Newspaper of Evening Star, November 7, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 7, 1860 Page 4
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TiiE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: niDKUMV WtTf>?r T, 1|6?. Mint ef U? RltrMH I'M"The ComititMlitn ha* the following on the re?nll of the election j--?terday: Ff^n the rctnra. which re??b?l ua we are farcad to the Uaieatableconclualo* that Abraham MnreU bM hrrn elected Prudent of the United State* from the 4tb of next March e declare tbt? optnlon a? to the eventful reatilt of yeattrdiy with sorrow which has no aourre In party defeat. The people of the Northmen State*, by an apnarentlT overwhelming majority. hare rendered their verdict on an laaue fully made up, and afW full deliberation. and that verdict say* that they dear that fifteen states of the I nion are entitled to equality la tbe Union, and that the future poller of the Federal Government ahall be baaed on active deadly hoatility to the !*outh and her Institutions What the effect of that vrrdict. Immediate or ultimate, will be, we do not intend to prophesy We see in the immediate futura gloom and storm, much to cblll tbe heart of everypatriot In the land We can understand the effect that will be produced in every southern mind when he rends the news ttala nt?raii:g?that he la now called on to decide for hlm?lf, bis children, and hia children's children, wbeVhrr he will aubtntt tamely to the rule of one elected on account of hia hoatility to him and hia, or whether be will make a struggle to defend hia rights, Lis Inheritance, and his honor. The Inttlligmttr treata briefly upon th? Territorial question Our enterpriaing neighbors, French k ? 1 -?? a# <Ka rn rMnt nnnkasa IVlvttlVflD. vruu US VV^ltn W? ??**. vuiivus UUII1WT1 ? for the week, cf the "New York ledger" and " Harper'a Weekly' ?the latter containing a capital picture of the President elect. CorsT*kf*JT Bask.Not*s ?"Peteraon'iCounterfeit Detector'' caution* the public to refuae "flvea" of the Weatarn Bank of Philadelphia. Over five thousand apurioua notes of Uila description have been recovered. They are well engraved and a good imitation of the genuine. PerMmal. Ex-Gov. Pratt, Md., C. H Kinahan, and T. ?covel!. H B. M c3J regiment, Nova Scotia, are at the National. Among the passenger* arrived at New York from Europe by the Adriatic are Bishop Kip and son, of California ; Colonel Pickena, late LniWd states .mniiifr 10 kuh i; coionei i^ay. LDiiea Putfi Armv ; Mrs W L. Marcy and daughter; and W. R Calhoun, Secretary United Statea Legation at Parla. A Yocso I.avt MrBD*a*d it a Slavs Woxm?T\i MurrttrtMS Caught and Itmgtd ?Reliable Intelligence from Fulton, Calloway county Mo . apprises us that a shocking tragedy occurred witr.ln eight unlet of that place on Saturday laat In the houie r f a Mr Barnes was a female slave of irascible and dangerous temper, who had frequently been enraged at Mr. Harnes'daughter, htisanna J , a young lady of some eighteen years of age. Saturday morning the alave Tenev was s?mt to work In a corn field, and the family set off to attend a meeting of seme kind, leaving Miss HarnPI ftlona at hnm? On fotnrnini/ fr??m th? meeting they were borrlflcd to find her shockingly beaten to deatb and tne floor and w*l:a of tbe dwelling beapattered with blood The dinner table bad been aet. evidently by MiM B . and her knitting work lay diiarnngea on tbe kitchen floor The kitchen showed blood and ilgni of a struggle Blood m*rks were visible alonij the walla to tbe ea*t room, on tbe floor and walla of which waa much more blood, and tbe room exhibited plain trace* of a violent strife Next, the blood waa traced to tbe weat room, where the murder had been committed, and wbere tbe corpce waa found lying in gore Tbe alave woman waa ctlled. and found to have changed Iter dreaa aince morning On search, the dresa w*? found In tbe Held, hidden and bloody. A (hovel waa found bloody and battered. When confronted with her bloody dr>ss. the woman conf-9?Kl that abe bed killed Mm Barnes Shr waa iiUred in tustodv of deputy constable Henry Willing, who rode iff lu haate for the jail at Fulton. \V ben within three mile-* of Fulton he waa overLtk?n hv ? nartf nn hAMM urKn ?AftV ? , _ ? ?, ? J -J ?wviv ?* ? ?? ?' 'W ?UT pi IVVIKI from him, led her to a tree not far off. and there hanged her until she was dead ?St. Ltuis Dtm I.atbk rsoM Utah?We have details of I'tah newt to October 12 Judge Kinney had arrived from tbe Hast, and was warmly welcomed by the Mormons, with whom he is a great favorite. The Mormon Conference commenced on Saturday, the 0 h. and waa in session two days and a half.' During Its progress Urlgham Young. HerbertC. Kimball ana Orson livde made speeches indicative of the present .Mormon feeling in regard to tbe peo K of tbe State* and tbe army, from which we er thai it is not a very amicable one. It was indicated at tbis Conference that the hand tart system of emigration la to be given up. Young intends, in tb* spring, to send ox-teams with the missionaries to the States, which will return in ine mi im<>d wun merchandise and emigrants The cash tlthing paid into the Mormon Church for the years lr?57. '5H. "59, and to October 1, lb60, amounted to 814,332.99, of which amount about S4.5UU was raised in Salt Lake City. It lath* declared Intention of Brigbam to commence tbe building of tbe Temple next spring. Ssaiors Accident at LorisviLLi.?Darin; a Ball and Everett torchlight procession in Louisville, last Friday night, a wagon, which contained fwir m-n and several fire-rockets, and drawn by four inulcs. was about starting to join tbe proct-u'on, Joseph Levi accidentally dropped a lighted Roman candle among the rockets, wLich fired theai. This frightened tbe mules, which daabed up street at a rapid gait, the rockets shouting out in all directions, and the wagon being apparently a sheet of flame. Levi was thrown f oui his seat, tbe wagon pused over his body, crushing it fearfully. He was borne home ar.d died In a short time, Wm. Clarke, Jobn Dennis, W White Price, hi* rnmr*an1 nnm >11 or lev hart. Th? Votk io* S*i3atuks is Obkoox.?The ote by which a republican and a Douglaa dem oral were elr? ted to the derate from Oregon waa as follows .Varoitb, (Doug.,) 27; Baker, (rep ,) 26; Judge Deady. (Brack.,) 22; Judge Willi a m?, (Brrrc ) 20; Delazon Smith, (Breek ,) 1; Curry, (breck .) 