Newspaper of Evening Star, November 14, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 14, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CiTY: WCDNKSOAY RtTfBkw 14, I860. Spirit ?I the Meriting Press. The Co**titutto?, treating of the excitement at the South. ?ti?sr*?te to Republicans that they remove the blister if they would remove the lulls tion I The InttUigtmrtr quoted an article from the New Orleans Picayune on th?? "Fate of Mexico," as an exsmple for our people to profit by. E7* In Missouri, Bell's plurality over Douglas exceeds S TOO. In forti-fnnr counties. Lincoln leceived 13.456 votes to 14,976 for Breckinridge. ITT1 The Initiator? of Arkansas organized on last Monday, by electing Judge Fletcher Presi. dent of the :*enatr, and Woods Burch Speaker of the Houae. {f^Jndge Hoffman and hia associates have refused to bold court In the Superior Court rooma. In New York, on account of their unfitness for the purpose. 1X7" In the Orange and Sullivan d 1 strict of New York there la a chance that St. John, democrat, instead of Van Wyck, republican, is elected to - - 1*1. ? A IL a At M A ? SA v uugrm. nr Aio*:iy auu ana Argus gives si. John a majority of lewn votes. PrrMMl, Hon. M. R. H. Garnettand lady of Va., are at Brown's. Dr Livingstone, the African traveler, has been beard of. He was safe and well up to last Mar, and reported tbat the natives of Africa evince less hostility to travelers than formerly. The son of Abraham Lincoln, the President elert. who is now in Harvard College, was formally called on by a large number of the students, on Wednesday evening, and congratulate A upon the success of his father. The Hon W. S. Lindsay, member of the English Parliament, is now In this city. As most of our readers are no doubt aware, he visit* this country for the purpose of urging the united action rf the two Government! in the removal of existing obstructions to a freer commercial intercourse. Hon. Edward Everett, not content with the lvirels already wreathed around his brow, is proposing to hiri:self a new literary task, for which coming generations will thank him. It is nothing les* than fin his own language) '-A life of Franklin, which could embrace the whole of bis career In one continuous narrative." The Prince of Wales bad not arrived at rirmoutb. England, up to October 30th. A* he sailed on the Jtitb, be bad then been on the ocean o ly ten days It was stated that the Hero, after l_ * _m _ -I * _ * * ? % * nmuiin); out ci signi oi una, wouia prorata on the remainder of her voyage by sail only. The Prince's brother. Alfred, after a gratifvlnjr reception at Carte Colony, bad sailed for England on the 19th of September. THE PRESIDENTIAL. ELECTION. VIRGINIA. t'p to 4 p m . yesterday, ail the counties of Virginia bad been Lrard from at Rtcbmou'l except nineteen. Those heard from had given Breckinridge a majority of -294. The nineteen counties vrt to be heard from gave Letcher 741 majority in his coutest with Goggin. These f?U now render it pretty certain that Breckinridge's majority In Virginia will not re?ch one thousand; though he has certainly carried the State. OHIO. Returns from the entire State, with the excep tion of Diae counties, foot up as follows: Lincoln ruajori Us 5-5.51'9 Douglas majorities 10.948 Net Republican majorities In 79 counties..44,561 Republican gains since October election. ..ID,fiti5 Democratic gains since October 4**2 Net Republican gains In 79 counties . la. The net Republican maiorltv in th? nin? i-?nn. tie* to bear from in October last was 3. Supposing them to vote as before, we have a net majority for Lincoln in the whole Stale of 4i^dt, against 25.379 in October. The total vote of the State will reach 42.5.000. which is over 12 0(4) greater than the very large rote cast at the October electl on. It ia believed that Bell's vote will be about 10 OUj, and that for Brer kinridge nearly as much, as he geta a good proportion iti the Kastern and Back-bone'' counties. Falsi Refokts ?In the gr*ve posture of events at the preseut time, especial mutton should be exsrclaed by the people In giving credence to the various rumors wblcn are being ao Industriously circulated by telegraphic and other reporters from tbis city, In regard to the action and viewa of the President and his Cabinet in the present crisis. We need hardly assure our readers ttiat the deliberation and plana of the Executive branch of the Oovrrnmenl are not communicated to the representatives of the press, nor are those gentlemen iu.ikai iv ui>t pan in tur tioiniri consultations We d^m It to be a duty which the newspaper Cress owes to the country, not to add in any way > the prevailing excitement, and especially to abstain from the fabrication and circulation of unfounded rumors ?Constitution. Tbs 9lav* Trials la Pauicm A*.it?Tie County Court of Prioress Anne, W, has been occupied several days with the trial of the negrtes who were arrested a few weeks ago on the charge vi ivnauinng u> rentiiGa intir insurrection. "1 be cur? or live of these, slave* of David Corprew. Km , of Norfolk, were concluded on Fridav. Four of them, against whom there was no evidence to But s'-antiate the charge, were acquitted and dia< uar^sd. under bond, however, of their owner, for future good behavior; bat the fifth, Denson, a valuable negro, did not come off so easily?being found guilty upon the evidence adduced, in a degree sufficient to require that b>* should be trans ported beyond the limits of the State, and sen tended accordingly. Naval.?The U. S. corvette Cumberland arrived at N?*w York on Sunday night, and was n-it morning towed up to tbe Brooklyn Navy Yard. She tjred a salute of .?>? '? Commodore Bretr In coining into the stream The Cumberland relieve! the Savannah a* flagship of the home squadron. To ai EzacrTBD?William D. Trotty, convicted of the wilful murder of Catharine J Thorn, and lentenced to be hung, will be executed according to law on Friday next, la the city of RichmoDd, Va. rv-^RACK POSTPONED ?Eas> and Annie (13 Lauri* will not trot until THURSDAY, November 2Td. It' PROPRIETORS^ rr5=*the ladies of union bethel 11 3 t ?w.. ? u ? --? - * * vuurcii, .?i sire-t. Between 15th and loth, are KoTuing a Festival at the hail in tuo rear of their ?tiu< ch. every evei ia; thin week. The patroi a*e of h-ir friemi* and the publ c f enera i? it ev i.enllj solicited. Admission Iree. Permit secured. It* (Y^^^KV KNTH WAKD RKF1B If AN A* '.L? SOClATION.?The regnla' meeting of this Assoc ation win benetd atlsiaml Hail,(tn;rd story) corner of Virginia avenue ai d Six h sire t. THIS i Wednesday EVENING. Nor. 14th,at7(? o'clock. THEoDORK WHEELER. Pre. WM J. MlRTAGH.Sec It' rv-==?FRIENDS' MEETING, (ORTHODOX) UJJ Eliza P. Gca^ey, a wmiefer who has trav led exter.sivelT in fc?