Newspaper of Evening Star, November 17, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 17, 1860 Page 4
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*" *nm**3 v,--:.? *h*.. .japkc mn >.. n THE EVENING STAR. THE ILLCtlOM OF CHILDHOOD. 0'*d wera tha enttri*en -wh?n their gtowiaf ffcee? feathered about ui id tha winter ni*ht. Awl low with rVe?ofTi? hearts in verdant plaoee, We we th-ni Miini in the iimmw Iwhl; Pot they rrnnrmhfr yet the ta!r? we told them Armmd the hearth. of fairiee ions at"., "Whe? i)m e<?iM oely loot out to behold them, Qdck J?.cin? eaetward m tne feather; enow. B t n?> a the yonn* and frech ima;;nation Viaria trace* ?-f their freeeaae everywhere, with a n?w aad l?ri?ht creation TiZclef Wue ohambera of the sunny air. For tb*m tfw *?'* nT ? nuany ?*laoe Op** t* **? ?> ? ?? bnK'* of th* Ail every riower-c*o it a golden cballiee, Wmo-filled, in some (rand elSn revelry. Quaiirt litt e eyes from icr&uy nook* are peering ; Kach dfwr teaf ia rich in magic lor*; The foam tn?(l?<i ?wa the tinging brooklet (leering. ami fairy-frsightM to ioim happier aho.*. f>t?ra tlveorinta, with wisdom overreaching The aim of wiedoiu in yoar preoepti cold, A?i with a painful a'ret* of <**!)? teaching, I'oai withers tue young heart La to the old: uru.? . . r .11 - a :-l?? vv nsw i w,i ii ii mi 1110 nuwern vvn pvrivuou, Thtir vittoi he ds forever shorn and bar*, Ta* mirror tha.torad tn?t tee tonus faith cher Isned. Showiu* the has of thinj* so very fair? TTme hath enough of ills t > andeoeive them. And oare will crown where dreamt have dwelt bef >f*; Oh! therefore, wh tie the heart ie (ratting, leave them . T.ieir h\;p/ childhood aad their fane; lore ! C A PTCBS OF THS CHKK?I FORTS BT Til AuLiaa ?The datea from Hoa/ Kong are to Sept. 1-th It wet reported tbat Lord Elgin and Karon Grua, tbe English and French Ministers, had gone to Pekln as quests of the Kmperor under a smalt escort of cavalry. The conquest of tire Chinese forts iidetcribed at a dashing affur The Alllr* had a march of twelve miles and found lb- road strongly fortified Indicating unwonted skill. The English captured the first fort, and the possession of this brought the Allies within half a mile of the great North Fort, the key to tbe whole position of tbe eneiov. Tue attack ou this fort wot made on the morning of the '2(it, four French giin boosts meanwhile drawing off the attention of the forta lower down When tbe batteries were opened the execution ef the Arroitrong guns proved tremendous, the shrill bursting within tbe wallt of the fortt. producing an awfnl explosion, which ti:a Iitiisiasl m i <1 (Ka- >(? f k . T..S? .a > *?v. c i vuim amm ?ur ruiuB. m uc nrwiiB stood *o tbeir ?uns. and as the Held piece* of the Allle* idnaced, the riflemen trot under the walls The tire from the fo ts was ?til! hot. however,snd many were strnck by rude miss!Irs and hence moch less wss sustained by the Allies The rcsistwKe of the Tartars was at last overcome, and they s or rendered to the Allies The other forts soon followed, not, however without some chicanery on the part <>f the Viceroy. The loss sustained by the Allies Was serere Twenty-two rfllcera were wouuded, and two dangerously Th?44Ui British Regiment had teamen killed and fifty wounded. The 67th had six killer! >iut forty dangeroualy wuunded The total British icM ia ki ltd and wounded, 101 The Emperor Napolson, through hit private ecretary, arcepta the proposal of an excuralon of the Engllah volunteer* to Parla, and aaya they will be welcome. Tiik bli Distress ?A few days siace, a company of "Q Kentuckiana waa found rarlv in the m0n>i04 by a city watchman, asleep on tbe levee la Cincinnati. They had started for Kanaka early la tbe spring. In full enjoyment of health. When they got there, their rneana were exhausted, and having no fr>nd* to apply to, th?y rraolved to retrace their steps, and actually traveled westward oa foot, until rea.-biug Games' Landing, when a team boat took them onboard. During the trip they buried three of their party Of tbe remain, ing 23, oiae are prostrated from aickneaa, without money, without clotoea, and without frienda Oae of those ia a young married woman, with aa infant Tbe Clacinoatiaa* took up subscriptions la their behalf Death ov a Dbcmmbi with the Stick* h h* Hand* ?San.uel Gladding, known in Rhode laUad oa account of his various occupations of saoaoaaker. beacb constable, and drummer, died la the atrest In Providence on Wedneadav eve niog. He accompanied the Newport Wide Awakn a? a drummer, and died instantly. Jnat after tit* battalion ted reached it* position in Ktthanue Place. The battalion had marched quite rapidly from the boat, and on their arrival at the place of rendezvous, Mr Uladdlng exclaimed. 