Newspaper of Evening Star, November 7, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 7, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. A BABBAIIA* Plot ToMAi?fTiCi!ii?ii*? A letter from Tunis (Barbary.) dated September 2?*b, contain* the following ikmof news "Tbtro wai a deep laid piot, extending over the whole Regency. to massacre the Christians and Jews, a, la Damascus. His teg a, etc. It was set oa foot by CKerttf, (d<s< endaat of the Prophet.) who landed somewters o? the coast with a party of followers He was one of the rlagleadera at Duhkui, ad when t'-at place became too hot for htm, transferred uis attention to Tanla The Ber gave orders that dead or alive he must have that Ck?retf He wee taken, coaveyed to Bardo, (the Bev's palace,) and like the banners, hung on the outsr wall*- Various interesting splsodesoccurred ! 0<hc" that of a Dervishe parading about town In a cool o?dr?M, with marks on his knees, i and erying that If* * wmd? '? CbrHiaa blood up to those He was pat las Jail. ?? ?? - - - "* Is laMttks Ransror. .i ne Dfv WTIH 10 Aific.? . _ i and Monsieur Roche, the Fr.*^ ^Bw u w*nt with hftn. He waa contv'* . ^''? ateani frigate The English aenfa 'P*'**0.*, hips to fake care of Tanla during hia ~ E*?li?h Nmlmw axD Ayineis Bills*. More American ladle* have married Kngilab noblemen than ia generally anppooed The moat remarkable Inatftnee waa that of the three daughter* c1 Richard Calon. eaq., of Baltimore, grand-daughter* ??f Charlea Carrol, of Carroilton. who were aent to England to be educated, and each of whom "knocked down her peer 'v They married the Marquia Wellealy, I.ord Htaff >rd, and the Duke of Lerda The Ducheaa Dowager of l<e*da fa the only ?ur\ri vor of the aiater*, ana their huahand* are alao dead Bealdea tbeae, flrat I^ord Aahburton married (he daughter of tb? Hob William Bingham, of Philadelphia, by whom ha left a large family. Tbo eldeat, William BiogJbaoi l>\ring, the pres-.*nf Lord Ashburtaa, held txinh oflce, and ia very influential, aa well from hia abilities as bit ^reat wealth The Mcond Lord Erakine(son m the Chancellor,) married tliaat complished dautfuter of General Cadwalladtr, of Philadelphia, where the preseat peer waa born, and named 111 honor of the country of hia birth. Thomaa American Ersklae. i'lottstam Cliegt is Aisthia ?The poverty of tbe Protesant clergy in Bohemia and Moravia, says a correspondent of the Boston Watchman and Reflector, ia auch that it will do our poor mlolsWs In America good to know something of it?it will make tome feel rich who now feel very poor. Th-re are but three or four Proteatant pastors in Bohemia who get aa high as 4u0 florins a veer Tbe meet of them re cel?e 200 florins These are nominal amounts, and in many lustances they do not receive the half of It. Many congregations are without pastors, and are unable to procure them. The reformed Church in Prague is or at least has been within the present year, In this condition Hoth the Latberan and Reformed Churches have established small funds for the widows and orphans of their clergy, but the State does nothing for this purpose. Err*ct or Mcsic o.t tub Sick ?The effect ?f music upon the sick b?-s >>een scarcely at all noticed. In fact iu expensi veness, as it is now, makes any general application of It out of the question I will only remark here, that wind Instruments, including the human voice, and stringed Instruments, capable of continuous sound, have generally a beneficial effect?while lue piano-iorw, wnn iuca iDiirumeDii as aartt no continuity of sound has just tbe reverse The finest piano-forte will damage the sick, while an sir like ''Home Sweet Home,'' or "Assises pie d'un salice" on tbe inoet ordinsry grinding organ will sensibly soothe them?and this qui te Independent of sssocistlon.?Flarfnet XigktiHgale ' Biwaii of tbi viddksa "?A short time since, in Cincinnati, a young man, in a joke, so b? says, introduced a fiend to a widow ladf of some means. An intimacy sprung up between them, which resulted in an encasement of marriage. Tbe waa-to-be grooin so won on tbe confidence of bis in'eaded as t<> borrow from ber some sixteen hundred dollars, with which besoon made himself scarce The sequel to tbe affair Is that tbe widow has brought suit against tbe man who Introduced her to the deceiver, as a party to tbe swindling transaction. Sailbst (SaHsm) Wit ?Jones wss riding up In Westchester county, sud saw aboard nailed up on a post in tbe yard of a farm bouse, with tbe ii(n ptiniea upon Jt, "This farm fori*all " Always ready for a llttl# pleasantry, and teeing a woman in checked run bonnet picking up an apronfnl of chips at the wood pile In front of the house, he stopped and a*k?d her. rerv politely, when the farm was to tail ' She went on with ber work, but replied to bla question instanter, "Justassoou as the along who can ratu the wind." Jones bit Dobbin a sudden cut with the whip and dashed on. How to Destroy Fliii?Pr'strre until ,Vril Season ?To one pint of milk add a quarter of a pound of rcw sugar, and two ounces ground pepper; simmer them