Newspaper of Evening Star, November 12, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 12, 1860 Page 1
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Jm ? 0 Qtkmttg flit V?t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. NOVEMBER 12. 1860. N?. 2.114. THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THI STAR ICILPIHM, Comtr of PmmsfHmmim minus and IliA tt., ?T W. D. W ALLACEL r*H>T? mied in pMkkfM by o?rrl?r? it It ? T?sr, or 57 ceaU por month. To ?il sabeoriben tii* pnoe m Ujd ? year, m admammi 92 for alx TnAnthff* ft fe\r thru* months: lad for l0ll th&A three months at the rate of M oeats a week. 8incl? oop: *4, 0!U CI2TTi in wr?fMf?i IWO (I^ADTUT1!>l)inTIIM>lM b? Mil to tlM OIm before 12 o'oioek m ; otherwise they may sot appear until the next daj. ??1 A MIGHT ADVENTURE IN IRELAND. bt a soldikr W hen our regiment was quartered in Ireland, ?>mo of my company were ordered to a town within five honra' march of where we lay. My duty wv to escort them there, and return by the evening train fro in a station a few miles from where my comrades were to be left. We reached oar destination in due time, and arrangements wen made for my departure; but as the evening set in very inclement, I halted as long as possible in the hop* that the storm would abate. This, however, was not the result; the storm grew more severe, and my orders being nearly imperfttive, I had to set forth in the midst of the blast. Making headwav azainst the weather took ud more time than I had oalculated on, and I reached the station onlj to learn that the last train had passed. I spent little time in hesitation, as I nad only one course before me if my quarters mere to be reached that night; so, drenched and weary, I retraced my step*. When night began to close in. and the weather grew dense and thick, I for the first time thought that if darkuess were once'on, and an inn should inrite shelter.I would, under the circumstances, avail myself of it and remain until daybreak. I had not a very accurate knowledge of the district, yet I did not doubt that I was en the right road the length I had gone; still a slight hesitation arose, and I resolved to make inquiry the first opportunity. I continued to go on a considerable distance without sight or sound of human existence. but I was at length fortunate enough to fall in with an old woman driving a cow. When "he recovered from her surprise at seeing me, I was fullv convinced bT her that I had rant astray, and was further from an inn than it would be agreeable to travel. It appeared there were no houses near but her own? where there was no accommodation?and another one where I might hare been put up, bat a man having died there that xnorniDg. and the widow being in the honse alone, it was thought that she might object to the presence of a stranger. I reselved to try at any rate, and got such directions for leaching the place aa were seemingly intelligible, when my informant and I parted company. The house was not ao easily found as I had hoced. but I stumbled nnon it. *ft?r nttarlv losing temper, and advanced considerably elevated in spirits when its outline attracted my bewildered sight. At first I knocked somewhat gently, not to startle the inmate, but do notice being taken, I repeated it much louder. A stir within followed this, and a voice gruffly inquired the purpose of the disturber. i began to explain my situation, but before I had spoken a dozen words I was told I could not get admittance, as there was a dead man in the house. I remonstrated, and urged the necessity of my case, offering to sit in any corner, and give no trouble nor annoyanoe Still I was only told, in notes a key or two Innrlnr that T miffht ia wall s!av\m?+ ??> ? ] ?< ? ? ' " V?l V*V !/ ?* b caw VUW. This irritated mo greatly, and I angrily shouted, that unless she let me in quietly, I would force the duor and enter in spite of her There must hare been a tone of determined resolution in my speech, for the roice within modified considerably after the threat; some parly and grumbling followed, when the door was opened and a candle lit. The woman eyed me very suspiciously, and appeared either alarmed or annoyed, but I urged her to be composed and give herself no uneasiness on my aocount. mi 1 ??? ?* * - ? iae qjusw was miieraoiy mrnistied, the chief object that attracted my attention in the desolate abode being the figure in the dead dress, which Uv on a chest before the bed, and a table by the fireside laid ont with provisions. The latter were, to iae, rather tempting. but my newly-made friend seemed anxious that I should not be allowed too narrow a survey of her premises, as she requested me to follow her to an inner apartment. I would hare preferred staying where I was, but I did not consider it unreasonable that she should hare the choice of where I was to be located. so r followed where she led the way. In this place there ?u nothing but a low erection covered with straw, and an oldfashioned stool lying upside down. I was told I could either take the stool or the "bed," and left aione; but she handed in a piece of bread a few minutes ufterwards, with a sullen remark that was not intelligible. Tired as f was, I felt more disposed to watch the woman's motions than court slumber; but this eventually grew tedious, aod I begin to get drowsy. I therefore quietly lay down, and to prevent my being taken by surprise, I put my feet opposite the door, so that it could not be opened without awnkeuiog me. In this position 1 fell into a slight sleep, but a movement in the other apartment made me start and listen. Through the crerices in the old door. I