Newspaper of Evening Star, November 17, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 17, 1860 Page 1
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* II" wmitmmm . * - - J " 9 " !-" - - " V ' ' ? ; ? - 1 ? ? = .: ..} ! M j >('? I*? 't?"Vlt"I "* V'"" > ..-.._ 'J.^ - ? -. ' " t - V 1 ,1 ?%r. . ' " ' y^\"" ' ' *"*. ? ( .' 1 i." , ,T (gfattkg ^Hi ? * | . . * , ? _ ___ _____ VS. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 17. 1860. N?. 2.419 _? _____ THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERYAPTERlfOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTKD.) AT THE STAR BCILDIKOS, Ccrnsr of Pennsylvania mvenu* and 11/A **, W. D. WULACa 1 l'?>w tarred in *T aarrtara tl |4 yea*, or V oenta per month. To Bail aabaertbwa U? psioe 11 $Ui) ? rear, m * for tlx month"; ? 1 for three monthsi And for laea tfeac tar re jzi'jnthi at the rata of U cents a TMk. Sin* 1? opi?s, om? crtT; in wrappere, two cihts. TZ^AvrnTttsicaHTaaaoald be Mat to Mm offioe before U o'o nck m.; otherwise they may not appear nnti! ?h ni?*t<J?T. [Fob thx Stab. lltlRSlOl FROM WASHINGTON. We 4 The vicinity of Boston, connected ao intimately with the city by a complete net-work of horse railroads, id fut becoming a part of the city itself. We availed ourselves of tba <if iIima fm?iliri?a for risitinir its usiroM. A few miles west of the city Mocxr Adbobit It situated. A pleasant ride of a few miaatai found us at the gave of the eemetery. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in the United State*; and although many have been laid oat in the Ticinity of our large cities since this, none are more varied in landscape or picturesque in scenery. It it in rery quiet place, near the banks of Charted Hirer. The ground is wall wo?iadi ard contains several am *11 lakes. On the high^ ? ? . _ a. ? _m_ i a .? est bill id a granite lower, waicn overlooks me place, and From wbicb an extensive view of the country with its cities, may be had. The chapel of granite, ocvupi< s a fine position near the sentral part of the cemetery. Within are the statues of Gov. Winthrop. John Adams, Joseph Story, and James Otis, beautiful works of art. The* statue* will of themselves well repav for the time spent in a visit to this place, iiere lie entombed many men noted in the scientific and political, as well as in the esthetic and religious world. Bowditch, Otis, Spuriheim. Lawrence, and others, have beau tiful moan menu. It contains about 100 aeres, nnd is enclomd with an iron fence, having a granite gateway of almost gigantic dimension*, of the Egyptian style of architecture, emblematic of eternity. Judge Story delivered th? address at the consecration of this spot as a burial place, in September, 1831. A day is not sufficient time to visit this consecrated ground Rbsidexcje or Lo^gfbllow. On oar return, not far from the cemetery, on the north side of the road, we saw the residence of the poet Longfellow. - The house is the one occupied bj Gen. Washington while in command of the American forces at this place. It is some distance from the street, and is surrounded bj spacious grounds, beautifully adorned with trees, shrubs, flowers, a ad gravel walks, and is a fit dwelling-place for a poet. A shor*. distance from this is the great Washington Elm. en the west side of Cambridge Ciriasaen. It was nnritr thii that Wul. ington Mood while his commission was first read to the Continental Army of twenty thout>4D<i men, drawn up on the Common. Here he drew the sword which was not sheathed till his enemies acknowledged his native land free and independent, and allowedIjis fellow-conn irTiavn ? piace among toe nations or tbe world. Near this elm. in a pleasant part of Cambridge, standi tbe renowned Cambridoh University, The principal object of attraction in this city. Tbe college grounds cover about 14 aeres. tasteful lj laid oat, and containing some beautiful lawns There are fifteen University buildings, of which fourteen are in Cambridge, and one. the Medical Department, in Boston. The old institution, built of brick, and looking somewhat antiquated, occupies a place nearly in tbe centre of the grounds, while beside and aroand it are the more stately edifces which have since been erected. Gore Hall, containing the library, is of granite, and presents a floe appearance. It was closed at the time of our visit, so we did not hare the pleasr re of entering it At tha terminus of the g-ovnda are many 01 me fro tensors dwellings, neat little cottages, well and handsomely built. Just aoro*a the street is Prof. Agassix'a cabinet, which bo thinks will soon compare favorably with any in tho world. Cambridge contains about 20.000 inhabitants, and is separated from Boston by Charles Hirer It was settled in 1631, under the name of Newtown, but was changed to Cambridge in reinemhraaeeof that University in England. Thooity is situated on a low plain, and hat no naturally romantic scenery. Entirely different in tni- respect is the Lilly, almoet mountainous city of roxbckt. It liea on tho southwest side of Boston, and if eonne-rte* witn it by several horso railroads It u a very rocky place, and received the name of "Rocksbury ' from that fact. It is a city of e"u?iderable baainw, bat is noted more especially fur iu splendid residences. The southern aud western parts of the town are completely oc npied with the residences of gentlemen, who do basineaa in Coaton There are from fi7e to one hundred acres attached