Newspaper of Evening Star, November 13, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 13, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TrilDAT *tare?ber 13, 1M?. ?ririt 0t lit Ntrilai rreaa. The Constitution turns from the unattUfectory routfiiiplaiion of American affair*, an A (peculate* upon 'The neit European newt," which It expects to be of a warlike character. Tbe Imclltg me*r devotes a considerable portion of Its space to South Carolina and Georgia affairs iy At a lire in New York, on Sunday night, eighty horses were burnt to death. U" Tbe Governor of Maryland has appointed Thursday the '29th Inst., as a "holiday of Thanks, g.vlngnnd Prayer " E7~ The 29tb of November baa been set apart as -a day M Thanksgiving la Kentucky, North Carolina, .Maryland and Kansas l?7" At the meeting of medical atudenta In New York, on Friday night, a man balling from Misa.neippt Mid he vraa ready to aacrlflce his wife and children for the lake of Southern honor, lie did 11 ot say anything about himself. Judge Doug la* left Mobile, in company with hil ImH tf fnr N?ur OrlMna An tho Hav r Am tUe election lie einrtntd bis gratification that the conservatives bad gained In Congress, and tbat Lincoln woald be held in cbe?k by a strong conservative majority in both Houses of Congress ILTUecTge w. Brown. t,?q , the new Mayor of Baltimore wu Inaugurated yesterla,. Lut n'ght, a number of th* otilcera of the late Municipal Government proceeded to the residence of Thomas ^wann, K?q , Franklin street, and preaeated him with a costly and superbly flniched set of plate. Personal. Hon. John C. Burch and lady, of California, are at Browns'. - Hons D. ? Somes, Me ; J. S GreenfMo ; 9 Medary, Kansas Territory; W. S. Lindsay, M. P., London, Kngiand. are at the National. Nicholas 3 Hill, Esq., of Prince George's county, Md , wai yesterday sdmltud to the bar of tblselty, oa motion of Junes M. Carlisle, Esq. Chevalier Buna?n, the distinguished Prussian meant and politician, bas been suddenly takea so dangerously 111 that tbe atsent member's of his family bas teen summoned to his bedside. Sir C bar lea Napier was also, at last accounts, so unwell as to cause serious anxiety to bis friends. ffT Tbe agent of the Associated Proas teleEra p bed from Washington, yesterday, as follows: As far ascau be ascertained, there is no disposition either on the pert of tbe administration or of gentlemen of polftiral prominence here to Interfere with tbe present Southern movements, except npfhan? in tr\mnA lv If < ???? r?.?.k*vL r - .w ? .? - . * ? Mi WWW uivuautc tbat the Prtaident will soon iwk an addrtaa or Cclamation, m the election of delegate* to tbe tb Carolina convention is to take place at an earlier day than wu recently anticipated, and aa. in conaequence, there would not be sufficient time for the ftrniral circulation of an appeal through the President'* annual message, as originally contemplated. Thta subject waa to-night under consideration. It I* understood that Corwin, of Ohio, can, If be will, occupy a prominent position in Mr. Lincoln'a cabinet; and. In tbe event of hia declining to da ao, an invitation will be extended to Mr. Kwlng or Mr Vinton, of tbe same State. Messrs. Graham and Badger, of North Carolina, are alio confidently mentioned in thia connection President Buchanan to-day headed a subscription list for the relief of tbe sufferers In Kansas with 9IV), and gave assurance that he would appeal to Coni;reu in their behalf. Thi V\ utsu.?The following report of the WOilfcrr for the morninir la ?i>? ? ?? lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Jfmlthlonltn Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o:clock. Novi*m 13. 1960 Burlington, Vt.... overcast. 433. >?w ^ or*. N. Y clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear, wind NW Richmond, Va. clear, pleaaant. feteraburg, Va...... clear, cool. Wilmington, N.C clear, mild. Columbia, ?. C ...clear, cool. Charleston, 5* C clear, 54?, wind NW Augusta, Ga. ...clear, pleaaant. Bavanaah, Ga. clear, 80?, wind NE M>''on, Ga... clear. Columbua, Ga ...c!?ir. Montgomery, Ala. clear, 61*. Jackson. Ala ...clear. Ntw Orleana, La clear, Bl?. raOM TBS WK?T. Cleveland, O cloudy, 45Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrti l?-d far teir.perature,} ?9,889; at noon, 2vt,?w. 1 tjermometrr at 7 a. m , 41*; at noon, 54?. Maximum during l\ hour*, ending ? a. m. today. 57#'; minimum 42V TUE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. VIRGINIA. The Richmond pxpers all Mdmlt that th? rote la cry close and thit the official returns will probably be necessary todeclde the result The Richmond Dispatch giYes returns from 110 counties, which foot upas follows : Hell's majorities 15.631 Breckinridge's majorities 14.242 Majority for Bell 1 The counties V*t tn h? h??nl ? ? Letcher a majority of 7*<W Bell's clear majority 6G0 The Dispatch adds: ? boo Id the rcuntlea above votr precisely aa in 1359, Mr Bell would bare a clear majority of 96n. But In Russell county a telegraphic dispatch states that the Democratic cain is reported at nearly VJU. and Scott, Grayson, lyee, and other counties In "'Little Tenneassee," are reported by telegraph to have given large gains for the same party. In Kanawhi. It Is stated by telegraph that Bell gains 30U over the vote of '5? t?l A ? - ? " * oc aitunantiiitett* 1Mreturnifrom llleountiee la Virginia. which show a clear gain for Bell oa Gof gli'i vote of i.OTl. Brrekinridfcr'a ((tint amount to 9 067, and Ball's to 14,13s Letcher's majority la the State, with which tbeaeretornssre rompared. waa 5 800, so that Bell must gain over SUQ vote* it the 12 counties yet to Lear from to carry the State. MARYLAND. The return* from all of the counties, with oae *>r two exceptions, have been received, and show a majority for Breckinridge of 710. GEORGIA. The Georgia pi pen publish the fall vote In s?venty-nine of the one hundred and thirty coun. tie* to that **tate, which foot up as follows: Breckinridge 15 133 Bell 34,1M. Douglas 10.101. Tai Arm Track is Wsstskx New Yo*? 