Newspaper of Evening Star, November 6, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 6, 1860 Page 3
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j LOCAL NEWSri fE^Tboa^rh Tu Star U pMuted oa the (KM pff? hi aae tonth *t ftttliiWl, I to edition .? ao lar^e u to require it to be pat to preaa at an ?*arly honr: Ad vert; omenta. therefore, ?houl4 be ent la brfore IS o'clock aa.; other* lae they m*f not appear antll the next day. Ffnricn.?District of Colmnbt* AdrertlaenMta to be Inaerted In tbe BiLTaioii Sun are received I it and forwarded from Tu Utai OAce. Cin Cocaciu, Noveanber 5.?Board tf Abierm n ?Tbe board met Laatalffht at the usual boar A communication waa received from the Mayor, in cooantlanee with a reaolotion of tho Board rf Aldermen, transmitting a copy of the areonut of th<? Corporation with the Bank oX Washington, a* 641mm: na. I Ca. titn?r>IF??J 457,7V 77 Rr4*<rptioa Faod - $1f09 ?7 Mm.twf - IV W?wr Fuad - . 7 #78 <4 UiMlbiiiM- - I8.MBM: Water lMcrrn - - KjM yim W.N - 9,S?3i School Fund - . ii^trtsl Fi'lfc W.rd - ? l,KUJ< Sp*cnlTaxF?..d - ?J71.U - f.9lt l? Corporation l?S4 - */!7nM +*r,mlk W*r4 SvrpUa F.?d - - IJUbW flrewid Ward ? Tl 1 bird Ward - l?#56X> Fourth W arl - - 'MA 5J5S Billuci - - WJJ8 r / IMMa fWO.?l ll f Tf kl?iC? <i?i B**k, 000* .56. > A communication from R. A. Hill, tl Fflltlw "to the contracts for la> In* the water main*, w?i I referred tr> the drainage committee. ' The petltioa ot James Roae. for permlasian to recta frame houae idjoiaiag a brick dwelling, swu referred. coMximx **I?o*T?. _ BUI of the lower board to trim and gravel L street from Twantr-fourth street wrat to Pean avenue; paaaed Bill at tbe lower board to repair X* *tbe slier la square 457; pa?ed. Bill af the lower tMMksjrd to rnml Hiith alr?*t mlfrmn P?*n *#? to ** "-'*^1 orvUnd at* ; jumd. Bill of the lower board 1 relation to a frame building adjoining a fcrtak "JmUdlng; pisaed Bill providing for the iw L*a 1 >Mi>?Htv repairs and lmpr?rmiaaa at tkc intersection **a?f *e Tenth strM and H afreet north j p?aed. T*?*?Blli to take np and rslay a portion o( tt? gutter 1 on the east front of squsre laid on Uie able. Bill providing for tb?- partial grading of a portion 1 of First street west; passed Bill of the lower board to 1st a water main la Eighth steel west, from K street north to L street north; paused * Resolution regarding an improvement of the 1 drainage in square 516; passed Bill authorizing the Wster l'nrveyor to connect the Water main in 1 reservation A wl th the t~ afted States main In Pean. I Jiee , for the purposes of circulation; passed. ANBBXATION ?? SKSSeiTOWI TO WASHI>GTa*. . Mr Magrudee, from the select committee, to ! whom was referred the Major's communication in relation to tbe annexation of Georgetown to ! Wssatagton. reported tta following resolution, wh'.ch was passed: Rt<olrtfi. That the Board of Common Conncll ' be requested to appolut a committee to act in > conjunction with tbe committee of seven heretofor?? aDfmlntM) kv (Ki? IummI an tKa inKLiat rJt ?W* ' annextion of Georgetown to this city. tub wateb bill. Oa aaoUou by Mr Kiaber. the bill amendatory rfT "tV- act for tfae distribution of tbe Potomac w.n-r tbrewghout tbe city of Washington approved J??e *, 1SJ9. was taken up for consideration, wtoen several sections were read and irucwfryl. after which tbe subject was made tbe order for next Monday oik tit at b 'clock, tbe board adjourned. Common Council ?Tbe Board met at the usual houri tbe President (Mr Powell) in thelhalr. COM*C!f!CATIO?t. Communication from the Inte&dant of the Orphan Asylum. bills, etc , ikteomrcro Bill providing for tbe protection of the Western market-house; bill requesting the Mavor to attend to the removal of the Alexandria Railroad within be limits of Washington: netitinn of Mar<?a??t Law, praying th? remission of a flue; all of which ' were appropriately referred. COMH1TTKX D1SCUAKOKD Committee on police dlacharged from th* petition of Peter Carroll and otbrn, to amend the act ?-u titled An act to license and regulate hucksters." BILLS PASSU Bill to improve the Western Burial Ground; bill to change the seventh section of the art to emulate marfceta. approved May 41, 18.53; bill to authorize the carbatone* to be set and th? footvravs paved on the south front of squares No 3tt7 and 369; bill to aathorlze the construction of a s<wer along a portion of !*l*th street west. laid ova*. urn to abolish Use oBlce of the Commissioner mi Health, and for other purposes. lI<?UTIO|S P4SSSD Mr. Morgan introduced the following: >, That tbecommittee of lmproveB?ent* be tiiatructcd to Inquire Into the coat i>f placing a new roof on the Goiter Markethouse aid the Ltd* attached thereto, and report the result of their Inquiry to this board. Mr. Jon'ja offered the following: RtnAetd, That the Secretary of the Board of Aldermen be requested to return to this board the {tapers la the caae of J a me* Towles. Mr. Powell offered the following: Jte'elirtd, That the Hoard of Common Council requested to appoint a committee to act la conjunction with tiie committee of seven, heretofore .^pointed by this board on the subject of the aanciaiioa of Georgetown The chair appointed the following ^entlrrarn on tbe foregoing committee: Mmn. Merman, ] Clark. Borrow*. Chapin, Mend, Ober, a ad Given. Joint revolution asking; Congress to authorize the constriction of a passenger railway an 1'eiinI sylvanU avenue and other streets. . , Cocwtt Cocet ia Aixxt.iMii.-Tbe Osiette ( of this morning says:?The Court opened its Nog ifiuber term at tbe coort-beuse yesterday naming at II o'cleck. Justice Fowle presided;, with Associate J ostites Wheat. Wonder, Neale. and < English. J. J. Wbeat, Esq., duly elcctsd a Justice of ; Peace, took tbe usual oaths and was duly quail- , lied as a Justice ef tbe Peace. i R?M Taylor. Ksq , appointed by tbe Governor of the Commonwealth Inspector of tour for the . twinty of Alexandria, appeared and was q 'tall fled , by taking the tiaual oaths of office. 1DJH> I'-- * '-*-1 ? *>-. mwh, &i?