Newspaper of Evening Star, November 6, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 6, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TITESBAY mreaXf *. ftririi ( the ntrilai fr?"The CtnstitwtioH sums up tbe canvass of INK) sod say* a final word to those who receive to-day'I paper before the polls cloae. Tbe Imtrllifmrer dearanta upon the dlfferen ieodea of political discussion?the fcrgnmeatatlv< and threatening? showing the superiority of th< termer. |fj- Thanksgiving in Wisconsin, Novembe 29. This is the twelfth State: U7"l? tb? third Congremonal jlistrict, In Ne* York city, John C. Mather withdrew late on Sal urday afternoon, leaving the field to Benj \Voo? as the sole democratic candidate. Immediate); afterward the Tammany Hall Convention met an< nomibaied John Y. Savage, jr. Coxstiii.?Sixty nine members of Ccngrea are to be chosen to-day in eight Northern States whose State elections occur at the same time a the Presidential election. There Is much interes attached to thcae elections, for the political com plexloa of the House in the next seasion will de pend upon them J7"Mr W. H. Mann, agent on theOrangean< AkexandriaRailroad. states that all the back mail from the South were s?nt North on Sunday, am that the connection between Newbernand Wythe tile, with the express mall and paiaengers, on tb Virginia and Tennessee railroad, (damaged b the late raina) is now regularly made by ctage. !H7* The outrage perpetrated at Rio Ha^he. Nei Granada, by the revolutionary troops, against tb person of our consul and the flag of 1 nlted states baa been promptly redressed by Captain Poor, c the ?loop-of-war St. Louis. Captain Poor d< (banded that the American flag should be hoist* by two Grsnadian officers, that the troops shouli file under it, and afterwards salute it with thre volleys The authorities at first endeavored t evade giving this satisfaction, but Captain Poo was peremptory, and they were compelled to com ply with his terms. |T'?? TU. ? Q . ?* y. / m uc oaiuuivrr r?ua wy? iuai iup Ilinsn "Winan, of that city, are now making their ar rangements to begin at an early day the construe tion of another steamer after the model and con traction of that which for a year or two past fca attracted the attention of the marine world. Th< new steamer will be TOO feet long, and will b propelled by two wheel* driven by eight engine of immenas power. She will have a space tw hundred feet long and 30 feet In diameter. Th msin will - ?:m ?41 ? ? - r..m.WVIUIU( w IUC pctiBcaiinn weigh30ton*. The new ihip will be constructs with high pressure engines, and the builders hav no doubt of success. Persaaal. The New Vork correspondent of the Bo?<oi Post says that the author of Rutledge is Miss Har riet Lane, the niece of President Buchanan. - - It is said that .Mrs. Dan Rice has brought i suit for divorce against her husband The wrong! of which sh? complains are not stated. The eloquent and prominent Independen clergyman, Rev Orutlan Guinness, has been bap lised, but not into the fellowship of the Regttlai Baptist Churches, in England. lie has united with the Plvmoutn Brethren, and was immersed by Lord Congieton. one of the preachers of tha numerous body of Christians lie is expected with Lis brtde. to arrive in this country during this month, and to resume hU labors as an Evan gelist. ?PrevidtHce Pref*. A San Francisco fitter of the 17th to th< New York World says:?"The gallant Col F W Lander, of overlaud wagon road expedltlor celebrity, has just been joined in the bands oi wedlock v 1th the distinguished and favorlti actress, .Miss Jane M. Davenport. Th? R*v Thomas Starr King officiated at the ceremony which took place in tbiscity on Saturday even inc. The happy couple started immediately or an overland expedition to San Jose, to pass th< honeymoon at one of the delightful retreats ir that valley. It Is understood that Mrs l.andei will retire from the stage immediately upon the completion of her present engagements on th? Atlantic side. Gov Banks's position in connection with the Illinois Central Railroad, for the purpose ol araumlng which be has gone to Chicago to reside Is that of " resident director." He represents tb< president and directors.%* ho are scattered over thi country and Europe, and cannot attend to the vast duties required of them from day to day; henc? this additional office is found to be necessary H? sits as grand supervisor of the entire business ol the corporation, which is divided into depart ments like the government of a State, only mor? vast and difficult than the government of most 01 our States. If a question ariaes which be decline) to fake the responsibility of settling, be can. i: Lie luvrni. niunm 11 Mi me next regular meeting of the directors Governor Bank*'* salary la to b< S?.5UU a vesr, which la 9A.5W more than he re ceived aa Governor of Massachusetts. Row at tbk RtrrLiCA.i hiad^rahtris is Baltimobz ?The Sun of thia morning says " Karly yesterday afternoon a difficulty occurred at the'republican headquarters, which led to tb? arrest of A. C Williams and W. Wolf. Policeluan Muran was In tbe neighborhood at the time ai>d *aw 1'boiua* Junes aud another enter the dooi on Fayette at , and almost immediately a spittoon was hurled out of tbe door and lnt? tbe street; tb< next moobeat Jones was knocked Into tbe street The policeman went up into the room sr.d arrested Williams After he got on tbe sidewalk, Woll Interfered, and It was alleged attempted to strike Moran with a loaded cane, and Policeman Eckerl amsted hiui. They were conducted to the central p?>lii e station.where Col. \V E Coaie ottered hi ins* If as ?*.11, and was refused on the ground that be was net the possessor of anv real estate. mouy D De Untitled to the possession of SMJ,UO(> lu bank toe);. A 'nan nam?d Lock hart ottered him el. as bait and be teatitied to tbe possession of i house valued at ft-tfo or $<500; but Justice Hiss required Sl,uu0 bail; in default of whi> h both Williams and Wolf were committed for a hearing." Tme Votioi New York ?The result of tb? Presidential election it pretty generally regarded as d< pending upon the vote of New York Stat*, and tt? result In that Slate will dei/eud very much upon tbe vote of New York city. The Daily New*, upon an estimate of a total of HMMjUO votei polled io tbe city, claim* a majority of GO.OOU foi the Uaton fusion ticket. The Journal ef Commerce think* that 4U.UHI majority la tbe city will l>e sufficient to carry the State against Lincoln TLe Tribune gives tbe fusion ticket 3u WO majority in the city, and claims that the combined ma jority la '50 against Fremont will be everbornc ai the present contest by republican ^slus ia eight ronn'ir* It estimates the total vote of the St*t< thus Lincoln fusion.fc?i,'>17; majority f?i Lincoln MJiUS It I* evident from thtsestatementi <md estimates that whilst tbe reault to-day, if any election la m;?de by the people, will depend npon New York State, the focu* of tbe contest will be New York city. Steam Expansion Kxi-esixests ?A aeries cl ex peri meats have lately been atede by Mr. H F. Isherwood, a chief engineer In tb?