Newspaper of Evening Star, November 17, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 17, 1860 Page 3
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| -LOCAL JNJELWJ^l117" Tnou^t Tat 9ru k prltM on tbe hitol U sr large as to require It to be put to prssi M ui ??rly bour; Advertisements, therefore, should be aent In before 12 o'clock m.; etberwiae tbey raay bet appear until the next day. Notic*.?District of Colombia Advertisements to be Inserted ta tbe Balthsosi 8b*are received >* and forwarded from Til Itii OflSce. ?<!>><' . ... Tbb Poc*t* PtttiTTnus CucmcH?r?nMetting?T<o*Ht m t/u Camf?!>*?Wi A*#'gn?Others KUtUd ?For Nme t1m? past ctmt many rnmon hare hoeti Id circulation ralntive t?th? eause of a dlflrolty which baa rarrtifly arlaer. la the Fouth Presbyterian Church, nd wbicu. If not shortly adjusted, thratrn* to W pr?V\ serious in tta #tfer ts Many pmom fcf vt . . *lf*?<y disconnected themselves with the church 1i\ conoenueoce The p?int in dispute seems to tbe action of the putor in disbursing the funds collected for the purpose of defraying the expenses atleidait on the improvements and repairs at frmmml toeing made on the chnrch edifice without MimulbtlAn with th# hnlliUncr rnnim'ttiM hold that the church property it in the special cbitge of this committee, ud inlca mid committee be ce.-miitod with regard to the disposition of the funds in question, the board of trustees Is powerless to act Others a^aln claim that the pastor having pledged himself for tbe collection ?<f a specific sum for this purpoee be had the right ' I to tlispost of the smount when raised in such a arano-r as be should deem right and proper. On last Sabbath, a notice,signed by the trustees Iof the church, wes read from the pulpit, calling a meeting of the pewholders and communicants on last Wednesday evening for the purpose of receiving their resignations as members of the board. M tola* mr?po?r<i that at tbta meeting reference would oe made to tbe difficulty existing In tbe cbarrh, ureat interest waa felt in it, ana ?Ci-'ordiu^ly there wu ? Urge attendance. Tbe mtetini; v'aa organized by tbe selection of Mr Tiiom* U. Connolly aa chairman and Mr. A. B Cl?*ton aa secretary Th? report of the board w?l then preaented, and Te^d by one of tbeir number. It waa quite Vrnjthy and commenced with a minute account of toe iinai>c;al condition of tbe eboreb from tbe I time pf their inception into office until tbe preaent time It then Droct-edrd In detail lh? ?uam vrbtch Lad prompted then to take tbe atep they lsad, in tendering their resignation* They bad rneatly endeavored, throughout their whole term, to ao discharge their autim na would reUound 'o the intereat of tbe cbarch, and obtain tbe approval of the congregation and of their own tMsriences. la tbeae efforts, they regretted to my. they had not been supported by the people of the ch rch, bat, on the olber hand, their authority In cert In niatu-rs bad beea disputed by many, and their ordera diaregarded. Concluding, therefore, that they were out of their element in ncrnpjiie aoch poaitlona, they thereby begged leave to tender their resignations. Th* rr Qjrt h^inu r^ari * rn^tinn orii U crept it The Chair stated that the acceptance of the report would necessarily IdtoItc the acceptance of the resignations Mr Smith wished to amend the motion of the y*atlemau by the substitution of the following resolutions: t Rtioited. That the report of the Trustees be inferred to a committee of ftve, to be appointed by the chair, with Instructions to prepare sad present to the congregation at Its next meeting reso iuhw ?u u-uuin'4 uip pcrwrrs ana auiifi or Xlic temporal officers of the church as la their opinion would be best calculated to secure in future Larinouy of action on the part of auch officers Kttolrfd further, That when this meet'ag adjourn it b? to meet on Wednesday evening, the 20th Instant, at 7 ^ o'elotk Mr S accompanied the presentation of the&e resolutions with n few ren*arks, urging the neI CMUtV ofioch Pllle* for th# w??n / >? xr nf tK? /.Kn??W *e G W Lamer and Crowley railed point* rf ord-r calculated to toterrapt the perch of Mr. ??aaiUk. Mr. Sbepberd warmly urged the di?eourte?y of mm U interruption*, stating tbat Mr. ?aiith had a Vtghl to and mist be heard; ridiculing the points of order raised by Mem L. and C. Tbe Chair (tutalned Mr. 9hepbe-d'? Tlew of the point of order, aud Mr. Smith wu allowed to < nai?a bis remuk* Mr N. D. Lirner said the duties of the temporal oflom of tbe etarck were already laid down in tbe book, and tbe committee could not go beyond it. Anybody might be Informed as to the duties of tbe Board of Trustee*, without tbe necessity of appointing a committer for the puypnae. lie U.'-rcfure moTed to lay the resolutions on the (table Mr Shepherd.?Mr. President, 1 should like to know whrre that book It? Mr Larner.? i refer to tbe book for the church guvrrnnrcm Air. Shepherd ? 1 with jxhi would find ft. Mr Larner.? We will hunt It up, aud send it to tbe new )>oord Mr. Shepherd ?You'll have a hunt Tbe resolutions were laid en tbe table, and tbe report accepted Several motions in relation to different matters connected with tbe church were made, bat withHriivn llmAtf a/v?n * w ? ? ?* ... - --.. .....w. ..? ?"v<i ?? uuuinicu. ai IUC rnjarvi of the oldeat of tbe more prominent members of the church, who seemed to Lave some apprelienaion Lest the m jchde*.red harmony might be interrupted The following-named gentlemen were then selected aa trustee, to fill the vacancies**cra*;oued by ibe -ti^ nail on of tbeold board: A R Parker, John H Hartiett. W. P. Shedd, T. C. Connolly, and Air Asbburae A resolution commendatory of the pealnr's actio* tn this matter was unanimously adopted. sojtarniso AaorT thavvasnroaro* 0tm*a Inna.-niny [*'H)n?, wc nare say, pasatng up the aonth sidewalk of Pa avenr.e (between Eighth and Ninth street*) a: night. Lav* noticed the brillUntiy-llt-iip third story of the lar*e building it the corner of Louisiana avenue and Ninth at , and have wondered what waa going on there?especially aa the grote*que dancing shadow* on tie wall* have indicated that the tardea within were ' having a high old time.*' Well, we have paid the place a visit, and this la what we taw We found, ftrstly, a tine spacious ball some 100 feet long by an average widto of 33 feet.with a celling It fe?