'fh# nnrrha*^ snH ihinm?n* ?? *?4 ? r ?<r? wt ! IIUW UCI l)|^ proaeented brrea' outs wjtb considerable rigor The biteb price of freight and the abundance of tfce crop almost everywhere reduces the price to tb* grower considerably below wkat be obtained list year Only tbe best apples are saleable for shipment, hence many are not brought to market at all The price paid is eighty-seven cent* per barrel for tbe beat aad one or two shillings less for com man shipping aorta The fro It pure bust d ber* is chiefly taken to New York for consumption tbere and for southern shipment. Some goes to Cincinnati aad thence South, and some is taken to Chicago. Phi ladelpbta take* more or less from tb's place of tbe better aorta ?Rotkesttr |r?ian, J(*wni?f 9. THE PEEIiLfe AND GET PAID ??.? *? rwwwr k/Bipm Mindey sc:?oo. wu. (ire aa LxhibiUoaat tbe toiig relational Cfcurch, Fifth street, between D aad E ele . oaTHURSDAY KVENING, November 15tn. comrii?fjoiii? at 7J4 e'elo;*. Adam.ok furui U ?e?te; ohudren M oeaU. no IS venae Ckareh,(Rev. Or. parley's) to eonmenoe HMt quarter pMt 4 e'oioek. to be ontiaaed one wsmmbv. 3M Pa. At., between 'asttflfcr T aa 17-tea Wigmroii. A GREAT f ARf AIN Caa t? kai la oae ef the I A laa t faini:y HOK4K9 ir tae eity; fine ?V _j. mi mm, w*> i nrDiM.?eaNrlKbT (Willie ; Will T|"tr be M>:itkti|rNtN?iitiM,uUi?OTMrhu?2> BO ?* for feUB. A Wo, itfkt Siag ! Cvritr* ?ad H?ni?% Iflfr itftTt rtmt nnrwir flinnml a?Tl* _ A BEAUTIFULABfOETMKNT OF PORTssSaril N. B. fHwm *a4 6od*y, far DwiaMr, mv I r?i<r. "LtT^ <?tW * | WABM1WTOW WWI AMP OOM1P. Tn* nrtoiiuiTiosi at tub Soitth thmtfnlag the destruction of the Confederacy by revolution continue to Increase day by day and boar by boar, and, we are glad to percolvo, tb?y have at length a routed the opponents of tte scheme In aome of the Southern State* to a aenaa of tbelr duty in the emergency. Thus, In Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, which States cannot Tall to become involved In the movwtnf aoouer or later If I# U .<? .U? I m H I . .nil u i MC vuusuiiiuiatru, BIIU aiau IU uruijjia auu Alabama, a portion of the pre?? and public meeting* are earnestly demanding that there shall be fairly elected convention representing at least all the slaveholdtng States, to whom the question of the proper course of the whole South In the present emergency shall be duly remitted. The demand Is eminently a proper one; as even South Carolina cannot withdraw from the Confederacy without ultimately compelling the northern tier of slaveholdlng States to follow her example. Thus, whether Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and Kentucky desire to leave the existing Confederacy, it is verv certtin that the cotton ? ' / ? State* cannot do so without making It obligatory upon them to go under whatever government they (the cotton States) may elect to exist under hereafter This Act is everywhere duly comprehended, and it surely give* the northern slaveholdlng States an interest In whatever steps the others may take, as Immediate and vital as their own. It la very clear that the revolutionary leaders in ?outh Carolina are laboring to avoid Interference en the pert of the northern slaveholdlng States in tbeir r-:rrent measures to bring about the threatened change In the Government. To that end their bearing is insufferably dictatorial, truculent aitil #.i 1 *_ ?u ucuouv, anu tauuvi iau mi upvrabc iciy trusioly against their cause everywhere out of the limits of South Carolina : leading all conservative and considerate parsons to comprehend at a glance that they are determined, If posaible, to prevent a fair expression of popular opinion vpon their purposes in all the States which they must necessarily involve in their action. Natal Intklmoimcb.? A Board of Naval Officers, consisting of Chief Engineers B. F Isherwood, Robert H. Long, Theodore Zeller, and Alban C. Stlmers. has been ordered by the S?:retary of the Navy to convene at Erie, Pa., ou the 19th Inst., for the purpose of instituting a series of experiments connected with the U. S. steamer Michigan, In testing the practical gain in the use of steam expansively over what is due to its use without expansion. This is a very imorrtant niiMtion In steam rnvln*rrlniT nnrf ?n? over which there haa long been a diversity of opinion among our moat efficient and practical engineer*? consequently, the report of thia board will be looked for with great Interest, inasmuch as It will be the flrst, full, practical experiment ever Instituted for a like purpose. The cost of s eam machinery for condensation, and ths amount of space reauired over and above non. condensing machinery, is a very important item in the construction of steam vessels. u the caving in the cc?t alone of the more almple machinery, stricken from tbe probable conatrnction of ?or naval steamers for tbe next ten yeara, must necesaariiy amount to many millions. From tbe well-known capacity and mechanical skill of tbe officers composing this board, together with tbe superior advantages at tbeir disposal, we may look for a full, reliable, and well founded report, nnd one which will be regarded by tbe naval and commercial Interests of tbe country as a tinal termination of this highly important and long contested