Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1860 Page 3
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H H.OCAL WBWfr. l 7*Tbou t Tite 9ta* la printed on the fastest * str*m press In u* south of Baltimore, Its edition fli larpr aa to reonlf* It to br put to pm at an early boar Adverttaemente, therefore, should bs sent In V.ore l*i o'clock ra ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Mottci. Dtrtrlct of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted in the Paltimokk Bus are received at and forwarded from Thk s*ta* 0 ce. Citt Cocitc.La, November 10 Board of Aid*t~ tKO a rABinr - l v __ ......... M.ivn * i v iiiwiii *ur Mayor, transmitting the report of the Water itewlstrar for the month of October; referred to drainage committee The report gives the number of additional sinners to the subscription book during the month "t #; number of permit* to treets, Ac , <*; number of order* to tap mains 75: number of rents collected, 22. * -J R-celpts during the mouth from rents, f 102 <J5 Do. do. from stops.. 213 00 $315 &> Also, one from tha Mayor announcing his approval of acts Also, one from the City Surveyor in relation to the cost of improving Second street west from I Virginia avenue to C street south; referred to Improvements committee. Petitions were received and referred from A. < r*gg for remission of a tine; Wm. Talbert and u others for fLe grading and paving of an alley In 1 9 square 977. s, CO**lTT** **PO*TS Joint resolution authorizing the Mayor to cause t the proving machine-house and other property of Ul Warr Department to be removed to the pipe A .* . * - * * - " " (> . w r>Mr wuu ui pipe now Lay lag about I lie *tr ?ts wbw the pipes nave been Laid; paseed Substitute for trie bill entitled an act amendatory of the act passed May it, lw53, to regulate markets; passed. Joint resolution urging Congress to authorise a pnsaratr^r railway to be contracted in Peeasylvawla aveane and other streets; laid on the table Bill tn relation to the Central Guard-house, as follow*. A x Act In relation to tha Central Guardhouse. ft* it enacted, te . That from and after the |wi* rrp of this act it shall be the duty of the police magistrates cf the Third, Fifth, and Seventh Districts to attend alternately, week bv week. In the frllowtni; order, at the Central Guardhouse, during the following hours, vix: From seven o'clock a m to ten o'clock am, and from eight o'clock p m. to eleven o'clock p m., and on Sundays from seven o?clock a m to ten o'clock * a m. from three o'clwk p m to six o'clock p m., and from eight o'clock p. m to eleven o'clock p. m. The police magistrate of the Third District shall attend during the first week, the police nac sirate of the Fifth District the second week, (and the police magistrate of the Seventh District' during ib* th'rd week. In the event of the absence, from sickness or other cause, of the magistrate kudk uuder tbe above arrangement, tbe magistrate next in turn sbali supply bis place, when requested to do so by tbe Mayor or Chief of Police. (S c 2 That tbe said police magistrates shall be entitled to receive for their services one hundred dollars each per annum, in addition to the sum of k rvf> hundred dollars now allowed by law, payI *b e monthly out of the general fund. Sec 3 That all acts or parts of acta inconsistent Wito Uiis act be, and tbe same are hereby, repealed On motion the bill was passed. Bi'l for the relief of Miss Mary Moore; pissed Bill for tbe relief of Aldrir.h Young; p saed. Bill for tbe relief of G Herbert; passed Bill for tbe relief of Wm Flood; passed Bill to lay a water main in Ma a<-b s tts avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets west; passed. B'.ll authorizing the erection of a lamp po t on the corner of New York avenue and Sixth strvel west; p ts*d. Joint resolution requesting the Mayor to appoint a day f of public thanksgiving; passed Adjjurn-d I Common Covnril. Mr. Mobun, from the committee ou distribution of water, reported an .. I win r i - Kimni mu iut layiu^ waver main on tlgtitb street, from K to N; passed Mr. Edinonat-jo, from the committee on Are uepartment. reported a bill appropriating SI5o for renting a room for the Western Hoae Company; paased Mr Borrows, from health committee, reported a bill to abate a nuisance In the Sixth Ward, by tilling up D street south, between Ninth and Eleventh streeta east; passed Sundry papers from the Board of Aldermen were taken up and appropriately referred The motion to reconsider the vote bT which the claim of James Towles waa rejected being taken up Mr. Clarke moved to lay on the table; motion ^ lost yeas 9, navs 10. The motion the reconsider was lost yeia 9, nays 10. j The bill abolishing the ofice of Commissioner of Health being taken up Mr Mrad sUtf-d that be bad reported the bill from the police committee, but he hoped it would m>t pass He had since been convinced that the rlBrr was a necrsaary one Mr. Jones, while he entertained the highest respect for tb present occupant of the office,ooth personally and politically, thought the office might fx- dis|>ensed with. It bad been established in Itfc - hist pl.'.ce, not from any nermlty for tbe < flice, but siinply to provide a place for a political g friend of the then existing municipal administra lion. Mr. Mulloy thought the office a very nuressary rnd important oue, and hoped ll would nut h* btlukcd. Mr Borrows beld that the office might be dispensed with without detriment to the city; the duties of the etii'-e hp thought would be just as well of betw attended to by the committsloner* of health alone, than they are now with tbe additional office He had the graitest rtapect for the present incumbent of the office, but he thought the office ita lf unuecessary Mr. P weii had been familiar with the duties of tbe office and th- manner In which they had been discharged, and be considered the office a rery Important one. Mr. Kmeraon contended that the office was wont thin uacleaa, and that it ought to be abolhktl. Mr Kasby thought that if the office wa properly organized, and the duties thereof properly discharged, it might be made a very useful oue. He bo;*-d, at any rat?, that the bill would not pass Without due ooosideratioa, and that if th -re was ay good in such an office the City would get the benefit of It. He moved to recommit the bill to the committee va police Mr. Wilson hoped that the bill would be di pos.d of at once He had assurance# that If thin < Ace were abolished. itsdutlea woald be properly urnaeu 10 ov ine ra commissioners. Mr. Kdmonston did not believe in rolng off fcslf-eocked. He wm opposed to abolishing tbl* until a better aud more effective arrangement wis made for tbe preservation of tbe healib of tbe city. Mr. Cbapin wai not prepared to vote for tbe abolishment of tbe office until tome better