to aettTMidenee. which, m well m the roadt, is lighted with gas. There is no place that for beauty of scenery and arrangement of fruit, flower, and kitchen gardens, that will compare with this and a few other mkirtiu In reality this is an integral part of Boston, and the principal men of that citj reside in thtaa tuwu Boston must b? regarded as simply a business plaee?for fide and beautiful streets, fine residences, and healthful air, we must go to these environs. The city of Boston ought to be extended, to take ia these places?then we might speak of its beauty. The time will aoon come wnen the fir?t class hotels of that city will be in the surrounding towns. Roxbury already has a fine one, the -Norfolk House, it stands on high ground, and commands one of the finest views in that vioinity. Brighton, Cambridge, Watertown, Charlestown. Boeton, Chelsea, ard the* Hnrbor. with all its islands, forts, lighthouses, and in the distance the blue waters of the Atlantic. a!l m?k? a ? ? ? ?? *- 1 s uwi W UU I'J UiiU 111 every plaee it ii t view that will amply repsy a ririt Here are also tome modern churches?one in particular, the Baptist, ia bailt of briok to the very top of the slender spire. nearly JUO feet high. When building, toe workmen refused to go on with the work, and the architect had to take the trowel himself. It waa completed aa he intended, and ia bow a beautiful structure. On ?? 1 * v * . vwibru iuq qiu ourjing- | ground.' to *ee the tomb of Elliot, the first great Indian missionary. Hia remain* lie in a grave with a very simple monument. The ground around gave evidence of the great number of rieitors to this apostle's tomb. The grave of the parents of Gen Warren ^as sear by. Their remain* are soon, however, te be removed to Forest H.iU* Cemetery, a new ysrd loeated in the aoathern part of this town. Cl 1ILIBTOWX AND BCRKBR HtLL. Thi* city lies north of Boeton, and i* separaved from it by the Charlea Eirer. It oooupiei a peninsula between the Charlee and Myetie rivers, and projects towards the southeast. It is perhaps half a mile wide and ene mile in length^eonnected to the main lead by a narrow neck. Near its extremity is the hill ao celebrated fer the commencement of the Revnlitinn Ik. n- ? 1 -j v?h? vi tm ma vi ?run*, Ifl 9. Tit* tight U now arowned wUh * plain granite *h*u M|u?r?. 230 fe*t high. Thia ? mceuded by winding step*. and at the entrance i* a lingular Maaumc Monument, in hooor of Qen. Warren, the Masona itipolating in the Mia of the land to the Honanient Asaociatfen that thia Maeoeie emblem ahonld be preserved within any nonaaeot that might be ereeted The oorner-stone of the Monument waa laid in 1*26, by Gen Lafayette, on which oceaaion W?k.? ? ' -? ? ^? .. s?wi nauKira u ortuoo to i cry #r|? audieaoa, aaong whoa the President of *f8* United States end kit Cabinet. It m ei/htaen jean in building The Monument ia wrrounded by a beautifal inuare of grata award, having away faihf. bat not a nngU /res. A fee ia eharg?d r ad nisaion, to ke*p the pt?a* in rep?i . Mementoes of the olden times and plaeea are alao for ea*e. y Tbe view from the top of tM* Monument ia ery fine?south thare it priaeawd Boetor, the Merger, itorahester HlghU, Kokhnry, tni iHlloa If ate m tho dtatans; >Nest, Brighton. Mt. Auburn. Cambridge, with its oollezes. Watertown, Waitham. Lexington, with the duiut Moanlain of Wechosatt and tho beautiful valley of Charles River; on the north, the valley of the Mystic, with its Tillage*; end on the east, Chelsee. East Boston, Lynn, Salem, end the broad Atlantic (losing the horisoa. The general impression from this place is that the surrounding country is almost a perfect garden, every romantic plaee being oconpied by the wealth of Boston?the city itself containing the poor No poor man can find a foothold beyond the city limiu, the price of lend being entirely beyond the reach even of the middle classes. \y hatever else may be said of Boston, from my observation, there is no city in the United States that can furnish anything like these suburban palaces and residences. From this place, via* horse railroad, we visited Chklsba. Passing the Navy Yard at the lower end of Charleston on oar way. Chelsea is connected with Charlestown by a very long bridge, and with Boston by a steam ferry that run? every fire minutea by day, and every ten minutes by night. This place in growth, has even oatstripped many of our fast growing Western citics Ten years since it had but two or three thousand inhabitants, now it contains from ten to fifteen thousand. We here had one of the finest views of Boston and its shipping. There ia nothing more worthy of note in tkia Tillage tnan la otners adjoining, except the view before mentioned, and this it well worthy the attention of the tourist. This is the place selected by several artists from which to get a view of Boaton and its surrounding scenery V. LantBTTz. FASHIONS FOR NOVEMBER. [From LeFollet ] Various novelties in material have been prepared for the forthcoming season. We notice, also, a few of last year's goods with new faces, by the difference in pattern and general charir.tAf WA mlw - ? - ? ? -*L 41 - ? wvutivU) aiiiunK UlUtTB, I HO popline de laine, in large plaids, or spotted with petite pois; the reps, with wide stripes downwards?