Newspaper of Evening Star, 10 Kasım 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 10 Kasım 1860 Page 3
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, LOCAL.. _WJBWS._J [I^Thi 9tae publiahea the Llat of Lettera remaining In the WaaMagtoa Ctty Poet OAc* under the prorlalona of the law directing them to be printed In the newapaper baring the largeat elf illation within the delivery of the oftce. Ita toufl dally circulation la more than double that or any othqr Daily printed la the District of Columbia. IC?" Though Th* S*ta* to printed on the Mnt team prew in oae aouth af Baltimore, lto edition 1? ao torge n to raqalre It to be pat to preaa at an early hour; Adverti?e.uenta, therefore, ihould be ?*-nt in before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Nnrci -D'rtrlct of Columbia Adverttoemchta to be i na?*ted in the BaLTmoaa Sox are received j at an.l forwarded from Th* Stii Offlce. F.ic*vatjoh? ?Somebody ought to be held re?po!i?1ble for the condition of our atreeta where the water matna are being laid Thjt there la now no one at the head or affalra to evident to very citizen of Waahington who paya any attention to tbe manner in which the work of laying the water main* la being conducted. 80 notort i v?. nm miu iric?|njuiime ire laeconwiciori for n?-n tl n? this work, that the subject wit one of discussion in the upper branch of the Citv . ?'Mnclla last Monday night, and it wai conceded { on >11 hand* that our present water law la aa 1mriractlrable tor effecting the purposes designed by ta framers an can be. Tbe fault of the present law wrnn to be that each officer appolntea under It and charged with Ita due execution Is a sort of j Robinson Crusoe, king of hla own particular de- , partment, having no responsibility on his own ptrt toward* ?ny other officer, nor to the Corporat."n The Purveyor seems to be Independent of 1 the Registrar, and the contractors for making excavations of the Purveyor, and, In the mean time, < whi'e these offi-ers are sttnding on their dignity ? ton arils each i>tUer, the Corporation is daily and 1 hourly Is id liable to lawsuit upon lawsuit grow- 1 1 ? out of the c ulpable neglect of each and every < cue of theai. \\ It has only been a few wevks since the Board of ^ i -i m ? -- jtmermrn pasted resolution requiring tbe Purvrror toe* Me eertaia atep-cock in contemplation for adoption for tbe use of tbe city to be tested and proved. Tbe Purveyor wrote an order to tbe p![*-*?rd keeper to test tbe article, and tbe pipevard Mtper stood ou bis dignity snd refused on the ground that he conceived that the order should T-ave come from tb? WsteT Registrar, and that be <jvipe-v*rd keeper J wis net bound to recognize tbe Sfitbufity r>(mie Purveyor to gl veordera respectIng the testt?eM stop-cocks. White the contest of authority w*? going on the Corporation Fathers w?*rc waitipg for a report about tbe stop-cock, and the bctiiitia of the water distribution was at a ata- d atiti. At last the board, tired with waiting. Lad to paas auotber resolution requesting of the I "\V ater R-^:sUar Information in relation to the scatter, and tbe following Monday night they wtre fsvored with spicy comtrunicat ons from tbe wo principal wat?r officer*, each setting forth in Its own way tbe particular! of the conteat This but oi?e of numberlesa instances which occur every ?tsv or two. wherein tbe Corporation suffers damage by perpetual conflict of authority of the ?>Clre s cf the water department Let us hope that ? the question of modifying tbe water law has been sorted in our municipal legislature it will be fc j changed as to clearly define tbe duties of all its officers, and place tb^m nil under a bead t* wiiOM they shall be required to submit In ail tbln&s wherein the distribution of tbe water Is concerned Ctiri* Miim ?At the opening of tbe mar en iu? uiviiiiitt:. mo pnwpfcx was mbtr cLieer- , lw for the dealers. The gangways were very j <?pr?. and tbe number of purchaser* could have hem eoant?d by a person standing at either extreme of tbe market pjaot, The rain had pre- t vnt? d many dealer* froin arriving last night; but i tlirv took their places th's morning, ana as tbe f morning pasxd. the gangways became crowded I and the business began to bmume the usual ar>- t p^arance. The s ippiy was ample, and the quality equal to the beat ef the season The hay auuds were occupied late iu the morning, but c the demand did not appear to be very heavy. We ^ noticed a quantity of country pork at the scale- * house. lor which the owned were asking ?& 25 J to 9*9* per lii? '.b? The quantity of poultry and game alto appeared to be upon the Increase The price? were about as follrws: * Beef, fresh. V lb fr<N5 0kra,pk 75 1 Salt do ftJlO Tomatoes, pk.... 25 8 l'ork lu?12 Cucumbers,doz.. Id * Matton .... 10 Celery, bh... iiai Lamb, qr Mur 12 Apples, pk. '25 a oU t YmI Aii U i re+ !A:ppCl?. .< J*J | V*.. 14 Roll batter 20&-2.i t I.ard 14 Phll'a print 37 . Urttf iongwes .. ?k'aT5 Cbeeae , 14^10 Karon bams.... 14^,16 Egg?, V dot...: l&glt ?i,dja ,. 14 Oyster plants,bh. 4 ? *he<rt?vft 1!$?14\ Oalons 37 I Jowls SiAlU, Cabbage. V head. 4<?j8 ^ J>ried beef 14; Beets, ouucli 3 Chickens. l?*prtW^#1.25jCarrots. 4 , Irish potaloe*. pk 4s^37| Rocflf, tHWOti 45 ^weet pohU*?.. 45 Perch, do 4$ Corn, ear.f hblS4&4 5utS?lt water Taylora 44 ?"orn. shelled... r-Oa'A' Large Rock 50&S1 ( Beans, V1 busli.. Si.<5 Widgeon 50 i K ye, Vbntb,... 5.VS78 f??i 75 Ont* 35ol4u Rook 37 , Meal &Oa'?? Partridge*, doz .. S4 FtiorU 20 Pheasants, each. 5t>jjfi2.<< , J*hipstutfs ...... 45&j60 Rabhlta,each.... >4 i But?er lam. VJ Turkeys ...... *l a*l 50 i Ducks. V pr .Vvg751 Country PorkfS.i?i,b 50 Ki/if nlantl Mich ?OB ? " " r?? * VI ^a.mckl STfcota, Esq , returned this morning < from Ne*r \ ork State. whe eibe great battle wu j fought, and he look* r.% smiling and walks as nimble as he did in 1850, when became to this i *!tyto bu1!d the new extension to the Capitol i Ham will ha re Influence, without doubt, with the President elect. Why not? Lincoln was hii , first choice, acd b? b&s worked hard for his election. spending bis time and money, whilst others { in this cltj bare stood ldlf by ana done nothing. < 1 suppose ^sm will tare the anishfng of the work i he so creditably commeqced If be desires It. A number of proirlBentmen lxr?e already named him for Commissioner of Pubtie Buildings, bat be will, il ta thought, give way for Job W. Asgus. | Esq , who Is o prominent candidate for UmU 1m ?- i oracle petition. Mr. Strong has powerful friends, I and, as he lias never known a dtfeat In any m.