Newspaper of Evening Star, November 17, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 17, 1860 Page 2
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lilE SYEKLNG STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: RATTIIDAY IlfTfakrr 17, 1M?. Spirit ( tki Slualni Tr??? Tb? bold* tbe Republicans responsible for ' the p-raent commercial and financial pa a i? tu .\*w Yark." The ImulUgtncT qnslti fro at an addreaa delivered br tbe Hon. hdward Krerrtt at a Cflebra - ... . a I. U V VA.IT U lion it v\ afDingivii wmuuaj ? *** ??? ?? 1&51, to iLow tbo great value of the Union. ? |j^ The census returns show that Virginia will bare three additional representatives In Congress Complete Cin#ca or lsmaffa ?The complete Mora of Indiana give the State a population of l^MT.OUO. In tbe year liSO the population was being an increase of 3M.742 in ten ytars Wo hare from Shllliagton, Odeon Bulking. the entertaining December number of Frank Leslie's Monthly; also, no lass than sis different varieties of Almanacs for 1W1, published by him, adspted to tbe wants of everybody. E7*It seems tbat whilst the subscriptions to the Prince of Wales' ball st the Academy of Mualc amounted to fortr-one thousand dollars, tba actual expenditures came up to a little less than twenty-nine thousand dollars. Information just received from Huntsvllle, Ala , state* 'bat the Ron. \V. R. B. Cobb, tbr representative of that district In Congress, Is strongly opposed to dlsuston. General Millson, representative in Congress from the Norfolk district, of Virginia, Is strongly opposed to secession. 177*George Poindexter,*E?q , an acting Justice o: the Peace at L-exington, Virginia, waa attacked snddenly ia the Court House leat Monday momUK with apoplexy, which terminated fatally in a few hmira Mr Poindexter enjoyed an en tensive acquaintance la Kastera Virginia ITT The brothels on Third street, ?t Louis, destroyed by the mob some time since, are in full blast again, and there waa a murder atone oftbeiu the other night, a y?ung man of eighteen being shot by the keeper, in a quarrel, beuauae be wvnld not stand treat for the girls All the parties bav? been arrested. Tm Richmond Libel.?The Committie of Arrangements of the Reception of the Prince of Wales at Richmond have published a card, pronounciiig the statements of the London Tlinesand the New York Times sheer fabrications, with regard to alleged indignities shown the rojal parties in that city. The correspondent of the ltondon Times was in Baltimore. ID" The Lynchburg Virginian of Wednesday repudiate* the course of Senators Toombs and Chesnut severally, and hopes their ex4mple will net he followed bv o-bers. It says, If they would let teatia and not passion direct their policy, they would see that It is the Interest of the South, If he has any Interest in the Union, to retain a full representation in Congress, sad with the aid of northern conservatives control the Executive branch of the Government, should it manifest a disposition to encroach upon our rights New ra?licatl?i. W0 are Indebted to Messrs. Taylor k Maury for the following acceptable work*, Issued by the Harpers in tbe Ovst style of th? publishing art: "The Fonr Georges," by W. M. Thackeray; ' The Life and Correspoudem-e of John A Quitman," by J F. H Claiborne; "F.van Harrington; cr, He wouid be a gentleman," by Geo Meredith. Tuuse who were so fortunate as to hear tbe eauatic lectures delivered by the greatest living at!rist upon the Four Georges of England, when he (Thackeray) paid hla late visit here, will be glad to lefresh their recollections of those remtrkable utterances by this printed copy, and those who did not hear him will, we dare say, not be sorry to avail themarlv#* of thl? n??i h??? ? ? ~M'~" t unity. In Mr. Claiborne's Life of Gen. (Juitman, we have not only a ?f>ui led narrative of the civil and militsry career of its distinguished subject, but a really valuable contribution to the political history mt the country lu the documentary portion of the political mailer will be found much that hat ft slguifl ant bearing upon present passing events. " Etu Harrington" is a handsome reprint of mc novci waicu running turougti the namb?fi of "Once a Week" for some time, has creatrd such a sensation, both In England and America. From the publisher*, Crosby, Nichols A Lee, of Boeton, (through French A Ricbsiien.) we have one r.f those books which, like Robinson Crusoe, have an lnt.-reat for people of all ages and conditions of life?i. * , an exciting s?a story by Capt. Sleeper, of the Boston Journal, who. tinder the nam it plvmeot 'Hawser Martingale," haa written some of the moat popular aea tales ever penned This his last c?utribution is entitled 'Jack in toe Forecastle; or, Incidents in ice l.ii? or tiaws. r .Martingale " From th? M ssrs Petersou, through Sbllllnytoo, Odeon Building, we bare that moat laughable work, by one of the London Punch Mayhewi, "The (JreaUmt Plagoe of Life; or, the Adventures of a Lady In Sfarrh of a Good S-jrrant. By a lady who has been almost 'worrird to death."' Also, frotn the tame, a copy of Mr*. Norton's last work, ''The Nobleman's Daughter " PcrMul. Ex-Got Pratt and Judge Crain, of Md., are at the National # Hon Revrdy John ton, of Md .lectured In San Pranclacoa few evening*aSn< e, ou the singula! (for a law>rr) subject of building churches " Is Bloodin going to sive up rope walk ij{ at Niagara * He cffcts tils Louse, lot, and all bis belonging! there, for sale. IP" Tb. c-ffl rial ratrment of the Canadian | banks for October shows an Increase In circulation over the corresponding period of last year of two million dollars *- Tbe literary societies of Amherst Colleg* hsve elected Daniel 9 Dickinson, of New York. | orator lot tli? n**t <-?m?i?w- ?* _ - _ ?- ..vikuvto, wnu ucurgt t*uaia?;r, of Motion, substitute. - - Mr. Ten Broec k b n won ?i,r.00 In s match fcetween his AnierVan colt liuifire and a borse named Tom Bowline. Twin Bowline bad previously tea ten tte wiuner of the last Derhjr. * Be*a Hickman, wb? bas been In limbo In New York lately, (on account of seme misunderstanding with the police force of that city.) has just returned to Washington, '-feeling as fine as silk," and has a new rhipter of personal adventures to relate to bis patrons . . .. kl_ d.?; j?