together eight or teu minutes, and plac* it about in shallow dishes. The flies attack it greedily and are soon suffocated. By th'.a method kitchens. Ac may be kept clear of !! ?uk a **-- -> ? uicp ?ii Miuiwa wimuu* vuo tuagcr auenaing poison We copy this from an anonymous source. It to easily tried; and if effective will prove valnable. W a*'? Holocaust?An enthusiastic proficient in tbs study of statistics lately calculated that fifteen millions of men have perished in the various wars which have been waged since the creation of the world. Carrying his calculations still further, he estimates the blood sbsd in all these wars at 3 5W.UI0 barrels, and taking the weight of each man at an average of 100 pounds, be conrlndes that 1.5A0.000 pounds of human flesh have b*en cut to pieces by hostile weapons (Ur Statistics ro to prove that tea is used more or less by one half of the human rare?500.000,000 of people Tbeine Is the peculiar organic print pie which gives tea Its value. Taken in ?m*il quantities, tea ia healthful; but the eitract of one ounce taken per day. by one person, produce* trembling of the limbs and wandering of the wind. 017" That was something of a "set back" ad. ministered to the young man on an excursion bo it, who. in making his way through the crowd, ventured to remark that " hoop* take up a great deal of room.*' " Not aq much as whisky," replied a pert young miss In the assemblage l?7" On Wednesday night. In Portland, the widow SafTord's woodshed was discovered to be on fire. A barrel of ashes has been held responsible for the mischief. flT" Two murders occurred In Philadelphia on Paturdsy Both were the result of street fights, and all parties intoxicated. tJjr" Mrs Margaret Burns dlerf ? >? -*? m* ?? ? * IUUI O on tb? init^fr im an over-doa? of opium, taken to relievepala. irr* Tbe New York Tribune atataa that Gerrit Smith L*a withdrawn bit libel suit against tb? New York Vigilance Committee. ARRIVALS AT TUB HOTELS NATIONAL HOTEL? Capt J Newton, 1'8 A; John Mark** and ly; C Moore, NV; J A Warfield, A L Johuaon. Md; L Woronott, DC; J J Worer, Nil; C \V Robinaon, l<a; J W Ha?klngs, K J Wooda and ly. M ia E Wooda, NY; J C Brooke, Pa, W VV Galn<a, DC; Gov Pratt, Col flpcncrr. Mil; J Griffith, Bar ba, C Kinahan, T3crival 1, NS. BROWN'S HOTEL -J Hir.itb.Md; H Brookbam, Mita. J Macduff. NY; J Carliale, Ya; G T Wilaon. Rl: M H v-. mi? ? ? w t V m I an, Lit, D13QopJTalbott, Neb; E Snelltnij and If, W Arthur and ladies, T Feee, D Stircken. NY; A BotU, Va, A F Cake and ly, Mo. KIRK WOOD MOUSE ? L N Hatch and ly, 8 C, G Choraorlng, C&l: C Dlmmock, Va; J King, Mrs DuVal, FS, H Sohnabel, La; l)r Ten Broeck, I isa, 8 B Clark, DC, r K Slaughter, e Newcombe, NT. OCEANS TEA MEKS' SAILING DAYS Pftoa ran Umitb* Statu. Kttmmtrt. L?av. >W. Dtyt. Aaia. ?New York-. Liverpool Not 7 raitoa New York....Havre Nov 8 Mr?ft Boeton Liverpool... Nov 10 Allautio ? New York. Havre Nov ?7 Fbom Kvbopr tajrloSfcXoa.... Liverpool Portland Oct 23 eraia Liverpool New York . Oct 2 rth Ainertoan.Liverpool ....Portland Nov 1 Jo*q Bell Oiaarow New S'ork .NovS Vaaderbilt .Soatk'pton. .New York n... i I ?a? tiivtn* mai! atearaara I***? N?w York on tha 2d. !2th, 17th. aad 27th of aaoli raoutn. and CoiLr otloD on tha 4th and 19Lk., TL? CaUorma T^liUMMiri laara Naw \ ork on h?*? andSKu ofmonth. T O V E ?! 8 T O V~K~ slT TOVES!" I hava on hand a larga MmrtniMt of C?oking *nd other -U?vc?, waioh i will a*tl ?neap?r than any Othar htniaa la tha Uistriot, at it ia mi lofntioB 1.1 otoaa them ..?t. tall and aaa.JHn aad Uian j?J?# for youraairaa. WC oof Na?tdoQTtoShaSta?Po&.:e. 12.000 HiWSSBrAeNK AN? u* i?t,U whieJi w? go<iranUM fcVT* >lr? juot) *B"jyv, Risasr^^ira^c^ ? .. ?.. WOOD! WOO A!! rgi'.y?-y um>u?? wood.2, Z ?& - ' I ? I I ^ WOOD AND COAL. ? a JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW HILL 4ID FIREWOOD FACTORY, ' (8w or thx Blvi Pla? S?Arr,) Seath at the C*Mi, mr Ttk street BrU|*i Will furmah, at the ehortort r.otioe, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY. Or Airr Kikd, Cui *nd Sptu t? amy Dirrunriou, ??ff> m m M m n fwm r r 4 mrr 0 /* f r o 4 n ti infixrun i tiA.ii inn i rioaraaa Wrth fali MMTtMlt guarantied. tn^ ftAiaeniber.Tn Bi.ui Fla? Staft, jreet M0? of Seventh street. ?onth of tne Canal, and opposite Ue Canter Market. GEORGE PAQE, Agent. inr fUCKOBY ANDOAK PLANK ?r TIMBKB (ofaaj?i?e or duaenaMoe19 A wkl). POSTS ? J01ST9 BIPPEDTot LOOS SAW EI), at U>e of BLACKSMITHING prompt 'y px^yytod. m akov* te>7-t 1 q S ? q mnoii ??HE-wo<ri wi?A, Uner ( Be\ '* * "* Cm,< woo' D. , 4. of all kind, manufactured to Oi ** le#*t-a or use, reaaj lor use. i COAL?COAL. I We have aow on hand a beautiful lot of I both Red aa?l While A?h. different size . t fl^Weare now, and will be reoeivinc Cow g the next ten davs, whioh we sell, delivered fro ~ I the veaael. at a reduction ol"25 oenta per ton. Send your orders earljr. MoKNEVV A MARLOW, Proprietor!, e 87-tf Corner Seventh st. and Canai. WOOD AND COAL . _ Delivered to all parta of the <wty, at the loweet possible rates. _ T. J. A W. M. GALT, Offioe 29!