Newspaper of Evening Star, November 5, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 5, 1860 Page 2
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??.??? THE EVENiNO STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MO.^IUAl NcTrmkr ?? I**?*?tnl ?f the Mtralsi Preaa Tbe treata at leri&th upon abolition em'.aaarie* and the proapect of the Sk>uth in caae of Lincoln's election. PLe Jmu lligtnctr treata open "Political Dialectic* - flT" Fr< oi Troal.y,Nichols. Lee* Co , Boaton. tl.ioijtli Frt-ncU * Ricbatein. we hare two beautiful seta of juvenile book*?"Tbe Robin Neat Morln,tt"Little Fnakie Storiea," by Mra. Mad. lire Lialle. With their pretty pictures, brilliant rorert of red ai d blue, and tasteful box er veli.p*"- they miut be the delight of all juvenilea Naw Publications?From Crosby, Nichols, Lee k Co , through French A Richatein, we have "Life and Religion of the Hindoos," by Joguth Chundee Gangooly, the converted Hindoo. In this book we get the beat idea of the Hindoo*, their manners, customs, Ac., that we have yet attained. The volume also includes a personal narrative of the author, which is one of the moat readable pieces of autobiography ws have lately encountered. Also, the "Adventures of >01d Grizzly Adams.' the Great California B?ar Hunter." Since the history of Davy Crockett we have aeen nothing to anrpass thia in the "varmint-killing1' line, and It la illustrated with pictures to match. Both work* are l**ued in the usual bandaome style of tbe publishers Prrssml -/ * Hon Jos Lane*of Oregon, Is at Browns'. Hon C. I. Vallandl^Uam, of Ohio, 1s at the National. Prentice, of the (.ouisvHIe Journal, !s advertised to lecture in Philadelphia, on "The Politics and Politicians of tbe United States " Tbe lecture will be delivered after the el?c ion. The Count of Paris, while bunting n~ar Claremont on tbe 13th alt . met with an accident, causing a fracture of one cf the bones of tbe rl^Lt leg A doctor wbo happened to be of the party set tbe limb, and the young prince is recovering. .... William Hovitt, the weU-knr-wn Kngliah author, announces bis belief In and devotion to spiritualism He has just written a letter in reply to articles in Once a Week and Blackwood on this subject, and the En^likh journalists have taken up tbe discussion extensively. n .!! ! . rviiucvi iirni. There Lai been a meeting of Wide-Awskes in Petersburg, Vs. Tbe N V. Journal of Commerce prints the following : "An appet.dn to a busintM letter from an old union man of Pendleton, S C , October a^tb, sa\s. '*1 am now (38 years of age and I have never witnessed such a determination to resist Did men, and boys barely In their teens, from the seaboard to the uiounSaius,are minute men, armed with revolvers and rifles. If you can catch a . Yankee ask him to guess what the Southern people will do Tbe cry is, 'The Palmetto regiment. ' 'Cbepultepec.' and 'Butler.' Excuse me for this digression V TheX. V. Day Book of Friday evening says: ' The republicans are terribly frightened L ist night, knowing ones gave up the State " The Journal of Commerce also says: "We are Informed by a merchant boarding at tbe Alitor Hou?e. where the republican general committee bold tbeir conference#. that a marked thange in tbe apjjearanre of these gentlemen if apparent within tbe last few days i he easy. Be If-confident air w itu which thry formerly di?ported themselves. IkxJ given place to a nervous, excitable manner, clearly Indicating ?rave apprehension, and tht neossltv of makiug desperate exertions to save themselves from defeat " Mr Senator Yn lee, of Florida, in a recent po litical letter, writes ss follows in relation to the famous "Norfolk questions:" "It is quite true that I was surprised and grieved with the answer which Mr. Douglas made to tbe questions pro puundtd to htm it Norfolk, aid with the tone of xpresston; equally true that I wished Mr Breckinridge could have thought it proper to announce a contrary position promptly But no other candidate de?- ares his r*< oyiiition of tbe right of secession I am. therefore, content to vote for Mr. Bre. kinridge. wh-?e avowed sentiments upon other material issue* moat nearly accord with my own Secession Is 4 great preservative right of tbe Mates It cannot be questioned by those who agree that the Constitution of the United States is a con;pact between sovereign States; and with those who do not so regard |^at instrument I have no political sympathy nor any fellowship as a democrat " . C'T Tbe California papers stite that Prince Lot Kam^bameha, tbe Sandwich Island Royal Highness. and his two aid*, were present at the Agricultural Fair of the Bay District, near San Francisco. and created quite a sensation. The Bulletin remark*: The three are stoat, large men, tall and broad beyond tbe average Yankee. They were dressed In the laat English fashion, with glistening tiles, and thick heavy overcoats. The thr?*s f.r their stout presentable appearance and size, would arrest attention in a crowd, even if the Sandwich Island color did not If the reader Las ever seen our own Yankee Prinze, John Van Buren, arfd will, to tbe picture of him that is daguerreotyped on his memory, add color enough to bring the fare to a light mahogany hue. bt shall see Prince hunt bameha as be looked last night, with hands thrust half way into his pockets, and Lat t*< on at an angle of 31' degrees to tte perpendicular, as he sauntered among tbe tables in tie ball. The Consul fur the Islai.d helped him to appreciate the circonistances of the growth of the articles displayed and in all he took much Interest. In tbe picture gaiiery they saw little to look at except tbe large pic ture of the royal family of the Islands, in which group the prince himself Is prominent They looked like n.eii of the world, well posted, and quite willing to learn what more should be easily discovered Thi Kcoso*t or Health.?This busy nation of Americans have W,OMi.UUO working people, whose services may be estimated at $2 a day, and their annual low by sickness at an average of ten oavi fitf d in me year This g\vrs a total loss of JfcMO.OUU,UU) a turn three time* a* Larue a* the whole coat of the General Government, Including the Armv,N?*v, Post Offi ra, legislators. Foreigu Ministers and all The amount weigha over six hundred tons In pure gold A iargAportiou of this costly suffer!ng might l>e averted by attention to diet, cleanliness, and above all, bv the , proper use of the right remedy in season When a 25 cent, box of Ayer ? Hills wilt avert an attack of illnras which it would take several days to re* cover from, o* a dollar bottle of Aver's.-arstpirilla, will expel a lurking disorder that would brir.g the sufferer to his back for vrmki m mo-n.- .< ? ? ? ?