*lan<l and Europe, will at tend a meeting lor divine worship at Wesley Chapel, co-uer of Fifth and F sU., THIS EVENING, at hslf past 7 o'clock; to which the public are in Tiled. 1% rr^-HEl P THE KKKIil E AND GET PAID 113 KOR IT 1?The Fietcher Chapel Sunday SeKool will *ive an Exhibition at the 1 ongregational Church, Fifth street, between D and E U , on THURSDAY EVENING^November 1.HP. commenci n* at 7S u'clo.k. Admission lor a. in t? 2Soe?ts; children 10 cents. no 13 UNION PRAYER MEETING will be !L_5 koldeneverj day thia week in the New York avenue Church. (Rer. Dr. Gwrley's) to commence at a quarter past 4 o'clock, to be continued one boar. h? & rr*?DEMPSEY * 0?TOOLE. us wedding and risirrrtu . card engravers. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, w ... the most beautifnl styles. 3lift Pa.. At., between Mil aad loth sU , aa 27-ftm VisinaTax. JUST ARR.VKj. BALE AT 316 G Srmiir, Bitw. 13th ahu Mth, jm bwrfli N'oriMrn BALDWIN APPL.KS, jfl? do POTATOES. ?xtra quality, 5 tone MARROW SQUASH. do M-tt" LMH.K 80N9S, SELECTED AND EDITED r by J Wiliame-m PUMr, I large Tolomeele can'lr bound in moroeoo: pri> ? ?:0, decidedly the handsome* t book yet pa bhahed in the I' niN-d Cut^r. BLANCHARD * MOHUN. no U cor. Pa. a? and 11th at. F'OR NEW YORK.?The packet echoooera Arotio and Plate*man have arrived and 4J.V vil! comneooe loading for abo?a port oa^BVfr Ps Ti RDAY n?t. Mth inet. For -r,r XjZ&i. a?vo ^aMKiwsasr-u-te. ? ' , Ba , Box#*. Bardfe, or, ia ftot, mt UiBf, ?W t tr? portad Ud datl vared k?tVNg VVa?hin??rvi?(S<Cu*d whisk ma regu&rly overyear l>etweaa ifcoas si'is*. Order* entered spon the aiataa of ha ei p raaa ar th*?Ur OAs*.at Bacon'* O- ooory Ptors, oracIC Wksstor'a llardoaraCtois. will t>s prompt WASHINGTON WKWI AND OOMIP. " Uncli An" a* m.i pr a Wakuirotokiam. A gentleman of tbis city (a well-known lumber merchant) ylitting S|>rini{field, Illinois, lately, on omr land buainea*, was taken to tee Mr l.ln coin by a rltlien of Springfield, a former resident of this city The interview took place on the night previous to the election, and our townsman was introduced to Mr. I. as " a Bell and Everett man who didn't want an office " Mr. L.,who received his visitors with much cordiality, said *hey were all the more welcome for that fact. The conversation turned upon the excited state of the public mind In the South at the anticipation of his election, (of which he expressed no doubt,) and be went on to say that in bis part of tbe country, when a man came among them they were in the habit of giving blma fair trial, to show his merits or demerits. This was all be wished from the Sonth. The South had always professed to be law-abiding andconstltution-lovlng; placing their reliance on the Constitution and the Laws. So far aa he could be Instrumental these should be sustained to the fullest extent. The impression left upon the mind of our Informant by the Interview was, that Mr. Lincoln Is a frank, genial, kindly gentleman, not undeserving the soubrtqutt of " Honest Uncle Abe." * Still Amothir Make'* N?st.?Yesterday a dispatch went North from Charleston, purporting to announce that the Washington Light Infantry, of Charleston, 8. C , bad seized Fort Moultrie. It caused an hour's panic in both the New York and Philadelphia stock markets Its truth has not been verified by anything the Government at this point has received upon the subject. Colonel Gardiner Is In command at Fort Moultrie, with three companies of artillery. We are inclined to believe that the story was manufactured of whole clcth, as a means of bearing down the price* of stocks to suit the purposes of some confederated speculators or other; though it is not Impossible that the company named may have been requeued W? .til A\ ? 1 1 111* A* 1*1 -A uy cimcr iuc citii vr limitary auiaoriuci q? Charleston to guard arms that are stored In the Arsenal, which Is within the llmita of the city, under the apprehension that a movement to take possession of them by a mob la not Impossible. The Cosckrt To-hight ?Anticipation Is high In thia city in view of the concert to-night of Madame Fabbri, of whom we know only by report, aided by such favorites aa Stigelli and Carl Formes. Of Fabbri we hear great things. She waa the leading prima donna in New York during the pest seaaon, and achieved a remarkable suecess. Her voice la a soprano sfogato, of great range aod flexibility, and in rl<Anesa and force is said to be not unlike Co'son'a. Her acting, like Colson'a, la also highly dramatic. The arduous programme act down for ber to-night's performance will test ber capabilities, and enable our community to get a good idea of ber power* Carl Formes and Stigelli are old friends,and need no introduction to the musical public of Washington. Mr. Mulder, wbo will preside at tbe piano, comes with a high reputation as a pianist. Tickets and reserved seats can be obtained at Metzerott's. DEPART TIE ST NEWS. A ?t a * n?jii ? Aniauiiii suryron J. Campbell Shorb hat been assigned to duty with the recruita to ?all from the port of New York on the 21st Instant for San Francisco. Major Enoch Steen has been relieved from the command at Port Dallas, Oregon, and will proceed without delay to Fort Walla Walla, W. T , and assume command at that post. Captain F Myers, Assistant Quartermaster, has been assigned to duty at Fort Steilacom, W. T., whither he will proceed without delay. A detachment of troops from Fort Walla Walla, will proceed immediately, under Capt F. S. Dent, 9th Infantry, to the scene of the reported massacre of emigrants in the vicinity of Salmon Falld of the dn-.V. >! .. ?W?.U - ?i ?i ? iueie nwy prove to be In the handa of the Indians; and If season and opportunity permit, to pnnisb the aggressor*. POf tag K to TBI Ai'iKSTIXF CoMrEDH*tif)x, Pabaqcat, and Ubcgcat, via Esolaxd ?We are requested to stats that on and after the 1st of January next the portage upon letters sent from th*- United States in the British mail via Eneiand to Buenot Ayrei or any other part of the A r. :itin?* Confederation, to the Republic of Paraguay, and to Montevideo, or any other part of the Republic of Uruguay, will be Increased to t& centa for a half ounce fetter, prepaymentrequired. Thia increased rate of postage reaulta from tbe fact tbat tbe old rate* of pottage upon le'.ten tent from tbe Unit?