Newspaper of Evening Star, November 3, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 3, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Til ill iiruii in wtHIIr / h > r &. :TWzr a?'4? / troit 1 dr?d! - _ Th* wa? ?H isnnlr ffcweri 1 ? Mte wwtfow. one* ?o f?t?0'i? * LiOTwUhlrtl^H ** tfctf ^ !'&, ? But eoeheNwlB itffti / v ?r?t ' wiatoc w 'tmuivtN t* Th# Hojiy^wa ***>ut ar ? or?%m vfw??ct.n, utd of viatei'a *dv%rt' AadsifTich?n(* that mriN Bo* *?Ti*nV de^)^ ^ma^'alove, no chaos* ia 'Tie4U tE?wiie i?irtntar u Jt%rA?ta ?He wring to n.* Th? world, the wor d talall of oheege, tad totj thing her* f > v'a. v ??W Bat tol^to^nMu^n ^njnan plAta, th?r^? ooi?UJ* Ytt.vMM'i lot*, who* voi ul nartoA, m yrfjfiioufi tte true. . ? "tq Is selaotD marked bj ehangoa hm I ?e'.dom falee iifM > .??. *< UcMk*n? T?rdar* of the eartk. aalike the iUm?M M, 'Titan the earns ia wtutor aa 'twssio the spria* to B0. .^VK . - . e f Herrah. hurrah, on* load kurrsk! old Viator's ?li i? ?t ?? AiAdut a leattaoe tmeh and tree Yftl mark lU . Miltinc blaat,. " . And many iiim will ruaaari e*t and many chantes _ oora?, , . Er* inmni?r'? warmth will change again th* r*rdore'round ray oon;e; ? But woman's love, tiuOianie J, will afcad a lu?ter o'er the ea, 'Tii ail tit* Mm* in wtmtw aa 'twaa in the prise to FT The India** poll* fetato i?en?i*?l retotn the folIoWloK'?"A bappy, *naophUUo*tad eeaple from the rural dlstrfcta got married ?m. Tuesday laat, and posted off to Indianapolis to enjoy tb? IS rat few day* flP*elng the light* at the dtate Pair Tlum (Mt ? ? 1 u _ . ?T ? ?- ? * mut ailiCIHdM ilWUW, whiNf Rinkle, afler puzzling bit brain to tbe ut nod, was unable to give them a room, and tbey were oblifred to be eepanted On Wednesday ni^ht ttev tried mother hotel, wltu bo better milcm Tbe tn??ia were aTT crowded, and men b id to be fuddled together la one room, torn* en lbs hoor, end packed up any way, while Uuues were served the tame la other rooms appropriated to tbetr dm On Thursday, tbe unhappy couple, la despair. and disgusted with crowded Lotets. searched for and found a private boarding-beaas The landlady sympathized with thaui and promised tf possible icat tbef should have a room. Baton Thursdays perfect avalanche of people came upon the town* and the boarding-houses and private hsmses as well an the bo tel. had to makeeverv shift ?ostowaway as many u possible at nlctat Our vnfoetueate newly-wedded pair beard with dismay after tea that tney would have to be separated again that night. The groom looked Ms dlsapp.-ntmeriv bnt tbe bride could not aaevoi aw wcilnga and blubbered, out aa she >?y< b?r feot on tike floor?"I've gdt ntr bead aet omk, aml 1 Won't be separated from Jim aay more " The boarders anorted, arid offered to alc?p tn tbe ati>eta or any way, but landlady would not allow It. mtd J tin hatt tn tike a berth on tbe carpel, away from bia wM^lng bride, for tbe third night. Never bring your bride to a Fair V 1 F:<ast LAL Arenas or G?oa?t* ?In tko MHledgevlllf P*P? * appears a portion of tbe report of tn*u<rawoller of the State His report la for th? v?ar an<11 r*rr fW>tnlt*r Oil 1 QAA T be cash balance In tb? Treasury it.. .?274 .? *> 54 Deduct uucLrawn appropriations Ml;7*7 94 Leaving a net turplo* of t33,tff>2 00 The Controller state* that tb* s'oo?l asset* of tte Bute amount to 9^(T7,' '.25 In those assets be does not Include the Western and Atlantic Railroad, which belongs to the Mate, and which pa d into the Tre mn as net earaliife, In i860, f4>JO.OOO, nnd la IW. 4SO.UOO Tb*receipts into the Treasury for the past year, from taxes. ne? earning* of State road, bank dividend^ and ail aoorcen. amount to 91,453.990 79 The tipend'.Urc* for all pnrpeee* were 1,17*,110 ?4, leaving a balance of 9t7i&Mt 54 Ts! Cl!HV? or T*I \nnnw?T ?TV. ? returns are now se nearly completed that we can approximate eloeelj to the populatioa of the Northwest. It will stand about as follows: Oblo - 1400.900 IndUaa l,4i 0 OW Illinois ! *00,000 Wlacoasin 900,000 Michigan 760,WO Iowa TOO.080 Mlnneaeta 130,000 " 8,090,000 More tbaji one quarter of the population oftbe Vq!ted 9Cite* is now ia the Northwest Its population le "eerlr etpral to Jfew York, Pennsylvania and New England combined' Westward the atar of empire takes its wajr. Veraaont. on the other b?ad, Is receding la populatioa. fET SkttkbM ts the fashionable amusement this winter. Takfug their cue from New York, the citizens of Albany have (elected a plot of ground north of the Patroon's resident*, between the