question. r?i a a a r? ? - - rirsi AsiiiLdin r.n;;ineer vvm. tl. Rutherford hu a!?o been ordered to temporary duty connected with the machinery of the Michigan. Nistakks Corrkctkd?The Washington correspondent of the New York Evening Poit In hi* letter of the 9th inst. takes occasion to say : " The Star, you will perceive, Is throwing itself strongly against the disiinlonists. I understand thst It isfor sale?price f&MKJU; annual profits of the concern, ST.OUW or Se.OUO. It is rumored that Mr. Wallach would take in a Republican partner ?in <bii W.?? v. i- *? * - -* " wi *iv,vuv, uui tuLm iim|t uc uniounaea. ilc Star receives no Government patronage, though It* circulation legally entitlts It to, and It receives iD'ich Government advertising." We quote this paragraph to correct Its several ^errors 1st The Star Is not for sale at S90.UU0. '2d. f7,000 or ?3,000 Is not the amount of Its annual profit!. 3d. Its proprietor Is not desirous of taking In a Republican or any other partner In March, 1350, we paid S10,0U0 for the half of tbe Star that up to that time was the property of another; since which time its legitimate business has Inereaaed at the rate of U per centum per annum. As to selling the Star, we will take that subject Into consideration when an offer may be made for It that comes somewhere near its real vuln# nvArattv W?MW^ W VB j-? w^va J ? tbi amd thk tfvvfkkkks tkom Want in Kansas.?We bear that the President. In view of the legal obstacles existing to the proposition to postpone the Kansas land sales soon to come off, has assured Air. Thaildeus Hyatt, tbe agent of tbe pre-emption settlers upon them, that, although many of tbe people of Kansas bad behaved very badly, In consideration of the question of humanity Involved in their present deplorably destitute condition, be would endeavor to protect their pre-emption rlghta aa far as the law wouid possibly allow him ao to do, by permitting them to refila their several clalma after the sale. He has also giren Mr. Hyatt SI00 towards the fond for the relief of the actual necessities of those people, and aasured him that early In the approaching arts!on of Congress he designs urging upon that body the absolute necessity for legislation to the same end. The following is a copy of the President's ebeek handed to Mr. Q., which we obtained from that gentleman: [ If*).] Wa?hisoto3, 12th November, 1800. MtrMH. Rigf s ^ Co., pay to the order of Thaddeu? Hyatt one hundred dollars, mjr subscription for the relief of the aufferlag people of Ranaas. James Bucmamas. Thk Cosciet ?Much Interest baa been excited 1n oor musical circles by the announcement of the appearance la this city of Madame Pabbrl, who made such a hit in New York in Halevy's opera, i. f . ?a " L.? JB1YT." As already stated. ahe la to be supported by Carl Formes and S.g !*tigelli. By the way, we bear that the Due of Sax Coburg, (brother of Prince Albert,) who Is known aa a composer, and whose operas have been brought out with success In Paris, has presented Carl Formes with a beau, tiful villa on the banks of the Verm. dig Btlgelli has been engaged for the Grand Opera in Havana, and will shortly leave the wvaotrj. A Mask's Nist.?It\as said all over Wuh. in^ton last evening, that the Pr-sident then bad befot3 him " the Declaration of Independence of Soutb Carolina, engrossed on parchment." We are unable to Hod oat this forenoon precisely what la meant by ail thta, but take it fer granted that It amounts to no more than some one other unauthorized protocol of some overheated South Carolina parti** or ether. So fcr, nothing of the sort haa Wn itnn* hv IIk *! ?? ' ?'? A 8c6SMtion ?We would tuggest toMuiftr Glean, who Is always disposed to do the hand* one and polite thing, that a matinee performance of " Our American Cousin" would be universally popular with the ladles and the little folk. DEPARTMENT NIWI. Aimt Iktilliokhci ?Brigadier General Wm. 9. Harney baa been assigned to the command of the West and will proceed without delay to 81. Louis and ri5 *n?? pi ret Lieutenaut Cbu. B. Ogle, fl rat drag oon?, has been directed to proceed Immediately to CarHale Barracks ud report In arvest to tfce au per late rvd en t of the mounted recruiting service. Tn eoar ob Kijiirrun W idc-Awmh -Tka Transcript MJt that tbe political cbaha' wtich were sues a prominent feature of tbe e*i?DaUrn last closed, were the aixasloa of uneXZZ7.-A ? * ? - * * ? . imimit u# am a uiiiciures of aftlclrft I broogbt Into use Thli waa particularly the caw with the maker* of enatnrllrd cloth So great WW the demand for this material for tb? purpose of equipping Wide-Awake club*, that many of thaaa atitanlMttoaa were unable to furnish tbemaelrea with uniforms, and ntfaera wen tardtlf stippLu-d The price advanced ortr twenty per cent, nod Uuak-mahrrs. aud other artlanta making mm of the article In their baaiaeaa, were barely able to ill their order*. THK IIOXI or THE TIX1I. ExTBim* M*a?r**? in Georgia MtLLipaiviu.ii, Nov. IS ?A resolution w?? offered In the Hwh to-dav Instructing the Sen* lor* and RepreseataUvoa of the state In Coagratt to resist the counting of the Electoral College votes of the States which Bullifled the Fugitive Slave law. It vh mad* the special order for the *Oth las*. A resolution was offered contemplating tbo call of a Southern Convention to meet In February, at Atlaata One of the provlslona of the retaliatory bttl exempts all foreign goods and merchandise Imported fs ? _ 1 .