ocul'l onlj see indistinctly, bnt wa* still able to sm my friend was listening behind it; and when I saw this, I dare say I helped to con ioce her that I was fast asleep, by certain nasal sounds I introduced at intervals. She soon desisted and slipped cautiously back, and my inquisitireness being aroused I peered sagely through the seams She wrapped a shuwl around her, set lighted candle on the tabU. and left the house, carefully locking the door behind her. 1 confess to getting uneasy at thU. and a feeling of awe at the loneliness of ray situation crept through my frame. Not knowing what might follow, I loaded my musket, ju I thought it better to be able to defend myset/, if that should be neeeecitated I waited anxiously for a long time, bat heard no gi?ii of her return, nor any sound save the first doll click* of an old dock, and the splashing of the rain outside. At length I was *eized with ad wire to inspeot the premises, and after a slight hesitation I ventured into tha other end It was the most dreary position in which I had ever found myself, the solemn stillness imparting a feeling as much akin to terror as the greatest fear of real danger could ever instil within me; but my surrey was almost immediately interrupted by a rustling movement in the direction where the dead man lay. I started at this, and moved mr niece into better position, and I think I raiaed it mechanically to raj shoulder, when I saw the aheeta moriar on the lifeleaa body, mm I had thought it. My hair, which *u generally ao short aa to be always on end. oanoot exactly be said to have iU*d erect at thia, but I perspired at evary pore, aad felt aomenhai onnarked although I an bo slave to superstition! fears. At thia ?Uze a voice from the tbaetl adiresaed me in a low tone aaying, slowly and distinctly?14 Sodger. aodger. sare an' ye wofc't hoot me!" This partly convinced me that ha was still an animated being, but I Waa not bv any means at eaae, and could only respond by a voerchinc yet tremuioaa stare f . I . . a _ _ ? a _ _ a w * * * >dowi : an l m ntiag a* ye are, be Mid, tar t^ing round; "bat If ye'U plaise to take the firm oat of them binders and eut the cord from my toea afore that Woman returua. I'll till ye the bowl a boat it, an' drink my own health wid ye in the bargain.'1 There waa now ne raason for being concerned v much, although mj ovioaitj ran on ahaad while conjecture followed hard to overtake it. I compiied with fait wieb. and ha ciriily aakcd i me to remove to the ether end, after I had covered him np nearly aa be waj before, and handed Mm a '-aprlg ' ad he termed a ponderous itaff (tint looked decided fy dangerotf,even when etandisg quietly in the corner. I wai somewhat excited whan I returned and eat down agaki within. im an hear or Mjailanee waa broken by thp grating' of the ioik, and my buateaa entered evwrnpanied wf ru?anly a locking character as I had eve* eehel'i Sh#? to* A.iri#? T wrmm Irmfcrinv through, ttid mattered Miaaihing to her c?in]>?uioB. who growled a reapoo?? and brandished a atiek ha had broaght with him. B"th than lhUMC earneatly for what aoomad along time, bat I w? aooo eoimnead that I waa sot the object 'of maoh ova on thoir put. fitof sat down and began to drink from a bottle the woman had taken from a reeess. Bj-and-by the new comer put his arm round her neok and began to whisper worda I oould not hear, but their proceedings were speedily interrupted by the man in the sheeta springing to his feet with sundry execrations, and'dealing most unmeroiful. blows with the "sprig" upon the head of each. At the flrat sign or life in the (rostrate figure, the woman began to shriek, ut this soon oeaaed as she and her companion were knocked down. I felt that it was not my business to inter? * i i i lore, ao i looaea on in suenae. 'ine tut proceeding of oar bero ?h to open the door, and throw them both outaide with the greatest pdconcern. After this he e&refully locked the door, came forward to where I was, and asked me to sit with him by the fire, which had now kindled op. I gladly oomplied, and be related the reaaon that had led to vhe seene I had just witnessed. | The woman, it appeared, was his wife, and he had found occasion to suspect that she intended to rob him and run off with the stranger. He likewise discovered that she had poison in her Eosacssion, which he managed to replace by a armless ingredient, and he subsequently had x * ?: ? j ? *? t. ? >u< |isuu<;siiuuvi H?1U| It UilMU U|) ior uim elf. This led him to feign death, with a view to ascertaining her exaot intentions, but be evinced surprise that she had been deceived so thorough]j. Her anxiety to get rid of him, i w-J -:J.J it. -* ? ? ? ? ? uvwoier, uau uiuou lit deception, IDa 8Q0 Old not investigated very closely whether her drug had done its work thoroughly. lie very unreservedly stated his future purpose; turned over some old gear in the corner, and produced a sum of money with which he meant to pay his passage to Amerioa, and leave for that oountry at break of day. We sat talking all night, and grew so friendly that he offered to share his funds with me, which I, of course, declined. Til t.hft morn in? hn IaaItaH Anf in a* (ka house, but the two outcasts were nowhere to be seen. With a hatchet ha smashed in tha face of the old clock, which terminated iU asthmatic ticking, and thraw it on tha fire; and every other thing in the house, that appeared worth destroying,he broke. Tying up some of hi* own apparel in a napkin, he muttered a curse on the wretched dwelling, locked the door, and thro* the key on the dunghill with a "bad luck to it;" and after that, he showed no