Military arraajjementi were made . Mr. Given could hardly mike up bis mind aa to tbe propriety of abolishing tnis office. It was aa Important matter, and sbould not be acted npoa without due consideration He thought it would be better to postpone tbe subject uutil next Monday night. Mr. Easny withdrew bis motion to recommit and moved thnt the whole matter b referred to the committee on health; loat yea* 9, nay* 9 A joint resolution from tbe upper board, request n^ tbe Mayor to appoint a day of Thaaksg'ving during the latter part of the month, was taken up and adopted. Adjourned. W i H vb No House or K srro* on Cor sictiom Yesterday, a Mr. Donovan requested tbe detective Brm of A. R Allen k. Co to try to recover s watch that had been recently stolen fro in him The officers went to work immediately, snd arrested a number of small boys, too young to punish with Imprisonment, snd took them to the ottre of Justice Donn, In hope that they might be persuaded to toll where tbe watcb was They called themselves a part of the Fighting-alley crowd " They appeared to take things coolly, except one, wbo seemed greatly afflicted by the anest. They soon began to criminate and recriminate each other,and told of a large number of petty MfCfmei infT ua committed irom Mores, shops, markets gardens Ac , eventothelarcenvof*poor fellow's dinner, wbo was employed la fixing tbe water r*lns They told of their companion* In ctiiue, ana .'root what they said, it Is fmir to presume thee is an rgsnlsstlon of apprentices in tea. similar to that which few yours ago went br the name of the " Forty Thievea," and was, after a lon ( time, broken np by tbe then efficient police The mothers of these little fellows seem t* hare gruat confidence in their truthfulness and bauesty It can hardly be supposed that tbey were all aware of tbe habits of their children, though s ie of them had evidence thst their truthful. honest ons rould swear like troopers They told of tbeir pettv offensrs willingly: but not a wora did one of them appear to know about th" watch Of course, tbey w -re a.l dlsmiaed. WlihiltftOQ til VIA hni.l# nV rmfiism* at rr*rrwtirtn In whicn to reform those youn* ofieudrr* At the door of the Justice's office s itaiftr asked, ' \Vhat will be done with those children*'' They will be torned loose " wss the reply The Strangrr was sstoaisbed that nothing could b done by tee a amor lues to reform them and protect the cltlzrus from their depredations Militskt A meeting of the Washington Light IntanUy Battalion was beld bst night, at which frosa 80 to 10U luemher* were pt*s*at, Maj. Davis la tbe chair, aad arrantfemeats ware Mads to receive the Phalanx Putnam Guard, rf Hartford, Conn Company A will be ordered oat to rsreive them on their arrival oa the evening c.f I the Atb of Decent!>~r, la full winter uniform On tbe tb the visiting Pbainnx will proceed t Vlwuut Vernon, under tbs escort of thr officers of A the bstuiioa, and on the 7th tbe full battaliou will escort their guests to the President's House, (he public buildings, Ac. * ! a . ' * r > * 1 i - A t I Hi 1 Vl k " mmmaeem PtHI tl ' JOIUMOI AmtUTWI Af Fun on trtrfc r*e Brtrkinridgs Wing Th4f Can't E nil or ft tke Doings of ra I)'in Jnckstn Aisor iiioii The meeting of the above association, held last evening in accordance with public notice, at its headquarters, within the Kimmell House, was Well attended. The meeting being called to order by the President, Mr Jofea F. Ennis Mr Goddard, from a select committee appointed to consider tfes propriety of conti nuing the present organisation, reported' tbe following preamble and resolutions: 1. R'.scire/, That, aa members of the Douglas and Johnson Association, we reaaaert and maintain that tbe people, resident in all tbe Territories I belonging to tbe United States, have the riirbt to regnlate their domestic affair* in their own way. i subject only to the Constitution of the United States, as erponnded by the Suprmie Court; and th^t this principle of nonintervention by the Legislature U distinctly recognized by the act oi Congress known aithe Kansas-Nebraska bill; and that the Ml of the democratic party of the country bat been solemnly pledged to It; and that it is consonant to the grnius of American institutions, and Its rtvvjnltion is essential to the equality of the States, and the preservation of the Union. 2. iiisolved. That whilst we as members of the National Democratic party are ready to defend our rights and property as guaranteed by the Constitution, that we disapprove of the agitation of the absorbing question of the day, and believe tbat the checks and guards provided by that in* strument. together with the conservatism of the misses of the people of the Union, are sufficient to repress the spirit of aggression, come from U'hltev f nnartd* mnA . - * * ^rvi IIIBJ | uuu picrcub any actual inference with the rights and interests of the people of the respective states. 3 R'solreJ, That this Association be and rem iu organised aa at present, and that at any time hereafter the meeting may be called by the President on request of the Executive committee In writing, or of any five members of the Association. A question arising as to whether the adoption of thrse resolutions would preclude the possibility of a coalition with the other wine of the party at any future time, considerable discussion w s elicited. It waa claimed by nearly those participating In the debate tbat there never could be a fusion as far as regarded tbe national nnittirai question* of the day, u sucn would involve a sacrifice of principles on tbelr part; but as regarded local politics a union might be effected. Others again held that there was no necessity for a union of the Associations in any event, a* tbe Individuals members might connect themselves i with any organization having a tendency to unite i the party on political questions pertaining to our municipal affairs. It being urged by a member as a reason for dissolving that Association, that the Breckinridge Association had disbanded Mr J. E Norrissaid that the dissolution of 1 the Breckinridge Association was nothing very 1 striking, inasmuch <u during the canvass they 1 had very little to go upon, so that In djtbandlng they had nothing to lose. But tbe Association which be then addressed had a great and glorious principle to maintain, and it was their duty to stand by it. A diMolutlon of the Association would be an abandonment of tbe mighty principle for which they had contended so arduously during tbe canvass a a - nir jas nenry said be understood some member to rtate that a proposition bad been made In the Breckinridge Association, and accepted, looktBg ( to a union between tbe two associations. Dr Culver. Mr. President, as I made tbe statement, I deem It proper to explain. Two or three gentlemen belonging to