Newspaper of Evening Star, November 16, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 16, 1860 Page 2
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I iiK BVEINliSG STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY R?wak*r 16, 1*60(Pr One of the be?t and cbopcal turnip eews- j pvpcn iWISt TvmMrr to wtt, tW Weekly Ptar, fmil u u^ai ?f Metroroilfcn <>?wa and tfowlp, # general iflleilig#?c#.andc'M> naw on our rminter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced in Its entertaining contentaare the following article*: "Tti nil tte sem?- in Winter?a poem; The Hunt on tte Highway?a verF interesting sketch; Cading a Nueisier; Attic Gardens; A Night Ad vpntnre In Ireland; Merger Outdone; War's Ho? toraastt The Worship of Silence; English View of Washington sad Moant Vernon; Increase of the Methodist Church; Charle* Dickens' 4 Oreat Expectations;" A, Ghost in an Insurance Office?a singular story; A Personal Sketch of Abraham Lincoln; Amusing Love Affair and Elopement in London; :jubo^ The Prince's Visit to Washington?impfessions of English obe-rvers; A Country of Common iatereatx; The Game of Euchre and Lift?sn Atkanen* father's advice to his son; Presidential Election Returns: How Mr. I.iJfcoln Received the Newacf his Election; Speculation as to Mr Lincoln's fcaoinet; Gov, Houstoaoa | the TnablN in Tega* and Disunion; Signs of the Times?position of the democracy at the .North??the position of Tenin-ssfe?the South not In favor of secession?tbe South Carolina Legislature?what Mmturi ami Kentucky aay ?ajrtrit of theSoath Carolina pre*?coutroveraf i among the aeceaaioniaia and Union turn of Georgia?Stephana speaking for the Union?the tfgbta of tbe South to be reapected?North Car Uaa for th? Union; The Seeeaamo Movement?threatening state at atfhlra at the South?secession demonstration at Savannah; Affalra at Charleston?tbe news of Lincoln's election there?a State convention chIIm! for Sooth Carolina?reflimat'.on of Sen. a tor* Tuoi aba and Chestnut - extreme measures in Oeorgis?tto<* position of Alanamn; Operations of the Patent Oiflee; The Examination of Joseph Cre*fer; Trtal of the Rioters Postponed; Coillsioa of the George Page with a Caaal Boat?a child drowned: The Caaewf the Wigwam A-ainanta?tbe leading witneMtS turn tip mlaslng; The Washington National Democratic Volunteer*volunteer logo to South Va'olina; The 1'utiiim Pbalaux; Exami Button of Urn. Bay lias, charged with killing Jim>i Morau; L'ufiniablt Still; Srotsion and the Admialstral if. tiUfti, ouw.u, .*11 . tiiwifr tuuuBrw, The Demonstrations at the South; Mare's Neat*; Ptkii^ Fun at I'l; The Panic Maker*; Department News; Editorial*; Washington News lid feosslp; Local Intelligence. See., ?r., Late news, foreign and domestic, by mail and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items: A?d a great variety of choice literary articles, both prose and poetry, too numerous to men BOO This m just the paper above all otbera for persona sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to U*ir friends at a distance. Price only thro* cents per copy, or f I 85 per annum; postage prepaid by ctampa when ao arranged. S.U ? Keep a lookout for our iplendld new Dollar W??kiy next Friday. Between th a and lUat time will be the time to aubacribe for It to read youraelvea and to aend to your frtenda at a distance The firat number will contain a capital atory, which will not appear la the dally. ?pirtt et Ik* .u?raia| fraaa. The Constitution contend* that the lawa of the Uaited Statea have again been nullified, at the North, by the procaadlnga of the late fugitive lave case In Chicago. The In'tllig'netr, under the head of "The art* of able Edltora," aenaibly remarks : "We have noticed with equal pain and indignation the aaaiduity diaplayed bv certain edltura la caraXuiiy culling for their columna whatever may aerve to awell the volume of sectional excitement prevailing either at the North or the South It mattera not bow trivial or coateinptlble, in point of origin and authorahlp, may be the petty contingent tffjrded by any emanation whtcb. in their judgment, ia calculated to fan the ttamea of controversy, itia aeduoualy gather up aa a valuable contribution to the cauae of public diacord. If there arc woundain the body politic theae humane and eonalderate lovera of their country and their kind conatme It to be their appropriate function w puur inw iuciu iue on oi vurioi. ion itiey may be made to eat attll deeper and deeper Into the itala of our civil system Despising tbeLiik tud with it the blessing of peace makers, they aerra to regard it aa their congenial ?3ice to keep keen and precious in the breasts uf tlieir countrymen tbe feeling of public hate ?y~ Henry Schoenwald will be hung to-day at St Louis, for the murder of J. L. Akers, In February last. E7" The South C. rolina Declaration of Inde" pendenc* is said to have beeu written by a clerk In Washington, aa a burlesque. j[T The Naahvllle Patriot publishes tbe Constitution of tbe United States entire, in its edition I ?'??- - ' - w. raviraoj) wuu <1 ItW rfillJ TKl, rCCOin* mendli.g the ^argoale of ai being the beat reading for tbe people at thla joncture. |TT The AiaocUted Preaa agent telegraphs from Waabington aa follows: An order lias been lua.ied by the .Nary Departmerit to fit out the U 8 aloop-of-war Macedonian ai ronamoum. A H , for tbe Lome tquadroii. Tbe St LooI?and Sabine having nearly completed tbe aaaal lertu at ?erv.c?