-t la hlght. and lighted and ventilated by lw?ll(v 1 :lMa U-n , J * ? ??. mihuivw*. ?uj? u?it ia on upieu uy the Washington Gymnrsium Association, and la | fitted up with all requisite apparatus of brat maInial and worhmanshlp. a* follows: Two pstrs of iborlaoatal parrailel hart; two patra of upright do.; two pairs of boriaontal and two pairs of upright ladders; two pairs swinging rings ?-? swinging bars; two pairs single (stationary) bars; rope, peg pole, sir gUr ladder, Ac , for climbing; spool roprs, flyiug ropes; pulling weights smooth ptask; race covrse; single rings; jumping board: lifting weight; dumb bells; mmirc*e?s for tumbling, Ac , Ac la fact, every kind of machinery for strengthening and developing the human frame A dressing ruon c-Btalns conveniences for washing, J clssets for banking clothes, Ac. There Is also a rparkJedrrMintf room for tho^iclnilw na* of tb* ladirm' elam. fwbich hat b?en Ist-lv formed.) The ^ytnn??iuai ia aupported bv an association ?f ftockfcoldera nuiubrrinn about Hi. Tbcy etoi-t .xvi> ?? ?aef<a, wuv exerciae a general aunertmiou ?%ri tbe prennaea. Temporary members arr also admitted (or the moderate aunt of ?1 per month. The ball la open for eietclae from o a m u>?3< p m . except Wtwaen the boara of 10 and It, when It la merred for the Indian' claaa mentioned above. The number of membera I varira with the weather,?during the winter meat be runnlan ap to 1*S or WO, and falling off ta aaaaaier 10 35 ?r 40. Tbe preaent membership la about so It la now over three years that tbe gvmnaaium haa been la aucceaaful operation, and during that time haa been attended b* 700 aub* libera. many of whom have derived inestimable benefit frem iudlctoft andayatematlc exercise On the whole, the gfmaaalum May be regarded aa one of the permanent iaatitutlon* of WastalngJ ton, and aa each ounbt ta h?* waell Peraoaa id Marrh of Information will, we are 1 certain. b? ronrteoualy received, bat mere tpec1 Uton are not generally allowed From thr good " breeding, nnaffeeted good humor, and general .( arlf-reaprct uUMIed by the ntmbeM of tlia aaaoI elation, It l? widest that none but gtntlrmtn mtr daalred or admitted lata their fellowihlp Hereafter, wb?? we aee a peculiarly lithe, graceful, elaatvc-ateppuig chap upon our proaprU4dea, we sbaU act Lu? down at aaro aa a a*m 1WI OJ me n asoiBfUMi bfrnuilua AMocUttoti ' Odd Fellow uitp.?Tha fallowing rtporiaf tb? Ormii?l 8?rr**?rf eaabrarca tb? operation* oi XL* I O O r li tbe Dittrlrt at ColumbU ft* th? year et'dlng September 3?b, 1000:?Naaibor ad< MlltW k>y tn'.iiatioe K7, admittrd bf card SO re taataud io. withdrawn bf card 18, anapeadad 70 rxpePfd i, rejected 9, death* If, con trt bulla* jr'tntxr* 1.39U; total amount of rovejuw, 11 I DJlAb?tr Of hrnlhart *?l i OlA ??** >- * 1 ? iwnvfrti wiwwtu lam It* reUrftd 47, bnikrn buried II. orphans ?l? attic M. aanojiat paid for the relief of brother* widowed burying the deed, and thi education of orphan*, %A ,814; imonnl of achoo fa- d on band, 008 10; amount of general fane ok bead, *1.** 01, anoint inverted. tS?,*56 f amount invested and oa bead, R2.3J3 90. This (tatraieat doe* not embrace the PNtrlareb* or KAcamputeat branch of the Order. e --m ~ I K? lKU*iM >Wi Me by tba adveiteam of Mj A. Da**11. In toother column, tb*t Ur b* 1 deeldtd wieely to rt?y la the Union Ooed ft> I Dunll' Be Um recently eetabltabed e boot iw I hoeatoreoppae telb* Northern I.foertlrs1 Market I ftUed it with tbe vary beat umtUdmI at warea li A hie line to be Cooed anywhere, which be prepaar to aatl la aootber* and northern customers la pei ^ tact good fellowship, and with aa houeat desire t tvmmm an. nit MM u4 aboea m? eoppeeed I ton tat remarkable Laiou vjrtoea, foe the r4eao L that they never part asunder except apoa the ma aggravated evert act. Try Dovall|b?for# purebai - - ' ' - /'H jn"ilii 4* >>.3 .? * w *? nAHDioMR iif?gn?ni??Amgni UK mon mMhM and t>a?deumg~ nHprewm^ali Ti Im way or new dWeil}n*-t>ouaeae??r ee% ted in thl* city are Am* bolRdBtlu U? year in H itrnt, Miilv W M?ttttW? Ottnrrh, bj Mr lot W : Anjroa, ftr Dr Jofeneoa, of tbto Hty\ and Mr Fowle.of Alexandria. Tb?v each con tain four jtorie* aaa aa attic, and each occupy a apace of 90 Nt froat by aeorly N feet deep, and aa tbey adjoin one another, aw constructed precisely alike la e*ery particular Their architecture is com ??_ ? ? __ ? ? - pos: f, ice lursn Mia L'orintbUn orders being combined )n tbetr construction. Tbe Weeroret statics coitaln two kitebens and brcakfSst room, with every appurtenance perUlslng thereto desfrsble In extra fl rtte lass dwell! i?gs Tbe first floors contain spacious parlors, elegant libraries or dining rooms, and tbe butler's pastries, which are unique. Ths parlors are double, and divided by ellptic arches with scagllola calawas. Tbe Are places are occupied by beautiful Italian marble mantels of snowy wht 'erf*, With ebony polished Iron fire-grates with silver plated ornaments. The doors ana door-frames art of aolld black walnnt, circular headed, and flnlshed with heavily designed mouldings. The ceilings are 14 fee< nlirb, and embellished with an exquisttly made cornice and center pieces. The windows a re formed with recess**, end inside shatters of mahogany, and have French plate lights Sliding sash doors of walmxt, at the lower end of the parlor, with on* amrlcd glass lights, open Into the dining rooms, which are finished with equal elegance, and bars Sienna marble mantels, the most beautiful we have ever seen. Jib windows open upon the rear porticos, which extend the entire rear width, and afford delightful promenades The butier's nsntrlAs asa k*> J * *' JSU uaii ( I C?tUCU \JJ HUVII I Tvul IOC CI ID I ng rooms, sad are so well arranged with reference to sorority sod convenience that positively nothing Is warning In sddltion. The entrance doors are folding doors, of solid walnut, with ornamented mouldings,designed by Mr. Angus, in conformity with the general exterior. Thev open into vestibules, which are aealed up in walnut with elsbo ate embellishments The floors of the vestibules, as well as the main halls, are laid in marble tiles, and solid walnut stairways with highly polished oontlnuous hand-rails lead from these halls to the passages above. The second floors contain bedchambers, closets, bath-rooms, dressing-rooms, aid most conveniently adapted arrangements for ruwwc water ua gH llf D9. 