1. There were fonrteen Douglas me a in the Legislature, all of whom voted for Baker, (rep ) General Laae was not a candidate for reelection. fV^-? COLUMBIA. R. A. CHAPTER. No. 15.11 < The Pncua. elact:on of ofliceis in thia Chapter will vake place THIS (Wednesday) EVENING,at 7 o'clock Full and punctual attendance is earnestly requested. It J. F^l. MoCLERY, See. rfS^ATT KNTION !-The regular monthly IL7 meeting ?. f Co.rpaay C of the Washington Iu'at Infhmry Battalion will be held on THIS (Wednesday' EVENING, at 8 o'clock, business of vital importance demands the prompt attendance of every meuif>er. Delinquent ni' inbors are sartin mar it rniMiN to M present. By order of * If K. C. PTK V KNS, rapt. rr5=? seventh ward R kp LKI.IC AN Ik.? CLUB.?a nieHibg of the Club will be held atfisland HalJ, (3d atorr.) corner of Sixth aUe?t and Virfi: ia avenue. on WllOMEsDA Y EVLM.NG, November 7th, at 7>* o'ciock. _ frllEOUORE WHEELER. Prea. W?. J. Mchtjoh, 9ec. no6-81* ffJ-USIOM PRAYKR MEETING will ~ba Uof hfWan every day thia week ia tne New Ytnk avenue Churoh, (Rev. Dr. Oorley'a) to eflnmonce at a quarter paat 4 o'clock, to be oonUnued one aoar. no $ (Y??NATIONAL YOLUNTKKR8, ATTENT10N ?Yoa a e requeated to meet at the pal] of the Jackaon Dticueriiia a.^wihii-.i. -- nKlJlKSDAY EVENING, Novrmb?r 7th, at 7 o'olock praciaaly.aa tastnnaa of importance will t i itcWd, A:i dMiroutofjoir.ini are re?jH?cttullj m vi ted to mi ml. Bjr order ol K. CLEAR V, Cap'ain. Hkwkt C. Bbadtobp, Mac. pro u-m no6 St* tr*?l>EMP?EY * O'TOOLK. ILf ITRbMNQ AXD VISITiyO mm tii* okiMt b?aaiifal ?tjlaa. 396 PA. AT., MWMB 9tu I<KO >u , n Tl-6m W*?hijmtoh. TO FRENCH * RICHSTE1N S No. ?78 VI pean. iTDti* and look kt U>? n*w Aau'ioto diUoo* of MaC*al*?,Giliom. Has*ard the Poata, ? a Uatad HL?or, if aot superior. to the Kn< hah edition*. Call and Uki a loot?ta?m. no 1 1\,L. ELKCTlON BY THE PEOPLE. , fc P- yZTvi ?. f*?P,e ,h*? WOOD " y ?? " * * rr.? are uoeqaaieU b? mt Tn Ut.c,,Vr h.',l,^"or of toua, elegance of fiutati, ?nd lif* like ivppoara ce. i'ictnr-a in ueat cam for tf cent* aad uawardj Particular attention paid io cnf1uif ^jM ^ min_ >?turaa for Ivekeu. pma. aadnagg, ait at the cl.eapnt rataa. r ^ OODLES ^ GALLERY ia at Um corner of Pa avrna* aad 11th it. noiaaio* ^1D FOR THE PROTK8TANT ORPHANS The my H?fl. qf Wo!fiUuh?r?aj-*, Great Mir rur of Arocte Rrgiooe now on exh Qtioa at G?d Kellowa' Hall atd !at- of Kgypuaii Hai' Luadon aahoauo* two Eikibitiou in aid of the wSaatagv.r. city Profaiar.i Orphtn A?yJam, eon Meet that tn* tori.tnujuty witk our aoaord will obeefnlly aad hboraflf oo-opara oia ikiacharitablo work. PRIUAY nan haa b??a appointed far Um oacavou. Ti(* orpnana of tkeaealuai will bo preaent ia the afternoon The proceeda of aacb exhibition will :*> equal t divided with tfco ii???;totion, tbareIrtre it a -aro.?t:j hoped that the oitiaaoa goaeral Ij. aod MMoialr t?H>ae laroraMo to the aeylnia, ? I I contribute to thia praieeworthy object Tbeao P.- intipge have been proaouncad by Earopean aad AMilau aoaaoieoara to be exgttiaiU g?io? oi art. aad ecdoraed a* awh by the praaa aad it* rii, btbitioo S 4?'clock ; Ereatag1 Kzhifattaoa'at1 i." 44miaaioa* to Matat obi] drac V> eeaU. ~ ao7 *>4 ? I y. , * * I * - *< t . lJ Si/*1 ""'it ? ' ' ' I 4 .* | WAMftlNOTON KIWI AND OOMIF. LctcoLX Elected?The Star's reader*, we take It for granted, were not unprepared for the result of yesterday's election, for It has sought to raise no baseless hopes In their minds upon the subject; having for weeks past clearly foreseen that the defeat of Lincoln was impossible. They have, as good clttaeas, now before them, the plain duty of submitting with grace to the will of the people as manifested st the ballot-box. Those who may hesitate so to do will thus prove unworthy of the blgb prerogative of American citizenship, which ^ftbracav obligations, II will be remembered, as *tell as privileges. That Lincoln has been overwhelmingly elected according to the forms of the Constitution is undeniable; and that hla elevation to power in tiie Government under tbat election can no longer be opposed except bjr naked and palpablt revolutionary means, no lea apparent. Those who counsel aught but acquiescence in the result under the circumstances; therefore counsel neither more nor leas than revolution; and that, too, while tbe South are thertchMt and most prosperous community under tbe Government of tbe United States, thst tbe world contains under any government At this moment, there Is not a tithe of the want, crime and individual discontent with one's lot in life,at tbe South, that exists at tbe North. This Is for the most part doubtless the result of the South'a advantages of soil, oltmate, pursuits and Inatltutlona. What man of common aenae with aught accumulated that may be endangered by revolution, will be raah enough to favor any such violent change aa !a now proposed? Democratic CoxomissioNAL G*tr?*?So far, we have Information of Ave Democratic gains of memben of Congress In the course ot yesterday's lection?three in New York, one in New Jersey, and one in Massachusetts Thst in, Ward in. place of Sriggs, De Laplane in place of Horace P. Clark, and Vibbard in place of Clark B Cochran, in New York; Perry in place of Pennington in New Jersey; and Appleton in place of Buriingame, in Massachusetts. The Republicans, however, claim B.'s election by a few votes. Latis.?Also, Corning In the Albany (N. Y.) district, in place of Reynolds, and a member In place of Hasklns, Republicm, from the Westchester district. SlWMN?The telegraph this morning brings the following account of the attitude formally ns umed on the day before yesterday by the Governor and Legislature of South Carolina, towards the Union with the General Government in tbe keeping of tbe Republican party, with sun<Up simllar demonstrations of Individual pul>l'.c^MQ of Seuth Carolina and Georgia. * JJj We have simply to say of It, that it Is in I keeping with the Sxar'j anticipations publisnij from time to time before the election. It bodeM just such sctlon as we have repeatedly foresbad 1 owed. We have no doubt of the truth of the I vknln Af ft InrlnHlnti th? npnomrtttlMtlAn I ------ -- --J fN VVM. eernlng the sympathizing action of the other cotion producing States named. Nor have we any doubt that it la within the power of the President elect to check the tendency of things in that section of the Confederacy by at one* fixing upon the minds of all conservative men of all parties at the t*oatb, the conviction that he designs making a conservative, rather than an abolition administration We know well, Indeed, that unless so sustained. tb? dltunionista can and will drive the conservatives of the South to the wall. If