*, are to be withdrawn from It It aeema that Senator Hammond'a reil^nation ia to take effect Immediately, a letter baring been rcceifH uere airertinjr bis personal effects to be forthwith sent to Soutb Carolina. Toe collector of cuttomi at Beaufort. S. C , has officially hid caU-d bis retaliation, betng unwilling, be says, to serve under a republican &?lmiulatration It bat h?en heretofore stated that tbe subject of aa address to tbe people of the United States was under Executive consideration, but it now appears >bat tbe idea is view nfts. early nvr?ttng of Congress, to whom, by tbe constitution. the President is required to give inforjc%tlon as ts tbe state of tbe Union. PerssMl Cem. Voorheea, !".S. N , is at Browns'. * Col. Huger, L*. 8. A., Hon Jaa 8. Green, Mo , ars at Kirkwosds'. .... Lady Franklin and her traveling companion* arrived In th'a city yesWday. from Baltimore They were accompanied by J. H. B. Latrobe, of Baltimore, and took lodgings at the National T*l Wutuki ?The following report of the weniher for the morning la made from th? Am**. lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the fcmlthaoalan Institution. The time of observation la boot 7 o'clock Nonam 16. I960. Burlington, Vt cloudy, calm. New lork, S. Y buv, pleaaant. Philadelphia, Pa. clear, pleaaant. WaaulnJum, D. C clear. Richmond, Va. clear. 55 3. Petersburg, Va. clear, 8u*, wind W Norfolk Vj rlear, pleaaant.* Raleigh, N. C 4P>. WUiiiiQ^ton. NC... clear, pleasant. Columbia, S. C cloudy, cold. Charleston. 3. C 58-, wind N\V Augusta. 6a... ....cloudv mm>1 BtYianah, Ga. clear, 50?. Mae on. (ia. cloudy, cool Colamboa, 6a..... ...dear, pleasant. Jfontgomerv. Ala. cloudy. Jackaon. Ala. ralay. Mobile, Ala..... rainy, cool Ntv Orleans,La .....clear, M?, wind S Barometer at tfee Smithsonian at 7 a. m.. (corratted far tefnpetatore,) 30.197, at noon, 30,179 ThemomelrT at 7 a no., 38"; at noon. s?? Maximum daring'21 hours, ending i> a. m. tod*T. >X"; minimum UK*. | II y VOUNB CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOCT UJ? ETY ? A "fee ai meeting of the Society wiTlbe h'UMHSCNUAY AFTERNOON. November lath, in tb? school room of St Patrick's 5 o'clock. Be ? mess of importance re<aireathe of every member Uy order. _ , ? H. B SWEENEY, Praa. P. J. MeHRNEV,?'oo no 16 2t I nrr"HK;iJ* 7.2.K feeble and get paid IL3 , >.OR IT!?rha FletcMr Chapel Sunday Seboolwiu give aa F.xhiUtion at tae I'onfrwirw..? . rum rt'ivl hctVMD D K Iuob THURSDAY EVENING. No??mb?f Itt ?. I-*, i rcrtnOMiicin? ?t 7S o'clock. U 3 ?o** ts children t* tx-nU. no 13 rv"^F?UNION PBAYK* MEETING will b? \ fTf hl.UeD?wy?l?yiVh??7??k?nth?N?w\i??lc U' ... Cbaroh. < K*V- Dr. Garej't) to oomraecee jI o'clock, to U |: orUE '. __ * J? *** A v.. between 9ti< atd loth itt, 1 WuniMTOI. ??! - m-f NOAMS' OLOAK B!!~ v CLOAKS >* M WT< have jiit tdJ>a to o?r ?t?ck a mnbtr of y**f"* vitk ai. Uk most taihioo Ma atyUe &?*. j h* 'adi?? w.U fiad a larta a?aorta* at to a^ laot from, and il ai^Tea/to -Vii Ua U?~. to w. U ^ ao -1 V Nr. io 253J3F* CO:. I j . . J u*' * f ,? . .. . . t U *> I -? ' ' WAIHIJIflTOH nWIAND GOUIP. Amos Kihdall vrftt Szcissio*?Below we print a letter from the Hon Amos Kendall, followed by a paper from bla able pen addressed to the People of the South; the ft rat of a .aeries de d inn i bat tha Current doctrine of aw eatlon We accord apace to this communication as we ahall to those to follow It, without thereby designing to commit the Star to the correctness of the positions that the distinguished writer msy assume. If there lives a man entitled to be heard StUnK ?*1 ..J ...>k . -?viih?uj aiiu rr?fci wuuy iiaw wjujcv* by the Democratic party, thai man la *orely Amw Kendall, the right-band mu of Andrew Jackal in times aa trying to the parif and He covntry thoae now upon ua In th4aa times, MX t to Jack* aon'a, hia mind waa the eoatrolliag on* In th* government of the Confederacy; itaatplng the f%preaa of ita patriotism and will more indelibly upon the future of the Unlt-d SUtea, than thoae of all the rest of Jackaon'a conatitutional advisers Long aince entirely disconnected with politics, tnil ii ii ? ?!t' an? 1/ ann man n H M WW .?* ? TV! J nw * U II ?Uj iilBH V??? approach the discumlon of such a ?ubject in auch tidfl uwbtamed by may other than the purest con({derations, that man la Amoa Kendall. Wuimaroi, Nov. IS, 1840. To tk* Edit* / tk? Eventmg Star: The annexed article was prepared for the Cmstitutto*, hat Its editor, avowing himself a secesalonlat, clsaes hta columns against the friends of th? Union ! The writers for bis paper denounce as m true democrat sll who deny this mew doctrine of secession, thos setting up a new test of democracy. From boyhood I have considered my?elf a dement, reared in the school of Jtffersoa, Is whose words or sets 1 challenge any one tofind the trace of a thought giving color to this docttins. I have some claim to be heard by southern people. iiike hundred* of others in the border slsvs States, I have suffered by abolition thlevea \V ben at tbe bead af the Post Office Department, I incurred violent denunciationaby denying tbe right of the abolitionists to distribute their Incendiary papers and documents In tbe Southern States through the United States malls and postmaaters, by justifying the postmaster at New York for refusing to mail them to Charleston, sad tbe people of Charleston for seising and burning them in tbe street Moreover, I am an old man, whose pollti^al rtf* ll run irhn ? 1 ? * ?_i?i .v.? --~w ? t?w iiiuuvc ui am union or gain to Influence biin, nor any inducement to take up hit pen but auch ai are common to all i*ho bave property to loto or famlllea to leave behind tbem. Amos Kesdall. Sicisaioir No 1. The Ot oix or t*e Pedeeal Unto*?To at PitriTUAL bt Compact ltTwui the States ? The Aeticlks or Co*rEDEEATiox, th* Act or State lcoulitviei-tm Cohbtitvti?