tbe Breckinridge Associ- 1 tion qssm to m* and said tbey were antborixed to say tbmt a resolution bad been offered in tbat Association, and adopted, offering to coalesce wltb i tbis Association In a reorganization of tbe old 1 Jackson Democratic Association: and tbey desired , to know what tbis Association was going to do? Mr. Henry. Mr President, I beard something of tbat kind myself, outside. But, sir, as we have . received no olBcial information of any such action on tbeir pirt, 1 think therefore, sir, we ought not t- consider it. If tLat Association wants me, for one, to nnite with them, they will have to do i great deal better tiaa I have ever thought tbem capable of doing. Mr. Norris. Tbey must not make any onslaught upi'u vac wigwim. (uaugawr J Mr. Henry No. Mr. Wm. Drnry. We are ont of that acrape, and I hope we will keep out of it. Mr. Henry. We have been denounced by them si bring worse abolitlonlsta than Mr. Lincoln himaelr besides having other harah epithets applied to ua. And not only a*, air, but we have been apurned and hunted down like doga by that very aame party. Out of 125 appointments in the Cenaua Bureau, no Douglas man has been able to receive one. And worse than that, we have been turned out of those positions which we befotf held, and men who belong down at the wigwam appointed. There has been an unmerciful battle a'/ainit nnr nart*r Ku ry - r -j ci J muic men who. after they have done all the barm they couid, now conic forward and aik ua to help tbem cat [Laughter J He closed with a eulogy upou Mr Douglas, their (tandard-bearer. Mr. Enala A allusion baa been made here to a proposition which It la said was mtde by the Breckinridge Association looking to a < anion of the two organization, 1 deem It proper i to state that I was called upon by Dr Boyle, tbe President of that Association, with whom I bad a long Interview. His object In calling was to notify me ns President of tuls Association that tbe Association over which he pr.sided was willing, and Indeed anxious, to make some offer of comf>rom!se so that we could come together and act n our municipal elections. I informed bun of the d- tttsul 11 that I thought I saw surroundlug an attempt at a fusion upon national grounds. He did not seem to be of that opinion He then stated that on that evening (last Monday week) a proposition would be introduced Into that Association appointing a committee of live or six members to confer \*Mth a similar committee on the part of this organization. 1 told him I > > objection to that, and that as an act of courtray we would reciprocate any offer of that kind. Since that time I have heard nothing of any action by them eicept from ruinor. From one of thr member* of that Association 1 understood that the proposition of I>r Boyle was very warmly contested, and they seemed to think the only thing we could do waa to come on the stool of repentance Mr. Norrls The proposition was voted down. Mr Gordon Mr. President, having heard your sUlement, 1 withdraw anything in the way of conciliation that 1 said. The resolutions were then adopted, with the following one in addition, offered by Mr. Randall H folted. That whilst we deprecate the election of a sectional candidate for the Presidency, we have consolation in the fart that we have a signal majority in the two Houses of Congress, to whom We look for the DrrMrutliin nf nn protection from any furUier encroachments upon the rights of the South. The President was then Instructed, In conjunction with the Executive Committee, to make suitable arrangements for tendering Mr. Douglas with a serenade when be shall arrive In this city. The Association then adjourned Baltimokx Ohio Railbc^Kd. From the thirty-fourth annual report of the president and directors of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad we gather the following particulars of interest in this locality. The great fact that the report presents is an increase of revenue and a decrease of working expenses The aggregate revenue of the main stem h*s luvn Inrrrawrf matin 1x1 lo > -".n pec -* decreased Mb 3*2 23. making an Increase of net profit*of $771 , K> 72. The gross earnings of the main stem wrre 83.W2.202 94; of the Washington branch. 4*12,880.44; of the Parkersburs branch, 3289.203 12; making an aggregate total of gross earning* for the road and It* branches of SI 654,50, and a total Increase, as compared with the prsvlona year, of 353,277 23 The working exp nses of the main stem were 41 1-6; of the Washington branch, 37and of the Parkersburg branch 72per cent. The report treats upon a variety of subjects relating to the Interests of the road, its connections southward and westward, and the establishment of a steamship connection from the port of Baltimore with Europe. It shows the road to be is a tateof heretofore unexampled prosperity, brongh about by a system of wise and efficient manage ment. I. 4k* * an ic ptx iu wuc nofuiH^toa urauca wc lfirn that the turn* paid to the Stair of Maryland daring the year, on account of the capitation tax, have been, viz: For tax on peaeengert between Baltimore and Waahington J auction for the fiscal r r M" j For wx on paaaeugera between Washington J unction ana Wasting ton 69,210 SO I UfibU.. ^ I w Bein# 5 bS per cent of the net earnings A aeml-aanaal dividend of per cent was paid iu October, 1CS9, and the aauie in April laat. A aimllar di ride ad for the pest aix months has been declared, payable on the 47th Inst. TtM board were disappointed la not obtaining, during the last session a Jaw from Congress authorising connectionsbetween the Washington branah aad tbe important ltaes of railway which trinfnato In the vicinity of Washington and corn* inunicale with the principal southern eltiee. At much la tor eat waa manifested by eaalaent membeta of the Senate aad Uouae of Representatives In the success of this enterprise, and as such lurtl Interests, North and South, will be materially accommodated by the proposed Improve. I ments, ths board anticipate that thn requisite power will be granted during the present year. Tns The Howard Pamtly wers gr?eted by n large and sppryiatlve audience, at mf lumKf w* u wii umt uucwvn ox loeir drat appea-aace here The main play wai uTe Nl^bia la m Baf-roer ," and It waa well performed throng bout and heartily aj piau i< d by tbe audience The bill it to be repeated to-night, and will of courae d aw a large houae Tiia water U drawn off the Georgetown level of tike canal tbia moruiag, far tba purpose of ralatu a an a ken beat. Tba leva! will be filled gala ta-aaerrow, prabably. If. WTt &8** VA U** *OA I * A * tift 1 med, jammed last night, and hundreds were obliged In go away unable to obtala admission Everybody wanted to see George Christy, the great enrWalled George, and aa the hall (though capacious) wouldn't hold everybody, wby a great many were disappointed. But better luck next time. Let them go early to-night, or. better yet, secure seats to-day. and then they will be all right - u nKu., uu^ oiiu ncuurc ui a conn?e 10 wiwie what U undoubtedly the richest. mot: unique, moat diversified. moat laughter proving, inoet toothing, most-undoubredlv-worth-thrir-money performance ttaev have ever witnessed We bnve not apace to particularize tbe different item* of the rich bill of last night, but toke our word for It, everything waa capital. CiBcetT Cockt. 