Newspaper of Evening Star, November 16, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 16, 1860 Page 3
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MM A NEWS. r>Tkmifk Tbi ,4th 1* nrlaM mi Ike fiflM sUstn pri-m In a* ??atta of Baltimore, Ita edition U so l*rg? u to require it to be pat to press at an early boar; Advertisements, therefore, should bo oat la before o'clock m; otherwise they may aot appear until the next day ffoTic*.?District of Colombia Advertliemeati to be Inserted in the Baltimore Scs are received at aad forwarded from Tbk Stxa Office. Til* Dniso* a.t r?* Www*.* Last N: o a t ? Tk* mitatk upo* tki Wigir+m?TKt Xati?n*l T*i/ mntfrt? Tka: Lttttr ?The VFivwarn waaerowdsd to Us atmoet capacity laat night, by mem ben donbtleaadesirou* to keep posted up in the affairs oT the political world, aa well as. by their pf**eare in too -'Saabedrlm," to Tlndlcate their pollitaal ortbod?xy. 3 ' Tbe flnt business of moment transacted wu artlon on tbe application of Mr Baum^arien to brcome i mrmbrr. which bad been laid over at the last meeting on account of objectloa having been trade to bis admlaion. Seme body wanted to know what objection there *a to Baumgarten. and Loped the objector would state what he bad to say. Somebodv else tbcngbt Mr B , If he were pres-nt, ought to get up and defend himself Mr Cobn moved that the meeting proceed to ballot He had made objection to Banmgarten k oa hia bad character as a repirbl'can, but was now sat'.shtd It was deetrous that this Associa* tina gam strength, and not to ballot out applicant* who are good voters v .Li IV..1 tun. U r IVIirtflnuWMi ka n u turn tuc wi ? -m ristion had been compelled to receive Bauuiyarten, because wben be made application to them they bpd no article In their by-laws which would exclude him But they baa determined that when be ihoold apply for membership here, that he should be opposed btrsuse fee baa been heard to say that all be wanted to join for was to make it pay That be was only a republican for gain; snd the speaker hoped this Associstiou wouM any man who merely wanted to b~wa? ? iiiemWr for the crumbs [Cries of Wood,' "Good."J It waa evident that this /Vuugarten was devoid of republican principles, aad be, for one, should oppose bim [Applause J Secretary Cleptane ?uwd that the ballots wtre all destroyed at the late attack on the Wigwam, and that he had not bad time to prepare any new ones TL'ries of '"Ballot.'' I He auycrested that as ten black balls would reject an applicant. If there were that many present who were opposed to Baumgarten becoming a member, they conld signify the same by a negative ballot, which woum sbv.ate the necessity for a general vote. In accordance with this suggestion, a crowd rushed up to the President's table to rote, and in a very br.rf space of time the Secretary announced that fl/ieen, si item. seventeen, black balls hid b-en caat," and that Mr. Baumgarten was rejected. The next business wti to act open the applications of thoae whose cases bad been reftrred at the last meeting in the usual way. Ij dc minn wrrr can* u uxcr iiowjt, iuii uj?portnnltr might be given for object!ou? to to made A nunber of names were called orer and tome one objected to the mmeof H. Arteser Mr. Arteaer't friend said that Mr. A. bad been endorsed by Mr (ittbardt, and tbat wa* recommendation enough for any man here The objector wanted to know which Arteser It was? It a^emed after examination tint the applicant waanottbe one the objector deal red to have rejected, and to the objection was withdrawn, and the applicant wa? duly elected, together with tome eighteen other* Irhe uewiv elected then came forward and signed the coostltntlon The President (Mf. Coomba) now made an explanation In reference to what had been done In relation to the attack of the .National Volunteers Ion the wigwam The next dav after that attai k. Aif?r? Buell ft BUncbard and himaelf were applied to by several leading members of the A*aociation of Volunteer* to see if tome compromise of that matter could not be effected. We, said Mr Coombs, were perfectly willing to enter into an irran^eoieat so far a* the damage to this building waa concerned; but with the understanding, however, that we disciaimed any authority or disposition to take any compromise steps io relation to toe criminal branch of the lit W ? 1VM? taM thflf tfriAir UTOfA Pasitw tn r\ * 11 damages done to the property of BueifV Blaachard; aod after consultation with them and Mr. Ctepbane, tbe speaker was authorized to state a sum sufficient to compensate tl.ese gentlemen for the damage done to (be building I he other side desired that it should be staled la writing I This was done, arid tbey expressed ?bemselv?-s sjtisded. and Mid they were willing and anxious Ito settle that part of the matter in this way to avoid a civil process This was all pat in writing; and then the agent of the Volunteers desired us to inak-some pr m;se that we would not take any active step* in relation to the crlm'rial branch of the case After consideration, the speiker added to the agreement that he felt authorized to say that in case tbe parties making the request came forward and compensated Messrs Bi>r-il& B'.anchard for tbe datitage done to their premises, those dam aged by Uie mault would not care to interfere with the criminal prosecution, but were content to let the law take its coarse, without any active interference aa an association. 1A day or two afterward, the party with whom vre bad been negotiating thus far, cauie to tbe speaker and ssld that the whole affair bad been referred to Alderman W. H. Ward, and desired the speaker to go and ie? tuat gentleman. The speaker accordingly called on Mr Ward, and tuat gentleman said that tbe terms proposed by us wereeutlrely satisfactory. Mr Ward appointed auotber meeting for the following Monday at 1*4 o'clock, before the trial before Justice Done I should come off. to conclude the matter. On Sundsy, Messrs Ward sad others rame to us and said again that the arrangement whs satisfactory to the National Volunteers and their frleuds, and that the sunt named In tne agreement should be made up 1 be speaker then told tbern that he had beet instructed lu tuat case not to appear as attorney for the L"ailed States against tbe perpetrators of the assault, but suould only appear lor some of our owa men who bad been arrested bv the olh ers that ni*ut On Monday morning. the speakfsr nw Justice Donu tad infom-d thai he should Dot appear as counsel for the United Mitrt at the trial Mr. l>onn told him that Mr Ward bad been there, and said something about a postponement of the trial to Thursday. Saw J. V. ard lr the course of the morning, and h? aaid that all waa satisfactory, and it was understood 1 that Ue (Coombs washed b.s hands of the erimi9 nai process so far as appearing for the United States was concerned, and that he should only i appear as counsel for three of their own men wLo had been arrested ( The trial came off. and tke speaker attended aa rounael for Bigley aud tUe others of tbia (republican) Association. Mr. v\ ard did notaDpear, nor any cne else, to aak a postponement of ibe trial. The speaker told Jaatiee Dona precisely bow be atood with reference to tbe crimiaal proo-aa; and finally, after waiting aouie tinte, tbe Juatlce took up B'.glry'a caae, and went on with It. He (Ooombe) only put questions In relation to tLelr own men, although frequently requested by tne Juatlce and by many friend* present to go ou and qu?