-jron and black, or violet and black, are the most elegant colors for this ma[ terial?printed foulards de lain*, in dark grounda, with small bunches of flowers; and a new material oalled Turin velvet, a perfect imitation of terry velvet, bat composed of silk and wool. These fabrics are made with plain skirt*, but Tery full; and the bodies geierally have | tight sleeves. The corsage a plastron is very elegantly worn, and is very becoming to Eome figures. r> .. -1 - ? it io ajipiii-auie ui Bimosi an materials. We noticed a very elegant dress of violet taffetas antique made in this style. The plastron was of blaok velvet, richly worked with iet beads. The sleeve was light. At the top of the arm was a fall pa?, cross-barred with black velvet. In eaeh diamond formed by the trimming was a small jet hanging ornament. The skirt was entirely without ornament, excepting at the poekou. One on each side was defined by black velvet, shaped and trimmed like the plastron of the body. Tltough moires and Pompadour ailka are worn, uffelii, antiques and satins seem at preseit the favorite wear of a toilette babillee. Of these, the emerald green and the new (hade, called Haranne, are the oolors mo?t elegantly worn. Blaok moires are rery elegant, and their effect depend* entirely upon the itjle, and of the trimming bj which they are accompanied. For instance, we hare seen a blaok moire with a bouillonee of apple-green lilk, and a rucbe of blaok gpipure in the centre. The sleeres were tight aad had two p?li of apple-green silk at the toy. Between them was placed a rue lie. Some dresses are being made with the skirt perfect!j plain in front, tbe plaits commencing about two inches on either side of tbe fastenZouave jackots are beginning to b* 1 slightly wadded. Some are edged with a quilting of silk of tbe same color as tbe skirt with which they are worn; others are trimmed with ehicoree ruchings, an ornament likelj to continue in favor throughout the winter. | Maii7 dresses that we have Men have been trimmed with pattes of velvet. We notioed a silk dress, couleur llavanne, which bad rmall pattes of black velvet, edged with narrow guipure. placed down each scam in tbe skirt, and threo rows on the body, one on each shoulder fl.n<4 f ho i\t K I . mm rn <' V U V I i/cmwou. The Maearon and Pierrot bottom are still worn, and hare a very nice effect when worn with thick dress, oa which a more elaborate style of trimming would be oat of plaoe. Indoor skirts are worn with a alight strain, etpecially when made of satin. All Kinds and styles of passementerie are making their appearance; some are extremely elegant. The skirts of some dresses are made en point*, and embroidered en sootacho, commencing very wide at the hem, and gradually diminishing towards the waist. , For evening dresses, light materials are most in request, each as tarlatanes, nets, tulle, illusion, crape. Ac.; the bouillonnee*, or narrow flounces, are the usual trimmings. The latter art generally Mt on very full, and flated. For married ladies, so simple a style of dress is, of eourse, not neeeasary. Lace takes . \ ? ? - " mo piace oi toll*, and jewels that of flowers. Lace flounces should have under-flounces of tarlatane, or they are apt to hang too heavily. The paletot and the burnous are reproduced with.very slight variations. They are made of velvet, oloth, taffetas antique, Ac. They are often trimmed with a new style of lace which has made its appearance, and U called llama lace, and with mtcitron buttons. Passementeries a favorite ornament. We hare ?een some large eloaks, confined at the waist with large plaits; a small pelerine falls a little below the shoulder*. Borne mantles are looe* in front and fitting behind; others fall in nlaits from th? timnU?? k-vi-j m - _ ? -w wiiAvt o WU1UU) and fit the figure in front. A new cloak has made it* appearance, called the Landgrave; it ia bound with a narrow watered ribbon. The peleeine, trimmed in the tame way, ia longer behind than in front. The sleeve is ornamented with a trimming ap the seam of the sleeve, from the vriat to the elbow The front of tBe mantle is closed bj a patte, on which are plaeed two buttons. Bonnets are worn Urge, adraneing in the front, and fayant at the side*. Velvet seldom forms the whole of a bonnet, but is generally accompanied by tall*, lace or ?r?M Tk? u. I terior of the bo met U rery aeldom all white, the top being generally compoa?d of black lace, flower* or velret. A ehicoroe ruche often forme a demt-guirlande, and hat a rery elegant effect. livening head-drew, of whatever they My be eompoaed, invariably hare the diadeae torn. Half wreathe of do were and loaves, or fl>wer> and lace are very elegant. A ruche, pointed, aad wide in th? *' ,.WM , UMI1VWOI the sides, and then wide under the comb of the back hair, ia very simple and ladylike The hair is generally dreeeed above thus headdreaaM at the back. Qold combs, with hanging dropa, either 1l gold, eoral, or pearls, are rary distingue. M*dt coifforea de bal are made of black vol] w-. -I *" - ,cv, cu uiium*. ub tn? point in front 1* piaoed * M( or irMMBt of preview toaee; on one aitft * droopier feather, generally tipped with fold, end (alliac on the shonlder. Should this ?ty le of he*d-dr?a be made Cor aa unmarried ladj or young girl, the qaillM are replaced by gold, the feathers be h*rk~^ blonde. Net! are so longer moo, except for >mplig$ they ere then generally aoooapanied by two bowi of T?i> r?, one with long tadi asd high ?t tho aide; another, more en i, at on# side of (he back. Tbeae bowa mmy be repleeod hj lowera; in thia eaae tba net, ^tbaa acooppf niod, utMj