Newspaper of Evening Star, November 9, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 9, 1860 Page 1
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:'r'' ********* iMi rra vtaiii | .iwm?** rw r firming ?>tar. V-- XVI. WASHINGTON. P. C.. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 9. I860. N?. 2.412 nnnimw- " ?* may Ml kiatorj bring forth? Tbo isssiadswH of a reu-n?r*;e4 Km of HiMoarn at; Mt do honor at tb? tomb of BMBmmI tot a f?? Mt by tbe sida of aMnab. < It iiiati when tb? rot*) yonth oloaod hi tbd eotfj} around the )iUl4 |va tUt h* am buryiag the last kmp of dbM betweee aa and o?a groat brethren ia the WMt. Mat it be a, tod may no Aa?atan ifter timee tbiak of tha tomb of Washington aitboot remembering tbo friendly visitor Lw ho pUaiad the tree io wbooo grateful shadow it ropoeoe. May tbo act lire ia the memoriM U/h aatioaj groan a* tbo UtatW* ?ocord? it, faad ttrtbia* reoolieot that ia thii graooful rito I KSiassEsSfe tia?." ______________ tET' My bonrt la thine." as the cabbage said to the cook mald| 0 O kejjor tbo iMtOs will wm?e as the tjpt of a tremendous de^potiwn, when the sanctuary of liberty in which it no? hangs shall hare pasted way )ik* tale thai M told." I IXiwn * ruugb. broken and encumbered footpath. "ffka m abandoned cattle track." they took laur vay u the tomb, ?ith iu red brick w?B aad nurty raiiisga, crawled on every ami table pMh with name* of vulgar travelers M There fa a? paaap mt about the spot," I well remarks the obserser; L 11Over the bricks creep w|14 and tangled V aaaahe raads. rubbish aad mortar are Li tur?d i? fmnt, while aH around It It a dirty, thriftIc4* waste, Hke the remains of a shrubbery in which a Wilding oaoe stood. No plana ui* ?"cei te have ever tead^d this nagleetad ^rave.^Mid by to shield it from the Ofseerstions of idle pietefey. It I* here alec* in ta glory, nnoared for, aavMMd, HNMMM, Mtfr the night wind for itt only ooamf,' aching through the waste J tree*, aad Mhwm duedStewe leprae Me aahea befeve tta kat Pr??idMt. aad all the party aUod aoeovwrMIt ta eaey morafltfag ob tbtt tfor thare u aMaethiajg grandly auggeative ef bialerteuf retlitaiai is the reverential swe ef the great .muk'ucu jmiuw nerpsicoru, irt til revoren1 tial ly noticed I "fa on? corner i? a dirty heap of leather I ud eid Mi Whai do they here ' Uu not " this building fallen low enough but it nut be & storehouse for old lumber ' 'Lumber!' says our guide; 'I fcueM they're the General'* sad- I dle-Bage and bolsters.' And such, indeed, these mould v fragments turn oat to be; the old embroidered bolsters, full of holes, and shreda of rum; the saddle-bags, moth-eaten and falling to pieces, strewing the floor, a mere unsightly litter." The room in which the General died is not shown. The writer conjectured that it was so much decayed as to be unsafe for visitors. " Let the dnst settle agam," easUims he, "upon the rooms Is wbkn Washing ton lived a ud thought and worked for bis country. They echo with a bellow, feeble effort, a# if, sickening to their deeey, unwonted noise* petned t hem. Close the blinds, and let them wither iu 'ilenee This house will not cumber the earth for long. How true is that eternal moral, '-The evil that men do, lires after them; the good is oft interred with their hordes." The orable feeling, -that ever trod within the?? flitcre<l precincts cannot took around without emotion, cannot free his mind from a feeling of sorrow that this touching relio of one 01 earth's noblest dead should be now in such ft state and left to ?u<jh decay. Those who wish to see the interior of the house must search to the left, where, down in ft eellar, ft negro worn* a and her family almost lurk?ft slave herself. though the only cicerone to the deserted amnion of the tnftn who gar* freedom and independence to this continent. Oh, vanitaa vu/ut'iri/t n ' a dirty uegreas shows the home of Washington for cent*, and drops her mftud!in pity on its sad and forlorn neglect." The unrenerating neglect with which the few ruty mouldy relics of the Father of America are treated, is oensured with just and mournful indignation. The fossils which he gathered, the BastileKey, Lftfayotte's tilhouftt? and portrait, the Urge globe, and the oldf i- : J at 1 " ? ? * V Vi I'?n ?UU U*| !U?f Wi IUU1 ifaue VU lUOUBII of kepresentatives, a large and very low square chamber, with the Spaakar'a uat and tribuue facing the entrance, and a large semicircle of seats and desks (each with the neverabsent spittoon, of coarse.) ranged aroand the floor.3' The Hall of Representatives is described as >4a chamber like a disused show room, which has all the windows in the ceiling, and jet has no li^ht; which is large without being spacious, To* in bight without looking comfortable, covered with gilt and soarlet withoat being decorated, gaudj without effect, i coitlj jet mean and even dirtj in its appeara im?, with a uwdj vulgarity of splendor that r disgusts every man of taste, and with its enormities of gilt and paint snfficientlj darkling and obscure to fail to impress the muiei. Th-re is a kind of mixtnre of a grand California bar-room and a second-rate Paris cafe?an i air of a rather well-worn half-business plaoe of entertainment," Ac. Mount Vernon, in all its ^loomj forlornity, receives an ample description. ' The most I bigotsd stranger." says tne writer, with hon gar unrrjn a.