Newspaper of Evening Star, November 19, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 19, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. CTTkt d^wajer KmpreM of R uaai* > either dead or od toe point of death 0n? report announces ber deroiae, while another of the wme date <tatrf that ?be wai fjradiwlly falflag, with knt aJijjht hope* of recover* The Ki*prrae w?? 1k? nf V'r.-Hpr'r W'lilWTl lfl..KtO?of Pruwi*. an?! ?1*W of the present Kinffi PR tbe 13tb of July. 17*. *n<J taf2?,.'LI,feT,? n ameeef Frwlwi rs-CbarkHte-L^i*-W' Ibelml *. On b?r i.,nftff?ih birtbdsy she woe married to the tb? lirand Duke Nlebolia, and on hie accession to tbe throne of Rnaat* bv the strange withdrawal of his brother Conftn./'ne, waa crowned with him In TPM at Mmcow Tbe domestic rotations of tbe royal farnilv of Russia are said to be T0r? tiappT. and the affection existing between tbe various members much stronger than usnal among royalty Tbe late Empress bore the reputation of a faithful end devoted wife. During tbe last lllneea of the Ciar Nicholas abe attended to htm pereonallv. and bis death bad a greet effect upon her Tbe health of the Empreee falling, sb? recently went to Nice, bat nil efforts to preserve her health baveproved unavailing, and she bas succumbed to a consumptive disease. Mmti*4 of Sovthkxx Lioislatitks ?Tn lew at the in*naeed assemblage and subsequent c 1'iOB of Southern legislatures In case or Lincoln'? election, It become* a matter of Interest to know when thoee Legislatures meet, although some of them are to be called together In special essions 1mmedlat?lr The following States bold l<vlslatire sessions biennially,vis : Delaware Worth Carolina, Alabama, .Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida, Tennesse, Lontsians, Maryland, Missouri and Texas Alabama meeto November 12th; Arkansas. Ner ember 5th. Deleware. first Tuesdivin Jane; Florida. Georgia and Texss, first Monday ? - V a 1/ '?W.. M (n IWsm Au .1 UTfUlOfT, ncniuvaj, ?? ? tnwmwij wvciiib?; Lonistam, third Monday in January; Maryland. flrmt Wrdnesdav in January, 186*; Mississippi, first Monday In January; Missouri, last Monday in December; North Carolina, third Monday la .November. South Carolina, fourth Monday In November; Tennesese, first Monday Id October; and Virginia, second Monday la Janu**T PaoroaiD or thi Commotio!*. ?A Washington correspondent telegraphs the following to the Philadelphia Preaa: Anion* toe many propositions ior cringing pea of to the country ts one that will no doubt be greatly discussed. It originated with the Hon. Robert J Walker, and is to the effect that if the Presidential electors con id be elected in single district*, as representatives in Congress are chosen in all the &U * s in the Union, there would be no danger of a mere geographical or sectional party. 1 undrrstad tbat Gov. Walker, at an early day, Intends to elaborate this idea. IET The weather has been so mild that In some parts of the country there has been a second crop of wild strawberries* In Newburyport, Mass., there is an apple tree in full b.ossom, having already borne one crop of fruit. IHT Pumpkins are plentiful at City Point, Va. The Jioim rirer itethni is washing tiifB down by hundreds ARRIVALS AT THB~HOTBL3s7' NATIONAL HOTEL ?B G Carter, H Grave, Kv. J B Sheridan, A Hay, Pa; J J Prlngle, W A Alrton, 9C; W G Clemens, O; SC Carll, C W Bishop, T M Conradt, J J McCullardand ly.Miss McCuiiard, ti T Hunt, Mrs Hani, W H Hill, Mr Johnston and ly, C 8 Schmidt. \V A Spencer, M C Vernon, NY; W Byrns, Lloyd Williams. Md; G Marston, Nfi, J McLelgh. Scoti Mr Schexton, Enfj; T A Ritchie, /Mat; W Rabe, Hav; A Warner. RI; A Cooidy, G W Tilden, Mass; C Gregcry. NJ; E Perry, Va; B Lawrence, DC; B Richards. W Woodward, ilaritunburg; G J Richardson, Pn: J A Corry La: W N Tuttle, Dr Whistler and ly, Md, 11 Mcllvalne,?; Mrs Mcllvaiae, BROWN'S HOTEL.?H Miller and ly, NY; J Dlggett, Va: C R Mills, DC; S Satchwoll, Del; R Valor and daughter. W H Branham, Mtaa; B M Pond, La; H Robert, ISA; R Moody, J F Secor. F C de Mnnd and ly. W Purdy. R M Simpaon, L F Johnaen. C O Woodbouae, Mr Clark, W Buchanan, R M Hart, NY; B Nawlngton, Te'nn; Dr llcCaw, Va:J R Waters, O; J D Heard, Mo; W Mason. J D Eaaton, 111; T Riiey and ly, Md: S A Gllman. Me; O Mayall, ti S Wood, Eng; J Bradley. B Burdette and ly. Ct; C Carter. Pa; R Pc lk, Del, E O HaU. Md; J P Anderaon, Fla; W Kendrlck, J M Kendriek, Va; J Gardner, NY; T F Drayton, DC. KIRKWOOJ) HOUSE ?P C Wert, CS; S N Galdlnan. J B Telert, J D Berod. 1 Corthrie, NY; H 1, iliivml anil l*r W Harhitpt W D l?mlala?.i4 F Athlej, V*; R Brown. J Duff, Tex; S Ki< e, Ct; K E Whiting, Cal, O Kdwards, Eng; C Pichard, Ma, J Mae ten, J Matter*, Md; J M Lucas and fs m, Md OCEANS TEAMERS' SAILING DAYS ffej* THB UlITlB STATBS. Sttmmrt- Ltart. For. Days. ?rnci Albert. ..New York ...Gai way Mot 30 er?i* . New York.