- I'. S Navy, to teal tbe ce pabtlities of u? >m - ?^<iHaivu. j im5 rrsuits provrd so novel aud so different from rerei ved notions on this subject that it li-is l>r?-n tboo^bt to b? of tbe utmost importance. both to our naval and romnifrdii s'eam marine, that th?-se experiments abould be reprttted on such a scale asmi^ht make tbe trats^hd their results aa?:sfa. tory to all, Tbe matter has been brought to tne notice of it* Navy Department by some uf tbe inosl extensive engine buiklersaud manufacturers?rxjuiring great strain power is their operations?of New \ ork; and tbe Secretary of tbe Navy, In accordance with their representations, will shortly have tbose expertmeats repeated on alirvt scale?Wa%K.Cor N. t TJmmU Cold Contort?Tbe Raleigh Mandird. the organ at tbe Brer kinrldge party la North Carolina, refers to Got. Wise s late explotioa in Prln teas Anne, and savs: "We regret to have to record the above Gov Wlae Is la favor of disunion in the event of Lincoln's election He says be will look to Virginia. North Caroiipa, Bonth Carolina, Georgia ana Florida, to 'leap at once, for herself and by beraelf, Into the contest ' Smik Carviima will tmkt n0 .'*ik ~"P u thoae recently made by Gov W taeby Mr Toombs of Georgia, and .Mr Brown of Mississippi, ar? Injuring the caoae of Breckinridge and Ltat.'1 Clot*ims Mane fact? a mo Tbasb According to the New York Herald, there la a Urge Buni>?r tf nteaatve Urn a in that city, engaged la tba wtieW?tio mauulwhirtBg clothing trade for the 8->uth, wboae capital inveated raagea from om hand red thousand doihua to half a ra 111 ton, and In sawe few eaaea probably reachea oae million of datlara Tbeae houses |riTa ?mployiwo?? to from twenty thousand U thirty tbsiissnd ope rati rea, lac Inning nlw and famlta, and roaprising poor Amertr&na. Irish, and Grtnui fernJilea Durkag Ux bight of the clothing business, many af the manufacturers pay in wagva ana thousand dollars a day. .. Til Bbimb CoaHmo ?The Alexandria car* crosaed the bridge acaaaa tha rlrar. aabavidistance above tbla city, far the Brat time, on Saturday areMini. Tba trark not wi.? . ? - " - <W*. Ib^T M ml3 T.'u 4? Sssasasar" ~ .^??. - ._ --. DEPARTMENT HEWS. DlSPATCHIS IB0M THE PACIFIC 9qtTAD?OH ? Dispatches were received at the Navy Department this morning from Flag Officer Alootgwnerr, of the Paciflc squadron He romnninicatrs t? the department all of the facta In regard t? the arre?t of two naval officers at Panama. In explanation Capt Miller, of the F.nKll?h ship Clio, states that, at the request of the British and French Coaaula. 1 guard* have been, since the late attack oa the town, stationed at tb? respective Consulates, In t accordance with the practice in such eases, and , that the sentinels were instructed to challenge during the night all persons, and that the arrest of t the officers arose froin tbeir refusual to answer the challenge The matter will probably be allowed to drop nere. Jfte fault lies with the officer* In * m a. - ^ At 1 11 muting u> answer tor rDaurnfgr Pl.g Officer Mont^oniTy also states that Ibe Narragansett sailed on the 8th inat from Callao r for Guayaquil with Caaaanova, our Conaul at that port, on board, with ordera to inquire Into the ' cause of the recent suspension of our Consular 1 regulations by the Franco Government, and to ref establish Cassanova in the exercise of hla consular 1 functions at that place, to which no opposition from the existing Government of Flora Is anticipated. * iKmLiGtsci rtoM Peku ? Di?patches have '> been received nt the Department of State from our a minister at Peru, whertin be states that having it presented the ultimatum of our Government on the 2<i of October, it waa rejected on the 6th; on the 9th be demanded bis passports, which, on the lltAk. _* it 1 * *1 J A _ M ?.* - ivm, at tue uour m me ur panure 01 ine LancaiKr from Callao for Panama, bad not been complied with. Caattlla, It appears, bad again renewed an 1 old and absurd proposition to submit the matter R to a third power, wbfch Is generally considered . nothing more than an Ingenious attempt for delay on the part of that government. Mr Clay, hav" ing demanded his pnssporta, obedient to lustruce tions, it follows, of course, that diplomatic relays tlons with Peru cannot he continued through its minister Zegarra; he will, therefore, receive his passports at an early day. The Acts In this case w will be l:tid before Congress in the President's forthcoming mestaue e = r? of Axkkican Claim* aoaiwst >f China?Mr. Ward, our Minister to China. states in bit despatches to the government that the clalou . of all Americans against the Chines- government, a extending from 1*4<i to 1857. have been fully dlsi charged under Mr. Reid'scommir^ial convention e of 1S58?principal and Chinese interest at twelve 0 per cent per annum??'*ty-flve In cash at this date and the rest in rapid collection, while Kngr land and Franc* have not received one farthing ; but, on the other band have Incurred debts to carry un me espeuiuon wnicn Will cost lilt respective governments million* of dollars. The Governor General, In bii communication to Mr. Ward, speak* in exalted Urmi of tba Americana and of deaire to continue friendly relations ' with the United States m s Advices riox I,ikct. Morto* ?Advices have e been received from Lieut Morton aa late as the . 18th of September. He was on the Pacific side, not far from Golfo Dolce, and expected to be at Cbiriqui lagoon by the 1st ef November. He reo ports tbe route entirely practicable Dr. Kvana e bad finished tbe geological survey of the Atlantic side, and reports an abundance of good coal. 1 From the Pacific side that coal existed~th?re also, but of inferior quality to the Atlantic coal. He e report* a ?e< ond route for the road over table landa to the divide, thmce by lower ridge and down the bank* of the river which empties into the lagoon This, he says, Is entirely practicable, hav,, ing crowed it In three days with bis men, carrying all their camp equipments.