Newspaper of Evening Star, November 10, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 10, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING 8TAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ATVRBAT >?t'int>fr 10. IBM. Spirit ( the .UtriiBi tram. The Ctmttimiio* Ueata npna Republican conaervatiana. and uoon tbe ? Drraect and ultimate ebjeeta" of tbe party. The Intilhgtnctr discusses tbe 9ece*aioa moveDent ib South Carolina. m-Governor Hicka, of Maryland, following the example of tbe Governors of nearly all tbe StaUa of the I'nlon, baa designated Thursday, the 2Dth instant, aa thanksgiving day In Maryland. (f7* The Bell men have tbe balance of power In tbe New Jersey Legislature, but tbe republican have the ttenate, and can thua confirm the nominations of Gov. Olden, which hitherto they eouldnotdo. Mraic.?MeUerott has jnst laid on our table two ongs, one entitled, "Circled round with Jasmin Spray," and the other, "I would not to Earth recall Them," published by Ditaon, both of which have merit, and tbe la?t named a beautiful plain melody. Thi Lksislatcbk or Noam Cabolina ?The Legislature of thii 8tat* will mart on the third Monday of the present month. It will probably be one of the motl Interesting seasloui ever held since tb? commencement of the State Government A United State* Senator, a Judge of the Supreme Court, and three Judges of the Superior Court will be elected, and other matters of grest and vital Importance will bediscussed and disposed of. TTT'Thc Associated Press agents telegraph from Washington as follows: No spprebension exists In official quarters that any efforts will be made to seize the forts or other public property In the South, ss no such moremeats would be tolerated by the aulhorltits of the States In which tbey are lues ted. The que* iions now ais'raei iDe people or thit seelion being of great deHcaey. nothing Will be done by Executive authority tb >t would trad to exasperate the public uiaa against the General Government at this juncture, while, however, the President will perform hi* duly of duly enforcing the laws. The resignation of Federal officers at Charleston being contingent of acceptance by the President. time will be allowed thexu to reconsider their action. An erroneous report has prevailed that the President intends issuing a proclamation; but It will be recollected that President Jackson did not Eursue such a course nntll after Pouth Carolina ad pasted the nullifying ordinance. 3s Cabinet to-day held their first meeting the Presidential election, but no question in connection with Southern events required formal ctloa. r?TMMl. -""!(* Henrr A Wise, Rector of the Church or id* saviour, Philadelphia, was married on tb<? 6th nstant. at Richmond, to .Miu Battle Haxall, d-ioiffcter of B Barton H ax ill. a prominent cltiaen of the capital of Virginia. ""The Oxford (Miss ) Mercury says tbat "a rumor prevaila that a duel lc on foot tw-tvreen one of our Senatora and a distinguished politician formerly of this tHnte. bat now a citixeo of Tennessee The parties herein Indicated are probably Hon Jefferson Davis and Gen Henry 8. Foote. A correspondent of the New York World aava of Mra Lincoln, the future rniatreaa of the "White How. tbat she " ia upon tbeadvantageous vide of forty, is slightly above tbe medl um stature, a?itb bruwn e>es. clearly cit features, delicate, mobile, expressive; rather distinguished in appearance than oeautiful, conveying to the mind gene ally an impression of self-possesion, statelloeaa ud elegance '' !favml?Tke Vandalta. Ire. C*rr?$pom4enc? / The Star. Yoke, Nov. 8, 1*:60. The I'nlted t*titee wloop-ofwir Vardalla wa? placed in commiMion at one o'clock to-day, with tL* uau il rereiaueies at hoisting the pennant and the star epaugl-d harmer, amid tbe roil of the drain and tbe cheer* of the ?*tlor*. marine*, and officers. Th? wutorr waa charming for tbe occasion, sad the personnel of tbe ship looked well. Captain 9. Phillip* Lee, Lieut*. N. Collins, \V. A Webb, Henry Wilson, C. E. Fleming. Paymaster J?tn S Cunningham, Master Pbythlan, Lieut. Mchermerhofa of the marines, burgeon Eversleld. and Dr. Mc9herry, together with the forward offlcers. paymaster'* clerk, 4.c . Ac., were all present and in bright uniform. Tbe Vandal is is to call about the 15th or 80th, destined. It is believed, for China and Japan. May pleasant gales attend tbe eld barque an d her Eel- | nuiuei^Di. D. W. tnpNEW JERUSALEM CHIRCH. North U 5F Cap<TuL, anwiii B add C St*.?Oa eCNDAY MORNING next a diaoonrM will be iv?? on the Yi?:ju of JfwsoVtLAtldor.l' ota Geum ?? chapter, lot :2. Srau free and al earnestly inV.U<L It* rr?? ASSEMBLY'S CHICH, CORNKR 113 FIFTH AX1) I 8TREK1S.-Tli? Rev. VAtxri D. Colli:t?tof New York city, will preach in tiii? ohu'oh at 11 o clock a. m. and 1\ o'clock ? m., on TOMORROW. The pablio are invited. BO 10-lt* ry^?REV. G. W MEl.1 IN. Cathedral PreachU3 er, Uerlin, Prussia, will give eta'.- merit* of the reliciou* condition of German;, TO-MORKO \V. ii*abt>ath,) at 3>* p. m , in St. Paal'a Lather *II pkj.r?k i u... vi. msjj?i- .- ? i, vhi inv* tin* um ipr I,' crnpr lltb Md H fcta , in the German, and at?H p. in ia the Ecg iah language. lt_ i. y ALL THK MKMBERS OF THE GLOU 1 y if ceeter Farm ani Town Association, ami owner* of l?u in Etg Harb? r City. New <?r>ej, will meet on MONDAY next, the 12th day of No rmber,at thn eat.r b-iahment of Char lea Werner, core r of Sixth .fert and l'a avenue, when F?. Goibibbitz, Eaq ,the?ecretary of the aaao<.i%tioa, w 11 inf irm meoiberaa* to tt?e harbor improvement* now undlr way of execution.aad alio iu re>ation to tne aale of ou? thousand building iota in the harbor diatrict. Time of meeting 7 o'clock p. m. By order ol the Hoard ?.f Director a. co iP ? CHAS. I. UHLMAN, A*ent. fr-y?AT A MELTING OF THE NATIONAL Lki* i?emoor tic Volenteera, held at their hall the evening of the 9ih mat., a committee conaia tog I>r.