1'DC CDS XXIben occupy the front and remr with the closeta, waicitandi, and other conveniei?cee between. Passages lead from the front to the rear apartment*, with sliding sash doora of coniaaunicatioa. The mantels and hand-basins are of poliibed marble, and the entrance doora of solid walnut, heavily moulded, with pollahed white trimmings Upon the third floors the arrangementa for sleeping apartments ire somewhat almilar, with the addition of clothes rooma. finished entirely, floors, walls, ceilings, shelves, doors, etc., in Florida cedar, a material affnrrflncr positive immunitr from the depredations of the bouse-keeper's great enemy, tbe moth. The attic stories each contain alx servant's sleeping rooma, which are roomv, D?atly finished, provided with gas, water, linen cloaeta, and well ventilated Stairwava lead from the paaaagea on theae floor* to the observatory on the top of tbe two house*, which ta alxteen feet long by twelve feet wide, and flnisbed In bandaome style From windows on all aides, beautiful view* of tbe city and Ita interesting aurrounding* are presented. Domes of stained glass on either side abed an agreeable llgbt upon the stairways and passages below. Kvery detail connected with tbe construction of these buildings has been moat faithfully executed, and, as will bwaecn below, the credit belonga alone to Washington mechanlca, whom, after examining thoroughly this specimen of their skill and taste, we are prepared to pit against the mechanics of say city in tbta Union : Architect and contractor, ??* e_t. in .? ? ? ? mi jui) ? . aaguij sione diuon, H. V. blOfrv; br1< klaver. Thomaa Lewli; plaaterera, Meura Alton A Jackson; painters, Mmn Parker & Spnuldiog; furnace and beating arrangements, J k Sklrvlng; Iron work, F k A. Snyder; carveri, Hamilton * Haddon; tiling by French. Abb est or aBcbglab?Yesterday we no deed the robbery of the store of Wm. Flndlay. corner of Seventh and F streets, the night previous. 1 jsst night, Charles Frederick Lausman, a German, suspected of the robbery, was arrested by Capt Ooddard and held for a hearing before Justice Don n. At 9 o'clock this morning the case came np for trial. when tt appeared that the accused had been in the employ of Mr. Findlay, and bad previous to the burglary quit work and left his boarding-bouse. He suosrquently sold a ? pe to a young man for two dollars which was entitled as one of Flndlay's which bad been tolen After hie arrest two more were found on mm ne rare conmctlng statements of tbe mode by which be came Into possession of them The evidence wa* deemed sufficient to justify his final commitment for trial at eocrt. There is still a pipe missing, which may be identified by the word 44 Atlantic" lnaeribed npon it. Good In** ?The city of Washington for many yean has been obliged to maintain numerous vagrants and paupers from other cities during the winter season. They manage to get to Washinginn iiiat h?fnr? tK* Hani Km ?*! guardhouse during the nights until they become obnoxlots, and are aent down to the workhouae aa vagrants; and their terma usually expired early in the aprlng Tbe magistrate seems to have changed hia commitment for theae, and Instead of tending them for tbe longest term? ?J0 days? glvss tbem a term that will afford each vagrant a share of bard labor, which they abhor, and terminates In midwinter Tbey will then be obliged to migrate to acme other locality or go back to assist in the roughest of the winter work, and remain till the farm work inspring Is pressing By Ihii rr.alh/wi IKa maw i?? mlA ? .J - _ ? - -0 > Iiiv tuv Vit J uiaj MC I IU Vi a UIVTf Ul paupers and petty thieve* which hu annoyed our citizen* for aeverai year* past Miw Misxoa* rom thb Capitol ?There were oa exhibition in New York ou Thursday thirty new mirror* Intended for the eapltol here. The principal one 1* a plate 104 by TO inches, *et in a deep lii<|tM frame, artistically ornamented; the centre top piece having a gi It figure, fifteen Inches In length, representing \Yashington delivering hi* farewell address The frame is otherwise umiujciiiru otiiu ojipiuuiiau- emuirmi i nrre arc twenty-oiae otu?r jlwiei, superbly art In rick ornamental frame*, Intended fur the anterooms to the capitol; they are In pairs, ranging from 66 by 62 to 6b by 68. Tbe largest glass Is for toe room of the president of the Senate. The gilt frames are modeled after original designs, and are executed In the highest style of American art. The mirrors will be shipped to-day, and put on board the Mou it Vernon, which will coavoy them direct to Washington. Ttit Thiatik?The largest hooae of the teaion, If not of any reason and any occasion, greeted Joe Jefferson ?t the Theater laat night, on the occis'on of hit farewell benefit The bill was Newmaa Nogas and I'aol Pry: and the performance, It la needless to say, was all that could be desired In lis line, and was most uproariously received by tbe well-pleased and psck'd audience. To-night Mr Jefferson makes his last appearanc', for the present. In this city, In tbe characters of Newman Nn?n and Rln Van Winkle Th? Kill 1? did one, and will, of con^ae, draw largely. Our elttzena abould not forget the performance of * Our American Cooeln," thla afternoon. On Monday night, Mlaa Cordelia Howard end Mr and Mn G. C. Howard will appear. In a new drama entitled, " Ten Nights In a tier Room." Ince*di akiim ?Leat night, about eight o'clock, the carpenter shop of Mr. J. W N*e, on O atreet, between Ninth and Tenth, waa discovered to be on fire, and notwllbatanding the activity of peraona to saee the property, much flnlshed work and lumber, and tools of no little vafae to tbe workman ?!