Newspaper of Evening Star, November 13, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 13, 1860 Page 1
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f i Jk f > It ; :. ? ?J"!HHT ^W,>IIU?T * rraooVr? r ' ' r . . ./?ilwi ^kr. i t V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 18. 1860. N2. 8.415. THE EVENING STAR n F UB LIS id ED B VKR Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTf?D.) AT THE STAR IEILOIK6S, Corner of Pmn <ylvani* iwmi mnd 11*A ?l W. D. W1LLACH. served in pwktfM by o*iTt?r? M |( t TMr.oraomUptrnoiUu Tonml ?ab?crlbar? tiie ?noe i? 93.W ? ymmr, wt mdvmnet; $2 for six ir?ontn?; !f< for three monliw; and for leea than l'.rM m'ttslka it t*e r?? of 13 oenta a week* Single opiaa, onactHTiim iwo cmti. C7* AovnTMixcrn anonid m cent to to* onot b?tor? 13 ' took m.; otherwise tA?y may not appear wnfal COWII TIU1 OF A tll'RDERRR 1NOIR PECULIAR tlRCtJllSTANCCS. The London Times publishes an account of the sentence to death of one Mailing, foand guilty of warder under peculiar circumstances: ' The murdered person, Mary Emsley, was a widoa, about 70 yean of age. of very miserly habiu. She lived entirely alone, in the neighborhood of Mile-?nd, not only performing all domestic duties for herself, but going out to collect her rants; for she possessed considerable property in hoases. tvery Monday she went on this errand, and would bring home aomt ?30. ?40 or ?50. She was last seen alive about 7 o clock on the erening of Monday, the 13th of Augu?t. On the ensuing Friday, the 17th, a man named Emm, who had been occasionally employed by the deceased, communicated 'with a Mr. Fith, who had married a daughter of the deceased, and the result was that the hous? was entered, and Mrs. Kinsley was found mur4?r*d in 1 umt>er-room Many people bad knocked at the door of the house during the preceding three days, but coald make no one hear, and it cannot be doubted that she * a i % a . _f_a_*. a.. a# fitj oeca ma-ierea in ma mgnc oeiween .nonday and Tuesday. A reward was offered, first of ?100, then of ?300, and on the 8th of S?f? tember a communication was made to the police by a man named Mullins, the subsequent accused lie denounced Kium as the murderer, and said that he had been watching Emm's cottage, and had seen him go out into a brickfield aatl hide a parcel. Mullins conducted the polio* to the spot, and, of coarse, was the one to put his hand on the parcel, which, ?ure enougn, mrntatnea property belonging to t&e deceased. The parcel waa tied round with a liny apron-string. There waa an enclosure boand with waxed oord The property consisted of spoons and other articles, together with a cheek for ?16. drawn by a firm who were tenants of Mr*. Emsley, and paid by them to her on the very day she was murdered. Whoever, then, poneased this eheek and put it in' > the parcel mar ba fairlr looked imn tbe murderer The whole gist of the cim for the prosecution wm to fhow that not Emm bat Mullins himself made up the parcel and hid it in the spot whither he afterwards ?endue ted the police. The evidence, though entirely circumstantial, cornea from many different quarters, and the combined effect is to leave no doubt that Mallins, and no one else, had possession of the deceased's property, aad used it to insure the ruin of Emm. It was proved beyond a doubt that Emm went to Stratford on tbe night of the inurder, that he was in company with more than one person up to midnight, and that then he went nomM tn ho.l It whi alan nmva/4 rhat ah tka ? - ? ? .v wvw * ?-J ??wv W? w\? vu??? vu vuv day ??h?i he wu alleged to have hidden the parcel?namely, the 8th of September, four weeks after the murder?he waa not out of his cottage till ten o'clock, Mullins haying stated that be s iw him in the brickfield between 8 and 9. Emm, therefore, beiog proved innocent, and Mullins's evidence shown to be false, we have very strong grounds for transferring ?)ur suspicions to the latter. A number of circumstauces cause suspicion to grow into certainty. Mullins waa seen about the place where the parcel waa found On the Friday, the day before he made the charge, he waa seen at the brickfield. He had been seen on the evening of the murder, at about 8 o'clock. ia the neighborhood of the deceased a house. The witneM Raymond positively identified him, and another person saw him passing through Stepnej-green We are sot disposed, however, to attach much importance 10 the last fact, for the sailor who gave the evidence knew nothing of the prisoner before, and migtt *J Mullins icounsel suggested, have recognised him from the description when he was after w ?rds confronted with him at the stationhouse. The sailor said that Mallins was agitated. and that his pockets seemed to have a good deal in them, and gave information to the police before Mullins was apprehended. There are, however, much stronger pieces of evidence. iu 1 ?- i-J-* vu iuu luayivipioov ui J1UIIIU9 P IUUglDgS WBS found a piece of staing exactly similar to that which bound up the parcel, and there was also wax. such as was used for the cord which was tied round the enclosure. It was suggested that Mullins, knowing that Emm was a shoemaker, used waxed cord in order to gire a color to the story that Emm had hidden the parcel. A pencil-ease belonging to the deceased was disposed of by the prisoner's wife shortly after the murder. Mullins was by trade a plasterer, and the hammer he used exactly d:i?d the wounds which deprived Mrs. Eaulyoflife. In the clotted blo-xl wax the mark of a nailed boot, and such a boot Mullins had thrown into a dusthole some time after the fatal day. In short, the usual oircumstantial evidence which is forthcoming when these t ilea of Mood are unravelled leaves no doubt that the prisoner was guilty. Prbskrvatio* or Shixgle Room.?Shingles, whenever they are exposed to dampnees from the interior of the building, or whenerer they do not dry rapidly after rains, as under etc , become water-soaked, decay more or 1ml bMQm* ??? with annaa ?lii?k , ? ?T "?