ovr.UtRa h/t? thra# ac-?? la a kt?h a<mta of e?ltiv*t'9?, wtth sa ?xa?l!r?t I'li u ti IMraoa.ud will ki naui fc> U? h.chaat b ?H?r at th? aw Umak / ? Tar ma ouk. _ o3 A. CllPt, *HL 1 ? - FUTVKR DATS Mr BONTX A Oltifi- IXH ?? DOMTIVK SALE OK JKWKLIV, Vsr-' * r rtHUttUr?H|AIIKL ?.?<OM?*V it MOxNIfcu. N?T*itber K> o'aUwi, ia >roM <?r t > a uotio.. K?w?rt. t. .bait sell a large itiuii m*nt of rich Jewalrjr, Kerfdinmry m4 Facer AiUR fet Hfomler 1 iU uij Oo'd MUnm 8tU, I J fold fen aid I'euail lo d Urae?leta iNu..a,Hi*ei? ftatu>ae Ae., fta Vu?d?, Foiuade. Hirat-U. Ae, , T-cAko villi a iar?e variety ul Far cy Artlaie*. 4 Twai oaeh. i fo>? 2* BQttTK k B?ir>1TI? *?? Br*. C. MeGUf RK ft Co.. Auetouaare. BXTBNMVF. 9ALKOF FV R >1 ITT R EJLn D ErracT* or C*?pa*i?'? Hotbl ?Oji MONDAY MORNlNti. Sv?#*i?r5-.h. a*a*ae*a<al W o'clock and i * tint i tM wKyie ]i?. K- *d of, we ehaiJ e?ll the entir?* Feraitnie and mU ' "OMtant'i ffota,,' on toath A etreat, oaaaaiie U>? Oe?iu?i I'm*. . . Karnltara, AO .of f>?rt? rot>m?, Vi* : NlkofMT hlfr apnnr ?*at Sofw, Koakcra. Arm Cbatraand f'armr Ohau*. j Ma'bla top CMtrt, H>4* Tab'aa, 1 Mabotanr r%r4. Breakfast. *?4 Wr?n TaWaa. Gilt-frama Mant*n and Pier . IMmut iM Ckiata Cart* aa, j a<x> OUn? ud gscSTsSar tcwifsrc*"Wk-ut. MthMU* ud fcafcfl<'Warrj Frai.oh *<!of BraJli'a make. Walnut and Marble toy Diaaaain BaMaliacau'r and Paints WaxdroN?a. Waaha'aa^a, I j.p-'iui B Hair aa* Haak MMmm, Byht re aud Pillowa, ExoMleut B'.arketa, Comfort*. Seraa^a. , Utii *uaatity of Bheatiug, Table c'.otka ana Tow*; a, Braaaela, Three p.i, and lugraia Carpet*, Oitoiuta, Matt ex. Crash 4c, Ctu.j*. tila**, aad Crockery war*. Tails Cutiarj, Ulook-tm vVa'?. faatora, WaWara, Kefncarator, St-*** of various kioUa, tlao, ona r+rr superior Hilisrd Tabk, w-rooni Pi x tares euwnalate. Together with a 1arg# a.a rtm-at rf Hoaeabeld fctfenU not necessary to enumerate. P ?. Toe Huuao. -?ht*k la una of tla* most eosa_i?? / .. .k_ ? - riwwi i?? m * i? o:iy. i* lor rent, it^urtvi tha mum or of Um Auctioneer*. ot a?4 J7c. oiomjiitk a cq? a*? By &.9IECN. AietwtMr. EHUSTkh S BALK or VAliiABLK Ht'lf.O ino Lot* os Timh itKkit wot,Bmrmi km V. st*bkt* vobth. * t Arc ires.?On tA .DAY, Movmbw ahaTl eat! >n fr..nT of U? ar-uiiaat at 4 o'clua* $ a , h? virt?