farther concern about what had oocurred. At the atation I allowed him to pay part of 1 my fare, which gratified him exceedingly; ' and when I left him, ha wa* so sorry to part ] that I believe a word would have taken him t into the rank* with m*. But the parting i whistle aonnded, he preaaed my hand, and I ! returned his graap of kindness, and in one minute more the last look vuunchanged, and 1 since that time I have seen nor heard nothing of my somewhat singularly formed acquaint- , ance. , A Surprised Forhig5er.?The special cor- 1 respondent of the London Times, who describes 1 tha reception of the Prince of Wales in New < York, seems to hare been most astonished by the fact that the American people know b<m to behave themselves. He dwells at great length upon the dignity, decorum and good nature with which a halt million of people \ came together to eniraire In the wnlnnm* tn England7* representative. He say* : ' There was a military procession, but that was only an item in the great feature of the day, which waa the welcome of the people. It waa such a welcome as only a whole people and a free people could give, and in the details of its enthusiasm and its good order there was much, strange as it may seem, that made such a reception pouible only in New York. In Paris it would hare been a gorernment affair of soldiers and gsn d'armes; in London it would have been a mob, with an immense police force to control it. Here it was simply the people turning out in hundreds of thousands. A huge sea of decorous but most en miMiuue apeoiMori, wno, en at tbo spots where they we- densest, were jet so quiet, so impressive in their majesty of good order, that at no one place did they seem to have a single element in common with what we oall a mob. It seemed more a gigantic ineoting of the citizens of New York, convened for some great and solemn rejoicing along the whole length of the city, than the mere chanoe musterings of its busy and excitable population. It was such ft grand display of popular enthusiasm, there was suoh a dignity in the calm relinnoe felt by every one in the preservation of order, *uch a perfect warmth and geniality of kindness evinoed from highest to lowest toward the young visitor, as made the whole demonstration. perhaps, one of the most remarkable of its kind that haa ever taken place. Quiet und demure as are the English people, there are yet few Englishmen who can realise the fact of the whole inhabitants of an immense city turning oat to witness a spectaole and give a cordial ?- J - > - ?? - - nvivviuTf vuu uoicu aw IQV BBQ16 11 QIC WILD ID? dotj of keeping order among themselves. Yet this was actually tbe ease at New York ; and , along three miles of road, thronged with half a million or more of spectators, there were not 1 ifty policemen, and even these were only stationed at intersecting streets to stop carts and ? t- ? >vuivivo iivlu vuvviiu^ hi mc iiLic oi route. Yet description does not easily convey the idea of such a multitude?the strict, the rigid good order and good humor that prevailed This, too, was not for as hoar, or only while the Prince was passing. It ?u the unvarying demeanor of tne whole concourse from ten in the day till past six at night." S*?cci.atios? as to Ma. Lincoln's Cabisbt. ! A Alapatch from Springfield, III., (the home of ] >.r Lincoln,) to the New York Times, says that i peculation is rife among prominent politicians ' most Intimate with the President elect, and sup ! posed therefore to be well informed ss to his probable course. The composition of his cabinet is i freely canvsssrd, and the following are the names ini/aainuuf mciiwoneu rot BKWMrT or 1 State, Wm H Seward, of New York; Simon J Cameron, of Pennsylvania: Wm. C. Rives, of Vlrglata. For Secretary of tha Interior, John J Bell, af TeiMM. For Secretary of War. Casslus >1. Clay, of Kentucky For Postmaster General, Schuyler Colfax, of ladlaaa; Chandler, of Michigan For Secretary of the Navy, John Minor Bottt, of Virginia. For Attorney General, Henry Winter Davis, of Maryland. S* The Sandwich Island monarchy peases bf I and not by Inheritance, the succession, bow* ( ever, being limited to the royal family. The lata King had no children, but two nephews of whom the elder had a large property by Inheritance, ' while the rdiini;w wm iwm? ? -7-? / *?~m ? ? . u 1 tuci iuiuaiu^ that poverty wu mo advantage for a King, or pttytBg the yoBnger'amUfartune, his uncle named Lixij as bit successor. Tbe elder, Priuce Lot, is tke oae now visiting California. Nioao SvrriAQi Ambhdmbkt ? In New York there wu a proposition to amend tbe Const!tutioa so as to give negro*-* tbe right to voto. This proposition was voted apon at tbe election on Ttte*day, and was defeated by a tarse raaforltv. Jamaica. L I ftpM* *6 votes la favor of free negro suffrage, and bid against It Tbe proportion la about tbe same in other parte of tbe state. Hun Waeias?It la estimated tbat at least ' lOO.OUO.chaaged banda In Boston on tbe defeat ; of Mr. Burllngaipe, republican. Tbe betting was largely on bis election, five to one being risked In numerous instances. Tbe "fusion" men 1 won both a grant victory and a large "pile" of raoay. ICT Prank Spells, run over by tbe cars at < Browneboro', A to, last waek, tarns wit to hs?e bean isidsiMf nabbed, sad thsa placed on the vacs 1 *? men uh iwiM, BUI charging Klcketts with the deed. , T E7" The theory that tbeTuaraglyphica an Digttou Rock. Mass.. w?r? done by the Northmen, is abandoned. !ro doubt exists that the figures ate 'Indian, aa they aijree In all respects with thoae \ found on their robea and rveka elsewhere Vor* or !f*w foarCiTY ?The