Troy road auJ the Albany Northern Railroad, which Is to be uuclo?J and losdad. The area la six acres At Detroit a similar enterprise is on foot; a part of the Joaes form has boea purchased, and SI.3U0 are appropriated for the construction f the pond \rr The people of Brighton, Mass., and vicinity, have beea thrown Into great excitement by the occurrence on Monday morntag. wlinln the apace of live hours, of four ftraa, all of which were undoubtedly the work of incendiaries TW an. cur red in rapid laccesaion.and ware doubtless all tbe work of one mas, or ot one party Tbe totol low was sot over five or eight thousand dollar*, though the alarm waa very great. A PownriL Lioht ?The New York Journal of Commerce atatea that the New York Central Railroad Company baa adopted the " Hnuth" light, for general uae. upoa the locomotives of their road " By aid of thla light," says the Journal, '* the print of a newspaper can be read *i,4W feet distant " Nearly ball a mile! [7~7~ Tbe Mullanpbv bequeat to tbe city of St. Louis baa been placed In charge of a Board of Commissioners, whoa% duty it Is to Me that the testator's will Is fulfilled in -furnishing relief to all poor emigrants and bavelera coming to St. IjuiU oa II?i- ? - * .... .veil may. VVM JIM, lo miui IB tbS W>*t " ITrTlw vt?;t of Miss Dlx to the penal ltvrtilotion* of MieUl?au Wbi to have waked up the public The Detroit papers are bow unanimous in denouncing the corporation fbr the slovenly mauner <?f tb?ir treatment of criminals and paupers. The public ia?tUuUoua of the State are In a disgraceful condition. [If The Survey of the route for the Cape Cod Canal Lm baea executed by the eagiaeers of the l/nited St jits Coeat Sarvey The propoeed raute extends from Buzzard's Bay to Capa Cod Nay, and Is designed to avoid the somewhat dangerous navigation around toe Cape. Thb Os;oi!? ?Torchlight processions were deal gned More than two ttooaand years (*. See Maccabees, lv. tt, wherein acceuit is givea of tike hiffh DrinSt Ji/aa i?k? "? * " " _ _ ? , ??- w Vt ?m ?)( ABtrO* chua Into* Jeruaalem "With torch. Igtit and great boat! km*." J Man llwd In tb? fourth ceutury B.C. w IET A hook priuledln 1066ap?oka?f pbyalclant who wera called "forenoon men." becaoaepntieuta .-'that would .peak to them to any pnrpoae inuat I eoine In the morrvin^, kxtiauae connioti ly they are drunk In tbe afternoon." l?7~larf? iWmmti of mlnlns material for Lake Superior Uave boaM *i?de at Detroit. K<tra companiea of waafcman ar? engaged bv tronfounder* to complete other berry contract* brfore the close of navigation. irr The poaitive fjjcweU of Mad Orkai, U ta now announced, will take pUea thla winter at bar Majeatv * tlwatia. to Laaitoa m? k?1?-* Stgnor Mario, will, Lowrver. not follow ?ult. So ny the Lag llati paper*. Elbe Xtm Federal Court House and Pwt In Philadelphia are to be erected Immediately, tt?" (webF?c#< the l^erproperty,on Cbestnut nrerV, havtag ka?a eowptewT __ , UJT A z*>tdfTCUemmt baa ipruag ap in Canada. in rouaaaueHca pi the discovery of g*d diggings abofct twelve mriea from t)aeb*\on tbe Cbaudiera rivet. n 1 f UjT John T Seeft. of New Medrtd, Mo., waa "garrot?d" tn Mt-mphis, Teas , on tbe night of tte Kid In?t p ?iul robbed vt SaUl. l?7" Tbe a?a?rk>aa yaebt Wanderer la at 11*nia pr*p?'?ng 'of another African voyage. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL UOTEL^-Jn? L?,8 Wornoirj, _ J t.Mtroauas, P A Manrous, NY; Dr H Mill*, L A-V\ UiUiey. Hd; Joba T Raymond. Ala; Mlas K.rfom NV: M l' MeMaboa, DC; Hon M T . I | dim ' iy, 9C; O J Rathburn and l?, M Jenckt and t*,T* *' Flu?'***. Or Blackburn Md. CM C Aagljtf.MijaA A Angler N Y; William Faux, Pa; J R M'->rd?eal, ?C; J R Crorhrr.NB. _ _ BKUtr.13 I1VIT.W-W ? KoMr. NV; R eiUu jr^.lV .Motrvw. 8C; A M Barbour, Va; W Oar lU; lioa A U BoUUr. C * like* attdly, W w Gifcaad lr. ** F 3fmnioB<*. Md; F A Fadd * k >Baiy. N V: J JobotfU, T?n?; J Buwi* loir ?nd hr. Mr tod &r( Pattuo. N V: J bllngjutf^ Md A Jobntoo. D A TUhw., P., Z> L*db*W, ai.d lr, Aim. KIRK WaitO MtH SF. ? U W B'liUMI, Utf >iLNr? AH; ; ? 1M1I, CjO, J kBNb, a ? Arm 14, *Y; U A *Ul^-,K<??v * MalMr, Fa: L 4>eut?U*. |.i; 4 Klajf. A?ki iLyn, K Aadtowt* F?, F ft.BtafcW. W N'alw, Xicb ?^ - j?'aao i ovovf-U* lVrM . iOTAiOW* ? Jtt J*? refill JO 1 ^ ^ % WOOD AND GOAL. TWPOKTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE ffbXBER IAW BILL AID FIREWOOft FACTORY, <Hioh or th* Burt Fljlg Staff.) th ?f ?1? cw>, aw Tlfc ?tfe?t Bridget Will furniak, at t\? ahortaat aotooe, FIREWOOD, TWE BEST" QUALITY. Of A!?T Kirt; r\tt j*mj ~ ?