>n Til ACT or TUl l**iiBt m? m ? ? _ W ??!? ? M I K Limit Itsslf. To tk* PippU of tk? South. I propose to diacuaa the doctrine of Secession in s few abort number*, and commence by showing the origin of the Federal Union constituting the U ni ted States of America When, in 1776, the British Colonies constituting the original members of our Federal Union, became independent States, each State was an Independent nation, noaaewlnp all th? r>At?r* - limited sovereignty They were then acting in concert against British oppression; but it was not until more than two yeara after warda that a formal compact of union was consummated. That compact was styled " Articles of Comftdtration and niPiTriL vaiOH bttwitn tke Statu," naming tb?m. \ A part of the 14th Article of this inrfmment reads as follows?vis : "And the articles of this Confederation shall be Inviolably observed by every State, and the unton I bt ptrptlual The form of ratification of those Articles was as follows?vl*: " And whereas it baa pleased tbe Great Governor of the world to Incline tbe hearts of tbe Legislatures we respectively represent In Cod greas, u> approve or ana to authorize us to ratify the aald Article? of Confederation and Perpetual Union : Know is. That we, the underlined delegates, by virtue of the power and authority to us f lven for that purpose, do, by these presents, in be name and la behalf of our respective constituents, fully snd entirely ratify ana confirm each and every of the said Articles of Confederation and Peroetu&l Union. ?nA ail ,v K ? j ? ? ? ?- WIUf^UlBl ?UC matters and things therein contained ; and we do further solemnly plight and engage the faith of our respective constituent!, that they shall abide by the determinations of tbe United States In Con-j gress assembled, on all questions wbirb, by tbe aid Confederation, are submitted to them ; and tbat tbe Articles thereof shall be inviolably observed by tbe Slates we respectively represtnt; and that the Union shall t? perpetual." To this Instrument South Carolina became a party by the authorized signatures of her delsKates, Henry Lauren*, William Henry Drayton, John Matbews, Richard Hutaon, and Thomas Hayward, Jr. Tbe advocates of secession base their argument, not on any right reserved or In any way alluded to la tbe Constitution, but on tbe Inherent sovereignty pointed by an Independent State, which, as they say, enables ber to set at naught, whenever she chooses, any and all ber compacts with other States. Without commenting upon tbe unsoundness and demoralizing tendency of this doctrine w?*i?lr ??._? ? ? vvmjt, wonacrgoiiiD Carolina, after solemnly plighting her faith that he would abide by the Article* of Confederation, and that "the TT*ion iKould b* perpetual," could, at will, rightfully aecade and hr??ir ??.? _ , ? -r ? Union? Surely, the wise men of that day did not understand that by means of the sovereignty of any discontented State ahe could rightfully leave the Union, her plighted faith notwithstanding, or t^.cy would not have trifled with each other and the world by such a stipulation. They evidently thought that a sovereign State had power to limit Its own sovereignty by comparts with other States, which should be of perpttuml obligation. There is, however, a striking difference In the authority by which the Articles of Confederation and oar present Constitution are sanctioned. The former rested en the authority of the State Legislatures, acting through their Delegate! in Congreet; the latter on the authority of the people of each Sate, acting through Delegates In Convention The Constitution, therefore, reeta on the highest authority known to republican ????. meat, the people themselves, not the people of tb* United States in man, but tba people of aaeh and every separate State, and In tbat seuae em phatically 4-the people of the United States" aa aaaerted la tb< preamble. Now, If tbe Ltgulaturtt of the States ceald bind tbcm to a''perpetual Union," their sovereignty notwithstanding, (u -- lea* we suppose that the men of that day wtn totally Ignorant of the legal effscts of their own acts,) surely tk* ptapU of the StaUs, the original sovereigns, could do the same thing. That they have dona the same thing, and hays provided in the Constitution itself the means of perpetuating the Union, we shall endeavor to show ia future numbers. Amos Kkndall. I. A*. * * am - ah j nvixtor?w were tbla morning shown at the U. 8. Patent Offlce the model of a steamer combining bouyant air chamber* with a steamboat or other vessel, for the purpose of enabling their draught of water to bo Jl?? * Mwir ??if an uiey nlglit paw over ban or through shallow water without discharging their cargoea This method of llfUig ymkIi over shoals was Invented by Abraham Lincoln, Preaideat elect, for which ba roceired a patent May ?. 1849. Natal Istilliomcs ?Lieut. Wm. tilbeon, f tbe ateamrr Pocmbontaa, at Vera Crux, baa ben condflaud by the medical aurny and directed to return to tbe United State*. Tbe following death* are reported : Sergeant Louis Hoffman and seaman Gee W. Ramary, of tbe 1* 8 frigate Sabine; aeunen Paul 0. rroabenner and R.J. (iray, of tbe U. S. ablp John Adiu. 8?vcn?oi to Car?. hear that it *mrumorod in Georgetown this morning that Lieut Morton bu been appointed Engineer of the Washington Aqueduct la piece of Capt Ben bam, whoae tenignau-in It will do recollected, waa tendered sometime it ace. !CT Ob Friday the ?th ?natant, three .lavea, f-w- lll.L ---? ~ j u?ub, vcn kkiM at Lunraberg eoonty, Virgin!