(fuaTtu^ wccii avpuinvra d?puty clerk of the County Court. quail led by taking Ibt utual oat ha of ofteo. The Court appoinfe-d the following gantlemen as school coiuiii'.aa'oners for the several dWtrlcta of this county: Pint district, B H Lambert; second district, Juan Kiitwiale; third dlitrict, S S. Williaina; fourth dlatrict. \V. D. Masse v; fifth district, H S-W ander. , The Court then, aa an examining court, took Hp the case of Abrara Spoils, charged with actting Are to the dwelling of Mra. Catharine Nowland, on Wolfe, near Washington air act C E. , Stuart appeared for the proMcatloo; F. L. Smith , and D. L Snioot for deieoc*. It appeared in evidence that on the evening of \ the -tb of October laat, the accused left the residence of Mrs Nowland, the rear portion of which be had occupied aa hla risldence Shortly afterwarda tUe cracking of was hearts, and j some old clothing, $c. were olteoverrd to be on fire in a cloaet. Tee fire p?l exttngaisbrd by tuning into ine cio?es not, now'vtr, Until the fire bad done Amp damage. ^11 appeared, also, that the bouae was not iectirely flMened, and that In it were all the household <ooda of the accused. It w?s further shown that the accuaed vras a member of the Methodist FroUataat Church. Having heard the evidence the Curt liickugtd fc* putts. Several Mils were ordered to be certified to the Auditor of the Commonwealth for payment. A amber of foreigners were naturalized and several fret negroes registered The court then adjourned to court in course. Ninow Escape ?last night, about half part 6 o'clock, the Tictalty of Thirteenth and L> streams was alarmed by the screams of a buy, aapareat*y tn the severest s*ooy. No one could see httn; hit the aouod seemed to proceed from a cart (which waa making a singular track to tbosfeeet?the horse (olnzaronnd la a circle, aad occasionally wK*n th# arrMtm u>Anli ? A person sprung Into the street, caught the bore* by the bridle and (topped him, when It was discovered that a email colored boy, the driver, bad lipped hie sea*, and telling between tb? l>ody at the rart and the wheel, lodged apon tb* axle. Having bat one rein la hta hand, pulling 5 that caused the horse to perform the circular ill movemmta, tod the wheel squeezing the boy , against the body, hart him badly. Tbe horse - w b?*?/ stopped, t.Se boy fail to the gr ootid end tbe _ flr?t word* be ottered were, " G?d d?n tbe horse -' He soon fbrjro* hit fright, was put Into tbe cart and aeut home. ? i I k ' J * A U**b of Coarjaixra ?Yeaterday w* men- | tionrd tbe art rat of s German woman trader suspl-, elem clrcewetaare*. Tbe dateetive office's. AlleeC and Rasher, wbe bad tbe eeee, detemlwad to seek It wit If poaetbie; and they dleeovered that the woman and ber hueband bad beea impeded on by two sharpen. Several days ago two mrn, mm wbe represented himself ha a prdler, the oifief a bar keeper la a hotel, went to their hoese atid ifered tbe foods, which tbe pedlar aahl were worth tiao. for 973. Be was snxloue to jjet tbe a?M mwmmmm 9 uusuanti did avt bawe that ainck, sad was doubtfid about taklatf tbem; when the oar-keeper slipped WU Into b'? bawd, aad told him to riU?U6 aftd tabs the good*, and the next day he mdd c?n? eilt an 1 |ft them tadsell ftetc; and they wutiVd make ?7? easy T*1* ? ""*? *old, be raked the money, the aaarpees denoted. the We-taaper did nat retura, and. in order to make ap the Ion the wife waj trying k> sell tbe goods. I * ?i Odd Fkllaws* Hall ? An afternoon eibibtL - tiw? of Wolfateuberger's Panorama of Arctic Re*. art*** tot Mi* beaelt of sehoeis and families te? M morrow afternaoa at ballWf* olixik. All mir schaola, srmltiertea aad colleges should embrace this rare opportunity ta witness this Intellectual and srtistlc entertainment. Admission IS cents. v 0 * Tub DameftATit Jac*?on A?>ociatio!* MirrIN k*?T niohT?ftfsf RoporUrt Admitted ta Ce*nmm*'rn?ketptng tke 9riritt Up by Ptmrmg RptHt* D?W??Mr Sa+agt Maket imme Remark* *~He Forks over |3?Mr. Dan Rateliffe ma kin icmt fit mirk i?El yuan Fields and Late Supperi?Mr. Ru**ell make* time Rtmarks- Me Din** milk Mr. VaUandigkmm?Me Dines with a Biatk Mopmbhean and a Henry Clay Wkig?Ht PoHttfely, Ptrtistently and PnlriMireUlp Refute* to Pa** Ike Mnstard to tke Black Republican?He Refute* a Chan Plate and Demand* Ano ker SetU-?WtU tke united Santk Da Ltkemite '?He m iriiltng to Pirtek is tke Firtt Brtack~He t* willing ta Periek t? tke Last ftreark?He is trtUimg to Peritk ta a Pair I?/ Breathes?Any Number of Men ?: the Scut A Willing to Ptruk?No Need to rtnsk Ho&e' er?Mr. Cook maket tome Remarkt ?1*? ?. /. i.'l are Working B'et?Mr. Rogers, of ifthmi- ?/?ktt 1MU Rim/irlrl Apparently oar DJA friend* have made up tbelr minds that eternal vigilance ain't the prlca of liberty, far we fonnd no newspaper detectives aitbedoor, and walked In last night unchallenged To quota from Mr. Cooper or Nr. Clark, we dlsr erne ruber which, "it ain't no kind of aae tryin" to keep them Stmr fellows out " The hall was well llled. and so we dare any waa tha committee room, bat don't know for a certainty, as the door was'nt permitted to remain ajar, though pretty frequently opened. Mr. George Savage (cola water man) waa present, and Tt waa doubtless deemed proper to spa re his noatrlle the smell of id rye usually emanating from said room. The member* seemed rather restleaa and indifferent to speech-making. Some were reading the newspapers, and two or three wertsolacing themselves with a nap. About the first thing in order (Kirk la the chair) waa the reading of some hopeful dispatches from New York, stating that the fusion ticket would probably go out of New York olty Sv.UJO ahead, antfi If /! tliow w /? o*-*- ' * ?..? a m ?V) ?UV J WCIV gwu IOI IUC OWIC. [UDBfn.J Mr. George Savage made tome remark* upon tbe threatening aigna of the time, dwelling upon the 'njurjr the election of Lincoln would work to the city of Washington, even If diatinloa abould not result. Coming to another topic, be stated, that It waa requisite to raise money to send thirty voter* to Baltimore. He continued to hold a considerable regard for Baltimore, aa tbe city In which many years ago he cast the flrst and only vote he ever gave for Preaident for Andrew Jack* -on. He would like very much to bave the privilege of voting there to-day, bot as he could not do that be would vote by proiy. Mr. Savage then marched up to the captain's ?ffce and forked over 92 towards the expense* of the thIHy voters to Baltimore. ?ome"tbera also came up and threw in their contrlbutiona. Mr. Kirk.?Come up, gentlemen; we have sot iimoti 99M. Any oue who is not disposed to pay fcU can pay SI. or a little leas Mr Daniel Katclift'e took tbestand, and pitched Into the enemies of democracy miscellaneously, taking the Uell-and-Everett crowd Irst in band, rheir principles were as vague aa the Delphic araclea. Like the bat io the old fable, they tried to Ingratiate themselves with all parties, and met with a like fate. Their principles were the ragnest generalities. Of course every good citizen was for tne enforcement of the laws, the prenervalionof the Constitution, &c. Mr. RatclllTe tben dealt squatter sovereignty some smart slaps, and continued by saying there was some hope for the democracy In New Vork yet. The fuaion ticket might be successful. The New Yorkers were too Ifiurh \ 1? ?