- <; ru__ ? CHE A pe* TITAN THE CHEAPEST! With All ne?aareaa?at atuu-aaUcd. , GEORGE PAGE, Af?it or J^STSTyPPiii), w LOUS SAWEDu M U* Q7* 0*n*n BLACK9MITRINO prompt"q""q"q q q man F 1MB-WOOD MILL, C?r*M mi >?Twtk rt ui Outl. WOOD Of all kind, man afoot* red to order, aa? Ungth or , aixa, r*adjr for uae. We have now ot> hmmi a beautiful lot of CtiAL, both Rett anil White Ash. different rise Iff W?> are aow, and vill be reoeirin* Coal for the next ten (lays, which we soil, delivered from the vessel, at a redaction of 25 oeat* per ton. Send jour order* earlr. MoKNEW A MARLQW, Proprietors, >e gt-tf Comer Seventh at. and Caral. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the the loweet posubie rates. T. J. A VV. M. GALT, OAee 483 Pa. av., betweea lith aud 12th at* , iaa 17 tf aortb aide. UJSJNTlSTKr. TEETH. LOOM It*, M. D., the inrentor aad patentee of tit* MIMKKaL PLATK TEETH, Mud* personaily at his offioe is this eity.ftifSSH# Many peritvni out *Mr these teeth wIi<><u-llu easnot wear other*, and ao per tun oau wear others wlui oannot wear theae. tVrauni eallief at my office can bo aoeommodatad With any style and price of Teeth th*y may dasire; bat to those who are particular and wish the purest, oletseet, strongest, aud most perfect dentnre (bat artoaa prodoee, the MINERAL PLATE will be . more fn iy warranted. Hooms in this ottT?No. 339 Pa avenue, between Mb and l?tb sts. Also, 907 Areh street, Philadel | pnm. oo 15-tf DH ] Dental card. W. Hai rstnrned and re?uma?J bit Lrofwawa. and honae at 463 K iiftldnov Mat of Sixth In addition t wdrj o'nar approved ?tyle, Dr. M. ha? am^* '?' p teeth on vulo*mte Base lor the la*t three y?*r? ' and, from exjxirienoe, fcnowa it axae.a all oth?r?. > a'd fa one-thfW l?aa la prioe uia*? joid. His old patron# or Wa*hin(tnn, Alexandria, and Georcn- < town are respectfully aolio'tad to <mll. . awSfr-eoly j rT DUIJ^ihtry. ' i *K. HILL.S, after a araoUo*; teat of two J Mil , fees that he o&n with confidence reoom-^^p^b | imoiJ tbe Cheop-aatio Prooeaa for inaertiurMflMP arubMJ teetn It lot Ui adrantajrei or""? itf?u?Ut beoMty.oiee n.iif, and oEefcpr.oea. Fa 1 aser un inacrtad lor 93$. Pir^ll ia proportion. ' (7*3# 306 Pa. avenne. Ml mg/m N O T I c K! v^s. I wishal. gentleman f^W BWW to bear in mind tuat mr<m the plan which I ^ROI^^ailopted, six J?*rj ago, of selling ^ E^BrHATS and H(H)TH at grtatly re duood prioea for oaah ia in successful operation. J oat received a full rupply of the latest New York styles of DKE48 Ha IS The very nnost Hat ?3 50; a first rate (rat *S; and very good.fashiorahle Hat Jf2 50. All of tit* latest sty lea of fi HATS and the very lowest prioes. I at a constantly aappied with a very large stock of those fine DR ESS BOOTS at fS.l^-whlch 1 have t>e*a a?lling for many yare?as well aa the very bast qua) tv of Pat-nt Leather gaitKR8 at f3 50. Fin? French CalfukiB uaiters In.m #2 to $2 ft\ Terms eash; no extra ohargo id ordaatoofaat bad debts ANTHONY, Agent for th? Manufao lurvia, cTVToutn w?i, aeoona hat atore from U?e oora?r, oppoaiU Avmu? Houm, No. *40. ?14-3m T CEMKTKIY NOTICE. 1 HE dubwrber otftrafor aaJa niaatook of MAR rioM Tor ouh or apgrorod oeiM, An M.rlr o*U la no IT 3m hatwxin 12th and 13th. c. a. fowl**. . .john r win ..x. vi. iirniDsi. CHARLES S. FOWLER 4 CO.. IMPORTERS, Wholesale and Retail Dealers is CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARS, Fiuf Cutierr, Platad Ware, Roll Metal Goods. Block Tin Goods. Tin Chain bar Sets, J * paned Waiters, Kthereal and Solar Lamps, ?'oaI Oil Lamps, Lanterns. Ac .Ac. 564 (Odd Fbllows* Hall) SEVENTH ST., oe 11 eoSv Washington City. /CENTS' Fin* Calfskin Sewed Boots, 03.75 VJ Bents' Doable sole and Doub - u pper W, $5: Gents' fine Frenoh Calfskin re ??<1 Hoot*: Boys'and Youths' Boots: f Sflif * If In M.iumm Buttoned Ho-lti La stint L&o^l, Buttoned, l oagrese, And Utlusf B.ote. Also, every othor?t<i? ot lAdiee'. mis?ee' And utiildreu'1 lloots And Shos. t J, ROSENTHAL'S, Pa. ?v., UtVMi Mb sod 9lh flts. <f U-e?tr pnOPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Your Attention And axajbiaaUm is iwspeotfallr sol im tod to ?XAinin<> the oeiebnued N?w Yoff eUTTA PERCH A ROuFING And the OUTTA PERCH A PaINT for Aluting tin roofs. This GottA PerohA Roofing And PAist Is Acknowledged h* a1! the beet AraJuteots in New York oity to be the heat And oheApest Roo&r.g And PAint in sritt A?oe- It OA/i be seen At h" W. HAMILTON'S D..?> u>>? n " o ??