*, far aa ittoMft to poiaon Um faniij ' ?a? of tha bm< ialoeatial clUaana ei the couity. '* * - THI SIGNS OF THK TIMES. - Colombia, Not. 15 ?I,ast nlyht there was a grand torchlight procession here, embracing SOU Minute Men, together with the military and Are-. men W-iw m?J? ? speerh e*poo?'nz secession, and Mr. Keitt and other* followed In the utteraoc* of similar sentiments MiLLKDotriLLE. Nov 15 ?Leading men of all parties ImmImp In conference to-day and unanimously agfe-d as to the necessity of holding a Stat? ctevention. recommending miibnr* to th? federal government, the time and moAe of with* drawing frem tbeUnlon to be settle! by the con* ventiM. Good feeling prevailed. _ ^ t* Iw Senal# to-day considerable dtoumioh resulted oe a motion referring the btl for the ap*, proprieties or a million of dollars foe $>e perches# of eftns munitions of war. etc., te the teenc# committee. The bUl provides that tbe men eyue subject tetbe contrel of the Governor. Wit m?nr Senators objected to tftie placing of the sword end the purse in thVeuae hands, and filltlly tba proposed reference failed The bill win now proceed in the regular order, and the Senate will pest the bill ? - ? A bttt w*? introduced suspending the collection of debts till 1661. A rwaluttorr w Introduced giving power 14 tbe fiovtriior, !n caw of federal coercion of the seceding Statea, to employ tka arat table military iWH or the State of Georgia to realtt coercion This reeelutton will paaa. Senator Toomba made a powerful aeccMloB peach laat ntrht. and Mr. Bartow of H???nn?h followed, argTu tbe ettabliabme?t of i Boatbern confederacy, with sovereignty In tbe federal power, ana all State Unes to be obliterated. Noitiik Tkadjcsb m Sosth Cabolika. Colombia, S. C., Nov. IS.?People here la Cbarleaton acruttnlze drummer* and ageota for Northern Uouaee very clooely, and they find but little favor. Not a few of them in registering their name* at the hotel* t? Vi?n ' ?" Baltimore, whlok tbey conaider a good ableld. 80 far aa ( have been able to learn, there la no dtapmltlon at preaent to atrlke bargain* with thla peciea of tradt aiuen in tbe latitude of South Carolina. Thk Action m Alabama. Moxtooxkky, Not. 14 Tbe Governor of Alabama will pubtlah hit letter on Tburaday. Hia proclamation calling tbe State convention together will appear on tbe Tib of December. Tbe convention will meet on the first Monday in January. uc uutciuwr icwcr is iirnnsr 10 max of uot. Gist, of South Carolina. He ie opposed to waiting for other Stutheru State* to act, and recommend* immediate secession The letter is written to satisfy the people, who are tired of delay, and impatient for aecesaion. Tbe Union men of the State will make war upon the letter, on tbe ground that it is nnwlse for Alabama to secede alone; but tbe disunion element is largely in tbe majority, and ia increasing in strength Jeremiah Clemens, formerly Senator fr?m this State, and lately of Memphis, will be a Union candidate for the convrntiau. It la understood that Messrs. Cobb and Houston, of Alabama, will fcror co-operation. Messrs. Clay, <r* ? -* ? ~ " ' i uny, viapwu, moore, ssiuwonD, and Pui;b will favor Immediate aeceerion. Alabama to Hoi.d a Convention. Mobil*, Ala , Nov. IS ?Tb? Governor of Alabama baa decided to iaiue Ida proclamation calling a State Convention, and urging tbe people to preCre for aeceaaion. The proclamat on will be ned on tbe 6th of DecetaWr, and the election of delegate! wi 11 tafcp place on the 24th. The convention will mt?t on tbe 7th of Janaary. Alabama Sen* to PxrxDK. The following dispatch comet from a cautious, well-informed source: Mobilk. Nov 15 ?Looking at the existing condition of affaire which agitate onr country at present, I am of opinion Alabama it aura to become i one of tbe aecedlng States For mv own part, I hah vote against any such action on her part; but an a careful observer of political events, I feel confident thia State will secede. VIRGINIA LxOIiLATVBI CoSYXNID. Richmond, Nov. IS?Gov Letcher baa callcd an extra aeaaion of tbe Legislature, to meet on tbe 7th of January, to take into consideration tbe condition of Dubllc affairs, and wisely what actiou may be necessary in this emergency. Mr. Kbitt's Sfbbch. The Charleston Mercury of Tuesday haa a synopsis of Mr Keitt's speech at Columbus It Is somewhat fuller, but the same in substance as that supplied by telegraph : Colombia, Nov. 12?Midnight?The Hon L. M Keitt was serenaded at half-past nine this evening. in response to which he tpoke at consider ???? - ici>f>u m iifur 01 separate relate action He said that South Carolina could not take one step backwards now without receiving the curses of posterity. South Carolina, single and alone, wis bound to go out of tbl* accursed Union; be would take her out if but three rruut went with him; and if slave* took ber back It Would be to her graveyard He portrayed, in strong light, the position of Seward, Burfln^amc, Sumner and Lincoln, referring Incidentally to the Wide-Awakes He said there were Southern cowhides enough for thdfXl. Mr. Rurhanan ? ..M? * picugcu W tCUCUlUQ ) nd he meant to hold him to it. Tbe policy if tbe State should be prudent and bold His advice ' wsi move on, side by side. He requested union j snd hsnnony among those embarked in the same great cauae, but yield not a day too long, and I vbtn tbe time comes let It come speedily. Tske r your destinies In four own hands and scatter tbls accursed Union. South OaroMnu could do it alone. But, If she could not, the could, at least, throw her arms around the pillarsof the Constitution and iutoivc an iue ?um in a common ruin Mr Keitt was greatly applauded throughout bis address PoaiTioM or North Carolina. A letter from Raleigh, N . C., says : ' Our city 1a excited by dispatches from South Carolina, telling us of secession movements, and Inquiring what we will do Our people have but one response to make. They affirm unittdly ikttr dettrmtnatton to remain in Ike Union until tkt Constitution is violated, and until tbey have tested tbe result of Lincoln's election. Tbey will not be coaxed or driven Into an overt act themselves, x 11 4* - -- * uu> win mey counvnanr# it In other states In a conversition I bad to-day with (jov Kills he expressed the moat calm and conservative views lie sees no cause for