- -? .... am. i imuwi (wu LiiD'/Oiu una many caller* at Sprtag9eld, and conducts tier rrceptloua ib a manner that ?Low? tuat ?he peaaraara the neceaaary quallflr&tiona to aaoine th? hij?hfr dotit-a of the Prealdent a wife at Waahlngtoa tier aiatrr, Mra Miriam Edwards, of Sprlnafleld. an accoropl.ated lady, *ad a niece. a young lady c4 eighteen. will accompany Mra Lincoln to tbe YVkito Houae ThiNiw YobkMoxbt Nabkbt.?Tbe Herald ?i ?? *-? * . - BC Btf lugaucv in ibe money market conUiviiiHbitcd Well known bouses. that can fnnush sadouhted cellatereis, are still able *o Wrvw is moderate amounts at 7 per cent on call, but forced sale* of slocks and bonds are be Ins daily made for accounts of parties who cansot repay tbe money lent on them The rate* for paper csatlsue very irwrfular. We Lear of choice nwo?? ?? * * ,?a ?? o?vui mif j<rr rent ; bat ints enaaet brtuken at an Indication of thr Market, at uu.f of tbe strongest city flfcunture* art offered at I*. without finding buyer*. Wi*t Paasnci jUts ?We give lice that we into ad to caetlaaa the MtbUrattea mi tbe LeelaeUle Jooro.l a Mil tbe 4ta of March, 1MB, aad we ahall print ft in tb? United Mates We don't relish th* tea of collating New Albany and JrfftraonvlUe Items under the head of Foreign Newt." Tbe Cbaricetoa Mercury rejoices in the thought that tbe d!snelot:oacf tbe T aloa will enable Sontb Carolina debtor* to cheat their Northern creditors. Tti? Mercury wan rightly named after tbe god of thieve* ?LtmiivilU Jvmrn+l. iZTA Wanblngtea dispatch to tbe New York Hrrrld ?y?: a -mer rrooj a atroeg cMto? haoae la CkvkMoa ft that tbrrs ta raafif mm uaaolmity area ia South Carolina for wcwilaa. Tba had mm aaa a ad artiMaa and niiilca, all tha pitMaail elaaara. ar? daeldadty uiip?ii f amalta, a ad did not wlah Moatb CirmM "la ftwf ttx tn ombotd," aa ab? haa daaa. Natal ? ?.*< # ra rr?lv*d at Beato* froea P*rnan.buro. via tn^land, October W, rep?rt the U. n atcaiMrr Sen. i i.?lo from Mama ham, arrived OckAef U, ai.d Mt xhm fuLLewiag day far El* da The 0 8 frljjale Sevaaaah, from Vera Cnu, has arrived at New York k>- - ??* * WA?HITOTO? W1WI AMD GOMIP. CoyvLTATitm *T Tin 9orn ?From the turn matters are now taking in varloui Southern States, I# U 4m ? ? ? i 1 aft a a a*. /? a a_ a? i? c?iurni iu uur uimu iaai rnjuiQ Liroini n vo find no effective support outside of her own limits for her scheme of preventing a general consultation of all the slaveholding States upon their doty to themselves under the Geicial Government In the hands of the Republican party. Thos, it grows more questionable hourly, whether Georgia and Alabama will act with her without calling for an entire Southern-Statee' Convention. Virginia is already demanding such n convention, as well as North Carol*** and Maryland; and Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi seem to evince no disposition to act in the emergency In concert with South Carolina alone; urging, as they do, a compliance with the wishes of the States of the northern slaveholding tier, which, as all com prcuenQ, are iar uiore immeaiaieiy ana viuuy Interested In whatever may be the result of the praaaatataUof lMm? A QrMTtos?What doe* South Carolina hope to gain by breaking up the Union ? Nothing but additional security for her Have prop rty How doea the expect to gain that? By rendering the slave property / Virginia, Kmlwlry, Maryland, 4*c , Uts secure. She propoaea to drag them into revolution against their will for the purpoae of interpoaing them between ber and the abolitionlata, though their daagera will be luftnltely in created thereby' Will old Virginia consent to be 11 mltd ? PKPAWTWEWT W1WI. From J a pa* ?The State Department h? received advices from Minister Harris, dated Yedo, Julv 5th. He states that the Japanese steamer Cindlnamarra bad arrived from San Francisco, and that on jer return voyage sbe wis navigated by tbe Japanese alone. This is the first Instance or a vessel conducted solely by Asiatics Laving successfull V crossed the preat North ParlUr (Vimn and ?o strikingly proves the Japanese to he ao capable of improvement that tbey might soon place themselves at the bet d of Oriental enterprise If they were allowed freely to cultivate the great powers tbey possess The Tycoon bsd conveyed his thanks to Mr. Harris for the friendly and cordial manner In which the commander and officer*.of the steamer were received by the authorities and people of San Francisco, and particularly for the complete repairs made to the vessel at Mare Island, and the kindness and courtesy of Com. Cunningham. The report of the officers of the steamer and letters received from tbe Embassy with full accounts of th?lr reception at San Franemro. and the kindnpra ihAWn tA IK?m >v?? ?.ll * - ...?? T. u .uv >u wy Uii tm?f ?'I yur prwpiP, have produced a lively aenaation. especially among the nobles, heretofore opj*>sed to the treaty of Y edo. Mr Harris it of opinion that when the'embassador* return, their narrative of travel will lead to a batter state of feeling on the part of tbe Japanese towards us, and towards an intercourse with foreign nations "generally. Fftox Chi ha?Commodore Stribllng, commander of the American oqoadron in the Cbineae Seas, writes to the Navy Department from Shanghae, under date of 4th September, that tn eonseq of the repulae of the Chinese rebels In their attack upon that place, they had taken steps to prevent silk and tea from Wing aent into th? country. Trade waa thus stoDoed. and no im. prov#n>itt could be expected until tbe rebels are expelled from the great cities which sustain tbe business of Shan^hae It was Impossible to say what will be the effect upon commerce from terminating tbe war. There will be much speculation at the new ports to be opened to commerce by the treaty of Tien-SMe:i, and It will be some time before trade will be properly understood and regulated. ^ Armt Intelliokxci ? Major R. Anderson, first artillery, his been ordered to proceed forth < *? ' - * win 10 i t .-uouiirle, ana Immediately relieve Brevet Col. J. L. Gardner, Lieutenant Colonalof the first artillery, in command tl.ereof, who. on being relieved, will ?epalr without delay to San Antonio, Texas. Rksig.iatios.?w. Ransom Calhoun, of South Carolina, yesterday resigned hla office aa the first secretary of the United States Legation to France. Th* Wiathm.