Newspaper of Evening Star, November 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 8, 1860 Page 3
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I LOCAL MEWS. l?T"ThougU Thk St4* It printed ?* the futnt Vatu prem In use south af Baltimore, )ta edition la k large u to require It to W pot to press at an c*rl> hour; Advertisements. therefore, should be er.t In before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until tbe next day. k Nertc*?District of Columbia Advertisements to be lssrrted In (he Baltdtobx Utmare received it aad forwarded from T?? *tax OBce. The AMivstD Watbb Bill ?We publish >w low. 1(>t the brnflt of mir rnden, an abstract of tbe bill amendatory of the "Act regulating the distributioa/'f tbe Potomac water throughout the city of Washington.'' approved June 2, IM9. in. troduced in the Board of Aldermen bv Mr. Fisher, chairman of tbe committee on drainage, sewerage, i and distribution of water, wblrh was portloliy r?-ad and amended Inst Monday night, nt?d trade the special order for next Monday night at 8 o'clock: The flrst section of Ihe bill provides for the spp?'i fitment of a ' Water Board," to consist of four members, who are to serve without salary, snd remain In rfflce until others are appointed to supetaede them. Any tbrre members or this board are to be a quorum for tbe transaction of bns;n*ss, nnd the Mnvor Is to be president thersof. The l>r-arJ sre to have sutboritr to make all neressarv rule* fcud regulation* for the government of the water department, and for enforcing all penalties for violation* of law esaeerning the distribution ?f the Potomac water The second section provides that the Water Board shall annually report to the Councils, throwgh the Mayor, concerning the condition of the whole water deparUnent; particularly a complete and detailed account of all receipts and expenditures. Th* third section enacts that annually the .Mayor tasil appoint some suitable and competent person a* Water Registrar, who shall, before entering his nttm. ?w?i?e a bond to the Corporation, with appeared securities, in the sum of #10.000, for the /altif'-.i conduct of his office. It al*o provides that said Registrar shall not, while in his office, *?e directly or indirectly engaged 1b any other ?mplf*rmert lr> this city, snd gives him s salary ?<f ?2,fi00 annually. ^ertlon fourth enacts that said Registrar, under tha direction of the water board, shall assess the vr tW rates according to the tariff established by ordinance cf the Corporation; mafce out and d? liver bills for the use of the water, and visit pet*o:??Uv or by deputy at least twioe each year the j.r-tu' ten pi rwnj iiru.tiuum supput-a icerewuo; cxrrrlse a constant supervision owr tbe uic of the witfr, and attend to fbe enforcement of all tbe requirement* of the water ordinance of the Corporation. , The fifth irctloi provides that tbe Water Registrar shall, on the tint of each month, make a imomary statement of tbe transactions of tbe water d'parUnent during the preceding month to the water board, for traminiuiun u> the Councils, ?nd annually present to tbe water board, for like transmission, a detaMed teport, showing tbe whole number of frct.a'ze, and location of watefmains laid during the year; of all valves wished; all corporation stops la trod ad. and of ail fire pl'ijjs erected, kr . Ac.; tbe receipts and expenditures of tbe water department; and all other info:untiou be may deem Important. Section sixth provides that among other duties the Water Registrar ahall keep suitable books and maps in bis office, in which he shall enter all the transactions of tbe water department; the names of all who take tbe water; the description of tbe mmaing. ana lis location; the purposes ror which the water ii used; the exact location and size of ?U the main water pipes, valves, outlets or branches. Are pings, service pipes, and Corporation stops ordered to be Inserted: the amounts received fom each, and from whom; together with such other entries as maybe necessary to a full understanding of all the details of the water <lermrtment Hts books are always to be open for Inspection, end he is directed to arrange, file and ' ' Mr keep all the papers nf the department; audit, examine, and certify if correct, all claims growing out of the distribution of the water; and no bill against the department shall be paid, unlrss contracted for under the written order of the Water Registrar, snd certified to be correct by that officer It also directs that he shsll deposit In bnnk sll money received by him on cccount of the water fond,weekly or oftener, and furnish the ity Register with certificates of all moneys deposited by him. He Is to keep his office In the City Hall, and remain in it from 9 a. in to 4 p. m every day except Sundays The seventh section enacts that the finance committee of the Board of Aldermen, and the ways ind means committer of the Board of Common Council, shall act as a joint committee, snd once In every six months examine the books and accounts of the Water Registrar, and all matters pertaining to the fiscal operations of the water department, and report such examinations to their respective Boards The eighth section provides for the appointment of a Water Purveyor by the Mayor, to be confirmed by the Hoard of AM-naen. who must be a citizen of Washington, snd not engaged in any other business here or elsewhere durirg bis continuance in office Before entering upon the discharge of his duties be is required to give bond la ftt.000 for the futhful performance of bis duties. His