excitement, any more tuan there lui existed for the put four year* The Legislature meet* on (he 1Mb The Governor'a message will counsel moderation and devotion to the Unioa. It will be firm in itadeclaration of S*tate rights, but will expreas the conviction that the North will be jnst and true to the South Our State Treasurer, Hon D. W. Court*,warmly protests against disunion movements He will take prompt measure* to assure your capitalists and others interested In our State securities that they will be promptly met, and that North Carolina will not avail herself of the excitement now prevailing in the extreme South to repudiate her public or private obligations. VllUillUA. The Richmond Whig, Nov. 13th, say*:?Now | that the Presidential contest is over, and has resetted adversely to the wishes and the interests of the southern people, it behooves the people of Virginia, In our judgment, to preserve ' a masterly luactlvUy" for the present. The Norfolk Herald, Nov. 12th, says: -In view of all the excitement at the South and the provocation which haa come from the North to produce lit - - > wucic w um oiten-expressea opinion that to* election of Lincoln, strictly according to the constitution, is not just cause of itself for a disruption of our federative compact. Let as wait tbe issue; we are bound by the compact to i wait It: and if tbe rights of the South are not respected under the administration of Lincoln?If they are violated ia any particular, then the South will present a united front But suppoee, which Is more probable, that the rights of tbe South aball be duly respected; that slavery agitation shall be permitted to die out?and tbe Soutn shall, in fact, be left without tbe slightest cause to complsin of any Infraction of its rights; how can the , www dow Deal on secession reconcile It to their hoaor and their cooclences to persevere In severlag themselves from the Union, and brt-ak1 lag up the most perfect form of government that ever existed. Mississippi. The Vlckaburg Whig says: We do not mean to rebel agalnat the Government l>?cauae an obaoxloua maa has been made President. We do not mean to raise the standard of resistance. We do not mean, either by precept or example, to advo! cat* secession or revelation, until k necesstee , UHa iar a re?ori to iuch ttern and terrible remedies. Wben the administration of n black republican trenches npon our rights. we will reelst U j la the Union by every effort and mean* to which, under the Constitution and liwi, as honorable men, we can resort. Lovisiama. The New Orleans Balletlu and the Delta are la i con trove ay?the former for Independence from I the North In the Union, by building up the re, sources of the State, and th? lasw ?" ? ?? ?- ->? avi pumiCU Independence The money market la reported string* nt In N. Orleans, and stocks and exchange i hesvy. The New Crleans Picayune,with the balance of power against Lincoln in the next Congress, desires to await the issue of events, and says: A Southern Conft deracy cannot be formed by States while In the Union. It is forbidden by th? Constituion, aals any association of States for any such purpose. The secession of one State without concert with others is a species of dictation to Its coequals of the South. The Savannah News of the 13th says:?** The steamer Cecile came Into port yesterday morning with n white flag, on whose broad fl?ld shone twe stars. We learn that the flag was made by lady passengers on Saturday night while on the passage from Charleston to this city " neutnger, E?q., haa ofltred all his property

and bis own family, with tbeir content, toAlj! baoia, aeceaaion, deliverance, aud liber If. IImd? AugMU ******> 1SAb> ?" tbafollowing " T*k C?m? Militaht ?The ? Wllkea' pUc"" ^'u- ? ? fife w,Si?5Ty.T?.?v- <? H ill Oni N?v sitU* ob SATURDAY, lTtK. nonat ?ffifl $60 FOR 8U-E-A food |,,ht BUGGY aodfn-t t of HARNESS, for f?, if aa?U?d for immediately. . ^ _ 0 "ChO. SWEENY, no 16->t y Stab e >iT istn ?tr?t. n?r K. < rp A PABtl 1 HE Qu??tion having Gain put U> u? on a*T*ral H-oaaiona Fiano wja ll** UUtNciit at Wi Ma'f-vt fcarabi i?Wio? Yundt and UM public that Meaara- Bfea? UUnwinn ?* under aaft'oiaj contraot with JMaani. Ctaflkerir f i ^>n? W wtiiek that fcra ompW aH t* j ?a*dia ChiMBPrinc PBknoa St all th?ir eonoarta ex"Sfcfr G^T^"gr!,DV.?.UKC>,.TH,NO.. onr preaent aaaortinant of SFNTLKM^N 8 RF.aDV-MADK CLOTHING ffVa to eitiS'M aud atraicara wiahio* an imm *i3iat? oat fit upa rior indoeeme- ta, enmajiu*. at tliw tiMk 111 ? -WOTti ?nd Oy?too*u in all mri-tiM. ?h*U nonary, *o.. Ac. Alft)f vhioh V? ?r? offer inr %t# ur utu&! lew iriMt. umi ti ' vPrf*? " * wo?t (Dyeripr "^"7^ ;# wall, stepuenr 4 co, nolfc-lf .^tPuvwu W KENTUCKY CHAIRS. VM&JHa??.1* **,0rtment of *KN * w?? i ftvoiiv vnaiRPi in# most COHl-Kl for?able and durable ohair mad*. WWe have at*e in *tore a full and corn*let* Ml took ef HOUSEFIRNI-HING GO0DH.lT* c>n?istin* of Cabinet Fornitnr.*, Looking GU'?ea, B<*da and Matt ? ?-?. Chine. Gl*e? and Crockery. Tabie Cutlery, IJrita"ia Ware. Plated Good*, JapacnMi Ware, B'ock Tin Gooda, Iron WTare, Baaket*, B. uakea. 4? Onra'oeku complete with almoat every thin* n>cee?arT to fnrnun the pari or, dining room, hall, chamber and kitchen. Cash or time purohaaera will be offered atrong inducementa to bay. p \V BflTCl I'D A. onv? no lC-ao<t lroa H?H. BIO HOUSEKEfiPKftB JBf) WASHINGTON, OEORO E-CS> TOWN AND VICINITY. \w We invito the attention of Houaf keeperato onr vary large and beautiful stock of CHIN A, 8f<A*8 anf KaRTHKN WAMR, whieh is now rendered ompletein every department by oar reoent imp.rrKni We deem it unnecessary to enumerate a-tio'ee, as * have every thing that ie u?u% It kept in the China Bu*in>s?, from rion decorated FrenchChi n* Dluner and Tea Seta to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and aa we im?