- ?wu*ua, UUCS ]t take any figures to show the good economy of the Inventment' When Fever end Aujte ia rankling in vour vein*, a-d abaking your life out of you, ia (t worth the dollar It cost for hla Ague Cure to have the villainous diaorder enpellrd. -which it doe* surely and quickly? Wben von Lave taken cold ia it pru.lent to wait until it ha* settled oo Uie lung*, when daya or weeks or months muaf be apent In trying lo cure It. even if It can be cured at all, or 1a It cheaper to take Aver'a Cherry Pectoral, coating a few abillinga, and remove the trouble before it ia serious ? It takes no Wisdom to decide Blojdis at Tbot ?Hegttiafmll ?The daring rope walker haa been Der for miner mt A* ? ^ - w ??JVaur ill Troy, Mid Oft Toeaday evening net witb an accident Tba Times of that city sa\a "The same similar mishaps at tb^ Falls would Lave ltoded Lion in tbeaeetbln" wal? ra b?lo\r the cataract, and tbe little Frenchman would have Ik^-ii i.evrd of no more on tills side of eternity. \V bile performing on stilts be attempted to tarn a somersault, but lite notchtLat sustained the ropeauddenly gave wa v, and he fell amongst tbe seats and the people below Me was considerably Luit by th? fill, and one of his arms appeared to b? partially paralyied br contact with the bard *?',c un ibe back of the aeat. Aflcr picking himaeLf up and (fptlrls^ dauia^ei. he enayed the frtt with more mrrfii, but la making a aubaequent turn over, without at:itoor bat.m< :njf pole, beavain loat bU balance andcame near fall log. Hia whole performance waa very tbrilling, and waa witneaard with anxiety for hla aafety by tbe audience We think mum of hla Ul-aucceaa waa owing to the Imperfect manner In which the rope waa adjusted The "proftaaor" will doubtleaa guard agalnat auch mfahapa hereafter?Buffal* Heynlthe ?7" Fort Monroe. (Old Point Comfort, V*.,) U now aald to be rendered out of the moat formidable fortrt-aaea in tbe country. Ita armament baa b? n Improved in many rt-apecta; and looka truly formidable. Tke number of miat ^ lew than two hundred aud etgbty-iue. which throw t*fl?r thonaaud four Londrtd and seventeen (Miundi of Iron. There are, beaidea. ten uu.rUrtaad d?e ilrgr howitieti Tbe new fort, commonly kftxwu >i the Kip Rapn, will, whrn pertrrUy completed, have one hundred and eight elgbt-inch Coiutublada and h fly-four forty-two run* all .ueiiiated; aud eight tru-lnch ColumLlad?. ?nd forty-aii nine-inch ditto, all caibarlet! Nothing Ihkt could be done to perfect the enaeu*bLe of tbe b.<tiery has been neglected. Asotvkb Jomji Lltows" Rain?According to tbe Lyucbbti g Virginian, Got. Letcher recently received a letU-r from aotur |*raon in Cincinnati, intimating that there waa an organization n foot wbkb contemplated another raid upon "Virginia, to be made on tbe d<iv > f ilecUoo, and Ja tli- neighborhood of Lyix hburg. AUbou*h no confldence la placed in tbe letter, be baa. In* troe'ed tbe a.Hilary U> be In readiataa wber.evtr Mlielou. I \ .air? sV-ift-* m *.' * x - ' WAmif?TOM H1WI AMP flMUP, ?' The T:*is" Asai* ?Editor of Tkt Star :? I thank yon for the courtesy extended roe In yonr ! columns of this evening, (Nov. 2,1H?0 ) I would fat 11 h?ve c:<*td roy argument with that my opening article; for at once am I habitually terae, and fully conclous cf tbe value to von of apace But voiir cmrnmnta upon 1117 little caveat require, I fancy, some notice from me; so 1 be? vou Indulge me once more I will be as short as I can Yob open your rijoinder thus: Wa have to i call onr friend's attention to the fact that while Lincoln is supp rted by tbe abolHionis's of the North, Breckinridge la supported by thedlsunlonista. per ??, of the South Now there will be no more treachery on Lincoln's part to hla friends and supporters in refusing to carry out. In his administration. the policy which tbe abolitionists may prefer, than there would be, on tbe part of Breckinridge, in refusing to carry out the policy of those of his supporters who are advocates of disunion iter M." 1 might, just here, but I need not deny, In an instructive chapter, the existence at the South of any 'disunionists per ??," for Quitman. Yancey X Co., have fully instructed the muse of history in the truth that what of disunionism there is at the South (and it is fesrfully extensive now, I must confess.) is there not ptrse. buttr luriiitluli ret and tz tahonis?from the necessity of the case and in retaliation. So. granting you that disunionists at the South do support Breckinridge, what of it? It certainly does not follow the efrom that your argument is good; for even Mr. Lincoln himself will, I dare wy. assert?laughing meanwhile contemptuously at Douglas?that Mr. Breckinridge is not himself a disuniouists, even tx lalionis; that he has made no sympathetic promises to the disunionists. and that be is not running on a disunion platform Such being the case, as it tj, Mr Breckinridge /If ~1.? IV... k.f. ... i.J.I 1 ? ? - I i a vhvu \ iuoa tunc wr . ? v ?it itium^c in IIU 4tr.*acherv'' to that claw of hi? anpportera Upon the other hand, Mr Lincoln is supported by abolitionists. an himself an abolitionist; an<l vou must admit that be ha* made sympathetic l>roims< s to the abolitionists, mil that he is ruunlnsj on an abolition platform (And just here, rs par'ntktsit. let m? remind you that I iu? the term aliolltionlst'' uot as a free-sjil northerner would, but as a conservative southerner should; for, so far as the South is concerned, the distinction between abolitionism and free-sollism, or repuhl'canism, is one without a difference;-or, If difference there be. the differenrels In fivor, as to us. of the abolitionists; for Gerrit Smith would as President b? less dangerous to the S uth ?like be Is as an individual?than would be Mr. a x ? a? % LtlUCOJII/ So while Mr. Breckinrid-e, by perpetiating ' th? (Juion. c?mdI exercise 'treachery'' toward any dUusionist, Mr Lincoln, by being just to the slave interr-st, must prove false to toe power whxh shall Lave elected Itiin. S our argument, therefore, npon that point, at leftst, is not as good as a Manilla basket?it will act bold water Yon open your next paragraph Urns : " Lincoln, It will be reiitemlHred.wa* nominated at Chicago over Seward, because the opposition dared not tru*t their cause l>efore the peoi<leof the West and Middle States with a candidate known to entertain &*v-ward's extreme views upon the slavery I question." 1 am no less decorous than honest when I affirm that, so far from " remembering" such to have been the case, 1 bad never heard it before you told us so yesterday. I had thought, and I aiu afraid the people of tbe South will tver think, that Mr Lincoln waa nominated by Horace lireeley, and because Le was the patentee of the " lrrepmsible confllrt " Mr. Seward In his "bloody and brutal" speech at RocLeiter. only echoed the thunder cf Mr. Lincoln; which mendacity, while it made for the ' fatally able" Senator eouie notoriety at lsrge. and popularity at home, "damned to eternal infamy at the South the e? hoist; and so aroused the indignation, by its peccancy, of tLe honest Mr Greeley, that he very properly punished the plagiarist. and vindicated the originality of th* kuthor by giving Mr. Seward a "sot back," and by nominating Mr. Lincoln. Such at least is the teachings of stern h'story; and however much it may conflict with the ldv.s of fjiiry. the minds of tae South will rerelve it ;<s truth, and act upon it as such. And tbat Greeley would knowingly nominate a candidate to i please the South is what the South will bardl/ be expH t-'d to believe; or tbat the white-coated philosopher might be deceived in his judgment , of the man. is what those who know him best may be lncllm-d most stoutly to deny. If, however, Mr Lincoln is determined to deceive his "Warwick"' of the t ribune, and if he des!rc? to not take bis unexpected seat beitc ?i? the stools, Le should have issued an autograph itefore the election; for Southerners will not, I believe, be galled by heterogrxpbs of any date, or by an autograph issued too late to evince lt? honesty Generul reference Is just now being made to an 1 S* / ? q|.v ui vpudi iei?rr irixn i om uorwni la a genUf[ man of tb city, In which, 'tis said all sorts of ! 