Newspaper of Evening Star, November 14, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 14, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. IFon tbi Star. THE I'SIO*. Id golden bonds th? Union atanda, |r? parta dependent are, In wi?li>m orm d hy many hands, A p lar gaidinc st*r. Ana *nall it la*t? and long remain. While rolling ages pas* ? Or snail it now he roat in twain. And lie m ruin's mass ? * Shall all the hopes it rtia'd in man Be b atted in one breath ? Its tntasur'd goo<| which sates ncaa Meet an untimely death ? 8hall strife f aterna rend cvni<6 tirue iu soil? sh&i v?nr(?t:ioe ftloud its skies. Ana load itself with spoil? Mad ambition vault o'er its wreck i Or, sate-1 at its fail. . , 1U traitor brow* with laurel d Jck? O'er freedom oast a pan ? Shall all the stripe* and Start be torn : No longrr kiss the breese ? Nor %re?-t the e*es of those unborn ?? T,.a thought the blood doth freeze. Who lores himself and human race. Hi. C'M.nt v aad her fame, W ill sh>idd*r at the foul disgrace, Ai<d eh?er the Union's nan e ! TlitVll h"l' iu props in justice strong, Equality1<> all. And will it - life and might prolong, The shield of grrat and small. J. I. x. Smw enter td i ni n? fragments of gosslp conecrntng the Prince's visit to Cambridge and Harvard Collet;** come from an authentic source. All the collegians, with the exception of twenty Freshmen, worr new bats. Tb?' student* were erv anxious to have a thoroughly good time w ith his Royal Highness The programme they proposed was as follows: The entire flotilla of Doata were to vn to the city, and on board of one of tbe*e the Prince was to be taken and rowed to to tbe I'nivriity; there a aeries cf genuine college ' prmli" were to be given in the private rooms, ar.d tbe Baron was to go about in a fre?-and-easy wit; next was to occur a dance on the green, and, In fine, "a roaring time" was to be made. But ti e elders shx>k their heads and paid no attention to the fact that th??v were once young Hi* Royal Highness remarked to one of the students who Invited him to cut away for a quiet pipe that he would be glad to, but the old fogies wouldn't let him up At the collation In Harvard Hall, which like all college banquets, whs conducted on total abstinence principles, tbe worthy President said to tbe Prince, "Vv ill you drink tea or coffee'" \pith#f I than k vnn " r?r\li*4i crn???*- 44l . m ? J >?? ? V^'liVW ??V ^ MVW?J I will drink wine." "I am sorry to say wre have no wine.'' *'Oh never mind; I will take*ale." Here was an nnfortu tate fix The quick wit of the President did not desert him He summoned a student and dispatched htm to his mansion with a request that the proper person would at once send over a doz? n bottles or a certain sherry The student went, but his eye mirthfully twinkled; the consequsnce was that the matron In charge of the wine-cellsr suspected a college prank, and would not furnish liquor for a sophomore to drink So the Prince went dry, and the nervous anxiety of the quondam Greek professor, who rendered wby his prime Old Brown did not come, was curious to behold. CjTln New York, on Saturday aft'moon, three of the nurses attuebvd to the Citv Hospital were arrested on suspicion of poisoning two of the patients From the confession of two of the prisoners, it appeirs that they administered Croton oil In the medicine prescribed by the attending physician B v some manner, the effect of the poison were discovered In time to tare the two men from irstant death, one of whom la not expected to live It ia supposed that the act on tbe part of the prisoners waa prompted by a deaire to obtain a iuio of money exhibited by one of the patients. (FT* Two Germans of Detroit drank lager beer on a wager the other day. One drank elgnty-foar glasses, and the other ninety-three. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWN'S HOTEL ?J H Skinner. J Townarnd, W H Burcb, J Williamson. G Stuart, Mra M Posaino. M Barney, E Glenn, Md; C Alexander. W Bowiing. S Meek* and ly, W Jackson and ly4 A L Rives, W Frailer. A Lewis, H T Lewis, Hon NRH Garnett and It. Mr and Mrs Ballauff, Va; J Espnta, Spain; S F Rosinl, Italy: C A Spincill. NC; G Meantez. J S Mackav. A M Harris, J M England end ly, NY: L Martin, Ga: P Hl?is;lns, C W Lyman, Mass; A Douglass, Pa: H T Vanderhaof, NY NATIONAL HOTEL ?H Smith, T W Vail, C Vockle, Md; E N Dickeraon. NV: W H tin. bam, J?bu Oakfork. Pa; E R Ward and ly, J Emanuel. C K Uulktry, J L Cauifleld, NY; J O Furgub&raon. B Harrtaon, Md; Mr Burrows, Dr Brown and If, 8 Coilina, N V; Mia Carter. Va; S L Gouverneur, Md; Col Polk, ?; i L Medburit, Md; D U Wolfe, J H Thomas and ly,P B Have*. I'a; J Vanderpocl. NY. KIRK WOOD HOUSE?Capt R Inglaaa, U9A; \V G Ranking, J D Bradford, DC; T Dornon. Pa, J Nixon and ly, T Love. F Slating, Va; D Williimaon, f J putten, Md OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE BURNSIDK'8 MONONOAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Cooscient.oualr diauUrd l>y Mr. Jaraea Burnaide, ?