Newspaper of Evening Star, November 3, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 3, 1860 Page 3
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j LOCAL WEW8J F lr>Tnfl?a nnhMlhM the 1.1st of reSMintoff la the WaaWnO?* Wty Poat order tbe prtrrfilcmf of the !i* directing them to V printed !n tbe newspaper barm? tbe largeat elrcolattea wtrhia tbe dail**ary of theoSoe. Ik totdl daily circulation ta more than double that of any other Daily printed 1? (be Diatrtct of Columbia Though Tax Sixt a p hated &3 tWhMfj} ft^Et previa aaoaonfci af Miltleow^lli^llW *?q'^rc.p. tafcr jfct to eaaie.hoarj AdverHetaneata, Unwefor^, heet<t"t*r aH&ih Wln? U o'click othaaarlee they map hM1 1 L rfutrlci of Columbia d.xertlaetoeaia' 2 lo *a I?iii J la ^rxsreeeeelred l at fimrdd front laa iiria Otkce. .i That Old ^iran ? Paaatag through Center" '/ Vvhai taagooddfaiof akaiiiahBWWbWHH? I It ie *? ?ery laa? ptaeo Hi the tfcorM ao nerrt* t? 4 nnneceaaarllv of a wet (Uj-*8 V^e brcrtlgbt Jlp, ft wtfl a found turu by the aalutatloa, nUw mm** r seff^iflvexpreaaed, "Hold on. Mr.jiaai* look beraj" We did look aa iarokr-e? and rbare y''?*H UTMI (luwrii 01 OIUT mnrmiw) n a tovgvtoh middle of water, "and with *- the rain-drops trJcklin* copiously from bit shoulders George looked as crcu as a snapping* A turtle?aa odd thing for him, usually so tranaceup deotlr benign while dispensing bis jfolden Pbilf adfiiibia Prist,"?but anybody, we dare My, wo?ld bare been ntaj? under'.he cirramstanees. paying a bff tax for Ms stand In a vlllainous ola shed, so badly lighted that a taliow dip waa requisite to make darkness risible, and with tbe rain filtering down through the leak?. moss?red roof d.reetlT npon his devoted bead. Mnfd lines, no mistake ' * fff heard the ssojc grumbling all through the both abuul U*e leakage and the failure on the part of the corporation to furnish gas la the BiatW as promised Ther asked us to blow up those at ftiirlt fu the Star and w# hereby esU upon all tuch to consider themselves blowed up to t.U. iutonte antl purposes Jm Jmnsos.-In the tarfoas branches of - roA i- aimAfv ?rwi ta*]nHraiiia vm hnwi ail if ] I" UV J - ? * ? ?? us ~r*}' a pattii uiu (avariUi. one who we delink* \.i ensure more heartier thiu another, ari'.sU woo* sued xt ttoe beads of tbelr^mrofesaloas, and w&q. * icrrfu * beacon guide, as IT were, to inspire tbe vw timid, kacountie U?e bttre. tn<t toe the iunkm\' ^ the ultimata of tbe asihttlena We have our Booth andoiir Ferra*, our Williams and oor Bearel* caul . ?ur Cishmnn. and oor J Iff Davenport, I our Wheatley, and an on to tbe rod of th*chapter At the bead of Kngliab and American coiuedv <U*d*. wiw.out a peer, tbe Incomparable Jef. frrton.- he well te the value of tbi? great acter's versatile and purely art!?tlc ability Ituovrii, crowds flock t> see him whenever or wherever be prestals himself. So *re?t is his pnpnUrlty and 1 A ?o highly are his talents eetimated generally, that i It i? ilmiet melesa for tloo to leave New Vcrlt < city, where he Las been located for a auaatoer of J years. It Is ever, where acknowledged by aMitftl fenU?<T and unprfjudieed criUti thai Joe Jefferson Is Um teat liviag comediin ?Horn* _ j * .it#*? i'.ve* vatiow*?Complaint upon complalbt rm b-i u* of the indifference of U>e contractors Tor Uyltg water imIm. and otafr* ensued i* imklaLtf excavation*. wiUi rMp?et to tbe observance of the law requiring them to dispiay signal 11 at the street crossings whtr-r soch excavations ar* maite F??* the benefit of the police, who are rtinrsred with the execution of the laws, we append tiie rliuse of lite ordinance eoverii?g the queetlon of excavations, aa foilowa: That ?*??v and any excavation that may rei. main apra after sunset shall be safely and securely covvfrit or enclosed by a fence, and a lighwd l&uip or laiit^u placed at some ' or.venient spot so as to mst it* Ilj;&t thereupon, under a penalty not exi reeding Ave dollars fur every night or part of a 4 nnjht The same way be left exposed or no light uruwt uertupon " Robbbby.?Ye*Wday a/Vmoon a baler llrlug on Capitol Hill, having occisiou to g? to Alex iudri i to purchase flour, left bis sttop in charge of a journeyman la b!? employ After a abort time the fellow rushed into the nouae. and informed the bskT's daughter that a neighbor had joat been i.earl* burned to death bv the ex plosion of a fluid limp, and requested to see her before she died. The fount; lady Instantly left, and rsa la great haste to see her friend, and found on bee arrival that she had Been hoaxed. She hastened home and discovered, too late, tbat the journeyman bad broken open a box, conta*nfnr the Aim of S4Mak f and a valuable gold watch, which he bad appro ^4 printed, aud leflfor suuie ret/eat outside of Waab>" |^PP lug ton Thi Alarm or F:be Last Night w,is caused bv tt?#? bcrnlng of the roof of the bank building of a bnu*? in M MrtH. between Tnirieentfe ana Fi><irw<eflth atreeia A few neighbors went to work witu a Utile yard i oae, which they att?cti-d to the Fotomac water bvdrant next door, and ?uc< eeded in extinguishing tbc Htm-* before rriuu* damage was done. Tbe hcti?e was unoccupied. and the rational inference ia tbat tbe tire to wa.< the work of an f nceadiary. The value of \ having Potoru-V: wntei convenient is Illustrated *?7 tLe < xtiuguUhmeot of this fire thus reinQlf. Fittimo l> ?Hsinmark's capital mtauran (WilUrd'a Hotel block, Fa. a* ,) is uudtr^oin^ thorough renovation la tbe war of wall papering, painting, Ac , Ac , though It was previously as neat and stylish us auy other similar establishment in tbe country We Lear, too. tbat be is greatly eite :d!u*( bis facilities to iusure that be will at all tiiue? have on band whatever tbe Washington . gourmet can poeatbly call for, eatable or drinkable: M w#lI u hit srpan'jHuinoti for u>rtiui/ hit Igueai* elegantly and promptly. Ck*ti* Mhiit?The market snare waa pratty fully occupied by the aauai dealers up to one ~cl>ck W>-dfnr, sod trie stork on hand was Aftaxge ?' usuai, wit* quite a variety of new artlclea'beKinning torfppear About four o'clock In tbe ntorulag itus rain poured down In Urrenta, and tbe market thuruugbftirt-a Hooded, and every one *u ci^ruttd tu tLe rata, Tbe old market ?vd* werw an security, and umbrHlas were of \ Tittle oaa. while