Newspaper of Evening Star, November 6, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 6, 1860 Page 4
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- THE EVEMNG STAR w~ r [Fo* TI19ri*. IGlOaA^ICZ BRI^OKTH FICAR. My ho* ootiioe o'intinr to his fhther'e knee, flia bine ryM r?ni'nleil with *e io(?nt fngut; The ovstCiiBAn l>e o*r, he ca>not see, _ , . Kwdi. witii ma hera. ?* M'et * r of auht. A cloud m riark'ninc th* westprniiky? Remarks my "lt thuadered th??n, my My ?we. ! hjr? l "What theudered, lather i Will it hurt as here Thus doth the Uekaown, ia its mjrstip toil, Kncfeain the eoui <>f a>M. Mil h?l with dread ! We wrwrch from out it* era p % thousand ? potf? The Uelvows. eii I, is fat a step ahead! T. ^ Aiuthm Ei?cuion f*o* thi South ?We have heard from an eye-witness a rather ludicrous cw of eipnlsion from the South of a northern pulJcBian. who for manv vrin has hwn tn th* habit of making fall visits to that section of the country, In search of custom, as the reprt sentatlve of an extensive firm in our city. N'o one had ever suspected htm of abolitionist proclivities, as he bad alwavs taken great pains to uphold the institutions of the South.*' and had alwavs been loud in bis denunciations of the Incendiaries'' % end "agitators" of the North. On a recent visit, however, h?? happened to be among a number of men who w?re diarnssing the political aspect of the times Ir. his i?al to agree with the local feeling and senlimrnU be engaged in the conversation An unfortunate impediment In his speech, which Increased as he became excited, led to disastrous results. "Gentlemen," he said, "1 g-g-g go for Ll-LIL1 " Before he could Anish the sentence i dozen hands were upon him, and he was rudely pushed about. 441 E-g-g? t?* ld-l?i-L.i he stammered again "You go for Li-Li-Lincr.ln, do you? Then vou had better leave for some place where you can 'go' for him with more safety to ycur jugular," was -*A (/.* K.,? rveoa.,..* U. ? ?uc uu nit |(iiui ui a pciw.i nc riniraT* ?red to explain, b:it tUe mure excited be became the more diflicult it was to exrtre&s himself. He was hurried from tte hotel, and, in the hands of a self constituted committee, was conducted to the limits of the next town, and warned never to return to the one be had just left. ' 1?1 bow to y?y?your decision," be manAged to say. as be turned to face the departing escort; "but y?y?you have been t?t?too hasty. I k?g?go for if?11?limiting the power of C? C?Congress?'' The committee waited to bear no more, but left the discomfited northero?r to pursue bis wav, regretting bis fate and imperfect utterance.? X 1' Pest. Attic Gardens ?The New York Evening Post has been entertaining its readers w.iii a long, elaborate dissertation on the propriety of turning the upper stories of dwell!u^s into banging gardeas. It states that as glass roofs are but little (k.n **U. LI.J. ? uraici ?uau ?ur IHUCI c*try ?PP^r Bxorj inigbt, without much expense, be turned lpto a bethouse, win re all the vegetable luxuries of the kttoii could be produced, without the least assistance?in tbe way of weeding, pruning, or lb>** *< out?from the boy* of tbe neighborhood. The idea 1* to cover tbe garret floor with concrete t > prevent water from leaking through to the floor below ft"~r The wife of a cotton broker at Montgomery, Ala , received and opened a diapatch in tbe absence of her husbaud It ran : ''Your darling?eick? Saint Nicholas?aend I ,(iOG? true love?oaly?Mary?New York, Sept., ?W ? Jealous ravings and fainting fits employed th? wife till ber husband s return, when,curbing her feelings, she handed him the missive She was comforted by an explanation from his cypher book of the contents of the dispatch. A Silvir Moostaix ?The excitement concerning the newly discovered silver mines, says the Oregon City Argus, on the head-waters of the MoHlla, seems to be getting Intense Parties are continually arriving in town, making their outfit, and departing for the silver regions. A party from town went out this week and eturned, after each one bid taken ont a cliim of 100 feet front, running to the top of the mountain. The amount of silver supposed to be th?re Is almost fabulous. D P Thompson, Kaq., one of the returned party. thinks the mountain is a mau of silver ore, contTwning probably hundreds of millions of the mineral? any rate, double as much as there is in the Santiam mines, which we>e stated to amount to 1U) 0 * (Mi tuna, which at *.> W to the tun?estimated?would give 000.000 Supposing the Moiaila silver mines to contain 2U0,UUU.UJ0 of tons, and to be eq ually as rich as the Santiam ore, there is no question but that they are worth *1,0?>6,GOO,000,000. r~T* Prof Fowler, the well known phrenologist Is now ia England According to a Manchester paper, the profrssor, while speaking of military men. during a recent lecture, drew Attention to itn? rv\rtis-W?oK U?