'The arguments on the writ of errer la the caae of Ludlm A. Rargy occupied the Court all day yesterday, and were not concluded when the Court adjourned. To-day, the Court having met, the argument* In the above case were conr laded, but to decision given by the Court; which adjourned over until tne first Monday In January next. The caae \ olds over, of course, until the rising of the adjourned term. I.akck5t j Last night Detective* H&rrover and - - - - -- uuiuci annim a man namru Jimer Metear, charged with stealing four stitching wheels. the property of H. Mlchaeles. He wu taken before Justice Donn, where, although he wu Yery drank, be wm sharp enough to deny all charges snd demand the proof. He underwent s search, but nothing was found upon htm. He would not tell where he lodged, ana the officer*, in order to make further search, asked his commitment for a bearing. To this be make no objection, as It afforded him a temporary boarding bouse. Collis 103. 'The steamer Monticello, Gager. of the New York and Virginia Screw Stesmshtp line came *n collision with a schooner In therlTer roiomac oir JMntth's Point about 1 o'clock yesterday morning. The bowsprit of th schooner ran over the stern of the steamer, tearing away the port bulwarks and rail, and staving in the aftersaloon. The name of the schooner is unknown, she however escaped with slight damage. The Monticello arrived here at her usual hour. Thi Aitctiohs The moat busy localities of our city this morning were the spaces and pavements In front of ana around the stores of licensed auctioneers. The goods offered were principally adapted to house furnishing, and were new and second hand, the latter description being most sbnndant The stands were sarrounded with bidders, and the sales were kept up till noon. Kach salesman appeared to be doing his share of business. Look Out The officers have been on a hurried lea'ch. to-cUy, for a young, genteel-looking itranger, who wu passing counterfeit money this morning, in this city. The haste of the officers Krevented our getting a description of the coun* rfelts; but it would be well for our merchants to look closely at bank notes which may be offered them In payment for small amounts. The person Is said to have a large amount of piper with him. Ciktrai. Gcakphouse Cases Wm. Slater, colored, fighting; tine and costs 4 15 Robert Taylor, drunk in the streets; workhouse '.Hi day* Wm. Henderson, vagrant; do. 90 days. Michael Boucher, druukenness; tine and costs 9'i 15 S. Godfrey, do , do , 4 15. Tom Brown, disorderly; do S2 15 Geo. Sinclair, Pat Kanailly, Jno. M Devitt, Geo Thompson, fighting; securtty for court. t Center Market The market opened very nnprofitably to dealers this mornlnu. Though they were numeroua and their supplies excellent, I the attendance of purchasers was alim, and the demand very light. The appearance of the streeta and avenues leading to the market was little different from that of other daya, with the exception of the wagons around the market apace. Feiesds' Qcaktxki.t Mketijiq TheQuarterly meeting of the Society of Friends' which opened In this city at Friends' Meeting Houae, on Sunday 1 ait, closed yesterday morning At the closing meeting, religious discourses were made by S M. Janney, Mirlnm Gover, and Jeaae Hogue. The exercises have been well attended throughout Alex. Gazette. Read the ansocscemext of the aale for the benefit of the free schools of St. Matthews' parish The object is so worthy, and the entertainment of so inviting a naturt, that enjoyment and duty Will PO hand in hand in Hr />lln o * "b Sie t otick, In another column, of an exhibition of the Sunday School of the Kaat Washington M. P. Church, to-morrow evening. It will no doubt be an interesting and pleasant afl'air. Hollow a T'a Pillb. Coittveness. The bowels become torpid and powerleaa under continued puri&tion. liolloway's Pilla penetrate to the nucleus of the disease and eradicate it. Th y evacuate the foul and vitiated partiinaa from the inte-tines, by a mild aperient op eration and recuperate their exhausted energy, by restoring tone and rigor; they induce a healthy action ad p event a r laoseof the malsdy. For Pile*, Fistula*, Dyspeptiaand all disorder* of the viscera, tliey itaud without a rival. Sold by all Drucgists at i6o., 6.0. and 1 per box. no 30 1 v Tws PKCt'Ltaritim of the f*male constitution and the various trials to wmch the * x is *ubjeoted, demand an ocouion&l reo ur*e to stimulants. It is important, however, that th se shall be of a harmless nature, and at trie ame time acco rpl eh the U >aireO and. Host ti -r'a celebrated fttoniach Bittern is the very article. Its effect* in all cues t-f debili y are aimost magicil. It restores the tone of the digeaiive organs, infuses fresh vitality into tho whol! m a'om, at,J give* that cheerfulness to the empratnent which is the most valuable of feminine attractions. The propiietora faei flattered from the fact th\t manr of the most prominent medical sent em*n in the Union have bestowed enco inioms upon tiie hitte a, the virtues of which thay have frequently tested a d acknowledged. There are ninni- <>na counterfeits offered for sale, all of which lire deatruU? of merit, and post ively injurious to the system. no 20-to3t Wistar's Balsam or Wild Chmrt. The following letter from Rev. Husky Wood,of Concord. N. II., Kditor ofthe Congregational Journal, speaks volumaa in favor ol Wutar'i fialtam. Concord, N. H., March 2. Missxt. Skth W. Fowli ft Co. tientitmen: Two years ago, a sudden and violent attack upon my Lungs confined me to my i>ed for several weeks, and when I recovered, I was so much opprexxed l>y A, & la- i_ i * A ' ' vjnu^uibj iit uioawiiiiiK. mat x wt%h uiif'n un&oie 10 il p or rest upon a bed l>v nuht. Tiie suffering * * extreme, ami judging froin the inelfioacy of the remedies used, I supposed the disease incurable. Being persuaded t<> try a bottle of Wistar't Bilsam of Wild Cherry, without confidence 111 its efficacy, 1 found the difficulty almost entirely removed before one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fellow sufferers induces ine to "make this public statement, and reoommend the article to others similarly afflicted. W ith respect, yours truly, Hexrt Wood None genuine anless sinned I. Bctts on the wrapper. Prepared by 8. W. Fowle A Co., Boston, and for sals by Z. D. liiiinan, 8. C. Ford, jr.,*. B. Wait* O. Stott, John Schwarxe, Nairn A- Pa nier. Wash infton; and by dealers everywhere. nulO-lvr.r Homeopathic Rkxkdikb All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put np expre# |y forfamily use, in boxes, at 35 and 5n cents each. Al o, in oases, containing 20 vials, from 84 to each, with book of fnll directions. For sale by Z. I). Hilinan. 