* Fa. a v., between Uth and 12th ata.. _ . _ A.r *L .i.l? m& 17- VI O'TfcU DENTISTRY. M TEETH. . _ LOOMIS, M. DT, the inventor and patent** of the MINERAL PLAT K TEETB, H tends personally at hie offioi in this city.ftsflMfw Many person* oan wear these teeth wh<iN cannot wear others, and ao person oan wear otters who cannot wear these. {'arsons oalliug at my offioe oan be aooommodated th any style and price of Teeth they may desire; but to thos" who are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfeot deatare (hat art oati prod nee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more rally warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 339 Pa av?oue. between 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, PhiladeJ phi a. o? 15 tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MUNSON Has returned and resumed hta profession. Office and house at 463 E st.^?c^ Xi I J A. _t U'^L ?_ i j:ti mini uoor can ni sum. m nuuiuon v< very other approved *ty!e, Or. M. ha? set^*'1' * * te*th on vulcanite Bw? for the last three rears and, from exporienoe, knows it exee.s all others. and is one-thini less in pnoe than gold. His ol4 patrons of Washington. Alexandria, and Kenrcetown are re>peotfuliy aofioited t" oall. an 25-eory Dukntihtry. R. HILLS, after 6,practioa teat of two years feels that he oan witn ovnfidenoe recom ^^Mfc mend the Cheoplastio Process fori nee rtincfl|Bj? artifi' utl teeth It has the ad vantages oP****"" strength, beauty, cieaiiiinesc, and oneapnoss. Pel upper seta inserted for ?. Partial in proportion. Ofloe 306 Pa. ayenne. NT |^ATE8T INVENTION! LADD. WEBSTER * CO.'i Tlgbt-Stltch Sewing Machine* At JANNKY'S BOOT AND SHOE STORE, 34* p*. Avisul TJjey are the roott simple. TTiey are the atrongest. Tiiet aru the mireat in their (ini>r&lian. The) use a straight needle, (Curved ones are of no account.) They ha\ e a feed wheel. Tn?j are oapablr of rfoinp any kind of work known?they iua*e tQa ni&*io ruffle without aay attachment*. Call and axanuua? At J ANNE VS. oc 15 Itn 348 Peons)Ivania avenua. ft Ay NOTICE! NOTICE!! sSEs Mrs. HELLER~Tnvites the ladies of9r Washington and vicinity to her Grand Opening of Fashionable FALL and WINTER BONN*. 1*8, on Fridaj and Saturday, 5tli and etb instant, wien she wi'l M happy to have ladies oome and examine her stock of (joods, as she ha* a very handsome stock of FF.ATHEKS, FLOWERS, DRESS TRIMMINGS. HEAI? DRESSES, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, BXTENSION SKIRTS. CORSETS of all size* and prices, and a very large stock of EMUROIDERIES.410 .fto. oc 4 No -<4 Markets pace, bet. 7th and ith sta. NOTICE! I wuli all x entieman L* Sal to bsar in mind that KdS the plan whioh I ^K^^^^aadoptAri, six }?ar? a?o, of aeilinj Vk^ViIATS and BOOTS at greatly re dcoad prioea for oaah ia in auooeasfnl operation. Juat -eo-iveil a full puppljr of the lateat New York atylea of DKESS HAlTi. The rery finest Hat ?3.50; a firat rate Hat A3; and very good.ffiihio' able Hat $1&). All of the fatoatatjlea of aoh HATS and OA PS, at the very lowest rioee, I am constantly aupp:i?d with a very large stock of thos? tine ORKS8 BOOTS at #J.75-whioh I hare beau sailing for many years?a* well aa the vary beat 'jual t? of Patent T.eathor G A1TKRS. at 93 w. Fine French Caifakin Gaitera from $2 to #2 SO. Terma oaali: n<> extra oliarre in order to ofTaet baddebta ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufkotnr?ra. Seventh atroet, aooond hat atore from tha comer, opposite Avenue Honae. No. 640. se 14 3m I T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HK N?it Prawmc of the Royal Havana Lottar 7, conducted by the Spanish Government, under the enperruioQ of the Captain General of Cub*, wu! Ule plaoe at flav&ns on WEDNESDAY, Novkhbkr 7, 19W. SOKTEO NCMERO 645 OR DIN AH 10 CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. I prtae of .-.flOO.flOO ?? prises ot. 01.0M I do - sn,'v*? ?a do M 1 do 30.fc.-0 J5S do 4? 1 do ?appro*. W I do IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tiol*?t?. *:i0? Ba.?ec, 10? Uaarters, Prise* cicnod at sight at? per oeot. aiaoonnt. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will be l'orwaraed as soon as the Knit besom** known. All orders for schema or tickets to be vldressed to DON RODRIGUEZ. 00 J2-tr rare of P?rf ? " " _ . p?%i? pKOFEETY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Your attention and examination is raspaoifnllf solicited to ?xkimne the celebrated New York GUTTA FERCHA ROwFING and theGUTTA i'f.RCHA P/?1NT lor painting tin roofs. This Gatta Paroha Roofing and Faint is aoknowlsdged b? all U?o bast architects in New York alt) to he the best and cheapest Roofing and Faint la asist anoa. It oan be seen at H. W. HA SUV-TON'S Taint Store, 512 Seventh street. CANFTeLD A HAMILTON are tha sole agents for Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria and tiie South. For far ther inforiiiat-on address as ah<>v*. oo 18 tf JV L No.eflJ 11 OTICK ??F THE KMIOVAL OF THE LAND OFFICE FROM FAYETrEVILLE TO HONTSV1LLE, IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS. Inaccordanoe with the provisions of the aet of Congress antit ed "An aot authorising changss in tgo looaQoo ol i.ana Ofiees." ?r r ? *?? iuaiUB ?J, iiufS, it u hereby deoiaiea and made known that the oftoa tor tha wi'e of landa at Fatkttkvillb. in tha t*tateof Arkao*aa, will beramovad to HcaTaviLtK. in iMd State, wtkout dtlay. The puoiio aa a direoted by th? Kxeeative p rpo lamation No. 660, of tnwnahip 19 rang* 3?, and t ?wnahif 17, of ra.use21 to take plaoe at tha and < ifiaa at on 2?th Dooember next, it ia Hereby declared will be held at Htxtivillx, la aaid Stat*, on the dnta designated Further notioe as to tha pr#o>ae time of eloainx Mi* "tfico at f-ayetterille, preparatory to remo?aJ, aid it* opening for buaineaa at Huntavilla. will bo ! 