Newspaper of Evening Star, November 19, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 19, 1860 Page 3
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I .. lTTTTl news. tfj~ Tbonsb Th? ?ta.b U printed on the tuter* Mean prm In use south e( BaiUnor*, Its edition I la ao l*rps m to rsqaif?1t to br put to prrm at an cnr'.y %mr; Mlvrrttarmeeta, tb?r?for?t, ab?tiM be a*-nt in before 12 otlocfc tit ; etbtrwtae they may not appear rntil ne*t day. None*.?MatrH-t of Oalmnbla Advertlaeaaenta f t* lanrted ia theBaltimoks Snare received at and forw.ifded from The #ta* OAce. R twsiuw ? Vtatenlay, the morning wu rather unfavorable tn rrry torse cootfrejratloua at the vsr.on* ehnrtb*-*. the clowde barlne a threatening i pp?stance. Notw|th?tandlnjr. the attendance wu iwiutuafly luge ot many of the churches. M P. Otitrtk. Ximtk rirett ?The ternee* were conducted by the pestnr, P Lizht Wttaon, trfc? ^ preaehedirj the n&ominj: from Phttlppian?,3 10,11. # It ???Vl fV^rr, n<.Vi?l ft II T>,? itnra# wri I *? ? Ut^ il W??? ?? - " - ? * ?"*? ? listened U? witli profnitud attention by an intellijjent ?ndiei?e?*. The minister introduced biaMrnon by premising tbat God wl lit not tb? death of tb* tinner, reciting ?s evidence of this the gift of hi* Son a* a redeemer, the gift of revelation Iof tbs holy spirit. and Um institution at a living ministry, each operating for tb? salvation of man lie then proceeded to consider the deatb referred to in the text It fi not the temporal deatb result 11 ?z from the original ?!n, whlcn la natural to all, but that rptrttaal death which is called the second %" a d-ath. Tbe prracher procetded to define thia w d?*ntb; and after a very interesting comanent upon the various texts of St ricture referring to It, concluded with tbe drttnitlon tbat it ] in brief a fts-paratloa from God. Tbe Interrogatory la addrr'v-d to man aa n reasonable creature. He baa endowed witl a intad to act intellectually. <iod requires nothing of man that is an reasonable. KeUglon Is offered to man asan intellectual being, and because there was reason for it the apostle calta It ** our reasonable awtlaa." Bat man willa u;.i uwn uravu, auu iuc iuarii siui j is ivi iuc purpoM nt Inducing reflection Th? preacher proc<?rde<! to show the unrfieonableneas of a life of evil, and ended with an eloquent appeal to the > ootcrcMfiUiM to rhoee the reasonable courae that lead* to eternal life Kifland Ckap'l ?The paator (Rev. .Mr Coombs) in Uituuo alr.j[ discoursed from Revelations 21 3,4. Although tfcf style of the Book of Revelations is figurative and el??v.tte?l, and to the expoettion of ! which the learning and wisdom of 'aires bare to'lrd in vain, yet to the Christian it it of delightful and thrilling interest. The Tls'on figures therein ro?tal?e?l pass before tte mind's eye like a gorgeous panorama, reflecting and portraying the beneficence and supremacy of tbe One Great liod. The tabernacle of God it with men, Jtc., Irrferred to In the text, isdicates the special manner God dwells among his followers, diffusing his light snd I'.fV among them, and where they in*v -ijvroach >nd engage In ceaseless praise and prayer to him: and they thill be hia people, bis ( aympatLiea and affection* beint? Interested in tbeir ap ritoai condlti n, and their foototept guided In patht of beatitude and virtue; ana sball wipe away all teara from tbHr eye*. Implying that the r*u??s giving riae to tbem will be ramov*d in the ? * next wrrld. and tbe soul of the believer titled for the tfron^eat emotion* of Joy?ftor tbe reaaon our heart 1* regenerated and made new, to enjoy every possible degree tf ble?eda??a?conci 1 din* with the iuterroga'ory, Have yoa experienced tun chtri'r. and have wvi <?Tarriin*-il vnn> h???t : ? tii? nil for the occupation of that heavenly Irnartfos* For tbere muit be a correspondence of the person to the place. In the eveaing, the text selected wa* from tiearns 3 24. Grnct ChvrrS ? Rev Mr Hclmejid, rector, preached in tue moraine from Galatians, 4 IS. T t e distinction waa drawn between true Christian *-al and that intolerant zeal which muniei its name, and which baa been responsible for the { ervcotlon to death of millions of human beings. i 1*h?- dnrtitn* that th? *>r\A inatifl*? !> t?a? uMH-'iuced a* one that should never lie countenanced jn tbe ctanreh of Chr!?t And not only fchould tbe end s?nd mean* be right, but alao tbe temper and diapoaitlon of tbe actor. Trinity Ckurrh?In tbe morning, the Rev. Dr Butie.- discoursed from Kiags. 8 13. Tbe amount ? f power in iiiv case ia to be cat i ma ted by tbe rms 'Uace which it overcome* The power of sin fu the bomin soul thus eatiinated Is sometimea ura to be moat fearful. A man must be placed Wilder cartl Influence to be made acquainted with his lh? wc to overcome evil. True virtue conalsta in tba power to overcome sin. and not in avoid 3 nic is. Ciaptl ?Tbe pastor, Rev. Mr McCaulry, conducted the aervlco. The morning discourse wu from Hebrews, 12 1; the evening from 1 .Matthew, 26 II. The recovery of tbe pastor from ^ bis re< eut i lines* so thtt be is enabled to perform f hi* palptt and pastor :l services with his former - spirit and regularity, is a source cf -great satisfao A t:cn to his parishioners. W Th' L'aie*/Vayr Afrrrwiff of the Young Men's Christian Association was held at NVsugh Chanel yesterday sfVmoon, J S Slater, K*q , leading, Much interest was added to the service by the appropriate remarks of Rev. J. R. fclttnger and L >i<?s s Clark end Jamleson. The meetings will L< resfter be held at a quarter to fovr o'clock. C4K ir??*i*J[w M P. Ctwrrk?Rev Wm. T. Domni. pastor, conducted the service of the day. and delivered aa able discourse from tbe Kpistle of James, 4 8. At uigbt, the straion whs <# Used upon the 3t?th ve se of the 4th chapter of Si Mitikttc'i?Rev. Mr Cbarlie, of Geor^etown College. u'-g solemn high mai>?at 11 o'clock a m , ar.d I)r \V bite preached concerning ^t. Pete''* Chun b at R?Mi?e, and npon the respect and ve^eraiiun in which our cburchtn should he held. M F. Ckttr'k South ?Rer. Bishop Paine, of V ? , preached in tbc morning fro-n Geii???'ii, Ji At niiiht, Rev. J # Clark, of Va . preached froui Matthew, 7.7 to 11th verses inclusive. A ?"wiojy j I nurrn ?IIPT .tir. I'otuns occupied the pulpit, r>r??arhiT!g in th* morning from the textof Lute"' 1?; and at night from Psnlms23 1.3 St. Patmk' *.?Father Walter preached at high mm from the gosprl of tbe day ai fuuud in the <- b chapter it St. Luke'* gospel. Th? Mabtiaxd L.iio* Baptist A*?ociat1o!