Newspaper of Evening Star, 9 Kasım 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 9 Kasım 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. T?* SiiLi* MAttMUi -Tte follMRrtftg com uateatfraa **? !??* * InUlligenra fram gyria ; Anglo-American Committe*. Tityto*:. Syrts, Otto** 11?Slr: rinoe tbe daft of our loat communication. we b*ve-ter*4wed a further report on tbe etate of tbe refugeta at Tvre. and bare beard tbat tbe G?rernm*-nt baa directed a tun of 70 000 piaatera to be Riven to tbem Tbe Sidon Auxiliary Committee baa bad a aura of 10,000 piaster* placed at 1U dlapaaal, together with a supply of meaicinsa, ai.u oas been authorized to take >ich measures at mav be necessary to ameliorate the miserable condition in which a large proportiou of those refugees seem to be. We hare been unable to take any further steps towards sending the refugees from the districts around the source of the Jordan to ttjefr homes, as they do not feel that their lf*?-Would be safe wers they to return thither, its ?m proposed to gather In ths olive crops nnd resume tnetr ig*lcultoral labors. The Information w* rtceiv* from Damascus gives us but little hope of seeing confidence restored among the Christians of that city, who are sow In dread of another massacre, and we believe that the Damascus refuges* wilt not leave Beyrout voluntarily, as th*.j believe that the Arabs and Druses are planning another attack upon Damavnl and Wltl therefore beeome dependent upon tie Relief Commitee her?, If the fortlah autbo'ltles carry tb?lr threats Into execution, and (t?u; to relieve tboae Who will.not return to tbat city Foad Pasha baa gone thither for the purpose of reatorlng coafidence and tranquility. A fcospital has been trtablJihrd by our Committee In Damascus, and 2,500 sick are reported bjr the native rlertv as renalring the attentions or the medical stiff already* there, compcsed of three pbyalc'ans and one apothecary.' We have received from Berlin a first remittance of X.KX) sterling, throngh M. Weber, tbe Prussian Comul, and two Prussian deaonesses have arrived, who. together with a third expected from Jerusalem, who is acquainted with the habits and language of the people, propose to assist in the care of the sick and the orphana From the tenor of our private rorreapoadenee from Jaffa, and having received no reply to oar letter to Dr Ksval, we see no necessity far the establishment of an auxiliary committee in tbat town, in which we cannot I ear a tbat any refugee* from tbe L. ban on exist, although thev are now, as at all times, many poor inhabitants We nave the bonor to remala, very raspectfully, your most obedient servants, J.Augcstts JoHH?oit,) r NoaL Tbmplb Mooaa. $ ate*. Ovii-woihd Womkm ?An over-worked woman is always a sad sight, sadder a great deal than an over-worked man h*r?nu> *h? !iuniiu<ii more fertile In capacities of mlTring than a man. She baa aa many varieties of headaches sometimes ma If Jael were driving the nal. that killed Slsera Into her temples, sometimes lettlag her work with hall her brain, while the other half throbs as If U would go to pieces, sometime* tightening round the brows aa if her cap bands were Luke's Iron crown; and then her neuralgias, and ber back aches, and ber fits of depression, la which she thinks she is nothing, and leas than notblng, and those paroxysms which men speak slightingly of as hysterical convulsions. that Isatl. only not commonly fatal ones, so many trials which belong to ber flae sad mobile structure, that she lsalw tvs entitled to pity when she is plsced In conditions which develop her nervous tendencies.?Dr. O. W Helm*j. Tw? Diamosd Maebb ?This machine,of which notices have been made, aaya the Sacramento News, is now about cam Dieted. It is really a line piece of mechanism The entire weight of the 4a nnl Imb l? /via ? ?- ? ?*__ J ?. ..?r. .uau u,"W pUIIIIUS. 1 lie hall alone, which is to receive the condensed carbon, weighs 7.U0f> ponnds Tbe oth*r machinery 1> placed upon a platform to which wheel* are attic bed. The owneraare now awaiting the arrival of aome pure platina, which is expected by the learner and which la neceaaaay In trying the #xperiment Aa an tmmenae amount of pressure can and will be applied In the trlalt it la not certain whether '.here ! strength enough In the heavy machinery to bear It, consequently a place wlllbe elected to-day. at aome dlatanre from tbe city, and at aome point remote from dw?lMng hons-a, where the ex pertinent will be tried Shoti'dsome - 'I?? ? fcun>K uam inaucD i or amy, mere will be lrra mischief don* than if the disinter should occur in a populous locality. FT/- In > letter to one of the New York city papers, Professor Hackley reiterates his opiaioa as to tbe ra ise of tbe aurora borealis and sbootl?K{ stars, viz : that they have their origin in the spots on the san. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTKL.?Cspt 3 K Dawson, lT 8A; J W Shiblln?. Va; A B Redfleld and If, Ct; 8 W Wsstbrook. NK; P D Kealy. ?; Mrs James Andrews. Miss Andrews. 8 Bracken, Mass; J <4 Adams. Md; J C Brooke, Pa. H M May wood. Miss Maywoad. Miss McDowell,SC; Dr R Hiaokburn. Va; \V B Johnson. ArW i. V I??II ? ? Bnk'y, Ft Scott; Tho# Rlmber, Pa; G B Hill, H Black, J d Smith, W A Groaa, >ld; J J Loon,La; Dr Stuart, Va; G C Morria. Pa; B Weat. DC; Dr Garke, Ga; J Lawrence, Cal; T Tehe, Va; J Lawrence, Cal; .Mr Jobnaon, Va; T J Alexander, W A Tucker, Md; T Rullmery, NY; G Fletcher .Pa: \V Hopkins. C C Glbaon, Judge Craln. Md; J T Plngret-and ly, C Moore, Mlia McClaln, NY; H B!a kstoue, Pa. BROWN'S HOTEL.?Hon A Boteler, J Card. W Morria, Va; T Gerd**, OS; A Hoatetter. F D Hickman, O Wella, J B Larv, Pa; C W tikes and ly, Col W Anderson, Maj J Walker, Dr N Q Herand lv, Rey W B Crawford, Dr W Bell. Va; C Brown. L Sherman, W Barron, W Carmichael, Ga. B Whitworth, Eng; J Hunt, Md; R Warner aod ly, NY. KIRKWOOD HOUSE J B Baker. J White, Pa; 8 E Savage, N V; E Lawton, Navy; N Arnon. N V; Capt VV F Rarnolds and It, USA; J Hewitt, A J Firrlff, A J Given*. T Anderaoo, H Brooke. Va; J K Ab?