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the American Consolidated TelMitnk I.Im to lk? snnlsn Institution. The time of obaerratlnn U about 7 o'clock. Novkmbix 17,1M0. Now York, I*. Y hazy. mild. Philadelphia, Pa nloudy, foggy. Washington. D. C cloudy, wind NE Richmond, Va. cioudy, rainy. Petersburg, Va. raining. 6sr\ Norfolk, Va cloudy. 5b*. Raleigh, N. C raining, 59?. Wilmington, N.C raining, warm. Augusta. Ga. clear, cool. Savannah, Ga. clear, 45J, wind SW Macon. Ga. clear, cool. Columbia, Ga clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala. clear, pi??<iaant. Jackson, Ala cWr Mobile, Ala clear, 56?. New Orleans, La clear, 57?. Barometer at tbe Smithsonian at, (corrected for temperature,) 29,972, at noon, '^9,-W i oercnonieier ax 7 a m 47'; at noon, 62? Maximum daring 21 hours, ending a. at. today, minimum 40*. rr?RKV. BISHMP ROBT. PAINK W ILl. L? prMohTO-MOBKOW MORNING at 11 o'clock, Provuleno > permitting, in the M. E. Churoh South. if Y"3-I3LAND EPISCOPAL M1SSION.-R#>T. A*! J)t. Bctli* will pr_"'oh in the German t.numn, ?>n ronr-ann \ : %.i (? TO-MORROW (f*tm<ia ) AFTERNOON? eervieea commencing at 4 o'clock. If Y^RKV. DR. FULLER, of Baltimore, will L3 preach in the Fir?t Kaptiat Church, 'i'htrteenth *t., SABBAT t MORNING at II o'clock, and night at 7. Tue pub ic ara ro?ptctfullf invited to atte ud. It* I. O. R. M ?The m*mbera of tha lata Oaaga 1? and Mohawk Tribaa ot the Independent O iler of Had Men,.in favor of organizing neither triKf, will pleat* moat at T?m fiance Hal on M'NDAY EVENING n*xt, at 7'i o'o ock. It* ysf*NEW JEHUSiLEM CHURCH. North. L? Capitol, Bftirem B and (' SO ?On MUND \ V MOKMNij >. ditcou aa will be niren on the Kat>l? of tha Machan'm?n Peeking Goodly i'la, from Ma'thew 13, 45:46 reraea. Saata Irea a if I all rarnemly invited. It' -V-3?W*SHINr.TOM l inut ?"" """ Is? B ATTA1 I ON. ArTE >TIU\.? Thtfra *l1't* &?p*cul n'ftinj of Companies A B ind r oo MONl'A ? E VEXINli, at s o'clook. Ouubmi requiring the attention of tbe oompaniei will be pres Ut d. and the member* axe patioularlr raqu??te1 to be preecnt. *? 172t* ja8. y. davis. t1r*\ou*g catholics* friend &OC1 quires the attendance of ever? member ity order P I M?HKV?vH- ? SWEENEY. /r..T _ . _ . , ' ~ po lfl 31 ,Y?"? ODD FELLOWS- LEVEE. L g Pereons not member* of the Order who de ik attending tii* Odd Fellow*' Levee on MONDAY, the?'h init, can obtain ticket* by applioa ti?n t > either one or the following o<mmittee: Jackson Edmon*t??n, Joo Croit, J. I'. Petty. II N. ?>b;*r, U. W. Swain, W. P Brown, F. D. Stua t, L. B. A.Ith, T. G F?rd, P Pc:ivner, John Thaw, or Geo. W. Rf't?in?on. no 15 eo2t Yt?HKI P THE FEKBLh AND GET PAID l_5 M>K IT!?The Fletcher Chapel Sunday Senoolwill give an Exhibition at the Congregational Church, Fifth ?t-e?t. between D and E sti , no THURSDAY EVENING, November IJtn, I commencing at r.'cio k. Adiuiaaion f?r aitn U Sac t>; children in cent*. " ?* Y"-*3"UNION PRAYER MEETING will hi J3 h. Iden ereiy day thi* week in the Naw York averue Churoh, (Rev. Dr. Gurley'a) to commence at a quarter past 4 o'clock, to bo continued one boar. no 5 ry?DEMWEY ft O'TOOLE. JsJ wedding and vtsttino card fnuravkrs, ?ufor%mrt or fin* WEDDING bTATlONERY, EDDINU ENVELOPES, tli* moat botntiful ?ty ! ?. 34b Pa. Av? bMVNi Mil and Kith at* , an 27-fcm WaauiiMTOit. C|1 BAKRfcLS PRIME CRAB APPLE CIuU DER. thia day received aud far Mio Utjr. J. R. HARR * CO.. no )7 st* A9* NliU at Now IS T^K mARGAINS!<i?t iidnceienU are now offtrw to u pcraona in | A/ r I AHUlWii r*'1** * ^r&jrz*" ,l" Co?8 om?, corn* all. and bay yoar Clothiac *t t really r?d?o?^ pno*?. ?4 no ?-' THTgailTAn, 460. faoseir*_??? wrnmsmm 'VmitwciiVVioli^iVi^. tm p*-? M?,B NKW Mgge9ota? orK,"D Good* jn?t I f?o iTid, tovh ?Hv*?mW? tfca BMotftl BttMiion of a.t purohMon b-tf makn l their Hretioi.a tf?evl?r*. J. W. IKH.UKV k. CO? _jm l? Ur *%a*mwmnth >t., abov F?. *v. a ueiOCKRft.c a K ar.4 RKSTaUma^Th. I PilF** BAOS PAPakBAQS, PAPER BAGS. i j^iBgUg^cgtfatr jliftnrr | : ' . ?.. <0 I I *UB (IQ?1 AW *? ? TIHVI I ana v * * w w wm m mmmm m a u >? . ffmmhirmtM ItlMoiiii. * mobil*, no*. 16 ?a mxtinjf wu held hem to-d*y, of citizens of all turtles, when resolutions unanimously In favor of secession were paved A resolution to await the action of other Southern State* wa* voted down and withdrawn. spbbch or hon jams* l ob* ? hi it rom S*cassios?calbb Cessna's Bxio to sail roi I.its* pool. [Special dispatch to the Philadelphia Inquirer ] C?**LBsro5, Nov. 15.?But one feeling, one entt?rnt, is expressed here, and that foreeceo* *ion. Statesmen and editors say the argunent la now exhausted. Sooth Carolina must stand to her arms, They Bay bo earthly power can preweat her goteg oat of the Union She has drawn her swovd snd thrown away the scab hard Distinguished gentlemen from various parts of I the State sar the Interior la unanimous fnr vrn ion. and that South Carolina will not recede from the petition sb? Las taken. Hmv bow regard her ai virtually out of the Union. Tkt United Staus Jlag it m?t rtctgnittd t? ?xy part of tkt Statt. The mode of choosing delegates te the Conventlaa sttii exei*es much conversation Senator Chesnut, it is said,will preside in the Convention. In this matter there is a great desire that harmony and concord should prevail throughout the State. The Mayor, owing to the present condition of affairs, has discharged large numbers of laborers emnloved on th?