<vt the mnjoritt ofnur goods, we are prepared to furnish the best qua'ity, either t< the wh"'ee?la or retail trade, a a iow as at>y of iiuwuriinn nouses 01 nan more Kmiah Mi American Cut'ery of mjpari^r ^ualitv, Allr>, Horr, Btiofc and Cuooa handle Cutler; from tha iant? 'aotorina, Silver plat?d Ware on fine Jftbaua, warranted, A iar*a atook of Coal <H Y>ampi, numerout pat tern?. Pan" Lamp Shades aad Chronica, Cat G aaa oior?Hyacinth ulataea, <f?a ' **' ' 504 Odd F?l owa'Hall, no 16 *o w Seventh ttrect. LHKATH A KNOWLES, IFh PIRE. AND MARINE INSUR ANCE AGENTS. ri.,n. d. ??? ^'vriva vrv a* OAJII Or Tf 41HIHBTOS. THE C()SNECTICVT~MVTUAL HPS INSURANCE COMPANY. Or HABTrOKD, Co**. PtRKLY MUTUAL! Dividend* Mad* and Paid Annually. Latt Dividend Fifty Per Cent. FIRE DEPARTMENT. THE INSURANCE COMPANY OP THE STATE OF VIRGINIA, Or Richmond. CASH CAPITAL ?300,000. rw-?>. rwnr ?ie wu rename UOIDptDldl, in WhiOll the inaared participate id the profits without incurring any liability. HEATH * KNOWLES, A?bmt>Office, Room 16. over Bank of Waahington. EntrMj* on C atreet. do 18 FEVER AND AGUE la caused by the mium or exhalation evolved from deenved and decaying vecetation id mciat ?<>i a. When abeorb'd into the oiroulauon, it beooaiee an irritating virua in th?? blood, which derangne and deuroya the health of the whole ay?tein. V\ e have long aoufht, and kave at length found an antidote, I % AVER'S AGUE CURE, which nentrshzM thia malariona polaon in tL* blood, and atinuiatoa the Liver to expel it from the body. Iu action npon the cjstem i? invariably anre, an i ita cure of Ftr r and Ague, ai d kindred oom plaint* eeitam. If taken id aeaaon it expaiathe irua from the ay?t*in aa it i? aororbad, and tfeua keepa thoae who ua? the "cva*" fiee froaa ita atcaoki, keeaa the ayatem in health, although ex poaed to the diaeaae. Consonantly it not only oam, uuv sroveaia irom llie t r.'ai variety of afl"?otiona which are icduoed by thia malignant in flu onoe, auohaa Remi<t?nt Favjr. Chill Ftvar, Dumb, or Maaksd A<u?. Periodica! H*a<)ach?, or Billloua Headache, Bi'liuua Fevers. Neuralfta. Rheumafam, Gout, Blindnraa. Toothaoa, Oa tarrn. Asthma, Palpitations, Gainful AfVotiona of the Baleen. H>at?noa, C jlio. Paialvaia. ud Pamfa AlNo.iuna of the tHomaoh and Boweii, all of waio:i, when anting from thia cauae, will b J found to aaanm- m^ra or leaathe intermittent type. Thia "Anci Ccat" removaa thaxauae of theae derangemania, and airaa the oiataae. Thia it aooomp'ithea by atimulating the exoretom*? t.j exp*l the virui from the ayatem; and tbeae o tana by drgraea beooma habitnatt d to do thia their ot&ce o/their own aoo >rd. Ilenoe ariaea what w? tMra mt+nmatation. Time mar aco >mp;iah the aara* end, but oftan Hf? la not lung enough, r.r la avsrifioed in the attempt, while thi? " A coi Clek" doeaitat onoe. aud with aaf-ty. The rxtantive uae of thia in a'l var etiea 01 caaea, haa ahowo it to be a aurar a? well aa a aatfer remedy for the whole elaaa of Uiaoaaet whioh are oauaed by the miaamatia infection. th?n any whioh baa been discovered; and it haa atili another impor ant advantage to tha publio, whioh la that it la oheap aa well ? - rrepsrea oj UK. J. (J. AYKK * CO . Lowa'l, M&u. no 16 eoim | yy A SHI NOT ON THEATER! EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! In Compliance with the REQUEST MANY FAMILIES, AMERICAN COUSIN MATINME Will be civen on SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Wk.. MR. JOSKPH"TEFFERSON Will appear in hia 6r?at Character or ASA TRENCHARD. ADXrSSIOX, To all pabts of tub hoc**, ONI. Y FIFTY CENTS; chldbbn HALF PRICE. Door* open at S o'clock; oomroeaoe at 3 o'ciook. noliM A l-L OF ST'GELLIls 80N08-laniina; Th? jw?BKW I)re?in of Home, for nit at METZ civu i i amaiic more. bo 1* I HE PIANO USED AT THE GREAT CON * oert lMt night ?t Willarila* "I the oelebratod manufacture of Chokiar-||HH lnf ft Hum. Boaton, tad furniaheU bjlllllf JUHX P. KI.L18,iol?uut< 306 Pk. ivnta, Im two- n 9th and 10th at*. CT G reat Bar (kin* m food Bcoond-haad Piano*. no 13 436 CONFECTIONERY, 436 No. 4^6 Skvknth 8tuit, between G aad H. ^ BALLS AND PARTIES no 13 lw Supplied /CK NOTICE. /(K jrl removal. I?I O O 1 hava i amoved my Q U PAWN OFFICE to *31 C atreet, between and 6th atreeta, immediately in the rear of the National Hotel, wbera the J.u?ine?a will be eoatifiued aa heretofore at the oldatand [no 15 6,n] IS\AC HEKZBEM9. 1 APPLES AND POTATOES. HAVE Juat teoeived par areamar from Nrw Vork 2(10 barrela APPLES, aeleeted exprea*lr for fenuly tiadr. ail winter fruit a d in prime crder. ? tuakela Lie EASTERN POTATOES,direct Irani UA>ton ill ftf w?Il Ka I- * market prior, a? they mutt boo OMtf oat itnin?llately to make room for mother apply. Dr?J? ri and utiiam will do well to civa me a ca l before purci.annf elsewhere. * Call >?t the Columbia Market, ooroor Patveati and Thirteenth atr*et. oo ig tw G. W. DUVALL. ULT T?r J II UbIoh Fire-Wood Mills. HNE.OAK and HICKORY WOOD Savtd ud bp; t at an* I-fifth o" use required, and deliver#* i" ?ny part of the City at very low pnoee. fTT We oai I th? parti ou la r att?nti -n of our eae jiurr* ar.d the pnblio generally to oar aplead d HToCK OP COAL, which we can ear, without fear of #?>r tradiction. it ?enal to air in the City. We ftua a?te* to five aatiaf ouun to all who nay are- ae? ol ut 8pLI.T^OOD ia kept hiiubt wiiti, pvrivcuj urr HI UUAb on pikDI Roori,oiMn and in good ord?r. Ltr(i mIm in ?w>!' noif. f?^Ur)?r? rolioitsd at UNION FIRE-WOOD MILLS MeKN1kT*li*?U)W, Propria to r?. BOlS-tf l^OLK BONOS. SELECTED AND EDITED F bf J Wiliimuaon Palinor; 1 lart* volaoMWO rantlf bound in morooou: prioe #! . rfcc.Jodlv the U???. boo. tfg MM. <?'< oof. Pa.