> dfttraiiMl K- w?J work with bnckete, aacoeeded la saving Mr. Nye1* residence aad a large building Id course of erection The thop was set on Are la the second torv The fire companies turned oat promptly, but coald do no Mr vice for want of a aupply of water. ?? One or th* rnt iitt tonally paper* In the ceantry, to wit. The Weekly Star, fall as dhnal of Metropolitan new* and gossip, and choice literwry reading, le bow on onr coaster ready lor delivery to ton public. It la joat the paper above all other*for cMsens and strahgera aojoarnlug In the National Metropolla to real on fltinday or to end to their friends at a dlatance. price only three cnta per copy, or SI 25 par annum; postage prepaid by atampe wben so arranged. ClNTlAT. fjriinHnrflt (* ? fJK?? tfwmAmr lek ljDimvi, arrettid bv Cipt Ooddard far rob-, bing F indlay'i atore; b^ld for trial. Mary Njittrell, ttrolUog. iMdiaf ft lrwd life, and dwr?*rlr; workhouae 90 days. Mark Weat, oarrrtng r?>KnUd wwpoM, fine aid coeta 931,14. Job" Ncrrte, arrest oa warrant; aecarlty for further heart**. Walu-r Clarke,d/uok anddlaord^ly; ne ana coate S3 IS. \ | Tviiin ir Aoai*.?This morning, a warrant wu issued M the trust of a person who baa bam setting goods under false pretenses from some of ; bur dry good* mmfcaiils ?aArr aereral aliases. From the description of the person and his habtts, 1 It Is vary afraaftiy inspected tbathala the"pictlonary M?n" operating in a new field He was so luckv as to get off no his previous arrcat under the Insanity dodge, but will bardly rssaaae It a t tecoadUme. ^ W J Acc\a&Wf ? ^llttl^pirl^lleln^aUtf r^Jefltext ^toabls waalsfsnan medlca* a lad} - in u? counrv, *bc ?m wmf MM Wf the * explosion af a eaanpheae lamp.?Atac. Gmtttu. | r , ^ 1 Taost to want af a Mfc, brilliant ud cheap tight, wl'U Sndeomethlag wwtb their aWeeUon lo " theidmtiiMicBt of Mr Oeorjre 9mite, 489 Pa. " aveaae, aear Third at Uaaae-keepeia wUl find J lou of uMfularUclea la their LU|? at hi* variety |a^=asr-r-~ j t% w i . y.\ iju AO*' I - , r'.^i A M JOtlAAl tt !u5S^5St timly-lhfM pr*m1am* In thli country and in MK ltafc tMn tecently refitted and furnished, Prfee of phot~?rapbs reduced atmoet 90 per cent. Call, and avail yourselves of the advantage of low prlcee. Tit* Hiawatha Cltb propose to fcWtMlrflrtll grand ball at Thorn's Hail, Sevntb at , on Th'iraday, the 22d instant. For particulars see advertisement *T' "Citiz**," who aent an anonymous letter to Juatlce Dona, la requeued by Justice i) to srfcve him an enrly private interview relative to the matter suggested in his communication " Fix* Otiiiu "?The beet that have been In the city thla aeaaon are to be had at Siapara'a, Tenth at. and Pa. arenue. Wmlcomm N?wa.?The oeleb-ated tight-atitoh aewing machines of Ladd. Webiter & Co. oin now )>e ha* at a reduction of S3 per cent., makmc it aow in tfco wnr of all flumlie* to have a e?wifhr itiaohine that is a eewing machine. '1 he permanent intent of thia firm doe* not hoid out inducen enU, uch a?, "we rits you a wreveh, aorew driver, hamniT, *o." The Ladd. Webiter A Co M?c^i'ifi ar? perfect witho-1 such eppendagee. The pub!io w 11 not fail to call at 34i* p.-nnnj vania avenue, the permanent agency of I.add, Webvter k Co.. where Uiej wiU find a namber of machine* in operation. " It ?v? i mm. a DITT IKS ? ? Qoro If HO raUFD V8U L? bit artiole in the whole catalogue of domestic remedy than a vegetable tonio. It fives activity to the digestive organs. It increas a tiie appetite. Itenlifew th? aplrita, invigorates the mln<f, strengthens the body, and in ahort, if judicoualy used, wakra up the whole system to a wholesoma o jnixance of lta own powers, and a renewed disposition to exert tnem. Among the tonio* of the day. Host/tier's Bitter.1. manufactured by Hoatetur k. Smith, at Pittsburg, Pa., may be set down aa deeerredl* the most popular. They area pungent, lively, palatable tonio, not unpleasantly bitter, nor yet excessively spirited, and their medical effect is perfectly surErising. No family can oonve.iientiy do without a ottle. It should be found in every closet. It is both useful and agreeable.?Arte York Atlas, Avg. 14, 1859. no 14 eoit Hollowat's Pills and Oihthknt. Universal Philanthropy.?Nearly one million Krti As n f Pille era ?va?w "? " "? ? j iiivuiii uioti iwukou will v/up^uout the town' and villa*#* of the United 8tates and Canada, aud an almost equal amount of Ointment aooompsniM them orders. It may h? said with truth, that Holloway's Medicine* are "Me**engers of Joy. carrying healing on their win**," to raily?i?f oppressed by every form*nd type of diieaae. Sold by all druggists at25o . 62c. and 91 per hox or pot- no 14-lw Wistar's Balsam or Wild Chirrt. Ths following i*tt?r from Rer. Hinht Woo#, of Concord. N. 1L, Editor of the Conrregationa! Journal, speaks volumes in favor oi Wotar's Bainmm:? Coscurd, N. II., March 2. M Das* s Qvrn W V nwt v Ar P.i *? uwu?ui i it ii a i' i> ua u. vvi Kr/irra . Two yean ago, a sudden and violent attack upon my Lung* confined me to iny bed for several weeks, and wheu I reoovered, I was so mnoh oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that I was often unable to sleep or rest upon a b?d by night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from the ineffltcaev of the remedies used. I supposed the diseae* incurabta. Being persuaded ty try a bottieof Wittar't B-Uam qf Wild ("Kerry, without cot fidenc* in its cfficacy, I found the difficulty almost entirely removed before one bottle was used op. Svmpatliy with my f?U?w sufferers iuduoes me to make tins pubho statement* %nd reoouunem] the aitioie to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly, Hkjtkt Woo#. None genuine unless signed I. Butts ou the Prepare by 8. W. Fowl? k. Co., Boston, and for ale byZ. D. Uiiman,8. C. Ford. jr.,S. B. Waite 0. Stott, John Schwarxe, Nairn Jfc Pa.mer, Wash inf tou; and by dealer* everywhere. no 19-1 Homkopathic Rkmkwks All of Dr. ilumphreya & Co.'a apecifio Homeopathic Remedies put ap expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and an cents each. Alio, in oasea, containing jn vials, from 94 to $.s each, with book of fall directions. For sale by Z. D. Oilman, 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail a.ennt: W. A. FitirAMll. .15.1 north F alio by r. B. Winter, corner of MttMehuMtta avenue %nd Sixth Btreot. Alao, Pond's Extract if Wittk Saxel, for internal and external miiainmationa of 1 kinds. Hold aa above. ma 9- It Rkadsk, have you eeen Prof. Wood'a advertiae ._ ..... ..... d..7u. i? ........ lucuk in u u i yayui . n cou i v, iw wui luicicav juu. *u 20-eol j To th* Afflicted !? lie ?ure to read the advertisement of MqJLesn'a Strengthening Cordial ana Blood Purifier, in another oolumn. tf / NARRIJK1). In Pla*te county, Miaaouri, at the rraidenoe of Col. Dftvut HoHa<iajr, VVe^ueaday, October 31, hy Kev. Mr. Mivske!f.?r<!, Mr. h: E. QUEEN, of Weston, to Miaa AMANITA HUNT, of the above oounty. * On the 15th instant, by the R*v. Father Whit*, Mr. R. B SINCLAIR to Mia* M. J. EADBft, both of thia city. ( Alnxaoilria and Ohio papers copy.) On TbaradaT, November 15, by the Rev. Father Macuire, JOHN A. FILLER,of New York, to m t.-i i7a in-iRlwi ?,'v ?r ihi> ?itv * R?v Mr. R;l4nd, CHARLES HKNR Y HOR uLE of Wa?hin?ton,to TERESA EVANS, of Genrg- town. ( BaJto., N. York, and Philada. p?par? oopy.) Die?, At Hya't, Anderson county, Kansts, September 34th, of tyvhotd fever, r as itlaeaa c.f several w?n. 8AMUKL O. AH NY, aged SI teara. aon of Wm. F. M and fielioa B. Amy ; a young man of much eromme. an<l the hope of hn f m i pareata. "He doth a.i things well." NOW OPEN the ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK 8T0EE, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'B, Next'door to Clay's (late U. S.) Hotel, be tureen lhirrt and At streets. 9. O. EVANS, in order to aooommodal* fcia legiona of oattnm'ra throaghoat th* United Statoi, has located A BRANCH STORE of hia widely oelebratod GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Waah'ngton City, ac 47? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, lrkare mi alwaja be found a ooropleU atook of tho STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS . / UI iUO UNITED STATES AND EUROPE. Every !*ook ia fold at the PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATES, and A GIFT worth from Fifty Centa to ONE HUNDRED DOL LARS i* praaraied to EVERY PURCHASER at the Um> oi the aala. % Being extenaively engaaed ouraelrea in tha PUBLICATION OF BOOKS, and from oar large aalea enabled to pure Kane entire editiona from other publisher a, are ean offer INDUCEMENTS to our patron, not eiaewhere to be obtained. OUR GIFTS ARE OR VAMENTAL, USEFUL, AND VALUABLE, Comprising a Thousand Varieties ; Among whioh we nam*? Sold and Silver Watohea, Gold Chains, Ladies' splendid Ui&oi aod flaid Silk Dreaa Pat Uru, ^ ' Parior Tims Pieces, Silver Plated Ware, Costly Seta of Cameos, Mosaic, Florentine, Coral, Garnet, Turquois and Lava Jewe.ry, Gold Loskets, Peneila and Pane, Ladiee' Neck, and Chatelaine Chains, Genu' Bos'im Studa and Sleeve Button*, Pooket KniTM, Port Monnaiee, 4c? to. The oitixena of the District and vicinity are reapeotfullj invited to examine oar stock of Booki and Gifta, whether deatroua of yarekaaing or not and toy ao doing will be enabled to ladje of the ad vnctagea 1' be derived from our yopntar *7item 01

conducting Book aalea. jjy Call for oar new olaaaified Catalogue, whereir oar method af doing baaimm will be found fall] detailed. CZT" Peraona eending for book a from a dietanoi e. ?. EVANS'S * am AQO* MMFOMl Bid, 4T? PlHHl. Avrni. noW-tf Waabfttfton, D. C. A ' ; QKNTIAU^^DY-MADE CWITHINO. wise ud imKWi wnkiii u inmtditu out fit ?uje fspiwaw& iWh^sVr1 ate and uv?rooate in all vari?tiM. Fine Shirt and Undw-olothiag of ?M kiadt. Kid and othe GlovM of bMt quftity. Soarb, 'I i??, Cravnti Mnnki. HniiMf. Jka.. Jk.?. All ?f whiak w< an offering *t <^%r vsutflov prioM. i ? hk piano used at the oretcb* 1 r Mrt l%?t niiht at Will?r(ia' H?il. wm_ m ! ^WSjCS.**^"f *-**? " iLrSriU Btritiu la good Bcooad-haod Pianoi ao 15 , ; ' * ?? I 1*11 ?rt. ?U^B " I * 0 ^ BOOTS, SHOES, HAW, CAPS, ( AXD OIL Hnrfng determined to olaee out the entire atoel and experience to the Dry Good* hwsi new exrlesh bslure of the stock In Store. 37S Seventh at?eet, oowpiete, embracing all qualities, atyUa. *nd air Children, and Servanta. . ,!n ^ARpETJXG, RUGS, DRUGGETS, aa tyl?s. These goods were purchased recently at i .TT vv? advise nil persona in want of ll cull v tkw ^<w?w m...? w. ? ? .. IN THE ADJOINING STORE. ST4. wf ha' Stock of FOREIGN and DOMESTIC DRY ?OC of eauil quality, can be purchase at retail in Nr* w> have Just purr based from the assignee* of flee, the following extra bargain*, to which we iai Fine black Cloth for Cloaks Si 50 ( Wide b'ark Merino for Shawls ?l-5? Kroche Sbawl Borderinc tS rents S5 cent white Brilliant W cents 1*2 cent Linen Handkerchiefs 0 cents 50 cent Table l.'.nen ? e??t? lle*t 12 cent Bleached Cottons 10 cents { Beat 1*2 cent Canton Flannel 10 c?nta 3? cent Linen Shirt Bonoma 20 cents Woolen Flannels only 12 cents 11-4 Biauketa S3 75, worth S5 The prlcea named above warrant us in guari favor as with a call. All gooda ahown cheerfully, represented fal iudsrmrnt m o no 16-2t ; LOST AND FOUND. | fAMK TO THE PREMISES OF THESUBVy aoriher, on tt>e Seventh street roixl. mjM. i n3?r the Seooad To 1 gate, a rrd and white hrnert COW The owner will pleate c&U.JBai&a p ove property, pa* oltarcea, and take her ?wk, j It* VVM. FRANCIS JONES. OCi REWARD.?Loat. on the 6th inftant,a black tan TKKRIKR PUP, ?i* montlm old ; an-went to the name of Charln The ahove reward will he paH if deliv- * ered M 110 Four-aod a hair at.. ! and. o 16 St* JOHN CROOK. FOR SALE AND RENT. RENT AND HIRE.?For rent.larf# STOREROOMS. 274 Seventh st. Wanted, a plain (n'gmH'OOK. wo I 'OeomTioniled. Apply to Dr CAI-VERT, on th? premise*. it* TH) LET?A coromodioiie threo-ntorv HO|j?Kt with back building, wini.aidel t, stable. Ac, completely fnrniahed with ail th s modern improvrmtnii, on the c<?rner o? H awl Twenty firet str e'a. Poaaeaaion givaa immediately. no 1T-1W I^OR RPNT?Those beautiful PARLORS in the houae U32 G street, oornrr Fifteenth ?t, occupied last session or Congress by Hon. Mr. Hnmphrey, ara now for rent. Also, the Parlors now occupied by F. dc Haas Janvier, K*q., in the same house, There are alao several fi-4 room a suitable"for aingle gentlemen orsmal' fann ies, with or without board. It* IPOR KKNT-A tliree-atory BRICK HOL'SE. (furnished or uufumiahed. I It will be let on moneiate term* to a pn- ctua> tenant. Apply at No K42 L Btrexi'. Iietween 4th and 5th. no I6-2t* FH OR RENT?Two ROOMS in third ttorr,a-1jnining.with water and r?i, or & fine PARLOR, lizhtr-d with fa<, in ?econd story, in a pleasar t part of the city. Terms low. Apply on tho premises, No. Mam. avenue, between 4th and S'h st?., north side no 16-tf FOR RFNT-TVVO DWELLING-HOl'SKS. o 'e on Tenth street, between L and M si?..and the other on L street, between 9th and lOih. Pos session given immediate!