Newspaper of Evening Star, November 16, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 16, 1860 Page 4
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* THE EVENINQ^gTAR. ..... L> ?r tanii, n isnixiTu w " For ft seosiUl* f?lU>w like you, It's Uiih time u> tlwnkof a bed, Ai4intifn. ud oof*? for two ; , Roht'id ae wiihiouraoubtftnd delaying. With ?ont so adapted to mingle. No won4or i*? B-,?h^or* .*f* ) iia|c ir you ibouid t># si&f I# T)oat %ay jou havea't got time? thatbusiness demands your aitentio*Thers ( not the letet reason or rhyme, U the w?ee?t excuse tob oftn meatioa. Don't tell me about "other fitn, Your duty is done whea y ou catoh 'Ma, And you never will reinh the diah. t'ajeei you're ft woman to fry 'em. TMAiy dream of poeti?%l flame, feut your wishes way ehanoe to miaoftrry. The beat way oJ sending your name To posterity, Charge, is to marry ! And here 1 am vi ling to own After soberly thinking upon it, I'd vary much ra'her t>e known By a b-autiful eon than a sonnet! Then. Charles, biJ your doubting good bye. And dismiss all fautastio alarm*? I'd be sworn you've ft girl in your eye, 'Tie your duty to have in your arms! Some triai little tnai len of tveaty, A beautiful a*jro-ey.d etf. With Tirtoos and grace* in plenty. And no tailing hut loring yourself. Don't search for as "?n#el" ft minute. _ror, granting yon win in u?e n<ui, Thedeuoa, after all, would b ? in it. With Um union eo very annual f The angela, it will be o->nfreeed, In thia world are rath*r unooramoi; And all ?w me, dear Chart**, to saggaet. VVn 11 be better content with a w< m?n. Then, there'e the economy?el-<art By poetical algebra mown? If your wife ha* a (rial or a tear, One-hall, bv the law, is your own! And at to the joy?? by diviaion, Thar are near y qutdrup e<l. 'tii sa d, (Though 1 never oould eee the addition Quite plain in Um item of bread.) Then, Charles, be psreaadej to wad. For a aenaible fellow like you. It * high time to think of a bed, ' d innfi .aaod ooffae for two ; Bo hare done with your doubt aad delaying, With a soul eo adapted to miu^la. No wonder th<? neiglihor* are kaynig, 'Tie lingular yon should be single. gii.v jtim *tm iiuBiLiii ? * urrc arc ioinccn mil* nent Englishmen who have rlaen to high stations In life from obscurity. W? have the following enumeration: Lords Kid on andStowell?aonaofabarge maker and small roal dealer at Newcastle. Lord Tenderden?son of a barber at Canterbury, he received vrrv poor education. but obtained the means to go to college; while there enjoyed from a company In the city of London an exhibition of ?3 per year until he took hia degree. Lord UWford? prior to bis being called to the bar. waa luanv year* a poor cle k to a' aolicltor near Exeter. Lord l.angdale. the matter of the roll*, waa many years a poor practicing anrgeon Sir John Williama. one of the judgea of the Q ueen's bench?son of a very poor horse dealer In Yorkshire Lord Trure ?son of a very poor man In Cornwall^ married h urn couun 01 i^ueen v iciona Mr. Baron Uarney ?his mother kept a small bookstore for pamphlet* In a court In tbe city of London. Lord Campbell the present Lord Chancellor, wu for maay year* reporter to the Morning Chronicle. Lord St Leonard*?eon of a barber. and was formerly a clerk Chief Justice Saunders. whose precept* to this day form the beat text book to pleaders, was m beggar boy. first taken notice of by an attorney, who employed him In bis office. Lord Hanevun ?boot btnek and errand boy. Lord Hardwics? an errand boy George Canning?son of a poor strolling play or How Rsvbsx Tons bad a "BadSpill."?The lmoortanre of soellinir rnrr??tlw la ??> lowing?especially the necessity of *pnelfng lager bfir as It should be. A rum seller, wishing > suppij of that beverage, wrote as follow* : Bcsovill*, July 1, lseo. Messrs Blotch 4. Drinker sen me up as soon as Klbal a cask of Brandy and one Large Bear for a of Jali aen the Bear by express, in Halst. Rkiu Todd. The answer cornea as follows: M*. Todd ?Deer Sir : We send you to-day one cask of brandy and the bear, by express, as requested You must feed him on raw meat, and be rery careful that be does not escape, as he Is verv nviffP He rod tiio ?n<l u? ? J ? - ?' j ??? ?C* TWM u??r him for the same Plea* forward p*vm*nt Your*, respectful.?, Blotch 4. Dti?n. The consternation of Reuben Todd vra* complete when tbe furious animal was landed at hi* bop door with a half scared curious crowd around it, and It was only by a sacrifice of tbe cask ol brandy for a keeper, and a couple of trip* to New York that be got rid of his agljr property and learned how to spell lager beer ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. J a a * rw -*? ?