* Botlx, Fain. A. Aims* and Gbo. W. OrrVTT. were appointed to draft resolution* of the opinion of the Volutitoera concerting tee reported attack upon the Republiean \\ '(warn in vt aahincton city. Said committee reported tfca following. whioh win uu&nimousiT adopted: Wlurm it is uiertid that an attaok vu mad* upoo the Republican Wigwam in this city on tn? mgiit of theSih mat.,bv a party rallring und*r va nous oftntft, among them ui? National Vo.untMri. Therefore be it Rtttived. Tfeat the National Democrat c Voluntee ? or-he Distrietof Co umbia condemn the attack as unworthy their organisation and without their sanction hetolrni. That while we d*signto heartily cn-opera'e with our southern brethren in the main?aiuaureof ttieir rights, under the constitution of our eoan'ry,we never can nor will give vir eudoracment to U'nawfal violence against the tight* of person* end property. It* frf?llKV. WASHINGTON RUBY. I .ATE IJ^5| Presid'nf of the Maryland Annual Ccrference, will pieaon a Missionary 9erinoj iu Ea?t Washington Methodist Protestant Church, next gL'iSDAY EV LN1NG .at 7 o'eloek. to Wt' rra3*! O. O. F.-ORAND LOUGB.-The An ILJJ nual Communication of the K. W. Brand Lodge of the District >'f Columbia wilt he held at Odd Fell -wp' Hall. 7th ft. on MONDAY EVENING, the mh instant, at 7 o'cloet. MtJt < * ??* i. G. Soo. areriue Churoh, (R?*. D<. Gun?,',) ,* ? ? W*, rut 4 o'clock, to be'conKHS: 5221: no i fr^P?l>EMP8EY 4 0"T00I.K~ ~~ LL2 WEDDING AND VISITING Importer! ol fin* WKDnif\k ?-Pl'ri Avml w?ntivl1bAI, WEDD1NO ENVELOPES. tM mj?t toaatifnl atyl?s. * ? Pi- At., b*l?Mi Mi and l?Oi >U , . m n-*m * ;iP|j*?nwTo?. CHlcfS ffiNISMVh v* order. J (>H for ftiai uifM for MS viM l?? sold upon f^ObD PENS.eOLD PENS, 6dLI> PENS* r VI Tkt iMRMt. uwrtoHr ia Uia ?ity of Gold P?e? P?atia.aad PaauiiCa?ajart r?aiTad. Over vifiouii ''pKENcfH*? t'llitfSTF.IX-!*. mil aTS Ponn asanas. BEAUTIFUL SILK ROBES AT f 12.49. To oio??oatj aunodiatali our atock of t L,iuni siblk aUNKSi wa hare coaelndadto ru? them off it f iXM cwh. If iom ?ut <> , don't trait arrar*i daya, and if ail ?r* avid Mold na for not h*? int *K?t wa adrrrtiao. Wa araaaliing our entire Mock of {SIl.KSaad all tbor good* in stnra witnowt rnvito oott for casta, in order to raa off oar stock and civ* poaaaaaioa of ?.? M.y ? VMI . >24 Pa. ay.. bot. Hk >ad tftkata. Pr PAPER HANGINGS. *c. APEKBANGING*A?ln * * neh and ornate to STBS, r^ori TA^ELS.diffarantc. lora aad an?a. Purahaaing S/Wfc7r wfl ? tS* '?w#*t ' naocati* r^oaa who laror^uH with tRir ordera for < Paver haofiafaad Window Shadaa in eity or ooua- I try. A call aot.nited. zamBESbuto) % ' ? v .C . M M I I - ^ ? WAIMMTOW WKW1 AMP OOMIP. Tn* Thiatii?Tbe Waablngton public owe thank* to Manager Glenn for the manner la which be haa commenced bla current aeaaon. Hta atock company la decidedly the beat that hta played upon tbe hoarda of the Federal metropoli for yeara paat. aa well aa bit orcheeter,which It a ver? tu per I or one, and,we are happy to add, coapoeed wholly of Waablngton mnalclana. Stage-manager Bland la alao nightly winning golden oplnlent by tbe manner In which he placet hit piecea npoa tbe itage?the coetumet and attention paid by all th? rnrnt tn th* " huilnMa" at /the nUn) being unexceptionable. In theee matter* the improvement over what our play-goers have been accustomed to is very remarkable, and cannot fall to t*U moat satisfactorily upon the nightly receipts of the treasurer. In no other American city have these two essentials been more neglected hereto, fore; while In no other are they likely so to Increase the nightly average of the nnmber of patrons of the house The sterling comedy of ?? The Rivals" was as well and as satisfactorily played on the night before last by the company, as ever before In the Lnited States?even In the days of Wood and Warren, and the elder Jefferson, whose grandson on this occasion reminded those of our elder fellow-citizens pres-nt so forcibly of him, who, cast In the same part, rendered the name of Jefferson theatrically illustrious. His (the yonnger Jefferson's) conception and rendition of the part was a rare histrionic master-piece, indeed ; nor was M.. If ?_ .( Sf fce.l 1 J s _ m ran .11 nnun nin. muiprop" irHawrvmf; 01 th? praise it received?both being achievements of which acton may well b? proud Ml. DoroL** will, tt ii uld, make, in a few day*, a great Knion speech in the South. It U stated he will visit Columbia, 9 C., during the stsaioo of the Legislature. Jf he should visit Columbia the probability is, that finding that town too hot to hold him, he will leave It in a harry in the course of the first night after his arrival. As for hu proposed great "Union speech," it strikes us that be had better "save his breath to cool his porridge." AAer ttj result he has brought about in the recent election, to attempt to thrust his advice upon the 9outh concerning the proper course for them to pursue In the difficulties into which his mad ambition, his late alliance with the Republican party, and his unprincipled mendacity have plunged that aection of the Confederacy, will, ten to one, prove an act of impudence so unblushing, aathat no community in the cotton States, will permit it to be perpetrated in their midst. A CoimitcTion ? Yesterday, In "correcting |n v\'<) b v>viupv?iivi *v naiipjw'iru ?rilvcilUC 1(1 our article beaded "Amiable ^till" u to make nonsense of It. Aa published it read? "We, however, trust