< 41?4 m Wnw |>vim?i?) ? ? uitu uc #iiu u8 tLiiil OX & 1112 II WDO came to bis otttce about fifteen ye in ago, with the question, " VVbat can I do hot?" The prafwsor asked him \vb: I be did, and be replird, "1 make soap for a living." He then examined h!s liead. and told him that of all professions a n: ill tary career was suited to him, and that if be bed ??er bad the opportunity he should get the romrttaad of an army In the cause of right, for there bis talents would show themselves to the greatest advantage He had done *o, and Garibaldi, that man, was now telling a tale on the d-sttny of Eurppe. Wajihijigto* (Naw Yoke) miedf mtn?A few market men. wlto have a fondness for figures, keep regular books of tbelr business. In true merchant style, but by far tbe greater portion look upon this as mere tomfoolery. The way th??e people settle their a--.ounta is certainly very practical and sensible. After business hours one partner counts out tbe whole amount of cash In the till. Each of the firm takes an equal portion, after the hands are all paid, and matters are thus squared between them until the next day, when a l:ke method is pursued. There are stands where this system Is carried on. whose business amount to seventy five and a hundred thousand dollars a year. |?7"Th? right* of city railroad and omnibus proprietors have been settled la Pnliadelphia The Inquirer says: '-The case growing out of the dispute bet"* ceu Mwri. D T. Moore & Co , the omnibus proprietors. ai;d the Green and Coates Street Pas?en^er Railway Company. iss to whether the railway company shun Id purr'baae the stock of the omnibus proprietors. was brought to* close In the District Ooii-t Octri>er :10. Messrs Moore A Co. receiving a verdict la their favor for 915 (Mc*.* Alligator* in Niw J*???t?A ?mal' alligator was caught tn the Passaic river, at Aqnarkanonk, on Wednesday. It was about t\?o feet long. It Is supposed to have been bron?bt there In a load of reeds from the Sonth, recently landed In the vicinity. I Ai:RIVALS AT TILE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL.?L A Elliot, Mass; CP Kelley, KT; J H Sullivan, O; A W Thompson, NY; XV S \Vaters, Wd; K Clark. Steot; J, Md; Mrs Wrug, J C V\'ru?, Pa: G K n?nn ?m ? *? ? * ,nu(, j u rsnr*?ok SO; G A Barker and ly. La. v\ a Mllofcell, Va; J Smith, Pa; P W Crain and ly, Md. BROWN'S HOTEL.?J C Downing, J Hall, NY; J Merriweiber, T J MrKee, SC; J Lowie, W i?, Mr Lewis Va; IVIrt Whlton. Minn: J Dunham. Mau; J HiHoa, Pa; R P Pullltm, Va; D A Williamson, NJ; Mr and MriHodgaon Mlaa Telfair, Mr* Wullbury, Ga. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?R Soowden, E Durbridee, Va; K J Dobblne, Pa; A 8 Johnaon, Lt Col Hirdee, C T JardHla, CS. OCBA N S TBAMERS' SA I LING days Feom tbi Vvxjmb Statu. Lmm. For. Dnyt. All a ?New York-. Liverpool.... Nov * fuiUJB ..New York Havre Nova Eoro?a..^.?.?Bo?ton Liverpool... At.aauo .New York...Havre Nor 17 yion Ei nor* Anglo Saxom. ? Liverpool.... Port! and Oct 35 Peru* <? * - " " i ori.? Uflt 2 AmenoAa.lAvtrpoot... .PjrtUaJ^. ..Mot 1 Tofcn Belt...... ...OlMfo*.....Npw York...Nov 3 Vanderbtit. .sk?eth'pton. New York. ..Not 7 The liana* mail atMunera leave New York on "" Tin Cali/oraiapatiataAffMralaava New York on - he Mti and jwh ofea*r month. p & Of KRTY oWnKHS AND HLiLdERS. Yojir attention and ?U?lUtinii la roepeotfullr oitot'otf to ?xannD* die aelebratad Now York OUTTA PKRCHa HOOFING and theUUtjA PbktHA fVlNT far pajnnog tin rowfa. Thia Ontta fatoba Rooiai and Paint ia *ekuowieo<ed bj tae i*et ar^^at. la Saw York ?ity to be taa boat and a>i ?ap??t Raofii?g tad Paint in a*i?t ? MH.f! HAMILTON'* CA*FlKLD k. HAX1L.TUN ?r#U# M?M?U for Waaliinfton. Georgetown, AiaxuH><> ? ?*- * ravira o.u Mand " -' %??*. Ww^|b?. Jta i. JSL, 7^ pV?I wiih tii? fliiuieeat Liiiu'jra and q,J?H7 W* C?? PrtWOratara in *V??ntD<t ,n c*a ?ok't-jSI! tUhmflmo*. F? .ufPli?J with f > ?) f?, ud at r?MOBat)I.* prio?. WOO D! 1 T ? U7 rk /\ n U n u u w :: STOVE u4 KINDLING WOOD,? ttalSv* Bf 100 T. J. * W. M. OAJ.T, .. n-y " ? gjfo IF YQV WANT to f*tjfoo4 clothing, frfniah* lBA HiU u4Cm*.UI?v >no??,coM t" BMlrHH, No. 4*?0 t*?r*rtik ttr?C JHn f TAKE Otjl A UVICE AND GO To! THE ; ./I HI tAJ . f I M WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER 1 I1W BILL M? PlftSWOO* FACTORY) (Sioi* 09 tbs Blvi Fut Staff.) ll?U ef the Ctaal, aear Tth atreet Brld|?i Will furaiah, at the ahortoat nouoe, FIREWOOD, V DIJ> U f AT IT A I t T V - ft n u d n o ft ?( vftiii a i | * Or Ajit Kind, Cut 'tad SpHt t? mny Dimmtitms, CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! i With (VII meteor omen t guarantied. trr Remember, Tn* Fla? Staft, vnI t DM of b?reath treat, oath of the Cau*l, and of- < poaite the Cei.ter Market. 1 GEORGE PAGE, AgemU j 11/- HltKUKT OAK fLA "S K Or TIM- , BER(of?nj ?ys?or dimen?ion?)J?ANVKi). POSTS or JOIST* RTVpKD, or LOOS SAWKl), at th? horteit notice cjT Small jobf of llLACKSMiTHING promptly executed,Msbove_ ?e?T t q q q q q I UIlIOH FIRE-WOOD HILL, I'wmi ! StTcotb it aid Caul. W OO D of all kind, manufactured to order, any length or J size, lead) for uso. ^ COAL?COA L. We have now on hand a beautiful lot of CQAL., both Red and White A?h, dfnerent aiie irr?We are now, and will ho receiving Co?l for the next ten days, which we sell, delivered from the vessel, at a reduction of 25 cents per ton. Send your orders early. , MoKNEW Sc. MARLQW, Proprietors, se 27-tf Corner Seventh st. and Canal. tir n n n yy and COAL < Delivered to &U parta of the olty, at the Unreal ponible ratee. T J. A W. M. GALT, Offloe 993 Pa. av., between 11th aud 13th itn , m? 17-tf north aide. ?0| N O T I C KBbH I wi,h centleroen V MH to b^ar in mind that the plaa which I aLx