Newspaper of Evening Star, November 14, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 14, 1860 Page 1
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/ ^ # MM??^??|?????? ' * 5 ' f # < * * - VI Offmunjj Star. V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 14. 1860. N?. 2.416 ' i THE EVENING STAR N PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corntr of Pennsylvania avenu* and lltA St., ST W. D. WALL AC 11. I*ftr?ra iWT?d in by ocrrter? it |4 k iw, or 37 oentj per month. To nuul aabMribcn the prioo it fO-M ft racr, w? md-ynct; 9% for aix montha; fl for throe montha; and for lflaa thftc inrM moKJii m lav no oi u o*hh ? ?m> dui(m ecpiM, o*a c?m; in wrappers, two ci*t?. iZT" AovsaTNixHTianonid beaeat to the ofioe b*?!'>re 13 o'o.ook m ; otherwise they may not appear appl the aeat day. EXTRAORDINARY LOVE STORY. The last Dumber of the French Payche has a ?torj of a love affair which has deepl j moved the whole population of Marseilles, but will * - 11- ~?j:?.j w. - - k. DBi'lij uc grcuucu wj pcisvua wuv uv uv? ww lieve in supernatural apparitions. However, here is the story in as few words as possible : Cbarles R , born in a wealthy family of merchants, and an orphan from his childhood, had been brought up at his ancle's with a cou'in whose beauty,sweetness and graces never 'failed to produce a lasting impression on all persons of her acquaintance- It is consequently not at all surprising that Charles K., who had J;rown up in her intimate society, should have alien deeply in love with such a fascinating cousin. Nor was his love unrequited; for,when the proper time earn*, she decided, with the consent of her family, that their marriage should take place as toon ai he wu twenty years of age. Just about that time, bis uncle having received from Calcutta the news of the failure of a house with which he was oarrying on an extensive business, sent the young Charles to ihat diatant port to effect a liquidation. The marriage was necessarily postponed, and the young lover left Marseilles, promising f- it - J % A. I I J to write as uiien as uoa ana mo ocean wouiu allow, and to return u soon as his business was settled. Four months passed on and no news came from the young traveler. Ilia relations, and more particularly his cousin, began to feel un easy, and were already accusing him of neglect, when one unhappy day they read in the papers of the total loss of the steamer on board of which they knew that Charles had gone. The young Marseillaise was almost mad with grief; and after a long and dangerous sickness, the poor girl, disheartened, seeing before her nothing but a completeblank, resolved to spend the remainder of her life io a convent, to mourn, far from the world, for the only man whom ahe k a/1 IavajJ 11 v a j i n w>! n ktt* rt a va n + v* n/J U?U I" I CVI. At Tf no IU IH1U U V I pniCUiV tuuu w dissuade her from that re?olution. All their entreaties, their misery, their tears, eould not induce her to change her mind, and she soon entered a convent in Marseilles ? ? " postulant." Six months after that fatal day, just as the time for her to take her tows was approrching. her family were pleasantly startled by a letter from their daughter, informing them that'she had altered her mind, and wished to go back to them, to the worla, to pleasure, to happiness. For the last three nights, she had seen in her dreams her beloved Charles entreating her, with tears in his eyes and the sweetest voice, not to fulfill her terrible resolution; not to complete a sacrifice which would be the death or them both. For Charles was jet alive and would be soon back, to keep his sacred prom no and end all her griefs. The nuns of the convent had good huinoredlj laughed at her. and tried to ncnnadx her tft sf*v imnng> them, in tut quiet retreat, where she might, uadisturbed. lament all her life the dear companion of her youth. For he was dead, said they, and it was foolish to believe in those supernatural apparitions. But she was unshaken iq her faith, and to all their entreaties she would answer that her betrothed would soon be back, and, of coarse, she must be at home to receive him. Although th<? parents of the yonng "postulant" did not believe any more than the nuns, that such a strange dream would ever be realized, the; were so gladdened by the letter of their daughter, that thej decided not to say not one word to undeceive her. She might go on from day to day, hoping all the time tor an arrival which would never take place, and by little and lit'.Ie they thought the deep wound of her heart might be healed. Accordingly, ua that very day, they went to the convent, and in less than one hour their only child was crossing again the threshhold of the old family mansion. Her first thought was for her little room, where she had gathered s<> i a 1? # i uinu/ uoar iu&cu3 iuh B'juveuirs irum ner cousin. She hastened up stain, and she goes so fast that her delighted parenta can hardly follow her. But when she is on the landing, whom does she see, standing in the door of that room so long shut up ? Charles, her affianced, who looks at her, smiling with happiness, and opens his arms to olasp her to his bosom It is no longer a dream! Charles holds her locked in his arms, ki?sing her and mingling his tears with her own. But when he opens his arms again, to receive the caresses of her SarenU, she sinks and drops heavily on the oor. She waa dead ' dead with auspria* and happiness ' dead without uttering one cry, without bearing ooe sigh!?JV. O. Picayun*. Private Life ! the Pepe. Some of our readers may like to know a little about the ioterior of a Papal palace. Those who hare hare derived the idea of it from the luxurious reign of Leo X, m?y learn how st*id. demure, and methodical a modern Pope is expected to be. His Court, though externally splendid, is austerely regulated, and his privy purse is estimated at not more than 4.260 Roman dollars Mr annum, thnurh (>lf?rin<n from the faithful in various oountries have (Mp?:iallj ia the case of his present