*?? protect* them from tb? drying influences of the eun and air, *nd the result U they aooa dec?y and go to pieces. This result occurs in tarns, because the hay and the breath of cattto produce a moist atmosphere within, which rises to the roof; and in whatever way it happens, a way to prevent it is most desirable. Kyanizmr.?It shingles before being put on are soaked in a solution of one pouna blue vitriol, or an equal amount of ohlonde of iin? (and in fact several other metallio salts will answer,) in four or five gallons of wator, mots will not grow upon them, nor will thej rot. How long they will last nobody know*, bat we can saftlj presume they will not lMt forever, though we hare heard say thej will. Painting shingle roofs U of little or no use, unless they are painted when they are pot on, and each course painted over the whole upper urfaee; this is rerj effective. Liming roofs is recommended as nearly, tr quit* equal to this and applicable to old roofs. i;_- . k?..iJ k- ? k/invsw liutv CUV U1U VXJ Dpi IUA1CU UU IUW&IJ over the whole ruof, on rainy daya after the roof is soaked. Sprinkle more at the ridge than *t the ea*e?, bat evenly over nil, A writer in the Rural Intelligencer gives his experience tans: " Pat it on eonaiderablj thick, to as to make the roof look white, and 70a will never be roabled with meas; and if the shingles are covered ever so thick with moaa, bj patting the lime 00 twice, it will take all the moas off j^pd'leave the reof white and clean, aad will ]?t>k aliooet u well m if it had been painted. < it ewgtii to be done onoe a year, and, in my opick3, the stiinglea will last almoat aa locg ?l they will to fat the roof all grow over to mon. I triad it on the baek side of my honae, Us rear* ago. when the shraglee ware all eov-< aed with tuoea, and they appeared to be utterly' rot tea. I cave the roof a heary coat of lime, and hare folia wed U neatly every fear riooe thewi and the raof ia hotter now than it was then; and, to all appearance, if I follow this wwiniii it wifl but ten or fifteen yeara lon^ef." The ihingieo have been on the roof ever thirty years iWe ia no more rtak about ?perk? eatahim en the roof than on a newly-shingled roof Thoaethat do not here lime near by. ea? ate go?4 etroBg w?od tikw, and the*? frill answer a very good mrpo?e to the Mm* end.!' , ] IT^A'lla *?hPeU?, tUirr of Rochaal, baa obtained a ronce?ateo from the Freach gover?.'Wtnl of h(qi(I?* ofafc* beda ta the aaiirhborbood of Ifrne, ?he Intend* to 4e*etop oa tile wtaut ?av toovgbt Id 4acto peritenon by*!. Ovrete, LMrteter of the PucUMlUral Society. The ~ ww owner *f tneee b*4? peopoaea to expend .;,V(|MUufoa tbeai. convinced tb?t the investment . i *1" prove to lie highly rem attentive. ^ . fTT'The Wtfn of MA named Laahf, hi tie farifh of Tanoach, Ireland. went I ate tie fold to pick petate**, Laaving * fen,ala Intent, thrte "?f l? K CtiG J?. UVT'Ug Oft ID- 1 INenter?*/dstned the efetM from Um I c?4'i ?wt ?.|ihiwI1 ?Jf p?it>w> ?(fbt kiml ^ ?r&?U being Itrt. .?7*T; f?| | The Pluali| ! Cities. It is very rarely indeed, in England, that we have to lay out an entire town d? novo, although in the United States and other new lands it is done almost every day. The subject is of very great importance, involving the convenience, economy and beauty of buildings and sanitary condition of the thousands living in the town. As far as we know, there are but three systems at present in use. First, the rMtanrnlir or fridiron ? v?twm whern ATsrv street is ia a straight lint, and crossed at right angles bj other streets, second, where there is ao regular plan at all observed, but the streets ran about in glorious uncertainty, as chance may have led them; and a third, a mixture of the two previous systems, a part being laid out with regularity and part confused, this being thai case with old towns that have been extended by new buildings. Mock has been said in recommendation ef the rectangular plan, wad it has no doubt many advantages; but, as respects convenience of traffic, we doubt if it is a great improvement on the pell-well system. A passenger * i?hin? to go from one part of a rectangular oity diagonally to another part, must therefore perforce pus along two aide* of lth? square, or Dy base and perpendicular, aa there is no hypothenuse; or,which is equally prolonged, he must work a kigxag alternately to the right and left. Thus a man at Chelsea would have to go to Walworth, of tantamount thereto, in order to reach Hackney. Now. in the mighty mase of London, which we are ao apt to eensure,we can generally find a street which will lead tolerably direct from one spot to another. Thus at Picadilly we oan travel with reasonable rectitude either to Kil burn, Islington, or Whitechapel. What we may fairly complain of is the want of regularity of system and of continuity in the thoroughfares, with their occasional contraction into painful defiles. A mixture of the rectangular with the diagonal system appears to us to combine the ad. vantages ef both plans, without any serious drawbacks. We suggest that straight streets should be laid out, radiating on all Bides from the centre of the town, and crossed by other straight street* inscribed polygonally within the eiseles struck from the same centre. The streets crossing the radiating streets might indeed be perfect circles; but that, as in the case of orescents, Ac., would be inconvenient in the planning of the houses. In other words, an octagon or other polygonal figure would be formed