aggregate vote in New York city at the Presidential election was M.7M, of which te,057 were cast fur the fusion and 33 0?9 for the Republican ticket, majority for the Fusion ticket t? 588. j PiMHsTLTaaia.?The majority la Pennsylvania Jg!nfmlltT 0TCf Gov. HorsT<>!? on thi Tkovblks 15 Thai a5d Disunion.?A correspondent of the Galveston News, writing from Independence, Texas, on the list, give* the following aketch of a speech delivered there by Gov. Houston : "In regard to the recent raid and incendiarism In Texas, be said it had been exaggerated and misrepresented by the letters of "that man Pryor, of Daliaa," the brother, be said, of Roger A. Pryor, of Virginia, who had some time since sent a certain challenge. Tht fact tras, that tktrt had been but tnt vohit* man hung in Texas for ineendtansm?Hrrndon, of Henderson?and two negroes; and there never had been a vial or bottle of poison found In the possession of any other negroes in this State?thus lntimatlne very clearly that the others that were punished were unjustly punished. "As to the house burnings, It had been reported that there were fourteen bouses burned In the city of Austin, when in fact, there was only a K 9 ntw />f mYi <u1 (n fk* 1 " ..u .u.uvuu?ii-uiiuctiiy uuiliru, and he accounted for the burning of that by tbe carelessness of the Dutch, who were lounging and smoking there at the time. "He said that this Pryor letter had Injured and wag greatly injuring our coontrv; iU effects wrrbeing felt everywhere; our lanas depreciating in value; persons from other States were afraid to immigrate here, and a great many were leaving our State. Only tbe other day a gentleman from northern Tezaa bad told him thai on his way in hs had met *200 wagons, with at least five persons to each wagon, on their way to Arkansas and Kansas some leaving urntiM be falsely accused of Incendiarism, and hung; and others for fear they, as not being slaveholders, rnijjht be charged with being Abolitionists, ana lynched. "He had been accused of being violent and abusive In his speeches, but he did not think be ought to be blamed, when forced to the wall, for striking out. He had buried bis personal dislike to Breckinridge, Douglas, and Bell, and was for eltbrr of thorn to beat Lincoln. He said nothing in favor of Breckinridge, nothing for or against Douglas; but Mr. Bell bad been with him on the Nebraska bill, for which the people of Texas, three years ago, rebuked him, Sam Houston, but time has shown he was right. "However much he might regret theelection of Lincoln, still, if constitutionally elected, he ought to and should be inaugurated. Yesthey would hare to walk over his dead body if he was not. "The Governor was very severe on Calhoun and South Carolina, but lauded Benton, Clay, and others. He never missed an opportunity to give a thrust, and heaD abuse UDOn South ^urnlin* anil her doctrines."' Gkkat B sit a in and thk Sopth ?Many of the writers and speakers at tbe South, who talk freely but not wisely of disunion, are apt to rely, In the event of tbe separation of the States, upon the mpport a Southern Confederacy would receive from Great Britain. Such expectations can only be founded upon a forgetfulneu of the prevailing tone of English sentiment on the subject of slavery. Thst sentiment Is a bitter and iinmmnmirii. lug, and perbspa more unrelenting towards that institution, than that of the moat ultra New England Abolitionlsta,and England would not fail To use even the commercial dependence of the South upon her for purposes of agitation and eventual smanelpatton. Asa nianlft station of this English sentiment, here Is a specimen of how the London Times talks of the Southern people, the incentive thereto being nothing more substantial than partial and exaggerated accounts of the reception of the Prince of Wales at Richmond: " It must be premised that nowhere In the Free HtaU-s ii tb?r? in hf ftxttnA am/vn? ?4U? ? ??v .voiiwf hi?vu| iuc iian *c Americana at- leaat. a claaa ao ruffianly and depraved aa are the lower claaa of white* at the ?outb. Theae worthiea are the drinking. swaggering, swearing, gambling, revolver and t?owleknlfe using gentry, who furniah ao many paregrapha to the newspapera. and have almoat come to be taken aa the ty pe of the American character. Fancy a nr b of four or five hundred slave dealers, norae dealera, small planters, liquor atore keepers and loungers, together with, probably, a Large sprinkling ot blackguardism from Ireland, ind you will probably have the crowd that rushed ifter the Prince of Walea and the Duke of Newcaatle. Accuatomed to uncontrolled dominion uver mr sweets, reany ior any dfert or violence, from the Urring and feathering of an Abolition1st to the burning alive of an Insurgent negro, a Southern mob la capable of being led over by my worthless fellow who gels its ear, and when once excited, Is soon beyond the control even of Its leaders." I'KATSKS FOE THI U 3IOX A5D HAXOMU 15 ErriOT ?On the eve of "election day" a solemn prayer meeting for the preservation of the Union was held at V\ ake Forest College, North Carolina The meeting was attended by large number* of people, Including the entire body of college itudenU A correspondent from this point adds: The students of the college, however, gave vrnt to their patriotism on Friday last, in a less pious manner Soon after sunset, Lincoln was escorted In effigy to a gallows previously prepared, and in s most solemn manner suspended between earth snd heaven, after the manner of malefactors. As be was thus swhiging, an euio/y upon bis character snd life was pronounced by 11 Lansing Burrows, s student from Richmond, W, which, though ihort, was interrupted by the cheers of the assembled crowd. The efflizv was allowed tn hum through Saturday, and amid tbe shouts of the people and the noise of drums, wss burnt that evening The event created some excitement throughout tbe county, but all passed off without any disturbance. Twhy is it? HAT ST1NEME1Z. THE IIATTER, IS always bus? find not heard oroakin* about dull tunasK&Sn Kecanso he sells the best articles JMM it the lowest cash prices. VVfl fry Just opened- HtsH New styles Gents DRESS HATS, . KH _ do Soit HATS and CAPS, %nQ0 Mimm' JOCKEY HATS,Trimmed and Untrimmed. FURS! FURS!! For ladies and children, my assortment is now larser than ever. FUR TRIMMINGS 25 to 35 oentsaer yard. B. H. bTINKMETZ. 