Holiness) brought occasional augmentation to these narrow means. Among the thousand chambers of the Vatican, few, and those not the largest, are reserved for his residence In the Quirinal Palace he has a more magnificent suite; but his Tilla on the lake of Albano, and that lately purchased at Porto d'Anzio, are surpassed in scale and grandeur by manj country seats of gentlemen and noblemen in England. Though mI KITH ADDPtrin# thrftfiH with ft. mrtmerm <??' chiriota and mounted guards, in private his hsbits ara simple, his dress entirely white with a gold embroidered cross on the slipper, which is kissed in the act of that homage he usually dispenses with from non-Catholics at the presentation, and of which he himself sets the example, so far as Christian humilitj is implied, by kissing the feet of the priests (who are generally poor and strangers) daring the solemnity of Holy Thursday lie holds no levees, but access to him is easy, through proper officials, for persons of almost every rank, with no other requirements as to etiquette of costume than black evening dress without gloves and the veil for females. As to the private life of Pius IX, he daily celebrates Hut in his private chapel, and attend* another Mass said bj a chaplain; dedicates the entire morning, till an oarlj dinner, to his duties; then drives oat. and (when beyond the city walls) usually walks; returns again to occupy his hours, till a rather late supDer, in that routine of endless snd ever-prescribed engagements that render the life of a Tope little else than a magnificent slavery. Among these engagements, audiences, official and private, are not the least prominent or wearisome; and it is said his present Holiness has literally spent the day till 7 p. m., in one seria* of receptions. Most of the ecclesiastics enrolled in the Papal Court rank as prelates; and this household is at present composed of th? Cardinal, the Secretary of State, (Prefect of the Apoetolie Palace*,) a majordomo, a miestro di camera, an auditor, the maestro of the aacred palace* (who ia always a Dominican and head of the eenaonhip orer the preas.) ten prirata chamberlains, 102 private supernumerary chamberlains, all, like the former, of prelatical rank. H7"The ladr of a diatlaguiabed offleer, dylag la on# of the colonlea. and expreaalnc a wtab to be burled In K a* land, ber body was deposited la a cask of ram for the purpose of transport, but remained la the cellar until after the office*'a aecead niarri a<rs laa ' ? that the dutar An IKa Inltftl fit wblch*the deer departed vu preeerTed, would la a few yeara, be lowered or taken off VZT M. I*etelet, the perpetual Secretary of the French Acadriay, aaya thai the enterprise propoa?d l?y l.tcut Maury, of a Meteorological Cooi. nm, wtll be accomplished on a Urge scale Very dlAlnittlihed mea are to attend. The General Coatfreaaof Vienna haa charged him with the duty at Booking op a general programme for meteorological o beer rati one all orer the globe. Rarallst Terribly Heaxed?A Red Bailees eld fer mm Elepkaat'e E(|. The following anecdote is translated for the Boston Evening Qaxette : At the last fair at TarMcon there were, of eouree, assembled a troupe of gymnasts, jugglers, acrobats and a multitude of menageries, in one of whioh was an Asiatio elephant, remarkable for the largeness of his ears. His owner called him Kiouki II. Among the acrobatic troupe was a maker of red balloons, recently so DODular in Enzland and America. He traveled with the ahow, and seduced a couple of aoua from the pooket of manj a patron of it by selling him a balloon. A countryman stopped one daj at the menagertt tent, and entioed by a painted representation of the elephant, paid his money to see him. Astonished at his sise, he asked the balloon man as he went out: " Does that beast bring forth yoang, or lay a moment's hesitation the mountebank replied: " H'. lays eggs." " I tBought so." " And if you want one, to afford you the happiness of possessing, under your own roof, an individual of this species, for a frane I will nA?4kn#A* al>*l I I gumuiiwu vu?v jvu ouau corrj uullic nuav liu one else in the oountry possesses." The greenhorn did not hesitate to offer his money and the aorobat presented a red balloon. " Behold the egg I had the honor \o promise you. It is one franc, and only for you, because the Jardin des Plantes, at Paris, buya all my elephant'* eggs, at six franca apiece, for the Algerine expeditions, where they use all the elephants they can find for the war against India. I choee the lightest egg I could find for you, that you might not wait too long for it to natch Its motherjbaving already sat upon it many days, it will suffice von to wrap it up in wool and lay it in a drjr p ace, to obtain, withoat expense and without efton, tne magnifioent Asiatic product which it contains!" "Astonishing! but how in regard to suckling him'" " Easy enough. No eonseoucnce what quadruped nourishes him. Lacking a cow, a sow, or even a goat, you can bring him up yourself on turtle soup.'" The countryman departed, charmed with his prize, and to keep it as safely as possible, wrapped it is a blue cotton handkerchief, which he had bought at the fair for his wife. But in spite of all the care of which the egg that bore Kiouki II was the object, it ?u written in the book of destiny that ita proprietor should not see it hatched under his roof. Some little distance from the village, where our countryman resided runs a stream. He approached it for the purpose of imbibing the clear water. For the purpose of making a cup til. ?.!. I J _ ? - 1 s* * ? - wiiu on nanus, no aepoiuea o? precious burden on the ground. He drink freely of the water; then rising, turned to his elephant's egg. He looked to the right and to the left, but no egg' He looks above him, sees the egg rising higher?higher?and oarrying with it his wife's handkerchief. He believed that the elephant was abSut to be hatched, and it was not long after the egg was out of sight that he returned home crestfallen HI. ?Sf- ..W~l k: v .v- i J u>? mto ucnu\? UIIU ITUOIO LUO U<Hlli' kerchief was he had promised to bring her. Then he narrated the entire adventure. The good woman opened her eyes and ears, and seeing her husband's grief not only at tho loss of the elephant, but of the handkerchief, exclaimed : " Content youraelf, husband; I'll be content with uiy black handkerchief, and 1'in glad to know that the poor baby hasn't gone off without swaddling clothes! Tho Ptiita el Rattlesnakea. At the last meeting of the Philadelphia Aoademy of Natural Science, Dr. 8. Weir Mitchell made a very interesting communication on the subject of the poison of the rattlesnakes. After adverting to the history of the various works on venomous r?ntil?.? K? nm. . _f r*w ceeded to explain tho anatomy and physiology of the poison apparatus of the rastlesnake. He showed first, by the aid of magnified drawings of the parts, the bony struoture of the jaw aod the manner the various parts were artioulated together, so as to keep the poison fang in such a position, when not required for use, as not u interfere with the feeding of the snake, and then the manner in whioh it was pushed for| ward and brought into the position most fa.VOrftbl? for atrilrini* 11a ***" n IVU VUVVb JUO lUCU explained the action of the various muscles by which the fang wm drawn back and thrust forward, and showed how one of these, while erecting and fixing the fang, at the same time as soon as it had pieroed the animal bitten, compressed the poison gland and forced the poison out, either through the duot leading through the tooth to the bottom of the wound, or beside it and into the surface of the same. He then explained the position of the poison gland and it* duot, and showed the manner in whish this duot communicated with the one l _ _ j ; A.i i_ v * i ? - icMii'ug luruuga lae loom, ana toe manner in whijh the poison was prevented from flowing out wheu the fang was not erected. When the fang<) are torn away thej are soon replaced by others; indeed they appear to be regularly shed by the animal, so that it gives no security against a fatal bite that the Fangs have been removed. The poison ia contained in the poison gland in considerable quantity, as much as 10 to 14 drops having been procured from a single one from a snake about four feet long. It is of a pale greenish color, and it* activity is not impaired by keeping for years. It may be swallowed, if the *kin of the mouth and throat be not broken, with impunity. Ita poisonous properties are not K* kniiin> ?? freesing. After it hu been dried it may bo again restored to all its virulence by again dissolving it in water. There appears to be no absolute antidote to it. The moat successful plan is to give some powerful stimulant, such as spirits or ammonia. When the spirits are ?;iven it is necessary to keep up the stimulus nilV fnp ft TV? ... J ? - mm wwMwivavi ?Wtv kl IU? A U V 11IJ sometimes taken without producing iatozieation, is very great; in one case specified three pints of strong spirits were given. The Doetor remarked, however, that at one of our military posts it was common for the men to be bitten by rattlesnakes so long as the whisky cure was used, but when a different and nauseous stimulant was substituted the bites rapidly diminished in frequency. Rathx> a Moviltt.?We are not aware that there has previously been a case on record of a suit for libel against an agricultural editor. The sphere ofsuch journalists Ilea more particularly in a peaceful domain, where the personalities ana bitterneaa of political and newa journal* are unknown. The rule bac been broken at laat by an action brought agatnat the editor of the American Agricultural!*! of New York. The complaint is that In an article cautioning peraona against Investment without personal examination, a damaging libel on the waste lands of Long Island, was contained, and 10,000 damages are claimed by the plaintlft. who are interested in a portion of thla particular tract. r.... n - r sua im nin abctic txramtioi*.?a. gentleman who came from Europe In the Edinburg informs as that Dr. Longshore, of the Hays Arctic expedition, was a fellow passenger, having brought news of the expedition to Its friends In Boston. Dr L. left the expedition in September, when the Teasel was safely moored In winter quarter*, in latitude 79" 40. He crossed Greenland with Esquimaux dogs to Danish port, and thence s<lled to Copenhagen. All parties in the expedition were well and In geod spirits. Dr. Beys hoped to accomplish much la the succeeding season ?Providtnc* Journal, 9tk. \TT A blooming bride expectant, at Lafayette, Ind., accompanied by her swain, entered a dry goods store la that place to make bridal purchases. and among otter things, bought a "hoop." which she cool* attempted to put on, then and there; but after Ineffectual attempts, much to the aoiusement of the by-sunders, was forced to seek a more appropriate place. 117" At what time of day was Adam created ? A little before Eve. \ AUCTION SALES. Bf A. GREKN. Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN 9QUARE ? No. 469, ON THI IPLAMD. AT AUCTION.?On FRIDAY, November 9ih, 1 shall sell, in front of the premise*, at 4 o'otook p. m , the following name?l handsome building lets, vij? J,ot? Not. 5,6,7,19.2?, 33. and 33, in square No 409, oontainlng in a'l between 2b and S7 thousand square feet or ground. This property fronts oa south H and 1 street*, between Sixth and Seventh streets west, and will be sold in lots to suit purohasers, from 16 to 25 feet fronts. Terms: On* quarter cash balance in*, 13,14,and 34 months, the purohaser to give notes for deferred Saymenta, bearing interest from day of sale. A eed given and a deed of trust taken, no5 4t A. GREEN, Auot. fly THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on aecount of the ram until FRIDAY, the 16ih Instant, mdw hour. no 10 dtd A. GREEN. Aoot. Bj CLEARY A GREEN- Auctioneers. 