-? ? .iaiiu.ihl auibii?h a Boiling, W J Broaddia, Va, H <i Trader, NC; Col JoDoaon, J Sloan W Matthews, NY; J B Dorsey, Md; L N Webb, Va; SColman, La; E P Jones, Miaa; A Gi moo. Pa. Mr Izan and iv, Mrs Nelson. Mtases Nelson, J Wells, 9C; H D Ward, Ga: 9 Rmh, J Morton. Vr.; J Treanor, 9 S May and lp. Ga; 9 9 Berry, Me: A Sberiuan.?; 9 H Little and ly.Md; J Wiles, NY; I^ady Franklin land maid, Miss Crac oft. Knr. J H Latrobe. Md: 9 Dod^s, O; G Newton. E Rogers and ly. Pa; fc. Hill Va; A W Thoinpaoi, NV; E Wetaon, bC; R W Jams, R Hubbard. Cfc J Brown, O: F McCianahan,?; J Humphrey, W Thrasher, W 9peeler, Ga; Mrs D Post, NY; L Williams, Md; Mr Blake, Miai Blake, Ireland; G Fogg, C Burn ham,NH; J HsrTick, ?. BROWN'S HOTEL ?A Campbell,D Thompaon. C J Wilson. O Doolltlre, J H Wbsatlev, J M Hearh and daughter, E Wilson, NY; G P Turnrr I'SHdP- U Mi? " ? * ? . aim in D DUWcn, J b Trfekete. C Barbjura, Dr Bland and ly, R Harrison and ly, G M Carle- and ly, J H Rives and ly. Mas Nrwiou, Miaa Scott, Va, J Y Bynson, Tenn; G l.eley, Mrs Conner. J M Armstrong, Ga; XV li M Cord, W L Kenlera Mtu E M Hook, Com Vorne^a, Md; J C Burrh and ly, Cal; F M Baugb man, Pa: R A Clark, lady, and son, Mr* Cham bers.SC; H Etting, USN; W J Boyd and ly, A Gram, Md, K1RKWOOJ) HOUSE ?M Dnman and fam La: G Chorperinv, Pa; S C Haatlnga, XV Addison, Cal; J Gnbam, Hon J 9 Green, Mo; \X Brlkera, J Murdauih V B Watson, J Watson, R Swlnton, Va; L K Bo wen, R Clarke, Md. JO Smith, I Smith. J Bjfdsiep, NY; W F Morgan, ?; Col Huger. USA. OCEAX STEAMERS' SAILING DAY* ftLoa run U*itb? Statm. Sttmmur?. Ltmvt. Ar. itayt. ttinnuo New York-.HnTra..__No* 1" moo AlMrt...N<iv York... Gm way Not* *raia_? N?w York.-Liverpool. ...Not21 raman ,.N#w York._ Buatfc'pton..Not ? From Eosopb John Boll....? ...Glnacow Maw York-.Not 1 Vnndsr&tlt BontYpton. .N?w York?. Not", Tl? H?tm? mil Miuitri ]?t? Now York ot tko Jd. lith, 17U. ud TTUx of mU month, and Ck&r.a?t?a on Uo 4th ud lttn. Tllo Cojiorni* mail iummfi Ioato Now York oi ko Kb and Wt of aa*r month. QLUEICH.^^WAN^U.* MONONGAUJJLA RYE WHISKEY, ConMieationoiy diatillrd by Mr. Jamao Horn aide of AUocany Count*, Penua., in Uia otd-fashionod konaat war, fro*o tfaeohoio?at and moat oara folly a*.?otad Rya, and in no out e??r offorod for aai? nntil adapted to wholooomo nao by ago It ia m omoa tiia moat palatable, aa it i* ompnatioally ona of tno paraat boToragao in the ranch of tfio puhlio. To the wail **? *>?- J- ? tii imiui, 11 oaaassds itssif for its snrivslisd tssiitisaM s stusu-sat of th? asfaat. an/eat, sod must bssr.fiosal 4o*oripuon. sad msaf of Us stoat di?tiof*uks4 fttaioiAas srs sain? it is taair prsatios with tha rdtulti. CuERY ? 8TOCKDAI.E, Prosriston. 339 Wsi nut atraot. Pkiis<Mj?W WM. C. CONOVEK. A|*ai for tha Prua-Utora. 444 Ps. s?-? ss St-6m offo?fu Wulsrda' flotsL POR stamping riSy A packet op paper. \ AND ENVELOPES 1 NO TO HATCH, L..pft- Utta CHAnSu METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PULP * SOLOMONS, Agmit ftrLamrmu't t*Ukrmtid Linen Paptrt, ...... sa&t... ~ yqOODl v V W9 W O O D!l! STOVE Mi IINDUN* WOOD.MttelovM ?OMl?> T. j.A W.^QALT, _ w y?^ ??- *nr~ uu ? gSfo feMSSla^ Sllf T?il ?. w ?. H.U < U&KrUKli. omntm W?'Si?i &.?&> \LI NEW CLOAKS. T? E HlTitkiaiUr r??.m from N?v Votk ft bMMti.a. M*oTtm?nt "f a?w >f;.? Kal< and VVibUt CLOaKS, aa th? Ar&S. Zuaava and ofh?r mtj M. lr. and 'rauch Clutna. Mw PUlfl Wd Strijod Ciattajall o? vhioA w? o#? !,tw. o# U TAYLOR k. HUTCHISON. fjo TO FRENCH A RICHSTtlN'S No. ft79 U Paaiu imi* and look U U? mw Amtmu tfiboaa of MoCMi?y.9il:om, Hum* acd it?? Pacta, 5^jasrreaSi i&v^&srEr j ; i. I I* 0 ^?mm MISCELLANEOUS. ' I'mxAwaloajiatios or LAMaaaaa.?Thar* m a growing tanaanrr l* this age to appropriate the moat xpreasi va words of other ItoittfiMid after a while to inoorpar* te them into oor owu, thus tha wo'd Caaba ip. whiaft ia fromUa Grsek, alsuifring for the head,*' ts now heoomin* pocniarised in e?n*eetioa with Mr. tpalring's grant Headache rented?; but it will eoon b? aaad la a mere xaneral way, and the word Ceptimio will beoome aa oomaou aa feieetrotype ami many othara whoae distinction aa foreign word* has b*en worn away by oommoujiaara as til they aaem "nativa and to 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrihle aadeehethisafterneon,ha?lI tta h^t^m^^ar-J. .to tha < hi joi raw " r.' ? ? it haohe 'ard." " H excoed inel j. ' UM hi, and upon Uat ' gave ? * Coyfibe ML load 'yon me'onor it oared me?o ?tlM teat I 'ardly realised I "ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. try HaADACua > the broritt aign by whioh nature maiM known any deviation waatever f oin tee eataral state of the brain, and viewed m this light it may be looked on aa a safeguard intended to give nuttoe of dfeease which might otherwise esoape attention, nil too late te be remedied; and ltsindioaUons ahou.d never be nedeoted. Head aohee may be oiaa*ified under two aamee, via: 9f Tiftomatio and ldiopa;hio. Syroptoaatto Headaoha ia exo??4ingly o >mmon and la the preoursor of a great variety of diseases, among which are ap pexy, uodi, KK?iMura and ail r b'lie diitMM. in it* rervouaforaa itis a mpatheto di us of the ?to?aeb oonaiitatmc ?uk ktmdmeki, of kepaUe diMU* constituting bilious ktadacAt, of woras' on*tipaiion andotherduorders ?f uia ^otti\wvellMTM>' ai.d nMriae atf?otions. Dii?um oft he heart are very frequentiy attended with Headaohe?; Anxnis a* d plethora are also affcetiona vmohfreq jaatly oooaaioa