*. Inquire of the ?ub.criber, at his residence, on l< street, between 9 !i and 10th. (no 16 31) Z JONK3. 170R RKNT-A brick DWEI.MNO Hni'?r. 1 No. 230 Sixth street west, between M a d N orth, containing 8 rooms and a kitchen Term* moderate. Apply next door north no 15-1 w* ROOMS FOR RENT?a ladj and genflrrtun referred, or ladies. Inquire at No. 433 I between 9th and loth. no lS-lw* POR RKNT-A three story brick HOUSE, conF taming 8 ro?m?, in good order, with gas fixtarae ooraplete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. At iL? 1 * L ^ * * * Also, HTo-iwry srioii WTTAWfC, with large yard attached, oorner of F street north an ' 14th et. eaat. To punctual and reliable tena-.ta the terma wiM bo nioderat*. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G a .id H. no 13-tf I^OR IRENT? A two atorr-and-attio FRAME JT HOUSK, with baok-bt>ild:nx, containing nine room*, in complete order, with gas, aituated on L treet, between !??h a^rf Iflth at*.. north aide. To a punctual levant the rent will be ?J*? per iro-th ; none o?hwe?n<??d apply, to KENNEDY ft PlTGH, Grocera, No 80* st. no 13 3teo MEMBER* OF CONGRESS AND A OTHKRS.?For rent, scits of Pa'Iors and several Chambers. handsot iely furnished, in tha now dwsltin* house >91 E street north, bitwe^n 9th and loth sts. A(piy on tne premises. no 13 eof w* I?OR RENT-The forgs three-story FRAME a HOUSE on New York avenue, between 4th and toh street'. reeently oc?5 :?i?d by Hev. Mr. Carothers. Apply to JOHN "?V. MANKIN9, or to Mr. BOSS, next door. wh*re the key may be found. Also, the three threr-story Brick* af co'uer ol Ninth and N sts.. Northern Liberties. Apply at , Mr. H aOOERTY S store op poKite, for the t^rm* and the key, or to DICKSON Jfc KING'S wood and coal \ard, eorner of I street and Vermont avenue, or to the Rubserifeer, at Georgetown. _no*-eo2w JOHN DICKSON. IT OR RENT?A d?*irable and well located firstly c'ass R Kfl DKNf.' E, No. 4?9 ?n Sixth street, between 1) and K sts. The bouse is finished with II t 1- ?. TIlnM . J oil ?iiv n"i? i u iiuvi ui 'iiucu ? ? ni'yi? iu I i>w.ui\c HAKKKR. no2 eolw* A comfortably furnihhbd parlor and CHAM HtR.on the &r*> floor, for tvut. at 430 Twelfth it , beta een G and II. no 12 1 v* FOR SALK?Tlie rood Will and Fixture*, with th - Ilounohold Frrmtnre. of i R<?nt?n nut ?.n<t Boarding-houae. Th? present proprietor ia going South. Tlio bu infls? will ha disposed of reaso. abio. Inquire 544 Pa. avenue. uol2-lw* T~mire fThundred and fif i kkn acr ks in Fairiax oountr, Va., in excellent order; w II timbered; good bunding*; a orown alone quarry. A railroad oar shop and water statin* tnnat be erected on the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi l in Loudoun o?untT. A purohaanr ean ret a bargain of G. W. BRAY, Agent, 51b Seventh it. Washington, D. C. oo 18 Ina* FOR RENT?Posarssion on tho lit of October The DWELLING HOUSE No. 438 D street, at presnr.t occupied by the Rev. Or. Butler, and next door to tiie residence of the advertiser. j. m. carlisle. n. B.?It will not be let for a boarding houae. ae 18-tf FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No, 100 Weatst., Georgetown, at present ooon pied by the aubttoriber. It has 13 ro >ma, wiUmi and water throughout, a fine yard, a table Ac . and ii in ajooaociKiii>orniK>u. Appij u> jib. aGRUPER. oc? tf (HOR RENT.?Two new thrw-itorr BRICK HOUSES with bank buildings, ?iek bous? corUiniiv; 8 rooms, with iu, pleasantly aitu*te<j An ffth ?trA*f north. Sitv^in M md V ttrAAli ritnl moderate. Appl? to K. LAZKN BY. opposite, or to JOHVT. LENMAN, Ohio avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. oc 9tf OR~R ENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the bnild (nc immediately oppomta tha west viae of th< City Hal.,reoently ocoupied by Chas. 8. Wallaol aa an offio?. Also tha front room in the aaoon<] tory and the third fioor of the aama baildtnr, Foi terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH.^Io. U Loaiaiana avence. ja 13 tf FOR R ENT?A four-story brown-front DWEL LINK, situate on Thirteenth at., between 1 and Ma?saahusetts ?v-on?of the most deairah)< > locations in the our. Th? house is Airmailed witt marhle mantles ; alao, g?* and water fixture*, wit* bath room Jnquireat \VJL P. BHEDD'S Fanoj Store, No SO'-J l!th ?t ooJ7-19t* O RKNT?That pleasant COTTAQF- RF.SI DhX'E, oontaiairg T rooms, with froat haloony, largo yards in Iroat and tear, fronting H *t in Printing Office Squara, between North Capito and First sts. Rent A2M per annum Address, b; lett-r or in peraon, WM. 8TICKNFY. no 6-tf ? ' |TQ|t SALE?A new two-scorj briok HOUSE 01 f a Fourth street, below New Y? k avenue. Th< noose u 9) leet trout ana 43 iwt deep ; h&s >100 ptuMt, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, and ton > ?huBMrs, with stairways in pM?M? Intehao wttu boo<I e*Jlar uadar tM whole house Fo-ternn i inquire at 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Pel lows' Hi !. ? 1-if JAS Be TOPHAM, ' /^LINTON HOUSE, iov occupied bp P. W ' V' Uor??T,will be for real on 1st January, 1MI ForiffurUwr wUbrrwsAion inquire of M'MJKK i CIS8EL.7A ttiwt, Wirtlntton. no2-1*wim* .1^d vi u1 v"f a ?l? btnvw mwta kftumen k. 007*8 Hardware Store. Fa. ar. oo an-tf l^OftREKT-Aiirt-itorT BOU?K, niiniii r IS room*, adjoining the oorner of F >urth anil I I iihv*r th# ' U Appl* 10 JOS,io tUO*F r uush a? bath room, hot aud ooldwau l,! 8^ **?11 poor, rar.f?, first and ?e#oud floor? hea' ' V * twttth. oo lft-*otf 1 ft^OR KKNT-TtM war-mtmrj BRICK HOU8I i iL?yxvsj'^ss.v?,,*K ar;: & J * Fmmmm iamii iminaihalclT. A'?o, th- thf? k i ?t?ry oftlM B-m BviiiUnc No. 4*?1 on f?i ' 'ssrirswt snrrr/a WiSi^jr i , tor?y-%t-Law, fto.40 La. aranue. wo?-4?tf 3 MM O AvM^n'f *iC?-Sew^ .*< .,?* .rtSlWJMI .MWl ?> ? .HUAX 1 ttllol II *n 2m t>M AJ* Jt* W *1 >* ? ? KlfiOUTULE :Abpetihg, rCgs. brcggets, , cloths. I - - - k of oo? of oar 5t?r?? and 4ev*t? our tiro*, attrntioa, p*hr, wr will commune* tfcta djiy to *Il^o# tkr rnilrv ? ii?criT reuuvra pn? r? i uf uiui iliirni is Mill n of BOO rs and SHOES for Lftdlrs, CmUemen. id OILiCLOTHH, we haee nsnay sew and choice in iam?4?s* aacrlttce. aiiri will W sold at Pint h- cheatx-st good* ever offered 1b WaahingtM, to earljr day. re, and shall contlnae to keep, a full and complete ?U8. which we guarantee to tell as efceap arf*gooda *r York. a Northern Bankrupt House, at an lmmens; aacrl nw *p<TUi hhtium: Yard wide French Cblntx L2 rente, w^rtb 23 Beet It cent Calioees, f??t colors. 