jre-trs a<o, of veiling ^^^VHATS and BOOTS at frcaUy re dnoed pricee for cash ia in auooensful operation. Juat reoejved a fall anpply oJ the lateat n>w tort sry:es 01 UK RSS HATS. The very finest Hat #3A>; a first rate V*at #3 s and very Rood, fashio-able Hat ASM. All of tli? late st styles of aoft HATS and CAPS,at the very lowest prieea. I am constantly supplied with a very larce stock of thoaefine DRF.Si* BOOTS at $3.7>?which I have boea Belting for many year*?as well a? the vary best qoal tr of Pat'nt Leather OA IT KRA at 93 50. Fine Frenoh Caifakia Gaiters fro in $2 to Terma eash; n-> extra charjre in order to offset had debts ANTHONY, A|jent for tho Manufacture ri, Seventh atrret, second ha? store from tho corner, opposite Avenue ilouso. No. HO. ae 14-3m 1JOT4L HAVANA LOTTISJCY. jl nr< niozt trowing 01 tr.e Koyai Havana L.cttwr, conduct*! by tlie Spanish Boverninsat, snder the supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will Use place at Havana on WEDNESDAY, Notxxbu 7. 1M0. SORTKO NVMBRO 645 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE *100,000. 1 prise of % 100,0(V fo prise* o?-~~ .#l,oo# I do 40,000 (A do M 1 do 1MM isi do 400 I do 90,000 20 appro*. ? 8 jue I do 1<V0M JN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tiobets. 030? Ha.reap# 10?QBarters, $9. Prise* cashed at Bight at per cent, discount. Bill* on all eplvent Back* taken at par. A drawing will he [or waned aa aoon as tfca recall becomes known. 1 All order* for scheme* or tiokets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, oo 3-tr Care of City Post. Charleston, 8. C. OROrOSALS FOR FURNISHING THE PA- 1 1 PER FOR THE P(7?LIC PRINTING. OTFICZ Srp*RiST**i>*5T OF PTBLIC P?I!?TI5G1 Waahington, Ootober 2,11860. S In ol the provi-.iona of tue "act to pro ido fur exocuUrtjc the publio printin*," to., ap proved Au(gi( 26,18*2, and ot the 10th section of the ut entitled "An act making appropriation for the legialative. exeoutive, and judicial expanse* of Wvernment for the year ei.aing June 30,18G0,"approved March 3, I860, aealcd propoaa will be receivoJ at thia office, in tr.o Ca;ito', until the first Monday <3J day) of Deoember next, at 12 o'clock, for furnishing the paper that may be required for the publio printing lor the year ending on the 1st day of Deocmber, 1861. The subjoined l.?t rpecifies, as nearly as oan be ascertained, the quantity quality, and <lano;ip'ion of each kind of paper that will be required: CLISS 1. reams fine printing paper, utca'erder* menaura 24 by 18 Incr-es.atd to weigh forty-mre pounds to the ream of 480 sheots. CLaaa 2. 6 000 reams fine printing pap*r, calendered, to mea?are 24 by 3R inches, and to weigh fifty-six pouuds to the ream of 460 sheets. Class 3 3oo reams superfine printing paper. hard>sised and super calendered, to m?n?re24by 32 inches, and to wsigh forty-eight pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. 2nii0 reams ruperfine printing paper, aued and anpcr-ralendered, to measure 24 br 38 inches a.nH t weicn fifty poanda to the ream of 4W1 alioe'n. OLA?8 4. * 1 000 ream* aaperflne map paper, aited aad calendered. of ?uo!i aiti?a *a may De required, oorreapondmg in weight witii p&por ineacurirg II by M lnob?a, and weighing twenty ponnda per ream of ?<K) a beet*. CLIM 5. HO reama an perfine plate paper, (calendered or unoalenderad. aa may tx> retimed J 19 t> j 94 inchea, and of auoh weight per itam aa may be retail*!. The fibre ui the paper of eaah of the a'lor ? oUae^a to be of linen and cotUn, free from all alultaraton with mineral and other tubat&ncea, aid wl a Ivr whiteneaa . a d put up in quirea of twenty-four aheeta each, a:.d in hubdlea of two reama eaau; each 'earn to ooctain *?W perfaet ah^eta. Uniformity in oolor, ihiokn-aa. and weight will be required; Mtd no bundle (exoluaire of wrappera) varyioi over oi under ti ve per eert froin ttie ataiidard weight will be received, and the'aroae weight will mail iMiiMh*rAaaira^ Ml w.?? f ? -- * *- ? I0II1* IM II the wm bundle to mil" up t Wright will be oonsideied a violation of the ounliaot. Cum 1. I. 1,900 retina i^mrto poil writing paper, 10 l>; I* inches, t 2,000 do c?p do IS by 161-2 do 3. IV0 do demy do It by 20 1-4 da 4 IJMJQ do folio-poal <lo 17 be M do 3 100 do median do IK by 13 do 6. 30 do royal di 19 tjM da 7. 30 do ?uper-roy?l <lo W brtS da 8. 30 do imperial do V21-2by31 do I. 100 do douHe-eap d? 19 bjrU do 10. 100 do colored mrdium, (?Mort*d colore ) ClAfS 7. 1. 6,om reams writing paper, 16 by X inches, to weigh twenyibree pounds per retm 2. 