1 think 1 shall not inarch any more," and fell Physicians ware called, and they pronounced him daad. * M*. in Poll*?Hon Fdwird l>erett voted In Boston In Wvrd 7, and on pre eating himself at the polls tfte cry was ralaed >> those who were working as bard as they could against him, ' Three cheers for Mr. Everett.'' which were given with a heart! ie?e that must been gratifying to the recipient of the tribute. A Nail i* tbi Baaix.?Ge ffrey J Lavaille, ?kt was shot In a fight with T. B. Kershaw, at Petersburg, Va., died on the Ivth Instant. The wound was inflicted on the 15th of October, and the ptsAei was charged with a horse-shoe nail. Tt e nail waa found In his brain, where it has been for nearly a month. Ai.l Coat* sac* mot Scspbsdiu.- Twelva hundred kegs of powder, and eighty-four boxes of ammunition, were shipped to-day to Charleston, South Carolina?X. T P?it. AKRTVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL.?F Morgan, NH; J A V, teeloek. Ct, R .McFoeters, NY; Maj More ton, Fa; S M Ham, Mrs Hara, R Alvarez, C Moore,N Y; ?ov Pratt, Judge Grata, Md; J *4 Adams,Del; C Buchanan, G Carter, Mrs Carter, MissNtepbensoo, Coi J P Wilson ud ly, Miaa Wilson, Misses Gibson, Miss Stewart, J Shewa'd, Va; J S Tils' y. J Hall and ly, Pa; A ti Davis, Md; James O Clask. DC | BROWN'S HOTEL-SOolt, D A Ppencer, J J Towers, W P Hayly, F Valderner, J T Stewart and U nurses, kid; G l?e 8ur. S A Froysett, Dr Motbeo, J Diddle. L C CordeU, F. F Corded, Va: J Aiidrrson. On; D A Morris, E T Warren, W S*hli<e, J A l>agla and ly, Pa; W Porter and ly, H B Cleveland, NY; J M Allen, Maaa, Mrafld U .. r\ ? Wf m .u* uttvcmei, n J . KIRK WOOD HOl'SE?M Leltcta, Scotland; II M Oan brill, J U Shepherd. Md, R J Dobbins, J Carsttirs, Pa; P M Dennis, O: J T Woodward, NVj Cameron, DC; Mrs A Whitney. G T Rust, Vs. UUEAN 3 TIMERS' SAILING DATS Fao* tbi Ujiitkb Statu. Ltarn. For. Day*. Priaoe AiUait. ,.N?? York.. 6a*.way Nov 30 Persia-.? M?w Vor k. ..Liverpool-...Nor21 Bremsu ... J\rr York... Souta'ptoa. .Nov 34 P*OM EDUOPB J oh a B?1L ........Gia??ow New York...Nov S VaaderMt . .3outVpton...New York... Nov 7 f he Havana maii steamers leave New York, on the i?l. Ikk, ITU. and CTth of eaok month, Md Charleston on the 4th and 19th. The CaUJoraia roail ste*M*?rs leave New York en ? ? 5th and *>th of eaof month. f a ?? ir?is UL.v riv/U| w fcLLUW AND PURS BUKNdlDE'S MONOXGAHELA BYE WHISKEY, Couoi4*tiouil|i4JtUllr4 by Mr J?m? burnaide, of Au?(Uf Count*. Penaa., IB tha old-f%ahi?-tiad k?nMt *ti, Irot. thachoicest and moat ear?falij hiNU4 K>?, knd in ao aaa? arar nifaratl tor aa4a tiabl adapud to vhnlNoma ua? h/ a<? It Mat onoo Ura noit palatable, aa it ! ercjpMatiaa?7 on of tna pareat bavara*?a in Che raaoh of the public. To the Invalid, aa wait u to th?M is oounenda itaoif for lU unrivaled jaaWtroa aa a abiuulant of the aafaat. en reel, and moat oearfice&t ir?onptioB.and raacj of Ua anoat diatinjuiahe'i ohyaioiana ara namcitia thair pra?Uoe with tna Ti?n BTOCKl) Al.E, Proanetora, StS Walnut etroit Failadrlfua. . l W*. C. COMoVKk, A cant for the Proadefnra. 3'lt fa nH aa M? oftoalio WilianU' how. for STAMPING PACKET OP PAPBR, ^ | AMD ENVELOPES I NO I TO MATCH. WlilWIgl ttfM MlWwU METROPOL1T \N BOOKSTORE. PM1LF 4 SOLOMONS, Atamtr /?r Lmrrmtt't tahkrmt*4 Linen fmptrt, "JfatWllUl MUU," ft., *c. mM \y l;?t ftL. >v . h*t. 9U and Iftth ?U. WOOP! woo?!! *T WOODS! *rOVB Mi KINDLING WOOD,i? U? \o<wm ***** fnm' T. J. * W, *. QJO.T, ? tt ? tutTm utk *ixl 13th. * aF^jj?g^fer GO TO PE?l?Ca Ik fctCMTKIV? No. ?T? P?io. ?t?Bit. ud look M t?? ni? Am?riOM ditiuaa of MoCMior. Siiiom, Ham aad tk? Poata, on tiatad Mftr.NUl. if aot aparior. to tha Kacliab adiOoaa. Caij aad taka aloo* at U?a. ao 7 0 MISCELLANEOUS. Th* Amalgamation or L.a!<ecAase.-TtMr? iaa growing lenaoocr i? ttus i|t to appropriate Ue moat *xpreeeive word* of other lancuagee.aad liter a while to inoorparftte them into our ovoTtau* til* wo?d Cepha'io. which ia from the tireek, aigmfying ' for tKn head," is bow beeomiag popalansed in comeobon w1w1 Mr. fcpsMiiig'a greet Headache remedy; but it will aoon be uawl ia a more general war, and the word Opb*li? will become aa oommon u K!*e'r<>type and many others whoee distinction m for*n? wi rdt haa t*?a worn away by oommon un>* until they teem "native and la the manor bora." 