h^adaohe. Idiopathic* Headache ia alao wf oonainon. being nana'ly dlatio?a>eii?d by the name of mrcnij k*ad*ck$, eoaretuaee otxaiag on suddenly in a ?tate of appar*nM? aound hsaltn aad prostrating at ouoe the metital an J phjeioal energies, aad la other inatanoe* it ootnea onalowly. he-aid d bydepreaaion of apirita - r aoerbuy of temper. inmost instance* the pain ia in front o! the head, over one or both eyes, and aumati i ea irurukini Tositini. indiir thia alua may ?'m tx? n,\ra <d Neuralgia For the tr^atm- nt of t ither e tu of HlUMki the Opb&ho fills have been found a sore and ?af<s retn?dy, reiiiviug the moat acate pains in a few mi utoa, and by 11a ajbOa (ow?r eradicating the diMM? of wtuoh Leadaohe la the unsinnf index. Bbidobt.?Miaaua wanta yon to a?nd har a box of CepaaioGuie, no, a bottle of Prepared Pille*? but l'in ihii.kini tkat'a not just it nauher; bat p?r hap a ye'll foe a finer knowing what it la Ye see aa k A a?/4 ? >< a wi#k t lAiaW U m H? m B-?U u WW IPUU ?VUV ?I?U OiVK RVOTWOOO) an.t vtnti some mor* of th&t mil) a? ralaivad her before. Drugfut.?Yoa mast m'?n Sp?ldin?'e Cofhalio Pull. Bridget ?Och ' tare now and you're sed it,hare's the qua'ther and civ me the Pills and don't be all day a boat it aither. CtutipaUM ar Ceatlreaeea. No one of tha "many ilia flash ia hair to" is so prevalent, solatia anderst.x*l, and ao ranch nago - /?/ ? t?* -? IVUWU CM VUlUTfJQOBI. Ul 9Q Or^IBftUni 111 OWBIruoMo. or aedentary habita; it it r?*arded aa a ?li*ht diaorder of too "ittle couaequ>-noe to exoite anxiety, white in reality it la thapr*CB'aor and oompauion of aiany of the moat f?tal and danger oua ui?eaae?.aod nnieaa earl? eradicated it wil! bring the anfferer to an antirarly grave. Araoni the lighter arila of whieh C -all veneaa ia the uaa&l attendant are Headaahe, Colic, Rheumatism, Pool Hreath Pi!ea. and othsra <>f like natn re.vbila a lone train of frightful diaaaaea auoh u Malignant Fevera, Abo??eea, Dysentery Dyapepa a, Dim.lea, Apopl ay. Ef nepay, Karatyma, Hya'eria, Hyp ?0"?>ndriaaia.Vfelanoholy and Insanity, firai indioate their pri at-noa in the ayatam by thia alar i inr a<mptom. Not nnfre^aently trie dia aa-a ><arned originate in Ounatpation. but tak? on an independent exiat eno> an aaa the oauaeia eradicated in an early waee. KroA all thea# ooo?id?rationa it foil >wi that th? dirorrier ah.-uld rcoeive immediate att-nti >n whenever it ooeu;a, *nd bo peraou ih uld nt?*feol to get a box of Cephalic Piiu on th# firat appearance of the ooiriplamt, aa their timely im will the i.<aiduou? approacheaof diaeaa# and deatroy thia dauferoua foe to human life. A Real BIamIbc Pkysuian.?Wall, Mra. J one#, how ia that h#adaon?' Mrt. Jomtt.?(iont! Pootor, all c?n#! th# pill you Miitou <hi tne in juat twenty minute#, and 1 wub yoa wou.d aend mor# au that I oan have th#m umu '7 _ Pktsieia*.?Yoa oan get them at ur DregfisU. C?H f.?r < epfcaUc Pills, I find they naver rail, and I r*oonrr??mJ them in all mm of Headache. Mrs. J ant t ?I shall send for a box direotlr, and shall tail ail air suffering friends, for they ars a real > bUttint. H^Ovkb kxcitxmxht. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to olose attention to bns neee or tudr, are ununi the name root causes or Nervous Headache. Th ? disordered state of mind and bodr incident to this distressing eonsiaipt is a fatal b ow to a'I energy and ambition, sufferers by this disorder aaa always obtain speedy relief from three dist'eeei^c attselrs By using one of the Ce rins trneii-vrr ih? symptoms appear It quiets the overtaiked brain and soothes ths strained and ja>rin< nerves, apd reiax?i the tension of the stomach which always aaoomoaniss and aggravates the disordered oondition of the brain. Twritt Millions or Dollar* 8av*d.?Mr. BpeMing has sold two millions of bottles of his oeleoraied Prepared 0 u* and it is estimated that sach , bottl* save* at lesst tan dollars worth of broken lur nture thus making aa aggregate of twenty mil' lions of dollars reolaimed from total loes by this lahjtbleiuvention. Having made hisOlusa household word, he now proposes to do the world still grsster sernoe by curing all the aching heads with fits Cephalic Pills, and if thsy a<e as good aa his u:se, Usadaottss will soon vanish away like saow in July. - - Pact# worth K*owi?a.?8??ldin?'? CepJiaMo P,Uj ?r*' ? ?? for Siok Headache, Bill1 2V n Hsadaohe, Coetlveueee, i *'?d General Debility. D??coviay ?Among ftie moat important of a 1 th? treat mMlioal dieooveriea of tin a age may be oonetdered the a retain of vaooination for protao, tion froin Small Pox. Uie <>jha!io Piil for relief of iriwiiin<i, arm me uaa 01 ueiMn* lot tbe prevention of Keve'a, -ither of wnioh la ft aore a?