that in due time it will grow sufficiently cool to appreciate the difference between Lincoln, seeking to propitiate and reprehending palpable efforts to bring about a revolution because tbe election has fairly gone against one's wishes " As written, it should have read? "We, however, trust that in due time It will Cow sufficiently cool to appreciate the difference tween seeking to propitiate Lincoln, and reprehending palpa le efforts to bring about a revolution because the election has fairly gone against one's wishes." Or?ratic?We learn that the Operatic treat we are to have from such performers as Formes, Stigelli, and Fabbria, will be given at Wlllards' Hall on Wednesday night next. DEPARTMENT NEWS. Xav4L Istklmgesce.?The following named officers have been ordered to the U. 9. sloop-ofwsr Cyane, now at Panama, to relieve the offlcera at present on rtoara mey win take passage In the gteamer of the 21st from New York:?Commander Blnell. Lieuts. Vanzandt and McGnn iHstfh, Surgeon Harlan, Assistant Surgeon Gibson Paymaater White. Boatswain Lavery, Gunner Pugan. Carpenter Nssb, Sailmaker Nash. A new crew will also be sent. scriemtksdkst at fl'nt Poist ? Brevet Major Peter G. T. Beauregard, Captain Cor pa of Engineers, baa been appointed Superintendent of the Military Academy at Weat Point, and will relieve the present Superintendent at tho clove of the approacnlng semi-annual examination of the cadets. Abmt Omnia.?Assistant Surgeon J. Campbell Shorb, Mcdical Department, has been directed to report, on or before the 15th Instant, to the Commanding General of the Army, la New York. for duty with the detachment of recruits soon to sail for California. Till WiiTm?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. This time of observation to about 7 o'clock Novmsia 10,1800. New York, N. Y ralay, cool. Kill tlUUUJ, COOl. Washington, D. C cloudy, wind W Richmond, V*. clear, 51?. Peteraburg, Va dear. cool. Wilmington, N.C clear, cool. Columbia, 8. C clear, cold. Charleston, 8. C clear, pleaaant. Augusta. 6a. windy, cool. 8avacnai>, Ga clear, pleaaant. FSOM TRB wc<T Frederick, Md clear, cool. Hageratown. Md ...clear, cool. Cumberland, Md cloudy, cool. Grafton, Va cloudy, cool. Wheeling, Va cloudy, W?, wind 8W Parkeraburg, Va cloudy, W, wind 8W Barometer at the Smlthaonlan at 7 a. m., (corrected far temperature,) 2fl,43S; at noon, 20.441 Thermometer at 7am., 46*; at noon, 46? Maximum during-iI hours, endian 9 & na . to <uy 55X"; mlnlmnm 4V Amount of rain laat nlgbt, one Inch. JNOTlCfc. H. 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FRENCH FLANNEL*, MOL'ftftELlNE ROBES BLACK DRE9tH OOOM ofererj dneriftimk All offtr'd ?t ir??t aaerifioeto oIom oat before th? 1st of January. Gr?at bargains in all kiade of Dry Good* for ea*h. CLAORTTA MAY. no !<>-<t 384 P? ay.. bet ?*h and 10th ata. City steam ?iV?wood mills aim COAL D?Pf?T root v S4W?ie*ntk ttt?t, btlow W*r D partwunt. WOOD mpvid, tar length and iii9,toirt the waote of o?eb porenaeer OOA1 ?K hPT iN COAI. HOUSES, prote-t?d from Hie wntU'-dillTw'd fr?e fr in aUte, dirt, and other Hnfautiee. 8,24" :1m. ?o ihe ton T. 4. A W. M HALT, ao )ft tf 898 Pa. ST.. b?tw.Hth aad mh el*. F1NK WHITK GOOD**, r?rc?? We kar* veton haad?I?r?# etook of very deeir kMe WHITE GuiiDtf, aad the* Met be eoid. L*dtee will ?are money bV eneh ae they will aeed nextapriag.aewe wi I offer great bargaioe to eloee oot immediatelT. all early and bring all tbe u*?h jon ean a pa re Sfriag aad Biiirm i &oode wt'l b*> ejhatwl at treat -sti k * tit-tfrrl * W iUm ?- - TUB SIGN* OF TUB TIMES. 1 Armas at Chaklesto* ?Tbk Niwi or Likcols's Election. j The Charleston Mercury tmjnf:?1' Yeaterdar. November the 7th, will Iftng be a memorable day 1 n Charleston. The tea bat been thrown overboard?the revolution of 1560 baa been Initiated. Intense though quiet excitement prevails through* out the community Tbe Government officials, as Ail* ?a1 iissttia Mtlli mVmw kava fuel it r?nm not H the open air, but In acme building, where tbe discussion and proceedings can be distinctly heard and clearly understood. They recommend, therefore, that the Institute Hall bV the place of meeting, and that one committee be appointed to engage and prepare the Hall for that purpose, and that another committee be charged to prepare a report and resolutions, and seltct officers for the organizations of the meeetlng. The report was adapted, and a committee appointed. Skikxadk to Jpdok Maokath ann Othkbs. After the ineetiug, a large concouYse of citizens, numbering many thousand, met at tbe Charleston Hotel to form a procession to call upon tbe officers of the Federal Government who bad resigned their commissions. While there assembled, crowding the immense pia/za of the hatel, and filling tbe street In front, L. W. $pratt, fcsq , was called upon and responded in a speech of half an hour, which was received with immense applause. Mr. Spratt was particularly forcible and happy In bis remarks. He said It was not a question or action, but only of the form of action: tbe airvreniona of vu? v*si**?hu? Will nw** , ua f o ri|i||| early evening on Tuesday, uni'I two o'clock the next morning, the Mercury office was crowded with anxious expectants of the news from New York. All day yesterday our bulletin board wu urrounded and our office flUed with a continually flowing crowd. At twelve o'clock was unfurled from our wlndowa and atretched acroaa the street I n rrd flag, with the Palmetto and the Lose Star. A Shout front below, and twice three hearty cheers, greeted Its appesrance. The Association of IsOd immediately assembled, and arrangements have been made for a public meeting to Indorse the action of the Ijegialsture In the call of a State Pnn v?