* *- ? * - wkuuiaiii; 11 uv h) uiaiegmi exertion* to carry tbe State against Lincoln. If the worst come to tbe wont, the sentence of men', <nene Uktl nj>kartim would be pronounced upon thsae answerable for destroying this mighty Gov;rnr?ent when tbey should be arrayed at tbe bar >f humanity. But to-morrow's sun might shine, jpon & bright day for the dem ^crscy, ana to-mor ow evening they might assemble at this room to jear cheering news; and those of ttiem who were narrled might go home to eat their coty suppers with their wives, and go to bed and dream of hUysiau fields and democratic triumphs. [Great Lpptaute.] Calls for 'Cook," "Wert," "Kdelin,'? "Rus?ll." The latter took the stand. Mr. Russell (of Georgia) drew a gloomy pic;ure of the state of the South, and of the prospect )f the political horizon He had dined a few days i*tj with Hon. Mr. Vallaadigham, (Douglas,) of Jhle. Mr. V. then and there told him that b^ cTtr oeiore wa? aware that ao much fanaticism listed at the North until the present campaign, md Uiat he believed New York aad Illinois would both go for Lincoln. Mr V , alluding to lorthem aggression, said be would never be tbe tan to vote supplies to coerce any southern State. (R ) had also dined lately witb a black republcau and Clay whig. They held a conversation In which he (K ) took no part Tbe whig said to he republican. "You iireacb tbe impending crisis ind Irrepressible conflict doctrine, and wish to ibolisb slavery throughout tbe country. "Yea," eplied the republican, "and we intend to abolish t In every Southern ?t<ite witblu a few years" knd tbeu bo bad tv? impudence to turn to him R.) and ask him to ,>asa the mustard! ' But,''1 11 j \lr umu.ii ^ ? 1,1 ? ? ? ? ? - * " ? - . .. u i u I veil up IU li IS IU11 leigbt. "1 replied: sir, 1 accommodate no man of ronr political proclivities with mustard!" [Loud ind protracted applause ] I then turned to the valter, who asked to change my plate, and said: 'No. I'll change iny seat. I'll not alt uext to any black republican son of a bilrb." About this time Mr. Russell. while alluding In i strain of fervid eloquence to the encroachments >f the North upon tue South, turned with unpteaamt dirertuf.u upon bM audience, and said, 'Are you men, or are you beasts, that you remain supine and allow yobr rights to be trampled upoti?" Here the D J. A 's looked at each other in consternation, lingering their ear* with discomposure, as tf they would My "what means he V' while one penitent chap groaned audibly, 'Jackasses all, by ?Wh*t, said Mr R. what though the Union shonld be dissolved, ana in battling for the rights of the South a few of them were hung by thebhek republicans! There were a plenty of men willing, like him, to lay uuwn iue>r lives ana perisb in tbe Brit brraru for the rights of the Souta But they could achieve a bloodi-as victory No aouthern man would be obliged to tmbrnehit band* In blood?they could resolve themselves ont of tbe I'nlon and open Ihelr porta The General Government might then proceed to blockade them, but England could not auaUin herself a single year without the cotton of tbe South, and enough English and French ihips would be found to raise the blockade. In conclusion, be sikl he bad been drawing a very dark picture, but it had a bright side, and entered into aome speculations as to what to-morrow (to-day) might bring forth la New York, bvea if Lincoln was elected, the Union might hold together four years. Mr. Cook, of Mississippi, was next called upon for remarks, and in responding to the call he congratulated the Association upon the manner in which they had acted during this canvass [A low ' hem"' came In Just here | It bad been s club, and not a speaking club. Perkant K? <4 t i ? ? ?* * - ?r- u<. uiuciru iu caiiuicuu irun many prneni, but in sdbeslon to democratic principles they werr a unit It was not for him to nr bow they would or should act in the event of toe ele tion of Lincoln He hilled from the State of Missisilppi and, for himself, however Mississippi acted be would act in tbe same manner. In ine event < of Lincoln'* election, and abould be do anything prejudicial to tbe rights of tbe &outb, be (Cook) would be found enlisted In thecauaeof the South. And if all tbe other southern States were recreant to tbelr duty, and tbe gallant little Palmetto Slate (God bleaa b?r), single-handed and alone, abould be found In opposition to Lincoln 'a rule. ar(Cook) would be found with South Carolina He was reaiiy to die under tbe folds of tbe Palmetto flag. [Che?rt.l An old gentlemen who bad endeavored Ineffectually to got the floor for some time, sow arose, and was Introduced by President Boyle as Mr. Rogers, of Arkansas Mr || nM hrhid IIUIdmih* ^ ? knew, to love the Unloo. They knfw ilia well, oil knew the trial* and vicissitudes of hta life. V* h >t sbonld they do at the South In the etroafeaf Lincoln'! election ? A Voice.?" Cut bla heed oW and give It to the nttfgcre!" "That's treason," said Mr. Rogen. " I know not aad care not who yoa are, J>at that's treason!" In regard to Secession, Mr. R. urged that It was cowardly In the South to secede from the Union. A true loau al jrays stands up for his rights, and maintains them to the last drop of his bk>od Let theui ttj^ht for their rights m the Union, f Cheers J He >poke of the aafavorable condition tne South was ia for di?eoiuUon,wlthoat a navy, 4c. InterMi Vift th? tf* that nil rnrnm itn ifima h?? m4 aothing els*. All they Bowl do wu to affect lit Inter eat?( (he North?their pocket books?refuse to trade with them, and they would aoon be "brought to terms. The meeting adjourned; and as they |??4 dowa the staircase oae of the speakers of the evening was heard to Inquire with contldarabla solicitude, "Did 1 make an aas of invself? Did I make an ass kt ?iysalff" We Qpuld lot catch the aa, r. -V' ' , 5.. , Fn TirtATaa ?Mr lee Mfcnon, the great AmtUat eOnmdUk, wee wwk?a*d at the theatre U*t night b ' a large anrience' Which were salar uiacd aa only Joe 4?f?er*oa aad dpe able stock owpaay .co-opcratl ? ? with him are capable of djlag. Tkc bill for to-alvht consists of "A Cosfife iZJviSHaSfcSSi lag fcatnre aI tfae^veoiag wi^J be the anaouncemrttbifthe flwtllwiwtwne fro>s the stave, a* feat nl?bt, (Tba itfl'tng wu preMive of bti cr*tltu<1f" at tbt? klndtiMt of tu? KcrptUa, and lotlinatU* (b$X K>ia? good thing. vivxx tht*- $ll*Tec?f>*Bjd hoax* nightly durinTTtfr anfaf?m?ttf -:.jr , : > "Cumut Goa*H**c?* Halaaa, tofcru^^ss^f^v1*^ Jofca Freektrt. drunk ai.d jjifc-rdcrly: fine sod #JlUVW* *?'