- <y?uiiii,irL!it., in mo o>a-i%a.'iion?Hi hoiM% w%jf froT. the ch? ineat awl moat carefully aeieated Rye, and in no out ever offered lor aale antil adapted to wholeeome uae by ag" 1* '? a' oim the moat as it n emphatically one of the pirast beverag** m the reach of the pnolia. To the Invalid.aa Well aa to those is eommecda itself for it* nnnvalied qualities aa a timu ?at of the safest, aureat, and moat benefioeLt description. and many of the reoat d?atingniahe4 Kbyaiciana are aaing it in their practise with the sppie?t results. CLEKY * STOCKOALE, Proprietora. 324 VVainnt atre-t. Philadelphia. WM. O. CONOVKK, Agent for the Proarietora. 323 Pa av.f aa >4-6ti opposite Wiltarda' Hotel. FOR STAMPING A JACKET OF PAPER, f AND ENVELOPE8 N 0 I TO MATCH, CHARGE) METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, PH1LP A SOLOMONS, iimii Jm Lmmrmte't uUbratul Linen Paptrt, "Mttrorolxiam Mill*," fe., fc. e Xly 33a pa. *t.. b*t. 9tl aad 1*th it*. NOTICE TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS, IN AT HOME AND ABROAD. The followin* i? it eoriect hat of the employ*ra who pay the bill pricea ot. and are reooicisvu by, te S>cset*, to wit: r. H. Stanford, Matlock A Griffith, i?uvalJ A Bio., Matlock A Herbert, Wm. Tucker, Jamee Lackey, f itr ii:_* . ?? * - u ?? . main & to., J. 1. MCIQIOIU, Loudon * Co., Ti???. K. Gray, E M. Drew va_doran. ?e27 e^sm i)<vTTl-Br*. WOOLEN YARN in Blue, Grsy ?V?? B uk, White and random e? or?. W ooien and Cotton Honery aud Gloves. Gentlein-n's Ribbed Wool Shut* and Drawers. Tfi"*? goods ar- extra quality. Siik xurts and Drawers. Merino Shirts and Drawers of alt grades. We wool l rail particular attention to our well assorted sto:k of a I kind of Dry Goods, suitable for ail e asse? of persons, all of whi *h will bs sold at the lowest raarket prices. WM. K RILEY it BRONo. 3ft Central Stares, bet 7th aid 8th its., ?c n 3uwlra opposite Centre Market. PUKE OLD RYr. WHISKY FUK MEDICINAL. USE. P.... M ? II - ? " " . . m? rw a in au emu f?T 001114, The ra*t koM wd foreign dam*ad we have for this arliole safioiently attes's its parity and excelleno < Moreover it may b* mentioned in thie connexion tb*t many invalids of delicate urranixaUon, unauie to nee whisky of otlier brands, hare foand the ab<>ve moat eAcaeioae and bapp* ia its rfleots A iibersl disoouat on the above prices made to the trade. KDwaRD HALL. Dealer ia toe Winee and Lie wore. Family Groceries, 4 o.,opp. Center Market, 00 T! to JIM. between 7th and 8th atresia. ? STOVES! 8 T O V E SlT D STOVES!!! 1 have on hand a large assortment of Cooking and other ^tor?e. wmoh 1 will sell oheayer than ana nt liar Wn w * - M-a?-* -* ? * ?? "v'w' ?? V,c 1/itinoi.M II IS rnjr ^69 SaK^fe^*31 "d ~ ? 00 9 N?xt door t,^?Si,Difc,. W?~"NEW CLOAKS. ~ E H?t? this day r*oeive4 from N?w York* D?aatll?l a*?ortmeot of new trie Fall Winter CLOa Ks, ?n"h a* tha Arah" Zo.arJ^o4 oU?J XT'#;. 1 a Black aad K ranch Clutn*. AUo Pikfn aad BtnMd CioUu.all o? which w. or? low. w baylor a hltchisov Wood: ? ? WOOD!! STOVE and KINDM\n wfw7n ?..9-(?*. poMibl* pnoa. 3*'i Pa. *T.. bMtMB nth Ud uth (U., n*rth aid | Jo TO PRBNCM * RICHSTJSIN'8 No. ?T8 P?aa. iwtH and look at U? m* iMriota ?dit:oaanf .U?^?ai?jr. 6iii?an, Ham*and tia Po?U, rm MB tod ffr, '?oa . if not a???riar. t* U? Eafhd editions. Ca.1 and itk? a loot at Um. m T ZotiHSfflfeaa ?*-Z3EEttrtfffid WJTJW Nww im aad 13U. 10 SMITH'S, No-4- Hr^^ M 0-1^ OffNHI fM UM * MISCELLANEOUS. Th? Amalgamation or LisotAon.-Thar* iaa growing tenuenor ia tnia age to appropriate tl?? moit ?*?re??iTe wort a of utker lant ua<e?,aoa after a vh<la to inoorparata then into oar own; ibua tie wo.d Opha'io. which ia from the Greek, aiguifying "for tha head, * ia now becoming popularized in comeetion with Mr. S>pal?iing'a great Headache reinedt; but it will eoon fta u??<l ia a more genaral way. aid the word Capbaiio will beootna aa oommon aa Rleorotype and many othara whoae diatiaction aa foreign wnrda baa b*en wora away by aoinmon aaaca until they aeam "native and to thi rnnnnr horn " 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad n 'orrible 'eadache this afternooa. hand I stepped into tn? hapotheoaries han'l says hi to the ??*nt "Can you hease me of an 'eadaohe?" "Doe? it hache'ard," says'e. "Hexceedingly," and upon that 'a cave me a Cephauo Pill, hand >on uie 'onor it cured ran so qoiok that I ardly realized 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. 