it be plain there tbat hereafter the doctrines of Greeley, Sumner, and Giddlngs upon the slavery question are to form the basis of the policy of the incoming administration, there Is to be no Union party anywhere south of the Potomac with power over the popular mind sufficient to stand for an Instant before tha influence of the I instinct of aelf-Dreservation. which orwratn in tlm*s of danger, real or imaginary, upon conmnnities, as upon individual*. We repeat, we look to Lincoln, and to Lincoln only, to enable tboae at the South who would preserve the Union, to do to. Important from South Cabolina. Colombia, 8. C., .Nov. 5 ?The Legislature rnet to-day There ii an evident disposition to act instead of talk. The Legislature organized and received he Governor's message Therein he suggests that the Legislature should, in view of the threatening aspect of affairs, remain in session, and take action to prepare the State for the crisis He earnestly recommends, in case Lincoln Is elected, an Immediate cell of a cuuTcniioa u> aeierinine me uioae ana measure of redre?. He nyi he, individually, considers secession the only alternative left; that the Indication* ibow the secession of South Carolina would instantly bring about that of the entire South; and tbit If the General Government at. temi>U coercion, our solemn duty Is to meet force by orce; and he promises to carry out the con- J ventlon's decision during the remainder of Iwp term, regardleas of hazard. He recunmends rnlllUry reorganization, and that every man in the Stat*. between the ages of 18 and 45. should be armed by the Stste with the most efficient weapons of modern warfare He recommends raising Immediately 10,000 volunteers, to be In readiness at the shortest notice, with other preparations, conscious that we are contending for our firesides We may, s&ys the Governor, trust our cause to the keeping of the Supreme Disposer of events. The message was made the speclnl order for Tuesday noon, and the Legislature adjourned. The conviction of the necessity of secession is hourly gaining ground The Federal officials of Charleston are said to have their resignations written At the celebration In Savannah, ef the completion of the Charleston and Savannah Railroad, the Mayor of Savannah pledged fifty thousand Georgians to rush to the assUtance of South Carolina If coerced Colleotor Colcock, of Charleston made an eloquent disunion speech Mr Buchanan was toast?d as the last of an Illustrious line l. a_ ai ? - ? ? j urrc i* uu grnim enthusiasm for a Southern Confederacy here Kvery hat haa a cockade, and ail mind* arc resolved to 3ght. Colcmbia, Not. 5, 12 p. m ?A caucus waa held to-night, at which It waa ascertained that a large majority of th? legislature are for immediate secession by State action. An Jiniuenao crowd assembled this evening at the Congaree House and serenaded Senator Cheautit. He spoke long and eloquently, declaring tbe last hope of the Union gone and resistance unavoidable. The speech was enthusiastically received, because Mr. Cheaaut waa hitherto uncommitted It la rumored that Senator Hammond will follow suit. Meesrs Honham, Rhett, ex-Uovernor Adams and ethers spoke also in tbe same strain. Viacisi*.?The electio n returns received up to noon to-day Indicate that Bell baa carried Virginia bv a rluralltv vote If tt ? ?.? ' ^ m # .. .. I HO iau? |/nil? VS Vt* unionism of Governor Wise, the Richmond Enqntrtr, nod a few (Va.) spouting men of the party wlio sympathize with them in the matter, la justly chargeable with the loss of the State. The majority In the State agam?t disunion because of the election of Lincoln is Immense?from five to ten to one, we sincerely believe. The only wonder la that, with the anti-disunion sentiment so strong in Virginia, the violent dlsunlonlsm of Governor Wise and those who follow his counsels had not caused Breckinridge the loea of tens of thousands instead of thousands of votea there. Virginia has all to loaeaod nothing whatever to gain by taking an anti-Union position at this time. It maybe within her power to preserve the pe-ice between the extreme South and the North. We trust In Providence that it wtll be ae, and are very sure that, with proper encouragement from the Preall dent-elect, her conservative ma tor It* will ??> <. , r?r ly Indicate to the cotton State* that if Kcedi they will, the Mt muat be done without hope of ber co-operatioa ! It, direct or Indirect. P. 9 ?IJee oar telegrams. Ait Ihvamuos OcTa*aK.?We arc very sure that the reapectable person* of all partiea in the Federal Metropolis will unite in indignantly deprecatiag the cowardly and infamous attack, at midalght last night, apou the building on Indiana avenue, occupiea ii Uie Republican party headquarters, which, it Mens, was perpetrated by a gang of political rowdies who are said to have proceeded from the headquarters of the Democratic Jackaoa Association, of this city, spss their reprehensible errand. Tbe police by this time doubtless kaow the names of the most conspicuous as participants la the outrage, and It Is to be presumed that due process of law for their ariest Is already tn the heads of the ol&cers. Thelf prompt and proper punishment Is called for by'every consideration of mealiness, justice, drcency, end the public ptace. - i a ~ ? IET Mr. ttorry, Um principal Chicago undertuw it Ik* vfcrttoM of ib* Lady El(li dl?a?ter, kM llm died, himself, from overwork. Q7* 3*386 leaf tobacco wore recclred In P Ukwifki.<4 Vt . lilt WMk fO"Tb? PJnUd?lpfaJ% pallet fca*e appeared In . ? n i,Uji1Tb* v*<" ?r*'!il" j^ii^5wv35it v? ? Gkkat Lou or Un ?Tk* Sxpluim #/ tk* H. A. Ht- HiU?Tb? New Orieana Delta of the 2d inat. haa the following particnlara of the exploaion of the boiler of the ateamboat H. it W Hill: The eiplwl? ia of a curloua character. The boiler bead la driven nut only from the upper part, and doabted over Is lta centre, having the appear nee of a circular book cover half cloaed. When the exploalaa took place thla boiler bead waa only partly oast over, eoaaequently the aW>aa and*ater nraptd opwarda In great force, and broke the floor of the aaloos and damaged aomaof the ItaterooBa. Aa the ateam and water gained edoa, the prcaaure aga^ntt the boiler head canaealt to fall over aa alNMptAeerrlbed, and ttm the fleam | and water ' h<nj zontal courae, daaMng in I 1 the greateat furv aft oVrr the cotton balea, where aome forty-five peraoac. deck paasengera aad all handa. all lrlabmen, were aleeplng. From Mr. Johnson, a passenger. we learn tfrat on \Vrdn?riiy night at IIM o'elock tbe after bead of The bolter nboVe described blew ont, pawing, with its content* (steam and water) entltely through the engine rooms, k illiner th* pec- I ond engineer mud tbe striker, both of whom were j on wutch, and also killing some thirty or tarty, deck-bands and passengers, snd badly wounding fifty or sixty more. None of Ike cebln passengers were tnjnred, except Mr Lnmao, he naving his right hand slightly wonnded. The ofiners all escaped without injury. The barbor, Q \V. Ssurry, of Nashville, snd Charles Uagger, of Nashville, jumped overboard and weredrowned. Mr. Glidden Marks, of New Albany, was instantly killed. Henry Foster, of Memphis, was considerably srnlded, but not dangerously. 