^.Liverpool Not 21 remen. New York. ? ?oatu>ton..Not 24 From Ecbopb Jobn Be'!... ? ...gljkjto*- New York-.Not S vaaderbilt.. J*outVjHon?New York... Not7 i na H&vaca :nai steariers !tiv? New York oa the id. lAn, 17: a. and 2Tth of eaoh montk, and Cbar.estoa on the 4tii and 19th. The California mail ?K*>n*rs leave New York on b? aad Stwta of mttr month. QLD RICH, MELLOW PURE MONONGAHELA EYE WHI8KBY, Con?Jientioss.y distilled by Mr. Jtm?i Burnside. of Allegaay Conntv, Penna., in the old-fashioned honaat w?t, froi. the choicest and moat oarefally seieoted K ye, and in no oase erer offered lor sale una. adapted to wholesome use by ace It la at <>uoe Um moat palatable,as it is emphatically one >>f the pnrest beverages in the reach of the publio. To the Invalid. as well as to those in eoiaaends itself for lU unrivalled qualities as a tmu.aat of the safest, safest, and most bene&oent description, and many of tae most diatmgaiahad physicians are aaingitm ttteir praetioe with the Lapaiest results. " CLfcRY <1 8TOC1CDALE, Proprietors. 3'itJ WtiLut stroet. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVEk, Agent for the Proprietors, U'ii Pa. ? ., e V opposite Wil'arrtt' Hotel. FOR STAMPING )ty:* A PACKET OP PAPER, > AND ENVELOPES I N 0 TO MATCH, LiiatM*r- ?tth8 UlAKbtJ METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PH1LP A SOLOMON8, Iimii for Lwtmu'i ul?br*ted Lint* Papers, ' Mttroroiua* HtUt," Jr.. tc. ? M ly 338 P? **.. bot. %cd ltth ?te. C*IANCI8 HARPER, FAMILY GROCER'V?a^?P tVn ?fr?o ? Comtr tf A''it Yvrk <ic.mi?? and Tut* <K?I. Reapectfuliy <uiioiU the pvronage of thoiew ma/ M to ml of any article in the aoore lis*. Hu ndNTori ahall be to pieaeet aad by a strict attention to tli? vast* of the public, ha hopes to merit a aft re of their patronage. His took oonsiats or erery artiole asnallr to be ^atl ia ft Lut Oiftss F&unly Orooery fto<i Feed ra. ma 17-tf PIANOS. PI A N09?The larcaet assortment of Pianos, Meiodeoaa, Oaitars, vmi ji_|j lias, Bangors. Beat Italian Strinis. Ao WFW1 eordeoa*. Flatiua*, Coooertinfta,r'lut*e,' ? I Fuea, Fift?ao[?tta, Oarionetts, Brass lustraiaents, Draws, and every variety of musioal ware, also an tsamease stook of Bheet Ma no, Masio Hooka %oc unrw, lor ?tkt in?tr?n?ent at tho Muic ftor??fW. G. MKrzKE0TTi00rn?r of urf 11 Ik ttrMC fto ? A (Silt of WO; LW*J ft So a'a Baoon Ravra ft Co.*? aad Knabo ft Co.'s Piaaot. oagtf WOOD! WOOD!! W O 0 D !H BTOVB aad KINDLING WOOD,at tb? lovw aoasiMa fnaa. T. J. ft W. M. OALT, 9M Pa. a*., botvoMk ntk aod 12th ?u., > IT-tf worth !<< T B E .-ffiS.'SSK, or H . JAMAS- .?W ?jiiiit,u?ii rMuo?d pness for eash or asprovsd ?* . An Mtf'f ?4li is oU?iU4. wM. Rt) f HKRFO*D. Mtrbl* Works, 3 Mb st norvh. ??"> h*w? mh and 13th. NKW CLOAKS. E Rtv* this <l*y received from New York A NMtiial MwtiMi.i of new (trie Pali and Wiutar CLO "^h * th? Arab. Zouave aod oUm ?.!^.!n4 ,T*Pe1! Cloths. Also. Plain aad nf??l C.otus. a*l of whtoh ? offer low. _o? ? Wylo> t hutcbIpow. <i?"? U?HTdEBAP UOBT! r*RAmNSOIL.fro?Co?l AFE UGHT 1 ^asnHfifss. g..TV a.<^> MA lr-wv " io"GOOS CLcthinb A, Lew ^ 9 SMITH'S* N^yoS^tyt.. < 7wmv a n*r ofTkirt^enhj iUmL-A rery e<?mplet* aaesrtm aft of Braids, Curl*. PnaeCta*. Budaua. Ao, n"? ?e hard: also, made to order at the ah <rteet noli* Uaj Work referred or taken in exekiuica. ?w? .1 * 4 ZO TO FRENCH A tlCHSTKIN'S No. ST8 ' * Fma. arena# and look at tea utw Aaerieaa tliUorv of MeCaaier, tfilioa, HomeaodUo Poeu, ?>a tia'fd pa>er<?aa:. if aot aaperier. to the KafItahartkio?. Ceil sad take a loot at tt?. boT J'fcitcltlvltp' xr ii-,.-_ . DR A'& K KtoiTLotJo? w?fu' few, j oe i*-im I I " I miscellaneous. Tn AxaloAXAtioi or Ltx?tiaii.-Th?r? iai growing tenueao? in tnu M? to appropriate the moit ?x*reesire wwr?!? of u'lnr n<J after a while to iBeorptirrt* them into oar own; tiiaa the w?>d 0?f b*)M, whioh ia from the ttteek, ng inlying Wft# IkA ' J '' t m ? mmm ?? ? ?' ? ooneotwa with Mr. baali'inf'a great Headache remedy; but it will ioob be na<hl in a mors general way, and tho word. Ceyhaio will hooome M oomoion m P. *<jirotype ud many othera wfcoea distinction aa foreign word* has l>wn worn away by aoiamon until they mm "native and to taa manor bora." 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'a 'orribla 'eadaohe thia afternoon, hand I tapped into the hapotueoariaa hand ?ay* hi to the nan, "Caa you haaae in a of an 'eadache?" "Doea it haehe 'ard." aaya'a. "Hexoeedingly,'' aaya hi, aad upon that 'a care ma a Cephuio Pill, hand 'pon me'onor it eaged ma aa qaiot that I 'ardly rea.ixed I *ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. BTHiadachi la the farorlta aifo by whioh nature ma??a known ?ny deviation whatever from the nataral state of the brain, and viewed in thla light it may be looked on aa a aaf'faard intended to give nonoe of diaeaao whieh might ottaerwiae Mo*pe auction, till too lat#to be remedied: and lUiiKliOAUOM ahould never b# ne<laoied. Head utiN inay be alaaMfied ui,der two namea.vis: Symptomatic and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Headache it exceedingly common and the preoureor of a great variety of diae*aea, among wiiioh are Ap< p exy, Wont. Rheumatiam and all f b'iie d.oeaaea. in tu rerroui torm it ia a mpatbetio di ease of the ktomaoh oonaututinc *itk k*adatk*,vf hep&tio diseaae constituting bilious htadaclu, of worma,oonatipation and other di?nrdera wfthe .ow el',a* well aa renal and atanneaifeotiona. Diaeaaee of the heart ara vary frequently attended with Headache*; Anaemia *d plethora are ale* affeotiona wbiah frequerdy ocjas'oa headaohe. Idiopathic Headache taalao very oommoo, beinf uaualiy aiaUngaiabed by the name of mtrvous htadatht, aomatimea ootninc on nuddenlv in a >tate ot *r>n*.rpnti? ouod health ar.d prostrating at once tne mei ta^ and pfcj?ia*I energies, u<i la othar imUnoti it codm on slowly, hs'eidad by depression of spirits or acerbity of temper. Inmost inrtanee* the pain is in front of the head, otfr one or both eves, and someti provukiog vomit: ng, under this olase mar a: so be n>raed Mturalitia For the treatment of either o ass or Headache the Cepbaiic filis have been founrt a snre and safe remedy, relieving the most a?3te pat as in a few miuntee, an J by its asbtle power erad,catinc the disease of whioh headaohe is the unerring index. Bbidoit.?Missus wants yon to send her a box of Ophauo Giue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm thinking that's sot jnstit neither; bat per haps re>ji be afther knowing what it is Ye see she's mgh d*a4 and gone with the Sick Headache, and wants soma more of that same as roiaived her before. Drvgftst.?Yob must nvan Spalding's Cephalic Puis. Bnint ? Ook ! sure now and you've Bed it. here's the quarther and giv me tiie Pilla aad doa't be all day about it ai tier. rtaiUpatlta er CnUtcmm. No one of the "maav ilia fleeh ia heir to" ia ?o prevalent, ao little underetuod, and ao rauoh neglected u Costiveueas. Of ea onginatiag in carel*asnee?. or sedentary habits; it is regarded aa a (light disorder of too'ittle oonaequenoe to exoite acxiety, while in reality it le the precu'sor and companion of many of the moat fatal and dangerous disease#, and an:ess #Crl? eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an Bfttimeiy grave. Among the lighter evils of which C?ativeness is the usual attendant are Heariaohe, Colic, Rher.cnati-m. Foul Breath Piles. and others "f like n*tn re.whils a long train offnghtfui diseaaeaauch aa Maligna .t Pevera, Aboesses, Dysentery. Dyspepsia. Diarrhea. Apopl XT, Epilepsy, Paralysis, llys'eria. H?noohon dr;a?is,Melanooo!y and Insanity, firit indioate their pr> i'dos id the syste.n by this alar.ring symptom. Not (infrequently the dis?as-s named oruinate in Const pation. bat tak* on an independent exist no > antess the cause is eradicated m an early ?tare. From ail these considerations it l<>ll<>ws that the disorder should reoeive immediate att*nti>n whenever it occurs, and no peraua sb< a d negieot to get a box of Cephalio Fills on tH? first appearance of the complaint, as their timely use will expel the insidnous approaches of disease and destroy this daugeruus foe u> tium&n life. A Real Bleesiag. Pkvficia*.?Well, Mra. Jonea, how is that headache' Mrs. Jotus.?(lone! Doctor, all gone! the pill you eut cu ed me in just twenty minutes, and I wish you wcuid send more so that I oan hare them nan ty. Phv*itian.?You oan get them at any Dmccists. Call for cephalic Fills, I find the? never fail, and I rcoo rin>?n<l them in all cases of Headache. Afrj. Jmsi ? I shall send for a box direotlv, and shal tell a.: my luSeriag friends, for they arearoai bieiiiMS. fnr Om ixc!TKMR5T. sn-J the mental care and anx'<*ty inoident to cioee attention to bus > eai or Btjdy. am among the numerous oanses of Nervons Hsa-ia-nie. The di*ord?red state of mind and bod? incident to this distressing oomplai'it is a fatal b ow to a'l energ? and ambition, sufferers by this disorder oan a.san obtain speedy re'ief from these distressing attaok* by usieg one of the ?esualio Puis whenever the symptoms appear. It *meu the overtasked brain atd soothes tne strained and jarring nervee. ar.d relaxes the t-nsion of the stomaoh which always accompanies and aggravates the disordered oooditiou of the brain. Twkutt Millions ow Dollars Savkti.?Mr. ?pa d'ng nas so d two millions of bottles of his celebrated Prepared G u?mJ it is estimated that each bottl* fares at >e%et ten dollars worth of broken furniture. thu* miking an aggregate of twentr millioosof dollars reclaimed front total loss lx this ' a i?b!e invention. Having madehisGlaeah >usehold word, he now proposes to do the world still gr*?t?r semee bf curing all the aching heads with hisCephalto Pills, and if they areas good aa hia Olne. H rati aches will soon vanish away like enow ia July. Facts woith imwito.?Spalding's Cephatio PUis.are a ( ertain ou for _8iok HaaUaone, Dili >b? nKtaiMJoe, rt^rvou* ueadaobe, Coetiveneaa, aud Generr.i Debility. Great Dibcovrrt ? Among the moat important of a 1 th? irMt m 'Ileal diacoveriea olthia age m%? <w oouaiderMl the aytein of vacainat>on for protection from Small Vox, uio Opna'.io Pill for relief of Headache, and the use of (Joi- ine f??r the prevention of K>vb^?, ?ithor of which ? ? anre apoc:fio, whose brnefita wi I M experienaed by suffering hurrani'y long after their diacoverera are forgotten. 11!^ Din ?o? ever have the Siok Htaduhl.' Do you remei-ber the throbbing templea, the fevered row, the loathmg and di?Ru?t at the aicht of f ?t now totally v m were for p evure, oonTtruturn or studT OnMofthe C?ph? is Fill* w >u I d have relieved yon from all the aufTeriof vhioh roa th-n expenenee<l For this &nU other parpoeee a s.'uu ti a. * %? i> li?