*v. * - ai miiu urur^ia, inu uiurr tuuiurru purw, iruui iuf State, county, and corporation Ux, after the lit of January next A bill win Introduced In both Honart for calling a convention to which all Federal affairs be ref erred. Gkoigia Militaby Cowvejctiok?Gov. Bbows DBCLABBS IK FAVOB w TUB OB SKBI*IOS. Millbdobvillb, Not. 19.?The military State convention met here to-day. The attendance was larvre. and much Interest waa manifested In the proceeding!. Th#> convention ruivH rMoltitlnna hmrlnir a*. cession, after vrhfeh Got. Brown made a strong resistance speech, declaring the right of secession, and the duty of other State* to auataln the right. He declared that they would aee, If the federal troops attempted coercion, that for everr Georgian who fell in the conflict, the heada of two Federal aoldlers ahould atone for the outrage on State sovereignty. Nothing of Interest tranaplred in the State Legislature to-day. Fiom Alabama?Mars Misting in Mowtgom**r ?A Cokvxxtion or thi Pzoflk to Mxkt is Janpaet. Montooms?t, Not. 11 ?A masa meeting of the eltizena of this city was held here laat night. All partlea were represented The merchants, bank#rs nlnnt#rt unit nAl1?rl>M *11 <n favor of a dissolution of the Union. Governor Moore, Mr. Yaacey, and other prominent public men from all parts of the State were present, and made speeches in favor of disunion. The Governor has decided to have the Convention meet on the first Monday In January. The people desire It to be held sooner, but be does not feel authorized by the resolutions of the last Legislature to call the Convention until the electors have cast their votes for President In December On Wednesday he will publish a letter, stating the time on which he will issue his proclamation, and calling on tne people to nominate candidatea for the ConvenUon. It will be a strong disunion document. Secession FxBLine at Mobile. Mobile, Nov. 12.?There is much excitement In fBirnrrl /* a# t*? * v u w u V/ pa v*i>u? vwatc Vi !! iut South. The citizens here appear to be almost unanimously In favor of secession. Several corps of Minute Men are organizing here. Sexato* Toombs' Resignation. Macon, Oa., Nov 10 ?Senator Toombs, now at Mliledgevllle, haa avowed bla intention to resign, to take effect on the 4th of March next. Ills term does not expire till 1865. Union Demonstrations in Kbptvckt. Lexington, Not. la.?a meeting of the Bell and Douglas men was held here to-day, when resolutions wete passed denouncing In strong ?A?fns anu ? A ? - ? ' - >vi.uj iurui)<iiAi ae^casiuu auu ci?union oy any State. Speeches were made by Gen. l^ealie Coombs and others. Hkndkkso.n, Not. 12?A large and enthusiastic Union meeting, irrespective of party, was held here to-day T".x-Goyernor Dixon presided, and strong l uion speeches were made by Bell, Breckinridge, and Douglas men. Resolutions were passed in which secession was strongly deprecated. A meeting of the people of the whole county bus been called for Saturday next. Ma. Brzckihkidgk Not Goiho to Visit ths SO0TH. Lbximotoh, November 12 ?The rumor tbat Mr. Breckinridge deaigna going South to makeUnion apeechea, er interfere in any manner with the troublea of the aeceaaion of the Statet, ia without foundation. Di*c*cxt o* S. Carolina and Gkorgia Banks Loviavn.Lv, Nov. 12.?Tbe brokara here are charging 6 percent diacoant on South Carolina and Georgia bank bilia THK SjOVTHIRf. MKDICAL STVDIBTB AT N. YoBK Niw Yoik, Nov. 12?The aoutLern medical X- -tA_ a - * hi luisciiy nave reamvea to postpone their action until the Southern State* secede rtromtkd Rank Scspenciox. N*w Yuan, Not. 12 ?It is reported here that tbe Bank of South Carolina baa impended apecie psvment. [Thia report lac k? confirmation?Ed Star) PaocKKbisoa of TH? Sorm Ciiotim I.igm. LATCKB?dlscuvllon Urorf SacKSH'OX and 9t at* Co-oe*mATio*. Coitwa. Nov.fl.?The 8?nat? m?t tn.h??n 10 o'clock. M r I a sesne addressed the Senate a* to the proper mode of secession, urging that the u iser course was to wait for the co-operation of other Southern States. In tbe House, Mr. Trenholro, of Charleston, and Mr. MtGowen. of Abbeville, also argued warmly In favor of waiting for the co-operation of the other Southern States. Mr. Mulllns, of Marlon, followed, and said that South Carolina had tried co operation, but had exhausted that policy The Stateof Virginia hid discredited the cause which our Commissioner went there to advocate, although she t.-eated him person illy with respect, but ??e bad as much as said there wu no indignities vrtileli could drive h??r to take the leadership for southern rights. If we wait for co operation Slavery and State* Right* would be abandoned, sovereignty and the canae of southern rights lost forever, and we would be subjected to a dominion, the parallel to which w<r> that of the poor Indian under the British East India Company. When they had pledged themselves to take the State out of the Union ai:d placed it iiiv.n " -?n" 4- J .. itvuiu, ?ucu ur wu wining io sena n Commissioner to Georgia or any other Southern State to announce our determination, and to inbuilt tbe qiiratlou whether tbey would join ua or not. We have it froin high authority tbat tbe representa'ive of one of the Imperial Power* of Europe, in view of tbe prospective separation of one or more of the Southern States f'om the present Confederacy, had made such proposition in sdvanee for tbe establlabment of tnese relations between ft inH th? -w?..? i. w -? _ <wv uutcut ttWUV MI WC CTKID* lisbed In this State, as will ensure a future supply of cotton for that Power, which their growing wants for that article will require; this information Is perfectly authentic. Aemiko the Ptati The bill before the South Carolina Legislature for arming the State appropriate* S4<>0 OOo. to be raised on The credit of the state, the bonds to bear six per cent. Interest, and to be redeemable oneK?l/ It 10*rl -? - * * uuu iu iuii, anu one Olll IK) 1070. A Hoard 0T Ordnance 1> catablithed to take cue of the arma purchased with tbe fund*, and the Board "are authorized to employ a aclentilc and competent Military Engineer, who aball, aa aooa a? poaaible, make an examination of tbe Coaat of thia State, witb a view to tbe defence of tbe aame, and make a report, or r? porta, to tbe aald Board aa to tbe pointa which need defence, with plana for tbe aame " A Family RxaiG.t atiox. In tbe raidat of the excitement a little fun pee pa out. Here ia a family who aeem to have been lucky In obtaining office and ? patriotic" In re tgnlng : r?avy agent's offic*. ) ChaIlrstos. 