<1 Kingdom to anv of th? countries will be re-imposed by the Brltlsn Office ou and after the 1st of January, 1661. Appoistjskst ?The President Las appointed W. P Meilen, of Mississippi, deputy postmaster at Natchez, Miss. Later from Earspe. Halifax, Nov. 13.?The steamer Canada, from Liverpool on the 3d Inst, has arrived here. The Dally News publixbes the text of a dispatch from Lord Russell to the British Minister at Turin, dated October '27th, In which he savt: The great questions which appear to British Government to be at issue are these : Were the people of Italy justified in asking assistance of the King of Sardinia to relieve them from the Governments with which they were discontented; and, was the King of Sardinia justified In furnishing assist* ance T I .or J Knaaellnya, in ronclualou, that the British Government does not feel justified in declaring that tbe people of Southern Italy bad not good reason* for throwing off their allegiance, andeannot therefore blame the King or Sardinia. Her Majesty's Government will turn their eyea rather to the gratifying proa pert of a people building up the edifice of their libartics on the ay mp&thiea and wishes of Europe. It was believed in Parla that the object of France In Dreventinir the R?-?- ? u?.?u|Ka Is merely to facilitate the escape of the King of Naples, and prevent complications which would result from his capture. The French journals off*-r no explanation of the affair. The Paris Bourse closed firm and animated. Rentes 69f. 35c. Italy. The Neapolitans reported the defeat of General Claldtnl, without loss, at the river Garlglinano. The official dipatches. however, from Turin 7 ? ?? f U" cialm the report false. The Sardinians were not defeated at all. Capua was attacked on the 1st, and capitulated the following day. The royal troops were to leave with the honors of wnr, and after laying down their arms, they were to go, on the 3d, to Naples Naples was illuminated In honor of the capitulation of Capua, and there were great rejoicings The attack on Uaeta was shortly expected to take place. it is denied, via Turin, that Admiral Persano had commenced but suspended his firing on the Royalists near Uaeta. Victor Lmmauuel had crossed the Gariglinano. Cmu. The recent advices from China confirm the previous news from that point. The French version of the China news says that on the *21st of September the Allies, after a vehe meni resistance carried, by assault, the most important of the Taku forta. Two hundred French and about the same number of English we e placed hurt du combat, and one thouaand Tartar* were killed, found In the forta. Among these was the General-in-Chief. The other forte-aurrendered succeaaively the aame evening. The capitulation gave tbe Allies possession of the whole country aa far aa Tien-Sin and six hundred brasa guna of large calibre. Tbe ambaaaadors were at Tien-Sin, where tbe Chinese commissioners attend upon them to open negotiations. It waa reported that tbe ambaaaadors would aoon proceed to Pekin with a cavalry escort A Calcutta diapateh reporta symptoms of disaffection In the sixth European regiment at Dlnapore. _ TUBKBT. It la reported that the Turkish Government la about to negotiate a loan of X 10,000 000 sterling at Paris. A national forced loan la also spoken or. Great financial fluctuitlona have been occarring at Constantinople |?7-"One of the greateat perl la that beset free States." says Guicot, "la found In the aversion of the ablest snd best citizens to bear office " ???? I^OLTS, SHARP'S. AND HMfTH * WE8V> so.v-s PlfcTOU*. CARTRIDGES, Ao. b /v. >s /list received from Um manufacturers another lot ^harp'a Patent Broach Loading Repeaters, Coli'a Nary and N ?v Modal Revolver*, Fmith Jt W??aon'a 5?t?q S'oote's, AlleiPs Revolvers, Cupper i artridges. 4o., 4e.. making our assorbment probably tha largest and b at i the Distriot. J. E 8HIKI.DH, Hard ware Importer .?S? Pa. av , o M4t Opposite Browa'a Hotel. a - THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES. Position or tbi Dkxocbact at the Nobth Th? Philadelphia l,edger says:?The Democratic Association of the Twenty-second Ward have held a meeting in ref?rence'to the present "crisis," and passed resolutions which are published in another column. These resolutions declare that the national democracy have exerted themselves to the utmost to prevent the election of a sectional President, believing that it would seriously Interrupt ths continued prosperity and happiness of the country. They have been outvoted and submit, believing that any other coarse would introduce evils greater than it could remedy. They look to the Constitution and the returning sense of justice of the people of the lTnited States for a remedy for every wrons tend Ing to provoke a gallant and patriotic people to desperation or violence But. while exhibiting thi* fraternal and generous feeling, they aee with alarm that the South ia urged to desert the weaker party in the Nortb, struck down In its defense, and appeal earnestly to it to continue to co-operate with its friends in the North, as the best means of checking any abuse of power and maintaining tbe Government upon its constitutional basis. Tliey declare their devotion to th? Union and the Constitution, and rejoice in the guarantee afforded for the preservation of the constitutional rights of all in tbe Union by tbe check which the National Legislature baa upon the acta of the Executive. Tbi Position or Tiummxi. The Nashville Republican Banner says:?The prevailing sentiment in Tenneaaee ia that disunion ia no remedy for existing evils?if evils really do exiat, peculiarly and exclusively Southern?or for evils threatened as likely to result from the constitutional election of any man to the Presidency, though he were ten times as hostile to Southern institutions as Abraham Lincoln is represented to be. The Nashville Patriot (Bell and Everett) says' In regard to the doctrine of secession a great deal of e ror ia prevalent in the South. The events of the next sixty days will probably give rise to diacuaalona which will correct it to a considerable extent. Light only is wanted to render the doctrine aa odious now as it waa when Gen Jackaon "cruahed it out " m v..i in. T"v a ?rv i \ i x i uc ii?u?iue ocuiourai (uougias; exciunii. Beware of ultra ism. Let no good democrat give the least countenance to the