Newspaper of Evening Star, November 12, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 12, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. OMrallM* ( tkt PtUM Office. ThefMtowlR* i? a Hat of pateata iaaued from tbe U. S Patent Office for the week ending November 6, 1^40?each bearing that date : Federal C Adam* aod Joseph Peckorer, of Cin clnnatt. Ohio?For improved hinge. Char lea K. Atherton. of PiWi?n, N. J.?For Improvement In vapor lamps. Miner H. Bacon, of Mvstlc. Conn ?For Improvement in machines for dressing stone Wm. B. Barnes, of Foreatrllle. Conn.?For Improvement la clocks. John Beaumont, of Hartford, Conn.?For Improvement In coffee pots N. Brittan, of Lockport, N. Y.?For Improvement Is lightning rods. M A. Butler, of Mariana, Fla.?For Improvement In compositions for soap. Charles F Chambers, of Cbambenburg. Ind ? For improved washing machine. Albert B Ceiton, of Athens, tia.?For Improved spike for threshing machine*. James Davies. of Schuylkill Haven, Pa ?For Improvement lu canal and river locks Sarah N. Davies. of Muskegon, Mich.?For lm proved domes iprinaier John Davis. of Elmira, N. Y.?For improvement in apparatus for detachiug boraea from carrtan?. A K. Eaton, of New York, N. Y.?For Improved gold amalgamator. Moaea W. DilHngham, of Ch&rlestown, Maaa.? For improvement la vapor lamps. Moaea Depuy. of Pittsburg, Pa ?For lmprovemei.t In making hoea. Sylvender F.llis, of New Britain, Conn.?For Improvement in washing machines Jacob Frlck, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For Improved shutter fastener. Franklin Getz, of Amherst, N. Y ?For 1mCvement In drivers' seats for mowing and reap* machine* jifX. T Hardn. of Shelby, N C?For Improvement In mac hint-# for cleantng cotton teed George C. Hinman, of Portagevllle, N V ? For Improvement 1n the teats of water closets t. Morrison Hunter, of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement in apparatus for trying oils Warren Iddings, of Warren* Ohio.?For improvement In embalming dead bodies. Jonathaa L Jonea. of St. I.ouls, Mo?Far lm provt-ment in trim bridges. Henry Johnson, of Washington, D. C.?For Improvement in vapor burners William Kearney, of Union, N. J.?For improvement in wrenches. William S. Kirttbam, of Brnntford, Conn.?For Improvement in l>>cks. William S Klrkham, of Brantford. Coun.? For improved blind fastener. John Lewis. of Elisabeth, N. J ?For improvement in attaching sails to ship's ya-ds. l<evl l.orlng, of Snco, Maine.?For improved milking stool. Wm H. Livingston, of New York, N. Y.?For lmnrOVM) tf*r lii?t?ln<nor traM \Vaher W. Paddock, of cYnci nna'ti, Ohio ?For Improvement In sealing prrservecans J. Edward Parker, of Weat Aleridsn, Conn ? For Improved door lock. Henry Pennie, of Buffalo, N Y ?For Improved top hinge J. M. Pitta, of Bumter, S. C.?For improvement in apparatus for fractured limbs. Henry H Robertson and Cyrus G. Carr, of Kingston, Mo ?For improvement In cultivators. Jos. Rolls, of New York. N.Y.?For IdimotmI carpet duster. John G. Row, of New York, N. V ?For ina? roved arrangement of gates for directing the ow of water upon tide wheel*. Charlie A Shaw, of tiiddeford, Me.?For lmproved pie crimper Louis Simonet, of New York, N. Y.?For imj provement In water-proof fabrics. Thomas Slaight, of Newark, N. J.?For improvement in door latchea. Wm G. Smith, of F.iizabetlip>rt, N.J.?For* Improvement in the cuttiug apparatus of harvesters. Geo D Trumpore. of Newark, N. J.?For improved clothes-aqueezer. T. H WlUaon and 1). T. Wlllson, of Harris i>urg, Pa ?For Improvement in machines for cutting hay. Ac Jesse T Wheat, of Wheeling, Va.?For Improvement In apparatus for tanning. David C. Wilkinson, of Sidney, Q^lo.?For improved flood fence David Wadsworth, jr., of Nashua, N. H.?For improved gate hinge. L B. Wright, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement In spinal braces. John Adams, of Daiston, England, assignor to Thomes Poultney. of Baltimore, Md.?For improvement in revolver lire-arms. Benjamin Douglas, of Midd'etown, Conn., as.1 .Tr, *_ nr J r* rv % - vignin w n . ana n ijougias, oi isme place?For Improvement in pump*. IJyer Onrar, of Boston, Mass , assignor to himself and John H W. Page, of same place.?Eor Improvement la rice builers Thomas King, of Troy. N. Y , assignor to Ira A Pulsipher, of ssme place ?For Improvement In machine* for molding candles. Lewis l.ayinan. of Westtleld, N. Y , assignor to L P NVhi'ney, of same place.?For improvement In locks Snmuel P Patten, of New York, \ Y , assignor to himself and 3. A. Nlckerson, of Brooklyn, N Y.?For improvement in capstan windlass Rt iisutt.?Solomon E. Bolles, of Mass?For Improved machlns for raising and transporting I tone*. Extensions?Alfred Jndson. of Rochester, N. Y.. and Timothy D Jackson, late of New York, d'rriTd. (Elizabeth N. Jackson, administrator.) For bell telegraph. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ? A W Chapln and ly, 111; K H A very and ly, J R Taylor,N V; R Chambers and Iv, Kdiaburg; Dr Sharp. NJ; J N C Gray, G / Gray, NY; J R Dowell. Va; A Carter, Hd; P Browne, V?; K Walker, NY; C Hardy, Me; W Bullock and ly, Ky; J Cowan, ?; TBell, Pa; 11 Walker, Mich; Hon T Corwin, O; W R Judson, FS, VV Myers. Ind; H S Warren and ly, Mlaa \> arren, M1m Wells. C Lallmr. H Tanner NY; G Clark,Pa; G Lincoln and ly. Ct; Mtaaea Morton, Pa; Gen Palfrey and ly, La; R Cbw'fr, Rl; M Stella and fam, S^; U Webeter, Mo; T 8 Alexander, Md; A Fnl'er, O; J Btake, W Alexander, Va; C Field, USA; D Jacob, La; J Dall, Md; G Wrlfbt, Ala; W Witt and ly. C HGreenleafa, NH P Rerde, N V; () Welta. F Hickman , A Caperton, Va; Mra Goodrich, F Goodrich, Maa; ? Good, DC. BROWN'S HOTEL ?W A Fuller, Pa; W G Rankin, \VT; W Barrell. No; W K Looa and ly, Pa; W Krtndle. KT: W M Fltxhntrh v, n dtll. 8 Nobi#, NY; (J C Heard, 1)5; Won F Pick, as and ly. 9C; H Hon 9 T WigMl nd lain, Tex; Mrs Holcombe. Miss Langdon, W Cockson, Hon M R liirnftt, A M Uarboar, J M CoyLc. B Carlton and jy, J H. a land and ly. Mia* Bayly, Mlsa