* u) Hits expectorating accuracy 01 L Americans than the appearance of the marble I aroand these noisome receptacles. These spitr toooa are the first thing yon see on entering, and from this moment yon never lose right of thein as loug as yna remain in the building. No matter where you wauder?into the Senate chamber, the H><use of Representative*, the 3waiter's room, the gorgeous room of the Proaeat?the yawning, dirty nuisance haunts you everywhere. Yon tumble over them in quiet corners of rich frescoed halls; they flank the tribune and the Speaker's ?hair, like quaint supporters, and stand in hideoos rows ana seini| circles round the halls?recognized institution* of the plaoe; tho little altars on which overy one assert* his nausooua liberty of spitting, no mutter who is present or what theoocafcion. A long and, for the proportions of the building,a oia nouses, wmcn ougnt 10 d? immeaiaieiy palled down. " When 70a have Tinted the Capitol sad Mount Vernon, admired the Treasury, Patent, ud Poet Offices, called at the White House, tdfered under a bad hotel, and continually taken the Washington Monument for a light house, all of which, especially the two latter, you da easily in three days, you may quit tbe administrative capital of America with perfect ease of mind as to your haying seen as much uf the place as if yoa had lived there all your life." Tbe Capitol receives honorable and admiring mention :?" Its site is unusually fine, its proportions are masiive and noble, and its severe, rracd simplicity of architecture well becomes the administrative halls of a great republic so young and primitive as this " * Of eourse. like everything else, it is unfinished, and the writer adds his private opinion that it, and everything else, ever will be The wnrks'of art, however, failed to attract great admiration? especially the " poor, clumsy and badly executed figure of Columbus;" though the Indian group at the top of the main steps is pronounced very fine. The spittoons commanded an appreciative notice : k " Nothing more forcibly repudiates the vul oop.e*, oita c*it; in wt?m?"? two cskt*. 117 AorilTltlXMTI IMtld b? NBt to ite elot b?lor? 12 o'oiook m ; otherwue the? aaay nottff?r onUl Ute aeit day. j ENGLISH VIEW OF WASHINGTON AND SIOl'M VBRKON. The " special correspondent'' of th? London Times Met thia country as we cannot; it may help us to borrow bis spectacles He thinks tbat tbe favorable impression which the Prinee ? received in hia three days' visit to the natioaal l capital would bare been dirainiahed in a direct 1 ratio to hia longer stay. The " marble palaces B of the OoTernment'' among the "ahabby, little, dilapidated boose* seem liiejewelabadly set." Nothing is finished except these shabby, little, ! I ? ? i'i. ' '< ' ' I I ? THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED BVBRY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY'S EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR ICILDIIMM, Corner nf Pmn.rylvanim avtnus mud 1UA St., *T W. D. WALLiCH. P?r#rt eerred in pcetUM by oarrlera ftl 14 ? year, t SI Mata per month. To Mil aabMribcn the jriee u |3Jt i jtmr, hi mdvmiut; 12 for lis ruontbe; 91 for three no a the; ?nd for Leee thM ih ree m>tvth? at the rmte of IS oeota week. Bias)* 1 (MRKB^Sgadl : coli*. It would woaldbovoll for areb?ok>ci??i ssssssa^?: SSSH35, inrTb* tiufmmii timdaehf *aa*?* toea-, u?u*h a GhaUta*tij, *14 *rSStmtrm!IN UM e*1ra?<? U ; *w"ii iwiiwlM UlvMHloi ?f tte ptlac^a on t ; w*E5Z 1 117* F?mla? ts apprehended In Newfoundland 1b several of the ouUytng district!, la consequence of the alsiOTt Mai frllura of tb* tshor v and tbo [ potato crop. uiavio auwuoi icuiftiAftuio discovery. To*d^jj while he wm making researchae in the Stone I liMod, tigkt uilu south of this oitr, be, Id the presence of several gentlemen of thia city, \ dug up an oval-shaped atone -box, about eight i i acnes in length and four and a half tnehea wide, which contained a stone about |CTen inches long by four vide, and two iaches *** : unman flgare resembling a Jewish priest an costnme ^Bvery available part ef the iMmla covered with inscriptions. One end is rounded ! off. The ether has had a handle attached; or pltfee through which to paA a cord or tape , toaufpend it. the handle vas broken offta i rtjgiliit the bos. . The ebaraeten bear am. , eeasMaace to the Hebrew. It is eoeb(MM| jlhat other inscriptions upon It are in other lad- ' g?ages. Having had It in ny posseesiea bale Mm vtto a kind of eeaeut. Ifchtle lootriag ttt*bas?ltytr?eed the sbajMiMliimansions wniifh I encioee. la b**e. yours traly . Masselao sf tfaefloly Stone geveriaf to .u^e.r?T^? ' m , . uio mugui ui tiuut which must hare elapsed tinea the poison m MNtid in the ring in qxettion, it wm still poworful enough to OAas* great danger, as has been seen, to the gentlemaa who had so mmwarily4oweh?d it. Dativ^WS^Ack Aoai*.?No? long ago David Wyrich discqvored what he oailed the Holy Stone', near Newark, Ohio. An exchange is informed by a correspondent that Mr. Wyrich has mad* another discorory. Niwaik. 