salary is fixed st 91.500 annually. The ninth section charge* the Water Purveyor, under the direction of the Water Hoard, wtib the responsibility of ail snpplhs belonging to the pi( e yard or water department, the superlntendrn'c of the laving of ail water mains, the erection of all fire-plugs, the tapping, upon a written order frouilbe Water Registrar, of all water mains, and insertion sf Corporation stops therein; the re tilling of all trenches rat for service pi pws. and repaying <i?K the sni'; the shotting off the supply of water in p*se of leakage or w*s(e, or upon the ron-payraent of water rates due, and sll other duties per' Uning to h'.s office. Be is to keep bis office in tha City Hail, and attend there daily from 9 a. m. to 4 p nri , wheti not necessarily engaged in bis out-door duties. The tenth section directs that he shall make a snmaiay n.ontLly statement of all bis operations to U?e Water Hoard, aud annually a complete Inventory of all ma las and supplies oa hand, and such other information as may be necessary or important Section eleven makes It the duty of the committee on drainage in each branch of the City Council to act ss a joint committee. &cd at least once in ix month* examine carefully all operations conne:w?with the d iatr'.biition of the water thrcn^hout the city of Washington in their extent and detail; the condltiou of all stop-valves and fireplugs, trenches and excavations, In which mains or service pi pen have been laid, the quantity of main? aad other supplies received by the water department from the contractors for famishing the same, the quantity used In the distribution of the water, and an inventory of all remainiug on hand, and 'eport the result of luch examinations to their respective Boards. I he twelfth section directs that all mosey paid into the treasury on account of the water department shall be placed to the credit of the water fund, to which It shall be exclusively and Inviolably set apart, and shall not be used for asy purpose other than to distribute the water throughout th? city, and to pay the salaries of the olticers of sild department. The section also provides that no moneys belonging to the water fund shall be paid out of the treasury except upon specific appropriations, and thcu only by w?rrauts drawn oa tie deposit bsnk, signed by the Mayor and countersigned by the City Register. The thirteenth section enacts that the Water K?gts*rar shall, immediately aflez,the passage of this act, and annually thereafter, adverttae for a p-ru-d of from Ten to twenty daws, ta at I- ast two daily newspapers published in tnacity cf Washington, Inviting sealed proposals, in duplicate, to be transmitted as usual in such cuss to the two boards of the City Councils, for furnishing of ail water mains, etc required In distributing the water, aad, also, for trenching, laying of maiiMk ias^rtinjj valves, erecting fire-plug's, etc .and tilling up una mnimtng the dltehe* or excavation*; ?n'd iMOtlag a lime when aorta aealed propoaab WU1 I* opeucd is jolo* meeting of the two ttaarda of tbe City Councila. Tbe fourteenth aection provides that every per on who ataall be awarded any coutrart for Um supply of materials or the performance of labor rfbiu give peoal bond with approved securities for tbo faithful fulfilment of kit contract. Section ttfleenth directs that no member of tbe Water Hoard, tbe City Count tia, or odlcer. agent or employe* of tbe Corporation shall be personally or pecuniarily Intereeted, dlreetiy or Indirectly. U may contract, Uargaiu, *^r*emeat. or award fn rent, on to tbe distribution of tbe water wherein tbe Corporation la at all Intereeted: and all rontraita, bargains, or awarda made in violation of ?he^>fov'.iloo? of thla aection ere declared to be Section alitrea makea it tbe duty of tbe Wator Purveyor to tane* all proved maina to be seoarely laid, wltU ILe upper surfhee forty-eight '.arte* brb#w Um aaUbaitard grades. witb approved alo* wafca-a - j?? _ - < - -- - ? ^wiTi uiiiaa?n in an lut'fl ivenueff atreeta. and alley* as may be doai^nated by the water board. Section * ten Urn pr^Tldr* for the p*;a?a>*t the witar teat to the Water Reglitrat, tumeXbm with rtU charge* lor ?pec lie (uppllc*, aad fliea tb? rate ft?r tapping aad iaaeillag each atop at three dcllara, ex< ect when the aupply la for the dm of the United statu Tne eighteenth section dlrecta the Water Rrwlatrar, througu the Water Purveyor, to cut off lb* w-iter from atl takrra who da not pay the annual f?rot within thirty daya after it ahall Aill due. Section nineteen prortdea for a '-anbacrlpllon h*ah" to be kept la tte &%lstr*r'a odtce, la wtrioh ail taker* of the water ara to write their i - !>? ? give the location of their pmnlaea, and the par |"?*e for which the 1* to be uaad. etc Sh 11 < n twenty provides that after the reqirtr*nauta of the forego)** aertton are compiled with, LUf Wifrr I'urvavor, uadrr the direction of the **lVhtar K ev vatr.akal 1 too tha lualn iW l"?Hlk? . totLXKali-i Slop Tmm"Miction *l?o preacribn \hr niAiiurr in which the mteiordkiufctf curt afa*il be ipwit, and the wort or tappihl twt laHrtla^ tfca Om^mMob Mop executed. A lao previdee that erery tenement or dwelling ball Un its ivn independent service pipe from tbe main, so tbat but ow tenement or dwelling hall fprrtve Its sopplr throufb o?e ?ervtce: Prect'/id, Tbat in caart where two or more adjoining tenements ara owned by the same person, or per oik. vhowlll boroine responsible to toe Corporation by contract written on the subscription booki is the Water Registry's nfflee, for the payment 01 the water rent In eeeh and *1! of aald tenements, It may be lawful to supply the same through one or mora service pip**, as the water board may agree with the said owner or owners. Section twenty-one prescribe* retu'ations which are to be a part of the contract with every person who takes the water, and which every such person is to be bennd bv. The first regulation require* water-taken to keep their service pipes in good condition, and protected from frost, at their own expense 3d. All applications for water must contain a true statement of the pnrpoaeo for which 11 ia required. 