* ArroiXTMBXT or Comujjl.?Samuel M Wolfe, 1 fisq . of Va, has been appointed I'nited States Cousul at Navigator's Islands, situated In the Paci 11c ocean. They consist of eight Islands, estlt mated to have an area of 2,650 square miles, with a population of 50.IKX). The soil is said to be very r wet. and the surface exceedingly woody. ; 1 Army Istklliuescb ? First Lieut. Dana has ' been appointed as Acting Chief of Ordnance at < the headquarters of the D*[>artment of Utah. ' Capt. F. N. Clarke, 4tb artillery, has been designated as Artillery Inspector at the same Dort Naval Imtilligkhcb.?The United Stat-s brig Balnbridge arrived at Boston, from the Brazil station, on the 2d, and hat had her officers detached. ? Tna Wiatbu?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer Iran Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation Is about 7 o'clock. Novexbh 6, 1800. New York, N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, plensant. Washington. D. C clear, wind N , Petersburg, Va. clear, plearant. [ Norfolk, va clear, 7*2?. Wilmington, N. C clear, pleasant. I Augusta, Ga. clear, cool. if n _ i raocuu. qb. * ClOUtty. [ ColrmDin, Ga raining. . Mon.gomery, Ala. cloudy. Jackson, Ala rainy. r Mobile, Ala rainy, 60?. FROM TBI WEST. . Frederick, Md .'..clear, pleasant. f Hagerstown, Md clear, pleasant. i Cumberland, Md clear, cool. ( Grafton, Va clear, cool. f Wheeling, Va clear, 34 J, wind N VV j Parkersburg, Va clear, pleasant. Cincinnati. O clear, pleasant. Cleveland, O snowing, :ki3. Barometer at tbe Smithsonian at 7 ?. m , (cori rerted for teir.peratnre,) *iO,W?P; at noon, Thermometer at 7 a. m., 45*; at noon, S'2j [ Maximum during 48 hours, ending 9 a.m. to day, 01'; minimum 42\ \ , The Fremiet at Richmond?The Dispatch > savs Apprehensions of a freshet had been eu i icruinea in Kicbmor.d for several days, and ye?> lerday it commenced in earnest. Uetween eleven and four o'clock the rite at Mayo's Bridge wax I nearly three feet, and the waters rushed and I foamed over the rocks, affording a grand si^ht to the spectator. The small islands la the neigfcbori bood were partially overflowed, and the flshhoiises surrounded with water The cotton far;- j I tory at the southern extremity of the bridge will 1 probably have to stop operations until the freshet recedes. The wharves at RockrtU were subi merged in the afte noon, and water was flowing into the boat sheds at low tide. The river cod* i tinued to rise, and the general opinion was that the street would be overflowed daring the night A large quantity of lumber was lying oti the wharf and along the dock, which the owners were engaged la removing tu a more safe locality." k U o ~ tmeses?rue "Saints," on the 6th of October opened their semi-annual Con' ferenre, which lasted two diys, and was attended , by the most prominent members of thecburcb. On the second day Elder Orson Hyde delivered a lengthy discourse, and gave bis views on the present political condition of tbe United States [ He predicted that tbe Union would be dissolved ?that the negroes would be let loose up?a their masters; that tbe South would be compelled to call in th? aid of Great Britain, who, in ner turn, | would be compelled to rail in aid from some I other quarter, and concluded by prophesying a , and terrible day of wrath for this country, for their injustice to tbe Mormons Tbe Coufer, ence was tbe largest ever held in the city?some thirteen thousand persons having attended it. (p* Tbe New Orleans Picayune of the 31st ult. savik that private Tam|.lro letter* by tbe Nabum Sie'son state that JMliO of tbe Mexican specie conducta, some time since seized by nen Degollado. Las been recovered, and deposited in the , hands of the liritisb consul at San I.uls Potost. The balance of tbe *!-*?> ism i? m i- ?-- w? - . ...ik tu ?uc nanus of Degollado It Is also stated that several embasie* from tb? constitutional government, owners of Ihe money and foreign convil*t?*s, are on the way to De^ollado with orders to deliver op the balance to the rightful owner* Tbe bouse of Kobert Stewart, near Columbia, ft C , L iving been closed long enough to excite suspicion, was entered, and tttewart found lylnjj on a bed by the side of tbe dead body of his wife, which was horribly mutilated, i'ho head was severely cut in several places, and the body bad been punched and dlaflgured with a pi era of Iroa, which tbe fiend must have heated for tbe purpoae Be had been on a drunken fraltr ana wti Mill lit tb?t condition when he committed the horrible deed > fTHK CENTRAL BELL awd EVERETT IL3 CLUB will nxoet at Thorn's Hall THIS ijue?d?T) EVENING, and al?o TO-MuRROW EVEM at half pa?t 7 o'clock. Toe election return*, a* fast a* received, wi I be read to the ntMiiug. It* CHAP. I. CAN FIELD, Bee. rir9?fKVKNTti WARD REPUBLICAN CLUII.?A meeting of the Club will oe held atT?land H?II,(3U ?u>rj,> corner of tf*stk etreetand Vlrk-i'.i? arenee, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, November 7tu. at 7l. o'clock. _ fcfiLODOKE WHEELER.Pre*. Wm. J. Mukta&h, Bee. toW W?L'*lON PRAYER MEETING Will be Ij h lden ertij day thi* week la the New Yoilt avecae Ckareb./RoT. Dr. Garley'e) to oommeaoe ai a q carter paai 4 o'elook. to be eonUnned one Wour. no ? flT*',pU''l<>*AL VOLUNTEERS. ATTENUJs n()N.-iu?m repeated to meet at the IDeoH>cratic Association on WLDNMUaT EVENJaU, November 7th.M7 f r?cl*ljf|a?bu?iBeea ofim porta no* w?l: be i&arai ':r"" *" 3*8 PA. AT., brtwrntXEfiSflKif m Wasbimtmi, ? ?-? ^---.- -.- -- - Pilltlai M Ge?r|cta?a C?||?|?. - j Gkokoktowk, D. C , Not. 3, 18?U. I Editor Star: As the chief excitement now aeema J to he totally involved In the Presidential eur.wt. I do not thiak It amiss to communicate to row the mult of the election held at Georgetown College. Sunday eveniujr, the 4th inat. The North and South, at this tnatitutiou are both well repreaeoted At half put three p. m , the polls were opened and voting commenced, and resulted as follows: For Breckinridge 73 For Douglas ip ??.ii ror Bui IV For Lincoln 1 Breckinridge's maj over Douglas and Bell. 54 A great many students uot voting at all. Speeches were delivered bv members of all rmitte*, prominent among whom were Mews. Briaut and Carr, from Lonlslana; Barrett, from Georgia; Donneuan. from Alabama; Johnson, of Arkansas, and Walsh, from South Carolina; and Rtidd. of Virginia. Mr. Briant spoke at length, proved conclusively that the platform on which Breckinridge stood was n correct and just one, and defied any mortal man to prove the contrary. Mr. Carr came ont in bold and forcible relief, trif ruAjurru ill tuiur passa^Pg, rCTlfWlllg ID? Ksltlon of the North toward* that of the South r. C. v? her* accused of kgni; a