1,500 (Mini writing piper, It by X inches, to vrigh twenty eight pounds ?er ream 3 3,IX) ream* writing paper, IS by 25 inches, to woigb twmtj six pounds 4 100 rea;n? writing eaper, 18 by 22 inches, to weigh tw*nty-fonr pounds p r ream K S4rt rf?T?? writing paper, 18 by <8 inches, to weigh twenty two poi nda per roam ft. 4X1 reams writing paper, 12 by U inches, ta weigh twelre pounds per ream. I All ?L. ? " * aii me paper* ae*nTiated in e'asae* 6 and 7 mmt on -1 tain 4W perfect *heet* to the ream, ami no "outtide" quire*. Tb^y are to be made of tfje beat ma lenals, free from adulteration, finished id die b?at manner, ent to a trne ed*?. laid flat, and aeourely and aubstuiUally envs.oped. The papera in olaaa S sr* to t>e white or hit*, of ?uoh wviphtsaa may be required by thia office. Those ia o tia7 are to be wb>te, and of the alza* and weights apeoifiad in the schtdule The right ia reserved of ordering a greater or leaa quantity o( eaeb and every kind eontr&oted for ia a 1 the elapses, to be farnishrd at auoh times in auch quantitiea a* the p>jblio aeivioe may reqair*. Kaon class will be considered separately, and be *ut>j*ct to a separate o-.utraot; bat bidders may offor for on* or more of the classes in ih? same ftoMNl. su proposal* will b* ooaeidered unl*ra accompanied by trta anaraatee that the bidder or fciddara, if hiaor th*ir p*opot>aj shall be accepted,will enter i an obligation, with good and auftoient auretiee. to furnish the articlea proposed Blank forma for proposal* wi.l l>e furni*hed at this c&os, ar.d none will b* Uken into consideration anlesa substantially agreeing therewith. All the paper in th* several classes must be delivered at auoh piaoeor piaoes as ma? b*de?i?n*t-?i id waatuogton oltf, la good order, free of 21 and very oxtra oharreor expense, ana (object to the inspection, oouuf, weight, and iiiea'urcmeng of the Suporint?i.der.t, and Be in all res peats ?4U.factory Samples of all the panr required imr b? wwn at this ulfiao, hat bidders aro re* utrpd to rnrniab, vith their proposals, sam?'e? of uot teas than on* quire of each of the kinds Did Mr, and upun which their propoea^s may be baaed. The ?fu1 bidder a , will be repaired rigidly to ooaforin to their iarnp e. Proposals will be addressed to "JoSar Bxaxt, , Superintendent of Ike Pebllo Printing, washing- , toe," and endorsed "Proposals for Supplying Pa- , per " oe 2 tavtd MONOM8AHELA BYE WHI8KBT, i j'fltifisatimti* !'lw? h?eted Rye, and hi do eaeo ev?r offered lor ?! ntil arfaptrrf to wtjoleeome uio by are It ia at i ?aoe the mo*t pala'able, aa it i? emphatically one i the Mreet beverage in the rrach of the public. To the I valid .aa well ae to those in I commend. iteei/ for ite aariTall^ualitw. M a tmutant of the aaroet. aureat, and most beaefloett j oe*eri|>uoa. and many of the moat diatingviehod ?*!*<"?" ?rf. ""H "?" their practice with the i cdt*Y * rrOC?DALE, Pro.ietpra. 1 'f* 1 -"Wto'"' .r^'wgjyfog- ; T'm-.vA^KTKRY notick. hs MEDICINES. jl A Y K R ' A ? U E CURE, I Cm. For tk* Sperdf Cmrt / ? intermittent Fever, or Fever ud Arae, Revutteet Fever, Damb Ana?, Periodical Head acne, or m Bi<iou* Headache, and Bilious Fevers. mde?d M for the whole Clan of Diseases Oriainatm* in k, Biliary Derangement, Caused by the Malaria of k, ,iaamaUo Countries. i w No one remedy is loader oalled for by the mom- I iitie? of the Amerioan people than a sure and sat* ?i Mire for Fuver and Acne. Such we are now enabled ii to offer, with a perfect oertainty that it will eradijate the disease, and with assurano?, foanded on proof, that no harm can arise from its use in uj ~ uaatity. I That which protects from or prevents this diu- 3 wder must be of immense servioe in Uie ?omnium- s tiee where it srevails. Prittuiom is better than " lure, for the patient esc&pee the risk whioh be *' nust run in violert attacks of this baleful (listen- ? Rr. This "C'ca*" expel* the miasnuc poison ol " [v it* and t svi from the system, and prevents J* ihe development of disease, if taken on the first v kpproaoh ot its premonitory symptoms It is not . anly the best remedy -ver yet discovered for this K ?lasn of complaints, l>ut also the cheapest. The arc* quantity we sapply for a dollar brings it withn tne reach of everybody; and in bilious distrioU. _ rherp Fevkh ISO 4ovb prevails, everybody should c have it and use it freely both for oare and prevea jj lion A great superiority of thia remedy ever any ather ever discovert for the spoedy and oertaio -are of I at srmittents is, that it ccitai na no Qniniue ? )r mineral, consequently it produces no quinism 0| jr other injurious effects whatever upon the ^ i institution. Those cured bjr it are left as healthy tl u if the* hful never hud tli? Jiwiia ? l ever and Anne is not alone the oonteanenoe of t tilt miasmAtiA poison. A crest variety ofdisorders iri i from its irritation, bmonc whiah are Neural- 0 Iia, Kheumansm. Gout. Headache, Blindness, t Tcothache, Karach)?, Catarrh. Aathma. Palpita- a t oe, Pamlul Atf?otion ot the 8pleen, H*eterios, m Paiu in the Bowfls, Coiio, I'aralyeis.and Der%nce- r\ ui-ni 01 me ^luiuaon, mi 01 wnion, wnen uri|iDnLiuK in this cMisr, put on the intermittent typa, or ? ^eoome periudiov. This ''fOvms" expel* the poison rp>m the blood, and consequently ourea them all t< Hike. W Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER A CO , Lowell, a and ajld br all Druggiata. erer?where. oo la eojm Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY* CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU Z A Poaitiva and Speoifcc Remedy I Por DUeasea of tha BLADDER, KIDNEYS, 1 GRAVE!., and QROPSICAL SWELLINGS, Tina Medjoine inoreaae* the power of Dijteation, ( and excit?? the AB^ORDKNTS into health* which the WATERY OR CALCEROl 8 depoaitienn. and all I'NNA fURAI ENLAIHiEMKNTS are reduced, a* well %a PAIN and IN- K FLAMiVl ATION, andiia good for man, vrwaian, imt.itn.jin. HKLMDOLD'S EXTRACT ?M?CHU, For WeikMMM krlkinc from Excesses, Habits ut Ulsaipaticn arly Indiscretion or Abuse. Atimdtl with t.