*-o'fie, whoae benefita will be experienced by aufferinc | humanity U>nc ai ter their diaoovarara ?ra forgotten. I . i . Cy Dm ?ou ever h?Te tbe Biok Haftdache ? Do jou r?memb*r the tlirohbiac tomplee, tbe >*ver*d i row, the loathing and tftefuat at the eight of food. How totftlly unit you were lor plea?ar?. oonvera*tioo or atady Ob* of the CepK* 10 PUle would . hftve relieved you from ftll the aull'erinc wbioh you [ th-n experier.oed For this ftnd other purpoiea ! tou ihould al>Mi v..? -?" * * I is* M oooMioo r?mnire?. Ba 10 ' ~>aVic >> ^ CURE^V,. Aviffleada-^ , C^^CURT^y i NervousHeadache i neaaacne. By tka aao of tk?M Pille tko ptrtodio ittuki of Nrrvmu ar Sitk Htmdmekt may bo yroronud; and if takoa at tka oommenooaont ot an att?ok imm?diato roliof from paia aa4 iIAmi will bo obtaiaadTkoy mMob Ikil ia romoring tko JVomm and Hmdmtlu to wkiok foaaaloa aro ao aabjeot. Tkoy act goatly apon tha bowola, rwaonag Ctfimam. For Littrmry Mm, StiuUti, Dohoato Fomalao, aad all p?raoaa of stdmtmry habit J, tkoy aro all valaablo aa a Ituratirt, improving tko firing lux aad trigar to tho digoetiro or^na, and rootortag tko aatarai olaatieitf aad atroagtk of tko vkolo ajaUm. Tko CEPBAL1C PILLS aro tko rooalt of long investigation aad aarofally oondaotod experiments, ka*ing boea m aao many jaara, dariag vhiok time tkoy hare prevented aad relieved a vaot aaioaot of pain aad a a daring froaa Haadaako, wkotkor origi naciag ia tko atrnai ayatea or from a deranged KM m in* ttowuuk. Tk?y in vegetabi* la thair aoayotitioa, mt IxtskH at all Um?s with porflaat aafrty withoat Mkioi ur tkui* of diat, mmd tk* *b<*f My ditmgrtMmbU taitr rmuitri tt ?uy It (idwiilir I htm to tkildrtn. BEWA*K OP COUNTBBPE1TO! Tha mmim Uti 6t. kigMUTM oi Rnrr C. 8faMjB? oa H?k Bo*. loid br Dniniata aad ?u oikar DMlm U M?diaiaaa. Box will ba aaat by Mil prayaid oa raaaipt of I pairs * > ' 1- ??i -- v-tm rs. 11 ordora *fco*14 b* to # ? ?. MMOBLLA WTOTTS. "" p??m* Orri< i 8bf?*iktb*d?*t of Public Piimtikol Wartinftoc. October 2jnno. \ la pmrauftooe ot the provi ion* of ttie "aot to ?ro ride for execntini the public prmtinf." Ao? &? .rniroH An?uat * 1M? ?< ?h. llxl -1^1 the Mt entitled "An aot making appropriation for the ItiulftUT*. MMtUvMid judioitl e&p<>naeeof Bovernment for the year ?ndmg June 30. l?60,"approved Mar on 3.1159, aeaied aropoeau will M reoeivol at thia office, in the Capitol, antU the trst Monday (3d day) of Deoember next, at li o'olook, ?., for iurmahing the paper that mar be r?^mrM for the pablio printing tor the year ending on the let day of Deoember rim. The aubjpined l>at hpeoifiee, aa nearly aa oaa be aMertainad, the Quantity. quality, aad deeoriptioa of eaoh kind of paper that will be required: CLaaa 1. reama fine printing paper, ' oaler me\aure 24 by 91 lnoh*a,and to weigh forty-ft re poanda to the ream of 480 aheeta. Cuia 2. C.OM reama fine printing paper, calendered, to inetaure 24 by 33 inohee, and to weigh fifty-MX pounds io uu rtM ol 4?0 ib?iU. Clam s Son retmi anperfine printing paper. hard aised and nuper calendered, to meaaare3? by 32 inohM, and to weigh forty-eight pounda to the ream of 400 aheeta. . . . 2 000 reams iwtrlM printing paper, used and uper-* alendered, to meaaare it by K inohee.ana to weigh fifty poende to the ream of 480 shMta. Cuil 4. 1 000 mmi anperfine mtp paper, ailed and calendered, of aaoh aizea aa maybe required, ooireapondiog in weight with paper meaaurit c 19 It 24 inohea, and weighing twenty ponnda par rearu of 460 aheeta. CLAM 5. am reams auperfine plate paper, (oalendered or unoalendered. aa Aay be required.) 19 by 94 inohea, and of auoh weight per jeam aa m*r be retailed. The fibre ot the paper of each of tae abov* alaoara to be of llnea and cotton, free from all ad alteration with mineral and other aubatanoea, ar.d ot a fair whiteneaa , a'd pat up in quiree of twenty-four Leets each, and in bnndlea of two raama eaob; eauh ream to oontaia 490 perfeat aheeta. Uniformity in aolor. thiakiMi.inil viuiKt ?illk>>aanirul' and no bundle (exclusive of wrappers) varying over 01 under five per oeut from tie standard weight will be received, and the'gross weight will ia all mm be required. Mixing of various tniokne ?e? in the aatne bundle to mac* up t e weight will be eonsidored a violation of the oontraob Clasb 6. 1 1 rVX) riimi qnarto-poat ? ritmg paper, 10 bj It inch**. 1 2,000 du cap So 13 by IS 1-1 do 3. 100 do demy do 16 by 90 1-8 do 4. 1,000 do folio-poot do IT by X3 do 5. 100 do medium do IS by S3 do a SO do royal dj 19 by 24 do 7. 90 do uper-royal do 10 by W do 8. SO do imperial do Ml?br3l do 9. 100 do double-cap do IS by M do 10. 100 do ?oi?r?d medium, (aaaorud colon.) Class 7. 1. 6JOOO reama writing paper, It by M inches, to weigh twen'y-three pounds p?r re\in 2. 1,500 reams writing paper, 19 by a inches, to weigh twenty eight pounna r*f ream 5 3,1<*> reama writing paper. It by 25 lno ties, to wt-igh twenty six pounds 4 100 reams writing paper, 18 by K inches, to weigh twenty-four poands p r ream 5. SK5 r.ama writing paper, IS by '8 itohea, to weigh twenty-two pound * per ream 6 410 r<?mi writing paper, 12 by U iaohea, to weign tweive pound* per ream. 11 the paper* deeignated in o'a**oa 6 and 7 mnat oontain 430 perfect ah<>et* to the ream, and ao 'outtide' auire*. fhfy are to be made of the best ma teri%la, free from adulteration, finiil e?i in th? h?