sentiments of disunion which now prevail to such an alarming extent In the South. The Nashville Union (Breckinridge) concedes the right of secession, and says: "As much as we should revret secession, coercion, in our estimation, would be still more deplorable. While we are for the Union, we cannot indorse the sentiment which we have ?een upon some of tbe political transparencies during tola cauvass, '-The Union, : right or wrong." Tn* Socth Not i* Favob or Sickssio.x . Th ; Missouri Republican, one of tbe most influential papers of St. Louis, says: " Tbe grand design seems to have been on-the part of the plotters against the Union to precipitate the States and the people Into a position from which thev roulH not well recede with honor, and tbua to bring on a conteat between tbe North and the South. But it ia a lucky circumstance that tbe press, at tbia day, is quite aa potential aa the politicians. and more mindful of tbe interesta of tbe greatworld to which they addresa themselves everyday; and we rhall be much mistaken if, even in the so-called Cotton States, they do not teach tbe Secessionists a lesson which may laat tbem for a lifetime." A dinner will ahortly be given in Dinwiddle. Virginia, to which the members of all parties will be invited, aud among tbe speakers who are exrwrtpJ tn Ka np*aunfr \m P II * J, .?? ?V P* v*vu? tm UA-UVTC11. VI nciuy A wise. There have been already subscribed to tbe substantial part of tbe feast twenty-five shoats, ten lamb* and a variety of other gooa thi nes ; but as the day uf the ovation will not be fixed until the approaching court day, this will give a very incomplete idea of its probable extent The cbjectof the assemblage uf the clt<z?ns is to bring out a general consideration tf the state of sfl'alrs in the Union. Tne Charleston Courier says " that if South Carolina should be constrained by duty and position to take some step apparently out of the line of'he South, her sister States need not fear that she will go beyond tb? touch of the elbow," This, we take it, is a significant hint! Jackson, Miss., Nov. 13 ?Governor Pettus has issued a proclamation convening the Legislature of this State on the 26th inst , to consider the propriety and necessity of providing such better s&feSuards of the lives and liberties and property of lisslssippians than the late Presidential election and past action of tbe Northern State Governments promise. Ar.jocbnmk.nt op thk Sot'th carolina LPOMlatcrk Colvmb'a.Not. 13 ?Tbe legislature adjourned this morning, and the members are now m route for tbelr homea .Nothing of interest transpired during the closing hours. Seeemadk to Ho* Mb. Kiitt?As Excitixo Spkkcii. Columbia, Nov. 13 ?lion Mr. Keltt was serenaded last night at midnight. In response he made a most exciting speech, urging prompt action. He nid that President Buchanan was pledged not to interfere with secession,and would D? hfld to it Snntli I'atAlin-i t,*M? 41? ^..ivintu nuUUiU DUaikCX IUC aerursed L'nton?and If she could not otherwise accomplish her designs, she would throw her arms around the pillar* of the Constitution and involve all the States in a common ruin. What Mimol-r! akd Ka>trc*t Sat. The St Louis (>io ) Democrat says: '-The duty of all loyal men, now that the contest is over, in to rally round the nation's choice, and give effect to the nation's will. The distinctive party appellations should be no longer heard; all mere party strife should be suspended until the enemies of the Union, if tk<y dare proceed to ovtrl acts, are compelled to tubmtt to the laws." The Louisville (Ky ) Journal ays:?'"We must not only counteract Republicanism, but q?rll (Jisunionism; we must curb Yancey and Rhettat the same time tuat we check Lincoln and Searard, or aa much sooner as tije curb may be n*-ce*sary. It is not enough to guard the Constitution against Infraction; we must w'th equal vigilance guard the I'nion against disruption. The Union and the Constitution must be preserved." The countv of Princess Ann* in vimini. " * ? > ? Ii^iuia,nurrc ex-Uovemor \Vise originated and procured the tint Indorsement of bia ''resolutions," duet not appear to sympathize with bis programme of operations, if we may judge from tbe vote cast at the Presidential election, tut. Bell carried the county by seventy-two majority, being a gain of sixtynine over the last election for Governor, and a gain of seven ty-tix over tbe last Presidential election. The Danville (Vi ) Register states that tbe Hon Tboa. 8. Bocock, the Representative In Congress from the fifth district of vi pi?ini? k-u ?-. . ^>wiwj uctu( in a rrccnt speech delivered before hi* constituent* In that place, that In the event of the election of Lincoln, and in the consequent event of the secession of one or nirre of the Gul' states. It will be the best policy for Virginia to remain in tbeL'nion and art es mediator between the General Government and the seceding States. Virginia, In his opinion, ought not to secede, but should employ all her conservative influence to preserve the union of the States He argued that such a policy wou'.d likely secure a guarantee from the North to the South of our constitutional rights and equality. The Alexandria (Va.) Gazette remarks that "if our over-burdened columns permitted we could spread before our readers extracts from th? m??? Influential southern Journal* protesting against being dragged by South Carolina Into a crusade against the Union Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tenntssee have manifested no disposition to abandon a conservative position or to follnvo South Carolina." The same journal contains an announcement to (he effect that Henry T (iarnett, Esq , of Westmoreland, Va., a delegate from the first district of that State to the Charleston and Baltimore Democratic Conventions, has been incorrectly quoted as favoring the policy of "secsIsion" because of Mr. Lincoln's election Mr Garnett. it seems, contended only for the abstract n ? J ^ ** *" gut, auu a raw* a distinction between "the defence of principles and the advocacy of their immediate practical application " Thi Uiiiox Fzklino is Georgia. The Augusta Chronicle and Sentinel counsels wisdom, justice and moderation. "These," it says. " are juat what we need now, to guide' this great State safely through the perils which beset her, and to preserve intact the rights, liberties, interests and prosperity of our million of population We want no hasty or inconsiderate counsels, still less any actiou