Cooke, Va; J W Jones and ly, N'C; J B*rives and f*m. Miss s* D Evans, Mtss D Aster, 9 Downing and ly, Dr W C Pardee and ly, N Y; R L Tombliuson. Pat D Cronan and (am. Miss E Loraywr, L*; K BlgeloW, Masa; H Well*, J Hardsotry, C P CiowIm. J Griffin and fam, Miss E Smith, II Owlags, T D Owlngs aud ly, Md; \V \Yblppand ly, O. KIRK WOOD HOUSE?J A McKean. Md; W - 6 Rankin. WT: W B Rirhirda, Va; J Wlddowaon. NY:C KlitBaolUir. All; D Krampton, Mftaa; 1. O Alrx?n<W. Ky; J Va; J k Macbeth, B N Yarlorou?h, .Md; J Wateibouae. DC; B K Kicklin, Va; \V Kinaejr, South; L Bfnuott, NY; P A Oiagett. Va. Td? UNION WIL'- STAN D. NO MATTER WHO'S PRESIDENT I Consequently 1 ahail remain in Washington and oontmao to aaraqe mjr oooupatmn "f HOI'SK, BI?N and ORNAMKNTAJ. PAINTING. Gi d yi in bit ih uiucon. old G'azing promptly at(m?1 to. Painting and Ornamenting Collage r*ra*t?rain the baa*. ?t? e I ?:ii, mI attention to th* PaiaUn* of Roofs and Brio* wait* A>i of tit* above I will ai > a? oho*# ? tn? cheapNt. ' therefore aobailti ?.patronage vi my irionJa and fellow oiUXfoa or the Diatriot. Pan iloa'ity metly observed, and work dooe in tha baat maaY'ou wtil ?!* # mmd yonr itnes and st->p at M I T PARKRR'a fftioU* ?ai*bl>ahruejit, <(o. 63' ij > U!" Loaiaiaaa a*., north aiio, b*lwiea 6th pat bp frM ef charge, ai nual. aa ?> 9m lO AAA GALLONS CHAMPAGNK AND C*AB APPLE CtDKR.-We invite tha attaotton ot tVa p*bito to oar mrti *ud well aa l?a|ai atoah ot Otoa^staad Crab ApplaClder, _ _ , w, ? ,mmm miW.aM Will D? I W&G&nr.j^SLfc" fb No. ?T HrM? at.. GeorratnVn. OOD! W O O D!! _ WOODS! 8TOVB and KINDLING th? Iovn poMtbto fnw. T. J. * W. M. GALT, 393 Pk *?., bftrtM ULh ud Utk ill.. M f?-tf Mrth mit UE* W?&LEA?&, T1K8. 8TOO?S, kj*[* of. 0J?NVtRN Q wyrow. lfc%n Bay *Ui?rai*ri ' "ooVlm' At SM1TIT8. Br?Btb *BALTiMOR K BCTTE* HOUSE. I D*j!j r*o?irin* fr^h Btd iymI, id Qamhtn Kok? ? IT W M KtxIimi* PIM*. RtWnMM, /-?o TO FKKNCH jt, aiCH^xjajtaiu. ?? VI P?0U. *v?au* ud look M tB* new Am?ricaa edition* of MoUMl*!. UUioBi, Htm* and tbe Poou, <>a tiBl*d yi>*riorAlo Mm Ea?. li.h editioBa. Gail and t*k* a loot Bt thna. no 1 EV'K OVhUCOAi'S, WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW BILL AID FIREWOOD FACTORY, (Sigh* or thk Blub Flag Staff,) ath ! the Canal, sear 7th street Bridie, Will fnrniih, at tho ahortett notice, FIREWOOD, THK BEST QUALITY. Of A*t Kijid, Cut and Split to any Bimmtiont. CHEAPEK THAN THE CHEAPEST! With full measurement guarantied. WT Reuj-mber.Tu* Blu* Tlao Staff, we?t lfle of Seventh nt'eet, noutli of the Canal, and op %, tBl t A t Marlrnt GEORGE PAGE, Agent. K' HICKORY ANDOAK PF>ANK or TIM(ofaor mz??ordiinen*u>ni?)i*A\VKl)j POSTS or JOISTS RIPPED, or I.OOSSAWKD, 1 th? shortest notice fC7- Small job* of BL.ACKSMITHING promptly aiBcuteHl. mi above. teg?-1 B B Q V II V V V UNION FIRE-WOOD HILL, C?racr el Seventh at and lanal. ttf /\ f\ %J %J V of all kind, manufactured to order, any length or size, ready for use. COAL?COAL. We have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both Red and White A?h. different site IL^We are now, and will be receiving Coal for the next ten d?jr*. whioh w<* sell, delivered from the vessel,at a rertuetiou ol 25 oents oer ton. Bend your orders narlr. MoKNEYV A MARl.OW, ProDiietora. ?g 77-tf W 06 O D AND COAL Delivered to all perta of the city, at the !ow??t ?o??ible rate*. T J. ft W. M. GALT, Office 'iSi Pa. sr., between 11th and 12th ata.. ma 17-tf north aide. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOM 19, M. I)., lUc inventor and patentee oftha MINKK U. PI.aT- Tkf.TH ?t- ^ ? - taudx at his oflics in this city 5*4^5^? Macy persouK can wear these teeth who***xf 1 " cannot wear other*, and no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at mjr offioe can be accommodated with anr style and prioe of Teeth tU?y may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfeot denture that art oan prod use. the MIN EH AL PLATE will be more fnilj wurrant^. Rooms in th'scity?No. 33?Pa. avonue, between 9th and 10th sU. Also, 'J'J 7 Arch street, Philadel ?hia;_ oo 15 tf Dm dental card. R. MVNSQN Haj returned and resumed' his profession. Office and house ai 4 03 E third door east of 3ixth. la addition I nif>. if very other approved style. Dr. M- ha? ser**'' teeth on vuloenite Dase for the last three years and. from airnvrii-rnn. kmiva it ? ?I1 ??? ? - i"d ia one third >ss in price thau gold. ' KVoid patrons of Washington, AUxancrla, and (ieor*etown are respectfully aoJioiUxl t' call. au2Seoly DDihN riH'f* Y. R. HILL6, aAer a ?rac:ie&: test of two rears fools that he can with coufi-Jonoe Jf'11 meed the Cheopiastio IrocecsforinsertinsflMBB a^ificial te?th. It han the advantages uP*1''" tten?th, b<?ai??7, clean.mesa, and cheapness. Fal upper *et? iniort'yl for 8^4. Partial in proportion. OBc* S06 Pa. a-renus. ee7_ Cthp: ONNEOTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF HARTFORD, Accgmclatiuji ? ?3 500,000, n? - J? - - ' rmnun luuiiooiiieui.' u a;i cassava equal to any ' company, and far auj>-*rior to moat. Dividend* ma.l?and paid annua!!*, HEATH 4 KNOWLf.^, AfenU, oo 29 tr Offioa, oyr~r Bank of Washington. PURE OLD RVK WHISKY FOR MEDICINAL, USE. Price S2 per gallon or 30 cents per bottle. The vast home and foreign demand we have for thia article auffinently atte*<s ita purity and excellence. Moreover it m\y be mentioned in this oonn'Xion that many inv?..'Ja oi delicate organization, unable to nae w^ii'ky of other brands. nave found th? al>ove moat efficacious ai;d happy in ita rffeota. a lil/eral discount on the above prices made to thetraJe. KDWaRD HALL. Dealer in fire and Liquors, pamii* ftri?."?rio? ** - ->?* . ....... jr v. vvvi iv>. 'i V | VCUW[ .Tl ?I &OV| o? 27-eo'Jl<t betweeu 7th and 8th itrMta. LATEST IN V~ITN~T ION! LADD. WEBSTER * CO'8 Tlglit-Stltcli Sew ing Machines At JANNKY 3 MOOT Ai\U SHOE STORM, 34PA. Avkmuk. Tb*y are thioio t? mole. Tney are tM strongest. They are tlio 8urt*rt m their operation. They use a straight needle, (Carved ones are of no aocount.) They have a feed wheel. They are capable of doing any kind of work known?th?T m&ira th? ? .