>t manner, out to a true edg?. lai<1 flat. am securely anti i>ubBt*ntiaIly t nve.oped. The paper* in class 6 are to i:e whitr or blue, and 'if such weights as may be required by tbia cffije. Those in ola'S? are to be whits, and of the ulies and weights specified in th'< sohfdule. The right is reserved of ordering a greater or leas quantity of eaoh and every kind contracted for in a I the clause*. to be furm?h d at snoh times acd in sueh auautities as the publio servioe may require. Kaoh class will be considered separatijT. and be suhji'ot to a separate oentract; bat bidders may nfl*->r far r>T?m Ar m . ? />' -.1? i? -*-v - - ? _.... ,..VI ui 'i w vi tuo VIHIU ID UIB Mine IIOIOMIi \n propoaala will b? oonaiderad unleaa aoownpa? i vt by tue gu&rant?e thttthe bidJer or hid<:era, if hia or their p'opoaa! ali&ll be acoepte^. will enter into an obligation, with good and auffioient auretiea, to furniah the artinleaprnpoaad Blank forma for propoaala will b? farni'hcKl at thia offioa, axd none will bo taken into oonnideration unleaa aabat&ntiallyacreeioc therewith. All th? ????r in tli? ???? ! ??* L" J" r-- " -v*vi?t vim?m uiiiav uo uo?Ty uoh place or places as iq&t be design&ted in Waahin?toa city, in good order, free of all and every extra oharceor expense, and subject to the inapaofon, o?nnf. weight, and msa'urement of the Superintendent, and be in all reapeota aatufaoloty Hanr'j fleof all the paper required ma? be *een at this o3ne, hut bidders are required to furnish, with their proposals,.samples of not less than on* quire of each of the kinds Did for, and upon which ti,eir proaoaaia may be baaed. The auooeaaful biddeia wiJ be required rigidly to oonform to their aamDrAknaala ?!ll - J J J ? u M _ I will W auurwieu vo JOHN HURT. Snperintandeutof the Public Printing, Waahineton,' and aodoraad "Propoaala for Sap Plrmg PaV*T . oo 2 2?wtd O UARTKRMASTER'S OFPICE, U. 8 M COfePS, a _ WAaaisaTow, Ootober 4. l?tt> ? 14J"*P P?OFoaaia will be received at thia olfioe SP^.30. Q*oofc P- no., of Wedneaday, the Jl.t day of f-J,n,*h'n5 "J oontraot to the K. Marina Corp*, during the year 1*81, the following ai'ppiiea, deliverable at the offloe of the Aiftittut S \f P PKik. delphia, in auoli quantities m may from time to tim? be required, viz : aon uniform oaj> < with platee oomplote 1,000 red wor*ted pompons, ball ehape, 5 luoliea in circumference * I (iu pairs yellow metal oreenants and eaale straps 2>*J seta epaulette bullion for sergeants and ourporals sou seta epaulette bullion for privates ' 5t> red worsted aaahe* / fSQOl whltA ' ** 1 * " IIIIVU tui rauu, au louutl Wide, 10 weigh IS os P*T yard 2,500 yard a dark-blue kereay,all wool, free from hair, M inchea wide, to weigh ttos. to the yard, (in digo wool dred) tuOOyarda aky bine keraey,all wool. frM from Mtfr, 54 inchea wide, to weigh Boi. per yard, (indigo wool dyad) 3,000 yarda white linen for ahirta, 80 inobee wide, to weigh 11 ox. per yard 6,000 paira arm? boota, infantry pattern aou gray manna blank eta, all w.*>l, to weigh fovr poun?l* each, with letters "U. 8. M " in blaik* Tour inohea long, in the oentre, to be 7 feet lon? and S feet wide, free from greaae J,000 paira woolen eooka,3 *isea, properly made of good fleeoe wool, with doable ano twiatad yarn, to weigh 3 pounda per dosen paira, free from greaae 1,900 fatigue oapa, with oovere, to be madefof blue oloth.(indigo wool dyed) 3.000 yarda dark bine flannel for ahirte, all wool, (indigo wooi dyed.) 27 inehea wide, to n?uh i'i os. per tard 1,W yards dark bine flannel for owsaoks, all wool, (indigo wool dyed, >54 inohes wide, to weigh 13 ox per yard , , 500 yards icarlet olcth. (ooohiceal dye,)54 inohes wide, to weigh 16 o*. per yard 1,300 yds dark bine twilled olotn far uniform ooat*, (indigo wool dyed,) 54 inohes wide, to weigh 33 os per ya'd 3,noo yards Canton flannel for drawers, 27 inohee wide, to weigh 7 os. per yard ffl cartridge boxes 800 pAfcutsion oap pooohes ? on bayonet seabbards, with brass mountings 50 sergeants' swords 3ft musicians' swords 36 tenor drums ? box-wood U Ales, (yellow) SO dram oords 50 seta drum snares 100 dram heads, < batter} 75 do do (snare)

80 sword frogs aoo musket slings o! blank leather 315 gross of ooat buttons, (eagle; 86 do do jaeket do do 14 do do vest dn tin ?*km< and trimming wateh cnata: Mrfeanta, oorMri.i, mu?ioi?ui?, and ?rivtU?' idl'r? ooat*; fatigue oo&u for the mh*; Mri'uti oorpoiala. muiioians, ana priwUt' woolu muu! linen pant*; drawer*; n*nn* iturti; flaunt] over aoka; Inenahirts; and red and bis* jackets for *><>* mentioned artiale?mu*t conform U|* ??l*d standard pattern* in &? ^ Qaart#rrna?U?r Marine Corp*, )*"hl?.*toni Aawetant Quartermaster'* OfX??. **?? bdmim atreet, Phi.adalphi*; and at tba Martaa tttationa Brooklyn, N V., an<i Boston, 5?