8. C., Nov. 9, i860. } To tkt Editors of tlu Evening Nitcs : Gixtlimix?Having held offlceundertbe Federal Government for thirty-one years, 1 trust It la scarcely necessary to inform my friends that I shall not bold my office aa Navy Agent at this port, undeF a Lincoln Administration. Very respectfully, yours, B. D. Hkriot. U. 8. Pixsioh Aoihct Office, > Charleston, 8 C , Nov. 9, ls60. j To tki Editors of tk* Ckurlnton Newt: Sir?Holding the office of United States Army and Navy Pension Agent for South Carolina, I may be pardoned for obtruding myself upon the notice or tbe public at this time, but it can hardly be neceaary to say that when my native State acta in hff animli" -11 ?? v> >* yi?y i y AUC|[lftDC W her is paramount, and 1 stand or fall with her. Very respectfully, yours, B*nj. g HskiotTo ik* Kditor* of tXi Evening Newt: Heartily endorsing the smttment of tk? rut of ik* family, I beg leave to announce to my numerous friends of the Press at the South, that I propose shortly to rttumt my old ocenpitiont Occupying only a subordinate position as one at the Federal officers, I am not called upon to offer ay resignation at this time, bot mil simply repeat what t have long said to my friends, that tek'tktr Stmik Carolina ttttitt or submits, my | r,.. .1 ? ? < Mvupiwoa ? gou " Kiviru Hiiiot. TtirtlMO EXPLANATION., | The Llauteuant Walker, of tlie^Army, whose resignation at Augusta, was bruited abroad, is in business there, and bas not yet lx*n in active serI Tioe tot several yean. The importance which attached to the (bet, therefore, was sensational. Th? Position op Alabama. A recent numbor of the Charleston Mercury contains a letter from a gentleman In Alabama, who I reinonairaiea against rwuw Uarotlna'a waiting f+r Alabama to join her in the movement He Mrs there Ma great difference la the condition of the two Slates. In South Carolina, the people are nited on thla question: they are an tot dftunion. Ia Alabama quite a different state of things exists. He aaya : ;.< ??.-1 " Alabama ia divided The on ?r ?? an?l tt* waot of connection between North and, Mouth Alub*1"*. MiWPt M hw? boing oh ktBOimietui MoUe. In Ike rroot of Uncola'a aiecftn?, Oo/Moorc wlH call a Convention Tbero wilt Ml targe party t?our ?i*?, ?Im? will under the abailow pretext of waMntf for an overt act, SdY?.teUi?mo.t?bifctyb?l?Jon Tbtaprt? will bo led on by able and elcquwt men. la Ha ranka wlU b? found Taylor, Cnngdon, Dawaon, m . j Forsyth. Baker, and, perhaps, though I think It Improbable, John A. TV' 1 o?ton. It will combine th?* strength of the Dong 1m and Bell ftetiona, and will also carry off from the Breckinridge party all of the foreign vote, and a large portion of the merchant* and trading people What will be the result of the election for delegates to tbeOonvesf.on, o man can tall The advocates of resistance are at this time undoubtedly in the majority, tat will they be able to control the State on the first day of fit January." This certainly exhibits a strong array of opponents to the disunion movement The Mobil* Register announces the result with these comments: " There are two things to which we sre submissionlsts. We are submission its to the Constitution of the United States, which has not been v olated in the election of a candidate according to its own terms And second, we art forced to be submissionlU to that act of Titanic folly snd Infatuation which has defeated our great party and forced upon in a Black Republican administration, and all this upon a false and barren Issue." The Mobile Dally Advertiser. In announcing the election of Lincoln. aay?: "Under all the circumstance*, we counsel calmness, prudence, and patience, until the worst la known. Precipitation will not answer In a crista like this The best and cooleat judgment la required la directing matters of so much gravity and moment. It must not be forgotten that the Senate Is decidedly hostile to Mr. Lincoln, and that the prospects are favorable for a conservative majority against htm In the House of Representatives If this should Cove to be the fact the Presidency of Lincoln, if i attain that position, will be a barren sceptre and full of difficulty to himself. The Montgomery Mall wanta to inarch oat of the Union without delay. Thk Voir* of No*th Cabolika. The Raleigh (N C.) Register aays A " If Lincoln has been fairly elected ateordmg to the provision* of the Constitution and the Lav*, then t?, for one, are willing to give his administration a fair trial." The Wilmington Daily Herald strongly and emphatically denounces the position assumed by South Carolina. The Mnrfreesboro (N. C.) Citizen says: "Let North Carolina stay in the Union." What Tbskkhkk Sats. The Nashville Patriot of Thursday last announces the election of Lincoln, and ridicules the position taken by South Carolina. The Nashville Banner s*ya: "If the voice of a majority of the American peopU shall he found recorded in favor of Abraham Lincoln for President, it Is the duty of every true American citizen to acquiesce In the verdict " Th* Voice of Viiotwia. The Lynchburg Republican and the Richmond Enqnlrer are the only papers we have yet met with in the Old Dominion that favor secession. The Alexandria Gazette of Monday thns treats the secession movement of South Carolina : "The Richmond Enquirer proposes a Convention in Virginia on Federal relations?bnt advises the onnltikin ?