with streets drawn from each corner to the centre, and with other polygnogal streets inscribed within the outer, and parallel to it; of course, in nractioe. the center mn?? K? ?, open square, market place, or cathedral yard Some time after striking out this plan, wo happened to obeerve a spider's web, and it proved in a moment that the identical plan we advocate has existed on a small scale in nature for ages. Any one who can find a distinct and complete web unbroken will see how beautifully regular it is, and how perfectly adapted for the quickest passage from any one point to anether. The concentrio rings are not circles, but polygons, the radiating iiuuo ba^uioiitij (VKUiar ana BlTAIgQl. Of coarse it may ne objected that in an old country like this it is impracticable to alter our towns to such a form; but even here new towns occasionally spring up, and large additions are made to anoient ones; so that an approved plan, whether of this or any other form, may yet prove of important use.?London Builder. Oil nr Wbst*r!? Virginia.?Astonishing Discovirikh.?The Clark County (Va.) Journal contain* a letter from Wirt Court House, which gives an account of the extraordinary discoveries of oil now being made in Western Virrinia. He gives some instances as follows: Mr Karns leased a pieoe of ground (two acres) from Mr. Rathbune, ouiy six miles above mine, for twenty years, and at the depth of 150 reel, reached a rem of oil which yields 15 barrela, of 40 gall"ns each, per day, worth, at the lowest price, 25 cents per gallon, and for which lease of two acres he (Mr. K) has been offered $70,(HXl. Thia well has been in operfttios, without any decrease of quantity, for over three montba. Mr Kathbone, after he Mw the 3ucces3 of Mr. Kama's well, sank one himself below Karns'i, on the river, and I was there the evening he eotnmenced pumping first. IIo commenced at G o'clock p. m.. and pumpad until C o'clock a. m., just twelve hours, and filled a cistern containing 130 barrels, of 40 gallons each?that it to say, 5,300 gallons of pure oil, worth 25 oenta per gallon. Hathbone's well atill continued to pour out the same ouantitv of oil ud to latt ni<rht hnf ih?n ?^ r ? D 1 1 ? '""J had to stop pumuing for want of cisterns and barrels; and tnat Mr. Karns told him that ? had the best and sorest prospect for oil, next to Rathbone's, on the river. The v have made another discovery in a hill 1 or ratner mountain on Hugh'* Hirer, a tributary of the Kanawha, and distant from here some 12 mile*. It is the discovery of oil ooal. Mr Mattingly, who owns it, told me himself (for we traveled together through this country a day, prospecting,) that the rein i? 1,000 feet in thickness by actual measurement. Iiow wonderful are all these thing*, tnd yet how astAniskiuis VJ " * wuwihuk ** ?* IUOJ USTV uui UTta uncovered before; bat you mast remember that this ia comparatively a new country, and that the early MttUra were neither literary nor scien-< tifio men. Put this coal on a shovel and hold it over the fire until it becomes hot, and it all melt* and turn* to oil. -There is every prospect for a speedy improvement tki. - -: ! j ? wvms v? VICIB illVI ? ViVUBl J IVIUIU^ UI U Clili uiing. or slack water navigation, so a* to introduce steamboat*. The fact is they cannot get their oil off fast enough by any other means^ unless thej boild a railroad to unite with the Northwestern stem, a distance of 12 miles, and that is strongly talked of. Wamixstox Ik vine xkakly Killbd it an India* for Makixo Lotb to us Sqoaw.?The following is an extract from some recollections of Washington Irving in the Home Journal: "I was very nearly killed by an Indian onca." Mid Irving one evening. "When I wuiyoung mtQ I ?u traveling in Canada with a friend. There were more Indiana there then than therq are white om bow. Om raw, chilly day, we were rowing in a canoe on the St. Lawrence, with an Indian for a guide. Aa we naarad the apot where Ogdenaburgh now atanda, he invited ua to hia wigwam to get *o me thing t^aat Securing the oanoe to the ihore. weToUowed him a abort dutaece to hia hat, where we found hi# squaw busily cooking veuiaon. Our guide mot ttoned ua to a seat by the ?re, and then pro* ceeded to drink a large quantity of whiaky. My friend watah^d him oloaely, bat I talked t| i hia wife, who at Oral gave me ahort answers, gtaaoing at ku lord and muter to aaa if he lietenod, which ha eeemari aa* to do; then aha talked more freely. The aoaaw waa ??n ?*lv. hiring Ik* oatffcwdeoad leok that you w? Indian wbm; ao, fm half pity, u ie took the large haune* from tka,im,lAro , u> uiijt her, -Jit the nme moment berjealous husband raise*! | Urge club, atrlking bm on the head a blow that made me fall insensible at his feat. As ha was about to repeat thh - Mow. wj friend ought ma in his anas, ^nc , wshteg fraai the wigwam, dapoaitad mm iadhb #aaae, a?d was taking me rapidly dann Uie stream before oorbtlf aruuken pursuer reached the shore. T soon reodrrte# my aenaea, bat I Many yauaaMJiriag >?** a book similar to his "Sketch $9?k,'' sofMstad by a sojourn hi the sonthera Btatas. "The trunk coutaiatko nanassrfpi," ka and, mj way home;" and wa, therefore, moani a loss none nan e*ers?w>'J .? SLtl 4 11 >* 07* lagUlature of various States in northern Mriico bate grant?4 t* General Trias tbe excla* privilege of tuildtnf a fail/oadfram LI Paso tnOnsymaa. 6oaaml Trias is a millionaire Naval ?The U. S. brig Balnbrldge arrived at Charlestown, Mass , on the 3d Inst , from a cruise of thirty-two months on the Brazil station, having left Rio de Janeiro on the 18th of September. She was present and did effective service ? a _ a -? *?