3d The lioae must not be used ill tbe avenues or streets to wash off carriages or for watering or washing horses. Cape upon the pavement or street washers must, when the wasben are not i n use, be kept screwed securely down, and not project more than three-fourths of an iacb above the f<M>t pavement 4th No private hydrant will be permitted on the sidewalk or In the front area, or in any other place where the water will l>e cast on the sidewalk of any atreet or avenue in Ute city. Tb? Corporation reaerves the right, whea iMMiry, to cause the flow of water to be diacontinned for all other than domestic usea Tha sixth regulation prescribes tha manner in which all waste water must be conveyed away. Section twenty-two fixes the annual rents as follows :?On nil tenements two stories high, having a frwnt width of sixteen fe?l snd under, the sum of tbraa dollars, and for each additional front foot twenty-five cents, and for each additional story one dollar per itorvSection twenty-third fixes the extra and mlscellsneous water rente aa follow*. Bakeries? For the average daily use of Hour, for each barrel 91 per annum In nil public bathing establishments and barber shops. 93 per annum each. In fountaina?For the first jet of \ of an Inch, S3; for each additional jet of \ of an incli, 91; for the first Jet of \ of an Inch. 95; for >.*?ch additional jet of X ?f an Inch, j*J, and so on in like ratio: but no fountain or jet shall be permitted on 1 any premises where the water is not taken for other purposes, and to an extent sufficient fcr these purposes. For horses (private) Including water for washing carrl&gea, etc ?For each horse. 91. LIv#rv ltshl?s I nilinM 0? ?*?u' 1 ~ ??a?ci iur w ctsuiug carna KM?For eaeh stall 25 cent* Horaea, omnibasea, carta, draya, or other vehiclea?For each horae 5jjt recta Hoteia. and board ntr-hauaea, in addilioftr to tbe uaual water ratea. 50 centa extra for each b'droom for boxrdera or lockgera witbin tbe an me. i Stationary ateam engine*?For each bora* power, 9*2 5U per annum. Locomotire englnea making not more than two tripa per day, f 101), each per annum; if more than two tripa per day, In the aame proportion. For atreet waahera alone, where no water ia taken In the prennaea, S3 annually. Reatauranta, eatiag-hnuae*, club-bouaea, confectioneries, taverna, ordinaries, prsTlaion abopa or atores. market and iiih atalla, refresbmeut and oyater aaloona, from 95 to S30 per annum, to be tixed by the waW board storea, alio pa,' warehouaes, offices, billiard aaloona, barber abopa, and apothecary atorea. from S3 to 815 C annum, to be fixed by tbe Reglatrar. Mann' turing noua.a requiring large suppliee, at tne mw ui i ceni per IUU gallon* on the dally average estimated quantity daring the year of 365 days. For all other purposes not a bore specified, the rate it to be fixed by the water board. flection twenty-fourth authorise* the Mayor to grant permission to persona who will comply with the conditions of this and all other acta in relation to tiie distribution of the water, to us? the waUr from all such plug hydrants at may b? obsignated bv the Water Registrar for the purpone of sprinkling any of the avenue*, streets, or alleys in this city, free of charge. Section twenty-fifth prescribes the kind of sprinkler to be used under the authority provided In the foregoing section Section twenty-sixth authorises the Mayor to revoke all orders for sprinkling the streets to all persons who shall violate the provisions of any ordinance of thla Corporation in relation thereto. Section twenty-seventh directs the Water Purveyor to Institute immediate repairs whenever anv or tbe mains shall b* found to be defective or lea icy, and in esse of leakage from .any service pipe*, tbe Water Pnrveyc* 1? directed to cause the owner or agent of the premise* aupplled by auch service to be notified In writing or the fact, without delay, and to require said owner or agent to repair tbe same; and in bia refusal to do so, be is declared liable to a fine of not l?ss than Ave dollars nor more than ten dollars for each day after tbe service of sncb notice upon bim, tbat the said repairs are not made. Section twenty-eighth enacts that no person shall Up any water mains, or open cny foot pavement, street, avenue or alley, for tbe purpose of - latroducing water into any premises. without tbe written permission of the W ater Keeistrar. under a penalty of from thirty dollars to fifty dollars for each offense Section twenty-nine provides against all interference with or opening of anv tire-plug under tbe control of tbe city, except in raae of actual ? u.v, vi auj tuirr jrori1 any valve box or top-cork box, or turn off the supply of water by means of said valve on tbe main, or atop-rock on tbe service pipe, without authority from tbe Water Purveyor, by imposing a tine of from ten to tifly dollars for each vffeus. S*ection thirty provides against any obstruction of acceaa to any valve or Ktop-cock, by placing any stone, brick, lumber, dirt, or other material thereon. under a penalty of not leas than ten nor more than twenty dollars for each offense, and likewise a penalty of not leu than live nor more than thirty dollars for every day said access shall be obstructed, after due notice from the Water Purveyor to remove the same. Section thlrty-llrat provides against the permission of waste or overflow, except in case of Are. by water takers; also against leakage and refusal by Uie taker to cause nectssary repairs; or refusal i ' _ -a ^ ?? - * * hj kumi c? mi premise by any water taker any officer of tLe Water Department In tbe discharge of tbe duties of liis office. under a penally of not lew than five nor more than thirty dollar* for each offense. 