of that character; but we want to act as a brave, thoughtful, determined people No demagogue appeals to the passions and prejudices of th? nnnnl?? * , aic naUKU UOWJ in IdCt OUT pCOpleare already sufficiently excited, perhaps more so than la proper for wise and prudent action." The Spirit or the South Carolina Press We clip the following articles from the ChirlTSton (9. C ) Mercury of the 12th inal.: ' The Southern Cohfederact.?The Legislature of the State of South Carolina now assembled in extra session at Columbia, on Saturday evening, the 10th day of November, passed unanimously a Bill, for tbe assembling of the people of South rtrnlina In ... vomuuwi, uq iDf i7in flay of December, 1-60, to take Into co Mi deration their relations with the Federal Government, andtoste that tbt? Commonwealth receive no detriment. Gentlemen, haU off!?Then hip, hip. hip, hurrah! and hip, hip, hip, hurrah!?hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for the homes that we love! Th* Psoplb Have Spoeir ?The newt of the passage of the Convention resolution*,by an almost unanimous vote, at Columbia, was received In this cltv on Saturday night with demonstrations which have, perhaps, never been equalled in the political history of the country Our whole community seemed to breathe freer and deeper, and upon every brow sat confidence and hope It was as though the glorious sun had suddenly dispersed cloud, and mist, and vapor, and sent Its illuminating rays to every heart and hon.s. Men looked each other In the face, as men should who feel that, under God, their destinies ware at last In 4 their own band* The doubting demon ?mexerclsed In the aptrlt and temper of th? times, a Convention of the people of South Carolina, to be held witbln four weeks, to pronounce upon her remedies in the crisis which is at hand, means disunion: meann'tki partition of South Carolina, whether alone err witk otktrs, from the Union | irkirh ran only be a barif of xnjamtf to k?r: It is so balled In this community. The decree has (one fortb, and must be registered In the tablets of history. Th* Harpers' Periodical* Proscribed ?We learn that on Friday all the book houses in this clt? who have heretofore sold Harpers' Weekly and Monthly publications closed their accounts with the the publishers and returned tbe copies on hand. The last number of the Weekly opened with a biographical sketch and full length portrait of Abe Lincoln, tbe Illustrious rail-splitter. The Charleston Courier of tbe same date hLS the fnllAtvi nn . ?V4>V ?? * i*^ It Kkm tii* Frdeeativb 8t?ti?.M-"We ft-el at liberty to state now. publicly," says the Montgomery Mail, "a remark made by ?s on the day of the Islington speech by Mr. Breckinridge, 1b reply to our remark that South Carolina would certainly secede on the election of Lincoln. That,' said he, 'or the secession of any other State, ends our federative system. All the delegated

powers re vt rt The power to coerce reside* nowhere.'" The "South Is in earnest," say many southern editors, and reporters, and correspondents, in relation to the events transpiring around us The "South is talking, and only talking," say some of the northern editors and correspondents. We shall see. Piinroi Rcmors ?Our city was excited on Sunday by various and contradictory rumors of a mournful occurrence In the town of Mount Tleasant. On diligent inquiry, we And the substance of the fort to be as follows: On Saturday evening a party of lads, or young men, assisted by a negro boy of Mr. T Hamlin, were engaged in burning effigies of Lincoln and Hamlin. They were assaulted by John M Barre, who fired on mem a aouoie-oarreueo gun, wounding ail of them more or leM, and it ia supposed destroying the eye of one of the lads We shall be enabled to give full particulars perhapa In our next Issue. According to our information, these lads were not trespassing. The Vigilance Committee of Mount Pleasant arreated Barre, and have bim now In confinement, after applying forty laabea. Chief Jcsticr Ta.xit. ?a Waablngton diepatch to the Philadelphia Preaa Bays : This distinguished friend of General Jackson cordially re-echoes the aentimentof Amos Kendall, in de nounclng every attempt to break up the Union as treasonable in the last degree. GREAT TRIUMPH, GREAT TRIUMPH ! GREAT TRIUMPH. GREAT TRll MPH! GREAT TRIUMPH, GRKaT TRll MPH ! GRfcAT TRIUMPH, GREAT TKllMrH! OF JEFFERSON! JEFFERSON ! JEFFERSON! JEFFERSON! RTP VAN*WINKLE! RIP VAN WINKLE! RIP VAN WINKLE! RIP VAN WINKLE! WHICHGAVK THE GR EATEST SATISFACTION GREATEST SATISFACTION GREATEST SATISFACTION GREATEST SATISFACTION TO TIIK MOST BRILLIANT AXD fashionable AUDIENCE EVER SEEN IN THE AUDIENCE EVER SEfcN IN THE WALLS OF ANY THEATF.R ! WALLS OF ANY THEATER WALLS OF ANY THEATER! 1MIMREK. jefferson can remain only threk nights more! THREE NIGHTS MORE! THREK NIGHTS MORK ! It Boots and shoes, Or All Sorts, At Low Prioea, at henning's, no 13 3t _ Seventh st, lalmd. A GREAT BARGAIN Can b? hkil in ontofths hne t family HORDES in the cut: fine size, veil broken. and perfectly gentle ; will JU2B be so d at a great sacrifice, as the owner has"-0no U'B fi>r him. Also, light Single Carriage and Harness. Apply at 509 h street, corner Second. no '3 3t" P CHEESE. ARME?AN do. Wiltshire ^ do. f Pineapple do. Gruyere do. New York Cream do n?. 13 KING * BURCBELL. A BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF PORTfo io?. Paper Maoh-< aril Turkey Antique Albums, Presentationac?i Holiday books. Tbelarjeat &s?>rtineiit of Children's Books. Gaines, Ac., luit received at FRENCH A HICHSTEIN'S, 5J7S l'^rn. avenue. N. B.?Peterson and Godey, for December, mow read jr. no 13 P NOTICE. ERSONS Who desire to attend the ra e of the effects belonging to the estate of the late ariua Claeett deceased, will find conveyance (by omnibuses) to start from the atore of the AuctionArri. FVn itOfl NintK klraat nn aanK *\ _. ? w ? VU VWVH IIIW1 U1U? Ul the tale, at 8 o'cl'ok. CLEARY 4 GREEN, AucU., no 13 nts 306 Ninth street. 1 BETTING HATS. HAVE Just received i ro-hJ assortment of fine Silk and Ca?