- " -* ? i wun me ^quaaron in lae seuiement or tne Paraguay auestlon. Tbe following is a lift of her officers Lieut. Commanding, Maxwell Woodhnll; Lieutenants, George A. Stevens, J.G. Maxwell; Master, Alfred Hopkins; Past Assistant Surgeon, w. P. Wysham; Captain's Clerk, E. D. Marcb; Purser's Clerk, A. Hill. IP* In New York public attention is again forcibly drawn to tbe tortures which tbe refractory convicts of Sing-Sing are alleged to undergo. Especial complaint is leveled against the "showering" procqu as being most terrible in Its effects, and only to 4>e endured by men of the strongest ital powers The "crown," "crucifix," "sweatbox,'' Ac., are names of other punishments ex eet-aingiy aevere. Uov Morgan, It la understood, Will Institute a searching Investigation into the whole matter, and no doubt will make the results f It public. ' C^The Prince of Walea will return to Oxford immediately upon his arrival in England, where he will remain until December, residing at Frewen Hall, when, havine finished his academical connection with that University, he will go to Cambridge and become a member of Trinity College. fr^Ph?Fl*? flnrl Qa mnal T TIMab U r vuvasw v w??w? wuu cs 1 liv* A ItUCH furnished legal advice a* to rlgbta of voters in New York city on Tuesday free. The Journal of Commerce sava their excellent counsel was undoubtedly the means of saving hundreds of votes for the union ticket. 07" One of the express agents in New York was arrested on Friday charged with retaining 9100 which bad been entrusted to him to deliver. He confessed the crime. 1X7" Wendell Phillips made a long speech In Boston on Wednesday evening, denouncing tbe election of Lincoln. : AUCTION SALES. isy A. (iKKKN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN SQUARE t No. 469, on 1Mb Island, at Auction.?On FRIDAY, November 9th, 1 shall Mil, to front of the premises. at 4 o'olook p. m., the following named h\n<Uome buildinr lots, vis? Lots No?. i, 6,7,19.23. and 23, in square No 4?9, containing in all between 38 and 37 thousand square f?ot of ground. This property fronts on south H and I streets, between Sixth and Seventh streets west, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, from 16 ?o 25 fe^t fronts. term*: On*-quarter oath balanoe in6,12,18,and 24 months, the purchaser to give notes for deferred KaInnr I r UrAst frnm A* aala A Seed given and a dead of truat taken, no 5 4t A. GREEN, Anot !erthe above sai.e 18 postponed on aooouiit of the rain until FRIDAY, the 16ih instant, earn* hoar. no 10 dtd A. GREEN. Auot. By CLEARV A GREEN- Auctioneer*. 506 Ninth street. Extensive sale ok stock, grain. Vboktablks, Farming Implements, Car lusii, Wa0O*i, Household Fcknitckk, 4c., helorging to the estate of the late Daring Clagett, deceased, at Publio Auction?On FRIDAY ana SATURDAY, tinWh and 17th of Noremher next, we shall sell, at the farm and residence of the l&te Darius Clasett, deoeaaed at 11 o'clook a m.. on the Seventh etreet turnfike,(the flap on the road will designate the placet about 6 miles from the city, all of the Peraonal EffVots belonging to the said deceased, consisting m p?rt of? 5 bne farm work and oarriace Horaea. 3excellent Milch Cows, 1 Heifer, 13 Hog*. 1 Bull, 1 Mule, 4 Market W aeons. for one or two horses, 1 fine Family Carnage, Harness and Cover, 1 do. Small do. do. do. 4 Carts, with a large lot of Harness, S9 sets of oemplete Harness. Bowing Machine, Horse Rakes, Rollers, lows of every description and make Catting- boxes, Corn and Cob Crusher*, Harrows, Cultivators, Wneat Drum, Rakes, Hoes, Shovsls, Sjades. Forks, &o., Potato lugger, losets Plow Harness, Wagon Bodies. Harness Kaoks, Sieves, Wh*at-foas. Wheelbarrows. Scythes, Cradles, Threshing Machines. in perfect order. With a large lot of other Implements, too na tnerois to mention, 4# acres of growing Wheat, now in fiae order, 70 tons of p.'me Timothy aod Clover Hay, M<> bushels of excellent Potatoes, 125 bar els of Corn, 3,2stalks of fine Celerv, Large lot of fine Cablwge, Large lot of Stiaw and Long Fodder, Manure Cemen*,(86 bass.) A la ge lot of hot-bed Sash. ALSO. The HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS, consisting in part of? Piano. ?tool. and Oowt*r. Mn)uifiin> Hnfc. Mahogany Parlor Chair*, Rooker, 4o , Do Bedatead, Wardrobe,and Hurean, Do Marble-top. Centre, and other Tablet, Patent Sick chair, Oi't and Bronae ''anilelabrao, 3 Parlor Window Curtain* and Ornament*, Larjre tot prime Oeeae Feaihera,ic tied*, Bolster*, and Pillow*, Exoeilent white curled Hair Mattre?a-a, Do Parlor, Cha" bar. and Ha'l Carpet*. Toilet Seta, M irror*, Shook and Cotton Atattrearea. Large lot of Bedding, ooueiatinj of beaatifal Blankets, Comforta. Qui t*, Linen Sheet*and f BedaleaJi, Washatanda. Bnreana, Chair*, Cooking, Kadiatnr, Hall, and Chamber Stove*, Andiron*, Shovel and Tonga, Feutlera, and Piraboarda. Dining, Hail, and Chamber Tablea, Handsome plated Tea Set and 0*4tore, Silver Spoon*. Ladl*a, and Fork*, Oilcloth, Coooa. and Straw Malting, i;nin*.mas*, ana <"rook*ry ware, Together with a large and excellent assortment of Kitchen, Pantry, and Dairy Wares. Terms of stl?i All sum* under ?90 oash; over $30, a oreJit of f, 4. and 6 months will be given. In all oases notes must be satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest, and made payable at some bank ir.tbwoitr of Washington We desire to oul particular attention to the above sale. It is by liar the most interesting sale that has ever taken plaoe in this vicinity. Omnibuses will start for the plnoe of sale on the morning of eaoh day at 8 o'clook from the door of tha Auctioneers on 9th street, near the avenue. W. E. CLAOETT, Administrator, oqg-dtd CLEARY A GREEN, Anota. TWHY 18 IT? HAT 8T1NEMETZ, THE HATTER, 18 always busy and not heard oroaking .v?.?i A., i > WttU HI?"