Newspaper of Evening Star, November 19, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 19, 1860 Page 1
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ft* I I *^**?^*^ sjP C c^/ J Wmm% ?>tax t - .-% *. .1 *~ * * .??????? yg=. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. NOVEMBER 19. 1860. N2. 2.420. THE EVENING STAR II PUBLISHED E VEK Y APTBMLNOON, 'SUNDAYS EXCErrtD.) AT THE STAR Bl ILDIM0S, Cornsr ef Pmnsylvania annus mnd IliA si., ?T W. D. WALUCH. P%j*n ?wd 10 pwkMN by a*rri*n ftt t< > vmr, or 37 cventi p+r month. To mail rabMrlban tM pno? m #3JO a jeer, vs ?dra??e?, 92 for dx nnntSfl! Al fn? tkrM niBtfca~ And for Ufli thM th rw at tn? rata of U oaota a week. Stntfl* cop.-a, u*a cajrr; in w.a#pers, two CISTI. !Z7"ADrvaTi?aiuMTee?aM be teat to t*? ofloe More U o'ciook ol; otherwise they may not appear , , nntii the n*xtday. " Alirratati of Rare?, tki Herse-Tamer? Hia Farewell ta Laadaa [From the London News, Oct 20 ] On Saturday last the great American horsetamer took what he stated to be hi* final leave of his English friends at the Crystal Palrce. The whole of the immense Handel Orchestra was cramaied to tha roof, and presented a most > imposing appearance. Tha same majr be said )of every portion of tha transept that was not railed off as an arena, whilst the first, second, and eTen third galle.'ies exhibited each its dense and eager rows of human faces. The Russian embassador and a numerous suite occupied the Queen's gallery, and there were also soattered amongst the lower orowd an exnumavnna an/) ?r>nar.iaanna iftrinlr. * J UMIUVI VH-> auu VVUC^IVMVM r " " ling of Orientals. Mr. Rarey began witb the Cruiser, who id now a model of doeility and paticnce. Like Colonel Crockett'a squirrels, he comes down without the troable of firing. He binds bis knee for the (trap, and falla with cam, if n?t with dignity, the moment it becomes bis cue to do 90. He looked thin on Saturday, and his ooat was rough, but neither of those symptoms is uncommon with horses at this season of the year. Cruiser, who is now the property of Mr. Rarey, goes with him to America, to assist in disseminating the new philosophy of borse-taming. After him came a ebestout, which was, if pomble, still more docile; bat here the harmony of the arena k Terminated. Wben the ehestnut had been a . ? 1 l t. 1 . it 1 * . * 1 I urny aoooiea, tumoiea, Mad otnerwise done for. like whole transept suddenly became vooal with the unearthly scream* ?f the Irish marc, wh'isutkout to receive her first initiation into the restraints of a civilised manege. This animal, which was rather a dingy Cray, was evidently of great power; bat as for discipline the might have been a corporal in the Pope's brigade. She lashed, kicked, bit, and appealed | with all the traditional eloquence of her conn trv for "iuatie? to Irtlind " W? never heard so much howling from a none, and did not believe that even an Irish one r?ald hare managed it; but perhaps the fact ?f tbi.? arimal being of the softer sex maj account for extraordinary axcitement and toIubilitj. Bat it was all of no nse. Mr. Rare? wiped his forehead, palled out his strap, and waited his opportunity. The leg was soon op, and the mare soon down, but not without the execution f one of her national melodies. with brilliant variations, which brought down thunders of nnlana* ? ? ?? Iiip|'iaujxj L-'t iciai iimoo uuiiii^ ibo pruocao ui teaching she reemed quite ready to eat her prc^ptor, ao tbat it wu quite a relief to the audience when she wu at last made to '-bite the dost." a foat which she certainly performed with the most demonstrative vindicliveness H iving gone through the whole lesson ibe was at last released, when she retired, a nodel of gravity and deconim. and evidently with her mind filled with new ideas on the r-jbjecta of kirkiog. screaming, and biting in general. A very fierae horse, belonging to Mr. Austen, Iff Sydenham. was subsequently introduced; hut his Saxon attempts at kicking up a row were mere child's play aj compared to the previous demonstration of the Maid of jjrin. He w*g very soon s?bdued, and allowed a dram to be beaten on his back, although not three weeks tince, as his proprietor assured us he > almost destroyed a groom who had ventured \ ts\ anrvPA*/?k Kim Tki? " ? * ? -1 *1 UIU4- AUIO IC1 LUII VIIO p?3T| foraanoe?all but Mr. Rarey's farewell, which | wa? delivered in a few, simple word*, full uf friendly regreU and good feeling, lie acknowledged tbe unfailing kindnoas he had always received from the people of England,and the fair hearing which nad been given to bis rather novel theories. He hoped he had done ' (H>uie good in the canse of humanity by pleading m be aad done the cause of our best friend, Morse, and by showing, to tbe best of bis bumble ability, the means by which itsnsefultness might be preferred without those protracted and brutal systems of training which at pr*??nt eausod cruel and needle*? suffering, lie iMr. Rarey) was about leaving England, perhaps forever; but be should to his last moment retain a grateful reeolleetion of the friends be bad made and the kindness be had received during bis rather protracted sojourn in tbe eld country. This address was vehemently cheered, and its delivery brouzht the I interesting farewell performance to a successful termination. The Pri*cb or Wales is America.?The L ndon Times, October 31, saysWe eannot doubt that the Prince of Wales has seen in the cuur^e of his tour many things which will be of the utmost advantage to him in the course of his future life. He has gained what no one can acquire by living at home at ease?some idea of the vast scale on which nature conducts her operations # * No one can look at the neat villages and .4. happy homes of New England and the exuberant abundance and comfort of Western | C ui vla without being filled with admiration at the patient industry which has realiied sii-:h results, in defiance, iu the one case, of a barren soil, and, in the other, of a severe and forbidding olimate. Nor is it possible to view