>ott, NC; J Brackenbory, La; C Chaffee, Man; Mra Blade*. Ala; R Campbell, Pa; J W Aibmoid. A Oilmrn, N V. OL'EAXS TEAMERS' SAIL I NO DATS From tub Uhit*b Statb*. *r#am?rf. Leant. For. Days. Europa.._ _...Boston _ Liverpool... Nov 14 Hamnion 1 a...-_New York. .'.Hamburg.... Nov 15 fhtatie. New York...Htm _Nov 17 r ao? Alt>?rt. ..New York.. .Qaiway Ns*>> ermia New York...Liverpool....N?vtl Bremen .New York .. Souta'pton. .Nov 24 Fkoh Euro?a Bremen ...???South'pton... Now York....Oot SI ? ? ' r ?w< ? t*hidiiwu.utvorpooi rortiand.. . ..Not 1 JoJib B?ll ....OImjow New York?.NovS Ou><U Liverpool Boaton...... .Nov S Vandorbilt ? Soutb'pton. .New York... Nov7 The Havana mail steamers leave New York on tte 2-1. '.*th. ink. and nth of each month, aud (*'narle?ton oa tbe4tn and 12th. The CaUiornia mai > ?t?*<n?ra leave New York on be tth and Juth of month. Eagle iron works, Coxsaa Ohio Av. *m? Trirniifa St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The undersigned have lieen appointed sol* agents in this city for the manufacture and aale of the above En*i'ie?. an<t are prepare^ to supply all oylers with itromp'n?Ri and diapaen. Ttiese enjtnps have f>een satisfactorily introduce*!, and are now praoti-j cully enipiored in bak*hee; by bookbinders; for boxwood cutting; by uabi net makers, for drawing fan blowers to vrnnlate bviMings; for pmnptnr; for ..? ? fuifun ei?vauag grauj; glass'cutting; gu.Bin* cot to a; ptrimiia< quartz; grinding paints; grinding *mar <-?? on plantations in Cuba; for h<>i?tin<; f >r knitting machine*; hi manufacturers of pla ?0 wire; of printer* material. of silver ware, of agricultural implements; of matches; of hooped skirts: for pmnpiug at railroad 1 t&t ous and >>n board hips; for s<*wir.g machines; for joti printing and printing daily newspapers: for van on* plantation uMt; ICr >s?ini and planing lumber; for picki k hair; for polishing >x>rn"s; for shoemakers' us.<?; for and sifting; turning; tobtooo cutting and pulver8mg; in tanneries and w r? making establishments; r soda water manufacture; for bone crushing; ma t mashing; u>wiag; grinding cntlery. *c They are inexpiosive; economical; easily managed; they require no ?iysiin; use no water; aud oousume vary Uttle fuel. Any pe-son desirous of using U>>?e Engines, can by application to tie undersigned b? shown a large number of testimonials front persona who have them daily usa, expressing their entire wit'-??r ia tbetr operation and use Prices of the Engines as established by the FatMi Mi 13 ia. oyrr fS5n 118 iaohes cylinder, #53n Doable 34 " ),4f0 32 * M 1.360 B * 3^00 SO " M 23<l " 40 14 4 <500 48 ** M 1,51*1 M ?e " MW ? " - 5,000 * SO * ?>? 34 M M 750 Ws are arc also prepared to fornisb, at short notioe, Architectural Castings, from any designs that may be furnished, aa cheap as can bo obtained elsewhere. Also, Steam Engines. portable and station ary; htsh or low areeaura; saw aad grist nnl;a; hydrostatic, or otaar preases ; boilers far hsating buildings, wrong hi iron water tanks: ahafti at. gearing. Ac., for flouring or other mills,aad forging of Ail kuula ae~ 13 aawttn WM M ELLIS A BRO /^yUNIONRRSTAURANT,^. K (mJ By JACOB Kl' PPLl, WSi fmJ %ji|fC?nw oflMkMidH eta., t\VJf f- w Uoora aouta of Pa. ? ., WV Ka?i-r'a old ittod. Pi rat Ward, WuMBiWt. Hia Mar la ooaataatljr aupanod with th* oh-.ioeat Li^uora and Cigara. The Mat Priad Oyataram Waahinrt<>n aan baobtainad at nuiiaoa. Kunuiaa aopplied with Oyatera in ararj atfia, aad at raaaonabla prioaa. aa M aotm 12,000 ClAH A P PLtH(AftfcK.^Wa inv!? the attention of tha pablia to ov .aria aad wait aa lasted a took of Ohampacaa aad Crab Appla Cidar, wtuoa wa gaaraataa to m vara jaiaa, aad will ha (old aa raaaonabta tarma fa order to aaaha rooaa Ktfnng ?i. n&SL.. fc? Mi? H Craw acTlTSfyaCwa. WOOD! w o o Da W O O D 0! BTOVB aad KINDLING WOOD,atUa lowaa uaaUa ariaa. ^ T. J. A W. XL 6ALT, ^ !<?S Pa. av? botwaaa uth aad l?Lh I SMPa^bSvmMhiJMkilk WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUBBKKKPSM! THE PIONEER BAW BILL 4MB FIRCWOOI FACTOftY, (Sia* or 1u Iim Fla? StavvJ l?Mk t( the Canal, iw 71k street BrU|?, Will furni?h, at thJUHortert notie*. FIREWfHJD, thk rkkt o* Art Ki?, (V and Split t? say MmmHmi, CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With fall measurement faaraatied. fT7" Renwmtrtr, Tn Blub Fu? Srirr, v?it tide of MrMUi street, south of the Caaal, and opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. JET HICKORY ANJJOAK PLAjyt or TIMBER (of any ?i?* or dimensions)SAWRD, POST9 or JOISTS RIPPED, or LOGSSAWKD, at the shortest notiee JCT Small jobs of BLACK9M1TH1NO promptly executed. aa abare q q q q q rmoiv FIRE-WOOD mLL, termer ef Seveath at. a ad Caaal. W 0~0 D of all kiad, maaufaotured to order, any length or use, ready for usa? COAL?COAL. We have now or hftnd a. hMutiTul lot of POAL. I both R<*1 and Whita Aah, different aize iry We are now, and will be receiving Coal for tHe next to* da?