*a iou for tbe Laited {Mates; and aa soon <u their men were discharged be left tbe guadhouse Hi? ouvht. how#v?r ua h?i>kr Htti** Iaad Mjr that on Sunday Mr Wnr<Tand Ma friend* agrred U? meet ua at a ce Uln place at 1? o'clock on Moadav. a ad conclude toe arrangement about tbe dana((t to the wigwam. We went according to agreement, and no Mr Ward appeared, nor any ?nefor him. After waiting Uil 1 o'clock, tbo Uft Ihii 1 * J * I . ? .vu^r l? WM rviuriik that tbla Aaaociatioa bad been trifled with ttruugbeat Mr Ward and bit frieoda u>ade anOtber appointment wilU tbeui for to>day, wLlcb tbev alao broke, and Uiey bad at Uat coacluded that tbeotber party doe* not Intend to do anything. A Voire?Mr. i'realdeat, 1 move tbat tboee damage* be paid out of tbe treaaury of tbia Aaaor.11.on {Crleeof ' Good, good,'' "That* the Crkft "1 I Mr C roat.aalng. atated that tbcy bad Inforonauon and evtd*tare of tbe moat direct and poaltlve cUarartar, tmp'Uafeug a number of promloeat imrn u laadm la tbla attack on the wigwam They ?re meu of whom damages can be recovered. and weahall now rnlor suit against tbern, and nao against all other* whom we can iiuplinlc to the affair, and prosecute thou to Uie extrot of the law It ia alao our duty. m?t a* an mjcUMm, but aa citizens and Individual, to bn?<cnu these rlote-s crtmlasliy; and It nay be Weil to My U*at there ia no necessity for showing Mr band at a magistrate s t/lal. Nothing that a justice of the peace can du cm prevent action before the Grand Jury. It baa beea a practice In tbla city to have tbese preliminary examinations, mc miniouT m wimMKiBnilop1?K Ui? cm* and giving the other aide the ad van. tj|(r of knowing what we know. W ttoenart have brrt apirtwd away, doubtless. by the effect of ajch preliminary developments {A voice atruck to Lrrr with the Inquiry wbethe* aoiue of the de feadanU la tbia city bad not gone away, and If .me of the National Volunteer) had not gone to m?uth Carolina as Minute Mea, which occasioned cofuigeraiiir UujibW throughout tLe wigwam J Mr C closed by saying ttetma association setting must be done, but that every nan could latiividu il.y Ukeavery reasons Ue means to bring tbese rioter* to justice He suggested to the As octation that ft would be weil for any member who knew of evldeuce touching tLe ink u. r..r fa! an with It quietly, 1*4 that no further pwhlx* intde of Um matter la this AssocUUon association. ret ry Clrpkue ititrd that the day after this I wu amf, tnnfbody wanted mmm mm to to tae matter aad **" that somethlog waa with reference to brtagiay to nualshoiont perpetrator*. No one hsvlug voluuterrrd to toy actioa for the Assot istlou, he had done kevrral of the Volunteers cane forward with Mala for a conpr teniae. Thoy said that a la party waa witling to pay all the daina*sa to the WbwtB The speaker at frst *d to bear of % temprootlM, tat was erged by oar President (Coomb*) to do 10, and loitlf consented that If tbe Kattoml Volunteers wonla n.ske up tbe daat^iges to tbe building and writo ua a letter expresaing their regret at the occurrence, a ad pledging themselves against any recurrence of a like offeaae, they abould not be prosecuted for auch damages. Mr C stated that ho had aupposed tb&t such a proposition would bo at oooe rrj-cted by tbe National Volanteers aa humlllat: n^;. but strange to sav they readily agreed to It, and sent tbe letter. They have been tampering and tampering with us ever since, and evidently don't mean to come to an understanding Y*aterdav, when tbey broke their engagement to meet and conclude tbe matter, he(Clepbane) went U> tbe man who h?d proposed to settle for the damagt-a, and he aaid that he had referred the whole matter to hi* attorney, Mr Wm H. Ward. He begged the speaker to wait till 10 o'clock on Thnreday, (yesterday.) uy wutcu uvui uc wuiuh tt nru tuu 9fia? bout a settlement Weil, at the proper hoar bo Mr Ward appeared, and there is only one Inferencc to be drawn concerning the matter. ^Prlea of " read that letter, let'a ?ear what they Mr C said that had the National Volunteer! kept hith with this aaaociation, he should hare felt bound In honor upon the conclusion of the arrangement to return that letter to them, that no evidence might remain in our hands against them; but sa they have hacked out, the document la no longer secret. They would be proaecuted both for the criminal and the civil offence Clries of " Good, good read the letter "] r. C then proceeded to read the letter as follows: Wasbtsbtok, Nov 8,1HJ0 To Messrs Bw!l, Cltphint, and other<?Gentlemen : The undersigned, members of the National Volunteers, hearing that the rallying cry of the mob that attacked the printing offlceof Messrs Buell k Blanc hard was ' National Volunteers," beg leave for themselves?and they believe they reflect the sentiments of the Association?to deprecate the whole transaction,and pledge themselves that no such tranaactlon shall ever be countenanced by ttjem In a further spirit of concilia! 11 At ?a _i a* a.? _ ? ?