'gr>odd!?-s'' ar? promised tbe South, if It will rnly be a trood boy and let "Uncle Abe" treat It pretty milch as uncle Richard tbe I'blrd treated an historic youth in tbe Tower of London. But, queries this pertinacious and matter?of fact youn* Edward:'' Has any letter been written by anybody? Has such a letter bren written? Itat tut C rwin Its author? If he urat, was it written at the suggestion of or with the knowledge of Mr. Lincoln? If so, did be and will be endorse it? If he d'd and will, will he, if he can, and ma Le act up to its promise? Has be got a sore ha .d? if not, why dld'ut he write bimself ? per a/turn or per te. why could be not have had bis promise made public ir< such time as not to deceive hit enemies? is the author of such letter a fr'end of Lincoln' If so. Is he a friend to the South? If not a friend, how am I to trust him; or, if a friend, why don't be publish tbe letter and show b ? authority ? The name of the reputed recipif nt of tbe letter? Finally, aince It is cl "ar that, if Mr. Lincoln did authorize, Mr. Corwin did write, and Mr did receive such a letter, the trio are going to fool aumtbody. You will pardon me, quoth this "so vounir and vet u wli?" K<t ward, the Cotton Prince, If I strive to see to It that it is not myself who will be fooled Hut. although just becoming Umpired with my theme, 1 must close. II. Note.?XVe make room above for our respected correspondent's rejoinder to the Star'i editorial of Friday last, though Its length almost deters us from so doing. We do not realize that it requires extended comments at our hands, doubting that it will convince any auti-disuniouist, per ??. that Lincoln may not make an anti-abolition administration (In the Southern xense of tbe term) as consistently as any successful candidate usually lguores, alter election, bis implied promises when an applicant for votes Since parties have existed '.u this country, there never was a President elected who failed to be supported as the friend of opposite policies. That is to say, every Democrat who has oeen a rormiaaoie candidate for the Presidency, say from Jackson's time to the present, has been electioneered for in Pennsylvania, for instance, as not being pledged against protection to her manufacturing interests, if not as being intensely for | It; while at the South all of them have been supported as being free traders 80, too, with reference to Internal Improvements in the West. . Lincoln's platform is that of the Chicago Convention, which from its promulgation has )>* n interpreted as variously as tLe Cincinnati platform?quite. Sumner, Ciddinys, Greeley ic Co. ? 1 ..... i? - i-? - - ? - - K. ww. ii uuc MH-rpriiiion | Lorwin, I.lncoln & Co. give It a very different one; or Mr. Ltefrees and other* who Lave published recently concerning Lincoln'* declaration*, are very wide of the mark. However, what we aimed to show on Friday last waa, simply, that Lincoln had taken due care to give himself as wide a margin inside of which to turn out to be a conservative when in power, aa our Democratic Presidents usually give themselves to make anti-protective and anti-lnternal-iiuprovement administrations, though Pennsylvania and the Northwest may vote theinaelves essentially cheated by their doing to. We have net argued that Lincoln hu failed to play for tbe aboiitlou vote ; but we do not realiie tbat he baa played a much ttrongrr game for tbat, than our own candidate* usually play for the vote of tbe iron Interest of Pennsylvania. Nor art we defending the moral* of any such game on tbe part of either. Public opinion?not our own opinion? hus justified that system of court'ng popular support ; no party ever succeeding in a general election without resorting to it. We ran have no hope of tnakiug our fiiend H _ a convert lo the Impropriety of Immediate secession In the event of Lincoln's election, for be evidently hopei tbat L's sncresa will break up tbe Conffderarv v -** " 1 'wvnc u? urnrTe turn all aoutberu aoti-disiinlooUu recognize that be may prove a con*-rvatl ve President, a* consistently as, with liia record and the history of bla nomination over Heward, be may make an abolition admlnlatration?quite. We truat for tbe aake of tb? coutiuuanre of tbe Union, whlcb we seek to preserve, that he may do so; a*. If he ah/xiM not w? can m do hope for Its continuance. Tm New Ai.madks Case ?The argument In this case, to wLlcti many distinguished lawyers re engaged, was commenced at Sau Francisco on the hth ult , by Mr. Peachy, wbo occupied three daya In Ult preliminary statement. Kdn.uod Randolph, whose brief address** to popalar sudiencts are said to t>c generally three and a half hours lou^. is to follow hi in Then Senator Benjamin, and Mr. Rsndelpa to fallow bin. Then the Hon. Reeerdy Johnson, c.f Baltimore, and then Mr. Raudo'ph again Then there are two ?!b<-r *?ry fluent couusd for the claimants, | each Me of whi m Mr. Rsudolph will be sure to | fvlluW. ^ I MPAKTNINT fllWI - Death o* Giskhal Clarks ? Lieut General , i^cott, Genersl-ln-Chief of the Army, In announcing to the artnv the death of Brigadier General ( N?wn>an S Clarke, Col***! of the 6th Infantry, wbo died on the 17th ultimo, at San Francisco, | while exercising the important command of the Department of California, says: Gen Clarke entered the Army as an ensign of i the 11th iiifantry, March 14, ISMNand served with distinction during the seesad war with Great Britain. Be pa formed the duties of Brigade Major in the campaign of 1914; and. for hla gallantry and good conduct In the battle of Niagara, he received the rank of Captain ky brevet Con- ( tinultig In th- Army sftar the peace, his subsequent frvlces have been always meritorioussnd In war , distinguished During tbe campaign from Vera Cms to tbe capital of Mexico be commanded a brigade, which, led by him. performed gallant and effective s?rvice in the work of the campaign. Breveted a Brigadier General for hla services in Mexico, General Clarke has since been employ* d upon high duties, snd while commanding our ..k?U AA.a? k.. kU .1.