*, whiek wo eeil. delivered from the vessel, at a reduction of 15 oenta per ton. Send yotr order* early. MclLNEW * MARLQW, Proprietor*, *o 87-tf Corner Seventh at. and Canal. WOOD AND Delivered to ail part* of the Mty^at the lowest possible rates. T. J. * W. M. OALT, Office 888 Pa. av? between nth and 13th stk. ?na 17-tf north awto. ? DRMTTSTRV M.. TEKTH. LOOMIS, M. D., the inrentor and patentee of the MINER AL PLATK TEETH, tends at his offios in this oity mf&W Many persons oan wear these teeth who**4 " cannot wear others, and do parson oan wear others who oannot wecr these. Persons oalliug at rar office oan he aooommodated with any ctyle and pries of Teeth th?y mar desire; bat to those who are partienlar and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfeot denture that art oaii produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Room* in this oity?No. 338 Paaveoee.between 9th and 10th its. Also, 9V7 Aroh street, Philadel phia. oo Ift-tf D*. MCNSO^HMtetu^n^f^'iMl resumed his profession. Office and house at 463 E st,.^pc^ third door eas' of Sixth, la addition t< MB every o'her ?, proved style, l>r. M. has set^ 11" teeth on vuloanite Base for the last three yean ami, from exeerienoe, knows it exoe.s all others, acd is one-third less in priee than gold. His old Ctrons of Washington. Alexandria, and 6eor*ewn are respectfully sojiolted tJ oall. au 25-eoly D DENTISTRY. R. BILLS, after a praotica: test of twe year* feels that he oan with confidence reoom-^M^ mend the Cbeoplastio Prooess for icsertmrH^BM artificial teeth. It has the advantage* aireocm, D?%i2X7.c.^aanneaa, and cheap-.pea. Pal iiwr ??t? ineerted for #M. Partial la proportion, Ofifls 306 Pa. avenne. ael Connecticut mutual life insurance company of hartford. Acccxclitior 13 500,000, Preeenta inducementa to ell olaaaea equal to any company, and far aup?rior to mutt. Dividaada made and paid annual It. HEATH ft knowle8, Agenta, oc 29-tr Office. oyer Bank of WaaTnngton. |^ate8t invention! LADD. WEBSTER * CO 'S Tight-Stitch Sewing Machines at janney's BOOT AND SHOE STOHS, 349 Pa. avmcb. Tb?; are the mutt simple. Toey are the atrongeat. They are the aun?at in their operation. They nae a atrairht needle, (Curved onea are of no aooount.) They have a feed wheel. They are capable of doing any kind of work known?thflr mskA th? ntrui rnffla attachments. ~ ' Call and examine? At JANNEVS, oo 15 lm 343 Pennsylvania avrnue. c. s. ruwLii ..tons w vriti. ,.m. w*. bivkhidgk. . - CHARLES 8. FOWLER * CO., IMPORTERS, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in CHrKAj GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, Fib? Cotlerv, Plated Ware, Roll Metal Goods, Block Tin Goods. Tin Chamber Sets. Jipaned Waiters, Ethereal and Solar Lamp*, foal Oil Lamps, lanterns. ko , ho. 204 (Odd Fiuowx' HAM.) SEVENTH ST., oclleofitr Washington City. nj|^ NOTIC E! N O T I C K !! $S0fe Mra. HELLER Invites the ladies of^^t Washington and vioinitr to her Grand Oeeningof Fashionable FaLL and WINTER BOTNNhTS, on Friday and Saturday, 5th and 6th instant, vhen C- a wi'l be haepy t? have ladies oome and examine r stook of Goods, a? she has a very handsome took of FEATHERS, FLOWERS, DRESS TRIMMING*. HRaii DRESSES, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS. CORShTS of all sixes a?d prices, and a very large stook of EMBROIDERIES, *o ,*o. oc 4 No *4 Market Spaoe? bet. 7th and ?th sta. NOTICE! fluul 1 wish al! gentlemen BM to bear in mind that SIB the plan whieh I adopted, six renrs ago, of selling ^S^^^PllATS and BOOTS at greatly re duced pnoes for nasb is in sncoessful operation. Jast received a full supply oi the latest New York styles of DRESS HATS. The very I finest Hat 93-50; a first rate Mat $3 ; and very I .AA.1 U.? Aft r? A ? m-r / - luvu.iaxiiU' W'lo ni? a<7l. All OI lh* l?t*?t?tjle? I of soh HATS and the very lovest prtoe*. | I ain constantly supplied with a very iarre stock of those fine DK ESS BOOTS at ?3.75?which 1 have been selllne for man* y?*ars?a* well aa the very best anal t? of Patent Leather GAITERS at ?3 fin. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from ?2 to ?2Sfl. Terms cash: no extra oUarjs in order to otTset had debt* aNTHOnY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh stroet. second hat store from the ooraer, opposite Avenue House, No. 440. se U 8m French a richsteins BULLETIN OF NEW BOOK*. For 1860 and IMI. Masonic. -Odd Fellows, Military, Meehanioal, Architectural, Chees, and Billiard Books,always on hand. _ . ., _ . t Camille ; Irom the Frenoh of Alexander Dumas, the *oun*?r ; 12m<?; oloth. Price #1 35, bv mail. All the above works sent by mail free of poitaga en the reo?i?t of the prioe. ... Our usual disoount given on all bound books bought at our store. FRENCH A RICH9TE1N, No. 979 Pa. avenue, Washington, U. C. Post Office, Bo* 716. oc i4 6m,r 4 CENTS' Fine Caifakia Sewed Boole, <3.75 * I Genta' Double aoleand Doub ?P?raA| Boots, S3: Gent*' fin" French r'tJikinMl fiaitorainuJ BooU; Boja'and Youthi' lonrW ] Boot*; Ladies' Kin, Mtoooo and GoaUkin" mb Buttoned Ho?ta: Laatinc Laoed, Buttoned, ?;onirm, and MaiakolT BooU. Aleo, eyerr other atila ol ladiea', mia?e?' and children'* BooU and Shoe. ?t J. ROSENTHAL'S, Pa av., between Ith ant 9O1 ata. oo 17-aotr pROFERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Ynor attention and examination la reepeot/ullr solicited to *xaaine the celebrated New York ?UTTA PERCH A ROOFING and theGUtTA KRCHA PaINT for punting tin roof*. Thia Gatta Peroha Roofing and Paint ia acknowledged by ail the beat arehiteou ia New York eity to be the beat and cheapeat Roofing and Paint in mit anoe. It oan be aeea at P. W. HAMILTON'S Paiat Store, 419 Serenth ftreec CANF1ELD A HAMILTON are the aote arenU for Waahincton, Georgetown, Alexandria ana tbe South. For fur thir infnrir?RtiA? OQ H-tf QLDR1CB. MELLOW fcNDJURE MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Coasoieationsly distillvd by Mr James Hunuide, of Allegtsy Count*. Penn*., in the old fashioned bouMi war, frou the oboieest a ad moat carefully selected Kj?, and in ao oaaa ?r*r offered lor aala until adapt* d to wholesome na* by age it it at onoethe moat palatable, aa it i* erapbatioally ona of the purest beveragee in tha reach of tbe publio. To tbe Invalid, aa vail aa to tboaa in eommends itaalf for ita unrivalled fnalitiaa aa a stimulant of tbe safeet. surest, and most ben*6oett tleeoription, a or1, many of tbe most distingaisbel physicians are asiugitiu their praetioe with the DA9li6tft T6f111 tl> CLERY * STOCKOALE, Proprietors, 398 Wa nut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CON OVER, Agent for tba Proprietors. 