336 Pa. av., no 2 near oorner Thirteenth s'rect. Best quality calicoes at io cents, some very good at 6 oents. good Gins hams at 11% cents, l?oent XViute Cottons at 11 e?nts, 15 o*nt White C ?tm at 12 cen?<. 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She writ endeavor. ax (ar as possible, to surround them with the oomforts and kindly influences of Home. Rtftrmtt.*.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rer. D'. Elias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprig*, William H. Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Esq., Edmund F Witm?r, sq., Henry Mar bur jr. Esq., Lewis MoKentie, Esq., Robert H. Hnntnn, Esq. \V. D Wallach. Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, E*q..Jas. Entwisle, Jr., Esa.,Col. John W. Minor, Ijoudoan, Messrs. Blaoklooii & Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. TIIMI. RfArd with Till tin** IT* 11 Bnsrliak Draw-ka $2nnfor the annual session?payable semiaanuail), in advanoe. Mono and I^wiKuafm at Profeaaora' prices. No extra chargea. au 2S-tl I^EORGiiTOWN FEMALE SEMINARY,^ VJl < PoKME*LT MlSS L. 8. K!*OLISU't.) A BOAR Biff G AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this institution will be returned on the first Monday in September next. The course of instruction embraces all that ia taught, from the rudimeuta to the moat b - July finished education. The corps of teachers, ten in number,are eminently qualified and experienced in their several departments. Lectures Friday erenjns* on the Natural Scienoes without charge to the pupils. Circulars jnaj be obtained by addressing the Principal, Miss MTj. HARROVhR, Georgetown, D C. au 22-eo3m . Kindling and stove wood Manufactured any length, and dsliverad to any part of the city at the shortest notice, and at the lowest possible rates, by SHERIFF * DAWSON. 1 \L7~ Office south side Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4*sts.; wharf and mill weat side 4)6 street and Canal. no 1-lm NOTICE! NOTICE!! i Mrs. HELLER Invites the ladies of^^T Washington and vicinity to her Grand Opening of 1 Fsshiouabi? FALL and WINTER BONNkTS, 1 on Friday and Saturday, 5th and 6th instant, when 1 she wi'l be happy t<? have ladies oome and examine 1 her stock of Goods, a? she has a very handsome stock of FEATHERS, FLOWERS, DRK*8 < TRIMMINUS. HEAD DRESSES, CLOAKS, i SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS. CORSETS of all sites and prioes, and a very large stock of I EMBROIDERIES, Ac , Ac. 1 oc 4 No. K4 Market Space, bet. 7th and tth sta. insi N ?T1 c K! 1 I wish all gentlemen to bear in mind that KIM the plan which 1 - ":x ae"' "f e|1 t;|: ?nu nwuis it greatly re duced price* for oaah ia in aacceR&ful operation. J ant reoeived a full tuppl. ol the lateat New \ork atylea of DKESS HATS The very fine*t Hat S3J0; a first rate bat S3: and very good, fashionable'Hat #2 50. All of the lateat ?ty lea , of soft HATS and CAPS, at the very lowest prices. I am constantly anpp!ie<t with a vrrV i&r>? <tn?ir ,?f 1 these fine DKKS8 flOOTS at 93.75?winch 1 have been telling for many years?as well an the very best qual ty of Patent Leather GAIT KK3 at $3 5". F me French Calfskin Gaiters from 92 to $2 5". Terms oash; no extra oharge in order to offset haddebts ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh street, second hat store from tiie oorner, opposite Avenue House, No. 640. ?e I*-3^ ACaITD ?Having been informed by several respectable oitiiena that o>ster haw ,&S^. / \ ker*. selling from buckets on tbex%\ f a J streets, have represented themielves as sellin< for me, and that rot a few persons have in this way had imposed upon. thorn impure oysters, and complaint having t>?*n made to me to this effect, I have to say that I have no Wawlter* se'ling for me from bucket* and do not allow the business to be oarried o i from ray establishment, as I do not deal in ovtters of that class. Neither have I any branch of my establishment in aoy part of the CltT. No nvatara ar<> aAut li? n.? to fnnr.liei except on order* received at my only Depot, No. Sol C street, between loth aiH ll*n. oo 39 1 m T. M. HARVEY. G~ oodhl'E fire insurance company of new york. ca?h capital. - . *200,000. Tee intnred participate in the profit* without incurring any liability whatever. I1KATH * KNOWLF8, Agent*, ocZltr Office, over B&uk of Washington. Tust received, _ I i m a MHfiMtn lot Of GKNTS'S UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWtiRS, from auotton, whioh he will selfvery 'ow- o? 19 Im PIANOS. PIANOS?Tl?e largestassortment of Pianos, Me'oUeont, Guitars, Vio-^i a-. tins, Banron. Best Italian Strinxa. Ao K rr7l oordeont, Flutina*, Cn^oertinae, Fluwi,* ? ? I* EUes, Flageolets, Cla ionetta, Brass Instruments, run;s, a?d i?r? variety of musical ware, also an immense ,to?k of Sheet Mnaie, Mmio Books and llth street. Sole Agent of Steinway A. Son's B?ion naren a uo.'i and Knabe & Co.'a Piano*. oeti It all A T Sf CAPS, ? AND FUR 8.