3?. tion thirty-second provides against tbe willful breakage or Injury or defacement of any part or portion of tbe water-works, under a penalty of not lea* tban forty nor more than fifty dollar* for each offense Section thirty-third require* the Water Registrar to tec that all who are using tbe water, alvn the subscription book in bis office, and pay in advsnce tbe water rate herein designated, and In case ol non-compliance such persoif shall be liable to a fine of not leas than ten nor more than forty dollira m?p d*v for e?*rv " _ , _ _ , ?-. ? -uvw av<i-vvuipli?ncc bull exist after due notification In writing. Section tliirtv-four provides that no p?rsofi ahall tap any main or service pipe, or lay any pipes for tbe conveyance of tbe water of the Potomac Aqueduct, except such persona as shall have previously received from tbe Water Board license as 4,Potoinac water plumbers," and all such licensed plumbers sre required to report each month to the Water Registrar concerning their transactions of tbe preceding month; and all persons who offend against tbe provisions of this section are declsred liable to a fine of not less than $1U nor more than 950, and upon a repetitisn of tbe offence are liable to forfeiture of their license Section thirty-five provides that sll floes Imposed for violations rf this and all future ordinances In relation to the water, shall be prosecuted and recovered in the same manner as other I'm-* collected by this Corporation; and when paid skall be placed to the credit of the general Section thirty-?ix makes it the duty of tbe police to report to the Water Keg)strar all leaks or break* in the water mains or other portion* of the water work*, and aaaiat in opening and closing of Ore-plug hydrant* In cams of Ire*, etc , as also all violation* of thia and ether water ordinance*. Section t'blrtY-Kven authorise* tbe Mayer. In the prosecution of tbe water-work*, to borrow *ucb smn* of money aa mar be necessary en bond* or certificate* of stock of this Corporation, bearing legal Interest payable quarterly, and redeemable at the pleasure of this Corporation within a period of leu years from the date of the laaue thereof: Provided That fthall nnt Imu* tn of over one hundred and tifty thousand dollars: 4ltd prmdtd furtktr, That the Mayor shall advertise daily for one week in two newspapers published in this city for proposals for the sale of the hoods or stock that he may require, and that the same shall be awarded to the highest bidder therefor, provided that bo bonds or stock shall be Issued at lass than Its par value. Section thirty-elf ht enacts that the stock certificates or bonds that may be Issued under this act shall be designated and known as water stock, and shall be signed by the Mayor, countersigned by the Register, and sealed with the seal of this Corporation, and shall be transferable on the books of tMe Corporation In the sane way snd under the same regulations as is now transferable the mwcs oi vue city now outstanding The thirty-muth section contains the repealing At it A?aim.?The '-auake show," which ww M anfortMate ai to jrt iau> the hand* of the lull! A by distrain, and waa cold to aatlafy judgment* ag*i n?t the proprletora a few daya ago, baa tihan re-ootabliahaa and reopened at the Northern \farket. Prof. Brook*, tha original "moo what avuvMwathe anakes," Living left the concern, a new band has been employed to perform that feat. While in the act of (wallowing a rattle Mka jr, me repuie im blm In the tbroat, and nave him ioar uueasiueas; but the prompt daitatotariag of antidote* enabled him to go on frith ibe eihibition la a abort white. Yesterday the ToMdf altl/ator jot out at bta cage, and puav>o ucar the cage of the wild eat, that animal tuuoed hi* claws Into bla back and dragged him into bis cage, aud speedily eadad bla enst ence^ Tbe aboVwlU b? a fortunate one, IfHl outlive* Ha misfortunes - * A i . I r. H A Tm D:srov**v of the Remains of Sir Jobr t rankliu ; the little brtg Advanc-ln Wirrtw <4u!?rter4, tiie Atiror*; the 4 Kat Glacier of Uuoal boldt; tlie gorteous spec tide of the Crystal lc? I ftt.h oda*tt>??s?ilicit** OH tw*FITO*T ; or Vi*m, arb a Pla* for Imitatikc iiui . Animals o* th1 W me.?The lecturer cooamea<*d by rehearsing Uie following lines from Dr. Darwin'* Botanical Garden, or the Lovea ef the Flowrrii " Soon *ball thy arm, unronqnered ?t*an?, af?r r Drag the liow barand the rap*d ran Or on wide, waring wing*expanded bear The flying chariot through the fleldi of air: Fair crews, triumphant, leaning ftoin above, ] Shall wave their fluttering 'kerchiefs aa they move; And warrior bands affright the gaping crowd, Andarmiaaahrlak beneath the shadowy cloud:" He then proceeded to paraphrase a portion of ; tbeae llnea, showing that they contained a beau- | tiful prophecy. First, In