> nnhllr vrnrka Patrick Hayes, an Englishman. arrested far incendiary remarks, waa hurried off In the steamabip Marion for New York yesterday. People tinctured with abolitionism have to keep civil tongues, or the Safety Committee takes charge of them A handsome sword will be presented to-night to Judge Magrath, who resigned his seat in the U S Court the other day. One hundred and sixty delegates will be elected to the State Convention. ? A1I.J **- A* * lurwuaim are mira wug coiionj dux very little Is tent North, mostly being shipped directly to England and France The Cusbings' brig, Joseph Gray, sails fur Liverpool to morrow. Capt. Plummer says be will bear aloft tbe Palmetto l.onr Star flag. Captain P. ia a genuine Newburyport Yankee, but also a regular southern fireeater . Neither the Courier nor the Mercury allude editorially to secession this morning Action Is their cry. Nothing will probably be known definitely in reference to the ranks until Saturday. There is a great demand for fire-arms. All tbe revolvers ana rlfies in tbe city have been sold, and large orders are sent East. Specie Is dslly arriving from tbe East for the purchase of cotton. The moat exciting events that ever happened in this State vriil be the assembling of the Legislature on the 26'b, and the meeting of the State Convention. They will be both in session at the um? time. Chaxlk*to*. November 15.?City-Bank stocks showed a visible decline to-day. Dnring the prncerdinxsof the meeting to-night, a dispatch was received from M. S. Bonham. from Ldgfleld district, resigulug his seat Jn Congress, which created uproarious applause. Hon. James L Orr made a speech at Columbia Its? night, defining his political position. He saia ten yrara a<o hr could not believe In the doctrine of State secession, but now be bad become a convert to that very principle. Were be imembt.'of the Convention, he would cast hla vote for * parate Mate action, evan were It tomorrow He said he was quite confident of hMftv rA-nn?mtlAn UA,,*k 1" J *U ?UV CU m 6 CVUtUj ill tMC HoutU Carolina would act promptly, and If every member of tbe Convention would vote for Instant secession Three declarations of Mr. Orr were greeted with loud applauae. There Unota single prominent man in tbe State but who favor* accession. Thk Cki?i? at thk Socth. [Hpeclal Dispatch to the Philadelphia Ledger.]) IHULIstoi, Nov IS ?The excitement In this State, as well as Georgia and Alabama, has sensibly diminished within a day or two past, ami the conservative portion of the people (and more especially tbe commercial classes) are anxloua for a speedy end of the commotion that exists Tbe refusal of the New York bankers to indorse or niirrhna* it#rllntr Hill? ?i?i ?ut- -1 - | ?.?? ?(.? hvim hi in vuy uau v?rv perceptible and healthy effe< t upon the banks here, while the heavy discount that was levied on South Carolina bank notes at the North, and the serious manner In which the credit of tbe State was being shaken, has aroused tbe Indignation of our conservative citizens, who contend that matters have gone far enough, and that tbe t>ett Interests of tbe State demand that good feeling toward the North sbnll once more, and speedily, be restored With re/ard to many of tbe stories and reports sent from here, at least one half are wholiv dMtltlllf of fftnnHsflftn Union Dimonhtkation in Mihocii. St. Loci*, Mo., iNov. 15?A grand Union demonstration is soon to take place Id Boon or Randolph county. Gkobgia. MacoX, Nov. 15 ?The joint committee on the State of the republic agreed unanimously to report a bill for calling a convention of the people, with a preamble recommending resistance It is understood that Gov Brown, A H. Stephens, 11 V Johnson, Linton Stephens,T. R.Cobb, and all other leading men, have endorsed tne bill, and that It will pass unanimously. The legislators differ somewhat on the mode of resist-)ace, but the immediate secession men have a Urge majority. a ii m - ? - " /\ n ^iepnen? (poke at Mllledgevllle la*t I nijjht Hp favored the State convention demand- I lug of the States wh ch have notified the fugitive I lave law to repeal their acta, and upon their refusal, which was certain, then the South could go ont with clean hands. The crowd called for Mr Jar kaon, of Savannah, and a sharp discussion followed, Mr. Jackson apeaklug strongly for Immediate secetaion Socthkkh Commercial Convbntiom. Atlanta, Nov. 13 ?The Southern Commercial convention failed to meet yesterday. No delegates made their appearance. '1 his. however, Is owing to Um convention movements throughout the South. The Augusts Chronicle strongly oppoars the proportion introduced Into the I*g!?tature of Georgia to declare that State out of the Luton. Simatob Tooau rot Rkmonsd. The Savannah Republican of the l'2th instant says that although It has been positively asserted that Mr Toombs has resigned his seat in th? U., J S. Senate, that paper, after tbe most diligent Ini atilry, has been unable to find the slightest foun! datlon for the statement. Ready to Lit thi Solth Go. i lie :\?w > ork Tribune profruea to be willing to let the South go out of the Union.* Itaava: ? " Still we My, In all earnestneaa and good faith, whenever a whole aection of this Republic? whether a half, a third, or only ft fourth?ahull truly d-alre and demand a ae pa rat I on from tbe mmu? ? ' * _ cumif i ivor mrn pa ration. If the fifteen slave States, or even the eight cotton States alone, shall quietly, decisively say to the rest. We prefer to be henceforth separate from you,' we shall insist that they be permitted to go in peace. War ia a hideous neceaalty at tx-at, and a civil conflict?a war of estranged and embittered fellow-country men?is the n.o?t hideous of all wars. Whenever the people of the cotton States shall have definitely and decisively made up their minds to separate front the rest of us, we shall urge that the proper steps be taken to give full effect to their decision. ? ~ v,iii'm AH D MM AT CHAmLKSTOK We ate by tbe Charleston News tbat MCMilon tonga are aunjf, aeceaalon wares advertised, and everything aald and done under tbe Idea at *eparation from the Union. Even "P-iimetto Hair Waah?a and Restoratives, and Southern Inapec(i v* a? ** " * ? rrver unarms," pronounced emphatically a Southern production, are advertised Even tbe place for little Pattl'a concerts had to be ^banged, to make room for secession meetings, which are held every n'gbt. Herelaaatyle of tbe transparencies on exhibition : In tbe front of daguerreotvpists. in Kin street, is a well palnUd large transparency, being two feet by eight, having a Urge star, l:t which Is a palmetto tree with a rattlesnake around it. An arm and hand holding a sword, on which Is written " In defenae of our rlgbta," ia above the star, and below is the motto, " There Is a point beyond which forbearance ceaaea to be a virtue." Tbe Charleston Minute men have resolved to vote to aend only dtmfclentsts to the Legislature. Tbe Collector of the Port of Charleston Las Jk ? * uocauru u uecwwmry m> contradict certain minora In circulation respecting tbe bualnesa at tbmt offlre. Tbe following la a dispatch received by Collector Scbeli: Ciuuutox, Nov. 13th, 1300 To A. Scktll, Collator:?It la reported that Clearances are refuaed at thla office Contradict It. Tbe bnainew of tba office troea oa w usual. W. P. colcock. Falsi Rvxeia. Tiiaiiii DtniTXtiT, N C.,1 NaT. 10, 1800 ] To tA< Editort of Uu Journal of Common* Genu : The eocloaad altp, cut fraoa tlx Now York Herald of tbe 8th instant, la a hoax throughout rnl - - * ' * " m uc rrgaiar oienniai seaalon of our Leglalaturs comncac? on the 19th iuatant. Very reapectfally. yonra, D W.CoPTn, PobTrea. "TV**ttntd Stenttm ?n A'ortA Carolina. "Ralkioh, Nov 7, 1800.?The Governor and Council are In eeaalon. Tbo newa warraata the belief that the Leglalature will be called together laamediately. 