'ardly R?alli*4. Hi *a<l 'n 'orrible 'eadaohe this afternoon, hand I teeped into Ue hapotkeoarlae han?1 eaya hi to the wan, "Can you heaae me of an 'eedaehe?" "Doee it hache'ard," aaye'e. "Hexc?wdin?ly,'' aayi hi, a&?I upon that 'e (rare me a Ceybano Pill, hand ' on me 'onor it cured me ?o qnioi that I 'ardly realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaoha. ir7"H?u)*rHK ii the favorita aixa by which nature mane* known any deviation Whatever f om u* natural state ut the brain, and viewed in taia light it may be looked oiaia >afef oard intooded to give notio* of cieeaae whieh aught otherwise escape attiation, u.l too lata to ba remedied; aad Its indications ehould never be oedectad. Head aohea may ha alaaaified aadar two names, vis: 8;mptoinatlo and Idiopahia. Sympt?m<itio Headache le exceedingly o<<nrtiuon and n the preouraor of a great variety of diaaaaee, among woioa are Ap?p exy, Goat, Rheamatunt and all f-b fie d'.seaeae. In ita rervoua torn it ie a-mpatbet.o di ease of the stomach oonauutin* sitk ktndack*, of hepatic rtlseaae conititutiug btliout k-idaeh', of *i?np,! u?alip?tt?ni and fltlwr 01eord*re of die < nw, ah,as well aa renal and uterine *fT*ctiona. Diaeaaea of the heart are very frt-q nently attended with Headache*; Anemia a> d plethora are alao affootiooa wii'cii irrq jouwj uows.tu evtuaone. luiopftinio Hea*la?ho is also very euinmon, being usual'} dietinguisheJ by the name of nerroim htidarh*, iuit*time* ooming on suddenly in a .tate of apparent!* soond h?aiUi aod prostrating at onoa the mental ant phystoal energies, ard in other instance* it corns* oaalowly. bo-aid d bydepretaiou of apirtta r aoerhuj uf tamper. Id most instances the pain is m front of the head, over one or both eyes, and ometi ues provoking vomit'ng, tnder this class may a'so bs ntm?d iymrmUi* For the treatment of either o'ase of Headache the TepbaJio filta have been founl a sure and safe reiujdy, relieving the most aovte paina in a few mi iute*. *.n l by its s ibtls *power eradicating the duaaae of which lieaJaohe is the unerring intiex. Bmipogr.?Mleans wants yo? to aond h?r a box of Cepna 10 6iue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? hut I'm thinking that's not Just it naither: but e?r kw > '11 be aTther knowing what it is' Ye'see he's nigh d*ad %ud goue With the riiok Headaohe, ami wants some more of th*t same as relaived her bsfore. Drvrrtst.?You mast mrao Spalding's Cephalic Put*. Bnlgit ? Och ' sure now and you've *ed it, here's the qna< U>.er aud giv me the Pills and don't be *11 day about it aither. Ceastlpatiea er Cestlveaese. No one of the ''many ills flesh is heir to" is so f>re>alent, so little understood, and somiok neg oted as Coetivenesi. Of en originating in oarelussnes". or sodentary habits; it is regarded as a rliftht (ti?order cf too'ittle oonse^u?noe to exoite ?D*ivi7r win;? in re?niy iiis ine pr>our?or ana companion of man? of 1M moat fatal and danger >us diseases. a ad unlets earlr eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter evils of which Costlveneas ie the usual attendant are Headache, Colio, Rheuinan -m, Foul Breach Piles, and others ??f like n*tn re.whiM a long train of frightful diseases suoh as Maliguant Fevers, Aboeaees, Dysentery. Drspfpt.a. Diarrhea. Apopl'*T, Epilepsy, Para'ysis, Hysteria, H?p>ononariaais,Melaiioho!y ani Insa-.ity, first indicate their Rf' s-me in the system by tins* armptoni. [ot unfrtq uectiy thedia*as*a named originate in Const pMion. tint bite on an iodependent rxiat ene? unless the cause is eradicated in an rarly stare. From all these considerations it follows that the disorder should receive immediate attention whenever it ooours, and no peraon ahoald negleot to get a box of Cephalia Pills on t^e first appearanoe of the oomplaiiu. aa their timely uae will expel the ibaidaous approaches of disease aad destroy this dangerous foe to human life. A Real B1 feeing FJtysicuin.?'Wall, Mrs. Jonea,how ia that headache ' Mr i. J on*, s.?Gone! Dootor, all gone! tha pill yom aem oured me in just twenty miautee, and 1 vuh yon woaid aend mora ao that 1 can hare than Handy. Pkyiitian.?Yob oan gat thorn at aay Prnggicta. Call for Captalio PiUa, I find the? r.ev#r fail, and 1 rceomm*nd thorn in all oaaee of Headache. art. Jim** i eha'l eend for a box direetlr, and I tall all my Bullet mg frlanda, for they are artal bUtiimg. tCTOvn kxcitbmbivt. and the mental eare and anxiety inoideut to oloao attention to bua nasi or etadr, are among the namoroaa oansoa of Nenrooa Headaoha. Thi disordered atate of aiind and hodr incident to this diatreeaiog aomplamt ia a fatal k>,. ? - ) ?? ??>- - - WW t wupi AT a'NDiuuu. nuQeivri Df IDII disorder can always obtain speedy relief from these distressing attacks by Miat om of the Cephalic Pi la whenever the symptoms appear. It quiets the overtasked brain and soothes the strained and JaTisg nervee. ard relaxes thet-nsion of the stomach whiob always aaaossaasies and ag gravatea tbe disordered oondiuon of tit* brain. Twhtt Mtt.t.10!