396 Pa. a*., se IMm opposite Willards* Hotel. \M__ ' NEW CLOAK*. H K Have thie day r?MiTM fro* N*f York a beaablal aeaortment of aev ?tjle Pall aad Winter OLOaKS, e?eh m the Arab. Zouave and other ty'e?. in Blaok and French Clothe. Aleo. Plata and fttnpad 0;oin?, all of whioh w* offer low. ool* tAYLOK A HUTCHISON. T CEMETB1Y NOTICE. iKmsfcbM&jm oe 17 3m Mwmi ISth and 13th. 6?tarfc ?e u Pa. ay., tot *th m. f P YOU WANT to jetiood Clothieg, Furnieh! i i MISCELLANEOUS. FPrafmilr, Orrici BcriRiNTSNBiNT ov Public PbibtijoJ Washington, Ootober S,fl860. \ In pnranaaoe ot the provi >iona of tM "act to pro - ' ide for executing the pnbtio printing," fce., a? & roved August 38. IBS, and of the loth section of ke Mt entitled "a n act making appropriations for the legislative. executive, and judicial expenses of Government for the year ending Jane 3n, lafio,"?pprovod March 3, 1850, sealed propoaas wnl be reSivel at thia offi ie, in the C*pito', until th? first omlay <3*1 day) of Deosmber next, at U o'clock, for furnishing the paper that may be repaired for the public printing lor the year ending on the 1st day of December, 1861. The subjoined list specifics. a? nearly aa ou be ascertained, the quantity. quality, and description of each kind of paper thaturill be required: Cuia 1. reams fine printing paper, ?"o? incisure 34 by 38 iae*>?e, and to veigh forty-five ponnda to the ream of 480 nheeta. M A ?.W0 reams fin* printing paper, calendered, to me??nr? 24 by 38 luohes, and to Weigh fifty six pounds to tii* reas^of 4N sheet*. Class S 300 reams superfine painting paper, hard-sised aad super oaiftedered, tar metnri 24 by 9 inches, and to weigh lorty-eight pound* to the ream of 490 sheets. 2 (100 reams ruperfine printing paper, sized and super-'alendered. to measure 34 by 3K inches, aad to weigh fifty pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Cuts 4 1 000 reams superfine map paper, rii*d and calendered, of suoh sixes as maybe repaired.oo>responding in weight with paper measurirg 19 by 24 inches, and weighing twenty ponnds per ream of 490 sheets, iCuss ft. 300 reams superfine plate paper, (ea'.eadered or nnealendered. as ma rate required.) 19 by 14 inohes, and of suoh weight peiNaam as may be reqaiied. The fibre o! the paper oRsaeh of the aboT* olaws fft Ka nf ii nan anH nAiinn (Van #pam all ...VN wmmm? I'^f <!* Wl UUIWIM'UU with mineral and other aubctaaoea. ar.d ol a fair whlteneaa. a- d pit up in quires of twenty-four ahaeta each, and in bundles of two raami eaon; each ream to oontain 4S0 p?rf>?t sheets. Uniformity iu color, thickness, and weight wilt be required; and no bnndle(exoIutive of wrappers) varying over 01 under five per cent from taa standard weight will b* received, and the'gross weight will in all oaaea be reaui.ed. Mixing of various t' ickne >e? in the nine bundle to mac* up t e weight will be considered a violation of the oontraot. Class 6. I. 1,500 riinu quarto-poat writing paper, 16 by It inch??. 8. 2,000 do cap do 13 by 161-2 do 3. 100 do demy do 16 by SO 1-3 do 4. 1,000 do folio-poat do 17 by 2*2 do 5. 100 do medium do 18 by S3 do 8. SO do roy.-l d j 19 by 24 do T. 50 do atiper-roy?l ?do 20 by 9" do 8. SO do imperial do 821-8l>y31 do 9. 100 do doablt-cap do IS ky 26 da 10. 100 do colored medium, (aaaorlsd colora.) CLASS 7. 1. 6,000 reams writing paper, 16 by SB inches, to weigh twenty-three pounds p*r retm 2. 1,500 reams writing paper, 19 by 26 inches, to weigh twenty eight pounds per ream 3 3,100 reams writing paper, 18 by S5 iconer, to wri|n - BIA pUUUUB 4. 100 puma writing paper, 18 by & inches, to weigh twenty-four pound* p'r ream 5. 340 ream* writing paper, 18 by '8 lnohes, to weigh twenty-two pound* per ream ff. 4V) ream* writing paper, 12 by >8 inches, to weigh twelve pouuda per ream. All the papers designated in c'asses 6 and 7 must oontain 430 perfect eheeta to the ream.and ho "om(nje" quires. Thay are to be made of tho bast ina teriala, free from adulteration, finished in the best manner, out to a true edg?.laid flat, and securely and substantially enve<oped. The papers in olaes 6 ars to be white or blue, and of suoh weights as may be required by this office. Those ir. oia*s7 are to be white, and of the sixes and weights speoi&ed ia the schedule. The right is reserved of ordering a greater or lees quantity of each and every kind contracted for in a 1 the olasses, to be furnished at suoh times and in suoh quantities as the publio service may require. fcaon class wiM be oonsidered separately, and be suhject to a separate oontraot; but bidders may off*r for one or m->re of the olasses in the same proposal. No proposals will be oonsidered unless aooompacied by trie guarantee that the bidder or bidder*, if his or their p'oposal shall be accepted, will enter into an obligation, with good and sui&oient sureties, to furnish the articles proposed Blank forms for eroposals will be rnmi?hi?H ??