^nM oan b? aamiacd. They will b? rttidlj iUfMtod and con pa. ad with thoaa aamplaa by tha Aaaiafant Qu*rt?rma-tar, or anoh ofh" parauna aa ma> ho properly appointed. Vuoh as may i* Bna^nal tfearato will ba rejeet*t; In whiot caea the oontractor wil! ba bound to furnish others SBS'tfJ *inA?r U^LS?! day.; .. u"ur, inoj viii de purohaaed at Ba expense. Raoh pr<.poa*l mast b? uoobmoM r the following guarantee: Form of Ouarantu Tl?? ?cdereigned, ..of in th* 8 at* of , and , in the State of hereby guarantee that in eeee the foregoing bid of for auppliea. ae above d*?ori>ted, be aoo?pted, he or they will, within Ua day* after the reeeipt oi the o ? traot at the po?t oflioe named, execute the eontraot for the eama with gooa and anikoient eeouritiee; and in eaae the eatd hall fai1 to enter into contract. aa aforeeaid, we rnarantee to mahj good the differenoe Iwtween v. a " inajt wKioh may be accepted. A B, Guarantor. C D, Guarantor. B F, Wltnees. . 1?60. 1 h?r?by oertify that the above named -? are mown to me as men of property, and able to make food their guarantee G. H. To be ?uned by the United States District Jadge, United States Dutriot AiUjrney.or Collector. No proposal will be o>n?idered unless aooompa aied by the above guarantee Newspaper! authorised to publish the above will send the paper oontuninr the first n.s*rtiou to Ikii <)4oe <er examination. . The bidder's p soe of business, or mnnufaeturiu* establishment, mast be specifically stated tn ibe KPr?pSsals to be endorsed: M Proposals for Sup plies. Ac., for Ml, and addressed to the uader"f'oniiaots will be awarded to the lowest res possible bidder furnishing ibe required seountie*. ? W. B. ?t,ACi. Q6 &-Uw?w Quartermaster. >17 B. STOVES! ^.STOVE B!! 8 T O V E 8 !!! I h m on band a lari? ???ortm* at of Cooking and other - ttivai, which I wtjl *MJ (MUtf than any othor bouoia tlio Diatriot. u U it my mt'Dtioa to oioao ibora ont Call and CWYD^W oa > N??t door to star Qfloo. piANOB. MEI<ODEOp8, VIOLINS, Gnitara, "wTr?3&yii!?b. > # f&UNKS, BOOTS AND 8HOB8. gOOTB AND TO UUIT TBK Witrt mt mUBbct?nii| u! kinds of BOOTS a4 SHOES, and oontt&nuV r*oe*rui* rap fir of Mitern mv1? work of ere rjd?- MS cr^tlo". DUMA oiirtutr to .itilur ???? ?'i''? he ?old at a much lower pnoe thac'hVr W*n' VfeL Heretofore charged in this otty for bn! inferior grtiftloa. Persona in want of Boots and Shoee of e*etern ot otty made work. will al waya fend*jood aeeortmea : m star*and at the lowest prio*?. 6it? u* a oa.i. I GRIFFIN A BR07 >! Pan?rlTunia aveaae. 1^1 Vfc; HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS Draaa aad Paokicg Trunks. Our tmnk^ *" Mies room exhibit at this time the rT?*teet tvWt of traveling re* ni sites at moderate snoee. to M fonnd tkis side of New York. Amoj*? deeerjeboa oTlfADIK?' HAT BOXK& V ALICES, CARPET BAG!*. BATCH BL8,Tto. fl^OId Trnaka reared or taken la axohMC* fer new ones. WAL^ axgojuj^g * go^ ar ?-tf aa^pl. fcyanaa. nAlfVB E*B M TBUMff " a ??? ? KVV.MBA11 AaV,B^MI;|r?TURIi OnwhM f>ddSwir* nZntffl.fir-f.rn D c poajfln# ilmran. I w none but theflBfll fc*?t ?*tori*l th? market afford, and mrnfloy^^ the b*?t workmen, I pan oonfidendy recommend mj work to b? aupenor in Strength and Itwubilit* to i pints utat are made ? gtber oium and sold her*. I keep ooastantly on hand, and nuke to order too IPS, *T0r7 d?cri?tien of SOLS ^AWbn BofTRcM Mffi #1*2 ?k*r TALlCtSlT^ATELIiIio BA&S; HARNESS: SADDLES;!,*" * Tracks, fco.,K?HirM and Covered, in vorkmaalike manner, at short notioa. Trunk* delivered in any part of the city, Seorgetovn, or Alexandria. 8#^?,mV8i8,4lBs8. ' FA,,ILI deU-l* JAMES 8. TQPHAM. TRAVELERS DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. MJ WA&filPllrTUly i> nAM/j. fflui?>?a? /1~ . ? W* v-banei of nova*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, JumISU. I860, train* will run ae fuilowe: Lwn Washir.gtoc at6 2? and 7.4" a. m. Lmt? Washington at SJfci and kJSO p. m. Ob Banday at 3 30 p. m. Lmti Baltimore at 4.25 and 3.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.16 and 4J0 p. m. On bandar at 4 38 a. m. Paeaengera for the East will take train* at fcJD and 7.4" a. m and 3 an a m. For the West at 7.40a. re. and SJn p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m- and 3.30 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evaniug taeSJO p. m. train com to Philadelphia only. Jel3-d_ T H. PARSONS. Arent. NEW ORLEANS X?J TXmilB DOLT'S WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Orangtand Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR*: Virginia and Tennssae*, East Tennessee and Virginia, Bast Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Missxssifjti Central, Am Orleans and Jackson-, TO NEW ORLEANS! MKM PHI8* ROUTE: Memphis by Rail, thenoe by Pirat olaes Packets to Nev Orleans. MONTGOMERY AN~D MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Jla^tfiecca to Mobile by First uiMi * Kuril, luumis to ,?* l/riMIll Of Lake SUaictn TWO DAILY TRAINS?Svrsats Inclvskb, Lwti WuUiiitn at 6 ?. m. and 6 p. m. T he Siaamsr GEORGE PAGE I*tm her wharf foot of Hwrenth rtrort fct ck t.. m. &oU 6* f. m. ud oonnecU fct Alex*ndri* witL the Or wife and Alexandria Traiu* for the 8onthire?t. Ofioo-Peunaj Irani*. fcrenrte, carter of Sixth it. uwMi IMIIULUI TUUSII TU HIT OU1U1. Lynohbarf #7*0 Memphis ?11 03 Bn?toi__ ,i?oo Atlanta . Jl 00 KdoxtiIIb . 80Ou Miuvon ...SOI Clifttcanocf* ??..5i00 Oolumboa 9 M Daiton? 