** o? Dollaks Saved.?Mr. Spaidinghas sod two milliona of bottles of his celebrated Prepared O n*and itis estimated that each botll* saves at le%st ten dollars worth of broken furoiUre. thus making an acgrecate of twecty millions of dollars reolatnied from total loaa by thia va' itbl*invention. Having made bis OlueabossahoLl word, he now propoeea to do the World atill cr?*ter tervi^A by curing all the aching heada with his Cephalio P;lla, and if they are aa good aa bit (llna llaftilanKae wall ->? ? ?? ? ? _ i- - ? 1 * * ? twu >* Will ?WU TttUISB iWftJ UIV IBOV in July. Fact* worth **owi:??.?Sealding'e Cephalic Fill? ?re*csrUiuou e for Siok Headache, Bilious Headache, .Nsrvoat Uealaehe, CuiUvmmi, aiul General lability. Uftisi Discovkit ? A scone the most important of a 1 ths |r?t mediaal disoovsriet of this a<? may t>? oonsidered the system of vaooinn-tion for proteo tion from Small Pox, the Cephalio Pill for relief of Headache. and the use of Qui" ins for ths prevention of Keve-s, either of wnieh is a sure specific, wboss benefits wi 1 be expe;ienoed by snffering n uinanity Ions afHr their disooverera are forgotten. ftjT Did ?ob ever hare the Siek HeadacheDo jou rrm-mber Uie throbbing UmilM, the fever*d row, th* loathing and diagait at the night of food. Ho* totally unit you ware (or pleasure. ooavtraa tion or atady One of the Cepha 10 Pills would have relieved too from all the Buffering whioit you th-*n ezperienoed For thia and other porpoie* yon ahou d alwaya have a box of them oa hai<d to use aa ocoauon require*. A. NervousHeadache riiop e* Headache. Bj Um im of tk?M Pill* tho MiiodiA tttuk. ./ or Sick Htadaekt m?r ba praraotad; and If ukM at th? aomaaneenaat ot m atfak iirme diata raliat from fain aad aiokneaa will ba obtainadThey aaldom Caii ia rtnonni tba Nausea and Htadaekt to wtaioh famalaa arc ao aatyeat. Thar Mt iMtb ipoa Ua bowala, WWU| Cottivuutt. For Library Mat, Stndmtt, Dahaata Farealaa, and all paraoaa of udtatary Haitit, thay ara til ralaabla aa a Laxative, improving Ua apptttie, firing ten* aad vigor to tba dlgaativa org ana, aad raotoiiag tha natural laatieitj aad atraafth of tho who!# ayatam. Tha CEPHALIC PILLS ara tha raaalt af lon< ilTMtiiatiOlUHl ' having btu in MM Mir y?ri, dariag wkiok ttaa tktf kin iktmM u4 nlM*(d ? nrt tno?t of jaia and offering fro a Hwdaoho, trhotkor orlgl noting is the itrtNti ijiUa or from ft doraagod Mat* of Um mmci Thoy ftro entirely rogotabl? la tkoir *oaposition, ftad My bo ftk? at all ttaaa with porfeot aaibty ttkoot aaking any ohftftfo of (hit, mu< (JU rtmu< / UM J-'.-??* ?- ?? * admtnisi?r Hum to tAildrm*. BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS! TW f?nain? U?v? Uvo MiMtirii of Ummn C. ftiifdi'i on ?Mk B*x. Sold by L>r?f|i*t? ind ill oth?r Dnliri in M?diA ?BR Vllr to MB* bp Mil MinMlyt *f prick, ** c*i*m Alt ord*r? akoald b? addrMMd to HENRY C. SPALDING, M u-dAvt7 48 Codw etroot, Nov York, 0 ??*??.*i MIBOELLAKBOU8. xk>i^:.{?j&n?3L wi.t. j^wfuXsH^ '?rt2r^{ ?*>OTKm Jf lu&a^??n?^*iXSL ??1 pro?lam*ltMQt riz: ral>w? 1MB, *nd V ti>? 6?? WJ< . b^JsSK-*. North 4f the bast luu and trill nf tktMtli primci*af msridtam Townships 121 &nd 12i, of range 25 ?c wnahipa 121 ai.d 12, of range SB o wnahipa 122 and IV"3, of range 27 Towoampa 123 124, 129, and iff. of rang* 28 Township* 12* 1/5.196,127, and 181, of raoga 29 Townahip 128, of range 3U. At the Lan^ Offiae at Fainr Cirr.on Wednesday. the 28th day of Nortmbti next. for the diapoaai of the traota, withia the undermentioaad townahipa, withhelj, purauant to tha above mentioned notio*, from the aalea h? Id on tbe Si at October, 1MB, under the aaid proclamation, vis: North of the bate hnt and tr?j< of tkiAftk frieityfli meriiian. Tovaahipa 111, 119, and 1#), of ruga 21 Townahip 1 tt, 119 and IX, ot rang a 21 Townabipa 116 117,118,119,123, and 121, ofranga23 fownahipe 116,117,118,119 and 121, of range 24 ownatiipa 117.118,ana 119, ofracce2S Towuahipe UK, US and 120, of ranged Townahipa li i, ll?, lift, and 12n, ot range Tt Townahipa III, 119, and 12?,uf range W Townahipa lis, 1 IS, and 120, of rang* 39 Townahipi 118 114, and I2>, ot ian*e 30 Townahipa 118,119, and 12ti, of rang* 31 Townahipa 119 and 121, oLrange 32 Townahipa 119 and 12 >, of range 33 Towtahipa 118,119 asd I2n, or range 11 Townahipa 118. 119, and lt'.of <ao$e 35. At the Land Oftoe at Hudiiio^ob Monday, the 3d dar of Deoember next, lor tne aitpoeal of the traota within the und-rmrntioned towoehipa, wuhhdld. lursu&nt to tiie fttiovo- losbtiontd qoum. from the aalea heid on the ?th November, I860, under the aaid proclamation, vis: Korth of the base line and w est at the fifth principal nuriitaa. ?ownahip 112, of range 18 ownehipe Ul, U2,113,114, and 115, of ranee 19 Townahipa ill, lis. MS.IM, and 1L5, of range 30 Ill II- Jk r Ai a u?t ii sii ; y a lit, n?