disuniouist. "Yea, jientleinen," he repllf^F'if endeavoring to maintain the true spirit of the Constitution; If repelling Invasion; if opposing the hungry factionists eager for the destruction of the country; If presenting one's self as a shield against the varied assaults of our common enemies; It all this constitutes a dtsunlonist, then I am, In every liber, in every pore, and at heart, a disunionist " Mr. C. spoke but a short time His concluding sentence was: "Gentlemen. the whole country should beware how they act In the present crisis. If Lincoln Is elected President of the United States, within a brief period after, the Potomac river, which now flows so majestically at the foot of this Institution, will be but a sccond Rubicon, over which will croc* more than 100,(KN) Ctrsara, armed in holy proof, urged on by the united voire of 15.0U0,M>0 free-born American citizens, prepared to defend tbelr rights at every hazard." The speaking was kept up until a late bonr. There were also several ladies among the audience, who, being Sunday evening, had come up for the purpose of promenading around the College walks, and hearing the speaking, cauis up; many of the student* uncovered their heads, Including tbe speaker, (who socont'nued to ?peak.) as a sign or respect for the lad Ira. I was told, while on my vlelt to the College, that there are upwards of rtO or 4?? Southerners, principally from South Carolina and Louisiana, who Intend to leave for their different States and take up arms in rase Lincoln la elected. As this is news to the country, I hope yon will oblige me by Inserting It In your popular journal A Visitor to tub Coi.lxok, . Last Suhdat Evkriho. For big* Itbm* ?A dispatch from Anoona says the voting on the annexation question has b?en decreed ifor the Ith and 5th of November. The French squadron remained at Beyrout. The reported threats against the Christians were in consequence of the imposition of a war tax. The new charter by the Kmperor of Austria accords a court of chancery to Hungary, and the chancellor is to be a member of the ministry, with other privileges A Hungarian Diet Is to ne con voifd without delay, and the Kmperor la then to be crowned at King of Hungary. Similar ronstltutional institutions are to-be swrfnled to Tramaylvania. Gen Benedek bad been appoint^! commanderln-cbief of the Auatrian forcea in Italr. The Emperor'a charter waa favorably received, and Peath and Budt were illuminated by order of the mu nlclpalltlea The number of membera of the Reicharath ia to be Increaaed to one hundred by eouncillora elected by the Provincial Diets. Con- ' stitutlonal inatitutiona are to be e^tabliabed, and the Hungarian language la to be the official language All financial matter* are to be aubject to the Reicbareth. The University of Peath ia to be re-opened The abolition of personal service due to landlorda and the exemption of noblea from taxes ia confirmed. A Wasaw dlapatch any a that the principle of a Kuropeau Congreaa waa adopted by the Emperor. Advices from Constantinople aay that the Grand VUI.. I. v.l_ >i? . i- i?i>i>uic w mic prupoaea loan. All Par ha bad been named as the Miniate; of Foreign Affairs. A great ftijht occurred at tbe election of tbe Greek Patriarch. It was confirmed that Austria has 100.000 soldiers in Verona alone. Mantua and Peachlera were likewise strongly garrisoned The Pope had assured the representatives of France at Rome tnat he had no intention of leaving the city. A semi-official article In the Constitutional defines tbe part of Napoleon in Italy as that of nonintervention, and argues for an organization of Italy by a Congress. Awm a*d Fatal Accidkst.?On.Saturday lafct, John Hardon, the proprietor of the "Morgan Steam Saw Mills," about thr?e miles from Georgetown, Del., was superintending the operations of a circular saw. By some means bis foot *11 nrwui th?AUfln? J; ?-~ 1 ? 1 ? * - ~ ? rr _..nluK uiui uimiiT iu cuuiaci Willi tbf taw wbtcb pass-d through his body in a few revolutions, severing the upper half from the lower, and throwing the heart, liver and entrails of the unfortunate man in all directions over the mill. Mr. H. was a former resident of New Jersey, but had lately moved into Sussex, and t>ur<-hased the ''Morgan Mills," where be was fast building up a lucrative business, and being a man of industry and probity, was highly esteemed. l?7~Rev Henry Ward Beecber delivered a half sermon half political harangue at his eburch In Brooklyn, on dunday night, lu which he used the following curious silnllie: "As men grow rich they grow mean. Why. 1 know men?pious men?wbo actually perjure themselves about the value of their property, that they may save what Is justly due the city for taxes They are as moan as?well?meanness has tunnelled them from end to end, and the biggest one lies through the heart, and the Devil daily runs his trains through and through." ANOTHim Eakth^caki iti Canada.?A letter from Smith's Falls, Canada, to the Toronto _ _ ? i.enaer, aaiea Oct. Wth, says: '-An unusually violent shock of an earthquake was felt on 8atur> day inoruing in this village, about -J o'clock a. nri. To give you an idea of its alarming violence, Mr. 1i. F Shannon, a citizen of this place. was knocked down from Its effects. It was sufficiently powerful to knock down stoves, and even di?hes from the shelves of some of tbe houses. Tbe noise made by it was like that of distant thunder." {?7*An individual of the revolutionary naire of Marlon, was brought up before council on tbe 'J4 Inst., savs the Columbia South Carolinian, and upon sufficient proof of having used improper language, was shipped North. fj~7" There is a man in Utica, N. Y.. so Ineffably mean that he charged a man Ufty-six cents lor acting as pall-bearer at his wife's funeral. Hedid not present the bill for bis services until two days after they bad been rendered. IET The seat of government of Nicaragua has been removed from Managua to Grana4a, a city which Walker destroyed, but which is being reK..IU -?? ?E?._ - ?< ?, auu win oe iar superior to the old one. N bagatelle. OTICE ?'The undersigned m prepared to make 10 order BAGATELLE TABLES of all (is and description at reasonalds srioes CUR. FRE19K, no I f* No. 489 9th st., between D aad E. . MISS LAMPHIRE, ^S. MHf Having resumed business, has opened HI New Styles of WINTER MILLINERY. 