<"? wi*La?.* - ? .w?aiv . uu. * If IIIIUUI BU J attaciimenta. Call and examine? At JANNEY'9, oc 15 lm ^ 348 Pennsy lvania avenue. Look to your intkremt,purchas. era OF CAblNLT FU kni it re. We have now in atore and daily reoeivmg tiie largest, b&udsoniuat, and 1110^^9 oheapeat lot of Cabinet Furniture ever offered to the o'.tizei.a of Wakhington.?jftt^? Georgetown and Alexandria, whioo oordia! y invtteall who deai.e furbishing to call and examine for thitiiiseivea. Oar 'took eraib-aoea every oonoeivab'e article nec?>??*rj lofnriiieha par.or, hatl,.dming room, obaml>er, and kitohen. Oar ox tensive sUtoic u too nunierous4k> particularism VVsonly nafsafawof the loading a<Uaiee, auci as, via: Kosewood, Walnut and Mfchoyany Parlor 8uit*? uphoiatered in a auperior mariner in BrocateUe t>i k rluah, Lasting and Hair Cloth, Gilt trame Ala: tel. Pie: an' other laases, Silt Base Tab>t, Oiit Ura'.-keta and Marble S'abs, Gothio and other ha-, la mia Reception Chairs, ia Brr>oateile, Plush. Kush and C$ne ?>ept%, Ktegeres, with Mart) "-too* am) M'rrnr Do. PaMor l>e?ki And Wnatnota, Roiewood. Wa.uut an<i Mali >jai.r Bureaua. Wuhitanoi, B'dnt.aus WarJroaea, rery hu'linm: ai.<i cujaj, Cottaf* Ch&:n^r Furnitue, in Oak. Imitation Oak, Mapl* and 1'e.iiit Jd, with or withi/ut Mar ble fopa, Marb'?-top Hatracka, in Oak and Wa'aut, Iron Hatraoki, Hail Stauda, s*-or#tari<?a, Bookca*ra. Shaving Stands, Marbl?-top Center Ta Hair and >hucc Mattr??*oa, Sealher Boiatoraand I'iSiowa, !anket*. Coinforta, Quits, Tn??l% &?. In addition to our >i<> ;lc of Furnitare onr first fl?or ooctaina a .*'g? an-i w^'l a?looi.ed atock of Ciiina, Giaaf and t'ro^kerr, Hiated Goods, Japanese Ware. Tani? Outiei j, Kritanma Ware, B ?H?kQd trooda, Baakota, Bruauea. &n? altorether formas aoompleta rarity->f ever* thing i;?oeb6ary to furntah a hou?? in all its apr-.rtrr<>nU C W. H';,Tfcl.t.K k 8?>N8, Iron Hall, N?. 'IP H^nn. avenue, a" 17-MA'l htf I <tw?r n 9iii ahd 10th iti. j f\K?riUt'D,mr mirvr r - ? j^wvi nn i I 1 ' *? -? ?*li& AAi I) iiUi LDLMSi Yonr attention and rxMiiinatvon la respeotful'jr .iii-it.rd t<> ir.iiii.ia tho cftinl>rat?il New \ ork GL'TTA PERCHA HO >FIMi aud theGUT'l A PKR^tfA P.MN" tor yamting tiu rooft TBI* Quits I'eioha K'>o5n* ajjl Pajiit ia a?i?ijo#!6d*ed o? a. i tne bust ifwutioc'-t in New York oity to he tfie boat ani oil ^p- at s Mid i'aint in "ii?t v.oe. It owi tx at H. W. HA.Vll I.TONt> Paiat Stfve. fll'2 yjveath atrret. CA^FlELDfe (IaMIIjTON are the poi# a?i-nta for Washington, Go .rgt town, Aieia^u. :a and the s5outb. For fur | thur mfftr/w" "*" 1 ...VI curai (1 n. OO 18'tf OLD RICH, MELLOW AN 0 PUKE B U K W 3 I D K ' 8 MONONGAHELA KYE WHISKEY, Coa?3>?nUoualy du*t! ?d b? Mr J?m?? Huroiide, of AllMiny County, panna., in th? old-faahioned h<n?at way. fro the chi i^st and most oarefully a'leotarf Kye, and in tio case ??>r offered lor aai? until adapUti to wh>o?oiua ua? bj a{* It iiU "r.Q6 ihe moit pVa;abi??ta.a it i* am*hatioally ona of ttia m'eat Mroracan in the ra&^h of the puMio. To the mvaii i, a* wall aa to Uhm ia health, it oommaudi it*?lr for it* unrivalled qualities m a itimnta it of tha aafent gur'nt, and moat beaefioert d?Mription. and o.mij of th* most diatingniahed hyaioiana ar? asicsitio thuir praatioa withtha hftpBiMt r*anlt?. CLBUY a STOCKDALE, Prjpriatora. 348 W?, nut at ra*t. PhiladajjikMU W.M. C. COMOVKK, Agent for the Proa- ietora, Wit Pa. a?? M 9t Sm 7T'" - ? im, S T ? V K 8: STOVES" O STOVES!!! " ?.loq band * I*!*6 wrtnjejil of Cookin* ?nd other-turf*, vtuohl will -oil cbe^r th*. V W otHer hou? in thp District, a* it u in; JEM 00 9 h??t rtoor toCV. f?UiP()Si?. WpB ^EW cloaks. kU?reo^vaU froaJUw Vork a Winter t LUAlv.. iur l? u the ir&'i Zouavt* &nd oth^r ip Black fciiU * recch Clothi. 4 Iio pulB %ud ftri,* CiotSL?!l of whioh Vi off#r ?* ** TA YLOR 4 BUTCH (SON. THEs.^K"to,211'GS?rtofiir ?SS SfcirSpnnr ' "johnV. ETLI^. no 6 306 Pv ?v.. between 9lh and ]<Hh ?U. FAN OS. MKI.ODKON8, VIOLIN 8, Guitars, AcoorJeoat, Tiniboriaes Ao., 4o. JOHS P. ELLIS, nr tt P?. ?y.t l?c Oth >B4t 10th ?U. f r YOU WANT to I?t food Clothing, Farm.hM il*4 JoB*r^Vftf??^nooV0l?l# % MISCELLANEOUS. P"OCLoV"#St^'i?lfiKf.8,,,BNT i For the Sale of Valuable Lands tn tks late *r ir ? w i n r# i\rw i ork lrt/txan Reserve, nomas. In pnrsnanoe of law, I, Jams* Bitch aha.ii, Preetdeut of the 1'nited gtatea of America, do herrbr declare and o ake know that pnblio tales will be held at the nndermer uoned ptnd Offioc, in Um Territory of Kansas, al tne period* hereinafter deslg nated, to ml: At the I-and OAoe at Post Scott, oomrnenoin* on Monday, the 3d day of l>eoeraber next, for the . disposal of inch of the pnblio land* not covered by iniiTidaal Indian location* aa are situated within the following township* and parts of Uwnahip* in the late reserve above-mentioned tor the New York Indians, vis: SwM of the bas* lim* and east of the sixth principal meridian, asd in the township* and parts of town skips fatting withtm said reserve. The traota or paroela in the aarta of townships 33,34,2% and 26, of range 36. i ne tract* or paroela in the part oi townahip 2S, in townanips 34 and 35, and in the part of 36, of ranee 34. Toe traota or paroela in the part of townahi?33 ib township* 24 and 2S, ana in the part of 36, of ranee a. The traota or paroela in the part of townahif 33. in townahipa 34 and 3S, and in the part oi 38, of ranee 33. Tne traota or paroela in the part of towo'bip 38in townahipa 34 and 36. and m the part of 30, of ranee3U The traota er paroela in the part of townahip 31, in townahipa 34 and 35, and m the part cf 36, of ranee 30. The traota or paroel* in the part of towrahip 38. in townahipa 34 and 25, and m the part of 36, of ranee 19. The traota or paroela in thejart of townahip 33, in townahipa 34 and 2S, and in the part of 36, oi ranee 18. The traota or pareeie in the part of townahip 33, in townahipa 34 and 25, and in the part of 36, of range 17. At the Land Ofioeat Fost Scott, oomrnenoln on Monday, the 17th day of December n?xt, for the diepoaal of auoh of the jiublio lauda not covered by uui * tuuai iituinu lucauuua an art BllU?l?Q W!Xnill | the following townsnipe and parts of town*} i?a in ths lau reserve above-mentioned for Now York Indiana, vis: South of the ba*? lint and east of Ik* sixth mint'pa I meridian, and in the township* ani part* ?