| INI 1 Iff, 1>I 21 Townibips 114 ?nd 116, of ranee 22 Town?hip? 118,114, and 115, of range 23 Town?hip? 1'2,113,114, and 115, ofiange24 Township* 111, Hz, 113, and 114, oi raoge 25 Township* 111, 112.111,and 114. at raageSS Townahipa 111 and '12, of tango 27. . Kt the Land CAaa at CratfiSLBi on Moadaft tne^th daj of November next, lor tfce diipoati of the traoia wiihm the andermectioiied townkhipe, withhold, pursuant to the above mentioned uotio?, from tho ra?*s hel 1 on tha 14th November. 1*66. uader tie aaid proclamation, viz: North of the base line and tent of the fifth yrimtipal meridian. Townahipa 103 and 104, or range 8 Townships li<8 and 103, of ranee 9 Tnwnstups 108. ins. and If4 of range 1ft Townahipa 103 aua I'M. of range 11 Townshipa ltd and lot, of ranae 12 Townships 101,103, and 1 3, of ran*e 17 Township* 101 by, ins, and 101, of ranca II Townships <01.101, ll<3. and 104, of rauge 19. t the UnC Otfio# at Suxaisa Cut. ob WednMdivy, the 2Rth day of November next, for the dispo841 of the trect, within the uaderuientloa'Ki townships. withheld, pursuant to the above-mentioned notice, front ine salt-* held at Cambridge on th? j.?t October, 1?58, under the said proclamation, vii: North of thi baft lint and vxst of tht fourth principal meridian. Township 32. of range S3 Township. 32aad bS, ol rangeM t ownjntp 33 of rang* 85 Township 34, of raac* tt. At the La ad Offioe at Poktlawd. on Monday, U< JMh day of November next, lor the disposal of ta< trao's within the undrraiebtioned townships, with held, potsuant to th*above-mentioned notion,fron the sales held on the 31st Ootober, 1M0, under th< said proclamation, vis: North of th* bat* line and ttttt of tkt fomrtk princi pal mtriduin. Townships 38, of range 10 IowLship 52, of range 11 ownships 51 and 53, of range 13 i ownsnips?) and 51, ol ran<e 13 Tow?hips 4H and 5>?, of ran re 14 Townships 48.49, and W, of ranee IS Townships 47 an J 48, of range 16. Lands appropriated by law for the us* of Indian, or other purposes will he excluded from tfeaealee The tracts within six miles on eaoh aide of ih< railroads will be offered, subject, as repaired h' law, to a minimum of two dollars amd Aft cms per acre, and the particular uraota out b the routes will be sold subject to the right of wt< for said railroads, and as obtaining the qaalitie respectively showa on the uAoiai plat witnout 4e daotiom. The offering will be oo? monced on the da/sap pointed, and will proceed la the order in whiob the; ar-* advertised. until the whoU .h.u k?, rfered, and tbe salee e ostd; but no a&le thaii tx kept open longer than two weeks, and no privati entry of any of the lands will be admitted nuti alter tbe expiration of the two weeks. Every j>*rson entit.ed to tbe right of pra-eraptioi t i any of tbe traots embraced by this notiee u re quired to establish the a?ine to the eatiafaation a <h? regi-ter and reo?iver of the proper laad (Km and make payment lor their olaims u.or befo-e th< dar appointed for th?? commenoement of the pubii sals or the lands embrao.jpK tract o aimed; otbar wi?t, suoh claim will he forfeited, <i ven ander my hand at the oity of Waahtnctoa this 19th day of September. ia6n. JOB. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Laud Oflee. Not*.?Undar the regulations of the Department a* heretofore and now pajmantoa; be mad? for advertising proclamation* exoept t< anoh publishers aa are spt tally authorized to pab li*h by the Commissiwaer ol the General Office. ae 22 w1iki By THE PREsIdknT9,4f THE unite! STATES In pnrau&nne of law, I. Jams* Buchanan. Pre* identof the United State* of Amenea. do hereb crolareand make known that publio ?a!e* will h held at the uneer-inentioued land th Stat* of Arkansas, at the period* hereinafter de* ignatod, to wit: At the land oflioe a* Littlk Rock, oomraenei* oa Monday, the 17th day of Oeoemhtr next, f?r th diapoaal of th* eublio lands heretofore nooffered aituated within th* followinc townships. Tim: South ef IV bate Urn* mad wttt of tkt/frtk princip* meridian. Township* 18 and 19, of range 4. i ownsnips is acd 19, or range 5. At the land oflioA at Fatittstillk. oomm^noin ob Thursday. the ?th da? c f D?ocmh?r next, to the disposal of the public land* tasrstofore unof