bo worn aa a dia-> i CT* On Fw*af twnlkg, ee Mr WW. Darfett, of'South Maiden, Maaa ~waa leaving hla etorefor* bone, he wu 8red at by two ruflUna. Tbe ball not taking effect, they beat hlna, knocking hia teeth out, tad otberwtae Injuring him aevtrely. A Cattle Diiuii on rut Wi?txkn Puih A terrible disease baa broken out among the cattle belonging to tb*; trains bound for Plke'a Peak The fattest and best cattle are generally ft rat seized, and after a abort alcknew they Invariably die suddenly. It i* supposed tUut the cause is an alkali with which tbe bodies of the cattle become impregnated. Tbe see son is now very dry, the Platte river low, and tbe water, along ita courae through tbe alkali plalna, more than usually impregnated wtth the polaon. Tbe roads are exceedingly dusty, and a moving trala is constantly enveloped in ita clouda. Cattle iaLale It at every breath, and eat it with every mouthful of grass they take They grass is said * At ? * - u> oe imcsiy covered with it for three miles from the road. Br tbia mean* eomigh alkali ia at length Introduced into the ayatem to produce death. Militait and tmi Isacoumatiox ?The New York Tlmea. noticing the announcement that the Burcesaes Corpa. of Albany, N Y , design attending Llncoln'a Inauguration, deprecates any auch purpoaea upon the part of military organization* ' It aaya: ,!No plan could 1* devised better calculated to lead to collialon and atrlfe. than the gathering of auch companlea from different aectiona of the country. There la an implied menace in tbe announcement of tbelr Intention to jjo, which ia wholly needleaa and mtac'nlevoua. It la the duty of every Northern man to allay, rather than increaae tbe exiatlng excitement, and we truat that, upon reflection, the Bnr^eaaes Corna of Albany will aee the propriety of dolntr nothing that ahall augment tbe hoatility which la likely to greet the Incoming Adininatration." How th* paasident is Elkctkd?The aucceaalve atepa in the election of electora for Preai..j w i? u ? - ? - uin auu ? ice rrmaeni 01 me unilea SUilet to be taken after the November election are-as follow* : lft?By tbe act of 1792 theae elector* are to meet on the first Wednesday tn December after, In their respective 3tat?. to cast thetr vote*. 2d?These vote*, when cast, are to be certified Stbe electora. and sealed up and sent to the pres?nt of th? Senate. 3d?On the second Wednesday in February after, tbe sealed certificates of tbe elector* are to be broken open and the Totes counted, and the result declared In the presence of Congress. Heavy Diriini 111 Nniou.?The Greensboro' (Ala ) Beacon says that a lot of negroessome twenty to thirty?were sold at Eutaw on the 2?th ultimo, bv the Sheriff. The nrW* brnnorh* were at least 10 to 50 per cent. below the ruling rates of last winter. A fraction of f 1,200, and that for a likely young fellow, was the highest price that was obtained. A very likely young woman, uch at would have commanded 91,600 to SI fjOo last fall, brought only a fraction over SI,000. The Beacon thinks the scarcity of money had something to do with it, but an apprehension of u di?solutton of the Union had also something to do with it. OEAUTIPUL 5ILK ROBK8 AT S12 50. 13 To eio?e out immediately our stock of Light smlk robes, we have oonoiutled to run tbem off at SUJ0 esih. If you want on-, don't wait several days, and if all are sola so< Id as for not having what we advertise. W e a<-e sol ling our entire stook of SI i.KS and all other goodi in store without retard to ooct for oash, in order to run off our stook and five possession of the store on toe 1st Janua.rv i ext. claoett a may, i a a I Oni n- - j - ?? ?i" u? t r ?. av., DtJi. sin ana luin sis# T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next UnviH of the Kur&l Havana Lottery, oo&daoted by iho Spanish Government, uu<1ar the auperviuon of the Captain General of Cuba, will tut place at Havana on TUK8DAY, Nornm 27, 1M0. MORTBO PfUMBRO M6 0RU1NARI0. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. 1 prife |NM>| K> prises ot 1 lo fn/vw tn do M i do m,ooo |ia do toe 1 HA ? (MHk I OA - T ?? I " ffiwai ?|W I do 10,0001 11" ALL **? PRIZES. Whole TlotoeU, S40?Halves, ?10?quartere, ?|, Fisee oaahed st Bight at & ?or cent. Qifooant. lie on all solvent Bah** taken at par. drawn* will be forwarded as soon as the reaail booom^a k.?own. All ordera for sehemoe or tiokete to he aridreued to DON RODRIGUEZ, no 8-tr Care of Cltr po?t. Char! ton.?. C. FU R 8! FURS!! I hare now readv for exhibition and sale mr utooK o? FUR"*, to whioa I invite the attention of the ladie*. 1 have taken treat oire in the ocieo'ion. feci assured they are unaurpassed tn quality, ?tyle and workinaaship. The assortment couusta of all in* mnsi t??hion?L)ie kind*. hudson 8 hay sable, CANADA SABLE, stone marten, koyal krmi&e. rlss1an fitt h, Siberian squirrel, and it any o.hcr varieties. FUR of a!l kinds for Trimming, A Tarje a.*sortni-nt ?[CHILDREN'S FL'RS, All-1,a fine rari?ty c f CAH RIAGE KOBKS. I rolioit a oa 1 from the ladies, and every effort will I* rr.a e to please. All Furs so d by their real names, and warranted to as represented. JAS. Y. DAVIS, mi ? 3w (Int.Con AStat's.) lat^ fo<1d A Co. Twhy is it? HAT ST1NEMETZ, THE HATTER, 18 always bney and not heard oioatinx cClSBi about du.l Um?a i R89 Beoanso he sella the best artiolee g* 73* at the lowest oash rncea. 