1* 4- M|J iv.t -? AS_ ? mil - A a* miu iuoi a ccrwui iwbi panvttu ?UV n LI i bt the time of the accident, and though the agentsIns; yell* and piercing shrieks of the dying and wounded could be heard a distance of Ave or six ! miles, and the boat alluded to was even balled, still sbe refused all asslstajics, as will be see* by our river new! report The damage of the Rill la trlfllug compared with the loss of life, and beyond the boiler and tbe small damage to the saloon floor, she is scarce If Injured. Thi WKATisft.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time ef observation la UVUt S U'CiOCK . Novimbm 7. 18M. New York, N. Y clear, wirtd N W Philadelphia, Pa clear, wind N W Washington, D. C clear, wind NW Petersburg, va clear, 66?, wind S Wilmington, N.C clear, cool. Augusta, ?a. ...clear, cool. Savannah, Oa clear, 58?, wind NE Macon, Oa. clear, cool. Montgomenr, Ala. clear. Jackson, An cl?ar. Mobile, Ala cloudy, cool. New Orleans, La clear, <58?, wind NE Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected far temperature,) 30,118; at noon, 30.135. Thermometer at 7 a m., 39'; at noon, 48? Maximum during'21 hours, ending 9 a. m. to[AVi52X*; minimum 36*. [' Ini' brkttm'N in Criaircci. N. C ?A geatler mm. who has just returned from the lower roun| ties informs us that a slave insurrection has taken f Currituck county. The particular*, aa e have been able toaacertaln them, are aa One morning 1*at week a gentleman of inty found that all hia alavfa had left lite nrlth the exception of one boy, who, on |ueatloned, ana to escape punlahment for egiigence, Informed hia muster that the had gone off with tome Irishmen, emon the VAC. Canal, for the purpoae of there freedom. The gentleman lmmediatUPIfcforraed hia neighbors, who hastily collected Mm Went after the fugitives. They found them encapMfe near the Canal, and attacked them In the IpWiievhlcb ensued, two of the vil'atnous Initlga'' ? were killed, and a number of the coinbatnn% wounded. After a desperate realstance, tkr^sarty was captured and lodged in the CurritfpZjall ? Gaitswiit faintly Vuit*r. -.^ftfrlRST WINTER OPENING VitltlmvONNKT*. H ATS. and FLATS*? AT STEVENS S, W, between 9th and 10th atreata, OaVKTURDAY NEXT, Nor?mh?r 10. The st/fc are exquiaite. Don't fail to examine th^m hefc^ purehaaing. no 7 G'~0 TOTRKNCH * RICHSTEIN'S, i 2TS Pa. AvBitri, F?>r tharjffw York Daily Herald. Timea, and Tribune. #11 the weekly papera on hand. Monthly and Quarterly Maraxinea. Yankee (Notion* for D'Oamber. Norw is the time to aubarribe to Hvpet'? Monthly; i>ec*mher tmnnathe vol g me. n"7 Mto the"ladies. RS. C. A. ZKIRIN Would reapectfully inform her former patrona, and the !a<hea generally, that ahf? baa removed to No. 3*4 H atrcet, between lrith and 14?h ata.. where tno ha? enlarged faoiiitiea lor parr) in* on faahionable DKIOISM A KING in all its brauchea. Tue 1 at oat faahiona received aa aoon aa publiabed. N. B ?Several fine Rooma to let, furniahed or unfurniahed. Apply aw above. no 7-2w |U CUMMING'tJ NEW BOOK -THE U GREAT PREPARATION; or, Redemption Diawinr Ni*h. by the author of "The Great Tribulfttion." First Mrmi rmmAm ?Kia ?n? ?1 _ ? a?rMWf W CVKi VBD TOi >| cloth hound; orioe $1. THK MOlTAc HISTORY OF WOMEN, from th* Frcnoh of Ernest Ligoure. translated by J. V. Pawner, M D. One vol.,uniform with"'.'Amour;', prioe $1. BLANCHaRD A MOHUN, no 7 Pa. av. and Eleventh st. P NEEDING DRY GOODS. 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We name large lote of other new style Shawls in CLOAKS, MANTLES, ARABS. 1 ZOI'AVK"*, Ac , we ofTer not only the largest and most stylish assortment in this market, but vastly the cheapest I DaaiMatwHIMif SILKSand other fine, medium. and low priced DRE*S GOODS Our stock of all other kinds of Dry Goods adapted to the wants of persons in moderate oiroumstanoes was never so large and attractively rari'd a* now. One pnoeon ^thevaine, marked in rlain fi?nr?? tAKCKTS. CURTAIN*. RUGS, Cfl l.CL&TH, <Jt o , npi er floora. PKBBYABBO, Pa. arenas and Ninth street. no7 "Perry Building." rpHK BATTLE OF LAKE ERIE. WRITTEN EXPRESSLY FOR THE NEW YORK LEDGER. BY HON. GEORGE BANCROFT, THP HRPlT uibtarum B ><>M v ? ? mci vmniii NUMBER THREE AND LAST UP THE SERIES. READY TO-DAY. AND FOR SALE AT It ALL THE ROOJC8TORE8. pARTY AND PARTY SPIRIT. A REASONABLE ARTICLE. BY HON. EDWARD EV1RKTT. IN THE NEW YORK LEDGER. READY TO-DAY, AND POR SALE AT It ALL THE BOOKSTORES. N BAGATELLE. OTICE ?Th? uodorkijnal upriptrtdto tr.ako 10 order BAG ATKULK fAbLEd uf til dMonptioa ai reasonable f rioaa. . _ ? ... M. ^ CHR. FRE18K. mMw No. 484 9th at. hetwoon D m< E. "j'TH'S, ?? < ? 8?"Wl? trm.wKu Ml r M 4 r l \+f ' t,Ti: I 1 ^ 4 The Pony Eiprtis at St Joseph bring* San Francisco date* to the i-tth of October. The express, with the result of the Pennsylvania election, arrived at Han Francisco on the iNd. It produced a marked *enation in political circle*, rendering the republicans exceedingly jubilant, whilst the friend* of the other candidates despair. The republjca??are now putUaf forth great eflbrta to carry Vhe ?tat?