*e a. box of them 01 hand to a??m ocomiod require*. NervousHeadache Headache. By the mm of theee Pills the periodio attacks of PffTV<mi or Sick Headache may bo prevented; and if taken at the commencement ot an atttok immediate reliel from pain and siokness will bo obtained. They Midom tail in removin* the Natuta and Htadarkt to whioh female* are eo snbjeot. They aot gently apon the bowel*,?removing Cottiruutt. For Lutrmry Men, StudtmiM, Dehoate Females, ar.d all peraon* of teJrmtory kabitt, they are all vaia&ble aa a Laraitre, imponag the mwpifUt, giving tone and rigor to the digestive organ*, and >Mto(U( the natarai elastioitj aud atreogth of the Whole i) litem. j The CEPHALIC PILLS are the resalt of long investigation and earefaily conducted experiments, ka< ing been in ue* many year*, daring whiob time 1 AH ^ a. -1? - " tmwr n?Y? prevented acd relieved a rut inout of ytia ud iifetini from Hetduhe, vbMheroriii natiaf 11 the nerre?? eyetam or from ft deranc ed tale cf the ttommck. Thar are ettireJy r?|?Ubie in their eompoeifaoa, ta4 may he takes at all tiowe with perfect eafety without making any change of diet, ami lAe ab?? ???/ my ditagrtenbt* ft If rmdor* H eo?y to e imiAitfrr ihim totkiUrt?. BEWARK OF COUNTERFEITS! teneine have Ave mnalu/ee of Heart C. Spaldiai oa eaeh Boa. OKI bj Dru((i?ft a ad ?it other Dealers la MeJi ?ie? A Sox will be seat by mail prspatU oa reoeipt of PRICE, ?? CKNTB. All orders shosld be addreesed to HENRV C. SPALDING, M u-d*.wl7 48 Cedar street, Ner York. ytsCELLAMEOPg. p"ooi-tf ?y!I^S?fAfsg8,i>,,wT; For tks Salt of Vfluaite Lamdi ? tk* Imte Nme York Indian Rsterw, Kansas JJSffirraA'SSili teXJSStttj! M: ritorj of^Rivnaaa, at the poriodi hereinafter deaifAUth^?L'f1 on Mooday. 1the Hday of Oeoember next, for the duporal oi??.:h of the ?ublio laada not oorered by individual Indian location* aa are aitnated within the follower town.lup.and parte 'r t.wn.hV. lii ? late reeerve above-nentioned lor the New York ladiaaa. ti*: Smuh ttf tkt bati /Mf and rait of tKt tin Ik wruteiral meruit an, ana ?* tM ftnenrkxr* and r<*rtt of lotm skips faliing tnf kin said ruervi. The traota or paroeia in the parta of townahipa 33.34, Si, and 96, of raafe 95 The traeta or paroeia in t*? part ol townjhip 33. ia townahipa M and 29, and In the part of 36, of r*l'le traota or paroeia > the part of townahip 33 in townahipa M and 25, ana m the part of 26, cf range 23. Tne traota or paroeia ia the part of townahip 23. in townahipa 24 and 25, and in the part ol 26, or range 22. The traota or paroeia in the part of townahip 33, ia townahip* 24 and 26, and in the part of 26, of range 21. ... '1 ni traeta or paroel* in the pirt of townahip 33. in townahipa 34 and 35, and m the part of 26, of ranee 20. The traota or paroeia in the part of townahip 33. ia townahipa 34 and 36, and in the part of M, of traot* or pareela in the^art of townahip 33, in townahipa M and 39, and m the part ?f 36, ol ranee 18. The traeta or earael* mi the ??.rt nf tnw??u. ? in township# 9* and 25, and In the parf of 26,"o^ range 17. At the Land OQo? \t Fokt Scott, omraenoin on Monday, the 17th <?ay of Deosmb?r n*xt, for tbe dtepooU orsnob of the publio lands not covered by icdiyidaat Indian looanonaaa are situated within the following townahipe and parte of townebipe in the late reeerve above-mentioned for New York lodiane, rii: South of .H* bat* line and teut of the sixth principal meridian, and imtke tovmships nnipartt of to tenihipt falling %eithin said rettrv*. TK? truit. nr ?? !> i? ??? V:_ .... ~- r? ww?? iu vi tuwuaniff Mi m townstip* 24 aad 25. ai?U in tae part of 2e, of range 16 Tan traots or paroels in ths part of township 23. in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of a>, or range 15 The traots or parosls in the part of towflsb?p 23, in townships 34 and 25, and ia ths part of 26, of rare* 14 The traots or p?*oe!? in the part of township 3% in townships 24 and 25, and ia ths pirt ot 26, of range 13. The traots or parcels in the part of township 23. in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of X, of ranee 12 Tne tracts or parcMs in the part of township 53, in townships 24 and 25, and in tho part of 2b, of II. _ Toe traots or parcel* in th# part of township 23. in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of i6, of ranie 10. The traots or parcels in the part of township 35, ia townships 24 and 25, and iu the part al 28, of ranee 9. The tract* or paroe in the parts of townships S3,24 Jb, and 26, oI range 8. hands appropriated by law for the use of sohools, military ludian, and otkrr pnrpo'es. will be ex eluded from the sales. together with the traots oovered bj individual Indian location*, descriptive lists of which have been furnished the local officers. The offering of the above lands will be oommenoed on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which thej are advertised, until the whole shall have been unbred, and the safes thus olosed : but no sale shall be kept open longer than t wo weeks, and no private entry of aujr of the iands will be permitted until after tne expiration of the two woeks. Given under mr hand, at the city of Washington. this 21st dav of Aninit. innn Dnmini a , 9- r ? ? w>aa*M? IIVUO0IIU sight nuudred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: jon. 9. wilson, Commissioner of the General Land Offios. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships or parts of townxhips above enumerated is required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the Land Office, atuf make payment ikcrejore as soon as practicable ajur seeing thisnolice, and before thedav appointed fur the oomMotmentof the pubno sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise such claim will be forfeited. JOS. S. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. Not*.?I'ndor tlie regulations of the department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment can be made for advertising proclamations except to such publishers as are sprruillw authorised to publish by tne Commissioner of the General Land Office, au SMawlSw B I No. 665.) Y THE PRE8I l?KNT OF THE UNITED STATE*. In pnrinianoe of law. I, Janks Buchanan, President oi the (Jnited States o? America. do hereby declare arid make known that public calf* will b? hold at the und4>r-menti'>ned I,and Offioes in the 9 ate of Iowa, at tho periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At tho Lard Olfiooat Foet Dodos, commencing oa Monday, the 19th da? of November next, for tile disposal of the public land*, heretofore nn?flered, itaatod within the following townships and parts oftownships, Tic: i\'orik of tk* bait lint and vent of tkt fifik principal __ meridian. eeeuOBB 1. S. 5,7.9, 11, 13. 15. 17, 19,21,53,25, 27, 29, 31, S3, and 35, of luwuahip 98; aeotiona 1, 3. fi, 7. 9 11, 13, 1^. 17,19, 21. ifl. 25, *7, 29. 31. 33, and 35, of township 96; aeotiona 1, 3, 5,7. 9,11. 13, 16,17, 19. 21. 23, 25,27,21, 31, 33, and S5, of t^wnahip 96; amotions I,3, 5, 7, 9, II, 13, 15, 17, l<?. 21, 23 2V 27. 29.31, 33. and 35, of township 97; aeotiona I, 3. 5, 7, ?, 11, 13, 14,17, 19. 21, 23. 25, 27, '-(8, 31, 33, and 35, of townehip 98, of rani *77. feotiona 1.3.5,7, 9,11, 13.15, 17. 19,21,28. 25,27, 29, 31.33. and 35, oftownahip 93; aeotiona 1,3.5,7,9. II, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 , 25, 77. 29 . 31, ai.d 35, of township 94; aeotiona 1,3,5,7,9?U, 13,16 17.1*. 21, 23 . 26,27.29,31,33 ard 36 of 'ownahip36; action* 1,3, 5. 7. 9,11,13. T5 17,19,21,23. 25. 27,29, 31. 33, and 35, ot t->w .iship r?3; acouona 1.3, 5. 7, 9 11. 13. 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25,27. 2?. 31. 33. and 35. of town.hin on Uon. 1,3. 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17. 19,'*1. 23, S5. ?7, i?, 91, 7?' f,ndu\ otious 1, 3, s. 7, 9,11,13, H. 17, 1"?, il, a, 25, 27, 23, 31, 33, and 35, of townchip ?,oi raa|(?28. 2,? 'j*!5'!;9' 11. 13. ".IT. 19,21,23. 36, 57, 7. .1 X' ?35*i?f?"w??h'P ?; otiona 1, 3, 5.7, 9, 11, 13,17, 19, 21, ~i3, 25. 27. 29. 31. 33. aid 35. of tiiwn amotion* 1,3,5,7,8, 11,13. 15,17,19,21,2*, 25, 27 , 29, 31, 33, and 35, ot t>wn?h!i> 95; aeotluna 1.3, 5. 7, 9, II, 13,15, 17, 19.21, 23.25, 71, 29. SI 3*. and 35. of towna^ip 96; aeo? nm 1,3, 5, 7, 9,11,13.15,17,19 21, 23. 25, 27, 29. 3', 33 and SS, of lownili p 97; atuui'na I.3,5,7.9, 11,13. 15, 17. 19,21.23 25. W. 29.31,33, and 45, of ;owoahip 96; i?o iooa 1.3,5,7,9, <1,13,15. 17, in, 2i, 2t, 25,27.29,31,33, and 35, of townahlp ?, of range 29. ?Mtiooal,3, 5,7,9.11, iS, 15,17,19 21,23,25,37.29. 31. S3,and 35, of township 98; aeotiona 1,3.5,7.9, II, 13,15, 17,19.21,23,25,27,?, 31, 38. an 1 35. of town hip 94; ??o lona 1,3, 5 7,9,11,13, 1ft, 17,19,21, 23, 23, 27, *9. 31- 33, and 35, of Uwnahip 95; aeotiona i. 3,5. 7,9, 11. 11,15,17, 19.21,23. 25,27 29 31, 33. and 35. of townal.ip 96; aeotiona 1,3,5,7.9,11, IS, 15,17,19,21, 28. 25. 27,29 31. 33, and 35, of townanip 97; arctional, 3, 5,7,9, 11, 13,15,17, IS, 21, 23. 25, 27, 29. 31, 33. am 35, o townahip 9H; a-ouona 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,11,13,15,17, 19, 21, 23,25, 27,29,31,33, and 35. ot toWna io99: a.o uons if 3 9| 'i 9, lit 13,15,17, 19. SI, 23, 25, S7, ^9, St, 33, and 35. oftownshi* 100, of range 30 Wiuuui 1, 3, 6, 7, ?. 11, 13, U, 17, 19, 81, 23 26.77, SB, 31,33, and 35, of township 93; s.?cti n? 1. 3, 5,7, 9, 11. IS, 15. 17, 1*, 21, 23, 15. 27, 2?. 31. 33, and 35, ol township 94; section* 1. 3, 5. 7, 9,11,13. 15. 17.19, SI, 23. *6,27, 29,31. 33. and 35. of township 95; Motion; 1,3,5,7,9, II, 13. 15, 17. 14, SI, 23. S5, 27.29 31.33 and 36, of township 96; a'otior.a 1,3, 5, 7 9,11,13, 15,17, 19, 21 23. 85,27. 29,31,33, and 35, of tuwnship 97; Motions 1,3,5,7,9 II, 13, 16, 17, 19. 21. 28,25, 27, i9,31. 33, and 3S, of iown?mp 98; sections 1,3, 5, 7,9,11, 13, Id. 17,19, 21, 23. 86, 87, 89, * , 93, and 35. of townsSip 99; Motions 1, 3.5,7,9,11,15. 17.19 a, S3,25, 27,29, 31,33, and 35, of to wnshi p ion, of r%n*e SI. ??ot.o .s 1,3,5, 7,9,11, 13, 15, 17, l9,kl, 83,28,27, 89, 31. 33, aim 36. of lowuship 93: amotion* 1, S, 5,7. 9, II, IS, 15,17. 19, 31, S3, 85, *7, S9, 3', 33, and 36, of township 94; sections 1,3,5,7, 9,11.13,15,17,19,81, *3, 25, 27,89. 31, 33, and 35, of t>wnship 96; aentioLB 1.3,5,7.9,11. 13, 1?, 17, 19,81.23 85,?,29,31,33, and 36, of township 99; Motions 1,3,5,7,9, 11, IS, 15, i7. 