- ? ? - a u?"i?i wi* nrvomn lUMK, UA^ Fl bLU fc HAMILTON are the sale arenU for Wubrnftoo, Georgetown, Alexandria and the South. For for Ihor information addreei m above. oe 18 tf T" ROYAL HA VAN A LOTTER Y. SB Next Drawing of &or?i MWILottery, ooodsoted bj the Bt>&Liih Go??>rument, under the toperrieion of the Captain General of Cuba, will tale place at Havana on WEDNESDAY. NoTiim 7, 1MB. BO*TKO NVUKRO 645 ORDINAJUO. CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000. I pnaeof ~ too^om to pnaee ot !.?? 1r fo ?ff>,ooo ? do 100 I io ?,?*> 153 do too 1 to *>.ooi) 30 approx. IJD0 1 io lo^>oo _ in 4M1. <!?? PRIZES. Whale Tolwu, J 20- f 10?U barters, #. Prise* cashed at ateht at C Mr cent, dieooairt. B.;la <>b nil olTenr Bank* taken u pi . A Jr&winc vill be forwaMed as soon u the reroit I ATfS scheme* or tlokets to bo addreeeed | tooe $2-1. C.*re of C. ^RICH.MELLOWAND^KE MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Coassientioiiely disllltrd by Mr. Jtmai Humside, of Albany County, Penan., in the old-uehioned boiu>?t war. froo, the ohoineat and roost carefully selected Rye, nod in no oaee ev?r offered for sale until mlepuu to wholesome use by age U teat onoe the nv?t palatable, ae it le emphaiioMly one ?.? ------ ? ?? - * ... v.. ru>w? lame rrun 01 UW public. To the invaitd.M vail fct to those in uonim?nd? itsel/ for iU uariTmlled (U ibM M ? iUw il*nt of the s&feat. loreet, &nd inoet beriefieect description. and iu?njr of the uioit 4ietinf?UM4 ehysieiMie are using it in their pr&stioe with the Wfcl. C. CONOVEE, Agent for the ProeriejUjrs, 99ft P?, *T-, B? jUm opposite Willards* Hotel. fiOTWJK. 3K?.'.6^4pyAL- OF THE ii/i iu ur r ii;Ci r *?>!? f A Y 1ST i K VILLE TO H I NTrtVlLLE, IN THE STATE uF ARKANIt. accordance with the provisiona of the aot of Con(^r?? eutit ed ''An aot &uttioriiin* obu|H in the i.icatkon of Land OSM," approved Maroh S, .45*, it i hereby deo'arad and made known that the ottotf l<>' the sale or pab!ia lands at Fat?tt?:villb. iu UoStareof Arkauta*. will be removed ?o Boitrtvilli, m raid ftat4, vnt\<mt dtlay. <> . *he.pnone sale dimpled by Ota Executive prootarnation No. 80S, or township 10. rang* 2u, and i tjwnst.ip 17, of rente 31, to take plaoe at the land Oft * at Pat>tt| on XHh i>eo*nb*r int, it te rr?rtt>j declared will be held at HTNTsyiLLa, in aaul Stat-, oo the d?te designated Fu-tfier notice as to the preo se time of aloeing th? office at >aj3ttev lU, preparatory to removal, auJ ita opso ne for at HuatonlU. will be gi'en by the Keg is'tr aad Receiver for tb? Land Ui*V>4t. Gw-n ander my hand at the city of Washington, thisMth of September, A. D. 18S0 By order of the President: JOS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Laad Oloe. ae 36 wffw WOODI W O O Dl! STOVE a<td KINDLING WOOD,attS>U?wee poseible pnee. ' _ T. i. k. W. M.GALT, ^ ^ Pa. a*., betwaoa lltk aad ilOOD LMHT! vl CHEAP LIQBT! PARAW?*OIL.^omCoar^^?^?flT ' - U(WURS:r * t '1 ' ' ^ ^ ?H I J '?V: Notio* i? ker-by given that public mIm vlll k? k^irf.oa th? d*T* m-d ?t the pl&oee hmiMiUr polled, in the Bute of Mrgss?OTA,a/t)??M?at trftot* of >ntuio land withhwa by Nofioe No. Mb, dated S?|MBb?r 3, 18 9 from tU hJm ordered t>y J*rooU^?tWn No. 43, dated Joly 9, ttf?, vis: At tk* Land OiKceat 9t. Clocd. Of Woid*y,th? 26tfa ?f November next. for the <Jnp??al of th? tract* within the nderroeirtioned toirn?tiik?. withheld. pursuant to the above-mentioned notToa.froa the *al?? k*M on the 7tk Noremfeor, ISA, udir the proei*m?Ue*, vim Sortk fifths b*U lint and unit nf tk* ftirUtprime* Town3tp3oj?r?oi? ? . Townships 41 Ami 44, ?{ range M Township 41, oJ range 32 Jfortknf tkt v*tttf tktAfth principal meridian Townships 1*1 and nu of iiu|i K k \ Townships 121 and 122, of raaga * ToviibiM 121 tad K3, of ranae TJ .TowBsulpn 123 134, 125, and l*,?r raage98 fVwnshirs 184 1? IS, m. Ud 128, oTxau?a ft ' Township 128, o( /U|^?. At the Lav* Oftae at F?iut Citt.ob Weda*?day. the 28tn day o4 November next, for thattispo ai of tae traats, withm the urdermeationed U>% nshipa. withheld, pursuant to the above mentioned noao?, from the sales hfMon th*3tst October, 1830, under the said proclamation, Via: North } the base line aiut west <J the fifth principal nurwiM. Townships 118, 119, and IS), of range 31 Township 118, 119 and 1?