0., Not. I, I860.?Mr. Wjriek hw ma/i* ~ " and toon became so 111 that the people of tb? < shop hastened to gall in n physician. The doc- i tor immediately declared that the gentleman , had been poisoned by some powerful mineral l substance, applied/trong antidotes, and. wai . fortunnte enough to relieve the symptom* t which had created so much alarm. The ring < was then examined by the medical man, who < hnd ?pent some time in Venice, and who found < that tbiaold jewel was what is there called a "Death-ring," a olass of ornaments in frequent aw is Itajy during the seventeenth century, when the habit of poisoning was all but anivenal. Attached to the part of the ring intended to be worn inside the finger are two iainute liou's olawa, ?f the sharpest steel, and ' having olefts in then Ailed with a violent poison. In a ball ot other crowded assembly, the 1 wearer of this fatal ring, wishinc to exercise , rerenge on any one preseat, would take the victim's hand, and when pressing it. ever so gently, the sharp elaw would be sure to inflict 1 a slight scratch on the skin, and the victim ; would be oqaallT sare to be dead before the next moraine. ?" -* >ic Airw ana iwo monms leave of absence. Ran away with the girl. Bah ! don't look so stupid. I did the same before 70a, and it has not hurt me." The clerk fell on hia marrow-boDes, and was 1 upon the point of making a clear breast of it, wben the old man rose and left precipitantly, to avoid a scene. The young man considered and acted, and the consequence was that the next daj week there was no daughter at the 1 dinner table of the banker at the country 1 house. The house wm in consternation, and 1 the search made for her in all directions. A i note was. however, found on her dressing table, 1 conveying the customary prayer for forgiveness, and enclosed from the young clerk stating 1 that, believing the banker meant to give him ] a hint with regard to his daughter, aid was j not able to give his publio oonsent owing to i appearances, he had aotod on his own sogges- ] tion, and that ere "his father-in-law" had re- < ceived the letter he (the clerk) would be his 1 son-in-law. 1 As WoxncRrt-l a Thing as Tor Evkr i Heard or.?All visiters to Paris will have i noticed the shops of bric-a-brac, or objects of < curiosity and vertu, so numerous and tempt- < ing in tbat capital. At one of these establish- 1 ments, in the rue St. Ilonore, a gentleman was , engaged, a few days ago, in examining an an- j cient ring for sale there, when he accidentally ( gave himself a slight scratch in the hand with 1 a sharp part of it. lie continued talking with ] tho dealer for a short time, when he felt an 1 indescribable numbness and torpor taking pos- ? session of him and paralyzing all his faculties. 1 ?? ? ?uv uimivi : JUt O lU 1UTO." "In lore? bah! He is modesty and propriety itself." " I tell yon it U a fact, and with a rich old fellow's daughter, who would no more think of having him for a son-in-law than you would." " Oh, the haughty old fool! my clerk is as good as his daughter, and ba banged to him! Thank yon for the bint." As soon as banker number two had disappeared, the eierk was aalled in. u So, air you are in love, and pining away for the object of your affection?that s your secret, is it? Why did you not tell me before. sir 7" The youth was silent. " Well, my boy, I pity you; but I'll give you a bit of advice. If the daughter is fair, she's worth running a risk for. Look here; there Xliui a *? - Amaslam Litc Affair aad lliyeaut la Ltalta The London correspondent of tba New Orleans Delta relates the following :?A good sail is related of a wealthy banker here, who is very good-natured, bnt inclined to be a trifle fast in his views of life. He had a favorite clerk, a young man about 21, remarkably handsome, modest, and highly intellectual. For these qualities be was liked by every one, and the banker did not escape the general feeling of rood will. The banker, on Sunday afternoons, when no one was expected, woold occasionally aak the young man to visit his vonn* familvat tiia rait. urban Tills; as the conversation of the young man wan so correct and ao clever, it could not hut be of advantage to hia children This waa a mistake, evidently, hut it waa a good-natured error, and we can only wiah, an of ua, that there were more committed. I have not mentioned that there waa a beautiful daughter of 19; but that may always be understood. There were, of course, no attentions on the part of the young man, other than extremely delicate, reserved and proper. The youth, in spite of two or three days' invitations to the banker's seat, to breathe fresh air and clear hia lungs of London smoke, waa evidently very ill, and though he declared himself well and robust, the banker shook his bead. " I cannot make out what is the matter with my yoong clerk," said the banker to a confrere, who was in his back office with him, after the youth had just brought in some papers. " Well, you are rather green, I should say, for a man of your time of life and experience," said banker number two. " Don't you know hll'l U_?_ 1- 1 ?? sassswsi yrwww#>?! ?! ?and ?d; ?#-, WW"* c*? tto ^|>uapt'>f Tm5mTO?|7 oe t?-tr f?a?. otw Bank ofWa?hip*u>n. NHEW PIANOS, m low ma ?175 and **. It JOHN P. KLLIS**, 30? P*. ?r., between 9th Mtd loth ata. no I Ml Btte.OMMt. .WOOLt ?r? fcefj l?J WjjhinVton, ^ 2i?SSBSf?w ^ &.* %<*prk ? ** V. IOTHIJNQHAUS. . pwjwMr???-". ? ~1Vflf *borf mrara for Ihf arrMfand oonviotion of the p?r**n ?r p?-?ont -who fired the jjggpg3??**? ? " j V.rl tfAAC M?H DUMOfttRlTiitiilmllrn ?? .?i wi.^. ~e Planner aave I any branch of my establishment la My part of U>? city. No oyaters are ?ent by me to fanilioe exoept on order* reoeired ftt my oniy aSl 0 pURB OLD K^K^Wm^KV FOR MEDI Pric* tl??r iiMm t to tmiui pt bottlt, 'Tlie raat horn* and foroiga demaad we have for tfci? article auSoiently atteata ita purity and excellence. Moreover it may be mentioned la tbia ooaoexioa that many invalids of dfenettte or can i Ration, aaablatoaeewhlaky of other br&nda, have found Um abor* moat eAeaoioaa and happy ia ita ?