? tieo?uso be mU? the b??t articles ? Sf ?t the lowest oash pnoes. N^:;''"-H'v,wrJ!dHc\7i. JUL Miiim' JOOKKY HATS, Trimmed Md Untrimm*d. P U R 8! FURS!! For ladies and ohildren, my aseortnient is now '^t?Rl^RLMMING8 25 to J5MnliMrJ*rd. B. H. sTINEMKTZ. ?6 Pa. av., no 2 -- DM7 oorner Thirteenth ?rreet. INDLINO AND STOVE WOOD , Manufactured any length, and delivered to any part of the city at the shortest notioe, and at the lowert joMib^rat*. kj,, - _ , , """ * * uanoun. Office south itde Pa. avenue, between 3d snd 4JfeU,j wharf anil null vest aide 4>* atreet and Oa?L no Mm N0T1C E! N OTICE!! Mrs. HELLER Inritea th? ladiea of^^T gate: ?i pais, waiar^Brf -on Friday teul Saturday, Kh and th inatant, when jNfrvi'l m haw?J to hare ladies oome and examine nvi ui uwui. ai sua u<n a vrry nanaiome syffiSwjswfAi8 8H A W LS, EXTENSIONS* til TS, CORSETS EMBROlDERI?s?Ao *?!&.* ,toa* of a 4 No. ?4 Market Spaoe', bet. 7th and 8th at*, N ? T_2 c K; I wiah all gentlemen FW

to bear m mind that th* (Ian vhieh I V? ^*bS3t?T diced priori for oaah it in ucoeaaftl operation. Juat rect-ived a fail ?npp y of the lateat tfew York efyiea ofDRK?'HffiV The fflfei&fafesi (aiswmMjatwsLttfjfhii' ft?J"Vltf>ii?T jm+Z&.XS!L* !?>*3sr iTifWaraSUS bSS g?i ViKnJT M^pftsairsa.^5^..""- " pMCBTO. ^i^wsLsWw^ &tasmi UNUSLS &?? yry eomylcte ^yort{-PC 3 3TO ,Tl' lH It1 ^ EDUCATIONAL. PA. S. D?VILLIER3, ROFE9*OF Of the FRENCH and GERMAN kANGUAOE^, 317 Eighth atreet, between Land , baa the honor to innouna* to the puMia that he a resumed ha teuoni in the above language*, haa opened at Miaa Wood'a seminar?. 494* I street, between 12th and 13th eta , a French C!a?s in which yonnic ladies will be admitted. Thia data Will m?et three timea a week at half-past 3 p. m. Terma: 95 per quarter wf 10 weeks Satisfactory arrangements made lor lesson* riren in nhnnla. Mr. de Viliiers offers the best refereuoes as to his leal, ability, Ac.. 4o. oo 24-lm T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent who wish their daughters to rsoeive a thorough and systematio education, where their physical training witl receive daily and special attention, under the most approved system of Calisthenio* and Gymnastics, are respeothilly invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, corner Fourteenth stand New York av. mr. it mrs. Z. RICHARDS, an 30-tf Principals. Female boarding and day school ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMICK, PaurcirAL. The thirteenth annual session of Uus limtitution will oommenoe on Tuesday, September 18th, in the house rsoently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq.. No. ISO King street. The oourse of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Kdu cation, and Musio, French, Latin and Drawia*. ii desired. Id addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok i? prepared to receive a limited number of pupila as bvarilers, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as far as possible, to surround them with the oomfortsand kindly rnfluenoes of Home. Ktferenet*.?Rev. Geo. H. NoHM, Rev. D'. Elias Harrison, Rev. I). F. Sprigg, William H Fowle, Esq., Ed?ar Snowden, beg., Edmund F. Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis McKenzie, Esq., Robert H. Hunton, Esq. \V. D. Wallach, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas. F.ntwisle, Jr.. Esa.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun, Mewsrs. Blac<look &, Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. _ .. Tnis. _ . Hoard, with Tuition in all the Engliah l?ranohe?, S3nn for the ainual ?e??ion?payable aemi-annual I j, in advance. Mumo and Langnagea at Profeaaora' pneea. g7" Mo extra chargea. an 28-tf SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, No. 27 7 I Fibst Wabd. Miaa ANNIF. E. PECft, Teacher. Number of pupila limited to tweety. oe 16 eo2m WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW BILL ASD FIREWOOD FACTORY, <tti?s or thi Ulck Flag Staff,) Stitb ef the Canal, near 7th atreet Brld|e, Will furniah, at the ahorteat notioe, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY. Or Aht Kihd, Cut and Srlit to any Dimension*. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With full measurement guarantied. ITT Remember, Th* Hlc? Fla? Staft, VMt side of feevoath street, sooth of the Caiifcl, and opposite tnV Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. 117- HICKORY ANlJoAK PLANK or TIMBER (of any sue or dimensions) SA WE_j), POSTS or JOISTS RIPPED, or LOOS SAWED, at the shortest notice ICT mii*;! Jobe of BLACKSMITHINO oromet ly execntcd.aa above eeZTt q q q q q UNION FIRE-WOOD MILL, Cemtr ef Seventh at and Caul. W OO D of all kind, manufactured to order, any length or lie, ready for uae. COAL?COAL. We have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both jted aiwl White A ah, different ?ne _ it ' nuw.anu v. . u? reoeivin* U?>aj lor the next ton days, whioh we sail, delivered from the vessel, it a reduotion of 35 ocnts per too. Send your orders early. MoKNEVV A MARLpW. Proprietors, ee T7-tf Corner Seventh si. and Canal. WOOD AND Delivered to ail parts of the oityfat the lowest possible rates. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Office 383 Pa. ar? between 11th and 13th sts . ma 17- tT north side. DENTI3TRY. M TEETH. LOOM IS, M- D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH, U>n?t? persona lj at hi* offio*> in this cit* Many persons oan wear these teeth wno^ u i u cannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. Persons calling at my nffloe oan be accommodated with any style and prio" or Teeth th?y may desire; bnt to those wbo are partioutar and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, acd most perfect dontnre that artoaa produse, tha MINERaL PLATE will i>e more fury warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 338 Pa avenne.hetwsen 9th and 10th sts. Also, 007 Aroh street, Philadsl phia. oo IS tf rh DENTISTRY. KR. HI LLP, after a araotioa teat of two j*ri a that ha o&n with oonfidenoe mond the Cbeoalaatio Prooeaa for inaertin(mflBBp artifioial teeth. It haa the advantacea atroocth, beauty, cieaounesa, and ohoapr.eaa. Ft) upper aots maerted lor ttt. Partial in proportion. (Jgoe 306 Pa. avenae. ae7 PIANOS. PIANOS?The .argeat aatortment of Piano a, Melodrona, Goitara, V lina. Bacgora. Beat Italian Striata Ao Nipffi oordeona,Flutinaa, Conoertinaa, Piutea,' ? i f ? Filea, Fla*eot?