Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. A WoKi* Tmowi hub Child a Raii.wai Tiai* Alt JtMm am a rr Oa Wedaead f, wo<naa with an infant got into a car of tbm I> db a (>1om ) B inch Railroad, at Desdham. for R i bury, and wImi about S7 mi If* from Ded ham the suddenly threw her child out of an opon .1 i - i ...... .ftj* it herself, before she rould b seized by the pasemgers The train wo 2 -Uikr it that uni at ttw rate of 'JO mile* an hour, arxl every ooo ex peeled tbmi ^thtt e child and Itairotbev had been instantly killed. The cod. doctor put b fc his train, when, to the grant surpriseU nil, it was fou id that neither the woman nor child were aeriouaiy Injured, though both were somewhat bruited Tbey were taken on board again, and conveyed to Roxhury. It la judged froes the woman's subsequent set Ions that Vbe is insane hniTOixixr oj rat Winass Patixt-Ar Important patent case Is on trial In the United Ptates Circuit Court, in New York, before Judge Nelson. The parties are Ross Wlnans, Esq., of Baltimore, of "cigar steamship"' notoriety, vs. John Danforth and others. Plaintiff claims the discovery, some twenty years ago, of a valuable Improvement In the manufacture of steam engines relating to the use of waste ste^m, and sues the defendants who are manufacturers at Patterson, New Jersey, for Infringement of bis patent. Mr. tVlnans claims damage* to the amount of (150,000 The case will probably occupy several davs. It excite* great attectiou among Inventors ana manufacturers. Husou or tux Horm Dur Port: Why Is South Carolina at the present time like a hungry Canary Bird? Because she waats to "S S *d " Yours, ever. Ajax. [You see we print yon. Ajax, amiable young man. but you must try to beaharper another time. Soar above a canary bird, as for Instance. sk why Is South Carolina like a suffering little boy In school? Because she wants to "go out" You perceive, Ajax, whit, perhaps, you may do In time. Good-bye, Ajax. Write on, write ever'] Button Put. A Good Place to Livb is The county of lale of tYight. Virginia, isoneofthe healthiest regions in the world. The lsst census-taker reports that only two persons were sick in the county when x:.e census was taken, and that during the present rear onlT one death baa occurred In the town of ^mitbfleld, the county teat, having over one thousand inhabitants. Uur mi thiPom'i Privatk Pcssi The Metropolitan Record says that the Roman Cathol es of tbcsinul*' Diocese of New Vork have forw irded to His Holiness Pius I \ the sun of 963,000, offerings to "his sacred person" unconnected with military operations for or against "His Supreme rights " 117" Counsel for Mr. Borch, in his divorce case at Chicairo. have annlied for a continuant*. on the plea that proatitutea, In the di gu1 e of nuna, have viattrd him to concoct charge* of cductlon agaiaat him. at the lnatlgatlon of profeasional delective*, who are employed by the other aide. inr The ** Medical and Surgical Reporter" of Philadelphia atatea editorially that chloroform la vary rapid It going oat of uee. In conaequence of the groat danger attending lta administration, lta place being auppUed by ether m- it ta reoorted th t nm w>nl IhmhIU dandy said to a fair partner at a ball: "Miss, don't you think ray moustache* we becoming*" To which Miss replied "Well, sir! they may ht coming, bat they haven't yet arrived " fTT* A peasant woman was sent with an Infant recently to the Paris Foandllng Hospital, four francs and a half being given her to pay her fare She mordered the child and pocketed the money ARRIVALS AT THE~HOTEL8 ~ NATIONAL HOTEL. W M Kirk and ly.Md; L WoodmfT, Poland; O C Howard and fam.Mas, O Fowler. Mrs Barnes, XV; J McKtnney, Mich: W B Victor, Ky; M L Drake, Pon. J 1> Sanbc-ro, Mass; H H Urate. Ky; J Wood. P Slmmes, La; J TiJor snd fam. Fla; J W Scott ami ly,C B Monnt and ly, Pa; Mrs Robb "Mrs Hall. M Criss, L< A Whlteley. W D Clarke, T F Bowie. Md; Kdw B Kinney. E Avery and ly, J Taylor. H B Hubbard and ly, N Y; F B Ferrall. NC; J E Dooley. Va A Collins, Mass; W Millet and ly, Miss Miller, Mrs Wation. Pt BROWN'S HOTBL J G Berry. ; T Barnbaw. DC; J WiWiama, E Mong, Maaa; A Savery, Tex; W Jamil. Tenn; J O Pea* and ly, Pa; J T Arnoid, Vaj8 S Karly, Md, J A Smitberi, Mo; J Waiaban. F b urton, Mex; G Latimer, PR; M Hiib. Pa: F S Chapman, O Maaange, Alo; A Barmoo, NY; J Walls aad ly, W G Cook and fam. NJ; W L Huntington and ly, O; P X Abrur and fam, Emilio Cabirloao, Spain; Mr* Mlchil and 2 daughter*, Va. KIRK WOOD HOL'SE. J H Mann, Pa; A W Kereheval, Va; P Ellis, Mlaa, A Ber^hmana, DC; G Mason and fam, Tex. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DATS From tii U itb Statbb. St m >. L*av.. For. Dayt. ri-aom Albert...New York.. G&iway N<' 20 rata _ N*w York... Liverpool Nov21 Bremen. ...New York. Soiitn'atnn..No* 2* pkoh Eckopb Jpiin Bell _ ...Glasgow New York...Nov 3 The Harnna mail atnamera leave New York oo the 2d. 12th, 17m. and znh of eaoti month, and Ch*r M>ton cn toe 4ta and lJtb. Tii* lau/oraia giaii ta*> Hr# ieave New York on siU and 2 th of ea-v atunth. NICARAGUA; ITS PEOPLE, SCKNERV, MununenU, Raaoarosa. Condition and proposbU Canal, with oo* hundred original maps and .uaavationa, by E. li. 8*uier; 1 vol.; price fx L.;feand Correeponienoe of John A. Qui'man, Salor General U. 9 A and Governor of the State Miaeiaaippi; by i. P. H. Claiborne;! Tola,; f riee %3 ' van Harria^toa. r He woaid be a Gentleman; i79 iivu. Jivrriiuj I vol ,|l, T&* Four George#: ketuh* of M%no6r , Moral , I Court au Town Life; .by W. U Thfteker?; 1 vol., 75 e*nu. Cot'& cos of the AIm, by tS author of Peasant Lm" in G*rin Dj; pn 91JS W oiDM-sfreth ; Honuhcld o( Boa verier?. do Mi*. Gilb rt' Ctr r. a new novel fredi. BLANCHARl) ft MOHUN, ao IS vomer Pa. a*. aod 11th at. Elegant and kjcii assortment of CLKTA1N MATERIALS, Ar C >it Pt:cu. 5*ti I to be oM oat, at ifrimt cost, i t the etore of me late farm of CLAGETT a DODSON. full - . _ r.. ?g ni c-nguan. rrench and German Brooatollea, nnHO Rsoff* d Aigerina en Bayadere, I)o Sat.n ue Lauiea aiid Dam mIcs, Kar.d German Plain and Striped Repa, Kmbroidered and Plain Cloth Curtaina, in teogUi* and bi tn yard. A ao, elegant F rt noh. 8wiaa and Bohemian Lao* I'mirrt'a t\in . and a fall and oomplete a ortm ut of Gilt Snad *,Cornioe ,'raaaaia,Uiaipa,9tde Bands, Ac , a.l to farniah the winduwa ol par ora. dining rooma, Irbrariea, chamh rt, oAoea, Ae.. which a-e now telling out at ariroe oat lor to* oa*a. No mora will be a ked, nor lew taken. Such ba^ama and auoh gooda. at aueh pices, will ioubtieee never be booght at each aaoriboea a^ain in thia city Per eon a in want are advieerf to rail aooa, before th- assortment la broken, at the atore ef CLAGF.T T A non*nM po No. 4 Market S aoa. IM.EGANT CARPETING* a AT PRIME COST. Thar* rcaySa had at the old and eatabhihid itora ofCLA 4 TT * DODsON Eiecant Knjliah and ranch VELVET CARPETI.\GS, auine iu aup rb nedalliona, at fir t ooat pr a . Suaerbly beaotifal Rr aa a do., in the very beat Entfiah makaa, at 90 and 96 centa, worth #125 Real Engliah heary twilled Ve * ftairdo., made by John Croaby k Hoaa, Halifax, Yorkihir*. The fir at of tha kind era r offered for aale in thia city I hay are haadaomar and will wear bet tar tjisn Pro !>! oftfpAti, rich RUGS, MATS, CRUMB CLOTHS, DRUGGETS la all wvJtha. All-all wilt now be aotd out at nm ea*n to olo e oat the firm af no 6-eu3w CLaGETT t POPSON. Wil>AI) FIXTURES. E IB it re, ft.Q'1 are du y reoairinjK, BAB PIXTUHMS t9^UnlJ fi aw Fatterni and Peeirn* and Ftaiah, ajanor in itil to anything heretofore offered ia thu market. We invite citizen* general It to nah aa4 axanuae oar a took of ttaa and Water Fixture*, feeling conbJ-ut that we hare the boat Mftcte i atoek is Wutimrtoa. 11 Work ia the above Ttaa latraated to oar eara j "* * MoOHAN. ma# 5-tf 3T Datraai. j AX WEST BMP D*U 8T EE. A. 11S fa avaaaa.aoath aide, the aabMaoaa^^ alwaya ha m^.id wiu freeh Mediomaa.^V Fiboi jjnd Toilet ArUo.M An* runu.Oili Md Window Gl* , K roa u and > laereal Oil and Lanipa for aM>a. . [7^f*artica ar attantma paid to dupaaaiai of yfc) toi*M' y MnniBM, not iw rf HF. PIANO USED ATTBE GREAT CONM Mrt ka t nifht at Wtltarda' Ball. MM I JoH^r Krf.LIS,aola acant, 306 Pa. tTanaa, ba twa*a ttfc < loti . _ f^Graftt tfargMMiacood Saooad- kaad Piaaaa. ao 15 BKALTlFUi, AWOKTMENT OF POET *FW f^FrS-g.^TO^ii !sz s L f Ec J'TSfEffifiSsT* ' N B Peterton ud God**, tor Dooombar. aow m raadr. D CHEE8K. nnAbCJUf M. Ri'isfc fc Grayer* to. New York Crwm do- _ 1 bo U fclNQ A BU*0 LL. F iimr received at smitvs> H*n*i ewi * rr ur.rali j-Tctyttn' Ci<^ibc, raraufciaf tioode^Hste MISCELLANEOUS. Tu Amalgamation or L**o7a.ox . There iaa growing tendency m tbla ace to appropriate the aioat e*preaaire word* of other ianguagea,aud after a while to meorparate them into our own; tkna the wed Cepba'io. which ia from the Qreek, aiguifylng "for the head, ta bow becoming popularised in connection with Mr. fcpaking'a great Headache remedy; bat it will noon be nawi in a mora general war, aad the word Cephalic will beeome aa JDianaon aa Electrotype aad maay othera whoa* latinotion aa foreign werda haa been worn away by eoaaaaon naace antil they aeam "native and to the maAor born." ardly Realized. Hi 'ad "n 'orrible 'eadaehe this afternoon, hand I Myted latothe hapotneoa rim han'l ay fci to the *>*n, "Can you heaae me of an 'eadaohe?" "JJoee it haohe 'art." aays'a. -Itexeeodinilyea?a hi. acJ upon that ' [ r< me a Cephalio Piil. hand >on nw 'eaor it euiod me so qaiat that 1 'araly realised 1 *ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. nTMiiticm u th favorite aign by wkioh uurt ibum known any deviation whatever f. oiu the natnrai *tau of tha brail, and vimd in thi light It may be locked on aaa aaftfuard intended t<> give notloe of dieeaae vhioh might otherwise eospe attention, till too late to bo remedied; and lta indication* ahould never be nadeoted. Head aonee may be olaa ified ander two naraae, via: Sy and laiopa.hio. Symptomatic H eadaohe ia exceedingly oonunon and [a the precursor of a treat variety of diaeaeoe, among wmoti are Apoplexy, Goat, Rheamatiam and atl f b-ile diaaaaaa. in ita rervona form itia a<mpatbetie di - mi*oi metiommn oonautatinr *tek k n ta*ht, or kepatio dia^ae comtitutiog bilious k-.