<Teota dgK *"7? " Dealer ia fin? Wuiaa aad Liaaora. 6 Pamily 6rooeriea.4o.,<>py. Center Market,.', oo 87-eoaot between 7th and 8th *tre*ts. /^1BB8"W1Q. BRAID AND CURL MANU~aX F ACTOR YVW*Pann. arena*, near theoor a* atf TWrtaeata ttreet.?A vary apmplate Asaortwalw Brafda, Onrla. Pli?Un, Wadia^t, * :, BO* aa fcat&aiao, made to aider at tim afcortort notloe Hair w ori repaired or taken ia ?nla?if? osssa qpRIM^I^,BUTil^TASSl^i . The bMt aaaartiaaot af TRTMMfNGS,JIUTTONjk. TA??Rt>?s *.e. Ataa. YAKUT Bfrt niv iowck cnun prices. New atytea Gento DRKS9 HAT*, - ? ^ 4o soit hats?nd eai'9, mmm Mium' iOCKKY UAT8, Trimmed R 8! FURS!! For ladiea and children, my assortment ? now larger than erer. FUR TRIMMING8 36 to 86 wnti per yard. B. H. aTl N KMK I'Z. 336 P*. ? .. no t near oomer Thirteenth a'reeC A CARD ?Hairing keen informed by aererat re ayeatable vtiaena that orater haw / S kera, selling from buckets on tli?lK %H f mjJ atreeta* hare represented themselves u^Jkigf sfllirU fur mexand that not a few per on(i hare in this way had imposed upon them ltrpure oynters, aud complaint havine be*n mado to me to this effect, I hart* to say that t hare no nawkera selling for me from buckets and do nnt allow the buainess to be oarried on from my establishment aa I do not deal in oysters of that cl%*?. ~ uuuul, nnu a H1ID Ut IIUUUCD TOC K >Q the bottom, for the meat to rest on. over tbe rater. When the water boils, place tbe meat lpon the rack, and put on the corer of the toiler, with a cloth over it, to keep in tho iteam. The heat of the steam will rise above he boiling point, and penetrate the meat, and >ook it more quickly and better than could be lone bj boiling it in water. Kindling and stove wood Manufactured a-'y length, and delivered to any pirtof the city at the ahortest notioe, and at the !owe*t ?<>aaibl? rates, by SHERIFF 4t DAWSON. Offiee *<>nth aide Pa. avenue, between 3d and L)6 ?ta.; wharf and mill west tide 4), street and UtanaL no 11m tp why is it? I HAT BTINEME1Z, THE HATTER, 18 khraya haey and not heard croaking kboot dull timca Ueoius" he aeila tfe beat arUclea umug ivr uuo uuiiurou pounas oi oeet BT6 pounds of salt, one-quarter ounce of saltpetre, ind a pound of brown sugar. This is dissolved in just enough water to cover the meat, and poured upon it. When it has been in this brine two weeks, I take out the meat, let it drain, pour a fresh brine over it, and then it will be good, the season through, The cook who uses corned beef should not be to ignorant or so indolent as to dela^ putting t over the fire until an boor before dinner A jood siied piece requires three or four hours' iteady boiling to do it Justice. Insufficient soiling must be made up for bj extra chewing, ilwaja have the water boiling when the meat s dropped in ; otherwise the sweetness will be irawn out into the water. A boiling heat hardens the outer surface at once, and thus keeps in the juices which give richness, and ?rhich contain most of the nourishment. An sxcellent wav of cooking corned beef is, to >iar? ltv/*a Via?1a? ? ?- ?? ? ? 1 * ? awav) u? iwavu so UiUCU li&O Q SpTSHQ 6&^I6 as was possible for him. when be exclaimed with the eloquence of a Tom Stevenson, "Deacon Samuel Jones, let me tell jou, sir, that if you are so demented as to elect a Pastor of this ancient parish who toes in when h? walks, I? I?I for one, sir, will abandon the whole Christian religion." About Corkcd Bkek.?Corned beef, properly salted, and cooked as it should be. is a dish fit for the sovereign people; but to eat salt junk, such as too often exercises the muscles of the jaws, is a penance even for a malefactor. Most of the beef put up for winter use, is spoiled by the use of too much sal^, which destroys the flavor, and makes the meat stringy and tough. When beef is fresh, it contains considerable blood, which is drawn not by the brine. If the meat is left in this mixture, it will require a much larger quantity of salt to preserve it, particularly through warm weather. plan is to make a brine by iseaoon Jones rose to go. He ?iw the Squire's back *m up, and it wag folly to argue with him. But tne Deacon was a true Christian, and did not wish to go without leaving a more agreeable impression on the Squire's mind, so be said in the mildest manner possible, "Squire Skinner, I hope you will attend the meeting tomorrow night and hear what oar people have to say on the subject. Possibly you may change your Tiews. Your opinions are entitled to much consideration. But I am bound in all fairness to say Mr. Stebbins is so popular with the people that I think there will be a very large majority in his faror.'' Squire Skinner rose in great exeitement; his face was flashed, his left hand held his longnine, and his right arm was raised like a pump hunrflA- K. u lit ? Callixo a Uimistkr.?Squire Skinner, said Dmood Jones, yon mut be aware that a meeting hat been warned to decide on settling our candidate for the ministry; and I called to inquire if he received jour approbation. I shall not vote for him, said Squire Skinner. Do you not think him sound in doctrine ? asked the Deacon. Kntiral* nrthnJ/iv ??* * j .. LHV U|U1[*, BUUUa IO the core. Is he not a good speaker? asked the Deacon. Never heard better, said the 8quire. Is he sot an agreeable man ? inquired Deacon Jones. Perfect!