without astonishment, hundreds of miles further West, the rude but successful efforts which are forming a similar state of society in the prairie* of Illiaois and on the bunting grounds of Minnesota. The fatigues and duties of his journey cannot have left the youthful Prince much time for reflection, but he must have eomnared the scene before with thoee with which he i? familiar on the Continent of Europe?in Italy, for instance, or in Germany?and must have felt that the main cause of all this happiness and all this progress is that liberty ana iclf-goTernment, the dearly-prised inheritance of the nttion over which he is called to rale, which they have carried with them to these vast oantriec. The reception of the Prince of Wales at New York, where hundred* of thousands of men combined?without soldiers to preserve order, as on the Continent, without police to preserve order, as amon^ us?to offer to the heir of our Crown a reception the moat flattering to him and the most Knn?r?w? ?a themselves that cut b? imagined. la in itself a Itwon to si/ one to whoe* hand* power ia or may be committed of obtaining the oo-operaj tion of tha people to accomplish the end* of government. Of the machinery oT government the Prince i could, o( cmtm, eee little or nothing; bat of * the external manifestations of the two forms of popular aovcreignty which exist side br side ia Canada and the U itad Statee, he has seen more than any one pereon ever saw before. We hope and believe that the leseoo will not b? loet, ?u l that the future King of England will bring to the throne of hia ancestors, whenever Provideoea may call him to it, a wide and generous sympathy with his fellow cr?? t tares, and * uobie eoaftdme* in the destinins | of a ru? wbicb extort* is the East and in the W est the wonder ot mankind at institution! wbiah thej oaaoot imitate, and at a progress tad prosperity whieh they find it impomble to Attain. ITT" Peter (Mm, interpreter for tU Kick*poo I adieu died at Klanekuck. K T . laat week; he was a soid'.rr in the war of Mil, was preeeat at 1 be death of Tecooweb. and after the defeat of Black Hawk retired to Kansas. irr A littto bay Ml into a well flftv f?? a?? ai tttinlaiUx, on Prldtjr ilteraoot Hia father. Mr Wlnak?w. weat In March of him, heard the 1 tile feebly cry, "Papa, help me!"' and reacaed blmtJ!T A d'wpermte Inmate of tha workbouae ia CI av 1 naatl ,wbo h ?d knocked down a negro with a pvker aaaalled tha aoperlntendent, Mr Jacoba, w|a endeavored to aecura kloa; and who bred at Ltm, wounding him la the arm l?T A at ipid Datcbman mlatook a window for A a door at a farm bouaa at Harltagaa, N J . gatnrV day u.gU and on knocking, waa atabbed la ifea \ breaat with a p:tchfork, by Mr. Abaatoa Davla, \ tti<- ovtner He died a few hoar* after. ! ' 1'V A abowman at the fair grounda at Athena. fl| 9. C.. beli.g. aoapectod af tampering With aagroei I *a Aaftar&ay week, waa rlddeaoa a rail round tba public aquarc. Tax Fames or Walks at Ozvobd?A correspondent says: " I bad some curiosity to learn bow H1j Royal Highness lived at Oxford, and what waa thought of him by the residents. On lnouiry, 1 learned that, tinlike the great majority of'he atudenta who have rooms In the college buildings, the Prince hires a house, which be occupies with bis attendants Asking to be directed to it, I wss told to go to the Corn Market (the principal street) and turn into a narrow alley leading from it, on the left of tbe Star Hotel Following this direction. I waa brought up In front of a a tout gate, which luckily happened to be open, 1 passed through Into the court or yard in front tbe house It is a stone cottage of two stories, flanked by Immense chimniea, and In Crta covered with Ivy. It has the appearance of lag two or thres centuries old, ana, hemmed in w im uu cTcry iiu>, i^tin nuer ? ?omurt, not to ny bumble residence for a gay young prince It being morning, the servants were patting the house tn order for the day. Through the front door, which wu opened, I obtained a glimpse of the nail, which wu very moderately famished 1 could not help thinking that the Prince must find his Oxford residence rather dull, after h!s season of lionizing in America. . I found, by the way, that be had excited some dissatisfaction among Oxford people, bv making his purchases of (Wniture and clothing entirely in London They think that while he is among them, he ought to do something to encourage tbe trade of the city, which at beet, [ suppose, Is meagre enough. A *> T*?sk.? TV.-? a * si- ? ? v. nrAbAiADLK i/iin ?a iffiiueman oaraeu Campbell, and bit family, lived In a remote native dlatrlct of Bengal. One morning a fisherman appeared at the bungalow with eggs to aell. They were round, white egg*, the alze of a tenola ball, and the fisherman declared them to be turtles' eggm They were purchased, and, being quite a novel production, the family were desir"ous of tasting their newly purchased dellcaclev, and the servant waa directed to boll half a doten of them for breakfast. They were, in part, eatrn by the family, when a fearful nausea.pervaded me wnoie or them Ths eggs were in consequence at once discarded as Inedible. Mr Campbell. however, from motives of curiosity, procured a rapacious cardren gumlah (shallow dish,) in which be deposited the ova, spreading a quantity of clean, dry sand over the same. The vessel in question was afterward placed on the flat roofing of the bouse, exposed to solar beat 7n the course of three weeks after tbia event be ascended the Udder and took a survey of bis Incubatory stock, when, to bis surprise, and no lesa disgust, he brheld a swarm of large, loa'hsome lizards rnir inn * T* U ? # * -a. Vlt*n wilg BUVU% MIC OVLJU. UCU [ UU1 . A UC 1SCI Ai once occurred to him that the egg* be bad eaten Were those of an aligator. T M Leverrler believes that the spots on the sun's disc are clouda In the atmosphere His opinion la that the sun ianot a luminoua body on account of Its high temperature, but that It la a huge solid or liquid body surrounded by an atmosphere. A common opinion respecting the constitution of the aun la that it has aluminous atmosphere bat sn opaque body, and that the spots seen on tb? sun are open spaces formed by unknown causes In tb? luminous atmosphere. This subject Is still shroaded in mystery, and on this very account ltexcitaa more general Interest. It^The following is the substance of a biH now pending before the Vermont Legislature: "A divorce from the bond# of matrimony may be granted when either of tbe parties la an habitual drunkard, or ahall have joined any religious sect or society which profes?es to believe the relation ?