\*/ohwing Symr'emsa Indisposition to Hxertvou, Loss of Power, Low of M?rcory, Difficulty of Hrcatbinf, Weak Nerve#, Tfemplifeg, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness Dtramss of Vision, Pain in the Back, p Um?e.-sai LaaeitaJe o the Muscular S?Btem iia.d_ uvi uvuuot rmauiut ?'i wio uvuif ?f.stg?bovN#a?iu6i?,he '"* T!?m? iymptomi, if Allowed to *o on, which this me>li"in jinvariably removes, hood follows 1MPOTBNCY. PAT01TY, EPILEPTIC PITS, In C)5fs o? Which thi Patient mat Exfikb. Who c-q mm thai the; are not frequently follow* by those 'DIREFUL DISEASES." "INSANITY AND COxNSUMPTJON. Many are Mrira of the or.uae ol their suffering BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RKCORDS OF THEIN?AN KA8YLUM6 An i the Melancholy Heaths by Consumption | Bear amp:-' witqe?a to the trurth of the assertion, THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Require* the aid of medioine to strengthen A n<i 1 r. v ijrorate the >* j torn. i Which Hblmbolb's EXTRACT BUCHU ttwi- 1 My dr>*t. a TtUL WILL CONVWCB TUB MOST SKEPTICAL, FEMALES-FEMALES?FEMAl. KB. OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE, MARRIED, OH CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. ? IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECO LIAR TO FEMaLLS, tli? extract Iluchu is uneeasMtd by any other in Chloroeie or Retention Irregularity, P&iniuliieaa. or Suppreasion of Cos ? ternary Evacuations, Ulcerated or Soirrhous state of the Utorna, Lf-uuorrhoea or Whitee, Sterillityt ar.'l for & i complaints inoide?t to the e?x. whether ariainr from Indiscretion, H&bita of Diaalpation. or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OP LIFE. ? Til STXPTOMH AM7K. f NO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT 0 Ttikf. no mart Dalian, Mercury, or KXPlttwant a Mtdirxntfar Knwuasan: and Dangerous DistaiU. HELM MOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU SEC RE"!)" EASES 1 In all their Stage*. At little expenaef , Lit tie or bo change in Diet; No inoonveiuencet | And no Ezrosm*. I It oantea a rre^uert closire am rivea jtrength to ? Urinate, thereby Reiroving Obetruotior.a, ; Preventing and cnrin Stnoturea of the Urethra. | Aliajmg Patnand inflammation, no fretnent in ? oisan of diseases, and ?ip?>iUng ai/ Poisonous ; Dismserl, and worn ovt Mr tier. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVK BIZ* THE VICTIMS or ufi.CK?. and who hav? paid htavyftts to be cured to a snort g time, have found they were deoeived, and that the "POISON" has, bj the nse of"roinim aa- t TKIN0X3TR," been dried u? in the ayatera, to break out in an a*gravated form, and PEKHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. { Use HaLxaoLD'a Exteact BvcHvfor a. afffcotiona and diaeaeea of th? URINARY ORGANS. Whether exiatinx in .WALK OR FEMALE. 1 From whatever oaaae originating and no matter ol HOW LONG STANDING Diaeaa?*a of tDtee organ a r*?uiret!teai<l ot a Dimti J^L.WIIOLXVS EXTRACT BUOHU a IS THK toREAT DIURETIC, And Is certain to have the deaired pffe-t id all Diaf J/UIPU IT I a DU/l?i a/ in??i' i vrn ?? >1IVU i t IO M\ riVlilU.U f U l*j Us ^ Kridw of Ike mo ft reliable and responsibU ckar- t ?^BmaMft?f8r?nua 1 PTcm 8 lo jn year*' nandwu. j """"SMf^cTXSDFAMK. Price SI.00 per bettle, ?r tlx for 11.00. Delivered to any Address, securely paoked fro observation. i describe symptom* in all communications. Cirei Qauutfed! Ad Ties Gratis 11 AFFIDAVIT. ? Personally appeared before Alderman theoity of i'ht adalphm.Ii.T. Hxlmbold,who being duly sworn, doth say. his preparation* ooi.tain no narootio, no raeroary, or other injurious arure, hut are purely vegetable. H. T. H FX M BOLD. ' Sworn and snbsortbed before u?. this ad day of November, 1154 t W'M. P. HIBHKKD, Alderman. I Ninth street. above Raoe, Pnila. I Addroea lettara for information in oonfcdeDce to ? H. T- HF.LMUOLD, Ctvemiet, i DmoL 104 South Toiith at., bet. Cnearut, Pail?, i Who endeavor to dispose * or Ttni own" and "othii article* oji thx rkpctatio* att aim kb IT - - iKumooia'a uennine I'repamhon*, | " " Extract Kuoha, ' " " " Sarc&parilla. ** liuprovM Rose Wuk. g Boid by 8. B. Watts, 638 Seventh trMt.snd 8. ' C Foao, Ja-t ooruar P?na. avtuue and Eleventh Cntont theMT*>rt)iwr?ntaBd aacd tor it. ' AND A VOID IMPOSITION ANDEXPOBURK >|4-l?lf ' pSOPOBALS FOR RATIONS JDR 1861. 8 QuAXTXXM&tTn's Orrics, U. B. M. Coin,/ waihtjiotot, 3bth 8*pt., l?8r>. j Sxalxd Propoialb will h? r?o*i?ed at thi? offio Until th* Utk /law n* -* *

.... . wi A?v? wm???o? uc*?t ?t?IU OIOOK I p. m? lor farulahinc Ratlnna to the_ United States I Marinea, at the following station*, during the jear . 1861, vii: . <harle*town. Mus&ohuretU. . Portamonth. New Hainpuhire. Brooklyn. Lun* lelaud, N,w Y#rk. Philadelphia, PouBartvania. \ 6oaport, Mar Norfolk, Virginia, a Wamngton, Florida; and 1 WaahiogtoD, Diatrict of Colnnbia. f Eaoh ration to ounaiat of one pound and a quarter of'r*ek tfe?r, or three quartera ol a pound of . ineas Pork; eighteen uunneaoi Bread made of extra . auperfin* flonr^or extra anyernne flour at the op ' tion of the OoTorrment; and at the rate of toa , pound* of rood Coffee, fifteen poanda of beat N?V . Orteana pugar, eight quarta of beat White Bean*, * foertuarte of Vinegar, two onarta of Salt, four ? pommaof good hard Brown Soap, and one and a v half pounda of good hard dipped Tallow Candtea to one hundred rati on a. The Beef reoaired ihall be "*> ?.