fer?d situated within th* following townships, vis North if th* bast line and vest of IhtAfth rruuif mitmIHM. Townahis 19, of r?ng* 2U. Townthip 17, of range 21. At the land office at Clavkisvillz, oornmanoini on Monday, the 17th day of Otesmbej next, for th disposal or the publie land* heietofor* anofer* situated within the following townships* ?i*: North of th* ban Itne and teest of tht^fth rrineipa mirimaa. Fractional townships 1 aad S, of rang* S3. A T .-J * ? * A? kilo li?HU UillQO 11 on VV ednetdav the 19th dmy of l>rS"iub'W next, to the disposal or the pubi s lands heretofore aooflers< sitsaUd with.n the lollowiug townships, na: South *f Ike bate lime and west of tktAf.K print ipa meridian. The fractions sooth of rh?old koandarr line, o township 30, of ranges 21, Zi, ?3, ?4,S5, and IB. At the Land Qffioe at Chixtassolx, commeooing on Mondftmfcel7th day of Deoember next fo the dispoial of the public lands Heretofore anoflTsret fituated within the fcdlowinx townships and part of townships, vis: 0 *L 1 * am* v nil >?? UM (M INSl tk* fifth fTXHCif wteridtmm. Toviuhip 19, of rui? 4. fowuahip lit, of range 7. owashlp It,of range 8. owcship !?, nf iui;e 9. ?o wnship ?, of ranee IS. he parte ?ooth of the old boundary line, of town hip SO, of ru??i 19 an<r3D. Ltndi appropriated by law for the ne of Mkoali military and vtae* pur??eea, together wit* the " vamp and tTwtovM," will be exoladedfron the s&ltt. The offering of the above lands will eonmi on the day* appointed, and will ?rn?.H ?- -- der in wbiob tney are advertised until the whou shall have been offered and the ?alee eloeed; hut < salee thall be kept open longer than two weeks, ae< no private entry of any of the lands will beadautve< antil after the expiration of the two weeks Given under my hand, at the oit? of Washington this lith da* ofSepterober. anoo Domini oae lno? ta "M *%50fc BUCHANAN. By 'he President: JOS. 8. WILBON. Commissionaer or the General Laad OKd*. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every Mrion entitled to the right of pre ?p*ioi to any of the land* within the town*hipeaad parte ol UiwnKbip* above mention ted U required to Mtabluh the Mine V the Mt>*ffcction of the rej liter and receiver of the proper Land Office, and wake pay meet thwefer ac soon a* practicable after Meiai thii notioe, and befora the day appointed for tk? oommeuoeinent of the eublio sale of the land* mb< br*cia* the traot olained ; etherwiM, s*eh slain: SSwuliea* of IW UutiSET Not*.?Under the ret mixtions ef Mm deyartMMt, ae heretofore and aow existing, aa pnynat eaa M idtfarMnrtuiw ? Mli-WHwi aTOVKfti i. STOVI8B '8TOVIIH h>r*^onh*nd ? ^rg? fc?iTrl hflri? mi j T>llNOB. MEI-ODKO^S, VIOLINS. Omiten. T-nhcr-.^Y ELU* I mM IH Pi. ?Th W M tad lNk m. * ? >XJ ?! ! !! <m ' II mm 1 1 ' ??A?mtmmmmmm? I I MBDIOIHBB* :JNPBOTINBh OR, ! i P 1B 11 A IV I1T1K CHARM. 1 j FtrtR AND AO US EXTERMINATED. ^ . 1 4 ' IN HUMAN eONSTITCTlON BATKD FROM WRECK. i ITHE PRSYMNTJTM AND RBMKDY j tN ALL | I \ UfTMRMITTttrT AND BILI0U8 FBYMRt. n i i CUKES INSURED IN DAT. NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. UtftCTlNB, 1HFBCT1NE. INFECT INK, 1NPBCTINM y I 1NPSCTINS, INFECT INK Tb? Xorribl* nalady kioviaa Um FEVER AND A0UST ku amittao fcaodrada of tkotnodi of y?rtorn U?o?cbo?t the v?tU arary mr, and baa ditw til mow bm mat by autaiafil madia* UaalwMt tkaX ku aol prodaaad aarara MEDICINAL D1SBA9BB, wkieh affcot the laaga, the epleea, the liver, A heart, or Mkw parte of the kiiw orgeat urn. The INPECTINE U Ik# utirtl aatagoaiat of all fe ere, ui vMi it eornee ia eoataet with the akia, ia abeorbed by the iatarior ergaee. which realat eaeily ntaema Hd rfl tendeaeiee toararda tkoee maladiee vkieh proatrate tke adnd aad body vith fever. Fever aad Anne reealt from aieeioaa eaaaae. Na plaoo ia exempt from tke eaaeee which promote the axietenee ef the diaeaee. Tkat betag oaoe aaated ia tke arateia. ladaeee depreaaioa of apirita, laaaitnde, laagaor, paiaa, ekilla. fbrer, aad a loaf A. .2 ? - ? - -- - umn 01 oiMicrMtoi* Maaatloaa. depn vinr the p? tint of *11 Merer. a*4 retfvmg km or feor to a ooaditioB el | EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why will uj on* anffv the horror* of a debilittftac inUrmittaat For or. whoa by Um no of tko INVALUABLE INPEOT1NB, ot ! PERSIAN FKVER CHARM. | the eminent medio*! and wa<io?l ?u!iUm of wklek trt iastaatly absorb**, all traces of disease may be annn HILATED IN FEW HOURS. SELF-CAKE IB BETTER TI|AN PHYSIC. J NATURE IB WISER THAN ART. \ EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THH WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH UK&AM. r I BUTTER PREVENT THAN BTRIVB TO 1 CUES. 1 DELAYS ARB DAN8EROUB. * THE UVPECTME, os PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, a a 11m urtd UoHudi of both mm of tkt aaoat j draadftl Fmri. Read ud refiagt. > WONDERFUL EFFECTS. T BonaaJl.of Ptttabarg.for two y?an me. Imb to hiiMoif kai aoaiaty?* m?rt#r to CbiUa ud Favar??ar#d ia laaa Uaa thraa fMki, ud improved ia aigkt hoars. K e Mary K. Balkcay, Sandaaky, Ohio, after almost losing bar raaaoii aa wall aa atraagth by latar I mutant r?nr, wiu uiiiii, rtnoru to AMI Ik u tVMty hoar*. J. R. Til ton, of Belgrade, Main*, Hroatkt from ' drtth'a door, haTiaf aafarad tor fear retra, made vail ta five waJ>?,.