10 centa Best 10 cent Calicoes. fast colors. 8 cents B?-*t 6 rent Calicoes, fast colors, 5 cents Best 12 cent Furniture Calicoes 9 cents Best 10 cent Kurniture Calicoes 6 cents Gentlemen's Undershirts V) cents Indies' Vests oilr <1; cents Ladies Cambric Collars and Seta of Collars. Slee*ee. at half ones Cloak* and Stella Shawls v?ry cheap mteeing entire satisfaction to all thoae who may irly, and submitted to the purchaser's teste and R. BRICE HALL, . 3T3 M< 375 SKTEHTH ITtllT. | GEORGETOWN. ! Correspondent* of Tkt Star. Gboioktowii. November 17.18m The regular weekly meeting of the Republican 1 Association oamc oti last evening, ?s advertine* i rrora twenty to twenty-i*e mnnbm ooly wrrf Drrcent, and but little business wu transacted, i The committee to procure a more comfortable room were not ready to report; ditto tiie committee to attend to that supper arrangement. A committee wu appointed In relation to tbe organisation of a Wide Awake Club, and the association adj-urned Police Offlcer Barnaclo wu yesterday arretted for assaulting James Barker It appe?rs that tbe offlrer attempted, on tbe ntgbt of tbe 3d instant, 1 tn aseM* Ua?W?? *1 ? -W . ~ -IIW? w?? i v/i * i?MM IIIC l?w W li Mli ordain* that colored people shall not be permitted n the streets after a certain bonv and that Barker resisted, claiming to be a white man, and was Iursurd and struck by the cfflcer Mr F. W. one* app?-ar?d as counsel for Harker, and the lavtstlgslion resulted In the balding of Officer Barnacle to ball in the sum of *4<*J for hla appearance to answer before the Criminal Court Joshua Bateman wis badly beaten by (foreman of laborers on the Washington acqueduct. named Douglass, yesterday. The ftgbt occurred a short diatance above here, and Douglass was arrested, but Justice While, oa hesrfaf tbe evidence, dismissed tbe case, ss strong provocation was proven. For cood and rh*in hmllr trrnreriem r?ll >t Tenny*. Ills stock la lirge and varW-d, and hit terms accommodating. See hi* advertisement : below. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS POR BOSTON -Tba bri* New World hu ?rr rived, and m now discharging her freight. >_cv f For lreight or parage apply t<? HARTijt\ A- BRO., no IS lw 99 and 101 Water treet. Butter, buckwheat, ??. t 55k?c? prima b IM?s BUTTER, 1 ,?*? Ib?. superior BUCKWHEAT. 3 bttla. CK ANHKHRIKJS 5 - CUCUMBKK PICKLES in vinegar, WW) )b?. Fresh HOLL BUTTKR, ?*? * Gran.i Bank CODFISH. | 5n box*. }*COrCH HERRING. 10 chest* low-priced Y. H.and Black teas. < Also, rarina, i;orn suirca, Rice, I-.our, .>l*csroni. Bordeaux Oil, Gelatine, Hops, Carb. Soda pure I Groun<i Coffee, Concentrated J .ye, 4c. For safe by no 15 6t W. H fENNEY. J 100 BBLS. OF FRiME C1DEK, U'T Arrived and for sale cheap ior c*?h. no 13 ARNY A SHINN. Daily expected, FROM NEW JERSEY, A prime lot of CRAB ClUt-R, which is for ?! on or before arrival, no 13 ARNY k. SHINN._ P^OR RENT VERY LOW TO A GOOD TEN AN 1'?A commodious two atorj BRICK DWELLING, on Frederick, near Second street. Georgetown, with l> ick kitchen, wa h oom and smoke house. A pump of good water in the yard, no 13 6t WM. G. RiDGELV. JUST RECEIVKD1# hhds. prime Porto Rieo SUGARS, 1 ISO bbla. ?..d Rye WHISKY, ! S6n bids. H KR RING and ALE WIVES. W bt? s. Crushed and Rein-d -UGARS, i an bacs Rio and Java COP FEE, 10 hhda.(low priced ) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUK. se 10 THE UNliEKSlGNKD OAR PEN IKK AND Bill LDER offers his servioea to the public of Georgetown, W?ahin(ton, and vtoinity, and wi 1 contract for or superintend the construction of t pnblio private baidiegi. Plans ard specifications will be furnished at short notice, ffioe and i-hop on Concress st . Geor? otovn, immediate ly north of the Post Office. au 27 5m?o HENRY WINO ATE. 1 4 ?RAN1>KLL, OPTICIAN, I Vv N?. I9f* Pnkft rt-, triorr$t0wm, I Hw e?r.?t?ntli on hand a large assortment at Frenoh Near-si jnted, Periseoaic, PaI orml, artd'al. other SPECTACLES, oi^?rf-~ vjr the r>eet qnaaty. in cold.iiilver, steel.and Germas ' silver frames. N. K. OH F*ame9 Repair*'* *nd 9W z aetna set in them to order. co l?-lr j \IASHE Y. COLLI NS A CO.'S PHILADELI 1*1 PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are con?tantlj J reeeivlrr fr<wh supplies nftreahore delightful bar erare, and incite ail persons who want a pure cnadalterated Ale, to riv? it a trial. AKNY A 8HINN, Ar?nts. fit* 47 Aroen St.. (rAorcntowa. ! l^LEOANT AND RICH ASSORTMENT OF i ?j curtain materials, i At Cost Prick* Sti'l to bfl Hold out, at frimi c?ft, at the store of ??.?, lata firm of f I iCfT r V Diin^llV frill HI" HIUI ?'i vua V U A A A' V ?^k/V *1 I *? *? npply of? Elegant English. French and German Brocatelles, raman E'olJNd* Algerineen Bayadere, I>o Sa'n drt I,hines and Damask*, Do and German Plain ar d Striped Reps, Do Embroidered and Plain Cloth lurtauia, in length" and Wr the yard. A so, elegant French. Swis> and Bohemian Lao* f*i I'nder Cu'tain*. and a ful; and complete assortment 11 ?fGilt8hades,Coraioe-,Tas?eis,Gimps,Hifle Hands, i Ac , all to furnish the windows ol par ors. dining . I rooms, libraries, chamber*, offices. Ac., which a e now rallinc out at prime cost for the cash. No more | will be a?ked, nor less taken. i*uoh bargain* and such goods, at each p-rres, will doulAiess never be bought at ?nch sacnnoes I S If S n an llilaa Alt* fl I II I 14 ?lll? tnj Persons in want are ndrned to rail noon, before the assortment is broken, at the store of CLAUKTT* DOPSON, no 6-?r2w No. 4 Market rttaoe. > NICARAGUA; ITS PfcOPLK, SCKNERV, | 11 Mon**ient?. Rftouro**. Condition and pro1 posed Cana!, with one hundred oricinai maps and i liiaawatiena, oy r,. u oquier: i ?ni.; pus* J L.ifaaud CorrMpoodanee of John A. C^irnun, M wor General U. 8 A., and Governor of the Slate of Miaaiaaipei; by J. F. H. Clatberaa; S vol*.; pno? |i ? van Maj-rimtin. or He v?nld be a H*oUrmHD ; ' by Geo. Meredith; I vol , #1. J Th"FourGeorc??: t>e? of Manner*, Moral*. ? Gaurtaae Towa Uk bj W. Id. Thackary; l fl.l ?ot:aaMef the A'pa, *>r 't*ie author of Petoarl ' Life xn Germany; prioe #1.85 WejQan?a freah anpyly ; ftcuaehcld pi Boave r no IS Mmcr P? S*>?nd lit* it. J EI E0ANT CARfETisaA fRms COST ! I ""piirLwTiKrtrtH anTVTench VFLVET car I PETi ^GS, aoxne iuaufftib m?4lfciUon?, at first oo?i J' pr ce?. Superbly lieautiful Rrnai*'* do., in the very beat En iUk makes, itWtodAeoato. worth < 25 Real Kn*li?h heavy twtiWd Vai?et an rtair <* - maJe by JubaCro*b> & Sons, Halifax, Yorkshire . The fint or the kind rver offarea far raU m U?n . city I hey in hawls-?raer ana will wear bettfi U A'^.'T^HjjTffiVviATS, CRUMB CUJTR^ r DRUGGETSj. allwiaths. * Aa- aU writ ?fw be ?44 <xKat?tt? ?t far th< ?oach to c)o?e out the firm of _ ^ plaoett i nonaoN. 