*9 ??? . dWrdorly; da , rt M. Dr. JM Lawfon,draikM>d vagiaat; ] da., 9i 13. Two ledgers wen accommodated. - - - - -? '* I* a Bum 8nor, last night, aa exuberant republican waa bragging on I.Vneoln, and nenrrtlac the certainty ofnij election to-day An antl- \ Lincoln man present aeetned to doabt the cafMuty Republican deal red to know If anti-rep c wai willing to bet anything, and unll-feP. Mid 1 he didn't mind onln* .? n-w -? - ? <--*-? -? - -- ??mo utgii mm a *j uckircf "I \ dotlat on It. It ? pi Ml can rirodnced the qu rter, and auti-rep. aavered It. Exubaraat rep?ibllcaa lated. hinted at a higher bet, and produced a f half dollar, which antl-rep. instantly covered. Republican excitedly sugices'ed a stiil higher I bet. asserting th?t there was no possibility of r defeating Lincoln, and produced a g Id dollar, / which antl-rep. covered Ins tauter Kermbli- . can still aaaertlag the fallacy of any attempt i to defeat Lincoln, proposed a still higher bet, and deaired to know If antl-rep. would go in p a little deeper, pulllntc a 92 30 piece fiocn his 5 pocket and displaying It ostentatiously. Antl- < rep said yes, he didn't care If be went in again, ' | aad immediately covered the fi SO piece with ita t fellow coin. Republican began to reflect, and f reflection soon producing doubt, and acting upon Hoyle's rule, u when in doubt take the trick," he snatched up the money he had ataked, and 0 slipping it Into hla pocket, exclaimed, " O, Lin- o coin Is sure to be elected, and I don't want to win Jj your money. I ll bet mv bead on hi> election. ? only ( don't want to win a friend'a money; and besides, I never bet money but what I am always \ on the losing side," and eiuberant republican left the (hop under the Impression that he had backed somebody down. U Fsibjidlt.?This morning, a very respectable looking Irish woman Was arrested by officer Veat- I man, and taken to the office of Justico Doan, Jj charged with the suspicion of stealing a sum of money from a family in the Fourth Ward. The r evidence did not justify the magistrate, in bis opinion, In sending the case to court, and he dismissed the prisoner. She then gave a statement of her connection with the case, in her further ^ justification. She said she was passing the dwelling of the complainants, and they called her, and Invited her to stay all night. In compllmsnt to her j father, wlih whom they claimed to be acquainted. She stopped; aad during the night her friends sent out snd got two or three quarts of whisky, which they disposed of. and trot as drunk aa thev n could be. In the morning wfien they got op their ' money was gone, they Mid, and they accuaed her o< t>f biking It The complainant listened very com- J? placently to the atatement, and only objected to the enormoua quantity which the defendant aald they drank. The defendant declared ahe would aue the complalnanta for defamation of character. I Ckntbk Mabkbt.?The market place thla mornlng waa not very iully atowed with wagona and m oiuer venicies. especially of the country dealer*, a The supply exhibited was principally oy the 11- \ censed dealers, and Its quality and quantity was M creditable to them The gangways were not ?' crowded duriug tbe market hours, and tb? de- ?'| mand was not as heavy as ordinarily. The slim ? attendance of country dealers and purchasers may be because of tbe election to-day, which has I called a great many of our temporary citizens to * the election district* of the neighboring States, g( and which no doubt keeps many of the fanners |M and gardeners from attending the markets. in PotrtrmT Tmsvis ?The operation* of petty . thieves are growing more frequent and bold as tbe f winter approaches. They have even managed to rob tbe pantries of some of our citizens, who sup- jn posed they were well secured against the inroads w of robbers. Saturday night, some scamps entered ?c the premises of Daniel Ratcliffe, Ksq , In Franklin I* Row, and robbed his coops of all tbe poultry they ln contained. This robbery was especially aggra* vatlng, as in our city we have no Sunday market, I and the chances for i new annnlv uni alim re *"r"/ " w DisAfPoiHTMtxt.?Owing to the cnrrent In the river yesterday, the sttainboat which bad been u chartered to bring down the Douglaa men of >] Washington with their speakers and music, to ~ unite with that wiug of the Alexandria demo- I cracy, was unable to make the trip, and conse- 5 quently the Douglas demonstration which was to have taken place here last night failed to coiae off. e) Alrrandria Gazette. w ir Fkll tiom a Bktdok.?a vonng man named 1? McCaughey, a resident of Washington city, while _ walking to this city on Saturday, fell over a cul- * vert near G wynn's falls, and dislocated one of his I ankles. He was assisted to Mt. Clare station, N where his injuries were attended to.?Bait. Sun. g Bear ix mind the Panorama of the Arctic ti Regions, at Odd Felfowr'Hall, to-night. There k. is also to be a matinee U> morrow afternoon, com- J menring at half past two o'clock, for the special [ urucui ui tames auu tuiiuren. 14 01 Thk Elrctiun Rktcexs. we understand, will P be announced at Haminack'a Ke*taurant, thia j evening, aa fast an tliev transpire per telegraph, | comnif m-in^' at 8 o'clock p in , and continuing 24 until <J o'clock in the morning. A capital Idea. r? ai Hollow at'? Pillb, N Prtrwinrj/.?Ptlrinx this delicate situation, ladiea ? will experience great rrlief lijr u?iu* thia mild ca- 1 thartic medicine for correctinc thos- indispositions ami rauseating ricknesato which they are subject w a* thia period. The> *ive\ gentle stimulus to the '1 circulation, ami nurif* and ?<m?l alt thnm lnmum a whioli irritvo the stomach anil bowel*. They are U ao mild that th? moit delicate con?t tnMon may R takethorti with perfeet afifety. For a*si*ting ( rj malea at the dawn of womanhood, m at lli? turn of \1 life they ar* equally adapt<xl. $oid by all Uruggiiita _ at 35o.,62e. and $1 per box. no5 Iw I whtae's H*t mam of wild chtrhy, *! Cm** Bronchial Afer'ton* ami all Dixnscs of the 10 Lung*. J" From the Boston Evening Traveler, January fi. "It ia perhapa hut a aimpla act ofJuatioe to the SI {roprietora of Wi.itar'i Baltam of Wild Cherry for a to aay, that tur ptrtonnl trperiemt* in the una of r thiaartiele. haaimprevaed u? favorably. One of the q proprietora of the Traveler waa entirely cured of a ?r ever* eoogh ot four montha' th?i 18 naeof thi* Balaam,and aeveralof our friend? and ac- jo quaintancea, who have tried the article, have found ? it of great aervioe in 'dieving them of auvere I oougha and ahortneaa of breathing, with which they JL had been afflicted-" 71 Nona genuiaa unleaa signed I. Uctts on tha oi wrapper. 11 l'reparod by 8. W. Fowle 4. Co., Boaton, and for 01 aal? t?y /.. D. Guinan, 8. C. Ford, jr.,!?. li Wait#, fr G. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn k. Palmar, Waah j, ington; aud by dealer* everywhere. oc JO-l w,r u U nu /> wu r r* U awantma * uvMivrimiv a% 3 11 of Dr. Huiuphreya t Co.'a apeoifia Ho- f meopatbic Remediei put up expmaaiy for family p| uae, in boxea, At 25 and 5n cent* enoh. Alao. in oun. eontaicing 99 vials, from *4 to 9< I Moh, with book of fkll dir?otiona. For sale by * Z. D. Oilman. 340 Pa, avenue, wlml?aal? and F retail Mnnt: W. A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F street; ?