>, ol range Zt Townships 116 117,118,114,124, and lit, of range 23 Townships 118,117,118,11# a ad 121. of range 24 Townships 117,113,and IIS. ofr&ntaM ToWijiMp# U8, 119 and 120, of rang* X Township* U"?, 118,1 U?. m.d 13u, 0: range 27 Tovnahipa 118 119, aud 12 , ?,f rangr ts Town?hip? 1H, 11**, iD'J Iart. of range 29 TownMiipj 118, li t, and 120, ot range sn ToWDnhipii 118,119, ami 12>), of rang* 31 TowuMipa 1H and 13of ranee 32 Towaahipa 119 asa 14). of rau**SJ Townahip# 118,119 ana 12", of rankest Townaiupa 118. 119, and 12 .of lange 35. At the Land Ofhce at Hkni>hso*, on Monday, the 3d dar of Dec a mow next, lor the diepoaaJ <>/ the ir?ul? with 1 n the uod-rinfnuoned towuahtpa, wiitiha.d, pursuant to ike above mentioned notloe, from Uut aalea he.U on lite 7ih Noveniuar, lUt, anil er the aaid proclamation, vis: \'artkof tki but* hmJ ??,/ ?,l- i*,L ?? ?* ? ?? w wi jrr Wit IjW mtridim*. fownahtplit.of ranca 18 ownahipa 111, <12,113.114, and 115, ofiaag* 19 Townahipe ill, 112, H3,H4, and 115, dAui?*i Townshipa lit, 114,and IiS, oI"ran?o 34 To wnaMpa 114 and i 15, or rants 21 Townahipa 1 iS. 114, and 115. af rai-aa 2$ Tuwuahipa lis,113,114, aud 115, of<a<iic?)4 Townahipi 111, 111, lis and 114, o2 range 25 I'owaahipi 111, 112.11 i, and 114, of laaga 2b Towuabipa 111 and 112. of iauge27. At the Land Offioe at CHATriBLfi, on Monday. th?2Sth day of November next,'or tne diafoasl ol the traoia within the unJ?-rinei.tif>ued tjwnthipa, withheld, purauant to th* above mentioned nouo?, from the ea hel I on Ute 14th Nvvembar. 1%9. under t <e aaid proclamation, via: North a/ tk* Latt it*4 amd w$t of thtjk/th principal mtrtdimmt Townahipa 1^3 and 1m, of range I ? ownahipa l'tf a wl l>?, of ranee a ownabipa li?2. ltd, and IC4 of range in Townahipa H8and 104 ofrargell ?n ~ k?? i * - - - - - " i t'wmmpi i>o an.i 104. vl range 12 Towuahipe 1UI. U?2. and I 3, oi range 1? 5<>w >i*h)p* 101 W, 108, and 10i, of rauge It ownahip* >01.10^, tej. and 1(H, of rarge 19. , At the I .am' Office at Vr.xaioK City, on Wed nee day. tue 29th daj of November ucxl. lor the dtapoa&l of the traot* within th.- uuiterifienlionwd wwnamp*, withheld, purauaut to the above-mentioned notion, from me aalce heiu at Cambridge on the S'?t October, 1?58, unuer the said proolamatieu, via: Morth of Ikt bat* /?*? and \pt*t of ike fourth primtipil meridian. Township 32 of range a Towi.atup. 34 and o3, of ranged* Townaiilp 33 of range 25 Townahip 34, of range 37. At the LAaU Otfioe at Po*TT.?<*n m m nn/law ? Sbthday of Novomher nsxt, lur ih? disposal of the tracts within the und rm?ntion*d townships, with held, pnrtu&m to th? at>ove-iiienUoned nouoe,from the sales held on the 31st Ootobcr, 1859, under th? said proclamation, via: North of tkt ban li?t and wtst of tkt fomrtk principal mendimm. Town?hip? 56, of range 10 ? Township St, of ranco 11 ' ToWuship* 41 aud 62, of range 13 Townships50 and 61, oi ran<e IS Tow* tups 4n and 5o, of ranse 14 Townships 4t, 40. and 5c, of rant* 15 Townships 47and 4U, of ranf e 16. Lands appropriated by law for the use of Indkani or other purposes will be excluded from the ealee TL ? ?---? * j uv irwx WIIDIU SIX Dlin OB eaeh liM of the r*ilro?d? will be offered. evbfeet, an required by lav, U> a minimum of two iHlart mmd AJtt ten it per aore, an?l the particular iraote out by the route* will be told subject to the r ghtoi wav for said railroad*, and at containing the aaalitiei r Mjocti , eijr abow* on the official plat witaoat deductions. The offering will be o? i meaoed on the days appelated, and will praoeed in the order in whion they ar* advertised, anul tke whole shall have been offered, and the aalee oloe< d; hut no sale shall be kept open looser man two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted nutil . after the expiration of the two week*. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any or the traots embraced by this notioe is re qa.r?d to eetablish the same to the satisfaction ol th" regi-ter and reoeiver of the proper land offioe, and make payment lor their claims ouor brfo-e the dajr appointed for the o jmmenoement of thepnblu ??vi iaiiu> iHiufMJii irui aiunM; ouir* wi?e, auoh claim Will bo forfeited. 0 ven under my hand at theoity of Waahingtoa, thia 19th day of September. 1*00. JOS. 8. WILSON, Commiaaioner of the Ueueral.Land Office. NoTg??Under the rafifationaof the Department aa heretofore and now exiatinf. no payment oat be made for advertiainc proelamatiene exoept tc aueh m hi art era aa are spe iaUjf author i ted to pub liah by the Oeaanuamm aer of the Gejeral 1-acc OCfte. ae 22 wlOes