*lmer HATS, suitable for pn>iner* bat'. Also, a new stock of Black and Colored Srofl Hfttg of ftll grades. Parent' in sea-oh of B<Hs' ftnd Children's HATS ard CAPS', wi ) p;ea?e call ftnd examine my stuck, which is large, varied ar?d weH selcc'ed Prices iow. cairn hkn mi.Mi'S, seventh st., near Maryland avanue, Islar.d P.S.?Daily expect d. Hiack and Red Repub lean CAPS AI<o, a lot of COCKADES for Dem Jacks, of the Tooinb's pattern. no 13 3t NICARAGUA; ITS PEOPLE, SCENERY, Monument*, Resource*. Condition and proposed Canal, with one hundred original maps and illustrations, by E. (J. Squier; 1 vol.; prioe ?3. Life and Correspondence of John A. Quitman, Major General U. S A., and Governor of the State of Mississippi; by J. F. H. Claiborne; 2 vols.; prioe $H K van llarrinrtnn. nr Ho wnnM K? * e?nil?mtn by Geo. Meredith; t vol , #1. Th?? FourGeorjws; Sketches of Manner*, Morals, Court ana Town Life; by W. M. Th&okery; 1 vol.. 76 oents. Cottages of the Alps, ?>r the author of Peasant Lif" in Germany; pnoe $1.25 Woman?& fresh supply; Household of Mrs. Gilbert's Career, a new novel?fresh. BL.ANCHARD Jt MOHl'N, no 13 oomer Pa. av. and 11th st. ODR. SKLDKN W. CROW. FFICE?441 TBHTH ST., Bbtwki5 E ASD F, Washington. D C. 11^ Ad vioe to the poor without charge from 9 to 10 o clock svery morning. no l2-2w f joon H^ONn-HAND- PIANOS.-ft^-^D *JI Ai\u itliM C.J1I K&lt.?On? at f one at #4h; one at #?*'; on* at 3 V; two a' R3n3 #H?C; one at $125: oneatSIS'- A;so anew"' *" ' Piano for H2?n, all on monthly payment* or heavy disauonts for cuh. Now is tne time to buy ch ap. JOHN F. ELLIS. no It # 306 Pa avei.ue. 0 ANOTHER GRAND OPENING F WINTER STYLES BLACK CLOTH CLOAKS. On TUESDAY, November IS Extra Super Trimmed Black Cloaks, Croch?t Bertha Trimmed Cloaks, Winter Style* Black Cloth C.oaks, Elegant Trimmed Black Cloth Cloaks, English Sat-qnes in B1& k Cloth, Black Cloth Arab Cloaks, from $6 to 914. AM?f the above just received, and will be sold at price* to suit tne time*, at no lj-Hteo MAXWELLS', 383 Pa av. /^vWHITE HOUSE RES- flL TN faJ TAL K ANT. No. 312 K street, between IStk and Utk. A5MK The undersigned would most reapeotfully announco to the eitizens and itrangers to at they have jnat opentd the abore named establishment atooaaiderable expenae, where the* will at all timea be ready to accommodate the hungry aa we 1 a* the thirsty. Thia House will be opened on Monday, November 12, for the reception of the publio. no 12 eo2w USHER * MITCHELL. ' ????? I The attention of the citizens of the District and surrounding country is n~ ueatfully eolioited to an examination of our woond Fail Supply of the following Goods : PARuOR, DINING-ROOM, CHAMBER.and Si*Si?5 bKShT * ix/iic auu vctiLiiiiu rArr^ftSj 61DDr&01DjC0Vffy oonoeivaliite design, a id ranging in prioea from 10 cents to |5? H eal and Imitation Gold Band and Painted WINDOW 9H ADks* and SHADE HOLLANDS of all width* and colors. _ KILT CORNICE, CURTAIN BANDS, ud PINS in great variety. PICTURE and SHADE CORDS in a'l oolors, together with an immense stock of Picture and Shad* TASSELS. LOOPS, Ao .to matoh. These goods have l>een carefully (elected from the largest manufactories in the owuntry, and wa feel confident that an examination of our stock will convince any one of the advantages we off?r in pr??i. quality, and finely of the stock. PAPER-HANGING and other work ia our line executed prompt!* by competent and reliable work, mm. under the immediate ? _ _ _ ? - ? I>IVU VI VU? VI 1RO fir in. and in all case* warranted equal to any done in the country. To those who are about refitting we would ask an insseotion of om stock. FRA sKl.IN * ROTHRQCK, o^Mdgw Corner of Ninth ana Dsts. SNKW BOOKS-NEW BOOKS! UNNY SOUTH, B* Professor J. H. Ingraham ; lSmo , cloth; prioe $1.25 Cousin Harry, hy Mrs. Grey; ltmo , cloth; pnoe fi?. V Camille,by Al'xaninr r>umas; 12mo., cloth: prioe FRENCH & RICHSTEIPPS, no '0 8TS Penn. avenae. FGO TO RENCH k. RICHaTEIN 8, No. 9TB Penn. avo?ns and look at their s*orunen? of Military Works, vis: Dictionary of the United States, wil1 n'? Art I ert's Manual, Rifle Praotioe. HaraM Tactios, Military Laws, Ao , A o. All the Military, Masonio, Chess, Billiards, and Jteokanioai Books always oa hand. no 10 AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATEft. Lmim Mr. S. W. Guam. M^^SWSaS.ic. THIS* EVE^iMi. Tb the ite*t <h?r meter 01 RIP VAN WINKI.K, In th? drama aiiapted t>y Inn from Washington Irwng'a Novel. With New Comio Situationa, lllaatratioca, 9<<ng?, Cu - :?m, l)arc*a. *e To oonclude with the lacghabie (hroe of LKN1) ME FIVE SHILLINGS. Mr. Oolifhtl; ? Mr. Joe. Jefferson D D P K L L O W 8 r H A L L! Commencing on MONDAY EVENING, November 1*. FOR FOUR JUGHTS ONLY. George Christy's Minstrels! Under the immediate pera>nal superintendence ? f OKORltK CHRISTY, Anther of nearlv all the Ihoict (rtm* of Ethiopia* Mmstrtlfj?, whnae experience of over eighuon yeara in the profeanion, and whose performances for the Wst twelve tears in the city of New York before the elite of that great metropolie, are a guarantee for the excellence of th* ente-tainmenta be submits for public approval, He and hit MAMMOTH COMPANY , ? will open aa above, and appear for posiuvaly Foar Nights only. Remember the original GEORGE CHRISTY In hij? inimitable and cnaete entertainments. i^arus 01 admission Z">ot?. ; rMorrtd M*UJO?l. Doors open at a quarter to 7 ; performance commencing at & quarter to I. JNO. P. SMITH, no 13 Bonne? A cant. yy I L L A R D S' HALL! Grand Concert. First appearaace fb Washington ef the treat Lyric Tragedienne. M'ME INEZ KA1IBRI, Oh WEDNESUA Y JtVENiNO, Nov. 14. Only Grand Concert By the grand arvi unrivaled trio, ATME INK/ KABBMI, 9IG. 3TIGELLI, Hia first ai>pear%nne in concert, ... ? CARL FORME9. His first appearance since his return from Europe; Together with Mr. RICH \RD MI LDER, Pianist. When the following magnificent programme will be presented: 1. Fantaaia for the Piano, "Sonvenir d'lialia," Mold*. Mr. Kichabd Mvldbb 2. Celebrated !?ong, I he T'ar, "Die Thriene." Composed and inn( by Sig. Stigblli. 3. Aria. (Robert l,e Diablo. Meyerbeer M'ras ihkz Fabbbl. 4. Aria. (Magic Flute* Moxart Cabl Fobmi* 5 Duet. (Martha L f lotow M'me Imbz Fabbbi and ?ig. ?ti?blli. 6. Terzetto. (Robert ue Diahle) Meyerbeer M'me Fabbbi, Sig. Stigblli, and Cabl Fobmbh. Pabt n. 1. a. L'Fscarpolettn. Etude lor the Piano Mulder, b. Le Po.ka. dee Magota Fum?galli. Mb. Richabd Mtldib 2. LaSaloya. Portuguese Na iunal Song# m'mi i fft v fiiiii S. "The Dream of Home," word* by Thos Moore. Composed and tun* by Sir. Stisklli. 4. Fabbn Polka Milder. M'MR Inkz FABBRI. 5. The Wanderer Schubert. Carl Formes. 6 Daet. (Ma?saniello> Jkuber. &io. Stiorlli ?ud Carl Formes. Conductor Mr. Riceaed Mcldre. Admission ONE DOLLAR. Secured scats Fifty Cents 'xtra. JUT"" Piaio nsed is from Chiokerirg A S*?n? oel#brnted f%ctory ?nd fur; ifthed b? John F. E lis. Km. The stle of ticke s wi.l commence this morning at Mwtzsrott's Music Store. Do<>rs > pen at , to commence at o'clock, no 13-2t BALLS, PARTIES, &c DKLEGATES APPOINTED TO THE !