- ?1 ? ' VII Ml* UIUCI _ of the o Jinmaiiding office- of each ata'iun, eilU?r in bulk or by the single ration; and shall i m-nt <f lb* beet ana uu>st chuioe piecea of the carcass; t*i? _ Fork to ><e No. 1 prim? meia pork; and theG oeeries , to beofthe beftquatitf ofkmda named. I All subject tn inspection Art bid* must be accompanied by tb* following guarantee. _ ? , , Form & Outran tts. ? The nnd*rsi*ned ? , of , in the Stat* e of -. I' ,and ?,of?? ,ia the&tatouf- . ti hire by guaranty that in oaae the foregoing bid of B ? for Kationa, a* abov* dssonbed, b* aoao?tod. h* or they villi vithin ton day after the f reoei ?t or tk* oontraet at th* Poat ()ftt? nsmed. g xr?aM tbe oouU??t for tb* M?, with good and ?<;ffici" t sureties; and in uase th* Mud ? s 'Mil HUHMivr jnio contract M ftforo?*id we 1 uraatr to iuk? good the d1ff?renod totwtn the "d "?n * 9 *. r So:eS:"t? } 1 lMr*hr Mrt& U?t tfa? abnv* umid B JiiBW*Jfftn *nihonied to publish the abor* f* "11aSSwss^?*?** J M9.U*?v Mmi? 8lI\CK, ( mssu&c ? ? RUHKS, BOOTS AJHTSHOES. | JOOT8 AND TO SV1T TMK j Wetja now manofaotarini all ktnda of BOOH I sd 9ROB8, ud eoNtutlT raeeiTin* c W'l of mod* work of rrory y nptio". mode ?xjr*aaly to ofdor, ud will J W a old at * muoh towar arioatbaa haa boon* t sretofor# oW|#<l in Qua oity for maoh inferior r tjo'.o*. I . Poraona in waiit of Boota tr>d Shooa of aaatora or . ( ly mnoe *or?. win nn;idad wwrmfi , i atoreand at tha lovaat prioaa 6ireoaaoaU. i .. 0R1KP1N * HRO., i *14 Pen Qiylvanift \ ?1VK HUNDRED TRAVKLING TRUNKS ? m and dim of Sola Loatfaar, I.adiea'BP(K J iaaa and Packing Trunk*. Oar traak* *"" ' Um ruom azhibiU at thiatiina the rr*at*at variety I r?Oif1t?a. at modarala pnoea, to ba ' r?au laiiMWOl 4IOW i on. Alio. IVVIJ 1 OB of JLAP1E3* HAT BOXES, VAL1CEB, AHHKf BAG!*, SATCHELS, Ac, IE/ Old Truck* r.^urad or taken in exetmme >r new one*. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., , Trunk S&lec Room, mrtt4l 3'J>I Pfc. avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. , 9 499 Tth St?I?T, ^ j Orrofitt Odd Fallows' HaH. Wa.'kinito*, D. C. Traveltn will BtuflT their lntereeta 0) exanumn t it TRUNKS. VALICES Ac .before mr-m? ? | %a?\uK eleewere Aa 1 use none but thfBBjH I sit Kt&terk&i Uie market atfordi and i? beet workmen, I oan confidently recommend my < ork to he superior in Strtntik add Durability to , 'rnnks that are made in other oities and sold here. , 1 keep oongtantly on band, and make to order (on , ue weqk* notioo) every deecrietien of SOLS BATHER, IRON FR AME FRENCH DRBSS md WOOD BOX TH UNKS; ASHLAND and | tlur rALICES; TRAVELING BAftS; HAH- , fESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, tc.,*c. Trunk*, fcc., Repaired and Covered, in a worklanlike manner, at ahcrt notice. Trunk* delivered in any part of the oity, 8eorf?- 1 ivn, or Alexand ria. I Aleo? A rent for Move's oelebrated FAMILY SWINO MACHINES. elS-lv JAMES S. TOPHAM. TKAVELEKS' DIREUTORYT J BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. ! 3 WASHINOTON BRANCH. , shshhi 1 Ckan?b or Hova*. , ON AND A.FTER WEDNESDAY, Jane 13th, Ko, train* will run a*follow*: Leave Washington at 6 2" and 7.40 a. m. Leave W&?hinrton at 3A> and 6.30 p. m. On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. ' teve Baltimore at 4.35 and 8.40 a. m. ve Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. m. Oe bandar at 4 36 a. m. 1 rassongera ior tne r &*t win tare trains at 6JO i cd 7.4*' a. in and 3 3" p m. For the Wait at 7.40a. m. and 150 p. m. For A nnapol ia at 7.40 a m and 120 ?. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. rn. Ou Saturdaj evezrnu lh#X30 f. m. tram goaa to i 'hiladslphia onlj. I 1? 13-d T H. PARSONS. Aunt. t NEW ORLEANS I3XT TZCRBB TDJSL^Wm wrr* th* CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. 8HBHBH : ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orangt and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR?: mV T 1 ?5r'*ww ATOt Tantuus*4 and Virginia, Ernst Tsiimssm ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Vfrmjftus and Charleston, Mississippi Central, N?t? Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS" ROUTE: flemphiB by Rnl,th?nce br First class Packets to New Oriaaca. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: 1 do&Uonerj bj Rail, thunoe to Mobile by FirstoIam Packets. Mobile to Naw Ortoats by Lake Sto&.MMs TWO DAILY TRAINS? Svhuays IsaoDU, Lm* WMhtutti ?t 4 a. a. aa4 6 p. m. 1 TheSteejmrGKOROP: PAGE le?Te? her vbkrl oot of Seventh street at dV a. rn. and 6J< p. m. and < oaneots at Alexandria ?i*L the Oraoce and AIM.ndria Trauis for the Sorthwent. OSioo? Poa*uy) vftsia waae, ooi nor of Sixth it i 1H10I CHCCKXS THBOPOH TO *BTT O&LVAXf. jynohbujf .?. #7Sn Mrnnyhia . . fr31 Irictol..... ? .1100 Atlanta ... M Of Lnoxnfle .90no Mno?n ,.K 00 Chattanooga 14 no Oolpiahvs .... JB 40 (wi Montromsry 33 On lCLtavll)e? 71V' ) via Mempi?;s.42 50 trand Junotion y.oo N.O.J viaS. June.. * 50 'JaahTtlls S* (< ( \ via Mobile. oo THIS ROUTS IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and IB 100 MILES SHORTER, and 84 HOURS LESS LN TIME han any other l.i*e? the Lynchburg Extenaion being now completed, a* the Misaieaipyi Central, m.ikinr it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTS FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is proTJded with Firitciaae Sleeping Cars! (To New Orleans ..78 Hoara. Meinphia H do. Montgomery ** do. Naakv.ile 46 do. d7>Th0 U.S. MAII.