330 Pa. avenue wholesale and retail fttent: W. A. Fitxgera/J, 33S north F street; also by K. B. Winter, corner of Ma**aehu etts ave sue and Sixth street. Aiso, Pond's Extract of Witch Hnxti, lor internal and external inflammations of all kiaaa. Bold is nhove. <na9 1y Rkadbb, have you ee#n Prof. Wood'e advertuainent in oor paper. Reivd it; it will interest yoa. au 20-eoly 'f MARRIED. At the Aaaembly'a Church, on th* evening of the 1-Sth in tant, bjr Rev. Mr Samson, l> !>., JAMES H. STONE, fcaq, to Mill SALLIE S. GkEER, both of this oity. * DIED, In Georgetown, on the 17th inst.. MORTIMER 8. GARhETT, in the 16th year of bit ace. n^.. MR*. A. SPEIR Will open { ) SfliS WINTER MIoiINERY, no 13-2t NOVEMBER UP. Furs l Furs! AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. I hare with atriot oar* personally attenied to the a>auuf*aturing and selection of the Inliowing Furs. Mr lone praotioal knowledge of the For Business me with oertaiat* to invite the ladiea to goods made from fine ana fraaheaaght skins. Saeh Canada Mink Sable. Russia Fitoa, S bermn ^uirrtl, Witer Mink, French Kable. Children*' Fnra in great variety. Fur trimmings of ail oolors. Prices verj moderate. * W. F. SEYMOUR, no 19 lm Georgetown. Y^BONESDAY, NOVBXBBK 81ST. DR. J. CCHENCK. of Philadelphia, will be at the Drug 8t re of Samusl ii. waits, eoraer of Seventh street and Louisiana avenue, on Wednesday, November st He treate i o diseases bat those of toe Lungs, Liver and Stomach, and makee noonarge for advice rr examining l ungs in the ordinarr wa , or as Pjiioians generally do. hut for a thorongh u mi cation with Ui KaayiromHer he charges three dollars. _ , _ , I f ion K .v s.Oou*h. ro and see Dr. Pchecak. If yon have a am under the ahoulder blade, go mm in i)r. ttohenok If y<H> hare a ma in yoar Breaat, go and aee Dr. Bokatok. _ It you ayit Blood, b rare to go and tee Dr. SofctwiDr. Sofcaaok withe* everr ona, rich or poor, that ha* a Cough. Patn in tha Side, or 8hou dor nlartr, troubled with Coattvenaea or Diarrhor, Sallow

Complexion, Lom of Appetite, Low Rpini*, R**tiena aat aigkt, <>r aay oUer diaeaee leading to Consumption, to oall on him aa above and obtain hia mtIm Oft a aingle twenty ire oent bo* of Se*enok'a Mandrake PillawiU ramare tke oanaa ^ - " < *"> % ?rjp 9 FOB SALE AXD-SKNT. i COR RENT-A PARLOR U<! BCDROOM.ot IF two Bedrooms, at 341 F *l:eoi, b*(*Mn 9Ut : and 10th t . noa -8l* 1 VOR RENT Tkoee tvnu'ifui PARLORS in | r the house US'2 G !?* , oorrt-r FilVenth t, occupied ImC aeesion of Cnagr* s by Hon. Mr. I Humphrey, are now for rmt. Also, the Parlore now iK-copied by P. de Haaa Janvier, K*q.. in tka j sjinw housA. Titer* are also errral k >e ruofis mitaMe'lor sinnle jentiemfu orsniaJ. ianu iee. with 1 or wittio it board. no > ?t* | l^OR RENT-Th- HOUSE and STORE, on Pa. I *v mm V'l'.l V* . - 3 ** mu, wppu^u in r>evcn uiu.Q" ings. The store i* at presentoccupied by Mr. Dyer ik shoe store. Pos. etsion given by the 1st of I)oo in!v r next, or before. For partiou'a's f'eaee I injuir of Mr. DYER, at the store, or at Mr. CAR ROI.'S, next aoor. Lo 2i>-i w* WM. EMMKRT. Fim on RRNT.-A three-story BRICK I". WKL'LINK HOUSE, with baekWding.on Uth St.. No. 4 7 0. between F and ti str^tn. Kmieuinn iv"nou the5th of December next. Apply to J. K1RK WOOD. 47 6 Twe fth st. no 19 dtf I^O LET A oommodious three-story HOUSE, with back building, wine, aide l^t, stable. &c , eompletely furnished with all th.- modem improvement*. an the oorner gf H and Twenty- first street a, Possession given immediately. no 17-lw* I?OR RENT Two ROOMS in third story, aHr joinine.with water and km, or a fine PARLOR, lighted with fat. in seoond story. in a pleasant part of the city. Terms low. Apply on the pre mi a, No. 496 Mass. avenue, between 4th and A<h at*., north sida. no 16-tf Fm OR RENT-A brick DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 410 Sixth street west, between M and ft I xorth, containing 8 rooms and a kitchen. Terms >- - " - - k var,.^, afyiy nnn gnor norm ro li-lt* ROOMS FOR RENT-A lady and gentleman preferred, or ladies. Inquire at No. 43d 1 at-, between 9th and loth. no lS-lw* P)R RENT A three story briok HOUSE, containing 8 rooma, in good order, with gaa fix! turea oomplete, on H st'eet. between 4th and 5th. i Alao, a two-atory briok C'iTTAGK, with large yard attached, ooroer of F atrost north an 1 14th at. aat. To punctual and reliabl tenants the tenna will be moderat*. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G a id H. no ia-tf I7*OR RENT A two storr-iad-attic FRAME a HOUSK, with back-building. containing nine roomi, in complete onler, with gaa, situated on L trret, l>etwoen ! th and 10th ste.. north aide. To a punctual termit the rent will ba #2f> per month ; none othe'g]n>'edjspply. to KENNEDY A PUGU, Gropera. No 30** Seventh *t. no 1.5 Step TO RKNT That pleasant COTTAGE KESIDKNOE, containing 7 rooni3. with front bal cony, laiye yard* in Iront and rear, fronting H t , in Printing Office Squ%r , between North Capifc f and First sts. Rent 11240 per annum. Address, by lett r or in person, WM. STICKNEY. no 6-tf FOR SALE A new two-sto brick HOUSE on Fourth atreet, below New Yo k avenne. The house is 20 feet front and 43 feet d ep ; has 6- fo t passage, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, and four chambers, with stairwava in pasatge and kitchen, with good O 'llar under the whole house. For terma inquire at 49S> Seventh atreet, opposite Odd Fellows' Hail. no 1-tf J AS- 8. TOPHAM. I^OR RENT. A three-story and ha em nt r FRAME HOUSE, near I'a.av , on 10th. between G and H sta., No. 413. Inquire atSI kLEY A GUY'S Hardware Store, Pa. av. oc 30-tf F~OR REN T The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West at.. Georgetown, at preaent ooeu pied by the aultaoriber. It baa 12 rooma. with gas and water throughout, a fine yard, stable <to , and is in a good neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A.MAURUDER. oc 25 tf (T'OR RENT Afour-story brown-front DVVEL I LING, situate on Thirteenth at., between L and Ma>aa hnaetta a*., one of the moat desirable locations in the CltT Th hrfti** l fitrnl*h W w! h iti&rt>]e mantles ; \fso, ga and wator fixtures, with buth-room Inquire at \VM. P. 5*HEDD'S Fanoy Store, No. 502 lith st oo 27-25t* IT'OR RKNT. Two new three-story BRICK T HOUSES with hack buildings, each koc e containing 8 rooms, with gas, pleasantly situated on 8th street