*? aad nth at. F0JLJVK^c,Y.a*K'~Jh# I *". Mhoon^. F Aretae??4 Siateawan h?ve arrived and ixs. will eomnwaM 1< nding for abo t port oo^fifik HiTtKDAY next, ttth iwl. For'freirhtii* W|r to MedOBB 4 DODGE iwM * * ?ter ?t, Georgetown .. . : J? AMUSEMENTS. yy ASHI NC TO N T Q THI8 EVENING. ' ?] FaKKWKLL Be**FIT or MR. JOtfF.PH JKFFUtSON. Wlamk* will appear in 2 of kit fav?Mt?enar*c??r?. IfEWMAN NOGG9 and PAUL PRY. <J?*A-rtRDA"v~AFT?RNOON AN tMKhIC* v coUSIfi MAT I KEF WilltwtivM. Arfmnaioa to alt fart* of the bou*e only 90 eanta; oaildrao J6e?nt?. Dwi op? at 2 nVoch ; BOBwwaontl. It ODD FALLOWS' HALL! Comment-'Oj on ^lONDATEVKNINO, NoTMibM 19. FOR FOUR HTGHTS ONLY. flMrv* rhr?atm >a ???? .?? Aathor of nearl* all the I Mote ifrmt / IUimm Mmurthy. whoM ex pensn?* of mf *>iiiu?k E?r? m the prufntios, asd ?hoM inanee* r the l%tt twelve vrar* iu the citf of New Yoik (or* the euta ol ikat inmmMHm. a-e a f?ar ** *>r tw exq?lle??? of th- entp Uiun ib b* .ubmiu r? {."{jjjppjrtoftMfiHT . Will ?Hd ti al>ore. and ?fpw for pturiw.j Four Remember the original OF(.?R(iE CHRISTY la hi* Miimtaht* and chaste e .lertaiU. n. i _ _ r - J?; ?i ?- - " ? vxuiw (uimnimbki.; mu t cm. Doorioputtk<iHr?rU 7; Mrfonaa noe ?u? tennnc at a quarter to I. J NO. P. SMITH, bo u Buiin?m A(*aC w BALLS, PARTIES, kc At'R NAME ts OUR MOTTO! v/ rmnREH The fcret COTILLON PARTS' of th* PIONEER CI.I*B vill take p.ace at Thokk ? Ili.i.oa m TUESDAY. November SB. By < rttor *f the JU Committee of , rriu'?um<. Thoa. B a* sett, Joh- MoFar an<l,(9k Sol. Smith. Ww. l^wn ao 1^-tt* VOLUNTEERS FOR THE SEAT OF WAR*. THE PRESIDENT S FKOClAMA- -A JVO.V.?Kvery body that ean danoe wiH at- In tend the Grand AaaeinLly to be gir?-a b< tbe^B ARLlNtflON CIA B The mmuI^UI pied(t? themae'vee that thi* will be oae ol the graade?t nfliairaof the aeason. Raowioa ai w dn the fueingof the areaent a.iaia aad th? waata of the ope. aomMni'-f to Real tb-n dp aau reunite North and Soa h. this AeseiabN will b? kivm aa UMV'hiV Ctfrvmn ?-??--- ? ^ - >- ? Vt .1 1 ? * KIWI ?1', ! r ' MB lin Hk.ll, on P ?tre^t, li*t*wi l th a ad 1SU. Tici u?MaUftd?Hun( ac?*D lMu?o ud UdiM;Ma U> hiul ?t tte door or . f myuf the m'mb-r#. Hy order i f the (n?li >') COMMITTER. PERSONAL. /^fVlCK CH IfiSAPK*KK AlTbfmiO CANAL "j COMPANY, Wmimwii. Not. 15, inn.? Nctioe ii hereby given tuat cert 4cat?a receivable for tnll? to accrue to the clie?ap??ke and O*:o anal Come mr daring the Tear I ft, dated *? il ?th, K6U, N\ a SI to >1, ineluair*, for mm of fSH. s'"i. %J,0anJ f5?',amouutioc id the a egret a w te 6,000, we-e iuutd by orde' of the Hoard to Joke T. Bow lea. to b* applied to certain repair*, Ac. which not baring b?en done, a*d no ralne reoen-ee lor the tame vthe publics are eaatiored acaintt receiving or negotiating aaid certibcatee, ae payment ther- v? will be related. By order of the Pre?ident and Director* W. 8. UlNG.iOLD, bo >6 fit Clerk C and O. faaat Company AIM ST R O LOG I *T.-KKAU. HEAD?Gssat Fxnr***HT.?Jeer Ak?iv?d.? Ma DAMK I. OKVIr*K,the moat wonderful lady aow living, who haa created a wild fun-re in her travla. Madame t>. haa attracied the leading baa da of the count ry, all wh? have pronounced her rtveiatiuaa uu y aetomabior. Tnoee who ara in tronble of any kind | _ ?? a aw - ? iun uncvHMr. MutnM will oriit any or* to iron and eanee them U? love ?ou; will hraak the habita of drinking and cbewia*; wi I oa?s* ma-nod and unmarried onea to rrjotoe and abow ibem how to live happily; will recover lotkea. direct in retard to lawkuita, travela. numbera, Ac Pereona at a diatance bv stating their i?ge and eoeloem* one dollar can have their plar eu oorr^dy w. iiten and eent hy mail. A'ao, p?rao-1 in thia city, who fori a dell cacv in cannc, i>y enclosing ore dollar shall b? waited npon immediately, all strictly confidant a.. All communication* must be cireeted to the Richmond House, oomer High h and O , e?ts. To aooommodate Prices 2\ 50 cent* and #1. Private entrance on D street. Gant;emen, also, oall. no 16 I w* ACAt'TION. LI- Persons are cant oned acainrt buyin* Lot No 9, in Square 196, in Waahir?u>a, L>. C. We are advised by oounsel learned in law that the tax title to Gaorte W. Kizt?. Esq.. under whioh said lot m?y t?e offered for sal*. is not' and void in law g. " wiLSJh.l Waehinnton^Noy 14,1860 no 14 **_ MADAMK MORRICE, thi Omr A?nou>?ist asd Doctrejs,/rem Eurort-?This hiihly lifted and intelligent l?dy| c4n be consu ted on the Cast. Present and Future K verts. Cail at No. A aa .? r 1 ??--? www uikiiwu *vM wtwccu u ?uu nt Mnitt|wn. DoX-lm* BOARDING. HOARDING.?ThrM or four siiui* ( illamn v.-0*" V* V.con,1"??wuh Bo*rd at No 413 Maryland arenu;, hotwaon *\ a&d ?*h ?t? , Iilai.u. M?haaici preff r?d. no l>-tf . tSUAIBW Z?* " f J~~"-. 11 v y Juit rceeired from the manufacturer* Mother lot of Sharp'a Patent Breach Loading Repea'ere, rolt'i M?tt md N ew Model Revolver*. Smith * Wee* n'e Seven Snoote'i. Allen'a Revolvers, Copper ? artridcea. 4c.,to.. making our aeeortin ant probably the larteat and b at m the Dietriot. J. K. SHIELDS, Hardware Importer,33tt Pa.av? no l4-3t Oppoaite Brown's Hotel. P PAPER HANGINGS. Ac. APKRHANGINGS from t rioh and ornate to the ni' at chaste aad aimple pattern*. appropriate f?r Italia. parlor*, dining roonu, obauibere, and librariea Aleo. i choice atock warranted Gold Band WINDOW SHADES; Bnff. Green and Blue SHADK HDlXANBfc Pi/vriru pob > a put* TA88EL8, different oolora and ?i*-*a. Pureheainj for oMii, I wi 1 sell at t'ie lowest remunerative prioee. Having eerved a recular appreeU<M?e?tp of is mri ud had a practical ?xp?nenoe of twenty in this oity, and employing none bat th? heat workman, the aubaenber tuaraateee eaUefeetioa to those who may f?ror him with their ordera for Paperhaacmg and Window Shadee in oity or oonatry. A evl aol.cited. irr- Don't fo'jet the number. J. MARKRITER.No 48G Seventh at. bov 10-eo6i* doora above Odd Fellow' HalL TLEGAN'TAND RICH ASSORTMENT OF Hi CURTAIN MATERIALS, A mm /V.. D-. i.i' J* ?oid cut, mtwrxmt cut, at the store of tl?? late firm of CLAOETI A DuDSuN, a fall apply of? Elejaat Ea#hsh, Freeeh and German Brooateiles, Parik&n E'off* d? Algerine en Bay adora, J>o Sat'n de Laintia and Darnaaka. Do and German Plain ard striped Reps. A to, elegant FVcoh. Swisa and Bohemian t^? Vf?