311 (nortli side) Pa. avenue, no 6-3t* between 9th and lnth sts. pAMlLlES WANT A healthy DRINK ! THEY WANT IT PURE, TEMPERATE and CHEAP! ! COLINEAU'8TABLE BEER I9THE THING ! It ia less intoxicating than oider, and ia far mora palatable and strengthening. For sale by all Grosara, 3 oants a glaaa?63< cents a quart. no6-lm Elegant carfetings at PBrwr There mr be had at the ol4 aat) established atora of CLAGETT * DOD?ON? Enfant Knulwh and ? reach VKLVET CARPETI.nGS, some tu supexb medaJhoaa,at first oost PSo?erbly beautiful Rr*aa?la do., in the very boat Kb hih makea, at 90 aed M eanu, worth #1.26 AReal English heavy twilled Venntiaa btairtfo., made by John Crosby k. (Sons, Halifax, Yorkshire. The first of the kiad ever offered for sale 1a this city I hey are handsomer aad will wear better than Brussels carpets, 2V rich RUGS, fclATS, CRUMB CLOTHS, DRUCiGKTS in ail widths. All- all will now be sold out at prune coat for the Tdo&oW*"***<^LAOETT * PODSONE^oni m$,&tT'a?tszi%*T or At Oaar Fatcca oStVSflS!MS?9TV&RStfYJtf 'UESESpF'W*^ A ao, lUfUt FraaeS Wwiae and Bohemian Lao* Undor < art%ina. and a fall and complete aaiertroeat of Uilt Skadae.GoraMaj.Taaaaia.UiSipe.taide Bands, fee , all to faraieb tke window* of parora. dining , ruome, Itbranea, akambera ofteea, Ae., whicka-e i now aaUiag out at prime ooet for the oaak. No mora , will be aated. nor laaa taken. Hack bargain* and eaofc goode, at aath p ice*, will doubtless never be bought at aach *acritioea atata in tkia oity. , , Person* in want are adviaed to rail aooa, kefura 1 the aakorlment ta kroken, at tke a to re or ao 6-eo2w CLA? NVAKS^Raaa. M - ? - I # f ?Mm..x <ni Fr?? vftto Oru4i CMTWfM'M** BroWnsvillb, Texan, Oct 23, 1900 Dtmr Star For the pant few weeks the health of onr ?lty baa been b*L having had among us (ait? Bftfcpi(le?leaf wbalii called U??*dengtM," or ubntk>boM flpvpr " hnf m#?? been broken by it, or buried on account of it. Almost every oar In tbe city baa bad a slight touch of it, balcven la arvere c iaea with uo erlMa ranlt; and at preaaat It appeara to ba lea viae oa " It is an 111 wind thM blowa aobody good," aavs tbe old frorerb. aeri to aay #nr darwtr* In every other reapect our elty presents itt wonted thriving asp>ct,busineea In general being cesceHiio. and bidding fair to make tbta leMon, lna mercantile point of view, tbe moat ft inly one that we have bad in a longtime "From early morn till dewy eve'' our lefree alone civet unmistakable evidence of our prosperity. Large oilea of merchandize of ?*it? ? *' each terry, awaiting exportation to the neighboring city; itMinlMMti puttag up ud dowu U* murky water* of the great river, and discharging heavy freights from heavily-laden schooner* at the harbor of Brazo* (Santiago; fiatbonts fall of merchandize constantly going over to Mexico; drays that come and go from landing to warehouse, and from warehouse to ferry; at tines a whole street full of ox carts and wagons bringing bonded goods from Point Isabel; and, more than all, the placid look which towards evening is exhibited in the straight business "phiz" of my next-door neighbor, the merchant, indicative of a prolific day's sale, is all proof suflcient that, to use a modest expression, we are doing as well as could be expected. Bat, although this is ostensibly a commercial town, business Is not the only tiling which has occupied the mind* of the community of late days; for, as it seems to be in the order it thinirs that in every sn.all place every man should be a politician, politica baa not been the subject leaat descanted on for the paat month. The Breckin* ridge and Lane party, aaalao a futitm clique, which very lately haa made lta appearance here, in a aort of dec re pi d and acephaloua form, bare both had their respective meeting* at tbe Market Hall of tbls city, where alavery, aquatter aoverI elgnty, and Union, and the reverse of all tbeae I baa been talked of until every apeaker baa exhausted his mftid on each of these subjects, although It cannot be aald that tbe moat fertile mind among tbem has exhausted tbe subjects themselves From this yon will see tbat so far as we are concerned?we won't say farther?''the country Is safe " From Mexico we have but Utile of Interest. It waa rumored lately In Matamoras that Miramon. after reerultlng In the city of Mexico, had sallied out with a large force and attacked the Liberals at soms place near tbe scene of his late defection, which, as before, resulted la his defeat. Tbls, however, is but a flying report. The other day the forces of Vidaurrl, under command of Col Guiroga. made a descent on Tamaulipaa and attacked a force of Tamaullpas men stationed at Comorgo. opposite Kio Grande city, commanded by P. Eugenlo Garcia. The akirmiah did not laat long, end reau'ted in the complete route of Garcla'a force*. making in bia ranka a large number of dead nnd wounded Tbe Vldaurri forcea, after thia feat of arma, returned to their own State D. Eugenlo Garcia, tbe defeated chieftain, la tbe man, it la aald, who with a party of otbera killed Gen. Zuazum, Vldaurri a aecona in command, in September laat More anon. Your*, ever, Frontub***.* From Vrc*.tah.?Advicea from Campeecby to the 13tb of October have been received. Advicea atate the outbreak of a new civil war in Yucatan, cauaed by the impoaitlon of inland duttea on good* from Campearhjr, and the contention for the revenuea of the laland of Carmen. Tbe General Government and the neighboring province* naa prrparea to invade Campeachy, but tbe latter, anticipating the movement, marched their troops on the capital, and concluded a treaty of peace. A Bloopy Dat i* Niw Orlkai*?Sunday, October '27th, was a bloody day in New Orleans Five men were stabbed. One was killed almost instantly, and three others were In a dying condition. Of the number, one man was cut by bis nephew; an employer wounded one of his hands, a husband killed the man who Insulted his wife; a German actor turned a pretended murder into reality, during a play; and one friend accidentally stabbed another. tn7~Marshal Wiley, attended by Mr. Henry Myers, arrived In Richmond, from Norfolk on faturaav, having in custody thecrcwof tbe slaver i?torm King, eleven in number. Tbe prisoners were placed in thecounty jail to await trial before me l. . rv court. Tiiev are represented to be men of good appearance and behavior. IfT*" The new All*?rmarli? and Cbeaa j ?ake canal, the great North Carolina ateamboat ca lal, la now so far completed that a large number of rtMela are pawln g through it, from North C wollna to Norfolk, Baltimore and Philadelphia. fX^Sixty-two workmen were discharged from the Goaport Navy Yard on tbe 31at ult , moatly from the shlp-bo ilding department, and the bolt driving and laboring ganga NKW PIANOS, m low it #'.75 tni 9m, at JOHN F. KLLIS'8. 