7*h? people are Ttrjr much excited. Ilmger* Icwtaf Machlacil 198 Fa. Ararat, < NMitmal Hfi Bmildimt > W. I.T.U ?ttr*Uo? tooirm fftOlftMlihHi. Thi? MaohiB* ia umriwiJ in the ?oa**bol<l. II mvi. heme,.foils. rtthert.? ??- ik. ? stasias. " . ' *'? . v J*.'vV.,. , i |, >u. t?> ,*wui Ml 4 HI lltil o; | THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. I ' "viROfW! ' " Richmond. Not. 15.?The probability of the Old Dominion having cast her electoral vote for 1 Bell and Everett, which haa been increasing for ( several day*, haa tkh evening become almost a flxed feet. Tbe oflclal returns, aa they coine la. j have Improved Bell's reported majorities, sod have at the ?me time diminished those of BreckIn Out tabic* foot ap aa follow*, this Ij In dm hoadred aad six eacuUss oflclal,

BaITi majority Is I,42S In fartv-tkree couatles, unofllcial, Brecklarldft'a Majority is. 1,153 Bell's majarfty is oae hundred and fbrty-olae counties 171 The counties to be board from are Logan, Clay. Webster, and Wyoming, which gave i Letcher a majority of . ( If they give the Mine vote, Bell's majority In the State will be M The probabilities are, however, tbat these four 1 counties will do better for Bell than th-y did for , Goggln. Clay gave OogKln 41 majority, Wyoming gave him OT majority, Logan gave Letcher 3^6 majority, and Webster ia a new county. ALBxaimaiA, Nov. 16 ?The returns from this State have all been received except Logan and W-hater counties. The Gaiette estimate* the majority for Bell and Everett at 44A over Breckinridge. MAR VI.AND. We have corrected the following table, say* the !?amn.orr american 01 idis morning, by official and unofficial returns, up to the boar of going to prraa. and It will vary but slightly from the full official vote. All, with the exception of Calvert, Caroline, Kent, Somerset, and Worcester counties, are official t Breck. Bell. Douglas Lin. Anre Arundel... 1.017 1,041 W 3 Aliegauy (Km l,5il 1.2UJ 32* Baltimore citjr..14.957 1?.*? 1,5?3 1,0*7 Baltimore 2,99:} 3,071 45 ? 30 Calvert 3S7 399 43 1 Carroll 1,797 2,295 59 58 Caroline 615 711 WO 14 Cbarles 724 431 3d 6 Cecil 1 507 1,792 39:1 15? Dorchester 1,177 1.265 31 35 1-reaericK 3,170 3.6>7 4*29 llrt Harford 1.548 1.8rt? *2 82 Howard 530 830 199 ? Kent 693 853 74 42 Montgomery.... 1,145 1,155 99 50 Prince George's. 1,047 885 43 1 Queen Anne's ... 879 9te 87 ? Somerset 1.399 1,536 89 ? St. Mary's 918 sWl 198 1 Worcester 1,428 1,059 90 ? Wsshington .... 2,475 2,067 2e5 95 Talbot 697 792 97 2 41,184 41,463 6,875 2,293 Majority for Breckinridge, 721. Majority of Bell and Douglas combined over Breckinridge, 5,154. MISSOURI. Official and reliable returns of the election thus far received from Missouri, jfive the following figure*: Bell 54,722; Doug56,4-3; Breckinridge 2T,*>6, Lincoln 16,042. Douglas' majority over Bell is therefore TGI. The St Louis Republican Sa)S? " There are twenty couatles yet to bear from, and aom? few alterations to make In the above, as tlie official figures are received, but wbich will not change the result. The counties to bear from fave Gardenhelre 25, Orr, 3 326, Clalb Jackson .UU, Hincock Jackson 2.(*>0. Although Hell may gain some on Douglas In the counties to bear from, in consequence of a probable increase In the Breckinridge vote, tt Is hardly possible for BeU to carry the State." KENTUCKY. The Louisville Courier gives the vote, official and unofficial, of seventy-four counties, with the following result: Bell, 53.578; Breckinridge, 35.623; Douglas, 24,023 Lincoln gets over two thousand votes Tbe entire majority of Bell over Breckinridge in the whole State will be over 12,U00. tc.NM rwrp The retnrna from alt bat fourteen comities In Tennessee show a majority of '2,026 for Bell, ilia friends claim a majority over Breckinridge of not less than three thousand in the whole Stale l/OR SALE?Valuable PATENT RIGHTS. I wliereby a man with a small capital can make from two tu four hundred per oent. in a ahort time. Alio, a good nota for .f 19)0 will be aoid at (food di?cuuiit or exchange for a house. Appif at No V30 Seventh at, west, between M and N. no 17-3t* ISNYDCR. PLU\THER Ann fi IK srrrr? Has removed to the oomer of Twelfth and F at*. He ia prepared to introduce Water and (>%e upoa the mo?t favorable tsrma, and guarantiee entii* satisfaction He has on hand a lot of COOKING acd other 8TOVK9, whioh he will sell leae than ooat. aa he wianei to get rid of them. no 17 CLOAKS! CLOAKS!! C L O A K ?'!! The Camilla, the M?b. the Gaut aldi. The Romeo, the Zonave, UieAlbinae, The Richard, the bnclian 9a?k, theFreaoh Back With many other new and beautiful aty ea in Kept. Trees and French Heaver Cloth, in pnoee from f 3 4o to $38, to whioh we ask the attention of the lanes. o 17 TAYLOR k. HUTCHISON. mw raisins, currants, citron, iEMONS, CRANBERRIES. WALNUTS. ALMONDS,and OLIVE OIL ? . At L. A. DELL WIG'S. BROWN. YELLOW, and COFFEE SUGARS, cRUSliEDawl POWDERED do At L. A DELLWIG'R. Fresh lot of green and black TEA.8. At L. A. DELL WIG')*, no 17 It Navy Yard. ^afety! economy'! light!!! From th4 frequent exploaiona of i luminating fluid*, producing an immeDM tmnunt of suffVruiK and frequently behoovea the bend of every family to procure the aafrat, cheapo-1 and most brilliant light to be obtained. Thia ta o!T?red to the publio in the article of COAL OIL.ol whisk v* intend to keep a conataat supply on harul. Also, the ! AMI'Afor burning aftid oil. Lamp* borni % the oil can be a*en ac> night through the week at trie Hard*r>.rp and Variety Sto.e No. 492 Pa. avenue. near Third