tbe wuter poured dowa Into the 1 K"tiwaya 5 os* or thi vtn bkst family paper* !n tLe Country tr> vrlt Thj Wrfklir Sl.r full u usual of Metropolitau sen and goaaip, a ad choice liter arv reading, la bow on our couutar rw?df for 4*livery to lue public. It Is just the paper above j all oitiaca for citiaeua and atrnugers adjourning 1n | the National Melropolia to read ou Sunday or U> aei.u to their friends at a distance- Price only t three eenis per copy, or SI *25 per auituui; poaU^e | prepaid by sta?tps wintu so ariaagad. Kctckx or the Scibxtivic Coap? ?Moat the aciMtittc gentlemen attached to the Sinlthjj| aou'.au luanUittou, who tavf been upuu expedition* of vurlom kinds connected with science and J the dc-al^u of Ute Institution, are now returning F and reS'^ their labor* io this city. Of i^Mr who hivr returned withia a few days are l>r AVillUui M.mpaon, in charge of the ;bll?ctto*/>f shell* a ad cr oafecea; Mr UiH, flahea and rupttiM? # an<l C. Drexier, taxiderm st. Liic?T.-(M night Lieut. Mollenrf. aaj( toiur of tbe guards, arrested a colored man*, named VVm Aditua. m tbe stable Joseph C. 1 O Kennedy, wh-re be bid made a de?4&t npoai lot of art Ha wd reioowd thorn to th?a<)jai?ti?g atablr of Mr KeyworUi. He waa taKHa^tnd s?cured uutll tbta morning, when bewascoinmittfd to jill by Justice Dotn A black rlqtb uoat ?at lound upon him, which was supposed to be Stolen Makkst Taitrts ? I>*st night a marketer named fad?TU. attending tbe Center Market. waa robbed of auoot t *an ty or thirty poor da of bu?Ur. numtwr of ohick^ns, docks. Ae. It waa strp^ I posed that tbe rubbery waa perpetrated by a rags-' \ boud uelowd f<n?w who baa been loaln* abrtut M . tbe market place for lour time past, aid warrants were .aaord foe a search of his placea of reaurl | ? Po?t#o*cd ?-Tho lecture tUat wan to have boon V dr. v?r?d tui* Morning by Proftaaar Hevry. befot J tu?? \VhWh<m Teaebera' AtaoefatHn, at the t?u?itbaoisi?ii luatitutioo, *u pontpoucd until celt I Kit..r.iaf morning, at U o'clock, on acawat of tb? unfavorable waatner,an?l tUa coaaeqavai alio* a -llJiatf ? J err tbi Tmiro ?VVe are Indebted to Tayl<>r * Mwrf for a budget of boaaan?Ut- and A-c < onvpuiro. e? ?lndiapeaoablea, we might aajr?tn tfc?*bape of nicoly put up bottle* of ad braivf mucilage, prepared sine. (Spalding'a,> Indelible ink, (Daniel'*,) with mrtalUc-buaad Wwh?? and dainty qaiil pana to Match t <?itt*d to Jxjl ? Yesterday morning Ju*t - Kurl'il, a< tinj? Mjvnr, examined the cam of M j?-r?irjr. . Lk-irgtd Willi au a*}, ravaled aa> aauit ia nuii?iiwuiiui. Thoavubmcoooia* limed lime CLaryr, aad tbo ictMtd Tit 4MI * . a a_ !-i l a- - " iiniiioa wjin u> HIWI M (be Wit IcfBT dflll* Quaru-rlr Cwrt ?Alex ffazrtle Tut r^A^Aul ? Tt* Improvement of ftie e*w .*? dr ?rf? ILcrou/LU tretw.1 kkn Morning, ibf dr?t> nl l?i? corner of Srveutb tueet aud tbe , A*e:i ur ?t*d th- torrent de?Crr.dmz Jti>0? <b?. n?rlb. rn 1.4**, and preveutrd IU vVetiuw (f Um Urct U -ilU-icU-d luucb ?UruU?a thUaaattlag, and w* b>?uiy ?ppro?rd bv ifhiai? _ _ Tumi* ?uHi? W10 Wan." N.???m.aurtdi?e ojHere ?* rare*, StaipMn luf bt? ueual vtfCly "( prime oytll-n. Call and at* btui at ibc Cum peon Huum, TmU atrwet and Peuu- ! j l m. Ivialft hvxnu* Af f?b ?tfr S known u I _ "ill?- ? I T?? Ai)mti>,;iliHiil 1, Ttilbu I i-ttt t*rn:ug ?t Odd Fellow*' HsI^uly. 4?HHTom niiBUj II 1 T*t Poto*? TTTt** wobks?"Ion," of the Baltimore Sun. nn : "There is reason to believe fiat. notvritbaUndUiKrtlv delays t% Mitoi Ute Completion of the' potoms* aqueduct aas been tibjf-cted, it will be acrompllsh?-d during the t^rm of the present administration Gov. Floyd Will enjoy the high *atls faction of witnessing toe anmpletion ?f this great work before the expiration of hia official frnn The contractor forjiv masnnif JbflQkbfc Jofca: b?id??- U cMfldent tfeat he will be able to pass the water over the >? 1Atrm n> annn ta tKa ursta* oi>n Ka KiAni.lit frnm ? ^jp *" ** m?u i nil vr vivu^ui IIVIII t ie Potomac to the bridge The delays hare been c liefly occasioned by the want of rt-gular and ,ati'pl?.an?r*? VfJM&AA: I* tk* r\>mlru?~tfVn rt it ie bridge, and by the controverav between the H overniueut and the proprietor* of the land near |t ie bridge. While this controversy continued Jt ie contractor could not use the inclined planet ? r&js P rlday, and, In a day or two, the lA?lined planes v ill be in uae. iWlfelKralW^JFr Mclntyre. is a large force employed, and will press the Jw crk vigorously forward.?it the weather prove /qvorabie till the 2Mb Dec. that part of the bridge Which la to bear the chief atraln will be tinUhsfl. ^lmayMwiMdbriS<T*rtuhMfM1fb4iiilereris of tola city that the appropriation made at the lata ,#<*alon waa not allowed to Had thia been ttw case, the completion W*ffN-work would have bjen long, and perhaps Indefinitely delayed. jl- fil ?t*-~*?rrr.mrr is i.aickxiu and A?k??t??Within a few days .past, a numlier of larcenies have been reported to ttae varioua ilficers The detectives have been qiite busy In ferreting out the operators in a number of rases,.both of grand and Jielt* larceny; In Yosur of themTOey hare been sjcceaarul in arrest!if the parties charged, and recovering the goods. This morning Mr. S f* Parker identified some ot the article* found in possession of Mn Boyle alia* Anna Colli us, who wu arretted vestenUy fcy A lie* i.Co Ttie ffoodhJ rwDvered ill a large trunk, ,Mtidet the valuable article* identified by Cbarlea MfcNamee, Esq Jobn Btiyie, the buiband of Mi* Boyle, wai arrested this morning by Officer Allen, and held by Justice Dona fur fuctber bearing, while a search Is bPltig made for otber miss\au goods. Mrs Boyle Is in jail. policeman King this wuoraliig arretted Alfred Carter, colored, on suaplcTon of robbing Mr. PadKt iu Centre Market last night. He was held to 1 tuf t farther bearing, Ttw.j was no positive "^roofcf Ms guilt. but theclrcumttan< et are strong gainst him. The properly,consisting of butter and poultry, has not been recovered, though the officers are now searching for it. Z :' * ?' Th? Pmwhuiia or TB* A*erie Hretox* was uurtUed tmi a?ght at Odd F<llev.*> Hwtl, and" edited CMiVioiMu* marks ft delight ftpm tbe < spsrutor* by its beauty u a work of art, ?nd tbe Undoubted faithfulness with which it portrayed the scen<s and Incidents of Arctic adventure K ?