19, 21, 23, 25, ?7, 89, 31, 83, attd 36, of township 97; motions 1,3. 5.7. 9,11,13,16, 17, 19.81. 23, 25, 37, 29. 91,33, and 35, or township 94; swions 1,3,5, 7,9, ll, 13, 15.17,19,21,23.25. 27.29,31, V, ?i.d 56, of townShip 99s- sections 1, S, 5.7,9, 11,13, 15,17, 19,81, 23, 25- Y7 - i9- 31 tl, ijui SA I?1 -r ? - - , ? n.waif ?<w, "I IWi?B J.'. tfeoUona 1,3,5,7.9, 11,13.15, 17,19,21,23. 25, 27, ?, 31.33, and 35, "I 'ownahlpW; towo*hip95; aeotioni 1, 3. 5, 7, t, 11 *1.25,**, 27.21,31,33, and 35, of tnwriinip S6; Otl JBB 1, 3, 5,7, 9,11, U, L5, 17, 19 21, 23,25,27,29,31,3?, and 35 of townehlp ??; irationi 1; 3,5,7, 9, 11, 13. 15, 17, 19, 21 23. 25, 27, *,31. 33, a d 35, of lownahip W: mououI 1,3 5.7, 9.11.13, 15, 17, 19, 21,23 25,27,2U, 31, 33. anl 35. of township -or on* 1.3,5.7, 9.11, 13,15,17, 19,21.23 , 21,27,29, 31,43, and 35, of townaa i p 100, ot range 3S. At tha Land Offioeat Sioux City, oommenotof

on Mondav.tha 26th day of Novenber next, for Eadiapoaal of tha pnbho landa, heretofore nnofred, aitnated within the following townahipaand parta of townahipa* : Nortk of tkt ban lint smd tetH <J lie Aftk principal meridian. Seitiona 1,3,5,7,9, U, l\ 15,17. 1?,21,23, 25 , 27, ?, 31,33. and 35, of townahip <tt; aeo ion* 1,3. *,7,9. 11, 13, 1*. 17, 19, 21, 23, ?, *7,19. 31, 33. and 35, of towaa-tp 9b: aeolooa 1, 3, 5.7, 9, 11, 13,15,17,19,21, >< <n r ?i ' 1 ? *-*- - ?,?, ?n'i j ,' i tutiMiiji; iDvaibip *?; ?eflinni 1, 3,5.7,9,11,13, 15, 17, 19,21,23, 25 27, ?, 31, 38, and 35. of town?tuj> 9B; aoobopa 1. s, s, 7, t. 11, 14, 1* w, lft.U. 33, 25, *7. 39, 31,33. aad 35, of townahip 100, oi mu(t M. Towaahipa 91. n.tnd l#?, of raofasft. owuahip <*. of rang* 38. ' 'o wnahlpa SO. ion, of raaga ST. 'ownahipa 90,99, and WO, of ranga 33. Townakipa 93. W. and MO, of rant* 89. 'ownahipa 9h, 98, and wo, of raota*. ' 'ownahipa 19 and 100, ofraaf* 41. ownahipa 99 and 130, of raac* <3. ' 'ovukipa 9B and MO, of iu<eti. 'ownahipa 90 and Iff*, of ranee 44. Townabips JS ud 100, of ruga U. t? wnafaipk 99 and 100, of range *>. Tovaahipa W ui 1M, of range 47. T^wniliips w? and ion ofrauge 48. Tovnshipa 99 and 100, o. rang* 49 Lpad appropriated by lav for the dm of sohool% fi^2.'^xs7sa.'?Tn. :;aja from tbo mIm, Th? offering of the above lands will urmmiin<iM on tae days appointed, and will proceed m tae orday in whioh thsr are advertised, until the whole shall have been offered and the sales thas dosed; bat no sale shall he kept opes le*t*r thorn two tand bo private entry of an; of the lands will be ad Hutted until after the expiration of the tvo weeks. Given inder my band, at the oity of Washington, $ ic m gj>? jw?'mwmb? ? l't. thia IbarUantfc day of iuut, A quo Douuoi on* By the President: i ^ 0?NOTICIt TO hr.rmpt1av r?i ? . ? ? ? ii ? mmb vua1ki ah 1 oi j ! Krery person entitled to the right of *re-tmption I to an? olthe iacds within the townships and parte 1 of township* above mentioned, it roatared to establish t>e earn* to Uia saU??aoUou ?>f the register and receiver of the prop?r land cffion.and make payment tharefor ae eooa ae praouoable after seeiag this notice, and before the day appointed for the oommenoement of tha pablic eaiea of the laade embracing tne traot olaimed; otherwise id eh olaua . will be forfeited. JOS. B. WILBO*. Commissioner of the General Land O&oe. I Not*.?Under the regulations of the department, ' aa heretofore *Qd now existing, no payment oan ** Imade for advertising proclamations except to saoh publishers aa are sptcuUly a*ukorixtd to pabliah by tie Commissioner of the General l?and Ofioa. au yvM.wiJw TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. |?OOT8 AND BHOE^ TO SUIT TBJC W? |r? now MBikbetanof all kinds of BOOTS and SHOK8, and oonetantlr reoehnnr oppi? ?[ Hit?rn mtd? work of evert de-BHfl Bonptior, mads expreeely to oruer, and will w H| be sold at a inn oh lower price than haa keen" Nk heretofore charged in thia oitj for muoh inferior < ? >> ~r d??- ?-? " ? viavwa ? wwu Ui OVUM ?UU SBOM Ol >>1111 II OT oity made work, will always find a jood assortmea In storeand at the lowert prioes. Biw ui a call. GRIFFIN 4 BRO., l? l-T 314 Pennsylvania a venae. I71VE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived thia day, embraoini; all auah-fwt^ tie* and eiaee of Sola Leather, Ladies'MnM Dree* and Packing Truaks. Oar trnnk^ "** sales room exhibita at thia time the greatest variety of traveling reeaieitea. at moderate yrioes, to be found thia side oj New York, Also, eTdfy description of LAWES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET BAGS. SATCHELS, Ac. ICr'Old Trunks repaired or taken iaexohange for mwobm. WALL> STEPHENS It CO.. Trunk Bales Room, aarfl-tf saa Pa- avanaa. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, O 4?? Tth SftlVli Owpositt Odd Fallows' Hall, Watktugtm, D. C. TrRvalora will ? 'vuvti w?ciD?ui uj rjk?nuui*i my "fRLNKS, VALICE8 &o , before pur?ww charing e!?ewere. A? I uee none but thrmm* beet material the market affords and eraplot^^"* the b*?t workmen, 1 oan oonndentijr recommend my work to be superior in Strength and Durability to Trunk* that are made in other oitiea and sold here. I keep oonataatly on hand, and ma^ca to order ion one week's noliqe) ejerj description of SOLM LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mmt WOOD BOX TRUCKS; ASHLAND amd ttkm 7ALICES: TRAVELING'BASS ; HARNESS: SADDLES; WfflPS, fc., ft. , Trunk*, &o., Repaired and Covered, in a workmA.nlika intnner mJt ?hn?4 ?