11ven by tho Regia'er and Reoaivar for tha Land Diatnct. Given under my band at tha eity of Wtahinitoi, thii}4th of September, A. D. 1860 By order of the Preaidant: JOS. S. WILSON, Cotuauasiow of tha tteu*ral Land Omoa. MS w6w ?" " WMRM MONONUAHELA RYE WHISKEY, ConaoienUoaaly dictiiled by Mr. ium Buraaide. of Alletaay Coaot*, Ponna., la the old-faehioned honest war, fr?<n the ckoin?rt ?nd moat oarefnlly selected Rye, and is nu otM ofWtd tor Mil until adapt'd t? wholesome aee by age It ia at ono? the mokt palatable, as it ia emphatically one of the pirest beverages in the reaoh of the publio. To the iavalid.aa wwl aa Ui ihoae in kealtb. it oommeoda it?eif for ita unrivalled ^ualitieaaaa stimulant of the aafa?t. aureat, and moat beneficent deacription, and many ..[the most distiagaUhad hyaioiana are namgitin their praatioe with Uie avpiaat results. , OLERY * BTOCRDALE, PropHstors. , 3?*? Walunt tfiMi. WH. 0. CONOTUC" i fur the Proprietors. *9A Pa. a?? , ae y 4?o oppoafto WnlardB' Hot*I. /<->UN10NRK8TAU?ANT.^^ th&rft'J.tKX ?H fob!: .^3 f?w doors aoath of Pa. ? ., Favier'a old atarulv Fuat Ward, Washington. His Mar U constantly rnpp.ied vitt. th ' oIiximk Lieaors and Cigars. The Mat Fried Ojitara in Wiwhinctun oaa be obtained at his place, Families supplied with Oyateraia every atjlo, and at raaaonabU prioea. ee ?-eo6w MBPIOINgj. ^ [UPBOTIMIil; piRSiiN fever charm. FETMB AND AO UE EXTERMINATED. ' 1 i TBS HUMAN CONSTITUTION 8ATBD r> . : i mOM WRECK. ' '' THE PRETBNT1TM AND REMEDY i mux INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FETE*9. . i ' . CURBS INSURED IN A DAY. NATURES OB AND RB8TORATIVB. IlfFh'CTINB, INPmCTlNB. SItrECVLNE, INFECTIVE lNPEGTirfK, Iff PECTIN E ' The terrible malt df known u the FEVER AND AGUK hu mitten k?o4reda of thovaaacfc of pereone thromckovt thr world erery ye?r, Md bu never till sow been .net by iimmU mediaa. trMtiMit that hu not prodaoed severs MEDICIN1 L DISEASES, which affect the Insgs. the spleen, tba livar, the Heart, or otkar parte of Ike human organ? em. Tke INPECT1NB ie the nutaral antagonist of all farsrs, and when it ooatt ia aoataot wlii the skin, is absorbed by tke interior organs. w4uek resist easily aiasnt aad all tendsnoiee towards those maladiss wkiok prostrate tba mind aad bodjr with P??r inH in* rianlfc from rrni??i No plaae ia exempt from the oum whioh iromoU Ue ixiittao* of the di?ea?e. That being onoe mt ed in U10 nitoa, indnoee i?frniin of ap irita? lae itude, languor, pain*, ehtlla. fe??r, aad a lone train of disagreeable aenaatlona. dtfrmng the patient of all energy, and reducing hua or her to a ooadition of EXTREME HRLPLES8KE88. Whj will any one infer the horror? of a debilitating Intermittent Perer, when by the aee of the INVALUABLE 1NPBOT1NK, OB PERSIAN FEVKR CHARM. the eminent medio*! and mac loci < ualltiM of whiob are lnitaatly absorbed, ALL TRACKS OF DISEASE MAT BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS. __ * SELF CARE IB BETTBR THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAB A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DAN9BROUS. TBE I1VPECTINK, 0* PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, hu oared thoaeaads of both mxh of the moil dreedfkl Ferere. Reed ud reflect. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lemuel Boneail, of Ptttebirg ,for two yeari *?lea* to himeelf and eooiety? martyr to Ohille and F?ver?oared In leee than three veeka, aad improved ia eight hoare. Mary K. Belknap, 8aadasky, Ohio, titer almoet losing ber reason m well as rtrength by Intermittent Fever, with Chilli, restored to health m twenty hoars. S. R. Til ton, of Belgrade, Maine, bronght from death's door, bavin* suffered for [our years, made wall in fire weeks, and improved in two hoars. dolphe Monhro of Prance, rolievad in one honr. while travelling ia the oars of the Port Wayne and Chicago Railroad. He waa apparent ly dying with Chilla. Ellen R. Benton, of Look port. New York, retimed after seven years' towering, A perfect onre. TbonuDd or other ouei pre*ant*1 and flu rod vsrr month, ud not ? tingl* oomplnint o< th* oflicieuoy of th? ihpectinBi OK PBBBIAH IFIVIR CHARM. TRY IT, rRQTB IT, KNOW IT iai mtk* known lU vontUrfnl powers ud vit tnea, tJuUUom who who mn thr??u>ne<i wiio nil, m?r N M to M I simp la. in oiiom pr*MMtk>D, tnmlMk* br Um tad of nwafwr MAN'S BLESSING! INP2DOTINB IS BOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MEDICINE DEALERS IN AMEEICA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, Kent by mail to My part of tha ??? -- : I REMEMBER, j IIU not UKm inwardly, bot ! aptUad oatwanily, Moordiag to 4ir*oti?as, wki?h iMMtfur ?aoh MANUFACTURED BY JOHN WILCOX fc CO., i 198 MAIN STRKKV. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. ^ BMAMCH QTFJCM, fo. M BANK Or OOMHBB IE BUILDING, ] W*W YORK CITY. > utntvv! IT , - II I I. . M M <1 'Ai % 0

TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I jJOOTS AND TO SUIT T*lt | W??r* wjw mug(Mtanu'*11 klaia of BOOT* ? * SHOES, tad ooratutTV r*c?mnr lgA> Myflj of "ftor* work of trm 4*-Ml keretofora ohotjad xa Qua city for moak inferior in w*nt qf BooU ud Skooa of MMtera or j otty BMue work, will &] v&yafind* coo4 MaortaaM i iadeniad at u?e lowest j^rloea. Gitp a* 4 otfl. I WHIP-FIN ft BRO., m-T 314 PeaaaylTaoia EMVE HUNDRED TRAVELIN8 TRUNKS r arrived this dar, tmbrtcini a.i ?o>li-?m tide and tiiN of Leather, Lmim'BhA Dtm? and Packing Tmrti. Our tmnk^^^*" salesroom axfcibiUattiuatime the*r?ate?t ranejy of trfiT?iuiC retuiaitee- at ao4?nte prioM. to M tr.rdifife'B^'ki)oAi.%^AuSE8; CARPET BAG*. SATCHELS, Ao. 07*Old Trnaka repairedor Ukw In exchange for DOW OOM. WALL, STEPHEN* A 0?? i -a,?af 1 GOUTHERN TRVNK MANUFACTORY. Oyperiu W# Vk?Z<>?7Hln^Vitkinrttn, D. C. T?*w?i 'will itndT their idUtmU dj MMiinn 7 TRUNKS, VALICES Ac ,before por-?m ohMtac ekaevere. At I nee none but theHnHn boat ntwai the market afford* and emploT^^^ the boat worktoaa, 1 can confidently reoomaend my work to be aaperior id Strength and IhtrmbUity to Trunk that are made in other oitiee and acid hare. I keep oonataatiy on hand, and make to order (on on* WuOk'ti notioe) ffrerr description of SOLE LR^TjfKH, IKOJf FRAME FKFXCH T)RKSR Trust, fco.. Re mi red and Cowed, in a worknaalike manner, at short notioa. Tranka deliwad in any part of tb? eity, 6?ori?town, or Aiaxandna. a^?a*A^jEr? fa""-t dalUr JAMES 8. TOPHAM. TRAYEliEKS' D1&J9UT0&Y. OALT1MORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. ! Chaxsb or Houa*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Junel3U?, i 1880, train* will run aafollowa: ' Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. Lmre Waahincton at 3.20 and 5JO p. ml On Sunday at 3 an p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. m. On bindaj at 4 25 a. m. Paoengers for the Eaat "Will take trains at 8JO and 7.40 a. m and 3 2n ?. m. For the Went at 7.4" a. m. and SJn p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a. jn- and 3.20 p. m. PorNorfolkat7 On Saturday evening the3JC p. m. train fo?i to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS X?T TSURKIXl DATS WIT* TIB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. all rail Route, via Orange and Alexandria Railroad *0 LYNCHBUR*: Virgin? and Tennessee, Ernst Ttnnesjee and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, IVashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, nr.' ? ? iTMnsjtpm Ventral, Ntt? Orleans and Jaciton, TO NEW ORLEANS! memphhTroutk: Memphis by Rail, thenoe br Firtt class Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: MonUonery by Rail, thence to Mobile by Firstolaes rackets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SUNDAYS Included, Leave natbicfion at 6 a nt. and 6 p m. The Steaiuor GEORGE PAGE leave- her wharl foot of Seventh street at a. m. and 6Jf p ra. and oonneots at Aer&ndria with the Orange and A. ex I aodria Trains fcr the Sonthweit. UBoe? fenitf jtvania avenue, oorner of Sixth at. UNMI OUOIID TBKOUaS TO n? CILIAII, Lrnohburg #7 80 Memshu . . .?#31 00 Bristol, 1?no Atlanta X 00 Knoxvilla >0Maoon... ...2B no Cnatt&noora 24 oo Guluinlms - S 50 UaJton? 2? on Mont*orosrj jd 00 HuntaviHa .??ou J via M>m?hi?,C 50 firand Junction *i (*? N.O.J via6. Juno ?S 50 Nashvnie Si fO| S via Mobile. 00 THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 900 MILES SHORTER, ami 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Line? the Ljnohburs Extension bemc now oompleted, as al?o the Mississippi _ Central, making it the quickest and most pleasant route tor southern travelers! It is yrovided with First olass Sleeping Cars! (To New Orleans. ? 79 Honrs. Memphis . >4 do. Montgomery ?I do. Naehnlle 46 Co. ITTTha U.S. MAI Lied ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken over this New Line. Tiokcts can he obtained at the South Western Office, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenne, to the following points: Lroohburg, Bri?toi, KnoxmLle, Atlanta, Chattanooca. Hnntsville, Grand Junction, M&oon, Nashville, Daltou. Colombo*, Montgomery^ Mobile, Jnomphis, and NEW ORLEANS. irr through tTFkets to the various virginia springs. Omni be see and D&cgace Wacom I oar# the offioe at 6 a. m. and f-m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket A?ant, ma SS-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. av. I^HK STEAMER JAP. SL Y Will rtnma her I tripa on TUESDAY, Slat of _JT"?