-h scene w*'? a gein of beauty, and additional Interest was x'Veu to ib?ui by tbe aeries of capital portraits of Arctic adventarem euu brills bin# tbeir pas els. Tbe panorama repri-seiUs tbe most tin- / P?rtmt scenes of tbe explorations of SU. John ranklfn. Dr. Kftne. and fcajrt McGliuWck, and Rlijstrated by a graphic lecture npou Arctic scenes ud Ar*tlo disr o*?ry. not tbe least interesting p.--t of v. (j:i * is tie detail iff ktrlklag lrtcldents in w?e nisiory or Dr Kane's voyages. We must oot forget to mention the excellent musical accou.pctMiinent fnrntebed bf B<*heTl. 4^. ThsW ufliwron Tnk**w* ?Tbfs will be wsnwtwJ.'wmnofor tbe seaton U-ni^lit. The arv* stock compel? Is err large, and, w wtU be ms by tb?- bill In atwrttier eeluum. ?mbric?i some -t tbe best artists l? the country The bill for to-nitrht consists nf tLeexee.lent five act comedy of " Old Headland Voting Hearts.'" and^t^e uwikU liurletta ceiled Jffiny Liad.'' in tBP latter of wbich the accomplished M;?s Mary Muw and Mr. J. T Kayiuoud, U?t k favortte eotfiedMb, are the principal performers. t Tbe nf.noirtirf-mrnt of th?-*e two name* alone should be enough to till tbe bouse to its utmost capacity Jo? Jet^mon, tbe sjreat eomWhan, comiBeocf* bla en^ajjernent on Monde y rttPVBL CAX ASSOCIATION IN THIt THUDVVAJD. TU republic*** resiUimr iii the TbUd Ward met bl trg<? number* at Temperance Hall, last evenly and vrjjaiilied a? auxiliary association. Tbe following olBcera wrre selevted: President, J. J. C' otnlw., formerly of the "Republic;" 1st Vire Citfident. G. A. 11&1W lid Vi<* PrmUh? a lk:val!; Secretary, JoLn Cleary; Treasurer, Martin wll. . . , i . i; w On invitatfofi, !%ff L Clepfcane addresjea the m**?Ung, giving a glowing description of tue r<y*ptlnn and entertainment of the Wide-Awake? Ml Ineir recent viait to Wilmington, Del. ..ii ri i -+r>? i'ii< 1 CtxTiALrtCAiNHuv>iCAii? ?Stndy Middleton. (roi'd.) drun*. ?ud dUo/deflv; i>>? andctiata St 1^> David ^"Vier'nftd Tfctfmai Simmons, drunk la ttie ktreeti do. 15 each. Geo \V. Miades, drunk, dtferdwir, and prvfaac; wotkbOMe ID day?. \Ymrnmt'f OxLtWtt la dtlfy thronged with people, getting whole site photographs at S3, heretofore sold at SS Smaller size at S*2 50 and duplicate copies at 50 ceuts. Call at once, and see his low prlcn It* Wi r*DZRSTANi> that I'/ef Marinl Intends to pet a dancing academy in Georgetown about the middle of the present month. Keep a lookout for kis advertisement The bain this morning, among other things, prevented all outside auction sales Op, How it Hall., j P?rson? atflictod with the Fever and Ague alio'il J cot cpa a either tune, trouble or expuiike, so crooiirR /)r upon tho sjaten bft? baen olMrly pove.i t >tR*>in? ?1w> have been iTrickon doVu In a hurt space of tun* by this drctullnl our* , whose clK"?k.* art wikii a >il lueanar, ami *Jio4? lugeta ar? ile^D wmml trstlean, and whole evaa are Jim nu?i aunken, wiih doath ?taMiir thrm in tt.e fadthis oornpound inu?t prove a Meowing; anatoliing thein, a* it w?re, froin the mouth ofthe grave Nonu can kautr it? truo value until the) have tehted it Whm all mherj have iaaisU, Uv-iw tiau?f ? have xeiiL.r>;<l the inffoier to prt>(irta ii*a)lh Yfieir pop la-it) iu el ihe Wext-rn and Southern parta atiouid introduce tbeiu to all faunlioii . 4'J.i by draffiM* and dealers renerally every w nsrt. Oc 31 -?o3t Wwt**'* f?*r s*t or WrtD CaKtnr. Cwv Bronchial AtT'C-ioni and alt Dirtastt nf the I i J.unti. From the IJo?ton Eveuiug Traveler, Jrvuuaj-y 6. .1 ia pwkwi Out a ndili aet ol jMtfc# to the propridUita ol \VilUr'i / M iM iXurry full* o aajr, that uuf ptnanil rxyeiitmrt ut.tlte u?? of thl? articfs. J??* tttiprenaed'U* iavoraliijr. Oi?e i,f ilia proprietor* of tlio 'I'ravnler wa? e (irely cum) of 4 aor? couch ol four mouths' contiiiuince, l>jr th<* ql this Balsam,and aevcralolouri;ien<lsaiKlaoqBaitiane-n. wIk> tw fcctle'e, have found r of ft Mi service ta ^tawing tti??n of aovere Oo^tjia and^uorUijuu^ W?Mbiu(,wUt?iriu?h they tceuuiue unleaa mgnetl I. Butt* od the *ia|iuvA . - V,. wife'. 0. SfiuU.i?tafto?ra?rM. N*irn fc- Palmer, Wsfit iU(Us.; and by dealer* ever> where. . < Homkopathic Rimbdim All of Di< Huttmbroy* Co.'a y>w8? Hom<*>pat!uo KeuMulea put .?U? eJ4>re**i? in fyyitln use, in noxet, at JS sua 9f cents o'.o.i. A l bo, in cmm, containing ) ? viala, from 94 to .%* *?hf wJAik dir#?Ue?ia. For *ai? ?**. Z. Ij. Orttitn, 3TO l'vAverlM^. vl*>l<j?alo aud reMilM?iiti w.A #$*m.rtft P itrefltj alao |j F. U. Winter, comer of Ma??R?hu?*tt? a**nae and MstJi itr?et. Al*??, fon it Extract oj Wxttk tiixtl, for internal and external tudauimatioiia oj affkiauia. aoMwyy t 1 j A M I ? "- - - nuLtowii * rILLS* KJp{t*?oMS Debility, #e.?At a >MK^ti ve and inviporm ug medicine. thi*? 1'ills have iiul a.i a?t .nisiiinj "?u c?*< in rvttrj part of .lie cuvjhaad nlo!>e, Ti??y are u>aifpct?| 9| ?>4'opera.'i->o* ;vf? tl* ?jmi in the Utrrid xone or the Artio regions. They rugiiif e the pulse and the action ut the heart, bra' e 1 ano sire nc thru the relaxed nerrw, five t-j-o and ; ?uor<? |o the general and by re es abiuhitrfc * f uorous effort of the vital function* extuuiuah > }ne eiim?iit? oftnrtitiohoN, <leprans*>l spirit,t>wS3, ^iaporfc, 4tc. Sold by all Druggist* at fco , *2e. and >J PfJ i ? , . ? v -..?? -i." i???; " ' ? i / I j I?AKR1*D. . ilk 1 rn* ?* U o ? I fci-- - * in1 v*ai, ?r J. I "?" " f ?rd JOSEPH W. cOi.HKKT, K?q., f Fauquier <**?.?, Va., to Mis* BKTT1K A Sl hWART, of thMaine plao*. y , y * 0% rnur.dajr, the lit Tnit&nt, at tlis Seventh Htptiit Churuli. B* timore, by t!i? Kev. Dr Fu ler, WiLtlAM H. WlLrtON. of-W**hii?*ton, D. C., (nMilt AaKAH li , dauniil-r of Uiran P. ?.vani, oi HvUmura. _ _. . _ . . I ! Ml W , I I ' I CHJl BOSTON'.?The regular D&ck&t brig AnP d??-)ii)MkrrW?d tad wn*??iicbtrt >,,$> ItUt "* freigut For fr?-iickit ?>r p? ?<?epplj yo 2tSt 99 and Watc'r^d^^?^r^*etowi;. barint been in um a ?bo t t<m? only. ttaefipBM owwrfavtmtta ?Ue Jur |??nTl" Oa4 ifry in e Koiewood Ohiokeriiig t'inno for {1J6 ?i i.'ie Mui?o St.? ofW^jlBTZBROTT. f * 7 ? Sow* uv?r?tru'n ?fv ^ VV HY Is? .|-fc? ~li 'A a 7; ~ 1?AT S* riNKM E t'/.. THE nATTF.R, 18 i uTSt I Jot ^ Vi** "* ftH ' ? >- uji u? MAMiolM :B|D lithe jiiwtst c?sh pricce. ? .? Miq' .