-.tter, 1 pofltfcaHy, Which be has undertakes, il Is Air to prestfrnetbst be will sorcoed la anything wfalobr , Wa wuw aaV Ateas Ika 4w??? * - ThT? fi nt man who bu been under hia employ J at the Capilcl but woiiid be glad toaee him In his i old position. A* Jemriy Alaber bu often said, " strong, you will finish the C&pttol yet It* Nzciinc. j Gift Book Store?Something Isyitimo ? By ] the advertisement elsewhere, It will be seen that , .Lnu of gift book enterprise renown, baa opened i a branch store In this city, which, we are assured, I wftl bf eondactfed on terms quite as favorable to ' purchasers as Is the great central establishment ' wbich has won such popularity by the falrnes? j with which it is conducted, and tbe remarkable < facilities it bn aflbrd'd to thr lovers of literature to obtain *ood books at low prices, with tbe by i no means d'sagreeable addition of a handsome p*? sent thrown Ta. Tbe new gift book store will undoubtedly be the lion of the town, as tbe stock , of books and gifts ts, we hear, remarkably fine, and the manner of distributing the gifts such aa < to please everybody. Now is just tbe time to bay something for the coming holiday season. McaDiaocs Attack ?On Wednesday evening, j about seven o'clock, as Mr. McGuIre, a very i utapfhtf Wifl rvaaei r\tr bIahk aw j " <w J v? ? ?v M . n w pr II J **?) ft vu 'ClliU slrart, rvear the bounday ln;e, be wm approached by an unknown man. armed with a club." \Vuncut uttering a word, the man auddenlv struck htm a heavy blow with the weapon over the foretiead. staggering back a few feet, and instantly recovfrIng -iumaeil, Mr. AUMuire drew iroin hi* coat pocket a rflrtmse*kind'of weapon, ana gave kis aaMlUtnt a - feeler," which knecked him, to tbe ground He then administered ro <hVV<wH4i* rofcbet ?r murderer two or three well-laid bn MiNM, lAWnnsd* him sne piteooalv for wartm < aajf~f that be had bean mistaken in the man.- '* -oU ' A I ? , Taa Tii?4I*k ? Notwiuuadi^ the leaky rqndition of thfe araatiur last aiiftit^aaery large audience aaaetubled at the Theater to aee Jefferson la the character of Asa Trenchard in tbe "American < onsin," and they were well repaid for their paws the able stock company now at the tbenter. 1m . \S?f?fter?ta!id 'h# great ctfrfedr df" Kip VWa ^' nkje'^s^ raheaual, aad wlil be proaeoiod oa Tai*?_Tbe Maryland Institute, at Itaexhibw t:vu ftr |h?o. a wauled to James 8 Topbam, (497 Seveat* it , Washington, D C ) manufacturer of U.jDka.TaUMaod traarsUn* bag*, the first p*^mium-i ifl#er Wedat?for the beat trunks atid traveller bags on exhibition. Hla rood* were In Mode nM?? Wf fiddle Mor 'r sm?. ?f tfew Yart aMy a?d Neva*, N. J., the largest trink manufacturer* la the laMad Mate* This la the ww cnU time he haa taken the tlrat ??? ta'.um. QMi>( IMIWM a bronze medal by the Metropolian Mr-banica' Institute of \\ ashsre sa v,r zztram?>*e Til Dmwtor ?f the U 9. Mat at Phlhdelpfcla the the Mtnv aad u,e aewSEat coluZ In 'f*""1' 1? * * * Wrard. free of corf to the parties wishing to make the exebaaae- 1?i? entirely from clr^slatloa ^^*uoalghtly and |n' coaeeaim^j^iwm^^ " ' | - r'siUMWtrt.?'Th1? morBtBir a colored man who bad batter far Ml* la market vm iwiodled oat at the price of hi* batter by a sharp yoang aeamp A laif writ to hi* stand and aaked the price; me owner being engaged, one of two white boy* landing by aotd the batter, pocketed the money, nod lift. Dm of theboyawaa arreatad.bat be w* not the right one. Another country necra baa potatoes for sale. A Bin want to him and bought a quantity, but reftsed to pay the fall price The owner went to the office of Justice Dana, and there complained to Policeman Yeatman, who went directly to the porehaeer and made him pay ap the deAclt. Ox? or tbb v?*r bkst family papers In the country, to wit, The Weekly Star, full aa usual of Metropolitan news and goeeip, and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. It la just the paper above all others for citizens and strangers sojourning la tbe National Metropolla to reM on Sunday or to aend to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or SI 85 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arraitged. Clka*.?The beery showers last night did more for the principal thoroughfares of tbe city than tbe Corporation employees wbo have charge of this kind of work have done for some time past. The streets and sidewalks were remarkably clean, and the appearance of a hoe or spade was nowhere visible this morning. Only a little work remains to be done in tbe opening of drains at the intersectton Of streets and avf?nnaa PoMKTHi!?e New?Phllp St Solomon*, booksellers, have for sale a new idea in the way of a stereoscope affair?one that coata bat 23 cent*, with twelv quite cradltable picture* attached to It. It i* gotten up by D. Appleton k. Co., New York, and aeema to Illustrate what the atereoacope 1* quite a* well aa any more expensive apparatus for the same purpose. Buy it for your children, reader. Centeal Gcaed-hocse Casi*.? John Lee, drank; dismissed. Bob Snmbr, col., got drank; went staggering about the streets In the hardest ?f the rain until nearly drowned; waa taken in, fried, and set upon hit feet. This morning Bob nad the "trimble*" so bad that the Justice let blm slip with SI costs. Four lodgers were ac:ommodated last night. Waived a>.?Mr. James Wise ap-,, geared before Justice Myers to answer to a charge it assault snd battery made agalnat him a week >r more since. Mr. W. did not wish to go into in exsmlnstlon of witnesses at present, ana gave LUM1.Hl/ hi. - - ?*" ?vi ui??|/pcwMcc a? mc llCAl bcrui OI IDC Criminal Court. PsorA^tTT-?Yesterday, a colored hackman lamed Dodton, wai arrested by policeman Row, :barged with refusing to obey the direction of be officer* at the Patent Office, and also with >rofane swearing In the street He waa taken >ffore Justice Donn. who fined him SS for the >9Vnce, and ordered him to pay SI 517 costs of the ase. -KHilowai VVumotr."