B[N* #69.1 Y THB PRESlDKNT OF THE UNITE! STATES In paraaaaoe of law, i, J txia Bvchanan, Freeldant of the United BUM of Ameriea. do herebj eolare and make kaown that peblio tatea wilt tx held at the suoer-mentioned tend oftoea, in th? State of Atitnn, at the periods hereinafter dee ifaated, to wit: A t the lend office a? Little Rock, oommeneln on Monday, the 17th day of Deoemher Beat, for th* oiapoaal of the aubliolande heretofore unoffered at mated within the following towaahip*. via t 8<nak of txe lat* lint amA mui nr tk* tetk meridia*. Townahipa 18 and 19, of range 4. ; To wnalnpa 18 and 18, of range 4. At tli* landofltt at Fatkttktilli. oomtnanoiai on Thursday. tb?2flth da? t f w?i>in!nr next. foi the disposal of tb? public land* heretofore unof for'd altuatad within the following towuahipa, via ' Jftrlk <J tka bau lint and west of thtAftkr* nuifa mertdtmn. Township 19, of range 20. Township 17, of rang* 31. At tha land office at CLaxgKaviLLS, eommenomi on Monday, tiro 17ih day of l>ec?iaber next. Tor the disposal of tba bublio lands heretofore unofTeret situated within the following townahipa, vis; ' Worth oj tke b*n hne and i#**f of ilujiftk print meridian. 1 Fractional townahipa l and 2, of range SS. At the I .and Oftoe at WarvrxoTos, ooramenoiei on Wedneidtr the 19th day of h-o?uiber next, foi the di*po?al of the p?bfio lands heretofore unofferee kituatfd with e the follnwing towuships, Tlx: South ef the bait line amd w*st tj primmm* I m*ridinn. The fraotions south of the old boundary line, 01 township*), of ranges, 2i, 94,86, and 2tt. At the Land QAoe at Chajipasjiols, eommenoiug on Mondarnhel?th day of Deoember next, foi the disposal of the puMlo lanJs heretofore um>flere4 sita&ted within the following tewnshlpe and parti of townships, ni: South tht baji lint and w**t of liuA/th principal meridian. Township 19, of range &. Township 19, of range 7. Township 19, of ranges. Township 19. of raage t. I Township 30, ef raef* It. The parts soath el tue eld boundary line, of towaship 30, of range* It aad 2a Lands appropriated by law for the ?ee of schools, military and otner purposes, together with the "swamp and ererflowad," wiM be axaladed fron the .w - ? -"" "n' ?> mmoTW ISIiaa Will OOlTimtnM on the day* appointed, ud will prooeed in the order in wkiqk taey are advertieed until the whola *k* aalea e.oaod; but no aaiea ahall btkifl wi longer than two wnki, aad no entry* ofthelaada will be adm tted until UMr the upmtion of thetwo weeka tiiven uodMpj hand,at thaoitr of Waahiocton. tkia liUdat gfSeptember. anno Domini on* thou?aa4 eight hundred and eikt* u .w o JAirfcfe BUCHANAN. By the Praaidant: JUS. 8TWlL,SON. Cominiaaiwnaer or tke General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every peraon eattitled to the right of pre emption toany of thotabda wittnn thetownthipaa&d aartaol township* above m+iitionted ia required toeetablieh the aaine to the eatiafaotion of the reenter and reoeiver of tke proper Land Offloe, aad *>ake ?? neat tbe-efor aa aoon ae praetioabie after tetui thia notioe, aad before the day appointed for the oommeuoetnent of the pahlie aale of the land* am. bra<HBj tj^a traot elaicied ; otheiwiee, *mk oiaia * ILSON. uv?.u..iuinc Uivoo uenwfcl L*nd UftMi NoTS.-Uad?r tke innl?tton? of lk? dcMrbMat, SjJdf??.2dv\rtim *rufcVio n .P ? x vw~f& ' nT'l^^^ taarawu i w ?ft>a? 1 * * ^1 A- L B! _.v fgraMBgasBra 07T t / .VHTI1*? *1 -., n lift:? )i"1 JMM*1' W C r m t * " iSftflagajanrrre > inn sunm gOOT? AMU Wl <vn " nd pfl ??aw * kind? of BOOTS V ggpjl of mutem made work of ?t?m ae b/eMd at a infcw* pr:?ethar,'haWe?^y*r heretofore oharged in (hie oity for maoh infsnor 1^er?on? in ?*nt af Boots ud Shoes of eastern of Oity made work, will always find a f ood Assor*inen in store and at the lowest pnoes.SiTe is a oalL F,a4^%J?^.W.J52?5? Um and mm of goie Lftmr, UdiM'IH E** ^:fiNB?cvt^ ^^>*S,,, WfcWl^F1 fclM ro<Mi?Ai0Ki at thiTtiina the (rwMt rvHtl ' 5" "H.'^oxE?^5tS88L O^'ET BAG?. batchkls.TS. * iXjT Old TrniJti rt^irM or Uk?n in *x*kMf4 **"* *-~"Tr- *ixCL irtSfcrteNs * oow gOUTHEKN TEUNI MANUFACTORY. ' [' j ?unnr AIbawapa A m T ??