/? ?* Trunk* delivered in any >a*rt of UM Qity, ?eorfetown, or Alexandria. 8#ttf^svs*ai^sssr famili' de lUf JAMES ?. TOPHAM. T&A V &LEKS' DLttlSCTORY. I) ALT1MORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. amsmmismmmamm Chanos ow Hocus. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, iw'i trams will ran m follow*: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.4ft a. m. Leave Washington at 3.20 and 6.30 p. ml On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. as. On Sunday at 4 35 a. in. Pa?ser?*r? for the Ka*t will take trains at 6Ji> and 7.4<> a. ra and 3 20 p. m. For the We? at 7.40 a. m and 3.20 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.4?> a m- and 3-20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the 3.20 p. m. train foe# to Philadelphia only. je 13 d T U. PARSONS. A rent. NEW ORLEANS 1ST TSCR.XIZI 3Di2LY? IM CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR9: Virginia otta Tevn*sxee. Bait Tennessee and Virginia, JEast T*/tH4X344 arid Georgia., N:\ihvUU and C'uittaneoga, Mcmfki* arA Charleston, J Xisjissimvi Central. ' li'cvt Orleans and J arisen, TO NEW ORLEANS! . MEMPHTSTROUTE: Memphis by Rau.thenoe by Fu?t olaoe Packet* to Now Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thonoe to Mobile by First oimi PaukoU. Mobile to New OilaaoB by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Svndati Ihclivii, LttTt WMhliutn at 0 a. m. u4 p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot of Seventh street at a. m. and a. m. an<i -a A ?rr *.? - ?? - * wu <oum ? Anuuuni wiiu me uru|o uq AlflxTruce for tha SonthweiL OBloo? P?iM7lT?iiit avenue, oorner of Sixth it. XAMMI CS11CUD TTBOUfiH TO KBIT OUIAII. Lynohbarc . >7 K> Memphie _ g31 00 Uriatol .Won AC&bl& jl no RuoxTille aoW? Muon or Ckatuoooca H PO Columbna ?XI 90 Dal ton ? ..24 ft"1 Monteomerr .8 00 Huntrrille J)*) I naMsmphiMJ 80 Srand Junction ?n on N.O.> n?9. Jnno.M M Mhril.o MB S Tia Mobile. oo THIS ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BY KAIL MO MILES SnORTK'K^apd 94 HOURS LESS in x inc. than any other Mb*? the Lynohbor* Extension being now ooma.oUxl, m the Miaaiaaipji Central. making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE *VR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It U fro Tided With First olaai Sleeping Cars! (To New Orleans 79 Honrs. Memphis .04 do. Montgomery ?3 do. Nashville 46 do. ETThe U.S. MAJLaad ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken srer this New Lin*. Zioketa oan be obtained at the South Wee torn oe, oorner of 8ixtk street and Pennsylvania arcane, to the following pomU: Lynohbsrg, Bristol, KnoxYiUe, Atlanta* Ch&ttanooea, Huntsnlla, Grand Junction, Maoon, Nashville, Dal ton. Columbus, Montgomery^ Mobile, Memphis, and frr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA STRINGS. fP?Omnibase? and Bag gaga Wacom Leave ti? omoe at 0 a. m. and i p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Agent, maO-tr Corner sixth rt. todPa ay. THE 8TEAMKR JAS. BUY Will reeame Iter trija on TUESDAY, Zlat of jpak reDruarj.uen. win wash IN9TON rrery TUESDAY FRIDAY, ftt C o'olock a. m..and ALEXANDRIA ft half-put o'olook. for CURRIOMAN aad Dm intermediate Laamnn. On her return trijH, eh# will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY "" "'"Htfetta, NATH'L BOUa?. At't. AleiaadrU. U? QFFICE O F ^ 6A8Km1 TKR 8 * D BKALE* NOTICE IB /TKRlRRV^a^rSl^^r^'^t^ ably to In* proviaiona of the oidi nance of theCerpo ration approved Mar 12. I860, the nnderaixaed if now prepared, "whenever repaired m writing, and 011 pr? W*1 ?f the fe? ?fifty ?ante, to iuiNL examine, tact, prove,andaeoertain theaoearaSyo? mistratiofl ofany tu meter in nee in Uu? oity." Every meter, iffouud inoorreot,will baaaademned, and another, sealed and marked aa trne, will be aetinit? plaoe. if proved to ba ace a rate in ita meaaan.meutofcas,it wkl be aeaied aooordinaly. and acain pat in potiuoa lor nee. Offloe No 010 Seventh street, (nanr Odd FtlJy U-tf Inepaotor aad EVaaiw of Qae MiUw. HI nWE'SIMPROVED~WEI0H1N? SCALES I Theee Scalee ?rs offered to the poblio M tin most si nipie, durable, and reliable MlMtw mmt ia M. Firstolaes premium* bare been awardedtLeaa by the United State* FairMid Virginia Amculturai Vermont SUte Fair, ko^ 4a. In every oae? where {I x.hit'ited Uw.ttti reooived &r*t olaea premitm* or u at if Looiatana a ease, Depot of ftulcri bil.ed Iron SafM. 4* U-lf R* C. PATTTWV*. A warn* n OAS PIXTCIBB.' E Hit* in store, and are d?i j reeemnc, ffil FI1TUKBSofentirely New Pattern.aadDesis ns and Finish, *n peri or in trie to anything heretofore offered in this market, We invite oitixens cenerai It to call and examine our stock of Oae and Walar Fixtures, feeling oonfidont that ve hare the boat WtfoVfi: ?? IHIrt ffiEuXa, u4 fhu&t y . n otih I.?. . LUUL .K.MOVV. l.kilTII. LA*A*,MOW?AOXiXbl?