<i none will be taken into consideration unlesa substan'ially agreeing therewith. All the paper in the several olaaaea must be delivered at auoh plaoeor plaoea aa may be designate in Washington city,in good order, free of all and every extra charge or expense, and auhieot to the inapeation, count, weight, and in?wurement of the Superintendent, and be in all reapocta satisfactory. > Samples of all the paper required mar be seen at thia office, hut bidders are required to furnish,with their propo?als, sample* of not (ess than one quire of each of the Icinda Did for. aud upon which tiieir proposal a may be baard. The auooea^ful bidden will be required rigidly to ounform to their samples. Proposals will be addresaed to "Jon.i Hxaxt, Superintendent of the Public Printing, Washington," and endorsed "Proposals for Supplying Hv per" oo 2-2awtd QUARTERMASTER'S OFF1CK, U. 8 M. CUR PS, WiSHISGTO*. Ontnhdf i.. latn ?kilxd Proposal* will Uo received at thla offio? until 3 o'olook p. m., of Wednesday, the 21tt day of November next, for furniah'u< by ooutraot ;o the United Mtatea Marina Corpa, during the year 1H6I, the following a'<ppllea, deliverable at the office of the Aaaiatant (Juartermaater. U. 8. M.C., Philadelphia, in auch quantities aa may from tiine to time be required, viz : SCO uniform oapa with platea coinp'ete 1,000 r*d worsted pompona, ball ahape, 5 inohea in oircumferenoe pair* yellow metal oreaoenta and aeale atrapa aw aeta epaulette bullion for aergeanta and oorporala 800 aeta epaulette bullion tor privataa 50 re<l worated aaahes 3,000 yarda white linen for panta, no inohea wide, to welch 13 ox a*r yard 2,500 yardadark-blue keraeyall wool, free from hair, M inohea wido, to waifh 28ox. to tha yard, (in digo wool dyed) 5,000 yaroa aky bine keraey, all wool, free from hair, M inohea wide, to weigh 22 oi. per yard,(indigo wool dyed) 3,000 jaids white linea for aturta, 80 inehea wide, to weigh 11 os. p> r yard ft,000 pair* arm; bo< ta, infantry pattern 800 gray marine jlanketa, all w o!, to weigh fonr poundaeaeb, with lettera "U. fc. M " in bla^k. roar inatiei. ionic, in the eentre, to be 1 feet long ead 5feet wide, free from creaae a mm i - - - ? ? *,<~u |w>i ?tmi?n eoeas, s uses, properly mad* or good fleece wool, with doable ana twist*d rarn. In weigh 3 pounds per doxco pairs, free from grease 1,200 latigaeoapi, with oovera, to be made of blue oloth, (indigo wool dyed) 3.000 yanla dark blue flannel for shirts, all wool,(indigo wooi dyed,) 27 iaohea wide, to weigh 6S oi. per Yard 1300 yards dark b!ae flannel for overMoka, a!) wool, (indigo wool dyed,) 64 inohee wide, to weigh 13 os per yard 600 yaras rcartet ol^th, (ooohineal dye,*54 inches wiie, to weigh 16 ox. per yard 1,500 yda dark blue twilled cloth for nniforrn ooat?, (indigo wool dyed,) 54 iaohea wide, to weigh 22 <>x per ya'd 1,080 yards Canton flannel for drawers, 27 inohea wid', to weigh 7 os. per}ard aro eaitndg* boxes at) parcussion oap ponohes aOODATOBetaeii.hha.riiB. with hr??? ? -w, M..? wtvwx muuiiviu|l SO MgMnti' aworda 25 meaieiana' words 25 tenor drama AO box-wood B fifea, (yellow) SOdrom oorda 50 Beta drum anarea 100drun heada, (better)

75 do do (anere) 80 awnrd froga am niuvltet alt. ca of black leather 215 groaa of ooat huttona,( eagle) 86 do do jacket do do 56 do do veet do do Fer making and trimming watch coats: eerceanta, corpora1 a, muaiciana, and privatea' nniforin ooata; fatigue ooaU for the aame; aergvante, corporate, mmioiana, ana private*' woolen pauta; linen pauta; drawera; flann*. ahi'ta; flannel over* , aacka; linen shirts; and rad and D.ue jacitaU for b^jra. A'l U.e above mentioned artiolea moat conform in all rttpfctt to the sealed st&nderd pattarna in the Ofioe of the Qmrtermaater Marine Corpa, Waahiiigton; Aauatant Qnartermaater's Oftoe, laiio s?pruo? atreet, Philadelphia; and at tne Marine stations Brooklyn, N- Y., and Boston, Maaa., where they can be examined. They wi'l be rigidly inipeoted and compared with theae samples by the Aeais^ant Quarterma'ter, or s?ch other persons m m?? n? properi? appoints. t*uoh M may m unequal thereto will be rejected; in wtaioh case the contractor will be bound 10 furnieh other" of th?> required kind or quality within fifteen dayM cr, if that be not done, they will be purchased at hie expense. F.aoh proposal mast be accompanied by the following guarantee: Form 4f tiuarante*. The nnderaigned, , of ?- .in tha 8 ate of , and , in the State of ??. hereby guarantee that in esse the foregoing bta of for supplies, as above detoribed, b? aco*pted, he or they will, within ton days after the receipt ol the o>>i tract at the post oAoe named, exeoute the ooatraot for the Mine with good and suf&oient securities; and in oaae the Mid hall fai to enter into ooniract. ae aforesaid, wa 5narante>e to make good the diffrrenoe between ke offer of the said ? ?? an'' that whiah may baaeoepted. A B, Guarantor. C D, Guarantor. ? P, Witneea. ??? 1^60. I hereby oertify that the above Dim'' are known to me as men of property, and able to make good teeir guarantee G. H. To be ?Uned b? the United State* District Judge, United 8ut?i Distriot Attorney, or Colleotor. No proposal will be eoisidered anlaas aoe Jiapa Died by the above guarantee Newspapers authorised to pnblish tke above will end the paper eonttining the first insertion to this Omoe for examination. The bidder'* place of bus i neae, or maaafaatariag esUihliahmtint ? i? ? ? _ ? ? rwnswiy HftMd IB U( pruporal. Proposal* to be endorsed: "Propoeal* for 9?i plies, Jko., for 1*1," and addreeaedto the underli(B#de Contract* will be awarded to the loweet reepon* ible bidder famishing the repaired seouritie*. "? B? SLACK, oo5-law?w Qoartennaeter.ft. 6. STOVES! STOVES!! * 8 T O V E 9!!! I have on hand a large assortment of Cooking and other ftovee, which I wijl sell cheaper than any other hottee in the District, as it is my intention to cloee them out. Call and see^^H C-BNYD^ oe> Hut door tothe Star Qgoe. * I MISCELLANEOUS. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWH STONE WOKK9. The subscriber bogs leave to iaform the citisers I of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that : he ha* added to his long established business tho auxiliary of (team powsr for sawic? aoU m&nufXc taring Marble and Brown Stone Work In >h*ir rarioaa br&i.ohea. Marble Mantel a, Table aad Wa?hatand Tops Tile, Monument*, Tomb and Head Stones, Sla*>a, Window Lintels, Siba, Steve aad Platforms. Haviag ?>.-phased a large stoofc of Italian Mar bis in block Jrom hrst handset the lowest rates, he feels ooufident of being able to frrniah Marbe Work as low as it oan be pnrohased ia New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. Ths trade svpplied with Italian Marble in blook or slabs at the same rate as furrfiahed in New York,and on aooommod&tini t^rroa. Alan, nn hanrt l?r*? Puinioe Stone, Wate'r of Ayr ft ore and Polis&iBg Putty at New York prieee. Enooerag* th" enter price; it will be an acquisition to the oity. ALEX. RUTHERFORD. Pioneer Steam Marble ana fr*in Stomr Works, Pft. 4T.| oor. Thirteenth eL, au21 3ni a. WuhiSKtoD, D. C. IMPORTANT Tb HOUSEkEEPERS. K. R. PUREEE * CO.?3 Snaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but groand from fireeh Spioea, selected and oleaned by at expressly for the pureoee without referenoe to ooet. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper J to prevent injury by keepiac, and are fuH weieht, while the ordinary groand Spioee are almost invariably abort. We warnat them, inpoint of strength and richtiess of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, M.% ainxle trial will abundantly prove. Manuactured only br _ _ _ fe lft PeaS ??%swS?ork. O/ATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARE lfY MANUFACTORY. * I -i" *1-- ? ? - *-?? ' - i uitvv one ui ins rail (luniiiameBU, IM mrnished with aooinplete set of tools for repairlag every lienori prion of fine Watohea, and #7%} articular attention ?i vo to the Mine, by bmUK thorough conipetent'workman.and a. work guarantied AUo,every deecnp ion of etandard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, whioh my oustomers will find far superior ia quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in general and repreeented as their own nianufaoture. H. O. HOOD, ee 6 338 Pa. avenue, near 9th et. Tm HE UNION Win. STAND. NO MATTER WHO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently I shall remain in Washington and oontinue to pursue mj ooonpation of HOUSE, sign and ornamental PaINTING. Gilding in all its branches. Ola Glasing promptly attended to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage Fnmiturein the best style- I also, oali attention to the Painting of Roofs and Brick Walla. All of the above I will do as oheap as the oheanest. I therefore eolioit the patronage of my fnenaa and fellow oiUzens of the District. Punctuality strict.v nhiflrvnd. ft.nH wnrlr Hon* in mmrnrn Mr. You will oleaae mind your ?tnp? and atop at M. T PARK ER'S Fainting Eatabuahment, No. 43' S3 !! 53 !!! Louiatana av., north aide, between 6th and 7th it*. P. 9. Si?n8 put op free ef charge, aa Banal. an an 3m . RENTS'SHIRTS, 1* COL.L.AR8, TIES. STOCKS, HANDKERCHIEFS. And all kinda of GKNT8' PLRNlbHING GOOD*, at 26 p*r oent. eaa than any ether atore mtheoity. At oo tf-lw SMITH'S. SoTenth aj. [REMAN | SlMPSOf)^ nfol^iW^X TR^\ iFAMiiy RY&MIDT RYO The above PURE WH19KY, Coppra Di?tillid rmoM Maltid Ghais, being auperior and uniform IB quality. and highly improved by age, it preferred by conaumer* to a'l other Whiakiea, and particularly reoommended by the beet phyaioiana and cbemiata aa eosaeaaing all the requirement! of a Ttim Tonic Invitorator and Remedial Agent. The Schuylkill Water ot Philadelphia, naed in the dii illation of this Whisky, 1a proved by analy aia to be the *ofte?t and poreat water in the United States ; and to thia may, in a great degree, be attributed the exoelleuo* of thia Whiakv. For sale by FR BE.ttAN A SIM pSON. Phenix Distillery, On the Schuylkill river, Philadelphia OSoea?9ft Wall street, New York ; 109 Soatb Front atreet, Pr.iladelphia. And can t.o had in Washington of Sranel Bacon A Co , 319 Pa av.; R. J. Ryon, Weat 9th ?t- oorn.?r D; Kennedy A Pugh, 80S Weat 7th at: Mnrray A Seramea, 407 Pa- av.; J. H. Wilaon, 347 Pa. av; Barbour A Seminn, 64 I,a. av ; H. C. Gurdy, 403 P.v *v.; Wm. Bryan, 44 Market ?p.; [oore Ci.aell A Co , 3*7 Weat 7th at.; 0 F. Gn lick. 846 N- J. av ; A. Gad?iia. Jr . A Co.. M, eorner East 11th ; Edward Hall, 40 MarkotSpace ; E. E. White A Co , 63 La. av.; John H. Semises A Co . 023 West Ninth at. oott-Vm /$>/ bco,omti Ij DISPATCH! U \^T8a?e tlr Pieeot! At m^iidmtt will kmprm, ?*? in wtll-rtgnlmud fmmilUs, it U very desirable to hare some cheap and convenient v?r for rcpairi&c Farm tare, Toy*, Oraokery, Jfca. SPALDING'S PRETiRKD OLUB meets all such emerreneioa.and no household oas afford to be without It. It ia always ready and up to the suokin* point. There ia no longer a neoeaaity for limping chairs,splintered ~*neera, headleaa doUa, aod broken oraalea. it ia iaat the arfiole for oone, shell, and other ornamental work, so popular With ladi?a of refinement and tut* This admirable preparation Is used oo!d, hpipg ohomicallj held in solution, and possessing all the a: liable qualities of the best oalanet makers' clue. It may be used im the plaoe of ordinary muoilage, being vastly more adhesive. " USEFUL IN EYRRY HOUSE." R. accompanies each bottle. WktUtml* D*rM, No. 49 Cedar street, N?v York Addreee HENRY cTsPALDINS A CO., Bos No. 1,101, New York. Pat ay for Dealers in Cases containing Poor, Eight, and Twelve Doien?a beautiful Lithograph lo Show Card aoeompanyiag each package. ITTr A single bottle of 8PALBINO'S PREPARED GLUE will eave ten times its ooet annually to every household.