306 Ninth street. INTENSIVE SALE OF STOCR. GRAIN, Ci Vibxtablxs, Farming Ixpi.xmxxts, CaxXKsn. Waoons. Household Fcrmtebb, Ac , belnnnug to the estate of the lata Darius Clagett, Pablio Auotion?On FRIDAY ana SATURDAY, thelBth and 17th of November next, we shall sell, at the farm and residence of the late Darius Clagett, deceased, at 11 o'clock a m.. on the Seventh street turnpike,(the flag: on th? road will designate the place.) about 6 miles from the oity, all of the Personal Effeots belonging to the said deceased, consisting m part of? 5 fine farm work and carriage Horses, S excellent Miloh Cows, 1 Heifer, 13 Hogs, 1 Hull, 1 Mule, 4 Market VVaxons. for one or tvo horses, 1 fine Family Carriage, Harness and Cover, 1 do. Rm&ll do. do. do. 4 Carta, with a large lot of Harness, 99 gets of oemplete Harness, Mowing Machine, Horse Rakes, Rollers, Plow* of every description and make Cutting-boxes, Corn and Cob Crushers, Harrows, Cultivators, Wheat Dril s, Raken, Hoes, Shovsls.Srades. Forks, Jto., P<tato Ingger, in sets Plow Harness, Wagon Bodies. Harness Raoks, Sieves, Wheat fans, Wheelbarrows. Scythes, Cradles, Threshing Machines. in perfect orde-. With a large lot of other Implements, too no merona to mention, 40 acres of growing Wheat, now In fiae order, 70 tons of pnme Timothy and Clover Bay, Boo bushels of exeellent Potatoes, 125 barrels of Corn, 3,2V) stalks of fine Celery, targe lot of fine Cabbage, *rge lot of Straw and Long Fodder, Manure Cemon?, (86 bags.) la a* lot of hot- bed !>aah. ALSO. The HOUSEHOLD KFFECTS, consisting in part of? Piano. Stool, and Cover. Mahorany Sofa, Mahogany Parlor Chairs, Rooker, Ao., Do Bedstead, Wardrobe,and Bureau, Do Marble-top. Centre, and other Tables, Patent Sick ohair, Gilt and Bronze Candelabra*, 9 Parlor Window Cnrt%ins and Ornaments. Large lot prime Geese Feathers,in Beda, Bo latere, and Pillows, Excellent white ourled Hair Mattresses, Do Parlor, Gha?> ber, and Ha 1 Carpets, Toilet Sets, Mirrors, Shuok and Cotton Mattresses. Large lot of Bedding, consisting of beautiful Blanket*, Comfort*. Quilts, Linen Sheets and C?Mt, Bedstead*. Wuhittndi, Bureans, Chair*, Cookin*, Kadiatnr, Hall, and Chamber Store*. Andiron*, Shovel and Tongs, Fenders, and Pirsboarda, Blning, Hall, and Chamber Tables, andsome plated Tea Set and Castors, Silver Spoons, Ladles, and Fork*, iloloth, Coooa. and Straw Matting, China, Glass, and Crockery Ware, Together with a large and exoellent assortment of Kitohen, Pantry,and Dairy Wares. Terms s\l?: All *um* under 930 oaoh; over 99>, a oredit of 2,4. and t> month* will be given. In all eases note* must be satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest, and made payable at some bank in cut 01 vva?iiingion ID" We desire to call particular attention to the above sale, it la by far the moat interesting aale tbat haa ever taken plaoe in thi? vioinity. Omr ibuaea will atart for the plnoe of aale on the morning of eaoh day at 8 o'clock from the door of the Auctioneers on 9th afreet, near the avenue. W. H. CLABETT, Adminiatrator. oo 29-dtd CLEARY ft. GREEN, A acta. WHY 18 IT? HAT 8T1NEMETZ, THE HATTER, 18 always buay and not heard oroafcing about dull times f BeeAuao he aella the beat artiolea M lfgf at the lowest ?%sh prices. w Ml fiT" Juato ?en?d? 3 flH New styles Genta DRESS HATS, . 19L - do Sott HATSand CAPS, Miaeea' JOCKEY' HATS, Trimmed and Untrimmfd. FURS! F U R 8!! For ladies and children, my assortment la now larger than ever. FUR TKIMMING8 25 to 3ft oenta ter yard. B. H. STINKMETZ, 236 P*. av., n" I rear oorner Thirteenth etreet. Kindling and stove wood LI > i * * _ t ai mm. moiiuiaoiureu any lengm, and ?Hiver?d to any p\rtof the oity at the sborteat notioe, and at the lowest possible rates, by SHtiRIFF 4t DAWSON. Ortioe south aide Fa. avenue, between 3?i and 4X ata.i wharf and mill weat aide 4H street and Uacal. no 1-lm A CARD ?Having been informed by aeveral respectable oituens that o??ter uaw /" \ kera, selling from bucket* on thoff^\ I mji streets, have represented themselves " * J^JfSJr aell:n< for me, and that not a few persons have in this way had imposed upon them impure oysters, and complame havinc be.?n made to me to effect, I have to say that I have no hawker * seMiuf for me from buckets and do not allow the business to te carried on from my establishment as 1 do not deal in oysters of that class. Neither have I any braueh of my establishment in any part of the eity. No oysters are sent by me to lam:lias except on orders received at my only Depot, No. 28} C stroet, between loth an 111 h. oc ? lin T. M. HARVKY. piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. vBfiwi 9KUV,VUU. Qt\tt corn r C street and Louisiana at>? over Bank of Washington INSURE HOimF.S ANlToTHER PROPERTY \ t, \ I N S I I.OSH MV PlDW Directors Goo Shoemaker, Samuel Redfe'n, Samuel Cropley, Willina wi'ion, Richard Jones, John D Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Kothwell, Tbos. Parker, Riahard Barry, b. b. Frenoh. No charge for Policies JAMES ADAMS, President Am G. Davis, Secretary. oc 10-eofcin Q0. N ? T i c E! N O T I C E!! Uy| Mrs. heeler Invites th? ladies of^HP Washington and loinitr to her Grand Opening of Fashionable fall and winter BONNfaTS, on Friday and Saturday, 6th and 6th instant, when she wim be happy t? have ladies some and examine her stock of Goods, as she has a vnry handsome stock of feathers, flowers, dress trimmin?s,heai> dresses, cloaks, shawls, extension skirts. corsets of all uses and prices, and a very large stock of embroideries, Ao , Ao. oc 4 No. Market Spaoe, bet. 7th and 8th sta, NOTICE! I wish all gentlemen \ to bear in mind that _ks.l i *??? K'**u w IUV1I ^^E^^^^iwlopted, six yMri ago, of aellinc ^ HFHATS and BOOTS at gr.atly re dno?d prioea for oaah ia in aueoeaafui operation. Just reoejved a full aupplr of the lateat ?W. u?r.k ?f DRESS HATS. The very finest Hat f35K- a firat rate Kat S3: and very ??o?1 vf?5hiorable Hat #2 50. All oft fie fat-atatylea of aou HATS and CAPS, at the very loweat prioea. un*?took of buuiw uuc unnco BUUfS U 93,75?Wh 1Ch 1 have been selling for many year*?as well a* the vary beat qual t? of Patent Leather GAIT KRS at #3 50. F ine French Calfskin Gaiter* froiji $2 to $2 5>i. Term* oath ; no ex tea oliarge in order to offset had debts ANTHOfsy, Agent for the Manufacturer*, Seventh atroet, leoond hat store from the oorner, opposite Avenue Houm, No. A40. se H-3ro QOODHUE FIRE H^I^RANCE COMPANY Caii Capital? ?