> uuii. tucy pirai;? wfiniPiTPt inai ail me damage occasioned shall be repaired at no expense to tEe owners of tbe building, or printing ofltce, or As oclstion rooms; and further, that st tbe next meeting of the " Volunteers," to-morrow nlgbt. resolutions shall be adopted condemning the whole affair snd promising Immunity to all pollticsi sssocistions ?o far ss It Is tbalr power. Signed by?R Cleary, J E Willett, Jsmes E. Johnaon, Henry Dudley, J. VVIae, Henry Fugurson, P. M. Derrick, John I.aney, W. S Brooks, W. J Murphy, James E. Jones, Wm Ferrel. After the sensation consequent upon tbe reading of tbe letter bad subsided? Mr A C. Richards offered s resolution alluding to the necessity for a republican organ In this city, and referring to the proposed estsnlisbmcnt of a dally evming penny paper here, designed to adYocate republican sentiments In the Federal Metropolis, recommending its Indorsement and auppori dv ide Association Mr Richards alluded to tbe necessity of having an organ In which to rrnel the attacks of.tbe opponent* of tbe party, ana to make a?gresslonr for the furtherance of republican principles. He doubted not but that every member of this Association would pledge himself to its support. uc atwiutiuu waa u nan i ii.utivi v aaopi^a. The Association wu then addressed by Mr. I Hatch. The wiewam Assailants ?Further Hearing A further examination of the parties charged with an assault upon the wl)wim on Tu*>sd*y. took place yesterday afternoon at tb* guard-houae, before Justice Donn There w?a a large number In attendance, bat not so many as on the previous hearing Messrs Thomas W Bwr and Wm H.Ward appeared on behalf of the defendants. No counsel was present for Government, the Dlstrh t Att/>rn*v having fai ed to make any provision to that end The hearing commenced about 4 o'clock. The first witness aworn was Wm. A Cltartr.? l,eft the telegraph office, In company with a friend, a little after 12 o'clock, and walked down t? the corner of Four-and ah*lf unit P* nironii* -? ? w??? a |?*l *J VI Uiril standing there, and heard one of them remark, i "We are going to take the wigwam " The party addrrssed said: "Lot's wait until the other bov? come " A few minutes afterward another crowd came across the avenue and proceeded up Fourand-a-half to C, and thence to Third street. The crowd that was standing on the corner followed. When the crowd reached Trinity Church they Anar?tA/l An? ?? *L - ?1 ? -? v _ , ?i-j kui UK ilc wijjwum oy way of C it., and the other alone Indiana avenue. The only person be recognized was Dr. Cleary. When toey got to within 50 or 60 yards of the wigwam, one or two ?bnU were lired at th? Eraotfire building. L)r Cleary. who was then close behind witness, halloed out, "Give It to ber. txty? " Witness was standing on tbe corner of Second and D sts .when Martin I>atruite caine up C street, byway of Foar-and-a-half, he thought. arier the police bad reacted the place. Latruite approached wltneaa, and aaked bini what the cowd bad been doing Witneas told him. Latruite remained with witness aome time on the corner. Didn't aee Latruite at anytime doing ttnolkt ?U f?UIU|. H-nry C Purdy ?Was ?t the wl^wani about balf-paat 10 o'clock; rem lined there aouiet me when be left in company with a friend K ear-bed the corner of Four-and-a-half and C street when witness met a large and noisy crowd coming up on the opposite tide of the street At l'arker's corner met Mr Latruit and another gentleman, with whom witness followed the crowd on the opposite aide aa far as Third street There the crowd separated and went over to tbe wigwam. Witues* and hia friends walked down C street aa f*r as Second At the time witness reached there heard the glass j n^ling and firing of pistols Saw several police officets standing against the rail fence at tbe time Justice ? Did they aeem to be endeavoring to prevent tbe attack * Wiineaa ?No, sir: they teemed to tay " Rather b?* ncu?."d,!l like ourselvea Wit new remained oa the corner until thr d:ilurbaure waa pretty well over. when tie walked away. Didn't recognise any one but Mr. Latrult, wbo teemed to be trying to get tbe crowd to deaiat and move off A queatioa aa to tUe time of thia occurrence being put to tbe w.t/ieaa by a trentloman, Mr. Berry aald he objected to this rnodt of propouod ing qaetuon* Justice -Mr Berry, before you go any further Mr Berrv ?Pleose wait until I get through It 1* toe duty of the District Attorney, when ch;u*? are against any party hare, to either be present hiui?eif or sead some one as a substitute I say in this preliminary examination no person other thau yourself or the counsel engaged on either side, has the right to arise here and conduct tb" examination I objected to It at the last examination, but my objection was not -J uocuru Justice?Mr. Berry, I did not understand that you then appeared for any person. >1 r Berry ?I appeared here at the suggestion of several members of t?.e '-Volunteer Association. " It was as a member of tbat association, and as counsel for certain parties, tbat I appeared here. I told you that I appeared for no one in particular. Justice ?1 knew that you said yon tppeared to endeavor to rsileve the "National Volunteer Asso- | Al ? ? ciaiivu irom me cnarge of participating In or countenancing tbis attack; but 1 was also aware that that association was not arraigned here Mr. Ward bavin/ sought to Impugn the motives of tbe Justice In not deferring a previous examination. per agreement, as claimed, between himself and csunsel on thr other side, ths Juitire gave an explanation, which was considered satisfactory by Mr. Ward It was shown that tbe counsel on tbe otber side had not informed Jus- { tice l)oini of any such arrangement, as Mr. Ward i had supposed Mr Berry again asserted that it was the duty of the District Attorney to be there himself, or depu Mm-r avyiuv cviupCiCUl f^IWU W SCI MIUDHIlUlf Justice ?It is very painful to me, 1 as*ure you, to try this case It Is oi.e from wbUh 1 receive no benefit whatever; but I always endeavor to do my duty towards the Government and towards the people 1 never have shrunk from duty, and never Intend to while I am acting In the capacity of a public oflcer. Since 10 o'clock, I have been engaged In trying a caae, and have not since early this morning partaken of any food. Feeling S3 very tired, I merely asked oae or two gentletiemen in mv rear to r?ll??? v>? pounding to the witneaes whatever quettfun* might deemed pert nent and proper.^ ur ? naray ?I will appeal lo tbe "Tiqalre to know If be iBteads that tbe opinion of these gent ejoee (Messrs Ward and Berry) shall override hs decision ! Justice ?It la my wish that some persons shall ask questions 1 am Incapable, from my exhausted i ondttlon, to conduct tbe examination on tbe part of tbe proeecotlon w tb that spirit which I think It Is due to the Government It sbould he conducted. , Mr Hardy.?1 have no wieh to propound questions; hut 1 claim that I have the right, and as much rlgbt ss Mr Ward, or anybody else, with permission of the Mqulre * u? W. .A - .... .....?I , hi, you iiave not. 1 am acting professionally. Justlef.?Thei, If it cone* UtUta point, J ?Ua!l be com : pel led to postpone tbe caaa, and aak the District Attorney to Mad conn tel. Mr. Ward'-Well, 4* that; but I object moat decidedly to anybody and everybody coat ng here and Mkln* questions. Mr Hardy ?I have no right, except by per. mission of tbe Saul re Justice?Mr Ward, { appeel to yoc. Yon know that from tbe close attention I have been required to pay to a caae that 1 have been trying .i, j-- ?? ?