/ so in most respects, replied the Squire Surely you hare heard nothing against his moral eharacter? said the Deacon. Not a lisp, replied the Squire. Squire Skinner, said Deacon Jones, we ought to be frank in a matter of so muoh importance; if you have any real objections to the settlement of Mr. Stebbi&s, I hope you will tell me what they are. Squire Skinner took bis long nine out of his mouth, iteld it at some distanco from him in his left hand, looked straight down the garden walk with a great deal of earnestness, and reJtlied: "Deacon Jones, I will say to yeu once or all that I will never vote for a man to be settled over this ancient parish who toes in when he teal is." -? 'ArfSSaaBfaiyi.-| hoU?E. J cuu, r iaf 9o,'iu, UianonetU, Brass instrument*, Drams, and every variety of musioiU vara, also an immense stook of Sfcpet Mumo, Masio Books s&ar*' ?xf. sad Hth strsat. Bole A?ent of Steinway A Hod's iiaao^i KAvcn af Ca.'s and Knabs A Co.'s Pianos. ?2 HATS, " * ?LV ^ C t.P *' AND 1? U 11 K? sale an exteiwire assortment of Mols Skin Hats, for jents.oftue various sh%pss; Soft HsUand Cim wfls for men ana boys: Lames' r srs, issss' a^d Children's Joekey riats; Umbrellas y,4 Swr-1" ^rawwr"* oo35-Sj? .in 1.13 Bndfdflkrsst. pLoijft. BUCK WHEAT. POTATOES .AP^ 19>bbis^aewRftska*ad Famil*ant Sfetia Floar, 5 <?? 1 bs. jrreeti Oton hd Buskwhsat Mm7, 5no bushels White Mercer Potatoes, " ino do. i Bias/ do. H do. 5 do. Qfcestasta. *1 If <?T * ni5 Csrasr of Twelfth a-J B sts. ? h.i > * '< PATENT ARTICLES BOB THIS DESK.? KT Clark's Chenuoal Ink Eraser, for eoontinz house aad artists'm Tsisis a very simple ana elf-motive artiale for tenKvVtsc the ink from paper. Put b^Jlb boxes, aad said far tS oenls; by mail for, ^The^f atsnt Roller flatter-, a new and oanvsni^nt Po-tfolio Slates, two aad three laaws, snitable no ? Corner fa. av. and Mloventh si. I ?pq MVSIC TB4CBERS-A ?ai*s Jotofae-w I Musi, imported front ftnraasi also, s^ttoos riook <*i una ni ury vood*. suitable for alt c'aasoa of persona, all of will be ?oJ4 at tho lowest market price*. WW. R RILEY* BRO.. No. 316 Central Storm, bet 7th aid 9th sta., oc 2^-ftawlm opposite Cent-e .Market GUODHLE MWt" ""1? CA?H Capital.. ? 9200,000. Ti.e 1 nan red participate in the pronta without incurring any liability whatever. irE\TH A KNOWl.KH, Agents, oc 39 tr Offloe. orer Bank of Washington. JUST RECEIVED, AT ?MITH'?> A lot of GENTS'S UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS, from auction, whiok he Will eel [very FANOS. PI ANOS?Tbs larnest assortment of Pi&nuu, Meiodeons, Gnit&ra, Vln?? liita. ft angora. Beat Italian Stnnga. Ao PrtnpW oordeona, Flutinaa^oaoertinaa, Flatea,' No charge for Policies JAWK8 ADAMS, Premdent. Alii G. Davis, Bt-orotary. uc lO-eoQm Notice to journeyman"tailors. AT HOME AND ABROAD. The following is a oorreot list of the employers who pay the bilT (noes ot. and are recognised by. the Societv, to wit: W. H. Stan ord, Matlock A Griffith, I'nval A htro., Matiook A Herbert, Wm.Tunior, Jawies Laokey, G W. Hint ->n A Co., J. l\McI ntosh, London A Co., Thos. IC. Gray. e. M. Drew Vai.doran. ae27 aoSm OikA F-US. WOOLBM YARN ra Blue. Grey fcUlf B ack. White and anriom ?o or?. Woolen and Cotton Hosiery and Glovea. Gentlenifn'a Ribbed Wool Shifts and Drawers. Th?*e goods are extra quality. t*lk Shirts and Drawers Merino Shirt* and Drawers of all grade*. Wa would call particular attention to our wall T HE 8abwriber btnni n^de addition* to hi factory, makice it no* one of the largest tnthe Distriot, where his facilities forQBSR maontaotarincCARRIAGE A LIGHT*??* WAGONSofall kind* cannot be survaetod, and front hit long experience m tha baatseea, he hopes to tire gsneral aatieoutioa. All kinds of Carriage* and Light Wagona kept ei ?* E^A^RS neatly <?u,uiall order prenpt 7Se*??d-kaad Carrtar** tak?c tnrxehacre for an aee. ANDRIiW J. JOYCE, 4 '?-? *etiar mt 14th and K ate. piRRMRN*8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777.. .8300,000. Q#te< corn r C strut atid Louisiana ar? over Bank ' of Weukxnfton INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHEH PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DiRBcroxs Geo Shoemaker, Satnnel R*dfern, Samuel Cropiey, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D Barclay. Jaoolt Gideon, Andrew Kothwell, Thos. Parker, _ Rishard Barry, R. B. Frinrii. department*. Lectures Fnday ereniag* on the Natural Sciecoea without charge to the eupils. Circulars cat be obtained hj aririreaainir the Principal, Mian mTj. HaRROVER,Georgetown, D.C, au 22- eoSin CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE PACTORY, " D Strut, Bttvten 9tA and 10(A Struts, We hare juat finiahed a cumber ol firat ciaaa CARRIAGES, auch u Lirkt Fnney. gmb Wagons, Parle Pkeatons. Familt r?r gjoBS: riagu, and Bur tut, which we will Mil at? " a ver* email profit. />eina practical mechanic* in different branchea the buaineea, we flatter onraelvea that we kno? the ftrlea and *oautj of work that will aire uCtu faction, oombiiuaK lightness, oomfort and durabiR ty Repairing promptly and carefully attended to Uie ahorteet notice and moat reaaonable ohargea. WALTER. KARMANN* BUPP, Coaohm&kera, auooeaaora to Wm. T. Hook, ap ti-Sj a** w?nwi r?? Tnn. Board, with Tuition in all the Engltah R'anohea, i2f*i for the auuual aoaaion? payaWe aemi-annuailj-, in advance. M uaic and Langnagea at Profeaaora' pricea. I gy extra chargea. au 28-tf f^EORG??TOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, vl ( Fokmekly Misa L. S. E.tteuaH'e.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of thia Institution will be reaumed on the first Monday in September next. The courae of instruction embracea a'l that ia taught, from the radimeuta to the moat h "hly finlatted education. The corps of teaohera, t*n in number,are eminentlr aii&hfind *.mi in th?.r - - ?