/ township* failing within raid re*srv4. The t aots or pa reel* m th? part of township 33 m towr.sbip* 34 ana 25. and in the part of X, of range 16 The tract* or paroela in the part of townsh'p 23. ia town&hips 34 and 25, and m the part of 3b, of range 15. Tne tracts or paroela in tho part of townsjnp 23. in townships *4 and 35, and in tho part of 38, of racge 14. The tracts or t>a~oe?s in the ?*rt nf fn?rn?lii? <*> in towuships 34 and 35, and la the part 0/ afi, of ran?o IS. The tract* or parcels in the part of township 23. in townships 34 and 36, aad in the part of 26, or range 13. Tke tractj or parcels in the part of township J3, in townships 34 and 35, and in the part of 2S, of rang* 11. The traots or parcels in the part of township 23. in townsmps 34 and 25, and in the part of ;6, of ranee 10. The traots or paroels in the part of township 23, ift townships 34 and 25, and ia the part of 26, of ran go 9. The traots or paroe s in the parts of townships 33.34,85, and 36, of range 6. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, milifarv Indian mw**4 ?'L?- ?? ?- * 1 J .u?.,u, OUU IfMHT psrr?|l| Will IX> ex eluded from the sales, together vith lAe tracts covered by individual Jndian location*. (lesoriptive lists of which have been furnished tto looal officers. The offering of the above lands will be ooiumQnoed on thu days appointed, and will prooeed in the order in whiob thej are advertised, until the whole shall nave ueen ottered, and the sales thus olosed : but no sale shall be Icept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be permitted until after tne expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the oity of Washington, this 21 st day of August, anno Domini ene thousand eight hundred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos. S. Wilson, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-E~MPTION CLAIMANTS Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any or tne lands within the townships or parts of townships above enumerated is required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register and r^npii'ar of i 'l* . ,? - *? ?!? *, ifnu man fuvmfni IktrtJoTt (il jo? as praetieablt after ?eti*K this n?tire, and before the da* Appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the tract olaimed; otherwise such claim will he forfeited. . . JOS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the Uenorai Land Office. Not*.?Under the regulations of the department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment oan be m hi* h"r a"vertlB1"S proclamations except to snob od c?io .'/fcnuHw um/ipriira wj pno!isn ny the CoininiAmoner of the General Land Office. au 2a-law)3w BINo. 665.) Y THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATE*. In pursuance of law. I.Jamu Buchanan. President oi the United States of Amerioa. do hereby declare and make known tbat public sales will be held at the under-mentioned Land Oflioes in the S ate of Iowa, at the periods hereinafter desijnattui tn wit' At the Lar.d Office at Post Dope*. oomraenoing on Monday, the 19ih dar of November next, (or the diapoaal of the p iblio land*, heretofore unrtlirecl, mtngbted witmn tne following townalupa and parte of townships, vi*: North of tkt las* lint and \eist of th* AftK rrintt^al meridian. Sfctiona 1. S. 5,7, 9, 11,13, 15, 17, 19; 21, 23. 25, 27, 29, 31, TO and 35, of township 9B; aeotiona 1.3. 6, 7. 9 11, 13. IS 17,19, 21,23. 25, 27,29, 31.33, and 31, of township 96; aeotiona 1,3, 5, 7, 9,11,13, 15,17, 19. 21, 23. 25,27, 23. 31, 33, and 35, or township 96; amotions I,3,5,7,9,11,13, 15,17.19,21,23 2V *7, 29.31, 33. and Sj, of township 97; aeotiona 1, 3. 5, 7, , 11, 13, 15,17, 19 , 21, 23. 25, 27, i.9, 31, 33, and 35, of. township 98, of range 27. tteotiona 1.3 5, 7, 9,11,13,15, 17. 19, 21, 23. 25. 77, 29, 31. 33, and 35, oftowuahip 93; aeotiona 1, 3. 5,7, 9, II, 13. 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 , 26, 27 . 29, 31, 33, acd 35, of township 94; aeotiona 1, 3, 8, 7, 9,11,13, 15 17.19, 21, 23. 26, 27, *9. 31, S and 36 of .ownahip 96; aeotiona i 1,3,5.7.9,11,13, 15 17, 19,21,23.25, 27,29. 31. 3*. and I S5. Ot tOV'ilhiD V- tAn'inna 1 t t ^ a M ?o ?? ? r , . . V, VI ?? a U? Itl. 109 W f i 19; SI, 23, 25,27, 2a, 31, 38. and SS, of iownahi?97; ?eetlona 1,3,5,7, 9, 11,13, 16, 17,19, 51, 23, 25, JJ, *9, 31, 33, and 85, of town?' ip 98; aootiena 1,3,5.7,9, II, 13, la, 17. 19,21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 38, and 35, of towuahif 99, of ranee 28. S.ctiona 1 * 8,5,7,9, II, 13, 15? 17,19, 21, 23. 16, 27, 2i 31 33, and 3$, of townahip 98; a?ctlona 1,3, 5,7, 9, IU 13,17, 19, 21, *3, 25. 27, 29. 31, 88, ar d 35, of township 94; a*ctiona 1, 8,5^ 7, 9, 11, IS, 15,17,19,21, M, 25, 27, 29, 31,83, and 35, oi t>wn?hip95; actional,3, 5. 7, 9, 11, 18, IS, 17,19,21, 28. 25, W, 29 SI 58. and 85, of townahip 9S; aro'. ona 1,3, 5.7, 9, II, 13. 15, 17,19 21, I a, 25, 27, 2S?, 31, 83 and 35, of lownah'p 97; ?au'<na [ ^3,5,7,^,11,18^5, 17.19. 21 23.25,27.29,81,33,and I v>, ui ownanip sw; ?<*o 10M 1,3,S, 7, 9, '1, 13, 14 17, I 19,21,31. 25,27. 29,31,33, and J5, of ;own?hip 99, of | 1.3, 5,7, 9,11,19,15,17,19 21.23.25,27.29, 31, 33, and 35, of towu?hip OS: #etion? 1,3.*, 7, 9, 11. 13,lft, 17, (9.21,23.25,27.29 Si.33.and 35, of Uiwn hip 94; ?eo ions 1, 3, 5. 7,9,11,13,1ft, 17,19,21,23, 25, 27. 29 31- 33, and 36. of Uirnthip 95; Moton* i. 3,5. 7,9,11, 13, 15. 17, 19,21,23. 25, 27 21 31 .S3, and M. of t >VQihip 86; lectinns ly 3, 5.7. ll?13. 