?We bare received rom Paul Sipos, 447 Seventh street, a bottle of -Karlowai Wermutb," which, our Dutch compositor says, means wormwood wine. We hav'nt incorked thebo*tle,bnt have great ftith in It from be character of the winea and liquors usually tept by Mr. Sipos. Hotrax-voamaBiKG Goods.?Yon who need hem, be t<ure to give Perry k. Brother a call >efore purchaaing elsewhere. Their stock on land at this time never was surpassed in Waahnfcton, nor were auch gooda aa they offer ever old here before at so low prices aa they are taking. Sei advbstisemmt of singing class to be ipened by Prof Daniel on Monday night next. ?rof D. is an experienced teacher and an excelent musician. Parents will find it worth their nrhlle to avail themselves of his course of lesaons 'or their children. All Proms.iadi ! ? liy reference to our advt.Islng columns, it will be seen that the George Washington Quadrille Association will give their Irst cotillon party on Monday evening next. They lave engaged a fine band, and mean to da the hing up handsomely. Cool!?the set of resolutions (see advertising :olumns) adopted by the National Democratic Volunteers in relation to the "reported attack'' vhicb, "It is asserted," was made upon the Retublicau wigwam, fcc. Whitihcbst's Oallzby is daily thronged vith people, getting whole size photographs at &3, heretofore sold at 95. Smaller sizes at S'2 50 ind duplicate copies at 50 cents Call at once and ?e his low prtces. It* F,vbbt oki In Washington and Its vicinity ihoutd embrace the last opportunity, offered toilgbt. to witness Wolfstenbersrer's chaste and >r"autiful paluting of Arctic Regions. It need* 10 comment. Axrivid, at Carter's wharf, (foot of Thlrteenthinda-half street.) achr. Lucy Cburch, Wildln, Philadelphia, with 235 tons or coal for Mr A B. Waller. The last exhibition of the Arctic Mirror, this Saturday evening, at t> o'clock. Go and aee It. Wista*'? Balaam or Wild Ghiut. The following letter from Rev. Hciht Wood, ol Sonoord, N. H? Kditor of the Congregational Jouriai, speaks volume* in favor ol Wufnr'j Balsam:? Cokcohd, N. H., March 2. Mimi*. S*th W. Fowls II Co.?()t*iierntn: Twu TMr* ago, aiudden and violent attack opon my Luncs ooafineU ine to my bed for several week*, mil when I recoverod, I was so much oppressed by liAcully in breathing, tii&t 1 was often unable to ilrev or rest iinonsMd W nirkt th? w?' extreme, and judging fromThe inefficacy of the remediaa u*e<i, 1 supposed the diMtae incurable. Heing persuaded to try a Dottle of Wistar'n Btltam ?/ Wild Chtrry without cocfidenoe in its efficacy, I foun I the difficulty almost entirely removed kefore one bottle w-? uand up. Sympathy with my follow eutferera indnccs me to make thi* public statement, *r..i recommend tlie artiole to other* iiinilary afflicted. With lespeot, your a truly. Hkxkt Wood. Nona renoue union a signed 1. Butts on the wrapper. I'repered by S. W.Powle 4 Co., Boston, and for iai? by Z. 1>. tiuiuau.S. C. Ford, jr.,*. B. VVaite 1. Stott, Jr?Un Schwarxe, Nairn A Pa.mer, Waah ington; and by dealer* everywhere. nolO-lwjHollowat's Pilt.?. rrrxniHcy.?During this delicate aituation,ladies rjll experience great r.lief by u?uig thia mild cathartic medicine for correcting thoan indiapoaitiona ?cd nauseating sickness to which they are aubject b* thia period. They give a gentie atimuloa to the ui'culatiun. and purify and expel all thoee bwmora which irritate the atomach ana bowel*. They are io mild that the moat delicate constitution may Isfcathem with perfect safety. For aasiating le rr>a}*? at the dawn of womanhood. or at the turn of life they are equally adapted. Sold by all Drucgiata kt SSo.,62e. and 91 per box. no5lw Kvrn thosi who are in the enjoyment of eerfect Iwalth frequently have need to have recourse to tonics as preventives of disrase. We are never too veil armored against the astau'ts of "the ilia that flesh ia heir to " Such an invigorator tki?y may bad ib Hostetter's Bitters?a ineJicine that cannot he taken regularly without giving vitality and elaslici [y <o the system. At thia aeaeon, particularly, the trongest man is not proof against the malaria, in se-tsin sections of the country. In all oases of [ever and ague, the Bitters is more potent than a?y fcioount of a umine, while the most dancerous eases sf billious lover yield to its wonderful properties. Thoa# who have tried the m4di"ine will never m? mother for any of the ail re jts which the Hostetter Bitters professes to suNJve. To those who have aoC made the experiment, we cordially reoommend an early application to the Bitters, whenever they are stricken by diseases of the digestive organs. Sold by druggists and dealers generally everywhere. no 5eo3t Hombopathic Rxxbdibs All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'* specific Ho meopathio Remedies put up expressly for family ase, in boxes, at 25 and aft oeats each. Also, in oases, containing 90 rials, from $4 to #6 each, with book of foil directions. For sal* by Z. 0. Oilman, 3i0 Pa. avenn?. wholesale and retail a^enij w. a- 353 north k street: alao by Y. h. winter, corner of Bmmuiiu. hu?t? nne Mid Sixth atreet. A Ik*, Pond's Extract ttjr Witch Ha f l, fur internal and external inflammation* of all In ad a. gold aa above. maSly Kxaoxa, have you aeen Prof. Wood'* advertiae?MMft oar payer. Read it: tt will intereet yon. att 2>-eoly To tub Afflictid '.?lie aure to read the advertisement of MoLeaa'a Btreaxthening Cordial and Blood-Pariber. in another column. tf T ' " 'r harrioT" AtCUirar L^a, H?o?er county, Va., on the 9th MHMAot, by Rev. Mr. Corraway, Col Ll?WiH W. ff A8KIMT"Mi "f Beall Air. Jeder*on oounty, Virginia, toJ*Cbl.A dauidlter ol C?eo W. Baaaett, Eaq. f%l|Ma MKtjace a lingular coincideqcn o r#at" d <tha*?U d lth? Furs: F U R 8!! . I h?T? bow r^ady for exhibition ana mi* my stock of PURS, to whioh I invito the attention of the ladies. i have taken great eixa in the seleouon, ami feel assured ther are unsurpassed in quality, style and workmanship. The assortment consists of all Ti .i and nany other varieties. mtft M 1 from the iadiM, tod v*ry effort i3jFF**?*>dby tbetr rati uidm, Md vtmnttd .JmAf*r*4 *?.>? e HTiMfc li^ M?S wrrwinl Bl U w (Ortmito ba imeerted ia Dm Srtmm Btam, it Mbi the wwiw.yii baring the largeat oiitra'atioa of any daily Hr?r pablUhed in Washington.) IETA.11 persona applying for letters in the follow >u| ?v?| will fMNt ?T MPPT ?rr AVfUTIRID. LADIES' LIST. Aaid, Sarah Graat, Mm B Maaaa, Mn E And*r*o?. MraG Ganw, MihA Morp' r, Mia* M AelkUa, Mm* Grot**, Mrt M C Marim, >1r? C K Andrew*, Mr* 0 Garland, Mr*R R > Myin, Mr* Borch, Mr* M L Gainer MimLisii* McCleuahan.MreW Brown, Mnli Gordon, Mi** C F B**u, M ** E Gordon, Mi** McCartney, Mi** C Bruit, Mr* Rl Oarroll, Mi** J Nichol*, Mr* E J B*rry, Mr* M Hill, Mi** M A O'Bma, MnJ Bailey, Mr* MA H.II,Mr*OW Rirtr*, Mm A E Bointn, J*n* Rati, Mr* E Rorara, Mr* L Br*dy, Mr* J X Hogan, Catharine R*il*y.Mr*LJ Brjan, Mre L Howell, Mr* V Ryan, Mr* BP Ciark, Mr* D Hard**, Mr* A J > Rowland, Mr* J A 3 Campbell, M'M S A H?iel,Mr?CA Ready. Mr*C Clan*. Mr* Hallay, Mr* J E Raymond, Mr* C ?_>*nnei<t, ain Wl Hiwlir, MriC Smith, M*rj E Collin*, Mr? W F Hamlin, Mi** D Smoot. Mra L r?n>*T9a, Mr* S Hinkle, Mr* D Schmidt, Mr* C F I)*<reir, Blanch Jon**, Miaa F Smith, Mr* 8 Oorfer, Mia* A ion**, Mr* M Rtlirt, Mr* C G Deminr. Mr* E J )ohn*o?, Sarah J Sh*lion, Mr* F Dene*!*, Mr* ) Knox, Mr* 8 L lhif?r, Mr* M N El**pem, Mr* M Kane, Sarih 8?aborn, MuaM E**loa, Mi** H Kinr, M'*? A Simpson, Mr* A Eaton, Mia* M Lock*, Mi** J Thoinp?on, Mr* H Eherls, Min W Lanr*nc*,Mi**FEEWolf, Mia* N*ui* Ellmor*, Mr* M A Lopti, Mia* P Warwick. Mm L Elii*, Mm M C, Ellen Walker, El'*n Emrech, Mi** E J Levi*. MixMirj H Water*, Mr* La* Farqnhar, Mra M L*aeh, Mr* Emilr William*, Mar* J Flanarin, Marr Mtrrnihar, Mi?