0"Hs*Dtcns is the favorite sign by whioh nature ma see known any deviation Whatever from the nataral state of the brain, and viewed in thi| light It inay be looked on as a safeg nard intended to give notice of dieeas* whioh might otherwise *<to*pe attention, ii.1 too late to be remedied; and it* indications should never be ne<leoted. Headaohes tn*y be olaeaified uuder two names, vis: Sfmjtomatio and Iciopa hio. Syreptom*tio Headaohe is exoeedingly e?inmon and is the preoursor of a great variety of diseaees, among whioh are Ap* p exy, (iout, Rheumatism and all f b-ile diseases, in its rervous form itis s-mpaihetie di ease of the stomach constituting tick kmdatkr.of hepatio disease constituting bitiim* ktadaehe, of worm?,constipetion and other disorders of (he ? ?wel well as renaj and aterine stf'ctions. Diseases of the hesrt are very freq uently attended with Headache*; Aoiomia a-d plethora are also sfTrotions wnioh freq gently oooasioa headaohe. Idiopathic i* also very oommon. brine usually dlitincu ihed by the name of nurovx hiadatke, somalimrt ooiinnj on suddenly in ? >tate At apparentlv ound heaitn and proitratint at ono? the mental an J physical energies, and in other mttanoei it conaes on slowly, he-aid d by depression of spirit* rr aoeTtmy of temper. in mast mitanca* the pain is in front of the head, over one or both eyas, and provoking vomiting, snder this olau mar aio be mm id Seuraltia. For the treatment of either oiass of Haadaohe tha Ophaiio i'ilis have been found a sara and safe remedy, relieving tha most aouta pains in a faw mi utne. an i by iU subtle power eradioatinc the disease of whioh ceadaohe is the unerring index. BaicotT.?Missus wants yon to Mnd h*r a ho* or Cepha<io Giue, no. a bottle of Prepared Pill*,? but I'm ihiukingthit's not just it nauber; but pvr h\p? je'll b? afther knowing what it is Y? im (he's nigh dead and cone with the Siok Headache, an<1 winli some more of thit same a* reiaived her bafore. Druggist.?You mutt imaa Spalding's Cephalic Pills. Bridget.?Ooh ! sure nowaad you've red it, here's the qua. ther and giv <ue the Pills and don't be all day about it aither. tenstkpatlei er Cestlrearu. No one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" is so firevaleut, so little understood, and so muoh negated as Costirrnes*. Of en originating in oarel^ssnes?. or sedentary habits; it is retarded w a (light disorder of too'ittle onneequinoeto exoite aixiety, while in reality it is the precursor and eompamon of many of the most fetal and dangerous disease*. and unless early eradicated it will hri nr thu auffVirAr to an iinfimnl* ?* ?"? A. man ? ?Ka lighter evils of which Costiveness ia the usual attendant are Headache, Colie, Rhfuina'p ni, Foul Breath Piles, and others "f like nature,while a long train of frightful diseasessuoh as Malignant Fevers, Abcesses, Dvsentery I Dyspepsia, Diarrhea, Apoplexy, Kpuepsy, Paralysis, Hys'eria, Hypochondriasis, Melancholy and Insanity, first indioata their prt sense in the system by this alariting armptom. Not unfretuently the diseases named originate in Const pation. but talc* on an independent exist enn auloss the oauee is eradicated in an f-arly state. From all thos? oon?idoraOons it folliws that tne disorder should receive immediate attention whenever it ocours, and no person should neglect to get a box of Cephalio Pills on t*?e first appaaranoe of the complaint, as their timely use will exp?l the insiduous approaches of disease and destroy this dangerous foe to human Ufa. A Real Bleeaimg. Physician.?Well, Mrs. ia that headlohe' Mrs. Jon*?.?<ione! Doctor, all gonethe pill yom aeut cured me in just twenty minut?s,and 1 wi?h yon would aend oiore so that 1 oan have them naniy. Physician.? Vou oan get them at any Drvggiets. Call Tor cephalio Pilla, 1 find tbe* rover fail, and 1 r<oo-nm?nd tli?m in all ea?es of Headaohe. Mrs. Jontt ? I ah*ll aen<1 for a box direetlv, and ahall tell ail my Buffering friends, for they are ars?J blessing. Twistt Millions or Pollsbs 8avkd.?Mr. Spalding ha* so d two nuiliona of bott:e? of hi* oel i.rated Prepared G u*aad it ia eatinisted that eaeh bottl* aaves at !e*et ten dollars worth of broken furniture. thus making an aggregate of twestv mil hods oi dollars reclaimed from total loaa t>y thia variable invention. Having made hia Glue a hooaebold word, ha now propoaea to do the world atill greater aervioe by ouring all the aohing heada with nia Cephalic Pilia. and if they areaa |oodu hia Ulna, Headaohea will aoon vaniah away like anow in July. fCT'Ov** kxcitimrit. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to otoae attention to tu< neaa or atudy, are among the numerooa oauiea of N*rvona Headache. The diaordered atate of mind and body inoident to thia diatreeaing oomplaint ia a fatal b'ow to a'l energy and ambition. HufTarera by thia diaorder oan alvaya obtain apeedy raiief from theee diatreeaing attaoka by uaing one of tha Cephallo Pilla whenever tha aymptoma appear. It tuieta the overtasked brain and aoothna the atrained and jarring nervea, and relaxea tha tenaioa of the a to mac n whioh alwaya aooompaniea and aggraratea tha diaordered oondition er the brain. Fact* woith Ksowrao.?Spaldinc'a Cephalia Pilla are a certain cn-e for 9iok H^daohe, Bill obi Headache, Nervous Headaohe, Coativaaeea, and General Debility. Gkrat Discoviit.?Among the moat important of aM the great mertioal diaooveriea of thia age may be oonsidered the ayatem of vaooination for prpteotion from Small Pox. the Cephalic Pill for relief of Headaohe, and the uae of Oui> ine for the prevention of Peve'a, either of whioh na aare apeeifie. whose benefit* wi 1 be experienoed by auffsring humanity long after their diaooverera are forfotten. RjTDid *ou ever have the 3iok Headache.' Do yoo remember the throbbing temple*, the fever*4 row, the loathing and di?jn?t at the eight of food, low totally unit tou were (or pleasure, oonrerea tion or atadT One of the Cepha 10 Pille would have reiieTeU you from all the aufFering whioh you then experienoed For thie and other parpoie* yi'o ?hou:d always have a box of them on hand to use ae occasion require*. SyC\}RE cuRE^or NervousHeadache Headache. . . By th? in of theee Pills the periodic attaoka of ffirxou* or Sick Htadache may bo frtrtitid; lad if taken at the commencement ol an attack immediate relief from pain and liokneai will be obtained* They seldom fell in removing the JVisiia tad Hmdack* to whioh feme lee are eo snbjeot They aot gently upon the bovela,?remonoi CotliMMIl. For Literary Men, Students. Delioate Females, and all per*011' of sedentary habits, they are &n vainable aa ? Laxative, improving the arpuitt, giving (mm and tii?r to the digeetive organs, and reeto; ing the nataral elaatioitj and strength of tha who!* ayetem. The CEPHALIC PILLS arc tha reenit of lose investigation and oarefall j oondnotad experiment*, having be?n ta aaa many jaara, dariag vhteh time they have prevented and relieved a raat amoant of rata and aaffjring from Qeadaohe, whether origt 'eating in the aireeai ayatem or from a deranged tale cf tha iiona<i They are entirely vegetable la their eompoeltiofl, aad may be take a at all timea with perfeot ea/Wty without mak-ug aay ohange of diet* a*d tk? a*? M o.f aay disagre'obU uutt rtmdtrt it tan la wunmuKT num M eJuldrtm. OK WARE OP COUNTERFEITS! Tk< i?iilu tort in lintUm of Hnn 0. Bpoidinc on aook Box. Sold by Dr?f|i?ta ud all otter Doaiora ia ModiA Box will bo aoat by Mil prepaid on raooift of tho PRICE, 24 CENTS. All ordora ahotld bo atdrooaod to HENRY a SPALDING, bo w davty ?S Oodar atroot, Nov Tort. ? gggggaiM BPIOiyBS. jnpeotine; OR, persian 7ever charm. ~ "" _ i FEVER AND AflVE EXTERMINATED. irnv DtTftff * M rAlVM*ivlT*mnu * i ao nv[UAii vvnsiiivtivn ()A VKD FROM WRICK. THE PREVENTIVE AND REMEDY taa ala INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FEVERS. CURES INSURED IN A DAY. NATURE'S GRAND RBSTORATIVE. INPECTINE, JNPECT1NE. 1NPECT1NE, 1NFECTINE 1NPECTINE, INPECTJNE The terrible malady Jcnownaa the FF.VER AND AGUE haa mitten hmndreda of thoaaanda of peraona throughout the irorld every year, and haa nAvir till m? Kmh mut K? wwafnl m^tna treatment that hu not prodnoed severe MEDICINAL DISEASES, which affect the lunge, the spleen, the liver, th heart, or other parts of the ha man organism. The INPECT1NE le the natural antagonist of all fevers. and when it comes ia oontaot with the skin, is absorbed by the interior organs, whieh reeist easily miasma and all tendencies towards thoee maladies which prostrate the mind and body with fever. Fever and Ague remit from nnmeroua uim, No place ie exempt from the eaueea whioh promote the exiatenoe of the diaeaae. That beta! onoe aected in the avetem, induoea depreaeion of apirit , iaaaitude, languor, paina, ohilla, fever, and a long train of disagreeable eenaationa, depriving the patient of all energy, and reducing him or her to a condition of EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why will any one Buffer the horrora of a debilitating Intermittent Fever, when by the uae of the INVALUABLE INPECT1NE, oft PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, the eminent raedio*l and ni>jlfl>l oilitiea of whioh are iaetAntly tbeorbed, ALL TRAOEB OP DISEASE MAY BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS. 9ELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IB WISER THAN AET. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE ArPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BE ITER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURB. DELAYS ARE DAN6ER0US. THE UVPECTINE, Oft PERSIAN FEVER C^LRM, Hu cared thoanoda of both hin of til* most dreadful F*r*ra. Rm4 ud refl*ot WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lmwl Bonsall, of Pittabnrtifor two ywri km1*m to tumsolf u4 ooioty?ft martyr to Cfaiila and F?r*r?onr?d ia 1ms than thrM *Mki. and im. proved in eight hoars. Mary K. Belknap, Sandnsky, Ohio, after almost losing her reason as vail as strength by Intermittent Fever, with ChiUs, restored to health in twaaty hoars. J. R. Tilton, of Belgrade, Maine, broaght from death's door, having suiTered for foar years, made vail la five weeks, and improved in two hoars. Adolphe MonHro of Fraaoe, relieved in one hoar, whila travailing ia the oars of the Port Wayaa and Chioago Railroad. Ha was apparent ly dying with Chilla. aura k. ovrhb, oi ijooK^orr, mnr York, res en?d tiler ssrsn jwi' suffering. *?Tfeot oars. Thousand of other omm prsrratad and on red ererr month, and sot a single oomplaint ol the Aoisoer ?f U? |*Dvrvian m. mm m u v i i 11 ii ? OK PERSIAN (FIVSR CHARM. TRY IT, PROVE IT, KNOW IT. And make known lU wonderful yortri and vii tiM, that thoM who raffhr, or who art threatened with snflfcrinc, mar ba led to km a aimpla, in WHIM pi vyw?UUB| I1IBIHN Of IM tlld of Nttui for MAN'S BLESSING! INFmOTZNS] 18 SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MEDICINE DEALERS IN AMERICA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, BMtbrakUtowivtotttiUaiMSMM. | REMEMBER, It u not taken inwardly, bnt Is m?U?1 outwardly, ?Ofdtt to ttrntfOH, VhUklMMBflar Mok MANUFACTURED BT J91R WILCOX * CO., 1M MAIN STRUT, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. BRAWCH OFFICE, No. M BANK OP COMMBBCB BUILDING, NBW YOBB CITY. M MflMlfllB ' * . M MIBOELLANBOUB. T'HE UNION WIL?. STAND. NOMATTK* * WHO'S PRESIDENT! Conae^uently I shall rem tin id Washington a ad RS.1!?"* *? IDT 'loosHann nf HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL POINTING. Gilding in all ita branchee. O c Glazing promptly m tended to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage Furniture in the beat atyle I alio, oali attention to the Painting of Roof* and Brick Walla., All of the above 1 will do na oheap aa the oheapflet. I therefore solioit the patronage of my frienda and fellow oitisena of the Diatriot. Punotuality atnotly obeerred, and work done in the beat sunI Yoa will plcaae mind yoar atoaa and atoe at M. PARKER'S Painting Eaiabliahment, No. 03! 3!! 63!!! Lcaiaiana av., north aide, between 6th Bkod Ttb ita, P. S. Signa pat np fren ef charge, aa uaal. an 30 3m PIONEE'X STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN STONE WOBKH .f w J! -jjorlber b?n leare to inform th? oitisraa aP^ Alexandria that hlB lonK tablnhed buemeea the 'r?wer wwing and manuf&oI?? v Br?*r. Stost Work in their n ^~nohe.,Mart>l* Mantele, Table and Wash tand Tope, iile, Monument*. Tomb and Head Pui&Ti. ?? indoy LinteU. Silie, Hteea and

mtS '. PaWt ?u-chM?d % large stock of Italian Marble in blook/rornhrst hand?,at the lowest ratea, rJi??confident of beinc able to ftirnish Marble Ph?irJ5.JT Low M lt .W ** purohaned in New York. witfcTita!/&ialffOfi.iB*ltVn!,0r?- Ttle trade anpplieti "J*jWeinbUjokor?|abe at the aame . rnl"l>ed in New Y?rk, and on aonommoaaunr t^rmc. Alsof on h&udi & i&rco supply of ?2Si^Tt%[^r,v^Vwt*r Ajr Aob? and Po^fiSinf r?"/ ork Pr,0.??- Enoonrage the eater pnee, It will be 0l*i" i iinwir oiiam mar on ana brown Stone Works, P&. av., oor. Thirteenth ?t, an 21 3m Weahinjcton, D. C. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEkEEPERS. K. R. DURKEE ft CO.'g ' Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat croand from flreah Spioaa, aeleot?d and cleaned by as expreaaly for the pnrpoae without referenoe to ooat. They are beeuttnilly pecked in tinfoil* (lined with paper.) to erevsnt miur* h? *?? (???. and are full weight, while the onhnary gronnd Spicss are almost invariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength and nohne * of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, aa a uncle trial will abnndantly prove. Mannfkotnred only by E. R. DURKEE * CO.. 1S1 Pearl St.. NtW YorV WATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the )>est establishments, and farDished with a complete sot of tools for repairing every description of fine Watches, and fJW particular attention give to the same, by *mmm t*iorouth competent workman.and a work cuar&ntied Al?o, every deecnp ion of standard SILVER WAR E. plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my cuntomera will find io. oufviiui iu ^uaiu; bhu nmin vo nonncrn war? old by dealers in general and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ?e6 33ft Pa. avenge, near 9th st. riENT8'9HlRT8, COLLARS, TIES. STOCKS, HANDKERCHIEFS, And all kind, of GKNTS' FURNISHING GOODS, at 25 per oent. cs? than any ether store in th* city. At oo 1? Inn SMITH'S. Seventh et. rnrruiM t. mumimiV puwfln 05 o.iBi'iUUjj . VrAIIIIV DVnfipiUHv nwll nimbi nibf r Mm I Li ni LH The above PURF. WHISKY,Corrm Di?tillkd tkom Maltbd Grain, bein* anwSnor and uniform in quality, and highly improved by age, i? preferred by consumers to a'l other Whiakioa, and particularly reoommended ty the be?t physic.ana and ehemiata aa poaeecainc all the requirement* of a~ 1>m Tonic Invitorntor and Rfmniml M sis to b? thft poflfwt mn<1 . ^ proved by snslr ?ftt?. ; a?d to thjl maVfnl"1 w*kr in ""Umtid ?L,"venneuy a. ru?n, West 7tli it ; MurErnr A Bflmmei, 40T Pa. av.; J. U Wilson, 3'iT k.av; Barbour ft 66 La. ? ; H. C. irdy, 403 Pa.av.; Win. Brjran, 44 Market Sp.; oore.CM?eH ft Co , 397 West 7th st.; O. K.Gu uok, 336-N. J. av ; A. Gaddi*. Jr.. Jt Co.. M, oorn?rka.t 11th ; Edward Hall, 40 jtfarketSpaoe ; E. f>' Co ,63 La. av.; John H. Semmes ft Co .923 West Ninth ?t. oc 26 1 m / W0*0?! V\V\ r 4^ nioa at^u v ^ At metidtntt wiU kmm*, km m w?U-r$t%lmttd fmmilitt, it ia Tory deairable to hare aome cheap and oonrenient way for repairing Firm hire, Ton. Urooiery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB meeta all aaoh emergecoiea. and no hona?hold oan afford to be without it. It ia alwaya ready and ay to the atiokicK point. There ia no longer a neceaaity for limping onaira. aphatered "??ueera, headleaa doOa, and brokon cradlea. it ia inat the arfiole for oone, abell, and other ornamental work, ao popular with ladies of refinement and Cute. Thia admirable preparation ia need onld, being ohemicaliy held in eolation, and poiseaaing alT the valuable *uai:?ioa of the txstcatanetmakera' rlae. It inay be n?ed in the place of ordinary mueiiac*, being vaatij more adheeive. " USEFUL IN EVERr HOUSE." Prut, U oents. N. B.?A Lmsh aoecmpaniee each botti*. WktlumU No. 48 Cedar itrMt. N?? Vnrv Address HENRY C. 8PALDJN8 * CO_ Box No. 3,*00, New York. Pat sp for Dealers in Caees oontaining Foar, Eight, and Twelve Doien?a beautiful Lithographic Show Card aooompanyicc each package. irr A sincle bottle of SPALBINO'S PREPARED GLuE will eave ten times ita ooat annually to every hon?ahold.-/*H Sold by all prominent stationer*, Druggists. Hardware and Furaituro Dealers, Grocers, and Fancy Stores. Country inerohants should make a note of SPAL Dlfte'S PREPARED BLUB, when making up their list. It will stand any olimate felO-ly t L ji" H kUJtt? ii manifmclttrfU r^rtu- JW j | ' 4* 0 J/*W*for m<b < (_lLt tldm lf\nhUrr t?\T r (ff Vailry *f ,) Jrtm ji ?7(\& WftitS-'- Mr,,rrma^U LjJP >fl</ / a f-rott?4 only kn*n ? to ktm. ? 5di? iUta^^ssi is m msKssm in 3f?*? dtpnut upon ftnmg m r*rt . tX mtm lint 6?v li? V*JU* Wkuhr?. ?j . rfiT.04 VAUu?u*rtk4 Beau tJ,. it ?? ? " *1 + 0 -fjk Y ww^l it li< /r?< rtpiawt i?\ ' 3_> f <f? W tid C'mon *1 (? it* M*iieim*i \ 4 p| 11 ftAifrmu PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS nnuioHmniraiEr ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR B SN1HILUAM SI MEW YOfiL W* BALM in WAAHINBTON MY Jf-tS BA*BOU*4 BBMMB8 TRUNKS, BOOTS AMD SHOES. UOOXS AND *HUK? TO SUIT TBI! Wt tr* nov auilktnnii ill klidi of BOOT! ad 8HOEP, and oo. ?tantlV iwomtibx tnyply of suUrn made work of very d?-MI orrtdon, mad* exprMaly to order, and willw HJ te ao!d at a much lower anoetfaan ttaa t?M* Mk eretofore oharjed in fkia city for maob i ale not irbolM. | Pereon* in wart of Boot* and SkoM of aMrtarn or ity made work, will alw?yaliBd?jo<<j awiUuw la itore and a1 th? lnn>> ??? - - r u??r mm ? wu GRIFFIN * HRO., 114 PwMiimi* >vww EMVK HUNDRED TKAVRL1N9 T?UN*B r arrived thia dav. em! -aoi u.c Ml > Um and 11 in* of Soi* Leather, Ladie* MM Dree* u4 Packing Treat*. Oar traak^^^*" salea room exhibits at tlua time the create* tvidl 01 traveling rMuiutoi at moUerata aoeaa. to be found thia aide oTNear Vork. Aj.eo.eVWy deecrip tion of LADIES** HAT BOXES, YALICKS, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac. irr Old Trunk* repaired or taken taasataMC* for new ouea. WALL, STKjPHffW^ gO? marg-tf ?ffipa. avaaaa. ^SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, o ?? Ttm Stum, * Orrerilt Odd t>Uo%c?' Hmil'Wmtkxmftam, D. ft Travoinra will atatir their intareeta b? MMMMI ibj TRUNKS, VALICES Jto , before w? ohacing ?lwa?re Aa I uaa aoa? bat thrHjQM beat aoatertai the market afforda and emploT^^^"" the b*at workmen, I oan confidently reoommead a] work to be aaperior it Sirmtik and Durmbiiui to Truuka that are made in otier oiUee and eo.d hare. I ke-p oonatantly on hacd, and make to order ion one week'a notioe) every deeoriptien or 90LX LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TRCNES; ASHLAND mmd ttktr t ALICES: THATM T*n J?.i#5c. l/i? NESS; SADDLUS- WHIPS,'ft.Tfe'" Trunk*, ao., Repaired anc Cotwn, in a workmanlike manner. at ahort notice Trunk* delivered in any part of tkl nity, lwr|?town, or Alexand na. d?U-le JAMES B. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. DALT1MORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. Ciirni or Hon*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, JntlM, 1800, trains will run m follows: Leave Washington at 6 JO and 7.40 a. m. Leave Washington at SJO and 5.30 p. ml On ?onday at 3 30 p. m. Leave Baltimore at CSS and S.4n a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4JD p. m. On bandar at 4 25 a. m. ? Passengers for the East will take trains at ftJI aad 7AO a. m and 3 ? ?. m. For the West at 7.40a. m. aad U0 p. ?. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m-and X30 p.m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening theUO p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. I tu u * n? rAiisowPi Aywtt NEW ORLEANS mr TBRBB X>ATB WIT* T*B CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES, ALL RAIL ROUTE, VIA Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR?i Vtrgxnxa and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tmintsse* and Giorgio, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, rfmo Orleans and Jaokoon, TO NEW ORLEANS! I MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphia by Rail, thenoe by Pint tiui PiekeU It New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by PirstoTiu Pnoketa, Mobile to New Orleuu by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?BvirsiTa IncLVBO, Lmti WuklBftoa at 6 a. m. an4 p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leaves her wharf foot of Seven th street at 6tt a. m. and ttf m. ant oonneota at Al?u.ndria with the Orange and Alexandria, Trains for the Sonthweat OAoe?Petmsyrrania ?venue, ooraer of Bixth it Hna? UUV&JUI TUODIB TO WWW Lmohborc tin Mmthii 933 ? Briet. ' 1?00 Atlanta __ M ?0 KnoxTille . D 00 Maoon * 00 Chatt&noof a ? 34<<u OoiomUai ... SI 9b Dai ton?,? X on MonUoroerr Jaw HnnUnlle .77 oo / naraempiuM2 fio Brand Jr.nntioD__.fOOO N.O.J m6. Juno..42 ? Naahrii.e 21 to \ via Mobiia. ..41 w THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and it too MILES SHORTER^and 94 HOURS LESS than any othar I.lba?tha Lrsehban Extacaioa baing now ooraplcted, &a alao tha Miaaiaaippi Central. makint it tha Qvickbstand Most pleasant routs i iY) V rn rnrirr n a? ?? * ?" - ??.. uuvj/IAAJ) inir?L5tt&: It ia provided with Firat-olaae Sleeping Can! {To New Orl*ns ? T# Hotri. ?::R ft: Nmahwilla 1? do. fCTTha U.S. MAIlTwI ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over Una New Lane. Tioketa oan be obtained at the Soctk Wwtern Oftce, corner of Sixth atreet and Pennsylvania arenae, to the followinx points: Lynchburg, Briatoi, Knoivolle, Atlanta, Chattanoora. HuuUvilJe. Grand Junction, Macon, Nashville, Daltyn. Colnmbun, Mon^?^kw Md JT^ THROUGH TICKETS TO THJC VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. EOmruboaee and Bafgac* Wagons leave the it 6 a. m. and p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, TicketAxent, ma S-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. a*. T*BE STEAMLJt M& gUY Will twi her 1 trips on TUESDAY, Slat of -1^^^ February, i860. WiH leave WASH IN ?TON averv TU ESDA FRIDAY, at Co'olock a. m..and ALEXANDRIA tt half-put 6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate LaD<!inia. On her return trips, ahe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 6 o'clook a. m. LUOIAN S. PAGE, Pro?riet*r. NATH'L BOUSH. Ac't, Alexandria. fe? riFFiCE OP INSPECTOR AND anii ea V/ OP GAB METE&s; Waphixotos, July 18,1MB. NOTICE IS flERKBY GIVES. That.atreaably to the proTiaioni of the otdinanoe of the Corporation approved May 12. lMO.the undersigned if now prepared, "whenever reealrod in writiaf.aad on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inapeet.examine, teet, prove, aixl ascertain the aoepraoy of registration of%ny [U meter in aee ia this eity/' Every meter, iffonnd inoorreot, will be oonaemned, and another, aoaied and marked aa trae, vill be sat in i'? plaoe. If arovad u? he iad?i?ia '? " me*enr< ment of (U, it will be teitd aoaordmgiy, and again ?ut in positios for uee. Ofioe No 610 Seventh street, (near Odd Pd oti1 Halt > Open from 8 a. m., to 5 m. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM. jj 18-tf Icirector and Sealer of Ba* MMm. HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES Tbeee Soalea are offered to (ha mMm a* t$e most eimpl*. durable, and reliable mlNiTwiitia see. First class premium* hare been awardedthea by the United States Pair and Virginia A?rlca ^r? Sooiety; Virtima Slate AfrieulturaTFair; Franklin Institute Fafr, P^unsrlrama; New York Slats Pair; Vermont State Fair, to., to. la every ease where exhibited they oare reoeived fcrst olaas pnaiui For aa e at fg\Lonisiana avenue, Depot ofmUar** Cde iriT?n B* O. PATT1SON. AcenL W^m GAS FIXTURES. E Have m store, and are dai.y reonnnj, BAM F/Xjfl7?.*S of entirely New Patterns and Deeicns und Finish. iiinitfiAP i*? ? k?-A ufiVed in tkiVSirket. WiinrKi^nTt^iu ly to call and (xubhm oar itook of Gu fcol^u* PixturM, feeling ooofid^nt that w% hava Ih# hMt loetid ?U>pk in Wa?hinrt?n. ~,la *,VEis * 'Wi'Jftk* P K A N C 1 8 HARPER, Retpootfulljr aolioita th? p&iroaue of tkm** aoe id wan i or any article in tbeabore lis*. His ?ron thai I be to pietee. and by ? etnot attention to the want* qf the pabho,be hope# to merit* * HU"took*oon^iu^of e'rwy artiole mailr tote jbnna in fcut-elM Family Grooery Nov is thebme to get 0PRlN8 and 8UMME1 BraaMSEBs 1< Mtli I*k itVIli QOOD J*f)JnAF LIGHT! PAiAFrw oil.?