< held i?? annual oireting last week til ibis city, as already stated, Jn the E street church This body consist! of ministers and lav delevaus wmwhi. ^ in<j uc^rlveli ?1 ehurehe? cf t!ie denomination | in the Mate of Maryland and tbe District of Colombia; tbe number cf chnrrbea reported being ^ thirty Ave. represented by about aeventy-Bve deleft gates TLe opening rermon waa preached by Rev. F Wllaon, of Baltimore The discourse l waa of a denwtninati >nal character, setting forth its distinctive principles and giving statistics of I its rapid growth and large numbers In nearly all ' of tbe MM Tbe dtscourae waa listened to ny a l!?rg? audience T he aeeaions of tbe body were | j'rci ipaily cccup.ecl in attending to matter* of i> relatnj; to oaiMloDaxy operations within I tb? bounds of the AMueiatioa. tbe Columbian College, and ' The True Union," tbe denominaI tlonalp.iper published in Baltimore. , In pursuance of a revolution passed by the body, g an appeal, prepared by an *bV rommlttee, was adopted. and dim ted to be published in the papera of tbe denomination, to whom It la specially directed, having reference to tbe present excised state of a portion of the country, extorting to for Warance ar,d peace; also, reron,n?rndlng the Lurches of tLe dein>ii.lD*t'.on v thin the l.ouods f tLr ssstx utioa to oUtrvf the firs'. Mouday in P-cember aa a day of humiliation and prayer for deliverance from threatening evils. A very ugr<??Weeecompatilmei?ttethee*ercises of the occasion was a social tea drinking served to the delegate* and visitors in the lecture-room, prepared by the ladles of the church, whose skill in inch matters is not unknown Toe E st. ret Church, la which these meetings were held, has been for some months past undergoing extensive improvements in the construction of an entire new snd verv elaborate and I fro-it. new roof, he. Tbe Interior also ts being rruotrittd and m proved to considerable extent. Tbe work will, w? understand, be completed within tbe present mAnth, when tbe house will 1rs.nk with tbe beat and handsomest church edifices In ?( city. - Tat Wi?wam Cask ?We are Informed by tbe Dlstri<*t Attorney wboae nntne hssbeen mentioned la a report in tbe Star of tbe trial of tbe parties charged wltb tbe attack on tbe Wigwam, aa ha*;n< failed to appear himself or to send counsel for tbe United States at either of tbe exaaDlaatlons tirld be/ofe Justice Donn that it ts no part of tbe duty of ftar District Attorney to attend or provide co'iMei to Aiima an / eianuuauona before trate*. kui luil Uke duty of that officer under the atatete la oalv to appear before tbe criminal court. TLat uccm nialiy, in peculiar caa a, and for tbe ?u<(kmtot public juaure, Ibe Dtatrtct Attorney u appeared atUlaia before may talratea, but tbat uudar no clreumatance* la (bat ?Ulcer required to kttand at aueh trlaLa In a^iiM/n ? tk- -4 rtMom. we have authority for raying that In tb? craa above alluded to. th? Diatrlct Attorney wai lint even informed tf tbe trlala thea pending, nor a word aald to Mm by any party wUoaoever about attrndtng aaid trial or wotD/mu raunael to at. e:j<l j A Hist ?The etul*n now tie pretty long tad moat people, especially tboee of the penmate*, re looking about quite eagerly for dme gao4 lively wbolaerme in <>ermeat ta ao* cupt tne Ion* bour? after nightfall. To tbaae vrbo axe a little nirtlcuUr tn tk-i. ? -* ? - - tt ?v?i vmwitc us aoaoaemeota,?w1m> like a capital good tint, bat like to eojoy it in good coiopiny and unalloyed by ?n* elr jieot of rewdvlora. U> tboae we would jJtt Mnt tb?t the Odd fellow* Leeeeto be KiYfn at Odd Fallow*' Hull, Nov W. latbc Identical' thing tbey a?f looking lor. Tata will do faro pMMut reminder; we ?ball girt torne IntereaUag [particular* anon as Ixtiuiotcu. Tiut Lxracrss ?At the requeat of a norabet ot bia ftiooda in tbia city, the He* Df t Yaotea Reeaa, of Baltlaioro, baa cooago lad to doll ear a lootaro in tbo SoaHbaaaiao la. ftltuOoa in tbo ooano of tbe coming wook. i*?esA orWt, ment of tk* Crtrmnai Ctmrt mMrmtdkm Ik* Ikrrutt ('ml-On Satordey lent, Jadee Merrtek delivered Ttf dTHtmi of tfa? majority oTtlwConrt lo the om# of Wit* H Manjulaa, ???Ti?led at the laat tern; of the Crtmtrm! Court of keeping a faro banlL and aefttenced to a term of service In the peatfcntlarv Appeal waa taken by tha defendant'a^owiaei Co the Circuit Court upon except)*tU to tbe indictment under which the. traveraer waa trlni and ooorlrted The count i n the 1 adlctmeet excepted to charged that thetraveraer, ' cm the Wth day of November, ai, and on dtren other dava and timea between day and tha day of taking thia Inqulaitlon with force and armi at the county aforesaid, a certain lfero bank there aituate for kta lucre and . gain aalawfally and Injuriously did keep and malirtata, etc . ete.:? fx J t? i \ .1 J A L I a J I - A A m a <ub?5 metric* Hia mis inuicunvni waa no.uicu on tbe act of March 2,1631, chap. 37; and that Dm general principle* by which tl wti to be tested admitted of no dispota, they being found in all th? text books, and thefr reaaona moat succinctly tatrd by the Supreme Court In 7th Peter*, p 149. After quoting the language of tbe authority last named, Judge M. stated that the crime charged In tbU instance la a statutory and not a common law tffeue, and that we muat therefore reaortoniy to tbe statute for ltadefinition; and referred to tbe eases collected In Rtngold's case, reported In 5th Crane h, 379; la all of which It had been treated aa a statutory offense. He then referred ton case which bad come up before the passage of the act of March 2d. 1631, In which the traverser waa charged with keeping a common gambling bouse. In which It had been averred the traverser caused aad procured divers idle and evil-disposed persona to frequent and come to play together at a certain unlawful game called faro In that caae, the Court had said that the act of 1797. chap. 110, see. t. was the onlv act In force In tola country ior restraining any atna or games, except me Bylaws of tbe Corporations of Washington and Georgetown, and that act oaly prohibited tbe Betting up, keeping and maintaining certain gaming tables, faro among the number, in taveras and houses occupied by retailers of winea. spirituous liquors, etc ; and that tbe Court bad long before bifid (in U. S. agt. Willis, 1st Crancb, page 511.) that playing afsny game, even fur money, Is not sn oB?us? at common law." After referring to tbe ca*e of Rex agt. Rosier, 2d Dowllag and Ryiand, page 318, to shew that the common law was laid down to the same effect by Bailey Justice, Jndge M went on to say that the inal blow against faro banks was struck by tbe act of Maryland 1797. chapter 110, but that that statute extended only to cases of s faro bank set up and kept by a tavern keeper or retailer of wines and ltqnors; and tbat after a lapse of thirtyfour years the prohibition was extended bv the law of Congress to tbe offenses of keeping ''faro bank* or otber common