&cd ADAMS' EXPRESS trel&ken orer thia Mew Lia*. Tickets oaa be obtAinotl at the South Wee tern ) Hoe, oornef of Sijrtlt strret and Pennsylvania **ii ie, to theK>Uow?oc ?o:nu j) lokburg, BnatctT. RooxtiIIa, Atlanta, Chatt&aooea. Hunlsnlle, Grand Jnntioc, ftaoon, Hash v. He, Da! ton. Coiambaa, Montgomery Mobile, jNTemphia, and Irr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE Till rous VI HO IN IA SPRINGS. lE7"Omnitu?ee end Hascace Whom leave the iffioe at b a. m. and I p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Acett, ma ft-tr Corner Sixth it. ac<l Pa. av. 1>UE STEAMER JAB. BUY Will rMtme bar trii?e on TUESDAY, airt of JP** ?>brnar?. 1C60. Wiii tear? WASH BeMgEf N6TON every TUESDAY ??<! * * t'ft I DA V. at o olock a. ii>., and AI.EXANDUlA t haJf-piut 6 for CUR RIOM A N nrl the ntermerfiat* Landmen. On her retnr* trip*, rhp fill leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY md SATURDAY, at 5 </el?>ok a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATITL EOUSH. At't. Alexandria. fe? rVFFICK OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAS METERS, WTabhiiotoh. Jn!y 18,1860. NOTICE IS flERRBY QITEN. That, aireakbly to the proviaiona of tb* ??id;nar>eie of the (Corloration approved May >2. I860, the undersigned ia iov prepared,"whenever required in writing, and in pre payment of the fee of fifty ih'pect* xamine, Uet, prove, and ascertain the aeonraoy of eg latration of any ta< riietar in dm is thia oity Srery meter, if round iaoorreot, will be condemned, >nd another, sealed and marked aa true, will be etini'o place. If proved to be accurate in it* ne*.?nr?ment of gam, it wfli be sealed accordingly, ,nd again put in poBitioa for nae. Office No. 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Fal *!<) (! !* -.a J J m aiMjrwWI bJ MilVI Ui KLWOIB* EJOWE'SIMPROVKP WEIGHING SCALES Li These So*lea are offered to (fce Nblio aa the a oat aijn pie, durable, and reliable aoaiea ever >it ta as. Ptratclaea premiatna bave beea awarded (bam j the UmVed Statea Fair and Virginia AjnonituraJ (octety; Ytrjrtnia S*Mr Ajrnevkaral Fa*r? Frank lis natitnte Fur, PenoMlvania; New YorkState Fair; fennout State Fair, ko., A a. In erory aa*e wbera xhihited they nave raoeiredfirat oi*as prwaaa V a& e at Is Loaiciana arenae, Depot ?f BtUaPs nil edIron Saiea. de U-hr B- 0. PATTISOW, Anal. lx7 t 6 a 8 fixtures. f f RHave in atora, and are dai.y reoeinnf, 018 *rXTURKSu(entirely New Pattern* and Deeirni ndFimah, anperior in style to anything heretofore ffered in tnia market. We invite ortiaena ceoerai i U> oail and examine onr atook of Gaa and Water ixtures, feeling oua& that we iiave the beet elected atook in Washington. All Work in the above una intra ated to Mr oar* riK be pronptlj Af, marfi-tf 376 D street, j? K A N U I b HAKPKK, family grockA v?a^5d^kkd store. Ocmrr nf >rt? York avenm* *md Tmtk strttt. ?a. * " - ? Marwuiur wnt-iH us psirviwjt 01 utoMW ?' be in want of mi; artioie ia theatre line. Hit udeavcra a hail h? to please, aud by a etnot attenlon to the want* of the publio, he nopea to merit a hare of thejr patroi. are. Hie, took oonaiata of every article uanally to be >im in a firat-elaea Family Orooery and Feed tore. ?al7-tf yuisKINGTUN QKWINO ROOMb. " Wwi st? two doc*t .YerU tf/e iM mmsms^k BS"1?* ma' i*rt* m. rt votm * * ' * f i. hae.UKUi . ftLMn, < < hi. AWYkt, FUi praettee in the Hura CoartoTiirran ead Ap eJaat Jaakatb-tkaradAmTCmrt ?l J.OO?'''a"uKAp LIGHT! mpb light J PARAFFIIBOIL.^^^ oo 15 A r?i?ta for iu Ml*. P Yot> J" ' alSCKULAKBUUS. p.onek? bmom" The aabeeriber bega Inn to infonn U? iltum if WMhlaxton, Georgetown M Aln%adru fluU > haa add'd to kit loni eatabUahed beaiaeee UM Miliary of ateem tnvw for m?is| ud Mine rin* Marble end Brown htone V* ort tn 'heir ioub britr jam. Marttl* Ma.m#'a, Table awl * aeitand Tom, Ti y, Monatnenta. Tomb ud l?i ttODM, a*-*, Unlets, Pll.t. ft*M kM 'latiorm*. Having p*.-ohaaed a Ivce atook ofltaliaa Her hie in block,from Urat handtju the iovmI re tee. le feela oon&dent of bring able to furniah Marbia Work aa low m it iu be mroha??d in Sav York, 'hiiadeleina. or Baltimore. Tt?c trade eapailM nth Italian Marble m bloek or aiabe at the aaaoe ate ae furnished to New Vork, and on aanoamn latirg tfrma. A!eo, on hand\, a large eaealr M *nimoe9U>ne, Water of Ayr Boca aad H 'lUkiac ?etty at New York price*. Encourage tae eater iriae; it will be an aoaqiaition to the oity. A I.KX. R I'THERFORD. fiM??r Sliaai Mnrbl* and Avm Cimm Wmkt, r*. ?t., oor. TkiriMtU (., ft a 21 3m W uhiutw. D. O. ri~HK UNION WIL?, 3TAN0. NO It ATT ER WHO'S PRESIDENT! CQnMM*ntly 1 thall remain in Wtthiflgtoa and ktntinae to try ooou?*ti<>r> of HOUSE, UtiN and ORNAMENT AX, PAINTING. GiWnc in til <U branotoea. Old Glasinf promjpti* attended to. Paintiac nnd QruemeDlinf Cottftf PoTiturein the !* ! ?'?! I ale?