^ February. l?n. Wil!!wv? WASH JNOTON ererr TUESDAY and^"^^* FRIDAY, at6o*olook a. m-and ALEXANDRIA Kh&.f pa*t6 o'clock, for CURHIO.MAN and the termsdiits LaiMinca. On her return tripe, aha ! will leave CUR RI OMAN* every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. m. LUCJAN S. PAOE, Proprietor, NATR'L BOUBn. As't. Alexandria. fe? OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF OAS METERS, Wabhinotow, Jnlv 19,1960. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES'. Tfiat.anre^ ably to the prnviaiotia oftke nidinantio of the Corporation approved Ma* <2. ia?n, the nnderauned la now prepared, "whenever rffqired in writing, and uo pro payment 01 ine iee 01 but eeuu, to mcpeet. examine, tMt, prove, and aanertain the aoeuraoy of regulation ofaov xaa meter m <h in this city." Every meter, ifforml inoorroct, will be condemned, find another, aeak-d and marked aa true, wi.l be wt isiu place. If proved to lie noon rate in its MUih rr.ent of km, il wll be sealed accordingly, and acain pat in poamoa lor aao. Olhoe Kn. 510 Seventh etreet, (near Odd Fel .owa' Hal: ) Open fr?m S a. m . to .S p ra. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy U-tf Inspector and (dealer of Gaa Meter*. CI OWK'SIMPROVKDWKIGHING SCALES n Thoae Scalea areotTccd to the evblie aa tns oat aituple, durable, and reliable aoaJea ever ant Jl IK. First olaaa premin ma have been awarded tlMB By the Unite? State* Fair and Virginia Ac ripaltanu Society; Virptinia Slate Asrieultural Fair; Frankim institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair, Vermont State Fair, fee., Ac. In every eaae where xhibited they oave reoeived first olaaa prevunma For aa e at fa Louisiana avenne, Depot of mlier's Ohil ed Iron Sates. delS-ly E* C. PATTIBON, A sent. Wo a 8 fixtures. E IUv? in store, and are dai y reoeiriaj, OAS PIXTURSSof entirely New Pattern* and Designs ano Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in tin* market. We invite oitixens general ly to oall and eumiae onr stock of Gas ana Water Fixtures, feeling oonfident rhat we hare the best looted stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrastad to our oars will be promptly attended to. MYERS * moghan. mar 5-tf ST6 D street. Francis harper, HA YIN* OPINED A FAMILY GROCERY* AND FEED STORE, Cvrmtr of New Yprk nrnw and Ttuk ttrtgt. Respectfully solicits the pairooags of those w maj he in want or any artiole in the above line. His endeavors shall be to please, and by a striot attention to the wanU of the puhlio, he hopes to merit a bare of their patronage. His tock oont ista of every artioie usually to be (bund in a fiis?-ola*s Family Grocery ana Feed Store. ma 17-tf WASHINGTON SEWlNfi HOOMH * * IM9tk si., iw? 4?wi Xortkif K itf rj*y M tl?? time to f?t UPK1NQ ud SUMMER SHIRT BOtiOMft, CO&AR8. U4 wkisr BAN 1*3 nwtir KMkM. ^ ^ wovwe i.?. ?.u)ui. . m. i??tt. " f. k tmii rinnn i ?nai?? . ^l0B{iFE UOBT! 1 PAg trT1N?Q""t,?gwg^a^ C*u * miffg, Wo. 6.(^.,g>yt^dhF l?t?. o?l?l* MISOKLIANBOOT. plONEBK ..OWN The rabMiibw b*f( l?4r? to lo/orp tte ?Mmm PtonM, PI*-*, Window Lint*i?, mm mi ftatfrnm. Hartafsc-ehased a large stock ofitaUaa MaxMe in bl?< k .from irst han* t he .owe* miss. M reels scaBdeot of beiac aN? to famish MLarbls Work a* ioT as it cu be pu-jba?*<i in Nsw York. Phnao*pi?.a, or Balbnwrn. TW trads sspyUsit with Ita>unaMarbie in blook or Siahs at Us MM rate as rtarnithwl m Nsw York, at J on MswMar uatinj trrms. Also, on hand, n lares apagnr ?t PnmiceMton# Water pf Ayr 6ob? Md fSlUktaa Patty at Nsw York prices. Knccmrnn tMS satsc ansa; 11 will be an aoealaib** to tie ?Ur. r AITKX. KUTHKRKORO. fwMir Sttcm Marti* amd Bromm Stmt Works, PM.MT^nqr. ThirWctii ?t, as 21 3m Washington. P.O. T"B Cnnaaqnentiy I shall remain in Washington aM inf in all its brar.ches. Ow Glnninf prosajjtlr attended to. Painting and Oresnssliac QottafS Pnrniturs in tbe best stySs I also, oall aueatios to the Paintlns of Roolk and Briok Walla. All or the|hor? I will mas okenp as the ? hr*+ Bui. i umwra aoiteu owfMrani* of 1*7 frMfd* and follow oiUaeua or U?e niiUwL Pnetwthty tnoty observed, and work dot* lb Dm beet Miner. Yo? Willpleaee mjnd yonr >to?? tad stop at M I' PARKER'S Kaiotinic Eiial'iabment, No. fT* 3 !! A3!!! Loua.ant kf., north aid*, between Mil iod 7th tU. P. S. Siena put up free ef oharre, aa uuL an 9) 3na |Mi?0*TANT TO HOUVEREEPKRS. E. E. PURREE A CO.'g Saaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bet r round frmtt freeh ffpioee, eelect*! hftd %ear.efl br ua expreealy for the pvrpoaa without reierM-oe (n coat. They are beantifhlly paeked IB tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prerent injury by keeping ana are full weight, while lhe oruaarr mm opioaa are a. mort invariably abort Wf warrant tbaai, iBMint of atrentth and richuei# of flavor, BEYOND ACL COMrARfSONT Ml a mile trial will abundantly prova. Mannlaotnred oaiy by WATCH KK&AIR,NOAf(?RTV? WABK 1 have ono ?f tha beat e?tabh?iunent?. aad farniahtd with aoomplete aet of tool* for repairin* every dcaoriptioii of fin* WatoL?a. and Aj particular attention rive to the aaroe,br t'oromh competent