3 on* at ??; on* at #** on* at i?Bg fot'lMV 4 10#? one ?t 9 life one at ?15t. A'?o t???TTTT - fi**o for Mi,*Uon M?ntt y or Im?^ , diaounnU fur oath. Nov u the time to t??i ?kmm. i ? 'QU2J^.1*~! s sr jriSwP U Sou Agency of Stnnv&y * 8m*1 Owrtnw ? essia ULL ?1 AT MOUKK'8 WKHT E;NU I<?U? ? >*? fHUga 2 C7"^ ?w?r ttoStioa paid to ditpomiag < ^ thyy?r?0ifw I?' ii?i *if j ?od? #t*fcio A ,OKMJA\? -O **/, 1M .tivY w?V. -iMbtO ? t'wAB-U o? 1 Til*OBA>Bldil:T ( I , 1 ' ~ The P?l?cy ! Sr JL?c*ta iil?llT?to U? Caic*?o, Sow U -Tto* TrltoM ut tk? S*? nlnjj J oar Ml Uv-<U? Uw n-r-?r**??4 "n* W ??. Lincoln U tbU Stttt, r?p?Kii*te ?* >4m of IU? announcing hla futuro policy U*?? h* km unuy doao la hM Cwyw laetltatc apeech, Ut debate with and la aiiiqUtag tba W Utnea of tba Ctlcuo platform Both paper* potat ! Um f*Cf<U ef Mr. U* coin as embracing tba Briacipiaa by which be brill be guided ie admlatatrrla* 'bago' wan?< There >a a atroag feeliag bare agalaat Jeha "Ventwortu. far the bttler tpirii be B?aalfa^a letrard* the Kouth. agalaat the kaowa wtehea ef Mr. L1k?Ii. eceaalea reellag at the haalh Colvmbia. Not. 1?*h ?qaite a qatel la eotltir? ?>*??(?. t k_? ? - *n nci WBHf I* l1^ fctrd to MOM'OII par v ulna ail ci?M of Caret iD an*, that u nexampled' htmo. I. leofce* u(>oo iialiM fcrt M<wi Pwf, Or*. aa4 other old Unionists. either cooperate with or do not oppose U* meeemoet Mwt.DK* are being hetd In all the districts a?4 parishes In the Plate, and as fSr ss heard from all a-e In favor of secession There Is no opposition to It. Acferrrx, No* 1? ?There Is but little opper. tlon to secession here, hut the mass of the people are unfavorable to any precipitate aetiee Dihbcbt, Coaa , Nor 14.?The three km wb? were arrested on snsptctoa rfM*| eoeiwete* with tb? throwing oW of the safe of AdiiMl LipMifVwB tbe New Him cart laet April, wm tdmltW to bell to-d?t br Judge Better ib tbe urn of 914.U0U casta Inrattoa atf MiHtrw Ricmokp. Not 17 ?Tatty, the murderer of Catherine Thom. was executed by banking ret t-rdav He died firmly, acknowledging the jus tlce of the aentenc*, and upon the scaffold warned the crowd to spura rice and latempersBce. Fxcbasfe Between the North aad Isitt. N?w OaLURs, Not. II -Kxchas|e on New York ht re t -day is at Ms\ discount Mobile. Not. 16.?Exckaage on New York today is % discount. Virginia Election Ricbmobd. Ms* 16.?The retarna moetrad are st'II incomplete, bat tbe hell aaen are Mora cenfi A anl The Elecuaa la Flwlte. TtLUliMi, Not 15 ?OActal rataraa turn1 aliteen count tea in thia State. 1 tdicate thai iwekinridge bu boat 3,(100 majority i Death of a Merchaat. CrwcimiATT, Kot. 1? ?Calvin F1 etc bar, aaa-ef be pioneer mere bant* of thta cite, died yfief day ?ftern?on. of dtaeaae of the heart Georgia a ad Caeollaa Ratal I/OctaviLL, Not 1( ?The baxkera bare to-dav are dlacounttng South Carolina and Georgia ootca at 10 per centum. Alexaadrta Markets Ait*Nor. 1? ?Flour?Family f8J0* 97 UK utra *.'> ~Sa? .W aariUMi m ?white. Mr to conid. ?1 te>Sl3": rod f 1 SSa St 40 Corn?whitr?5a*V- ; yellow &3*9*c.: mlaod Ws?6c. K ve 70a7l OittJluite. Cora Meal S9a7ke per bnahel 8red??11 root by t3i(3M: Ckmr ? 6* Flaxseed St MoSl 43. ProvUlooa? Butter, roll. 10?S0c ; Htron Ilal3e ; Pork S? UOa 97MO. Lard 15a 14c Egg* 14al?c Whuky*U30c Haitiam Mtrkti*. BUftMAii. 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Office, Room 16.or*r Bank of WMJungtuaT'Ea. trano* on C ?tr?ct. mo ta 1LT .O Union Fire-Wood Mills. FINE. OAK ami HICKORY WOOD hMi and f-p. i it ativ i aith o' * repair*!, aad dativt 11 any part of the CitT at va y low prions. CETWeeaK th? pa'ticular attenti -n of oar oa?tou*r* ami tha pnblio trnofmily to oar mpI?<-4 S?TtjCK 1<P (;l)Al.. vkial wo rti ma*, viikoat f?.ir of cor tradiebon, i? ?-??al ti< any in 'he City. W?{d? i't??to(in i?t (|.?Uoi Mill vke Mr iwr u> of u? icronr 0AWKI) and SPLIT WOOD U kept ai.Jer evvrr, p?. f#ctly ory, and COAL m piaak doors, o:?*n and in food orlar. LMff aalta and an*' profi'a. JC7"Or<i?*r? solicited at UNION FIRE-WOOIr MILLS Cor. f*?Y' ?.t*? at and ^aaal, McKNEW A MMILOW, ProrrHtorr. aoli tf . ' \f TO THE LADIES. iTJKtt. C. A. LEIBIN Mould rwpeotfWIy in ft > m K*r f i aair. kXi AnX Ike th?' ffie h?? removed loNo. 3*4 H ?tr?**M 13tfi aud 14ih ill., where ahe h?* e-J&ncad fftoUibM io' ?n<rj\nt on fa?Kion?b'e D# K"*J*M * KI NO IB 41 its b'wnc^M. The Ufewt faihioni nm>rt*n sjon &? published. N B ?several line Room* to let, funuahad or nnfnrnithfto Apply k* t)MW. aoT >w EHJR OVtRCOA 1*8. r PANTS, VKBT*, HATS AND CAPS. Go to SMITH'S, No. 4*0 fterraU M lMw Q,?n? >? Pn?t rHa ? Batcheloe'8 inhmtabub hair dye. mhI a*' first-e aa? Tot tat ArtMM, for an kt , U1BBE8 W u. Bratd.aadCarl Maaahatorr, *4% Pa. av?ww. r>*?r lath ?a. > *m bom. Ottoiraea, k f, Peptiaa; Plain aad Maaa Finished Krencn Merino** ia 4u aolarai Pkair Silka and Silk Rob**, at rary r*tfa?M pri?**: traot M<in.IifltiM li?ri?wiwa W lanah HmsaaI. !?? . an? Bnawl MtniuM in ?*n?ty tad ?f lUe b'ti Also. Biaoc, Prmk, ???? mm > T?wo OiuUi Claui Ml! new vnUr atyt?a. mt> 115 fAYMH A HUTQIUVo*. f pAMILlES WANT A HEALTHY DJUNK I THEY WANT IT PV RK^ TEMPE&ATS Mi COLINKAl'B TABLE EEK* 18THB THINO It is leu intoxiatttni Um nin.ialtiftrWN D4lltAhi0 A|>i mr* Lai t m m f U'? Mi MivUI B? For?*! by all Orooerm, ? -M? : ??OUttltS, COLD?* HOAltPEnKSB, A*. : ;rr r. t^^sssnssfs^nxiss n ^ e.ALJ5L___ V v^ity stlax rims wpou Ml LI* F?m ?f sUtyttitMtA wmu, UU&QEty'frmmi. WOOD iupwt, My toagtll W_ ~ MKKCBANT TA1V>?I2?l . . _. f ' , loTit* Mr ? ^^tafejtBIWAaia. i Two mm*. j .&zzzuzm&L T? Wt M *? ? ?*M MM**** * % ?. % -