atnet. no 17-St GEO. savage. The subscriber hereby makes known to the pubiio that he has a-Id hia AVire and Lftcer Beer Saloon in Maryland avenue, hith erto attended to by Mr the Geriufto .Mechanic*' Association of thi* citjr P. VIERBUCHEN. In connection with the aforesaid. we bef lea?e t<> announce that the above Saloon will be inaugurated a* MECHANIC*' HALL on Mnadsy. Nov 19, with a *?lendid LUNCH in the fomnoon and a BAM. in the (vidick. Admission to the fiall 25 cents for one gentleman and <a<lie?.! kinds of Wine? and Luquora. Ao., ail of the bast quality. THE MECHANICS' ASSOCIATION. ao 17-21* TM1F. STYLES, THE QUALITY, THE PRICES Our stock ?.fLOAK!S SHAWLS, and WIN TKK WRAPPINGS for La4iea tare said by purchasers) to excel in all the above point* our etook of i?RY (iOOUS for fansilv wants is (? utua') complete in all d--pa;tine t?. CARPETS, CURTAINS, OIL CLOTHS. Rl)GS, to., apae floors HOUSE INKNi*. COMFORTS. BLANK BTS, ko..) aaement and the 'vault#.** One prioe only; the valn? marked In plain ftf?rM. All paroe oarefuiljr packed free of charge An examination or atooc iucnra no oblicatloa to pare base. PKRRY* BROTHER. Deale'a in f rat ola?a D*t Good a, PennaYWania avenue and 9th atroot, no 11 6t "Parry Bnilfltf T? NO SECESSION ! ww rm a r * - - ? a nc unn?mi(nM n^i onaoludM IOC to aeooao, and thereupon invite* the Attention of puW o and hi* numoou* friend* to hia a*-BHI aortraent of w H BOOTS AND AHOK8, v K at hi* ?*tabli*hment, No. tS K street, ono door vent of S?. ?nth at, and aoath of Um Nortfcara Libertia*' Market House. , We return our U> oar patron* for their liberal *upp?>rt, a-rJ w*ur? rhem that wo will a para ao pain* still to deserve their oon&danaa. We are arrpared to tarnieh oar Boat hern and Northern fellow-citiaoes, and I heir rathe*. who mar favor i>* with a call, with tbe beat quality of BOOTH and SHOE* of all desoriptioa*. well ae1 cted, and are adopted to *11 ikium. Ladies', Mimes', and Children'* GAITER*, Gentlemen'*. Hoy*', and Youtha* bOOTS aa? 8HOK8, of every trie an t at priooa to nil eu?toiaera. Quick srale and Small Profit*, ia oar motto. no 17 at* A. DUVAL. lua&h: , CLOiKB!! Wi h?r? jait ad>l?i to our ilsak ft Mater of WINTER MIIINERY. ?B wi,^r^l;V4o. 3P SATURDAY, t7U. nolllt 49Z Pw?ylTMi?*renue. ffiO L1""11"' *60 JWMttl&gQgEE! VHAU. OVTMIlll no mi' Btaw miwmwCSwi. Ta card UEQuMtioaWviac teMMtlo u on Mvtral r ocomioo* wht no Htauumy Piano vu inj at tha I Ma oonoart it Wiil*rd?' r?wa karat.) inform onr frier.d* and tna public that Mtan. *trako?ek and Ullmnnn n a niuar a ?pecial eoatraot with Moaar*. Chickerir.| fcBmu by vhteh tkat arc ooapal gTlo m rhaCliialwrinc Pianpcatnll tlwir (oawrtin^aa"tcmavxm ink ?fjAittfcA -> ' ' v x | ?Hs li . Oi I Villi V?| Wiyf Wr W? SPk (Ordarcd to tw iaaartad ia U* Brniw ftrtft, It Mac tk? twiyiyw hariag U? lv|Mt oiroaiatjon >f any daily pap?r fibluM ia Waahiaftoa.) 07"Ail HMtl :yin< for lettora in Um folio* ac 1>*? yhua aartbct ar? abtketioks. feilta, M>m Klu'tk ft Hxiidk Htur tAr. triifn i "? 3 W _& ??.. MwRll.a Arii.aC |roo*?,Mr? j.m K Dmi. Mni A MrUif,'t kr?M, Dwi.. Mt* t J McC?rtkf.M>M M*y -. , - ?- ..... - umn.lira uiu Irmk, Mim P A till, MriMrB Pnl, Mil Lk? iayca, MraMaryE KTIm Mia*Mar* K t*?mpkr*y, Mim II* liraM^iniirtr't Min **?? 5>jrl*r, Mr* L W Mtij RfMti.Mi** M 1 kaarr. Mr* C V . rnj*r. M rtW* Riear, Mm* M*ry B<irb?r(ir,MiiRVi?WT, Mim link ttnn, MnCku Baldwin, Mra M J Gi:I>!I,Mi*Lni*? hmn, Mn Mit|\ Barry. Mi** Hill, Mr* Muj A Thorn**. Mailt* A Cook, Mi** Join, Mr*A?*P Thoaipana,Mi** M P L'ro?, MrtOctlu HariH?,Mr*A?iTw J T?r*4ay, Mi* P* U*>, Mm H*U*t K H?i?i. lim IUm uuui Clark, Mr* Lbct A Nantaw, M?rr?r~ Wtm*. Mr? )"* K Cooma.Mia* Mary A J*haM*,Mi*aRK<4* W*l*r, Mm Akm*H Cimfti^tiiiMif'i Jofi**on,Mi** EiU? Wilaoa, Mr* M J CoannayjMi** M*"i K??i, Mr* Saralt L WjUiam#, Mim I GENTLEMEN'S LIST. i*4WH*,V* UllMkhFrd Mama, inkal A Urn, Gibh*n>, ftirpca MeKtrMai, Jm AUfp, Phillip?8 J McUkIiIm. D Adtnw.M Gilmaa I Uar4n*r, Ctol Mcftiwcij, E Artini, J no (ktr<M,CN H McKibxt, 1 W Allw, JtMit B U(?iui,D?it MAIh.ttf, %?1 A1K1;, 8 W Hmt, ??, R Pr?ttym>?, W C Aartrtr, Aatcm Nvilman. W Ptlwr, Jh W A???rMa,Ja4fr AS Htnahaw, W E fnit?, U T Bract, Wn M Kji.W J O flniifu, V Er?dl?T.Wm A Hall,T>aa O 0<?r4?m,R E Bl?ck. R?? W H Hutu, Richard Oaraa, Jaa W Bom, WM _ Hr.a.PC 0'Parrtll.T t-t cerrymai,, U H Hirdinf, Dr J Ofl>, C If Bacinn, Sanl Herhon, Juo W lUtrni, V H BciIuiim t La?- llama, jtrave Rankea. W rtacc Hamilton, H H Rickeita 1 Na? bj Bareh, Jae R Hiwkiti. Eimk Rjfn. Mtlti H B HMiiip, A R Rru, Joan Brco.itr, HP HriMtC*. A Rr:?>ih, J I Bell, E B Hip#;, A B Kkuhc, JkCoL Brown. A O Juif, It C Re.ter, Clm H Cb ,n4tee. W E Jahu John Raadalpk. B Caiifi, Thno Jolu.eou. U(o W ?J Kecl.uwd, A 0 Childi, Stephen D, CI. grkerfer, Wm C tnucha, S Johueou, C M Smith, Wm Carter, RT Knut, Hi W-J Homer*>lle, R H Cum, M H King, Wm Mchmidi.J Coi.t.ouiaC Kinr, Mr Hellion, J ?>Ude, Jik> W A Hie* art, J T Croaa, E J or J H Kairhi, A R South, K L Cot tun, Geo E Lr?, lu l P Rrkail>lt,CB Chum ban, Oao l.ivia, t C Iu>im,CC Catv.rt, UltE LallaMlt*. Mr Hmxh, A * P B Cktitti, B V Lanman, Martin Tacku, M-l Diekeraoii, W R Lynch, Jaa Wulp. rr*4 Dniflii. Wm Ute.LWI I'ptain. CI1 Dou4, Jh Liadaajr, Jaa B Vaafka, Y II PtachaniJ, M L'tia, JboC Vntia, I B Doo m, Jam** Ltmtni, Juo Wnr, WT Draper, Dr J M Leonard, M J Waihenftaa, Wis Du?all,Jn?C?I M.tdtilr, Wm Walter, T H Donphfriy, Jno E Metre, Walker Weaver, L Dickaaoa,FC Mtlla, Win Wiae, J?? A D?uiia.J> C MiiikflLThoa Walk*, ImU Dtmiis, B K Mil??,S??lT Wtiiuti. Ju D T>r*w,C W M Mm;,STl<?ttrS WhtJmO Eurifhi. Mick Marp*iy. Rati W?ih?r<4, J C Curifh, Edvird Mornm, P P Wkiuir, Ju I Tralty, Dr J R Morritl.OT Wilun, Ju H rutftrtM. R Morlow.Hr Wtrrtn, H Klct'cticr, Pkillip Mo?r?,J<i M WuhmriM, H Fuxrcrald. Mica Mam> ,Juo Wut.Uto I) Pord, M r M Mirun, Juo B?1 W rif ki, U?? Ptbecrcr, SC MiArll.i** Wnyfct.GraF Prank iiq, B M? cr? wt H ? i ^ urBin, O Kirlir, Jno M?tn*w?,QeoW W.rr?n, Ct Pnr.C(,J M Mitiltr. P Wiltat, C I PiasiU, H H-3 Mabl(u(kmM. P Vo?nt, W W Pr?e<n??, Hfnr* C 8 YaU.G Prr.M.lorCH Miller, D Xollieofcr,T H Cr*'?tld. W A MI8CELLANE?L'?