*ouihern Convention will meet at th? O* Franklin Hall, on D street. between 12th and jn 13th ?ts.. on MONDAY EVKNIiNG, Nov. 19, to attend the Grand Assembly to be civenuNB tne ARLINGTON OLI'B. at the above-named time and olaoe. Tickets 5n ots . admitting % fentleman and ladies. Particulars in future advkrtieement. no 12-8t* nrx i r?r\T*t/i duaaisih ir. l>OAR DING.?Three or four single gentlemen JL> can he accommodated with Hoard by applying at No. 513 Mary and avenue, between 4& and 6'h ta , Island. .Mechanic* preferred. no 10-tf BOARD, with comfortable Rooms, for single gentlemen, at 396 I) street, near 7th. Dinn-r at half-past 12 o'clock. do 8-lv* NOW OPEN THE 0BIGI5AL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 47G PENNSYLVANIA AVEKIE, Next door to Clay's [late IT. S.) Hotel, between Third and 4i streets. O. G. KVAN'S, in order to aocommodate hit legions of custom* throughout the United tfta'-ea, has located A BRANCH STORE of hia widely celebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Waah'ngton City, at 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. where can always be found a onmplete stock of tiio STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of the UNITED STATES AND EUROPE. Every book is sold at the PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATES. and a r> > mm a. uir i worth from Fifty Cents to ONE HUNDRED DDL LARS is presented to EVERY PURCHA8ER at the tim* of tho sals. Being extensively encaged ourselves in the PUBLICATION OF BOOKS. and from our large sales enabled to purohase entire editions from other publishers, can offer INDUCEMENTS to onr patrons not elsewhere to be obtained. OUR~~KIFTS ARE ORNAMENTAL, USEFUL, AND VAL, Compusing a Thousand Varieties ; Among which ve name? 8->ld and Silver Watches, Gold Cham*. Ladies'sp.endid Ulaok acd Plaid Silk Drees Patterns, Park>r Tun? Pieces, Siirer Plated Ware, Costly Sets of Came .a, Mosaic,Florentine.Coral. Garnet, Turquois and Lava Jewe.ry, Gold Lockets, Pencils an I Pens, Ladies' Neck, and Chatelaine Chains. Goats' Bos -m Studs aad SVeve Button*, Pockst Knives, Port Monnaies, As., Ac. The citizens of the District and vicinity arc respectfully invited to examine oar atook of Booki and Gifts, whether desirous of purchasing or not, and by so doing will bo enabled to judge of the advantages to be derived from oar popuiar system ol conducting Book sales. irr Call for our new classified Catalogae.whereit Jk _r J.; k. : ??i # - - ? oar niouiuu ui auiu| vbiibvh VU1 N 11IK IU..T detailed. irr Pereoae eendtnc for books from ft diatftnM will receive same attention ft* though at omr store, the gilU, in all oases, accompanying the purohaie. e. G. EVANS'S GIFT BOOK EMPORIUM. 4T6 PIXHA. AVIRDI, no iu-u wumnitOD, 1). C. AT EST INVENTION! LADD WEBSTER * CO.*8 Tlght-Stitcta SewlBg Nachlnta BOOT Asifsiio): STORK. 349 Pa.. Arusi. They are the mo?t simple. They are the strongest. They are the eureet in their operation. They ue a straight needle, (Carved ones are of bo aoooant.) They have a in??y ?re capaoic 01 aoinj: ?dt *ind of work known?they nuke the magna riffle without ui W nhi?U. ' Call and examine? oc 15-lm 148 Pennay^wuua avenue. piNE WHITE GOOD9, We hare yet on hand a large etock*oT rerr^deeir able. WHlt#. Gool)8, and the* mVrt VS Ladieewill tare money by purchasing euoh a* they wii .need next we wi.l offer irMt hmr..,.. to aloaa out immodiatalT. ( all early and bring ail the o%*h you oh irwt Spring and Sanuner Gooda will b? offered at (real aacrific*. . ? CLABRTT * MAY, bo i? *t 194 Pa. fcr.. bat, th aad Mth eta. C-iOI.D PENS, GOLD PENS, GOLD PENSM The largeet aaaorrmeot in thia oity of Gold Pena P*nci!a.and PaoollCaaae Juatreocivad. Ora< fifty Tariatiaa from ? oenta to (10, at FRENCH * III<bHSTEIN*8, [Q? 8T8 Pana- amaa. QO TO FRENCH A RICH|TEIN*S, For the Ntw York Daily Harall^TiiMi, and Tribune. All the weekJy papera oa ha ad. Monthly ana Quarterly Magasinea. Yankee n?<xioa* for par'a"iioaUify?^)?omber^e?>lu tSa^aaa. aol, / I AUCTION SALES. QfFor other Auction 8mU?, ? first p*** By J. C. MoGUlRfc * CO- AioUomcti Furniture ano k:vkcts or a pa milt dsclixim Hor?uiip!?o -Ur ?A I I k DAY XUKMMi, Nurralxr I7.k,al 1? lo< k. if from of the A no!ion Room*, we ?haJl Mil th? Kami car* and Kffccta of a luii.) decl>a<ng bcaae keepinc. eomptiainf? Sait or RottwooJ Green PiMh onrwed Pa* lor Furi i.are.coaaiabax ot Lotiiii Sofa. Ara auO four Pa'lor Cfcai ra, Potevnod Marbie-t?p OeIm Table. Whatnot, Rtiultnn* Wa not Workataada and Fane? I a'.lee. Walnnt Hair Spricf arai&ifa, Meeker and Nrttn ami Writing D?*k, S><t W indow Shadea am Coraiae, i lock. B'uueit An1 Three p ? Carp* t?, Mile otn. Preach, High a. d Ottac* I'ru'int an.i P am K?re*i>?. WaahatMtda, vv arirobea, Bookeaae. Tviltt Set*. Ten Feathnr tfeda. B" t'era and pi.!ow?, C?r ed Hair and Huak NattriuM. Marble to? 8id?boan1, k?fngeroter. 1 RTCA lllABIItl 111 auAA# i>f ?Ja ii i^kinA Ik ?n/ f iV?See-t u3 TN VN ?rf. Tab ?Cutl?f, VV ?it*rt,(ilu? \Ttre, C<xikic( ai d other ?tu*<?, Kitchen Utensils, Tern euk. o U 4 J. C. M*etTIRK A CO . A lets. THIS AFTERNOON & TO-MOIIKO* . By WALL ft BARNARD, Auctioneers Corntr .Via; A *t. '<r*tk t%4t Pa ?r. MISCKi LAN KOI'!* I. BKAKY AT AI'C Tiow.-On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. 14th instant, at 3 o'eiock. ?e will ell, at tlM A Motion Rooms, a very |>kk1 oollaction ot dooka, o - in irwii|Theolocioal Worka, Greek an<1 Roman Clashes, Bellas Letters. Travsia, Htatorioai, Poetical,and Biocraphiea. Works, Law, Arta, ^eienoea, Kovela, and Romacees, fte. T?rm? cash. no 1* WALL * BARNARD. Anets. By MARSHALL ft. PAGE, Ascttonerrs. He. 503 7f* rtrwl, trmdrt Odd Frlltet' Hall. | WESHAL!.SELL,ON THURSDAY MORN 1NG, 15th icstat.t. at 1<> o'onck.a l?>?c? tut general assortment of New and Second-aan.i 1 ur ri ura. Crock-ry and G ui Ware? A iot of Second band Stores, Hair Mattresses and Hwn. A!s , la tM sture will U> sold a large assort meat ofc I _ iaa Cloakr, Saawts.Siarfs, Ac. 90 L<>nc Doable Brocket Siawls. Silks and Rolm pal" p >?itive. a??2t MARSH AH, A PAGE. A seta. By THUS. DOW UNO. Auctioneer. (y t f-yy g f f f Extensive sale or dr y goods, fa*c? Goods, Ac, at Acctior?On THURSDAY next, lith instant, at i? o'clock, and oontieaing from day to day an*i! the enure etcck is disposed or, I shall se 1, without reeer vs. at the store ?' W. R. Hs'd:e, o >rcer of High and Fir?t streets, the large stock of Dry and Fancy Goods, ofDreas Gooos in great variety. 