*,l ov . "?* a f?L' *nd complete aasortmeat of Gilt 8hadaa,Coraioas,TMaefs,Ginips,Bide Banda, *o , ail to furniali the windows ot parlors, dim if rooms, libraries, chambera, oAom, *e., which ar? dow HiiiDf out u prime ooat tor the euk. No nor* will be naked, nor leu taken. Such hergaina and auoh (Ooda. at anch p'ioee, will doubt !ea? nerer be bought at anoh naerifeeee again in Una eity Peraona in want are adviaerf to rail toot, before tbe aaaorteient la broken, at the atore of CLAGETT * DOPSON, do g-f>?w No. 4 Market |? LEG ANT CARPETINGS IV AT PRIME COST. Toere may he bad at the old and eatabhabed atore of CLAGKTT * DODSONElegant fcflgliah abd branch VPLVET CARPET!/* GS, tome iu mperb medallion*, at irst.eoet Superbly beautiful "rn??*l? do., in the r*rr best Kn Ink luaksa, at 90atid 96oeate, worth 91 S6 Real English heavy twilled Venetian Hair do., mad* by John Croeby k. Bona, Halifax, Yorkshire. The first of the kiad ever offered for eale is thta oitjr 1 hey are handeoiaer aid will wear batter than Branrla carpete, A ao. rich RUGS, VaTS, CRUMB CLOTBS, DRUtiG fcTS i? all widtfta. All - all will now be void out at priae ooet for the oa?h toJM out the fir^ af, ?ww m <*. wmufi, Op jiawruMn WHrtumi CLOAKS, On TUESDAY. November U fixtm Super Trimmed Black Cloaks, Crojhnt Berthe Trimmed Clo*k?, Winter Stvlei Bti?k PU>*i r Zlw. Elegant Trimmed Black Doth Cloak*. ' kucluh gaeqeee la Bla >k Cloth. aii or at price* to aait the time, at bo I<-3teo MAXWELLS', IMPiit. N*r"" "si The underaifaed would moat r?innlfulli aapoaoo6 to tlM citizens iiH itruxtri Lsst thiT Invt j u?i o pent a u? ?iio>i named eel?W;ekwel tt?Maiderable (ipMM, vh?rt they will at all ban b* r*?dy to acoonimodate the hungry a* v?laatM JpiNE WHITE OOO1J0, We h?T? ret on hand a larfe stock mlymn deef wil M^MitMriaf.uvtvi I oft |f?i ham*? / '-ti I ^ tJrJ*m * -j? 1 i *lJUr A*** +? ?" l?'?i ^i7 I By J. C. MtftlJIftK ft 4?~ OOD Btfc#Y ?<>*** AT irCTMIN-l TO-MORBu^'.NIT!1i Bt -J- e.*?t, | IB trout of in* A 99*19 . It W9 U?n Brfi ?it^ I Bst* H?:B*. ?c*B4 BBB T*UBhla, Ht % ood u t* . Tor? ?Bfc. J O f*0ori*K * CO.AbcU. B? A.bKKkN. ABotoCBBBT. I rpErrrF.K** s^i? o? va I * m K. bviib. n\??t...... ">Tl??*?*** *,?? ?,,, V' ? V T"t t Mil ID IT r I .1 4 '. ?*<>a f . b) ?IM?# ( % &l!^^2LniZAKKt^&~l!? *? < SreS^-jr; assSjnSS 1 i ^gajrar'mfri ms srw?n? IPT ;4;0 aoatk vtu SiHlr :s '-"K? ?=$ 1 iMkM) to lot;'T^bo" oru't^l5 ^twfwof^di^LrT^ii v runaltl tk?OP? north Vltk U)? liM nl i U ,t'J i jsS *Tvrv.(?$-> *"^2 I 'ee^*e. loebwi ' ui uw ,wmi v% MM I*v WNN aoatti tvwty in 1 M?t) to tfcf point of dinaioB. M?m? m*4 i?UH i tai Mt MM MM wmt with Mid 4 * IflOB llM DM Mi MtalMtt*" INtlMimNMllMtiNl to T'llU Mil* ?M( MKl flM* of VtU tk? vhiok ara t> . k 4w*.lin|^^TaraM Sf mi*: >M?? ?b; Ua raiaaiadw i? ?li. j tvaira.aad uiltlMm ki; UMNnkmrti ?!* crc yjargS^jm^yai1 ???. tosass ^ !rJSZ$K TraMaa r? < ? U# right to rMaO tk? iiunrtf M tb? n?kand *o?t < f Iketvo^MW. K. C. CABEINGTON. frp?t??. ijlJMi A. C t ERW7iwt By A. GBFF.N. Aastioaaar. ^OVBBNIIBNT SALK OFTHE?UL'X)W. \T me IftanTio.iM abticlb* ih ra? W raa 2.V33-V?~\T?A D.<Tl-4*" * r bii/1 i . is* !?: #M of UwiMrr test. I ah*lla*ll ? " Nary Yard, lattit it?,u tt o'elocITiu tM" arti*k??. W?Two 9?OUOB EifiBM, CM #W TMMUII Mt ?Mi(. ^ _ OI4 Pimh- I?* of " l*>atb?r? HON, c i d Rom Jack,? mjtf (VSij?,?t?oM Mart. tivKa irrA.~. roviv, elf-lav A. GRKKN. A?t. ' THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW. By A. GREEN. A?ct;?*or. VALUABLE BUI [-DING LOTA IN 9QUARE I No. 469. OR 111 l?LARB. AT Acroo* - Or ( FRIDAY. Notwmi **, j afcui Mil. n fr?M of i Um promt***. mt * o'o ook p. hl, Um [ouotut ttMM htateMB* fc?>Min< lot*. tii? I ?-ot? Not 5. ?. 7, 1?,?\ a *b4 ?. in H?r? No. I 469. ocnUiurii in m. 1 hi??? kMri si tfcn?a?nd H?n M of errand Thi? pr~??u? front* m oath H urf I *tr<-?t* betvrxn hill ud t*o?ooU? ItTMll *Mt m4 will b? ???M in lot* to *uit ?ur okucrt. f'otm IC f ? ?*i front*. (- hi*: On* *?frrU>roMli l?iuM Hl.ltH.lW M mootfcf.Mm ft'C i*er t-< gt?? not** for deferred MrMnto, loterMt from day of aal?. A dard |ivaa u<i d?od of traat taken. mc 5 4t A. 6REEN. AmC cy THK ABOVE E IS PO?TPONEp on juteoti tor HHwi u?t.i J-RI0AY. tM> Mib imUnt, mim hoar. ? A. CEEHM.A?C By CLEAR VAtiRKKN AactiooMr*. ?0? Ifimk strut KXvtf!,8,-VE VLE ??\?TOCl. 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G las*, and Crockery War#, Toyther with a tar*e and excellent anerlMit of Kjtohoa.Paatry,and Dairy War*. Terms rfaale: aU earn* audar M? eaah; over tan, a ero*it o< 2,4. and ? naocttia will bo fivea. la all oaoee iol*i moat b? aatia;aotori'y end<>ieed, beariaf aaftoreot. and mad* payable at aoaae back ir/fh' oit* of Wa*hiB|toa U^wadesire to oai i partioalar attention to <bo above aale. It la by Car tho moot interacting aalo that haa mr taken plaoe in tht? ncinit* OaaHbiieee wEl a tart for tho a la oo of anle oa tho orainc ofaaoh day at o'elvtk fro* tho door of tho Aaotioooor* oa Hk atro-t, nearth* artaaa. oote-dtd * n. I P ftlanriBB A. A w v* im w v a?u mm vVH ASOVMMVtB. l^URNITUVB AND EFFECTS OF A PAMIla (rant of the A uolioa Room, w ?h*IJ m(1 Um F ami tar* and Effaou of a lamuy daaliaiac lum IM?U?. oom^nunt? Snit ?rS DM wood Green Piaehenrorad Parlor PirpSSwSSVV1* 01 L*Uiat 8of*-Arm ^fw Voaoveod MMbl*-toi Ontrr Table. Whataoi, Hary<aom? Waant Work.W. and FaniyTablaa, cCi ?*rin? ? ? 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