24 0? Mott*L>:-)?rr M 00 HunUnlie. tl C?i 7 vmMemjhiMS SO Grand Jcnotion 9)(x> N.O.S nag. Jano?43 fo NmFtiIIo tt W \ Tia Mobile. _4? uo THIS ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BY RAIL 900 MILKS 8HORT*!*R^Vnd 34 HOURS LESS IN T1M? than any other l.iie?the L?nohbnrc Exteneion being now oompletad, m alto the Miuuaippi Oo.ra!, makinr it tbe _ QUICKEST AND hioST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! , it li provided with Firat oiMa Sleeping Care! *im*|T? "IE* l Niudmll* 46 do. H7"Th? D. 8. HAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken o?rthia New Lino. IiokeU oan be obt&insd at the Sooth We* tern oe, corner of Btjcth street and Pencaylvaaia avenue, to the lollowinr aolnta: Lrnonburf, Bristol, KnoxjnUa. Atlanta, Chattanoora. Bactanlle, Grama Junction, Maoon, N&aimfle, Dal too, Colnnbaa, Moutfomerjk w , ^ j'lp A B7- THROUGH Tlc&BTS TO TUB VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. 117* Omni buaee aa<l Baccate W?ou leave the offoe attain, and I p. rn. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Arent, ma 8-tT Corner Sixth at. and Pa. a*. ' THE BTKAMKK J AS. GUY Will rwrcrce hm . I tri?a 011 TyESDAY, ?i?t of -J'l' m * S Pebrtiarj. iWO. W lr^ve WASH IMCTHV 'tMIL'Qlia O - - I FRIAIV, ??V?1?? rm.:?nd'ALEXAgiil I at 6 o'oiook. for CURRIOMANwd the I ^ATII'L. BOUBH. Ajt. A\*xiuv?bZii:l*^TW f \FFIGK OF INSPECTOR AND BKALEK U OF GAS METERS. NOTICE IS fISR ably to the provimona of the otdtnanoe of the Corporation approved May 12. I860 the onderaigned ia now prepared, "whenever reenlred in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inapeot. examine, teat, prove, and aeoertain the aoopraey of B| ffictratiOD ol any gaa meter in Dae m thia oity." very meter, ifloui.d incorreot.wiU bepoademaed, and another, aeaied and marked aa true, wiU be aet in I?? plaoe. If proved to be aooaraie in iu meaearvment ofgae, it wMl be aealed aooordingly, and acaia pat in aoaftioa for nae. Offloe No tlO Seventh atreet,(near Odd FaJ .owe' kiall ) Open from 8 a. re., to A p. in. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf Inapeetor and Sealer of ftaa Metera. H <?WE'? IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES 11 Theee Scales arc offered to the ycblio u tin most aipi pie. durable, and reliable sc&leeerer ant ia Society; Virginia State Agricultural FaJr, FrackiiD Sss?ten'.T^N,*?v^,kiSE exhibited they save reoeived Ant elwa premium? clifaTJf&SZ1**** im^ of *** de'u-ljr E* G. PATTISON. Agent ~~Z GAS FIXTURES. E Hare in etore. and are dai.f reoeiTing. OAK FIX TUR BS of entirely New Patterna and Deeigaa and Finiah, superior in atvle to anvthinr heretnftu-a offered in thia market. W? mvfte pftliens faneral ty to oall and examine our atook of Gu and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the boot iacted atock in Waahincton. Jul Work in the abova'Lae intra atod to oar oar* Jfi*4 PR ANC1H HAMPER, FAMILY OROCKRV0Al?^EliD8TOEB, Cmef of New Y ork avmmt and Tenth strut. Respectfully eolicita the patronage of those w mar bo in want of any article in the above lino. Hu endeavor a a hall bo to pleaee, and by a atriot attention to the wanta of the pablio, he hopes to merit a mUmrm nf ?Kai r ?et?Aaa?? Bit took oonauU of every artiol* naaallr to be fonad in a firit-olau Family Grooary aoa Feed ?tof. MalT-q WASHINGTON HE WINS ROOMS. * * *>? #?* *t? two doeri North *f Fa. A**. farid to make SHIRTS, DRAWERS, jfca., at tk* skis? m3f^fcivwwr BAN MMT itiMaaCt **r W-W W. ft Mft * M i.?.?. uia. aiTiwfti i.a. avmVT" LAMAI.MOftkAW^^^. GOODUeHTi , SAPK LIGHT! PARAFFIN O.L.fg,^ oa M A?*nfc fartta ?SJ?. ?TL" ?>? ? "sjLrs^u macKHJLNBoas. T'K 0"'?S,5iLA?fi&f ?*""? C uao*nently I ahal! r?xnt;oin WMtiMln tad continue to aur?ua wit oe^uMtiue "f HOL'#K, SIGN aad ORNaMKN TA1. PAINTING. Gild iBf in all lU braaohaa. QM ?'asm* promftiv attoo^Ml to. Painting aad Oraamontlac OotUMta Karmtura in tb*be?t?tjla i aian. qaI attantioa ; to th* Painting of Roofa ai.d Brick \Valia. 411 <>f the above I will do a* cheap a? tha (Mm*: t*U J tharefora aolioit U?? patroua** of mj foeac* \ aod fallow oiuiana of tk? DiatriaL Puootaality tnctij obacrvad, and work doaa ia tta boat ma a I k oa wtilalaaae mind your ?U?m aad atoa at M, I 7. PAKKKK> Painting Taialiliaiimant, No. M' , ** ?J ::: Lx>uiu%na av., north aide, tltwm Mb and 7lb ?u. P. 8 Sign* u> free of eharge, u anal. en ? 9m plONKKESTtAM MARBi^AND B*OWN The aubaorlber be*a leave to inform tbe OJtiaeaa of Waaiungton. Georgetown and Alexandria Up* he hw arid*d to hi* long eetahilahed Waaiiieea tbe auxiliary of atMuo power for a* wing aed maoMtao taring Marble and Brown Stone Work n their ranoaa branches. Marble Mantel*, TaUe and Waebatand To??, Tile, Mounnenta. Tomb aad Head Sumea, Sia">a, Window Linte.a, 9ilia, Steea %ad Platform a. Having pi.