|nd lpprored ta two hmn. ' Adolphe Moa^ro of Fraooe, relieved in oaa boar, wkile travelling ia ike oftra of tke Fort Wayne tad Chieage >ailrw4. Ha ni r Lr dying witii QMk V ? ? 1 Ellen E. Beneoa, of Lookport, New York, mi oaed alto hth inn' Mferia* A sir*. Thoaaaod pf other mm p my en ted aad eared I itwt month, and aot ? angle ooqtf laint ol the j efleiency of tka 1 IIPECTIHE, ' r a a [ PERSIAN |TIVBR CHARM. I TRY IT, tROTM IT, KHOW IT. And make known ite wonderful powart uU rli tnee, that thoee who ?nff?r, or who an threatened - with differing, may be lad to km a aimf!*, iannxiona preparation, faiainked by U* fteid of , Natire for 1#4 %n0 Bf V9AAVSVM MAil a / ? - I , DfPBOTXJlB If cold kf , *. B. MOORK, 113 h-imi# AND BY ALL DKUeOlSTB AND MKIHC1NB DEALERS IN AMCTH3*. ; PRICE ONE DOLLAR, r j Bwtbr miltonr part?ftfc*UaiM MMm. t . | ? - MB ME MB EM, i It IsaotieUe tamNlf, tm? toap?lM ?ilw<iy, nwtai ta AirMtiou, wkiok (m?omftmr Mok ! wuropiwmww DHN WILCOX * CO., 198 MAIN STREET, RIC R OH 0, ? If #IJ| IA1 * ^ MEAHCM OFFICE, i ^ no- ? ?AN* w vapqra] " IfRW TOR* CITT. 1 m MallwllB MiBQBLLAITBOUB. TU UNION W|L?, 8TAN> NO MATTER HMO'S PRKMBCNT! Oeeee^eeetiy 1 hail rtMli la Waahlnjrtoi wxi SrZTSsM 5? 'Jffi la* in all lti krwoitt. OU C.UIII rcm?tjy attended to. ratouai and QruaraanUnc Owttac* P*?nitur?ic th(< b#?t ?*y!a \a!to, o?r attcaUoi to tht PainUnc of Roof* a ad Brink walls. Ail of tfca abort 1 will jo aa ch*ap a* lit* ?hoa? Mi. ) tkarworc solicit the patronag* of my frir nda AQd fellow Alt!Una nf tU Ik.-.--* ? * _r , ? r noiaantj itnotly observed, aod work duo* in U? bast mmYwt will ?!hw mind yonr at^vs and ?to? at M. T FARRKRH l*aintin( K?i*hiiah?n*nt. No. 63* is !! Hr: LMUiimtv., corta nd?, b*tw?M eth Md?U aU. P. ft. ftt?u fat ay ft? ( eharg*, m ami. my ?B piONBKRftTKAMM.^Ejy^AND BROWN T?? mbanritw b*ca ! ? ? to inform th? KitiMM oi waamtiftoa, Georgetown and Altiudnt that be haa added tu hie laag eetabliah?i bnwiii the auxiliary of ateana power for nvii( aad mana fan tprin* Marble and Brown Stone ** ork ia their anone branches. Marble M an teis. Table aod Waeh tand Top*, Tiie. Monamenta, Tomb and Bead Stoaee, Slaoe, Window LinUia. Sil.a, M?H and Platforms. UariaititbHMl i larftitotktfltaliaa Marble m blitofe^rom ant >?ia>i the lowalt ratee, he feela confident of being ai-leto prniah Marb.e Work aa low aa it oao b? pnrohaaed in Naw York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trad* supplied with Italian Marble in block or alaba at the aama CBaaa famished ia fcaw Vork, and on aoftoamnUai Urraa. A ao, on band, a large enpelT ot PumioeStone, Water of Ayr Hote and Pollehing Patty ft New York priaea. Enooa rage the eater PtMeeer St torn Mar bit and B'?wn Sttm* Works, Pa. a v., oer. Thirteen th at. aa813m Waahinjctoa. D.C. IMPORTANT TO MOUSKkK&PKftB. B. *. Dl'RKEK A CO.'S raZjBOT SFIOIW. Gnirutwo not onJy ABSOLUTELY AND PKBFKCTLY PVRK, bat ground from fra?h Sp io#?, MNMd ?sd br aipr*??ij for tb? p?r?of? without r?frr?n*c to oo?t. They nre bMatiftny pnakw in tinfoil. (It??d with p?pe>r,) to prevent injury by k*?ptag. lull wn|ht, whij? the ordinary rroand a!> <>? an timon iitariiMy Mori We varratrt teem, in point of ?tren(tfc and riehcew of Saw, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON. M a aintle trial will abundantly yrore. Marafkctared oa r by fc Watchrepairing AND*ILTER WARE manufactory. I hare os? of the bMt establishments, Md hrnished with aooinplete set of tools for repairisr eretT desoripMon of fine Wetobee. and JaM particular attention five to the name, by tHoroefh oompetent workman .and a work im^n. XUA dl' l' *WT ion ?l .*and*.rd SILVER WARfc. piain and ornamental. mannfh?ta<w1 umfc>r my own aupervisioa, which my onstomeri will bad ?n???*lityaiwitn?k aorta ara war* aold by defers in general aad reprracntatl a? their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ? * *3* Pa. avfnue. n?*r 9th at. |"?ENT8SHIRTS, V* COLLARS, TIES. ?TOC*6, nA?iVk?^' . L'** ?f. ?KVrlv K^tRN? uwvr>i o por oonu mi ui\n Any ftii r itort ia Ui* oitjr. At oc 19-lw SMITH'S. *. fREEMAN iV SIKPSOHJ The above PURE WHISKY.CofrE* Diitillii VBOM M altwd SliM, N?inr superior aud uniform in quality, and highly improved by age, is preferred by eonsamers to a'l other Whiskies, ard partion lariy reoonunouoed by the best physioiaus ard chonuiUM aossessing all the requirements ol ft Tr?f Tcnrt Inrittnaior and RtmtJiai Atmt. The He tin rl kill Water of Philadelphia, used ia the distillation of this Whisky, is proved by aaalf is to be the rofwst aad purest water in the United States ; and to this may, in a jreat degree, be attrtbutt a the eicei'ecoe of this Whisky. For sale by FREEMAN A SiMfSON, Phen.x Distilierr, QnUie Hobuylkih river, Phi adelphia Offloes?9? Wall street, New York ; 10? South Front street, Philadelphia And can t<e had in Washington of fiamnel laeoa 4 Co., 31 y Pa av.; K. J. Rron. Weet Mh st_ eo?ner D; Kennedy A Pnsh, M8 West 7th ?t: Ma.ray A Scrnmes, 40T Pa av.; J. 8 Wilson,"^HI Ek. av; Barbour A Semines, 64 La. av ; H. C. ;rdv, 403 Pa. *v.; Wm. Bryan, 44 Market Bp.; ore. Ciseell A Co , 3*7 West 7th st; 0 F. ii n hole. SAO N.J. av ; A. Qaddis. Jr., A Co., M.oornerkjmtiuh .