$300,000. Ti?e larared participate la the profit* without iaoarring any liability whatever. HEATH A KNOWLE8. Agent*, oe 29 tr Ofioe, over Bank of Washington. rpRlMMINGS, BUTTONS, TA8SELB! ji^olfl1 l? T^mminqs,_but toVtiBtSGS:""'* - -NQ9?*w* F. MUHLINGHAUB. JUST RECEIVKD. ~ ~ ww, oo la lwa WIO, HKAID AND CURL MANUU F * CTOK V, 24*2 Keon. arenas, te*r the oor ?r of Thirteamth aUeeL?A r*rj complete neortm nt of BrauU, Carls. FnMtUa, Bandeau a, A a., toixohacfe. J EDUCATIONAL. PROFES?OR* Oft^ FRENCHdind GERMAN LANGL AGE:*, 317 Eighth street, between I. and Mi has th? honor to announc* to the pubho that he h*i wwiMd h<i lessons in the above Knrnace*. and hu opened at Mias Wimd'i seminar*. '94H I street, between 12th and 13th sts , a Frenoh Cla>s in which young ladies will be admitted. This dais will m*'?t three times a week at half-past 3 p. m. Terms: $6 per quarter of 10 weeks Satisfactory arrangem-nt* made lor lessons givaa in schools. Mr. de Viliiers offers the best references as to his seal, ability, Ao.. *o. oc 24-lm FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, where tneirp.hjsioai training will receive daily and special attention, nqiler the most approved system of Calls nemo* and Uymnastios, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, corner Fourteenth st. aad New York av. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARDS. an 30-tf Prinoipals._ FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mrs. s. J. MoCORMICK, Priscifal. The thirteenth annual session of thia Institution will oommotice on Tuesday, September ttth, in the houser?o<>ntly occupied by Sylvester Soott, Eh., No. ISO King street. '1'he course of study pur.-ued will oompriseall the branches requisite to a through English Eiiu cation, and Uusio, Fienoh, Latin and Drawiag, ii desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number ef pupils as boa-tiers, who. constituting a part of her own family , will be under her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as lar as possible, to surround them with the oomfortsand kindly influences of Home. m ^ _ _ Av?r(w?.-ABT. ueo n. morion, Kev. Dr. Eiias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H. Fowle, E?q., Edgar Snowden, Esq., Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., l.?wis MoKonz e. Esq., Rol>ert H. Hunlon, Esq. W. D. Wallach, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq. .Jas. Entwisle, Jr., Esq.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudono, Mwirt. Blacklook &. Marshall, Messrs CorM Brothers. _ . T?**8. Board, with Tuition in all the English Branohes, anofor the annual session?payable semi-aunuaily, in advance. Mjisio and Languages at Professors' prices. UJ- No extra oharees. au 28-t( GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, (Formerly Miss L. 8. English's.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties <>: this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday in September next. The onarse of instruction embraces all that is taught, from the rudiments to the most h -My finished education. The corps of teachers, ten in number, are eminently qualified and experienced in their several departments. Lectures Friday evening* on the Natural Sciences without charge to the pupils. Circulars nay beobtam^d by addressing th? Principal, Miss mTJ HARRO VLK,Georgetown, D. C. au 22 eo9m WOOD AND COAL. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW HILL AID FIREWOOD FACTORY, (Max or the Blu* Flao Staff,) South ( the Caul) near Tth itrcrt Bridge, Will furnish, at the ahorteat uotioe, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY, Or Amy Kisd, Cut and Split to any Dimnuiont, I riajirun 1 tiAiv 7/fu tti&Ar&ST: With full measurement guarantied. fU~ Remember, Th* Blub Fla? Staff, vest ia? of Seventh street, south of the Caual, and opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. fET HICKORY ANDOAK FLANK or TIMBERfoiauj sii*or dimensions ISA WKD. POSTS or JOISTS RIPPED, or LOGS SAWED, at the shortest notioe (CT Small jobs of BLACKSMITHING prompt1t executed, as above se27 t q q q q q miOK FIRE-WOOD .1111/L., Carner of Seventh it and Canal. W OO D ?ii u:_ J ? * ? s *1. *? ? a * - uj au iinu, nimiuiiciurpa u> oraer, any leng^.n or sue, ready for use. COAL?COAL. Ws have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both Red and White Aah, different size JC^Wetre now,and will be receiving Coal for the next ten days, whioh we soil, delivered from the vessel, at a reduotion of 23 cents per ton. Send your orders early. McKNEW & MARLOW, Proprietors, se 37-tf Corner Seventh st. and Canal. WOOD AND C O A l> Delivered to all part* of tae uily, at the lowest possible rates. T. J. A W. M. GALT, OfBoe 399 Pa. av., between 11th and 13th st*., ma 17-tf north aid*. nRVTfCTRV X/ A JLU A IV X \f TEEIH. i"I. I.OOMIS. M- D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MIN KR \ I. PLATK TKETH. at ten?l? porsona ly at his offioe in this oitr miSfcS Many persona oan wear these teeth who'v-u-: u cannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. Persons calling at my offioeoan be aooommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are particular and wish tbe purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will oe more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 338Pa.avenne.hetwaen 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadel phia. oo 15 tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MUNSON Has returned and resumed his profession. Otoe and house at 463 E third door east of Sixth. In addition ImGw "very o'her approved style. Dr. M. ha? I?iP teeth on vuloamie Base lor the last three years and, from experience, knows it exoe.s all others, and is one-third less in prioe than gold. His old a. ?r : a a l 4_j j pairiiDi irmi'miun. AivxsuuriAf &uu **?orn?town are re?peotfull? soWt*<1t?