\ oei aiteiUoe ? the Pnintlng of Ro-?fi &nd Crick Wall?. All of th? tibore I will do ae cheap m toe rheft# Mt. I therefore tolteit the patronage ef mi frtfedi mo i?itow otuaeaa oi the [fcatriot. Paaetaa'ity itriot.y observed, and work dot* ia U* beat mater. Yob will tleaae mind yoir atnaa and ato? at M. P PARKER'? PnmtiDf RaUbliahmeat, Na. if' (3 !! S3 !J? Louisiana a*., north aide, betweaa ttk Md 7th its. P. !ti(ni put ay free af obarge, aa maaal. an ?' Vn [MPORTANT TO HOUSEkEEPEBA. K. R. DLRKKK * CO.'B Gaaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, >ut (round from fVesh Spioea, aeleoted aad olaaaed ?r as axprassly for tha pnraosa without rafcraefa to ooat. They are beautifully pack ad ia bafotl. lined with paper,? to prevent injur* by kee>iag, ind are fati weight, while the ordinary froeas Spioea are almost invariably abort. We warrant them, inp^qtof strength wd nobue? ?(flaror. libY UI\ 1/ ALL v'/iVi ARlSviii ia a aintle trial will abandantly prove. Manuffcctcred oi..j by >u.^w,g 2,fi rhkilvr*. HATCH REPAIRING ANDSILVKK WAftI W MANUFACTORY. I have on* ef the beat establishment*, and f*raiahed with aoornplete set of toola for repair- Ak inc every de*o'iption of fine Watch**, and particular attention sive to the aam?, by i||C thorough oouipctentworkinan jtwl a work cuaraiitied A!?o, every doacnp ion of ataodard Si I.V F.R VV ARK. p!a<n and ornamental, manufactured onder my own supervision, which n<y customers will ftad far anperior in quality and finish to northera war* raI/1 ! ? I * ^ .W.M m i~ Kvn?lM MIIU icf IM IlCiT awn manufacture. H. O HOOD. M 6 HQ Pa. ?vt-r.ue. nrnr 9tu *t. GENTS'SHIRTST COLLARS, TIKS. STOCKS, HANDKF.R' ftlKFS. And *11 kind* of GKNTS* HJRNlfcHING fiOOD*, at 2S per oent. es* than any vtfcar tor* tuthooitjr. At oo J?? lm SMITH'S. at. [pw&anrt WfamilyryJIfaihSfiye) . flrasee^ijwhis^^ The above PURF. WHISKY,Corr*m Distillke rmoM Maltid Gm*i5, being aapenor ud eniiorni in quality, a&d highly improved by a<e, ia preferred by coniam?r< to a'l other Whiakiee, and particularly recommenced by the beet phreioiana a&d ohemiste ae pocafreing all the reauiftroenta of a Trm Ttmie f%vitorator amt Rrmeaimt A tent. The Sokuylkiii Water ol Philadelphia, aeed ia the dia illation of thia Whiaky, ia proved or ana'y aii to be the io(bwt and pnreet water in Ue United ?iatta:and to Una may, in a treat decree, be attributed the excellenoe of title Whiaky. For aaleby FREEMAN fc fMMVSON. Phenix DirtilUrr, On t'<i?Scbaylkili river, Phi ?Mphi? 016oe??9b Wall ?treet, New York ; 109 St nth Front ?trfet, Pi.^adeipiua And can t,e bad in W&Kbincton of Ham el Bacon A Co , 319 Pa av.; R. J. Rvon. Wmi 9?h ?t_ oorn*r D; Keened; * Pntb, IW w*?t 7th *t : Murray A 3emm?i, 407 Pv av.; J. H Wi'ion, 3JIT Pa. av; Harbour A 65 (.a, av ; H. C. Purdy, 403 Pa. Wm Bryan. 4 4 Market ??.; Mm re. Ciiaell A Co , 3S7 \V??t 7th at.; 6 P. Oa liok. M6V J,?v; A. Gad.tu. Jr . * Co., M, oorner Kast 11th jKdward Hall, 40 Market Bpao* ; K. E. WKite A Co .63 La. av.; H. Semmei A Co . 343 West Ninth at. oc3B lm ios\^A (ji/ iS^\ V D'fiPATCM! > . r> \1 \>to? li?_rie?n!^X^ At mocidmt* will bvpe*. ??? m mtli rtrulmled fsmUut, it is rorj desirable to Ufcre mm aheap ud oonrenlent *M for repairing Ftnutin, Tar* CrMk?ry,*a. SPA-LDIlfQ'S PREPiRBD ALFI meets ail ?aoh emer*eno?ea. and no koneehold am afford to be without it It i* always ready and ip to the aUokin* point. There is no longer a now aitr for limping ekaira, aphntered ?~>Deers, headlaaa delta, jwh! broken oradle*. It ia inat th? artiole tot nna, atoll. and other ornamental work, no popular with iadiea of refinement and taata. Thia admirable preparation la aaed eold. t#4ng obemioally held in ao!ntion, and noaaeeeug all tha viiiiift.hU anft!it)m nf Kab? ?! ? it m*T ?Vu?*d la thf plftea ot ordinary "mnoitftft, being TMtiy mora ftd'ueolro. M USEFUL IN ETMRT H0V8X." Pria, J4 cent*. N. B.?A Bnuh booobj^ium nob boMla. IMrf, No. 48 Odv lUMt, New Yort mT?&tfflXfcSfr-k. Prt o? for Doftlara is Cams eootainiBg Po?r, Eight, BJiJ Trelr* Dogen?ft !*ft?tif?l Lileogrwjk io sho7-Cftrtl aocompft&yiax cvtb pvkftc*. Q7* A ainxlfl bottio of SPALItlNU'S PRBPIKKTi fi I 7177 will i?_ ? anally to everr^oueeboTd.^U Sold by all prominent Stationer a. DroxriaU, Hardiraro tied Furniture Dealers, 6 rocer*, tad Fancy Stcrw. Country merfO?*nt*?h?>nld m?lr* a note of SPAJL Blfte'S PREPARED OL UE. vhtn naktnf af U>o*r lint II wUfirtaad any oiimaU i* 1<Mt ^/SpBpIl^ }n>i wvrfu??! ? . V t?* ?ePvi V"Wy/? M1> (A> />?** ? v ||?i<^Tri'1 Zv?'> ? ?. J-.-/C7 - - - ~-i - w ^ jf (J r~vr"' " 1 ** * 11 * ^ ?< <? c3?^T ?i?f I? Wrf 4? f 4? BtUU tmhi. hifir J' j?| Tiwin^if>>fL ^>t|?irn?? fcw 5 ^ J U? Feww^teiUfciwi ? ^ CAUTION. PURCHASER SHOULD BE CAREFUL IR PURCHASING THE VAitf* WHISKEY TO 6EE THAT IT IS Jimmwiliaf WITH THE SIGNATURE OF OflTHEI^m^ALLOTI^^MW AN IMITATIONXND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR to* BALM IM WASHINGTON AT lr RARBOU** SBNVBS ?-1 Irf > J D* J FO* ALL DISHASeVoF lMPBUDBNCK. LET HO FALMM DELICACY FEEfEMT. APPLY IMMKD ATfcLY. A CVEE WAREAirrYi.OE NO CHAE9M, IN FEOM ONE TO TWO DAW V?hM lk? tlllMM rfltl t ?*M Dimm ml StflM u HMkM.riMM f IT 1H111 TV?I M* lln, Wt?? L?n *WI? ? m ! ? ?* twnMi Pliiitm V"?'M ? '??>" liMn 4 TmiA?ih?M IlTMihl u4 Dwntun Pntuut M?4 naAm Muiufa u4 <hu?< k*u M| l*< MM _ TOIMMU ^ that duk, u>4 (Htmu'i kikd w>iO m \ u UUMJ rn<t ifmnh (TTm^ Mm aftk* mm ^ *U*4 MMiii ui km lul tMKlH4. w*? **? wkerwwe k>>? 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