83 WH O^Joatoeened? BS 9g New styles rterte l) R KS* H ATf"( i.u ouiv n.iisua UArSi muim' JOCKEY HATS,Trimmed ana UnUitnm'd. PURS! P U * 8!! For ladioa and ohildren, my wsortiuent is now la'Ker than ew. FUR TRIMMINGS 25 to 36 ?ent? ner yard. B H. bTINEMKTZ, 936 Pa. a v., no^ pear oorner Thirteenth etreet. /j T* ff ? p n P I H F Bash, blind, door, and' moulding establishment, no. an'j bitu<tu 9t*?kt, opwosits Centtr Market n. a. cFrjuiig, PrCCCMOK TO h. av. Hamilton * co. 1 take this opportunity of oalli^g the attention of Carpenters and Bui ders to the immense ?tuok of HASH. DOCKS, BUND*, MOULDINGS, *o , <ko.. now and divily receiving from the man uiactorv. it haa bevune * well known faot, ibat the matenala furuabod from this ea'ablianment are aoooud to nou?. Our a took n warrant manufactured from well muudm 'umber, acd fiMahed by experienced workmen. We do not hesitate to eey th%t we now have in atore the moat complete atnck of the a bo re-mentioned ar Holes ever b- fore offered in tbia vicinity, to wbioh we reepeotfuliy invite the attention of the public. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, ^^baaim yout Buildin* Material a at the Old bltahmeot. No. #62 He'enth ?t eat,where yoa will get a food arttoi* at a fair prioa. OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT ia well atooked with a No 1 artioie of all the ?a rioua aise*, atjlee. and thiokceaeee. A amali lot of Premiatn Faaoy t ront Dwa, which are worthy ? attention o? thoee about buiidint? having wathe a ret premium at the Penney I v&ma State Fair, and manufactured at the Km pi re Milla of Meeera. Potter h. Co. OUR SASH AND BLIND DEPARTMENT ! also oomplrt* vitfe all ansa awl *t?)M, to whioh w* Mil pwtMMglar attention. i4?h o.uiacantliSttei. &i? mi^' >"> ?' .* sgai VLT A e*li is tolioitod and stis&otion fivtn or TT?-a liberal disoount for 0Mb. ^ N.O. CORNING, Proprietor of t*? Empir? 8a?h. Blind An/1 M r?M Mm* lr'kUk1>.L ? PQ Itf fgWWfa. BLACK DltHM GOODS afarery deaorfvtioa. A! offer?d tt great Mori&oe to elo*? out Ufore th* lit of January. Grtat barium in all far B0 ln-w 384 Pa av.. bet 9th and'ltth ?la. MM. J HIGHIK. NMktajH, iMM^u. Guard Chwnt, N?-"'' ?* i:?jtaq?wWc-fia8 "jgnv.X [ J UV* RECEIVED,Vv\ low. oo 19 In

EDUCATIONAL. PROFES<*OR Si F\&NCHSm4 GERMAN b\NGUAGES. X17 Kichth atrMt, betwsrn L ?nd , bu the h^nor to announo* to th? ftubha thAt h? nas reiainM h-s leaeons in the above Uninaaav and haa opened at Miss Wood's e*nun*rv. *9*% I street, between 12th and 13th sts , a French Cla?s in whioh ynnng ladiee will be admitted Thia alaia will meat three times a weok at half-past 3 p.m. Terms: $5 per quarter of 10 w?eks Satisf-otory arrantom-nta made for leaaons giv?n in schools. Mr. da Villiers offers the best references as to hia zeal, ability, Jto.,&o. oeM-lm T female education. HOSE Parent* who wiah their daughters to reoeive a thorough and systematic education. where their phratoai training wul reoeivedailt and special attention, under the most approved srslanj of Calisthenio* and 0 j mnantics, are respectfully invited to viait the Union Pemale Aeadetny, eorner FourIU.O. -? ..J *! .?>i4ui ?.mm nfw i urt ?v. MR. 4 MRS. Z. RICHARD#. au 30-tf Principal*. F~ EMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mn. S. J. MoCORMICK, Pkixcti>*l. The thirteenth annual Minns of this Institution will commence on Tuesday, September fcth, in the house recently oooupied kj Sylvester Scott, Esq., No. 1"*0 Kin* street. The oourse of study pursued will oomprise alt the hrinchw r tKnmn*w i 1 ? ?? ?|.?.WU|I1 m j :in umi IiU It cation, and Music, F> enoh, Latin and Drawing, il dtairad. In addition to day aeholam. Mrs. MoCormick is prepared to receive a limited nuoil*or of pupil* aa boarders, who. constituting a part of ber own family, will lie U' ilar Iter immediate care and anpervision. She wrtl endraror. as iar an surround them with theoomfortsand kindly influence! of Home. K</<r??ii.i.-ReT. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Kliaa Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H. Fowl*. Eaq., Edgar Snowden, Es^., Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbury, E?q.. Lewis MoKenx.e, Esq., Robert H. Hunton, Esq. >V. D Wallach, Editor Evening Star. Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas. Kntwisle. Jr.. Eso.,Col. John W.Minor. Loudoun, Messrs. BlackiocK tc Marshall, M sears Corse Brother*. Tkkms. Board, with Tuition in all the English Branchea, for the annual session?payable semi annually, I in advance. Miaio and Language* at Profeaaora' prices. tL7* No extra charges. an 2ft-if SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, No. 377 I ?T?E*T, PlXST Will). Mua ANNIK R. PECK. Teacher. Number of pupila limited to twenty. oc 16 eo2m I WOOD AND GOAL. Kindling and stove wood Manufactured anr length, and d"1ivcr?d to any p*rt of the city at the shortest rotioe, and at the lowest possible rates. I>r SHERIFF A DAWSON. IL/~ Office south aide Fa. aveoue, between 3d and <*at?.; wharf and mill west aide atreet and Cnnai. no 1-lm JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! TMK pTnrJKWj? SAW 71 ILL AND FIREWOOD FACTORY, (Sioh or th* Blue |*lao Staff,) 8?ath of the C'anttl, Hear 7th street Bridge, Will furnish, at the shortest notioe, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY. Or Ajit Kind, f%( and Split to any Lhnumitm*, CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST'. With fall measurement (uarantied. jpr RrmetTiber. Thi Btri west Bivn vi oovvmn HHJIH. anum 01 tno OftQM, S71Q OJh posite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. irr HICKORY ANlToAK PLANK or TIMBER (ofany ?L*eoraimensions)SAWED, POSTS or JOISTM RIPPED, or LOOS SAWED, at t!.e shortest notice CC7* Sroan Jobe of BLACKSMITH1NO promptly ax eon ted, as abore seT7-t WOOD AND _ C O A L Delivered to all parts of the oity, at the loveat poM.ble rates. ? ,T. J. A W. M. G.?.T, Offioe 298 Pa. a*., between Ilth and 12th Hi, ma 17-tf north aide. DENTISTRY. TEETH. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and pxtentee oftheMINERAL PLATK TEETH. ityA tondi persoca.iy at his office in thia cit> Many persona oao wt&f these te?th wi>n'tti'11 v cannot wear others, and no person oan wi ar others who cannot wear these. PfraonaoallirK at my offii?o?n be ?Ooominodat*d Witii ativ atylc aitd prine <>f i'eoih tli?y may daaire; but to ihoae who are p-irtioular and wiait the pareat, oleaneat, atronceat, at <l moat perfeot (W.taro Uat art oa& produee. the MINERAL fLATE will l>e more tally warranted. Kuomi in thia oity?No. S3t* Pa arenne, between 9to and lOtii aU. Also, 90? Aron street, H'uladel plua. oo i& U Ddentihtry. R. HILLS, after a practina: tost Of two years feeia tliat he oan with oucfidoDog rMom-^M^ mend {he Cboopiaetie Proof for inae.-tintgf?B? artificial teeth. It has the td vnn'.&ees treaeth, beauty. eiean>m??, and obeapnaas. Fal upper nu inoerteJ for ?. Partial ia proportion. CJHie 306 Pa. a?eaee. M7 A CARD ? Havin* been informed by several respectable ctliens that OfSter l?av /?\ kers, selling from buoketa on f treets. have represented tiieinselvesaa^^iljflP' selling for me, and that not a few persons have in this way had imposed upon them impare oysters, and complaiat havinr been made to me to this effect. I hare to say that ! have no hawker* aellinf for m< from book'tx and do not allow the buameae to be earned on from mv establishment aa 1 do not deal in oyttera ofthatolaea. Neither bava I any branoh of my eatabriahment in any part of the oity. No oyatera ara aent by me to Kfiuiea exoept on ordera received at my only pot. No. Sol C atreet, between loth ant 11 h. | oo ? 1m T. M. HARVKY. f$m N o T_I c e: B^SS Iwiahall(fentlamwi / ^ \ MtfSI to b?ar in miatl that !H|H the plan wh>?h I *^MrtX?&?OKa'V-?jgutf duoed prioea for eaah ia in aucoesafnl operation. Jnat reel ved a foil aupply of the lateat Vbw Vnrk .tvloi urniKM H i ?! ? nr.? ? m mm ?- J - ?- ?' ? a n X ITO TCI J finest Utt #SJn; a first rate Hat *3; and verv good.fashio' able HatJI8 50. Ail of the latest atylea of son HATS and CAPS, at the vary lowest prioea. I am oonatantly supplied with a vary large stock of those fin? DRESS BOOTS at f3.75- which 1 have been selling for many yeara?a* ??!lu the vary beat of Patent LeatherGAITKRS at fSSO. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from $2 to #2 An. Terma oaah: u? extra oharga in order to otTeet bad debt* ANTHOft Y-, Agent for tiie Manufacturers, Seventh atroet, second hat store frota the corner, oppogit* Avenue Hoaee, No. 340. mm 14-Sm C. S. FOWL**.. .JOH.1 r WOl.. U. WM. CHARLES H. FOWLER * CO.. ? , 1MPOMTEHS, Wholesale and Retail Dealera in CHINA, GLASS. AND BAETHEN WAKE. Fl1?, C?X?tfA PlfcUd w?rs. Roll Maul Goods. Block Tin Good., Tin Ch??bor :*et?, Japansd Waiters, hthereal and Solar Lamps, mmtm .t;0*1 Jjil Lampa, lanterns. &o . Ac. #01(0i,n PEiLows* Hall) hEVISNTH &T., poll so?vr Waahincton Citjr. ^AiJr Cornor of l?th and H sts., Hf! MT w*<toora?o?tiiofP?. ?v., ' ,o a at tfVifr ?jj! P?r?* Ward, Washington. Hts Kar is c>nsfanUy sup I piiM wun the choioest Lienors soil Cutri. The beet Pried Oysters in Washuiston osn be obtained At his elace. Families supplied with Oyster* In ew ry style. Mid at reasonable prices. ?eZ3-eo6ta W traveling trunks. F. Have jast rooeivod th* largest assortment and n?w offer the most extensive v&rietj MTTTS ol S'HK lk\THKR, la PI tS* dre9?KI%f[ and PACKIftft TRUr^K**, H OT BOX VA? JSEfc. CAKfKT BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac., is this oily, whioM ve are set) nc at wn low WALL' /JESTS' Fiee Oalfekin Bswed Boots, $3.75 Boots; Lamest id, Mnrooeo aud Goatskin* VhL Buttoned Hivitt: Lastint Laced, Batu>ned, congress, and Maiakoff Hoots. Ale*, every otk-r stile oi ladios't i/t^soes' and ehtidren's Boots and Shos, j ai. uBBm nAL's, r? ?r? i*i?m s?# ta< to. o? n-*otr wia. BRAID A>D CURL MANIIV" FiyTOJlY, 343 PwuuiWBO#, i>?ar tk*?or i??r of TnTrMentli A rary Mwrt<V* ? ^Wl F> YOU WANT to lit good Clothing, Firm ahioi Oooda, Hata and Cm*, at low prioM, 00m to SMITH'S, No. 400 Saraoih atmt. o? *> la CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " V Strut, tvtwtm 9tk mud IOU Sir Mil. Wn have jnat ficubM a D?mMr of irat claaa CARRIAGES, imti m L*r?t Watorn, Park Fawitit ri*Ut*s, and fihgntt, whioh we will awl It* m ? ??r? amai: pro6t. iletnc praotioai raeoitamcs in diff?rf>nt bmibw of the Business, we flattWour?olv<?a that we kno* the^?tTl?* and quant? of work that will .? - . ?, itsuwro**, wnuwn - ?' uaiWHii ty Repwrlne promptly and o&refolly attended to Ute nortoei nctioe apd rnott reasonable olisrre*. WALTER. KARMANN * BOPP. <'o!v humeri, euooaeaore to Win. T. Hook. xi-dlr T_ CARRIAGES. HE SabMribOT btnni mate wldl??na to kl irsrasss? its: KsSu'rsSaBi OftDtitMtitnu CARK1A6EA LleHT^B^B WAGONSoT?. kind* o&cnnt be cu!??aeed,tad from hia lone experienoe in the buiceu, he ko?? U> fi >? ( ner%l ettiefketioiL All kinda of Outmcm ts4 Lif kt Wicmm k*?t m "All REPAIRS-etiy d?s?,aadaU*ri?i prem* ; tttciuk to, 8?m?ail-kftB4 C*ni*t?? t&ksc In czckacie for art ??. ANDREW J. JOYCE. 