306 P* *v., tetwMnSth and lmh ?ta- ? K - - II" f^HICKRRINO h SONS' UNRIVALED l'l v> AN OS, at all price*, and of all bo* e?. JOHN F. ELLIS, no 5 306 Pa. >y.. between 9'h and I nth iU. A SUPERB PIANO. BNTIRKLY NEW. OF beautiul toon And fimah, iron frame, acd warrant-d and *naranti?4 for H y ara, the icreat?*t bar (tain evor ( Scared, will t?e told for oath. |2V), bj ea lj application JOHN F. Ki.l IS. no 5 30fi Pa. av.. hat 9th and 10th -t?. F^LOUR, BUCKWHEAT. POTATOES, AP 1 PI.ES. Ao 16) bbi*. new Richmond Family aud Fix La Flour, 5 " <i 1!>?. Freah Giound Bu ^ wheat Meal, MO l>u?hela White Mercer I'.i'atoea, lm do. Pine do. do. $ do. C Ik at not* Received to-day and for aalc lov in lota to nit by 1). L. MORRISON & CO , nt 5 Corner of Twelfth a:.d H a la. Best quality calicoes at io cents, pome very good at 6 cents. U"od tiinrha'ma at Jl>* eenta, W cant Wnite i.'ottuna at 11 oent*. 15 o nt Wlnte C >U u at l2oenu. Cotton Check at luceuU, worth 13, 4 4 l)uble>aehed Cotton at 9 centa. Good Tab e Linen at 62 an4 75 cent*. Brown Table I.inen at -Jfi and 37 centi. White all Wool 1' annel at 23, 90,33 and 97 cent*, Hamilton Canton Flannel, heat qaality. Plain and Twilled Red Fianael, cheap, in 4,12 4, 9 4 Sheeting Cotton*, cheap, Bl*nl(<us, all tuei, very cheap. All Go >d? in atore offered at mnoh leaa than the uaual prieea to elose out theetoct immediately. Tenna canh. CLAGETT * MAY/ No. 334 Penn. avenue, no & 6t between 9th and l'th ate. cj THE EMPIRE ?ash, blind, door, and moulding ESTABLISHMENT, No. ?63 Sstbntii Strbkt, opposite Center Marktt n. o. cTTrnihg, Srccaaaoa to H. W. HAMILTON * CO. 1 takei tkiaopportunity of calling the attention of carpenters and uui aers 10 the immense ?tock of SASH- DOOR!*, BUNDS, MOULDINGS, Ac , ft e? now in store and daily receiving from the maenfactory. It hu beoome a well-known f?ct, that the materials furnished from this establishment are eeooiwt ti eon". Oar stock we warrant manufactured from we I seasoned umber, and finished by experienced workmen. VVsdo aot ae*icate lo sey that we now have in store the moat o imp.ete stock of the above-mentioned articles ev-r before off'rod in this vicinity, to which we respeet rally I invite the attention of the pnblte. 8AVK YOUR TIME AND MONET, by purchasing yoar Building Materials at tee Old Kktabluhment, No. 364 Seventh ?t eet, where yon wiilget a sood artic.e at a fair price. OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT is we'l stocked with a No ! artioie of all the va nous size*, styles, and thicknesses. A small lot of Premium Fancy Front Doors, woieh are worthy the attention of thoee aboet buildinr?h&vinr dra.wn the Brat premium at the Pennaylraaia State Fair, and manufactured at tbe Empire Milia of Mtiara. Potter k. Co. OUI SABBANl) BLIND DEPARTMENT ( alao oompiete vitha'jaite* and *t/i?, to vtilek we oa!i particular attention. Glazed Sa*h ounaaotIt ol hand. Hot Bed Saah, Inaide Shuttera, Ao., faroiahed at ahort n<>Uoe. OUB MOULDINtTDEPABTMENT la aiaoo?sap;ete withall tbeat?lea now in fenrraJ Alao on baa j,a general a .a^rtiaeot oi Glaaa, Patty, ^S^^ichwe are offerinj at low rataa. JE7" A call u aolioited and aatufkcUon ureal or no aaJe. N. B.?A liberal diaoonnt for eaab. N O. CUBNING. Proprietor of th* iMin te?k. Blroi M Moulom* EaXaUifthmMt, do 2-tf No MS fcrwu ?tr?t. A8HINGTON SAVINGS BANK. CUM Nuti St , ilia Pa. situs. PROFITS TO TflK DEPOSITORS. Op?n to r?o*iv? d?fotita from ) to 1 o'clock. Trvtuet ' BSC* till * -eiBBOK.Mte, Joan 1>. Biuov.fnmrar. &i?ff%CTSSSJ7. Sit? y*ir? rr?iUM?n< ratfa Uopoaitora t>M| toMMM Tho Tra?t???i oonfdontl^ cUub tkf 00-09 ? ? r?17 I y^fiSSsS^ "i^ *-|w i LnS PKififit-*. L AMUSEMENTS. Will bo*erfofM?<i tiiFe<>m*Jy colled A CONJUGAL LESSON. . Lull**; Mr Jm JHTeroei To be fi ll >wed k? the harteeene ooikod ROBERT MACAIRK Jocqo* SU.>P_..... . ...rjlr Jo* Jrfrrocn Tft?iU?l*d# with the hurietqtie collod JKNNY Ll.ND. Ratbs or Ad?ihiox ? P?r?u- t *.nd Dtmi Cirr i 30 cent* ;0 c*i^?ter Chain #T: Private Box** #4 No extra charge for reserved eeoU. Box OflM open ill day. It ODD FELLOWS* HALL TO-NIOHT Wolfstenbergerto Mirror ARCTIC REGIONS! A new Piintirc, by fir?t-cl%et English ArliaM, illustrating the Explorations uf Sir John KrSnktan Dr. Kane. and CiftMa MoClintook. ' As exhibited mV^tftia!! Hal< ? LpHDoitj Tor St cviisouuuvo aifms, to more man nn i n niniio? n p?*ople, and as exhib'ted h?for? bar Maj e?t* Qtms VicTOtii, ud ik* Ertiu C?nr atBuckia?haai P? moe. these Paintinis have t*?n Er*ofias niDAimriii 0<>**on?ira?to be ik* matl enchanting p'oiluotioai of artistia leMii u th? world, ud tr( quite unlike U) simitar attempts ol pa* oramio art. Produced from original sketch**, with every at. tention to accuracr of detail, tknw Paintings M; be oonfiriantly reued on ; while the subject itsaif u rap'ete with scientific (ems, and ofara a rare and intellectual entertainment. The attraction of the Arotic mivj?ot?tha wonderfui artistic went of the rauit ings?the felicity ol ilI I a st rat on?tha e ecaaoe of diotion and eloquence 01 tought convened by the lectare?rarely fait* toaa ohain ev?r? cultivated itMloot. Tha thrilliog oases of thoaa daring nav.ratora r?i th'Arctic Zone are portrayed with * nvidne s s< sta I inn that th? audt?noe are led to believe them selves actually amid the scenes represented Kach eecn? j* adoraed in freeoo with aathentu portraits bp W'iuterhaiter, of the prinoipvl Aretn celebrities. l.ectur# by a*t> Smith, K?v, of J ondoa. Admission *6 cnta; chikiren 15 cent*. liberal arrautemenU made with schools. Doors open at 7 o'clock; Entertainment com mcncet at 8 o'e'ock. Sea descriptive billa. no A tf BALLS, PARTIES, Ac" I^URRAH ! HURRAH '! HURRAH PAWXBK BOYfTs THE FIELD'. The first GRAND COTILLON of the PAW VKK PI l'U will ffiw*. />. TUI'uOHa t* ? w..v v t ?? v? i 111 npi/a n KVKN LNG, Nov. 8, at Ai?co?t? Hall. Navy # Yard. Coaches will positively Imv? the haft at the olose of the party to convey pervonaWVH home. Ticket* 5" eU., ad-nitfmc a aantlemftn an< ladia*. Tbera will baa sufficient police foroe u keep perfect order. f'omrtittee ef Arrant'meni*. A. F. Lowe. R.J. Nicholson. T. W. Ntchoinon, W. H- Salt, H. J Myers, W. K. Bio<lea, G J. Gordon. F. J. Grace. Geo Thompeon, J. K. Gordon aoft 3t' IOOK OUT i FOR THE SILVF.R CUP ! The isemb*ri of the OUR CLUB respectfully aa nounce to the ctbsena of Washington aad fll Geo-aetown that the* will give a Grand JH HALL at Fobaest Hsll, Georfetown. on^i^L rur nvn 1 r. v ? ,;> INov.cth, on whichUM occasion a Silver Cap wil< ba preeenfd to tha Clol having the largest number of members present Each Club will be ?ipected to bring their oonati'n tion with the li t of m^mb^ri' nam's attached there to. No metulierofaeluh will be raoocnisedassucl rnless properly l>ad<ed. The couimi'toe pledc* themselves >o tpare no paina to make this f*? Bal of the se**on. l ick ts 81 admitting aientltniaj and lades. CmiimMM J. HfcCollin*. W. F. Dnvii, J?hn H Parkhurst, J T.Clem?nt*. W. Davis, Jamas Kuhns, John T. Neill. no i ZV Firttin War, Firtttn <ind First IN (As Htmrt, Taj k ti rowUrywca ! IIK FIRST GRAND COIIL'ON PART\ of the GEORGE WASHING TON 3% OU ADR I LIE ASSOCIATION will take jfl place at Thorn's Hall on M UN DAY, Nov./raA li. Schr^eder's celebrated^otiljon ^irusic iswSM cu?