> alao by F. II. Winter, corner ol Massachusetts ave- t? nua and Sixth street. Alao, Pond's Extract of Wiuk ~ a axel, for internal and external inflammations of I i kinds. Sold aa above. ma9-ly I Riadkr, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. r( au jn-eoly . < To trs A??lict*d !?Me aure to read the advertiaement of McLean'a Strengthening Cordial and ~ Blood Purifier, in another ooluinn. tf I 7 " MARRIED. ? J On the 30th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr. Moraell. Mr. miirtu a a I If tl t 1> D \Va.Kin?ii.n 1 \ n I *f. wiuunnt wi ?? ??uui|?.un, i/( v/*? to iVIisa AI.1CE II., third daughter of the late Levi onffin. u a N. , : (Baltimore gun and Mew Orlaaaa paper ocp?.) r DIKD, Jj On the morning of the 6th initant, of oroup, e HKNRY HOWARD, aeoond child of .Tamaa H. l and Kate Irvuu acod 3 years, 3 mouths, and 38 day*, o formerly of Baltimore. * ii (baJtnaore Sun plense copy.) On Wednesday, September 13, in Greene county, I Ala., at the raaioeuoa of William rettigrew Esq.. ? Mra.MARCELlA KNOWLES, in tha45tk year * of kef age, * " That stinbme hattbb, is j alwaysbusy and not naard oroaking o Annul rlnfl f tmmm ? ? Keoaaao beaelta the best article* ? at the lowest cuh prices. t ttTJiitoieuM? B^^HI VflL i Miaaea' JOCKEY HATS,Trimmed J and Untrimmfd. _ _ C FURS! FURS!! a For ladiea and children, my assortment is now | MING aj? to j?_wenta y*r yard. B. H. bTfivKMRTZ, SS6 Pa. mr., d no 2 rear oorner Thirteenth a*reel. | fREAT BARGAINS in PIANOS.?Oaa Tory v? nieoaoven-oetave Carved Piano Porta, having boon is a a* a abort time only, tbafllBBH I owhtleaving the city, for aale for #360.*II tl' One Tory ni"? Roaewood Chiokerini Piano for #136, at the Maaio Store of W.G. METZEROTT, Sris Agenoy of Stnavay k. Sona' Overstrung O?oe? Room IS. over orvVaa?in|toB, ' a oe ?-to WaahioaUMu P.O. f W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our ouatomera,and oiUsani senemlwhich we will mnke to order In anperior BB ? trie nt eery lowjnoea. _ - WAUL, STEPHENS k. QO. * eSS tf ?a Pn.nv..*etw.?t*nnd lotfaata. . '. " ? T1 T ' < I W TRAVELING TRUNKS. J R HnrejnaCreeeired'th* lnrceat uiortment ? MUHp ! in. tbja elfy, whieb we nr# eeH-fir nt Var* low I * rrioe.. WALL, STEPHENS 4 CO , M oe 25 tf 399 P^ nveno*. j ] E^.?,uNv.,hXirif:M4a:,^521? b?r C!o?hing, Fnrniahinc G?x>da, Hnta , i tndCnpa. oe ?? laa : <1 J^UODJUJE 1*1 UK 1 NRfT*AHH5B COMPANY f 1 Wit * OP Wfctv YORK. ,oAn nnn _ Ca*H Cahtal ^.faoo.oo*. oo ? tr OCo?, ot*t Bank of WMhuuton. ( m 9 / f ? ..?.j?* ? W ANTP* h W i igtt&f aw?fin" 'nth itrMt. hetw*?n K an/4 \t>.. _ V mt good handa naad apply. ' it* lE7ANT*I>-TWO WIIITt OIRI.S-rona a< Tf cook and waaher; tha other m etoamberaiaid and waiter The beet of relerennea required. A f|y at *&1 F at. between 9:h aa*! l?.h. It* A THOROUGH ACCOUNTANT wi?h*? t? employ hia apart tnn? in potting the hooka of riercl.anta or tradeim'n. hf donV e or aiafla eitry. lddrcaa 8. Box 481. City Poat Offlce. no 6 3?eo* IR/ANTED-Four rood SHUEMAKBRS to *? work on men'a w*rk, imgad or aewad. Aaly to DANJKL GENAl'. No. 401 Baraath at , ppoMtaOdd Fcllowa' Hall. ? ft ?t* Ll/ANTi; D?A email dm ly FURNISHED " HOUSE. Terma must ta explicit and !<>?ahr civan to anaura anawer Addraaa Box 691 City 'oat Otto*. ao5 2t* WANTED-With Board, for a email family, a auit of wall-furiuahed ROOMS, on aao >nd oor, and whera there are no other board ?ra Boat f referenoes given. Ganteal private fainiliaa havac mora room than they require might find it to fieir advanta;e to addreaa, through City Poat Ofoe. S E. B. oc 31 1 w* JLj ANTED?Everybody to know that PAGE'S Confectionery, No. 436 Seventh atreet, al>ova I, it the placa to z*t freih Cake* and other Con >ct ona at pricea to auit the limea. Ballaand param ? " ... ? - ? -> uiuiou ?un ics vrBBm 111a omtr KMf<"-nlenU. oc2?-3w* J|7ANTED IMMEDIATELY?From |5 to FT fioom vorth of SECOND-HAND FlTRNI 'URK ofall kinds, for which I will cnarantjto pav 10highest prices, and, aa the shortest noes. R. BCCHLY, Dealer in Fnrnitore, Stoves, *o., oc 9 403 Tth tt.. b?t. G and II. want side. *7ANTED?All kinds of SECOND-HAND ** FURNITl'RE.for which I will pay the cash, t 3*9 Seventh atreot, l>#twe*n I and K oc6-tf BO.NT7 k GRIFFITH. FOR 8ALE AND RENTV PO RENT?Thfttptotaftot COTTA9E REIMI DhNCE, containing t rooms, with front hal>ny, large yarda in front and n>ar. fronting H Kt , i Printing Office Sqnnre, between North Capit >1 nd First sU. Rent 92W per annum. Address, by tt-r or in person, \VM. STICKNEY. no 6 W ?OR RENT-Tlie large thre^-storv FRA.M K HOUSE on New Yoik avenae, l*twp?s 4th id 5th street*, reoently oooupied by ?ev. Mr. Ca>th?r?. Apply tn JOHN W. MANK1N8, or to Ir. BOSS, next door, wh*re the key may be found, lao. the tlireo three-story Hricka at corner of inth and N eU.. Northern Liberties. Apply at [r. HAGGKRTY8 store opposite, for the torins id the key, or to DICKSON A KING'S wood and >al yard, corner of I street and Vermont avenue, > to the aubscriber, at Georgetown. no8-eo2w JOHN DICKBON. r?OR RENT-Two DWELLING-HOUSESone on Tenth street, between L and M sta . and ie other on L street, bstween 9th and 10th. Pos??sion given immediately. Inquire of the snbtcri?r, at his residenoe, on L street, between 9th and th s'r'ets. no 5 tt Z JONE8. i PLEASANT SUIT OP FURNISHED a- ROOVISto rent at No. 432 Twelfth street, ?tween H street and New York avenue consistg of parlor, chamber, dining room and pat try, ith tho privilege of kitchen and eel ar, suited to Mourners in W ashington in the winter. Also, one D .va? .? J -S a t ? /"? ? ? i (,u Ii<n/ui in hid scuuuu oWO! J ouu Vil(CO V>II??II'?cr8 the third story. _ no V3t* pVRNIBflKO HOUSES FOR RENT.-The subscriber* offer for rent the Furnished House cently occupied by Lt. J C. Ives, corner of Eight nth and I sts. Also, a desirable Furnished House on New York renue, between 9th and loth sts. Apply to J AS C. ioiiUIRE k. CO., Auctioneers and Commission ierchants. no2 6t ?OR SALE?A new two story brick HOUSE on Fourth street, below New Yok avenue. The >use is 20 feet front and 4) feet deep ; ha? 5 foot Muage, parlor, H'nirn room, kitchen, and four lambers, with stairways in passage ami kitchen, itii good cllar under the whole house Fo- terms quire at 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fel*?' Hall. no 1-tf JAS. S. TOPHAM. 7?OR KENT?A first-class RESIDENCE (furnished,) on Fa. avenue. near 22d street west, o. 3L 1 oquire on the premises. oc y>-6t* 70R_ RENT.? A three-story and ba?eni?nt ' FRiMk liniMF ? -- inn- t? > * ?? > w w m-M % Itviai < ? ?< ? ) v/M I"HI , I Mi ? reen G and H ?t?.. No. 413. Inquire at SI M LEV GUY'S Hardware Store, Pa. ay. or 3"-tf I'OR RENT?A first c!a?s Furnished RESIDENCE, on 1 street north, between 13th *'d ith ?ts. west, opposite Franklin Square. Inquire n the premises from 2 to 5 p. m , No. 3 "Franklin lace.'' oc ? 