4 1I.M 1 1,A Dr. J. H. McLEAITS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMU BLOOD PURIPIEK. THE GREATEST REMEDY it Uu WORLD, find tho most Dkuciocs and DKL16HTPUL ^ Ef Jgi j IUKUIAL MJ ?9?k iag meter take,v. Mm " ' atrictly i act- V[f Jw|k yf (utile u4 TtpttHBm Compoaad, pro3flB| cared by tka duuiia- Wnm usA tion of won, h?rba, and barka. Tallow _"2 Dock, Blood Root, vVtjI MM Mack R*o>, Sara*fa- ( Jffl jfjni mla, Wild Cktrrj AWJjr Bark, and Daodalion /9lW *nt*r* lato IU CoaL/i I ^^hh? A. IH pOVrwM. W _ Tb* amir* aM?t r d Jg ramodial principi* Before taking diaullinr, prodaeing a datieioat, axbilaratiaf a{<rtt, aad tba at mfallibla ramady for r*uo*?uug tha diaaaaad ifiiaa, aad raatonng iba aick, ?ufle ring, and dabUiutad lavaitd la haalth and atrccglh. McLEAN s strengthening cordial Will affactaaiJj ear a Li??r Complaint, Dyarcpaia, Jaaodie#, Chronic or Narrom liability,Diaanca of tie Kidaayi, and all dutim ariaia; from a dtaurdrred Lirer or ttoaucH, Pyapapaia, Harmbarn, Is.ward PUaa, Aridity or icknaaa of tba Btomach, Fallnaaa of Blo*^ 10 the Hud, Dull Pain or Swiaaning in th? Haad, Palpitataoa of tba Haart, FaUaraa or Weight la Ua B-'W.ach. Soar Erccuiaooe, Choking or Baffocauug Fatliug whan laying down, Drynaaa or TeiloWnaaa of tka Skin and Cyaa, Night Sweat*, Inward Fe*ara, Pain in tba Snail of tba Back, Chaat, or Stda, Sad dan Flaabee of Heat, Oaproaaion of Spinu, Frigbt/al Dream*, Laagoor, Oaapoadaucy ar nay neraoaa diaaaa*, Sore* or Blotch** eo t>* BkLn, and Parar and Araa (or Chill* tad flTM.) OVER A MILLIOy BOTTLES bar* b?*n *nl4 d?nnj tha laat ml moclba, and la a* ta taaca haa it failtd in firmf autirt aauafacttoa. < Who, tban, anil taffar from Vtiinw or Dabtiuy vbao HdBAM STRENGTHENING CORDIAL wCl^ara 70a 1 Mo laufuaf* caa cobt?; au adoqsaia idea of tba laaaaodiata and alir. oa*. reirui'm ebarga prodoead by takinf tbi* Cordial in th? dlaaaaad, dabtliwtad. and ahatirrad Btrroaa yotam, wbathar brokati down by rtctaa. ???k by attar a, or impaired by aieknoaa, tba rtlaird aad anatranf arfnai(ation 1a rtitortd to ita pristine health au J ?ifnr MARRIED PERSONS or othere, cooec:nao ot inability from vba:e*rr taaoe. will an<t Wi-i tim dtirMr.TOrwiwr. rnunui . roafl. refrnerator of tbe fptwm; an d all who mar kare la tara<1 tfcaaiMlTti by improper iDdalfancae will And la tb'a Cardial a certain and epeed? rriaedp. TO THE LADIES. McLEANt STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ta a urn and epeed? cart far Incipient Cobeanipttoc, \% bltee, Osatrgctad or Dlflcvlt Menetrniiicc, Iccoouncacc of Cnna or loToionury IXecharae thereof, Failief of the Womb, Oiddineee, Fainting, ana all iiHUH incident to Kemaiee THERE IS SO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Snffer no longer. ?xk* H according la direction*. It will atimalata. etraortfeca, and ie*if*raia pov tad eaaaa the bloom of health to moant pear cheek afaia. Kwrj bauie u warranted to |i?i eattafaCUon. FOR CHILDREN If roar children are aicklp, pan/ or aflictad, HcLKARt CORDIAL wili make them bealtLr, fat. aad robaat. Delay not a moment; try it. aad 70a will ba convinced. It ia daUcioca la take. CA UTION. Pewa re at drmrrUte or aaaiere who map try ta paica apoa yon eun.e bluer or aareapariiia traah. which they caa kmy cheap, by eapiua it uioe'. a* rood. Avoid each man. Aak for McLfcAN*S VrRBNGTHENING CORDIAL, and take oothinr eiea. It ia the only remedy thai will partfy the Bloo.i thorough!* iaJ at the earn a une etranfthea tit ayaitm. One teieroaaral takea e?ery morning faetinp u a certain pre?emi*e tor ^noiera, uniue ana ri'ir, 1 enow roir, or ur fr?T?l?ut liiHui. It ii p?t up Ui Uri? bovin. fntl only ?1 per bouie, or 6 battle* lor $1 J. H McLXAN, Bolt proprietor of thie Cordial; a loo, BlcLeaa't Tokkut Oil Liniment Principal Derot ou ue earner ut Third and Pim etreeU, 81. Liu, Ma. McLean's Volcanio Oil Liniment, (THE BEST L1XIMEVT IN THE WORLO ) The only eafe and certain care for Coacrn, niai, Tmmore, Swelling and Brocchile or Coitre, P&nlrtie, Nea rnlfia, Weaknen of the Moaclee, Chrome or Indus motor? Ahtnmaliani, Stiff new of the Jointa,Corrected Mneclee or Lifaiuaute, Earache or Tcothacao, Bra. .?*, i-pr ma, fraah Cou. Woaiide, Plcare, Fertr Scree, Caked Breaat. Acre Nicrlea. Borni. BialJa. Rort Throat. or luLnniiim *r pun, no difar'ansc how a?T*r? f>r-ln.r tba di???aa ma* hara ailaiad, McLKAN'SCCLU&AftO LlNiMKXT U a carta!# raraady. Thaaaaoda of kinu baiafa ha?? ban aa*ad a Ufa of ?ia erapltuda and niaary by tha Ma ?f thia levaJubla ramady. MCLEAN'S YOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raUava p>u alraoK m ti?ou nacon j, and u vtU claaa, Dirifr md heal lit* fflnlMt torci in u intMUikU ?K*n uma rOR HORSES ASD OTHER ANIMALS. j file LEAN'S CELEBRATED LDiiMENT >* ?ai* a*ia j u4 rtliabl* r*oa*d? fot th* cart of Spann, R nAm, Wii-dfilla, Sr'iiut, tcaatucl Laropa. Nod*? or BaaHuira It MTir failed to ear* !!i| Hod, rail evil, KiaioU., Old Kaatilnr 8of*i, rr Bvttay, if prnnarlr ?r> plied For i Bpmiui, Braiaea, Scratch**, Cracked Heel'a, Otiafea, fUddie i or Collar Galla, Cata, Soraa, ar Woaadi, h i* aa infallible ramedy. Apply it aa dtracud u.d car* U certain la *?ary utatanca. Than uifla no Lonrar ?Uk 'Aa aaay vartiilaaa Lintmonta afarad to too Obtain a aappir af D>. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT. It will ear* in J. H McLEAN, Sola Pronator, Corsar Third and Pin a eta-, k. Com, Ma. CHARLES STOTT, M Pa i> , wl* araat ta ?