- A bet was made Uif day before the eipMM left o1t*X) to S3 J00 thai Lincoln would carry California. aad another of S3,0(I0 avatMt 83.0Qt that LIscoIb win ir?i >?? mim tbaa Beckinridge Senator Baker, from Oregon, has been ?l?atcd with in me dm crowda since enteriag upon eampa: IT a duty In California. \ A new canvas* of the probable condition of the next Legislature elicits the fact that seventeen senators bold over from last year, and will be members of tbe next Senate. Of tbese eleven support Dooclis, four Breckinridge, nod two Lincoln. Lt is thought Impossible for Senator G win .tosecure enough new meaibantetter legislature, j [ utder thepe circumstances, to gain oeen a uasoaable chance of re-election. m i I I Colonel B lit Beell. of P1rt? Dragoons, U. S A., bas arrived In San Francisco tad ha assumed command of tbe California Dieislon, in tbe ptacs of Oen Clark, deceased There was quite an extensive Are In tbe village i of Oakland, on tbe opposite side of the bay from 8aa Franclsco, on the evening of tbe 23d, des'roy, ing an entire square of weoaen bull<t?n<ra The Iom la bNTr. but It* amount bin not been aacerUlnod. An effort waa making at Lot Angelos. to puah forward the telegraph on the Butterfidd route, from that place to the Colorado, one partr having subscribed S10.000 for the purpose, fhla was before newa waa received of the Intention of the Kaatern companlaa to build their lines to Califorala by tbe Central or Salt Lake route. Accounts from Washoe state that a new tunnel, eleven hundred feet long, had bev>n completed, striking tbe Com#oek lead two hunded feet below the surface, at which depth tbe ore taken yields 1,200 per tun. Thia is an Important test of the extent of the lead, and holders of shares In tbe Upper Mexican Central, and other claims on that lead, arc much elated. Oreoon. Datea from the Oregon State capltol are to the 15th ult. The Leglalature had decided to adjourn for tbe purpoae of holding a aprcial aes?inn on next January, at which time the code cnmtnltsloners to be appointed thta sessionure expected to reIport. Tbe bill providing for the election of a Representative to Congress, and rendering nug*?k. ??* 1 ? - VUI j tunc cm v/uii);milunBI rifj:iion,wHreiiirne(l from the Senate v,-tb amendments to tbe House, which refused to concur In two amendment*, and agreed to one. It teem* doubtful about passing, to as to arcoaiplisb the object intended. The newt from the Ochotsh Sea bv the whale hip G~n. Wllllamt comet down to the 23d of September. Thlt ihip crulted in that tea the past season and found much Ice, very heavy, and which did not leave the Bays until the middle of August. Reports found whales plenty while the Ice lasted, hut very few after that; had much hard weather. The ships generally bad done very poorly. The Latest Fareiga News by the Persia. Tbe Emperor of France has issued a commercial decree, which raises tbe price of tobacco 20 per cent. The poeitlon of tbe hostile forces in Italy It literally unchanged Some details have been received of tbe voting on tbe question of annexation, which confirm the previous reports that the result was almost unaniniOItl in f?VAf f\t annavstUn Spalo had withdrawn 1U Ambassador from Turin. leaving its affairs in the hands of a Charge d'Affalrs. The text of th? Russian note to Sardinia, protesting against her course in the affairs of Italy, and ordering her Legation to retire, is published. It Is very strong in its tone It is stated that the French Admiral is going to Gaeta for the purpose of protecting the tlight of the King of Naples. The. Emperor Napoleon has held a military council relative to the formation of a new plan of an army of reserve. All the Marshals attended. The Opinlone Nattonale has caused considerable sensation In all quarters, by publishing an article branding the \\ arsaw meeting as nothing but a conspiracy on the part of the governments represented there against France, and also charging England with being a "go-between." The Warsaw meeting abruptly adjourned on the 20th, owing to the Illness of the dowager Empress of Russia. The Koyal turtles and their Ministers held a conference at Warsaw on the 20th. Nothing authentic tran?pir< d, but a statement was afloat that the principle uf a European Congress wzi adjusted. Views a, Oct. 20 ?An order has been lsaiird to prepare for the coronation of Francis Joseph, as Klnv of Hungary, next Spring. Warlike preparations are bHng extensively Increased in the Mlocio The Paris Bourse was dull. Three per cent. Rentes closed at 6>?f 80c. London?Garibaldi's' British I>eglon"ln Italy had a smart encounter with the Rnvaliitiat nim? but were victorious with a law of tlx killed'and thirty wounded. AMUSEMENTS WASHINGTON THEATER. Lessee.. Mr. S. W. Glinh. 3d appsaranoe of the great American comedian, Mr. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. THIS EVENING, The entertainment will commence with Sheridan's Com<xl? of THE RIVAI.S. Bob Aorea Mr. Joa. Jefferson To oonolude with the musical burlesque of the LADY OF THE LIONS. Clod Meddlenot Mr. Joa. Jefferson ODD FELLOWS' II A C. L TO-S1QHT! Wolfrtenberger's Mirror or ARCTIC REGIONS! A now Pamtirc, br firct-olacs English Arti?t?, illustrating the kiplorationt of Sir John Franklin, Dr. K*ne, and Captain MoClmtook. An exhibited at Egyptian Hal , Lowdo*. for3*> consecutive nighta, to more than ha f a million < f people.and a* exhibited btforc her Maiertv Qcit* Victoiia, and the Ertiki Coust at Buckingham Pa ace. 1 heaa Paintinia have been Fuirvpbak a?D Aittaica* Cnitjioissica*, to b* the rnokt enohantinr production! of artiatio reriiu? in thr wo'ld, and are quite ualike a-j anni ar attempt* of par oramio a?t. ProduaeH fiom original sketches, with every attention to a?curacr of detail, tneae P*intinr? ma. I>e confidently relied on ; while th* subject itseif is ep'ete with scientific gems, and offera a rare and intellectual entertainment. The attraction ol the Aretio auhj?ct?the wonderful artutic ment < f th? Faintinfa?the felicity ol illuetrat en?the e'eranee ot diction and elnqnenoe of t':0'jght oonvcjed by the lecture? rarely faila to enehaiii over* cultivated i t'lloot. The thrilling ofthose daring r.av.catora of tha Arctic Zone are portrayed with a viviane a so at* t in* that tb-< audience are led to brieve themselves aotu&lly ami.I the socnes represented Knch aoen* i? adorned in fies u with authentio portrait* by Winterhaiter, of the p.inoipxl Aretio oelebr:tiea. Lecture by ALntiD F.?q., of I nnJon. AdiruiHion e?i,t<<; ohilaeor. IScenta. I loeral arian ernent* made with sohnola. Doors open at 7 o'clook; Knteruumnent oom* menoea at 8 o'o'ock. w? uvni ijrti TO Vlllti W0 U balls, parties, &c. I^O rUN WITHOUT DANClNtf! T* " x ***TY orp will take vlace on TUESDAY r ?jJL Nor. 11, At Timri Hall,7th it. between!) and E.