- - ?* ?'? " vTwuvtM wMivrs IIU% wan IUI Virginia, coum Carolina Ha* nor waited. All Idea of a'United South' i? given up by tboa* who uaed to clamor for it?ind. what la more. Virginia will not unit* in anv ultra, revolutionary measures, or In any attempt to dissolve the Union and break up the Government, for the reason alone of the untoward result of a Presidential election." The Valley Democrat says:? ? Our voice is against the resistance of the South to the election of Lincoln God knows we despise black republicanism as much as any man In the country, but the simple election of anv man In compliance with the laws and constitution of our country aflorda no just ground for secession and revolution V The Lynchburg Virginian savs:?Anv effort to ally Virginia with a State in rebellion, would create an antagonism amongst our own people that wofild be fatal to our peace and prosperity." The FredeTleksbnrjj Herald says It is "the duty of the Union men of the South and of the North, of the Fast and of the' West, to stand firm, to counsel moderation and prudence, to oppose disunion and sectionalism now as they did before the election, to constitute themselres the nucleus of tbe great national party that is to take care of this country hereafter, and to bide their time patiently and confidently." Boots and shoes. Of All Suits, At Low Prioes, at HENNING'S, no 13 3t Seventh ?t, lyltnd. P CHEESE. 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At 10 ?er o?nt. below the nnua! p-ice? of thin year, for oa*h. Men'* and Boy* fire and ro?rae BOOTS. GEO. O. HKNN1NG, no 13 Stawgw Seventh ?t., Inland. Nicaragua ; its people, scenery. Monumrati, Reaourcv*, Condition and proposed Canal, with one hundrrd original map* and lllua'rationa, by E. (j. Sqnier; I *?!.; prioe $& I^lfe and Corre?DondpniMI ol" John A. Uaitmin M&ior Genera' U. 8 A., awt Governor of the State of Miaaiaaippi; by J. P. H. Claiborne; 3 vol*.; prioe $S Fvan H*rrin*ton. or He would be & Gentleman; by Geo.; 1 rol, #1. Th* Poor George*; Sketches of Manners, Morale, Court ana Town Lire; by \V. M. T hackery; 1 vol.. 75 eente. Cottagea of the Alpa, br the author of Peasant Life in Germany; priee 41.95 Woman? i freak auppiy ; Household of Bouveriere, do Mrs. tiilbert'a Career, a new novel?freah. BLANCHARD * MOHUN, no 13 corner Pa. av. and Utk at Kir \ MS WINHL.K, K'P VAN WINKLE! KIP VAN WINK i.E, RIP VAN WINKLE! RIP VAN WINKLE. RIP VAN WINKLE! RIP VAN WINKLE. RIP VAN WINKLE! 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"^URT" Tk. K.i.w. ..SSPSfe: """ Ufiys '"f1" fa" Cilfrfu.-. oc y-Stx.' Fancy Btore. SiiB P?H?IH. SuNN?Pi,?^SE5SlWSfc-. U'u.elolh; twice 91JK #P?f " k' *r* Cr,,: Umo lott; ,H?M #8$** AlpVEfeaT^|y^^' rsfsi?is?Fi www ?u? rfy ] AMU8EMKWT8. IT ODD VKL LQVnir LEVEE. COVE^xftf KL?ftiGE*No. 13. j^SlW^Eat'Srsr *ASHING TON TItATRR. Mr. 8. W. Glkhh. THIS BVFNING. Fu?l ??** *no? of MR. JOWKFlTJEFFERSON. Th? orlst>rat?d Americta Cow ditn, In th<? great character 01 RIP VAN WINKLE. Ia the drain* adap'ed > j but lr<>m Washington Ir? Rf't Nor*i. With N*w Comta bituatinria, iHaatrationt, Sonet, ChoruMs, DaneN. * To eonolude with the laughable fr'oe of LKNU ME FIVE SHILIINOS. Mr. GolighUj.? Mr. Joa Jeffereon ODD FKLLOW S HALL! ComweDoin* 01 MONDAY EVENING, November 1*. FOR FOUR NIGHTS ONLY. GeorieChrldlr'i MlMtreliS Under the immediate pere"n*l iop?niUi(l?uce if , OEORtrK CHRISTY, Author of nearly all the tAeics Gem* / Jftfrterui* Mimftrfhf. whose experience of over eight?en years in the profession, ?n<t whose performances for the ltet twelve tears ;n the ait? of New York before the elite of that (rent metropolis, are i|u?r?nier for the excellence of th? ente-tainmrnts he submits for public approval, He and his MAMMOTH COMPANY will open at above, and appear for positively Foer Nifhts only. Remember theorisiu?l UKwRUK CHRISTY in hi?inimitable and chaste entertainments. Cards of admission S ets.; reserved seats 5) ets. Doors open at a quarter to 7: perform*?** ooni menoinc at a quarter tot. J V > P.SMITH. no IS Bustneaa Agent. yy I L L A R D 8' HALL! Graid Concert. Firat appra'anc? in Waahington of the treat Lyrio Tragedienne. M'ME INEZ PABBR1. On WEDNESUAY aVEMNU, No*. 14. Only Grand Concert By the grand and unri rated trio, M'M K INK.7. PABUKI, SIG. STI6ELL1. Hi* first aee*ar?nce in eouoeit, , CARL FORMES. , ilia first appearance tinoe hie reiarairo? Europe; Together with > . Mr. RICH A Kl) MULDER, Pianist. When the following marnifioent ercrramme will fie greeeated: . , Pa*T L. 1. Fantaeia for the Piano, "tfouranir d'lalift,". Mold*r. Mr. RirnAis Mcldh 2. Celebrated 5*onc, 1 he T>ar, "Die Thr*ae." CompuMil and aim* ly sJl<- Stioxllj. 3. Aria. ?Robert i.o Diabl > Meyerbeer M*m' isiz Fabbbi. 4. An*. I M? c Klitoi Moxart Gael Folxia 5 Duet. (Martha). Vlotow M'me Inez Kabbki and ?i<. !*Ti*eLi.i. 6. Terz-tto. (Robert i.e Diable) Me?erh?er M'me Kabui, S?i*. i*Tioti.Li,aad C- bl Fuimu. PA*T ii. ? 1. a, I,*K>earf r?iett?. Kijde lor the Piato Mulder, b. Le Magote Kuai'galli. Ma. Rickaiu Mcldm 2. La Salora. Portujiueee Na innal Song. m'mk im?z fabvki 5. "The Dream of Home." word* by Thoe Moor*. Compo?ed and tunc by Sic. 4. Fabbri Polka wlHl M'mi Imz Pabkki. 