workman .and a work Bua/%*tiad Al'O, evary de?orip ion of atandard STLtkR WARE, pia n and ornamental. man u facto'*d nndtw my own auparrinion. which my oaatomara will find far auperior Iff quality ami fijiah to northern war* *old by dralera in general aod rcprt afti.tol u tntir own manufacture. H. O HOOD, ae 6 *3S Pa. avenu*. near 9th at. f^KNTS'SHIRTS, COLLARS, TIES. STOC.RS, HANDIfcR^HIEr*. And all kitfla of GKNTft* KURKISHIN? GOODS, at 25 pw oeot. eaa than any ether atora m the city. At oc 19-lm SMITH'S. Bewmtk at. A fREEMAN J5 SIMPSO^ A^EXTR^to^EXTR^^ -taosi The above PURE W HiSKY, Corn* Distiilkd rion maltid 6* ais, b^ini! snperior and unif?rio 11 *uality. and Mrhly improved by Me. preferred by ooniumfn to rl other Whiskies, and particularly recommended by the beet pbysioans and ohemuts ae poseecsing all the re?uir?m<*tU of a 3>*? Tonic Invxf orator and firmed ml Agmi. The Schuylkill Water r t Philadelphia, seed m the dis illation of thie Whiek*, is ?ror?<1 by anaJy aii to be the softest and purest water in the Uaited Plates : and to this may, in a rreat decree, be at tributrd the ezoellenoe of this whisk*. For aaleby FREEMAN ft 9IMVBON. On the Schnylkili itrer, Phi aJelpjtia Offioee?1Ni Wsl! etreet. New Yore ; 1U9 South Front atreet, Pniladelphia And oan be had in Washington of HmmI Bacoa ft Co , 319 Pa i. Rjon.Waat 9ih ?t., corner D; Kennedy ft Pu?h,&08 West Tth at;*! array It Semmei, 407 Pa. H Wilaon, 387 Pa. ar ; Hart,our ft 60 La. av ; H. C. Bu rdy, 403 Pa. aiy Win. Brjan. 4 4 Market loore Citeell ft Co , 397 V\ e?t 7 th at; 6 P. Ou lick, 05b N J. ar ; A. Gaddia. Jr (c Co., M, aorfer F.aat 11th : Edward Hall. 40 Market Bpa?? ; R. !. White ft Co .63 l a. Hv.; II. Sernmee ft Co . 993 Weat Ninth it. ooX lm / <? * w?"?? i v\ vr\ lle&,? ?... *- W f, -V/v ^ ^ the Pieces2 fK^ At aoeidmtM will kmrrtn, ?m im wU-riml+fd fmmilUt, it la very <l3cir?bie to hare son* eheap and convenient iray for repairing Faraifxre, Toy*. Cr oakery, *0, SPALDING'S PREPARED flLCI meet* all coot) emorgenoiee. and bo hoaaehold ou afford to be mUtant it It ia aiwaye ready and *p to the atiokiDg point. There is no longer a neeao ity lor limping chain,iphntered "*neera, hyailloaa dolia, and broken oradlee. It ?a jnet the arfiele for oone. ahell. and other ornamental work, eo pvpuiar with ladi** of refinement and taato. Thii admirable preparation U need oold, tying oht<mioally heid in eolation, at a ooeaeaatnc all the alaable qualmee of the beat oala net makera' cine. It may be need in tiie plaoe of ordinary moollage, Seine raatly more adii&aire. . " USEFUL IN KJKRY HOUSE." frit*, SI opnta. N B.?A Braah aocoBpanioa each bottle WkfUiclt D*rn, No. 48 Cedar rtreet, Nrw York Addrw HKNRY ^SPALDING It Bos No. I,M<, Nov York. Pat op for Hovers La Cum ccntai?iax Foir, Gi:bt,uid Twelve T><'Sen?& l-wntifnl Litliocrapaio Show Card Rcoomptoriiu Moh p&oktr*K? A stnrl* bottle of SPALBINO'S FREED 1* LIE will a&re ten Dim its ooet *na&llj to every hoaMhoM.??3 Sold by All prominent Ht?ti oners, Dragfista. RArdw&re aid Farniture Dealer*, Grooer*, uu aney Sv>rea. Con ntrj merohanta ? h on Id make a not* of 8PAL PICO'S PREPARED GLUE, whon maklag ? fhotrlist. It will stand anr climate ftlMr iP 'J ifi f ? Tit l< - I?""?? .. +mn4 < < fc?' jbiMb/> M if (li< JvmI /MJJir ia )X V* *?/ *? ^mUy^y^f-rr^rld if JP 5 ^ d^'v |??t? lintwlii flui?,Ml. r.Zkf.?<r $A*m-Hit Ik* am*)< it tv J* bjraTtw 'i'fl - -% pi fi CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL U PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS m?mma ! WJTHTHE SIGNAJUREOF ON THE LABEL AiL OTHERS ARE | AN lifllTATION AMI) A COUNTERFEIT 1 OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALY, j ' SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SMIMlflUiAII SI HEW YIOL j ; ?? MALM m WA&MlNBTOtf MY J 7 T-ly BAA0OV&4 IIMKH ?. 1 p?????^ M&piomra. J ^ TITAU I ro? AIX DtfKASES OP IlirHDENCK, i.xr #ro false dillicact prevent AFFLT IMMKD ATELY. A C9MM WARRANTED. Oh MO CHARVB. IV FROM oyg TO TWO DATM pMBMi ml tfta ? IXm?? ?fU *?. 1W mN ak,AMwt#??M UiAlMMitiiltf,*. mm* maWm mnm WM> (M Mwy * ha| ? ! VmiMu4 Mmux hnuin ?*mi n? 4? Ktraf* If miM?. ui Iiwij mm My m< Mm ronwMu I MpatlMto t>T| Hcwi Ltl 'icuw fA to'tttn Tl*.. V aw fcwifcl Iwil l ><* ?*K> mm;'} rw??y? U ? > p?t? T?*tf H?. t/; . M)| ti ll'u l|\t*?3w?VM4tl Ck* UN 1? p- I B<f XP* I Mf Mtl? u ku MNf M I pMtau all ?mM(. 'i; rtif V apa* Mi *kUI u ptfiMH*. L urnoBikTMinruDu^imir \ Ml >??< MM| tnm luuui It, Hw iMn fnm * * ?? >. r?ii H W*HH> Ml Ul W>H Wil?H ? W|tl4 oi Mania i MLJOIMNL A Mwbwif?i totl Cri)>,< U?M,p.mli 1 (MM ?M af * Mil HIM OaUa,*. 11 tfc? |,J HtHi # lUlll|tM?f fMrfflM HfclwlMiirtMlitltl^ V MUii?rUta.l^M,r>wl?Ui. uU btul MM W t*? MM uwaUi Mm 1*>1 * > KM k > ??; Map U*aW*< wit* n|i*| |B Ul u? Mr* VkNMlMfi fraal i?r t?LT{ >itn>*4 *| 11 law MB*, kMMHM ?H* fraaaaai iMild iMa *M laMfiaiil a# mUA. imi t ar*4 II* llllda TiarAiricmi noric t. f?4| Ha* till M<n *Im Iin i?)*m nml^a || % amill prMUK l*4*tjl? la Vfeaa 1MI-I h*Mi fMBHtf l**r*?l fr*M avtl aan>p*ntao?, at at kM, ika 4ba af ? M?ft ara atgfctlp fck ?