^U.,0. and akiU*+ & now - tfA*..V SKWINOMACH! >K8, t^'MWrtgay flwat; **** a 1 EUipti* ait?i Hhut'l* l<ook (titoh Sowing Ma at ptica# ranging from ? to AMtj^kii,) _ A?ao, at . MAXvVffCC,if i 00 W?.o Faaojr Store, 3*? Pa ?? ? . * \a HIT llTtN(IHI!(6 STOCK l*T-?- . ? ! ?, _ ' * Fall and W later A* ; BCKDETTE'8. Hfcvtft* defernd my latfMt purchMe* ant 14 r?of Dtiy, tfcni ?ow f reared to offer to mr^4^<U ?r?ner?lly ona of the lufra) ?ud Li". ' V> MU j* R Y G ? O, JMJS'-.'S? U Mrfc?%|jturwfcK? i? th?oujr,??4 ?t p4l<WfW^SS?0% 1 t j|iirfftTA \3i . V'" I n ^sr?-"^swiwite.'^wrtN*w,T , Fiuo?itk Woboi.T miM ? flounce*, Mew* AntKiveVilk.4. aoi<^?, I ** > - 1 u?eVlo"*took of tttXcK SH.KS. n^fcsivV.w *rA h * * ? ' L SILK AJTD WORSTED GOODS. I life to eail I he apacial attention or the Ladia* to tlu a oepartowat: Fi?ared K*or?h Merinos, ? 0*>. da. Wouvgjque Delft i nee. Plan; do. Merino*, all oolora, Plaid do. do do. Vtrliah Pop'ina.ali color*, ry. Plai<l Valencia*, .unJ Knrli?h 1VT*r?n?>*, all color*, ;i 50 piece* of gray Poplin*, bad other texinrea af |W. Goo^* for Traveling Draaaae, soma very good at If J* cant* per yard. 4 . , i - *T,ACK GOODS. J I constantly kMp on hand all tke bait makaa of BOMBAZINES, MERINOS, TAMISE CLOTHS. ^L.pACAS? MOUS3ELINE DELAINES,Ac. r * i WHITE GOODS. Table Linen* at 37, 5f> &), T?, *1 an-l *1.25, Shlrtimr do. at 21, V, Sfi. 62.75 and $1, i Li|>??n Lawn. Oarofcrio. Napkin*. ( TJwolinjg and Handkerohief*, vor> chesp. v 11 FI.ANMVI.a WOpieo^s of All WVh>I and Domei FlannoU, 2.? **?? of lie* vt ran!i>n Flannel. ?t 10 cent*, Wojpieoes neat Fi**r#d Caiioo, will be ?oM at Id cents, *uoh a? are generally rotsiIeU at 12}? ct*. .. . ? > . . .r CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. I hare aH tti? new xtvUa of Cloaks of the season- , A arcat witty cf Shawls?SO Stella si.awia, * cnlf M. ^ S m r 1.1 VI i vin n/t t?a? %?? ** ?? * .?nu Aiiusuis n r<Al(. \ 14) piocas of heivr English ('?itim?rat, <Ctotlk*, t SttnoUand Tw*?d?, alloolors. 1 OM THK SECOND FLOOR OF MY STORE will 1>0 found a vcrjr deauabla a took of * CARPETINO ' ? ! DRl'GGET?, RL'GS, I Olf,CLOTHS, to. Mv treat is in controlmg a large busir:e? with small exyouse. 1 MtMT9t;ATfir?UXB PRICE AS NLA K AS FoMIBL*. 1 *.T -- : i , W. W. BI'RDETTE, M*331 Seventh Street, o# 31-5t Bit vim I ant> K. l*Air,Y I,INK or NEW F<?rR-HORSE 19 COACHKt? TO CTPER MARJ.BORO'. , Al^O, A DAILY LINK OF TWO HOUSE. COa( HK?TO CHAPTICO. Curryinf tkl V S. Mail. TO* undnrBitrn<Hl i? running Daily, (exoept Siind&T.i Four horM Coftohes h<?- , fw?en Wahmirton and Upp> rMtwl tiorp'.aud Twu-horte Coaches V<n I tw?rn Washington and Ohaptioo, as fallow* : 1 ^&vf> thft St^umluiaf A??r*?t.i? ?f I traet and Pa. r.t7 oVlorlt a. m. Re?nrniw* l?ve | Upper Manboro'at 11 o'clock a m.,and arrive 10 \V ashingtou at 3v'ci?ek, in time to ooanect with a. m. t ain for Baltimore. The Coaches are new and commodious, the team* | fir?t class in the hand* of careful a&?i aooomraodatiug driver*. K?re tv Upper Marlboro ... 9100 J Way PnogoAfrere and f'reirtitin crufortion. JAMW** OS BORN. Pronator. ! i Marll)Ori>' Gazette copy.) , A-' i: * NOTICE. i UL Persear indebted tu the estate of rit late | husband,A H. Young, are earnestly requested to nettle their acouuoU as *ooa as possible either with Mr W. 1-Lit.t.tKK (who is auUiortMd to make the collections) or myself. ai t Vf\ITUn A J- - ' -* ' -? ' in. a. v AuminmninXi \ ro 1 St I *?t., between 9th ?nd loth tts. jjuw have the ladies voted? Kha? Hnwi,jR , ofUoston, vho ja the inventor oi tb- "lock ill! ill" U?W! T?y tit* (.liuotpal sewing nivsliinea. require* iworn return* fc> be made to hum of tn? numbor *oJd by oarli company, and ( oMitrtK tlu-m t?? i ay htm a lie una lor rwrv inaehine old, Trm following ta'fnieiH U co?i'?f from Mr. Hofe'i published r. port * f >r 185B arid 13o?. It will t*.Hfen tu?U -v UEEI.EK k WIl.SUVS ShWl.\<i M aCHINE i? |?r. forred l?j an unru?n?e majoity of the taJi*s, in p.ta of tho eiTorU uf intor 1 eited parties to injure iu sale. IBS*- 1069. Wheeler ft Wil?on 1.WH it.S? G rover ft Kafcer.... ......... -S.',7t? lo.iflW I. M linger ft "Co.... 3,5(M ll),!<53 Ladd ft VVebattor- 49" 1, 8a A. It. Howe.... m 921 Btfholf .... *? 747 Loavitt ft Co 75 21* Fiukleft I.ynn 63U All oth-'ra UG9 Tie Wheeierft Wilson Agenay ia at No 346 Pennsylvania avenue. Prio-a rang* from 93) to $15 Fu!l in?lructiona jivcu to purchaser*, at tkrxr k omitt. Hifk, Cotton, Neetiloa, fto., for sale, P. J. MTKBR. Aeent, 248 Penuaylvaoi* avenue N.B. 8?J for a Circular. oc as-3wif ATAKK NOT1CK. * 1.1 LL Person* indebted to the lale firm of CLAO- i K'fT ft UOOSUN are r??|u?iit?d to ape-dtly j>%? the same, and all havtt'tf oai?ra a?aiunt the firm wtll pleaae an i>ouu aa poaaibl* hand them iu for pa v mem. Mr. J. R. CamrctTTa haa b*?n employed aa oolleotor ofduhta dun Those who do u. t oah at the turj of the (at* iiria (No. 4 Market ?pao?) will be call*! 011 ky Mr. Carpant *, who is authorised to settle aud reooitt th* aceoanta. _ _ WILLfAM H. CLAGETT, oe&WcSt j? Administrator. | WMKj^ANT TAILOMINW. 1 K Invite trar cuatoiuer*. aud uitiseoa (?noi ally. to an inap?c iou of our sreatn.t new, at . aa .tractive, and eWtcaut *aaortta< ut CLOTHS OASaiMKHKBTpC/KSltlNH. vrs*riNos, ovERcoArrfta, 4*. wtf wl.ioh we will make to order ta supermr ?t;leatvery lowarioes. I * ?wV A I amtununaia a r?/? itaul, 01 r,r tif.nn s ?-oo 15 tf 3-iu ?v., betw. Mb and loth eta. W~T TRAVKLING TRUNKS. F. II*vo juit roceiv<xl lb largest assortment .aati H'-w offfcr the most extensive virittfrmp 01 Sl? K t KA I HKK. LADIKS' DKKS$R44?( ai.U PACKiNGTRU^K^HATBOX' VA ISKS, CARPKT BAGS, SATCI1KLH. AC., in tlua oily, which we are soil uc at varr low prio*t. WALL, STfcPHKNS A CO . oa?-?f 338 Pa. aTaaae. 17? A * C Y~ S I L K S! , ' _ FANCY SILKS!! 1 Ml ling at greatly reduced prices, a largo lot of Dre?e ttliJtf from auot.on, wdiet* we ha* marked down at great bargains, to whiok we lavite Uie la-die* aud eorcha?*rf gei.eraJlr to e&amiae before nyLklA^'iRSir aal ant i.>n I ? I WW?*W M V|?v W HW1 T J. w. COLLKY * CO. 03 SI -tt S33 Seventh ?t, above Pa. a v. XII HE CHEAPEST PLACE to Hi Clothing, f'ernuhing Ooudi, HiU aud c;a?a? w frMlTH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, uf^oilto Post Dab* ; oe Bill 1i*V?RY?ODY should oome to the PEOPLE'S j CutTtHNU STUKJf.. No. 460 Serf nth trect, t?? buj Clothing, PurnUh:ng tiooas, Hate . ?nd c?