*dtu\t, of vorma,oonrapation and other diaordsra f the ,o*alvaa well m renal and uterine affeotiona. Diieaaea of the heart arc very frequently attended with Headaohat; Annmia aid plethora are alao affeotiona which frequently oooajoa headaohe. Idiopathio Headaahe ia also very common, being nanaliy diatimnnhed by the name of lurvevs htadackt, aorretimea oomiu( on auddenly in a tate of apparently aouad health aad proitratinf at onoe the mental am phyatoAl enerniaa, and in othar matanoea it oomea on alowly. ho^aldjd bydeprtaaion of apirita or aoerbuy of temper. In moat instance* the pain ia in front of the head, over ona or both eyea, aud provoking vomiting, ander thiaolaaa mar he aimed Hturaltin. For the treatment of nthere'aaa of Head.toha the Ophalio hilia have been fouuJ a aure and aafa rented?, relisYin* the moat aoute pains in a few miiutsa, an<1 by it* aabUe power eradicating the uiaeaae of which headaohe if the unarrin* index. Budget. Miusa want* job to send her a box of Cepna io Giue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pill but I'm thinking that's not jnatit naither; but per hapa ye'lt be afther knowing what itia Yeaee ahe'a nigh d*ad and gone with the Sick Headache, and wanta aome more of that aame aa reiaved her bffore. ^ Pmffijf. You mnat m'aa Spalding'a Cephalic Bridgit. Ooh! aure now and tob't* aed it, here'a th quarther and gnr me the Pills and don't be all day abont it aither. Ceaattpatiea er CeatlTeaeaa. No one of |he "muT ills fleah ia heir to" ia ao 'prevalent, ao little anderatood, and ao much neglected aa Coatireneas. Of en originating in oarel*aacea*. or aedentary babita; it ia regarded aa a alight diaorder of too 'ittle oonaeqo^noe to exoite anxiety, while in reality jtia theprecu/aor and companion of man; of the moat f%ta) and danger ui diaeaaea. and nnleaa ear!* eradicated it wil! bring the aofferer to an ant<mely grave. Among the lighter evila of which CnatiTeneaa ia the uaual attendant are Headaohe. Colic, Kheuinati^m, Pool Breath PiJee. and othera of like natnre.while a long train offrifthtfai diaeaaeaauoh aa Malignant Ferera, Abceaaea, Dyaeniery. Dyapepaia, iht.rrhea. Apoplexy, Epuepa^, Para^aia, Hya'erta, Hypoo^'t ui iuai ) qoiauvuuij au-j i uoannj, n'Ri muiOMe uieir prt-sence in the system by this alarming rmptom. Not unfrequently the dis as s r&raefl ofnin&t in Coast pation. but take on an independent exist ena* hi..ess the cause iserad:sated in an rarly staze. From all these oon idrr uona it tollowa tbat the dif order ah >uid receive i<nm >diiit* att*ntir>n whenever it ocours, aud no person ahou.d netleot to net a box of Cephaho Pills on tH first apsearanoe of the oomplaint, as their timely use will ex the I inaiduoo* approaches of disease and destroy this daagerons toe to human life. A Real Blessiaf. Dk....'..' t .11 %a r _ * ..... X niiHim,~ vr oil, JirL J ones, UOTr II mat bCMlach*' Mri. Jjntt. done Dootor, all gonethe pill you ( ill ou-ed m* in just twenty minutes, and 1 *nh yoa would Mad mure so that I can have them can >y. Pkvtitii*. Yoa oan i;et them at any Drnggiata. Ca.. for <'epbalio Pilia, 1 find tnet never fail, and 1 rtoonm*nil them in ait oaaea of Headaohe. Mti. Jotut I ball send for a box direotlv, and hali toil a.1 my a&fleriag friends, for they are area* rC7-OvK KzriTiMKNT. and the mental ear and anxiety incident to oioae attention to baa ness or study. are among the tiimeroui oausaa of Nervona Headaohe. Tho disordered atate of mind and body incident to this diatraealng oomplaint ia a fatal blow to a 1 enercT and ambition. Sufferer* by thia diaorder oan &. a s obtain apeedy relief from these di*treasi g attacks by using one of the Cephalic Puis whenever the symptom* appear It quiets the overtaiked brain and eoothes the strained andj&rnuc nerve*, ar.i relaxes tae tension of the stomach which alwaia aooomD&cles and aggravates tha disordered condition of the brain. Twsjitt Million of Dollars Pavkd. Mr. Spa'.ding has sod two millions of bottles of his oeler>r&t d Prepared Gio and it is estimated that eaoh bottU rave* at lo*at tan dollars worth ot broken furniture. thua nukmi an ac rac*t "f twenty millions of dollars reolairaed from t"tai loss by this \al^ bl* invention. Having mad hisGlnea household word, he now proposes to do the world still gr *t r service by oaring all the aobing heads with nisCfhalio Pills, and If they areaa good as his Glue. Utadaolies will soon vanish away like snow ia July. Facts worth i.xowiio.