<5?8C^^^h"Ul" oo 15 kr+mt? fir Its mJ?. m?L* Wk l I i Mgpicmaa. l)*" H DUtinntd k* ^ FOE ALL DI8KA8BS OP IMFKl'DKNCE. LKT MO FALSE DKIJCACY PHKVMlfT. APPLY 1MMKD ATBLT. A CVHM WAKHAMTED.OR MO CHAA9M, IN rXOM ONM rb TWO DATS DM W Miu, PtlpMtiwo f -h?^ie*n^'>w4Kju7Ti*5l*?e, Dmm at Mftii m ?i?4n>*w, Dm**m mt tk? Im4, Tim*, m w Mm, UkjmiiI?H t?|?. ??"? ? Iwili tel T?rnkl* [>?riiti im?( ?tm ill?ry ? >!> ? Ytmk?iltmt DrxUtai ul Dmuvck** Fimmm vk<*k rmtil Mtnttfi niHwikit. uM "v k*U u >M TOM* MB fMkllf Vkkkt'k kuaniwt Mllwrf M ?7 VlH, Ifcu 4rMtft: u< ktrrv?ii>? k*> it vMU >UM1! i?Hft M u aaumcty jn>t .ktiMtti ( i ? >( Mar aftM mmi *tuu< ulifiia iU knilui iMvllttt. anfki MtwviM U'1 MtltMk NhhiiiIniui vh! iltlkMin rfll iimm? ? vtk*4 w MMir iki uru| iyt%, m*f Mil vafc mil ?> uuutn. If I? rwun, M T??igK????imfliMn lk? k?.A| ivtn ?f MfHMJ iHtlto, MfwM toMMf, mmuiH, *? ., *f? *il? imi ? (U k'kCM kiiMtlf mt-iti ?k? (lit ' Pi I. My HIM Ml? mMi ta ku Uuh u ftitllMl u4 ??>??lly ith km akiU u a pk?aiaia*. urricE n*. t om rtunuciirtiir, M ku< arfinuf fin >utu k? tad kw Ul MOM. Mu Mt u ikNrtl ttaa u4 ?l?kw. klum MM ka ptJ4 ui tMHla t Hasp bl jo mmtoa, km rflkl fttftl Okilkfk fhlfMi. k? ??%. mlMt fc?* ? *f tk? MM laatu OUlfN la !* Iklkl lUlM, u4 Ikl PMUr Hn af ?k?l lm ku kM> . ?. ? b? W?li ?riwln|hm, ait* iimbiti. tai ncu4 MO! af U? Ml ut*oitkik| lira iM * ? (>H kti?>{ auy IinMi4 wtU itafta* U Uu kH< u4 mm vhtl mil iitfiuniM, k*in# iliml mi MM??. k*?kf?Tn??? Wtu> fr*<|BMt k:a*kiag, >rhM mi Kmm *M (?ru|?Mi af aui, ??n iuid cbMImI*. UU rMTIUlUt HortCK. *? t?" Mtiri ?t* km iklarat uiinMlrw k? HllUi pntuci iadalf*4 is ikn ?Im?? Wku (r?^>nll| laaftaJ frani *!! aanpaniana. at ( cckMi. tk? ! ? ? ? vMck ara aifkily hktvaa vfcaa ulnp. ti < tf mi iara<. raa<in Birnifi laymiUt, u< 1i?n;i ka?k *1*4 M Mi, ?fcaaJ4 ?rply taiacdlaoI*. n?M u> MB* alUi H< u? atlutM; ifuu ?? ??< k> ?ari* ktkiu aI mit ?t? : Wiilrm a> tk? kit aa4 ir.k. I".... A. W-. J r? - - ???, - m , LiHI ! VlMtl!%| Ftvir, Pmpi'.ttMii a? tkt aart.Paapapa*. I(ar?aaa ImuMitly, D?u|*BMt af tka I>.|mi? rHctiMt, ? ml Dakuup, nnnwH fCMnafim., Ac. MKKTALLT ?TV? riirfilifitUH tkt BlUtN *MkM >? draadtd ?L? rf 5;?ufy. C?f?1? (fMni, n#?feewee fSfinu. *?il firtitinfi A it tffimii tilffrmi ? U'l W tf. <? . u< ay ;ka a*ila aaaASA# A Carols DU1WITT -nmutnu MV ]|<(| vkM ti tkt aaaaa af lk*If daclutiDg iaaina tkair Iwk| *Hk,fili. iimnitd --J 1 [ IffMNMI tkNt ti.t IfM, Caaffc ar IfirpiMll af MMMfia disease* op iMPiaincMCB. VkW tka nift|ai4?4 u< iMftilM ( piiutn la 4a b? Ul itk>lkad thk tatdt af ibis pautfal 'Hut, N w adlaa ktffiM tkai an lU-unad taeaa af lti>a ar draad af dlacaaarp <Mn km frarr appl rtag ta tfcaaa vk*.hm liMiixa 1*4 aapadtaktiltp, eta ?lm? kafnand him * Ikltk law ikt har da al ifnaraAi aaJ daatgiir.g praiaadara, ?t?, mtapakia rf cinu. (Iek kia pacamary aakaiaaca. kaap kka intug walk afar aaaath, ar at tan* aa tka aaaliaai fa* aa* k* attain td. and ta daapair laavt kim stlk rainad kaalifc u tic* a*ar kia1 railing dla> ppainuaant; ar fcy tkt aaa af that 4a?A paiaan, Martirj, kaataa tkt carttuauaraI tpiapiataa af iMt tarnklt dtaaaai. aacb at Afacuant a' ifca Start. Ti.ra* 1. ?aa?, km. 4c.. pragrataing *1 Jh fr.gtitfal rapid)'./, tilt dtalk pau a par lad la Ma drtadfal tkffanngt fcp ttndlng Mai la tfcai a? iaca* trad canur fraa wkaat kaar?4 aa traaalar rkiarai ML JOUMOHV REMEDY r'OI ORGAMKJ WBAUIM a?D imputkkct. By tku mat aad InMtuai rtrctdj wtaknaaa af tka (aaa ua tpttdily ca/td aad fall i|? rattartd. Tka at a a Aa J aa aaaat aaraaat aad dtkiitvatad, w?a kad laai all kapa, ka*t kaaa lantdlaulf rallaatd ail Mtpaduaaeia ia Mimifi Pkaaiaal at Maaial DtaaaaJkItttttai. kaaa af Praar*iu*t hat, lai'iai llMUMltq tiiaktai aad Waakaaaaar Eakaatoaa aftkt aaaifaarfM IU asaaa.lrla ' EBDoauMurr or thb ran*. Til MANY Ttr.ClA.VT* c.r.d ?itbi. ??*uiat'*a vnkto Ik* Uat H'wuu ? ?*, ?n? tfc* i.amarMM itop?n**t *>? MltptntMM ftrrcrn. d ^ Dt. J*kn*?i, vita****4 *y & nntmk ?/ U>? p*p?n u4 OUf Mil NIMM, MllMI ?f nick k?* ip^?u*d i(Uii u4 sftu Nmi |H ntllt, Mm Uawu.4iii| u * pailtau ?f iteiuui * ? i?i???* MIH*, I* **fl*i*hi f?M?al** M U? * > * <* |u M-lf BTIT^oTK^DoFti IMPERIAL WINK BITTERS, An bow twin* uaed from Maine to the ?r?*t Salt sol aiuroruj verdict of all who bm th*m <*tfcnr u > ?- -- - 1 *l they are eaairpaood in the world) P?7lK>&a m3 them ?a , in hi* practice for B r?tn beforo we purcf.fc**a of Lira the aoie nxkt to maou/aotare and present for aaie to & pvblio. rortM care of lulfiRt Co-.nmiliot, |>r?pepaia, N?ttom Dimun, 1- eaaato Com ai et**? recamac a toma, ta*y are ba Kd doabt a reo?t in** at,! 'o rmi?2y. Aeidefraa r maternal irc>*r*i?* they *r? a r?re, whola ioa? and ueUf&tfo: it-Te.-ac*, yroOt "'.nj all the pi?aeart orhUorattac offoota of Bra. .Oy or Wlu witbcat tfcwr iiuvrfoaa rwu.u. 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