^B Kaputa a oelrbrated ootiHon band ia engaged HA for th? ooouion By order of Committee. n,o 7-4t* jpjURRAH! HURRAH !! HURRAH'!! PAWNEE BOYSJ* THE FIELD! . Th? firat yKAN f) COTIL LO N of the PAW NKK Cl.UIJ will i* given on THUKSDAY ft& EVENING, Nov. 8,at A nae*tia Hall. Nav? JA Yard. Coaohes will positively leave the hall A at the clo?e of the party to oocvey p?noni|Mi home. Ticket* JO cts., admitting a gentleman and ladiaa. There will baa luffioieat polioe foroe to keep perfeat order. Commit let of Arrantimiutt, A. F. IiOwa, H. J. Nicholson, T. W. Nicholea., W. H. Suit. H. J Mran, W. K. HI ode., G J. Gordon. F. J. Graoa,. Geo. Thompson, .I.K.Gordon co6 St* Firft in War. Pirft m Ptme*. and Mint im. tl< Hm?h nf hit Countrymen!' The first grand cotil?.on party f the GEORGE WASHINGTON >k (Jl'ADRILUK ASSOCIATION will take ? piaoe at Thorn'a Halt on MuNDAY, Nut.4B l2 ^ehrnedor'i oel-bratod cotillon muaie uiMl engaged for th? occasion. For further particular* -e future aivertuement By order of Committee. HQ?7f * BOARDING. BOARDING??ix or fight younc Ml CM he accommodated with Board at #9b Fourth at, corner K, located near the lahnna'y. Also, a unit f Rooms for rent. no ' - pAMILIES WANT A HEALTHYDRlNK ! THKY WANT IT FURK. TEMPERATE and CHEAP! COLlNKAU*8TAHLK BEER 18THE THING ! It ia leu intasicatiac than outer, and ie for mere palatable aad atreo{thenia(. Foraale Uy aUGrooeu,9o?BM?|laM-Cd< oefta a^uart. , aoftiti '? h / , .?;u v *4 I FOB aftLB AND RUNT. For RKNT-X r A HLK ftod CARRUttHOl'?E,0"n?nient to \\ illirdi' HoUl I qoirc M thia offi.e. no7 ft* FO* RKNT-A firf itorT IOU9R, e aitiu 12 rooms, *<fJoiniDf theoorner of F ftrtti ?Bd D ?? ? tMVttr M& I. Apply to iOSEPBTFyTO *KNT-Thrt fli^rdra COTTAGT:-w KSI DtMOE.conuiii'i 7 rwmi, with front b*J onr. large jfjrda in Irooi and lear. fronting H at , in PriBtttu O?o* ^wn, betwen North C*gU?f And First ata. Rent *240 aer annum. AdJreaa, \>j MW or in peraun, WM. 8TICKNKY. no $ tf POR R.KNT?Two DWF,I.LIN?-H()l'?|!ione on Tenth a?reet. between L and M at* .and the other on L. ?treet, between 9th anH 10th. V<m ??* ! .n itiven Knir.odinUlT. Inquire of the atiharriber, at hi* reaidenoe, on L street, bMvm 9th an] 10th iiirtu. _no 5 * * JON HP. A PLEASANT SlIT OF FURNISHED ' OL ROO%IS to rent at N# 484 Twrffth atrwat, between H ?trr? t unii V?* Vwt IrtDN oonnat' ^T0fliPiViTUlih%r^:ir> 4'""ft ^ with iw fiifiN|r or ritcnen ana eernr, CDitaa to sojourner* in V% aching ton ia tha winter. AJao.ooe larva Room in ttw eeooad story and three Chambers in lOetiHrd alary. no *-#* BURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT-The a eahaoriber* offer for r?at t*ie Faraished House reoaatiy oocuptad by Lt. J C. Iras, corner of Etfhteonth and I ata Also, ad*stral>'e FaraiaM Honaean Naw York avanne, hetwaaa 9U and lXh eta. A?!j to J AS C. MofiL'IRK k, CO.. Anetioaeora and Commission Merchants. bo 2-9t EHJR RENT-A durable and vail loeated ?r?tr e'aaa R K?I DKNCE, No. 4*9 *n Sixth str~?t, between D and E ata. The hoa?e ia furn>shad with all the modern improvements. Apply to THOM AS PARKKR. no! ?o3w^ FOR RENT?The lour-atory BRICK HOUSE on Third straat. between 1> ami E tree la. i No 3*1) adjoining the residence of W. A. Maury, Esq. Possession given immediately. Alao, the third story oftha B-own Stone Bml-Jiac No. 40^ on Pa avanne,< south aide* between 4*? and ?th ra. For terms. Ac .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, At torpny-at-l,aw. \o. ?0 l?a. avenue. no 2-?otf nriR 4t I I * ..vln rftmknak UfWK V r^' ? ik ?>V w ? w w ??'! g k/l IV* 11 V' Vs k "ii Fonrtli atreet. below New Yo-k mchuk. The house is 3D f?ft front and 43 (Mt deep ; ha* 5- foot p*a?age, parlor, d ning-room, kitoiien. and four chamliera, with atairwav* in pu?i? and kitchen, with good cltar under tne wliol? bsuM Fo' Urmi inquir??at 499 Seventh iitreet, oppoaite Odd Fellow^ Hfcll, ^ no 1-tf JAW. S. TOPHAM. EH>R RENT.? A three-atory and l?*??m?nt P FRAME HOUSE, near Pa.av,, on 10th. between G and H at?., No. 413. Inquire at Sit* LEY k GUY'S Ila'-dware Store, Pa. av. oc ?v-tf I*?OR RENT-One new BRICK HOUSE, with 1 hack building and eellar, having t room*. w>th ga*. and aide alley, aitua'ed on L atreet, d**t Thirteenth. Rent moderate to a good t?nant. In quire of M. GREEN. Oroeer, corner of Thirteenth and LeU. Thia proeerty ia near Franklin Row, only a few muiutea' walk from the Treasury Buildinga, and one of the nealthieat location' ia W asiiing ton. oc T1 2w* FOR RENT?A four-itery brown-front DWKL LING, situate oa Thirteenth at., between L and Ma*enchueeUe av^ one of the moat deairahle locationa in the city. The houae ia furniahed with macule mantle* ; a'ao. g*? and waW fixtnrea, with bUh-rooni Inquire at WM. P. SHEDD'S Fancy Store, No 40il llth at oc 27 m* |?OR RENT-A handaome, Crat elaaa REMr l^KNCfc, No 442 E atreet. between ?th and 7th atreet*?one of the inoatoiigible looat tone oft hia oity. The houa? ia furuiahoi with all modern improvement*, such aa bath room; hot and co'.U water on cach floor, range, firat and aecortd floora heated from foaaenmnt, *c., &.<*. Apply n?x? d<?c, ?o l?r. J At*. J. WARING, No. 444 E atreet betw?ea * h and7th. oo 16 eotf F~OR RKNT-A good two-atory Crick DWELL ING, on Fifteenth at, near H. Rent l?>w. Apd!* at No. 33? H at. no 3 eo3t IT*OR KENT-During the session of Conrres*?* T fiVa?jlfc*s three-story BRICK HOUSE with Fu nished R.oom?, situat-d in on? of the most desirable and t e^Ithy locations in the city F?.r terms, fto., app. * at 37 3 Seventh st. oc Z1 12t l/OR RENT?'"h* new brick DWELLING1/ HOUSE No. P.'?>?prot street, George own The houKe is two stories and l?<emem above ground ; 8 rooms, lnou'dl^f kitchen and servants room: gai>and water in the pre^isee R? onaMa t<< a permanent t% nant. Appl* to 1). ENO1?IS1I, 13*i bridge street, Georgetown. oc K6 2w FOR RENT-lWossionor .'heist of Kct,?!?I The DWELLING H<?l'??E .Nov 4?H D at present occupied by the Rev. t, f- ?"ti?r, and next door to the residence of the advei u? J. M. CA.,l,9leN. B.?It will not be lot for a boardin* lwou*** e 18-tf _ TMIREEHUNDREPA.ND FIFTEEN ACW tn Fairfax count*. Va., in excellent order; w?.1 timbered; rood; a brown stone qnarrv. A railroad car "hop and water station muit lie erected on the farm. Also, a new Steain Mi I in Londonn coontv. A purchaser oan get a bargain of O. \V. RR A V, Agent, 316 Seventh st.. Washington, D. C. oc 18 Im* FOR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 Weitit, Georgetown, at present ooco pied br the salworiber. It has It roxns, with gas : t s -? s . ** ? - <iu vwnr inrougnou'. t ni;? yara, n?ni* se , ? i;0 la in a good neighborhood. Apply to JA8. A. MAGRLDER. te g tf 1POR RENT.?Two new th'ee-atory BRICK HOUSES with ba<*k building*, each hot** containing room*, with cm. plee?an?ly mttived on 8th street north, ktwo?n M and N atroets; rent mixioratc. Appl* to K. l.A/KN BV. oppuaito, or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenue, between 12th and 13th arroeti. oc Jtf FOR R E NT?The Fl R8T FLOOR of the buildin; immediately opposite the veat vine of tk( City Htl? recent!