regard to the "alow barge," which evidently meant the application of at'-sm to the propulaton of steam boats; secondly, that the allusion to the "rapid car" referred to the use of the same power in driving the railroad locomotive; and mtly, that the same or a similar motor would give motion to the -'flying chariot through the fields of air." Dwelling for a moment on tb? literal fulfilment of the two first predictions, aa exhibited la the ateamahip and railroad locomotion, the lecturer remarked that it only remained to verify the last part of this remarkable prophecy in practical aerial loco mo non oy man, giving U aa bis firm belief that this could be accomplished by meana of wings, and only by that meana He next gave a brief description of his invention for that purpose, showing the three leading features of hisblan, founded upon his new theory of tbe flight of birds?all of which were shown to approach very closely to tbe general conditions of nature?and thatsucn approximation, In auch an undertaking, was a desideratum Proceeding la this manner, the lecturer then went into an explanation of his theory of tbe flight of birds, requesting his audience to bear in mind tbat what he should say upon this subject, respecting tbe laws and process of flight proper, was or would be true of his project for Imitating those animals on the wing. And afttr making a brief statement of tbe leading features of the subsisting or populsr theory of the flight of birds, and druvin? its truth, and the correctness of the mode of investigating this subject heretofore, be laid down the following proposition! as the basis f bis theory and arguments, viz: First. That the Influence of gravitation is the primary and efficient cause of the progression of birds on the wing. Second. That the wings in flight are exerted vertically, the chief effect of which It to raise and sustain the animal In the air. Third. That the velocity attained in flight proper is Incidental, and that it equalises the power exerted In Imparting motion to the wings In proportion to tbe weight carried with that employed by all other animals In ttieir respective mod is of loromotton on tbe earth and In the water. The several propositions were argued at considerable length, In tbe order of their statement, the lecturer very forcibly showing their truth and logical dependence, by a constant reference to the flight of birds, as exhibited In their motions around us in the air, by a large diagram, containing a variety of those animals on tbe wing, and also bv a spread eagle, kindly loaned him by the officers oI the Smithsonian Institution. The entertainment was rertalnly a great norelty in Washington, as it would be in any part of this country or me worm; ana 11 may be juitly regarded, we think, as the beginning of a new era in the investigation of the nitherto perplexing subject of aerial locomotion by man. X f Washisoto* Thi4T? ?Mr. Jefferson la a 'comedian from crown to ?ole? y??, hia very boots are endowed with the comic genius; ?s, for instance, the eccentric style In which that drunken left leg of bli enters the room in the part of Simon Lullaby. What an effective fun-provoking feature, loo, la that indpendent left eyebrow: What a wonderful play of facial muscle he haa?how instantaneous the change from the expression of the most complacent self-satisfaction to the wo- i begone look of jealous discomposure or pallid fright! He la ski gtnent. In the higher or lower , range of his parts he Is quite unapproachable. Who can dance the 44grape-vine twist" with hlin? Who can sing with him, and help out a falling falsetto with a few whistled notes with such ludicrous effect' Who can combine the air and grace of the Italian Prince with the accent and cuteness of the " ginoolne Daowu Easter" so irresistibly? i .nnv.Au ? *?.- u?? ?' ? uwu^uauir, iiiurcu, was me oariCWJUC "LBOy of the Lions" last night. Jefferson was Immense as the mock prince, and the entire company rendered their respective parts with infinite spirit. To-night the theatre must be jammed,we take It, as Jefferson appears in a very celebrated part of his? that of Bod Acres in the comedy of the Rivals-and the public desire to see blm in It will be very great. The performance will conclude with the musical burlesque (which so took the house by storm last night) of the Lady of the Lions. V*bt ExciTiffo ?Yesterday afternoon, about 4 o'clock, there was a general rush of people from sbout the avenue fronts of Brown's and the National Hotels to Sixth street. It was said th?t a tight was on hand, und supposing It might be the opening of the "irrepressibleconflict," we started with the crowd to note the points We soon learned teat there was not mu<~h lighting It appeared that a vonnir man nmineH ftnmnt k??l ?n. nounced that he was "a Lincoln man" in the Natioual Hotel Another mm>*<l Hoofnagle said he wii "nobody's man;" hut did not seem disposed to allow Bryant to nnblisb Ills sentiments ao freely. The result wai that Bryant and Hoofnagle not luto a fl^ht. which wia ended with tbeir arrest bv I.leut. Mt Henry and a policeman, who took them before Juatlce Murphy, where they gave security for peace. No one was hurt much, but there was a '-heap" of nois*. Row at the Paur's Wharf ?A row occurred at the I'age's wharf yesterday afternoon, betweeu a party of Washiugtonians and Alexandrians. The quarrel was bepun early in the af'ernoon, at the Third Ward polls, and was quieted for the tim*. but renewed at the wharf in the evening It Is said the Alexandrians In both ras^s were the a/eresaors