*p;ni mi in?<iccft-ivn, ror luiwr particular -e future advertisement Br order of OoamitlM no 2 7t# BOARDING. BOARDINU.-Vi* or ?i*ht your* me* ran b accommoda ed with Board at 3?S Fourth *t corner K located near the Infirmary. Also, a am of Room* for rent. do 6 VERY VALUABLE SERVANT GIRL KOI SALE.?A likely, well ditpoeed, and eioe'leu general h'Uise Servant. about i5 years old, and i ?l%re for life, will l?e enld to any food fkmilr witbii the Dictrict of Columbia. Apply tnJAMESC McGCIRE A CO , Auction and CununinNon M?r ohaaU. no 3 et A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS. NY Onedenrin* f eight?much or little?b?r I II-- -? ** i iv>c. i/mcB, in/Aon, wr. in isci, ?nt mini; a*fely tranipoited and delivered between Waalucc ton. Georgetown find Alexandria. mar rtly in plicitli upon the hipreaa axon* of the under ?iRn?d, which run rrnularly every day betwe^i thoM cities. Orderi entered upon the al?tea of tin expreaaat the Star Office, at Bfeson'a Grooery Store or at E. Whcelei'a Hard ware i?U?re will lie prompt ly attended to, aud at vervmod*rate cuarrea. * H. STILLWEI.U no 3-!w ( Lite Otlwrn'a Kxpreaa ) OCTOR WILLIAM P. JOHN?T()N HA! removfd hi* reautence to No. 349 H atreet, be tween M'li and 15th etreeta. His Offioo will he cobtiuued athia fo.mer residence, No. 4t? Seventh atreet, where iLcstagei inay he left, day or Bi(hU FOR RRNT- in the bona# No. 466 Seventh at two very eligible auita of I'nfurmahed Room a, coa anting each of two room* communicating, wit} aerranta' room kitchen and use of bat* room anpn I iU ? - ? I r?-wM w 1*11 ii" ' v nun cuiu w Oi'ii , OL U. A I u, our Iin gle room with aouth exposare. Apply to BER N ARD HOUE, Esq , rendiif on tUe premises no5^3t* J^EUL'ISITES FOR EVERY FAMILY. Spalding's Prepared Glne with Cap and Break. IK)rail's Extra Adhesive Mueiiace. with Cap and Brush. D&nialt' new and snprior Indalibla Ink. no prep ar\li ?n, and with Cloik Stretcher attached. Th? tliraa put op it a neat strong box for ready ua; price for Ute thraa 75 oaati. Tho Fami'y Expense Book, for keeping a oorreot cwaniui muuvui; ?uu jrwktlj CXptDOIlirMt 25 oeolt. Fm iiy Wwh Book, a umpi* nod* of kMpini aocouoia with tk# Ian ad r*?*; trios an to 37 oenu ForAbr TAYLOR k. MAURY, Boukcalier* Subonsra, bo 3 M 334 P?n. |r*nw. P?0* KEY WEST AND HAYANA. ISABEL LINK. Chang? Sf Sailing Day*.? Thrt* Trxpa in November. THE U. ? MAIL 8TEAM8H1P ISABEL. William Rullix*, Coinnwdf. a. rwwuwvcuwn niTlDK CIliRfNlW Wfl ofwliiioftku Liv. tiw 8Mm ikii ISABKi, will nuUtTURKrrklPMfflD . ? NOVEMBER FROM CHARLES-*""* TON for th? ahore Fort*. ChartMton on tin lit, ltth and tsth ^ num. i,eavinz H\vir.? on the 6th and nth NuvKmku and lit V rcvin. A (tor whion Mr rntalar tnpi will bt ?tin?<1 M f?ilov*: Lmti Charleston ?a the loth and 2tth of Eac? Moirra. L?t? Havana on tk litand Mtk ml Fac* Month. "or safety. ap?ed, oomfort, and pleats r*, tan Line o&nnct bJ urtasMd. For luformation or pateafe apply ? T. BARn7*AJl Mail matter mat bo pro-paid at the The EJIipU* and ooinM, at prioa* r?ns?ttf from $? to AIM -&S?7 * V^rmoS^h^ French 4 mchbtein's B VOLUTIN OF MEW MOOTM. Hiitori of the^?f? nadVimet oT Jmm Madlssur* wdy feS&tf ???? Work. .Datratod Darlay'eNewllluelratwd Kditioa of Cooper Juvenile* lor Uftl. PImhoiU end look kt o?r asasa ?CMuli?;from the Frenok of Aleiwrtw 0mm, l^A e**?*>' r?wn r ke'iMtt kf'iMtflrN If pojtac* on the receipt of the frioe. Oar hum discount given oa all bound books bongfct at our ?tore. FRENCH * lUCHSTKlN. No. ?? Pa. ai-M, Waakiagtoo, l>. C. "- - * " ?? -? ? ?* ? WmkmMtm. Jk tt I^^Rb?^SSiWJS583i irt-?fcl?bf?iu ? ?? I Mm*. ^l Tl- ? *+ >ni I < mm?*m ? -in - O i. - j ^ ammm*-* Wf A tlKKN. AilwMir! g UOnaiOLP A** * ITCH EN riPNI- ; li tc?* at Arr n?**.fill DA \ . tfc? ? .. o llut. 1 llwll M.l, M ? ?' *>?? H?. H t?M. a ???: 1 w??t. a good Maortmeot of Firiior*. n?- I 1 Mshonjry^ofe. C%?t>r, Kotkiug, M P?i!t j Do C?atr?, Kxt?mMo? l/ I MM OtMr TIIW 5*HW?fif?h?, WM|?tMJt,ud Toi??( Mt, . Cmm* Slot Cc:u?? rkti?b?r F*?U?r H???. H-ortir*, MttNdi, ' Ck(M? OlMa, itmI trortTf War*. * CMtora ftntf KnrM *>o Forks, Tfcrw-^iy tM fUm C^rptU. A lM? I?IIT(M1# oth, ^ irfoW Sh?d*?. ! r^rre. kucMdotfcor *! > . '9szi'arm-*? *>? * A. WKKKW, AM By Barnar d a >lCfjrr. Antinw, w<?rrr jL . T*t(!ITCfc'd SALK.-0) of ? 4-v4 nf * 1 lrHt,d?:; retoMMl la L;?*r J. *,P,I7?. * ) pit* ttt, fte.. of fh* UiH of ifc* !>?*?<?.?* r On k ?. I Will l',MNb>l4? Will.- 1 i N-M?aV, No*, u k. 4 a'at*."* > jt r" J i of l.oi m. in K.?t > Htvk.r*^ ? I Grorf4'(rvn.tefinnir| forth*?* * (tfc.**0******* I o t*?lh T" ami f > *"" *'* J I wiU Mutf. it VI<Mi iDokM. morn oriew, ?? ? I 'fuomri i.rf; tlttMia* With k'? H* ?Mlw?r4< ' * r foot. mur? or Iom ; north voti'v B tm ? * 1 imH? o F ourth atrooti ? <! Umim ?Htnr4> >' I (rMtn HwIn|Uiid|. I ?r??. . ft. T ?L. r .L.. ? - * i di m? v/< r mhiu wb, 'no?jn?w in Dl'li I fi, 13 ud It HH'fttha, ?f cnr*d by ft of tr??t , I ih? * { If *k? t'ru of m..o bt> n?t viU in ftr? M d&M rom tine of Mi* r< ^n>*i, nr J r < ofd*f*?lun? p?,ehM?r. All eoit.tWt I f ooit i f * i HaK:.K? m. MATTHKWV.TnwlM. 1 BAKNAftD ft Ml CICtV, Aaeu . I r o?:T1Tk!9.MAT? __ I ^ FUTURE DATS ~~ ' | Ml A. UKKK.N. AMIIULMT. HORSKft. COW?. CORN. FOri>fcJt.4l>? Mice, CilHiSI tKU HttMw/NitUr WftOOJI,? ilT. Uilt 1 f:T * ? UMM nu o?n. minis IRII rmiHO I THHIlflb *r, and FtiM P?b Kbbt it ArcTi?? -4?? WKI>>K*DA\ , the7 b &t ?.f Novamh-'. 1 ?%f 1 teII at tke resideuo* ud Mafcrt Faf-tr of Wn a#a , laid* Wmr, a* at lair a mil* frn? Na*? \ ard B id** adioinirf tlMlttao-l U>l. N?rior( I Joka A. SmiiiI*, and 8. A. Uoen. at li a'cloak. the fo'lowing tunc*, ti?? s?io,'!wt w>rl hoftm, 1 Cow. mv imn milk: ot of Cora. F?m"ar and ?h?ck?, Carnac* j and Ut'WN, Mark at W?n, (.'ft Fr *me? and ?a?kea. a lot ol Gardan S? da. ftf 1 iiif aud Garde i u;*r.?il? Ao . * o. - m 1 he Farm ??ataiat ft ft* thtae na?*a la high j at* of oaitivat-aa, with aa ??oe!l?at bai"??f d theraon. ai d aril, be ranted to the highest Wddcr at the tame t: me. A \ Te'ini ea*h. f 1 BO3 A. 6WFEN. A act. If A. OIRRN, A?!! > I ||ARPWARKOr EVKRY nK*C*1PTION. J ?? VKVIkniKKB A{II> I" U,UR*? W'lJ , A ( .