^r-? ___? u? onus OBI 'ntanfi beat material themarket ad-iru., MidoiBfloT^P*** t tjK b*at workmen, I oarf <?onnd#r.t;y rueoirimebd my frork to be aoyerior in StrfmgtA mad OtfAtMy H Trunk* that are made in other oitiea and eoM here. I keep coriatantljr on hand, and make U> order (on one weej^a notice) cvw deccnatten of SOLM LEATHER, IRON fK AM K FfCE&CH DRESS md WOOD BO J TJt ONE S; AFHLAND mmd mtktr TALICES: TRAVELING BAtiSi HARNESS. SADDLES; WHIPS, fe., tc, Trunka, A;o., Repaired and. Curerad, la a workmanlike maimer, at ahort aotioe. f'ranka delivered in any part of the oity, Georgetown, or Alexandria. F"*ILT dalft-1* JAMBS 8. TOPHAM. " TKA VELtEJiS' DIRtiOTOEY. Baltimore and omo railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. f>7T am jbbm: nOBSHC S^9H Chan?i or Hopks. ON AND AFTER WKDNEBDAY, JunelSth, liflO, train* will run aa follows: Leave Washington at 6-30 and 7.40 a. b. Leave Washington at &?0 and 6JO p. m. Qu Sunday at 3 80 p. m. " Leave Baltimore at 4-25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Waltimore at 3.16 and 4J0 p. tn. On bundar at 4 35 a. in. Passengors for the East will tak* trains at CM ar d 7.4" ?. na and 9 J* p m. , For the Weet at tjn a. m. and 1SB p. m. Pot Annapolis at 7.40 a m and 3.90 y. m. Por NorT()lli ttlMt. m. On S&turdaj Tewag the mo ?. m. train iom to Pbj:t<ielphi& onij. ii tad T H. PARWON&. Afnt. ! NEW ORLEANS , atar Tzmios dat? with m CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via , . Orngt astd Alexandria Railroad V. to LYNOH1IUK0: Virginia and Tewlessee. ' Ernst Tsnn6js#4 ami Virginia, Emit Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Altmphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, to new orleans! memphTSTroute: Memplua by R?>1, thenoe by Firtt oIms Ptokots to mew uriacu-*. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE j t Montgomery by Rail. thence U> Mobil* by Firati oLam Packet*. Mobile to New Orleaua by Lake Steaiuera ( ? TWO DAILY TRAINS? SOHDATB Inclodid. Leave Waraiutoa at 6 a. a. aad 0 p. m. The Steamer GKORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot ofSoventh atreet at 6tt a. m. aad 6J* f. m. and oouneota at Alexandria with the Oraage aid Alexandria Trains for the Sonthweat Oflkoe? Penaay 1 vama & venue, corner of Sixth at. A?A4B cuono raaoooa to nv oblbam. Lynchburg ?? ?.?7 60 Mem>hie 99 ? Brit to] .1600 Atlanta???...Jl 00 Rnoxirilie ? SO ixj M loon JB 00 ! Chattanoota?_...3t00 Ooiambaa .... Jl SB K|cn? 34 00 Montgomery Jl 00 ateviile ? .27 oo 1 via Memf hiaitt 80 Grand JnnoUe&_~_W0o N.O.I via 8. Jeao_4J SO NaatiVilU .26 6* S via Mobile. 00 THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ie | MO MILES SHOR JtH ^and 94 HOURS LB8S thaa tor other the Lynchburg Extauloa being maw eoipind. m iiw the MiMiuippi Central, inalnnr it the 1 QJTJCKKSTAND MOST T LEAS ANT ROUTE , T FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with Fuct oliM Sleepinc Can! ! wtmrnk ( To New Orlosni ,72 Hotrii i*i mft / Metnphie ???,?#4 do. I Monttomerr *3 do. ( Nuhnlli 46 do. CT'The U. 8. (CAIL and ADAMS' EXPBJEUS aietakeo orer Una New Lane. TekiU oan b? obtained at the South Wdttn [ Oft00, corner of Sixth street aad Pennty lvaoia a?, eaoe, to thefollowtnc point*: Lynobbtirg, Bristol, KcoxnUe, Atlanta, I Chattanoofa. ^ntaviUe, Grand J n notion. mwn, r<WDTin?, uaiton. Columbia. ? ?? ^3 * ID- THROUGH TICKETS TO THM VARIOUS TIRO INI A SPRINOS. Xt^OmaibiiM* ami Bacgac* Whom ikm t oAo? at 6 a. m. aod ). in. P*hfu?ra.UM IVitluJnriau Ik , INOToN yen i\ esdaV ' friday, at?o'clock a, m.,and alexandria at h?f paatft o'olock, fcr curuioman and urn ferWApsfcif'Jfe WJ&Mgbf! f , LUvIAfl 8? i Avcif rTO?n6tOf? . NATH'L BOUBH. Ag't. Alexandria. fa an i OrtflCK or INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAS METERS, i w asiuvoton, Jnly 18, I860. NQTICB IS ^^syo/riy, That.agr?*ably to the provu.ona or the otdinanee of the cor> por&tion approved Mar IS. lMD.the undefined is } now prepared, "wh*oevt?r required In wrttiug.aad I on pre payment of the fee of fifty eents, to inspoat, examine, teat, prove, and aeoortain the aooaraoy of registration of iauy gas meter iu nse in thia oity." Every meter, iffouad iaoerreot, will beoondemned, and another, eeaiM and marked aa true, will h? act it i?? plaoa. If proved to b? uevrtts ia iU I m*uur<ment of |U. it vAi ba catted accordingly, r aud a?ain vat inpuaitiaa for uaa. I Office No. flOtfevomh afreet, (n^ar Odd F*Jy IB tf tnaaootor and Sealer of ?a? Metari. f W ASmNOTON BEWINe ROOMb, fl in ma mm mm domt Hortk tf Fm. Am. W V. <1. MOVJCf U OWK1 IMPROVED WEIGHING SCiLKS mm. Firit olaai aremiupia have been avanletftfiM by the United States Pair and Virginia Ai'ioultunU pooirfy; Virfiru? State A t nm*\tn ralFffr: FrankIjb IaaUtuU Fur, Pennsylvania; New York rauFlili , Verinont Stato Pair, fee.. Ao. In every awe vhere ! r Losl?iaaa'ithm!DeV* ofTKKK i L^e iJSlj"* B? C. PATTI80N. Aiat I W OAS FIXTURES. f K Hit* in atore, and an dai_y receiving, OAS I PTXf UHJSSolj Now Fitfinn and Peal* ng andFiiyah, auperipr anything herotort>r? u3Vm In thta market. We invite citisenscen era! It to aall and ixtrataa oa; a took of ttaa aad Wafer Fixtures,feafii* ??uWeat that ve have the fcoat aelPoted atock in W?