*ntUn in MMprr Vtl? n? innn * nnMUaKU Tbe feeling on all bands Is for prompt separate State actlcu The Federal officer* who have resigned tbelr plarea are expected to addreaa the meeting to assemble as aoon aa the Lesislatnre ball have acted. Charleston Is not benind the State, and will play her part in the grand drama now before us. as becomes her Intelligence, tor stake, and her clvlllzition. Ou every lip la the tern cry "F?r? la librrta At a resistance meeting held on Wednesday evening, Mr. Manlgault rose and said that a number of citizen of all classes In the community had formed a committee this morning, to take into conalderatton the propriety of giving public expression to tbe feelings of the citizens of Charleston In regard to (he election of Lincoln and Hamlin, the black republican candidate* for President and Vice-Prtaident. They offer for the consideration of the meeting the following report: Your Commute are of opinion that an assemblage of a large bodv of cUlaens. for tbe performance of a grave and deliberate act. sboula be held the North would force the South to move as St* ten, if that b? possible, hut if not, to move themselves. and take upoa themselves the vindication of their right*. He closed his remarks amid deafening cheers, as the hour had arrived for the procession to form. The mass, headed by a band of music and under escort of the Washington Artillery, then moved off to the residence of bis Honor Judge Magrath. On the urlval of the procession at the residence of the Judge, and in rt-spoise to the loud calls of tbe people, Judge Magrath appeared and addressed the crowd for about tm minutes. He said tbat it was ths first time in many years that he stood before the people of Charleston, untrammelled in tbe expreuion of bis views. TLat he stood there as a citizen of South Carolina, ready to defend her rights at any and all hazards. That if tbe action of tbe Southern States, forced upon them by tbe North, should bring ruin and desolation to tbe country, it could not becharged upon tbe South, for tbey had borne their wrongs until forbearance bad ceased to br a virtu*, and to forbear longer was a trim*. He looked upon tbe actions of tkts day as the first gun of tht revolutie*, the sound ft which will t>e vibrated back from the fifteen Southern States He hoped the Hn?th*rn Ri>l> - ' ? '? J " * " 1 ?-4 ?v? vrvum V/C UII1 ICU. Dill II nolj South Carolina would alone meet the issue He concluded by saying that he would not detain the party longer, aa U had been intimated to him tint he would be called upon for an expreMion of bis views at an earlr day. J. B. D DeBow, Kiq , who was present, waa loudly called for and responded. He aaid be waa present there to congratulate their late ex-Judge on the noble |>oaitlon he bad this day taken, and closed with some forcible remarks on separate State action In the U. 9 District Court on Wednesday, afUr tbe transaction of sundry business, the judge asked If the grand jury had any presentment to make, whereupon R.N. Gourdin, Esq., foreman, said: May it please your Honor: It is understood to be one of tbe functions of the grand jury to make presentments of nuisances, and to suggest to tbe Court and (o the country such reforms in law. or In its administration, as to them may seem proper. Tbe presentments are predicated upon tbe stability of tbe Government, and are designed to proit. 1 J -.? J ? pKHUai nuu Bivouy prCgrtSS 10 IDC big best civilisation. Hence It was the purpose of tbis jury to lay before the Court some matters suggested by the Indictments submitted to them; but Hie events of yesterday seem to render this unnecessary now. The verdict of the northern section of the Confederacy. solemnly announced to the country through the ballot-box on yesterday, has swept away the I list hope for the permanence, for the stability of { the Federal Government of these sovereign States; and the public mind la constrained to lift Itself above the consideration of details In the administration of Law and Justice, up to the vnt and solemn issues which have been forced upon na. These Issues Involve the existence of the Government of which this Court is the organ and the minister In these extraordinary circumstances, the grand jury respectfully decline to procted with their presentments. They deem this explanation due to the Court and to themselves. Thereupon his Honor addressed the grsndjury, saying In the course of his remarks: The business of the term hus been disposed of, and, under ordinary circumstances, It would be my duty to dismiss you to your several avocations, with my tbanks for your presence and aid. Hut now 1 have something more to do, the omission of which would not be consistent with propriety In the political hiitory tf the United states an event Las happened of ominous Import to fifteen slavcholdIng States The State of which we are citizens haa t>een always understood to have deliberately fixed lta purpose, whenever thateventahould happen. Ferllng an assurance of what will be the action of the State, 1 Consider It my duty, without delay, to prepsre to obey its wishes. That preparation is mfde by the resignation of the office 1 have held. For the last time 1 have, as a judge of the United States, administered the laws of the United States within the limits of the State of South Carolina. * May I not say to you, that In the future which we are about to penetrate, next to the reliance we should place In the goodness of tbat God, who _? 