-Spalding's Ophalie Pills are a ertsin cn e for Siok Beadaolia, Billoas Headaotie, N rvou Headache, Costiveneas, and General Debility. Gkeat Diecovaftv Among the moil important of a'l the great mwtt 3*1 diaoovenea of this inay he oonaidered the ayetem of vaocination for protaotion from Small Pox. the OephAiio Pill for relief of HetdMhe, mJ the use of (Joii ine for the prevention of Keve's, either of waioh la ft sure apecifio, whose benefits wi 1 bo experi need by suffering humanity lone after their disooverars ftre forgotten. fnTD:r> ou ever have the giok Heftdaohe ? Do yon r< member the throbbing temples, the fevered row, the loathing and disgust fttth* eight of food. How totally anfit tdi were for pleasure, conversation or etsdy One of the Cepha 10 Pills would have relieved yon from ftll the suffering whioh yoa fh n experienced For this and other purposes ynu shonid always have a box of them on hand to ase as occasion requires. | I \ ^ v tunt ' NervousHeadache lie CUJLctClie. By Um aw of thaaa Pills tHa penodio MtMki of Nervous or Sitk Htadaekt may ba prerantod; and if takan at tha (oaa M Mit o! an att ok iaaediata raiiaf from pain and aicknaaa will b obtained. Thay ldom (all in ramoTiag tha Senuta and HtmdacJu to whiok Carnal ea ara o aabjaoL Thar Mt fantiy apon tha bowala, ranxmnf Cotlitmui. For Literary Men, Student!, Dflioau Femalaa, and all paraona of eJmt ry kttbiti, thay ara all TtllftbU if A iawa^r ^^ _ ' - r* iwfiVTiai w* I mm ttue mad vigor to tha digestive organ*, ud reetoiiag the uunl elutieitj ud itmitk ot tk* who.e y item. The CEPHALIC PILLS ir tk* rwalt of U>bi ud evWhll; oond noted ex^tnwMti, having beea ui im but y Bra, danag whieh ti io they have prevented ud relieved B rut Bmoant of *ia Bad eaffertag froai Hoadaobe, whether origt Bating ia the mtrvtui ijitm or from a deranged ttate of tht ttomtuk. Thay are eatireir legeftahla ta their eoaiyoeitioa, Bad noar ba takes aft aU tiaaa with perfect eafetj vithoai mai n* any ehaage of diet, and tk* *6!> / a# " W * %tmwrf0U fitt rentUrj it tart to admimium Uum to tAMrm, BEWARE OP OOUNTBEFEITB! TIm itniM tenln lifMtarMd ur C. BftMioc on M k Box. Boui by Dragg i u u4 all othar IMiri ia M d A Bom will bo ml by Mil yr*yoid on r ooipt of ^ PB1CB, M CSNTB. All rden ho j14 b tMnmt to HBNRY C. SPALDING, o 19-44 WI7 49 Owiw aCroM, Now York. MISCELLANEOUS. ' PE0Jr09AL FOE FUENISHIN THE PA PEE FOE THE PUBLIC rEINTlNG. J Owes bxrr**i tk*di^t o Public paisnsgf 1 Washington, Ootnb r 2, 18*>o. \ 1 In pursuance ot the provi ions of im ~aot to pro vi fe for x*cubD( the pablio prtntin*," Ac., ap proved August , W3, and ot Ue lath reotion of . th aot mi11tied "An aot making appropriation* for the legislative, executive, an1 jalioial expessea of , Government for the Tear ending June 30,lflfiO,"ap- j proved Maroh S. 1850, sealed proposal will be reaaiva/I Ei tkia in th P*nl ' t *H fi-. w ,. ... .. - | MW v wp.v f UUkU *HW III Ok Monday (3d day) of December next, at 12 o'oiook, for furnishing the paper that may be repaired lor the public printing tor the year ending oa the let day of December, 1E8I. 1 The sabjoined hat specifies, aa nearly aa can be I ascertained. the quantity, quality, and deeoriptioa i of each kind of paper that will be required: < Cun I. | P.noo reama fine printing paper, a-ca'erdered,to measure 'M by 38 ino es, and to weigh forty-five pounds to the ream of 480 aheeta. , Class 3. 6 000 reama fine printing paper, calendered, to meaaure 24 by SB inobes, and to weigh fifty tlx pou ads to the ream of 430 sheets. Clash 3 j 3011 reama superfine printing paper, hard-aised 1 and super calendered, to measure 24 by 33 inohae. a'id to weigh forty-eight pound* to tha ream of480 it <*ta. i 2 ww reama fnperfine printing paper, med and < super-'alen.ierod, to measure *4 by 38 inches, and to weigh fifty paunda to the ream of 480 sheai*. I Class 4. 1 <M> rftmi superfine map paper, sit?d and oal ndered, uf suoh sues as may oa required, ooiras- . iui in weight with paper measuring li by 24 ps. and weighing twenty pounds per raain of 4S0 sheets. Cuss 5. 2on reams superfine plate paper, (calendered or anealendarad. as may be required,119 by 94 inches, , and of such weight per team as may be required. The fibre ottne paper of each of the Nir ola sei . to he of linen and cotton, free from all adulteration with mineral and other substanoes, ar.d ot a fair . vhiteness. a-d put up in quires of twenty-four sheets each, ar.<T in bundles of two reams eaou; each ream to contain 430 perfcot sheets. Uniformity in oolor, thickness, and weight will be required; and no bundle (exotnsive of wrappers) vary in* over oi under Ave par cent, from the standard weight win do receivoa, anq tne'gross weisht will in all oasea be required. Mixing of various ti.ioJtii* tea in the ume Dundle to ir.ak" np t w<\ ht will be considered a violation of the oontraot. Class 6. 1. 1,500 r *m qn*rto-posl wruuipr p*p r, 10 by 16 inches. 9.9,000 da c>p do U by lli-i do I. 100 do dsmy do 16 by M1-9 do ] 4 1,000 do folio-post do 17 by 99 * do 6. 100 do m'dtuto do 18 by 93 do S. 50 do royal d) 19 by 84 do 7. 50 do supcr-roysl do 90 by 98 do 8. 50 do imperial do 221-3by31 do 9. 100 do doobls-csp da 16 by 96 do hi. 100 do colorsd mediam, (assorted colors.) CLASS 7. 1. 6,000 reams writing paper, 16 br 36 inches, to 1 weigh twenty-three pounds p*r re*m 2. 1,500 reams writing paper, IS br 26 inches, to weigh twenty eight pounds per ream 3 3,100 reams wrmng paper, 18 by 25 laohes, to weigh twenty six pounds 4. 100 reams writing paper, 18 by 22 inohes, to weigh twenty-roar pounds p r ream 5. 