north, between M and N streets; rent moderate. Appl* to K. LA Z KN BY. opposite, or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenue, between lfth and 13th streets. oe 9tf rpO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND A OTHERS. For rent, suits of Pa-lors and wteral Chaml>ers. handsomely furnished, in the new dwelling house .791 K street north, between 9th and loth sts. Apply on the premises, no 13 eoiw* FOR RENT A five-story HOUSE, o"n aining 12 rooms, adjoining the comer of Fourth and 0 sts . near the City Hall. Apply to JOSEPH FUGITT. no 7-aotf F'OK RENT-The large three-story FRAME HOUSE on New York avenue, between 4th and 5th street*, recently oocnpieri by Rev. .Mr. Carothers. Apply to JOHN W. MANKIND, or to Mr. BOSS, next door, where the key inay li found. Also. the throe three story Bricks at corner of Ninth and N aU.. Northern Liberties. Apply at Mr. H AGO F.HTV 9 store opposite, for tne t rins and the key, or to DICKSON * KI NO'S wood and coa! yard, corner of I street and Vermont avenue, or to the subscriber, at Georgetown. no6-eo2w JOHN DICKSON. E^OR RENT A desirable and well located SrstI e'ass RhSIDKNCK, No. 469 un Sixth street, between D and E sts. The house is furnished with all the modern i:.-iaioremenU. Apply to THOMAS PARKER. no 2 e<>3w* FOR RENT A handsome, first olass RESIDKNCK, Nj 442 E street, between 6th and 7th street 4 one of the in >steligible locations o'tins city. The house is furnishe 1 wrth all modern improvements, such a* bath room, hot and co!d water on each floor,, first and second floors heated from basement, to., it. Apply next door, to Dr. J A*. J. WARING, No. 444 E strict between 6 h anil 7tli 1C if HUV4 * W IU-UUVI FOR RRNT Th lour-story BRICK HOUSE on Third etreet, between I> and E streets, (No 3*1 >adjoining the residence of W A.Maury, Esq. Possession given immediately. Also, the third story ofthe B-own Stone Building No. 403 on Pa. avenue,' couth sidei between 4\ an I 6th sts. For terms, io .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, Attorney-at-Law, !Vo. 4 0 La. avenue. no 2-eotf Tmiree hundred and fifteen acres in Fairfax count?, Va., in excellent order; w-. 11 timl>ered; go id buildings; a orown stone qt.arry. A railroad car shop and water station iirust be erected on the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi'l in L<>udonn oounty. A purchaser can get a bargain of G. VV. BRAY, Agent, .116 Seveuth ^..Washington, D. C. ocl6 lm* FOR R ENT Possession on the lit of October Tho DWELLING HOUSE No. 43 * D street, at prevent occupied by the^Rev. Dr. Butler, and ouiuuur vj nio r wiiou B ui win mi veruser. J. M. CARLISLE. N. B. It will not be let for a boarding house. a 18-tf I70R RENT The FIRST FLOOR of the buildl toe iinir>cdiately opposite the west wing of the Citj Hal.,rooentlj oocupied by Chae. 8. wallaob as an office. Also the fVont room in the second story and the third floor of theaamo Jwildinc. For term* apply to RICHARD VVALLACHTNo. 9 Louisiana avonne. ja 13 tf CLOAKS! CLOAKS!? cloaks:: We have iast addid to onr stock a number of New Patterns, togetbor with all tb"> most fashionable styles worn. The ladies will hudalarse sortment to select from, and all at prices to rait thft tim B. til whiah *a OA.ll thair ibaaiaI attAntinii ' " j w. collky a co~~~ no '6 5* No. 533 Seven'h at., above Pa. nr. The styles, the quality, the PRICKS. Onr took f^LOAKS, SHAWLS.and WINTER W RAPPiNGS lor Ladiea i are aaiJ by purokaaera) bo xo l 10 all the above point* unratookof dry GOODS for family wanta la (aa uaua ) complete in all depa!tin nts, CARPETS, CURTAINS, OIL CLOTHS, RUG*. Ao.. upper floor a. HOUSE I INKNS. COMFORTS. BLANKETS, Ao.. baaemeut and th vaulta." One prios only; the value marked In plain figures. All Dftrn# R&refnll* nnckfd frw nf rlmrn An examination of st'ocx incurs no oblication to pnrchaso. PERRY k BROTHER. Dealers m first clou Dry Good*, Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street, nol7-5t "Perry Building." gAFETY ! ECONOMY '! LIGHT!!! From th< frequent explosion* rf i lu&inating fluid*, producing an immense amount of tufTrriag and frequently death,it behooves the head of evtsry family to procure the safest, chcapei' and most brilliant light to be obtained. Tttis is offired to the pablio in the artiols of COAL OIL, of which ws intend to keep a oonxUut supply oa hand. Also, thel.AMPrifor burning sa d oil. Lamps barm g the oil can be seen any mgbt through the week at the Hardware and Vaiiety Sto.e No. 4tv i Pa aven e. near Thiri strtet. nol7-3t GEO. SAVAGE. mtp w n < ** V r',T v*irMi-*a, I.UIIB I5j ti i i> LEMONS, OKAN BK.RR1L 1, WALNUT.". ALMONDS, and OLIVE OIL At L. A. DELLW1G 8. BROWN. YELLOW, and COFFEE 3UGAR8, CKUSHEDand POWDE.tED do At L. i nF.LLWlG'S. Fresh lot of green and hlack TEAS. At L. A. DELL WIG'S, no 17 1 m N vt Yard. T SNYDER. _ 1 PI. UMBER AND GAS FITTER, Hurenortd to tn oom r ofTweif'h and t t . H ii prepared to m'rodaoe Water and Gm upon the mo t favorable terms, and guaraatiei enti fttivfeotion _ . _ ... Hehas on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOV Kf , which ii will aall lata Unn o t. aa ha wiaha* to fat rid ofthmn. no 17 1 O eROCKRHfc -NFECTION * R 8. 8FOAR 1 DKAI.KRAmd RE8TAlJHA"i l>*. , PAPER BAGS PAPUR BAGS, PAPER BAGS. M*e ranging from half pound to twenty pouea , of diflerent quaiUiea of papo^. for 8*-'> PRfcNGH a RiChSTEIN, 278 Pa ar. N. B.-A let of old Newapapara, auiiabi* for wrapping pa T, far aala. bo 17 QO TO FRENCH * For tha New York Ikilr Hera'd. Tim-a. and Tribune. AU the weekly paper* ou Hand. Monthly ani Quarterly Yankee votion* for ! i>'oeinber. Nov it the time to aubacnbe to Harper Moathly ; l>wwih>-r begin* the volet**, noi i 6BRAT BARGAINS. 1 WO CHICK HIN< PIANOS lo beetor^er. Oe for fUB and ope tor 1 wjl be eoid upon patmtnU of f 10 at the Mnaio St^re of w. MKmiO rr. no It NW Hv,8h.iHr*sfj irSMajJ iota , ro 5 * * ** ial r* J* y V * ' t*i I | I * 1 ^ I. i JL AnAlwtnm^m^' * WJ^rCl#El\jWrr*TJV ISKrM 1x5 WE. THR UNDF.* 1 N D. hmrm this dar ct r*0 mto o.<pBrta rutip uxUf Um mum and stjU et Jumbs k. Viiiuo, tor toe pu;pvv of co>da tiag ti. scab *a<2 Cana> BucIbab*. We olioit b h&re of tae pu: ho p\t;un4i<. and w> piouti our e;v i in l n "blc| will b* spared on our out to ?:e*.M our f. tend* aau th publio ^ jonl8a mkhegan Gmtihovs. d- c, gept-robar I, IMP. no 19 3t For boston -The trie new World hM itrirrd.aod i now lir-% fciOf her freijbt. jjcv. '"""'"" "'""iRW.'