* N Whell*n,Mr*L Franklin,MiaatLA Mody, Mi** Betti* William*, Mim L Filty, i<r?h Mnrphy, Mm Ada Woodruff, T?rf L Ore**, Mia* H Morton, Mr* Lacy GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Alcyn. H H Ur*nr*r, B C P?t*ra, Chaa Anrier, C*lrin Onrnett, A I, C8K Peutor, f.*p A C I A-Jaraon.A Heck, W C Rnter, Z I Al*i*nder, A M Hnddleitou, W Rider, WL I Adam, Audr Harper. T Riea.Tho* > Brown, W H Huli, 8 A Rowland, M M Batia, W Hem, J Raid, I Burltt, I B Ribbi. J S Reebar, Joa Brown, 8 O Hawaii, J C Rah. Hf Btrryo, Oacar H'rriaon, H Riehardaon, H C t Brown, L J Hynca, H Rjnrdas, Bat | Baker, L 8, CBN Hart, (if08 Rohbtna, A O Brown JT Hnfhra. A K, I'S.N Rollay, A Buque t, V D Jonea. Thoa Rolland. A Baird, K Q Jamiaaon. 8 G Sliced, Col WH?3 1 Bell, Duil John ami. Smith,Thoa Bridlev, Cjrua Kelly.WWJ Smith, TW a Bitter, Cha? Knoi.DrWJ?I Somnitrnllf, R Brooke, Andw Kibbe, W C Mmjt, R W m Bultoa, Alva Knight, 8 M Scott, Pr R B Cue j, Thoa Urate, J B 8taub, M M Col I iua. Shel Kirk, Joo Saynaan, Mom Clark, M Kihn, Chaa Sanfield, L Carr, JO *%ufwan, C 8 Shaw, J B 1 Cudenton.JD Kanfi.ian, G E Stewart, J M I Crutchett, J H Kineej, B F Stewart, J N j Coon tit, J 8 Lonri, W H Smford, L Colenia, L Q Lawrence, R 8 Smith, BT y Carr, G G Lepley, Mr Thornton, T . Cot, E f* Lurin.rO Talbot, R 8, USN Clarke, C T Lauer, Dr Triplett. R 1 Curne!!. A Lain*. D T??Im B n I Dick ton, W rn Mulloy.TJ Talburt, GW ^ Donnelly. R Mo?ry, 8, Hon?4 Tomfiwi, K M d Dunn, Ju* 9 Maeon, Dr R F Talbot, BenJ. a Darby, Jno Montgomery ,Ja??tTodd, BC Duvai, J do C Mullrr, Jno Wharton, W R Donnellan, Geo Mrnoni, Jio William*. W H Di'iitCrKilmr Mejtn, J W?lur, Win f Downing, C W Marahall, Col H Wunmer, Sek Earner, Jaa Moaeley, H C-S Weil*, Kami 0 Eilirirdi, J E H M Walker, 8 D Krwin. Den Middleton, H M Wurpirh, Mat [ Ellie.CapC Mrera. Hy, t'SN Waif, Jul Flyfin, W M Middleton, H B W?ij,lnii Kumll, ff Minor, O 8 Wei**, J E * Praitr. ffn Miller, FW Wray, J C Francis, Ra Moorr, ComEW?3 Wal*h, J 8 J Fontain.WP Myerle.D Ward, J F ? Fairchild, L W McAwn, RM Wilee, Jaa Fo*ter, H D MeDonald, 1 Warbrick, Jno J Fraacia, H McKnipht, J Weirel, Jno Ford.H Neal.JD Washington, DrHW Feaxer, H H NeUon, J H Walker, H N Fowl*, G D N?aley*Co,C Wormey, G W Parlosr.D ff Oliver, PH?3 ffideworili, E C Fisher, A H O'Neil.C Wotteo,Darl PereTi??on, A Owner. Chae Walker, CH Gorman, W A Oreolini, A Wilbur, C ( Gelkeaon.TC?I Pare, W Weil,M Groaa, Dr M Price, W II York, Won Geen, Jqo Porter, R H Young, Ja* Good roe, Jo? Pinkna, M Young, J J Griffin. H Perkine, JH MISCELLANEOUS ?W. M.Centenial Lodje; 8 D; Clerk ir^LBTTU* KMT IR ALL CAM* ?B PmKFAlO. Nov in WM. JONES. P. M. a lnrawirmmia juaiuomimi lo> yy \ L L A R D S' HALL! ? M'ME JNE9 FABRTT 1 810. STIGELLI. and CARL FORMES Bee to annonnM that they will give a GRAND CONCERT ! NEXT WEDNESDAY, 1 When a moat macnifioent Program will be offered, t full particular! in Monday'* paper. C eat* will oommence on Tuesday at the 1 miuio ?tore of \V. G. Metxerott. no 10-11 1 WASHINGTON THEATER. Lemee Mr. S. W. Gli*n. ? THIS EVENING, Will bi tttrfurmMi thu tUflinr rnnW m ^*11^1 f T H E R I V A"l ~8.' ' Bob Aores .Mr. Joa. Jetferaon To conclude with MonoriePa lauirhab'e farce of THE SPECTER BRIDEGROOM. \ Dujory .. Mr. Joa. JefTeraoa \ Katkx or Admission ?Parquft and Dreaa Cirol* 1 ?) oanta; O. oheater Chaira 91; Private Boxea $5 j No extra charge for reaervec aeata. 1 ('tnnibnae* fr m the Navy Yard and Georgetown to and f.oin the Theator every evening during the f Reason. Fare 10 oeuts. It ODD F E L L O W S' HA L L TO-SIGHT! Wolfttenberger'ti Mirror ARCTIC REGIONS! J A new Painting, by firat-claaa English Artiata, ( illuatrating the t.xplorationa of Sir John Franklin, 1 Dr Kane,anH Captain McClintock. I Aa exhibited at Eotptias Hal , Lokdom. for*o < conaeoutive nirhta. to more than ha'f a million of 1 poople. and as exhibited before her Maie?ty Qckkn ] Victoria,aud the Ehtibk Cocxt at Buck iut-Jiam Pa ace. 1 Theae Paintinea have been pronounced,by Etrao- j piin ai?n Amkeican CnNHota k ira a, to lie the moat 4 enchanting p*oductiona of artiatio geniua in the world, and are quite unliko any atternpta of pat.oramic art. Produoed from original sketches, with every attention to aoeuraoy of detail, theae Paintinga may be confidently relied on ; while the anbject itaelf la ' p'ete with scientific gema, and olTera a rare and intellectual entertainment. The attraction ol the Arctic aubjeot?the wonderful artistic merit of the paintinga?the felicity ot illuatrat en?the e'ejrance of dietion and eloquence of mougni conveyed r?jr the lecture? rarely tail* to en- i ohainev*r? cultivated i- t'lleot. The thrilling scene* of those darin* navigators of i th? Arctic Zone are portrayed with a vivianca ao ata t in* that th- audience are led to believe themselves actually amid the aoenea represented tfach scene i? a<Joroe<l in fruaoo with authentic portraits by Winterhaltor, of the prinoipal Arctic celebrities. Lecture by Alf**t> Hmtth, E*q., of London. J Admission ?5 cents; chiluren 15 cents. l iberal arrancements made with schools. Doors open at 7 o'clock ; Entertainment ooia- < menoee at 8 o'clock. i*ee desonptive billa. no ft tf ] balls, parties, &c. ?j*he union not to be dissolved! ' r?L? n : J A. ?a ^ a? - - ' * no r reaiu - m eiooi will irriTe Id lO Itt^Cd th1* FIRST GRANl) COTILl.ON PARTY ft* of theGEoRGE WASHINGTON QUAD- 31 RILLE ASSOCIATION, to Uke piaoe at/Tft '1'hoi* ? Hall, on MONDAY, NovemberfaHBk 1*. Ticket* 3>t oentt. no Hurrah ; for the hiawathT boys ARE IN THK FIELD AGAIN! '1 her intend to give their FIFTH GRAND BALL, by a request of their many Thorn's Halx, on 7th St., THUKSDAY, the 8# < 33d ofNovemb'r. ill By order of the UK no?-3t* COMMITTEKT i ^O FUN WITHOUT DANCING ! The sixth GRANDCOTILLON PARTY ofthe LAFAYETTF. CuUB st I sputa's celebrated cotillon band is engagedfaMfc r the oeoation By order of Committee. no 7-6t* BOARDING. BOARDING.?Three or four sintle gentlemen can he accommodated with Board by applying at No. 013 Maryland avenue, between and >h iti . Inland. Mechanics Drefarrad. nn lit.lf DERSONS DESIROUS OF OB.TAUUNO Jl BOARD in a pleaaant locality, where they will m convenient *> baaiaeu, would do wen tu . ippljr At No. U9 F atrect. between 9th and loth Sta. The room* are pleasant and well furni?Vd. with good board, upon ru&aonabl* terac. Table Boanl?H<an alao beaoconimodated. ' duTM^-ki i BOARD, with ooinfortahle Rooma, for tingle gentlemen, at 391 D itrvet, near 7tfv Dini<?r at half-past 13 o'clock. ih>?