340 reams writing paper, 18 by '8 inches, to weigh twentr-two pound* per ream 4">0 reams writing paper, 12 by 18 inohea. to weigh twelve pounds per moi. All the papers designated id o'asaes 8 and 7 must contain 480 perfect sheets to the ream, and so "outtide" quires. They are to he ma<le of the best ma tenals. free from adulteration, finished in the beat manner, eut to a true edg*. laid fiat, ani securely and substantially enveloped. Th papers in olais 6 ara to be white or bin*, and of sueh weights as may V*t required by this offiee. Those in ola a7 are to be white, and of the aiaea and weights specified in th* schedule. The right is referred of ordering a greater or leas quantity of each and every ki d contracted for in a 1 tiie clause*, to be furnish- d at snch times and in such auautitios as the public servioe may require. TEach class will be considered separate]?, and be aanject to a separate g.mtraot; but bidders may offer for one or more of the olaasea in the aatne DrnnoiftJ. No proposals will be considered unlets aooomparW by tne guarantee that the bidder or bidders, if his or their p-oposal shall be aocopted. will enter into an obligation, with good and sufficient sureties, to furnish the artioies proposed Blank forms for proposals wiil he furnished at this offi js, and none will be taken into consideration unless substantially acrreinc therewith. All tka papor in the several olasaes must be delivered at suoh place or plaocs as mar bs designated in Washington oity, in good order, free of all and every extra oharge or expense, ana subject to the inspection, count, weight, and measurement of the Superintendent, and be in all respects satisfactory. Samples of all the paper required may be seen at this oftoe, but bidders are required to Tarnish, with their proposals, samples of not less than one quire uf each of the kinds bid for, and upon which their proposals may be based. The suooessful bidders will be required rigidly to oonform to tneir samples. Proposals will be addressed to "John Hbakt, Superintendent of the Public Printing, Washington," and endorsed "Proposals for Supplying Paper^ oc 3-2awtd Eagle iron works, Coknkk Onio Av. a!*D Thibtmwth KKIUSSON'S CALORIC KNOlNKS. The underpinned have Ixan appointed sole agent* in thiscity for the manufacture and sale of the above Knnoes, and are prepared to supply ali o ticr with promp'ness and dispatch. Thesn engines hurt be -ti satisfactorily introduced, and are now practically employed in bakeries; by bookbinder*; for boxwood cutting; by cabinetmakers; fur drawing fan blowers to ventilate building*; for pumping; for domestic purposes; elevating grain; glass cutting; ginning ootton; grinding auartz; grinding paints; grinding sugar cane on plantations in Cuba; for hoisting; for knitting machines; b? manufacturers ol plaed ware; of printers material, of silver wars, of agricultural implements; of matches; of hoopp>d skirts; for puiuping at railroad stations and on board ships; for sewing machines: for job printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation uses; frr aw;ng and planing lumber; for picking hair: for polishing oomhs; for shoemakers' uses; for aaad sifting; turning; tobvjoo outtinc and culver ixing; in tanneries and making eatabliahmenta; for aoda water manufaoture; for bone crashing; milt mashing; towing; grinding outl^ry , &o. T'ley are inexploaive; economical; easily managed; thoy require no engineer*; use no water; and consume very little fuel. Any paraondeairoua of uamg these Engines, oan by ppliaation to tie undersigned be shown a large number of testimonials from persons who have them in daily use, expreasing their entire satisfaction in their operation and use Prices of the Engines aa eatabliahed by the Patentee: 12 in. oyl'r #3&) 118 inoliea oyliuder, 5S> Double 24 " 1,4(10132 ' " 1JSU " 32 " 2.600140 44 " 2,3 " 40 " 4.W " " l^no 48 " 6JBOO 180 " ' 5,WW " 60 44 9,500(24 ' " 750 We are are also prepared to fnriush, at ahort notice, Architectural Zings, from any deaigna that may be furniahed, aa cheap as oan be obtained elaewhere. Also, Steam Kngines, portable and station ary; high or low pressure; saw and grist mills; hydrostatic, or other presses ; boilera fer heating Iruildinga, wrought iron waUrUnk ' K ftifi. iuc, Jtc., for flouring or otner miiU, and forging of aifkiuds. e 13 2aw3m V.'M. M ELLIS t BRO. QLD *IOH, glKLLOW j^ND PURB MONONGAHELA EYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. Jsmes Bumaide. of Allegany Count*, Penna., in iho old-faahioned honest war, from thsohoioest and moat oarofnlly selected Rye, and in no oaae ev"r offered lor sain until adapUa to wholesome nee by ace It iaat onoe the moat palatable,aa it i emphatically one of ths purest beverages in the reaoh of the pnblio. To the Invalid, aa veil aa to those in health, it oominends itaelf for its unnva.led qualities aa a ihmii lant r*f 1,4 *" * gSriMioi;ud-Tu, oTtb. K;!2.T?e?ifu,Uln'Uia ^lr pr40ti<J# *uhth CLfeRY * BTOCKOALB, ProDneto,,, 33S W aJnut atrMt. Philadelphia. ftM t . .. WH. c. CONOVKR, m " - - At"Qt '0r W> Proprietor*, 246 Pa. ., ** * 6 oppoafto Willartia' ftotal. for stamping a packet of paper. ^ . and envelopes p|0 to match. lyj m mai* ^ thl chakgl metropolitan bookstore, ph1lp a solomons, A tent i for Lnnrmc 't ctUbmtid Linen Peptri, "Metropolitan Millt," +e., ft. wUlT 338 P*. *v.. bat, fob ud lHh lU. W"~ ood! wood!' w o o d sn STOVE ud KINDLING WOOD, at the low* T. J. * W. M. OALT. 989 Pa. Av between 11th ud 12th iU., M 17-tf nwrtli i CEMETKRY NOTICE. HE 8 haonber ofl'era for aa!e hit t>ak of M A RBl.E MONUMENTS. TOMBS, GRAVE p NK8aad MARBLE MANTELS at rerfao<3 trice* for oaah or MP'ovod note*. An early call ia Allotted. m VM. Rl/ii HERFORD. Marble Worka, 349 K at. north. oa 17 3wa between 12th and 13th. WNEW CLOAKS. E Hare thia day received from New Vork a ' beaatilu! aa oitment of sew atyle Pall and Winter [ CLOAKS^au^h aa tip Arab. Zouave &nd nth r QO YAYLOR 4 HUTCBlSniW /JOOD L16HT! ** CHEAP LIGHT! PARAFFINEOIL.from Co*?AFB LIGa*! * , , *1N *1WWLL Ximiui I ft r III HI*| p V6U i}KcL0THIN0 At Low Pucks, i C%il U SMITH'S. NMWImitli*M n tm h#tww*n K ud P ia. HV OB hand: algo.naadftc' Ot r at iMMiortMt norio Hair Work royaircd or takaa la axohanga. 