In the last melee a number rf pistol shot* were fir*d, whether of both parties or one, Is not definitely known. One person was hurt by the ball from a pistol in the hands of an Alexandrian. So it la reported ?Altx<i*Uria Sentinel, Sov. 7. Rksiqmxo to ubk loss?The poor German woman who was so mercilessly swindled by the bogus peddlers last week, and who came near a more serious injury by suspicion of larceny of the (:oods, having failed to discover the villains, baa made up her mind to let her go. and do the best slie can with the dry goods. She took the goods from the officers this morning, but vows a faithful lookout for the thieves, she says "Da pe sicd -a'>i aaiK. 1 can't aav nothtn, but ?.f der moniaUand dake der dable klois My coodncu.' Kt 1 ketch dern drill la. I know vot 1 do mlt cm 1 ahuat take him, and 1 tare him la vor beecea."' * ______ ______ Czktkk Mabkbt.?The market place thta meriting waa occupied aa thoroughly aa la uaual at thia aeaaon. The country dealera have returned to their atandaafter the election, and to-day offered 1 a very fair aupply of provlalona, the products of t? anva Mb'i'lau^ ?n<) II *? w? UI j iuiiu UIIU V II^IU! I uc litcuru dernier* were also numerous and well provided. The business appeared to be brisk, and price* about at contained in the last llit published In the Star Good feeling pervaded the market, and the political jokea, whicn were numerous, only served to keep everybody la good humor. Racixs.?Yesterday Ida Dean and Nelly Matthews, two young damsels, were arrested by policeman Rosa for racing on Fourteenth street, from Mas*acbusetts avenue to tbe Boundary, commotuy known as tbe 'National Race Course ' In their sport they caused a horse to runaway with a gentleman who was driving out, resuliiag In gentleosan's buggy being broken, and himself and horse injured Tbe defendant's were taken before Justice Donn. who ordered them to pay a tee and coats amounting to S6.27 each. Thk "Bckixmagk at Bmowns."?We are Informed by the friends of Mr. Gaines, whose name is mentioned in an account of tbe "Scrimmage at Browns," ?a Tuesday nigbt, that tbe only participation be bad in the affair was that be was trying to prevent difficulty, and in doing so received a blow, and In self-defense repelled tbe assault. This blow, received upon tbe lip from i loaded cane, was tbe extent of bis injuries, bowever. * Installation or OyvicKas.?The following gentlemen were Installed u officer* of Eagle Tent Ne. 12, I. O of H , oo Tuesday evening, in their Hall at the Navy Vara : S , Wm. R Speiden; F. C. R , Benjaailn Woodtleld; C . It , A. B. H. I?acy; D R , C. F. Crump; R. S., Joe S Tucker; P. John S. Slater: T., S A H McKim: L., John Lindsay; 1. G., Thomas Dennis; O. G., Donald McCatharan. Gavi Bail ?Tbia morning Joseph Creager, who was charged with participating in the riot at the republican wigwam on Tuesday night, i and Cor whom a warrant bad been lamed, went to the office of Justice Donu and gave bail for* further bearing this afternoon. It'.s whispered i that ttoe frieadaef the parties charged are trying to qsiet the matter without any further legal proceeding*. Cb*t*al. Gvavdbovsk Cases.?Frank King, 1 Frank Filbert, Thoa. Houston, for aafe keeping; Inaane. Wm. H. Boston, col , disorderly} 4is. ! m!ns*Kl. Patrick Downs, disorderly; fine and costs; 82.15 Bill Butler,col , fighting; do. S3 IS. lamM Phwm driink and dlsorderlv: da. S3 IS

tieorge Adams, col , fighting; do W IS. Henry Smith, drunk nod disorderly; do. 93.15. 1 it* ami Soldi km.?Last night,' three U. 8. sol. dim were taken to the Central Qnardt-houie far safe keeping until this morning. They are all insane, and on their way to the Asylum for treatment. They wet* registered by the aamea of i Frank King, Frank Tilhert, and Then Houaton f 'f i liiif , The O&riLOM of fte Frotrataat Asylwn of thia . cltv w-iU toe sreaant-to-morrow afternoon at Odd f Fellow*1 Hall to wKtns ? the unrolling of Wojf. sterberger's gmt "-trim- at AtctU Regiona. G# toy *11 means. .< Vj 4 ^ 9 ' Masosic.?At a regular meeting of Columbia R A Chapter No. 1.5, held itit night at Maaonlc Hail, corner of Ninth and D an . tbe following ?rera ww elected for the ei.a?iian year: Wan. M !*aiith. M E High Priest: G A Sehwarzman, I H Klini; J Fred Acker. E.scribe; Joelah lUs-x, Treasurer; J. F. I. McCleary, d?craury. % The Dihisi done to tbe track of the Alexandria and Washington railroad by the late bravv rains baa bean repaired and trains are again running mralar every honr Tbe whole road Is now In excellent order. Th* Cibccit CocmT adjourned oyer on Monday leaf to next Monday ,13th instant The caaa Involving tbe title to the Mayoralty of Washington was continued to the next term of tbe Court. Next week will be devoted to chancery business. Attention, all lovera of the Union?ladies especially? flr?t winter opening of the latest styl?* bonnets, bats, and flats, on Saturday, November 10, at Stevens' fancy store. 336 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. 3t The Pawxee Clcb give tbelr Ural grand cotillon party this evening, at Anacoetia Hall, Navy Yard. For partic ulars aee advertisement in another column. ^ Riadkr. have yon seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. 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Pennsylvania 27 New York. 3S Illinois U Connectlrot <1 Massachusetts 13 New Hampshire S Ohio S3 Rhode laland 4 Vermont 5 Indiana., 13 low* I Maine 8 Michigan Wisconsin 3 Minnesota 4 Total ; it* The Electoral College consists of 3U3 elex tors, of whom IS? la a majority Tbe republicans bare already 1? votes more than (bat majority Fok Bnt. Kentucky IS Tennessee (probably) 12 New Jersey (fusion) 3 M Foe Bkeckixkimb. Nortb Carolina 10 ?outh Carolina. 