-tto, Olahonetu, Braaa (oatrumenta, Druuia, a?d ever/ variety of moaloal ware, aiao an immenae atoca of Sheet Mnaio, Mn?io Hooka and Opetaa, for every inatrument at the Mnaio Store of W. G. ME rzEROTT. corner of Pa.av. and lltn atreet. Sole Agent of Stein way A Son'a Baoon Raven * Co.'a ana Knabe A. Co.'a 1'ianoa. oo ? tf r^LOUR, BUCKWHKAT, POTATOES, APPLES, Ao 160 bbia, new Richmond Family aad Extra Flour. 5,no Iba. Freah Ground Ba^k wheat Maai. MO buihela White Meroer Pj>atoe?, loo do. Flue do. do. 5 do. Ch?atnntn Reoeived to day and for aale low in lota to anit by D. L. MORRISON 4 CO., I n-> 5 Corner of Twelfth and B aU. PATENT ARTICLES FOR THE DESK[ K Clark'a Cheimoal Ink Eraaer, for oountini honee and artiata* ?ae. Thia ia a very aimpleand eifeotiva article for removing the ink from paper. I Put up in boxea, and aoid for K cente; by mail for I 90 eenu The Patent Roller Blotter; a sew and convenient article Portfolio Slate*, two and three leave*, ruit&b!e for deaka and memorandum aooounta, various aisee and atjlet. BLANCHARD A MOHUN, no 3 Corner Pa. a v. and Kleventfef at. TO MVMG TE ACHKftS-A larce lot of nev Muaio, imported Irom Europe; alao, aeUotiona made in pvrann ft run all the great pubMahinc houaea in Boatm and N?w Yark, a?eoiaUjr aaeort'd for piauo. violin, aod flute, A-., Ae. Alao, Daeta for all loatromeaU now ojen^for i^aepeotio^.^ Chiekeringa* Pian.i Ptore, oo an 306 Pa. av.. bet. Nk and 10th at*. QOODHUE FI^^RANPE COMPANY curring any lability whatever. UKATH A KNOWLBS, Agent*, oo 29 tr Ofion. over Bank ofWuhimton. ? ?.? rr. 'pRIMMINCS, BUTTONS, TASSELS! No. 30 Market Sp&ee, near Mi it, 1 New York "wiTiS****F. MUHLINOHAU. piRK? fire* PiBEr; ?WilllL I will Hire the aboira reward for U?e a*r??et and ounviotioaof the pereon or penopi vl?o ired t*e 'Ml gmaroMu#'VrmpaiL'lm*lwHio 36if on for airmll amount to u?bl? them to nm their jfc''"'?* H)AAC BKKtH. PMBRUIDGKY STiKPINO, M ill HM of c^rss-jss,rs partes fc CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Strut, Btiwm 9tk aad 10(4 Strmtt. We have jnat amahed a number of ferst ciaee CARRIAGES, an ah ae Lutkt fkm Waivni, Park Phtattmi. Pamuy fW lBKJKr! n?(j, and Buftrtes, which we will eel I it! * rer* ar fit. Bein* pmct.o&i mechamoa in different braoohee of the Duaineea, we flatter onrael vee that we kno? the atylee nod qnahty of work that will siTe mib faction, oombiuaf lif htaeae, oomfort ana darabin keMtrtnr promptly nod earefnily attended to the anorteai nctioe and moat reasonable oiiarcee. WALTER, KARMANN & BoPP. Coaohmakera, enooeeeora to Wm. T. Hook. M tT-dly 1 HE Btbaoriber h*riDf mace ?44itienelo ki tedtory. m&kiQ( it now one of the b the Distriot, where hit ftieiUUM (ortfBK BftnateptariniCARRIAGE A WAGONS of iir^cd. ounot b? nr|UMd.ta4 tronjon lonj ?*^?ri?cce is Um buiBM, In han* to cito (*n?r?i ntisfkoUoL. All kind* o (Cv riifM im LUkl Wftconi kept *a Ail RKPAIE8mMIt4?u,u4ftU?r4?n ^gsttsi sr* ? i? t? Mrwr ?f 14th ui K at* Dr. J. H. McLEAN'8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PlRIFiEK. THE GREATEST REMEDY > ikt WORLD, taim mc moil Dsliciocs and JpJT m atrtctly a eei ntific ud Vf|tubla Compound, orocarad by -,h? diatiilatioa of raoti, harba, 'S and barka. Tallow 9 Dock, Blood Root, Black Rom, Saraapa- W jl rilla, Wild Cfetrry Bark, aad Daodaucn uH aatera laio iu con- Vj Tba anura acuvt s rcmadia) princtpla thorough"fIxua^.d Af t er tilkinc. by mTotw method of O' diatillinf, prodacing a daliaiooa, tihilarauaf pint, aad tba moat inuillibla ramadv for ranovauag tba diaaaaad ?y?tarc, and raatannr tba aict, tafftriaf, aad dabilttatad inralid ta health ?nd itiig MtLEAN'B STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afacttaily cut Li?tr Complaint, Dyapapaia, Jann< diet, Chronic or Nim? Debility, Diaaaaaa of the Kidnaya, aod all diaaaaaa triainr from a dtaordarad Lirir or Iwaatlk, Djaptpaia, Haartbarn, Inward Pilaa, Aridity or Sicksaaa of the Stomach, Pallnaaa of Blood to tbe Head, Dull Pan or Swimmtnf in tha Haad, Palpitation of tha Heart, Fnjloeee or Wrirtit to tha Stomach. Soar Zractauoae, Choktn* or Saffocating Peeling whan down, Drroeae or YelloWnaaa of th? Skin and Kyaa, Mifbt Sweate, toward Pe?ere, Paiu in tha Small of the Back, Chaat, or Sida, Saddea Plaehee of Haat, Depreeeioa of Sptnta, Prifhtfal Draaaaa, Laofaor, Deapondeucj or aay nervoaa dtaaaat, Soraa or Blotchaa an tha Skin, and Paver and Ant (or Chilla aad VttM.