9 1KUKKS, BUUTS AND SHOES. JJOOT8 AND BHOKS TO SUIT THK ! We are now maaufsoturins ail kinds of BOOTS >nd SHOES, and constant!? rooei vim rcpply ol eastern raaue work of every de- W^mA wnptio". made expressly to order, snd willy W je told af a ranch lower pnoe than hie been " Nk leretofore charged in this oity for mmh inferior Lrtiolee. ' i Persons ia want of BooU asd Shoes of eastern or jity made work, will always find a rood assortmea ia store and at the lowest prioea Give cs a oall. qripf1n a bro., ay*-T SI4 Pennsylvania avennt . Five hundred traveling trunks ' arrived this day, omtraaiat ail tuaii-snvw ties and sixes of Sole Leataer, Ladies |BMM Dress and Packing Trasks. Our trunk^**" lalee room exhibits at this time the rreatest variety >f traveling requisites at moderate pr;oes, to be |band this side ot New York, Aiso, every deseriaUon of LAMES' HAT BOXEfe, YAL1CES, CARPET BAG?*, SATCHELS, k.c. JCT'Old Trnnki repaired ox taisa is exohanre [or new ones. WALL. 8TKPHKN8 > fin Trunk Sties Room, i mar >l-tf Pa. stwu*. SOUTHERN TRUNI MANUFACTORY, 3 499 7th 9ni . Orpttit* Odd Ftllowt' Hall, Washington, D. C. Travelers wiil stsdj their interests o uuua my TRUNKS, VALICES! Loro tbiasinc elsewere- At I use none but theMSiM Mat material the market affords and employ^^^"" the be t workmen, I oan confidently recommend my rork to be snperior in Strength and Durability to rranks that are made in other oities and sold her*, i 1 keep oonataatly on hand, &nd make to or4or (on 1 une week's notioe) every deecripUen of SOLM Uk r VALICES; TKATKLINO BAGS; HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, It., ft. Tranks, Ao.. Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notice. Tronlrt dAhvAr ^ i #Ka a1* . * - hu/ fw vt MIV Ut / I VVW|V* town, or Alexandria. Also Arent for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY BKWIN8 MAOnlN de lt-U JAME8 8. TOPHAM. TKAVELEHS' DIRECTORY. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WA SHI NO TON BRANCH. \ Chiiwi or Hovks. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Junemh, 1Mb, trains will ran mfollows: Leav* Washington at 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. Leave Washington at &2o and 6jn p. bo. On Sunday at 3 20 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at S.16 ud 4J0 p. m. On Snnday at 4 25 a. m. Paaaengere for the Eaet will take train* at MO had 7.40 a. m and 3 20 p. m. For the Wirt at a. m. and \3fi f. m. For AanapoUe at 7.40 a m and 3.3n . m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the WO 9. m. tram gOM to Philadelphia only. jelS-d T H. PARSONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN TEDR.S1X1 JDjILTS WITH TH CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL. RAIL ROUTE, VIA Oraiigt and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHHUR8: Virtftnta nd Tennessee. East T*nn*ssM and Virginia, '# " 1 aria >jrnorgn , Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis md Charleston, Mississippi Central, rime Orleans and Jaehson, TO NEW ORLEANS! _ MEMPHUTROUTE: Memphis by Rail, thence by First olata Paokets to Now Or.eatn. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: MoctxoF.iery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firstolass Packet*. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS S wt)AT8 lncLVon, Lmtc VYp.fWuit r at 6 a. sa. asd 6 p. m. T he Htecujcr GF.OKGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot of BarfnUi street r-t tH a. m. ant Ojka P- m. and sonnnsta at Anxtnrlria with the Or&n|3 and Alexandria Tr.vrs far the Scnthwcst. Offioo - i^inay'.Tania avenue, cornsr of Sixth *t. 2AQQAQM OIECEU TEftOOflS TO WW OllJUtl. ^juui:uui( . f >JIjrirmyr.ia .yjt w 3ri.-)V)l - . it 0!- At'iNutA ~ WOO Knoxville 8000 Mto^o ~ 29 jo Chatt&noc ja polumbna St Dal ton SI <X j JS 00 HunUnlie .71 o>- J via ft<cmptua.42 M Grand J unction __ > on N.Q.J ti*G. Jnnu..o to N'aehviii# il $ui \ via Mobil*. 00 TH.S ROUTE IS ENTIRELY ISY RAIL 90 MILES SBO^TEK. and 94 HOURS LESS than acr other l.i?.