15, 17,1?, tl% *2R 9V rr 90 - f w w, , w. ..uu VI IrU W US flip 3/ OIIOOI l| I S, 5,7,9.11, IS. 1A, 17. 19, 21.23. ?. 27, ?. SII,, SSW 35, o' township 98; e'otiona 1. 3, 5, 7, 9.11,13.15, 17, 19,21. S3.25, 27,29, SI. S3, and S5, i?:t?*nr laSfciBra tiona 1, S. 5, 7,9, 11, is7l5, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27,39,31, 33, and 35. oftownBiiiB 100, of ranee SO. Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,11, 13. 13, 17.19, 21, 23 25.*7, 29,31.33, and S5, of township 93;jBioUnns 1.8, 5,7, 9, 1L, 13, 15. 17, 1*?, 21, 23, 25. 27, 29. 3 . 33, end 35 of townaaip94; section* 1. S,5.7,9,11,13. )5. 17,19,2>, 23. a5,27,29,31. 33, and 36, of township M; s?jtions 1, S, 5,7.*, 11, 13. 15, 17,10,21. 38. 27,29-31,33 and 35, of township 96; s'otio a 1, 3, 5,7, 9.11, IS, 15,17, 19,21 23.25,27. 29,31,33. and S\ ol t jwn*hip97; sections 1, 3. ?, 7,9. I I. 13. 5, 17, 1$. 21. 23, 25 57, Sj9, 31. 33, and ss of towa?Dip 98; sections 1.3, 6,7,9,11,13, 15,17,19,51,23, 25,27, 29, 3', 33. and 35, of ^wnH^ip ? . sooUons 1, 3,5. 7,9,11,15, 17,19 ST, ?3,25, 27 , 29, 31,33,and 35, of townahip l<*>.of ranieSL I i?t ?,.i . * - ? *? ?,?. ZJi -i' i'"*"' !"?' ?. '7, 19,11,23.25,17, 29, 31, !U, )vna So. of township 98; sections 1. J. 5 7 9 \\, 13. 15 17. 13,21,23, 15. fc, k 3\ S "a n d35?of V; 9- ^ ,5',7'15-21. r?^' l ? 35, of township 96; sections Ut&J' 'L* Ui=15' ?. !?i?.28, 25,27, 29.S1.38, and ?' / u"6,0!11;?" l!- ,7itf 2ft? 23, 25, *7, 89, .11, 3*, and S5, of township 97; sf?sL?^ P'aL5, I9> *1 ?' 2s' ^ * 31,33, anc 35, oftavnsnip 9R; santions 1,3,5, 7, 9. 11. i?.\ An 19?21,23.25, 27,29.31,8S, ai*d 88, of town u<y pn^MllUI 1, 9| 7 f V| III 15, 17, 191 21 , 23i 35.37.X9, 81,33, and 35 of lownahl* 100, of range 32. Section* 1.3.5,7,9, It,13. 15. 17, 19,21,33. 25, 27, 39, 31,33, lid 36, of 'ownthipM: town*hip96; aeoUona 1,3, 5, 7, 9,11,21,23, 2?, 27. 2?, 31,33. and 35, of townaMp 96; a otiaca 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,11, la, 15,17.19. 21, 23.25, 27,29,31,3?, "?n<1 35 of tocnahipW; aeotipne 1; 3.5,7. 9,11, 13, 1*, 17, 19. 21. 23, 2>, 27. 29,31. 35, a d 36, of rewnship 98' aeotloua 1, 3.5.7, 9,11. 13,IS. 17, 1?, 21,23 25,87,29, SI. 33, and 36, of townahip 99; a-et oa? 1.3,5.7, 9.11, 13.15,17. 19,21.33, 25,27,29, 31,33, and 35, of tovukip ltf). oi ruce 33. At the Land Offa* at Siovz City, oommenoiac on Monday, the 26th day of November next, for ihediapoaal of the public lands, heretofore nnoffcred, aitnated within the following towashipa and pirta of lownahipa, ns : Nftk Ik* ban Hmtumdwttt of iht A/tk pritutpal &&?? 23, J5, T7,29, 31,38, ??d S*, oltotrnihio 9T: tOWntMp ??. Mottum 1, 3,5.7,9,11,18 JS| "'J9' ^ ?L V ST 31, 33, ?ik1 35. of U?wn?iu?? j^eoUoM 1. 3. V*,9, Ti, 13, ti. 171 19,911 ?, 25, *7. ?, 31,38, Wld 35, of town?ht> 100, o? ranges*. Tovnahipa 36,99. ?ad 1<?, of range 36, Township M, of r?n*e36. Townihip* (*, W, ?nd W, of rang* 31. JowB?hip? ?.?. ?"4 *?. of ?* ? * IO ?nsnip? .?, and 100, of raaga 38. Town?hip?98,98, and 100, of raaga*. Township* no and 1W, of rang* ?L Townships 99 and ran?* 43. Towaihip* 39 and 100, of r%n?? tt. Township# 90 ami 1M, of range 4*. Townships 98 and 100, of rtnge 45. Tbwnshipt 99 and 108, of roagaJC. Township* 98 aa? 100, of range <7. Township* 90 and 10ft ofraog? 48. Townships 90 and 100, 01 fangs 40. "swamp' ?"d oreriowe/lands," will be Txoluded from the sales. The offering of the %bo ve land* will to oommenoed on the day appointed, and will proeeed in the order in whivh thy are advertised, until the whole shall ha?e been offered and the sales this closed; hat no Ale shall be kept opea Lmt*r ihfwjwe?wks, and aader mr mm. at the oitj of \Vashl often, % M 9 this foartMutk day of Aaxvet, In? Domini oae thousand eight hundred and sixty. __ JAMES BUCHANAN. By thn President: Commissioner of the General Land Ofioe, NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Ererj person entitled to the right ot pre-emption to any of the lands within the townshiM ?nd parts of townships above mentioned, is reemredto establish the same tn the satisfMtion of the register and reoeirer of the proper land oAoe.and make payment therefor as soon as prMticable alter seeing this notioe, and before tlie da* a.n?nint?d f.?r ii>. oommenoement of the public uVi of the lands einbraoinjc tii* tract olaimed; otherwise such claim Wtil be forfeited. JOS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the General LAnd OAoe. Not*.?Under the reflations of the department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment oan made for advertising proclamation* except to s?oh Bublishers as are tfcltUlv atukorixtd to publish by lie Commissioner of the General Land Office, an ?o M.wlSw Ml^MxlxA^EOUB. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WORKS. The eubeoriber bef leave to inform the oitnena of Waahington, Georgetown and Alexandria that i he hae *dd*d to hit Ions established businees_the uALii?{ v ui cwm) power lor sawing ud iduiimturinc Marble and Brown Stone Work in their various branohea. Marble Mantels, Table and Washstand Tops, Tile, Monuments, Tomb im Head Stones, Sla >?, Window Lintels, Sills, Steps and Platforms. Having pu-chased a large stock of Italian Marble in blockjrom krst handset the lowest rates, he feels oonfideut of being able to fernish Marble Work as low as it oan be pnrokased in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied i with Italian Marble io blook or slabs at the same I rate as furnished in >ew York, and on aoaommodating terras. Also, on hand, a large supply ol PumioeStone, Water of Ayr Hoc* and Polishing Putty at New York prices. Enooorage the enter 1 prise; it will be an acquisition to the city. | ALhX. RUTHERFOftD. Ptftal/r StA/im Tita*hl? P-".-- c' ? - w ?L" _ ? ? ? ? ? ? wrvw mji vwrw n/tvm rv vri?*| Pa. av., cor. Thirteenth at, an 21 9m Washington, D. C. |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE A CO/B Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat cround from fresh Spices, selected and cleaned by ua expressly for the purpose without reference to ooat. The; are beautifully paoked in tinfoil, (lined with papsr.