< of a dead r.rtr at to tU? aubnonbar. a.arin? dal? tte :w dwafAarH, IW>, and raeordad in Liber J. A.S , THu. \9\|oj!ua2T?. *?., on? of tha lard rooordk lor . VkumIM oUfctf. o U? l>imict ? i ? n a?? ia. Ufr/ollowjiif i!^acr; ^ proac'ty, yia* mad bMI( in the ett? rf WaafiitirioG, Dittrict ajoraafctd. n*. ,M Alt ttet |)*WOT para*1 ?f f ronrd knowa a.iKl l?.d -? d"Wo o? t?c rUi<4Mi<1 eity M ?ha nortfc half ot Lvt : .?iui?ar%i,(12,> ih<>aouih ha f ia*kr*d thirteen, OS.) in aquara ann bared ik'?a feandrod and awwty aifht (3T?.) and coirpriaad lr. tba fol- ' lowiac m?t*?aad boanda, to ant: 1'rimwaarim for lb* aaid kaif lot number ail twaiva M tk? aotUvtl ooraar of aaid lot, ajxl ranniac thauo* aoat* with the Iim of Tewth it vest tvutr Ire Wt a:x Md a taalt inoboa, (M fart 6S lDehe?; > th*naa oaat una hanar*d and aevan f??t t?o isckm Iliit??tl tnchea) to the rear of and lot; iheuoe north twaatyfiva ImI aix and a ha f tr>rb> a ,SS MtS ir.ohea?to tue p.dat of ?nvi4ittu tw^wMHi ?atd Iota tw? l?? and thirtaan; a;<d tb'aoe waat witu aaid aiviaioa lia? ona handanil aer. r. feet two mcbea < Wt fa? 13 fcoheai to Triith at'aot watt and p ac of b iinma, and beeini at fur tha aaid part of I .?H IS at ** # eo nt trVeatoornar of aaid lot, on Teat* air> M wart, a d running thenoe north with U>? Laaoit ttt a treat (Ml IVUlt *? < - f-?* 1 ?? V' ?. . / / Mi -I 0? VHP hundred and MfH<wt two tuck'* N4f< atttnabaa) Ui the ra*r of a*id i"t; touth IWMitJ fcva(X laatj to u>a poibt o( diviaiof. H??w tab W And 19; and tVno* waat trroi <H?>d rfivia.on liaa ona fcamlra<1 and M?fpM tw?> ii.o:n?t (i?7 fine baa > W)T*BU ilrNt w??t m4 ptaoa <>f t?> iui?c. witfc tbe imarov< mauta, ?U?ch are a Wwk UwatUaakoiM.ftti Tenaa uf aaia: #4.000 out; the rtmamdar in at*. twain, asd takt**ii won ha; tkc MrekaMr to |iva K>te? for tfce Jeftrr*d p?)iii?i>U, l*a?rtui latwaat ?? Oar of aa'a. Adml (.maadadaadvft.'ud takeo. at! eon vo> ancitif at the coat of the pur aMnr. Sbo?il?i the tenae t te aoniptted witk ia fjve<;a?? IbeTruaUa rre*f v*? the 'l?kt to reaall the aro*artr at the nek ar.a eo?t of tk< pare! a 1. K. C. CACHING ^OV T 0031 -At4* a. G* RUN. * ?*. NF.tiKO K?K J<ALf'? Bj virtue of an ordar of trie Orphan' Court ?f Wtnea UaarfVi^atntf, lid ti aa ac. ibar wui? i*r f,r a*J- at the aoait koue* dour I pper Mar ^nj'.oa TI>.9Ua V,*W 13th iau,, at3 o' lock p. n?.,a va'rable ml| NiI ra Tarua of ?W ?aak.or aaaaoeatad draJt - \V H Tl'KL, M Adme latrntor of Ant. J Hi.laary. | no l-tt?wtd 1 MwlMro' wr? < oy? > .By CLEARV A OREKN< ?? ,*!?