.ky * Htn aSL no 15 iw andjol Water etrwet. bl 1 1 kr* buckvvmfat, *^ :5k cs prime Clad** BIJTTIijIl, luDQOlbs. superior brckwheat, 3wm.chanbk.MRlK*. ^ 5 " cucimbkk pl( klr^iitiii^tf, lbs. Fresh roli. bl ttkk, SM - Gna.i Bank codfish. slhoxm scotch hkrhino. # , ** >. in ohesta low-prioed \ . H. and Black teas. also. Farina, Corn Starch, Kioe, Flour, Macaroa*. Bordeaux Oil, Gelatine. Hop*, Carb. Soda. pura Ground Coffee, Conoectiated ije. Ac. for a! r by do 15 st w h. tlm ^ '* * Jm IOO BR1<8. OF FR IME C1PKR, U*T Arrived and for tale oh * (or oMk. no 18 ARNY SHINN. UST RECEIVED 3 10 hhd . prints Porto Rioo SUGARS, ISO bins. (> (! Rre WHL-KY, 260 Mm. HKRftlNG and Al.fcWI VE8, SO hbia. <Jru*hed and Re6n d -I GARP, X bag* Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hMa,(iuw prised) MOLASSES. Far aalehr JOHN J. BOGLE. 1 T'JtE UNliERSlGNED CARPENffcR AND 1 BUILDER offera bis aervicea to tho pmblio of Georgetown, Washington, and vicinity, and wi 1 oontraot for or auperintand the ccatrnetioa of pnblio and private baiidinga. Plana ar.d apecifioationa will be farmabed at ahort aotios. t'ftoe , andahop on C>>ngreaa at, Georgetown, immediate . ljr north of the Foat Office an V 8m eo HENRY W1NGATE. ' /JRANDBLL, OPTICI^f. < v/ !* jinajra n. VMTllifWWi Haa onatantlj on hand a large aaa<>rtm ut of French Near-righted, Pcnaropic, n#vlorad, and el. other SPECTACLES, the beet 4ua.1t;. ingoid. ailver, ateel, end German ailver frame . N. B. Old Fnwnea Repair*^ *nd bhv f nmmha Rut in than #a 9 |\ffAS9EY, COLLIN9 * CU'S PHILADELLtI PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.-<Veare on tantTy ! receiving freih auppiios cf the above delightful bev- i wage, and invite all persona who want a pnreu- . ad a ! lo rated Ale, to give it a trial. A.RNY * PHINN, Agent*, fit IT fifMB st. 9M>rrntowa, mmmmmmmm mmmm mmmmmm m I PERSONAL. _ . i iDISTRICT OF COl.UMUIAXecarv ot Waih isgton, To Wi: .-On tnu inth day of November. IMG, bolore tiio cubk rib .'( a Jue'ioeof the Peace in and f r taid county aud Di-triet aTore aid. personally appeared AqniMa R. AJUn, and I made <>ath on the holy Evangel* of Almighty God, t^at a colored inao named Charlei f-rnith about i three wi*k aince wti ariegtoi by him a* a runa k 1 U. L 1 - ' 1 ' w ay hi ov no uftui uuurr*t jcm in&i ft rfpor t hlk* h ' k< en circulated that the Rev. Mr. Albert Boding ' wa* privy to, and assisted in, the arrest, bt nivini information respecting him, and that ke wax paid J Mr. J no. A. Smith, the sum of one hundred dolUrs, which taid rumor is filse in every parlicu ar, and t at Mr. Holding had no agencv in his arrest ?o the b*st of his knowledge and belief, and that Jno A. Smith knew nothing, nor had he any agency whatever in the matter. A. R. ALLKN. i Subscribed and sworn to before me, , no -2t THOM AS C PONN. J P. j AM LL THE CREDITORS OF THE FORMER I firm of M. Lowks<>tbi!* A C. Ackmim* are 1 requested to pre eiit ih*ir caim* to the undersigned, as tho above firm intend to make an as*icnmeit to him. OH AS. WAI.TKR. no 19-Sv* No. 397 Dst , oppx City Hall. J OH FFICECHE8APKAKE AND OHIO CAN AL , I COMPANY. Washinsto*. Not. 15. 186n.~ Notioe is heieli? given that cert fieat s r<*oer able for t'>U< to aocrtie to the Cftenapiake And Ohio anal Com nt during the year it 0, dated * ii 6th.l Oo. N s 61 to tl, i Bel a sire, for nir.s of $5P. ' / IM>. ani 85m. arnoantioc in the sggr *at>-to ( 55,W\ ware issued by order of the Hoard to John T. be applied to oertain repairs. 4o. whioh not having been done, and no va'ue received for the kami. the puhiie are cautioned aeainst receiving or regotiating said certificate*. as pa) ment 1 ther of will be'existed. < C> order of the President and Directors. < \V. S. KI Mi*.OLD. no 16 gt Clerk C. and O. Canal Company ^ SJ RO LOGI &T. READ, is. r.*CITKJI*^T. JCIT A1I!V D.-MAUAMK I. DKVISK. the most wonderful lady now living, who has created a wild furore in her trav-U. Madame I), has attracted the leading heads of the eonntry, all who have pronounced ner revelations r.rn y aetonishing. Tnose who are in trouble of ant km* go at once to her. Madame will hnnr any one to tod and oanse them to love you; will break the katiit* of drinktnc and ohewing; wi 1 cv ma'ried and tinirarried onei to rejoice and show them how to live happily: wiil recover losses, direct in regard to lawsuits, travel*, numbers, Ac Person* at a distauee by stating their age aud enclosing ous dollar can have their planeU correc'iy w. ltten and sent by mail. A *o, persons in this city, who fe-I a rttli oacjr in ca'ling, by enclosing m e dollar shall be waited upon immediately, ail strictly 001 ii lejit al. ah communications must do nireou*! to the kicftmood House, corner Kigh'h and D streets. To acoommodate Prices 2*. SO cents and .fl. Private entrance on D street Geut.emen, aJso, ca.i. no IS lw' 1 [Iff A DAM R MORRIOK, thk Great Astkolo" gist ajid Doctkk";*, from Europe. ThishiKhly rift d and intelligent 1 ; *y can t>e confuted on the Past. Present and Futar Kvei t*. Call at No, 405 Eighth St., between G and H, Washington. O drTskldkn wTcrowT" FFICK 151 tkdtr st.. bktwec* k ins F, Washington. D C. ITT Advice to the poor without charge from 9 to 10 o clocit tv>nr morning. no 13-gw ' " SKUKSSIOIX ! x HE Undersigned has o 'noluded not to accede, and thereucon invites the attention of >K* j fig's pub'.-c a-id hi* nuina.ous friends to hit a* mf 5 sortmentof w U BOOTS AND SHOES, ' Pfe. at bid Establishment, No. 23 K street, ore door went of Se- enth st, and south of the Northern Liberties' Market House. We return our thanks to our patrons for th ir liberal support, and assure them that we it ill siare no pains still to deserve thair oocfilei c*. We are prepared to famish our Southern and Northern feliow-citisens, aid their fa<ailie . who may favor pi witn a rail, with the hwsl quality of BOOTS and SHOES of all deaoripri >ns. well se l-ct *d. and are aiap'ed to all itiim'. i.aoi*s't Muses', and Children'* GAlTKR^, Gentlemen's. Bojrs', and Youths' HOOTS and SHOES, of every oi* 10 Bin si pi iuob iu bini uii luiirrr s. Quick !-ale and Small Profits. is onr mntt*. no 17 st A. DUVAL. L HEATH A KNOWLES. 1FE FIRE, AND MARINE INSL'RtNCB AGENTS. Office Ovk* Bark or Wachisoto*. THE CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Or Haktfojid, Co**. PURELY MUTUAL' Dividend* Made and Paid Annual*. Lan Dividend Fifty Per Cent. FIRE DEPARTMENT. THE INSURANCE COMPANY OF J HE KTJTK ntr VTKi; TVT A o* Richmond. CASH CAPITAL 3300,000 A >o. other safe and reliable Companies. in which theinanrod participate in the profit* without inemriuR any hvbiiity. HEATH k. KXOWLE8, Aanti Offoe, Room 16, over Batik of Wuhiagtoii. Knttwoe an C street. uo K I APPLES AND POTATOES HAVE Just ieceived per s:eamer from New Vork 3<W barrels APPLE.'*, selected expressly for family trade, ail winter fruit a d in prime order. 