>f husband and wife to be unlawful, or refutes to tokabit te? Ik each other for tbe period of three years." According to tbe above provision, a wrangling or Indifferent couple have but to agree to live apart for three years, and the)* are divorced for the asking. In a recent case In London, an omnibus dn ver was arrested and lined bv tbe Court for not drawing up and allowing a volunteer company to cross tbe street in front of him, be having attempted tn drive through them thereby endangering their lives. The Court ruled that in ense of any procession whether military or civil, even a procession of cbirlty children, across a street, v-h teles are bound to pull up, as other wit* se i.l 1 1 * * * ? ? * - riuua iiijury, &iiu peroap* aeaiQ llieil, KRlg&t en ue. inr Two unknown drunken boys went into the fruit store of an Italian named Ferrari, in Cincinnati, on Thursday, and aaked for whisky, which being refused, they filled their pockets with fruit, and on being turned out of the store, ttabbt-d Ferrari in the breast and escaped, but were taken the next day. They are about sixteen years old. Ferrari Is still living, but as his lungs have been penetrated, there ia little hope for his recovery The .nualelpal government of Paris Is making a series of experiments with electric Huht. fllln? a powerful r#>fl?rtnr in all flfe? HiH'-.p. 1.1 Quarters of the capital by tarns This mean* of illumination presents great advantage* over pa* lamp*; but, while the electric light project* it* rav* to a jrreat distance. It poeeeeae* the drawback of a brilliancy entirely too dazxllng fr the purpoee to which it la aought to apply it. jjy A number of bricks, of a bright red color, longer and wider than tho-e in present uae, and bearing evldenceeof having been carefully pressed and burnt, were discovered in au ancient brick kiln recently exhumed bv some workmen near Memphis. These relic* of an ancient race have been Dorled for untold year*; the earth around showing no signs of ever having been disturbed l?y The London (C. W.) Prototype ssjrs that uu i ursuiy rfcniiiK jamfi ur'SiiD, lerdiinan, made a fire of all bis papers of returned seeds for I860, in order to make way for the new stock, as well as to ahow the public that be Intends to make tbia annual custom Such honeaty In bts line of buslneas Is worthy of imitation by all seedsmen 177" Tbe Vermont Legislature baa passed a law against prize-fighting?principals 10 years imprisonment. or SS.ObO fine; aids, seconds, or surgeons, 5 years imprisonment, or 81,000 floe; and citizen* of tbe State, who attend a prize-fight In either ca uactijr wm* oj im at* 14, u> receive the aame punlab ment. IfT A letter from Stephen Battey, of Topeka, to a gentleman at Providence, R I where be formerly reaided, atetea that a woman and her live children bad been found dead from atarvation In that vicinity, and that there were many fanilliea with not a week'a provision en hind, or any meant to get more. \ET A eurloelty hunter in Salem recently aold to a collector In Hartford a copper cent for 975. It waa the coin known a a the " Htgley copper," tbe frat copper cent of Connecticut, dated 1737, aiidatrock by a blaekamith named Htgley. But three apccimena of thla ancient coin are known to be In exlatence. n~r An abject, sottish pair, Arthur Keenan and hla wife, were found in a bole Ik the ground with their four children at Philadelphia, on Sunday: two of the children were stark naked, and all acaatiiy covered with straw. Rum and fighting have losg been the bustneea In life of tb* parents. jjy A crowd of depraved characters had a bloody fight in a denatgt. Louis oa Friday night. Molly RTley broke a tumbler in one Maasey's tece because he would not treat her; Maasey drew a knife on Molly, and was sbot in the breast by Harrison. The polio* arrested the whole party. IET A whole family was burned on the prairies ear Fort Dod?r? m w r\-?i-i a?? n., 9mm. */?u?ci owiaicujjru, wife And four children, were overtaken by a prairie Are, while Id their wagan. The poor father, trying te reacue bla family,waa dreadfully burnt. Heeacaped with bla life, but U eighties*. JC7" An old filnt-lock musket warn won at a ratfle by Geo. Day, Elk-ridge Landing, Md , on Frldav,who, not knowing ltwae loaded, snapped It, and the charge entered the body of a little girl, tangling her frightfully, she died Instantly. U J~ raid on thm brothels at Syracuse wae made on Thursday alght to avenge the shooting ef young Gordon. Several hundred dollars worth of furniture was destroyed; the police arrested four of the ringleaders, who are held to ball. JET A hone took fright at a locomotive at Hal umure oo Buaaiy, IM ran away in front of the engine, which aoon overtook the cart, knocked a boy out, amashed the cart, and killed the horseIET The Hon. John Kelly, for maay years the editor of the Exeter (N H ) Newe-Letter, died at that place, aged 74. lie had tiled many places of trust and honor. fry- A drunken cooper, Barman Ting, committed mlclde at Bt Louis a fortnight ago because of his poverty. Bis body was foaad In the river oa Thursday. IDr Stephen J. Decker hanged himself 1 u Phil' >i sde'.phta, on Sunday, hecanse his restaurant did a 4 pay as well as be hoped. J Yancey aid Mr. Bailor, editors of the Memphis Avalanche, hive recently been muri derously assaulted by u a known rowdies. IE7" A man named Page recently killed a Mr. Garret, la Tens. for wnlrh h* vu , lung by a Bob. "~ ' krow^ I#,t b?tb hi* ' * > at Dq~ ???.' , ' ' T. by b*tnf ran over br ? w.tch engine,wblla walking on the track MISCELLANEOUS. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Haraaa Lottery, oo ad noted b y the spauiah Ooyenunect, under the uperriaion of the Captain General of Cab*, will ta*e j'.aoe at Havana on TUESDAY. Novzmmk 71, 1M0. SO&TSO NUMERO 646 ORDINARIO. flAPITAl. PD 17V tIAA AAii 1 prise of 100,000 10 pnxee ?I UM 1 qo so jar# 10 do fOt 1 do *3,000 US do 400 1 do 10,000 30 approx. tJM \ do ?^? 10,000 IttALL ?8*> PRIZES, Whole Tiofeott, fJO?Ha.vee, *10?Ueartera, $i. Pfixee oaahed ftt aight at? per oent. aiaoouH. BUle OB all eol vent Banks taken at par. draw in* will fee forwarded ai eoon m the malt beoomea known. All order* for aohemee or tocketa to be addreaMd to DON RODR18UEZ, no 8-tr Care of City Poet. Charleetnn. 8.0. U R 8! 7" FURS!! I have now ready for exhibition and eale my atoek of FUR*, to whion I invite the attention of the ladiet. I have taken treat on* in the eeleotion. and feel aaanred th?r are unsurpassed in quality, style and workmanship. The a*aortment oonaiata of all th? moat fashionable kinds. HUDSON'S HAY SAttLg, CANADA SABLE, STONE MARTEN. ROYAL ERMINE, RUSSIAN IITQH, SIBERIAN SQUIRREL, and re any other varieties. FUR of all kind* for Trimming, A large assortment of CHI IDREN'S FURS, Alao, a fine variety of CAM RI AG K KOBKS. I rohoita oa 1 from tlie ladies, and every effort will be maie to pleaae. All Fura ao d by their real name*, and warranted to he aa represented. JAS. Y. DAVIS. noS Sw (Int .Con tStatea.) late Todd A Co. Twhy is jt.? hat 8t1nemktz, the hatter, 18 alwaya buay and not heard croak'aj about duil times > KjR Because he sella the beat artiolee Wsfitff at the lowest oaah prioes. gg 9U i!/- j uii ooen-xi? BJ New stylet Gents DRESS HATS, do Solt HATS and CAPS, Muses' JOCKEY IIATS,Trimmed and Untnmmed. _ FURS! FURS!! For ladies and childr?u, my assortment is now la^er titan ever. FI R TRIVIMINOS 25to35o?nts teryard. B. H. sTINEMKTZ, 336 Pa. av.f no 2 near corner Thirteenth street. STHB EMPIRE ASH. nLIND. DOOR, AND MOULDING fkiTiDI lati VI cv,r? * ? WUtCJt m lill I t No. ??2 ?8?rSTn 9Tinr, orpotite Center Market N . G. CORNING, HrrcusaoK TO H. W. HAMILTON k. CO. 1 take this opportunity of oalling the attention of Carpenters ami Bui ders 10 the immense ?tock of SASH. DOOR*. BLINDS, MOULDINGS. Ac, 4cu now in store and daily receiving trom the manufactory. It his beoome a wall known fact, that th? materials furBJsh?-d from this esablishmsnt are eoon'l to non*. Our itook w* warrant manufactured from we:l seasoned umber. ?.r.d f?ni?h?H by experienced workmen. We do not he?itate to y thit we now have in atore the moat complete lock of the fi.bove-m?ntir>ne<i artioiea erwr b?fore offered in thie viomity, to wnioh we reapectfnlly invite the attention of the public. 3AVK YOUR TIME AND MONEY, parch**inc yocr Building Matena'sat tho Old I KataMiahment, No SHU fe?enth ?t eet, where yon will get a goo.l artio at a fair prioe. Ol'R DOOR DKPARTMKNT is we'l etneked with a No 1 article of all the varioua ais*?. styles, and thickreases. a smal' lot of Premium Faoor t ront Doo<-?, Wnich are worthy the attention of those about builUinc?haviu* d'awu the first premium at the Pennsylvania State Fair, and maonfaetured at the Empire Mills of Messrs. Potter 4. Co. OUR SASH AND BUND DEPARTMENT isaleo complete with a1' sue* and rtjiee, to which wecall particular attention Glazed Sash eoneiantIt ol hand, lint tied Sash, Inside Shutters, Ac., furnished at short notioe. OUR MOUI.DIN~U~DEPARTMENT is nieo oomp etc with all the at*les now in senera! n?e. We are also preparnd tof 'rmsh Mou'aingaof . r? ii... -ii i ?- -# 1 a<y MVtnwi KO'ium. Ait KiUUB ''I 1 UrDW Work, *oroll I>awin*, Newell Host*, Balu?ter?, Door Frame?,and Window Frame*, of all kind*. Al?o on han ,a ?en?ra| a iirtmentoi Gla*l, futtj, fto . which we are uff'rmi at low rate*. jn-A oa 1 is ?o:ioited and *atiafacUon given or do *al*. N. B.?A liberal disoonnt for oash. N. G. CORNING, Proprietor of the Empire Sa?h. Blind anU Mould inc K?tat>luhment, no J tf No 562 Seventh (treat. piRKMEN'S INSURANCE CO.MPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. - . 14AA.AAO Q#fc? corn r C street and Loutsiamm ??., fiamJk of Wanktniton. INSURE HOUSES ANlToTHER PROPERTY* AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dikbctoks. Geo. Shoemaker, Sainnel Rjjdforn, Samuel Cropley, William wi'eon, Richard J one*, John D Barclay, Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Kothwell, Thus. Parker, Riakard Barry, B. B. Frenoh. No charce for Policies JAURS ADAMS, President. A??t G. D a Tin, Secretary. oc 10-eo6m OftA LBS. WOOLEN YARN in Blue, Grey *d\J\j B aok. White and -andom oo or*. Woolen and Cotton Ho*iery and Glove*. Q An 11 Am an 'a R iKKoH VVaaI k. w^a > .......... ? WW) ?? vwi UllllkO uu i/i?WVia? Th?*e gool* ar? extra quality. Hilk smrUand Drawers. Merine Shirts anil Drawers of all grades. We would rail particular attention to our well assorted stook ><f al kiud of Dry Goods, auitable for all oa .es of peraons, all of whi h will be aold at the lowest market prioea. WM.R RILEY & BRO.. No. 36 Central Stores, !><*t 7th and 8th ?ta., oc 2*-3tawlm opposite Cent-e Market. dure old ryk whisky for medji CtNA.L, USE. Prict #2 per gallon or SO te*ts per bottle. The vaat home and foreifn demand we hare for this artioie aaffiaiently attain lU purity and excel lenoi. Moreover it inay t>e mentioned in thia oonnrxion that many, inva jda of delicate orcannatioa. nnable to nae whi*ky or other hranda, have found tke above nott effioaoioui and happy in ila effect*. A liberal diaoount on the above prioee made to thetrade. EDWARD HALL. Dealer in fiae Winea and Liauora, Family Grooerlee.fco ,opp. Center Markets o? 27-ao*K between 7th and 8th atreeia. L00j?-i? your interest, purchasers of cabinet furnliure. We have now in atore and daily rooelvinc the larceat, har.daoineat, the^Sv oheapeat lot of Cabinet Furniture ever n offered to the ottiaena of Waahincton.