-L. C. H ; To Hit UmIIm^ tkt Minixer of the KiofJon of Deunurk; S. irrLlTTm MOST ia Au. CUU SB Pkktaisl NOT H WM. JONES. P. M. AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER. Leasee .Mr. 8. W. Ouni. Last Performance* of MR. JOSEPH J EFFLRSON, Who will appear THIS AFTER NOON at 3o'el'k a* OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. And THIS EVENING, A? NEWMAN NOGGSainl RIP VAN WINKLE AUmi??ion lo Afternoon Performance onljr SO ota. Children 25 oU . OZTOn Monday night Mim CORDELIA HOW AKO. Mrs G. C. HO.VARU, and Mr. G. C. HOwAR!) will aeeear in a new and thnl ini H nmt nftlAii T fc' V K'ICIlTa IV A DADOAniT ? winw^ vm?w a mi 11 i v* ii i I? t n dn n i** f n O DD FELLO W 8'H A L LT~ Commencing on MONDAY EVENING, November ?. FOR FOUR NTGHTSOXLY. George Christy's Minstrels! Under the immediate persona' supermteadenee of UKORGK CHRISTY. Author of nearly all the Ckoict Grmt of Xj&mpnm Minstrrlfy, whose experience or orer eighteen rears In the profession. and whose performance lor the Uat twelve rears ia the oitr of New Y*rk ttefore the elite of that great metropolis, ?ra a guarantee for the excellence of th? ente taion^ats Ls submits for public approval. He and his >1 AM MOTH COMPANY will open as abova, and appear for positively Four Nights only. Remember the or irit aJ GEORGE CHRISTY ia hit inimitable ud chaate i.tortainmerU. Card* of admiMion i6ct?.; reserved mU 5"?et?. Doors open at a quarter to 7 ; per foriatno*_fo*amencinj at a quarter to 8. JNo. P. smith, o IS BniMH A(Mt. balls, parties, kc. T~ HO. P R THE BAKERSr HE BAKERS IN THE FlEl.l) AGAIN !The JOl'RNEN MEN BAKERS of the Ihi- OR tnct of Co unaliia vill rive a BAi L on THANKSGIVING EVE.attha Wmvixt-4A TON AillMBLT ROOMI. UA PaUcular* in future adverti wnU It* Hurrah* for thk hiawatha bovs ARE 1 * THE FIELD AOitN! They intaud to *ive their FIFTH GRAND BALL, bina request of their man* frinnda, at (A Thoe*> Hai l, oa7tk aL.THl RSDAY.the M 2m of November. J1 B) order of lit* fjA ?* COMMITTfcfcT r\UR NAME IS OL'R MOTTO! PIONEER ' The Sr?t COTILLON PARTY of the PIONKKR ?.t Tnoix'i Ht i.. on M TL hSDA^ . November 20. Hf order of the # Commttiet tj jtrrmngrmentt. iH Tho?. Bwgett, Joh- McFftr'and.Ufc Sol. Smith, Wm. Levi* io IMP \rOJ.tjntfer8 for the seat of war. THE PRE1IDEVT S PHOCLAMA- 3* TION.?t'.vfi bod; that can dane? wi;i M- JiC tend the Graud Assembly to 1* tiv.n b? the/lS ARLINWION CLUB Th* commitu^Gak pled**tliemM v*a that this will b? ? ? oi the rraad ?t of the MMon, Knowtnc aa we do the fro ingot the present cum and the ?UU of the prop ?, aomeininj to ileal th>rr. ui> and re unit* North ?n<1 Houh, this A?? mbl* will bo riven on MONDAY EVENING. .Wnihtr 9t?.at Fraak liii Hall, on H itft, between 1 Ah an<t 13th. T irketaSo cents admitting a leo'leraan and ladioa;oan be had at the tlonr or r anj of th? rn- mb?ri. By orde*- "ftbe (no IS3f> COMMITTEE. r? i. o. o f. iij ODD FELLOW 8' I, K V E K, Fo< Binnir or COVENANT t.OLGE, No. 13, ODD FELLOW#' HALL. fi?r*WT? Sr., MONDAY, November*, IMA. no li-eojw WANTS. A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER AND ACoountant wiah*a for jennaiuut or temporary rmpiuf mrui, isrnn niunenui. AUKMI UOI I". gt?rO?ca. If WH ANT E D-A competent DRESSMAKER. Alto, a H AN D who uaderaUndaVorkiac o? Wilaon'a aewin* machine. Apply No. 144 D atreet, between 9th and 1KA ata if IVANTED-Aa ASSISTANT iaa Dra? Star*. " one baviag a knowlrdf* of Uta batiaeaa and can fire ?ati?factorj refeeaaoa Addraae. throagh the Pn*t Ofloe, D. L., %mnf aama and refbrenoe. no 17-St O/ANTBD-HCONB R*ND rU*NITURE~ >" Pereooe dee'imng boaaakaepiac. or havinc a eurpua of Famitaraaa hand,oaa oMata thaeaaa .* &, >.i.? b, w Tt OftM. )ft-W II7iU<rED-\ WOMAN ftod ft BOY, to <k> wv hoasf>v?rk. Apply UNt. SMH it. NoaoMtd Mply ub1?m Uty ou bnog th? M WWmandjUion*. mo l$ y \J|7ANTKi>?A SITUATION M buWf, by ? TV toBDf lody, in ft sobool or private fuu i la or Mftr Wft*hio|ton, wno i? competent to teftch Baglnh. Froach ftftd ftfnsic UaquMtionable rafaronoo p ivwn. A loo. 41,300 to low, witft uunwfhoDtblf aacurity. Addroaa "Fulbm," OiMrfti PuM QIm. bo 1&-3t* WANTKD IMli RD1ATKLV?Proa OA to ... ifrfr>yK'yJire?*ai yip^^ip wHf 7 IONT?nitmTi. /Ov NOTICE. /0\ x^L 11 if o r i i. "I l?2SIS^#?e mtrkM ^r.of>,M t^j*?natJ>c o nMdMt imMdikto ell! ^ tNMr !* , ITIMM *^M>ISHT*"1**tJM>' .y. WJTALL. t ? -it.. ?*; ?? ? : ' - . -.. 1 [<i 3"'.d -^1* ?'? )?*< T*i**?'''rti- J? <?? *' v! rmn aiu mNtikto Imu ,>p? gur I AUCTION SALB8. By CLEARY * GREEN. AMtiomar* *4* JfiTft mwi. (WVUNHETT BALE ?F NOICAl?. VJ 0itiTn *?.. AT ArrTto^ ?4>? MOVHAT. tk? ' h miiut v* atoll wll, ? frc-mt of Um Matt WMfut U S ?'<no4k ?, *.. fry er*er u( U* Oov^rBBWBt.* )?rt? l?tol Mahoiany.Wfiaat* <f o Mjr^Bj0jtc?*?? ud IMtm, M?oo? Mo.**, Book T..J L ...k im L..L.LI. - D? tf i CLKlKV A UKF.K.N. Aw*t?. by WALL* barnakd.aiebomm. Cwrntr of MmU u. mmd mmtk a*4* / J?* m. a imotffe* ca9k dttcm flowk* hoot* A rioa Maaslkk, Hot lard, at Avctio* -on Monday AFTk?Nw0N. im i. at s cVo*k. at tlm Aaatenn Room. w# wi i mil, Iky Mttiom, ?roth?r ?u? of tkoM Dat-k Flovor Roota from tk* e*<#brotad bihw) at A?iii>r Iomw, Plonat, HMrlM, ioaantitc la TOT TOKW s ?j>d Singl* Hyacinth*, Dnatla atd Taiipa, Nmmmh. irta. DmIi|< tad !><acla Ammnm, Hot. uculna, Crooaa, auwdroj, * a., A* I fite viih<>at racard to tUn?r. ?inia OTWk ^ f K UKKKnT~A aotioBMr. rXTLXMVE 9ALE OF HOUbEHOLD AND ?i ttiit-nc* Fw*jiit?b? at Accti*ii.~Ob TI'KSDaV. (ho tft UiMMt I *11*11 Mil. At 10 n'olook * at . ib trout ul b? Aaotoii Mui*, at U? oo'?+r of Tt* an* I# ?li ?U, rk>. 1M. Tl?? W*lMt firlor Hal *. aoaaMtia* of bote* Mi M* Cfc>ir? oonrMTittD'oMltlk Wiliit Kte|*r*, Hut twt Ar* ud K**r Chun, BookwuM, SferauriM, Hil Kwt. u4 M* MarMa u?* C*atr* ud Diaiac Tablaa, ?*" Do Walnut and MaAofaar Draaaiaf Ba- i Makotuf **d Wainat Hid*Had*aid Ward?ob?*. Twn Pajb?a<< I\>tra . a Mai* **?>at? toad*. Rarwi?, \v*?h?taod, Tabl**, Chair*, Kwkeri and Towat rack. he , Cut, Woo# Mud otter Chair*. FMtkM B*di. Piliov?,tBd Bo at*r, Comfort*. B.ank?U, *h?*ta, ud Cun, Vrivt, Uri???'?, Tkrt? ?ty. and lt|rtii Ckrftte, jMiflii 1 and Cottac* H?d*t*a<*. Hair. Cotto* lop, and *k*ok M*tti *??. Cook. Air Ticht.aad otk*r flovrt. China, tila**, a d Croekvry War*. And ma*9 oth*r article* ton *?iaoroa* to nib* rid Tmii: All * > of acd andrr *, oaah; <>v*> t?. h cr*dlt of thirt? and ?i*tj dmyr. f.