6t* 7?OR RENT.?Two of those four new BRICK HOUSES lately erected on P?. tv. between ith and 25th sts., in the First Ward, containing 8 >oin* each, aud supplied with gas, Potomac water fid other conveniences. Apply to L. F. CI.A RK, o '240 Fa. av . bet. 12th an?! 13th sU oc3^-6t* j'OR KKNT-One new HR1CK HOUSE, with baok building and oeitar, having 8 room*, ith pas, and aide alter, situa'ed on l< street, near hirteontli. Rent moderate to a good tenant. In nire of M. GREEN, Grocr, corncr of Thirleutli and L sts. This property is near Franklin ow, only a few minutes'walk from the Treasp' Uuildirij*, aud one of the iiealthiost location* in ^ashingtoj. oc 27 2W jM)R RENT?^ fonr-etory brown-front DWKL 1,1 \ (i. situate oil Thirteenth at., between I. id Ma?sar hi. setts afj nn? of the most desirable cations in the oitr. Th* house is (tarnished with arh]e mantles ; also, *a? and water fixtures, with ith-room. loauireat WM, P. SHEDD'S Faney tore. No 3o< 11th ?t oc g7-13t* ZK)R RENT?A large and desiralwe DWELLING-HolME, No. 444 Twelfth street, between and U its , containing 12 rooms, with all the modn improvement* Possession given November 1, 9". For terms apply to JNO. ALEXANDER, 0 840 Pa. avenue. oc 15 eo3w J^OR RENT?A handsome, first eluss RESIUENCti, No 442 E street, between 6th and h street i?one of the in >?t eligible locations of this ty. The house is fnrnishel with Mil modern in ovements, such as l>ath room, hot ami cold water 1 each floor,, first and ?e<;on<1 floors heafed mn hasmnent, Ac., An. Apply next door, to Dr. At*. J. WARING, No. 444 E street between 6 h id7th. oc 1G eotf JH)R RENT?A joml two-story Brick DWELL [NO. on Fifteenth st, near H. Rent low. Aply at No. SStf H st. no 3 eo3t 70R RENT?During the session of Coo* r ess?a first-oiass three-story BKICK HOIT15E with a nishod Rooms, situated in one of the most de^v.u i ki k\ . ? si. _ n TBUID aim IIOAiUIJ iU(?UUUB 111 IUV CI IJ rur >rrn?, &.C.. apply at 373 Seventh st. oc *7 12t 7?0R RENT?Th? new brick flWELLINGHOUBE No. 50 Prospeot street, George own he house Is two stories and h&seuie?t aliove round ; E rooms, including kilonen and servants' >om : km and water in the premises Rtnt readable to a p-rman*nt tenant. Apply to D. E.NG,ISH. 13* Bridge street, Georgetown. 00 a 2w 7*OR RENT?Possession on the 1st of Ootober * The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43$ D street, t present occupied by the Rev. Or. Butlar, and ext door to the residence of the advertiser. J. M. CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let tor a boarding house. se U-tf PHREE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN ACRES i. in Fairfax count*. Va., in exoellent order; w 11 imbered; good buildings; a orown stone quarry. A ailroad ear shop and water station must be reoted on the larm. Also, a new Steam Mt 1 in fOudottn county. A puronaser cau get a bargain fG. W. BRAY, Agent, 41? Seventh at., Washagton, D. C. oc l? Iwt* FOR RENT?Thf fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West St., Georgetown, at present oocn fed by the subscriber. It has it ro?tms, wuh gas .nd water throifghout, a fine yard, stable Ac , and 1 in a good neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A.MA?RUDER "<25 tf l?OR RENT.?Two new three-story BRICK P HOUSES with back bnildings, each house onUinin; 8 rooms, with iu. llllsintlf situated a 8th itrMt north, between M and N streets: rent noderate. Appl? to K. LAZENBY. opposite, or ft JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenne, between ?th and 13th streets. oc 9tf FOR RENT?The FIRtfT FLOOR of the bpildL iu immediately opposite the veet viol of the Jitr Hai.,rooently occupied by Chaa. 5. \Tsiiivor * an office. Also the Trout room in the second tory cod the third fl< -or of the sane boildin*. For ?rm. apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. ? X'niiiana avenne. ia 13 tf Connecticut Mutual life insura ancb company of hartford. Accuvulatioh ....... $9 300,000, 'resents inducements to all elMsee equal to any company, and tar sup crior to most. Dividend* made and paid ennoailr. heatu ft knowle9, AijenU, op a-tr Oftoe. over Bank of Washington. pRIMMINOS, buttons, tassels! \ . The bait assortment tf TRIMMINGS, BUT"QMS, TA8SKL8. Ao. Also, Y/Tfc*, Zephyr ad Shetland WOOL, are kept in Wa* hint Ion, io. SO Market Space, near 8th at., at Naw York nd Raltimora prioea. oog Mr* F. MUHUNflt^AUg. 1*7 NEW CLOAKS. _ "v K Have thu day received Iron Ma* Vorka waatihil aa*crtment of new atyle Fall aed Winter JLOAKS. nth aa the Arab. Zouave an4 other tjlea.ia Black and ? renoh Cloth*. Aleo. Plata BBjBKlK fflgBSfesSSf * ICHMiDT'fc Toy and Fancy Store. So. 60 Pa. .venue, betveaa ??t and 2iJd ata.. where ofta ha ad a err at variety ol beautiful Pa'tara* for fokaa and frteerae, Collara and Cuff*, Sktrto, Paaaleta, Band*, ?lip?erat Cloak*, eta. PIea*e*ive u? aoallaad examine. oa 5lm? if4"" snrfSTvi... . . om-im GEORGETOWN. 1 Corre*p?nd*ne* ?/ Tk* Star. S*>| m iiwi, f^i rrMkct W GrMtimWlTiiMI Wow dtttni aa to tbe I milt ( th? ilrctloa-thli Mug I* tb? eptalin of rnaur tfae i?oat Important day la w hiatorv dnce the ofgnftitaliMl W tba SarfrniMnt For Ura ben< fit of tbo*e Whb Wf?b to ?et tb? rrturna at the earlieat poaatble moment, tbe?Iagraph offlrebere ' will br kept open tbroogh the nljjbt. and diapatcbea will be received ewtry half hour The newa will be aiioooDCwl aa received at tbe Repuban Rooma, corawof li.^b and Gay alreete,bad, pivuauiy, at (Df I Dion HOKI We learn with regret that Mr. Jmdm McHrary, the GoTrrMnml Inipretor of work oa the Rock Creek bridge, inet with a painfwl Occident jresterday. He wu coming dona iind^e street in a buggy, when one of the vrbe^ls got Into the excaration for the water mala, the hore? stunibled. and Mr. McHenry waa thrown out. Hit forehead , waa bad It cut. aad be ?u ??v much bruiaed He Is conflnr d to hia bed, but we learn la tolerably comfortable thta morning The masonry of both abutments of Rock Creek bridge is progressing rapidly, and ae alao ia the work on the superatructure Meaars Carman. Oobb'uili Co , are contractors for the stoae work, and Messrs Dean cad & Sons fu. *he wood and Iron work. Bridge street Is being rapidly cleared of the earth excavated for the lariar down sf the water pipes, and our citizens are much rejpieed thereat, , d* that important thoroughfare was almost I no- . passable for pedestrians during the late rainv pell. The best poMlble disposition la made of the surplus earth, it being oaed to fill up the J unsightly depressions In Aqueduct street. The late freshet in the Potomac was the cause of some Inconvenience to our business men, but no < damage baa resulted. We learn that tbe captain i of a boat through from Knoiville. (near Harper's 1 Ferrv,) reports that tbe canal ta not seriously !n- i jured this side of that