- * ? j ir ?? 3t)~tw' I 'POWK CITIZEN* OR WASHINGTON.-* i h*ve^je.4 received ?'d will cjinfr.encg qn)oMin* to.r??woir a cargo ot Mt? v*ry beet Red Ash COALieag wid stove <iin) ever brought to thi? market. wTiioh I can send direet from the vessel if your qr??u are Uft unmedia'elr, T R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, oc 31 Ooraer C an<l Hth >ts . n<?ar Caia!. LMV'SIC TE*CHK*S-A large lot of new A Miikio, irip"rt<Hl Irum Kurop?; alao, Ml<s>tiOb? ?n%d<> in person f om kit thvgraat pubiahint houafa in Boatm and N?w V?rk, aaaort?d tor piano. violiu. aad iota, * ? Ico. Alao, Dueta " ? $?&' v'tssss* Ofciokpniija' Hj?no itore, oc sn SOfiPa. av.. hot. ?ttt and 10th aU. G"d5s^|yj^$Boo?rAi.Y Ci|e Capital..?. -. *300,000. Tialuii*'1 participateiu the profits without U-' ourtuig aoy whttiwr. HKATH * KNOWIjF?', AreuU. | 00 ?. ** ?w Bank of Wa?hin?toB. oe It Twa:;th and B aU. aw. m?n?r -on? iuimim etRer wtort m??which ir* vui4rkv?rlT?ni the t?miJ %tm rod no* '

I ^ l #^V.\M( KLT. DttURV, Grw.r,'^^ po 1 St Corner P*. ? . tod FoartMwU (. 1 ? WANTS. aot lasa than loo f??t dacp n0r au'it uan 1*>, ? aot laaa than J5 fret front n?r more th%? 3L A wire "A B C," Cftj Pn?t U?co. if A WOMAN WANTED, to ?H> w(u% a A'-okinK for a amall family.- Apply at 0 str#< on? door from >9ttt. n<; 81 ** Vl?K!Nr^JEl>?Wirh Bowdvt)r ? an ?U f?W. atStlEfirs: <f TW&Jflto#* Ge*U*i ffi *a?? ??* tiLr fnor^'twmi thfcn Ihft requu* i-ukm mad tt t*e?r a.! vantage to audress, tii^uii Cftt ^ p? > ?* oc 31 iw !?*> ANTED?EverjlxMl) 11>-km* tWt PA6F. If Confectiouerjr, So. 43ft lijvo1 u. ? the pl?ci> to g?-t fre?n Cak?s kM*V)^b? Co Met uoi at prices to suit the tbn?e. p* tlo? formnUtxi viU lu CinoitU tUtr Refroei ment?. ,, > . ^ oc 24-?w* Ee^Mpi fial Depot No. 4^3 Ninth St.; or the subaor b#r, near Bladetist>nrtf. J _ .... Tj?3teo* 'f. J. E ARC LAV. RJAYAL, AND MERCHANT* SERVICE.?Tl I* vnderiigQo^, a bookkeeper, desires a auuatit M Capfain**or Purser's Clerk ?u a aaval or aia .k?? I ?.? - * rvrciKD lurnce prpjerrea. DWt I areooe given to eruplojara etui othera Addr? K. M., No. 20i tfaral at., Baltimore. Mil. ooM-ftcoo* WANTKD IMMKDIATKLY?Frem f5 t #10.000 worth of SECOND-HAN 1> FIIRN1 TI RP oj a!l kinda, for which 1 will (uaratitr to pa the Unheal arioea. and, m the ahortaat m uee. k. bOchly, Dealer in Furniture, Stnvea, ft? . c 9 409 nh at., bet. g and H. east vide. O/ANTKD-AH kuda ulSKCOND-HAN FURNITURE, fJr which I w?ll pay tuetasl at 3fl9 Seventh atreat, between I and K ocfr-tf BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. ??T REWARD.? L??t,yeiiterdaT evening, on Pi iff* J aveiiue, a very mall lira** KEY The find* rill confer a great obligation ud eeeive the abov reward by teavmc it at FORD S* Drug JHore, corn Pa. avenue ami 11th at. _ __bo 3-?t* rOST?Y?n(*r<t?T afternoon, between 3th *tref .i and the Capit f, b> ths w*? of Ma?>a -IiumoM and N'-w Jersey avenue*, a PORTKMONXAII jnitaining a aur^df nif>i,ey ialx>ut ?3Q ) The fiuUe iriii i>e irn<?ra? v revrRTMOT i>y ! avm* it. at t'*i Uru ?t?r? of V. H AH B AUGII, S? voutL auJ G at*. _rg'3t - OT RRW %Rl>.?StrayH mjr from thn unbspri t>??r. on Prniay l*?t. OctoImrSfl, % ainall cv lorriM HoK*K, wiih 'hr^e whi?' fret, ? Jj-^T mmll white star in hia and a himAZ3 >ao?. Ttio ab >ve rewar 1 will lie p*><t for hta ic'u'i o me, corner of flth an<l M streeta. lalami, t.ea itfl?mlioat wh&rf. n^S St* TIMOTHY MoGUIRK PAHK TO THK S*m*CKIBER,on Novfinl*" lat. TWO COWS. wnpntjKert to Jrit-eu from I'rinso county. [1 a ft is n. whit?? naAnkl>vl now. with orntn. W II >!?d horn* ; the o her a red, h' rred oo-*, wi'h i rhite Mtripe down her kack. The owner raa .hein bv coming forward, proving ?n p?-ti ar* >i?yi e charge*. Inquire of Mr JOHN N. OAT'-y n f-'.lcveii'h street ea?t, near ttio Ki?t?rn I'mnci Bridge. no 2 St* nilMETO THE PREMISES OP THK HUH V_/ *criher, on Vermont aveuue, hotw -en M ?n<i O i^rwrt, a dark r d horned 00\V. rh? owner ?il please ca 1. prove pr??p?it> ,Ui >ay chnrrea and take her away. no I 3f VTM. McA L t.KV. | P6T OR MI8f.Ali>-rwo DIPLOMAS, con I i ferred by fieorgetown C. !' $ '. D. C.t oua \lijinnus of that University the one (of A K Intfed in July 185 ,n' dtJ?? other (of A. M ) Jr.l\ 18*1 't he finder of eitner or both *i I h? -riitab' -eW&rd?d bv lea ing them at "wo 3.59 Sixth street >r ?' th?> right-house Hoard, Trc'&tiiry Extensior a* 1 St * PERSONAL. \1ADA.MK MORK10K, TH* okvkt Astkolo l"J gist and Doctbk>?, from EltTcpt.?This ni*n! 11&tiJ ibt .au?ut l?idyl ran tie c??i?t; t#?:t r> Eh.'Past. Present atul Future Krei t*. Ca 1 at N< lol Kivhth tit., tetw#en li and 11, Washington. n*2 St* 2_ XM ADAMB FEI.IX. F rtun-TVller from Pan LT1 be*s leav?? to inform her formor friet.ds, an :he put.lio generally, thbt she has removed 'o 24< Sintli street, nctheaxt o<> ner of N? where ?* wt 3e happy to s-e all who n ay donire to have the L>a.?i pr?*?ut and future aatit. fac t only explained, oo 11-lm* SiiORGETOWM ADVERT'MTi for utkrr GtoT?ttoicx advtrtxummM tti first put Tiri? arrnRG^TOWN TA XE8.-X0 in? 1 I? hereby KiVAM th it, alter Monday. Ath of N-o readier, the Collector m required kj a<lvertin? c luttaia property upou which Uia annua1 tax 1* on a ana ai?o fox tax-a then da*, lor improvemrr trceii uudor the lawa of ttiia Corporation. Fey promptly, and aav* oosta. oc 30 lxr CMaS. t>. WKIiCH, Col'r. CORN-CORN! I f N Hand a large tot of Corn ; will he ao'd low t 1!,-.^ A - ~1 ? ~ * Kl O * .. *. c 4.1. - \m 1 ir. njFpit ?l", ii.), wcki Ui tn? ;*I*rit?I ?n tlitf Canal, Georgetown, to A. H UOUCHKK. no I -8t ' I flftfl APP. BW?APPLET! I ?UUU BB S APPLK-, nn* landing f-oi ohooiiar J. k N Bafcar, whicn will ho *vtd uh ac jommodatine torma, frujn wharf or utorr, by J G. WATtltS. oil 2w* 109 Water ?t .Georgetown. !?():<. NEW VORK?'Ihe panlctt cehoon r YtjtI i. to*u, t'apUia Woglum, will e<>nji????c? jlO Ji'D'.g aii..oa FKlIM V imxt, M mA For f.eigtt apply U _ ^ MOCUUt* * _no 1 61 water <t, lieor/etown. ll'y CLOAKS! CLOAKS.'