(11* J wuuic I av' UU WM?. *jj u i auuiiy anu ^(WU JUUgmant be concerted a plan of campaign agafnat combined tribe# of Indiana in Oregon aud W aahington Territory, which, bappiiy executed ander bla inatructiona, promptly reduced the enemy tp aubmlaslon. Army I xtxlligknce ?Major Lloyd J Brail. Pavmaater USA., ha* been directed to proceed to Newport Barracka, Ky , to pay the troop* at that poet, and tben return to bia atation. Brevet Mrjor Samuel 9. Anderaon'a company D aecond artillery, now at Fort Hamilton, haa been directed to proceed immediately to Fayettevllle, N C., and take poat at the North Carolina Araenal. Blchard J Dodge, eighth infantry, baa been authorized to delay proceeding to join bis company at Fort Bucbinan, N. M., until the lit of October, 1801. _ Th* WiiTVii ?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer Iran Consolidated Teleg-aph Line to the t?n?ltbIonian Imtltutlon. The time of observation ii boat 7 o'clock. Novkmbxr 5. Ib60. Philadelphia, Pa clear. Baltimore. Md flea#, 44?. Waiuln^ton, D. C clear, wlhd S Petersburg, Va clear, 60?. Norfolk, Va^Ky,75?, wind W Wilmington, N.C clrar, cool. Augnita, Ga clear, cool. Savannah, Ga clear, 5'J Macon. Ga clear, cool. Columbia, Ga clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala. clear, cold. Jackson. Ala clear. Mobile, Ala clear, New Orleans, La clear, ?2?. FROM TUX WIST. Cleveland, O wind 9W uarometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) W.Veri; at noon, 29,919 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 43?; at noon, 59'. Maztmum during 48 hours, ending 9 a.m. today, <V) V; minimum 37,VGreat Freshet in the Atleghanv Mssslsisi Overt low or thb Valiet or tbk PotomacGreat Damage to thk Cihuapkakb and Ohio Cahal?The Railroad in Da*ukb Cumberland. Md , Nov. 4.? Liming Friday and Friday night. tbe Alleglianies. particularly on their eastern slopes, in Western Maryland ana Virginia, were visited by rains of extraordinary steadiness and volume. All tbe streams forming the sources of the Potomac, as well as thos.* emptyinif into it- nmr th(? nlaro ?n*l D * .??? *? p, -7 ? r ?vv ?? *? A IfMHWll) IUK HI a great bight on Saturday. During the day, yesterday, the rain ceased, and the ikies beratr.e clear, but the quantity of water that had fallen was io great a* to swell the Potomac, for a brief pt-rioa, to a hight almost unprecedented. The south.branch of that rivt r, which unites with the principal stream some twelve miles east of this place, seems to have swollen more rapidly and to a greater hlght tban the other f >rk <?reat quantities of drift wood, including fences, etc . were iloatt-d down all night on Saturday; and it is feared that considerable damage mav b?* done In ........ n. - / ? v ???> < < < MIU^ VVUII%?T?| V1 rkf 1 iila. through wlilch the south branch flows The inont serious consequences of the freshet appear to have fallen upon the coal-mining Interest* hi the vicinity of this place and Piedmont The Wills Creek, emptying into the Potomac at Cumberland, and George's Creek, at Piedmont, both se?in to have risen to an unprecedented bight, attend* d withnerions damage to the lateral railroads which bring coal from the ml net to the Baltimore and Ohio Ra lroxd and to the Ohio and Chesapeake Canal. One of the eugines of the Mount savage Railroad ^reported toliavefallen through a bridge, on its w'ay to thla city, the foundations having been impaired by the waters It was thought that but little coal can be brought to Cumberland for several days. At Piedmont the damage to the Georges-Creek road Is reported to be prooably greater, and a like interruption to the lar^e coal trade concentrating at that point. We Lave been unable to gather further detail* of damage by tbe freshet. which, on account of iU steadiness. may bare occasioned much loaa to private property along some of tbe streams. On the western alope of the mountains there was also much rain, but it does not seem to have been attended with any very unusual damage in any quarters. Information has been received from the Cbeaape tke and Ohio Canal, one of whose office>a is understood to have reported that the grand bank at dam No 3 is entirely washed away, and further serious injuries are apprehended. There being no telegraph stutloi.s there, near the line of the canal, at Its principal fuller information can be had as yet During yesterday th* waters generally abated very much, and no further dam geatanv point seems to be apprehended. We have not heard of any livts being lost, or any personal injuries sustained. Tn? Popplatiox or Baltimobk in 1880 ?It appears bv the returns of the r?niiu in?? t?v?n Marshal \Yatklrn and his deputle*. that the population of Baltimore at the present time ls'213 037 To give au ld?a of the growth of the cltv from the year 1790. when the first census was taken, up to the year I860, a period of seventy years, tbefo'lowing figures are given showing the increase of population during each decade: Year. Pooalatioa. i ::::: ilncreMe of *a 13111 1#JI0 40.565 " " " 19.941 1H*I RO 73* u it " "* _ _ _ _m m ? . . m ?j * w iW 7 ? OO I-cjo so.frjo " ? ? i7ife<a 1H|.? 1W.3I3 " " " 'il.688 169,054 " ' " 66.741 1*60 213,037 ?' " " 43,983 It will be Ken that tbe increase for tbe lait ten yvari i* 43.963, while between the years 1840 and 1?60 it wa* 66,741, a difference of 23,758 The number of Inhabitant* of the several wards, together with other statistical information, will be ready for publication in a few days. tp* There is something inexpressibly sweet about little Klrl* ?Erckamg*. A nrl Jt -- 41 --1 * ' uu iuciu m iuey gei . There now!? Louisvillt Journal. ry-y* UNION PRAYER MEETING will b? UJJ 1" Idenevery <la> this week in the N?W York avenue Church, < Rev. Dr. GurU y'i) to commence at a quarter pant 4 o'clock, tu lid continued one hou r. n6 5 ry^=a?NATIONAL VOLUNTki- KS, ATTEN\ L ft TION-? Vou a o requuMteil to meet at tho hall or the Jackson Democratic A?sociation uu WEDNESDAY EVENING, November 7th, aM o'clock precisely, as business of importance will t* ta k acted. All desirous of joining are respectfully invited to attend. By order of R. CLEARY, Captain. Hkwkt C. Bradford, Sec, pro tem no&St* ASONIC.?The Annual Communication II. ? of the M. W. Grand Lod'e of Freftand Accepted Masons of the District of Columbia will ke held on TUESDAY next, November 6th, at four o'oiook p. iu , at Maaouie Hail, suratr of D and Ninth streets. All brethren in rood steadier ? cordially luvitwl. H* order uf the M. W. Grand Ma*ter. no 2 3t Q. A. BOH WAKZMAN, G.H. rv<3=-i)EMPflEy & O'TOOLE. WEDDINU AND VISITING CARD ENURAYERft, Importer* of fine WEDDING bTATIONERT?, WEDDING ENVELUPKS. the moit beautiful ntylea. S'jc Pa. A v., between 9th and loth ?u , an 27 6m vva?mwoTow. NKW PIANOS, as low as #175 and **?, at JOHN P. ISLLIS'8. 30? Pa av.t Letwe?n?th and lOtli >t<. no 5 T^BICKKRING & SONS' UNRIVALED PI V> ANOB. at all pricea, and of a!l Hoa ? . john pTbllh. no 5 306 P%. av.. between 9 h and H?th ?U. A BUPERU PIANO.. ENTIRKLY NKW.ovl . ? i "!l ii wn? ?n?J Siii?h, ir?u frame, ?rd w?rr*i t d and *naraatied for 6 j iri, Cha groata t bar (tain everiflrfrexi, wi 1 ba aold for o&ih, #2 *) br ea 1? apphoati. n _ JOHN K. kiTis.' T . ?