50U onsheis fine EASTERN POTATOES, direct from lloeto.i.All of which will be sold lees <hao market pre,as they Mart be o osed out immediately to make room for another supply. Dealer* and others will do well to give me a ca I befor puret asing elsewhere. Cell t thea'oluinbia Market, corner Pa. avenue and Thirteer\n street, no *5 lw O. W Dl'VAMA ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS , N'S Onederumc Freight much or ittle Barrel#. ,Ba e , doxM, Bundles, or, in faot, any thing, Bafeli transported and delivered hetweeu YV a Lin Irttt I? /> ^ , anil I UetHftms ma* rale I m_ - | ucjijriuw 11 j anu hist vi t mhpliaitfy upon th KXPflKM WAGONS of the u-u.e r t it-: which ran rafuiarly every c * between thoaeci iea.' Ordera entered upon the aiataa of h expr sp the Star Office, at Baoon'* Grosery Store, or at E Whaler a Hardware gtora. will bo promptly a Handed to, and at very moderate cta-rie . T. H. STILLWKLL. no 14-1 ^ fLate Oaborn'a F.xrr^n. NHKW DRE*9 GOODS, MOI'RNING GOODS AND CLOAKS. Ki h PriLtrd franeh Merino*'. Ottotnana, hep*. Pop ina; Plain aad Satin Fir.uhtyi Freucn Mennoea in til oo ora; Fancy Silta and 9 Ik Robes at v rj reduced prioea; H'aei Bombasine, Merino** Alpaco**, French Moaaaeiinea, Kepa and Shawl Marinuea in *an ty aad of the beat make* Aleo B.aoK, French, Bearer aid Treco Cloth CloaSa in many saw winter atrlM. no >3 TAYLOR k. ICIV.HISON FAMILIES WANT A HEALTHY DRINK! THEY WANT IT FURK^TEMFKHATE aad COLlNEAU'8 TABLE BEER IS THE THING ! It ii Im iolMWtrai than otd*r, m4 la far mora palatebia aod atr tft tng. a ' * Fot iil< by all Grooeri, 3 cent* ftflm omU a quart bo A In G ,u& Vffi M!?oJ'ftfl&r"" an* fti #40; oMitflt; on* at #*i; two 0i:eat 9125: on &t $l5i. A j aoevMI %I ' iano for f 2ft), all Qnim-mthlT parmenti or h mrj iigjibUforfliik. No* la the time to hay ! . JOHN F. ELUft. " 306 Pa ar aa. Rt-tf;iiEA2*LgT! ,H * ' '" ! f A.'l .j * ' ' i H i i j >Y ih + H ** Tttfi LATEHT WBWttt TILEOKAPHIO. '* Tb RfWi tr*m OtlUmia. 9in FSam-icco, nov. t-tw l*4taaa feiw rrtur**4 to the neighbarkmd Ohm mmk Hcmey Lake V*Ilryv od wprw * 4nlr to fmain frleoAy. y Tb drvrlopRMiti la tbo * tlM* thf completion t the taMlmhlKUTM. eoandw. The aaoia-recently-dtaurWgd dl K mera)d\ dlatrtcte, Ivla# fro Q It Milan KXJtb of Canon Valley, are clal ^4 be ( the rlrbeet mining dlairlrto rm* of the and Bfw itlffr l ditrr daflv mport*4. Tbearjnmewt In tbr AlmMM cn1cMlW-4BlM baa closed, Mid m InprmtM pr nlied that J odxc MrAMater will dor Id- tor tbe Oovemaaaat, and J udjje lloffnu for tbe cUimenU-roedwctBg to appeal to tbe U. 8. Supreme Court nereanry, before the lajuaetlon can be dlaaolved It u under*tuod that Keverdy JoImoi, Sean ton Verjamln and Owls and Senator* Baker u4 Nraonitb. of Oregon, will leave on the IlKh I Ml The latest aTooata from the allver mining region, enat of the Sierra N*va6a moaatalaa, ara encouraging 8ai Fa* naco, Not.S, W p n> The rattee a umber of vctea returned turn . - ** *> are TtJ.rao, of wbleh I.!nc la baa train, DewlM i-lMi, Breckinridge 20. 3t, Bell t.fW Lift- ola abcad of Dougtaa 5,838 Llecoln'i voir has nr. pr'.s-d polltidaua Mil the chance of Douglas baring the I.rglalature ta eoaatdered th bee* Probably Douiilia baa majority over both Lie rain aixi lir n.k< Bridge, terminal au Acant atrwag t* to elect a Dougiaa nan la place of Seaalor Owyaa. Oiaaol. The acrounta froan Oregon art to NOTaaiibor Lat .The proaperti of Uaeo>i carry 1 at tka State were fair. A large a umber of tbe Doaglaa deaaecrata bad irooe oVer to the rcpukUcaa*, larlaf tbe Brrckiuridi( wtag of tbe tfiwatT aaoek tUonger tban tbe Doogkaa party in consequence of tbe late Iadlaa BtMcrtaoa the overland immigrant route, Capt i>*at. of tbe alatb Infantry, had boon ordorod to take tbe laid from Fort Walla Walla with 10b ufaiUr aai Iragoona, who were on tbe match for tbe Awake Indian territory Mart a a11 a i Ralsiob, Not. 3u Tbe Lwliliturt of tkli ?tate met and organized yeaterday, bjr tbc election of W T. Dortcb. of Wayne county, for Speaker of the Houk, and H L Clark, of 4ge(oiube county, for Speaker of tbe Senate After tbe naual prrllcnlaary arrmr?meo ta, Mb idjourned till to-day. There waa no excitement among ro mbt M ill aeemed to be Impreand wltb witb tbe Import inee of comervatlTa and calm deliberation Later (ram Havana and Vara lr i. Niw Oiliaxi.Not 50 Tbe Star Of the W a from Havana on tbe I<ttb, baa arrived la tbarlrer At Havaua augar waa qnlet 9 fc reaia aad tbe itoek waa rapidly beaming reduced Merlins exchange 13)i prem Eirbang* oa New York noij premium T ne Star of the W cat brlaga Vara Crui date* at |he 5 h Mlmmon bad resigned, and waa anrrreded bv H oblea Tba rrartiooiati hadevaeaaled Paebla, aad great alarm existed at tba capital Uliaaia Baaka. 8rkiNi<i iklc. Nov. 1ft. Tba Bank Ceramiaaaionerabave beaa la aeaalon berafor aevaral dara, and have iaaoed a call upon twaaty-twa baaka la this S'Me for additloaal security, la amount* vary in* f. om tLre* to eight par cent. of their clrrt lation, to be paid within 35 dajra TUf deficit la lee* tba a SdUU.QOO. No doabta ire entertained that tbe hauki embraced la tba call wilt promptly respond Tbe eirculatloa of tbe other bank* of tbe State. numbering nearly ne hundred, la amply aacurad. Srceaalaa MeeUag la NarUi CaraUaa W iLMiaaTow, Nav. JO. A large pabUe aasstlag ifaa k 1 a - ^ * Ut u UCI r 1UI ni|(Dl 1UQ IWD| KWROB TV* olutlons unanimously adopted Several counties have called meetiaga tbe irr.e subinct Corp* of Minute Men are rapidly forming, and although It la much to be regretted, there ta b t one party in this aertion bow. Tbe fearful serge of sec* sslon has reached ua. Fresh Ostkresk la ftanaslutiiwssti, Nee. 17. Tbe Tlnses ef tbts city publishes a letter from Lien countv, Kansas, giving an arcoat of a new outbreak 1 a that regie* At tbe date of tbe letter one man named Knaarl Hindu, after a trial by lvncb law bas been bung, end ethers ordered to leave tbe territory immediately Tbe c;u*e of the outbreak Is alleged te be attempta at kidnapping and threatening towards f ee State men by Hinds and bis associates. Meaner Tersasrk task Louisville, Ky , Nov is Tbe steamer Tenitnsrb, Logan master, (rem Cincinnati to New Orleans, suuk yesterdsy scross tbe mouth st tbe Louisville and Port and Canal. Her cargo la badly damaged. No lives lost Five coal boats v. re also sunk stthr entrance of the Canal, and will probably obstruct navigation for several days. osTiciivn ler .Tiirdfr Portsmouth, Nor. 1# Tbe trial of R. S. Richardson and Sarah Ann Hotly, for polMilng Mrpben Healy, husband of tbr Utter, clM*d today Mrs Henly w e acquitted, Rlcbardaoa w . convicted of murder in The second degree, and wai *-nt-need to tb'.rty years loo prison meat la the Stite Prison. altlaser* market*. Hair:Moaa. Nov 20 Floor tSc lowe-, Heward slreet and Ohio fH 75, closing bearv Wbeert verv dail and 10c lower; en lee of red at SI ,08a m l it. .>v it. .i. A am rt at. - -* ri to. wunr 71 -*o. torn auii, w biw II<I Vrllow (tOa&V ProTl V M dull; BWi pork 919, * drc.liiieof 5ac. Coffee Kc lower, at 14*14 kc. Whisky la dull at c. Raw Work narktt* You, Not *) Floar tod whaat doll and almost uMtJeable. Cora drooping, frwrlaions quirt. 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