11 -a i- ? TTi.t Xumc u> in me rigniway.snould be our confidence in our State, and our obedience to ita lawa. We are about to sever our relationa with others, became they have broken their covenant with ua. Let us not break the covenant we have made with each other. Let ui not forget that what the lawa of our State require, become our dutlts. And that he who artsagaioftt the wish, or without the command of his State, usurp* that sovereign authority which we muat maintain inviolate. At the conclusion of his remarks, bis honor, after complimentary and concurrent responses by several member* ot the bar, laid aside his gown and retired. " Cliabahcks" at thi Ccstom-Hocsi. The Courier of the 8th Inst, says :?The following notes need *ery little explanation Those who know the citizens whose names are signed will not be sumrlsed at thU m*<,k ?? .?? uv?c wao oavf Eretended "to believe that southern rights, southern onor, and southern resistance to dishonor ware mere catchwords of party, may learn from this a better appreciation of the South and of South Carolina. 1 he following letters were dictated by the telegraphic report of the Presidential election : To liu Editor* of tkt Couritr: ? Gentlemen?The Inquiry has been frequently made to me, 44 What will you do if Lincoln la elected *" My reply bas been, I will answer when the time comes. The time has pome, and 1 aowsay. Iwlll not (erve under the enemy of my country, and whether South Carol 1 tut secede*, concede*, or submits, I. will ?eaiga my office. Wu. V. Colcoci, K j Collector of the fort of Charlealon. * . * ' 'J- .? I Mturs. E'tiurt :?M I do not doclfa that iny friend* and the comtnanity shall b?in doabt' a* to my position as a Federal officer, 1 beg leare to say, 1 will not bold the ofllce of Surveyor or any other oflice under a black republican President. M. Jacob*, Port Surveyor. Mtari. EditortThe crisis In our aflWrs requiring a public expression from all holding (jovernment ofllce, I dtein it due to myself te shite ray position. 1 can perceive nothing which requires officers of the Uustoms to retire from office at the present time. On the contrary, every consideration of the duty they owe to the community renders it obligatory upon them to defer tbelr aotlon. Their retention of office is in aid of the community. Their retirement would practically suspend all commerce, and be equivaleot to* blockade, a* nothing could enter or leave the port. 1 shall await the aetlon of the State, and In any any event, shall stand or toil with her. Not being a liwiw tn ber councils, 1 await tbe call of tbuac who arc, and am ready, at a moment, to obey. Until that call be made. 1 see neither wisdom nor patriotism In an? Isdlrlinil action ou mv part Joax Lsumajis, Naval Officer. Hon. A. 0 Brews, U 8. Senator fram Mississippi, addressed a meeting in New Orleans, previous to tbe election The Crescent sketches the concluding portion of hiseddresaaafollows: -'On the Mihlct t ?f tbe charge of disunion, tfce honorable genUesWMi repMrked feet ) b|? State 4j? lie ... 41 * I wma not one mini to be found would disrupt the Union. We want to conserve It by protecting tbe rlgbta of tbe people. But whenever the Govi ernment aball be in the hand* of Abraham Lincoln. tbe Union win be dissolved. I in not here to toll you what to do, my fellow-citizens, but by banding together rou can sustain yourselves Be ready to jump Into each other* bosoms. as It were; and if Lincoln becomes President. H to .n that emergency more Important to uatfcan If Donglaa or Bell or Breckinridge, got only one or more votes than the other, than ynu to united. What la in k- A+- ' ? ? mm w wwii'- OOIUC >T flllj O' IlCn ??"T ? woi't wiiii?I will resist.. fCbeara.} I ban no right to dictate to Louiaftiot, bat I have a right to apeak of Mlaalaaippl, and what abe Will do, and when it la to be done, l.oulaiana may do aa abe pleaaes. 1 aak to have no man committed to my opiniona All I do ia to try and enforce these opiniona in my own State. In the event of Lin* coin's rlectlon, I aball advise the Governor of tbe State of Miwlaaippi to convene the LegMnture; 1 ahall advtae the legislature to call a convention of tbe people, and thft they call home tbelr Congreaaionai representatives, and let them arouae by the memory of the aplrlt of their forefathers In the defenae of right and juatice " Noktii Cakolt.ia ?o* the Usiox ?The voice of North Carolina la still for the Union ''No matter who la elected," says tbe Raleigh Reglater, "all that we can do ia ta hope for the preservation of tbe peace and tranquillity of the conntry, and the supremscy of the Conatltutlon, and the lawa passed in purauanee of It. No matter what the result of tbe election baa been, a vaat deal of mischief baa already been cauaed by the threata In a certain contingency to deatroy the Union and Government. Confidence baa been disturbed, tbe banks have withheld tbelr naual facilities for tbe operations of trade and commerce, State atocks have fallen In the market, and capltaliata are withdrawing their money from the mnnn 1n which It hu heretofore circulated, and are holding on to it to await calmer time*. Men who are in debt, and who could, if indulged, pay out, have been pushed to insolvency, and anything like new enterprises is dreamed of by nobody. Now, if the threat to destroy the Government ia productive of ao much lnjnry, what will be produced by the execution of that threat?" WlLtllTO TO LKT THK f?OCTH ?*KCKT)? IT THE Pkoplk Dksirk it.?The New York Tribune declarer against a republic " whereof one aection Is ploned to the other bv baronets," and says:? " But while we thus uphold the practical liberty, If not the abstract right of secession, we must insist that the step be taken, If It, ever shall be. with the deliberation and gravity befitting so momentous an Issue. Let ample time be given for reflection; let the subject ne ftilly canvassed before the people, and let a popular vote be taken In every case before secession is decreed. Let the people be told just why they are urged to break up the Conf^d^rnltnn* )pt Km* Ka*i? !.? - ? J uu <u WX'IM ?'