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are full weight, while the ordinary groand Spioea are almost invariably short, we warrant them, in point of etrennth and nohnesa of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, aa a single trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only bv fe WATCH REPAIR IN? AN DPILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the beat establishments, and fnrnished with a complete set of tools for repairuig every description of fine Watches, and #SM partioular attention *ive to the same, by hmK Moron* h competent work man.and a. work tuarantied A1 o, every desorip ion of standard SILVER WARE, pla-n and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware sold by dealers in ceneral and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ae6 S38 Pa. avenue, near 9th st. fPKUAN b ClUDCAU'e | ||kkinnii p gimi 0U||^ mFAMlLY rymmSKiye) .?WHI SREV^ wmsirrv^y The above PURE W HJSKY, Corrn Distilled tiom Malted Gkaix, being superior and nniform la quality, and highly improved by age, is preferred bi consumer* to a'l other Whiskies, and particularly recommended by the best physicians and chemists as eosaeaaing all the requirements of a Trif Tonic Invigorator and Remedial Agent. The Schuylkill Water ol Philadelphia, used in the disil'fttion of this Whisky, is proved by analy sia to be the aoftect and purest water in the United States : and to thia may, in a great df * roe, be attributed the excellence vf this Whisky. For sale by FREEMAN * SIMfSON. ? ... p^enix _V,,tl!l*r7i un uif ronnyiKiii river, rni adeipbia Olfioe*?96 Wall atreet, Now York ; 109 South Front utreet, Philadelphia. Ami oao l.e had in Waahingtoii of Samuel Baoon k. Co , 319 Pa av.; R. J. Rvon, Waet 9th et.,oorn?r D; Keened; A Pucta, 409 WMt 7th at; Mgrrfiy 4. 407 Pa av.; J. B. Wilaon, 327 Pa. av ; IKrt?>ur A Semmri, 63 La. av ; H. C. Purd?,40.t Pa. * .; Wm. Brvan, 44 MarAet 3p.; Moore, Cineell A Co , 397 Weat 7th at.; G F. Gu Uok. 336 N. J. av ; A. Gaddia. Jr . A Co., M, corner Eaat lllh; Edward Hall, 40 Market Space ; E. E. Wi'ite A Co .63 La. av.; John H. Semmet A Co.. i'iS Weat Ninth it oeX-lm [/ ^ awwojiYi (dispatch I ^ \-/v 8i?e the_Pieees! At Mtimf.* will kmrrtn, t?M ?n wtllr*rul**$d fmmilut, it ia Tory deairabis to hara some oheap tad oonreaient Tlj for repairing Famture, Toy*, Crockery, &o. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE mfetf all .enoh emerjenciee, and no household oan acora to da wivnoat il It ia alwaya ready and op to the looking point. There is do longer a irceeaity for limping ohaira.ap'.iatored ~?ne?ra. headleaa dofia, and broken cradle*. It ia J oat the art'iole for oone, aheJI. and other ornamental work, to popular with ladies of refinement and taate. Thi? admirable preparation ia need sold, twins, ohemically held in plntion, and eoafteasing all the alaable ^aalitiee of the beat oabta^t makers' cine. It pa; be used u> the plaee of ordinary muoilage, being rastly more adhesive. USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." SM'SSSi. aooompanies each bottle. VMimM No. 48 Cedar street, New York Address HENRY cTsPALDINB A CO., Box No. S,IOO, New York. Pat up for Deal era in Cases containing Fotr, Bicat, and Twelve Doaen?a beautiful Lithographic Show- Card aoeoirpanyicc eaoh pack ace. TOT A single bottle of SFALDINU'S FRE itLUE will save ton fcmee its ooct annually to erery nou??hold.^QJ Md by all frominent Htationerc. DrncgieU. ware and Furmtvre Dealers, Grooers, and Fancy Store*. Conn try merchants ahovld make a note of SPAL 31 NO'S rRBPlKXp OLVE, when making n? their ltat. It wfirstand any oltmate fe M-ly _ _ ? - - - _ iw ? MV;w <? MMrarniriii ?w?- jp ^ 3/-'W?/* mt (l/L? ?V<j< Ih+UtT U C'ftC1 ??*? Fall*, /(it jr-~m? **/?,) /r?i, Br >7?)0 V^*r*/r My,r*f*4 **|I y rt < /; > ^ ??>y few* * M Aim. TT ii ? ihw <( ' I n Jfw* drttnti nn?Hnf?Mn SftMrV 5^v<iW' tkntwik* run* trhb,iii; KK^'T \giiti told Im lit OattU orUt. Jiiir?ly 5_' ^nl W IJU I'linmlo its MtJteiaml M i - f laez yi CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS NWUrah WITH THE SIGNATURE OF -/y x ^ ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AMO A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. VntttDALT, SOLE. PROPRIETOR nnmmuiusriiENnRL SYinn. I TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. JJOOT8 AND BRm TO BVIT Til W m aow Miikatinii all kiada of BOOT? ad SHOES, and oorstantlV raontmi K?rK5S!w?t?,'sr)sfB be sold at a muofa io*?r?no?uu Km * * ' heretofore oharcsd la Qua ?tj far sasok lanriov srtiolsse Person* in want wf Boots mm! Bkom of sasfra or ity made work, will always tada jootf assofmn in a to re aad at the lowest pnoe*. Gits as a oaJL GRIFFLN k. MRO., a?t-r 114 Hssasriymsi* apaaa. CMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TIWM E arrived this day. embracing afi ??*:! ?ai ties and sues of Sols Leather. Lsdiss'MBM ureea mil racking Triiti. Oar #ee room exhibit* at tki*Um? the mMwtnrulr travel lag req uia.tea at aioderale prieaa. to be found thie aide of New York. Alao, erer* deeona tiou of LADIES' HAT BOXEfe, VAL1CE&, CARPKT BAG*. SATCHELS, A a. . ID" Old Trunk* repaired or taken la axehftM* far uf one*. WALL, STEPHENS * CO? Trank SaJee Room. I mar fl-tf -HH Pa. araaaa. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY* D Of T?? Stksbt, ? _ OrrcrUt Odd itilnmt' H*u7w+tk**lt?