^ BF.YMOUIl, in Georgetown. announoea tn the oi'ixen* <>f ?h?? Diatrict that ho hfc? now read* for ale an cxtenaire aaaertment of Mole Skin Ha'a, for genta.ofthe yarioua ahipe?; Soft HaU and Ca,pa i oj every atyle for rnnn arni boya: l.adiea' Fura, Miaeet' and Children's Jookey Plata; Umbrellaa > and Walking priooa low enough to pleaaa all. W. F. 8P.YMOLR, i ex) 25-2w 13 J Bridge street. i cuooi! nrr*WBP?T PiiTfrnra Tn I PLE8, Ac J?n hbia. new Richmond Family and Extra Fkmr, V* Q'OUDd Bu )k wheat M?at, SM buahala W hite Meroer Poiatoea, , lflo do. Rlaa do. do. 5 do. Chratnutg. Reoeirad to-day and for aale lo*r In JoU to suit br D. L. MORRISON ft CO.. J?" * Corner of Twelfth and ft eta. h?0#? and artiatr* aae. Thia la a rery nmaleanl i efl eoti va article for ntaoriny the ink fro ?> enta boxo"> fta4*?ld for2S aenta; by muT for arficfai'%Ufit *oJler Blotl#r? ? oew and oonrement ?j Portfolio Slater, two and three leave*, rnitabla f>r deaka and memo random aoooanta. rar iour aixaa and atylaa. BUNCHARU ft MOHUN, no^ Coraar Pa. av. and Kiavanth at. rpojuysic TRACHER8.-A lwa lot of nev "1 Muaus, Imported from Knrope; also, oleotiona ' made in t>?reon from all the groat pub.11hinic hooaee , In Boattn and Nov York, ??eoin!iy aaaotfd fur piano, violin, and flute, An., fee. Alao, l>ueta for All i.ttrwnieuu ... oj-?or i-y-Jg,, Chiokeriugs Piano Store. 1 oo 10 SQfi Pa. aT.. hot. ittn and loth if. rpRlMMINSS, BUTTONS. TAS8KLS! The boat a**oiim?nt~of TRIMMINGS, BUTtnuamh.^ khkibk No. 30 Market Smoo, near tth at., at Nov York 'oiaMj*'"1" ' V r, MUBLIN0HAUS. p?tmh5ws no, rbwaid. 1 VIII KIT? the above reward for the arrest and conviction of the pmon or parson* who fir ad the carpenter's ehop of Beerp M Broth** oa tka nicht | of tho Uth laetant. Their an?M The generous aad sympathizing public will be called on for a amall amount to enable them to resume their former business. __ "a 16 ISAAC BEKR8. CVM BROIDERY BT AM PING, on all kinds of InsgsxrkSAA avenue, between X1?t and 2*1 ?ta , where eaa be found a rmk variety ot beautiful PMmi far VoU^^g^^Uart a^ofa, ^rts,_Paa ? ???I CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. "T U Strut, Bitwm 9tk mmd l*A Struts. We btT? ji?t finished a mniMr ol first oiasa CARRIAGES, ?uoh M Litkt Fanrv- MMma. Warms, Park Pktattms. Family ^ r-wgK! ra#?,and B**riti, which we will? lm* ~ mLJ a T?r? mall profit. Bmn< praotioa' mechanics in different brancho* of the Dimness, we flatter nnrse'ves that we hot* the styles and ^aahtv of work that will (iv* uli iwuuo, ooinoimng ii(DUipm, oomiort and damMIl i ly Rofftirinf promptly and oarefolly attended to i Uie ahorteal notice ?nd mott reasonable charree. < WALTER. KAHMANN 4 BOPh. CowhmMOT, aaooeaeora to Wno. T. Hook. , ap r-dir T CARRIAGES. HE ftabaeribor hariiu made addlttoaato hi btttorr. making it tow one of the iargeatjL^^fea, In the District, whore bit Nctiitiee forU^aK manafactnnncCARRIAGE k. LieHTBK i WAGONS of all k?ada ouoot be an rpaaced, and I fromaia lone experteooe in the bmameca, he ho pea . te rive ftaeral wtishe&os. kuwU of Carrtacae aad Light Wtgeaa kept > rm&r 4 1 *-?? mrmmr ?t UU um4 K * Dr. J. H. McLEAN S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL aid blood pirifikk THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tk* WORLD, \-/f It ta MnctW > ?ei- ^ r^l JM|L| \f otite lud tipubla Coniponiid. prepMjNkjP eurad t? tbt dittiil*uEn. liOu of r*ou, b?rb?, tad b?rk?. YfHow KH Mack Ko**, SarxtpaWV& rill*, Wild Cherry IHjP Kg fS B*rk, ud Dandelion iouii wis IU Mm- j 5u I . Tbe entire tuitt y/ % FK "'&. jfc remedial pnnf.inli Jf sBMOSJitoar of each ingredient le BrforttaluDg.{^K!;^^r?--AfUr taking. > dietillinr, prodncing * deiieiooe, tihiUmtinf ifirh, end th? moat infallible remedy for renovating Ua thaeaeea ayaiam, j aud reetoriog the eick, eaffenag, and debilitated invalid la health and etrenftb. McLean s strengthening cordial Will efectaally c?r? Li*er Complaint, Dyapepai*, Jeur dice, Chrooie or N?r-o?e DeNlity, Dteeaeee of the Kidnere. I ud all diaeaeee trii<a; from a disordered Unr or ftontck, Dyepepaia, Heartt<urn, Inward Pile*, Aciiiii of Sickaaae of the Stomach, Fallneee of Blood to the Head, Dall Pain or < Bwimtnir.f in the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, Pallneee j or Weiylit in the S.omach, Soar Erncutiooe, Cbokiuf or 4 Bafocaunf Feeliuf whan larmr down.Drjneaa or TtlToVr.eaa of the tki:i aod Eyee, Nifht 8?tau, Inward Finn, Pain in lb* Small of lb* Back, Cbiat, or Side, Rod dan Plashta of Heat, Depreaeior of Spirits, Prifhtfal Drearae, Laapor, Deapoi.deucy or aay narrow dtaaaaa, loraa or Biotchra on ui (km, ud Foir aad Ant (or Chute and J hm.) OYKK A MILLION BOTTLES bar* been eold daring the laat eix moatha, and in ne in- ' etance haa it failed in rt*u>r entire ea-.iefaction. Who, then, < will eifer from Weakneee or Debility when McLtAlV STRENGTH ENINO CORDIAL will cue y on 1 Mo langaag e can convey an adeqmate Idea of the immedi- 1 ate and alrooet roiracaloae ch\ prodaced by taking this Cordial in the diaeaaed, debilitated, and etatterrd arrraea ] lyetem, whether broken down by eiceee, weak by natare, or impaired by eickneea, the releied and nnetran* arfuiution la raatored to it* rrietme health and near MARRIED PERSONS' or other*, eoneeioae of inability froan vliiti'ir Mat, will bid McLEANI STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a IBoroojh regenerator of the eyateni: tad all who p:*r b??e ia I lirtd ibiniulfti by improper indalgeneea will fad la tbie Cordia. a certain aod apaadr remedy. TO THE LADIES. McLEANI STRENGTHEN1NG CORDIAL U a Ifn and epeedy care for lacipieot