-|w* BOARDING.?Six er eight jtoudi men can be accommodated with Board at 3?S Fourth at. corner E, located near the Infirmary. AUo, a suit of Room* for rant. no 8 CHAWL8 THAT SURVIVE ALL THE CHANGES IN FASHION. B ROC B E LONG 8H A W L?, one,two,throe and four-Caoed, in rioh nomtnn&Uona. Shawle of the above kinds make a rich, warm ! winter wrapping, never to oWt of Ikihion, and are | durable and atyiiM for years. Wo at so name large lots of other new style i Shawls. In CLOAKS, MANTLES. ARABS,! ZOUAVES, fte , we offer not only the largest and 1 moat stylish aaeortment in thie market, bat vastly inDMide5"bir??in? in SILKS and other fin*, n?dinm.aodlow PnofdDRKH9 M??OP8 Our (took of fti) other kind* of Dry Good. adapled 4 to the vanta of persoaa in moderate oi'outa?tanc*? >. ni mvn ao larj* aud attracti velj ran d a? now. "jr- 1s&Ksaa j I St!S*~SVUSttW*''""] " T? iMriwffnRir vu 4.ah.e *o\ I 0. JTJO&*A>* Xl T 1 * f F~ wiNTB. ~ " " " _ tjERVAIfT WANTKT>. to eook and tuh in a K7 ?mal! famry- A flare preferred. Inquire at the northra?t oorner of north B a Ml Firjt it recta, C*p?tol Hill, or addreaa Boa M.Star Offioe. no 10 at* ,<$100 S3 ?*=? * ?* ? ? w?u ?ciiij^vi f ?%i m l>v| wNOov w 1 n V9|{ 1 i taia nmoiot in a mm making, respectable h*?i- < new, waare his time wfli be eniaced, or a? ft part- ] Ad dree* B V., Ci'y Port Ofrce, confidentially, , tating buaineet and whore la interview imr be h%d. Good nftrfne* repaired. nft 19 >' II/ANTGD-A oompeti?nt col-ired WAITER I Apply immediately at No. 219 Pa. avenue. no9 " j WANTED-A SITUATION, by ft re-peotaNe i woman, to do houeework or mad ohildrea r The beat of refereno* given. Apply at the norner r of 0 and North Capitol ata no 9 St* %*7ANTED?For a *m*ll family without oh! Id- 1 '? ren. a comfortibie HOL>E, with baek buiid- fl in* Location west of Twelfth and north of F at. fl Addreaa No. 100 Winder'a Building. no9-6t* (Baltimore Poii oo^r.) ^ U7ANTED-A WOMAN, to do plain cooking " and waihing, at 299 Pa. avenae, between 9th J and 10th ata., eouth aide. ao > St* " %VANTE1,-A good COOK A middle-aged J T? female preferred, and muat be wel reoom e< mended *??!, .1 BnniPB'a " - ... ? rr-?j ?vMiun c ?? uiw nuuiO, OH O High street, near the canal, Georgetown, D. C. no S-St A "THOROUGH ACCOUNTANT uIhw to i employ hu spare time m posting the books of I merchants or tradesmen, by douK.e or single entry, u Address 8., Box 461, City Post Office. F no 6 3teo* WANTED?Everybody to know that PAGE'S Confectionery, No. 436 Seventh street,above n S, ia the plaoa to get fresh Cakes and other Con j. feot'ons at prioes to suit the times. Balls and parties furnished with loo Cream and other Refresh* ei Dents. oo at-Sw* m - -- w> WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From f5 to ^ #10,000 worth of SECOND-HAND FURNl J? rURb of all kinds, for whioh I will guaraat/ to par ? :he highest prioes, and, as n?ual. at the shortest nojos* R. BLCHL\? ? Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, 4o., ri oc 9 initBh .t., hot. G mil H. sast ?ida. J im/ANTED-All kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE.for whioh I will pay the cash, kt 369 Seventh street, between 1 anu k. ooft-tf BOXTZ & GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. J LOST?On Friday, the 9th, either in the Patent Office, or in the 7th street omnibus, or the Captol, a lady's plain gold BRACELET, with a coral ? and attached. The finder will be suitably re- 11 rarded by leaving it at 337 G street, between l'th nd 12th. no 10-3t? ft,1 r|OG STOLEN -A Setter Dog, white and liver ** \t colored, blind in the right eye, wai?^> _J akei or entioed off from or near th s resi-j^^^f m enceof his owner, on thefith or 7th mat. ? [1 15 reward will be paid for the return of th* dog .u o No. 4U3 E street, and fin added for the drter- ^ ion and conviction of th? thi?f. no iiw??a - M M 1\AKEN UP ON MR. PEARSON'S FARM. P* "Brentwood," FIVE HOGS. < wnsr will please oa'l immediate y, prove~ ropcrty, pay charges, aid take thema&^Jkbtife way. JOHN SHANAHAN/ no ;0 31* Manager. _ = h ^ j> H g EMPIRE ^ASH, BLIND, DOOR, AND MOULDING -l ESTABLISHMENT, C fo. 163 Sktsntu Stkht, opj?Ai? Ctnttr Market T N . O. cFk NINO, t? Successor to rH. W. HAMILTON * CO. T to I take this opportunity of callinf the attention of wi Carpenters and Bin ders to the immense ttock of ot uCu nnnoo ui ivnu uom ? ?noui A/W?0| UIJI uc, Ll/illUO* CL0 < to., now in storeand daily reoeivine from the man- op ifactory. It has Deoome a well-known fvjt, that _ ha material* furnished from this establishment C >re seoond to non?. Our (took we warrant rnanu- ? actured from well seasoned umber, and finished ca >y experienced workmen. We do sot he?itate to in ey that we now have in store the moat complete su itook of the above-mentioned a'ticlea everb-fore Fi >ff*red in thia vicinity, to which we respectfully pr nvite the attention of the public. J SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. p >v purchasing your Building Materials at the Old * Kstablishment, No. 563 Se?enth st.-eet, where you _ rill get a good artio:e at a fair price. 1 OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT ? s we'l stocked with a No 1 article of all the va ious aixea, styles, and thicknesses. A amal! lot of ? 'remium Fancy Front Doors, which are worthy U he attention of those about building? having F Irawn the first premium a* the Pennsylvania State P "air, and manufactured at the Empire Mills of ap Messrs. Potter k. Co. O OUR SASH AND BLIND DEPARTMENT E also complete with all sixes and t/lea, to whioh re oall particular attention. Glaiea Sash oonscant- *" v ul hand. Hot Bed Sash, Inside Shutters, Ao., P" urniahed at short notice. " a\ OUR MOULDING DEPARTMENT A s also oomp!ete with all the styles now in general r ise. We are also prepared to f"rnish Mouldings of r ,ny desired pattern. Al?o, all kinds of Turned fVork, Boron Sawing, Newell Poits, Balu?tera, ?! Door Frames, acd Window Frames, of all kinds. JE Uso on han j,a general a?sortmentoi Glass, Putty, >. to . which we are offering at low rates. , ICTA oall is aolioited and satisfaction given or ? to sale. N. B.?A liberal diaoount for cash. \ N. O. CORNING, qi Proprietor of the Empire Sa?h. Blind and Mouldinr Estabh?hinant, L no2-tf No. 562 Seventh street. 1 ^OW HAVE THE LABCM VOTED? rn Eliak Howk, J*., of Boston, who u the inventvr A >f tho "look-stitqh" ated by the principal in^ N naobines. requiros aworn returns to Ge made tu M tim of thefefiumbrr aold by each ompau*, and at tbligea t+ieni to pay him a licerus for?very machine oc iold. T/ie following statement is oo: ??f from Mr. or Howe's publish**) reports for 18M and 1R59. It will I >e seen that WHEELER A WILSON'S SEW- fi INO M aCHINE i? preferred by an i-i;nen*e ma- I ontv of the ladies, in ?pite of the elfor'.a of inU?r * >sted parties to injure iu sale. 1S3S. 1S?9. Wheeler A Wilson ? 