<>& ?W Pa. ky.. bet 9th and 10th ita. tfLOUR, BUCKWHKAT. POTATOESTAP" f_ rl>r. , 4 J 16? >btf. new Riohmond F>.rnil j and Extra F!onr 5 ??o?nd Bb > whiat Me*i ' *)0 boshsla W hi to M?roor P >iatoe?, 1<*? do. Pine do. do. 4 do. Ch atnuU Raoeivad to day and for aala low inloU to anit br ^'- *OHK180> * CO.. bT _ ;? ?.nnwoI I Ttim tf J B lU. BK8T QUALITY CALICOES AT 10 CENTS mate verjr good at G cents. J#ro4 Uineljanrrti at UK jont?, li cent White <'ottor;s it II oenti, 15 c nt U'h teC tt, n;U12oeot?, Cotto'i Check at 10 oeids, worth 12, I,4 ' nfel?*ohed Cotton at 9 cents. Good Tab e i men at 83 and 75 c*nU, W&* ^tnen At ? ?"?! 37 cents, White ail Wool F anne. at 2S. 30. as a.iui <n Ha.^b.nCWoB Fluir?l, t*.t Red FtoaiH, .'he*/ ?0?# Mvmb M ftad l-to *, ? * % Wttm CtUfcnlB ui Brttlil CdnMa. 9a? Fsakcisco, October 90 ?Tbe wreck of the iteamer Granada (which 1a the vessel lost off the Heads. Instead of the ship Meteor,) was sold on the l*th for ?9,400 to the California Steam Navigation Company. The general impression is that the enelnea can be removed uninjured, and will be worth *40,000. Tbe stasmship Cortex sailed this moraine far Panama, with 1,0*2,566 la treasure?8911 000 far New York , ?,(* for Ragland, sad fSO.OiO far Panama The Cartes alsa took stiver are to (he Vila* of 9411,000, and 250 passengers The funatal of Brigadier Gen. Clarka, on tba lStfc, was atteodad by all the military aad a large caacourseof citlacas. Colonel Beell bai been offlcially notified of bit (uccenlon to the command of the department of Catlfcrnla by the deatb of General Clarke. Tbere are no new featnrea in the political eaaM Advices from Portland. Oregon, to tbe 13th Inst state that a bill providing for a Congressional election in November next had passed tbe lower house of tbe Legislature. Tbe ooject Is to null tv the late Congressional election, when a Breckinridge democrat was chosen. Tbe Dallas Mountaineer contains a letter written from tbe Umatilla Indian Reservation bv its superintendent, on tbe 3d of October, giving aa account of another Indian massacre. The letter says: ' Yesterday two brothers named Keith, arrived here, reporting that tbe train to which they belonged bad been attacked bv tbe Shoehones, or Banack tribe of Indians, that a large number of emigrants bad been killed, and the remainder driven away from their wagons and scattered. Th? man arrl?A^I V.? *?1 * a uv ihxh miivvw tv IU uuu rAUAUIiea. oaring I ?ubai?t*d on some dried hone meat for twentyone day*. The narnea of tbe murdered are aa follbwa : - J. Myera, Wm. Antlev. Lewla Lauaon. Justice Creeae, Charles Keraner, Elijah Otter ana Lla wife, tbree daughters and one aon "When tbe brotbera Keitb left tbe trai n there were alive: Joseph Myera, wife and tlvechildren; A MrMorman. wife and Ave children; Daniel Chsa?*. wife and tbree children; Samuel Gleaaon, Charles Jeffy, Mr Muuaon, and alz children of Klljih Ott?r When laat be*rd from they bad nothing to eat. Some provisions have been started to their aaalataure, and it la ho|ied they will arrive in time to save tbem from atarvation Tbe attack waa made between Salmon Falla and Fort Balae. If they are yet alive tbe supplies will save tbem " Correspondence from Dalles, dated Oct 10th, aaya Col. Wright had ordered Capt Dente with 15i> men Into tbe Snake country. They were to tart on tbat day. It was doubtful, however, if they c.ou'd releaae any of tbe flirvivors?many of whom were women and children British Columbia. Newi from British Columbia to the 10th baa been received The Government of Vancouver'! Ialand waa about to advertise to borrow S5O.0U0 at 12 per cent, interest, for the purpose of improving the harbor of Victoria. The mining news does not vary from the preTious accounts, and relates the usual items of discovery with nothing very startling The achooner Dudley recently sailed from Victoria on an exploring expedition to the Northwest Coast. She waa manned by a crew of six men, whose purpose was to thoroughly explore the coast for precious metals as far as Sitka. Tit* Damagi to thk Virginia a.*d Tkxnksskk Kaileoad.?TLe correspondent of the Richmond Dispatch says: '-The damaged part of the i.-A *.? * ? ? itwu nca wiwrcn iitwurrn ana w yxuevnie, extending a distance of twenty-eight miles There being two trains between these points wh'rh can go neither way, In consequence of tbe damage sustained, both In frontand rear of them; of course everything possible to tie done in the wav of repairs is being done. Superintendent Gill la actively engaged in doing all that can be done in putting the road in running order, while 8. W. Flckien & Co , the well-known stage proprietors, leave this city this morning, and will put V line of stages ou from Newbern to Wytheville, and make the regular connections with onlv twelve hours delay Luckily for the company, the road between Wytheville and Newbern Is one of tbe b st macadamized roads in tbe State, which, with other advantages, will still render this route preferable to others. The through mail has been ordered by the old route {or the present, while the Adams Exprett Company have already made arrangements to prevent delay, and to ensure the quick and speedy transportation of goods Intrusted to their care It Is siid that the connection will be made on S4turday (last); bat It Is Impossible to state at present what time the railroad will be made passable for the cars. Only one traln-a day runs at present, and that goes but 106 miles from this city." Th* Royal Flkkt ?The frigate Nile arrived at Halifax on Thursday last. The Stvx arrived on Tuesdsy Tbe latter left the royal squadron, with the Prince of Wales and suite. ?t sea th? Flying Fish wan far astern, not being able to keep up with the other vessels. AMUSEMENTS. yy ASHING ION THEATER. Leiseo.. .Mr. 8. W. Omi). Stage Manager Mr. Huxphkky Bland. Tirst Nit ht of Mr. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The great American Comedian. THIS EVENING, The entertainment will oomrasnee with Coleman's Comedy of THE HEIR AT LAW. Dr. Pangloss, L. L !>., A. S. 9 Mr. J. Jefferson To <r?nclud? with the first act of KOIIKKT MACA1RK Jacques Strop Mr Jo*. Jefferson Rates of Admission. Parquet and Or ess Circle SO cents O otiest<?r Chairs . #1 Private B"Ms ? ?s No extra charge for referred seat*. Bot Office open all uaj. Tickets lor tale at the prill.'.pal Hotels. It ODD FELLOWS' HAU TO-NIGHT! Wolfiteaberfer'i Mirror or ARCTIC REGIOMS! A new Painting, bj firat-claaa Engluh.Artiita, limn ran nf inn r.xpioraTlont < I !Mr John h rftulUin, Dr. Kane, and Captain McChntock. A* exhibited at K<]tptian Hal , London. forann consecutive nights, to mure than half a million of P'ople.aud a*exhibited before her Maiattv Quikn Victoria, and the Enti&b Court at Buckingham Pa ace. Those Paiutinga have bean pronounced, by European a n d A mkaicam CoNNOI* a (.