5. The Wanderer Schubert, Cael Fomu. 6. Duet. (Ma*?aniello) Jluber. Sis.Stigell! end Cxkl Fomn. Conductor Mr. Ricbam Mvldbk. Admission ONE DOLLAR. Secured mti Fifly Centa extra. The a tie of tieke:a will comiaeaeathia moraine at Mkuiibtt'i Muaic Store. D"<>rs open at to commence at o'oloek. no 13-Jt BALLS, PARTIES, kc. Delegates appoin-ted to the J*^urh?rn Convention will meet at th? o4 Franklin Hall, on D street between 12th and Jc9 ISth sts.. on MOND\Y EVKNING, Nov./tt 19, to attend the Grand Assembly to be tirenUwB the ARLINGTON OLl'B. at the a I k> re-named time and p ace. Tickets S?? eta . admitting % ceutleman and ladiea. Partioulara lit future advertisement, no t?-3t* JWO PUN WITHOUT DANCING! Th? SIXTH GRANDCOTILI.ON PARTY of the LAFAfc ETTK CuUB m%. wil take plaoe on TL ES1)AY next. Nov. 13 JS a! I i! Ik\ H*:.1 . 7th ?t . 1) tld K JU E'pauv'n ci-lebrateU ootillon baad is engaged tor the ooowion. Ticket j 50 oent?: admitting gentleman and ladi?a. By ordar of Committee. no 7-6t* B0ARDINQ. BO A R DIN tf.?Three or four einrle gratlemen can he aommmodated with Roard l?y appiyinr at No. 51.1 Mart'and t>etween 4'# and 6'h ata , I aland. MtcUaioi prelarrad. ao 10-tf BRSONS DKJMRO!'* OF OBTAINING BOARD in a pl*a?ant local ty. fheri they will lis convenient to huiina**, would do wall to *pp;y at No 329 ! * hatVAAII Qlh Anil lfllK ata The rooms are p ea?ant and well farni?hed, with Rood t-nard, upon reasonable terms. Tab Boarders can also >>e aooom inodau^d no lUt* HOARD, with comfortable Rooms, Tor sinrle L> reutiem*R, at 39K D street, cvar 7th. Dinmr at half-past 12??'c ock. no 8 It* BOARDING.-?!* ?r fiikt jouh men ua be aooommoda:ed with Board at 3*58 Fourth st, oorner F., located nfar the Infirmary. Alio, a suit of Rooms for rent. not NOW OPEN " THE OKIGDML GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Next door te Clay's (late U. S.) Hotel, between Third and 4i streets. G. G. EVANS, in order to aooommod&U hia legions of customers throughout the United States, has lacatad A BRANCH BTOEE ofhia wide]; celebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Washington City, at 4T6 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. where eaa always be fowad a ooraplete stock of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of tht vntf UV D1 ?? I oo AilV sv?vroi Every hook ia eold ftt the PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATES, "* a oirr worth from Fifty Centa to ONE HUNDRED DOL LARS ia prtifsWd to EVERY PURCHASER it the time of the a?!e. Being extenairely ?mu(d onraolvoe is the PUBLICATION OP BOOKS, and from oarlarse ealee eaabiod to yarohaae enUrt editiona from other pabliahera, wa ou offer INDUCEMENTS to on fitrona sot etaewhero to be tbMati OUR-8IPTS ARE ORNAMENTAL. USEFUL. ANA VALUABLE. | CoapriHBi a Thousand Viriitm j A mom which w Onld and Silrer WitthN, Gold Cham. Lftdiaa' sslandid Bltek tad PIsjH Mlfr tw. tWM,' Factor Tin* Pieeoa, Silror Plated War*, Costly Sato of Camaoa, Mosaic, Florwtta*. Coral, Gara^fdi^uoia and Lara Jawa.ry. Gold Lock eta, Ptaeila and fm, Ladioa' Neck, and Chatolaiao Chaiaa, Gonta* Boson Btnda and Slacra Battopa, Pookat KoItm, Port MoaaaMI, fca* dU. Tba eittsaaa 0t tha Biatrial aad tMbUt aia raapaotftlly invited to hmUm oar stack af Baota aad Gifts, vkatfcnr dsairoua af mahaataa araot MdbfMdoint villfcaaaafatadts Jnd#t?rf Dm MtmKwm to badorlvad flaaaaai pfi ini afataai of onaoattag ftbak aalaa. ir-? r??Ji i.. ?- -? 1 ? V?M IVI viu *M?W M9WU|H,?l?nUI our method (if doing bmin*?a *iU be found folly d?t*U*d. KTP<w*?i >n|iii >nni <w>mi GIFT BOOt ?MPOM. I DM, *? rnwupm, bo 10-tf WMluayt?, P. C. /JOCD PEN?, SOLD PBIfft. GOLD PUilfifty TsrietiM from at fRLft ' ^ FKKNOH -* juyy8TOW?, y&iiSy T'j ACCT10M SALES. CTftf ?tk*r Auction &Um, ?m jlrrt ft* By MARSHALL * PAGE, AMttoawre. JVo. 403 7f4 tffMJ, mU<t Odd FilUmr' H*U. 1*7 E SHALLtMtLL.ON THURSDAY MO* N Tt IN6. lStfc at 10 o'o'ook. ? Wr? ( r.rra. maortasat of n*v ?mi hmukhmj fmtl it, Cr ok'ry tod G m? W?r?A lot of Shooed hwd ClOTtt, in* Ciotk*. he. 90 Lf>B( ? Hrvokct &ik> Mi Rob*?. r>*l? poaitiT*. _ _ tton n marshall k TASK. aittfu. bj thus. dow lino. ahuoiw. Gtortittwn, D. C. i7xtknsivesale ot drv goomkfjukt kj ocom, 41, at a?ctiow ?ob tiumdav b?ii, ?4U o'oiooA, an.' ooaUntia^ "UU| Q^Z^^biSS. ^'?Z'"?' ?rH^ss^ ""* ?- - "r??lly Pc - *> - " ? - uH?9i cMitj uT?r fe m cmiu ui , 31 and ?n d&jt. lone THOS DOWLING. And THIS AFTERNOON fr TO-MORROW.. Bj BARNARD* BICK BY. 4MUuwi, Trusteed SAXE.-UJ virtu* ?r a dead ?c trait, duly mon?d ii Lit*r J. ft, I*, tit. at. K'l in, k.0.. of th* 1*B<2 r#-?ort!* of Ik* DlMrHl Oi aibia, i ahall a>l ,at Mhli? aaattoa. oa WLLN t.t*l>A\ , Nor. Uik, Ufi?.ai? u'oloak p w , a part of Lot 174, ia Heatir and Hawktn?*r amotion to G+org?tova.bafiniu* g for the eaiaa at Un aoatfcaaat a raernt Market and Koartk ata.and raauief a< u't\ wilt Market tC 38 l?et 6 iBohea. mora or laea. to H. Truaaal a lot; tftenc* with h'a lot Miftvtrdif T? ! f?*t. nor* or loaa; tk*a?? northwardly m M I Bhta to Foarth atraot; tad tie no* waatwardiy ID t U> tha bcglnninc. - M"rd oul>; rotnaindar in not* it ?, It and U ooithi, a??urad by a 4<?d of trait m um r?mim. If the tarma of aala b? sot o<>mynwith la ir? day a fro?i tiaieofaala, artpsrtv will bcroaold at th* rji of defaainoc yutchaaer. Alt oir^aMlii at no?-T.Th.S.MATM A? 3 o'oloos tt Furnitare and Houeehold Effects oi the sa 4 i remises, will be sold to tne hijkMt bidder. H*. P. JACKSON Trastee bo)? "^KNARD4 EUCEteV.Aaoln. FUTURE DAYS By WALL k, BARN ARD, Auotioneers. Cmrmtr Ninth tt. tmd ***k sxdt JP* mr. l\f ISCEl LANbOl'S LIBRARY AT AUClTl tiox.?On WEDNESDAY APTKRNOON,. 