9kt*!i, Laoe?, Ribbons, Hosiery,U loves. FiUn?!i, Tabl* and Irish Linen*. Domestios, W hite and Co ored t ambries, Ac., * o. Combs, Bru*hes.Pin*. TtfM, Thread* 4c. With a arte variety of Fancy and useful articles. of tfte ladies is rerp. ctfsily re 4 nested. Tenm*: ?2*> and onder cash; over 925 a credit of 90 and an days. no U 6t THOg DOW1.ING, A?t By CLEARV A GRKEN. Auctioneer*. 506 Atiuh Urtet. CTO^K OF BOOT?*, SHOES, STORK FIXo mil Ac, at ArrTios.?On thursdav MOK.MNG, the 15th lustant, we *ha 1 sel.,atlo o'clock, a. m , at *tore No. 393. on touth side of Penn avenue, between and 6ih streets, imotedi ate y undrr the Jackson A-*oria*ion ro< ins, a large and ine assortment cf Boot*, Mr>es, Ao . eoaMaUnc of? Men and B"ys' fine Calf and Patent Leather Boot*. - Do do h'avy boots and hoes, You hi' toe Boots ? -n<?*s. Ladies' (iuuri, Boots, Shoes, an-'. Slippers, Misses' do do do do. Children's do do do do Men's, Women's,and Children's Rubbers, Toce;fcer with a large and ger.eia. assortmsct of Faaor and Domestic Shoes, for Men, Women, and Chi.dren, 8<> fine Boot and Shoe l>raw*rs, 4 Chandeliers, louos Buin rt, 6u Yards Oilo'oth.on Floor, Lot Uia<s D-iors, Cases, fto , 2fii.e9r.ow Windows. T>rms: All sums under ??< cast): over that amoant a credit ol ihirtr ard sixty days, (or satis faotorily endorsed not**, bearing ir.trrest. no 12-d CLEAR V A <> RKKN. A sets. By BARNARD ft BUCKEY; Georgetown. TRUSTEE'S SALE -By virtue of a de*d of trast made the fcith September, 186>, and recorded amongst the lan<1 records o< tne fistnet of Columbia, in Libsr J. A. 8 , No. 20t,foli?a 132, fto , the suba?Mb*r, as tru?t?e wi 1 s?- 1, at puDlio auction, for oa?h,on THURSDAY,ths 16m instant, at 1?? o'clock a. m .at tue.var?fious*oucupitd by Han C Addison. eit';?ted in tirorietowu. D C.. oa tue south tide of Watc an<< westuf Hub street, the following Personal Elects? 1 bay Horse. 1 Cart, 1 set of Harness, 1 pair of Fairbanks Sea es.<6u> pounds,) IS/i Keed Macs, Lumber in nms, 1 Bushel Measure, 1 Ha f Ba?h*! Mejsure, 2 Signs, 1 Stuve, 2 t h?i -* aud 1 Iwk llI'C.l 4 i UL 1) '??i k IU *? ii ? a 11 v nr r.n i " ii Bin*'. DO 13-d BAR VA RD * BbCKKV. auoti._ Rr BARNARD A BUCKKV. Auotioteira. titorgr.oim, D C. VERV SITERIOK HOUSEHOLD FI RM TCBB, Oil PaIKTKNG*, A.*V tTTtCT* at Pr? Lie Acrno*.?On I Hl'KCDW' SDK NING. l.stu liiatant, At 10 o'cl-?uK. we wii! ?!! at tli? rf>?iiieiio? of Col. Roberto, Kth atrret. Heigthacl (irar|?iu?u, all bia Houa?hol?! Fnrmture, &c . c?mp-irinc? Roaawood Parlor Suit* conaiMin: ol f^ofa*, Arm and Sids Ckalra, epiiwUtored in Bruoalene and Daniaak, French date Mirror Roaewood Marble-top Center Table, Roaewood ht??pre, Ecattak Curtaina and Shade*. Velvet and Bruarnia Carpet*, and Ruga. il PaiutiDc, Rich Mante' Vaa- a, ai d Ornaraenta, Hair Seat, Arm, Ka?>. and Sid?Chaira, B >ota. Book Caa a,a d >acr*?ary,acd Hat Raok, Biiie'>oarJ, Ktsgera, Extcnaion \Va.nut Didilj a ?ui-, Dicing Chair*, White and White and Gilt French China, Binner and Tea Sew, Glane,and Table W*r?. arble to? RuifwoMl, Man taiii. and Walnut hail !*lab Marble top Bart an* and Waehataniit, Mahoran* and Walnot wardrobe*, and Krenoh ana Chinese "ed?tcal?. Mahogany and Chin?*e Work Table*. Excellent Feather Ked* and Pillow*, curled Hair. Shack, and Shuck and Cotton, ana Spring Mat tre**e* " flaoket*. Comfort*, and other Bedding. retch China, and otner Toilet Set*. xoeHent Tnree-p y and Ingram Carpata.Draggett and Step Carpet*. Wood and Cane-aeat Chair*, ard Rocker*, and OilCloth ? good aasortment of superior Kitchen Furniture. Term*: R90 oa*h; over that amount a credit of SO and 60 da?*, for approved endoraed note*, bear tag ii teraat. nolo BARNARD * BL'CKEY, Auct* FUTURE DAYS. Uj CLEAR V A GREEN. Auctioneer*. 506 Am* tlrett. GOVERNMENT 8ADE OF DESR9, CAR VM riri, fieioii Holi>, Book Shklvk*, Ac , at Acrno*.?On SA1 URDA 1 MORN 1>G. the 17th mat. wethallaetl in fiont of oar Auction Reom. No. 406 Ninth atre<?. at in o'elook, a targe lot of Effect* from one of the Department*, and old by order o( th? Government, oonai'ting of? Mahogany and Walnut higb and low Deek*. Do and other Othce Chair*, Bru**el* ai.d Tanohtrv r.trarti. Ku?s. Matt, Oilcloth* and Mattings, Pi?*on Holes, Shelve* And BovkcMM, M <vas, Gmtes. Fenders A c Aodi'on*. Hhovel and Tunes. Mirrors, Tsb ?, \Va?tistaudt no i Toilet S?ts, | Together with m&cy other aruoies not necessary to I enumfsxt. I Terms ca*u in banlcalde money. I no 12 d CLEARY & GREEN. Ancts. 1 I #^REAT BARGAINS IN HIANOS.-One Tsr* I VJ nieeeeven-oc'aeCanrrd Piano Forte,I harinc been id ashort t me only. I . oner Mriof th? cuy, for Mie for ?**).?! * 1" I i On* v*ry ci e Rouvood Chickem? htoo for f 3135 at the Muiic Store of W.G. METZERoTT, 1 Hole Ajency of Steinway 4 Sou' Overetrem i Piano*. ? ???> ? AT MOORE'S WEST END HRUG ST??RE. /V 11S Pa avecue.a?uth ode, the public oai.^^ always be supp.ied with fresh Medicines.V I Fano? and Toilet Arttc'ea, fine and cheap V Soap*. Paints. Otis and Window Glaea, Kerosene and Vthereal Oil and Lamps for muiis. (IT" Part attention pa.d to diapMsinc oI physicians' fraecnptiona. no t ?w NEW PIANOS, aa low as fm and ?3M. at JOHN F. ELLIS'S. 30? Pa. av? between Mh and 10th >ts. no * * CUAWLS, WOOLEN DRK??S GOODS. MKRIV'Ot PRlVTifn wr\i cun i * u*? FRENCH FL'AN N EL*."Viol>6KLi>E R ( ) ^ ^ BLACK DRESS GOODS of mry description. I All offared at treat saonfioe to eloM oat l>efore the 1st of January. Great bargains ta all kinds of Dry Goods for oash. CLAGETT A MAY, no lot 324 Pa av., bet ?th aod loth sts. City steam &re?wood mills coal axm d^pot. F?i v SimKMU itTMf, M?w War Dt* .. * ri 1 ftDQ R|f,ivvui? th# win la of moI pirshutr . CPA' ?KbPT iS COAL HOUSES, prote?ted from tfce veat her?delivered fr*? fr< in tlate, dirt, and other imparities, M?o lbe. to the ton T73. * W. M. ?ALT, no ?<-tf 888 P>. >t? btw. 11th and itth ete. Two CHICKEKiNtiVlANotf lD beet order. One for #1% and one lor |1S wi'l be eotd neon month ? par menu of #1* at the Mine Store of w. 1 8. MRTZEROTT. nolo _ Everybody *><>,u ?on?to the people's CLOTHING STORE, N?. 4?0 Sen-nth Krwt.Ui bnjr CloUii|> Fvuikm tiooda, HiM and C*M- oo ?-! The cheapest flack w i>?? Ci?o>int, Pjrniikiac flnh,TMi u4 i ?M. w ' SMITH'S, No. 460 SmtU bCn*. oppomit* Poet OHae. oo tPlin DATCHELOR'S INIMITABLE H.MK DVE. ' D ud a!1 firat-o&u Toilet Artiolee, for h i M 61BBS*S Wig, Braid udOir! Muibolort, *4* nt, ttw. Mar ?t. <w? 1 ! | nm m M-m