* " * war, till uiihu ! wiiWWIW CHWOWli IAWWI M Mac very muck exhausted puyatcally. Therefore It would be of greet aaelatanee to me to btre tome gentleman propound qaratioaa 1 aaked Mr. Hardy merely to Qgfctst ?nv queaUon that might occar to blm It ought to oe tke dt-dre of every man to bave this matfer fhlly f?rre4ed out Mr. Berry.?We do 4eaire that, eir. Mr Hardy?.Why doat rtxa take the proper meana to do It tbeaf wutimm Lmd mn.?A toot It, er perbap* a U*M *Sm ,kr iiaeaa fallowed a crevd IM jtoti't ?*w #4 ' street, wbar* titey fell tn wltk another partf B?? parties then proceeded to the wigwam. w ltneM took care to keep at a respectable distance, and therefore did not nvnani** ?* at Birth'* corner during tbe attack Afewminntea after the building waa lighted op he aw aome ona throw a bencn ontoftbe aecond atory window of the baUdlng. He lrft before the crowd, but they overtook him near tiie City Hall. Thar were then marching In military order He recognized Mr Hollahan, who teemed to be acting aa one <>f the otto n Ojfirfr King Uattflrd corroborative of what had alre-idy been stated. W hen lie reached tb? building be caw a yuung man by th*- name of Thomas Haagerty. with a none In khband.and In the act of throwing tha aame. I hallooed at bina, upon which Haggerty turned round and walked off He then went to the door, when he waa directed by Lieut. McHenry to aaalat Odlcer Scftrff In taking Mr. Jobnaon to the Onardbeoae. He afterwarda returned to the )? ? th. ?ii? turbance wu then over. Ojflc*r Bright ?Seeing It would be impoeslbis for tbe oAcers to quell tbe disturbance, ana knowlog that the major portion of the party were National Volunteers, and that Mrssrs Dr. Cleary and Martin Latrulte were officer* of that body, he west to these gentlemen to endeavor to get them to un their Influence in getting the crowd off. Mr. Latrulte was standing quietly In an opposite corner, a spectator and nothing more; and when approached by witness wanted him (witness) to take notice tbat be bad nothing whatever to do with the affair. At tbe request of witness. La u-uiie went across to the pirtr and finally succeeded In getting them off The men seeming loth to retire, Dr. Clesry hallooed out to them, "Damn your aouls, fall In " They then fell In line and moved off Guardsman McLean testified that be aaw Chaa. Donoboo In tbe building He (Donoboo) wai going out at tbe time. This was when tbe otbera in tbe building were being taken away bjr the officer* Donoboo waa not in the custody or any one. Didn't aee him outaide. Officer Handy waa in the building at tbe same time; didn't see Handy come out of tbe building with the crowd. Charles Lammond and Wm H Thomas were then examined, but nothing new elicited. Two very important witnesses belnn absent, tbe Eunice urciufa 10 near iDeir testimony at his ofilce on Fueada) night next In tbe meantime, be would closely examine tbe testimony which had been given. Tit* Ccllision Cask Cohclcdid ? Veaterday, at 11 o'clock, Justice Donn resumed the txauilna iion or we witnesses in tbe case of Capt. Samuel E Gednev. of the steamer George Page; tbe witnesses in behalf of the prosecution alid Captain Dukes, of the Belie Haven, haviug been examined at the hearing published in the Star last week At the bearing yesterday, Messrs. Hugh HamtnU1, VV. H Cawood, William Carr, passengers on tbe Pa^e, and G. W Moran. engineer, and J. W. Jett, pilot of the Page, were examined. The testimony tended to show that all that could be done tfi nrpvpnt * K" 41? "4X1 *~ ? r- -.- ? wv*i?tt/u ??'? uwnc uj iuc uiuucn in charge of the George Page and the tug. Thia caae had particular refmuoe to the courae puraued by Captain Gcdney and the evidence fully exonerated htm from blame In addition to the wltneaaea in the cue of Captain Gcdney, Deputy Inapecters Farlow and Curran were preeent to examine into the conduct of John \V. Jett, the pilot in charge of the George Page, and took the evidence of Capt. Dukea, of the tug, and Captain Gedney, of the Page The evidence of theae gentlemen waa given clearly and without equivocation, merely telling the facta without any ap?irent endeavor to cast blame upon each other hit morning Juatice Donn decided to diamiaa both the caat-a ngaiuat Capta Gedney and Diik<**, gathering from the evidence that the object of the tut; waa to reach the achooner Gen Cameron to u i? a ? -? - vame ucr in w>w oei?re (De rage reached the point of collision, hut mistook the speed at which the vai going. It was a collision which <ouldnot have be?-ii avoids under the circumstances The Deputy Intpectora having heard ail the evidence In the case of the pilot then before them retired, requesting the Justice to send the record evidence of the Urat bearing to them in Balcimor?. Their examination has to do with the (ieorge Page and her officers, as a licensed na?fcenger st?amer under the United States law The discovery of neglect or incompetency on the part of licensed officers would be u auAcient cause to revoke their commissions The decision of the Inspectors hninothrrn uivpn ??f win??- uiiti. ___ - w.. J va w ?? - -?VJ ?UU ** itu tbe'evidence In both hearings before them, tbey will haidlv fail to report favorably of Oapt Gedney and his pilot. It may be they will suggest an improvement in the signals of the steamboat* on the river ' M * t i n e 8 "?Mr. Editor: 1 perceive that you, too, have committed the gross mistake of calllug afternoon performance of any kind?concert or exhibition?matinee For the manager of a Circus company or Ethiopian troupe to do this. Is excusable; but for an tditor of a newspaper, who ought to know better. It is not excusable. Matinee Is something relating to thy morning. A morning exhibition may be styled a matinee, but not an afternoon or evening one. Note.?We ''guess" our critical contributor bails from " away daown east," where they " git ui> airly," and where the morning expire* oy about 8 o'clock a m. If our correspondent will refer to Webster, who will, we prr-sume, be considered good authority, he will flntl the following among the definitions of the word morning:?''Among men ol business in large cities, the morning extends to the hour of dining;" and referring to the beading '-Dinner ," in sua aicuonary, tie will read:?"Among people in the bibber walks of life, and In commercial towns, tbe time of dining is from two to Ave or six o'clock in tbe afternoon " Very good; this gives us margin enough ; and we again call tbe attention of the public, our critical friend included. to the fart that the tbeiW folks, incited and led on by Mntri tilenii and JtUTerson, do intend to Kive a tnatmet performance of "Our American Cousin," at 3pm .tomorrow, doors ' open at 2. P S.?We have the authority of the late David ! Crockett, MC. for saying thai in bit time, while | foreign ministers, members of Cungress.