Cotiaom] uoe, ffhmi, 0 detracted or Dificalt Meoetrvuios, of L'roe or loTolaourT Diecharre thereof, Filing of the Womb, I Giddineee, Fainting, and all diaaaeee incident to Ftainlea THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Safer oa laager. Taka it according to direcuona. It will itimalate, etrer.f.hen, and invigorate yoa at1 canae H a I bloom of health to manat ?oar cheek again. Every bouia te ' warranted to gi?e aanefaCtlon. FOR CHILDREN * If yoar ehildran are aickly, par./ or aCicted, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will make than healthy, fat, and robaet. Lieiay not a moment; trj it, aad yoa will ba convinced. It ia tie - * lie i one to take. CA UTION. Beware a/ drncmiu or dealer* who ra*y try to palm spon yo? umi bluer or *>r?tparilla tra*h, which the j tu bar cheap, br *aTiii* it M)?at u food. Avoid each bid Aek i for McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, ar.d ukt Dothinr elii. It i( tht only remedy that will ptrify the Blood {Soroafhl* ?ad at the udi tint (trengtheu the mttm 0n? teaapoonial taken erery morning faeting u a carmn j preventive for Cholera, Chill* ai.d Fe?er, Yellow Fctr, or iDT prevalent diaaaee. It 11 p ul up |o larrt bottlta. Pric* only fel per bottle, or C bottle* for $5 f. H McLEAN, , Bole proprietor of tkte Cordial; aleo, McLean'* Volcanic Oil Liniment Principal Depot oo lie corner of Third and Pin* etreeu, St. Louie, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, 1 (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) The only oaf* and eeriaia cor* for Case era, Pii?a, Tamer*, Swelling* and Broochile or Coitre, Pariled*, Neuralgia, Wtakneeaof the Mmclea, Chronic or Infl <mm?t?ry Rbecmati*m, 3it#nee* of the Jmiii, Contracted Moacle* or ' Lifaroeiita, Earache or Toothache, Brniaea, Bpraiaa, Freeh Cm*, Wound*, Ulcere, Per*r Bore*, Caked Breaet, Bore < Nippl**, Bar a*. Scald*, Sore Throat, or any intammauca or pvn, do difference how *e*er* or I org the dieeaee ma* hare eiieted. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* a cart&tn remedy. Tbcoaatde of kinin b?inr? hart been aaved a lift of die crepitad* and Bleary by the do* of thia intalaahle remedy. MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve pain almoot inataaUJieoaaly, and it will clean, | purify and heal tha fonleet aeraa in an incredible abort time. FOR Honsu* AND OTHER ANIMALS 1 MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT la the only aafe and reliable remedy for the core of Spavin, R net-one, Windfall!, Spiinta, Dnnatoral Lanipe. Nodee or Swellinre. J It never failed to core B?r Head, Polievil, Fietala, Old I < Rue inn * Boroa, or Iveiay, if properly applied. Tor Bpraina, Bruiaee, Scratctaea, Cracked Heele, Chaiee, Saddle I or Collar Galta, Oata, Boraa, or Woaada, niaaa infallible remedy. Apply it aa directed aid a car* I* ceruua M *?*ry laatancaThen tnl* a* loafer with the many vorthlree Liaimaau offered to yon. Obtain a ?opply of Da. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT. It win care yoa. J. H McLEAN, Sole Propraatar, . Corner Third and Pine ata., St- Loaia, Ma. 1 CARLES BTOTT, J7S Pa. a?., eole a*ent in Wnabmr! ion; k. S. T. C1SMEL, Oaoryatown. a*M-D*Wly ( uji r. fre.nch. wm. r. kichsikin. NEW FIRM , FRENCH k. HiCHRTEIN, i P. - _ T*r . p ar * a \ oiftceaipra $o wwu r, x>ay:y ; . and Retail Dealers ia BOOKB, STATIONERY, aud PERIODICALS, No. itT8 Pi.iMnuiiA Awra. ' Weddm* and Viauinc Carda neatly engraved and printer. rape' and Envelop** ?tamped with Initial with out extra charge. ?nb*cription* reooived for all the Weekly Paper* nod Mitcaziae*; also, Mew York Herald, Timaa, md Tri bnne. ; i-'a'l aad examine oar stock. Ail bound Book* bold from 10 to SO per acnt !* 1 than the Publisher'* price*. I ID"" Any Book* not on hand ordered with dispatch from London, Pan*, New York, JJottoa, and Philadelphia. a 1m gCHOOL AND COLLEOK OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys' Ciothing for SeAcot and i Vrrss Wear. Parent* and snardian* wmhiBt to fhrniah their ' ehi Hren and ward* with School ard College Oatfita for the oowiM mum. are mnlid tonuaiMw iarxa aad uunin uMlaHt BOYW CLOTHING, wUe*? they o?a fti ami their oh<tdr?a ' of all tite* in a few mowuU with fwt 4?anjtion of R.-adj-made Garment*, of rabetantiai a^d flartflJii quality, at very moderate price* ;ateagsk . g5h5ibep,ne andrvants, ooom ; W? hare now on band a well Mltotod atrck of he above guide, *uct> a? fchcetirsr*, Tawe Linen*. Napkin*, Toweling!. Lidihi, Fail Cloth*. B an keu?from onmmun to very fin*? Uasabar**, B ?f Damoeticc. Oivbami Pillow Cm* Vottoaa and Linens, Dunbar Jt Diokinaon'e. Hark lie*. Obwl*v k C??4od Rio*ard*on'* ln?h Linen" la ail aaaiitw?%U of which we will diepoaa of oa tk* Deal oo lil TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. HW. HAMILTON _ . a PAINTER. and DEALER IN PAINTS, No. asa Tut Sntnr, wear Odd FkltmmS HmlL ? ?-h ruin ir> uun , > P""r,",0Wk?1?w: A bauttnil trtiole, in *pprsr*ao< to p?U*t prrm,(b*iB*Ote?r nu1 ao rahM.i Mid *t much ! 1 ooit KING * BL'RCHfc >,L. <xi 10 Corner Vgrmootn-. md 5th ?t?. Wm. aXE coal OFFICE, i *?? Pa. AT.,Jjjrw.llt? Uth S*fct i THE WEEKLY STAR I -v ' . This u?su?tt FmuI? Mi .NuiMtHl w than oaa b* foisi la My mtkar u pabUafeai m Saturday raorun*. Hings co>?, ?? fl ? Fit* ope* . s as ^n^ooneii i ss By srfhwnbiac ta el?bs ratwd aao? Miff bora srUhunt Uis iuUrT?ou?s of a ma*. tiul,M fill b* p+i ofirtd ? fr msL of TV Vast!