< ?, to be the most euohautiuK productions of art:?tic kcliuk in the wo'ld, and are quite unlike any attempt* of pa' oramic ait. Produoed from oriental sketches, with every at-' tention to aoouraoy of detail, theee Paintings may be confidently relied on; while the subject itaeif la ' pete with scienti fie gems, and offer a a rare and intellectual enterUinnient. The attraction of the Arotic *nbj?ot?the wonderful artiatic merit of the laintinga?the felicity ol ilInatrat on?the aieganee ot dietion and eloquence of t.>ought conveyed by the lecture?rarely fail a to *nohain ev?r* cultivated i tsllect. Tne ihrilliOK *cer;V? orthoae daring nav.ratora of th * ArctioZone are eortrayed with a vividne-a so eta t ing that tb? audience are led to believe thepiaelrea actually amid the aoeaea repre?ented Kaoh aoeue i* adorned ia freeeo with authentic portraits by Winter baiter, of tha principal Arotio celebrities. Lecture by*d Smith. K?q., of London. Admisaion ?5 oeiita; children 15 cents. .i.ibaral arrant einenta made with aehnol* to exhibition on Saturday afternoon, November 3d. l>oora open at 7 o'clook; Entertainment comraencee at 8 o'clock. 8e? deapriptive billa. no 5 tf BALL8, PARTIES, &c. |JURRAH! HURRAH?! HURRAH!!! PAWNEE BOYS~I/i THE FIELD! The first GRAND COTILLON of the PAW NKE OLUB will be given on THURSDAY oft KV K NIN O, No v. 8, at A nacostia Hall. Navv jjm Yard. Coaches will positively leave the hall Ct the close of the party to convey pertonsuflA ome. Tickets 50 ots., admitting a ge- tlemau and ladies. There will be a sufficient police force to keep perfect order. Committet of Arrani'tntnt* A. F. Lowe, R.J. Nicholson, f. \V. Nicholson, W. H Suit, . J Myers, W. E. Hlodei, J. Gordon, F. J. Grace, eo Thompson, J.K.Gordon dq6 St* IOOK OUT J FOR THE SILVER CUP ! Thsmsmb-rsoftheOUR CLUB respectfully anno one* to the citizens of Washington and M Georgetown that the* willgive a Grand WM. IIAL.I. U KOIIXHT HiLL, U?or(?tovi. OlJH TUt SUA Y EVENING, Nov. 6th, on whichSfc uocmioii a Silver Cup will be present**] to the Club havingthe largest numlter of members present. Each Club will be expected to bring their ennstitotiou with the li t of members' names attached thereto, No meinl>er<)faoiub will be reoognised ae such unless properly hedged. The eummittse pledge themselves >o ipare no pains to make this tkr Ball of the season, 1 ioki ta 91 Admitting a gentleman and ladns. CmrmiMM J. E. Collins. W. F. Davie. John H Parkhnrat, J. T. Clem-nts, W. Davis, James Euhns, John T. Neill. no S-ft? Firtt in War, First in Peat*, and FirU is tks Htartt ?PHR FI^I8T^RAND*^}Tr^L ON PARTY 1 of the GEORGE WASHING TON 3*. OUADBllil-J ASSOCIATION will ttktjfl pi?oeat Thorn'* Hall oa MONDAY, Not.AA 12. Vohrocder'* oalebratad cotillon moaia i?ls^ H(?ad for the ooouion. For farthar particular* a futureaJvartiMot?nt Br order M Coauaittoo. oMt' r'w.www_ OF ! CWMOnD. f aib PiaTTii ?? aa!> AUCTION SALES. Br CLEARY * GREEN. Auctijcmt*. 606 Am Ik strtet. HORSK, Kl'stiV AND U-RNF.9J* at AI'CTIOB -On $ATURl>A\ MORNING. Ui? *1 Norwbt, V? lUll mU ib froat n| o?r Aicuo* Room, 404 Ninth itrtfc ?t M o'o ock. a too4 vorfe ud ri4mt HorM.VfMtli wi w >rk wall ia ?iuf ! or d w>l?'Wc?w, Bold f?>r bo ImI( ocW CLEARY 4 ?TTkhN, A act*. c^thb above sale 18 postpoxed OB MMM mf the veathar, until TU fctDaV morning, th* 6th bos clptmty a fihekx. Aact?Bf CLKlRY A GRKKN. Anctiuntfri. 506 A t?-4 * treat. Large j?alk op second handcar PITS, BlMTKlM. TilLU, ClilU, Willi TtKM.ko.-Uu UATU1DA> MoRN'INU, ik? Si Nor#inb?r, w- ?hail <*! I is froi t of oar AuoTub (Loom, No. Af>0 Ni?tli afcacf, at it o'a'oa*. a. m , a larr* lot of Car pat* an Karnitara froa a large Hotel in this oitr- eonaiatiac of ab^at? ra yarda Valrat TapNtrr careata, 490 do EBgliah Braaa tu CaraoU, ?do yary wood Ihraa-piy Caipau, do Ingrain Carpet*. Alao. a lata lot of? Matocaay Si 1? board* and Bartafl* Mihniut >.J UI.I..I 1 Mah^Iajiy and Walnut MaTt>i*?top Leaf aad other Mahoganv and Walnut and Can* Mat Chairs Plain Wa?h?tand?, Tablo, Wardrobtw, And many other artie sot aaoeaaary to m?ate. forms o4ih. oc SO <fctat?) CLEARY * GREEN, AaoU. IIjrTHE ABOVE SALE l!* *T*?TPO>fED on aoooant of th? nun until TUESDAY MOtMING, Um 6th instant. no ? CI.EARY 4 ORBFN. Auotm. By A. GREEN, A?<tivB<*r. HARDWARE OP EVERY DtdOllPTfnN. El. Cakpintesm'and BciLDtaa'Tooi.a, * c .Ac . at Auction.?On THURSDAY tkeata imitBt, I atiall eel', in front of my at >re. at 10 o'clock a. m.. a Urge and aenerai aa*ortni?nt >f B>iildera' Hardwire an.l Too'*. Tl'? trad*. haUti*ra a?d o >a>ama a art reapactfully invit d to attend the aa-a, aa ail the gooda wi 1 be aold without reaerre. Term* eaah. no 5-d A. 6 KEEN. Aa*t. By A. GREEN. Auotioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN SQUARE No. 469, os ihi Ulakd. at ArcTio?.-On FRI 1>A\ . November 9;h, 1 sbail aeii, in front of the premiaea, at 4 o'e'oek p. tn., the following uamrd handanme bailuirif lot*, via? l.ota N??a. 5,6,7,19,2", 22. aud 2i, in ?^nare N? 469. oonUiniLj in ail betwen 211 and 37 tHoaaaad tquare feet of ground. Thia yr- p?rty front* oa ao.ith '< and I atr<eta. between *isth and Seventh atr >et? weat. and will l>? a?ld in lota to aait pur chasera, from 16 *o 2S feet fronta. I'ermc On* qn&'teroaah b\l%noe in6.12, <t,and 24 montha, the purohaa*r to gi? ? aotaa for deferi ed Saymenta. bpa-ing interest from day of eaJe. A etd g: ven and a deed of traat taken. no 5 U A HREKN, Awet. By A. GREEN. Auotionear. AvfPnw %jm IT a> a a u ?>? ??? 'u t tfiiimpn ' oAbn nr "ifi 4 UHE OF 'I OxMat Attctio*?On TUESDAY. tki IStk day of November next will he sold at the Washington Navy \ aril, at U o'ciook an., oh Yoke ?f UlMt Terans oftah in ap-oie. The om can be MM upon application at the Navy Yard. ool7-law*aa A. GREEN, Anot. Will be adaed to the above Sale, a Tenoning Machine. Br order of the Navy Agent uo5-la<r*da _ A. GREEN. Aaet. VKH Y VALI'ABLE~SERVANT OIRL FOR v ?>A I.E.?A likely, well di-posed, and exee I *?.t general house s*nrva*t about & year* old. a??l a slave for life, will be sold to aoy gov t tamil> within the District of Colnmliia. Apply to JAM EM C. McGUIREA CO , AjoUji and Cominiuwn Merohanta. r>o 3 6t A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS. NY Onede?iring f eight?much or little?barrels, balea, boxes, t)uuJI??, or, in feet. an* thing, safely transported and delivered between Washington. Georgetown and Alexandria, ma* laplicitl* upon the Express Wagona of the under aigued, which run r<-gularlT every day between tl?o?e citiea. Orders entered upon the sltteeof his express at the Star Office, at Baton's Grocery Store, or at K. Wheoler's Ha-dware re will be promptly attended to, and at very mod. rate charges. T H. STILL WE I.L. noS-lw ( Late Osborn'a Express) OCTOR WILLIAM P. JOHNSTON HAS rentovid Ins reaideuce to No. 329 11 stie^t, between I4?h and 15th streets. Ilia ntfin* ?ri 11 Ka ?*/*? > ? l-?