! llll/ CI OAKS!!! 114 < loth Ckwkt hoM for 96, worth Si. fnr f!, wort ft 10, for 510. worth S12. Linen Handk<-rohi>-ts h lifS, worth Ji (Jemttrlo and SWiM Sets at .f 1 i knit 91 worth double Collars aiid r4* t It very low puooH. Coartoi??er* o? elfitid Ki Olo?n?at75 oenU p*r p?i -, worth ?1 V? vet aii Bonnet Ribbvflii in K'eat variety. Cloth* ?f * kii'ds for ManUeii Shirt Uo? m> at 12S atid 18* Mnt?, wi-rtli double. I.olti anJ B 'L Kiuli a? of 1 k ndn. Ri?h Stef!?v t*hawlt, wi'h Ur< chet Borderi it ft, worth HropSknt* a'l t?cli lacnw M*?hanieal Corset*, alt m?g?, to id fu $1 ItH. Ca?Hitnera. Canineti, Full Cloth*. I uj Hlanketr, and all kif>d? of Serriirts'TV.a old ? er> low. aud a treat many other ariul-'a to uuinerou< to meution. All ine ah ve ko <|? ar bought from the trustee of a l?a- krnpt m?r<sh%ri tiid will i>e fold at au luimeuaiu nao ifco?. Come a ind i-ysor*) our t?rcairtt,and d a'l for&et tjut pigo< lirejft inducements offered to wbol hu*'r?. .. ?' PV.tman, 117 soum ui? itri ice s'reei. upl- W Georgetown. 1>. r. AS WINK. LL Parsons are informed that it id un'awful f? Ho^s l? Kuii liu;t) witiiiu the Corpoiatt IsiuiL. u Lhu l?wa from the fimt day ot~ November tQ the fin day of Ai rii. All such animals tuat ate fonnd ? large after the first dar of Novoinimr next will i, Bau*ht and carried to the Aim* Hous<>. THE POLICE, .Georgetown, IK C oc r> lw October 29th. 1&60. Dwell no house for rent-tii thf?e story H ick DweUu * on <>ay. l.e twee# Montgomery and Ur?ea *tr?eU. s mil sidi recently occupied by Mr Sai^?l8. Rmd, oouihiii nil 9 rftoms: $bt>ve the store *ad wrvuu rooms; smofce house, carriage ijuuso, stable an w?.o?t I???JS?, with *a? throurhoutau ??'er in th yarl.. Apply to P. T BEaR Y.No. liil iJunr.l>arU> ?tr?e^. .-j . oc 83 eo6t NEW STORE! NEW WOODS! MRS. M. 8IM?ON lnfnrina ! at mimrtroiu frit? <li ami tha kh1.1i/> mat, traiiy that the it< no* e*tabli?had at h?*r \??^ ?tor", No. Ill Hridre street. G*?orretv?rn,QK tw* door* fthov* the ojjl stand, ^rh. re um bt?^K fouad MuvufU.a tare*^n'ortm-nt of Mn.T.INK r3T dry uo6ds. ho*ihry.ami liimaoiu ERIES, at the very lowest market prices. ? ifc-im , . 17OR RENT?In Georgetown, two first-elas r HOU3KS, ?ituate.i on West street, one con tainin* 16 i uom?,kud the utiier 9. with cat and bath room* complete Apply to H. L. ORFUTT. Nc 4* HUb st.t Georgetown. ocS-lm UARAH' improved tl jhjublm thread Boudoir Hewing AUcblae. Thil Michmi, u iairuT*ti?t<iauro?>r4 Ba kar't, it simpler than tr.eirs, aud lor its reliabiiU ti du ahl lty it not .tirpasfoil. A c.hild rwetv years old can cur it with ?m*I set U will nv ft op in* ooaraaat o^oft tu the iae*t Bwifa, Thar* i? ? troaple of r?vinaikj the thread ? U is taken fr<>? the |t hat mo brltt U> cir* troaole.and wit run backwardi a* wwl a? forward*, and afill ?ew ^a'lr pfrfrot and without 4an?ar of breafcin nsadla*. It rati* by frietitw, an?l by aloeinf tu*> bo: o*ar it, it i* thrown out of fear. In faot wahav no hesitation in r*conimendinc it a* the Be ft Family Sevang Machine in km. Arenoy at 101 Brid<o *t.,Geo-fetown. where ma RlKTY GOCD* of every dasoriptiou. Par m ortment is M ?.omptot4 and varied 4? any 4a la Dutriet. I^adiea ootimv,r<l with banevolent a other eoeietiee wiTJ |n<f if to taetr advartace t oa|| ^t^hl ;&,raf*>L E- JARVIS. npUR UNIIERSIGNED CARPENTER AN1 1 BUILDER oflarefcu tarviooi to the pablia 0 tteorgetown, Wa?hiu?toB. and vtouiti. aad wi ooaUMt lor or rapti-intond the oonatr uotioir c psMc aud private buidiaga. Plana a Ml apecifi eahoae will tofarniatied at ahort notion &<>< amop "^gflRY wiwaATK. K N B W_E?TABLISKMENT hat? (A^MONkulMtR^S 4m HI imawik a lock of H ATI* and CAPS, SMITH'S, No. 460 "^vantli rt? ?? 1&-1? Opposite Po?t Ufct*. - ? * < 'mm j i mi Ti^^^^555585 ? ./ rL A.r. ? - ? ?? - *?ui?wiog rcaoiu. gona vrero idT-rsi W I* * a^yr * Rttolrtd fry lk'. til U a*4 Etmti AkkioiiM #/ GtOTK'ttnr*. Tiiat whlj* U(ll Adoclttlon drpr* ? catea tbe formation of |??rtl?i bv g?e?i?pfelcal J dlarrimjoatlona, oqttkeru ot wa |Lj Oonald?r H the dMy of everv good o;kjrn no " rtnti#r to artirt p?fHArM partrTi# bflottffa. to acto MJ' Carrdtt a jjovrrnmenta W~i>m<* u ??? ablf, vrt U bf retorted to udttt Ul p<*ce?fel* ta*?ba W - iMWdN eibaoMrd X That fbta Aaaotfatfon r^lteBN *> i- political principle ?U?*r U&ii Ui? CatowOuUoir^f J. itfce roaatry. (hKtSiloo of tbe Sutaa. and mm Mm* * J^roetaem of >tn baw?, and ao long aa any Ad*" hainiab*Uon adWtfa to tbrConatitftttnti, tliiaT** " elation plrdtrea ltaelf to do all it uu In ? lie the f'nion aad siding Wfcnforc* Tbe laws ? Mr^Tenner arged tbe passage t( the ?tx>Ye , n rosolutfoas ?r <?a*dernMf immitk r.,aimmKbc t'i that the democratic ptrty ralod uf Sauiham IreH eaters, was responsible for the increase and present strength of the republics* party. He argued that in Ibfitl tbe anti-staverv v?*? fn tbe etostrf _ amounted to only about 157.<iU) During Mr '[ Pierce1* administration, in J&&4. the Missouri ,r Compromise was repealed by a deuiMrtiis Com^ great, itid the co&wqwuct was that In MK, (only ooe year afterwards,) enough republWa member* at Congress were slanted to mske Na^ tbaniel Kaaka Speaker; and the yetr following. q (l&5<$,) the repuh ican candidate for the PresTi, a^ncy received J.Siin.iiOO votes Not admonUbed by experience, the democratic party, during tbe present Administration, tried to force U>e Le compton Constitution on the people of Kansas.< arid tbe result is that there It almost a certainty of the election of Abraham Lincoln, a rrpabtioui President In view of the threats of HOMtiss *- made by the very nen who brought this tioublc 'I upon the country, It betiowd the Union men of I |.*|,e Ua.41. - al_ * * - r ?U< .-umu *U mir iucir u i>:i;o[|, and aland DJ' 11 Mr. MapnwfCT etntorltd tbe resolutions nrrd " advocated their paisye Ln an ?n*?t and able ' liiai.nT He had no mwbt evpry Kel! and fc>trett m<n throughout th? country would be In r ?avi>r of tLtu. and U* Luprd ta ase ta?n?- or g aimlar ones, adopted bytLw Constitutional Lnioa clutia all av*r tbe land. The questlan wws taken, and the retolu ttons pnaaed nwiMmwtsly A collection w n tUru ukea up to ae&d votar* to ' Maryland and tlsrwbere. ' Cilia were made far >lr. Geary, wken that gen" tlcmau ramr forward mid was introduced to tbe Association by tbe HreaWent. (Mr Macruder ) He waa received with bearty applause. and (poke at ' onalderable length In snnf?ul?. tn and infSlvnr of th?