gaming tablet,'' irrespective of tbe character of tbe bouae or otber place wbere thev might be kept He tbea went on to consider what is the true interpretation of tbia statute in view of tbe existing legislation and tbe evil intended to be remedied It was argued, said tbe Judge, tbat tbia statute did not mean to Bkiblt all faro banks from being kept, and tbat word "common'' is to be supplied in its consection, but that sorb was not tbe natural import of tbe words On tbe contrary, the mention of a particular followed by tbat of the class to wbicn it belongs, in the alternative, as expressed by the word *' other," is a legislative declaration that thfl ntrtirnlar *11 tK- "K*? ? berent In ttBrlf of 1U class, and that ao uatd It serves to iliustrate and give character to the genera) expressions in which the claaa ia described; tbat the expresalon ao uard la tantamount to Baying " whoever aball be convicted of keeping any common gaining table, of which common gaming tables a faro bank la one, shall be punished," Ac., 4c ; tbat where the term faro bank" ia uaed in an indictmeut, a particular kind of common earring table 1* sp- ken of aa explicitly aa if the further terms " the aame being a common gaming fable" were superadded AlVr citing the caae of the United States agt Rlntiold, 5tb Crancb, C. C.379, in which the chief jnatlce maintained that the woras of the statute, 44 a ftro bank or other common gaming table/' neeeaaarlly implied that a faro bank ia a common gaming table, and tbat the ket-plni; of a faro table ia p<r se made an offenae, and explaining tbe reason why the indictments in tbat case were quashed, he compared them with the one under consideration, and showed that there wea a most im portant difference between tbem, abu ndantly sufficient to relieve this case from the only obiretion aaalin Rlnoold'irm* in?n- I a faro bank might be innocently kepi. Tbe case of Uar*y, wbicb bad been set for argument on Saturday, was postponed on account of tbe absence of Judge Morsell until another day To-day, tbe Court are hearing arguments in tbe case of Ludim A. Bargy, convicted at tbe last term of tbe Criminal Court of obtaining money J __ #.1. ? A * ? * uuuci iaiac preiencrs irom nenj tnsinwrl, lfi> , on application to reverse tbe decision of Judge Crawford Messr*. Carlisle and Bradley, sen , f?r appellant, and District Attorney Ould, and Paige, for tbe United States QBomccCBHitTT'f Misstekls.?He 1? in town ! We Lave seen him! Who? Why George Christy, the great utidoubted "original Jacobs," whcse unique and Inimitable persona'ions of neg o nilutuelsy have s?t him a head and shoulder* above all other* in hit profession He appears with his company at Odd Fellows' Hall to*night, and there will u .doutitedly be a rush. w?- advise these who with *a tuake s sure thlnvc of it to secure tbeir seats to-day. The programme for tonight's performance Is a great one indeed, and moon? tbe rich parti set down t><4 George's self are -John C Heenan," '-Granny Heath and her tot Hobby JHnbbs," "The Boy with the Auburn Hair," &c. Dy tbe way we hear that a matinee n^rfnrmanfii will h/? trl???n ah IVmAw.. r ?? ? ... ?v ^ .vm w.? ?? vuntvunj wf vuc Christy troupe for the btutflt of ladles <tud children. Central Gcaks hoiii Casis ?Barry Trun el, a coat; dismissed. Wm H Ward, aiding and abetting; do. Joseph Kleack, dltor-1 derlv: fine and coal f i 15. Andrew Bott ler, do ; I do. t i U. iobn T. Tmlcf, attacking a mail car-1 r;er There b?-ing no evld*-nce of the fact be was dismissed Ellen Conner, drunk >n the street; fine and coat V2 15 Hugh Sloan, aaaault and battery on Jobn W. Usher; for court. \Tm ' Berry, do ; do. Hugh Freil. drunk, dlaorderly, and drawing nlstol on the officer; line and coat 1115. Six loaders were accommodated. Stealing.?This morning, Jno. W. Lee, colorrd, was arretted on a cbartre of stealing bogs from Mr. Polettl He waa taken before Justice Donn, who committed bim to jatl for court It wt>s anapected that Lee waa th* individual who waa captursd under suspicious circumstances In the houae of Mr. Howard, a few nights ago, and who managed to escape from the watchman who had bim in custody. Uut it turn* out that he la not the man. Coxvkntiox or thi Un 105 Prater Meetiks Asso< i ations ?It was announced from the pulplta of the various churches yesterday, that a convention of delegates from various sections of the ^ouutry^for the purpose of consulting upon the objects of the Association, will assemble in this city during the second week In December. It Is eipected that there will be a large uumber of delegates In attendance, and arrangements are making for their accommodation. The Thutir ?To-night, It will be rememK?r. H Mr >r.<4 M?? fi <> J - - * , v., .... v/. nuwaru, buu mc miriled little Cordelia Howard, mak- their appearaoce at tb? Theater in the great yioral drama of Tea Nights in a Bar-room," the performance to cenrlude with the farce of "A Loan of a Low " The bill and cast it a good one, and will, no doubt, draw a large houae. Imfudbxi DiriiDiToi. ? On Friday some rot; ue entered the basement of the residence of Mr. Joseph C. G Kennedy, mi H street, between Thirteen and Fourteenth, and stole about eighty pounds of batter. Butter dealers and the do1 Ice hould ne'e any suspicions pmoii who may be ?o?a ottering a lot of first-rate butter. Chxsabiaki am: ^wo Cabal?It la Mated la tbe WlUlamsport I adgar that the canal will be fullr repaired to receive water by Wednesday next. It will take several daya to ill the level*, so that loaded boats can pass. Empty boats will be able to pass up as saon as the water la Vet on. Ta* Viaaiaia Cosr*a*!?ci.?This eccleslanti. v... luimnHU wim iw .uriuoom episcopal Church South, will commence lis session Id Alexandria on Wednesday next, .Bishop Paine presiding. Tin Hiawatha Bots are to hava their ball on the treeing of tbe 28th inst , Instead of the -id, as bat been heretofore stated. See their advertisement in another column. Fiw Moss or tib Sams Boar Lift?Give Simpson a call If, you waat Ne-1 oysters, aorner of Tenth sad Feaaaylvaaia avaaue. It Hos-rarrtt's BrrTM*?There is no au>re valuable artiola ta the whoie eatalof ae of Ueataatie remedy than a vegetable taaio. It mvesftativity to tbe dueativa oraana, itiacro* Um uut.tA it?? li vena t spirit*, i?vi(uratM tlM miaJTatraatthana the body .and ui abort, if juilm ouai) uud, ?ak>-a up th# whoto >?tenj w a vhcl?ioni? o vSntanoo of tU own power*, and a frnewed (JT?po?it[(?>i to exert tonic, not or plaaaantly butm, nar 7at nmiively pint*d,and their aadteai effect ia perfectly aarB8? both netful aad a<r>afcbla. Ntw Tmk Atlas, Aug. 14. 