*?1 EDUCATIONAL. PROFE8?OR 3fK* FR K>CtUHtd GERMAN bANGUAGE;*, SIT Eighth atreat. between L and , baa the honor to announo* to the publio that he haa raaumed h a leeeone ia the above language*, and haa opened at Miaa Wood s aeminary. ^94fc I atreet, between 12th and 18th at* , a French Cia?a in which young ladea will b? admitted. Thia claia will meet three timet a week at hatf-paat S p. m. Torme: $5 per quarter of Mweeka Satiaf-otory arrangem?nta made lor leeeona given in aqhoola. M r. de Vil.iera offer a tne beat refereuoea aa to hie seal, ability, 4c., Ao. oo 24-lm FEMALE EDUCATION. " HOSE Parent* who wieh their rtaughtera to receive a thorough and avfttamatio education, whera their phrMcal training wul receive daily and apecial attention, under the moat approved ayatemof Caliathenio?and Gymnastic*. are reapeotiuliy invited to viait the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York a v. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 30-tf Prinoipale. l^vn^iAUC. HOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mr?. S. J. McCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commenoeon Tuesday, September T?th, in the house r?o?ntly occupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., No. 1?0 King street. The oourse of study pursued will oomprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu cation, aad Mumo, Fieuoh, Latin aud Drawiae, ii desired. In addition to day ssbolars. Mrs. McCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as hoarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be un?1er her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor,a?lar as possible, to surround them with the comforts aud kindly luflueucos of Home. _ _ _ Referent'*.?Rey. G?o. H. Norton, Rev. IV. h'.ias Harrison, Rev. D F. Spring, William H Fowl*. Esq., r'. lgar Snowden, Esq., Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbury, E*q., L*wis McKenne, Esq., Robert H. Hunton, Esq, VV. D. Walla-ch, Editor Evenin* Star, Beuiamm Waters, Esq.,Jas. KntwisleJr., r.*a ,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. BlacklocK fc Marshall, Messrs Corse li ftonbf R7?iir-?*i4iiBM?Si,?j Mb?tMn?riwji j co. u M-tf SM Pann. avanna. GOOD?. I W?kHtM?oi uand ? will aaicotad atuok ?f "ssartst kau?from o iwion to area 6mm |Ol > >?? B * Fr^?we5*mSB^^?Kl? 4 Ue, and ilia* art* aea'e ftnih Unu is alt 4 a aittiaa. all of vluoh wa will diiaaaa of oa tha beat tarma. <h> 16 . TAY?X>E A HUTCHISON. 1 ?; DEALER ?* PAINTS. No. 498 7th Btm?T? l"? 0(U Ftllowi HmlL W4? TOTTV W DOWN. j B C^^fT>LE*! ^srcsasSm t? imiTTTlt iHtMriwiA j. .m?rB 1 "OOD AND COAL OFFICE. M> Fa. At., ^tw. Unui lira B?? ; r?T?^~W7SKTfcfc-?* Papar and Knveiopaa fctampwl with Initial with i out "Xtrn charge. j Hobaeription* received for all the Weekly Paper* u4 MutiiuM; aiao, New York Herald, Timet, and Tribune. faM and examin* ovr atoek. Ali bound Hooka to id from 10 to 50 per Mat. leas th?n the Publisher a price*. < lL^Any Boor* not on naed ordered with die- i pa?h from London, fan*. New York, Hoatna, and Phi adelplua. on ?? im j j^CMOOL AUD COLLEGH OUTFITS Tomtkj3 and Boyt* Clothing for 8cho&( and 1Km# Wt?r. Paraata and ruardiana wiahia? to fnraiah tfcerr ohildran and ward* witk Softool a?>d Coilru Ontfiu lorthd oominr are loTtted to examine ovr precaait tarn* aad external** amort meat BUY*' i CLOT fciL>t?, wucre l.iej eaa hi out their children rtflm d*?2 lil A fAW mnvnfinti witv Avar* Tbxaa&nde of Voir?r Kern ft ha* a aaved a life of die ' cripiUli aad miser y by the oa* ml tku wrtlMbh Mr LEASTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliaaa pain almost itiataata aeowalv, aad it will claan, pvri/j aad baa i tba foojest mtm is an mcradtbla sston uim. FOR HORSES AyD OTHER ANIMALS. , HcLtA N'8 CELEBRATED LIMMENT m the oaljr as Is and reliable rained v fur u>? car* al Iptm, Riofhaaa, Windfalls, Bp'iats, Una? 'oral Lumps, Nodes or 8weln(.jr? It otrtr failed to tvi Big Head, rollenl, Fistvls, Old lUeolif Boraa, or Iwtea;, if prnwtf at>|4iad Tar Bpruaa, Briuea, Sctatebaa, Crack ad Hack, Gbafsa, Saddle or Collar Oalla, Cau, Boras, o> Wonada, imaa lufalUUe rsmedj. Apply it aa directed and a care u certain iu ??ery ' instance. Than gila no longer with til* many worthieas Liniments ' offaradfcyio Obtain a evppt* of l>a MCLEAN'S CfcLEBB^TVi UN1MENT. It wiO car. worn. . J H. McLEAN, Bole Proprietor, i Qanir TMrd ud Hal M>. K Laau, M*. , CHARLES 8T0TT, ?5 Pa. a?, aula afaat la Washing tan; R, 8. T CT8SEL. Oeorgetown. arM-PdWly BUS F. FEKXCH. _ W*. F. EICHSIEIX. . IfBW FIRM 1 FRENCH k. KiCHSTEIN, {.Sutetis&rt to TV'm. F. Rawly ) Who ?*ale and Retail D?i!cn rn BOOKS, STATIONERY, ard PERIODICALS, No. w8 rnmlvuiia atkkci. Weddinx and Viwtinj Cards neatly enfrarad 1 and ariatad. not a moment; ir? it, and job will be convinced. It i* deiiciobi u>lake. CA UTIOH, B'ware of dm^riata or dealers who aay try to palm apoa j yoa hbi l.i'.tar or earaaparilia trash, which they can bay cheap, be eajinf it 11ilaet aafovd. AvoiJ aoch men. Aak for McLEAIf'8 BTRENGTRINlVli CORDIAL, and t.ks . aottrinr else It ia ?h? only remedy that will rorif? the I Eloud tnoro?fhlT m! at the lima Mtl>(tki> the eyateia ' One ttu|??a(>l taken ?'