? ?Uf/ question fullv presented; let theui reflect, deliberate, then vote; and let the act of secession be the echo of an unmistakable flat A judgment thua rendered, a d?mand for separation to hacked, would either be acquiesced In without the effusion of blood, or those who rushed upon carnage to defy and defeat it would place themselves clearly In the wrong " The New York Post, in a similar spirit, says: "Our rejoicing at the success we have obtained should be absorbed by the reflection that we have taken upon ourselves immense responsibilities which we must consider how we shall faithfully discharge. For two years to come we must expect to And a majority In both Houses of Congress Influenced bv a spirit of disgust, if net of hostility, to the Republican administration. We must have patience to wall till, by a wise and impartial course of conduct, by a strict regard to the rights of the States, by a careful abstinence from every doubtful exercise of authority, by a frugal adminI_a_. si - * At- _ jm V ? " - nortuun oi uip nnnnrn, ana dv me selection or wise, able and upright mm as the agent* of the goverment In every post, distrust (hall be changed to confidence, and hostility disarmed of it weapons. We have pronounced in favor of a moat conscientious aa well as most able map to fill the Executive chair. The adminiitratio- of the fedeial government must be conformed n all respects to tbe character of our Chief Magistrate, or toe bold whlcb we have obtained on the people fs lost. Our success In the election, by deciding one question, tbe extension of slavery to tbe Territories, baa deprived our party of one Important bond of union, one of tbe most powerful causes which have attracted to it the in'erest and favor of tbe people. Its place can only be supplied by an etrnest endeavor to distinguish the Republican administration by an enlightened xeal for tbe public welfare." The New Orleans Picayune says : ?' Louisiana, we venture to affirm, will neither lead n >r follow in >ny Ktrmon movement ?ne acknowledge* a fealty to the Conititution, and regard* her own honor too highly to favor extreme measure* before they become the last alternative*. In the words of the Illustrious Jackson, whose memory she reveres, she believes that, compered with disunion, all other evils yet experienced are light, because that brings with it an accumulation of all" * Tbe New York Herald or?es that Mr. Lincoln should at once give to the world the programme of the poller he will pursue as President, snd that B>licv sbonld be en* of conciliation and peace, e should fling aside tbe revolutionary and destructive ideas which tbe fanatic portion of his psrtizsns have proclaimed, and give substantial evidence that he will be a national and not a party President. slsato* Toomb? with a Cociabb.?It It itatrd that Senator Toombs wore In the streets of Columbus. Ga., on Saturday l??t, a blue cockade, preaentrd to him by aome Montgomery ladles, while be waa in that city. WonT "Sbcbdb."?The Southern medical students In New York had a meeting on Wednesday to decide whether they should withdraw Instantly from the college of that city. The meeting, however, adjourned without coming to any conclusion. The Atlanta Confederacy aaya:?" Lncina J. Uartrell. the present representative in Congresa from this district, hat joined the 'Minute Men' organization of Pulton county." The Lynchburg Virginian ridicules South Carolina, and protrsta agalnat Virginia having anything to do with the aeceaaion movement. NOW OPEN THE URIGIHAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUF, Next door to CVay'.t (late U. S.) Hotel, between Third and 41 streets. O. 6. EVANS. in order to accommodate hi* legion* of cu?tom*r.< throujhont the United State*, haa located A BRANCH 8TORE of his widely celebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISK in Waah ngton 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where can al way a be found a ooroplete stock of tke STANDARD AND MODLRN WORKS of the UNITED STATfcS AND EUROPE. Every book ia aold at tk* PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATES.. una A GIFT worth from Fifty Cent* to ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS is pre^enirKl to EVERY PURCHASER at the tlm* of ths sal*. 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The following tea araopcltof the ralmi tnm the electloa. received tinea tha laat l?oa af the MA?SACHll?KTTS The following la a IB# of Coagmwuiin elect: Dlrtrtets. 1 ThMMiD.Kliot. amubllfu I. I?w3Mnio*. do. do. J. CbtrldF MCl* do 4. Alnaadarl. do. do. 5. William Appletoa, fuaioa, republican low f. John I. Alley, republican, re-rlntcd. 