1830. BO 14 *OJt / - p BilCD, ' On th? 18lk ISAAC JONES, iormvly of Ud th -"-AtiJ'cof Umi*h instant. at o'olook, JOMiJ'H V WfLLBrr,*M?ac ton of Vol.air# ami Rajh-I M. v%ll(?5, hlkfcoud r??r o7bl? H?. I^TTtomortaw ftxn*i+y~) ?laul. Md Balto. Sun 00|J.) IA..+ / wiVW. ! - i . . , , I,., i A TOUNG MAN. acquitted Vrtfcth* t<o?ree?, A f? nd in t dr*f Mor?. AdiliNi A. B. D., * uo *VM|W' : ^ ^ WdEXNTED-A food COOK. WASHER, ?nd lRONKR- An Ameriseit Ctrl or !*? preferred Referane?a required. Apply a* ?*4 Mxth at-. laland. bo i9-?* j WH| ANTED?\ PARTNER, with a cap ta! of j from on?tho?'Bni1 to fifteen hnnrrod iloliare, is * (Srat-elBsa grocery ttore Addrfat' M. N? Waahin|tton. D. y. ro 19 8t* Ah- young woman W a nts a situation aa oook, wh<> t-townf ?ly uwitrMi ?1? her bnaiIM. Appijr to 10? E ?t? bocween JOtli nnd il?t nol9 t*. I W| ANTED? \ WOMAN end a BOY, to do hontewo'k. Apply at No. 594 H ?t. None need apply unlaw they can bring the beat recommendauona. no 19 2t* WANTKO-An ASSISTANT in a Drwt Store, "f one having a knowledge of the busfneaa and oanjpy* ?*ti?ffe?tory reftorenee Aririreaa. through the Po*t Office, D. L., giving came and referenoe. no 17-1 WAN TED-SECOND HAND PURNITURE. Persona deo'lning houaefceeping, or hiving a aurp ua of Furniture on hand, can obtain the rath and fair prioea try applying at 369 Seventh at. no 17 HONT7 A GRIFFITH. l/l/jiiiiuu-*?in? union tioiei, ueorgrtovn, " TWO CHAMBERMAIDS. Apply at the Oflw- ?Q 16-9t 1X7ANTLD?B* a re speo table middle-aged woTT n)??. * SITUATION in a genteel family. She ia *gr jara.*tres* and oan do any kind of family sewing. Would ha.e no objection to instructing mail chi.oren in the first part of education. Com eoaation not so moch an object as a gen?eel home. Any address to E. W., left at the Star Offioe. will he attended to. - no l4-3teo WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From 95 to aWJXW worth of SECOND-HAND FURNl TURK ofall kinds, for whioh I will guaranty to pay the highest prioee, and, aa u?ual, at the shortest noboa. R. bOchly, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac , oo 9 40H7thsU.bat. O ana H, east aide. _ LOST AND FOUNR LOST?Dcrinc Um past w?ek. a gentleman's RING. I hTull va ue will bepaid, if delivered at the Ctnim Office. it* IOST Oil pTOLEN-A wrought gold BRACEi LET, Of larff siz*, the links connected bv kinge*. Aa it may be offered for rale, jewellers and P.wnbrukers will please stop it should it no be ofred, and address J. D. W , Box No. 504, City Post Office. no 19-3:* AC REWARD?Strayed away,on the 15th inut, (UJ a red and white COW. turned horns a- d blind in one eye. The above re-Way ward will be ptul if delivered at oorner B atrent south and Fi.**t St., Capitol HiP. No. >01. no 19 3r SUSAN JOYCE. ? C REWARD? Strayrdfom the subasrieer, oa Wedeeaday niaht, the Hth ultimo, a red hufla o milch COW, having two scar? <>n her aide. The above reward will boCdk 5aid to any person returninr raid oow to the owner, OHN ROCHE, orner ?f Filth and Ridge ata., betw*?n M and N, Northern Liberties. no 19-St* dC REWARD.?fltrayed away, on or abont the W" I4?h, from my pwnre .aerobe the Long rrv R id*e. ojh sorrel HORr*E, about 5 or I'LLn year* old. with tip of the left ear turned down. Also, adun COLT. 6 or 7 inootha old. Toe above reward will be paid to any one, by returning them to me, or Robert Rainey's '.able, on Eighth ?t, hftw^m p and E its, no l?-2t* JAMES ROACH. m IkL'V ITP rn,..? ........... ? ? I _ W M .? vuuu II t'll III J y IOU11 ises, n ar tha Anno ?t & Bridge thr r ^#1^1 COVVfandtwo Hfc'IFKKS; on* Maok.jK^ with white spot on forehead, two red and&aJk* white one da k red, and the other red and white. The laat two are heifers, without horns The owners are requested t<? i?om? forward, prove property, pay oharges, aad take them away. no_9 ?t^ joh.n Douglas. C,) RE WARD?I/ost. on the 6th inftant, a black tan TKRRIKR FCJP, six montb?4?^__> old; an-were to the uM*e of Ch?rl?x^^^^T The a^ove reward wilt he paid if deltv- ? rnd at 110 I'our-anda half it. 1* and. no 16-3t* JOHN CROOK. PERSONAL. * All the creditors of the former firm of M. LoWmstkim k. C. Atkmamm *r? requested to present iheir ola'nn to the underI sign* d. as the above firm intend to asiignmenttohim. CBAS. WALTER, _no 19-3t* No. 397 D ?t . oppo. City Halt. OFFICE CHKSAPEAKK ANDOHIOCANAL COMPANY, Washington. Nov. 15, 1W.? N'?tioe is hereby Riven that cert.ficat-i receivable for Mis to accrue to the Chesapeake and Ohio ' anal Comp nv durin* the rear 18 X). dated Aj>-il 26rh.l'6<>. N>i? fil to 81, inclusive, for turn* of $50, |?H0, 92 0 an^ $5 amounting in the aggrecatn to SS.unft, wer? itsutd t?jr order of the Board to John T. Bowl"i, to b' applied to certain repairs, Ac. whioh not having been done, and no value received ipriwmm,inn punno are cautioned acainatreoeivinioi r^Rfctiatinif said certificates, at panned ther-of will be * * isted. By order of the President and Director*. \V. Si. KINOtiOLD, no ^6 flt Clerk C. and O. Canal Company A8TROLOGl!?T.-iiB4D, JiEAD-GntAT Fxcitk*k*t.?Jcar Areivid.?MADAMK I. EiEVif E,th? mont wonderful ladjr now living, who created a wild fur?>r* in her travels. Madams P. ha^attraced the leading heads of tuo country, b. wno give pnmoannen tier r?ve,auon? tru y aatooisnin*. Trio?? who arc in trouble of any km* <o&l one* to her. Madam* will bnnr any one to you and cause them to love you; will break the habits of rirmkincand chrwin*; wi I oa?ae married and unrrarned onrs to rejoice an<l show ihein how to live happily: will recover louse#, direct in regard to l&wxuitt, travHa. number*, fcc Peraona at a distance by atatinjc their *ne and enclosinc one dollar ctp have thr-ir planet* correc iy written and sent hy mail. A 'o, porjOiia in thia city, who fen| a deli caoy in c* ling, by enclosing me d> lUr ahal! be waited upon immediately, all atrict'y corfiilent al. All oommu nidations mun be directed to the Richruoad House, corner liigh'h and I) *>?e<?ts. Toaoc-i'in'otlata Fricea 2* 50 "rnti and $1. Private a nt rAnno ?n 111 ? rt>ot ' 1 ? ? >? >-" "? v d?? wn vivu?iviii?u| cht^uf omi. BO IS 1W VI ADAMK MOK RICK, thr Great Astrolo I"1 oi?t * jjd Doctrw**,.from bumpr?Thin highly and lutfiigent lvly can l>e ouutu ted on the l*a?t. Pr?