^^Mfe. Qeorgetown aad Alexandria, wbiet wrumi j iiiTiie ui won uesire furnishing to oail and examine for themsolres. Oarstookemb aoes every oonoeivable article necessary to furnish a parlor, n?il,,dimng room, chamber, and kitchen. Our ex .fP"T*. ,">?a ? too numerous to particularism we only Darn* a few of the leading irtioiN, suon M, via: Rosewood, Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Suits, upholstered in & superior manner in BrooatoUe a rlBtf Mrtff *ad Hair Cloth, gilt frame ManUl P^r and other tilassee, Silt Baeo Tahlee, Gilt Brackets and Marble Slabs, 6 otbio and other handsome Reception Chairs, in Broeatelle Plush. Rush and C*ne S?ts, Kteierea. with MurhU-tom ?nH uT.?. ? _ ----- ?- ?f- "UW tmiivi UOWKBt bo. Parlor Deaka tod Whatnota, Roaewood, Walnut rind Mahogany Bureaua. Waahatanda, Bedateada ana Wardrokea, rmrj undaome and ch*a?, Cottar* Chamber Furniture, in Oak, Imitation Oak, Maple and Painted, with or without Mar Ma Top?, Marble-top Hatraoka. in Oak aad Walnut, Iron Hatraoka, Hall SUndi, #-oretari?a, Kookoaaea, Sharing Bt&nda, Marble-toe Center Tablee, Hair and whack Mattreueea, feather Bolateraand Pi! Iowa, Blanket*. Comforta, Qmlta, Toweia, Ae. la addition to our 'took of Furniture oar firet floor 'iMtaian a largo and well aeieoted a took of fStttffjsi tier tin 6 >oda, Baaketa, Braabea, k,o., altogether form Mt a eoraplete variety of every thing neooetary to

fcrniak a nouae in all its aeartmenti C. W. BttTBLER * BO>>B, Iron Hail, No. *18 Penn. avenne, ee il-M&Thtr w*? m.mJu?t. fifth* N ? T 1 C K: N O T I C K R 185 Mr?. HKI^IyER Invitaa th? ladtae Waahington and viomitr to h?r Grand Opaalacof Faahioaab.B FALL and WINTER BCTMNisTS, on Friday and Saturday, Sth and ?th inatant, *h?n Cwi'l m hMP* to havo ladiaa aara* aad examine Cock of Gooda. aa aha haa a vary haw]e??tms tto?k of FEATHERS, FLOWERS, I>RF.t*? HWIfi I.S'ft 'it* "" w " oo ? No. 34 Market Spaoe, bat. 7th aad Ith it#. EDUCATIONAL. P ROPE??OR' or$!fr\lKNC?ai!!<1 GERMAN LANGUAGES, SIT Eighth street, between L and M, bM ths h< nor to announce to the public that he hu resumed hs lessons in the above lanroaces, iud hM opened at Miu W..od icnitnv*. 394X I strest, between 12th and lath it* , a Frenoh C.a?? in vhioh young ladies will b? admitted. This olass will meet three times a week at half-past 3 p. in. Terms: $5 per quarter of lOwesks Satisfactory MTansem?nts made lor l*ssons civen in ?ehool? l*ir de VUuera otiara U>e beatreferaoeaa aa to bis aeal, ability, Ac.. to oc 34-Ira T FEMALE EDUCATION. . HOSE Parent* who wiah their daughters to reoeive a thorough and ayatematio eduoauoa, where their phjMcal training wi.l receive daily and special attention, under the moat approved system of Caliathemo* and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to riait the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New Yerk ?v MR. A. MRS. Z. RICHARDS. an ?-tf Principal a. ffEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mra. S. J. McCORMICK, PaiifCTPAL. The thirteenth annual aeaaion of thia Institution will commenoe oh Tuesday. September Mth, in the houae recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Eaq., No. ISO King atreet. The courae of atudy puraued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough Engliah Education, and Music, Freaoh, Latin and Drawing, ii desired. In addition to day seholara. Mrs. MoCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupila as boarders, who. oouatituting a part of her own family, will be under Iter immediate care and supervision. She wilt endeavor, as far as possible, to surround them with the oom/ortsana kindly influences of Home. Kfjermeit.?K?'v. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D?. Elias Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprigg,_Williara H F?wle, h.d^ar jnowuon, Esq.. Edmund F Witrner, Esq., H?nry Marbury, Esq., lvwis MoKrnxie, g?q , Robort H. Hunton, Esq . W D Wallaeh, Editor Eve nine Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jag. Entwisle, Jr., Esq ,Col. John VV. Minor, Loudoun, Mpssrs. IJiackiock & Marshall, Messrs. Corse Brothers. ? - .. Tn?i, _ _ in>nru, wun rnuion in ail me Kngnsn Hranchet, for the annual sossion?payable semi-annually, in advance. Music and liaagiiagea at Professors' prices. g7" tVo extra charges. au 28-ti GKORGeiTOWN FEMAI.E SEMINARY, (Formerly Miss L. S. Esslish's.) A BOARB1NG ASD DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this (nstitutien will be resumed on the first Monday in September next. Thooourse of instruction embraces all that ia taught, from the rudiments to the most b 'h!y finished education. The oorps of teachers, ten in numl>er, are eminently qualified aud experienced in iheir several departments. Lectures Friday evenings on the N'atura! Soiecces without charge to the pupils. Circulars ajar he btainM bv addressing the Principal. Miss mTj. HAKROVER,Georgetown, D. C. au 22 eoSm WOOD AND COAL. Oct mo \ Zn\ Union Fire-Wood 91111s. PINE. OAK and HICKORY WOOD Sawed and 5plu at an? 1-nrth or size requirea, and deliver** to any part of the City at very low ono?s. flT" We oMi th? partioular attention of our customer* and the publio generally to oar splend d STOCK t)f COAL, which we can say, without fear of 001 tradicticn, u eaual to any in the City. We tu& tntei to give satisfaction to all who mar pure as<" ol us. lD~Our SAWED and SPLIT WOOD i? kept under cover, perfectly dry, and COAL on piank floors, oiean and in good order. Large sale* and etna.'' profits. fr7"Or'lfr? ?ohoif*d at union fire wood mills Cor. Save uth at and I'aaal, McRNEW ii MaRLOW, Proprietors. no 15-tf Kindling and stove wood Manufactured any length, j j_i: a a ? * 0 ua u?uvcr?u vo orij p^rioi mo cut at the shortest notice, Bad at the lowewt possible rates, by SHERIFF A. DAWSON. IJ^ Office south side Pa. avenue, between 3d and 43i sU.; wharf and mill west side i)% street and Canal. no 1-lm TO THE CITIZENS OF WA9tfINGTON.-l hare jo t reotMved a-d will oomraenoe unload inr to-m?rrow a carjo of the very best Red Ash COAL (e*p and wtove si?es) ever brought to this market, which 1 can send direet from tlie vessel i( jour orders are left immediately. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, oo 31 Corner C and 14th fct? . n?ar Cacal. WOOD A N D_ V U A L Delivered to ail parts of the oity, at the lowest possible rate*. T. J. A. W- M. QALT, Offioe 464 Fa. a?., between 11th and 12tii sts, ina 17-tf north title. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOMI9, M. D., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATK TEETH. tend* persona ly at hie offio? in tin* oity Mary person* oan vetr thoee teeth wtio'** cannot wear others, and do persun oan wtar others who cannot wear theso. Persons oalli.-ig at my oflioe can be aoo ommod&t?d with any ?ty l? and pnoe <>f Teeth th?y mar desire; but to those who are particular and wish tho purest, cleanest, stroa<ie?t, and most perfect denture that art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more rally warranted. Rooms in thi? city?No. 336 Pa avenue,between 9th aud leth iu. Ai?o, 907 Aroh street, Phuadel phia. "o 15 tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MUNSON Hti returned and returned hie proiesiion. union una oouie toj c. third door e&tt of Sixth. In addition U m6rv& every o'her approved ?tyle, Dr. M. hw aer**?' teeth on voloarut* Bam (or thelAatThrM jeirt and, from experience, knows it exce.a *U others, And it nne third lets in pr>oe than cola. Hi* old CMtrona of Washington, AlexAntfriA, And George^Bwn Are roepeotfully aoJioited to aaJI. an 25eoly D^m DKNT18TRY. R. BILLS. After apraetioA: teat of two jetn fee It that he can with oocftdenoe reootn mopd the CheoplAttJO Prooeoa for iiiMrtinrflMKS Artfto'.a: teeth It hAa the advAntfum atraafth. bmoty, aiflaoaneu, and oheapoeM. Fol nikMr m+4m inMrtWt for fttt. Kftrti&l in rnsnrhnn Offloe 308 Pa. avecne, eel A CARD ?Having beep informed by Beveral raspeetable oitixens that oistor haw /?s kars, selling from buckets on the'*^V I m A streets. have represented themselves as sailing for me, and that not a few parsons have in this way had imposed upon them impure oysters,and complaint havinr been made to me to this effect, I have to say that! have no hawker* ee'ling for me from buckets and do not allow the business to be carried on from my establishment, as I do not deal in oysters of that class. Neither have I any braaeh of ny establishment in any part of the oity. No oysters are sent by me to farailiaa except on orders reoeived at my only Depot, No. 931 C street, between lflth and 11 k. oo a im T. M. HARVKY. mm NOT_.CE! I wish all gentlemen i 1 V. rrffgTtfl ^ear 10 mind that the plan whieh 1 six rears ago, of selling ^K^^VHATS and BOOTS at greatly re duced priees for cash is in sueoesaful operation. Jnst received a full supply of the latest New York styles of DKESd HATS The very finest Hat 9350; a first rate Hat $E: and vary good .fas hie able Hat M2 SO. All of th latest st* lea of sort H ATSaod CAPS, at the very lowest prices. 1 am constantly supplied with a very large stock of those fine DRfc.SS BOOTS at 93.7^?whioh 1 have been selllns for in&nr tura?in vulluthevarr best qual-ty of Patent LeatherGAITERS at $3 50. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters frcm f 2 to 02 5a Terms oasb; no extra ekarf in order to olTset bad dabts ANTHU^ Y, Ajeut for tke Manufacturers, Seventh stroet, seooiTd hat store from the oorner, opposite Avenue ilouse. No. 940. se 14-Sni w i n n > r.i.i Mi i K L > l\?, Tt K Htrejiit reoei ved th? l?r*e*t ??ortweat and now offer th? moit xtenaive varietypciTTB of ?'?' ? LEATHER, LADIES' DRES?iBttf( i,. tta. ??,. oo2s tf ?aa p?. >twh. FlOUR dand^^^^al? commission MILL H Corner of 12th and B itroeU, Washlniton o.ty. IL/~ Caah paiH for *11 fcmrla of ftr?in aa ? 6wi Troughs, colds, hoarseness. *?. ^ IYLEWS. i,<jmrvu.iu BTKUP vrtruju AKAHIU Thin pi?M*nt and popala' Coygn Rrm*dj hu been ?o Ion* kaovuand extend velr n??d. th*t wot I p.*r? n? hx** NntiUarwitb iw xtraordlnaaeiB'aoy. It aaa b* had at all IM priaa pal dm* >r?? atgand 80oenti a frottla. X A d?ma.eo4aif TJIANOS. MBUOiMftOpg. VIOLINS, Guitars, 1 f lij?, oo IS 306 Pa. a^M b*u 9th and 10th Ma. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. U7A0UINUTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ^ D Strut, I'ttwtn 9tk *?4 10th Str?tt. We h*w iu?t finiahed a onmtnif of firvt elan CARRIAGES, imI m LUkt Wmgtms, Park Fhtatotu. Family riattt, ?nd Bur tut, which We will Ml! >|M ' *-l rer? email profit. Beiu praotca. mochamoa la (Liferent braaohc* of the buair.eea, we flatter oareelvee that we know the ftrlee and qaahry of work that will rive eatM f&aUom t?nUu&i iig htaeea, oomfort ana durafeui ty i Repairing jromptl j and earefally attended to "m vTst^* &?r CoachmakBTe, taooeaeora to W?l T. Hook. M?-diy T HE 8tb?nb?r \*rimc sdditieMle kl Wry, BULkin* it now one oruif 9 Lhrtriot, vh?r? hi* foiMti** forOBflK maouteotarinc CARRIAGE* USaTnK WAGONS of allFicda ouiMt U wiMaM, na4 froiRjUe^oni exper^uoiUB the / fci'oe otc&rtihmisi fcifkt Wis obi ktftn 'a; REPAIRS Matty aU ortor* yroayt ? " W ?r??r Of 14th BM Ma Dr. J. H McLEAN'S 8TEEHQTHE5XBT0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY in tkt WORLD, and th? most drlicious a3d pa VCa nrt i r uTrtrt H# gi j vuuiu ti i r uli cirl Vw " meiljr * Mi- ^Vr^H \pT aalilc and TtfiuUHTV Ma Cwptul, p<irWRLI e vad by the diauila- HV^Af iflM lieu of roou, hcrht, m tB i and barka. Y allow |k Dock, Blood Root, , ! Wf. , Black Ro?x, Saraapa- a^Erjl nila, Wild Cfcarry Awjr B?rk. and Dandelion ^HE lufln anicra u>lo iu coo- Ri 5kf! llr . T&* antira aeti?? JT** Z kllfc?*! ~y rimadial priacipla ??*** of aack u>fra4jai?l u utiore taiung. dwulltnr, produeinr d*iiei?M, abiltraiiaif ipint, u< th* melt mfslhbl* mina'ly for rcavraunf tb* thaaaM* ijmii, and riittriif tki nek, ?f iru(, ud itbUuuii unlid'ti baalth and tutaylb. McLeans strengthening cordial Will tfitctaally ear* Li*er CoopUiot, Dyiptpai*, Java die*. UM-ouic or N?nou L>? tuhty, L)iaa?a?a of th? K;dr*?a, ud all dlataaae ariimjr from a diaordtrtd Unr cr Stomach, DyafapaM., Haaribcrn, Inward Pile*. A'iditT or Bieknaaa of lb a Stomach, Fallnaaa of Blood to tea Head, Dnll Pain or Swimming- id the Htad, Palfitatiaa of tha Hear, Pallnaaa or Watfbt la tba 8iotn?ch, Boar Erncuuoai, CHokinr or Baft>catin? Faalinjr vh?u Uyior J?