> oall. an ?Veoly DDKNT1BTKY. R. BILLS, after a practioa. test of tiro years feela that ne oan with oonfidenoe reoom mend the Cheopla?tio Prooessforinsertin*fl|flKi artifioial teeth It has the advantages uP*""* strength. beauty, oieanunoss.aiid cheapness. F?J no per sets inserted for |!1. Partial in proportion. Offlee SO? Pa. avenue. ??7^ PIANOS. PIANOS?The largest assortment of Pianos, Me'odenns, Guitars, Vio-j-GSStal lins, Bangors. Best Italian Strings Ao RfW) oordeons, Flutinas, Conoertmas, Flutes,' ' ? ? 6lies, Flageoi'tts, Cla'ionetts, Brans instruments, ru.i.s, and every variety of musioal ware, also an immense stook of Sheet Musio, Mu*io Books and Operas, for every instrument at the Mutio Stnre ofVV. G. ME rZEUOTyLoorner of Pa. av. ana ma sire**. sole Agent oi *teinway & Bon'e Ba<ton Haven a Co.'s and Kn&be a Co.'a Piano*. 00 22 tf Flour, buckwheat, potatoes, apples, ao. 160 bbia. cew Richmond Family and Extra Flour, 6 lba. Fresh Oionnd Bu^> wheat Meal, 500 buohela White Mereer Potatoes, loo do. Blue flo. do. 5 do. Cheatnuta. Reoeived to-day and for eale lov in lota to auit by D. L. MORRISON A CO., n-? 5 Corner of Twelfth a. d B ?U. FIRE! FIREK FIRE!'! f 100 REWARD. 1 will give the above reward for the arreet and oonviotion of the pereon or peraone who fired the carpenter's shop of Beera A Broth-r oa the cieht of the 12th instant. Their all waa destroyed. The cenerooa and aympathizinK publio will be called oa for a amount to enable them to reaume their former buaineaa. ISAAC BEF.RS. B. HALL . . ISRAEL ^EMING, ? W^ieleeale and Retail Deaiera in fine FAMILY GROCKKIKS, TEAS, WINES, and ohoioe LIQUORS of all kinda. Afresh aU>ek just ^?n?d. (food Sugar 7 oenta per pound. Ca'l at No. 634 7th atrnet. between D and Louietana av. oo ?-tf EVMBROIDERY STAMPING, on all kinda of K-J material,done in the beat manner, at C. F. SCHMIDT'^ Toy anl Fuo; Store. No. 60 P*. avenue, between 21at and 22d ate, where can be found a treat variety of beautiful Pa'terna for Yokee and Sleeves, Collar* and Cnffs, Skirt;, Pantalets, Band*. JMipeors, Cloaks, etc. Please give me a call and examine. oo 88 1m* CBIC1PRINQ k SONS' UNRIVALED PI ANOS, at all prices, and of all soa e*. JOHN K. KLI.I*. no 5 S06 Pa. it., between ?tk and Mth ate. PIANOS. MEI ODEO^i8.VIO LIN3, Gaitara^ r imAohi OCU JM Fft. ?*., MMud 10U tu. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CAR RI AG K KACTOEY, "" D Strict, fttwtn tuk and 10(4 Strntl, We have jnct finished a number ol first claM CAKRUGRS, ouch as Liwkt Wagons, Park F Ken l on ti, Vnmxlv Car MRKK riant*. and Butri's. which * will *' &i.^E=^K3 a ver? email profit. Beiuc practical mochanioa in different branchee of the bneineea, we flatter oura??;v*e 'hat we kn<>? theatylea aa<l tuaiit? o( work that will ii?e eaup faction, oombiiaax lif htneaa, oomfort ana durabin ty , Re ??ir lac promptly and carefully attended to the cborteit nctioe and moat reaaoc&Sle ohartea. WALTER, KARMANN A fiOPP. Coaohmakera, anocaeaora to Wm. T. Hook. ap 87-dlj THE Sabwrnbe^bSSi?glide addiPona U ki tao^orr. maJpnf it now one or the larfeet^^M^M, In the Diatnot, where hie faci.itiee forU^^HflS mannlaotarinz CARRIAGE * LIGHT*=*VVAGON# of all kinda cannot be aurpaeaed. and fron) hia lone experienoe in the baainaaa, ha hop?a le riw general aatisfactici., ?i\ kinds of Carnagesaad Light W agena keptee fl-urAin. ally 4es?, ami all *rd?r? prrapt Vie-tf ?ZZZZmkZi Ds. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD rilRIFlEK THE GREATEST REMEDY ?? th* WORLD, and the moit V&a Dzliciocs a>d M delightful j, wJl Kfi\\0 .JAJ? ?*?& _??- VmJ ble Compound, pro- V^jnF PRO cured by tb? diauila- j^^* 6*Ml tion of raote, hirtx, B ar.d bark*. Yellow ^Bk J1 Dock, Blood Root, IP B VuK , Black Row, Saraapa- Ja rula, Wild Cktrrj AjpHf B?rk, and Dandelion IW\ ff entert lato iu com- i ^.P \W - The entire active Z Jg remedial principle of each ingredient u fetal taidiig.^SL'^-iifttr Ukin*. distilling, producing a dalicioua, eahilerating epirtt, and the moot infallible remedy for renovating the dieeaeed eyeiem, and reetorinc the eick, etferuf, mad debilitated linlid le health and etrrngth. McLean s strengthening cordial Will effectaally care Li*er Complaint, Dyepepeia, Jeandice, Chronic or Nervooe Debility. Dieeacre or the Kidneye, and all dieeaeee arieing from a ditofdered Li'er or Stomach, Dyepepeia, Heartburn, Inward Pile*, Acidity or Sickneea of the Stomach, Pallneae of Blood to the Head, Dall Pain or Swimming in the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, Pallneee or 'Veigtit in the Stomach, Soar Erneuuone, Choking or Safocaung Peeling when layinc down,Dryneee or YelloWneee of the Skin and Kyee, Night Sweata, Inward Pe*ar?, Pain in ?!? Amall ?f tki Bark. l'K?? ft* AM, Flashes of Hs&t, Dsprsssion of Spirits, Frif b-.fal Drsams, Uspt r, Dsspoodsucy or u; osrvoos dissssc, Soros or Blotchss on ths Skio, snd FsTsr sod Arcs (or Chills and riTM.) OYKR A MILLION BOTTLES hsvs bsso sold dariny ths last sit months, and ia m* msunes has it failsd io sours satisfaction. Who, thsu, will aoffsr from Wtalnsss or Debility whsa MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will ears yoa 1 No lang?a|ra esn eonssy aa adsqatts idsa of ths inias4ists sod almost miracaiocs ehanjs prodacsd by lakiof this Cardial in fka duoaad. <i # hi lit* f <1 ami mbtmtt mrmA ayatam, whathar brokan down by exctu, weak by nuuii, or impairad by ackaaaa. tht relaxed and Buairaof ?rfuitaUar. it raatorad to iu priatisa haaltb and *ir"r MARRIED PERSONS or othari, coaaciooa of inability frost wbatavar oaoaa, will ?nd MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a tboroB(b rapanarator of tha ijatara; and all who ma* ba?a in (arari tbafeaalvaa by impropar mdolj ancaa will led id tfcia Cordial a eartaia and apaady ramady. TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL u a ao?araifn acd apaadr enra for lncipiaot Conaampuoo, Whitaa, Obatractad or DiBctlt Maoatra&tioo, Inooolineoca