^tho*Lrnnbburc Extenaiou be:n now oompletod, a* a u the Miaeiaaippi Censrf.!, making it th QUICKEST A VI) MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR 80UTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Firat-ol&sa Sleeping Car*! ( To New Orleaaa 79 Hoar*. time < ii r ( do! liyThe 0.8. MAIL uxl ADAMS' EXPRESS xretxken over thia Now Line. Tioketa ou to obtained xt the South Wdtm OCoe, ooroer of Sixth street and Peonay lTxais xteiiae, to the foHowirj point*: Ljnohbure, Bristol, Rnoxnile, Atlxntx, _ Ch&Mxaou(x. HunUnlio, 6rxnd Junction, Mxoon, TSxahrilio, Dxl toe, Columbu, Monteo^^^o^jgjMku. xnd IT7* THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS rIRQINIA SPRINGS. K^Omnibneee xnd Oxftxfe Whom lexre the offloe at x. in. xnd S p. tn. JAMES A. EVANS, TloketArent, mx g-tr Corner Sixth at. xnd rx. xt. rpHK STEAMER J AS. SUY Will nrin* her l tri a on TUESDAY, Slat of w Februxrr. MO. Wiji leave WASH INGTON rrery TUESDAY FRIDAY, xt o\ look x.m.,and ALEXANDRIA It KJr.Mltt A'ltlnAk ' r 1 U U I I 1 M A NJ < .... - r< W w w vw | (Vl HU NIO intermediate Landings. On her return tries, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 3 ok a. m. LUCIAN J. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUBB. Act. Alexandria. fe OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF OAS METERS. WAaHiN TOH. July II, 1MB. NOTICE IS flEREBY GIVES. That.afreeably to the provisions of the oidmanoe of the Corporation approved May 12. 1880. the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever res ulred in writing, aad on pre payment of the fee of fifty oente, to inspeot, in mwxA * wwii4ut *vo tKi v W| uu aovoi Mill uw C9UUBI BUf U1 registration ofany km meter in aae is this oity." Every meter, ufound inoorreot, will be condemned, and another, sealed and marked as true, will be set in i* plaee. If proved to be aoomrate in it* raoMur< ment of cas, it wfll be sealed aoeordiagly, and a<ain put in position for use. Office No. 310 Seventh street,(near Odd Fal.ows'Hall) Open from 8 a. m.. to 5 s. ra. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy II- tf Inspector and Sealer of 6a Meters. Fran ci b h a r p e r, ~ HAVING OPFtltD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORB, Comer New Yorii avenue and Tenth *1 reel. Respectfully solicits the patronage of those w mar be in want of any article in the above line. His endeavors shall be to plsase^and by a striot attention to the wants of the public, he Hopes to merit a share of their pat/onage. His took oonsistK or every artiole usuall* to be found in a kist-claes Family Urooery ana Feed b < . maii-ii EI A NOB. PIANOS The largest Msortiaent~of Piano*, Molodeons, Guitars, Vio-^rSSiH i. Ban*"' . Beat Italian Strings, Ao RVWI oordeons, Fiutiuas.Conoertiuas, Flutes,' Fites, Fla*eolftts, Clariouetts, Brass Instruments, l>ru ns, and ererr variety of musioal wars. iso an immense stool of Sheet Musio, Mnsio Books and Operas, for every lastransont at the Mnsio St^re of W. U. MErZEROTT. oorner of Pa.av. aud llta street, bote Agent of Steinway t. Son's Baoon Raven * Co.'s and Rnabe tc Co.'s Pianos. oo J2 it UOWE'8 IMPROVED WEIGHING BCALK8 II These Soales are offered to the yabli* as tha mosi simple, aumcie, ana reliable soaleeirtr lit ) ee. Firstolaeeirtminmihtrabtnawardeathea by tha Umt d States Fair and Virginia Agricultural Society; Virginia State Agnsnltnrai Pair: Franlhn Institute r air, Pennsylvania; NewYork State Fain Vermont State Fair, to^ *0. In every oaee vher* Iron SaToa. 4o1 -1T K- a PATTTBON. Afreet U/ASHiNOTON dEWING ROOMS. Tf $t two deer, V<rtW> .J 8 Hmad1 n'e l^ 5'd 8F I. . a. LAVA*. . M. MOT*. I. U AVYB17" Lmi, on*iu^MrsjMjt Will rnotioe Wh^oart oFiirrort uU Ar m!itt jaokww.the FederalConn a* Pontotoa, NiwA HiiMMinl. HM-tf W. HAMILTON ~7ZTI ^ PAINTKE, and DKALKR IN PAINTS, No. Tn Odd AlW M Mf-tf PUTTY IW DOWN. f^OTO FRENCH 4 RICH8TEIN* No. $T U Pun. avenue. and look at the u* tiMrim tdibona of M Canl r. Gillom, Home and taaPoata, >a tiated papor, eeual. if not MMrior. to the Euiah edition*. Call and take a loot at & . bo? 4PW***-. * i"1 Ti ' if-HBNMBGtos4flRBi '* *>apv- - ' MIBCEUiASBOPB. THE MATTSE i Coa Mu^nUj I a hall remain in Waahinctoa aad Inc in at! iu bra chee. OM G!aiii frotnffcy attended to. Pimtiif and OrnMNiut Gotta** r urnitura in the lf t ttyle. laleo, aall MUatioi to the Painting of Rotfa and Briek Wall*. All of tiie aU>re 1 w>il do aa okaa* M Um cSmp Mt. 1 therefore aolic: t the patrouara of mi rriepua and fellow eitiiena of tke DtatrioL Paneta*'ity itriotly obeerTed, and work dose la U beat nta"f'oa will pleaae mind roar atoaa and atop at M. rPAKKEK'8 P intin EaiaSLaament, No. If' 3 ?! 93 !!! Loaiaia&a ar., north aUe, between atk and 7th sta. P. 9. Si na pot np free ef charge, M anal. %m Sl.Sm pi B""n?M!mWkAMD "ow" The aubacrfber beg a 1at to inform the oitiaaoa of Waahlngton. Georgetown and Alexandria that be has add'd to hia long eatabliahed baaineee Um tut; iary of ataam power for savine and manamo tunnc Marbla and Brown Mono Work ia tWir ranoua branohea. Marble Mantae, Table and Wukitaad Top*, Ti e. Monum*uU. Tomb and Head Ktonea, Sla*>a. \\ inflow Lmteia, 8ilm, Hteaa and flatforma. Having pi.-ohaeedalargeat ekofltauan Marble in block,froin brut hardest the loweft ratee, be feeia oon&dent of bein able to ffcrnieh Marble Work aa low aa it oaa be purchased ia New Tork. Philadelphia, or Baltimore^ The trade aappliod with lUaan Marble ia blook or alaba at the aame ra*w mm iurm nea in ."