< n-n i? d " E. k Co .63 La. av.; Jclm H. &?!na??a ? Co . 323 W??t Nmth ?t. ______ oo 38 lni a ^ 00*a,rri \i^r \ KVy'v DISPATCH I * ? \ /? ! > Ik. BU... I ?A ^ -v ?UC IKIVIt fmmiliu, it la rarj dealrable to hara obbc eheap ted ooareniCTt w%j for rapairiac Farwtara, Toys* Oreelery, fc?, ariLDine*i pilkparkd slci neeta all inch emergeneiea, and no hoaeehold can afford to be without it It ia alwny* ready and np to the nick:-1 p< irN<. There ia t o longer a aaaaa Jtj for iimpin* ehaire.epiintored *~vi?er?, keaolaee do'la, end broken cradiea. It ia J?et the artiela for oone, ahell, ar d other ornamental work, ao popaiar with ladiea of refinement and taate. Thia admirable trMinlmn i? w-i ofcwnic&lly beW in ??l?tioa, mm! immniii alnable 4ualitiea of liwt e&!nn?t makers' tin*. It may b? u?od is the place of ordinary nwcilnf , Mini TMtly more utMivr. " USEFUL IN ETMET HO USE." Sfc-WSU wwiiHaiw W? WUUuU Dtrt, No. IIMir ?roo?, Hnr Tort 4i4rM IRNIY n mm a * r\fM? a *?** ? iipcrmzsxY-*&g???s3S%.gS O- A rtnil* bottl. of W ?'*0 * FARED GIVE viil <* ? tamaa iti ooat'aaBOftlly to awry nonaaho'd?rTl BoM hr all prominent statJeneit Dnicctata, Hardw&ra aad nrnitart Dsalera, erooara, and Coniitry marchanta ahoald ra*k?anotaof 8 PAL DlfftP8 PREPARED OLUh, wba? n%kln( ?| thetfliat. It will uaufaag oiimftte fa U-ly ( jf^TA R-OM AT icr\[ |? t ja SIM ML TTm n i.afe* M mmmfmr:*T** |W I ' ?* f*U*,ynn*m~,.U*J f~m jt jjggg > ISffia^Vftnsr *| C55^T KH<?a?IW V<A* M< ak <li?i?|F ^3&.fjk WrtmmrniitJ lp Ik4 fm Al>??w>?i i?tf p * 'A' ' '' V c^5*ly ft CAUTION. FUMMSEMSMHU BE CARfHJL in Piianiusiiie .*uc unm WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS nmimnraf wn iiumou.niLUini.ns nnt AN IMITATION ANO A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY, >Ot.E PROPRIETOR 19 SOSTH W1UJAII ST HEWTBRL 1 OM. BALM Ilf WASHINGTON BY 1 Ml BiftlOVK 4 "HHift i j- i a ' 111 i r MWglg V ^TlftShMB' LOC& HocriTU, lf? iXmwii< lU ?MM ArtMi, 3r?df, Mi M% |/k(m ? (4* worfii. FOR ALL D1SKA8R* Of lMPftfD&MCS. LIT NO FALSE DBLICACJ FRSTMJfT. APPLY iMMKD ATBLYT A CUKM WARRANTS D. OR HO CHAM0M* Jit n.OM OKS TO TWO DATS. Dt?Mi rf fcffci,m MtMim, Tumm UiImL *??? w ?lri?, i?t.. mm (IN L?p hM<i?? hvik T???-Um?i I>w<M > ? DMMfUfi fiaauaaa ?M ? 4wH?'wt(? m?Oli. ui c* imt ?*ta Mr aa t Mm* TOM* K*? Biym?riy tu kt'i Wtaui It a 'nil? af IM ?7 TH^ fell 4mM ni Inohum UMl ?HW itutdlt i*Mf< a a ?r??i tfewuaa W Tm>| M*r af tfca mmi Uu< BUM W4 MlUt IkHilMt, (MM WtlWI |H? ninmM taMMlNam witk lk> >>? af ?*'I?I??I? ?U<4 M aaaaaa; ifca Ljra, aaaj aait . % Ml ?*. r*ionlAt?*#V 2ri6a^wwaa fet ?. 1 * i M** ki wha f'laaaa Simaatfai <at tfca af Bi. i. aa* ?urn?lj MHI la feu feaaar u a naUiaia aa? taaMaailt rate fas Ma afcM aa a pfcrnajaa. * urrict *a r mm ruDnucimur, , kA lul iMyawf fraa laMlaaaa atn?. a lav a??a? toaw I ?? fea pai< aa4 aaai?Ta a ana? * ' " ^ MLjuunaa, . 1 wtn n hi Mfii VMIII CIMIMM, kttte,|MMt few Ml ?f tk? mm lakMl Ollijw ta tt? l?k*< tmi^ 4 U? (tMMr put ?f vkaM HI* kit Hn n ?* fcavMUk W Lntiii Pua.nuiMlkta u4 HHtlm.kM# Iku4 MM ?f IM MM MMMMf Mm Ml tM Imvo, Buif itwkUd ?uk nu(U| Wi u?? k*>4 hI mm ?b?B aaUaa: mtl Minmmi, fe?ing *:umt4 m ? <*? nil, tMtWtwi fr*qa*nt W Mbing. ?Ksm *tt taHfMNM tt mim4, tm c?r*4 i??it)mt|. f ARB punciui ROTfCC. TMi| h4 nban *fc# k>n fil jkmiiHw ky Hnua >rmCUC? li.i? * * ! ?)> > >? * ?? l**re*4 [ran t?ii cm|ium, ? ai KkMl, U< >! >? af Vkfek in atfkily f*h *?aa ?kaa . p. u< If aat uni, N?4m a?i?|i ta>paa*tkla. ?a4 tiitnfi km stag id ka4*. iMi MHT i ?aetata. Tmm wi mm af im **4 u? m!u?U) tl>m m4m*4 Xltrll kttal / llllt ?.? : VmIuh af Ik* l>U Ml ka, Palo* la itn Iwi. piicr>Mt of Stftit.Laaa af Mmllu Ftvir, PalpttMn af tfca Itir^Piipipn.Ritran IrrMaM * 9,Di>H|tBMii(ik?Pi(mira r*?ce<M,>??iwI DaMtop, IMIKI af ft* HKTlUiT.-Tti fiiital ( mim l?* bM wt aotti t? 4r*?4? 4?Um af Man-cry, Caofaaiaa af Maaa, ITiMtaaf af Sprit*, I?il r arbadinrt, A'arajaa aflMnu, UMMML baa* af atf<--4*. ttmiduy, a*a . ar* af Ifc* *ri|* 'lUTOII DtllLITT -Ttwau<* aa* m*M|? fM I* Ik* UHI af lIUu gaeluiag katkk, laau.g ikatt riaat, kaliaif vaak. pal*. **rr*aaa?4 aneiatad.Wutg aUpriM ipfiaiam aWat tk* *y*a,caaf"ti v>;rpua*afu**in,4lM mattttM or immujdeiick. 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