&c .were | in the habit of dining at 7 or 8 o'clock in the i evening, the President "did not dine till the next day " Rckclary ?Last night the cigar and tobacco atore of Wm. Finley, corner of Seventh and F streets, waa entered by a burg'ar and goods atolen amounting in value to about seventy-live dollars. Among the articles were four pipes valued at fifty dollars. The entrance waa effected by f >rring the aide door, break*ng a large and strong bolt This required great force and the noise must have been considerable, enough at any rate, one would suppose. to have wakened up the watchmen If any bad t <*n on that beat This store waa robb< d in July of about three hundred dollars worth of goo4s. The bu glar waa then caught Aut escaped. About eighteen months ago it was again robbed. A* Expedition.?This morning several t>f the I line of Georgetown omnibus**s, with four horse ! trains to each, were ranged In front of Cleery and ! Green's auction rooms on Ninth strict ?t i boor We werq informed npon inquiry that they were employed to convey person* to the country residence of the late Partus Cligett, Kaq , where a Ml* of the household furniture, atock, grain, farming Implements, etc , was to take place. The coaches were soon filled and on their way to the country, attracting much attention as they passed along. The St. Axdiuv'i ?The annual celebration of this association takes place on the .'Wih instant The arrangements for the oc. 1 Cfsi?n are now being made, and are extensive. The festival will come ?ff at Gautier's, who bu Wurae so popular with the Society. The past celebrations give assurance that the coming will be a grand affair In addition to the variety which the members tbemselvea afford for the evening, numerous invited guests will contribute to the fnnd of mirth and social enjoyment. Tii* T? . ... ?* - *? ' - ? A * ..I * it m * n?*i kkrvii. joc j t?o<*ri *n nm Dll farewell benefit at tbe Theater, to-night, la hla favorite character of "Newman ftoggs" and ' Paul Prv " Of course, bis hosts of friends In tbe cltv will see that he baa a bumper Our citizens should bear in mind, also, tbe "matinee" to-morrow, for the special benefit of families who have not seen '-Our American Cousin," and may desire to do so. Labcznt?This morning, two gentlemen carried a colored boy named Charles Lucas, to the i office of Justice Donn, and charged him with tbe ! larceny of a portmonnale containing five dollars in silver coin and a gold breast pin The portmonnaie was taken from him with nearly all tbe money He was taken when about to get aboard me steamboat to go to Alexandria. Justice Doun committed him for court. Akbivbd at Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteenand-a-half street, schooner* Charm, Starr, Philadelphia, with 130 toi.a of coal for Mr. George

Bovui; Jamea U Cater, Catley, Havre de-Grace, with 80 tona of slate for Mr. Watte, and coal for Mr C M Keya: TberesaaC. Smith, Philadelphia, with 121 tona or coal for Mr. H. Fowler. CsnteaL GcA*D-Hooaa Cabs.?Noah Shealda (col'd) was arreafed for fighting; caged for tbe \ ulirht and this mornlmr h* mt > >? - > bou?c for 90 dam Two lodger* were ftccoauno. dated. Ptor Hi?T continue* hie count of lecture* to-morrow morning, at 11 o'clock. He hu the Subject of magaetiun atlll under consideration. Do mot roaoiT Dr. 8am*on>* lecture, at tha room* of the Young Man'* Chri*tlaa A**oci*tion, on Saturday evening, at 7% o'clock. St Bis noiics of the opening of winter millinery, to-morrow, by Mr*. HiU. - ? SI CD, J: vsg^hsr sscNffiSMfWot I rT*HE CIEAPEST PLAC* to bar Clothing, ?&tr n fW*!* BOOTS, SHOES, HATS,' CAPS,< AND Oil Having determined to close out the entire rtoe and experience to the Dry Goods business sxclasi I Dtlanre of the stock in Store, 313 Seventh sUeet complete, embracing all quail Ilea, etvlra, ?ad si: I Children, and Servants. . I t CARPETING, RUGS, DRUOGETH. ai ntyles. Tbese goods were purchased recently ?t i Con We would advlae all persona In waui of 1 I Crtll irrtudlately, u tte stock must be clottd at a IN THE ADJOIN!Vf* ?*rnor trs. ? Stock of FOREIGNVnV DOMESTIC* DRY GOi of eqaal quality, can be purchased at retail in Nf We have just purchased from the assignees of flee, the following extra bargains, to wWcb we In Fine black Cloth for Cloaks St SO Wide black Merino for Shawls 91.50 Brocbe Shawl Bordering 25 cents 25 cent white Brilliant 12 cents 12 cent Linen Hand kerchieft ft cents 50 cent Table Linen 25 cents Best 12 cent Bleached Cottons 10 cents Beat 12 cent Canton Flannel 10 ceata 37 cent Linen Sblrt Bo?omi 2U cents Woolen Flannels onlv 12 cents 11-4 Blanketa S3 76, worth S3 The prices named above warrant aa In guar favor ua with a call. All gooda ahowD cheerfully, represented (a judgment. no 16-2t WANTS. WANTED?A hit*> GIRL, aa o bam her maul acd waiter. Th<> beat ofj-efore'oe required. Apply atj]!61 F ?t.. between 9.h and 10th. It* AN 1 KD?At t*>? Ur.ioa Hotel, Georgetown, TWO CHAMBERMAIDS. Apply at the OfBo?. no 16-3t WANTED-^ WOMAN and a HOY, to do hou?ewo>k. Apply at No. a**4 H *t. None need apply uneaa they can brtnj the beat recomm^ndationa. no 16-2t' ANTED?A WOMAN or Gi K I., to oook and do hou*9work. Also a BUY, from 16 to It v ara ol.i, to learn 'he confMitinii?rv ?.?! ? Siv At JOS. SCHaFFiK.LTVS roafecUonery, No. ?6 Sixth ?treet, between G und H. It* WANTKO? An American or German fJlHi WOMAN. She must underaa'd cooliinc, I washiugand irumnn 4"?1 Maacaoliuaett* ? venue,1 lw?twe?-u 4th and 5th sts. no 15 2t* \M7ANTED?A colored MAN, to act as groom * and aasis'ant coa^hnran. Slave prefa *d Good waz?>n paid. Apply to WM. STIC* N KY, Kendall G reen WANTED?A SITUATION a* t aoher. by a *?unr lady, in a sohool or pri vat? fltmi y in or near Washincton. who la competent t<> teach Erg1 ah. French and Music Unquestionable reference riven. Also, $1,300 to loan, with unexceptionable security Address "Fulton," General I'ost Office, no <5-3t? \L7ANTED?A smile MAN who has beenacou*to p^d to milk cowx and to work on a farm. A- ply at Valley View Farm. 1 mile west of Georgetown CoMese For Ml > or exe: a>>ge, two CHESTER HO iRS, aboetS months old Apply as above. _njj4 St M_ll. ? JJI ? _ fIIIUiIiC-?|;CU WO " man. n SITUATION in a fimilr. She in a good Ki'&tnitre** and can d" any kind of family wwf. Would t a ?> no objection to instructing small chiloreu in the fi'nt pa-t of ^lu^atii.n. Cumprti ariou not <> much an ol>jn<*t an a smteel honH". Any *ddre*? t j E. W., left at the Star Office will h? att^nd^d to. no U-St.'o Vf ANTKD IMMKJJI ATKIiY?From ?5 to wortn ol SKQONl>-H AN D Fl'RNI TURF, ofail kinds, for which I will ;narantj to par the highest prices, and, as u?ual. at the shortest uotioe. R. BCCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, 4c.. oc 9 _ 40** 7th ?t.. het. G and H. east aide. WANTED-AI1 kinds of 8KCOND-HAND FURNITURE,for which I will pay the cash, at 3*9 Seventh street, between I and Koo6-tf BONTZ 4 GRIFFITH. .LUST AM) FOUND. _ <20 REWARD.