_ ? oui.pranMi MIII? sgfftoisSvSrgsg^E MiaOKULACT008. T"B ""WWkSifflBrfP"*""* CoBM^BMiOr I ?fc?n r?MM I* Wl S0?fTixM)/VAM$1 1N0' Gl1^' ice in ?11 iUbranch*. OWfGiMtaj frompUyWtwtd*<l to. fMfttmr and ftr.,?i?I Fimiturein the ttyl? 1 also, o?l> UiwUn to tii* Pamtta* of Ronft n4 Brick wifcli*. All of Ul? fU>V? 1 Will do M ?kMf M IM tlMH Mi. I tharafore aoliait ttaMtrouMa rfauy frieada ud fellow oitixana of tha DiattioL panr.lut.'ity , tnotr obaerrad, and work don* in tfa? baat maa\om will pi** Wind yoar itoii ud atop at M. T PARKER'S Palatini Kal*bliakraant. No. ()' , SS !! 63 !'.! Louiai&aa ? ., aortb tide, Mwni %ik i and 7th it*. . ^ , i P. ?. Sum pat up frM af oharga, M uuL pONEKR ?ow" ; Tb? aabaoriter b?fa joava to laforai U* aittaaaa of Wwjunjton, Georgetown uJ tint hp nw aaaeo to nis long established batinoea the i MLXiiisrj of steam power for sawing and inuitto i turing Marble and Brown Stojo Work tn tfeetr *a- i rioas branohoe. Marble Munli, TaWe aad W Mh- i ^cd Top*, Tn*. Monumfr.u, Totab and Head net, S:a''?. W indow Lintels, 8Uis, n*n %nd < fatforms, Having pu-chaeedalargestoek qfftauan Marble m block .from brat hamt*.*t lbs lowwl rata*, h* feels confident of Ming able to furnish Marble work aa low aa it oan be pare based In New York. 1 Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade sap plied with Italian Marble la Uook or sabs at the saraa rate a? famished in New. \ ork,and oa aeaoBuaofiting terras. Also, on hand, a large supply o 1 araio9 9tone. Water of Ayr Bote and Polishing utty ft New York prieee. Enooarage the enter fiMMr Summ Mmrbit mmd Brown Sieas Work*, Pa. a*., oor. Thirteenth jC. 1 an tl-Sn Washing to a. P. C. |MPOETANT TO HOWEkEEPEEH. K. R. DUE!KB A CO.'B CPXQjiaDCi^? OwuKrI Dot only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but rround from frenh Spioea, ulMttd ud cie%n?i b? u* ezpreuiy for the pnrpoee vitknt refer?t to cost- They are beauofnlly packed la tiafeiL (ined with pikper.) to prevent injur/ try Mtag, and are lull weiiht, while tbe onuntry fronad Spioea are almoat ievariably abort. We varraa* 'ygWti pw? sftfvixn&tr*"Ma |in^letrtai|W 1!i abnndantly prove. >u ^w.r gif. Rjagfcyfo. ^ATCH RE|>A1?[NG ^^.TER WAK I have one of the beet eatabliahmenta, and farniahed with * complete *ftj?f toola for repair-. JEv an BT?rj u"?onffion ni not Y?IISDN, Md f|U fiartioukar attrition girt to the mdii, by borough eompetant workmanjiad a. worktuarantied Al-o, e??ry lieecnp ion of ataudard SILVER W ARK, plain and ora&iueatal. man ufactu-ed now mi Own quperviaion, which my euatomera will hnd far superior in auality and finith to northern ware sold by dealers in general and repreeented aa their own manufacture. H. O HOOD, wS ? 3SS Pa. aveaue. aeartth at. RENTS' SHIRTS, ** COLLAR^. TIRH. STOCKS, HANDKMtCHIKFS. And all kiirfa of GK.NTS' FLRNiHHING GOODS, at 25 per cent, eu than any ether atore in the city. At oo 19-1m SMITH'S. Seregth aC gs The ikovt PURE WHigKV.Coprn Dhtillid I VROM MaltxbQbaui, beiBft m??rior and imfoni IB ?MUitVt Bnd hijhiy improved by age. ia preferred by oonanmer* to a'l other Whiakiea, Bad particularly rec<'tnm?Eded by the beat phyMeiaaa &nd obemiata aa acaaesainn all the re<juir?meata of B T'H' Tonic invigorate* ind Remedial Agent. The Schuylkill Wrtar ot Philadelphia, need ia the dia-illation of thia Whiaky. ia arored by soaly s ~ to the aofteat and pureat water ia the Usited B'atrs : and to tlue may. in a great decree, be Attributed th? excellence r<f this wh:aky. Pora&lsby FREKMAN k SIMPSON. Phenix Dietillerr. flo Sflhn*lktli Phi OfRcee? 9f> Wall street, New York ; 109 South Front street, I*;?ii&d?iptan&. And can i>e haa in Wa'hiniiton of Samuel Bacon ! A Co , 319 Pa av.; R. J. Rtoo. Wwt 9th ?t.,o?rI n?r D; Ker.naay A f'u*h, MB W?it 7th it; Mir| ray A S?nriir.?>B, 407 Pa. av.; J. B. Wilson.J9T ! Pa. av ; Harbour A Semmca, 6# Lv av ; H- C. J Purdy, 403 Pa. %v.; Wm. Brjan, 44 Market ftp.; | Moor*. Cmsell A Co , 38T Vveet 7th St.; 6. F. On ; lick, 556 N. J. &v ; A. Gaddia. Jr. A Co., M, oorner !K%st 11th; IMtrart! Hall, 40 Market ft pace ; E. E. White A Co .63 La. ar.; John H. Semmes A Co . S23 West Ninth st. oo? lm /' V / M010*TI (f^,b DISPATCH! ^ ^ \. Sat* the PUmiI ^ ttmwv iuv a ivwvi At mteidmit wiU kwrrm, mm to wll-rtrmtmfi fmmiHu, it is rery desirable to hare mm ekt?r and ooLvonient m for r?f*lria< Panti tare, Toys, Croskery, fcs, IPALDINS'I PRKTltKB 6LCI meeu alt aueh emergenoiee. and no hoaeofcoM mi afford to b? Withoatlt. It ia alwaya ready and ay to the a^ckinj joint. There la no longer a neoees.ty for Ttmpiuf ohaira. aphn'.ered ~*Mara, headleaa dolla, arnd broken cradle* It ia last the arflcle for oone, ahell, and other ornamental work, ao pop alar with ladiea of refinement and taste. I Thia aduiiraoie preparation ia aaad ?old, h?in? chemically held in eolation, and yoaaeaamt all the valuable qualitiea of the beet eatanet makera' clue. it imw Ka Haait in l>e -- ?? -? ? - uw ??wvi IU ?uv f.BW VI UIUilUN 7 IUUOliBf*l mine tutl; more aches) to. ? USEFUL IN ETBRT HOUSE." friet. Si eents. N. B.?A Brash aooomyacles eaeh bottls Wk*it.'?lt Dtp* 1, No. 48 Cedar street, New Yefk Address HENRY cTsPALDIN? A CO., Box Ne. 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