* occupied by Chaa. 8. wailftcb aa an oSoe. Also the iror.t room in the aeoend atory and the third floor of the aame bailding. For term it apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. Lomaiana avenue. ja IS tf \TERV VALUABLE SERVANT GIRL VoR ?ALF ?A likelv. well <1i poaed, and exoe l?i t general house Sorva*t. about '5 yeara old, aad a alave for life, will b? ??>ld to any good family witliin th* Dia'rict of Columbia. Apply to JAMKS C. McGL'IRE A CO , Auction ana Cotnmieaiun Merchant^ t o 3 6t A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS. NY Onedeairing f eight? much or littla?barrela. bain. boxoa. bund lea. or. in fkaL. u> t.Sin* ssfely transported and delivered Imtmd Washington. Georgetown and Alexandria, rra* r?ly 1 r?plicitl* upon the Kxpres* Wagons of the under sigtird, which run regularly ever? d"iT bel? e-n thote cities. Orders rntereo np<>n the slit#* of hie rxprcisat the Star Office, at Bacon's Orooery U'ore, or at K- Wheeler's Hardware tf&ore will be promptly attended to, and at ver* mo Urate onarges. T H. STILL WELL, no 3 1w (Late Ostorti's Kxpr? ) ASHlNtiTON SAVINGS BANK, 51 IS Ninth St , xkak Pa. Avisce. PROFITS TO TJK DEPOSITORS. Open to reoei va deposits Iron lft to I o'clock. Jacob Gideon, o?n, C.Amea, James H. Caustea, John M. Htrain, Kdward Hall, Au?. K Per j. G?urg^ Bums, W m. G. Oea.e T. J. Alatruder. JAPOB GIDEON, President. J0H5 I). Billow, Treasurer. This imtitution will pay to the depositors at tha ih? "i tvur par sent pwr uiiun cuioi mr proRll ul business, * ?d divide 10 three jtiri the turplu* profits am?nc iucn depositors 11 m?) bccnttled uctar tho ri les. 1'h? Tru"te<>i confidently claim the hearty co oi eiaMon and patro. a-e of all who fi*>l the need of a wUa depository for the earning! and savings of >nduiL'jr aud coui'iiit. (MatetfeCon.) no 1-1 w FAMILV SEWING MACHINKS, Manufacturers' gewinjc Machines, Planters' Sewi-j Machine*, Tailors' Rewmi Machines, Uressmakeri1 Sew'(Machines. The Elliptic and Shuttle Look stitch Sewing Machines, at pi toe* ranging from 930 to Sim Agency at MAX WKLL'i* OjjNUg Fanoy Store, 3MB Pa avnBQ. French * rich8Tein'? bulletin op new books. Pom IMO AMD ?MI. Alasonio. Odd Fellows, Military, Mechanical, Arohitectural, Chess, and Billiard Beoks.always on hand. Camilla; from tha French of Alexander On mas, tke younger; l*ino; cloth. Prioa $ 115, bj mail. All the above works eeat by mail free of postage on the receipt of the prioa. Our iwual ilisoouut given on all bound book* boUfhtfctl>Ur.t"rerRBNCH * EICHSTE1N, No. 979 Pa. avsnus, Washington, 1). C. Pott OjU?. Box 716 oo 84 J M RSAJRT1 s-rB IN > AI R JEWELRY. Such as Brscslets, Ear-rings, fob Chain*. Fin(*r-rings, Noeklaooa, Breastpi a a. Quart Chains, Hearts. Crones,*o, made t No. 344 Pi. Avnii, inw.snmWnBn., (Over Clarett A. Mar's HtoroJ oo IS Ira* ITnAtngxow, D. C. jimr kbt? y butu wr two MOtB FRENCH a klCHSl'ElN'8, ttm 978 pa. at. Wi 1 He Fi> rt Hat, oj Winter SonMrtsa; Uiao., oloth; pri-?? f 1 25 hj mail. Methodism fuo f??lu,*nd CftiMof itsSnooees; by Rrr. H. K. Tefft, D. I)., LL. D.; ltmo., oloU ; pri^llCbTmui. oa> UATCHELUR'8 INIMITABLE HAIR DYE. D *r>d at' first o wa Toilet Articles, lor ea.* at GIBBS'8 Wif, Braid. Mid Carl Manttfaotorr, 949 Ft. tTnw, n ?u 19th at. oslla TPO MV8I0 TBACHKKB-A ?M MOT wiw A Mnsio, imputed iron fcfofo; Moo, eoieotoone mad* in person from all tbe groat rnblubiai houses in Boston and New Tori, sieeisll? lor ptano. riolin. and flat*, A-., Ac Aleo. Dssu " ?'K?s Okleksnui HaaoS*?ra, oo? to* Piftf.biCtUiiiHttiti. I^AMMD/wininn COMPANY UF"HAWro*DT-PreMnuS|LDdVo?meDt* to all ii*uhi^m! U>ur N JoaffV*Kl.Ss*?^f A Jtl?S?y{ * I .. i;."t 9k-ft 2??iic it >?T < Br CLfcAK V * GJtKKN. A??ltoa?*r?. 496 ffimtk RK.MNA\T*or NEW H?n-?EI.!? r, J DtT ttnotM, Chi^?. Gl*?? amd ClMint ? War Ac, at AM-iioji ?on IJiLh?UM f MORNINO, tkf r)( w ?Hk'l < ?!. in i,oi l of oar am?ou k<mi, > ^ w NiaU siraet, at : Alao. ?iet af Dry GoiMtm, r?w Artio.ea, ? *>. ChinftjilM* ??<1 Cr*9kert Wna. With imj etfcrr ftiiiftt** :o?j:; marooato ?e rticu. 7tmmM ' CLKAKV k GUFFN. A?rt*. Hy MARSHALL A PA?E. A .? Ttk iwrt, wMc* 044 /W/aarr' M*U. HARDWARE^ rURNTTUAB. CARFKTR. (' nrutT.lhAii *?n W#wt>B?W*??.* .? n #A n>R f) * V MOK MNU, Jl/iJ! o'olock. ara wi 1 Mil ? i*'(f Maorta?>? or www ?bi Sm?i4 lifted K ?n?it?n MBlakiu, ? Bft r*;.<l Skuck fetUraaa**. WW aftta ofIto-j Cnir*a. Pitted Fork?m4 *. * i Cfl? ' **5* t*e* 1 | 4 J \ ? 7-M <m MARSHALL 4 FACE.A?U M By MARSHALL A PAGF, AMtfecwr.. V /? . 4?t 7rk strttt. nndrr Odd FiUiw*' lUU*. CHAWLS.'CLOAKS. DRESS GOODS. BLA* p Errs, Ac., Ac .*t Arcno* -On PATCHDAY. ! !N?vr?BH?r ?*th, ftt ? o*olo#?, M oar at or*, aha'I r'l* **rr arrant ?aaortM*?? *? L**Ma> ClMfcs. lmi Broete. ChMuil* Stf>tf?. [ Sb*wia SMrftrJt of V?!v?t ft ad isimn Cfpti. i The ftbo r? ara fron on* of the best ator*> u. Una V ity, ft ml will ?oiiti?ft!y ?o'd. mo7St tint) MARVtMLL A PAGE, A acta .* ur 1/LfcAKV A liKKt.>, AicUowri. 1 J06 A'mtk >tr*H. A THUM-RE** ?ALK OK HOl'?KH'?i4> ANIl f 1 kiftm Fcixitcii, B*I Iwm Fi*i*??* aid I i>)coat at Acciiov?Bj virtu* ( ? M* ?i | trait fom Jsoob Sobwidt to the nd*r?if?a<1 * ?_ treiirv I t? 41, or MOM li.v ? , ?j> ittt d at of N?T#?b?r, at ? ?V|m| i*m ail ? Bowawtd aud Kitehaa Kumitmr*. Lnw By Koon KixU-roa. fco.. U*lCr in >ha hooee om NW mtr jh. b*;w?-?? L"uimn ?v#r ?? O laiM n th? citr of Wash.u? ton. latelr occupied by ^Mvl Schmict a* a Kmtaurast, >uolt a*? ?->athar B?d? an-1 B*d?teaia, B?>f d?i and Pillow* WardrotMi. Mirrrtr*. Tab n, Chan*. Pioturcn. hurrui. l irofu All th? Li*a?r? aa<i Mr Room FiAtarae, | Stovea.tart m%i j other ArUoiae too dii?ih?i t? mwinu Tama <>f'A* A-e for a'1 icmi Ar>?ler SP <M?h; our that aurr, a rrrit 11 ?t sn p. d t' <!*.*?. Ttrr Aotea aAtltlAOlorr* e dn'eed. kr?r|nl |?t*re?t IHOMaSW KK.KH V- Trw*M. C?.KAKV * ORbEN. AacU. o? 31-Nov 2 lOAda FUTURE DAYS. J By A. LiKKk.NI, AMtiuawr / HARDWAUK OF KV*RY 4>K5CRirTION, f CARrsMTAsa' liriLD?A?' Tecj.a,* < .. 4r , a.t Attn, r..?On THl'K*llA^ th?*iu malMit. I artAl! H'.ir froi.t of try at re. At 1*? k a. in .a lAHCAnr.d rntiOTAl aa^orfment ?f B.Hldara* flard wap^AB-1 T"0!?. TV t'Ade. Nma^r? ami a n?a to era Me re#,- aotfu'iT i?vited to att*?d the aA a, a? I the c< oda vi I ba fold with..a: racer**. T*rmi (Mi.. no ?-d A. GRFF.N. Aaol j By A. MIIN, AAotionAAr \ VAMIABI.K BUIl.DINtt LOTh IN *C{CAI?K 1 No 4C9. ox 1 I *T AUTIOH -Oi A FRll>A\, ftoaeinhor 9 h, 1 aliAii Mo, ih front of m th? premnea. At 4 o'muak a m . Lb a faUovmc W ntmifI kAnJ*Atn? Ki.iUi? *? ?? ' l^?U Nna s. ? 7. 