| a f m I *T Atcrivn.-O# 'I HI'lM'Ai tk?Ht iMUtl. I I a.>n'l *t I , in front of my it rr. at 1" "'clock a. m . a I Urge and eetnrai ??*or?m*Bt if Builders' Hard- I *tri>u<j I'oo r. !> trnl?. bli <?n and e n?a ? ? aara r??fa^tfal!r iarifd to attend J a11 the goods vi i be aoid v.lhmt reserra. Term* oaah. - no ?-<l A. Gir.KN, Awt M By A. ORKEN, Ak'iomm f VB AM'ABi.K BUILDING LOTA IN BQCARK I I No- 4#9, OS 1HI l?L4kD. AT A rciioB.- Oa f ? FRIDAY, ftavaaihar ?k, I ahail mi, in front of I tba prenii'*a. At 4 oVosk ? the foUovtnt I * uamrd h*n4aome hailliM lot*. via? I ' -ote Noa 5, ?. 7, 19. *\ JB. and 23, in e^nar* No-. 1 469. aontaini-.f in a I Ulf??(??tid VI#"iuorf I ? ?q tare f?ret of ground Tkia rr p?rty fronts o? I sooth M and I atrmta between tMXth Mid Ba*?nO? I > atr-eta we?t. and will he sold in loU to anlt ?sr 1 chasers, from 16 "o ? !Mt froaU. I totni*: Oa? qanMer oaah lialanoe m*. ll,1>.ea# I it montha, the parchaser to give note* f.w d?*nrre?f | rnoient*. hMMM li.ltmtl frnwi Am.m mt mm.? A derd given a dead of trnst Uker"' f no & 4t A ClEEX, A-t I > By A. GMKfcN, Aiebon?w. I p T'RUSTfe.fc'd BALK <>r VaU' aOI.K BUILD- | 1 1 m? 1.0ti cm ti5tr it1i1t wtlt, iitwin ' i P ahd f. *T??rr? roith. at ArctioH.?On CAt UK DAY, Noveniiprr )*tn.lMn,l skali s?lT ib frcal 1 of the fr-Biises at 4 o'cloo? p m , by virtBeof 1 i d??d ohr' it to tk? lubirrilwr, h> trmi d?t? th? Al fl day nf April, 1*en. and raeorttod ib Llbar J. A. S . N?.l|2,K>liwrT. A?.,oHoftk? lftn<l MWfCi l?r I Washington in th? District of Co bbiKib. | : the following d*eoM>?#d pro?<-'ty, tipi md b*i>| ? ic theeity of Washinrtor. Listrict MnmU. *>?: AH tkat airoa** parcl of groand known Bod Istd down ob the p'u of said city m the north half of i B Lot DBmtierno lw*l ve.<!2, > 'hosouth ha f nBmbered , thirteen, (>3.) tti mii*r? Baohwtd thrBB Bandrwl t Md t^niitT^ *isd compriMd ib tt*W- i iOBiBf roet+m ao4 bounda, to wit OomaMnciBR for I - Dm and half lot numb*rBi twelve at the northwest a r oorner of s?:d Jot. and ranninr theiioe aoutti with 1 , the line ffTrnth rt wt west twaaty Stbfs*t six 0 J and B Mil 1 notes, <25 feet 6)* inohf^1 thena* ?**t _ uuouuuu.'u nii'i fcrvrn 1^1 ivn inprrg ( f.7 { inch?a) to th*rear of?\id lot; ih^iw north twentyhre fe?t ?ix u? a Kaf ,r.oh?? 2S ->* laaheaito th* p in*, ofdmtioa between aaid lota cwel?? and W thirteen; and th*no? wei? with aaid dinaioa liar 1 on* handred and aeren fart two ia?he* <t*7 feet X ireHeal to Teeth ?t ?rt weat and pla?? of mine; a>M Iteming for ti?# aaid part of i ot Uatib* | waatooraar of aa*d i>?t, on Tenth i'.n **. w*?t, aid 1 ra&nlng thence aorth with tie lir.rotl tk atre?t weat twrnt* five feet, (f\ fret.\ th?t ee eaat rn? ? hand red and acven fetttwo laeh>a IO|. *t?in?hre> to the rear of aaid lot, thaoce aopth twenty fire u* fee?) to the joint of di viaton, Ixtaeen aaid . ul i and IS; ard thenoe weet with aaid diyiatoa Itr' on* m bnndraJ aad aeren f*et two iucheaO"? J*M S ir.ohee* a to Tenth atraat weat and plaor of harming. wu.i m the improvement*. which are a brick dwe.un&- f hoaae.Jke. I I Teraia ofaalat #4.011' oa*h; the raaiaiadar in aix, I - tveive,ai.d nchtaen iu?n..ha; tli* pu'ehaaar to gir* | pot** for the d?fri red payment#, bearing late rat from day of aa *. A deed g '**n an4 a d**d uf t-nai I taken. All oonvayaaoiac at 'he ooat *f the pur ohaaar Shoa<< the trrma act te oomplied with in firedaya theTruatee rraervee th? right to recall the property at the riek and eoat of the parci e?er. | - A. GWKKN. Aaot- I Ni:?JRO FOR tiA LK -By Tirt*e of m onW of I U? Orpha??' Court of Prince (j?on#'??oiiilf, i M<t ( tha aa?aoiib?r win offer f >r ?%|* at the oooft *, h??i?d<K.r Marlboro', on TC!KHl)AV, llM " 13th hut, at 3 o* loo* p. m , a valrable y< nog Na?ro Mu. Ie;mi of aale cask, or an aaoapted draft ( [ W. H T? KL. Adminletrator ?f Aaa J. MitUary, f ao I !t%irtd (Marlfcoro' wri co?y. > I By CLEARV ft BR*KN Amniim. I ^06 JVtMtk flTfi*'. 1 !?XTEN8JVE FAU; OK utocx. GRAIN, m u VMiTtiLn, lsri.w*rr?, C*a- 1 IKsii, Ww??i, HoraKHoi.u Fmivix, it., 1 Moaginc to tiia **tat* of ibe late iMr>ai da?ea??<l,at i'ublio Auot>on ? Ob FRIDAY" and ?j SATI!RD* V, lb i?*n and HUi w NnT??hf ???L, JM mm.*. aLaII __lt al f. ... . # V Dviu CImcU, dfcmri at tl u'e-ock a m . on V the Seventh atreet Lurueikr.i th* flac ob tk*? road -Will d?M??iUe the piac.i a'out 6 ml lee from the ?i'T. all ??r the f - ?>' al Kf. ota lM?loa?iBK to Uie I Mid droe* mhI. oonaieUr* in ^ of? I A ic farm vnrk and oarrtac* Horeee, L Spxorllent Milch Coaa, 1 Heif-r, m 1 <]Ro|i.l(icll,lMiiK I ( Wifk? for om ar Ivo Imtm, I 1 f ae K*mil? Carriage, H?m*?s Mil Cover, 1 1 do. Small "Jo. do. du. % 4 Carte v lh a l?'r? lot of H?rn?M, el ?im i'f e?tf ?!?w 1 I JK?wmr .^acfci Bora* R?Jr?e, Bo'.trre. i P*ow? of ?vrrj d acri^ti"fi ?w1 make M . Cstttaa bote*. Corn and Cob Crtdm, ff Hiro**, C*?.rat-re. Wb?at 0'il-e, F I ?aims Btoaa, fc. ove.a.* at-? Fo.fca, ftc., " r- tato i ^ta P'ow Harnau, Roal'**- Ha? **ea R??h. ftievae. WWt W'-a liaw mr* Pcytfeae, Cradle*. ThraahtBg tiaufcinet. in fitbo? ord**, \&' if la a. At n/ / ?f kap I fDI iUMMlte trn am ii<eioa? to m'Btioa, 4" sore* of fowinr lvk?t. nOv* ' iee order, *t?U?of P'iM? T?nu>lii; e?4 ClOTM H?r. ?v> hntliels of <*x3#l.eLt Potatoes, " 125 b*r els of Com. S3 * stalks of Ann C*!ery, I AT** l?t Of ft DO CSMmfO. Larae lot of tHraw tMUn Fodder. M *nnr?> Cement, ,86 fosjs ) la (.e lot of hot i-ed hash. I iUti. TU U9LSEHOU) EFFECTS, snaosetiar Piano, Btoo'. and ?45; mSmm Sofa, Makogaay Paru r Chairs, Hooker, <e . i>o Bedstead, WMdtoW,an>l wIhm, 1 Do MarUe-tos, Coa*re. aod other TahW. ^ Patent 9ick chair, Gi't awl Brons* fjuidolahraa, k $ Pa>lor Window Cortunt and Ornsmoate. I Larfp lot prime Uoeeo Fea, hers.ia Bods, Bo I store, 1 _ and Pill?w?, 1 Excellent* eared Hair Mattress **. | Do Parior, Cha* tear, aad Ha i Qai**ts. J Toilet Sets. Mirrors, &feaek and CoUooMaUreeeoa. f Lt'ie lot or Bomisi, coatietiat of ^itifn B nakeU. CoicTorta. Os: t?. Lraeo Meoti aai l :!SSrtS^S?!S?&>* } S,'r^rss.^v^iw&.. I HESC5 1 to?r. to Mil Mrtimtar mgmrn to -to *huv? ul*. it u by mi tto aut mnHin mm ttot to* ?T?r Ukeo *1?o? i*jflTVic lity. Ow -ttoy wtrt toirttor tto ?fto?? m tto | TOMUIIC TKiCHtoa-A Im? M W m* I . m- Mmm, tmpnt i--<! lrom > W<H ||to ? Irrt r> I rtor-s/''*s? tJsinsacjSg S^HsisMfcr L EMEE1 FIRi?!! FIRE'' W] T tlM REWARD^ I will fir* lb* ahov? rt-wwra Car ?M Arrest g| { " ivictioa uf ti ? fMjttu Of irivni Who fcr*4_ ? r? 'l'?h Vs*r0tk**lf^ed jB ^ kiuitn. ISAAC |I?U Y *

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