- ?: Ui? viuw ? i/w vv?u?iuaoM Bk ma iv iiier roildene, No. 4b?? Seventh street, where u?MljM nifty ! * eft, day or aighL FOR RKNT- In the houie No 466 Seventh sL, two very elin le snita of Unfurnished Koonia,oon sitting each of two roomt communicating, with servants' room kitchen and us* of bat" room ?upplied with hot and cold wat*r, &a. Alao, on* single ro?m with south exposure. Apply to BERNARD H0OE,Esq , reaidiag ou the premises, no a-3f JJEQtUSITES FOR EVERY FAMILY. Spalding's Prepar-d Glue, with Cap and Brash. Dover's Extra AdLesive Afuoiiage, with Cap and Brush Daniets' new and superior Indelible Ink. no pres ar%ti?n, and with Cloth stretcher attaohed. The treeputup in a nest ationg box for ready use; priee for the three 75 oent?. Th i Fatui y Expanse Book, for keeping a correct aooountof monthly and yeaily expenditures; price 2S ooiita. Fanny Wash Book, a simple mode of keeping accounts with the laundress; piie?2< to 37 onn Forsaisby TAYLOR k. MAIJRI, Booksellers and Stationers, no 3 St 334 Pern, svensa. VALUABLE SERVANT MAN FOR SALE. With a view of obtaining s good ma ter the owner would offer great inducements to any tentlcn an desnint to purchase for hi? own us*. Hs is locuntoiiked to the r. * n.- - n ^ i t ?f occupation*, and ia a!.out thirty five ycara cf a<e. Reference will he given to his former employer* *j to hnncaty and hoelitv Ii.quire at the Iihium O?o? of T. M. HANSON, No. 630 8eveotk street, oppokite the Ictflhienoer offioe. no 3-eoSt OAA I BS. WOOLEN YARN in Blue, Gray toUU B ack, White and arnlom oo or*. Woolen and Cotton Ho?iery and Glove*. Gentlemeu'a Ribbed Wooi Shirt* and Drawers. Thr good* ar? extra quality. Silk Shirts and Drawer*. Merino HhirU and Drawees of all grades. We would call particular attention to oar well a**ort?d (took vf a I kind of pry Good*, auitalde for all o Mae* of persona, all or wki h will be soU1 at the lowest maiket prioes. WM. R RILEY & BRO.. No. 36 Central Store*. bet 7th avd 8th sts., oo ?-Stawliii p|iyoeitoCeat'e Market STH K UMPIRE ASH. BLIND. DOOR. AND MOULDING EST* AULISHMENT, No, 163 Skvxxth StaxxT, unwnli Center Nariti 11. 6. CORNING, PccctiaoB TO h. w. Hamilton * co. I take thia opportunity of oalling the atteation of Carpenter* and Bin der* to the immense a took of bABH. DOOR!*, BUNDS, MOl'LDINIiS. *e , Jco.. now in atore and daily receiving from the manufactory. ithta become a welt-knowa fae?. ihat the materiala furniahed from thia ea'abhebmcot arf aeoon<i ti dou \ Our a took we warrant manufactured from we I eeaaoned unber, and ioiahed by expetienoad worknes. We do not he?itate to aey thitt we unif have in atore the moat ooaplete a took of the above-mentioned a*tiolee erer Wore of >red in thia %io>nity, to whisk we rMpccually invite theatteution of the public. 8AVK YOUR TIiTE AND HfONRV, by purchtxng your Huilding Materia'a at the Old hktabiikhmenl. No. 56:1 t*e>enth at act, where you will set a good artic e at a lair prioe. OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT la we'l a took ad with a No 1 article of all the varioaa aixe?, atjlee, and thiokceaaea. A amal. lot of Premium Fancy Front Doo'?, waish are worthy the attnmion of thoae about buildinc?having drawn the firat premium at the Pennaylvania State Fair, and manufactured at the Empire Milla of Mcaara. Potter & Co. ODR SASH AND BLIND DEPARTMENT la alao oom?lete with a<t aisna and 'trlM, to which we call particular attention. Glased tftaah T t It oi. hand. Hut Bad Saeh, lnaide Shuttnra, Ac., furnished at ahort notion. OUR MOUI.DINtTDEPARTMENT ia alao oorap eta with all the at;lea now ia ren'rU an. We are alao prepared tor raiahMou&ngaof any dnairnd pattern. AI?o, all kinda ?T Turned Work, Snroll Sawing, Newell Pona, Baln'tnra, Door Kram?a, an* Window Frames, of all kinds. Alao on haa ?,a general a-a- rtmeot oi Glaia, fattr, Ae . which wo are offering at low mtee. fry A caJl ia aolioitnd and aatiafaotion given or o aaln. N. B.?A liberal disoonnt for oaab. N. O. CORNING, Proprietor of thn Empire Saah. Blind and Monldiaa Eatabluhmnnt, Bo8 tf No. 363 Seventh street. tl/ASHlNGTON SAVINGS BANK, TT 41IX Nihth St ,aaam Pa. Amirs. PROFITS TO THE DEPOSITORS. Open to receive depoaita from 10 to 1 o'elook. Trustee? Jacob Gideon, Geo. C. Anna, James H. Canaten, John H.mraia. Edward Hall, Ang. P.. Par y. George liuina, Wat G. Deiaie T. J. Ala;ruder ? ? JACOB GIDEON. President, ion D. Biuour, Treaauier. Thia inatitotion will p?y to tbe depoaitora at thn rate <>f four per cent per annum cut of tha miti of buaine>?, aid divide la three yeara the aurplna profits aiuoni auch depoaitora unji baeatitied uader the ruTea. The Traite?a confidently olaim the hetrty eo oaetaiioa aw) aatro mi of all who feel the Med of s aaio depository for the earn in a and aanaffa of iedurtry and eooo?y. OttateefcC?.) ?o J-lw JUST RECEIVED TO DAY TWO MORS 'as43ii?n?.s.r,L^ <*?. > by Rev. 8. k. T*ft, D. !?.. LLTD.; U?m>m !?** ; pri e f 1? by mai. &55t& .. 4 .. - u . r> **m ' t ? 'v||* v> AUCTION SALES * rifTUKti l)AY* By A CRKKN, Airt c.Ktt. ADMIMSTWATORH SAt.K. bV OR UK* #f t?i ( oriT,?r Moi-ti.Cow, P**i> Wauaii, ktM*. Iiuim bun roa WiMI, Fill J'tlSD. I L-TVt'KN XCtLH.! *OU poeiitat** tiiimum, Ac .Ac , at Arcn?a. Oi SkTlH1/A \ , Uh M It; n' Npmtor,! iMI Mi , bt ?wfor of ttM ? t Co?rf, I fro t of mj Alcii00 bU re. at I0o'oi.-c? a ?... tii* i?n???l ?f I eu of Phillip H Vuiri^i *. d ? Mik, yi? : 1 Rsmu Crar 9mW WMj?. 1 Bofrr. 1 1 t' rn.ll rr OK.'mm. 1 Hulk PumtuM - 1 lot^biu*< Wikdow 9wk let of *'4 Laator. Ut( l8(KOiM.t? .U. Al?o tk? Boun, ftttd ft F*od SUM la Outer Mft k-t. fronting na rtrwt. wkick will to > 4 at II ft'olco* ft m Thrifts: A l >IM mmdt $? oft'k; ? r* A? ft or*dit ofeo ftad W> > ftT*. sfttia aot.ny oods>ra?4 ftOU?, beftrinr inter**!. WEEDBTEAEE. A4-.."*rftter. o?Sl-St A. OKKK.X, 4mL C7TIK ABOVE BAI.E T8 POeT?0**? oft ftftftoMBt of lk? r? a, i?b. TUEADAi, tto IU ia tftol. mm kour. Br wwr oftM A4a ommlor. ?o? A. GKEEW, AaaC Br A. GEEEN. Aaotioeoor. UOESES. COW*. COEN. FODDER, AND EX. Nrrn. CA*BtA?? tun Hiimi Matir W iuOK. CUT. Gtlli 1 StIM, UliT Ittl Kiuh a A?D ?? . feABftlB ?1? Fftftmxn UtB'SILB ft c , Ac., arb Fain P?? Rest at Acctiwb ? Oa WEDNESDAY, tfc*T?h OA. ofNoT^b-r. | ?E-Ti II ftt tko r?sidM>o? ftftd M?'knP?r*?fMr? m?Ifttd* Wi'attt, ft*> at bftlf ft ml* frow U? Nirj \ ftrd B.idgo adioiciac tft? |?rm? of Col N*yior, John A. &autk, ftftd ATA. Bom. At IX o'?lvftk.?.. tkftfo'.lowiftc good*, m? . 3 uexiMt Work Hon**. 1 Cow, mv tiring Milk; lot of Com. Foddftc adI 8k?ok?, C Amoco tag ftftd Gftrdfta aiaaaila. Ae? fto. Tko Fftrm ooctftiaa fifir tbr*? Aorri ia ? kick teU of oaltiTAt on, witk ftft vxoollrat b?|i<i.i.a tkoroua. And will b? r*atod to tk* kickoot b dd?r fti J lhe am Uim. *??w Toona e?Ah. . flM loj A. 6KKF.X. A Bat. ' kA. GRKfcN, Aactiooaor. ii SALKorVALl AB1.K BflLO . 1 iae bora on Tmstm ?tbeet wmt, iitwui " D ill K ITtKBT* WORTH, AT A CCTIOH ?OB BA I - ?' l ROAY,NorMnt?r i*th. 1KB, I afcaii Mil . froat . > oftk*?r**iw? at 4 cYloet f m , by nrtMot i dMd oftr?at to tha aubaeribor, bwinc dat? tW U da? of April, 1MR, And r*oodad < Liter J. A.? . No. 1*', Tolioa TIT. Ac., one of U?? lar d rword* for Waaninc ton sovsti, in tk* DiataaoC *t Co iskn, tk? following dMonbcJ prop/-tr.