-l.ort.nn theBth :n*tant,ablack inn TERRIKR PUP, ?ix monlhiA^j Old; tn wen to the name of CUarUy.j^^^^T Tha a'love reward will lie paid if deliv- ** r-d af 110 Four-and-a half at.. 1* and. no 16 3t* JOHN CROOK. LOST-A GOLD BRACELET of heavy chain pattern ?et lare? carbuncle in oenter aurroundm I.. l-< -I- ^ I ' J-Ii- ' w 11 ix;*!!! " mi. r i v c uuiitri reward wil Iw paid for it* delivery at No, 12* Penn *v?- u# It i? thought it w?i loit at or near the corner of Eleventh itreet to-<lay 15*h November, a? a lady stopped into a hack, and a lad; in raournicg i? he- , lieved to have ftrtind jt. no 15 St* j FOUND?On the farm of J. H.Cauiten. on the Hi?hatr>et road, near G?M>rretiwn. & rv grey HOBSE. about >2 hands high, Thf TLA owner will oome forward, prove property I pay ehargea, and t+lct h:m away. co U-3t* i ROR HAT.T7! A VT1 DFWT t % & \/Ml U4I MSJLJ 1/ X* F~ OR R ENT?STABLE A ND'CAR R J AGEHOUSK. ?*onveniant to V,'il.ard?' Hotei. Inquire at this offioe. H |3oiTh ?.NT-A three-?t?rjr BRICK HOUSE, r (furnished or unfurnished. > It will be let on mo leiate ?? rma to a pu-etua' tcnxnt. Apply at No 64 2 Ij etree , l>etween 4th and 5th. n ? l6-2t* ! nn,.<i-i*om>ufl^ in third to'y.a-4-. " joinin*.with water and g\?, or a fine PARLOR. ' liiht.'d w>t* in second story, in a pleasar t part of th? ci'y. Term* low. Apply on the premises,, N'i. 4M Mis?, avenue*, between 4th ana 5 h st?., j nonh?i(,s no 16-tf i F'OR KF.NT-TWO DWELL1NG-HOU8K8.' o e on Tenth street, between L and M su .aid ' the other on L street, hr-t ween 9th and 10th. Po? Mion ^iven immediately. Inquireofttie mib criber. at bia ra^iden^e, on I. street, b?tw?en 9 h and 10'h. (nolC St) Z JONKS. r^OR RF.NT-A b'iok U\VKI.UINO-HOU?K. r No. 411 Sixth etreet west, between M a<.d N ?orth. cor,t%inin* 3 rooms a.nii m. kitnnen 'N ,. moderate App1/BWt door north nolS-iw* ITOR R E\T-1 Possession given imm?d ?teljr>? r Tiiat desirable K KSIDK VCK, No 236 north I street, next door to S*enat>r Owin's; lr>c%tion one of the h->s?: nri<hborho<id unexceptionable. Apply at No * i Pa. avenue, between 31st and 23d ati. no IS ? ROOMS FOR RENT-A. lady and rentlrm\n j pref?"?d, or l&dion. Inquire at No 435 I ?t, b?'T.wn 9th aud 10th. no 13-lw* I70R RKNT?Athroe ?tory brick HOUSE, oonr taminK 8 roum', in *<><>d order, with can fixturee collet*, on H ?t ect. b^rween 4th and 5th. Also, a two *.tory brick C'TTAttK, with larre yard attached, corner of F utmet north an 14th at. ea?t. To punctual and reliable tenats the tormi wi'l lie moderat*. Apply at 446 Tvalfth atre?t, between O a id H. "?? A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED PARLOR ?'i?l CH A vi UfcR. on the first floor, for r^nt, at 440 Twelfth st, b tween G and H. do 13 lw* |t*OR SALE?The tiood Wilt and Fixtures, with th Household Furniture, of a Restaurant and Boardinc-house. The preMnt proprietor is going South. The bu-ines? will he disposed of reaao> ablr. Inquire 44i Pa. avenue no 12-1 w* ?T?HREP HUNDRE1' AND FIFTEEN ACR E8 I in Pairfo V nniintv ;n s?Aall<i?* ? 11 .mm m ml IWA VVUM> | U 14WW11UUI UlUDI , W r 11 1 timbered; tcood buildic*a;a ..rown stone quarry. A railroad car shop and vater station uinat be erected on the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi 1 in ; Loudoun oountv. A purcnaser can g?t a bargain of 0. \V. KRAV, Ageat, 516 Seventh tL. Washington, D. C oo 18 1m* I TO CAPITA' 1STS! N Cona'qne' oe ofthepr sen' threatening aspect ofaflaira, I will ae l.forTKN THOUpANDi 6 LAWS ca-h, in gold, the fo lowing hat of property : One-tenth intoreat in a olaim of over #40?Ju00 acai ist the United States Government, A valuable PaUnt Right that has already yielded over 9 o.ono in tne laat two year*, Lot of Grounl ia Washing on city, D. C., with three houaea on it, coat nu $6,'<10, Houaehold Furniture, o^at me ?1.200. i Tract o*" 32n aorea, in Reynold oounty, Mo., ooat me *3,800, Tractor 4OT acrea, in Monona county, Iowa, cost m??* 980, Tract ofdtiu acres In Dent oounty, Mo.,eostme _ #3.000, _ uonuio' a Houta And Lot ia Gallatie, Ind., ooat me 8500, Pi -oe of Land in tha city of Buffalo, N. Y., ooat ma | I.20*. Lot in Kxo*l*t<>r, Minn , eoit me 4900, Qoute and 9-aore Garden, near Buffalo, N. Y.,ao*t tue f7jBSn, ! Lot in Pradonia. N. Y , coat ma f7V>. For furtuor information inquire a: 363 Ninth at., Washington, D. C no!2 3Uo? (Intel?novl3.15.17,19.21*23) FOR RENT?Poaaaaaion on tiv? lat of Qotobar Tha DWELLING HOUSE No. 438 D atraat. at praaent occupied by tha Rev. Dr. Butlar, and next door to tha raaidaaoa of tha advertiser. J. M. CARLISLE. N. B.?11 will not ba lat for a boarding houaa. W9 1?-U ftn* brick house no. jP v** t-\tG#<*rietown, at present occo pied b? the sobaoriber. It Mill ro .me, with cm and watt?r throojhou', a fine yard, atable Ae , *nd iyyrf&j""{''orw *?"" ja8,*i5m,r a^yjsak^^jirffs&a^g 12th and 13th atreeta. oo ttf UOR RENT?The FIRSTFLOOR of Uabaiwf Plasmas? 5.'U^: M ?n udo*. Also til* front room IB Uw??oond G%^aa^.g%7R5 ftM Pntili.ui NNUOMMjvrtrMdwl Vvtr W $&.i,aKwp ?0 30 ?T? CfU ITNNi X^.W^UU ' CARPETING, RUGS, DRUGGETS, i CLOTHS. ~ k of one of our Sior*?, and demote oar Mm*, tteatlon, elf, we will commence this d?y Utseil oW the entire , ?t greatlv reduced price* Tbe maeortaient 1* still te? of ROf?r*?.-t RHne??- i >a? ?.. urnugDirn, ?d OILCLOTH!*, we ba'eemanv new and rkolre an Imipvuaa aacrt&ce, and will be aol4 at Pint he pheapeat gooda tnr o (Tared In WaaMngtoo, to a Mrty lif, e. ud aba 11 Mctlnaa to koep. a full and complete )DS, wfelcb ? fuarante* to aell u cbaap aa ^ood* w York ' a Northern Bankrupt ilouaa. at aa lmm?af a?. ri ite aperlat attention: Yard wide French Chintz 12 centa, w< rtto itt Beat 19 rent Calico*, fiat colon. 10 eenta Beat 10 cent Callcoa. teat colore. 