*entap<j Futar* Kvar.t*. Call at No, 405 Kuhth St., between 0 and II, VVaahiogt^n. BOARDING. Boaklhiv*?rnree or lour sinri* gentlemen can (m> aoooinmodatfd with Board Uy applying at No 313 Mary and avenue, betwean 4>t and 6*n sts , Island. Mechanic! preferred. no l#-tf ISNYDfcR. * PLUMBER AND GAS FTTTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth and F ?ti. He i* prepared t > in'roduoe Wat*r and Gas upon the mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties enti a satisfaction He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other 8TOVK8, whioh ha will sell less thin oust, as ho wiahas to gat rid of them. do 17 I' O GROCF R*, C N FECTION BR8. SEGAR ? DEAI.hRft and RKSTAUhAMTH. PAPER BAGS PAPfiR BAGS, PAPER BAGS. /*'?? raoginic from half pound to twantv pouads, oi uinereni qua iusa 01 paper, i<>r aaie n? FRENCH & R1CH8TEIN, 278 Pa av. N. B.?A lot of old Newapapers, auitable for wrapping p*p?r, for aala. no 17 CIOAK8! CLOAKS!! C L O A K 81!' The Camilla, the Arab. the Garibaldi, The Romeo, the Zouave, ttiAAJhanae, The Riehard, the hndian Sank, theFreuch taok With many other new and beautiful at? in Rept Treeo and French beaver CJotk, in price* from .93 so to #38. to whioh we aak the attention of thelMiM. do 17 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. \EW RAISINS, CURRANTS. CITRON, IN LEMONS, CRANnt RRIK?, WALNUTS. ALMONDS, ??4 OLIVE OIL At L. A. PELLWIG'S. DROWN. YELLOW, and COFFEE dUGARS, O CRUSHED ud POWDEKED do At L. A DELLWIG'B. FW& LOT ?/t G^NDElNLwroL^CK noTn&- M U A- Nar/^ard. Sinter's Sewlar Machines I tftA F*. A tmtfi A (Natima! Hotel Building ) We invito attention to onr new #f0 Machine. Thie Machine ia aasurpaeead ta the hoasehold. It sews. hemi, fella, aa<f gathers,?eeu the fineat Swiea or ?loth ten layers thick, and tnjthing between the two extremes, in a beautijul aud aubatantial mar. bat. CO- Bend tor a ooay of 1. M. Singer k. Co.'e G?xetie. CHARLES A. SPON8LER, DD17J121 A rai t gAFETY! ECONOMY.'! LIGHT!!! from the frequent explosion* of i luirinating fluid*, producing an immense amount of suffering Cri frequently behooves the head of every miljr to prooare the pftfest, oheape-t and mo*t br'liiaat litht to be obtained. This it offered to the public in tne article of COAL OlL, of whnh we intend to kees a. oonstent supply oa hand. Also, the LAWPe for burning said oil. Lamps burni. g me oil ean be seen any night through the week at *i? Hardware aad variety Bto. e No. Pa. aveaoe. near TkirU etrteC mo 17-t GEO. SAVAOE. TH5.JSK2KiRkJM??*u AAiSH and Lijer Beer Saloon in Maryland avenue, bithIrtoaUaaded to qy Mr Ackmaan. I? the Germaa In ?onneetion with the aibreeaid. we beg leave to annuuuo* that the above Saloon will be loauguiefis* * MECHANICS' HALL en A&oaday, Nav. ?, with a wlendid LUNCH m the forenoon and a BALL in the evening, and ad,,,OI>*?^ ?e*tafar oae gentleman 1 acer. all kinds of Win?tuid Ijaiar*. Al.iII f the beet quality. m n T^ITE MECHANICS' ASSOCIATION. Two CHIC^^lTilAWANOS8 lB beet order. ' U ?? ' -'* wwttl'kj * i4 '0 > ?* ? ! FOR AN*r> REKT. i Ho. 470. between F ud ? *-o??e??ioa fiT-r on tkeSth of Deeemher Rest. AfP'T to >. KIRKWOQI), 4T6 Twe fth at. # 1?-*f I l^OR RENT ?Tfcose Ivsntlfal PARLORS tU F til* houu Oil n -*? " ?1 . ? --- r-- >mjm wq vi sum. vwntf rji*|avaiw Wf | occupied laat aee&ion of C?ngreea by. Hon. Mr. j Humphrey. are now for rent. Alao, the Pa'!o*a . bow ..ecapfed by P. dp Hu< Jlnv e/, B*q.. in the ; earoe houae. There ate aleo arTtaa: *?? rwai auitahl^for eingle gentlemen or traaL'faiui'iea, with or board. It* '|<(> lkt?A ooirmoiiana thr*e atory HOl'SK, & with back building, wing. aide I t, ata'ile, Ac , completely furniihed with allth modern improvement*, ?n the corner of H *tid Twenty-firnt atr*eu. yo8?mion given immediately. bo 17-lw* E*OR RKNT-TwoROOM* in third t07,??tr joininu.with water and cw, or a fine PARLOR, lighted with na?, in aeoond atory, u> a plea&at t jtart of the city. Term* low. Apply on the prertuaea, ) No. 4*6 Mam. avenue, between 4th ana 5th eU., | north aide no 16-tf For rent-two dwelling-houses, one on Tenth at reel, between L and M ala.and the other on L atreet, between 9th and 1im.ii. Poaaeeaion given immediately. Inquire of the aub?cr?ber, at hie reeidenee, on L atreet, between 9 h and 10th. (no K Z. JONES. FOR rknt-a brick dwelling-housk, No. USO Sixth atreet w et, between M and N korth, containing roomi and a kitohen Teriae moderate. Apply next door north no 15-1 w* ROOMS POR RENT-A lady and gentleman preferred, or ladiea. Inquire at No. 4 35 1 at, between 9th and Mth. no 13-lw* FH OR RENT?A three etory brick HOUSE,containing 8 ro? ma, in good order, with gae fixturea oomplete, on H atreet. between 4th .and 6th. Alao, a two-atorr briok COTTAGE, with large yard attaohed, oorner of F atreet north ajH 14th at. r?u?>u?i mi (auuin wnigii mo wrRil will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G aad H. no 15-tf FOR RF.TT-A two storr-aixl-attia FRAMf, HOU9K, with baok-building, containing nine 1 room-, in complete order, with gas. situated on L street, between 9th a .d 10th ?ts.. north side. To a purotual tenant the rent will be |?) per month; none othersjneed aptly, to KENNEDY A HUGH, Groo?r?. No AO* Seven'h >t- no li ateo rT*Q RENT?Tliat pleasant COTTAGE RE8I1. DENIZE, containing 7 rooms, with front baloonr, large yards in iront and tear, frosting H it. in Printing Offioe tfqnare, between North Capitol sn/i 1 ?" ? 1 ' *?* . ?\^ui ???v po? NHliin. AVUlOIB. u J letter or in per*on, \VM. ST10KNEY. 1>Q < tf FOR SALE?A new two-story briok HOUSE on Fourth street, below New Yo.k avenue. The house it an feet front and 43 feet de?y ; hat ft. foot rMcage, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, and four chamber*, with *tairwav* in paa*ag? and kitchen, with good c-liar under the whole house Fo- term* inquire at 499 Seventh atreet, opposite Odd Fellow*' Hall, no 1-tf JAS. 8. TOPHAM. For RENT.? a three-itory and basement frame MOUSE, near Fa, av , on 10th. between G and H sts., No. 413. Inquire atSlMLEY & GUY'S Hardware Store. Pa. av. oc 30-if FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West*t-i Georgetown. at present oocu pied by the *ub*criber. It ha* 12 room*, with ga* and water throughout, a fin* yard, stable 4o , and ii in aitood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MASRLDER. oc3S tf FOR RENT?A four-story brown-front DWEL UNO. situate on Thirteenth ?t., between L and Massachusetts a v.. one of the mo?t desiraWe locations in the oit*. The house is furnished witb marble mantle* ; also. (u and water fixtures, with ^th room Inquire at WM. P. SH EDO'S Fancy ore, No. SOaitth st oc 71 25t? F^OR RENT.?Two new three-rtory BRICK HOUSES with back buildings, each bouse oontainiivg 8 rooms, with gas, pleasantly situated on nth street north, between M and N streets: rent moderate. App!? t<? K. LAZRNBY. oppoette.or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenue, between 13th and 13th streets oc 9tf 'PUREE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN ACR?8 a in rairiax oouet*, v&., in exoenent order; wf II timbered; good buildings; a Drown atone quarry. a railrovi car shop and waier station id net be erected on the form. Also, a new Steam Mi l ir. Loudoun county. a purchaser can get a bargain of 6. W. HRaS', Agent, 616 Seventh it,, Waihiortoa, D. C. ool? Im* FOR RENT?Possession on the 1st of October The DWELLING HOUSE No. 433 D street, at preseat occupied by the Rev. Dr. Butlsr, ana next door to the residence of the advertiser. , _ J. M. CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house, as 18-tf FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the building immediately opposite the west win* of the City Hal.,reoently occupied by Chas. 8. Wal'.ach as an oflloe. Also the front room m the sooond story and the third floor of the same Mi i Id in*. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 9 Louiaiana avenoe. la 13 tf l^uk balk?a imtn rakm oi3"acres, situate* r at the Little Falls, having a comfortable dwelling-house, oornbouse, tables, /to; weil-feneed ana watered ; within four mile* of Washington ; U acres in cultivation, the balanoein handsome woodland. It is peculiarly desirable as a country real deaoe, being perfectry healthy and most romantically situated : excellent fishing and hunting. Inauir* of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain U'idge, Little Falls. de7-5awff_' t' b u a r 3. ul uakb:: t CLOAKS!! We have just added to our ?tnck a number of New Pattern*, tojether with all tb? most faihioaable ?tyle? worn. Th? ladies will find a larce ?*eortment to acl?ot frcm, and all at arioen to ?uit the timet, to whioh w? oall their ?p<*?ial alter tioa. ? W. COLLKY & CO.. o '6 5t No. 323 Soven'h ?t.. above Pa. ay. NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 4T6 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'I, Next door to Clay's (late V. S.) Hotel, between Third and 4i streets. 6. 0. EVANS, im order to aooommodate hi* lefinne of ouatomer* thruothout the United Stntee, boa located A BRANCH STORE of his wid#?r oelsbrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Wash;i)Rton City, at 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. where can always be fonnd a complete sleek of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of tlie UNITED STATfcS AND EUROPE. Every book ie sold fit the _ _ PUBLISHER'S HtUUL.AU KATES, Md A GIFT worth from Fifty Cent* to ONE 11UNDRKD DOL LARS is presented to EVERY PURCHASER at the tim* of the aale. Beint extentiveiy ensued ouraelrea in the PUBLICATION OF BOOKS, and from our large sale* enabled to pnrehaae entire edition* from other publisher*, we oan offer INDUCEMENTS to omr patrons not elsewhere to be obtained. OUR~GIKT8 RE ORNAMENTAL. USEFUL. AND VALUABLK, Comprising a Thousand Varieties ; Among wtaioh we nam*? Sold and Silver Watohee, Gold Chains, Ladies' splendid Dlack and Plaid Bilk Dress Pattame Parlor Tim* Pieoes, Silver Plated War*. Costljr Sets of Cameos, Mosaic, Florentine, Coral, Garnet, Turquois and Lava Jewe.ry, Gold Locket*, Penoils and Pens, Ladtes' Neck, and Chatelaine Chains. Genu' Bosom Studs and Sleeve Buttons, Pookst Knives, Port Mommies, to., Ac. The oittsens of the Distriot and vioinitr are respectfully invited to examine oar s?ook of Books and Gifts, whether dasiroas of parshaeinc or not and by ao doing will be enabled to jsdge of the advantages to be derived from oar popuiar system of oondaotiac Book sales. JET" Call for oar new classified Catalogs, wherein onr method of doiac basiness will be frond folly detailed. (Or Persona sendtng for books from a distanoe will reoeive une attention m though at onr store, the gifts, in all oases, acaonipanying the yurohate. 6. G. EVANS'S GIFT BOOK EMPORIUM. 4t? Pniii. Arnti, no 10-tf Washington D. C. rjpME STYLES, pJH^gQUALITY. THE Oar stock efr!LOAK?, SHAWLS.and Will TKK WRAPPING (or Ladiaa tare Mud hy pur hucril to exoal in all the above pmata uar a took of DRY GOODS for family vaata u (aa u?u%i) oompleta in all a?-a?tU?*Dta. CARPfcTS, CURTAINS/ OIL CLOTHS, Il'O!*. k?.. iiimt floor*. JHOU8K I INKNa, COMPORTS. BLANKETS, Ac., butmint a ad the' *aalu." One prioe only; th* Taiae marked in plata ftfaraa. All parooa oaretaUy packed free of ckivire An examination of atoaa I near a ao oMuMioa ta parohaaa. PERRY * BROTHER. Deal** a ta trst olaaa D't Gooda, Pencav Wauifcavouaa a ad Mh atraat. no 17-M "Perry BttiUflag." r*O TO FRRNCH A RICH?TEIN'S. VJI 9T* Pa. Amors, for U* Nnr Yotk Dal?r HerHd. liana, ud Tribana. All tka waaftly pa*a*a on kwd. M oath? And Qaartarlr Umuidm. VaakM Notiuw for IkmmW, Nov i? th? tima to aabaariba to Harya ? M?tAFy ; PaoiafcwT?aaia? tW t?4b m m*71 IW^8bJSr?^A'7.A?^ tadttttata. aoi It |tfw^|lliltt4lYi lu ## J J0 ttMim (In ItviV Wf'-mJ I Corf**ro*Uenr? #/ Tk* St+r. e?o*?*n>w*. KnwiMi 10. itm a.%. - ' ? ? vptm uii apttaricaj ixIrk dome of Um High Service Rcwrvoir li iltUlly pra(MilaK. Coanmeacing with a diameter of 1*0 fwt, tbo opening is now only 9* feet aeroaa, and bu v?( to be red weed to 9" feet The arch u being 'Wtft It without a centre, or other support, and or coarse thediflicultles increase u th* wall approaches the harlanatal. i-Uefa brick la now laid at aa angle of 45 dmiw fr;?a perpendicular, and would alip from ita placr were it not for the cohesion of Um tt.<>rtar Aa the arch gets higher, the workmen will Lave to lay upon wort at It ! finished, and hold each brick In place until the mortar ae'a sufficiently to keep it there. Each conrae around the opening kers itself, ?nd mn?t remain in piaee: so that, in esine of a alip. only the natntshed course cocUi Call. Still, h baa a dangerous sp pes r? nee to see th? workmen covering over ti..s lOQinease reerptocle with a mere shell, as it were, and frarleaalv advancing higher and farther over, trusting themaelves above the abyss without any support other than the work of their handa from hour to hour The danger la only in appearance, however: as ttw f? ??? ??*? ? _ - - , ?- ?- - aw ? v i?vi rwiH^ wn ir.aasire feundatlona The West Georgetown arbool-house, located on the triangular lot at the Intersection of High and market atreeta. ta nearly completed, tad fa wall suited for the purpoae for which It la designed. The building la SO bv 90feet, and two atorieahlgh fcbove the cellar. There la but one school room os each floor, (one for boya the other for glrla,) and each extenda the full length and breadth of the building, aa tbe atatrway and entrleaare in as exterior building joined to the north front The acbool room a have lofty ceilings, sod are commodtoul, light, and airy Mr. Joan C. Harkness (of your city) waa the architect; Meaars. Jos L k W. H. Semines, contractors and carpenters; Mr B. Hutcblna, bricklayer; and Mr C A. OtTutt, Cater. The name of the plasterer we did not rn Mimh ? i. ' - - - ? ? ? m vuo iv iiuuqeo, two eowrpriiiU^ I young business man, have erected on Fourth street a large two-rtory frame baiidtng tor a soap and candle tnanu'aetorv This, aa well aa the two tine brick dwelling* being erected by Vwi Barrett tc Meem on (Jay street, and otber Improvements finished