*, D. C. Travel era will etad* their mtereata bj a??f my I RLNRS, VAL(Cb?4a, before pu-M? o.iaaing elaewere Aal aaa noaa bat theMnM beat material the market afiorda and a?plof^^^?B the b?et workmen, 1 oan oonidenU* raoomaMBd ae? work to be superior in Strength and DmrmbUtn to Trunk that ire icade in othor olties and old her*. I keep oocstantly on hand, and make to ordor (on on* week's notioe) every description of SOLE LEATHER, 1R0J* FRAME FRENCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TK OWES; ASHLAND mmd i? Audi OAUUl* ROt iiii pi f Ct| f m Trunks, Ac., Repaired and Cor*r*d, ia a vorkmyi. Jce manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in any port of tkt oity, Isorislovn, or Aiex&ndrifc. rtulL1 dolk-lT JAMBS S. TOPHAM. TRAVBliEHS' DIRECTORY. DALT1MORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. Cixmi ow Hock*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, JnnelSU, 1860, train* will run aafollows: Leave Washington at 6 S? and 7.48 a. a. Leave Waahin(U>a at 3.80 and MB p. WL On Suday at 3 98 f. ou Leave Baltimore at 4?S and 8.48 a. >. Leave Baltimore at S.15 and 00 f. m. On bandar at 4% a. ni. Passengers for the East will take bains at *J8 and 7.4" a. in and 3 3r p.m. for the Weet at 7 4* a. m. and 3J8 p. m. or Annapolis at 7.40 a m and 130 p. m. 8or Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. n Saturday evening the 3JB ?. m. train gow I* Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS win tu CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE. Vu Ormng? and Al?x*ndri* Rmilrtmd TTQ_ LYNCHBURR: vtrgtnta ana Tennessee. Ernst Tennessee and Virginia, Ernst Tennessee arid Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jacks on s TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPH7S~ROUTE: Memphis by Rail, thenoe by First oia? PtoktU to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTS: MouUoPiery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by FirstoiMi Pacieti^. ^MoUU tojNew Orisaas by TWO DAILY TRAINS?8*wbats IncLVcn. Lmti Wuaiiiftoa at 0 a. m. and p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE lesvea her whart font nf H?t*ntb ??/ ? ?~i J connects at Alexandria witt the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the Sonttiweet. O Sloe?Pennsylvania avenoe, oorner of Sixth it ummi onons morn to nw oblsavi. Lynchburg #7? Memphis , fa 00 Bristol - linn Atlanta?_ M oo KnoxTille 8C Mmou .9 00 Chattanooga 34 00 Onlaratnre JQ K Dal ton? 34 no Montgomery JS oo Hunts nlle T! 00 / via MemytnsU2 90 Srand Jo notion Sj 0.1 N.O.> w6. Jnno..43 ? ashvflle ?M S Mobiie _? 00 THIS ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BY RAIL sua is BOO MILES BHOK^L R.^awl 81 HOURS LESS than any other Line?tho uynehbuix Extension beinr now oomilatMl. m um tl>* Kfi?. Central, making it tie"* ~~ " QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTS FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! II U provided wiUj First o1*m Bleep in ( Can! !To Nrw Orleans 78 Homra. SSfJSlsr?? Nashville .. .46 do. CTThe U.S. JttAIL~and ADAMS' KXP1KW Utilkeii arttr liii N*a Sick eta o&d be obtained at the Soath Wirtn oe, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the foiioarinc pointo r Lynohburg, Bristol, KnoxviUa, Atlanta, Ciiatt&nooca. HonUnil?, Grand JaaeOoa, Maoon, Nash rule, Salter., Columbus, Montcomery^^MoiMle.^^ Memyhxa, and irr THROUGH TiFkETS TO THE TAIL 10 US VIRGINIA SP&1NUS. C7*Omnibusee and BaccV* V"a*ona leave the office at 6 a. h. and p. m. JAMBS A. EVANS, Tioket Aient, ma tJ-tr Oorner Sixth et. and Pa av. I^HK STEAMER JAS, ?UV Win reeaaaejker I trips on TUESDAY, Slat of J*k Mtvn. t m v V WUCA She III.? AQU algaahuria *t half-paat 6 o'olock, for CURRIOMAN ud the intermediate Landinca. On her return tnea.a be will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. atTo'eio?k jr. LUCLAN tt. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L EOU8H. Ai't, AlexandrtA. fe? /^FFiCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAS METERS. W aihihstoh July 11,1m. NOTICE IB flEEEBY GITEN. Thft, a*raoably to the proruiona of the nidioanoe of the Corporation approved May IS lWn.the andoreigned ia now prepared, "whenever reaulrad m writing, an4 on pre payment of the fee of Ifty em\ta, to iiapeett aeoertain the uttne; of I registration of*ny cm meter is o?? in this eity." Every meter, u found ineorreot, will be oondeiaaed, and Another, sealed and marked u true, will be set in i?? place. If proved to be aoearate in ita meaetm-ment ofgaa, it wftl be sealed accordingly, and again pat in position for use. Office No 310 !Seventh street,(near Odd F?i.ova1 Bali ) Open from 8 a. m.. to 6 p. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy tt-tf lnapeetor and Sealer of 6as Metara. U OWE'8 IMPROVED WKI6HIN6 SCALES JT1 These are offered to U? lubhc aitht moat lmple.deraWe, and reliable eoafaeerer pat ia Vermont State Fair, fee* 4e. Ia every eaee where exhibited they save received fir?t ! For aa(Uif Loaiaiana treat*,6^5lefiuCS ?iSly011 B* C. PATTTSON. ii?L 6A8 FIXTdAB! " ? Htn in More, and are dat.r rtMinor, 611 FIXTUR*Sof?nttr?ly New Pattern,and ftuni and rinieh. anterior ia atria to &n ft lung karelolbr# offerod in ihia market. We invite ofu*eiu (fcarni It to oail and examine oar atoek or Gaa and Water u u< a All Work Jn the above Una intrastad to oar MM P t A N C I 8 HA IfEK, ~PAMILY M^ESVJSFBP^EKD STORK. Cmwr *f Hmm York armtu mmd nut strut. Respectfully eolioite the eairooate of tnoee w mu be in waut of any article ta the above liee. Hi? MMMvon aheil be to pieaee. and by a etnet atton* tion to the want* of the publio, he if ee to Mm 4 hare of their patrooace. Bn took eooeieteof WWT arbeie a?lly to bf (bund in a itet-olaee Family Grooary aad Si^gaTffrirn ,.. ,nrw I. i ?. !.* *?. ?. B. SOTS. i. k 490L gagarggRggagw Goo? uoir^ w ^ ueHT ( FAR AF** olUJjft tji?aKfc i M?T ' "^ tossrtrsfttk* T KISb.... LOOL BOinTAU poa Aij. mitiftav* AP .* ? vr imi nviranv^i i,*t jro false nFLiCACT rtirgtrr. APPLT IMMED ATfcLY. j rru *4jumrn3, o* jro chamvx, ix mojt one to two dats M4 Ikl .tt, iava4?M*ry DuMupi, latntMj, (muT toMhiy. HimwiM. h&< SMrA* C53hwtfltM, MfktlM Duhw ?f Vifftt m tiMMW, IHmim ?fik? TVr*?t, ? * Uu illuMMlfltl LWft. Ami T*r ikl? DwariUr* tnauif (r?a Mmr; litw t$ TnA?(Iwm Dr*?4fal ?4 Dmiiicom Pmcocm vtNk rumIm Muntft MftMiklt, 1wu?T *?m M; u4 MM TO?M BfMtatlT *ki kttt Lk? >mm ?r fclwry Tim, irMdfal u< 4??ir??ii?? he*?t whitfc iumIIi ? ? U MUMlr fr? :lm>?? tf T?mg Man rftb m?