* Ster anil Us pared. R lnrr.rnhlT ccnteiM the " A atkisitn so (tosrall; throuchoat the ooaatry. [7/~Siagls oosim(la wiappsis) ?aa bs proearsd at the chanter. ?t7 ^ ? ? Ua yr * ? * iVO? i anno van a o !ITPoKmi?t?rt rt# act a* ifttk will be al lowed tOOMUMIM of ? OMll. MEDICINES. AY BR ' I A G vT CURB, Fm tk* 8p?df Cuti */ 1b ermitteat Fever, or Ker*r md Aim, RmbiUmH r ever. D<imb At**, Periodic*.. Heaoaobe. or Ki<io** Heedaafce, u< Bilioua Pmra, IMM |or the whole Ctaa* of Diaease* * ?ri? inatini in Ki i?rr IWangement. CuatTbr the Mal*m rrf M aeinatie Countriea. >o one remedy ta ><'??ier ?aiied ?oeoM li'ieaof the America* peop,* tianaiir* aod eai* em-e for I ver ai.4 Au? Such we are bow aaabled to >fl>r. with a perfect oertairtt that it will eradi sat < the 11 eeaae. an* with anuaaM, foaaded om pro>f 'hat bo harm oan an** (row iu bm ib a*f utntlty. Trial wnmh protect* Irom or avMMta tki. <<> prder mast b* of iiitniMw Mrnot is u? main ties where it prs vaila. Frrrmttsm it better ttu sure, for the patient etc?p*-? the risk vhioh M mutt run in nnVt attaoks of this baisful dietaia Mr. Thts "Cr?i" expert the miasmic potsoa of Kbvkr amd Aari from tka system, and pravwata the deve.upment of disease, if takaa oa u* tret tpproach of tta premnaitory trnptoat It is sot ?aly the beet remedy ewer yet discovered lor Ull Blaas of ooanplaints. bat also the oheapest. The iar?- quantity we sapp^y for a dollar brines K antain the r*ach of everybody; and in bilioaa diatriata. where Piriitnr Aora pravaiia, evary body alioa.d have it ai?d use it freeiy both for aare a .d prevee tion A great ruperionty of this remedy over any ,'ther ever dmoorereo lor the spaady aad oarlaia sure of I Mterniiiter ts ta. that itoontaina no Qui ait a ?r ninerai, ?on?e*uent y it prodaoee no qamian ar other irjarlous etfeott vt.atever tpon Ut ^institution. Thoaa eared by itareiaftaa aaalthy M if they had never had the diaenea. Fever and Af?e ia not a'one the eoaaeaaeaM of the miasmatl* p"is->n. A treat variety of disorders Irita from Ifa IrflUllAB amu??* ^ 1 iia. Kh'nmi'iiDi. Oont. iicir'iwnf, Wiitdneee, toothache, Ka'*cn?s Catarrh. AtthiM. P* pita : on, Painrel affection ot the f'p w. Hjrewtee, fkia loin* Bowel*,Cone, Pn-aljhi.aod f>er?rge nentofthe St >raach. ail of which, when ?>n|in? Ung in ttii* oaner, pet on the intermittent type. or >eoome p?ri>>dioa . Thu "Ocu" nytli U* yuitog From the blood, and oooce^uenUj cure* Uta ah ^Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER k CO , LowaiL md aold bt all Drmcieta, everywhere. oe W aol^ Helmbold't Genuine Preparation. i^BjMMWrgffgigrii in. k Positive and Specibo Remedy aKA'^KL.!a.'rti"!*ROP&1?" *?. Tbi? Mediofna ir.o'eaeee ih-ptff of D*?eeuoa, knd excit?e th? AB>OR BKNTb ink) health? aaaon.hy whieh Uie WATER\ OR CALCEROl ]epoHiti<.Ba, and al! UNNA ri'R AI ENLAlOfeHENT# ar? '^tfoecf. km well ae PAIN alia INFLAME ATfON, a*drie food for MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. BbLHDuiiire aAiJuy i jy'ianiiii hriainc from Kxmmm, Habtu w Diaeipabea Early Indiacr^tion or Abeae. Attmdtd with ikSymptoms ? Inditposition to Exertion, _ Lorn of Power. DiMoulty of Iss^ofv^ M HOTSK JumNl LeeaJtodeo the lot Hfcnda, rfaahin* of tha Bo4y, >ry aesa of the Skin, Eruption* oa the rtoee. PALLID COUNTENANCE. Theee iympt?m, <f allowed to ?o oe, whieb thie meiJioiii* invariant) reraorn, aooc In .nfi __ IMPOTKNCYi Fl."CITY. EP1LKPTJC /ITS, In Oil* or t\ RICH Kl PiTlMT ?i? tiriw. . Who oen mm that they are notfc-auentiy follow** t?y tho?f> "DtRF.FUL niKF.APKS " -INSANITY AND roNSI'MPTION. Hut *r* nun of tk? ammmm at th*tr uCaru>. " " BCT HONE WfLL "CQSFESS. IHF. RECORDt* OF THEINSAN K AS VLC *8 And Iht M'-lanckolt D**th$ tt Cmnmfttm A?r *ra?l? wjtnj*? V> the truth of th? tMortiofL e constitution onck affkcted with organic weakness Roqmrec the aid of m?dioic? In stmuf U>m Which Helm bold'* eVt ^A ^ llU C H um?*mbltdo *. A TRIAL WILL CORTKfCB TUB HO?T SKEPTICAL. FEMALES?FEMALES?FEM ALBS. OLD OR YOONV. SINGLE, MAHRIED, OH CONTEMPLATINU MAR HI AGE. Ki many affections peculiar to MALES, :b?> extract Haciia i? anc?ii*JTr4 by luro'her reiKJvlj.M ta Chl-?ro?n or Retention [rrecuivitx, I*a*unitor 8u?pressioa nfCaslonrtary EracBAtiooa, I'taaratad or hntrrh< u? it?u >f th* Ut*ras, !^!uo<rrhor\ or Whites. btenility. lad for al o<>inpmnu tncide?t to tlM a x a bsthar kri8iax from lndiseratlou, Habits of Dissipation, jr m the DECLINE OR CMANUE OP LIFI. riMPTOHt iKiyi. NO FAMILY PHOULDJIb WITHOUT fT Take wo tnori Bait am, Mfrwry, m wytinwi Htdicm* for vwp.?* ?*{ m*4 /Mni<r?M /hicajo. UKLMBOLl^ EXTRACT BUOHU 8ECKE?t%?ABE8 In all thair Stages. At ittls exponas, Littlo or do chncxe In Diet; No inooarenleooe; JLMCL MO A" jyfl jmy ^ _ B;oans9s a fraaaent iteafrs am fiTM strength to rinr.te, thsrer<y Ramortrf UhatmoUooa, Preventioe and cariar 8tnctares of tha Urathra. Ai vi'.i rain and In flam nation. ao frequeut ta Lbs class of diseaaaa. and expaiuax aU y?un mi Lhnai'i, and morn omt Alalia. THO 0 SANDS MP ON THO USA NDS WHO HATS ISSN TBI VICTIM* or or ACE*. md who har* paid i to ha enrad ta a short time. have fbnnd tfcey were daaeivad. and that the "POISON" baa, ths asa or"rovuriiL ai r&imehts, P?on ariea u? id im ijhmi u> irrw ?ut m an accraraiod form. and PE&HAP8 AfTKH MAMRJAOM. Ure Hilmmls'i Eztuct Brent for a. ifwtiona and di?^v<? of th? URINAKV OR9AN*. Whether exi?*ir,? in M Ai.K OS FEMALE. Prom whatever o*H'? on* inoua* oud no Mttif of HOW LONG STANDING Disea#"* o!Ui'^orj r???uir?Ui*a.' al%Dimrtli nKSfflngiiffis?T" &nd Uoertain to haretfcedoaired efeot ui ail _p*amom FOR WHICH IT 18 RECOMMt- NDEDT Btridtact of tkt mo.? retail* mmd rirromt+U tkmler will ace<>r*.p?ny the rr?Mlc!'-?? CERTlFlCATF.B OF CURES. W,T? Ni Price SI 00 r?r bottle, or otx for S0 -00. Delivered to anr Addr?M. aosarelr eaoked fro ibaerration. 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