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES ha?e been aold dannf ma laat ail month a, aad in do Ibatanca haa it failed ib ri?w>* anttra eauefection. Wka than, will aiftr fro? Waakoaaa or Debility whan McLlAlil STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will cart yoa 1 No lanfaafa can convey an adeqaatejdeaot tha iaaaaadi aio uo until miricuoia cnu|i proa net a rT laainf ifiu Cordial in iha dniutd, dibiliutid.ud iktuirtd narvoaa wh#ther t roken dm by ticaaa, vtti by MMTi, n unpairad by aickaaaa, tha ralaaad ud ciuuiuf KfuihUm li raatorad to ita priatint htaith u>d rigor MAR R.ED PERSONS or otbar*. eonaciooa of iaiNliiy fro? wbata**r mm*, will tad McLBINt STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a U? romfh npunMi# U?a ayatam; aad all wfco ma* have in tared '-haa-aalTaa by improper iadalf Ilcu will god la this Coriia.; a certain and apeedy ramady. TO THE LADIES. McLKAWS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ia a marilfn and epeed* eara for lociflnt Cooeaiapuoai, Wbitaa, Ofcetrueted or Dtfleall MaaatnuUeaJlaeoounerice of Unno or lnrolnntary Piachirra thereof, Falling of (ha Wcoib, Glddineae, ratotiBf, ana all dia*aa?a incident to Fmulti. Twrsp in *in KTTKy a tv Mnnrrv rr lifir do longer. Tiki it tceordiof to directions. It will lunilut, itnufUin, and itvigorate rn and uih n<e bloom of health to mount yoor cheek again. Every bottle <e vurulid to give eatiofection. FOR CHILDREN lfro?r ebihtrib art aickly, put or afflicted, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will make them healtny, fat, and rohuet- Delay not a niMDiiiii irj it, and yea will be OOEVUicad. U u deIkclow to take. C1UTI0X. Bmti of drag giati or dealer* who may try te pain span yon io<r.e bitter or eaxeapanlla traaii, which they can bay cheap, by eaymg it m Inat ae rood. Avoid each men. Aek for McLean's Strengthening cordial, and take nothing elee. It u the only remedy that will parify the Blood tnoroaghlv Kftd at the same time etrengthen the eyetein One teaepoonrel taken l*ery netsiaf fasting u a certain preventive for Cholera, Chiile and Fever, Tcliew Fever, or any prevalent disease. It te pot np in large bottle*. Price ? f _ At L.^.1. m k... Ia EC r fj rak> vuij fi per wiui, w r uvuih lur fa. j. u cillbitji. Bole proprietor ot thla Cordial; tlio. McLean "a Volcmic Oil Liniment Principal Depot on the coruer of Third and Pin* etraeta, St. Mail, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) Tha only itfi aud ecritin cor* for Cuttn, Plica, T*. mors, Dwellings and Bronchlle or Cottre, Paralysie, Nearalfia, Weakueaeof the Maaclee, Chronic or Ini \ minatory Rheumetiem, Biiffneee of the Joints, Contracted Mnee lee or Lifamenta, Earache or Toothache, Bruiaee, Sprame, Freeh Cute, Woende, Clears, Fever Boree, Caked Breaei, Sure Nifplee, Berne, Scalde, Sore Throat, or any inflair.nietioa or Cm, no difference how eevera or Ion* the dieeaec may ?e esieted, McLEAN'8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a certain remedy. Thooaande of hnasan baiags have been aaved a life of die crepitade and Biaery by the aee of I hie inralsable remedy. McLEAK'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve pain almoet inetaauneoaely, and it will cleaa, parity and heai the foal eel eorea ia u incredible ehort tunaFOR HO&SES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ie the only eafe and reliable rtiaeij for the car* of Spavia, Rnrbone, Windfalls, Bf iiata, Unaataral Lamp*. Nodea or Swcllirre V* .a.a. r.. I. ^ .... D. _ TV..a O.l1 I rfu b I"H1U IV VIH1 Dig ?1?N, I Vlif Tli, r Itvail, U Itt Rnnninp Surca, or Iviidj, If mnrl; applied for Sprnca, Bri'iti,Strtuhti, Cracked Rttb, Cnafca, Saddlt or Collar Galla, Cou, Sort*, or Woaoda, it n an infallible rtmtir. Apply it u directed amd a tar* le ceriaia utxrj iaetance. Than uifie no longer with the many worthl?e? LiattnenU offered U> yon. Obtain a acppl* of Da. MCLEAN'S CLLEB RAT ED LINIMENT. It will cara rom J. H. McLEAN, Bole Proprietor. Corner Third and Pint ?ta.. Si. Loon, Ma. CHARLES 8TOTT, WS Pa. a*., cola agsot u> Wmtiaf! tan; R. 8. T CIB8EL, Georgetown. aa WDtffly IKif r. FBKSCH. WM. F. K1CBSTE1K. NEW PIFM FRENCH *. R ICHSTEIN, {Successors to Wm. F. Rayl* ) Who Male and Retail Dealer* ia BOOKS. STATIONERY, and PERIODICALS, No. 878 Pennsylvania Awjira. Wedding and Viaiting Card* neatly ?B(rtT?d and printed. Paper and Enrelopee stamped with Initial without ?xtra charge. Subscription* reeetred for all th? Weekly Pepera and Magazines; alao. New York Herald, Time#, and Tribune. OaM and examine oar atook. All bound Booka told from 1? to 50 per oent leaa than the Pubhaher'a pricee. ID" Anr Booka not on hand ordered with dlapaton from London, Pane, New York, Boatoe, and Philadelphia. oe 84 1m ?<CHOOL AND CO^LEOK OUTFITS. Youths1 and Beys1 Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parent* and guardians wishing to fhnnsh their eh 1 riren and wards with School ard College OattiU fat the Doming ituuo, are invited U> examine onr resent 'aree an<l ext<-naiTe assortment BOY** CL<?THINt?,wl<ere they oan lit <m* their ohitdrea of all sices in a few norvects with every decor: j>tion of Rradv made Garments, of substantial and durable quality, at very moderate prions WA^w?TKPHKN8 * CO, au an-tf 3H3 Peon, avenue. HOU8EKEBPlfl? ^NDrvant8. GQoIm W> hftre nov on biod * wall MlMt?d itoflk of fiyy*****> ,?. ___ s5S%^&33&&$sl ^y^ss^Uss^; ****&& ? ?-tf FTTTT fg POWtt. __ TJARAFFINE CANDLES! f X TXlTAPFINECANnLKJ*! ; A ftwuttful rUol?,?qu4 ) a?p,Ar?nc> t? pau?t OO 10 Corner Vgrmoat ?r. ?ac 3th ?(?! > Woob ta$r&L? ? A L JI* ^ 888 fa. ay? l^lihiitr 11th In. ft THE WEEKLY STAB wwtj ? pnur tvMty of iiMrMMi raMiac b*feu41a MI tkm?u ? bw^=^3 s - m Tuiojit tb? TgUr'\?ii"^S "f' ? ? r*rrmr*4 ? fm mm. of TV Vrnkt* ?m. wi-1 * i?-ftSSS wo itomi> Uuoacko?l!? ooan'-ry. ~ 5iC~al trr ro?tn>Mt*r( wbo Mt m *c?at> v>u k? n U>V*4 kWimUMlOB CftMtl. MISCELLANEOUS. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AKB BLOOD RfctfOVATEB I* pr?oi??lt what it* name I'diaatea. for, wkk pl?aa*atto thetaat*. it u ravinff inc, axfcn* tTrt iBM?oiatinK and atren.iha io? to u>a vita poaai*. mi at ti? >?m? tint* raTivi&aa, rnnitotM, ?-<d r* naw? th? Hiood io a 1 it* original pu-tt?. Md tbua at <<*??> rrstarti and rrmdtrt l.u tpttrm Mnwtra*H to mtt+rks if dttmn. llu Ui* oiiij arar oRama to the world, ao and afciHfal'y obiIm Had aa to hetaa iroat power fa1 tout, and at Ua aame t.inaao par fact? adaptad to. aa to in ?AAiif.!ana? ?"