7. Daniel W. Gouch, do. do. ?. CbarlenE. Train. do do. 9. Goidamltb F Bailey, republican 10. Cbarlea Delano, do. re-elected II. Henry L. Dawn, do. do. KENTUCKY. Pendleton roonty?Breckinridge 101 majority? being a gain of 17^ for Breckinridge on the Auyuat election. Harrtaon county? Breckinridge majority, which ia a democratic gain on the Auguat rote of 201. Lexington city glvea Bell 71 majority. Vote In Lexington?Bell 084, Breckinridge 835, Donglaa 75, Lincoln 1?total l,?JS Jeff-raon county? Bell 3.800, Donglaa 3.400 ever Breckinridge in iefltaveon. Including eltvof Louie, llle. At the August election the majority for Coomba waa 5,1* Hardin county?Breckinridge donblea McCardy'a vote at Eilsabethtown. Bell'a majority la the county ia only 300 It gaee Coomba 1,01* C(Vimha in thai >( ! U a ??a Ml about 30,000 We are Inclined to think that Kaatneky baa redeemed the pledge made by bar democratic party leaders, that the tremendous majority of 3o.o6u for Coombs should be overcome. Brecalorioge gslns tremendously over the vote of that election everywhere, as for as heard from. ILLINOIS The first Congressional district (fives Waahbora (rep ) 12,3*20 majority?again over the vote of 1S58 of if-00 In the second district, Arnold's (rep ) majirity Is M.U90?a gain of 5.4HO The majority for Lincoln In Illlnola will reaok between '20,000 and 9*,000, probably. What a commentary uooa the pretenalona of the extraordinary strength of Douvlaa in the Bon-alaveholding Stetrs. upon which D.waa aought to be forced upon the South at Charleston ana Baltimore, U this resit!* In bis own State! Who now falls to comprehend the fact that Douglasism baa been, from beginning to end, but a bundle of fala* preten aes' GEORGIA. OSr.lal returns from 07 counties five Breckinridge 30.000 Bell '29.500, Douglaa 9,000 TLere is no aotioi wtutevrr ttast Breckinridge baa curled Georgia overwhelmingly. LOUISIANA. Breckinridge'! plurality In tbi? State will be about 3.(M). MISSISSIPPI. The return* from Mississippi Indicate gain* for Breckinridge. WISCONSIN. Potter' (rep ) majority In tbejrat congressional district is 2.500. Lincoln's majority in tnc State is from IS,000 to 20.000 VIRGINIA. In but a portion of our edition yesterday we pnbllsbed the following dispatch from RIcbmond Richmosd, Va, 1 p. m , Not. 9, i860.?Editor Stir . So fsr as heard from, Breckinridge Is '2,430 ahead of Brll in Virginia, and the few ?* retaining counties gave I etcher nv majority cv>t Gokfgln Virginia bas certainly gone for Breckinridge. A anba? quent dispatch?aeal bltber laat night? confirn.s tuat, aa follow*: Richmosd. Nov. 9Returns from 13 countlea in the southwestern portion of the State give Breckinridge 2.7<*> majority. Tba democratic gain la 3 :k*i. and the State la now considered certain for Breckinridge. MARYLAND. The majority in Maryland for Breckinridge u.r. dcii over uouglas. 30.144; orer Lincoln. 33,427. Tbe combined democratic vote of Breckinridge and Douglas over Bell li 5.870. What a commentary It this rrsult upon tbe truculent impudence manifested both at Charleston and Baltimore by tbe Maryland Douglaaltea who were admitted into the Charleston Convention over delegates of the other wing of tbe party by tbe otes of the State* In which this election proves os conclusively that Douglaaism was, Indeed, the weakest phase that the democratic cause ever assumed In them!!! DELAWARE. Breckinridge has carried Delaware by tgOOO. Nevertheless, Fisher (rep.) la elected to Congress by about 350 owing to greas mismanagement on tbe part of his opponents TENNESSEE. Tbe returns from Tennessee continue very meager. Onir two-tiftbs of Tennessee have been heard from. In that portion of tbe State, which, by the by, embraces all the Douglas, and we believe moat of the Bell strongholds, the Bellltes claim to )> ** ir?< * ***** - ? ?* ' ula/ii incir iiiieiccxion. Nevertbeleae, when the other tbree-flftba of Ibe State are beard from, we are Inclined U believe tbat It will be found that ahe baa elected the Breckinridge ticket. -.c: 1 ' missouri. The fart tbat no additional word baa bee a received concerning the election in Missouri. ia this quarter, simply proves tbat the returns aa they reach St. Louia are looking rather blue for tbe Belli tea and Poag1aalt?a AUCTION 8ALB8. Br WALL * BARNARD. Aaotlooeere. Morgan stallion at auction^-Ob SATURDAY MORN1N9. November 10, at 11 o'oloek, we will aoii,in front of oar AaeUoa Room? One Brown Stallion, 17 haada kick, ine trotter and raoker ami worka well in narneaa and eickt years old. Hia pedigree may be aeea at tke tore. Two Rookaways, asarly new. Sold bocaose the owner has no fnrtker nee. Terms cash. no >-d WALL A BARNARD, Aaota. CT THE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED in <nns?qae:ice of the rain, antil TUESDAY MIIR MM: "noli WALL k BARNARD, * acts. 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ORBKNv^haaUoaaar. 3FJ ?> &?* Hi L?twtL ?2r2i 'ii?I?i SSSWSs fU'S "" a?Miimu4?Mdoftn^tekoj.^^ Js.T.B.f dHS^fiSff inaUnt,j??? how. bo 10 dtd A. 81WW, Awi T HERRING SAPS FOR BALK. I HE Pnbaorttora tevo mmllwtMini btad Herring Safe, of m?4imb ? , vtatek tfcoy will mU "'"k. JAg C..MoOVIKKktOO* IUST RECEIVED AND FOR RALE ON ACW (MWOtttttl UlBM, m (Ml of T*U Nftnw COKET a8 a,OEO^ATEIU^i I 10 HT! LI a IT!! Jiit iwUoi m bonX uMior COAL OIL jiom the VusiBis CoeJ m4 OllCo*?WiT, WirWW \~s?jfi ??*>-< * ' AUCTION 8ALBB. TBia AFTERNOON k TO-MORROW, i Br . OREKN. AwlMMr 1 T'RT'PTKK't* PA I F or V A I V A T. LE BT'Tt O 1 ma Lot* on T?!?t? irtm wur, iiTwin of Ua ?r*mIIM, jUi c'oloc* a m , by tirtMnf % d?od nftrp?t to tbaaaSaerthor, fcr?riaf Ml* tbe if day of April, 1M0, ud i?oordM ia LlNrr J.A.P, No. l?l, Toliua m. A.c., oaa el tha jpi'h tar WMmnihM oniM^.li UiM>Wlnctrfr.i ***. tk? following >u?c .i.?U yroar-ty, Iji?j u4 beta* in tbaeity of WMhmcton, Uiatriet Uortttid. n*. Ail tbat ?!'? or p*-oH of (r?ii4 k?ivr aa4 Vm4 dova oa U* ilat afaaid mm m ?ba wtkmn Lot aa?baredtv*ira. \li, > l?a aoulh ha ! na? t^rad thirteen, (tSJLUi a^uara na? bored ?hrae baad'ad arxl wmi; eight. (SW.l ar.d oomprieod in tfee following tnfU? and hound a, to Wit OoWHIH w the e?id half lot aunit>?rao t**i vaat tbe M'Uvat oorner of and lot, and rannmg thenar aouth villi tha Una of Tenth at ?at vaat ta ?H ire foot atl and a bail laehee, (15 fori 6* mefeaa, ' Uaaaa aul ona hundred and eeven faot two inohra i |u7 foot 2 i ochre) to Ua rear of aud lot; ihraor north tvnh1t* feet aix aad a h* f iacbea(B foot ?K irchea)w> tha point ofdmaion batvoaa aatd iuU tvtiM ud thirteen; aed th**?o* waat wttfc aud aineioa lm? na hand red and aorrn foot two laeboa t l<n tart J loohoaj to Teeth atraot vaat aad ylaae of M|iat>n; mfiuini [nr ii>? hu? ptn Of i .01 is miwwtoW**toorn*r of Mud lot, oa TnU mtm! vat, m>4 running Uwo? nortfc vitk Uw Iim ol l. u Hint Haass Jte/aws isti&surs. sr. UtUtmrofwdlttiUHMiMlk ft*t)toth? point of division. b*tw**p ?M ">U 11 nnd IS, nnc vict with Mid division lia* ?M >uMtad itniiMt two 1 nekw (W7 f?