-/"T? Sold by all prominent Stationers, Druggista, Hardware and Furniture Dealers, Grocers, and r aooy Stores. Country merchants shoald make a note of SPAL DlflO'S PREPARED OL UE. when making up their list. It will stand any elimate feio-ly i/1 \j j/1 je ^ yfcritt ii A it 1m?> ?!?. " " '? ( rt r^t j&? ftlw/or mt 4? (Ii? t>!>U* I tthllrr ? ur r' tVU? P?/|'#??/?*< a,)from 3/ $7 00 . 0>~i*?y*r',rrtr?'*J h Jr ^ ^ ^ ; jj<'n ~ ri ^ J! ?ktn tkn *?? lit J'?/*?? fiiiiinr, <i'Tj f^5 T-O^ h'l' IhtlU nJy. ;< I. r, jV .fj /l/nruMU\V #|f? W ikt I'nun ato U4 Mviu>**l fa |g ^ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS jBimiywiiliH WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR IB SUN WILLIAMS! MEW YORL >01 SJLLM IN WA8HINB TON BY 7T-lr BARBOUR 4 BKMMBS TRUNKS. BOOTS AND SHOES. BOOl 8 AMD ?HOK8 TO SUIT Tlx TIMtt W? now mailufactnrim all fends of BOOTS snd SHOK8, and oorstanti? reoeirin* opfly of twwni made work o f rroryde HI erirao". made expressly to ontor, and wuir ] be ao;d ata taaoh lower sriee than has Mm' Hfc fcsnfrifm ebarg ed 10 this eitj tit mmak tmhrim Persona in want of Boots and Uom of sasUr* ? aity mad* work, will always find a tood asaorUcaa la store and at the lowest prioee (Jive is n oaiL 6RIFF1N * MRU., a?M 314 Pennsylvania avow*. FHIVE HUNDRED IRAVLI IMS TRUNKS arnred this day, embrfuvr.i all 4<iaJiS?^h U*i and MM of f*<>le Leather,Lediet'flMm gl and PaokiBg Tretka. Omr room exhibit* at tkii tune the trttMt nrulr tveling reqmutea At moderate |U?m, to bt IthiaudeeTNew York. Alaouvr*ry deeon*^Ai55ki ICTOH Tnnki r?mnd or taksa La exekaac* for bow onee. WAJJ^ gtIjfcHjfcNg aUITVRKRN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. O 4Htn St* an. Ovmit* Odd Ftutnmi JimUTWmtkingtm. D. C. T~?re.rra will etudr their interests ti M?fil my TRUNKS, V ALICES fce , before chasing elaewere Aa I nee oono kit lliwm boat materia! the mvkct and ornp! the beat workmen, I can oonfidenUy reeorvaaad my work to bo anterior in Strength and DmmHMti to Trunk* that are made in other eitieo and sold here. 1 keep oonataatly on hand, Bad make to order tee obo week'a notice) every deeonptiea of 8QLM LEATHER, IHOS rRAMjrKXJICH DRMSS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND ~ui ?iL?. wa r r/ire . mo <??? " - r n/?u i inArjiLliTV BAttO ; Wlfl" XKSS. SADDLES; WHIPS, #*.,4*. _ Tranka, &?., Repaired aad Cirira, ia ft Wrtraanlike manner, at abort nr>uoe Tranka delivered in any fart of tki aity, I?C|Itown, or Alexandria. Alao?Agent for Hovt'i oalebratad FAMILY 8F.WIN? MACHINES. 4aU-l* JAMES 8. TOf AM. TaAVKLElW DIRECTORY. B^TWaMC?'moiR C ha Has of Hacaa. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, J ana IStb, I860, traina will ran aa foil ova: Leave Washington at 6.20 aad 7.4" a. m. Leave Washington atSJO and ij) p. m. On Sunday at 3 an a. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.35 and M a. m. Lmt? Baltimore at 5.15 and 00 p. m. Oa bandar at 4 ? a. m. Paasengera for the Eaet Will take train* at KJi and 7.?n *. m and S 30 p. m. For the Wert ?t !.? a. m. and MB p. m. For Annapolie ati.?e a m and A* p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening tbe MB p. m. tram goee te Philadelphia only. <? IS-^1 T iL PARSONS, Areat. NEW ORLEANS XX TSEXiSS X3AT0 WIT* TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. figMKSf M ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orrnngt mnd Alexandria Rmilr?d TO LYNCHBUR*: Virginia mnd Tennessee. East Tennesste ana Virginia, East TimnAiiA* nn2 Nashville and Chattanooga Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHltTROUTE: Memphis by Rail, theooe by First class Packets to New Orlsans, MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, ther.oe to Mobile by Fintoiass Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Svndats Iscinn, Leave Wiikiiistoi at 6 a. m. tW p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leaves her wharf foot of Seventh ttroot at 6\ a. m. aad 6fc p. m. aad connects at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the SonthweaC OAo??Pennsylvania avenae, ooraer of Sixth st. itMAti ouous morn to nv tiuoi. Lynch buri Ml Sn Memphis fffl OS Bristol _?. ? li OP Atlanta Jl ? K no x nil a . 10 00 Macon . 9 00 Chattanooga X 00 Oolaiabas ? SI 60 Dal ton 24 on Montgomery * 00 ilnntsvule .27 00 i viaMemptusvC 50 Grand Junction-?.? 00 N.O.> via G. J nnc .Ct 10 Nashville SSIDl \ viaMobLie._4i JO THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL S00 MILES 8aORTER^a"' Z4 HOURS LESS than any other Liae? the' Ljnchborr E**en?lon being now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! II ia provided with First olass Sleeping Can! {To Now Orleans .? Tt Honrs. Memphis ,. .. .11 4o. ?Sa&=r=: 8 fc ICT-The U.S. MAIL sad ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over Uus New Libs. Tickets oan be obtained at the Bostk Westers Ofloe, corner of 8ixth street and Peansjlvaaia avenue, to the following soinU r Lynchburg, Bristol, KnoxviUs, Atlacta, Chafctanooea, BvntavtDo, Graad Jnsotion, Maoon, ^Nashville, Dal toe. Col ambus, "" """""Rfc wh^pKJfS"^ II ^ TJ/r n Tin u *rrtr ? ?