14th instant, at So'eloofc, we wtti sell, at the Auction Room*, a very good ooliection of Hooka, eon> Brining? Theolorioal Worka, Greek and Roman Claaaoa, Bel let L/0tl0rii TrsT^lii Hictonoal, Pootioa., and Biofraphioa! Works, Law, Arts, Scienoos, Novel*, and Roaanoos. Ac. Terms cash. no 10 WALL A BARNARD. A sots. By CLEARY A GRKEN. Auctioneers. 506 Ntnth ttrut. CTOOR OF BOOTS, SHOES, STORE TlXO trans Ac, at Auction.?On THURSDAY MORNING, the lKk instant, wo skail 10 ? ? .a iu. an* .'il rt sH-vs?i 3*?* 8,,<>- * i MXS&r' ?u?rt--"W"" ^ "**" I IVv ^A Yon ha' fine BooU aad Bboea, Ladiea' G altera, BooU, Bhoea, ud Slipper*, Miaaea' do d? do do, ! Children'* do do do do ?en'a, Women's, a?d Children'a Rabbera, ogetber with a large ud general aaaortaent of Fancr and Domestic Bhoea, for Men, Waata. and Chiidrec, #0 ftae Boot aad Shoe Drawer a, 4 Chandeuera, Double Bnraera, 60 Yarda Oiloloth, on Floor, Cot 6la?a Doora, Caeea, Ac , Sfinebbow Windowa. T*rma: All aums under 950 oash, over that Coiot a credit of thirty and aiity day a, for aatiaterily endoraad notes. he&riuf la Ureal. noJ2-d CLtARY A GREEN, AaeU. Br BARNARD A BUCKEV^Oenrgetowa. TRUSTEE'S BALE.?By virtae or a dead of truat made the ^>th fsfUnbtr, lato, aod recorded amobgat the land recorda vf tae Jjiatrict of Columbia, in Liber J. A. 8 , No. SM.folioa IS, Ac., the auhaonber, aa trustee ?i I a* 1, at aabliaa Mtuui U. ... TUl'DUni V ?W? w i Iiv B?V?IVU| IWT ua t UV AOi/A I 9 kHV tVUl 411 slant, at l?o'oiock a. m . at the warettoase oooaf ird bj Hau C Addison, situated in Oforpr?-town, D. C.. 01 Uf scntu tide of Wat*' ait<l weal of 11 if h street, the following Peraousl Ktfeets? 1 bar Horse, 1 Cart, 1 setol Harness. 1 aair of Fairba-.ka Sea es.'GOSpounds,) 150 Feed Hub l.uniKr in hirs, 1 Bush?: Measure. 1 Ha t Buthel Netrsre, i ?igi:s, i S ^ve, 1 iku I 1 v Hditi CAPfcRTON.TrosU*. no1*~J BMtN\RU * BUCKEY, Aaet*. By BARNARD & BLCkRV. AnsUocews. ~~ Wtorf tctrn, D C. VERY SUPF.RIOK HOL KEIIOLD FI'R NT turk. Oil I'aixting?, ?"tp 1-rrscrs at PrsLir ArcTio*.-Oa THtiKSD \ V %ioRNlNii, lAthinstant, at lu n'clook. we will aej at the residenceof C<>1. Roberts, 8th street. H?igtbaof Georgetown, all kis Household Furn'trre, Ac eomsnsnif? Rosewood Pailor fuiU oonsi?uag of fofaa. Arm and Sid* Chair*, up no I a tared in BroOMslIaaiid Damask, French Plate M i rror.H okwikkI Marhla.tni CmIht TaMs, RomvomI fct?k?r?. I>tmmsk CnrUiu tad Shade#, Velvet ud Brimsala Carpets, ac<l Kuti, ? 1 i Painting, Kiob M&:.ty Vum, *nf Orcamenta. Hair beat. Arm, K&?t, ard Sid* Chairs, Books, Book Uc?,Ki t??e'??tar?,iind Hat Rack. Sideboard, Etenere, c.xtensios . Walnut Dining Tabl", Dining Chairs, White and White and Gilt Freael? Cm, Bnner and Tea Beta, Table War*, arbie to* Rosewood. Ma-h-eanj. and Walnut t-ull blab Marble top Bur<-anaand Wa?bataoda, Maboraav and WaJuui Wardrobes, aad Franch and Chinese H?dit?tda, Mahogany and Chinese Work Tables, Excellent Feather Hed? and Pillow*, eurled Hair. Shuek, and Shuck and Cotton, and Sprca* MattreitM. Blank eta. Comforts, and other Beidinx, French China, and otter Toilet Bets, Excellent Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets, Drue sett and Step Carpets, Wood and Cane-?eat Chairs, and Rockers, and Oil Cloth. A cood assortment of superior Kitohen Furniture. Terms: #90 cash; over that amount a credit of 90 and 60dars.for approved endorsed notes, bear in* interest. nolo BARNARD A BUCK EY. A?to. By CLEARY k GREEN. Auctioneers. 606 HwUk ttrttt. GOVERNMENT BADK OP DESKS, CAR vv pets* Piotox Bock Sulvki, *c .at Arcnoa.-Ou SATl'KDA Y MOkN 1NG. tka Itth inat. we thai! aetl. in front of oir Aeotion Rooa. No. 406 Ninth itreflt. at 10 o'clock, a largo lot of Kff>oUfrom one of the Pnblio D?partnosU. aad old by order of the Government, consisting of? Mahogany and Walnut high sad low Desk*. Do and other office Chairs, Bru??el* ai.d T&tMtn Carpet*. Kttjt. Mau, Oiloloths and Mating*, Pigeon HoIe*,flhelre* and Bookcaae*. 9t<>ree, GnitM. Fender*, is, Andiron*. Hhovel and Tone*. Mirror*, Tabw. Wa?hat*bJ< and Toilet feu, Together with many other artioiee not a*OM*ary to enumerate Term* ouh La baakftfel* money, no 12 d CI.KAliY A i;RRF\. Ansti. > NEEDING DRY GOODS. * ERSONS Id moderate oironnietaaoae aoodiac ?Hnd of DRY GOODS, CARPETS. OURINS, OILCLOTHS, Ac., v* eolietted to inspect our vmI stock, whioh ni selected aad tko >rioe? ar rangod wiUi an eeeeeiai to their wants. PERRY * BROTHER. Pons. avenee aad Ninth etreat, ' .Parry Bui din?," The entire buildint, fire floor* and the ran Its, darted to Dry Good* in ail daparUhoaU. ao >-at /2REAT BARGAINS LN PI AN OS.-One mi VX moe sereti-oe'are Corrr d Piaao harinc been in uee a short time only. UefBIBHI owner ea?u?f the euy. for sale for mm *? * One rery ni e Rosewood Cbiokenni Piano for ?. at the MastoStore of w. 0. MBTZER OTT, lAfeney of BUtavay * Soaa' Urtrdrui AT MOORK'S WE8T ENtt DRUG BToRE. 113 Pa ivHw.iuuU n<1?, it?? public oaa^^ ilwtri bo ouppliad with frr?h Medioinwu^V Fuoi and Toilft Artiotoo, fin* aad afcoap^E Boom. Paintt, Oil* and WiatevSlui, mnmi and Kthotaal Oil aad Lampo for m. GT* Part scalar attention paid to 4ia9M*iaf of ffcyioiaao' prioriptiono. Mltf IN wvaiiMrwr Md lock *?1. Ml BLACK UKCS9 GOODS f*rerj dMoriptirw. All offered at great Mkonb** to elew wthSrt th* 1st irf Juuftn. ; <- iA .TJr Great tet|iiBiia?a kn*U of i)n G?dt for o?1 no 10-1 ?S? P? W&E CITY PTEAB MKWOOD HILLS MA F of & inK H<m >r jjypiwi riss * r COAi-KKPT IN COAL BOUttiinMli from U* MtterHMiftrMl>t h?B (SllMbt, Hid oLlitr imBunlifti. 9^K) m. to IM toft, U" - 'y ~ . | *| ib"N MlSf.m., in tt?? Lecture Kwiar(UwMflMiil Ch?r?fc Soath, ?k EighS ?tr?**M %m I ilwnasvni

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