*b, Drrntaa or TalloW. naaa of lh? Skin aad K f, Inward Fa?ar?, Paia in tb? Small of tke Bark, Cheat, or Bid*, Baddao Ploahte of Heat, Depreeaion of Bpinta, Pnffcifal Dratai, UinpBor, DMpordaiiej or aay mr<oai diaeaae^ Bora* or Biotcuce on uigiu,ugriii[uiipi (or ouili ana flTH.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES htvt beeo eold dsnof ihe 1m ?ix nootke, ui in oe in Uoci h?? h failed in rieiiif entire unihcuan. Wh?. then, will nfii from WidIhih or Debilnp when McLUIl STRENGTH ENINJ CORDIAL will cart jom 1 No lufiifi can emMjr it adequate idem of the inntdiate and aimoet miraemJova change produced by bUrtof thie Cardial in the diaaaaad, debilitated, and ehaliered ntrvoaa ajitam, whether broken dowa bjr exeree, weak bp natare, r imjvired bp eickneea, the ralaiad aad uatiuf arfui(alar u reecored to ite priatioe hei 'th and vifor MARRIED PERSONS or avian, eonaetoat or ib*mih? rror* vh&tifcr mom, will lad MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a thoroofh raganarator of tfca ayataia; and all who roar ha?a in larad IhaiMilrti by iopmir iodalfaoeaa will lad la tkia Cardial a carwio and ipaady ramady. TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL I* a ? iai if* and rpaady eara for loeiptoat Cotiaamj imo, Whuaa, Obnrac.!?d or Difficult Haoatraatuw, lueootioanea of Crma or Iu?olnntary Ducharga tharoof, KalHaf of tha Womb, Olddlntaa, Faiauof, and all diooaaaa incidtal to Kaiaalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Ea?tr no loaf ar. T*ka it actwdiajt to diractiona. It will atiaialata, atranfthan, aad la*ijroral* jam aad caaaa tha bloom of baaltii to moant year chaak tpu. fcvary botila ia varraciad to fWa aauafaetioa. FOR CHILDREN If roar child ran ar* alckiy, pan/ or aSletod, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will a?ta lb am haaltsy, fat, and robaat. Dalay not a raomrnt; trj r., and job will ba coo rincad. It U dalialoaa to taka. CA UTION, wart of dragfiala or daalara who may try U palm apoa yoa aonia bittar or aaraapanUa traah, which tbay caa bay rocip, or MTmr >1 u in ? rww. ?wco urn. ask for McLEaN* VrRENQTHfcNING CORDIAL, aa S ut? nothing *!**. It i* tb* on It rsmcdy that will per .f/ th* Elood tnoroafb.r ?tvd at th* umi tint *trcn?lb?a tt>* *y*t*ia. On* UupMr.ra: likln i?ii; morning hiunf la a ctruii priT?ntlT? for Cboltrr., Chill* *nd F*??r, Y allow F*?*r, or inr pr***l?at ditta**. It U pot op In Urj* bot'i** fnti only ?'< p*r bottli, or J bo;tl** for $S J R Mi LEAN Sole proprietor of tbi* Cordial, al*o, McLtu1* Tolcuu Oil Luiiaint Principal Otpoi on tit* cortxr of Tkud ud Pin* *tr**U, St Louil, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IK THE WORLD.) Th* ooly lift aad certain err* for Caaecr*, Pi!**, Ta. mora, Swelling* ana Broncnti* or (.oitr*, rarairaia, n?iralfia, WkKim of m< .Vuclia, Chronic or Injtiaaatory Rhtn BiuiEi, lufnlH of tha Join'.*, Contracted Muciti or I Ufiminti, bncke crTotditchi, Brntta.lprnui, Fnik Cau, Woonda, Uleara, Ct??i Both, Caktil Brt^au sort Nipplaa, Bnrni, Scalda, Strt Throat, or any n8?mmt:iou or pun, bo difference bov it??n or long tk* di???a? mnr oa*a exiaiad, McLiAMt CKLItBRATltD UNL11JLNT u a certain remedy TTioaaaode of banian be in fa Kara bean eared a lift of du crepitade and mieery by tha aaa of line inraJtuMe remedy. MeLEAtrs VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rali*T* p?in almoat metanu oennely, and it will clean, parify aad haal tha faaleit aorai ia aa increlibte anon JrVi n un evrc i vn nrurK i vruar c MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT la U>< aul* uh >d4 ra liable rtmtdr far the curt at Spavin, Rmrlxai, Windfall, 8plinla,Ui<n*taral l.arapa, Kodai or Bvalliura ll narar failad to core Haad, PolltTil, Pittala, Old Rannlng Sorca, or Sareeny, tf proper!* irplied For Sfruaa, Brataaa, Scratches, Cruk<4 Haala, CLafea, Saddle or Collar Qalla, Cata, Soraa, or Woonda, it la an infallibla remedy. Apply it aa diractad and a cnra it certain 10 a?ary kHM Than trila no loorar vith the man* worthleea Linimtnta offered to rom. Obtain a anpply of D* MCLEAN'S ClXSBRATED LINIMENT. it ?ill car. ? J. H. McLEAN, Sola Proprietor, " Corner Third and Pioa ate., St. Laaia, Ma. CHARLES STOTT, ?6 Pa. a?., aoia a>eat ui Waatimgm, tan; R. 8. T. C188EL. Qaorf atown aa f^CUOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. ouths' and Boy*' Clothing for School and Drttt Wear. Fironts sod frvdiana viahiac to fornith their j T_T_ :a.l a.v i r_ j n.n n..?/ ?. for the oommc fK???E$ oMdrtn \ k,o?hW?.-,^^^? Vssjsr3? 1 wS^sySSWK co. ?u %vH KkT ~POTATOK*. AP" I rcUOUft. BU puBfC**-, Kxca Flomr, I I 5,t*o v5TFr*?h? r** 300 buahela >v bite Meroer Poiatoea, IOj do. Blue do. do. 9 do. Cheatnito Reouved to-day and Tor sale lev in lot* to auit by D. L. MORRISON * CO., n* 5 Corner of Tw<Uft)? % d H ?tn Fire! fire!! fire !*! #100 REWARD. I viil jive the above reward for the arreat and oonviction of the peraon or peraona who fired the o^rpenter'a ahop of Reera Jt Brother on the nicbt of the mh in (taut. Their ail waa deatroyed. The ceneroua and aympathixinic public will be called on for a small amouut to euable tnein to recuine their former business. <?o 15 ISAAC BKRRS. Embroidery stamping, on ail kind, of material,done ia the boat manner, at tV, K. SCHMIDT'S Tot an 1 Fancr Store. No 60 Pil avenue, between 21st and 22ri sts , where can be fonnd a cr<-at variety of beMtift'l Patterns for Yokes and Heeves, Col'are and Cuds, hkirU, Paatalets, Band*, Slippers, Cloak*, tuj. Please tire me a call and examine. we B B. HALL WITH ISRAEL DEMING. Wbel*?ale and Retail Dealers in fine FAMILY GROCER IKS. TEAS, WINKS. and ohoion LIQUORS of all kinds. Afresh stock just o? Good Sugar 7 cents per poi^nd. Ca'l at No fi3 4 7th street, between D and Looiiaaa ar. oe Mf H. W- ""'"ON ?INTU. a*4 DEALER IN PAINTS, >sa u_. ... .... njj wlrr_r' L> - n iivi i is w* ???