8 Delaware 3 J Louisiana 6 * iic v? (lUiion J. 51 Georgia 10 The following State* may be added aa certain for Breckinridge, though return* have not bean received from tbem: Alabama t Miaalaalppl 7 Florida 3 Arkanaaa 4 Texaa. 3 ?S Foa Dovqlai. Mlaaourl (probably) 9 New Jeraey (fusion) 3 M Donrm. Virginia 1* Maryland 8 THE NEXT CONGRESS. The result of the election for Congressmen bu been lost light of In the greater Interest of the Presidential canvass. These elections, however, are Important, Inasmuch as they have decided the political aspect of the next Congress against the republicans. In fifteen Northern States that have already elected, they hsve lost three members In the Northern States vet to elect, they can scarcely make sny gains Giving to the States yet to elert the same political distribution ss In (he present Congress, the House of Representatives will stand as follows: Rep. Opp. Total 100 1* 100 Opposition majority In tbe House.... 19 Thi Sksats. Total number of Senators 59 Already elected?Republicans . .21 Opposition 30 6 To be elected?Republicans 5 Opposition 7 2 ?y. VIRGINIA. The Alexandria Gasrtte of this morning says : "A dispatch from Richmond, dated at 10 o'clock last night, says tbat Bell's gain in the State on Gozgtn's vote IsS.COO, exclusive of Rockingham and Shenandoah, which show a gain for Bell of between 1,500 and l,t)UU Letcher's majority In the State was 5,329 This would place Bell about l,?l)0 ahead In tbe ?tate as ffcr as heard from " Our figuring however does not enable us to arrlve at tue Gazette's result; as. except in Rocking bam and in the few clues and towns of the State where there is a considerable Irish vote. Breckinridge gains slso so far as the several countlrs have been heard from. We proceed to give the gains and losses In Virginia as far as heard from, rejecting those that are iragmenuu-y. i compariaoa is wua ine voic in the gubernatorial contest between Letcher and Goggtn. Bell gain*. | Breckinridge gain* Augusta 1,356 Culpeper 32 Richmond 735 PorUmouth '23 Petersburg *39 Charlottesville.... 15 Norfolk 230 Marlon 71 Alexandria 191 Accomac 243 Berkeley ?K) Northampton 29 Stafford ITfci Barbour 196 Lynchburg Ill Fauquier ftu Fredericksburg.... 120 King George 49 Manchester lGf Northumberland . 40 Taylor 71 (Greene 39 Lewi* 9l?! Washington 470 Monongahela 3141 Southampton 7 l/uuu 1 lIUl m Rockingham 2,li02 Fairfax 33 Prince William... 3 Clarke 72 Jffferson 541 Augusta .2,3.50 Cbeiterfleld 19t| Hanover 12( Shmnndoah ....... 400 Elizabeth City.... 3u| Many of the return* on which the above statement la made up are evidently mere reports, and In their correction it will be remembered the riemocrata invariably gain heavily. All the cities and other points where Douglas was expected to poll a considerable vote, have been heard from The Impression at Richmond, laat night, aaot^ the Breckinridge leaders there, was itiat full returns from the whole State will give It to Breckinridge by a small plurality. MARYLAND. The following la the result In the counties la Maryland, as far as heard from, with reported votes: Bell. Breckinridge. Frederick 571 roaj. ? Allegany 539 * ? Baltimore city ? 4 131 Washington 00 ?* ' ? Harford 400 " ? Howard 300 4* ? Carroll 500 " ? Baltimore 50 ? _ Cecil 8r5 " ? Prince'Georxe'a... ? 150 mat. Anne Arundel 24 " ? Caroline 150 " _ Kent 206 " ? Queen Anne's 37 " ? Talbot ? 106 mat. 1 Dorchester 40 44 ? Charles ? 270 maj 3,1M 2.750 2,75? Majority for Bell 43S The counties yet to hear from gave the follow ing inaioriuea: Purnell. Jarrett Somcrwt Him ? Worcester ? *0m Montgomery ? 136m St Mary's. ? 763m Calvert. ? son 222 1.152 *Cl Jsrrett's majority la thaw count!es. 990 Present majority for Bell 438 Bell baa still to overcome 49a Baltixosk, Nov 8 ?The latest returns from various couatles indicate that the State has givea its vote far Brecklnridge by a small msjorlty. NORTH CAROLINA. WtLMisoTox, Nov. ??The vote here stands Breckinridge 693; Ball 567. The county shows uniform gains for Breckinridge. m _ m -r*t 3. * ! n.11 r..i IVALKIGH, i>OT. D ?I DC TUMT UCIC ? DCU JVI, Brecklnrldge 190; Douglas 114. DupUn county shows Breckinridge gains, tsd < the btste has, in nil probability. gone (or htm. In seven precincts la New Haao?er couttr Breckinridge gs'ns 79. So far as heard from here Bell has In Wake county Mi; Breckinridge 214; Douglas 137. Tha sum precincts gave Pool, opp., lot Governor 4?. NEW YORK. Naw Yoax, Not. 7?Aa far as honrd from, the republicans have upwards of 30,000 majority in the Stits. The Congressional detegatisa of this Stats stands -opposition 9; republicans M. PENNSYLVANIA. The total vote of Philadelphia, including Um rural districts, was divided among tha several tickets votsd as follows: I 1.^.1. f\ 1.. n %_ i i J rt it Lj i utuiu uuhkm*! onx?inri?f? ECU. (atraicht ) ui Douglu 30,IM *,784 W.718 6,137 Lincoln'! majority 740; plurality 17,481. DELAWARE Waxuwrojr. Not 7.?The vote of Ula ftota glrr* Breckinridge 1,700 majority. Fiaher, tto People forty coodidat* for Congr?M, boa Ml majority. The KaopU'a LtgMliilvt tlckot to eloctoA #o Nowmatto eoaaty; the Brocklarkdfo ticket la Koat, aad la Baton county Um Mm BneklarldM oad Boll tlckot u CONNECTICUT. MAKHAOHl SETT3. BoaTA*, t -T*i? CftBirrM'.otial ?|* to the Flftb Dlrtrlft atanda-Applrton wblf ?* Union. 