19. ft, 2?. tod 23, lr No 4C9. ont^ i.i.ic in a 1 Mtw*?n JR and 37 th?a**i>4 f-?t of cr"und I hia rr p?rty frnntf oa aojth h an 1 1 v,r cti. a ^iiih ar.'i **e?enth treeta w?*t. and will he Id io i?t* to auit pur from ro Z'i I Of' ' '< 1 U l> t)n? nM't?ro?i(i halanoe !??. 12 '".and 21 month*. * >* partlitwr t.? nw not** fvr <?(?rt*4 Sa? r^eii*.*. b*%nnc it ureal from day of aal*. A e?d (tvi?n au<le dn#d of tr?ai Uken. n .5 4t A (i K EEN, Aiml By A. ttKKF.N. Aoction?er. Household and kitchen Fr*ni- ^ Tilt AT Acrnoji ?Ob FRIDAY, tkoftth ? < a-.t. I thai: ?e'i. *t > ?'?iook a m , at tM r?efdetice of a faiii.j rieclir.lQK b nikeep'.nc, No. ii& ?vi lu?, 1 at ana Id atreeta we?t. a (frwvi aaaortmei.t of Forr tora, via? MahosKP* Sola, CMtur, Rockmf, aod Far I or Ch*ira. Do Marble top, Caatra, Extaaaion Dicing. and other Tah:a?. Paintnl Wardrobe, WwhiUtui. and Toi'et 9?u. Ca-:? aea' I iia r?, 2 fina Cottage C?u, F**thar Fed*. Redding. MaUr?ere?, and Badataadt. China, 6!aaa. ar.d Crockery w ar*, ('actor* atxi Kt.i?ea aad Forks, Three ply and other Carpeu. \ larcc lot of Oi.c oth. Winflow Shade*. Lounge, o kin* and oth?r 9*ove?, K'tchan Krqaiaitaa, Ac. Term* _-2"< d A. GREKN, Aaot. I By A. GREi N. Ado'jodmt. \ TRUn^K'a SALi: 04 VALUA RLE Bl I! 0ISO LotJ n,? Tf JIJH aTEEST WEST. IRWKIil I p AKB FT"Tfclk" *?'*TH. Aj Apcrio*.?O* SA I J I'RDAY, Notwiii..'' 1*1. A*.I ???all iTin front *1 of the ?r?nnM. at 4 v'*wi* > , ? , by virtue ?>f *. f ri?e<j oftrrBt to the bcannt date the *1 I day of April, IIWO, and rsnordfl Llb?r J. A.f, | No. l?i, folKn 2T?. Ac., on* < f Lh? land roeortf* (or Washington cboty. in tfc? J)i?tn t<>ltu um' I ths following de?orii*d prap* ty, >9. DJ *nd beisg 1 in the city < f Washington, Lilitnet a.'"^eaid. v,a: M AI! pi?o? or parcl tf ground kno*naadl?.d (tow on the p'at of *&i<1 city a? 'he nv'rth ha!fr>f I J/ot nunih?r?<i twelv?.<U.ttke?outh ha f. amb?r(<t I thirteen, < >3.) in sauare naw b?red ih'M "audie.* I ud Mvraty eight,<37?.; ac<1 eompriand ic O* fob- 1 hiwinr met'* and buMBUa. to wit: Comiaaocia* for | the aaid halflot ouinWr?1 twelve at the nortbwv at A oorner of Mid ?t, and ranting thener aonfh witn th* line of Tenth et ?>et w*?* tw?atr fire fee* ri ar<! a ball inchea. <?& feet CK inolicr;) tiienee m*' one hnndred arid seven f?et two uHM < feet 3 inahea | to the rear of said lot; iheoe* nortii tw*nt? five f> t aix and a )<a f ??> f-rt f s inotoraito. tne a -lnt of <iiviMoa between tad lou twelve and' thirt??an; a?d th?no-? wea* with taxi rtinainti lm? o .e hurxirr-d and aevn fe<t two inehea (l<T feet T irohe- i to Tentn at*e? weat ami p ac of b'f inira. ato )>?glning for the eaid part of I ot 13 fcl"he aontkWateornar of eaid lot, on Tenth atrret we?t, a d rucnint thence north with toe line oil th atreet weet twentv fire f?et. (S~> f?*t,) th-roe eaat oae hundred arid fever, fret two Inch'a KCf.etl iitcheei tn the rear of aaid iot.thaeo* eouth tweitf ireits faetltothe point of tiivieion. between aaid lota if and 13; and thence *?i with aaid diviaion iioe on* * hundred and ee?<?nfeet tW" inches (in fert J inehee) to Tenth atreet weat and p!aoe of he-icirg. with improvcicr'-.t', whioh are a briok dwailiugh?V?o ie. Termi ofaaJej JM.nnn caa>; the remainder in aix. i twelve.aud eicht??r tnonthe; the pi'chaser to giva I note* for the deferred payment*. beanaa i ate-eat I from dajr rf aa e. A d?*d g;rec and a dec! of treat % taken. All oonreyaneing at the ?oat of the pur 1 ohaeer. t*hoa ?< the Leriaa not be eoirplied with in \ fire dara the Trustee reaervea th* right to reaau the property at tn# risk and ??oet of the purohaeag. j fc. 0. CARIIINGNUV, f uatee. Vl _<JK3 3" -d * Ha G R KKUfTA act SM HrCLfcA KVA <t KKK.N Auctioneers. W 406 y*mk ttrert. I PXTPN8IVK .-\LK Or STOCK. CHAIN. I E*, F?tM^e IMPIRMKKT*. C?? I KI'SID, W*?fl5l, lIoCtEDuLD FrKKITCKB, A > . | balctiim Ui the ?"M? nf lk?Ut*l)?r'M Clkint, . <J?re&??d ?t P?b!io Anet**n ?On FRIDAY and T 8ATL' K 0* Y, th And nth of Nnr?i?ih#? ?eit, I ve ?h?l **11, at tnc fum ?mi ra?l<leno? of tk? Ut? I Darin C)*?*U. <wmw< At II o'ft'ock a m.. on tha Horenth atrert turnjika.i tha flat <*a road ft will d??fut^tbf rlsr',1 af>out ? mllae from the 1 ei'j, all < f th? Por?<>- a Eff oti boionaiac to tbe \ aai.l msui ?/n aitti i<? V n oat t f\ T?. W W'l V*VV?P?1| WVIIWIBM- n " f V| ? 5 n? ft? rm w?k ?r>d otrt.M* HoraM, / .i-xaeiient Milch Oan,l Heifer, I 1S ticca, 1 tfall, 1 Mii?, F 4 Viukn waeons. for on? or two Konxtg. 1 fine Kwn'j Carriage, Harneaenui Comt, 1 do. Srra'! do. do. do. with aVr? lot of HarnOM, 19 s-~u of aomplate Hftnmaa. M owing Mac hi Horae Ritn. BoUcra, Y ow? of iwj deeenpti?aand make Cutting bozMi Corn and Cob CruaiMra, Btrorn, CuitrnU ri, IVfcaat l>nl a. Rake*. Hwi, M?ov?!s.St? '*s Forka, ks^ P tato L'iRtr, 1" rota Flow Haraaoa, Wacoa Rodu-a. Harnoaa Hacks. Sieraa, Wheat fan*. Wfce-tbarrowa Sortkaa, CrUiaa, Tbraahin( *%onin??. in Mrf?c? ord??, WitD a iarga lot of otkar lmplamaota. too aa meroui to ra'nti?n. 40 aores of rrowin* WhfOt. now ia ! ? aroar. TO ton* of im* Timothy and Clorer Bar, oh tmahals of *x?oll??t Potatoes, 1% t*r ?ti of Corn. S^? atalki of Sua Celery, I Art* Irtt nf fin* m Sirt* lot of Straw and Lonj Fodder, 1 %nura Cament.tK bar*.) 1 A la i? lot of hot twd Auk. | Th? HVVSKHOLD AKFJPKCT8. n.irtln* ia 4 Piano. Steo . and Corar. MUo<idt rU>U, f Mahogany Par or Chair*. Roeker, Ac., f KBtdiUid, Wardf'.t^.and Ptraai, MarMa t^p. Cantra. ana othar KblM. PalMt Sick chair. Git and Bronia Caadalabraa, IPaior Window Curtain* and Ornamata, Larc* iot an me Cnm Faathar*. is Bad a, BiIMmi, ?nd Pillow*, w Exoailact whita cariad Hair Mattrenaa, k Do Parior, lilM" fcf. and Hal OMtto, I Toitat Ms, Mirror*. Mi<k aad Cotton Mattwuia \ Larca lot of Baricnac, "onuatinf of bmttM J BiankaU, Comfort*. Qailte, Liaaa Sheataaal 4 Cm**. 0 Badataad*, Waahataada. Bnraaa*, Chair*. # Cookinj. hadiator. Ha)', and Chain>?*r Sfora^ M Andiwi*. Bhoral and Tone*, Peudara, aad Fira- I tK)ftrO?, V Diaiac. Hall, aad Chamber Tahlaa, I Baod*omaf/ateti Tea Sat and Caatora, Hi ITar Kfoon*. Ladl*a. and Fork*. Qile'oth. C. ooa. and Straw Muting. ( blaa. fi iua. (.ni Ormkm U ,r, ku M?I etxtor MlNtki ov*r ?V>,*er*HtofX,4.aa4CmoatlMann befivaa. la j n||i?g QOtAC ITiQBi kft MtllllHtftfill bearing later *et. ?lc ?tde payable at ease haak > l> ?b?e;tT of WfcuhiMtow j Hyw^dMiri to particular attention to the I ?*Je- it is by far tbe noet intoreetiBC Mi* ' I ttat dm ever take* place n tto* n?Mtr i Om tuHVbt win ?Urt for t*? pleoe of eateea the 1 noraiuc of raefe <U; at t e'woak from the dear of I I T-WMniVI

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