7,97s 21,306 ? n _ n.k? ?- "* uruvor a u?*or CJ,"/U 1. M. Singer & Co 3,5* 10.&53 J Lartd & Webeter?. 490 1,.? A. B. Howe 173 321 f flartholf 20C 747 h? .eavitt k Co. 7w 213 ?i Kinklfl k. Lyon__ 530 p All other# 868 Ths Wheeler A Wilton Agency it at No 346 C Pennsylvania avenue. Pri?*? rango from to T BUS Full instruction* given to purchaser*, at he W Kovs't. pi Silk, Cotton, Needles, Ao.. for sale. oh F. J. STEER. Agent, w 346 Pennsylvani\ avenue in N. B.?Send for a Ciroular. oc 2>3wif ]o pAMILIKS WANT A HEALTHY DRINK ! ~ rHEV WANT IT PURE. TEMPERATE and ' cheap: {J SOLINEAU'STABLE BEER ISTHETHING ! ?. It ia let* intozieating than older, and ia far more t mtlstaKlA A kanin* w y ? y?w wwvt vug?UVU*U|i fp For sale by all Grooers, Scents a glass?cents Huart. no 6 lm ? QHEAPE8T ST ORB! rj SAVE YOUR TIME r AND MONEY, I AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR ?u DRY GOODS lo AT THE CHEAPEST STORK, 338 SEVENTH STREET. (East Side, > si between I and K. , N B.?A very large assortment of new CLOAKS t latest styles) just received. F oo 12-lm MATTHEWS A GORE. JJ f^OTHE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON.-l Z A have j?-t received a?<l will commeno* unload- J ing to-morrow a cargo of the very best Red Ash f: COAL (egg and stove siies) ever brought to this market, whieh I can send direot from the vessel if n your orders are left irametliatfN, UiX , El,< Wood & .d Coal Dealer, ? _oejH Corner C and Iter, *ts . nesw Canal. n FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. J Manufacturers' Sewing Machines, " Planters* Sewi. g Machines, Tailors'Sewing Machine*, , Urssemakers1 Sow'g Machines. V The Elliptic and Shuttle Lock stitoh Sewing Ma- f' chines, at prions ranging from Qtfi to A100. _ Agenoy at MAXWELL'S _oe*Hkeo Fanoy gtora. Pa avenue. | JWT HBOWVM TO DAY TWO MORE ? FRENCH * tlcBHTElN'i. No 418 Pa.! S'1^ wfciMSsa' I prigB >1 25 by mill. <xa 26 J fMlEAl* fiARGAftm'ltf PiANDlS.-Oa? r?rf " M dim uv*n-dotai? Ckwdfiiao Forto^A^, vwavi iv?viu| hi o ^u]| iur bmc iur m * ~ I One wt ni<-e Roaewood Chiokerip* Fi&no for 1 AISt. fct the Mu?lo Store of W. G. M KtZKRdTT, C Sole Agenoy of Steiawar & Bona' Overstrung a Hjgg* po ? at \JL MERCHANT TAILORING. f " E Invite oar austomera, and oitisena general- _ If, te an inapeo'ion of our arraent new, at . z tractive. and elegant fVMort^n-nt of n _? k whjoh we will make to order in auponor*-^ '"' ""'""VXrt. mraw * co.. ? oc3S tf 32S Pa. av., beiw. 9th and 10th ata. "T^IE CHEAPEST PLACE to bnr Clothi^ 1 FamiahiBf Gooda, Hats and Caps, is at I SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite Poat Ofw. oe aal m uatchblor't inimitable hair dye. i d acd *11 firat-o mi Toilet Arttolna. for hi* at J GIBBS't) W if, Ilr<u4. a*4 Carl M?.ituf&otor*, u I^gmatKsm i H J TTODljiaU , MM? Ii-fc I ,o^A.i OjjWIlOiJL tt Au 1 ft* * GEORGETOWN. Correspondence qf Tkt Star. Batumn.iNmakn 10.1MT In consequence of the hrary rein there wu a rath- r sltni attendance at the mtetjng of the republican aaepc atloo last rresung, hat those rrwit leenrifd to be in line eplrita at the tucceae or Chelr candidate. \Viik~?? ii>. ? -? ?? tiauwCHVH W ?U J V U?I neae. the association adjourned to meet on Tn?lay erenlnp next, brben It to expected that arrangemeata will be made for a "daoionatraUon '' It ia nlao proimMr that a Wide-A wake Club will >r formed on tbat occaalon. Letu r? have been received here from Wllliama>ort atating tbat the damage to the canal la the leljfhborhood of thft place to ao nteoaive aa to ?quire three or tear week* tine to make the c^cwiry repairs. About 4uu betf cattle were offered for aale at Jrover'a Reat yeaterday, 350 were aold at from W 50 to 93 50 per lUU I ha (troaa; 50 lay over JBORGETOWN ADVRRT'MTS *Wr ?Aar tf<?rr<tcwa mdwrturmmui IM Jtrit p+ga 1.000 BBL/PAPPLt>ri^w landiM from uhooner J. & N Baker, which will be aold on aoomiDu<tatiQt terms, from wharf or at??re, by j. o. wafers, no l-gw* 1"9 Water at .Oeorgetowa. 70R NEW YORK?The packetaehoon-r Yorktowa. Captain Woe lorn, will ooviitwoo* >,XS itding aa above on FRIDAY next, 2d lnat.^SflEfr or freight apply to MeCOBB k. DODGE. no 1 6? Water ?t, Oeortetown. JEW STORE! NEWOOODB! 1 MRS. M. 8IMSON Informa her nameroaa frier,da and the aablio sen_n ? ? any uiai sne is now established at her tore. No. Ill Bridjre street. Georf?tovn,CBj| ro doors above the old stand, where m%jr and. m usual.* large as?ortmmt of MrLLINKY DRY GO<!>DS, HOSIERY, and KMBR01DRIE9, at tire Tory lowest mrket price*. oo 18-1 m PHE UNDERSIGNED CAR PEN TKR AND L BUILDER offers hie services to the pabbe of eonretown, Washing1*>n. and vioinity, and wl 1 intraot for or superintend the oonstruotion of iblic and private bunditgs. Plans and specif.tions will be famished at short notice. tiffioe id shop on Congress st. Georgetown, immediatenorth of the Post Office. m Zl Snieo HENRY WINOATE. PERSONAL. ?ADAME MORRICE, th* GnaxT Astkolo- ' oisT Ajrn Doctkxss, from Kuropf.?This highly [l?d and intelligent ladyf can be oonsu.ted ou e Pa?t. Present aod Future Everts. Call at No. 1 >5 Eighth st., between 6 and II, Washington. , aog-lm* j fADAME FELIX, Fortune Teller from Paris Iwgs leave to inform her former friends, and I e public generally,that she has removed to 9ftO ; inth street, northeast oorner of N, where she will , i happy to see all who nniiT desire to have the past, esent and future satisfactorily explained. >o 11-lm* 1 FOR SALE AND RENT. ^OR RENT?Two oomfortable ROOMS,on5th street, between 0 and H. Terms mudeiate. no 10 3.* |*OR RENT?FURNISHED ROOMS on record , floor, with or without Board. A few gentlemen , ,n al'o b? accommodated *ith Board in private mily at No. *94 Sixth st.. between G and H It* M>R SALE?On"of the old*st and be?t RES , 1 TAURANT STANDS in the city of Waahmgn, l>**ides two Tetpin Alli-s and a Shuffle bos'd. iih a lease and low rent. The present owner being m< n iKu , win sen on r**i"'P*t>le terms, pply to GEO. M. MILLER, No. 369 Pa avenue, posite tlia National Hotel. no 10-St* 'ARM FOR SALE.?Anjr of my friends or others that will or expect to leave for 9*lt Ri v*r, 1 n be made very comfortable on their loute, with- < ninemiletof Washington, by application to the i bscritar. who will sell, on very liberal terms, a , trm of 2(10 acres with good improvements. City operty would be taken in part payment. no 10 3t EPWARH SIMMS. ! pOR RENT?A oomfortahle brick HOC?