point. < That excellent Association, tbe Young Catholic 1 Friends' S^ociety is in a flourishing ennd tien, we i are informed, and is a^-ompUshtuR much good I The society is now educating about b"t? at I Trinity Church School, and clothing the aestl- 1 iuk vno. aii n?riiD|( on ?uboiy wding lasx. the following officer* were elected: Haeiurl Kalnev, President; William Mm, Vit* Presi dent; John L Kidwell. Corresponding Secretary, W. Albert King, Recording Secretary; 1.. l.eavy. Bookkeeper; T. H. Boucher. Treasurer, James Klley, Steward ; and P O'Donoghne, R Jones, Philip May, 8. Help, A. Barber, and A. H Boucher, Trustees Tax payers will find It to their Interest, perhaps, to read the Collector's notice below Bv attending to It In time, they may Mn trouble and expense. Ladtff 1b want Af rK??? ??1aaW m*%A *? tides, will call at Gutman'i. 11? BriAg* street, . for bargains 5v-e bis advertisement About 60") beef cattle were offered at Drover's .. Heat on Friday last. Of this number 45C were sold to speculators and butcher*at Cross Si 5u to S3 50 per 100 lbs gross. The remainder lay over. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ' tor otkcr Irtorfttmr* adverttumnui ut Jtrtt ftfi I - WINTER- Ml I-LINER V. I ilif Miss E K. MCDONALD would re-CS sEWM'pectful.y inform her oustumers th*t^^ STTTUi r pen WINTER M I - L I N E R Y ' on Thursday, November 8th, &l 7 1 Bridge strteL nn A i nnn apples-apple*: 1 iUUU BB<-S AI'fLK>, duv landing from schooner J. * N Biker, which will be ol?l?mao- 1 commodatinr term*, from wlwfnr atorr. hr i. G. WATERS, no 1 2w* 109 Water rt . Uforyetown. I^OR NEW YORK -The packet acteoon r York- I r town, i'aptain Wo([1<iiii, will c'iiuid?uoe tv , lo&dinc as al>*v* r>n FRIDAY next. 2J . For freight apply to MeCOBB * DODGE. do 1 J_ 63 Water at. Geortetowa. m CLOAKS! CLOAKS!.' 11* ] CI OAK9!" 117 t'letb Cioaks sold for $?, worth $4, for #3, worth #10, for 9M, worth 912. Linen Handkerotuefa at UH. worth 25 Cambric ftnd rtwisa Sou at $lbi I and 1 7-5, worth do?b'e Maltese CoWara and t4* U < at very low pncea. Conrtoic?*ra celebrated K iH i tilo?e?atl5 cent* per pair, worth SI Ye vet and Bonnet Kibb'ua in great variety. CUtha of all , kirda f<>r Mantlea Shirt Boa'ins at 12)? and 1H\ cent! , w?rth double. Bella and Kelt Ribb -na < ( all L -J- d_l a..u. uL.?i_ ?:?u n u-? o -J litis, m-'n ^witciutvia, wi'ii or"<-nci ouiuon, at ?8, worth double. H"op Skirts ?'l a>z?a ?*Wflacina MechaniorJ Corsets. all fix**, *Hd for #1'2>?. Casniuirre. Ca?sineta, Foil Cloth*. Liqmti, Hlanketr, and all kinds ol Servarks' Wear 1 old vert low, and a great many other articles too i numerou" to mention. All the attire rood* are t bought from the trnstee of a Lankrnpt merchant, and will be sold at an immense saoifice. Come ail and secure your bare airs. a:id d n't fo'ret th<* place. Great iaduceme&ts offered to wholesale bnyrra. 1 E GUTMAN, i 117 aouth aide Bridge street, t no 1-<W Georgetown. D. C. j Nm E\V STORK! NEW GOODS: MRS. M. MMSON I nforma her numerous friends and the pablia generally that she is now established at her New^k . J?tor-. No. Ill Bridge street, Georgetown,CKp) two doora above the old stand, where ra? be^^T J found asnsua'.a large assortment of MTLUNE- 1 RY DRYGOADs*, HOSIERY, and EM BROID- ? ERIK3, at the very lowest market pricea. t oe H-Ibi THIIE UNOERSIGNED CARPENTER AND BL'ILDKR offers his aervicea to tha paklio of Georgetown, Washington, and vicinity, and wi l , oont'aft for or superintend the onetraation of , publii and private bui di.igs. Plana aad apr?ifi otuunk wni u? laraivi^u sn<>n dowcs. t'nna a fkod (hop onCuncreu at. Georgetown, immediate c y uorth or the Fo?t Office. a? 27 3mao HENRY W1N6ATE. LOST AND FOCNDT" [ f OST?On Monday, between 11th *treet ami JU. 1 Lj Mitthew'* Ohoroh. a lady-* (fold BKACKLKT. ( The finder will rae?ir?a lihera reward hy aavi' c the same at KING k. BlTRCHEt.L*9 Grrwery, corn?r 15th ptreet and Vermont avenue, no 5-3t WASHINGTON COUNTY. J Distmict op CoLrMara, Nov t, lMn. j Brought hafore nw, the ?ul>?cit>er, a Jo*Bee of the peaea nan<l fortbeoonoty of A wtim- <rv tun, D. C , ai an est t ay, a small ?r*y HOKSK.altoat 15 hands Mgh, and appar-^^^^entlv about 15 years old, foaod trespassing an the I remise* or A. C. P. Shoemaker. aeowt the 1st of October, on the Seventh Street Plank Ko*d. aboet 5 mile* from Washington city. 'I be owner cm eome forward, prove property, pay cha'fee, aod , take lum away. > no 5 3t* ALFRKD RAY. J. P. I ? \ PERSONAL. Q I n RE WAR D Will be paid for informal* > vl" that will lead to the e nviction of the person who ?hot a b ack and tan terii'r Cog at Kslora- i ma, last Thursday. Apply on the premiers. nofi 3t* \1ADAMK MORRICE.THR Okkat A?TEOLO 1*1 oist and Doct?em, from Kuropi.? This huh'; gifted and intitligent l%dyt can be oon*u ted on the Past, Present and Future Evei ts. Ca'l at ffow 405 Eighth st., between G and H, Washington. no 2-1 m* i MAD AME FELIX, Portnne Teller from Paris 1 begs leave to inform her former friends, una the paMio geeeral W, that she has removed to ISlllltk ! r?*eaf nnrtliAAJif ?A r nar *kf V mmm ^|S>< iks otll ? - -?. " wiwic ?n* wan be ik&ppy to ??o au who may tlecir* (u have the put, present ?n<l hilar* aaUaf&otoriiy explained. oe U-Ua* ^ _ Kindling and stove wood Manufactured any length, and d'liverad to any p%rt of the city at the eborteet noboe, and at the lowest p.???ihl? rate*, l>y sheriff a dawson. ?T Office aoath side fa. areane, between 3d aad wharf and mill weet eule 4S street aad caaal. nol 1m Dancing academy, at fkamlik h*l:. Prof l. g. mar'ni haa the houoc u ivivroi hi* friends aou the public in general that he a* Will open a Dancing Aoadrnsf a< fr^okiin JH HI all, corner of D and SUiU.ur the beaefi. of thoAA vlwi mi%h tn nar(*rl uiUm thi* K'acelu> accomplishment, on WedacedsyTNo YriDMr?. Day*of mition, Monday*. *-v dnes'iavs and Friday*, f oin 3 to 5 o'olaek p m for ladies and children, and from a to Ml for ir?aUeaMa. For par* hjal&rs. tpp y at ?h? Academy from lo to l<a m. i ooSl 6t* ___ QHEAPEST STOIE! BATE YOU* TIME AND MONEY, ? , AND 00 AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STOE E, SM SEVENTH STREET, < Kmt Side,) betweea I aad K. t N B ?A very large assortment of mv CLOACS \ (latest style* just roMiwd. ? Him MATTHEWS * GORE. j A CARD? H?rinf Ween id formed by s*>v?ra ra- < pset^bl* otiMns that o> star kaw igs /IT'S I leri, Kiting irum niwwii on irnfci r??rfyntnl Emu&nkJ^e^^^ ] thornimpure oy?ter?.aad complaint haviiulfM ' made to me to tfcu c-M+ct, 1 i;?v? to rn Uat I hto* no l>avJ(?f? Mtlinf lor ma fr.iu buck'U aod do not i allow the buti#M? to U oarriod o? from my ertab>Uv nt Ml do not deal m oyaUrk onhatei??e Neither b?v? 1 any branch of *j o*a?l4i?fcm?t to an) nart of the city. N o e;?ter? are Mat 1* me to ^r^Wi'sassSss'Aa^E | ooa? It X. U. HAfTEY. "TTQ THE C1TIZK\S QT WA?HTNGTf ?N -i < '# jukt rwmJ *'.?f win comment# IHbEM** F?::r^v^^ -IH TELEGRAPHIC. in rmumUTiu imctmi. Tk* KIMOM la rh?ejkl|*6e. procuring MnlfM tt?M. Ml ? at >11, or art- urinf the Read lag ?ckH TW city will probable gleo tarf* rap?kU?