* rtn aaitap, ??4 If aaiSandL MClm narrnfa lapaauM*. aa4 liami M MM aa> fca4r, ifW apply imwMUti *. Thaai art * ? af ill aa4 ul nalu:M; iImuiMmm ta aarly balm a/ IWil afifea aH Haiba. hrn n tfc* m??,Dtmnurn af Sifai.Le* af Mmabi >?|r, MflMaa af Ifca ?a*rl. Prififw. >?^?? lrrn? ki V 9,PwMf?*Mi<riii r num. Imm P*a"iiy, naiww ?f f iniajaaiiaii. Ic HnrtkLT.-fki btifal ! ??? U? **< *? **U ? ta Imlal-Uw ?f M*a?ary. Ciaf?an rfk.'V. Ptwiiaiia af pirfu, I?>. rwMi?p. Avtrwaaaftaciaiy. *'1? faairvat. lavaaf iaBiala,tWitiip. aia^aaa ? a/ *a "?* P?a~ *SttlTOM DEXlkTTT * ? M(a HU I la tka aaw* af ikair 4ac.>oia* th?i? ?mr. * - m. MWIf Kirrna ?"i< aaa*ia(a*.la?Mf a fea(*l*? 1 i|ywwn akam *? yfr atMinpMMa Win? ftm ommu or iNra?i>HcE J VIM Ik* Mfdlll Ul IIMlwi nwif ?f pllMMI M* f kl lu 1nht?4 ika aaatfa a.' Ud paiaf*'. iwiH.HW aAaa ktmiu ihti to U! tiatl mmi ifibirinKHltUlKi'iif Mun llai ftw iMlriu ta (km ?h?, fraa *4m>U* ui IWftMkWHr, c?r ataa.a kifmil Mm. hll* * lull ( 111 iMipwf mtNlm, ?k. af tinr.f Ikkkx yacaaaacy Mmiuw.iMp utflMf Milk ?M? ?Mk, ar aa kaaf u ik< ? )) ? ha aaa . aaIalaa4, aa4 M 4aap?ir Laaaa %< villi ram a* kaallk wa aarklacalttaf Imff+mum t; aa fct tka aaa af (Hal *aa?iy pima, Wartwy. k**t*a (ka caaautauaaal tywiai af mm tamkla dtaaaaa.aackaa ifaeiMM lain. Vkmu Ikaa, \ Mm.**., fianwaiii with frifktfki rapaAuy, Mil daatk pata a / fana4 la ka iraadfal tafarup aaa4mg kia la ika( a? I Ua*a*ara4 Caanirj fran akrnMam aa i*a*al*r nlaw ft N. !Omo>?UMUIT rot OMUUC VtAlMH ? A WD IMPOTKaCT. J r *1* f?aat aa< lmaarua> nailr vatfeatM af ika ariui M* apaadla elrtl iU fMU aifat raavara* natault af ika MM aaraaaa i?< liMwul, arka ka? laat *11 kafa. U?t k*A? llBlftAtlltLllv fll>w*4 All iiapaaiaaata la Marriafa. Pkfalaal at MaaM' Dtaaaaltkaaliaaa. Lata af Pncnaitn raaat Ririai iratMatlliy Tiaakltn(ail VaUuanat likaaraaa afkka aaathaiM kkl *paaa4tt* aara* nDouuagror tbb meat. TAX MART noVflAKnfe tatal atlMa laatuatkaa attlh Ika laat aaa*o?*o taut u4 ika ?*raaa layinm tin; al apar-Uatia parfarriac kr Pt. Jakaaaa.. aiaiMal ky ika rafanan af tka pa para am* naay atkar aaraaaa. aauaaa af vkMk ka?a >a at rat afain ai>4 apa aafara (ha aafctla, ka*Maa kiaaaalaa aa * faatlaMaa af *karaa;ai aaa man * | kUlvTi la a aaSalaat pawam la Ika aetata*. )aa S-lf l^R. J. BOVEE DOIT8 IMPERIAL WIXB BimUS Areaowbaiaiaaedtrofa MaiaeU>;be?rsMBaJt Lake, anl the aairersa. *oriiot of all who see them either as a m?d\rtm? or at i towrnst, is that I they arc aaewryased la the irmri. Dr. Dnds im4 thaan saooeesfaliy II his praeue* for S> rear a before we purchased of kim tb? aoi? riffct to man slhe tare ; ad present tkau Tor sale to the p?l>ho. For tbe plaints, and all oases raaamrn a toiac, they are beyond doetrt a moat itTs'uabie reiedy. Aside fraar their medicine. arqaarua* they are a p?re, whoie loraa and Cellfhtfr Bererace, profaning all the fiaaeaat exhilsratinc effects of Brandy or Wiaa withost their initio** renlt*. f?et all frieads or hiiaaaity aad alt adeooates of tepiperaaoe assist as Lb aabectaiBc these ra'aatfa VwretaMe Bittera for ths ?M?ra> pttiaw ar*l e4?Msratsrf Ls?w^* with which tbe eeantry Is fioodea, aad thereby si- A I Abo's*.. r aid to ban shine Disease and Drank enc??e , ?jSES?tt fSii*. 4 PR. J. BGVKR PODS' IMPERIAL QJN BITTERS. 8of Diseases of the Kidney s. Bladder and I'naart , Tgaas, and especially for Feua> Obetraetioas. f cerer fail to oare, aad are warranted to giva satis- | V^A^LES WIDDmKLD * CO- I T*Wi jet-ly^ A|??t Wasb inftoe. PTC. ATPLY JVM MMMEPT REJOICE J* HEALTH. Prifod, do yoa aailer.' Are yoa tbe vietiai of any of thoM naioenaa ailrqanta wl.'.qh ariee Itmb ipaarity of tka Mood.' What are 'Ay, do yon aakf Rattier Mk. what are ?hey not / The blood ia tbe OHM (A im and health. and it ia the Irat element of oar beta* te> respond to any oanae vbioh afleota th? lytlmo, ai the pniae infallibly atteeto The ?v*r prevui!iug Neuralgia, the irritating Krya:pa.aa, the sabtle Barofala. the agociiin* Raeanuitieia, Nor voaa Debility. Drrpepaia, Liver Complaint will iU feoraor and dejection, and the number'.eea ilia tkat fteea la hair to, derive 'heir h>deoca origin fro* th* liood. Deal klpdly tkea and c^ctly with Ue bkK^. Ue* the vitalising rea?areea of natnro for its a. J. and iuW ib to ooniniri!d to yoar tv:iid?aei and aao that truly valuaSe mr<Jioar i txowa aa INDIAN rEoKTABLE^I^COr-riOIt. With regard to thia a)?net lnnJlibie sp?o5e popular eeptiment iAs ?p*>kcn ia dvoided teni a, ana the andenone of this great eftoaoy are aaa Baed by oonctact Avowal a ofevrative effects and ^ haMieat reaaita from ita uee are aftor a!! other > remedies and tye beat medtoal ski'i have failed. / Let aa aav, ia eooAiae.oa, th*t oerttftoatof ft caraa are not aocxht fr?ia til" iLitorate and ea?*r I ftoial, bat they are volunteered (>oa U?e ia<>at re- ~ electable sources apd jieiify the higheet Ura> in vhinh it ia ?oee:ble to oome?end eo valnab.e a b?<ti60 to pub ie approval. TVe ptey add alao that tie aa rati va propertiec of the medieiae are eq vailed only by it* raatorauve etf-ou. 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