*t I lMhM> trrtsrias? Vinins of anls: <m>; tt> 1 iwiirfw ui st?^ tw*iv*.Md Mima annki; to* Mr*ta**r to (in not** for lb* deferred ^mnU. kwrmi i*to*n*t from any or mi#. Adt*d (imudndMdoflnat taken. All oonTnynneing nt Um onnt of tU Mraknaar. Should th? tonas not to 000piisd with la It* dnya tto Trust** mewvee tk* ngkt to rtnU th* property nt th* risk nod oost of tketwainaar. E. C. CARRINGMON. frasto*. ooSI-dAda A. QUEEN. AaaC FUTURE DAYS I By CLEAR Y * GRKKN. AaaUonaart, 6 06 rtriff. nPRUSTBE'B SALE OF HOUSEHOLD AND 1 Kitcbsh Fru rru, Baa Rocm pixtra*? ah? Liquors at Arcno*.?By nrtaa of a 4?m ( tr?Kfrom Jaoob Schmidt to Um ut>d?r?ir?M mm traaiaa, 1 shall pr<>o??i to **11. o? MO> DA V. tk* ltth day of Novombtr, alio o'clock a m., all Ik* H. u*ehoid and Ettoboa nnatii*, LKion. Bar Room FizUtm, Ac.. kMii in u* bow* aa S?xUi b'twwr. 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Card, and other Tables, Fainted Cottage Seta, Frenoh and other Bedateada, Fine Set Chineae Tepoya, Cane and other Chaira, Faather iied?, Bed dine And MatU?ea. Wasits'ands. China, 6 aaa, and Crockery Wa^e, Refrigerator, i*<z fine English Enrra?inga, Mantel Cloek, WardroboVClook, Onui.s, Three-piy Carpet, and Oilcloth, Cooking Stovea, With a cood lot cf K fallen R^iiiiIm, aid mar' oth r artiolee which we deoai uaneoeas&rv t?? enumerate. Term*: All sum* of & oaah; over JSS,aornl!? of 30 and 6" day a, for nut* aatiifictoriiy eadoraed, bearing interest. no 3d A. ft KEEN, A so'. By BARNARD*. BUCKKY. AaotiPneera, 6i?rr??M, D. C. npm:8TEE> SALK.-Hy virtae of a d?*d o| 1. vraat.duiy rronrced in Litwr J. a, H. ITS. at aac i 1FS, fto., of the land re ord? of the Dirtrict of C<>IB1 ahall I ,?t pnt-li<t*ae ion.en W'EilNKSDA Y, Nov. M'h, ih?>. at 4 o'e'ook p. . a ?ait of Lot 179. in tk(t.| and Hkwkwi'r Addition to George:own.tecicni>'a for the unw at the eoutaeaet O raer <m Markrt ?nd Fourth at*. a id rnrnio* o'h With Mark*! ?C S Iiat6 inchea. rnorr or less, to B, TruaneTa i??t; Ubu# with h a lot eastward.* 7" feet, m?re or leu ; th'uoe Lonhw?r<J'y S2 feet ? motif a o Fourth atreet; ?ad thenoe weatarardly 70 fret to the beginning. Terms: On third eaah; remainder ta aot*a at 6.1* and 13 moalha, ar oared by a deed of baat oa the If the terna of ea'e be not on > pi led with in Ire day a iron Umaoiaale. ?r parti wtil bereeoid at Iha r a? ofdef%a>Ung ptuehaaer. All eooreyaaoiax at ooet cf purohae*-. CHAR1.K* *. M A TTH EWS, Traatee. BARNARD ft BUC&feV. Aaota. no iT.Th.SVIHM aiKfitn FHB Kl I K - Q- 1 -? i.^1 tho Orphan*' Court of PnnooO?orce'*oo?Bty. e[d , the tilbMrihcr VI!! nflar f >r ?Bl? ?t the aouit uiMdour l>p*r Marlboro',on TUESDAY, Ui* Utk imu tt S oMook f. b., Ttlttblt rvDM N?(ifMu. Tarsia of aala ouh, or aa aoorft*d draft W. H. TUBL. Admimatrator of Ana J. Hiltmnmo 1-Stawtd (Marlboro' payor* oopy.) Br CLEAR Y * OR BEN- A a otto now. 408 N**lk Hrr4l. INTENSIVE PALE OF STOCR. GRAIN, tu v'mitmn, Faimim lupumstt, c?? Waookk, llorcjtHoLD Frusirc**, kc , bolonring to the of tb? late Oartaa Ci*|??t, dwMNd.kt Poblio A notion ?Ob FRIDAY iid SATURDAY, theIfitli Bad 17th <4 Nort?b#r Beit. w shall Mil. at Uf fBrm Bad ro?ld?co? of the lata Dariaa Clacett, doooaaed at 11 o'oiooh a m.. <>o the Seventh atroet turnpike, ( Lbe flaf on thmnu; will de?ig?Bt* the piao*.) about C mil Be from the It/, all of the Faraoad EfVota beloaciaf to IB* said dftoaaaod, oonoieti-c in part of? 5 in* farm work and oarna* ? Horaoa, on . 11 ? BJ .I.L n #- ' *r*uviieiii ifiuvn vowi, i DMierv IS Hofa, 1 Ball, 1 Mule, 4 Market Wurnti. for one or two bo raw. 1 Cm Farait? Carriairo, Iwima aad Oorat, 1 do. dull do. do. do. 4 Carta, with a Iff* lot of Haram. 99 asta of complete Harnmn. Mowinc Maohme, Horao KakM. RotlMB, Plow* of ovary deoonpu?aa?d naki Cuttini-boxBa, Com and Cob CruMri, Btr>-ov*. Caltiyat^ra, Whoat D'llia. Rake*, Hooa, blior?la,8ia<laa. rarka, As., P< tato lugger, It t*U Plow Harneaa, W*(oi Bodiea. liar?a Raoka. i*ieooa. Whaat-ffcna. wWlbarrowa Scythea, Cradlaa. Threahing MacHtaoe. in perfect orrio-. With a large lot of other lmplomoata, too aa ?HW? V W 40 acres of frowinr Wheat. bo? in f or4mt to torn of ptime Timothy and CIotot Hay. ?r> bnahela of Potatoee, IX baneia of Cora, U<? atalka of in* Celery, Larfc lot c-r fin* C?bN**e. Care* lot of tkr?w udl.oat Poidor, Mum Cement, i(6 hut.) l?-?0 lot or hot- Ded?uh. Tho HOUSEHOLD fcPPBCTm, *o??irti? is part of Biano, 8too'. and Corer. Mahorany dofc, ahogany Parlor Cbaira, Rocker. 4?., KfMitn<l, vv?rdrob?, *nd Binu, Marble-top. Oiai, tad other Tabloe. Patent 8iek chair. Oi't ami Bronze Candelabra*. 9 Parlor Window CartaiM and Oroameats. TJ'tKV.0"" ""-* " ?>?" Exo<- loot white earled Hair Mattuw. Do Parlor, Chamber, aad HaM tWy*e. 6 anketa. Comforta. Qai:t?, Lanes Sheettaad i rot3tjaaaeLaa8a?rte^ Aadirona, Shovel and Totfi, Pendara, aad Ptra tisll, aed Ctowber l>Wee. haSRSferiSSS6-??TirM*f?lt: ah mi aadar Ml ?aak; *' IW, a ?r?dH oft,4. ?*J2ora?i! MMTlption M*a*bl?yrioa? ?Mw ft*. 4ftt 1. ImwM D mm* K QO TO PKBflCH fc KICMrifm^ Hun^ii 430 t2<Lro FEKliiCH * MCMTRtNl M*. 8TS tSREBfififiiF H UJul. '? M

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