-a he aed a Large atook orltaiian Marble in block Jn>m tlw> lowest ratea, he feela oonftdent of bwug able to flirtiah Mfrbe 1 ""HM low M 11 N1 DO puroraaad HN? Tor*. Philadelphia, or Ba^tiroora. Tbe trade supplied with Itaui&u Marble in block or siabe at Uic MM I rata aa furoi?bed ia Naw York, aa4 oa aaoosiaaodatinc terms. Alao, on hand, a large supply of Fumioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hone and Poliaaing atty ft New Yo'k priaee. Encourage an tar '"r,u " SSMTO^P-'Id. fmur SIMM MjprbU mm4 Brown Sttm* Wmriu, Pa. ? ., oor. Thirt-?aUi at, iaa Sm Washington, D. C. IMPORTANT TO HOUSKkKKPEM. ^ ^ R.JI. DURE^^CO/g^ ^ ^ SiinotMd not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PVRK. bat croud from freak Spioas, aalaatad iai alsanad s sp*a $?sjsts5 (uned with paper,I to prerent injury by kaaatoa. and are tall weicht, while the ordinary trbaid Spieea are almost invariably abort. Wj warrant than, inpgjnlt of .tr.B,U. a^rjohwNj. ojfiavor, WKYtJFiII ALii Uu!fl rAKllHjni* aa a lintlo trial will abundantly prove. Manajboturad only by fb i ^ATCHREPAIRmG AN^HILVER WAKE I have one of the beat entabliahiuente. aad forniahed with a complete aet of toola for repair w< every d<?eo:iption of fir.e Watchea, and particular attention give to the earn*. by ?4mK tiorouch competent work man .aed a. work cuar&ntied Al*o, evttry deacrip ton of atandard Sil.VKB WARE, plain and orn&m?utai, mauufactu-ed voder my own cuperviaion. which my cuat<>inera will find far aopenor in quality and finiah to uoitbera ware old b> doalera in general and repjraented aa tbetr own m&uulMUir*. H. O HOOD, 3>3? P*. av?nuo. nar>tn *t. And ?11 kindi of OKNTrt' *LRNlMIING GOOD*, at 25 per oent. th*n *ny tUor ?tor? '"noT^iin' At SMITH'S. S?Teclh t. flit [MAN & SIMPSOKJ T T RA\ MFAHI1Y RYES FAMIDf RYO mWSKE^yVHTSKF)^ The above PURE W RISKY,Cor*** Dutillzb fhom Maltks U*a;m, being eopenor and uniform m ^oality, *nd highly improved py i(?, i? preferred by oonaumer* tc all other Whiekiee, and partieolarly reoommended by the beat and cheraiataaa potaeeainj all the rwtmr'iriet.te of a Trme Tonic ln*iternt?r and Rfmtdial Agent. The Sqhny!kill Water r-f Philadelphia, o?ed la the dii'illation of tiua Whiakv, >a proved by ^b&'j bib iu uc uio Miu pureai wt.t8r in in? U mtetl HtatM ; and to thi? may, in a great d*rre?, b# at trlhated the excellence of tbi* Wbieky. For aaie oy FREEMAN & SIMPSON. l'beoix Diittillerj, On th* Sohaylkiii rirer, Phi aue.phia O?o???96 Wall ?treet, New York ; 109 South Froct atreet, Piu,adeifLiA. And oan he had in Waahington of Samuel Baocn 4. Co , 319 Pa ar ; R. J. K run, Weat 9th at., corner D: Keonedy A Pugh, S?8 WMt 7th at ; M?rray & S?mmei. 40T P\ av.;J. B Wilaon. 39T Pa. av ; Barbour k. hmmn, 66 La. ar ; H. C. Purdy, 403 Pa. Win-Bryan. 44 Market Pp.; Moor*. CiaaellJt Co , 367 V\ eft 1th at.; Q. F. Gu liok, 546 N J. av ; A. Gvldia. Jr.. * Co., M, oor er Kut 11th :Ed ward Hall, 40 MarketSpace ; K. E. W > ite A Co .63 I a. av.; John H. He a i dim 4 Co . 593 Weat Ninth "t. oeM im ff & MOIOXT: V\^\ \!t&j'& DISPATCH 1 \ \I/*rSa?e tfcc_Pieces! fK^ Am utumtt will Wpm, mm m mtll-rtuufd ftmUliu, it is very daatiabla to hare MM(km tad oonre&icst w for ratairiac Fanutara, Tor*. Craekerr, *a. IPALDIi?e>l rRCPAEID flLUI iraM all aa'. emergenoie*. and no kovaohold oac afford to be without it. It ia a<war* ready and ay to the ebekiag joint. There :? no ioacer a neoeaaitr for limpinc ehAirt, ?phatered "*neere, hoadieee hrairAn ' <?* fA? one, ahell. and other ornamental work, so popaiar wttli ladiea of refinement and taete. Thie admirable preparation la need e-ci. b?la< obenuoally hold in aoijtion, and poaaee?ing alT tLc valnable ?ualitiea of the beat oaianat maker * glae. It pay be aaed in thajMace of ordL*-ry muouage, IN Mf MRT nOXTBM." Wk*Ut*U D*r*l, No, 48jph|^r*tre?ft, New Yi?f AMmi HENRY C. fJPALDING < CO.. Box No. S,MN?, New Yorfar Pat ay for Daalera in Caaea oontaiaing Foer, Eight, and T waive Doaen?a beautifal Lithograph to show-Card aooompanying each package. CT A aingle bottle of SPALDlNli'S PRE PARED GLUE will aara ten Qmea ita coat anneal! y to arary hoaaehoTd.^31 Bold by all prominent tfta?ouer% Pragglata, Hardware and Faraitara Deabra. flrueara, and iP'Jlfi WTIal Ml.ik . .. M?f b> ttiO'41 y>?M<r M b(li< ?/mT M/itr mV giggjgjf ITrtS-^aSST"* (Jjfl-'U # (MWH. i f,.@g&J m ifiBSSSgSiagW W CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DAIiT'S ?m?l ------- IMIlAIMi hmmuut wmi WITH THE 81GNATURE Of ON THE LABEL ALL OTHL^S ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. wm.hdaly, SOLE PROPRIETOR II WllllLUAftl SI NEW YttL MOM MALM Ut WAMMl***TO* BY > 11-lr &UUKM/K4 BKXMH , Wgpioiasa. 1 AAft* HO?rif*L. Ht MumrW tk? ?wt Cm?im SrMtf.M MJ| ? t Ki?W> tm Ik* ro* ALL DIGRAPH* OF t%ir*UI>fc.*Clt. LET no rjLL 9fi OSLJCACV mMTEItT. KTr\.T IMMEP ATRLY. A Cm WAtLtUHTTMH. OM. ?n ttrnmmom iif nom oits rb two dajtT " Mhuh &? ?? *? Kj*.*.. ul Bli On. mw?w (wkm mmmt *--i?n) S55EF5SSFS^ftciSv^c: mn Mk, AI?m<m W eM Ukft, rt w InMIkHt TtmMi DtMtMn u*H| M Mtftt; latau g Twi-Um Dntifil ?*4 Dmmii ?? himn ?k?t n*. In Miimp ! >?1,4 ** u?i MuMyui HM4 TOIM Mil r ?* wt? k?MM i>* ncMM ?f ?*i Mr ? %, feu (mA. u.4 tHuwun ktku HiBlIt a M MUBitr ?* ? Itwtl / T??.( Mill (Tilt mm, lt. iM ItlMM u4 Wrilut mmIImi ?k? anffti ?Mr*n? k4 ? MtntiH via iktiWin >*? ?.?? 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