>r approved endoraed not**. bearing iaUraal. it A ? n ?? hi a ? " By CLKABY * OR KEN, A??tiooMr*. ? Pftmtk rtrerr. \RY GOODS. HOHIKRV. OLOVE9 AND U Farcy A?ticlb? *t Avcrum ?U* DaY MUKiilNti, the > lA igiiut w ?k?.l Mil, i:. f o it <f nur Aur Km Awmi, N* .N.utfcat., at 10 o'dork. a lot of Dry tioo?a, Ac , to ?!om *o? iglHirat. OnMlltioi !? KvWt, LX.?iU?. Uvu, Situl ?tu?. ( aiicoM, Cottons, f K>enii?-I?. Sh etinf*. KH.Ii-ti, Mkl' M. UiOVM. Silk* an4 Cottokf, ti WlABj otier SUf L/fJ ?ii<* t>o?j boo^t, HITI ..MKi A (iKEKRi AkUi Ut CLEARv A GREEN. AMtoMMaib 306 >?*i'4 /GOVERNMENT FADE OF DESK*. CAB p?t?, M?.o* Hot??, Bo k !*n?t v*?, ?c , Areriow.?On !?ATL'RDAV HOR^l^e ik?ntk mat. vtilt m.i ib f.ontof o?r axtm romi Nn 406 Ninth 1<> o'oiock. a large ?ot of hfieota from one of the Public l>pertMeett. M old by order of the Government ennateting o|? Mfchotaay and Walnat htgk aad low Daaka. Do ud other Oie* Choir*, | Brtuael* aud Tapertry C.areeU Ruga. Mat*. Oilolotha and Maitiaf*. Pit**? Uo4M,fthetTe?Md BookeaoM, Vtoree, Urate*. K ander*. * e A*4i'on?. Hhor*: and Ton**. Mirror*, Tab ea. Wa?h*taodi an<i Toilet Sou. Together with many othar artelM sot neeeeeary to Memerate. Term* saak ia bankable mmet. do 11 d CLEAR Y A "GREEN, Aaots. B7?THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on aoooant of the rain. untilTUE^DAT, tka JKa last, a?ra? hour and afaea. ? 17 CLKARV A GREEN. A? FUTURE DATS. Br BARNARD A BUCKKY, AMboattra, (i.orfftotem, D. C. ON MONDAY MORNING. ltth inataat, at 1* o'oJoek, w will aell, by order of tk? Orjktai' Coart- U? PoraoaaJ klfaoU of ioka Crow*, doeaaaao. at Ua houa* ooruor of Markat aai Pearth atraeta. Thar* la tka maJ m?iImh t *1 KiUlin Kirtitart, Mom, Ac., *a. T*rw: (Viand utd?r cMhi over tkltHMUtl oreditof?>claya. forapproved eadoraod aotaa.baariil ituntL Bt oidw tfU* Admmiitnu>r. no 15-4 BARNaRD4 HICIEV.Airtfc By A. GRKKN. AMtMiw. rpRUPTBK'S 8ALK or VALlABLK 8U1L01 lira Lot* o* Tiith mnr *m, iirnia d amd k 8t*i*t8 moitm. at atj^loh ?On WKX> N Kt?D\Y, Noro?nt.*r ?th. I??i, I ahali Mil* fn*t f Mi* M 4 o'eloei p m , by nrtM of ? i M U tlw obMiilwr, iMtnii d?t* tke 3d I d?T of April, IMii. Mtd raoorded in IJJ*t J.A.f] I No. l?t,ToMoa TTT. Ac., on* of the land record* far f Waahiaftoa omti.ii U* DiitiMtnfCt Mb?. Ik* following daaaribod property. 'T'M m4 baiag IB thaoity of Waakiofton, District tfiir?aid. tie: All that pi?oa or parcel of tro?i>d kaowBand i> 4 donoi tti* plat of a*td oily m Ik* north half ?n BUiberM tva(T*.<ll,> tk*?oath ha f BiwborW rtaaa, < is.) IB aqu*re bored tkraa hind rod Ml aaraaty eight.(37V.) and oomp'iaad la tka foltoanag mwt? and honnde, to wit OoimmmIh for tka Mud katf lot aaaierad tweire a'. tka north weal oornar of and lot, and ranning thanoe ao*Lh wilk theliaa of Tenth si ?rt *n? tventv in M six aod a ball inohaa, (3ft fart inch**;) thence aaat k lbohea) to the rear of ?aid lot; thenoe north tVMtTfire feet aix and ft f irch-? ,T> r-?t f* imIn) W' IM p.?(nt of dmtio* >w>tween m d lot* t?rl?? mm tlMriMB' il th 'i hi we?t with uid dimm liBe ana hancred and Mm fart two laohee < 107 fbet t inehee 1 to Tenth et-eat ?nt and p'ao* of b#cima<; and be< mine for t*a wd part of I ot IS at ?h? eoutbW*atooraar of aat4 lot, on Tenth atreat VMt, aa4 ranniac thenoe north with the line oil th ?treat WMt twent* fire f?et. (Si feat.) th?noe eaat one huurired and eeren feet two lnch?e l"7f. at 2 1 no be* 1 to the roar oflot; thenoe soath twaaty IM(K feet; to the aeiat of dineiOB, tvtweoa aaid tote W fcc' IS; and thenoe weat with aaid diri?ion line oaa !<i.ndre?t aad eeren fe?4 tw? i nebee ()*9 fa*t t inebee ? to Tealh atraat weat and plaa? 0# berieir.f. with 'he improvement*, which are a brick dweiliaahouea.Ae. Tame eaeh. *11 eoprerancin* at the aoet of the parohtear. ShOB.d the term* nut h* aoaieltod with 10 fire flat a tie Traate* reaarree the iifht u? reeetl the property at the "ik and "not <>f the Ira parot-a?ar E. C. CAREINOTON. Traetae. ao H dtdi A. GREKII. AaeC PERSONAL. r\FFICECHK!*APKA*B AWDOHIOCAXAL COMPANY. Wa*ai<??Toa. Nov. U. \m.~ Brtioa 11 b?rt*lt) HIVM tMl wl fioat** r t?U? to aorrua to tba Chanp.ake ud Ohio ? Mai Coirp nv dtirirg th*> year .* a. dat*d ? tl 96th, 1**>. N?? <1 to tl, loeiaaira, for mi mi mf fit, 0aa1 $?*<amovabne in tba t[ir?iMU H> SS/wn, waia iiau?d bjr ordor'of tha Hoard to Joha T. h? applied to rartain rvpaira, Ae . which aot harm* he?-n dona, and no valva maaitad for th? >MN. tha ythlii ara wtntior,ad urai?t raoaivinc or nagotiiitio( Mid crtifccataa, m pa)meat ther of will be r? Br orJ? of tha Krantdawt Kil Director*. W. 8. MINGWOLD, oKtt CItrk C. ud O. Cml Conyu;. i 9TROLOGI&T.?RMAD, RE*D.-Gmmnr J.M. r XClTimiT.-JKT AHIVID-NAUAKf. I. DGVI^K,tli< moat wonderful ltd; bow living, who haa created a wild fnr> r? in her travela.* hidtn* I'. ha? attracted the leading head* of the ooantry, alt who have pronotneed Mr reveiatioaa tr? t aetobuhi ?. Tho?a who ara in tro?tle o/ aay kiM go a* onee tn her. Madame will brine any o>.e U? a and ????? them te leva >o?; will break taa t? ofdrinkingaad ehewiac; wi l mmrnm laamad and unmarried pMa to r*jo?eeaad ahow ihaa how to live happily; will reeever loea*?. direct ia regard to lawanita, tr*vHa. nam bar a. Ac Peraoaa at a Citaaee by atating tfceir ageaad eaaJoaiat oa?4alotr have thru plaaety eorreo*?y vnii??aad Mat * by mail. A eo. pwreooa la Una eity. who fcrl a daiioacj in ca'liag. by eaeloainf ore dollar abaji be f waned vyon immMittMr, Ml rtrict y wtliw a.. AllMmmurmUon dium to<im>K lotktlliek ton J Hrntff, ro-rver Eigh'k ud 0 To a?oooiTio-JaU P<icM J<, 3D r*nti and |l Prlni* Mtraae* <>? D atrMC Gonl Mm. also, oall. ??H lw? __ lUADAMir MORRICB.ratUiUT iiTtnfi"l 01BYAHBDoer ? ,.*?* ThiakwUr i ?&*! kMl lot-uijent i?dyf can b* Miil tM 01 w Im Pact, Pre?nt and Fuinr* R v?ru. Call at !< . I -gy **" ~" ?*"""*** I BOARDING. ? UOARDINO.-Tbr** or f?ar muI* k?1nmi D aaa h? aoooauao*atatf vith Hoard hv applying J at NoilS Marj and avaour, batwaaa 4-, aaJ | U , Uiatxi. Mechanic* prafarrad. aoto-tf A ALEXANDRIA EXCRBM AhV OM^tainai Praikt-Makor ItUa Bar ?sr,f ??. trmi r^t*? i! rrr^^j UT^ !7 r ?! u%?* *' ( -"- - (iIuHo5gyg gr^u. fStf WKJ?^?1.?USKtf . fudr kwi ib ?<>?; pn?? 9*f ?M<?H tk* c~?-1 *-* Sraffibt wr >*M ?W. f> M Mwriltlllt P)t NBW YOIL-Th. MkM Mteow. I Are>CMdBi^U?m>, h?t CTi^Md^ I CTtatiAY Mxt, Kih .ml I I >MlTta MmiMiBH i DODGE I PO14 , Htoffitow. L Omc ^(ggSW-/58&.??. I wiUK""*"".?s?" I r;ri.rrr3sjKht f