?rj morninf faaui.p ia cartua preventive for Cholera, Chilla and Freer, Yellow Freer, or 1ST prevalent diaeaae. It ia pat ap In large bn;il?a I rf.e I onfv ?1 per bottle, or < bouiee for #6. J H MrLEiN, i Sole proprietor of thie Cardial; alao. HcLeaa'a Volcanic Oil Liniment Principal Depot oa the earner af Third and Pine atieeie, Si. Louie, Ma. I McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, ' (THE BEBT LOfUdEVT IN THB. WORLD ) , The only aa/? and certain care far Caocare, Pllae, Tm lora, SwelUnfsaitd Broachi'e or Cat ire, ParaWeie, Nearalfia, We&kuessof the, Chronic or lnAaoiaaatory Rfcsaaatism, Stiffness of the Joints, Contracted Mceclee or . Ligameate, Ear-iehe or Toothache, Brvteee, krraine, Fresh Gate, Woeedi, Ulcere. Fever Seree, Caked Breast. Bare 1 Nipple a, Bnrna, Hcaidl, Bore Throat, er aa* lalamanaUOB ar pain, na difference bow severe or loar the diaeasr nui . bare Mined, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT U 1 a certain remedv. OVER A MILLION BOTTLES haae be to told daring the last en mocthe, aud id ne in- J at-net hae it failed in glVing entire eauefactino * h<v then, will nfK from Waaknaaa or Debility whea McLfiHV STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will car* too J Ne laa(ia[i can coneey an adeqnate idea of the immediate ud ajmoa: miracaloaa change produced by ukiag th.ia Cordial ia the diaeaeed, debilitated, aad ehar.ered neraona eyatem, whether broken d<rwn by eiceaa, weak by aatara, i or In paired by aicknaae, the related and aaatrvag orgauisaUan ia reetored to iu prietiue health and rigor < MARRIED PERSONS or ethera, coneciooe ef laebthty from whatever caoae, will And MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a thorough rtfeuerator of Uie eyetem; and all who may have in fared iheniaelvee by Improper indelgeneee will god ia tbn Cardial a certain and epeejy remedy. ' TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL la a eo?ereirn aad epaedy ear* for Incipient Coneaapttoa, Whitee, Ouetraeted or DiCca'a Meaatroauoa, laconuueuce of Uru>i or luvoltiotarf Piacharge thereof, Tailing af the Wnmb, Giddineea, Fainting, and all dieeaaee incident to remalee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Boiler 'ia longer. Take it according to directive It will etlmalrte, etreogthen, and invigorate roe and caaee the blaom af health to meant yornr check again. Every bottle ie warranted to give aatiafacuon. FOR CHILDREN ] If roar children are aickly, pari* or aflietad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will make them healthy, fat, aad rabaet. Daia* diatilling, prodacinr * daneiuaa, eihiiarauny apirn, and th? moat infallible raraady for renovating lb a diaraaad irillm, mil rta-.orinp the aick, anffeniif, acd dabiliiaud invalid ia heclth and e-_renptV McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afactnallp ear* Liver Complaint, Dyere p*u<, Jiu- I diet, Chronic or Sertuni Dtbility, Diac>aee or the Kidueye, iti >11 dmiiM anting from a diaordertd Liver or 8tmunch, D;ip(f?u, HMrtMra, Inward Putt, Audit* or licttm d the Stomach, Pallnata of Blood to^ht Head, Dull Pais or. I?innin{ in tba Head, Palpitation of the Heart, Pallnea* or Wcirlil u. tbt Ikomach. Soar Erncuuooa, Choking or Bofoealing Patting whtn laying down, Drynett or YtIloW na of lha Sfcta and Eyca, NifM 8*iau, Inward Pavara, Pain in tbt Small of tba Buck, Cheat, or Sidt, Randan 1 Plaahra of Htat, Otpreatioo of Spintt, Fngfc'.fai Hraami, Langwor, Dtapondaucy or aay aarran diaeaar. Boraa or Blotcbet on ibt Skin, and Pntr and Agat (or Chill* and STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AXD BLOOD PIRIF1KK. THE GREATEST REMEDY w tke WORLD, tanri tn? moif DZLICIOC* AND W+M It m iriciljr i ki nlilic and vtf?UbU Co?iipo?nd, pro- VM^P carid by ih? diauiUtioa of roots, bcrbt, ? Ml bull. Ytllew Black Ro^x, Sarsapa- tffi Ja rtila, Wild CK?rry U^JT B*rk. and Daadeuue tutcrt laio IU eon- IB | intirc acu?? C rtmtdial principle of ?%c h iBf radical is Before ttking. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS OO LARGE STOCK! QQ VO BEST GOODS!! "O LOW EST PRICKS!!! SPILM AN * HUNT, 9* BridfoatrMt. Iwtweea Wa?biD?toi and CvnureM, ar* jow jrepared to how ?hr wet! selected ?took of DR E** GOODS DOMR8TK 8, fts. Their ?tore ( the old itund of H. K Berry i htriu b**n remodelled tod 6t**d Bp in the most thorough manner, th*y ?o*ae?a fao V tie* uneqtialed in the District lor the p'oeecotin of a general Dr? Goods Busioea*. The? respectfully invite a oali from the oiUxena ol tieunof?WB an-1 vicinity. <v> g-'tn JIHIIST RECF.IVKD? 10 hhd?. I>rim? Pnrtn R inn ftTXAVt la?> Itbis.V>id Rti W HiVK Y, " 250 bhls. HERRING and ALEWIVES. SO bb!s. '"rothed and R"fin"d ^UOARS, ?' bftfi Rio ud Java COFFEE, 10 hhtds. (low priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J R(H)I'E. so 10 / IRAN DELL, OPTICIAN, V Nt>. W- firidli ft., 9NWWM, Hm coastani.t on hand ft large assortment of Frenoh Near-sighted, Periscosio. Col ored, and at. other SPECTACLES, oi^-^ S_jf? the be^t qua.ity. in gold, silver, iteel.aml German silver frames. N. B. Old Frames Rf>> 'M and new? asses set m them to order. jiolS-ty \f ASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHI LA DELHI PHIA DRAI*0HT A LK.?We are eonnantly receiving fresn supplies of the above del tftbtfiii beverage, aud invite an persons who wslI a pure anad a iterated Ale, to rive it a trial. AlNV * 8HINN. Agents, fet 47 Greer St.. Georgetown. DR. J II MM.RAK'9 | .ii/.T* awA'tx .-wr THE WEEKLY STAB? Thia azc?!>Bt Puntly ud !f '?*1 lt| taming % gn*?mr varMCy of Inter?Uag rnj^ Sfctnrdfty moraiaf. Biwti. uuiaL!'ILl 91 a !&*.====== 12 TWftoty oo>i?. tw ptroci r?l J? par OMLof Tkt ^tfrnlut St*r wiXkft ?5nL2ra?^Kni&fi; iixsss * o feetrftl.y Uuo?? W?i la? ooui.Lry. lE^fter*?r?if? ) wnff+rm? mm) bft ?fo??n? SS*?St3?22??