(* Mroel. U?XTKN?IVK *ALK <>- ft* CI. GRAIN, Ci VltmiLU, IVmU* Inri ?MBMT?, C**>1 am. w?oo?, Hi>r?tKot.D Fiimtcii, Ac., bel -t due to of ;*t* l?ar FuUio Aaatoa?On FRIDAY ?m 1?'t> *wJl??h of Nw?Wr oo.t. wn altali a?ll. at tk* faua?itd or ike laU Darin* Claaatt. jii^> < at il o> oek a m-. <> Um HnwU niMt la r optica, > the flac ? tfcoroad will da?i??a,ta tha jLao-.i a'?ut a alioa from LM city? ail . f tii? rarao< aJ VfT ou b<*;outing to Ua aid daaaaaad, oanaiHi?r in y*'t of? 8 fit farm V?r k aid oar> ii* Ho-raaa, SfXoo. eLt M ilakCoaa, I Uetf?r, 'S Hoya,TTfnlt,T*|le, 4 Ntiftn Wnv-n* for oaf nr two boraan, 1 Cm Family Cnrnaya, Uaru?a? and Otw, 1 do. Baanll do. do. Au. 4 Carta, w taa la-?? lot of Hju uaaa, ? aata of oonp ate Ha-na<*. Mowum.MooI i<>* Horao Rnk'a. Wolm, Flew* <? avery deaariy 1 *iaad ?afca Cattic/ bojea, Core and Cob Cra ik ? Cultivator*, Wi oat D-U a, Raka*. Hj??, >hovou, *. *.! Pv>?ka, Ac., p. tato art* Flaw Baruooa, W?(oi WoJiM Harnpaa Maoka. Si?vm, Wheat-fan*. WtO'lUnrfGwa Sotho*. Cradlaa. . aannhlnna. i?t *?r#a?t orda*. With a lar^a lot af <>vn*r lm*MNMnia, too anir.erouatom ntt<>a. ?n neraa of growmc \V:i.?nt. now in fiaa ordar, w> t?aa rf p taa Tnuatin and Clover Bar. wr- ;>?MW M eXOOUOai r?MuM, US bara!?i.f Cora. T tj ttaiki of fine C?l?n, i^Tft lot tf Im Olbbu*. Urn ioi of Hrw 4 1 oaf Foddar, i, N%nnr# Umsent.iM tec* t ,, A (! M of kot bod r-asL. _ 1LM. a> Tk lieU8KB0LI> KMKCTE, ?omi(ii| f? yvt of? Siut.Moo'.ud Covtr KWiotta; Aofe, ikofur Part?.r Gfcaira, RoaMrTAa., r 1X> Me4*?wi. Wsr4roee,44..1 Herw, pJJt ^SSSte' :: J Pa'lor Wtadow arliin* alt OrnamonU. Uro iot prim? Omr Foa.kora, in Ma. BolaUra, ui Pillnv*, RaaaUaat whita aar!od Hur Ktuwri, Do P|rl?r,Oh? b". and Ha I Caraata, Toilk Sou, M irrora,flfcuok and Cottoa MaMTaaiaa. Larca lot of BodtUiw, 'oa;i4to| of WaaarA] HlankaU, CouUorU. Qui u, Uaaa ftkootaaiaii ( fada<5&. Waalialanda. ?aia>ai, Ckairt, bontU. s;,r:irc^uii^5s&I Okina, ?laaa. aad Crook War*. IWmt vuk a >art ao4 aaaaflaat aianfnl of Kitoh?5, Paotrj.aad Dairy War*. fflTy iii yrat auytirfiitarilt nwiiiw, *i *z~? <? MM Hi* it u fey kr tte mm l*Mta| ?! fiorini* otoMfc to? ?t I o'clock from th? door i f ^^ mSP.TtSr-. - | ^ pwwagtt'a^ Cm CAWtal .< < _>_.-;<? -T yllMIUNI, ? 1 ?te-tr ** -J "^1 ' <