or In progress, we shall notice at length in n day or two. Mr. N. Gerrett blacKvmttfc, formerly of Jeterson county, Va . out for many year* a resident of Georgetown, fell from his door on Saturday evening, and in a few minutes breathed bis last He had been in rery bad health for aome weeks past, and in falling received serious Injuries about the head and face, which probably were the immediate causes of his death An etherial oil lamp exploded at Mn Shaw's residence, on Prospect street, on Frlds/ evening last, and came near resulting seriously, as the dress of a young lady visitor caught fire", and but mr me pretence of mind of those gentlemen who came to the rescue coon as the alarm was gWea and extinguished tbe flimn, another victim would have been added to tbe long Mat of those murdered by explosive burning fluids. The stock of wood purchased by our dealers this season up to tbe 1st instaat. is a great 4ml leas than was received during the same period last year and preceding aeasoas The stark of coal?anthracite and bituminous? is also below the average, and unless ?or dealers make up th?deficiency, a scarcity f fuel it to be appreheudtd if tbe winter is a bard one J ufet as we close our letter the J u venile Cad eU of Georgetown College are Marching down Bridge IfMt an* r,.??. - ? pc*cu* sue ?|ipmr?ncc. 1 urj arc commanded by Capt. Cowarden, ton of a Richmond ed:tur, and will spend the dav at tbe "Villa " Tbe company la preodrd by Withera' full band, with their n?w instrument*, lately recti ved from tbe North. Aa aome complaint baa been made about tbe lamp* at the west end of Bridge street n"t b-lng lighted, we will gtate that the gas mala bad to be taken up Id consequence of the laying-down o( tbe large waterpjpw. All will be right In a dav ?r two. It will be seen bf advertisement below, that the singing acbool concert which drew such a Urge and respectable audience at Forrest Hall a few weeks ago. is to be repeated 1 he repetition la for the benefit of the Ltdies' Union Reuerolent ?/?! *<> "-I ?- * * ?uivu aunnnpiiiun >um (real gi'oa ampngst tbe poor In oar midst. Of course tbe hall will be crowded on ibis occasion. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS Repetition of CONCERT! The SINGING SCHOOL CONCERT wiU be reseated a' Forrest Hall on FRIDAY EVENING NEXT, (or the benefit of the Ladies' Union Benevolent aooioij. no 19-eo3t WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, have >hi? day entered into a e~p*rtiMrsb<p uoJar the same andstjleoi Juhbr 4. M ihiu *n, for the pin poi* of ohduotuig tne to?p and Candi? ll'inu'u. We olicit a share of tne pulio pat'onM*. r.ui we pl?lgo ourselves that b? hlcg will be ?j>?red on our p&it to pirate our fuead* aja the puhito JONES k. MEHEGAN Georgetown, D. C. gcpteciher l, 1380. no 19 3t tpOf^BOSTON?The brig New Wo-lJ li&? arrives, aid is now Itacharging her ftvijht. "'- diSfft'.ft * BRO.. SSL o 15 Iw 99 a-d 101 Wat?r'atrc*t. lll'T'PLD DO A A DA| BUCKWHEAT, ?c. S5 ket? prinu BUTTEK, ],<* > lbs. supf.ior BUCKWHEAT, 3 bbla. CKANB KM III E?, 5 ' CUCUMBER PICKLESin rumir, Sno ib*. Ftexlt HULL BUTT* R, Ml Uiud B?ak CODFISH. SCO'lCH HER KING. loobest* iow-pno?d \ . H.acd Black TEAS. Also. Parita, Cora Starch, rtice, Flour. Maoaroni, Bordeaux Oil, GeUuue. Hop?, Curb. Soda sure (irouu J Coflee, Concentrated l.jra. Ao. For ?*le by no 15 fit W. B.TENNBY. J 100 BBL.S. OF FKIMECIDF.K, U*T Arrived and for tale ,che?( iqr oyh. I1Q 13 A KI\ Y * T?HI!? W. For rent vkry low to a good tenA.VT-A CGinmorii.iua two ?lory II K I 0 K "WELLING, on Frederick, near Seoon<l utreet. Georgetown, with b iok kitchen, m h o?m and moke iioum. A pump of good water in the jard. noja 61 TV'M. G. R1DGELY. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhd?. priiDe Porto Rioo SUGARS, 150 bb!?. <f,d Rje WHI-KY, asobhji. HERRING and ALE WIVES. ? bb!?.? rimhed and Refii:-d "UGARS, so tta<K Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.ihiw prioed) MOLASSES. For ?alehf JOHN J. BOG UK. ee 10 i 'KANUbLU OPTICIAN, V Nc. US Bruiti rt., n??? Ua? eomrt&cti on han* a large aeeortmeat of French Near-eighted, Periecopio. ft ? ? orod, and aL other SPECTACLES, ol^? ^2^ the boet cold,ailver, teel.and Gorans 'rer frames. n. B. Old F^amea Repair*^ ?nd aew t neeot lattemtoordor. bo lMr MAS8EY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILAOELLT1 PB1A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oocntantly receiving fresh supplies ofue above delightful beverage, and invite til ??riom who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to rir? it s trial. LKKAT* * KNOWLES, I Ft, * FJ R E AND AGENTB. Offici Ovkr Bank or Wiimimo*. THE COXrrECTICCT~MCTUAL LIPS Iff 5UKANCB (, ? Or HiiTioEi, Com. PURELY MUTUAL! Dividend* Made and Paid Annua'ly. Last Dividend Fifty ftr C??x. v- PIRE DEPTRTATCN'R THE INSURANCE COMPANY \OT 7 HE state or rwarNiA. Or Richmond. i CASH CAPITAL $300,009. Ai?o. other safe and raltatbte CorqfMUM, id wh oh theranrM participate m the prcf utr.tnovi imrring any liability, _ HEATH * KNOWLES, __ Aaaiita Ofllo*, Room 16. owr Buk of WukinH?. Ri. traooe on C street. ao M [VICAR AG IIA ; ITS PEOPLE. SCENERY, 1 ^ Monument*, Reaonro*a. Condition ana profoMrf Canal, with oaa hundred original Maps acd JI nitratum?, by fc. u. Banter: i t?m.; miiw Life and Correspondence of John A. Uui'man, Major e?a?rt! I). A A., and Governor of the State f Micusiippi; by J. F. II. Claiborne; 3 vote.; prioe (3. 'van Harnnct"n. er Re woeld be a Gentleman ; by Geo. Meredith; I vol , #1. Til* Pour Geori*e: fckefchee of Manaere, Morale. Court aau Town Lue; by W.M. Thaokerj; 1 vol.. IS oente. . Cottagee of the Alfa, br the aether ef Peaeart Life in Germany; pnoe f 1.26 Woman?i fresh snpp.y ; Household ot Bouvenere, do Mrs. Gilbert*a Career, a near newel fresh. BLANCHABU * MOdUN, bo 13 eorser Pa. av. and 11th ?C r^ooo skoond-BANO PiAN?m.-**4i> ll AMD MSMKMHEJL-Om at M at 8*0; on* at OB* m awii i?o vbmi 100; OB* ?tj| US; one MS 16". Alio IssK f v?'BAT BAROAlft&JlN PiANOsj^-Oaa var? vJ bio* Hvin-oe't CarT? d Piano Forte_^|^^ kavini boaaia im aafcort Ira* '>ciy. owiir isavinf tbe cuj, for aaj* for HUT' On* Tory ai'o llMBirnod rhtokerinc f tano for ?136 at the Mail* Sto;* of W.?. M ETZEROTT, f?l* Ai*itc; of KUiBvay A 8i*u< Uv*ratra*? FlfcOOi m I pOR NEW YORR.-TH* ?ack*t *<Jmmmm> A" Arotto and Btatoaotaa lia?* arnredBod ? | C*r.IVj . ?* i ^ I * / A1* I ,<? I ? ?< vi -ipt9 ft T|w oa I fmiBinr?. " ' 'F _??w ?