* t'nlon ?n<f f oMtltution, aavlng I In aixty day* after Lincoln's election (if tliat , event occur*) there will be ?nly two pa/Uee In tlie it country, a Union and a disunion party, and urged th>? ttetl aud Kverertt men to k-ep up thai* organir^tuin, defraud or not We recent that want of ?p?c*w111 prerent ut from giving a aynnpeia of hit in* effort, vrhlcb - waa ?plc?d with anecdotes told in bla uau?l racy atylo. - ? F At lh? conclusion of Mr. Gtsrr'i apeecb, the Association adjourned At ttw meeting of the Republican Association last night thfre was no speecn-nakiug, no reaolu~ tlon? pasted. and not a bit of foil coiu# on. The* were only a few uulnutes in sesaion. and tbe litlU business done was transacted tn a qnlet and , o deriy manner. A resolution appropriating money to keep the teleuripli ofllce o|>en to uet the - returns on Tuesday night. was voted d<>ua; but l? these who CMaaiiona t<> w??? n>? -?>? ' > ?? w *uv !?.*?? iuiuir diately *ii?vrth?d enough to accomplish tbelr " obj^i, and tii? Association adjourned. The ilrtgiug scUool cpnrert, at Forrest Hall, la*t night, under the leadership of Mr Ju A. White, wuJ a decided succeM. notwithstanding j the unfavorable appearance of the weather. A n larger and more r -ape* table andleoce was pre?>. ent than we remember to have wen at auy previous eoVrtafntnenf, and al! were vreil pleased . The rhorase* were rendered with correcUeas and ? apirlt, (bowing that J4r. VV hiin la competent to rt the Usk lie Lm uud> rintten I'w been dream0 |nu .1 h< UIhT.^L... il ?J - ?-?- '< * - j inuiiHwiH ouuir. ay ' MlssSberwo?d; "Star-Spangled Banner " cltorua. ' "MaraeUlet Hytnn," coous, "Twlnkls Utile Star," cborttt, aud ''Meet me by mnAnUgkit . alone," duet, bv MWs Hitter and Mr Hati'ton Wilson, were all sung ii. a mapner Which would 5 command the atreutJiMi af the mo?t eritiral audi enre; and the ?iuit may b? i?Ul of - i br Old >? Farm Gate,", by Miss Rltter, ikiA "T*e Irishman's SUanty," by Mr. White; Hrtb anng by re* quest. Tbe alto votoe of M 1m Donaldson It of extraordinary power tot a mere child Prof 'r UunW at tb^ ptsno, Mr. Ramsburg, violin, and ,t Mr John Burrow*. vlollne-llo, performed the accompaniments in a very acceptable manner We but echo tbe wishes of all those prr-acfft woeu we bope the concert will be repeated. We warn tobacconists and others agalcst a reo apectable looking peraon wbo is playing a new I, "confidence g-itiu*. He dropped in at Mr Wul a ?? * mkti <w?Mi>uuiriii, oa m^o itreef. yeaterday, r^pffSfriUrd tuat Ue wae ju?t ifohj;; Into buaWu-aa, and bad tbe whole atari avcrliiu'eil to (how bini u the choigeat ae^ars. He took atveral from eat-n i- lot lis ; whVb La carried ott' with blm.) and after inucb UartcalujuK ordered aevrra! box?s to be ar.?t to bla eaubliabnmnt. " M> ffra Morton & H lrxisou, corner of Twelfth and F atrueta, !- Wmi ingtoa " On* or two buura were apeut in ^ packing op hit kelecttoua, and when they were J a* ut onT, ' Metart. M AH" could not be found Several otbera Lave been tleeced la tb? aim* W*J, and wbat aggravates tbe crime, and inak a ua abow up tbia audacloua ' confident-**** wltU * more aattafactton, ? that one of bis victlma in I, inn.! in iu?? ue u a uil good-leeklng ii. m. and ,t resembles u? somewL-tt. (abem !) >> At a stated meeting of Potomac Koya! Arch * Chapter, (Maamisi,} No 8, held on Thuralay eventj lug. Jamea <i?rler wn elerini M. K High 1'rieat, .'J K. B Bxrrvtt. 51 K Klag; Dr H Magrnder. V ;) E. Setlbe.S. Cropley. Trt-aairer; K. Hartl??y, Secjj retary; and R. K. Shekell. Janitor We learn that Rev br Samson, Preaidcut of p- Columbian College, wilt deliver an oddresa to tb? f Sabbath School Teachers' A lite iatiou at Cougreafri" street M. P. Church on Monday eveuing next at ? o'clock u The target firing by tbe Potomac Light Infantry t, did notoom - eflf?ii aocouut of the rain ArraugeII menu will probably be made to have it at au early ? dar The revival me??tincj? at \V-?i " E Cburcb and Cou^r?k*-?t M P. Cburcb till continue, and nr? of a most interesting eLaracW Two bo\s with s rorered baaket were In Mr* Rubsana'a ooe d?* thla vreek. r.ud after Uieir de|j parture a lady's hat wai missing from the top of ,t tbe tbow ra?f. Searc.U was mnde f..r the boya, tt and tb-r were next ae?;it coming out of Mr Lew'a ? Paynt-'s sbi?e atore They ran. and were followed o cl"#e that tbe basket waa dropjted In it were found tbe aliasing bat. ii,ret* pairs of shots, and a lot of meat. AD ?*'n;r la vaated for tbe c.aca e i-ii. , ~ i' INSURANTS AGENTS, d Oltee? Sooiu 16. over Bank >?f Washington, o oo29 tr Washington. I>. ^ n /"? THK _ l^ONNECTTCt'T MUTUAL LIFE |NSUE . M<I ?? ^/issaas ai ? ? ? ? ? * - nrtvr. 1 ur HAKTMIKJ). Act UMCLATIOH^ ,. ..... (3 .?00,000, Presents indooeroert* t> ?M olaes'-s e^ual to an* k ooinp&-?T, tvnu far tup rior to m >st. 9 Dividends mvJ?and paid *auua 1*. r HKATH 4 KNOW LES. Agents, oe 29 tr flfljc, ovtr Baofc of Washington. ?- 'pillMMlNUa, BUTTONS, TASSELS! The best assortment of TRIMMINGS, BUT TO.\?, TASHBL,;*, fcc. At*., YAHN, Z?pkjt and Shetland WOOL. ars kept in Washington, ' No. SO Market Xpaae, near ?th ?tn at New York , and Haiti more price*. oca *W F. MTHLIN'UUAIS. T^HECttEAPBSTPAPKR KVKR OFFERED in Washington, qutlitj considered: Extra Wiutt LaiJ Couinmrciai NoU, at Cl Mr renin, ; i^Sl^'LSS^StHrw * 1 ?liter uualitie* at $1 25acd 91 M. a Tfcffse Papers have bsan honitht at a grrat bare gain foreasn.aod will he ?o.d bek>w their value. n wju D?y^A>TiPih. II oo 30 ?Uo 7th ?t. above oTid F?1 '? HaJl. J DUKE OLD HYK WHISKY FOR MEDI5 r* uses. 9 Priu $1 per tmUm or so ewit * per Tli? ???t homo and forairc #?w?rxj v? hart tor this article eaftoi?atly fttteaia i;a parity and *xm1" t?nq? M^.tauwar may be mentioned in tint oonarxioc that nauf inv? ideol daliotta organisation, * unihJe to tiaa vkaaky of oth?*r branda. nave found r the a Viva moat eftaauiou* and happy in ita tfleotc. A liberal dieeouut oa the atx>re pnoae made to ' the trad a. ^ t KDW*RDflALL, 0 Dealer in fine Widm and Lignora, _ Family t?rooerie?,*c.,oi>j.Cei;ter Market. ocT7-?o3ut betwaen 7th and 8th atraeta. ? /TRTAIN MATERIALS AT CQST.-Tfia aa^ \ vy t(ra look.ooetpruiag tb? moat complete rari*tie* of material* for Certain* adapted todrawiag 11 looina. portora, mniur room*. chain bar*. ufeo*?, era. offered fur sale in thia rity, are io* eell- I 1 inx out at pi ime ooat for tb* oa?h at the old and aaK Ub ijied etoreoT CLAGI.TT 4 DODSON. ooaB-imi wi- * Ig?rk?t1W. 1 * W i NEW CLOAKS. _ i, tt K Hivtlkudtr iweiref faP.N?