^y >ri and t-amf In U# city of WaahiafUMi, Oiatriet afuraaaid. t*?: All th?l pi'OOor p?ro*l ?'f tround knoVR and I*>?1 down on tha plat ofmd eity aa tha north ha f of Lot naaiborad tvelra.dJ.i taaaouth ba f iimtwrM tb>rt*?at(iS.) la H?ar? aanbnrrd 'h'aa haadrad ar.d aavaaiy aigkt cn?,? atd eoirpnaad id tha folio vine metea aad boanaa. to vii: Cotnwaacnic Ior tk? a aid half lot number ?J twelre at the noithv- at oorner uf aoid tot, awl ranting thano* aouth vilk tha llaa of T?ntB at waat tvaitt irt f*M atz mm a nail t no one, (? laet i>H iuobae:i U?m>c? iut onehandr"d ud mtm f-?ai two inohaa (1'7 'eat 3 l ? ehaa ) to the ritr of Mid lot; th?no* north twmty In wt mz and a Half inch* is m ?S iaohM?M tba point of dinuot between M>d lota tv*l?a aa? thirteen; and th?ooe waet with Mid Oniioi lia* ooe hanorMl and *t?b fert two tachaaf 1C7 fort 3 iLokosi toTfnth it<Nt waet and plaoe of b?ciniac; a no baciaiac for the eatd part of I ot IS at the eoathwsotoornar of eaid lot, oa Tenth atreat waet, atd rannia* thaaoe north with the una of 1 th atreat w?>t twenC* threat. (fj f H.I tto?no? aaat oaa band red aad erveo f-*t two inch** 1?T f at I inehaa) to the raar of Mid lot; M-et.ce aouth twenty ft ? ? <? fact) to tba aoiiit ofdiTiatotk. Wtm Mid I' UU an I 13; aad thence weat with Mid d-vietoa Una oaa huttdra' and Mven faat two iuohea (1?H 4a-t S tarhaa? to T?uth atreet waat and plan# of be- iai?c. with tha iiaarovaMonta, which are a brick d*e.hnihoo?e, ha. Tariaa of Mia: $4.000 aaah; the remainder in aix. etc hte?n m< n ha; the pariliaeor to jira note< for tha dafi-rtfd p%ym*nta, bearing inta-eet from day of Ma. A de*d g van aad a dead of tr net talc-n. All aoaveyanem* at I ha coat of tha pur caaaer- 8ho?l* the terma net be eomeiied w ith fivalaya th* Tru?t*? rraorre* th* n'jht to reaafl tit* iroHrt; at ttia rtak and ?-o*t of tL# E. C. CARRINGiSON. ffaaUa. oc3'-d?<U A. GWEK.N. A?ot Br CLEARY A UKKKN, Aaotiocaata, )06 A'tftU ktftti. ^TRUSTEE'* SALE OF MOU^H'M.D AND 1 kiTcm FcaxiTcax. Bab Room Fixmaa and I ujcoaa at Arcnoa ?Br nrtna of a u**d of traat from Jaoob Sohmidt to tit* and*' if am aa traataa, 1 thai proo?*d to a*ll, 01 MONUat.tha 13th oar of Noraabcr, at 1*) oVlock a m., all (m H >u*ohold xna KitebcM t>r itar?, Li?a<>r . Far Room Fix. .aa, Ae.. b#ia? iu 'he hoaaa oa Math traat, batwaaa Luuiaiana ?*?tae a*H O atrrat la tha eitr of Waanioaton, latalr oocayiad by Jao^h Schmist at a Raataarant, aach aa? K?*thar Bt da ao4 UtUrfiit, Bad?taaia, Baco n* a .d Piik>wa, \Vardrob?'T^irirors, Tab ar, Cuaua, Fiotnraa, Byaaaa Carpeta, All na Lv^tfraaod Bar Rocm Fixtaraa, Btovaa, and many other aruaiaa too laaartM to Ta-ma of aa!e are for a'l aaraa andar R9> oaah ; ' orar that an a areditof 3?f. d?> da**, for actra aaUafaotorily aadoraad, b arinc intervat THOV a" \V H F. K K V Traataa. 4 Ci.LAKY A (iRLEM.'AnaU. oc 31-Wov > Sjtji IQAda By CLEAR Y A GRKKN Aaattonaara. dOC Wtn'k street, f^XTPNSIVE t"4LK OK VTOCI. GRAIN. Ci VnRiiiEi, Ftiaiiw Imfuvkti, C*a?i oaa, Waooxa, HoraaitoLD FviMriia, 4t , btfloacioc U> tha e??at- of ih? lat? l>ar aa C.aiati, fl anna and at Hiblie Amhn*? ? pbiiuv SATURDAY.ttMtTvkand ITU of aef, we (tell Mil. at the fviaurf imUmkm oi Ji? IiU Danes Clacvtt. deceased ?t 11 oVoek a sa. <* the Seventh street tar&pike,(Ue tec ?a tb?rjad will deeif eate the plae*, e*oet I was frorm th? city, ail of the Fereo al Rf-ate bMoaiiac to the aid dtoeeaed, g id pa^t of? 5 fin* farm work a?>d carr-at* Horse*, ShmIkdI Mileh Cove, 1 Huf.-r, '.?Ho?s,lMili,lM?le, 4 Hark-i W ax u?. for one oi two boreee, 1 fine Family Carriage, Harness and Cover, 1 do. Sma I d;>. do. do. 4 Carte, a large lot of Harneea, 99 seu of coif-jlete Ha*aa?e, 60*1111 Maohine. tlors# Rakes. Ro >rrt, ow? of every d'senpu and make itt ng boxe*. Core aad Cab Crasbera, Har'oei. Celt; vat >rs, Wheat I?nl e. Rekia, Hoes, Fo k?, fta, P< tato l*igrer,! sate r^w Hernaes, Waron Rod tee- Bar sees Hacks. t*ievae. Wheat fkn?.wt?e: Ibir ow? ScTth*?. Cradlee. Threahmc **an?>ie<?? in rf?ct ordf. W ith a large tot of e?her lrotWmerts, too aa 40 aorec of growing NVbaat. cos in tie oi4er, w U?m of Timothy ana Clover Bay, an- bushels of Aeaiteot l'otatoes. 22 ? atalka oTfna Calerr, I lot offioe r'abt^ca. ~ V Large lot of Straw and I ,onc Foddar, p l|toirtC?>ta',(K kt|< t All ? lot of hot- t*d sa-.ii. ALM)* The H?U3EHOLP KFPECTS, oonaiatiac ' part of? Piano. 8U>o'. and Cover Mahocany **+>(*, Mahoaauj Parlor GLaira.Kooker, io , i)o itcviataad. anirob<*, an<1 Puraan, Da Marbla top. fen're and other Tablea. Patent Sick akair. Gilt and B*onae ^an-ialabra*. I Parlor Window Cartel"* and Ornamaata. Large i?t prime Gaaaa Pea. her *,10 Bad a, Bolatara, and PUlnv, EzoeiUat white earlad Hair Mattreaa?a. Do Parlor, ('ha bar. and Ha ! CarpaU. Toilet Sata, Mirror*. Phuck and Cotton Mattraaaaa, Large lot of Badding. <-<>a*iatiac of baa a ti fa I Blanket*. CouJorU. Qui U, Linaa Bbaataaad C &H0* Badateada, WaahatanHa. Bareaoa. Cham, Cooking, Kadiator, liai - and Chamber Mutm, Andiroaa, Bfcoval aad Tone a, Paadara,aad Pira? viainii n?n, *nu v/iumnor IftOlN, Hand ?o me plated Teo Set an<l Paatora, Silver Spoone, L*dl??. aad Forks, One oth. C<ooa~aud Straw Matuag, Chi aa, Giaaa, aud t'rockery Wart, Torether with a 'erfe and exoelloat auortant of Kitohan, PMlry.aad Dairy War*. Terms'fatlf: All earn* aador fs> oaek; ow #??, a ore;it oft, 4. and 6 m >nth? will be firoa. Ia all omu noUt maat be aatiaVsrortly tadoriM, b?an?( internet, aed ude payable at MM Wak In the 011? ofWaahiafUia O" W? deaire to oaT particular attention to th* above aale. 't ia by Car the a^oat lateraetiac ?uo that baa erer Ukea place ia tki* vioiaity. Omibaaei will ?tart for the place of aalo oa tka moruir.c of raok day at o'cloek from the door of tfea AaoUooeor* oa ?Ui etroet. wmr the aveww. W. H. CLA?? KTT. Adnmuatrator. ? ?-d>d CL.EAKY 4k CKKEN, Aooka. CtlENCHk RlCHmiND ? r B ClLETI/T OF NSW BOOKS, * fob 1mb ajtd 18*1. 'History *f ttM Uf? aud Ti roes of J awes Madison, bj Wrl C. Ritw; rot. I, now read* wotusn o7 the South far 1861 Loftl of the Poets for 1861 National edition of ImVi Work* I Test rated UrW* New l!lu?tr%t?d Edit oa of Cooper Juvsnilet for 1811. Plcass aall and look at o?r stock of JaT?niie Blocks, Games. Ac. Masonic, Odd Peliow., Military, MwUmmI. ArciiilooUit&l, Chees, sad Biiltard Books, alsrajs on kaad. Cainille; Irotn lbs French of Aisxsnd*r Dumas, the voaa(*r ; l2mo; oloth. Prios 01 St, bj Mil. All the abor* works seal by mail free of po.8a?e on the reoeist of the prioe. Oar asaaf discount given on ail bos ad books bone ht at oar store. _ FRENCH * RICH9TE1N, No ITS Pa. amrnt, Washington. b. c. Po-t OBoe. Boa Tift. oc It 8mr as-plus; ?raaiSii?5Ra!iLte c*.h, ?t the old ,UK*CLAorTT kDrtWWI, oett (Mo N*. 4 Mwtn <>??* UALTiMOKIC LIFK IN8URANCK CO.?I*D oouMiriu |uu ?Jour L Dwwaxw, fwn ?."T* .ysr%. ? DATCHKLOK'B INIMITABLE RAIK UYK. D *M ftl< &r?t-? mi TmI?C ArtflM. fcr mm a* ?IBBS'S Wi(, BnuU.uUU*ri?u?lMt?r<il4l A Hi *? ! . Mr 1*h at ? *?? ml ?N MiniNM-MHimik - - * -<

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