#P,con- , taining eight rooms, with gae? No. H9 Twalfth reet. no 8.1'A13' ] j*OR RENT?A two-etory brick HOUSE, on Fourteenth etreet between R and ?. T?rmi #9 ir month, inquire of JOS. P. SMITH, above. no 8-St j*OR RENT?The two-story Frame HOUSE on Fonr and-a-half street, between F and G ?U ocsesiiion given immediate y. For te'ir??, Ac., p y to J. AIGLER, Coufeolioter, near th? Star ftice_ no >-3t* PGR RENT?The three-?tory-and-b*sem"i;t brio lr HOUSE, cor taming 8 rooms, at No. S30 levfcth street, between M and N sU. Kent ir ar.nnm. Inquire next door, or of GEO. R, ALL, Metropolitan Coach Works, corner of Pa. renno and 13H ?t.; or JAMES A. WILLIAMS, gent no 8-8t* fQK SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR PROPERTY OF LESS VALC K?An eligibly situed. well huilt. ami fine!* finished two tor* andmemfnt brick HOUSE, 80 feet front by 73 j), with carriage house ard stable?situated No. 57 ? leventh st, fcotween Land M. App v to L . JOHNSON. No. 9 4H st. nulif i^OR RENT-STABLE and t ARRlAUEHOl'SE.oonToaient to Willards' Hotel Inlirc at this office. no 7-4t* fOR RKNT?The large three-story FRAME HOI'Ski on New York avenue, between 4th id 5th street', recently occupied b* Rev. Mr.Cathers. Apply t-? JOHN W. MANKINS, or to 1 r. BOSS, next door, where the key mai be found. Iso. the three three-story Bricks at oora*r of inth aid N st* Northern Liberties. Apply at r. H AGGERTY'S store opposite, for the terms id the key, or to DICKSON ft: KING'S wood and *1 vard, corner of I street and Vermont avenue, to the subscriber, at Georgetown. no6-eo*w JOHN DICKSON. [<0 RENT-That pleasant COTT iGK RES1l DbN^E, containing 7 rooms, with f>ont bal>iit, largo >ar.l? in Iront and t ear. fronting H ft. Printing Office !*qu*re, between Norib Capital id First sts. Rent per anrum. Address, by tter or in person, ? M. STICK.N EY. no 6 tf ^r?D o ? - - ? ? * - - run n r,.* i ?a np.?ir?i'ie ana veil located hrsto'ui RKSIDKNCE. No. 469 ?n Sixth *trr?t, tween D and E sts. The huu?e is furnished with I the modern improvements. Apply to THOMAS ARKKR. no 2 ?o3W MIR SALE?A rew two storr l>nok HOUSE on Fourth street, below New Vc kivn ui). The >me is an feet front aud 43 feet deep ; baa 5-foot isface, parlor, dming-room, kitchen, and foer lambcrs, with stairways in passage am! kitchen, itii good o*ltar under the whole bouse F<?r termn quire at 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Felvi' Hal. no t-tf J AS. 8. TOPHAM. i POR RENT.? A thre?-story and ba?etn-nt 1 FRAME HOUSE, near Pa, %v., on 10th. tureen O and H sts.. No. 413. Inquire at SI mLEY GUV'S Hardware Store, Pa. av or 30-tf ." OR RENT?One new HRICK H??lTSE, with bask builJing and cellar, having 8 room*. ( ith gas, and sideallev, situaed on I. ?tre?t, n-ar hirteenth. Rent moderate to a good tenant. In lira of M- GREEN, GrooT, ooreer oi Tlurenth an J L sts. This property is near Franklin ow, only a few minutes'walk from the TreaenHuildings, and one of the healthiest location* ia 'ashing to oc 27 if pOR RENT?A four-story brown-fror.t DWEL LINO, situate on Thirteenth sr., between L. id Ma*sachusetts av-one of the most desirable cations in the city. The house is furnished with arhle mantles ; alto, ga? and wat?r fixtures, with ith room Inquire at \VM. P. SHEDD'8 Fancy lore. No 503 11th st oc ?7-18t* iM)R KbNT-Unrinn the ne*?!on of Conrrr*i?a fir?t-ela?? three-etory HHICK HOUSE, with a niehed Room*. a:tuat?<l in oim of the mont d-rable and healthy location* in the eity. Pur rm?, Ao, apply at 373 Seventbat. ooSMB pOR RENT?Poeveuion 011 the l?t ?f Ootolier 1 The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43* D .treot, : preeeut oooapied by the Rev. Or. Jiutier, ana sit door to the residence of the <wl vertieer. J. M CARLISLE. ?e U-tf PHREE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN ACRES I in Fairfax count*, Va., in excellent order; w II inhered; food buildings; a otoWB one qua'rv. A nlroad oar (hop and -valor elation t??( (>e recte<1 on tbe farm. Also, a bat Steam Mi 1 .n ondoun oounty. A purchaser can ret a harts m r G. W. BRAY, Agent, S16 Seventh ft. Washigtoii, D. C. oci? lw' ?OR RENT?The fin? BRICE HOUSE No. 100 West st., Georgetown, at praaaat ocau ied by the subscriber. It kaa I* ro^nw, with (u r[~IT?R. :? "rr"~ IlWRi tth and 13th itreeta. " oo 9<f J*OR RENT?Tke FIRST FLOOR of the baiid; ibc inffMiuiiT oyfomte the weit viae of the itj Rali, reoentlj oocmiyecl by Cb&a. 8. WaJiMk tii office. Also the front room in theaeciod tori ?aa tli? third floor ?tMjut buldtNc. For rir.? apply to RlCHAitD WALLACE, No. 8 iQBiitana aranae. ja IS ti f? Alt. 1191 lil HAIK JKWKLKY, uoh as Bracelets, Ear-rin*s, Fob Chaina, FinBir-rings, Neckl%ces, Breastpins. Guard Chains, oarU, made t > order, at lo. 3iU Pa. 4vi>c?, bbtw,9th amb 10ra Bit., < OnrClitiU k. Mar's More,). 00 mm* ? WbAsurt?. D. (I | ILEA SI KY DEPARTMENT, _ . 1 srrjlad or Cohstbbctioii, Nor. 10, IBM. Juaud mppo^ALs wil! be received at tbis Do SISffiKiHM LE*OIlMENT!4<eli?W? to bo aobiect to such teat# an tho MBOrli. ndeot ofthe work may diroor. The l)e>j>:i<%ti,ent eenrvoa Uw rif ht to reboot aav oraliof U?t*d?ae t nMkf doom the inte est of the Oonruiiin reI. - ' ? .t.. \kM iitnN ilstroe. tM aH |t'Uulk< *1 - ' THE LATEST NEWS TKLEQRAFH10. THE MCnilOH NOTKNKKTt. iHrOlTiKT PlOCIIIMMI or TBS SotTI C&*ouii LwuuTrii. Coiniiu, S C., Not 7 ?The mwi ot Lincoln' election ra received qeietly, m It wee e>pee'ed Senator Meeas oflfcred teeolutioM that tbe Com mitlM m -'?** - - ? WVICM to Mport ?a toon as poaalble a bill eaillag a coanaUoa of tbe peepte of tba Stale It waa carried uaani moualy Other reeolotloaa for tbe Immediate arm^ ?f tbe State were made tbe special order tor to Mrrow. I la tbe How a bill waa introduced prevtdlag summary punishment for all Abolittuaiata detected tampering with M|W. Notice was given of Ute Introduction, to mwrow. of a bill call lay a convention of tbe people of tbe State. A bill waa Introduced ameadlug tbe fret aegre regulation Colcmsia.S C .Nev 8 ?Tbe Gowmeai to-day arnt to tbe Leglalature a meaaaee aam?tl> m ' mending It to Indemnify tk* low* of tbe rmitning Federal oficlals Resolutions to that Hfrot were Introduced Into both bouass. and Bade the special order for to-morrow. Arrangements about Ute CosvnUos were made the sp?x : al order for to-morrow In the House. Mi Bulst Introduced a Mil calling tbe Convention at Columbia. It wm referred to tbe Committee on Federal Relations Mr Aldrlch introduced a bUl compelling free nryroes to leare tbe htate or select masters It wm rcfcrnd. A resolution was Introduced for raising a million of dollars Immediately, for tbe p.ib'.c defence. Tbe matter was referred to tbe ft ays and Means Committee Mr. Cunningham Introduced a bill to arm tbe State. It authorises the Goeeraer to Isns beads to tbe amount of S per ceet . payable annually on pledge of tbe State. It was read and referred to the Military Committee The House refused, by an overwhelming vete, to fix on (Saturday for a aiae die adjourumeat. A meeting was held here to-day which determined to return foithwith all Northern claims ?eui i of coil ecu on Tbe Palmetto flag is unfurled bcrt and la Charleston Military companies are holding meeting* and resolving to air Ik* from Uwii color* ill tbe *tar* but ooa?other* In be added a* boa lbem State* successively declare their lodependeace Hon Edmund Rutti, arrived last algM Be was serenaded by an immense throng He aid he only waltf d In Virginia to cast hi* vote, and now came to share tbe good or bad fortune of Bouth Carolina Resistance meeting* sre prog 'easing all over tbe Bute A great meeting it called in Charleston tomorrow night at Institute Hall Tbe Federal official* who resigned will address tae crowd Tbe new* of these resignstton* wsi received ia the interior towns of this Htste, Georgia, snd Alabama, with salutes of a hundred gsns Tbe Southern flag waa unfurled la Havannah, while here flrework*, music, snd cannon,celebrated the opening of tbe ravolution. The people talk as If alraady separated. SXCBSaiOH Movbxbxt m Gboboia Arocsra, (rt., Not. 7.?Tbe telqgrapb 11b# Is down from this point south of a ugusta There Is nothing of consequence from M1 Hedgev lie Mtctlngi are being bald all over Georgia for forming Minute Men corps A meeting has been called here for to-morrow Bight, to be managed by the moat talented aad conservative of oar citltens. It is expected that decided meaaurea, looking to tbe aeceaalon of Georgia, will be adopted A highly-exciting aeene occurred her vhia afternoon. A northern man, named Thayer, a faamoo pit hie doctor and former resident, recently relumed here, and It la charged was beard ta a tier abolition aentimenta On Thursday night be waa ordered to leave, but refusing,was wilted on by a crowd thla afternoon Very soon tbe crowd increased to several bu- dred persons,who were addressed by several citizens, some urgingsummary treatment, and others a milder course W bile tbe crowd was listening to the speakers. Thayer was conveyed off from tbe rear of tbe notel, and escaped Cltlxensaided his escape, la csnssqaeoce of tbe eotrestlea of bis wife and children It is presumed he is now safely off Tbe feeling of hostility ta tbe Vaakeas Is gradually widening snd deepening amoug all parties. A military conTentloa of the bute is to be held st Milledgeville on Tuesdsyaext Gov. Brown's special message to the Legislature has been approved During Its reading, tbe sentiments and propositions of the Govaraor mat with warm applause Delegations of Georgians are vtsHiag B">oth Carolina and Carolinians are visiting Georgia S?d>t? iinH > ? n ' ** ? . ?vm?T|I?Wl B?T? IIIUUIVTU the secession cockade, and from tbr urtooi ladication* the South la evidently to earnest The Georgia Stat* Senate U-d?v refuaed by a large nt^rltj to prooaed to ite election at a United Sutra Senator la the place of Mr. Iverson, whose term expires March, lMl. extravaaimt Riroars ? Excttsmikt at Charleston?No Cottom to >b SairrtD North, 4c. Augcsta, tia , Nov 8 ?W H T. Walker, Brevet Lieut in the United States Army.Ha *e ported to have resigned his commission, and will be a candidate fur Colonel of the Au^uata Volunteer Battalion, the election to take place on Saturday night. It la reliably reported that several htindred thousand Mi nut'' Man are already enrolled throughout the South, and the enrollment continues I nrre n mucn excitement at Charleston consequent upon a report that orders have been received to remove the aruu deposited at Ue Citadel to Fort Moultrie. It la a<td, however, tbit the removal la unauthorized by the Secretary of War, and tbe arms will probaoly renal a at the Citadel Numerous reports are circulating throughout tbe South about the burning of the Astor House and tbe Tribune office, aad >mttles la New York between tbe republican* and democrat* Lincoln was burnt in effigy in Florida, near tbe Navy Yard. It is reported here that a cargo of cotton in a Boston steamer was unloaded in consequence of a determination of tbe people of Charleston not t > allow cotton to go to boston Ttia* and other extravagant reports too numerous to meutiuu are afloat. * The wildest extravagancies are reported everywhere, and measurably accrtdiled Palmetto flags are floating from many of the streeta In Charleston Tbe ateaiuer Keystone Mate bad to haul down the United State* flag aad put up tb? Palmetto flag before entering toe port of Charleston *Th? ittittoi or Tkhnkvsbk Nashtillb, Nov. b ? The uews of Lincoln's alectlun cauaed aome bitter fanling at flr*>, but the public mind Is now comparatively qntet. Tennessee will sustain the Union, the ConsLtu Uou, ud the Loioicenral of toe Uwi VoLCMTKBBS III AUIUU. Mobile, Nov 10.?A battalion of cavalry la now lorming here, whose services Will be offered the Governor of the Slate Bvaiai mi (ottoa hhlp. N*w You, Nov. 9 ?The atea?re* Quaker City from Havana on theSth lortint. baa arrived. r?b? briatfa ti>e rrew of the ibip Chtoa. from New Orleans for Liverpool, which waa totally destroyed by Are off Cope Carname, Florida The crew were taken off by the bark Ocas Bride, and transferred to the ateamer Quaker City. The ship had a carjro rf 9 -Mi bales of cotton, aad waa owned at Portland The crew of the American bark Chaaptaa had mutinied at Havana. The Captain shot eoe of the mutineers before order was restored The had'beea fnrranL-ry^wttu-tMviai*^ Sahara at Havana ware unchanged Block a0.OW ooxea Molasses waa selling ? reals per keg Frelgtta were dull Sterling Exchange 14*13k New Oiluhi. Nor. Hi ?Mex caa advloes to the 13th ult have beea rerel vo4 Gea. Marqaeae, withft.OWmoa, fChorch party.) has occupied Qoerelaio The Liberals had seised 1100,000 of the ptate of the Church party. Vlrgtala aad Toaarsaaa latlnaj. Lticimm, Va, Nov. ? o*Tfce roMtn ?a the Virginia and TeaaeaMO Rall oad, t anted by the late frmhata, will be uwuukitud by Bstwin, aad ttwaala of through tickets to Now Orieaaaaad intermedials p-.'luts wMlbseeaaatrd at Now York Tobokto, Nov. 10 ?The Goveraaaetrt Htbot vectlKHioii of tb? if?lnifU?GNa1 Tronk Ratiwmy, In view of It* applicotioa for rdW ftluatrt ?U/M? UtunMIt Nov 10 ?Floor iU4r. Wteot ura; rod IUMI 36, whM* ?i iftit.ds C?o teodv; fellow Ma70. wfclte 70?74c Pr??<?N?os atoody; OMts pork VlOstO 7ft; rttmii ft i^of srd I2#sl3c Coffee steady at 14*15c-oo at* k to first hands Wh'skv doll at ftijf afibfco ? I?r? JU<kMi MOW Toss. Nor. 10 -Plot* rUndr, W<s>s |9 ? Ofcio aoehooged; Soothers S3 7ftst? WWu de clloins tendency sfioet, ood firm In i ??i Beet*.ern rso >1 30. Corner* tv; oMe-d 00*7tr Pork M TJ TUB U??d Lfi&ft. C. A- LKIB1N OosW ."^Hj i JMrasa 2 ?W* ,c3328ysT.f?*? **

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