* * I Wwii^ul uHrtanlof oew .Li<#Fvl. ud Wuur ^^^uabasrvg? rtt: "ifo ff"*4 v L^'it Tfcfomiuw. . pUBRUinEBT ST4HPIN*, K ill k>?4? rf ?4jnaU>ri?1.4oM i? the beat C. P. S0HM1 UT'S Toy Ml Funoy Store. No.flftfk. t ?v?u?. betvMR IktudlM ? ^ ggteattg**' rttHNOS. MEl.ODKONft, VIOLINS, n^J^lKTUM ^ ELLH&t <k u m i.HAi'ft .>yiiy,:4v:i :IHT I THK LAT^^r ! TBLEOEAPHIO. 7_ ItlUtra PoUOcai ?I It? ICobvolk, No*. t ?Tb? Open liimm *m Mm* ? I >-? W* to ter M. Qowrnor Win .Hr *M nee rwd w;?t taauuu mi Huar ?pM Mr 4?U, WkTing their baU. ind giving loy< omMMofpowff S'.-gFTJIUP "%???* ? rrlllftNl ABlW rMo'ftTOftl i??t ?rk? id M ited bv tte ?n?> p">A Th? Prtr.rr* Antf" r*M?lu(ion? wtro ?daffc>4 , I .*fe- +?* ^ r.|?.v ' (1?ft J ?l l??l'? > - . t Mriw AmiiH ( " ttulY.rt'. KiV IZA^I? tti. B Itr&iML, IMT) w uftfcWaHy NU4 job?r*0v, entered tbe premiwskeptby Jmtom CrairiM4 aa a Kit aanult upoa kin, UirowtM a haadfei jrt SaoWfc ?Nff tii M?ei*?aoff torn Vat: Ua <?w ttettMd With* IkM M WD<r?4t Crahfield drew a revolver. and Ptfcjr twice, both ball* eatertujz Um aimnaqb P?r?T<w??ot??rrvi<r* Toa quarrel argaa oui *t a ?ult fi*r fee pomtmiom. at u? inmbmm aaMfdatftf - a CMtlf. Perc\ bore a wry bad ebaracwr. a?d the aympstbjr at fc?iaaiw? la eatleHr with ci?B??ir?i?- ? <? - ? ?? ?~ * *? ** ?" """~~rmJ'? "it' " MartaV laMll|iiN. H*mptu* Rum, N *. * ?A?rt??d. afctp &* . Pea body from Callao. Tim Valparaiso. wltb ki*a?f. Kit WuT.Oet 17 ?Tbeabip Ocoaa 8Ui.tmm K#w UriMkf, wtth ootton bound tbr LlWpu.1, >? eirt *?teorf toai Trlofitpb Ro?f aa th* Mth bu two M ?Mr la b*r hoU Nrvr Yoa*. !*6t. 5.?Tb? rtiji?tilp Qra?4? ? from thf rtort. botind to San Fruolin*. ru aatoo In a for avibe mouth of faa Fran n wan terbot . tba 1Mb ult . and waa a total lota Hb? wu ik tLargf of a pilot wfeen tbe dUaflter oecaiaad \?r? ar??*?_ ? - ? ? - 7 "**"r ~L?4y""'"' ***** * / JirtwroowMif, (Ali ) Sot. S ?The deck efih? iftrfnwr Virginia ^ae* wev toalfbt. while Se*tor Dr??gla* w*a addrrulne a lew forewe I #euiarke to Ute aUrtrblagr He, with I ha crowd, wi? prer+pitotW below, bat providentially bom wefr hwrt Mft Double* t?.d onto the aids mil.oj. ana we* resetted uninjured BoUt retarded to the betel , i ' e 1 * ?rili MAM ntCbleMfOiitcaco. Not. 1?Weill Camaaarelnl IMM of fc-dny roi.Uii,* a footing up ef w*lph of oar* at ttil* point from the crop of I860, aaoantti| te a little over IS QUO QUI bwbele. From the crop of Ifcat the receipt* ware only 4.au0,uut)*a*hal*j from tM crop of MM7 tury were 6.30UjlM heahrk Tfc* Miru rorn'.drri It probable ttatrora reoatpla at Chicago frotn tbe crop of LS0O wlU ranch bnahei: Ktbrukt IltcttM. > Oxau.u, ,V. T., Nev. 1 Tbe territorial board of t -.avthuen, cotopaaad of George Black. Ofelaf JuHir? Hall, md I ri. District Attorney Hinrd, inrt brrr to-dar. end canvtfd tb? returns for delegate to Ooafroaa. Norton, dm bu H mjoritr over UaUv. rep . and bea been awarded tbe cerl;ftcate of election. , taev Pterin. n ? - - - r AI kTTFTIILE. &rk . NW 1 ?A enow itom vUlt^d tai? veeterd?j\ covering the f round w tli ?n ?w. it cumumnrM nbont nootJ im WW t il Uiiia? iut night, wltt rTtrr prospect at tta ?ilflHI?fl , HiIiuhn n?rk?n Hi'.tinoii iN?t 2 ? Floor firmer; Howard rtr-ft ?S.G2; Oblo *5 50*5 64, City Milk ?.?. on 11, r?i *s?i ?: wWii ( Corn steady; yellow 64a48c ; white 70a73e. Freeislons quiet and steady; mw perk 19SUel9 7f; prim*- 6*-14 <j; bacon aides ll^all*. Coffte Btn at Ufcaloc. Wktekf dull at tie. trlVrS Ivn ? v r\ o-rnvn tV ManuUctured u; length, and 4 livvrad to any pvUT tn* oity tv ..Jr. at rt>* *iort??t nouta, aodot Cfce IutmI mii^ r?<e?. by SHKK-LFF * DA WW!*. IT ??o* ?ide Pa. * venue. betwata M aad #t ?t?.; wh?rrift<3 mi;l vest at it Oh atratt IM Caufcl. no I \m 17IVTY NkW AND STYLISH 1 cloak*. Opened trt day, and at much than fora*r pncea l.adte? w H ?! *? o&...and make tkair at u"?" " ? * "7. wtoiVfio, oo 3 n ?93 Strai tfc at.. ?N?t? Pa ?V. | Dancing academy, At lau_ , Prof L. O. MAR?NJ Km th? ho?or to itforti bit friend* an,< tht public ia (Antral that he % ?i. opeu a lM-taut Auad. mj at Fraattia Ha I cm tier oi D ai.o 9m ?u . Ior ine if.-. ?L> ofliTa ?' ??u ?? pou'cv mwr ??i vfl MVHB ttiifc < aeeie'ae omph?bme. t, ua W?*tlaeeeejr7>u v. ml-er ?. Da?*??f urtion. M"ti<i*ya, W?i'u?t>U)i and I na?T?, f nu 3 u?1tn'?l<y>V p m for y iN lU Mil fr?>n> to it f??r vMitfem?fi. For parti, ulars. app ) at the Aeedeiof from 10 to Ha u. i yBI ? QTI E A r K 0 T STORK! 9AVK YOTR TIME AN U MONEY AND CO AND PURCHASE VOtR DRY 6UODH AT THE CHEAPEST STORE, 8it? SEVENTH HTR KKT, i Kut SUJ?.) b?mm I aa<1 K. oc U-Hw M ATTHKWB A GORE. i,1AT!l' CAPS, f? AND FUR S.^ 9KYMOUR, in Oervrrotowr, announces to tut Miiu-na ?w iik> District that be ha* now rraAi lor air Mi *>xUnMv? asauiorinat of Mo>? Mtia Ha'i, for fctnts, ol lli- various sii*.pea; Soft H?t< and Capa oi ?T.rr iti!e for u.ei. aud U??s: Indies' FW?, Mi?a?*? a;:i Children'a Jorkt, Flau, CnitxaUM and Walking Cants, at pric? low e ouku to plsaaa all* W F. pRYBOLK, ,mtek-7m ? I"'UK ATTKNTIO* OF TKK CITIZKN* OF tha iiia'riot and aarroufuhap conoty it r* iMolloii) nulicittd t>> M*iu*?u>ii?ii ?f our (Moid Foil Hiiitplt of Ui? Ju'iowiuc O?>odh i PARLOR. niMNG-H^V>vt. CHAM?r.R.Md Ma^AGK PAPE*H, B<>H.dkrs. OK COMATIONSactl CKIMNG PAPr.KT*,?iiiWair??erarj ooioaivWxe tlMiia. a iU r?nginc in pno?? froai 10 i ttu lo ?\ il Mftl s'd !uut?ifu &<>Li Ua d and Pair tad WINiM) w ni! \b TauJ bOAiiK u^lla n us oi an widiti* aitd colon. _ Ml T COKNICF, CURTAIN BANDS, a*4 PJNh in ereal vanity. PlCTlTKKaad SHADE C<?RD6 is al ootora. brnt-ehBr with an iimn?nan at*** ?*f Piatara and *.aj? rAsehiJH. Logr*. a? , to ?(??. , . T.i*aa cooda t*ra ^er. aaraiaU) feta , Ui* lament taantfantorr* in tq? o nctry. a-d w# Teal aotiftdMM Uat aa M?i?naH m or o?r rtoHt will tonvlurt' any r>ua or tlif aJraala**# ?? oft m **PaV>G 1 Vc'and'otbar *wk la our Ufa "li1 prompt f Wt eotn*?t?nt and r? itlla work. m*o, uaJ?? If i mmcdiMo mp*r*iii'JB of on > of rfc? firMi.auUmfc 1 c*?cs wariai.tad ?s??I to any &> in th? oouato. To tttoiMS >? L>> m M*??i rsfettiac v? w**Ul itkn impaction of our tXatkFRANKLIN * ROTHROCK, oe 3r-ao3w , , Opt*** of NHHfr wri D ?* - ^ |^AT K * r'l W V %S T I UM LADD. 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