>*? "* " "" JU'PMtmuwn who Ml M ic?u will b* *1 iow*d ft oonuwoa of ? oanu. MEDICINES. ~ YBK AO III C C K C, Far Uu Spt*4y Cmr / In>rm'.ttent Fwr, Or Tw ftad Aw. RawittMt ess. p?-iru.'s?fe^ %zz ^^~L?xrz'&xziz .-awaanraiia *;oaninee. \o oi? rMM; ii koadar ttJM < a<~eeeai mm of the American ptoft tttninrt tod wit on -e for F^ver ami Aiuo t*uoh ?nr? now mMw to with a p r/Wt oertaint? that it wall eradi cat?the du>aae*. wild with aeearane*. fonaded mi pro w. thai uu Itia iu mm froaa iu u* ia My ImiMi That whioh pr.>teeta from or p-evwCM thia dia order mnil M ot irawteaee eerrioe ia the o mauai tie* wuere it ?reyatla. Pr*r*nnom ? better than core, for the patient eeoapea the rlak which he mwat ran vtuiet t attacks of ttita mm>W <ii ( Pw. Thia "CcfcE"' expe.a Ui auasanio eoieoa of rvkr aid A on from the ejetein.aud prer*ata the development of diaeaae, if taken on the ft ret mamtaA-aK nf it* ar*waftrtil?>?? ? ? ? ? ? - 1 1 ? 4 rr.??v.. ?- ?- r-? ?mfvnm? ll li ?W oou tbe best reinefij rv*r yet diacwr ?. lor lD>a c Im of complainta. hat alao the ebMpfrt Tim lara* qunut.ty vc aefpi? for a dollar hringa it within U? r?4fii of *ar?bodi;arid in Uliuaa diatriata. where Fkvsa am> ai,c? prrruia, ever* boJr ahou'.d have it Hid u?e it freely both for oare ? d preven ti?n. A nrrat anperiority ?f thia remedy over any othar ever dteeove?e-< ior tt,? ?peeriv nad certain care of letermirteiite la, that ilM?iihin?an^iiiaiiia or miner*;,oou?e*aenti? it produces no *?ioia? or oU?r ii.jtinoua electa ?:<Mever apua ttv* OoaaMtaUoa. Thoae cared by it ara left u healthy *8 if they bad n?\ar tad the diaeaaa. Fever and Ague ta not ?!one the ooaeeqvoaoa *n th? miMinn'n p<na-Mi. A *re?t variety of tiiao'dera ante frr?m ita irritation, taort vhiah are NearaiVta. Kheumatiam. Wont. Hra*nohe, b mdnrM, oothache, Karohe. Catarrh. Aithva. Pvpit* t on, Pvnful Affeotion of the *pieen. Hyetenoa, Pain in the Bowela, Co'.io, Pa.r*]>eie. and [)fr?cie meat of the Wniuaat, all of whioh, when originating in thia oa?M , put on the intermittent type, or heoonte peri<>dioa Thia "Orm?"expe,a the poieon from the Mood, and ooaaaqaaatly onrea thea all alike Prepared by DR J. C. AYFR A CO . I-oweJl, and a ?)d h* all Drevnata. everywhere, oe M eofm Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. niurL.1 OMUKn TKATRO" COMPOUND rl.lTlft KXTRACT BUCHU A Po?!UT? t^MOlk Toil Medicine iLcieaane th" in?? of D<<??Moat and ficit?? the AB**OW HKNT>> into hea'Thy whioH tke WATKBY OR CALCKROt d?po?ihr>ne. ami all UNNATI'RAI KN LA KGBMKNTf are reda<Mtd. as wall u PAIN ud INFLAM MATlON. vUm t>x* for MEN. WOMEN. OK CHILDREN. HKLMBOLD'B EXTRACT mTH^ prising from Kiwh**, HabiU of Dieaipatioa Kir.j Indiscretion or Abaaa. AutnJtL wuk iktfoilowtnt 5?w?iwm lndipposit?on to Exeruon, Lou of Power. Lost of Memory. DiAonKj of Breathy, Weak Nervpe, ^Trewiblinj, Pimn*M of VunoB. Pud 1b the tUot! UnivrrMl Lassitacsa tk* Mbmi ?t fui*?. Hot Hfcnds, PlMkinc ?f tke Ba4r, "" '{'A'.Ktfcoc^K'^fc g- ^ Tl|fi symptom*, If allowed to c o on. which this mediome mr&rtah'T remorse, eoor fo >we lKPOTBNCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT*, In OftSOT WHICH rat Patiirthat fciriaa. . Who oar, m that tney are uot*ueutij fo..ow?4 by Uios?."n7RKFl L DISEASES " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. u?ut ?i<- i?? ni me aauee oi ir? r ?uir*rift*, B VT ynSF WILL CONFESS. rHK RKCOS l>!?OP THK INSAN K ASYLUMS And tk* M'lmnekolj liemtkt If r Boar ?tti? ? witu?f to the truth of the aeeertlOO. ihl mmwL vi&ttW*?' Require* the aid of medicine to atn-DKCbra wuth hklmbold'* kxrfcufrVv ch uy i T1UL VOL coavwcz TBI MOST UirnClL. PE M A LE8-FEMA LK9-TBM AI .E8. 88 /fltt/LMMmM*BMANY AKKRCTIONB rECl'MAR TO IaULs, the extract Boehu ? aiieqaa ><.d by My other remedy, aa in Chi-roeta or KeteaUoa [rrenu.anty, Paiarelnena, or Sappreaaioa uiCaa,otri^ry Evacuation*. U'oerated or t*?irrhoa? itaU >fth? Ctecoa, lyeeoorrhrea or White*, t*teri!!ityf tnd for a I oompaiDt* meide^t to the x whether trial or from lufliMretloc, HaoiU of iHaaipoiiou. ?r in the DECLINE OH CHANQE OF LIFE. m imrtoht abovb. _ IT n a#i t ?? o t< - - ?? ? - ~ iu ruiui anvuLtiJ Db WITHOUT IT Tnktmo ?n?r? Mir pry, m wmmltmtmm* Mtdicmtfor amd Damtrrmu IMmjm, HELMBOLDf* FX TRACT Bt'CHO 8ECR ET^ISEA? B8 in *:i their PtMM. At ,ibu LattiO or uo oh&ngaIn Diet; fi t ir rrrr mil ana*: Jmd A# *, [t mmam a fr*?ii?ntdeuro am cir?? atnattii to Urinate, therein Reii'ovin > ?t>?, Pr?re?itinr onric? Vtnetnrae of the Uretfcr*. A'!??m Pain and Iao fre^urrt in :a? oiim^ of 4iw?im. ami rxpe.iiug ?U hmwwM LHim*' i, and tram o*S Mttltr. THOVSA>DS CtON THOUSANDS WHO IUVI 6kK.N THE T1CTIIU or uCACI*. Led who hrnv* jv?i.i kraryf' ' to be cb'<0 ic a r hort arcs. have found th'y were oee<*ired. end that the POIHON" h??. by the o?? offownm, *?rmiiwK.f t*." been dried up \a the ijitm, to break Hit in an aggravated form ? d FKh.HA.F8 AfTMM. MAKKIAOB. Uia Hiikmui'i Kxnuit Bvcnfsr a. affeoiona and disease* of th? I'RINARY OR6ANS. Whether exitinc in MAi K OR FFMALF. p'rom whatever cai:- oat:haulr * a no natUr ef HOW L-ONG 1 AM)INO Diaeaef* of th?eeurnMii< r?Mir?th?*i'< ota Dimrtti Kad ia certain to i-nre the de??re<1 efl- t in a" IX?.U*i ROR WHIt'H IT IH (H'liMUtMiin Evidtnet of the wish r?u*lU mnd ri. r<mttbU cUr:?r will ?c>o<tnit>*"? th? nr^'icre* CKJtTIFlCATE* OF CUftK*. h'om l?SU f?r> Wl" PrlnlllO pfr b*ttle, ?r ill Ur |I.M. PehTTMl to *ay paofccd ft? HfTtKi i* *J~L CoannMTtoM. r*rea GoaraJite^d ! 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