? *' ? r ? - ?WW"> -WIW W tHV ) ** WI imiVTVi an-i h*n?? will r?tk* tkt trraivaf murt. M tone Bp the dlf MtlV* Ofgai.B, Ma tbae a ia? a.. mi Totis a d > tner irritation. 11 is perfect!* exhi'ara ting and at tae Mm* t-tr it ta oompoeed Mtirrlf of Tagetabiea, yet eu < onhia^i u to prodaoe ua moat thoroegh tonic effect, wthoat prodacing *&T ' firiova ooneeQaanoea. Ba?h a rwnedy haa tare Ma fait to be a d-aidarataa ? the ?diaa< w Id, ir it needs no mao ical it.ll to eee ika' debility l:ow? all attacks of dieeaae, aad proceed a^d dead lays the ifitoa open to th? 'c?idi?a? attar la ot naoT vf the moat fatal,Mok. for axanula, aa the following: Consumption, Indigestion. L?i?(epei?, of Appetite, Faintn*aa, Nervous IrntabiUU. Reura gtr?. Palaitatiun of the heart. Meianohoiy. ight ?w*U. Langor, Gid<iiaaes. HetenUuo ot. aa vail as Painful obstructed. too prof nee, or to* gs*at Menstruation, ai.d Falun' of the Woak. These all depend aavn general debilitf. Thi? pare, heaitbf tonio Cordia. and B ood Renovator is aa tara to eare aa the bud ia to nee a ad ? t There ta no mutake aUiat it. Bat this ia aot all If the ay stem ia weakened we are opaa to hutou* at taaks, tha liver becomes torpid, or wrae diacaaad. the kidney* refuse to perf -nn their forctlons. ao<! we are troubled with scalding and t?ao? t>?**< oe af arina, or inroiantary diaoi>arf? of tha yna, paia in tha baok. aide and betwe-n tha *hou4Ura. ri oaedtngly liable to alight oolda, corgi s, *td if aa ohftcked. aoon emaciation follows.and the patinat goes down to a per mature grave, flat aeaoe wit I not allow ua to anaaterate the maii? iliata whsah a a are iiabte in a weakened condition ot tha araMM. Hut we wiil a?y in this Cordial and B ood Nrivvt t>r yon hare a perfect. sa<>, pieatai.t and eff?o'?ia remedy for lota of Appetite. toilioosneea. F.ata leooe, vnk Hd tick Monieri t?o?<>ar. i.ivvr Comprint, aua Perer.or an? B lion- attaek. Co tiTereee, Acidity of the M inch. Neur? ri?. Paipitatioa of Ike Heart, ftf? ioa ofSptnta.Sores. Pimpea oa the FM,orui ?tee&ee ?rikid? from uneure b,i>o., inch m ttowfbla. Krjupelaa. ttronohilie, Coach.diftoa ty of Breathing. and all that o!m of diseases oa ed female weak dp**, and enumerated Cbore. We will a>?o a*T the traveler expoeed ?' epidemios, chaato of climate and water, will find U a pleasant. aale '*c aure remedy, aad no one ahoaid ever travel with oat. Re*d-r. try it. for w* aaaare you yoa will find m it a friend ind ed. as w?.l aa a tri?nd in need. All persona of eedeitary habits will find it a pe? feot prereBtire of, aa well aa a care for thoee ail menu Which they Are pArtieulArly *xp<ee4 Hum miniitari. 'udtnti. attorneys, iiterar? , aud ladies who are not Accuat med to rrmoh ??t door eie-ci't, will fend it U? their adt-AutA?e to keep a bolt e ceutti.ti) on hind. at ,d Above A'l noutri or thoae twooniii each. will ro th'oagh thAt moat dan*eroua period B?t on'* with aJ I then aocna'omed atre' ith, bat ?afe and free from the tlionaAnc ulmenla eo prevalent auionr the fewaia portion of the WWId. Id abort, m indeed a another a cordiAl. Try it old and )otng;i.o lo- ger >?? ihe nak of de.ay it will relieve And prove lt?elf *mphAUoal.y A Rtitoratit* Cordiai and Blood JUara Mr. ? O. J. WOOD. proprietor, 444 Broadnr. N?? York. ai.ct 114 Markrt Street. Ht. Loaia Mo..ae4 a" d by all good I>raggiata. Prioe One Dollar rw Bottle. rnur wwob RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR. *u ao-aoiy.aiw TPKOCLAMATION! O THE WA3HINGtoJ!%^0*?ET0W1* CHOLERA MoiWftVT * mrn * mi"BKibHOL.C. DV.EXTE.VbY? DEBILITY.**. *?.. M .T?? oil' *? yyitMEPV ftt OSO? Sj?. j?^VARDk^ ov ^ "^miuaculows PAIN kllle* REMEDY FOR.' THE AlKjVlfSo V rtA I NTS that no imposition lr ieterwled in the eale nf this THE MONEY^ri'lJt^ Bk'kEFUKDIiD ta tU cMset whan the medtoiae tails to {ivs ontue satlsfaotio MIRACUIXirS rAlN IILLER, take u d treated, and if sot perfeotly satisfied Return to oar Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4% Street and Pennsylvania Arensa, who will rsftiud yoar money. Pnoe?25 and 50 CenU per Bottle. For eais at all Drat Stores everywhere JAB. MeDONNELU Genera! A (eat, ItII -eotr ftClM-? No TICK of ImL^QVAL of thk Ate (fWt"MPkkl$ OAo* 1 n accordance with the pronator of tfe* act of CoDfrra* entitled "An a?t author mag obangra ia th? Tooabon ot I-an<1 Offio**." approved Mara* 3. 1MB, U l* hereby dooarad and m&?l? knova that Uh? nio? tor Ut?MI? of puMo iauda at in ihp cwnt; 01 aiiuiu, win wimovag U' n' , 7t VILLI- in raid 8tate. Itritkout del*y. Th* pa olio ?a'e directed by the Kxeentir" prop lamation No fiW, of tovnahtp 18 rU(* >?. Md townehip 17. of ranreSI. to tahe p:aoe at the and Oftw at Fatittsvlllb on yth l??)?wib?f s?lt It ia hereby dec.arnd win be held tt Htstsvuxc, la aid Stat", on the date deaixaaleri Farther notioe aa to the prec mr time of o!o?in? the office at t-ayett*T>U?, preparatory to and ita op*n Di for bui.nm at H?nU<ili?. vi 1 he tj^en by the Kegu cr Md Receiver for the i^aso Given under my hand at the eity of Waehlnrton. this 24th of September, A. D 1M0 By order of the Freeidect: JUS. I*. CommiuioDW of the beiur*! Land Ofto* ? 88 w?w B. HALL HaelJItmino, iTpet'enti ln? FAMILY G ROC EH IKS, TEAS. WltfKS, frod ofcoioa LIQUORS of afl kma?. A fraah stock jast chmc. Good ttntar 7 oanta par pouad. Ca'i at No fit 7th airoet, batweaa D nd Loatai? av. nc ?tf F LOU* D'A ^*aaBaMfl ItT" Caah pajd for >11 kiada of Grata. M 12.000 ,4*2 to* attention <>( tk? p?to u our AitttM wlw i*oto<l ?t.K>k of Ofcamp?nM m4 Cr*b ApptoCtil*r, whi?fa w nrnilM toT* Mr? jOM,uS?n? b? old on nvootfil* torma ?* ord?r to mt* imd torouifnuMMk. WwaatoAll il to* M Na. IT^SfewC^. INkw MF.R?. * JfD TMTlNnS. WALL. STJiP VNS A CO.. m PwMrtn it Avenue, b?v? jnfX rMintf ? Ian* of nov>?U Oojd., to vhiek Uej uWh Am f Itarmmliud MitMMra m? tf CosmwffJ^iktfxlxrt ~>Ha>*>^ '?o ? I J *