*a piarallt? All qalet. ^ Tfc? BInUm la Btltlatrf Bai rmoii, Nor t?Tk( election ta pweoeding quietly, u4 tker* will bo a large Tbo Brrrkinr dpr and Bell mri arc njuallr m|olno u to their iixkm la the city aad Stale Tk Douglas men aoem to br polllag a large Mtf It U thought many Cww?- are to'lag for Utacola. The ElrrtlM ta Ttrgtata , Richmond, Va , (aooa).?Tbo vote now (toad a Bell 1,747 ; Breckinridge (<74; Douglaa 40*. LTsrrarao. (noon)?Bell Mu, HtwklarMg* j50; donglaaw. riTtliKio, Not ?II a. ?I Private Dia pitrh.J? Sell, 47#; Breckinridge, i?o, Douglaa m. Irrnt t Charge #f Forgery ul ( nui felUag. l<iDiAiitPAi.u. Nov 3 ?Jimi McLean. onabli i >f th* Boone County Bank. UtiMM, IMIim, ind J. B. Huwjr. Albert ft Higw. M!Im A WlfT, ind J D Chlpman, CMMrVd with (W mine ^natttutloa. were irmlH tr-day, rbarbed rlth forgery and circulating n*fa fraodatentlr aaued Ail tbe prlaoaera waived an oninlMttoa ind were rorr^ittW to jail t* d?4aalt of tS.UXO ran for each It la ?uppo?ed n>it there parttea ?aee clrc ulated from fEMi.OOO to fiun.euo counter Ht bill* on tbe Boone Conntr Bank. In I ad tana, itllnola and Mtaaoarl Notn amonntlDf to *IU were miied ht 1h* A *??.? *t.i? -~J he ipcriou iind ganulae not#* air from the aair* ilitr. the Auditor and ReglMtf'iil(tttor?i Mrg :outiterf?ited oa the former. A Spaoner. Pre*; lent of the bank, made hta mpr froan this city u day About 9100,ami of the apnrlaua notra hava teen received by the banker* here fraai tb*lr car eapondenti la the Weal. Several hnadred daiara of the spurious bills war* red nai i by tie tanks at Lebanon yesterday Oh Day LaUr Iran tarapi St JoHs'a. N. F., Nov. & ?'The staan nhip Aetata arrived off Cape Rare aa Saturday, from *tverpooi. having touched Uuoeuatowa oa the Stt of October Italian lAln rema ned nnrhanred Tba War aw meeting adjourned oa the Mk Unreliable reports prevailed that the principle >f a European Coagress had been agreed apaa. It was reported that Aaatrta bad propoaid tba ? ? . I.UVK IVI MK )IKiaC WISUM (R VIM ItHLI&n qucetton A n I ui perlal decree raleea Um price of tobacco la FrMM. Good Maple* of cotton trtr at fall price*; other ]aoUUoni mtlitalied Flour ? edy. the CccnHik Cora qiM, Ike advance ckacktag lineea ProelaJona ateedy Su^ar buoyant Coffee qulet Rice InB, holdera demanding aa advance. Nanl alsrea ilif bLy higher Conaola M\a92\ Severe Otlr, kc Niw Binn, Conn , Nov. 5 ?A severe gale rroni the eaat via: ted the cltv last evening. corr fuencing aoout 5 o'clock and ending about 11 )'clock Many treea were prostrated. and the itreple of the Wooater Place Church (Second Baptist) w?a thrown upon the aquare, lta bight w a two hundred and fortjr feet The bell, porch, entablature column* and other front work also fell, crushing the lroa fence around the churrh, Outdoing little other damage Had the steeple fell to the north or aouth, It would have croebed two or three private mansions. The k*a la four ?r five thouaand dollar*. Youns Stafford, who wu h? ?in lent Beldra, died at 7 o'clock tbis evening Utw *?as CalUorala St. Joskpbs, Nov 6 -Tbf overland expreo* from California oa the S4Ui lata. The raault cf tbe Pennsylvania eleetloa had been rweotvrd. mad hf Republican* are betiiag oa carrying Callfot ila. Tbe Oregon Legislature bad resolved to adjourn >n tbe 10th, and bold a special session la the iprlng. the two boom disagreeing about tbe bill enderltig nugatory tbe recent Congressional clarion It was doubtful If tbe object will be act oat Wished Fire at Springfield. MaaaPpeihopixld, Mass, Not. * ? Tbe ftststiiag Dill of tbe i'UMM p?nrt ?? IUI??W. r?? neirly all burned tc-diy WO,CM> on*, lalf of wnlch l? luaurtd at StprioglHd, Hartford, ltd N>w Htvcn The manufacturing mill was m harmed. Vlrfiaka Prefariai It ma EarrfrarT Richmosd, No*. 5.?Col. D'muuKk. Coatniuidant of the Wat* Arnronr. learea btri for IVShlnjfton to-night, by order of Governor >tcber. to pnrrtmae inu for tbe Htata ToUtt*1 excitement la running very high. A CataM larflarMM. N*wBr?Tno?T, Vt , No?. 5 ?A colored man, [Wng the name of James F Pickering, late at jaiirorma, was sbot dead Imt o'gbt wbtle robbing l dwelling house Numerona bnrglirles havr ently grratly excited our citizens rm Office K?kWrf. Hollidats, Pa., Nov 5?Joba A. McCwarl1, Vss'stant Postmaster at Newrv. Blair cwantv, baa xeo arrested on charge of mfcblag the mails Brgi?tere4 Yates la New Tsrk Ctty * Nnw Yoii, N?. 6 ?The roles now registered n tbis city amount to nearly H7.ftX? BtlttaisN Varktu BaLviwemn. Nov fl ?Flour steady, OklolS f*i. 2\%y Mills IS 50 Wheat dull aod enchanted, ed #1 iioal 33; white SI Mal.CB Corn active, rrllow MsSBc.; white 70s75c Provisions steady ii v??:-ruay quotation* C oOrr ?lead? at 1HI.V. Wtlsky dull at <oc. flew T?rk SUrktu. | Nbw Vtu, Not. 6 ?Floor bnary, Male ?L5 40 ?*5 50; Obio *5 ?Ua*5 90; SouthrTa *5 80a*6 no Wheat dull and leas Arm Cora qul?4: an1x?d riarv^c. Provlaiotia dull, w hiaky dull at 23c . PJOW HAVK THE LADIES VOTED' Kuai Hows. Je. of Boatoo, who ia the inventor af the ' loek-atiiok" eaed by tka prWaal aew..., machine*. raquiwa ivort return* to M aada to hi TV of t hf DDBlfafr fold ht MAh OOlTlMllt arW obligee thera to pay him a liomae for < *?ri maoirne aolcT Tne (oiIowikj atatemeat ia oopwf (mm Mr. Howe1* patched report' f.*r 1?? aod11% It will l?e *een teet * HKfcfl.K* ft WILSON* SKWINtf MaCHINK i? preferred in aa immenae ma jo'itr of the I ad tea, ia ?p teof tbeadurucf interacted parties te injur* iu *a)e. 1M?. 1U9. Wheeler A Wil*on? 7,37? Sri Grower A Haker..... S.i'F* 10,?' LM . Siujrer ft Co 2Jt* 10JM utd ft WeUatef ? * l, m A. B. Howe.... 119 SKI aaa U*I nt'11 . . . . .? ? . m mm W M ' 1 A C<? * 21J Finkle ft Lyon ... W All ^ . . MP The Wheeler A Wilaon Arnr.CT u at No ?? PraniTlvtni* nvenu*. Pn??-? run P"ir f ? to tl-& Fail instruction* fivaa to pnroha??r?. at 4omm. &Ik. Cotton, Nnedlea, Ac., for- ?)e N. B ?Send for a Cuaalar. ctj>^8wif 'I'HE ATTENTION OF THE CITlJCfcWa OF 1 thn DUmpt aad ??r rounding auMln it ra peoUu'ly aolicited to nnexaniinau?n of oar aaooad I- nil Supply of the fo'lpinn* iGuod?it PARL,Ok jxmifiq t?J*> *. CJUmiIEE.aad passage rVPK**. BQKDF.M. pfcoka TION9an4 CETLINd PAP^K.SraaiA^fiM?v?r7 oonoetvabi* d??i{?, ix ranging 1% frioen fraai in rent* to va. t>a# issfigswms&ara W^rt.TS*CO??fflfclL CLETAJN HANDS, Md PW ^ vrurs fioc OOEM U m'\ MlM, ux>n! To ?C!m wlo *r? ?kMl rcftttinf WMK^ild Mk T~-* *?g^^wa??ffi. mtao 7T? rv vt. WMttKir MM MKHI TW? fKlwMvrffartin <? il w tew hr W* fy**1 * *' tli? KD v\ aR j)^ E?* ? ?? ?^Vu?nu^^^Mv*r^r

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