* vw * mm mm* M Vtf riITTV~i? DOWN. w??d *XK.coal ASS lay'*?*'? Mill *nd WT**rf ftxrt of Seventeenth at, m% 11 1/ B?U? War IVga tinanC rpAEF. OU? ADVICE AND ?<> TO THK ^BIciERlNflTi RONS' VNRlVAl.ED PI o 5 306 P?. ?v., between Mh N? HM A old ad MAannaKU ? im~~|a ? h ^KW rffflWf k uSV^tVW^' CA#S1 jMt foalvtxTa*rt?n#?7V new Fall Good*, to which nay lanu tha Mnta ofUMr rnndi ?od (hUmti m uliT PAKAFF1NE CANPbUgl v- . n - , H?Ar#W?-CAII?L?lf A <>*?uttfnl artiol*. cauii m a?iiara?a toiaMat ?pyi,(btm< oiaf Mdllfj f! VOUWANT to id |uo4 tllo<kie?, tirwifc 'm H?U and Cap*. aX low puo?a. mm* ' to SMITH 9, No. 4W atrwt. oa Si THE WEEKLY STAR ?4_!???? Ml TUlf^OM^ A^9W4* gntaB'^r^rrr= ! I vitfeovt U? inUrTMtina ef? BPl b? p*reei ved X) wfnl of T\t WithlnSt? ss? Kksk bo futllf tkroa<kom( Um o?atry. nyr?itwi>f r? vw Mt m if?u viu * ai lowed >001? wii ?f ? ? >?. MEDICINES. FEVER AXD AGUE I ?^ Ww * ^ " "i." swauoa vtMrad (Voa a^,Vte?.y.rrS^'i,Krjri imttfioc Yinii ?? Um bloo^l, wa?ek *11 dattroya the kr?U ol the whole *7item. V\ a uT( long aoof ht, ud h*v# at l*Bfth fWand m utMoii AVER'S AOLR CURB, which nevtr&htM thia alano? poUoi la u9 biood.&nd aUiru aUa tAa Lit* to axp?i it from Um body. ItaMCtoe i^oatkta;atta uunri?t>li airo, ani ita care of fitrer and Arm*, ud kiodred ocm piaiett certain. If Um ib aaaaoa M MM the Tiru* from tk? imUoim ltl> ki4orM. m>4 Uu k?M tiiom who ON the " CCM" (r? f*om iU ttMKi, inn tfea iritMi tn Intln.tltkoiik expoled to tM dlOai^lMtlr M Do) un.y enroa, bat irotwN fro* the irml variety of mmtoona whion are iLdaood by ihia mahfaNet lata* M. nNi u K?aM*at Pmr. Chill Pmr.Duk, fcikod Ajao, I?rio<2.o4.. H**dkche. or Bliii? H??cache. 81 'i9?? F*v*r?. NMrtliit, Rltnatt m. Gout, B.ip<ln*??. TwtMrv Et'Mkt, On tfcrrh. AlUffk, rN'fttNliOLi, >*Utnl AffertiOM of tne PflMd. HyaUrioe, Coil*. PferaJyua. im PuifatAneo ton* of the S?u>m?ch and Bo wale, all of which. wh?*a Nria'ac 'r m thia MM,will be foetid to a*acm<> mow or looatfce mtrrmittAci type. This ' Aica Ccaa" remove* theoaaae of uoao donate menu, and ear** the dieeaae. Tbie it acoonf lahoe by aumlatioi the ozeratoriee to expel the rirua fiom the eyeUrc. and iIim O'tarn by deireeo become habituated to do thia tbotr oflioe of thwr own Mo?rd Heooe an*N what wo terra acchinaLaiion. Time may aoc>mp tah Ua um vna, 001 kiicb ui' la noi long enosf r>. or la torifioed in tits attearpt. whils this "Aati Celt" doss it at new, Md with safety. Tk? nuuirt use of this in ail var ttm SI mil, tu abowa it to be a aarer m well as a safer remedy for ths wbois olaas of dissasea whiob ars oause<l by ths miasms tio infection, than anr otaar which has bar a discovered; and it has still another important advaatacs to the psbiio, whioh is that it is cheap as wall ^Prepared by WL J. C. AVER * CO . Lowall. Mass. ao M aola Helmbold'e Genuine Preparation. 44 HIGHLY CONCENTRATED'' f COMPOUND Pt.CtD KXTRACT 0UCI1* Positive and Specific Remedy ?L*!JP.kAPP.R?, RIJ9NSYe. wrAir.uinn imurBlU A L> B w K LL?I > Wl*. Thta Mmioic* iserntM Ue w?? of Dif*?Uoa, Mid ?oit?? the ABtHJR BKNT^mto be*itby toMKNTS are rrdnoed. m veil u FAIN m2INFLAM %l ATION. Mdna row) for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLIF8 KXULACT RI'CHU. For W?taM< Ariiiac from Kiiwm, H?biu ?l DtMipaboa Early Indmcretion or Abate. Attmdti wuk ik* /*Unmi Symrtv*ir lodiapocition to Exertion, Lom of FotNr. I/O* of Memory, Ditodtrof Braatki^, Waak Nerree, Trwnbiici. Horror of Dimmo, _ WUa^fnMi, iniKDMa or vuion. . ? Pain In the Book. I Di*er?al LAMitude o tt? Maaoular System Hot Ha.nd?, Flwulax of th* Body, Drynaei ol the Skin, hrujeuoua on U* Pim, ^ PALLID COUNTENANCE. Tlnw ?ymptorn?, If allowed to to on, whiok tfcia m*dtoin* invariably removal, aoon MTnvi IMPOTENCt FATVIT% EPILEPTIC FITS, IIIOS* Of WHICH TH* PaTIMT MAT KlMa b,l^?uTR V'"** "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION.. Huj ai* ?w%r? of th? n%??? of th?>r mfTeriiif, THE H ^ ilU lif Mti*nckol* ArfUl by Crm>irmpt%om Bear an pi - witnf?e to the troth of the a?mtaoa. the sjihuib5*? R**airee the aid of medioine to atrencura IThick BBJiaoLD'e F*VT R A C^BU C B r' ||jy ^|j| A T1I1L WILL COWVI-XCl TBI KMT IIirTlCiL. ?* Ui MANY AFFf.CTlONS PECUNIAE TO FkMaLE8, the Pi tract Bacha is aaeaua d hr aar other remedy, as ia ^lil?roeie or Retettioa Irrecu:vitr. Painmln??ea, or 8appreeeion of Caf ternary Kraonatir>n?, IMooratod or H?irr hoat etata of the Uterus, l^noonhoa or Whttaa. Xterllluf, ao< for a.1 oomplaiata laoident to Um a * vb?Uar ariainc from lndieorctloa, HaUU of PuaiHlwfc or in the DECLINE OR CHAXOE OF LIFE. iiiirarToiu above. NQ FAMILY ^tlpl'M* Bfc WITBOtT IT Tak* no mitt Bnisam, Mirnry, m wyiwunt M*d\r/>m fm wnpitnmnt nmd Da*mrrout /titCMi. HELMBOLD*8 HXTRACT BtCHO 8BCKE7i>%KA&e8 In all their 8Uf?*. At iitti* UHaMi Lottie or so ohauce In Diet; N o luoonrenleocot * And no Ez^ontrt. (t nanaee a fr*anent deeire and pre* etreaftfc to Jnnatt, thereby Remorii.c obctraotiona. Predentin*: and curing Mrietnroe of the Urechra* UsTizfg Paia and lnllaaimat.oe, eo frequent la tbe ciae? of dieeaees. aad exyeikn< #ti tmmmm <*mi t?o?? nut Mautt. THOUSANDS CPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVE UK TBI VICTIMS OV OF ACES, and who bar- paid kenvyfoti to be ru-^J in a rliO'1 beie. hare found th*f were deoetved. and that CM "fOIBOrr hM, bj the aa# ofrowam urmiMKMTt," been dried up in the ayetein. to mh out u> an Tiled form, fc&d P EHHAPS AFTKH. KAKR1AQ*. Um HrLKBOLD'a Exmrt Bvcw for &. ift?tioni and a i ?<**?? of tJJe IJRINAft Y ORGANS. Whether exietinr in MA I K Oft FKMALR. From whatever oau?? oricwauiif tend bo Mltor of HO WLOS GS r A N DING Diimmi of tfceee orcaot rrqjure Uie aid ot % Dmrtti n mriit iSva pttii ?n-r ' * - ' > (WkV. # II ? V ?1 *, IS TBK bUF.AT D1URETiO. And It om-tMs to have tS? daairWl ?foot la a< biaNwiPOR WHICH IT 18 RrXOMMhMJED. Endfnct of tke moil rottabU and roipomi&io Mf ttr wiil toeompviv the meJioi^M CERTIFICATE* OK CURES. Prom ' to ?> utart ttrnmdms. 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