\ til*4 iaIiiu u4 fculUat ( 'Uct. vto aifti Mlarvm k? *1 MtfUMi Ilk iklttMMI l(?l?llilM?l ??k*4 M mm; wk< U???f Ijn, m; Mil vn* Ml ?? 4UUM. AUin PUfOM ? T Ma I r\f*. b?inf ivtnW vwltMt, ?iful? 4i>Hg, iMniuM, *?., iftiiil; in< |W(H kiBMUuttl U? MM W P?. J. My Mdy m?M? la ku tan a* pMiwu u i mllwily r?l? p*c kte skill u ?n ? ? i?A kwfLf* T wyg mm, ml jouaroi. mill M III Kayd CaUari efaeefww, >?*??. fiiftrn kw Ml ?f Ik# MM IUMI IXlUM to tfca Imn, aai lIljpMUl pari af vkMt I4h Cm k*n apaai la it* fcaam^KTUcte.hM.nikitMit ul iiMvIm, kv af. MU4 mil af ihi taaat ma?to?^ aaraa Uai ?m mi kaawa; many iniblM vHt m(M la ifei > >< ul un *bit uliii gran citowiH, liuf tltratl at aa?iaa aaanla. niWlmu n* (rioum blaahir.g, auaaiai na? Van *hk imifniai af mat, ?in iwtl iaail.?ulv. TIKI ninciut Hones. T?a| Maa ul atbara ?h? bava tutor* i i?a?aaa??aa H t inim fntuti ikia.gad m ?Im alana?a kito kHMMlf l?an*4 (van ?il cawfamiaaa, M at kImI, Uta afaaia al vUck ui aigfctlT h:. irw ?haa aalaip. aai If m aaaai. ruliri > irrtagi In-i-aaaifcla. aai iaairar* Ml ala? aM M>, aaaali ir,.j lalfti lib. Tmh ui mm af ika Mi ui atlucMy ifna inlaait It aarir btkiu W aaaJi ?? t VkImm a(iki lul aM will, ruj a Ui B?ii, p>aiim N*ai. Pa'piutiaa af ta? aan.Dvapafwt, Waraaoa IrmaMAl;, Dareafmiut < tn? F*a tCanc, aeaaal PaMM||, iriaatnr ?l C?tac-yu?. It HVVTaLLT ? Tna faaifa! agactaan iha aulua am la if, dad?Laaa af U% laart.U??im af Uaaa- Piai aaat? rapmu, E?J Far>-aA?fi. i'lmtr ?f*a?i?:t, hlmn^ La?i af Mto<i,l^a<nr, aw. m aaai af Hi ink p*a mVON Dmuri t?IWM ?tu h :b# itHi ml taaif ?*aUataf ImIU, * ?** tktw *% *, k?Mi?m ?Mt, r*'?. bt'im ??4 ?ttk?4,w?im?Mii>i IffMIMH IfM, (M{t H IJRipUH t( MNB|Ctai Duitui or t3K*<u;DEacK. Vtta tte* nlafm4?4 u? ?turj ( plataart k* ku tir *tk?a ?k? hi4irftrar>*M 4im>m,kim WVm uffw utt u .ll-ua*4 huh ittmrwy <tun kiu ft?a -i! | - ? ? t ' mficitWuy, lu Im* k*tn*a4 kin. fclkt iai* am k&ntt mi Ipwui 4iufio| pratof!*-*, ?fc?, mf cannf, Hck Ma pacaaurp iitwiw, k??r Ma intiaf Miltawc wtlk, wii Uh| mm tka MtilM n? cw IttkWiii(.u4u iaib*4 kMiU M lift a?*f ki*calling dlMppalntatrt; ui|Ui amm ml ilmi Ammi.rn piw. W?rcary. kwia tkt canautaataaal cyaiBMia* aT tfa* ItmUa ii?iMi,?a?kM ik? Inn, Tkraai. Hat, Rm.U. rw|Tiiar| wh* frigktfk. rapilnp.tfll ?*?ck paa* miw4 ta ki* VtUllfi Mfirun kf t?o?| fcta la Ifcai aaimi-irf* eaaotrf traai rkw MaiiK amUi*iim rtiant M. jouiunuticPT roaoioamk; wiiimi tn IMPOTJtMi-T By Uk (ml ta4 aiwi n?i<j nUcm af Ui wfui wi ayaadfly hh< m? <MI w mw?< Ttumfc m mm iimw u4 itkiilMM, *W M t?M all ta?i Mm u?rm?4Ul?y i?Ua*?4. All WM<IB?IIU M Muttfi. ftyilitj M Mmu inllm. Lm ?t hwi?ut?> Ptvit, RirWii IrriuWitvy TnaMa(t?4 Wtihw ? MNMU* af*a MHIHIM kM ????<llr imi nDoiuMMTorninM. Til MilV TMUtlAViM?aN4 hUm *? tta U?l ii'HUu tun, u4 Ua luitmh lapotui fciitu >j D> Miihb, ? ?' M nrwun af lha f fin ?! mi; (Uit N *aaa, MtHM 4 ?tnt ken imtn4 i|?u u< i(?to batata tka ?a?!i?, Mm >i?M??4iaf aa a (nllaau?f afcaaaaiaa u< Miny. M ? ?? *!?? tMIMIW K ?? rfUMt t? DR. J. BOVKE DUD'S IMPERIAL WINK BITTERS, An now bds| wad from Mum to tke 6rW Bait Lake, tcl the aairoraai vorfttot of *11 who thorn either Ma urttnoi or w I teoerimm, ii that they are it tM *"?rid. Dr. Dode ued thorn ?u. oou/aJit la hi* practice tor 96 roar* M?rt ? parcawM rhb&iho aote rifbt to Baaa&otaro and protest wra for sale to the public. Kortbo 01 ro of Io?i?Urt Couai&ftMm, Inditeotion. Dye po*?ia, PliH. Nervoas viMaaoe. Female Con plainta, aa4 all oa?oa rtikirui a tome, they aro ho6ond doapi a luoct iit^IuU* rained*. Aside from leir meuioj^J ^rojertie* they are a para wjio.e t? in utwrnuiac tiiM* T*!?at>l. V?c?t?hi? Buf?r? wfth^fc.Tw* **V0,,J V1 <*+*'"*** L***' I E&Th JtfiX ouiiUy U"floodta, and tfcmbj <*fratkllud b*n.?hju* O.Bea?e and Drasfce&eM ' ^^SKKSSWto* *? uvu TT AH ??&? AKQLl| Washington, D C. DR. J. BOVKB DODT IMFKRIAL 9 IN BITTERS. For DImm at tbc Kidaoj , Bladder mm OnBar? Oriui, ua for Ptmti* Obetrnctioea, never hu to oere. tBd ui warranted to give MUi ^C^AkLES W!DDIFIELD * CO.. Proprietor*, TS William CTNjwyrort. ^ joT-lyjr A rent * W m>i pgtori, IMS. joy m I +rri. T TH* mxmmdt ' 55?? &&?, >? K ryJtSrJSi lh? my.lTj1* *> retJTni ; ?wt it ? Wood i? the EX0/ * miSSHM ftttS R55.1* dJF,T# 'k*lr M**ua oririn froo- the J^.^'u" *9"r tL. to*. * P V **?-aroaa of oatar? lor ita aid, and ?mr iaa to oou-.maod to yoar ooafidonoa tad aaa that truTj T*]?aW* iMiig&ayt knoVvST INDIAN T?<JBTJBL$ DECOCTION. With rocard to thla amoat lufaJhbU - eifio 9 r>F>w> npuowii da* ap<>tea ic deoidad ktriM, and the mdenoea of tbia great rthamaj are eae tamed by oonetact arow&la of curative effeota ao-l ft* kaeeieet reenlt* from ita nee hs* after all other reaediea tad tke boat medio*' a kill here faned. Lot aa atTi is eiw unot, tb?t oortihoatee earea ara not aoegbt iron ike i..iterate and aneer?oi*l, but they in volunteered from the ?oc( re epeo table aoirooa and jnetify the kickae*. terse in vkioh It le aoMiMe to com"?en<l no raluab.e a apecifie to jnr> ic approval We may add aleo that tfreonrativc propertieeof tkemedkOinearea^aalied or,j by ita reetorauve eff?< u, tke avaUm reoorer im frondiaeaaa with renewed oonatitutu.nai naor. For Bale by ali rearootabie DrugiieU la tkil ojIj, and by the proprietor, IKS. M- COX, Noma tenaioe auleae ber name ia Nown on tke bottle end ker aeai on tke oork JJ^Prioe #1 per botUe, eix bottiee for !. mrKttiau Atmi. K. *i. T. Ci&SliL. Drt||ift, [> C.. WV'lMtlt Agentfor tke Dt* .* 4 williMrir the tfiMM my pnoea. I Ml 1? tFOR 8TAMT1N0 ? . A PACKET OF PAPBR.. I I ^ f AND ENVELOPES | I NU I TO MATCH. I CHARGE) I ^ BOOKSTORE. PH1LP k. SOLOMONS, Atmts M Limu'i wi?tr<n< L?m Pap?rf, ? * ly ' Isa'Vir l?tfc ih .27# 206 g|Sm?rHBwi rSfSfeSr.UKR SSfft 2tS? A W*. T. DOVE * CO. PLumBINfl.6AB <5f Mam FTTTilt? jl!l?JL-tl*'- >n^>yfB? <*f ^rri%im?*y"fcfjfr r|uro"T*? UNPOWBHK, ^o^rasarissKS^s. 8+U Ago** f*r 4*4 D%*tru* V fwiwiiw t'lot. U'CtnauklM^Xttitl^^ofAW hywi Cow Mir*. W%dWnctwi 7D.C fa Xl?wl?_ 275 *" *"* 275 JACISON, m f j #?? *

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