of Crina or Involautary Diaeharfa tKaraof, Falling of tha Womb, Qiddmaaa, Fuati>(, and all duaaaaa iaeidaat to Famalaa. THERE IS yo MISTAKE ABOUT IT Snffar do Inngar. Taka it according to diractiooa. It will atimalata, atrebg"J>ao, and irmforata y'< aad eaaaa tba bloom of baalth to moort your chatk afajc. Erary belli a ia warranted to gi t a aatufaction. FOR CHILDREN If yowr childran an aickly. pen/ or aBietad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will n>aka tham health?, fat, and robuat. Del>y not a moment; trt it, and yom will ba convinced. It ia dalie ioua touka. CA UTIOy. Beware of droxriata or dealer* who mat try to palm upon yon torn* hiuar or tariaparilla tratb, which they eu bay cheap, br tutnf it it tut food Aroid each rotn A>t for McLfcAtf'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and ukt rothinj ?l*t. H it tht only rtiredy that will canfy Jit Blood ttioroBfhlT Mid at the tame limt tfrenf.hen the tyateoi Out teatpooafal taktn ??trj utmin; lutiiif it i ctriain preventive for Cholera, Cbillt tod Fiver, Ttilow Fever, or 107 prevalent diataae. It it psi op ia larra bottltt Price oufy (I ptr betUt, or i bottlet for $i / H McLEAN, Sole proprntor of thit Cordial; uto, McLcan't Voicanie Oil Linimtat Principal He pot 00 lot corner of Third and Fiat ttrt tta, St. Louia, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Tht only taft and certain core for Caaeara, Pllet, Tarrwin Harallin ra a nil RrnnrKila rr 1 'ai f r? Paralaaia Van ralgia, Weakness of the Mucin, Chronic or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiffness of the Jtnou, -outracted Mosclee or Lifinenu, Earieii* or Toothache, Bruises, Sprauia, Fresh Cnts, Wound*, Ulcer*, Fever Sorea, Caked Breast, 8. re Nipples, Bnr ta, Scalds, Sore Throat, or aay iaSammauoo or nu, no diffarsncs how nun or lonr the di?r?se iuf have existed, McLEAN'3 CKLk.BS.ATED LINIMENT ta a certain remedy. Tboaaa; ds of hoinan bsings bsve been saved a life of dia erepuuds and mi*ery by the ate of thi? invaluable remedy. MrLEAWS YOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve pain almost instanuneocaly, and it will clean, purify and heal the foulest aoree in an mcrsdibls ihort uni*. FOR HORSE* AND OTHER ANIMALS MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT la the only safe and reliable remedy for lha cure of Spavin, K.:n?boue, Windfalls, Splints. Unnatural Lumps, Nodes or 8w*ili<irs It situ failed to cars Big Head, Polls tU, Fistula, Old Running Bores, or Sweeny, if propsrly applied For ass. I s^'!3n^*s^jSBaasat? I too; R. 8. T. ClflSEL, G?orf?town M-D4Wly IX F. FRKNCH. Wl, P. *1GH?TI1M. NEW FIRM FRENCH * RlCHRTEIN, ( Sucttssors to Win. F. Coyly ) W no eeale and Retell Dealers in BOOKS, STATIONERY, AJID PERIODICALS, No. 378 Pl.fXSYI VAN1A A v.* ME. Weddinr and Visiting Cards neatly engraved and printed. Paper and Envelopes stamped with Initial with out ?xtra charge. Subeoriptions received for all the Weekly Papers and Magaiines; also, New York Herald, Timee, and Tribune. Ca'l ami examine oar stook. All bound Books ro d from 10 to 50 peT cent, lest th*c the Publisher's pnoes. lT7*Any Books not on hand ordered with dlspatoh from London, Paris, New York, Bostoa, and. Philadelphia. ocS4 1m (gCHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parents and guard iar.s wishing to famish their ohiidren and wards with School and College Outfits for the oomin* season, are invited to examine our present large and extensive assortment BOYS' CLOTHING, where they can lit out their children of all rises in a few momec'i with even description of Ready made Gartr.auts, of substantial and durable quality, at very moderate prio?s wall,, STEPHVNS a co.. au 30-tf 393 Peon. avenue. Housekeeping^and ? SERVANTS' GOODS. . We have now on hand a well relroted stock "f he above goods, suon as Sheetings. Tab<? Linens, Napkins, Towelings, Linsets, Full Cloths. B an kets?fromooesmon to very Sue?Osnaburs*. B *e Domestics. Gingham*. Pillow Case Cottons and Linens, Dunbar A Diukinsoa'r, ttarklies. Charl?? A Co , and Kio^ardsou's Irish Linens in all qualities, alt of which we will Cirpoae of on the best oo 16 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. HW. HAMILTON PAINTER, Mi DEALER IN PAINTS, No. 694 7th St&est, n?*r Odd FUlvw*' HmU. aujjcf PlTTTvlw DOWN. PARAFFINS CANDLES! PAR AFFINK CA N DLE*! A beautiful article, 04 u&l La afpe&rtoo-* to p?t?Kt perm, (boing ol?*r ud po ithMJuid M much 1*m obit KIN8 ABUSCHEI.L. oc 10 Corner Vermont >v. and Sth ?U. WGALT?? O O D COAL 0 THE WEEKLY STAJt! This no?U?at Ffcmlly u4 Nm Jov?tl-M aiaii* ? (itftiK vwMtj of alwinii t^g^Qftft b? found is ftay MMr m pmfcHrtftrt ? i wenij tofM U m rauMl tnton* nmghbor* withobt tb? ibt?rr*n'i?B ol a m?>i mooCm will bm Fmomr*d * rrmt of TV WmM, Smr will b? ntol. It l?r*n?blr eucu.u U>* ' V\ mMiuIm N*?" til ft t hU mu* Tk* Errmtmt S Mr tmtiM o jea?r?Ky throng boat Ui? oonbtry. ooflm (IB wt*wt?i om b* ?roc?r?tf (D^Po*tiT)Mt?r? Who Ml M MWlt* Wlii be at loved AOIQRII?<-IOU of t' uunt*. MEDICINES. A Y * " ! ..A ? C-IC- 1 D-* " - ? rm hi / In ermitteut Fever, or I'm' ud Aig', Remittent Kever, D' ml> *rae, P?r<odi?a.' HMdtoM. or HiMomi lleadach-. and Bliioaa K???n. l.rthe wiwiie C m of Uitwaw OruiMtiM Mi i%r? l> ruiiPiDPi.t, 0>M>d by u?e Mkkt?o( M'Miiifttio Couutriea. Mu one reined* is ioiMtor oaJled (*eonti'.ier of ?tae American pooala tl an a rare Mid aaf* cu e for F'Tft and Acs*. Huoh ?? art now ?n^hW to -ffT. with a perfect certaintr that It will eradloat thcd.aeaae. and wiU. aaauranoe, founded oa bio >' that no harm oan aiiae [run tta in ta at y t u&otit J Tnat wbiah protect* fror or p'ormta Uua diaorder must be of immense ear r ice la UM oommaaitie* where It prevails. F'rrrai iam la better ttoi cure, for the patimt eacapea the rlak which I* muat ran m vi -le^t artaoka of Una baiefa! aia em per. Thia "Crm" expeta the miaamie potaon of nrn ahd iron um iirtm.tU prtT^tu th? development of dimw, il taken on the ftrat approach of iti premonitory i?a>U>?i It U not only the beet reaeedv "?f yet uieo<>vered (or taie olftee of ocmplftlota. t>wt *leo U)? cln?p??t. Tm Iftrf" quantity we aappiy for ft dollar hrin?? it WltkIn the reftott oi everybody; ar.d in bUioa* diatriota. where Psv? ahd Aori prvvai.a, over* body ahou.d have it ftitd u?e it freely both for onre a d prever tton A *re*t superiority of thia remedy over ftny other ever di?Hove'e<i lor the apeedv ?ad ear lata cure of Jatsrniittente la, tnat it oontaioa no Qa ibid* or miuerfti. oon'a^aeiit r i? prodaoee uo 4 mm em or other lojurlona efeota whatever upon the o >i)??itution. Thoae oared by it nre left ft* he*.thy fta if they had never had the diama*. paver and la sot alone the oonae^aeco* nf the miaamatio poiaoft. A great variety ofdm . a?r? ftrne from ita irrltftUon, amonc vKmk ftra Nenrfti lift, Kheuraattam. Govt. Hradaene, Blm<JreM, Toothache, Karache, Catarrh. Aathaaa. Papita t on, PftinfuI Affection ol the MplMo, Pftia in the Bowela, Colio, PurftJveia. and Derangement ofthe Stomftch. ftli of whieh, vk?a oriyinfttinit in thia cfttia', p it on the intermittent trp?. or ' ecome peri< dioft . Thia Onnn" eipela the poiena from the Mood, and oonaeqnently oarea them ftl> ftlike. Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER A CO . Lowe';, ftnd sold by ftll Drum lata, everywhere. ooJ? eolm V>1?k>lil>. P *-= a^cuu uum d ucuiuuc iropaiftUDU. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" f COMPOUND FLUID KXTRACT BUCW0 Positive and Specific Remedy or IJimwn ol the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DROPS1CA L BwfeLLI >GS. Thit Medicine icoreaae* the fower of Dictation, and excites the AB*OR BENTS into health* which the WATERY OR CALCEROl'8 dBp<>?itio?.f and ail I'NNATL R Al ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, aa well a* TAIN and INFLAMMATION, anddi good for MEX. WOMEX. OR CHILDKMX. HELMBOLD'8 B*T*WCHU. Ansinr from Exoeeeee, Habits oi ihssipatiix Early Indiscretion or Abuse. At tend?d wttk tk* /Mimw Symptom/ Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, wjtfMKs?- D,a"'? " tei? Horror of Diseaee, Wakefuinsss, Dimness of Vision. Pain in the Back, Universe. Lassitude o the Maeoaiar Svstem, Hot Hands, F'nsLinc of ttr l>?Cy? Ur"?" ^EfiffeoDNfWXNtr These symptoms. if allowed to go on. which tku m?dioin? invariably remove*, ?o"t fol;?ws IMPOTEXCYt FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FTTB, In Osi of Vvbich th? Patiiwt hat Exnu. ^ Who oan see that they are r.ot f-^uf ct j followed by those ?D1R EFUL D1SE A9E8> "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Many are aware of t&e oause of their sufTertac, BUT NOSE WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDSOF THE INSAN K A8VLUMS And t)u i&tlantkoly Dvukt ftp Coms*mpt*m Bear ample witce?s to the trvtk of the aeeertioa. Requires the aid or medio, r e to strenrthen Wkitk Helkbold's eVt&aW1&?h tkbiy 4o<Je TtliL WILL OOVTMCI TBI VMT itlVTTCAL. OLlfoR yO ON #. the extract Kucha la mdmw fay othar reinody, aa in Cki?roaia or Ret*pUom lrr?f u aj-ity. rainmlneaa, or ftappraaaioc of Cattomwj ETtciutiow, Uloaratod or Peirrboaa atata oftha L taraa, l?*ncK<rrli<-?a or Whitoa, and for ?fl oompwinu inoide't to taa a- *. vhethar ansitc from ladiaorailon, Habit* of Xhaalptbo*. or u tie DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. NO FAMILY*?nVtfL?UJltB0^ITHOlJT IT Tmbt no mort Baltnm, Mirrwry, m aaliailrt thousands uFon thousands WHO R1V1 BXXN in VICTIMS OF OtA<*K(. and who h*v? paid keary ftts to be on red in % rLort time, have fouud th?*y w*>re deceived, >ad that tit* 'POISON" hu, bv the u* of "rownm ?. wiwikti," been d ned up in the yatcn, to break out in &n aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MA RR1AGM. fee Hklvbols'i Fxtk*ct Bccxvfor a. affections and dieraeei of tbe IRINARV ORGANS. Whether eximrc in MAI.E OR FEMALE. From whatever cau?e ong inarm* and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diaeaeeaoftbeseorran?r?ej?ir*th?fcid?ta PiwrtH HELMBOLD-S EXTRACT BUCW 18 THE GREAT Dlt'RETlC. And ia oertain to have the deaired feci m ail Disease* FOR WHICH IT IB RKCOMMt NDED. Ev*dmc4 *f ik* men r?ii*bU ?U rttjmuibU tkm Ur Will aooompanv the mediec** CERTIFICATE* OF CURBS. ?, ~ 8 * * ?ar| stamdm*. WlTM Nans* uowh to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price SI.00 per bottle, or ill for |i.M. Delivered to ft&r Ad drew, ?ecure!y p&cfced fro obaer ritioD. Dmcbibi Symptom* ix all Coiiimcinom. Cum Gufuleed ! Ad rice Sntti!! AFFIDAVIT. PoreonaJlr *p?e?red ino.M Alderman the city of Phi'a<UlphiA,H.T. Pkt.m?k>u>,w1k> being duly nroni, doth u;. hi* prefer*'i?d* oo .tele mo MIMAllil ft A m?riinp* /vr ntV?? * a. H"T.M^Miopr 8?<>rn ami ?o been bed before me, tiua 23d d*j of NoTWiber, 18M. WM. P. HIBBERD. J 14mmmm. Ninth street, above K*cr. Phi a. Address .etter? for information in o<>-.fc.iecr? to H. T HELM BOI.p, C&miet. ^VKWAR^ If COL^FSfPKrtf AND UNVRWCIPLA DLdl^ Who endeavor to diapoee or tIkik owi" ?a "orm" UTICLM OH TMB UrfTlTWI ATTAiKIS fielmbold's Itaiiie P- rpara^one, " lf*i i wi^ftL Bold by 8. B. Wait*, #*8 Seventh etreet, ud b. C. Foss.Ja., ooroer Pean. arenae aad Eleventh and a'vollhm posffioa an^^p&surtf _ Fd. l. morrison * co.. lour aSd genkUl Co Amission And whuif>a?.?* in Corner fiy Cuii paid fnrall kind* of Onun miw 12,600 &\lb^??l?h<5B?I?W. ^2 tr>* MtTticc <>f tb? ?vb!ie to oarlarf'aBd wiaotwd itoek of OWiipuDe sad CraSt Appl* Cider, which wa ga&rantoa to m Bar* isioa, and will to toiJ ob reaaouahla tanr.a in ordsr to make rvcna for ov B^nof Btoek. Gire u< a oaJl at U>? t aloe UottlTni lb? 1?. ty ArMH> 4 fl*?*- ? . MERCHANT TAIL OH IW KW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS. CAMi*E|L?i *N U VESTING?. WALL. STEPHENS k CO.. ??S PMurinaia Arwoe, have just raoairad a arp* rariatT of n*w Pall wfctch tbey innu- tba aitration HtMirWMBrfiiiMi riiitomori tain rf jvfeumu1"Acctmvlatioh ...... ft *o?.#c#, Pinmm io<iuo?iB??tii to ?il ?I?mm aqaal to a. r MStr Oflkt*. ?tw ju.nfc *i Wm?hmite^ thb 'wmmmxmnnu. il C*?a Otnui ........ s=v?3Wk - w Vf?# T ' ?

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