* l?t instant. Wn(tt| tbw-f Asm' iaist adncas Admiral Naplw. of U? itiltiali Nm, U4m4 T t?r prwi froca Italy to W lalarsaU* The FH-dmo?te*an?T.ue4w Vieler Leu?e< caiMd a Uililaat victory MtUM last.. aa the bMto af GarlglUae Tbe? ateokW (hi NMpoUtii vaiT U front wlU? Wop?. luktd W tn? St?, u4 afW a abarp ?truf k>* ib? linrW arm v wwootapUtely ti ;?r"w-4-U>??r lea* truest ret. He., huii Uft is pMMii i of tfcs TKter>e? ?f Saediala, wlU elrrea thoif >< prisoners General Umm pursued Un awif afltnm4i and occupied Mil*, a<4 Um witai pssitlses COfTil'&AdiHf Ofeftfc. Victor bmnanael * <sxpacted at Naples immediately. Gartba^i was there A larire bod* nt ? ?? _ ? r-.?w|* vn 19I miia<4 outside Um (arte at Gmh bad ml pr?p? I sals to surrender to Uw Plr4no?toM Anarchy and confusion reigns at VlUrbo, ta tie foflt'i dMtlllOM YoUtur on to- que*Uoa of auuitlw to PU4mmit bad .-oiumancod at Par u* la, and to* labab ltants of VttabfO wera baatenla* to v?4* aiao, Mi witMtand ag tba French occupat.os and to* preaeno* of toe Poalilclal fwdun*. The reported conclusion of a treaty of MatiMros between England and Auatila It unfounded A later dispatch from Sbsnjtbai say* it U f?ported tbat toe negotiations batwaaa tbe Alltas and tbe Chinese an not going oa antootbly at Tloo91a The nriu a?rkt K?t mi. u,?l ?f fc ? uliod In Up for roar tbe Utter la ftv* roandt. lasting oaiy Ira oUautea. That* ware mm kaock-down blow* TkttUktl tic) niwit. Almnt, N. Y . Nov I? ?An wwi of Kiwti Korreat to day served pop? on Mr. Eddy aad thi proprietors of the 0?r?ty theatre, la tats city, forbidding tbem to produce -'Jack Cod* ** Notsrlthstandlng this the piece waa performed thisevening to an Imvenor aadteaeo, a Urea nnmi-er of person* belay unable to gain ?dm* ? Ion to Uie Louae, the eicltemertt created bv tbe announcement of Mr Forreatt Vgtl prceaadlaga calling out the friends of Mr. Ed<lyai?dtbeowa?r* of tfce theater St Josvra, Nor 19?A private dispatch fr?a a reliable perty in California. aava tb?t Doaflaa carried the State by 3,?uo over I.lacola aad ll,0B0 over Breeklaridye Tb" disp* tcb to the Aiaoelated Preaa la tad ad > * * ? ?? ? - ? - nr. oui inairaHS mat Douglas'a rhancea are crwii'drrrd beat Thr vote of the State aggregate Tt 000 Firiktr fr?a MuiM. New Oklk4Ri. Not. 17.?Tbe (toamer fled Pox bring* Tmtnnleo advlcee to tb* 10tk The ium ?f MOO OW la specie. Ml zed ttom ?he Mexican condor to. arrived at Tampico on rfce M>. Tbore waa much ndtoBwt abou' tbe aftlr Another report had reached Tamptoo ttot Gaa dal^jart bad been finally captured and Marqult inade Dflaoner and ahnt Ualtia jrt nariM. Btirnoii. Not. It. ? Dear Imitt, Ik tmr. all klndt offered at S5, bm noburfn Wh?atl8i 12c lower; large aaJea of red 91.1041 25, w%1*e I 2i>aSl 50 Corn 5c lower; yellow 65, white A3 ??kc Prov*a1nua dall: m*aa pork Sit 50. Coffn quiet WhtakytadallattUgc. K?w Tort *lar*tt? Niw Von Not It ?Plow dnll and anaattlnd, nominally lower; Bute ft 95a*5; ObloftS 45 5 ?5; Southern *5 35*5 75 Wbnat declining tendency and nominally *4a3 eta Corn dull and drooping. Pork dull. Lard doll nod droop!ag Whtakv dull. Ft aa rial New Yore, Not It?Money la Ugbt and on aettJed. Stnrkanre lower, and a pawn ekiatt at tLe board. * Chicago and Rock 1 aland 51 y> Cuaaberland Coal Co. ( ; Illipola Central auarea A, | Michigan Southern 'J6)f; New York Central 72, Pa. Coal Co 75; Rending Hudaon 43, Cantona 14; Mo. CaW. ??^i?? nA. WINTER MIL1NERY. MraM.A. HILLS CEP VS0 Will own New St/lea oa SATl RDAVJTU. a no 16 3t 293 Penaa. Irania a venae. BIO HOUSEKEEPERS JJ&) W AS H I N TON, 6 EOR 6 E \B> TOWN AND VICINITY. WW We invite the attention of Hoaaekaeaera to oar vary :srir and heautifu: ilack of CHIN A.GLAtS nnd EARTHEN WARE, whiek ia now rendered <ompl?tain every department by oar reeent m n ir ?' mnn We deem it unmoiwry to niMrtli ?rti?lM, as va have every thiag that i* a*aa It kept 11 the Cnma Ba*ior*?, from rich deoorate<1 I- rencf. ?. hiaa Dinner and Tea Seta to the ordinary ka-thrn Ware, and ft* we im?oit the majority of oar iimda, we are prepared t< furnnh the beat qua ltj , eiLh*' t > the wh"V^'? or ret*r t-ade, aa low ai any of th" importir.K house* of Baltimore Enc'isfc aa1 Am-rioan Cutlery of aaperinr qaalitv, Al. ', H<>n . Buok a- J Caooa hai.die Catlery fma theaanf factoriee, Silver piated Ware on feae Albetta. warranted, A vr? atoek ?f Ooal Oil Umpa, incroM f*? tern*. Pa??r i>amy Bhadea aad Chtmniee. Cat 6>aae 0!o?e-, H?a<*intii G'.aiaaa, Fancy Toy a, ke , 4a. C. t* FOWLER A CO , 504 Odd Felwwa" Ha l, no ao<W Seventh ?t'eej. W KENTUCKY CHAIRS E Havejoat r?eeiv< ^ an aaaortment of KF.NTUCK N Rl STir (. H Al V !*. 'he ico.; ocni fji fortable acd durable ehajr made. \m. We have a*oii?t-> ea full and eonpleta M| t-oir of HOr-EFlRM-HINO HOOD* ffl con*i*tjn|t of Cabinet Foruitar'*, Look l a* Ola*aaa, IMitsd Vattie**ea. China, Gl<aa and Crockery. Ta>ve Cutlery, BHtaria Ware Pitted Good*. Japai,n?d Ware, Bock Tia Gooda,.Iroa Ware. Bnaket*, B'uabes, Ac Our rock la oompkte with a woit every thinjt nccesiwry 10 inrmsn me fvior, aiming r?M>m. Mil, chamber and kitchen. Cub or time puroba*er> will be offered atroac inducements to buy. C. W. BOTELER * f?ON?, no 16-eo6t Iron Hail. ?>? /^N WHITE HOU8R RE* JTCV (mj TAURA.NT. k simt, buwtm Ml 13Ik ami 141*. JmBK The undereiroed would moet respectfully Mnource to the eitisens and ft'ancers imi Ue; kin jnsl opened the at<oe named Ni*k!nhiie*tM?n Iflrt' AhU A?T wk?p? tk*? MillAC ?J1 ^ ready to accommodate the nunrr* a* we 1 a? the thiratT. Thu Ronee will t* opened on Moadaj, November 12. for the reception of the public bo 12 tOiw USHKR * MITCHELL. M DR. SELDE^w7V*Ow7~ " "FFICE?4?1 Testh St., jbitwii* E aho F, waaningtoa. u c. IIJ~ Advice to Uie poor withoutaiiarge froaa 11* ID o clock >v<ry moraing. no I> tw Mrs. C. a. ^XuP^reapeetfally lafo a ner former patron*, and the ladt?e iet?er*l!y, that ?ne La* removed to No. IN H atrew, betvaea 13th and J?'h ate., where ahe baa etlarred feed tiee k>' oarrrin* on fkahtonahle 1)R R>RM a KING is aU tta hi aaohea. The latest faahiona received aa eoon aa pabhahed. N B ?t*everal fine Rootna to let, faraiafrM or anfurniahed. Apply aaat>ov i?7 tw FOR OVKRCOAfS, PANTS, VB8TH. HATS AND CAPS, Go to SMITH'S, Ne. 4?0 Sevwatk et,, m lo-tm flMMit* f??t Oflaa GIBBS* W i?, Br*id. *a4 C*ri M*u?fcetor?. ?4ft pit. >t?f?. nm-r nth mt. ?| >? poet. OttuiMM. X * , P?f iM. Plur mm m!t m tatted Vrnch M?moM la ail eo or* j Fwr I m-'. Kepj a*4 MerlDO#* m and of ?e l.*st mSw Also B aefc. Fr*ocH. uj reea Clotk Cloaks in manynew winter rtjrlaa no 1& taylor tt hutohrwfr. pam1ue8 want a rralthy drink t thly want it .temperate mi colinkattb table beer 18 thb thing t It is leea tatorieatiaf than eider, ud U fer ?* palatable aad etreagtlMaiaf. For sate by all Grooecs, a mm * glaea?Mate aeaart ? city steam ?iv?wood kill* r~ v ?2i?? WOOD prepared, My taag* aa< (il>.U?R 8?SgS3PB=? ? 1*-tf ' m Efc. fr?tw. 11 VV WMCHANT TAILORING. 'r hVp iB** aeX tf **% pP??*Kac ' ?? <vm ,niihi*0^ ~h T* * | *a- > 4 J * ^* #

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