> * >; fa; R.S.T CIBSEL, Qaarfatawa. aaM-PSWIy <?CHOOL AND COLLtCK OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys1 Clothing for School and 2)re** Wear. rarenta and guardtana wianiDf to tarnish their chiMron and ward* with School ard Collar e <) utfiU for the oonucf iMioa, are invited to tianiM oar areeont large aud extenaiva aaaortrrent BOYS' CLi ?THIN?, where they oan nt out their children of all siaea in a few momenta with even description of Ready-made tiam.oata, of aabetaatial and durable qaality, at very moderate pnoea wall, STEPHENS A CO.. aaJD-tf 3iifl Pena. avenaa. PLOUR, BUCKWHEAT, POTATOES, AP' ... PI.ES.Ao ie? bb:>. new Riohmond rami!; and Extra Floar, 5:?*0 lba. Froah Ground Buokwiieat Maai, SW buthela White Maroer Pjtatoei, 1M d'i. Rlue do. do. 6 do. Chestnut* Received to-day and for aale low in lota to aait by D. L. MORRISON & CO.. 5 (Waer nf 'ivwe'fth B sta. Fire: firen fire."! 100 REWARD. I will gir* the abova reward for the arreat and oonviotioa of the p^raoa or paraona who fired the a*rpan:er'a shop of Reera k. Brother oa the mcht of the unh la-tant. Thair all was deetroyad. The caaeroua and avmnathisinx publio will be called on [or a small amount to euAble them to resume tbeir former business. ftp 16 ISAAC BRKKS. pMBRolLKKY STAMPING, ob all kinds of Tcf_||l*TI*' _ ?* > the best manner, at C. F. SCHMIDT'S Toy ?nl fwey Store. No. MP*, avenue, betw?*en list and EM sts , where can t*# fonnd a rrnl Arist; *1 neaatifnl h'twiw for | Yoke* and mwtw, uoiian mm uu*?, Bturu, mtilpti. Band*, Phppers, Cloaks, eto. Pleaa* (tire w a nail *rw> yawnlno. ?c M lwi* B. HALL with ISBAJSLDEMING, . . GRVCEK^ITTEAS. W^fSs'anrcflMol'ffi QUORSof ail ki&d?. A from tt?ek jn?t opened AnrtrTaeiiU ?er DOC ad. ct'l ml No. 834 7th ??t.bwtw?> D and Loauitmr, oe ?-tf H W. HAJ..LTON Fjufrna[ 1. . dkalt* in Faints, No. ftS* Tn Sww, tMf Odd IWmmP ifcJL Wi !- ru i i ? n? unw ,1. CHICKKRING * SONS' UNRIVALED PI A.NOg.M Jl ???,?. no 5 306P?.?r.,b?v*MMi MrfWtt** THE WEEKLY STAB: Titi nedlnt PMUir m? Nm Jk-oI-mt muni ? frrfwr tvMt of hdimiii i wilf than mb h# towd ib nr n>Him mm T*mt?C**k, ?>??<?>?.*ibi?ibii WW. H?aMUft. - ? ? I ? u w?o? witV>?t uw in?i < wi'hmi <M ? nJM, "Jl" I- roro?T*d So f*r wort. ?rf T*A? WmMv Sm* wtlU* ?s- SSffi'tfi.wwui: i?*ste o c?aers j ttirovf fcn?t the ??o?ntry. s sr3?31 j lowed too MISCELLANEOUS. PROF. WOOD^t RESTORATIVE CORDIAL in BLOOD EKHOVATEB la praetaely what Tta lndioataa. fw, whlta pi?Mut to tbataatA, itia wirvfyiac.aahii^atiac, in* Koran m enC alraa iM'im tc Ui?mu fa*Mi, ami at tne aairo Time raririiaa, rmium, an?| rm n?w? th? Biofwtia*! its onriaal pi'tfaad thy a at <>nca ru(? <> mtul Tt*4trt |M tyiMi <a?aia??4ii f+Mcki tj ditfaii. Ilia the umif prapaiaUoa ever vfrren to the world. ao ohaiwina'ly aad aklQfu'y a aibiafd aa to he t*e *aat yow*rfi! ?wia, and at the aam? time a? par fee Li j adapts la. a* to act in perfect aooonJauon with tka tawa of natar*. ?tm henoe Wll! /00th* tkr tntU-tt ttemmrk, aM toa? ap the diceativa o'gaia, aar toaaaUai a<. ?* voasa ?4 < titer irr.'aUwn. t1 la par feet.) eiki at Uu( and at the aame in* it ia a>rapoaea anttrWy of ref eta^iea, yat ?o?nhia*d aa to prodaoa the moat thoronch ton 10 effect. w*tao?t prodacin* any ia juwuuft oom^uum*. t*no:. a reoKi j hM tot a : -en felt to Ue a dcaideratum in the medio*. w Wf, f<>r it neada no i?Mia?l ?k il to ee* th?* debility f 1 ova ail aUacks of dimN. aod >L ' J??d lays 'he ajitom oeen to tn? iu?idi< at attarka o( wmt of the iroet Mtl.nsli. r?r*um(W, m the f'i'.owin*: IndltHllon. ?h of AypMtte, Pnintn-ia. >er?ona Irritabllit) . .N?nra (la, ValattaUoe of the heart. MeHanftmi . Nifht 8w?ata, lAngor, Gid<<in*e(, Retention of. aa Wl aa Painful abstracted. too profeaa, or too ao*al Menstruation. aid Fall's? oi IM WontU. Th<*ee all depend upon general debiht?. Thn fare, healthy tonio Cotfiai and Bood RwmMr n mm iure to ear* as the eua i? to nee and ? t TW? ie no mi'take a*H>ut it . Bntthia la not aU If taa ayetetn la weakened we are open to H.l?*aa a?taoka, the lirer twoomea lorpio. or w?rae dieeaeeH. ta? tidnova r#maa to p*rf?r? th?ir rucUoni. aod w* are troubled with ao^d:i* and ?ibo?> t i>?ro* i f onn?, or ipv<>.unt&ry rfiaci arg? of'?*? . F*ln ! th? book, aid* and betwo-n tha ah -nM^a *coarimcr liabia to alitlit ooids, ooi (At, ud if an Sh*ckra. *<X'n rm?ci?t'A<i folio ?,* <! tn# pm??<t r??a itown to a p?rir>a*ire rrarr. Bit aaMO wt I aot ailowo* to Muiaviai* tii? maa* i.lalo whkm ? *ra liable in & w^k^ned e<">adrionot the ayetotr. Bat we will Mr >? thia tVwdiol and B ood F nevetor y on h?ve a a*t feot. piearei t and rfeataa mine^y for ioaa of App-tlt*. Hlliouaneea. Flataleice. wak * ) alok ?to<aaok. LftMoar. Uwr C?mp'air<, Chill? and P^vor.or an* B lioa? attack vwi ?i *?"i M) i vi i JW r~v 1111*43P , >' ^OUITHI, N?ara.*ia, i'a.p.t*uon of the Hwrt, Doproaaion ofSpi'ita.Sorea. PimplM on the Ft^i,or u? ai? aaa anting tmm imparl Mood, aueh m Korofola, fc.ry*ipeiO?,, Cents, difcoe it j of ImUlux. and oil that c ui of aiaeaaea ool K ffmo vwki?M.M<i enumerated above. W* wiflauo IV the traveler ftipoKM to Of idMOiOft. oi>M4* ?f oliniote and water. will find it a p'.raiact. uu? and r? remedy, and * pus afcooM over trarrt witkoat. Ko*d r. try it, for w- iwri yon ?* will fiu<1 in it a friend indeed, as we'l aa a tri?nd in no??. All poreona of eedor.tary Mia will Sn-i tt a ffac? of. 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