< ""?? ? - rYous tirqixia 'aprutaa*" JET^Omnibeaea and Btfiio Wagoaa leave tbe oin at 6 a. m. and i p. m. JAMKS . EVANS, Tioket Arent, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. a*. T*HE STEAMEJt MS, 8UYWU) www km t tripe on TUESDAY, ?|at of ^ February. IMS. W ill leave WASH In6TON every TVESDAYMd*"*" intermediate Landinca. On her return triee, aha 111 leave CVRRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at I o'clock a. m. LUCIAN ?. PA?E, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. A?'U Alexandria. fcl QFF1CE OF ,}!^J>8E?^|.r^NI) ?KAl^* w>?ni<Toii Jilr It, 1M notice 18 hereby OJTeV. That,agreeably to the provi?io_D? of the mdinanoe of the C?r porauon approved may U.1W. the unaertieoed if now prepared, "*h?##T#r reeqired is writiBf. en? on pre payment of the fee of lftr eenU, to lnepeet. examine, teat, prove, and aeoertain the aeepr*?y of reciatratioa of it&y cm roster lb bbb ib tnie eity. ' Ever; meter, if foand iooorreot, will be eondemaed, and another, acaied and marked aa tree, will be et in i?? p'?ee. If proved to he aoanr?te is iU meMur. m?nt of km, it will be eealed aooonlincly, and a<ain put in poaitioa for nee. OAoe No 410 Seventh etreet.fnear Odd Pel .owe' Bali ? Openfrom i a. m.. to 5 a m. CUAKLES W. CUNNINGHAM. jf lt-tf Inapeotor and Sealer of Gaa Metera. flOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES ll Theee Soaita are oiered to the nbhe aa the moat aimple.darable, an>i re;lable eaalea ever eat ia aee. Firatelaaa premiBine have been awarded?< by the Uaited StateaFairand Vircitna AcioBitnral Society; Virrtnia State Asnealtnra. Fair: Franklia Inatitmto Ftfr, Pennavlvaaia; NewYork MatoFair, Vermont StaU Fair, Jte., Jto. Is every we where exhibited they nave reoeivedlret elaee premiaee For ueatif Louiaia&a a venae, Depot ef BiUer'a Ceil ed Iron SaJaa. ?im-ir w u rATTiauNi Altai OAS P1XTU1EI. EHtn in etore. andar* dat y rwnriu, 9 AS FJI7*(7R*S of entirely New Pattern* andDwiu and Finish, superior ir tyle to anything Mrttom* offi?rad in thin market we invite oitiaensimm It to oall and examine >nr stock of Gas and Water Fixture*, feeling ooi.Ldent that we have the beet elected stock in Washington. I! Work in the above lino intrasted to aar ear* will b* promptly attended to. rtANCIS HARPER, FAMILY OR^CKR V?A^BBAutD STORK, Comer of .Vrw Yftk ?msm mndTmtk ftrmt. Respectfully solicits the patronage of tnoi** may be in want of any artiol* in the above una H11 endeavors shall be to please, and by a strict attention to the want* of the publie, he hopes to iaorit a hare of their patronage. His took oonsists or every artiola anally to bo /bund in a first-class Family Grc?ry ana Fo^d ^* . 0 t- ? WOTKf i.?.?. lamxx. t.Lwn. i.Livnt f^OOD LIOHT^ ? uaur LlvnT! PARAFFINS OIL. fron Co??A" U8,TI ?>u V ?ou cm at a' atuwpmw, "?i? smrn- is^ytaprtk I 1 ? " MKP10IHM8. U* MaTonMR> LOU BOtriTU, rom ALL DISEASES^OP 1MPEUDENCE. J LET NO FALSE DELICACY FKEVEXT. APPLY 1MMKD ATELY. m mm mm mr a m m a %rw * #1 r%m mm* *mmm " "~l7t f*am~one rb "two "days* ** TmMmim ?f*i til* Ti- itii ttirtw I??> IHity> E?i?toE5ot!E?5^K?S Pi?hi rflwh w irftoM,lkMM >(U< Ih4,IWv, mw TimMi Pmitin f rttMry li?m ?tf f?> Itwi DnUfW o4 Dtaintu'i PmutM n? 1m mtnuft lafMHk)*. *?< taim; Mi hm TOBira KJI I^HkUi vlt Uri kttMi ik? thi? MIM7 TIm, ffest trMdTk. Mi4 Iiiuhum kM M thM u.mL ? kn^iot a ttlltd, ?*? Mifto ?A*tmw >i>i J*W? MMfit Kvimc lyt?, M?7 ull v^'Kb ml> t?l UM^IMUi/Wnt W *! MMM WlMM'lf Kill Ch? Ml ?. t. Mf Nllf rfy mUiii Mi tmi m i u4 MtUnltj rw? mi vrwT*^T weKu22?e^eerE,?lw* r ttMmw |Cim << ?>nn? mm u4 ??m>m. fc min ML JtUNTOI, M'M>m utU? K^t: OUip I M?Mi. mlMM kM MM ?f lk? 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BUY EE IMJIfU IMPERIAL WINE BITTEHS, An aow Mi( used from Mum to the 6rNl Bait Lake, anl til* saiTcmi vortiiot of at! wto im i n?i ettber m a mtditrn* om> u that r they are uoBftryaMC in the world. Dr. Oode naod thaa uocewfkiir m hia prto&ee for V raajn before we purchased of h ra the sole right to ~iafi?>otara acd preeect thas for aale to the pvbiie. Forth* ? ss?wiM5r*a&!^?Js" 1 p^t-?, aadall OMNrMunti atonic. tuey are t>eTi,..d doabt ancoct icTa cabic r??dy. Aside from their mod properties the? are a pare, wholatome and deT^buai B{T*r*c*vPI"<?wH9 all the 1 njuiorwBC nf acia 01 Vra&Oy ?r Wiu \ without Unr ininj?ot? reau't*. I -?* all fnmdi of hameally and Ml adToaataa of temparauaa unii ft in rut>?tiUinx that* TVaa?U Vegatat> ? ill tier* for the mmmi pmitomt ud tMirtfd Ihmm Sitt whioh the oountrr la flood eo, and tbaret>y aid In baualunt Dimm aad DraaJraaaaa on the .'ani CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * CO., ProfrMtora,78 William atraat, New Yarfc. 4. 8CHWARZE. iMt, Washing loa, D C. DR. I. BOVEE DODT IMPERIAL Gllf BITTERS. For PIwum of the Kidney i.B, adder ani Urinary Orgaaa, and especially for Frir.aJ- Obetrnotiona, never Am! to aara, and ara warranted to (It* aatia*C&?AkLES WIDDIFIELD ft. CO)at-lyj Ac*ct. WaaL'cgtoti. D. C. IOY FOR THE PICK AND SVFFEglNe. J LET ALL WHSARE AFFLICTED APPLY THE REMEDY AW* REJOICK TN HEALTH, Friend, do ry? suffer? Are job the viebai of an? of thoM numerous tilmeLU which ariaa trim im parity of the blood.' What are ?hey, Co yoa aakf lather w, what are they sot t The blood ta the onroe of !h* and health, and tt ie tne first ateraect of oar botnff to respond to an/ canee whioh fl>c w lk? ayatein, aa tha pa>ae inialfiMy streets The erar Mrailiim Nearaigia, the trnta'iac Lrya'pe'.as, the aahtie Soroiala. the acoDiaiDK Khear'auein, Nervous Debility, Dyspepsia. Lit or Complaint with ita toraor aud oajwctn'o, arc the canberleaa Ilia that feah ia heir to, danr* thair hideoas oririt trvrr. the bood. 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