8 e^nta Beat 6 cent Callcoa, feat color*, 5 centa Beat 12 ceat Furniture Callcoa 9 cen'a Boat 1U cont Knrniture Callcoa 6 centa Gentlemen'a Underahtrta 50 centa Ledlee' Veata only ? centa Ladlea' Cambric Collar* and Seta of Collars, Sleeves, at half price Cloak* and Stella Shawls v?ry cheap at teeing entire satisfaction to all thoee who stay irly, tod snbmlttod to the purchaser's taste and R. BRICE HALL, 373 ts4 375 SEVENTH STREET. * | GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* of Tks Star. Bmurowi. November 16 1Mb ^ Our apirited corpa, tbe Potomac I^ebt Infantry. Capt McH. H oil iog? worth, paraded yesterday afternoon for target practice. A broad blue stripe has takes tbe place of tbe^ord on the ptDttli?BS, and adds very much to the appearance of the uni rurm About tbirty muskets were out, not half at the effective strength of the company They marched from the armory to Mr Kenglas' pro; perty on the Heights, just outside of the corpo a! tion limits, where the target was set at a distance of about 1*1 yards from the place of firing. The arm used by this company Is the Improved U 8 rifle?conical tviHei?and requires con*>dersble ! practice to make one pt-if ctiu its ase. The gen| eral accuracy of aim was fully up to the mark gen- i erally attained by our District companies, a< was ! evident by the considerable number of holes in j th* target, (made in three rounds each.) all of which were bored by buileta, and not with au , auger, as U said to be the way of doing things In New York a. Trie nr?t prize, a very hsudsome gold (Maltese) Cross, inscribed with the Initials P L. 1 . uu won by Corporal M Adter.wbo struck the center, and who took tbe first prize at the last target firing, it will be remembered A large box? marked " from Gait & Bro , #75"?was aald to contain th* prize f->r tbe a*rond best sbot, snd its I opening wis watched witb anxious eyes by tbe : company and m curious crowd of outsiders Private A. Matthews was tbe second best sbot. and was called out to receive bis prize, which proved to be a?no. not a leather medal, but a leather Cross, of ample dimensions and fine finish. The next b<-st sbot w as made by prl7ate James Kiiason. and the prize was certainly unique? useful if not nrn??i?nUl? ; 1 . Kim wxHIUHfU U1UC B i merriment. It wti? a box of blacking, perfo a ted ! for a ;>tece of twine Mux, which wu pawed through and tied in a tirat bow-knot. Private Soutball dt-aerves honorable mention, u he struck the target each tine. After the target practise, thi re was firing of blank < artrid^e by company and by sections, all of which wu excellently done The company certainly baa improved in many part:nila a since the last uarade A ft?? ?K firing they iiiarcbt-d through wm* of our prlncl pal stret-ts before proceeding to the armory, and ( presented a fine appearance. We are grati ed to learn that Mr. Jaa McHenry, formerly of Baltimore, and for aeveral years put engineer and Inspector on various Government works here, It appointed Surveyor of the County of Washington, In place of l^ewia Car- i berry, deceiaed Hi? appointed was announced in open Court la Washington, by Jud^e Dunlop, yesterday. Our i n v*ntl? rnrnm tk? ? ?. p., ??v t VUH^ UUMU^i/BpaiO R ode)r, who have been furnished with guns by 1 Uncle Sam, drilled last ni^Lt, and tbe war in wbich tbey act tbe Zuuave and bandie tbeir arms and banjrj tbe butts (of their gun*) on tbe pavement, it a caution toKeitt * Co., and a warning to slave receivers Members of tbe Republican Association will attend to tbe notice below. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS fV-V-A MEETING OF THE GI-ORGETOW* 'Kjf Republican Association will be held^Mth* -. w, ?? VI aai^n I?UW V Oft J Bl< 0('VI) Cffl I* IV I \J A 1 EVKNlNO, November lritb. at 8o'cli>ek. Punctual"r dance is requ-ated. as business of importance will be brought bjfote the meeting. Bj order. |o 13 2t ( Br BARNARD A BUCKKY, Auotioneera, Georgetown, D. C. ON MONDAY MORNING, 14th instant, at 10 o'o.ock. we will aell, by order of th? Orpaans' Co irt. the Personal Kff-ets of John Crown, ceo ased. at the house corner of Market aad Fourth str<fU. ... 1 rati * * ? - * ? i n?re ia uie b?mi aaenrtiBent cl Honaehoid and Kitcfit-n h urnitur*. St?>re?, Ac , * o f irm-: fauaijd uulrr c&-h; over that amount a or?t it olti'daj a, for approved mdoraed note*.bearing iut* r*?t. . . Mr oider cf the Adminiitrat. r. no 15 d B ARNxKDt tflCKEV. A ncU. noR BOSTON?The bri< New Wo-M haa arI rived, and i? now ttiecba'giog her fr?uht. For ireight or HMua ?pp1* te JWh* hart ky & bro., lw and 101 \Y>tfr?trt*t. Birm, BCCKWHFAT, ?e. ;5k?rs primo i, 1*<U? BUTTER. 1,000 lbs. inpcrior BUCKWHEAT. Sbhi.CKA.MlKhRIKs, 5 ' CL'CL MBErt PK KLKS in rine**r. ?>0 lb*. Fresh HULL BLTl> R, *' Gjana B*nk ( OLFISH, SO hoxe* SCO I CH HKRKlNG. lociieili low-priced Y. H. and Black TFAS. Alio, Farina, Corn Starch, Hiee, Flour. Macaroni, Bordeaux Oil, Gelaun?, Hop*. Carl). S.*}* pure Groan i Coffoe, Cono-ntratej I fe. kf. For sal? by no 15 6t W. H TKNNKY. JlOli HBLS. OF FRlMK ClIiKK, U*T Airived and fur sale one?> lor o*?h. no 13 ARNY * SHINN. 1 |\AJLY EXPECTED. I# FROM NEW JERSEY, i A prima lot of CRAB l1Uc.R, which la for sale Ou or ?>' lore arrival, no 13 ARNY A sh1nn. For rent vkry low to a good tenAN I'?A oominotiio-je two story BRICK DWELLING, on rredeuck, t ear t*eoon?i street. Georgetown, with h ick kitchen, wa h oobi and moke house. A pump ofgood water in the >ari. _no lJ 6t WM. ft. RlDftF.LV. JUST RECEIVED AND FOR ?AL1C ON ACeommodat.n< Wrma, 5c tone of verv * open or COKE. GEO. WATER!-, 2S High street and Canal, no 9 6t Georgetown, D C. 1.000 BB^S ' APKLE'f dow landing fo?' schooner J.ftN Biker. which wiJl be mold on oommodatinc terma, fioin whaifor it?re, bj J. O. WATERS, no 1 tw* 109 Water it, li^orgelo w. J_UST Kk.OF.IVKl>10 hhd?. primo Porto Rico SUGARS, 15u tibia. *.id R*? \VBI.tKYi 8S0M.U HERRING and ALRWIVEB. a> bb a. ''rushed aud r?-fin-d -UGaRb. ? hag* R io and Java Co F FE K, 10 hhdi.(i< v pricad > MO LABORS. For ?aleby JOHN J. BOGUE. ?10 d ?RANl>bLL. OPTICIAN, \y Nt. 198 Xndta St., IrMrimM, _Hac Aonatant:] op aa^d a ivii aaaortmeut of rrsuonitnr-MfntM, renKque. ' r?[^ T~i or<*d, eudtl. other ftPECTA'TLES, the b?*t?ua.itr.ui coid.ativer^teei.aQd Gerou ailverframM. N. B. Old Cwn ?nd rw hum mt in them to order. ae tt-tr \f AMEY, COLLINS * CO.TS PH1LADELl~lTHiA DRAUGHT ALE.-We?r?eoB?WnCfy reoeiviDK fr??h of tk.e%>>ov* deluMfu: ber race, aid invite ill pereoua who want a pure anSXUE* Al* "KtiWililNH, fcl ?T Qrwn t? Cwiiton, JVJIOARAGUA ;?ITS PKOPL.K, SCKMBRY. 11 MonniMot*, RMoirs*?, Condition and promoted Caoal, vith one hundred origin*: m?pa utd illuatr&tiona, by E. *?. ?<|Uier; 1 vol.; pnoe #3 L^feand Cnrreepoclenoe of Jobn A. Uurman, Mainr Geoeral L). 8 A., and Governor of The State or Mieaia?ip?i; by J. P. H. Ciaiborn# ; 3 vole.; yrioafs * van Harrinrton. or He wosld be a tatlfau; by Geo. Meredith; 1 rot , ft. Th? PoarGeorc**; <Ite4. t?ee of M*nn?ra, Morale, Court anu Town L,ir?; by W. M Thaciarj; 1 *o?.. H neatm . Cottira of th? A?M, by t??a author of Pwut Llf<? in Gammd?! ynoa 41 * , ., , _ Woman? i fresu ?u#p;? ( MoaaahiM ol Boars mw, do . ... Mrs. Gilbert'* Career, a novel?fresh.. BLANCH ABO A MObL'N, ao 19 eoraer Pa a*, and tlth at. ' NRW BOOKS?NfW BOOKS! UNNYSOUTH. B? Professor J. H.Ingraham; Uto .olotk; pries fl.* ^ Ggiala Harry, by Mrs. Graj; ISrno , cloth; ?rioe Jiss*- * x,-At*Ierjh^3'rtsyri~ ao 10 ?T? Haea. ar? ?. f^OOD PKCOND-HAN0 PIANOS.-AX AH u AND HEMhMHHK.?On* at IT oee at f?; on* at ?9>; ons at #?t; t*'7Ui 100; oueatflZfcosset !?