*.*hiu*ton. ? AA Work in .the above liae m treated te oar eaea MoOBAN. ?f 16 if 3T?Datr?t FRANCIS HARPER* FAMILY OK^MVAWPRKDBTORB, Cor+trfifNtw, Yfrh votnm mnd Ttntk .< treat. Respectfully aoiieita the patronage of tl?M?v II b? in vant ofaay artiaie in tkeaoove tin*. 11m ' ?MM?rori ahaJl be to plMH.kui by % atnot attention to tha wanta of the publn, ha bo^a to aaent a aw* *( their patronac e. Hi a took <M>aaiata of every article a anally to be found in a firat-elaaa Family Grooery aa4 Feed 12,000 truSn * (UIUIN tobe pmre inioe, and ?||W kvs? s $??re |, f, (. UMll- MO*t. I. k ??tk1> |4l M )? ?'"* . a 4** ?" a ?"MWWUHfWt "? ?*< -n -i \U ~t *?<??, . -Wt -r JNPHOTINB: ' i J * -xi 1 tm __ . "*#. J t t 9 , i. i. 1\ I "I 1* r '? ' PERSIAN F Y I E I1IM. >ii 1 . . '*?. . $ ?* Hi* " ? ! 1 _ h ' > . > h "i FIT MM AND A9VM MITBKMINAT9B A 1 K 1 --* -**' ill Mil Via. ? h?c *? i 1 fc rmoit ?imi. ' ? ^ i h ; * i* na r*MTM*titm anb mmmwor ; : > ? i h ?- : ? > * -i'1 i'* 1 toa^M. .ri intermittent and bilious FEfEMt. 1* " : __ UK KB INBVKI9 IN HAY. . i : * * NATUtrS GftAND A B8 TO RATIVB. J I 7 I lr>? t lyPKCTISM, 1XTMCT1NM. INPECWNI, INPMCTIXB INPMCTIXB, INTMCTWt Th? limbli malndj knovnaa U* FRVER AND AGUE hu mutton UidrWa ( tkommadaU fmwu throafhoat Ik* vorM mrj jmr. mi feM never till now bwa aM far nttwM ndi? a a a . - ? imuaui uu IM not prod?j mi ? i 1 . ti- 1 MEDICINAL DMKABB&, vhiakiCM tkalNft. the ifl?w, tli Hw, flu heart, or etk*r par* of A* karaaa or|Mlm. Tk# INFECTIVE m 11m ?at?ral ?nt??oaiat of all r*rm and vben it oom ia aeataat vilk Um tkia, i> absorbed fcy U>? iaUrlox eriui. vkiah raairt cwl] mlumt ud all Undaa<u?? toward* Ifcoaa malaHiea vkiek prostrate the wad aad Mi vttfc farar. i. P??r and Aim rmlt from hiw? aaaaaa. No p'.aaa ! exempt from in? oih*i wKiol eromoie 1 til? (xiitMM of lb* dlewse. Tk?t botag mm mM ad is the mUa^iidMH Aopvoorfoa ofspirits, l*a itido, lU(Mr, poio*, okillo. trrar, oo4 * loaf train of diwcroatbio Mnaiiwaa, #*pnno( tfeo ftie?t of oil oaorgy, ao4 rodaoiag kuo or km %o oondiboa at flXTRBMK IBLPLBWB1B. Wky will mt oh *Or tto horror* of o doMlitaftag lntormittoit Povor. whoa by Um boo of lk? INVALUABLE INPBOTINR. OK PKRSLAN PBVBR CHARM. - I th* Mftitmt BMd io*l And ?fl?l (ullttM of vkiek ar? instantly sbeorbed, ALL TRACES OP DISEASE MAT BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS, MM f? il SELF-CARE IS BETTEE THAN PHYSIC. NATUEE IS WISER THAN ART. EVBBY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE AFFLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DRBAM. BETTER PREYENT THAN STRIVE TO CURB. DELAYS ARE DANSEROUS, 1 THE IflPECT 1MB, OB PERSIAN FIVES CHAKM, ? . Hu ?uro4 ttoinsdi of both him of tk* Boat drwtiU Fvrtn. ft?d ud rtlMt WONDERFUL EFFECTS. leia to turns* 1/ac4 aooiaty?* mtrtrr to Chilli ?jU F?var??ur*d in Imu tkaa tkraa Tttlri tod us proved ia aigkt koara. Ntrr K. Nkui, 8MdHky, OU?i tlUr tlaNl >' kMiiai k?r rwrn m wall aa etreaftk W l^?rmittoat Fever, vitk Ckttla, raatorad to kaailh ia trntf hoarm. J. R. Tiltoa, ef MfrUt, Hill*, knaikt Ha death'! door, kavta? tuffered far foar jmn, aad wall ia ive veafca, aad uapravad ta tva koara. A4olphe MmW* mt Fraaaa. reharad ia aaa ?? p WHIIV N?TWI|0| Ul u>* Wit W * w? Wiynetad Chlaaco Eailroai. Htmiffiml It <jia? with Chill*. B Ua R. B?ia, of LMkvort, Nov York, n*md?ftern?m hvi' nf?fi|. a mm. moath, id Kit ii|i*N?fl?lal ?1 Ik* a?Ui?no? of tha IfPBOTIII, ? PIKBIAH IT1VBK OH ABM* - I ' /' nr 7t, PMorjB rrt know jc. Aftd maha kwn it* woa4?M povin aad rh taia, that thaw who mffar, or vho ara fti atrni witfe aaffariac, mar ba la4 ta aoo a dm+la, lano xiau* lamiehai by tha ft?14 af Wrtua tor MAN'S B LB SSI NO ! 0 ' IB BOLD BY DftU?618TB AMD MUDiCINK DKAL?EB IN Atimir.A. r PRICE ONE DOLLAR, B*at by Mil t* mlt part aftk* Uaitad Mmm. i REMEMBER, It to IOII WILCOX * ?., lMMiDilTUIT, . \ 1ICBMONO, YlltftU. ? i ^ h i>giirrg iiwi B *' JRJ Ifl .. jkWUWWWWMI IMPI. . wfftuaK ' Y- ' - * i *i > it ? f*a * ,?-!? ??? <8'i ,? *>*? <?*> '? 1 f* r I ro* ALL Dl3tUfcE?_0F IMFftl'DKNCg. LIT fTO FALSE iHiLICACY PBMTKttT. APPLY 1MJ&&D ATJtLY. rCWMK WARRANTED. ?? Hn nrMH. IN FROM OHM TO TW DA MS T.rrU. ftflfw .r?..| U?U| .*? ? fagM-l*?? P?<? ?? DiiWiMHi P???? ?IU W T ToiMaum **y Mc?, ?; u (!? af TM?| MM ||M W ? j, H itiiia uu wau?? itunitLfh iMk Httr>? ?M? 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