8 MS; Bortln*a??. r*NbHc*i, TIMi B)#pIow. Dougl?? drnr><v-r*tL?.3!? la tb? Ni*U DtSrlCt fcallev. republicans TtM.Thavar. Vm\m, 7.??0, Repnbllcaoa art elected In all tb? atbar diatricta by large maJorttl?a NRIV JERSEY. Cam dew . No*. 7 ?The P*i? ??* * ' tb?a St?V baa bftwan ttira* tad ( ? !>? majority. The !*uu> (female atande?mvbltcaa II, rrala 10. Tba Aarabl? aa far aa kaard froa> aUnda?dmnrrtla and I'alaa m?n 8 ?epoblicana '# Far Omcma Maaara Mmat4 Wirt, ton, repuhiicaaa. and Meaara tMcale, Cabb, aad Terry, d em or rata i.ormiANA . NtwOuum, Nov 7 ? Return* fro* miifaT the most important poiaii Indicate that the S?i?t? ha* gone for Breckinridge Vor* OF ^ItTRIlW CTTIM 9o far aa the return* bave bern rwrtfi4. tbo only aoutbem rltlee carried b? Brocklarldffe are Bait more a ad W 11m-ng ton. N.C Tbe followlog ia the Tote la thoae received Bell. Breck. Don k la* Lynchborg.Va 909 487 iw Richmond. Va DM ?M Alerandrla.Va #? 517 138 Peteraburg. Va *70 tU 913 Portsmouth. Va .... <? vt? Norfolk, Va ?M ?J4 a? Raleigh, N.C ?H !#? lit Wilmington, N . C.. 997 sm ? New Orleans 5215 Vt>45 M Louisville JftO 85? ?M3 Mobile *? Llaeota. 8t Louia 4.1W bITT oath (ariliaa fteceaaloa NaTcaaata. Colombia, Nov. 7 ?Joint resolutions wore adopted by the Initiator* yesterday, making the ipniil order for Tbnrsdsy tbr aawtiwi of th<call of a convention of the people of Ute Stalo, the re-organisation of the militia, and preparation for the defense of the (Mate Mr. Buist. in urging in the Hook the adoption of the resolutions. s*id thst action shonld ho prompt. Immediate, unqualified. effprtirr and dc cisive. in case of Lincoln's elect) oa. Last night Congressman Boyre spoke from the str ps of the Congaree Houae He urged secession In tbe case of Lincoln's eiection. snd waa followed by other prominent Booth Carolina Llarola'i Election la the Month Cbablistop. Not. 1.?The Mercury of this morning says tbst the new* of Lloeolat election wss received with long continued cheers foe n Southern Confederacv. At Aee*?oe sOs* nit:on wu expriao'd In different portion* of tbe South heard from, the people are In famr of colling Mil* Coo rent loo* to deliberate oo tbe course of policy It waa reported affcoluirib-a loot nlgbt that ttie Sooth Carolina Legislature willa?oe aeod a onnmlaawmr to the Georgia Legislature to oo?fer about prompt action. Partial Deatractiea *1 tbe jUUr Me?a la New York. New You, Nov. 8 ?The Aator Houeetook Ire thla moroiug, and before it was euppeeaeed the Brat and aecoud ?tor it* on tbe Veaay atroet aide were badly damaged Mucb injury *u don* to the furniture by tbe Ire and water Loot about too pn. The KIkUoi Ret arms for t allferata. Fobt Kuirit, Not. ?Tbe Pony Kxpraa* Tom pony bare decided to rtart aa extra pony fronD thla point for California, oo Wedoeodav, tbe Ttb, carrying tbe eiectloo and pri rate telegram*. It ta expected tbat tbta pony will make eery quick Um. Cectested fclectiea la feaaaylvaala Hamirit. Nor 7 ?The Gorarnor baa thla morning laaued a proclamation declaring Wm E. Lehman, democrat, duly elected to Coagreas from the lint district Prebable Ceareattoa la ftaatk Caraliaa. e ? ? 1 ? * ? South Carolina Legla'atare uri the Leelalature will certainly call a convention of the Mate lis mediately. liaina?n *lark?u BiLrmoii, Not S ?Flour active, bat lie lower ; larjre aale of City Mill* at 37: Howard at and Ohio S>3 SI). Whrnt Inn; red 1.3uafl 35; white *1 40a 1 66 Corn Irs. rel'ow (jfijOHc ; mixed 45i68^ ; white 7la?Sc. Krovialoaa aieady: rota pork *19 73; prime *14. Lard IS % a 18c Coffee quiet and steady at Italic WhUAy dull at SOfcaSle. A ALEXANDRIA EXPR?>8 NV On?d??iriac f tig ht?ouh or liltlo hatreia. baJea, boxaa, banwi^a. or. in^hct. an\ tign<, aafelj tranipoitod and delivered iietweea Waafclac ton. Georgetown and Aleiaadu*. ma? rrW implicit.r upon the Lipreaa \Va?ona of the andar agrwd, run rncmarlv every day betaet thoaa oitiea. Order* entered upon the aUtea of hia axpreaaat thenar O (ice, at Bacon's Grooery 9'ore, or at K. VV heeler'a Haul ware tttor* will ha prouiftIj attended to, and at verr m<?1? rat<- c T H. briLI.WEI.L, no S Iw (Lata Q?>??>ea'a Kir^w 1 T H A A At r 1 A it ASH. BLIND. iMK>R. AND MOULDING fcSTABLfRHMKNT. m.r . a?a a ? * " - (IU. (V* jithtii BTlin, Winn ( m-rr ||?rw N . 6 . COK NINO, frccinot to H. W. HAMILTON * CO. I take thii op porta nity of oaJlinc the attaation of CarpenWk ?n<l liu. dero to t:i<? iinmnu 'took of r*A8H. DOOR*. BLINDS, MOL'LDINUS. Ac, kc.. now io itorv and dmJlj rec*>vinc from the ma"Dfacto'y. Uha* bojoian'a ?r*u known fvit, hat tn? inaWiala ferni*h?<J from thi* ?? ?tl ?bm?ut ar* oeonfl t ? n o-. Oar ttnok w? warrant mai>ufactu'tKf from w<-1 ??ae?i'ifi! uir!>er. ai.J I by expMi^aocd w.^kmea \Yedoa>? he*iiaie ?? or tint we now have in ?tor* th? in >et c^ic.p>te took of the above mentioned a tioiee ev-r b f >. a ctf?red in thi* viotmty, to which w? reepeetLtl^r invite the attention of the publie. SAVK YOUR T1MB AND MONEY, by purcha?iac your Buildmc Materia * at the Old V rtat>Ii*hmeot, No. #6'2 He>enth ?t e#t, where ?oa will tet a food artio.e at a fa-r price. OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT it va'I itr.rltAfl Willi t fS,'n 1 itrl r ?, ,\f aJl Ik* ? > rioua " ?t> le*. aod Quckraasee. A imI lot of Premium Fancy Front Doore, wn?h are worthy the attention ol liioso about buidin*?hkriot drawn til* first premium at the Kenua?l vama State Fair, and manufactured at the Linpie Milla of Mtura. Totter k. Co. OUR SASH AND BUND DEPARTMENT laalao ooinplete with a I e\ie? aud ?tj.ea, to which weoall pvrtKular at tention Glaaed Saab ooaacanVlt ot. hand. 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