*. Asa as***" PUa* (sr woo, all oa n?nUiT pejaeat* or irtavy ieeoaats for oaah. Nov u ths u>?? to t-aj ch^ap. JOHN P M Lift. Hit mrtamM, M'H MrtlflSVM airr ll ??i THE LATEST >K * t? U - " !?.' H| TELEGRAPHIC J CiiiLitTo.i, No*. If ?A Utf palmetto torn 4 ;1 mi erected tUta fftufij la freei or lertltut* Hall, and ao Imroena* meatiiw vM>?ri[ut?4 1 vltt Mr. MfBrthMpreaideat Faclaf t*?ap?*k. ?4 era' ata >4 was a la re a trmoaporr-oer wtta the motto, "Well dooe. t*on rood and fkitkfal mrT*BU " 1 be Pr<md?at deMvwd a tne apmh la eulogy 'i Of th li r iriratri frnm CAlnnhla VliUir Pe'iar made a speech, watefc ?m wcelTid with gmt % >{ applauaa Other apeekrra followed, and were each MUhealeetteal! y received Flrew?rk> were abundant, and ma ay houaea wete Ilium'nated During the day Palmetto tad Cateaial lua were raiaed at varieea eerloeaty 1- arrlbed rnd aalntea were lird u ih? ? ? - ? ??? - ? s DftU ( t Cuti UmIhImw Elect L" tic a, N. V . Not IS _ Boa 8unl H Barn??, Comml?ioner elect, died of en*pelae. at hia ruldence In Norwich. Chuwyo county l??t night. The law provldea thai tbe Govern-r ahal) fill the wanjr In the office cauaed by tbe deeth ef S1 an Incumbent Some anxiety baa berk r?l-~d ehere aa to whether tbe peee.-* emm rwnt within the law, Mr Basoeanotret being declared ekertod. There la no doubt, however, be will be declared elected by the Ststecaneeeen and tbe Gonriar ; iy ?ti ?? ? wiu ui tie nctftty og?? ,\ Chap s. f Albany, om of tht m<*t CMiprtrtt men In tbe dV. State for Ibe poaltloo of Caul Oeemletioeer, will probably be appointed. Me*Ua? al lrUh ClHttK. \ Boaroa, Nov 16 ?A meeting of the lrlab clU zena la to be held to-mormw to abow armpaUty for Col. Corcoran ta bla refuaal to join la tb? ovation In New York to tte Prince of Waloa MMM fltarfeatn! 1 BurtMou. Nov. 14.? Flour dull and tat Howard afreet fLj 45 Wheat Brat, red tl 3(to1 *tt, white, St 44*91.6U. Cora dall; yaliow l-i Ir rrovitiona aull and UBebaaittd, bacon aid?a * ll^allXi meM pork ?1?50. Coff<* qaiat at I la l?*c. | B?? York MarlMi. >i* You, Nov. 10.-Floor dull, and nooalaaily iowar Wh#at Is druopiog Can a>aarty Previsions and Whlaky dull. < Financial N*w Vo*l. Not 17 ?Stocks rtaady, Chicago , aad Rack lalaad 54HMco't Central aMMadig, 4A i-A. O M >? uui>u> mruinu snuiDrrn jd)%, new Vork Central 74; Reading 35%, Hu4*.q Rlwr^; Canton* 15; V* ? &; Mo ' 73. ~NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA ATINCB, Ntrt daor to Clay'a (lata U. S.) Raul, &# fuven Third and 4t ttratta. ' ?? G. G. EVANg, in order to Moouatalt ku leciona of eaatomera throughout tka laited MMaa. baa .ooated _ A BRANCH BTORB # i - * oi uic widely oelebrated GTFT BOOK ENTERPRISE ta Wuh a*ton City, at 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENVB. where ou alwaya be foand a ooapiete stoet mi tk? STANDARD AND MODERN WORD of Ue UNITED ITATfcS AND EUROPE. Every book ia aold at the PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATH. and A GIFT worth from Piftr Cenu ta onk uim mat n DOL LAKB < pre?fnted to EVERY PURCftABBR at the om* of the Mi*. Beint ext*niiT?lr eniued otrMlrM la the PUBLICATION OP BOOKS. and from oar large eaies enabled to purohaeo aalire editione from other pefcliehere. we oaa offer INDUCEMENTS to oar patroae not UNvkin to b? obtained. OUR-6IKTS ARE ORNAMENTAL. USEFUL. AND VA1 L A BLR. Comprising a Thonaaad VtrMbM ; Among vhieh w? umGold irjSi.rer Watokna, ?old Chain*, LadiM' tp.cndid Blank and Plaid Ml* Dim Pat Uran, Parlor Tim* Pimm. SiImt Plated Warn, Costly Bets of Caatot, Mosaic, Ftor*aUa*, Oaral, Garnet, Tnrqaoia and Lava Jawary, Gold Lookata, Pencil* and Pana, I ?Hm?' NmW an.< ^u-"1? ianta' Boi^m Studi tad Bkara Battoaa, Poakat Kniraa, Port Moomita, fce.. It a. Thsaiutsni of tha Diatriot ud nolaitr ara raipfotfauT invitad to aiaaima oar a took of Booka and Gifta, whatbar daatroaa of parabaaiac or sot ted by w> doi&f will ba anablad to iad*a of tfea adractacaa t j ba danrad from oar poyaiar ayataa af oonduotics Book aalaa. p-^Call for oar naw o, our method of bunru will bo fooad fklly detailed. Persona a?ndlm for books from a duf n viil receive cam* attention aa Uoifk at oar etere, the tifti, in all oaaea, aoootnpacyinf U<e yaroJuua. G. G. EVANS'S GIFT BOOK EMPORIUM. 47ft PsmtA. Aruri, bo 10 tf Waahinatoa, D. C. 1\J?W DRESS GOODS, MOURNING GOO DM H A>D CLOAKS.?Ri?li Frinn^ Free' h Med. Doea, Ottnmana, h PopUaa; Plain aad ftaua FiniaheJ French Merinoei in all ooora; Farcy S. .11 S: It KnlMi.lllMt ? ? Bombesin*, ttmnrx* A pwo4>, French MugiMlin?a, Krpi ana tthnwl M*noo? in variety axid of the b?at tnak**, U toi, French. B***?r aMl TrMO Clotk Cloana ) mtiw winUr bUIm. noli TAYLOR ft HrT^HffON. |^AM1LIE8 WANT A HEALTHY DRINK ! THEY WANT IT PURR. TEMPERATE Mi r^^AP* COLINEAU*8TABLE REER 18THE THING ! It II l*M intoxicating Uu eidar. and ia tkr atr* palatable a&d ?tr?nfthwui.f. For Ml* by all Grooara, 3 ??nu a glaM?o?nti I a quart not la |LjOW HAVE THE LADIHS VOTKU' KLtaa HOWS, J If, or Hoatoa, who is tha inraator of the "look-itil?" i??d by tha ynseiMi tevitu mvninA?. re<juim*a sworn rttoma U> bm mtd* |? him of the number sold bj Mch oompkaj. uul ofetUrt* them to ?*y turn a license for -ranr machiaa ' 'i old The following statement is aoai*?i from Mr. ** * Howe'a published resort* for 18V aafl ittt. tt will be seat, that > HbbLKR k. Wll.80N'f> 8KW- -* INtt M *CHIXB ia pr-farrcd by an irem*Baa amJo lty of tha Iviies, ia rpita of the efforia of latar- "I eaUxi parties to injure iu aal*. w?? 1*M, 1MI. Wheeler & Wilaon 1,97* ;1.3M r> a. ti. a.*. . *TTT UIUIOI > UW 1. lH ?i?i? k I #.? -WW ? 'uawiim? m i, m ? *. B. Howe lit ? *r bull ? M im l,??Tit; A Co ?It Pinkls & Lyd ^ rft VVh?i*rli Wil?M A|*#? ?? M /" CfinijivMit evenue. Price range fr*m $SC to #15 Full UkeUaoUoaa fivaa I* purekM*re, a* T&'TcS&.n, N^. fy fcr-le^ | n.P-^ yas? d ^UliUHS, COL.l^HOA ltsENfc?8, k?. .X CQMPOUMD jtmio UM AAABlcV^ TM? rleB#?ot ?t.?l Cuuk fcnij |u beeosv ion* kiH?wnS'yl??ue*reif Bew, tku*ieei ??o??k Mfi ii k??? bMomt Uic i ibt vitk >u extrBordimrf#ffio%'w1 It bbii b* kftd bt b!1 Um irt| im? tor?*t?*nd.Vuo?wto??w?t>o mm tUmmimlm7 p GALTM* ~ " W V>1TY STEAM KiRK WOOD MILLS An wuTt COAL TOT. ' F?t tf Strut tenth street, hiUwWt JMt ' >?r. ?? ? _ * ? 0?>D prrpfcr?u, Buy Uagtt wrf aiBB.toMlt imo* the VB1.U of en?h pu'OteBaer , , ? COA -Kk>T h (!OAl. HOUrtS.1^ W c?? Trim tk? waBthor?deli*?r*d U-*m MBlo,4trV K j m 1 ff.flttjwT, '{ ??.;* bo w tf aM r% bt.. u*k%adtmkmm, * _+ W? . MMCHAWT TAlLOf jWC. " ^ loruf our p?m^i ?if. tou IH^? ioa ?f Ml irwi rt mv, mK CI P3B*/81W8I$)R35B?'1?*-11 ^ ftsu'A. S ?ai 37CV-yvtt?T?.KN( tco. tfSJr.S ?o?tf M? P?.?? .Ktw.thmm. Twoc..aHif.T.8VjSABgS. 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