* * York,a 4 on aooofnaood&tinf term . Aleo, on hood. a targe a )r o( PumioeStone, Water of Ayr Hoc* and PolliBim Putty at New York prioee. En oin< tt utN priee; it will bo an aoeaiaition to the oity. ALKX. RUTHERFORD. Tum**r Sttam y.a-blt and Brown Stun* Workt, Pa. av.,oor. ThirWntkjt. an 21Sm Waakinrtoa, D. C. |MPORTANT TO HOUSEkEEPERR. E. R. PURREE 4 CO/B Wjh l SPXCXHflla Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat gronnd /mm fresh Spioee, aeioeted and oieaned by na expreaely for the parpoee without reforeaoe to ooet. They are beautifully paoked in tinfoil* I11 nAfi (ith uur I tn > L"-' Sare falf weict|t, while the ordinary ro nJ om are almost invariably short. We warraat tliora, in voint of tr nrth ard richness of flavor, BEYON0 AL1. COMPARISON, aa a tiacle trial will abundantly prova. Manaaotured oalj hr W^B ATCH REPAIRING AND FILTER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the best establishment*, aad furnished with a complete set of tools for repairin* every description of fine Watches, and f/%2 particular attention give to the same, by MMk norooch competent workman^ad a. work jcuarantied Alfo,every descnp ion of standard SILVER WAKE, plain and nrnameatal. manufactured nnd my own mprrrimon, which my ou*tnm r will find far superior in quality and finish to northern wv old by de^eri m general ud represented m Uieir own muufKtar*. H. O. ROOD, e 6 *3S Pa. tvaut. aearSth at. RENTS'SHIRTS, U COUl^ARfe, TIES. STOORS, And all kinds of GIFTS' GOOD*, at p r oent. eu than any Uier rtore in the city. At _ _ oa 1 1 m SMITH'S. Mwth at. [BEEMAN | SJKPSOK^ The above PURE W 18KY, Cofrn Dutillkb *o* Maltsd Grain, beia* superior and nmform m u lity. and highly \mproved by H . ' P f*rr*d by oon umcr to a'! other Whiakiea, ud partooii^ l*riy reoummeufled by the bett phyeio'.AM ** one-nut* M^of#e#Bin* M vthe_re^ujj* e u of Tbo Schuylkill Waier ol Philadelphia. need ia tho dirillation of thia W hiaky, ia proved oy a&aly sia to be the *ofteat and pnrrat water in the United Statea ; and to ttue may, m a yrwat decree, b attribe ted the axoelleaoe of thi* Whiaky. For aaleby FRfc'KMAN t SIMPSON. Pheta* DiaUilary. QntiieScheylkili river. Phi ad lphla OOoea >0 Wall itroet. Now York ; 109&octh Front atreet, Philadelphia An<l oan I e na l la Vraahinrton of Samuel Baooa A Co , 319 Pa av.; R. J. Rvon. Weat 9th it corner D: Kennedy A Punk, 4o8 Weat 7th at iMarrar A Seinmoa, 407 Pa. av.; J. B Wilaon, 7 Pa. av; Barbour A Semmea, 66 La. av ; H. C. Purdy, 4 OS Pa. avjj Win. Bryan, 44 Market Sp.; Moore. Ci ae]l A Co , 387 Weat Tth at; 6 P. Galiok. 366 N. J. av ; A. 0addia. Jr.. A Co., M, oorner Kaat Ulh: Kdward Hall, 40 Market Spaae ; E. E. White A Co .63 La. av.; Jchn H. Semmea A Co . 823 Weat Ninth at. ooM-lia ff ^ OMKWT! ff^/''& DISPATOHI ^ ^ ^ \I/*T 8t?e ihj_Fieici! At *eeidmu wilt A fym, mm < wU-rtrul* 4 familiu, It la Tvry desirabi* to bar* mm otw > and oonraoiect way lor repairing Famtaffc, Ton, Crookery, Ao. PALDINffl PREPARED GLUI meete all inoh emerienoiee. and no household on afford to be without it. It it always ready and ay tp th Btiokinc Mint. Tncr i pa Ionr r a inn lty for limpiDR ohaire, splintered *ne ra, headleea dofla, and broken cradle*. It u lost the artiol# for opMv h II, *ii'! other ornamental work, a* with ladiei of reiuiemont and taate. T.iit admirable preparation la need oold, tolnt wuouuucuij i:oiu id b'J.uiicH, BDH VOflB9SflD| lil IDC valuable qualities ofth* beet oalnnet maker*' else. It may be used la the place of ordinary mscilace, beini vastly mora adheetTe. " USEFUL IN EVERT HOUSE.9 Pritt, U oenta. N. B. A Brash aocompanias saoh bottle. Wk*U**it D*r0t, No. 48 Cedar treat, Nnr Y*rt Address HEN ft Y cTiPALDINS * COBoa No. 3,t0 , Nov York. Pat av for Doalora in Cases on tailing Foar, Eizht, and Tirol to Doseu a baaatifnl Lithograph <0 Bhov CaM sooompanyinr each packets. |CT A single bottle of SPALDING'S PRMPifiED GLUE will me tec times its ooot an nuaiiy to er^hon ehoi l.-Ql Sold by a!l prominent Stationery DmjjirU. Hardware and rarnitnr Dccltn, vrooera, and Kancy Store*. Soontry merchauta thomd make a not* of 8PAL NO'S PREPARE# QLVB,v*m Mfkiac i theirTiat. It will at&cd au ollir.ate filter | 4 * W^AI VMMfcf far M km Ilk* *Um# 7W * /?- > i ^ 71 i V ' & '* r ;; r ^ JKmmpii**,) "ffm Jl vJE ?ip^ /I 5^#^ t* A fkn^th, r i/ , VMx.til; Aitn told by ii* B uit if. ItttT+jr trf*^ |"^^^-| ||| 8 ^ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS BAXiT'S rniiaiTifli mnni iimiMffW NwRAlHi VAlui WNIdflEi WITH THE 8IQHATURE OF ON THC LABEL. ALL OTHt^S ARC AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT - OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WUHJDALYg SOLE PROPRIETOR BSBnHVlUUS:iEiTQaL ton BALM IN WASHING TON MY fl-lf BA1BOUR* I 1 MKl) 10 IN ICS. i>* Urn* Jiiiwirtd tkt wu Omw, Sf~4hf,mmd mim 1tftnuU Ktwuif w iJU ir rli, FOR ALL D1SKASB8 OF IMFtUDBNCS. XXr *VO F4LHM DKLICACI rAMTMMT. APPLY 1MMV.D ATBLY. A CURE WAKRAXTKQ. OB. HO OHAM9M, IX FHOM ONE TO TWO DAYS DiatMifkfMw iliHlaaat. fttmi afthalUa*,TVms MOT Ikw, Afawaoa a# Ifct Luiw. >w t> at B a a W Mi Ttmkli Pt ir4 r anaaaf nw SaiMmry laMa 0 TarJt-skm PmMt! u4 DMIlia'l hllIMN wkill 4aa hlMfi lw)n H . u< 4Mir y Mia M; l MW4 TOMMMM ifNulf wfca ' kaaar.ia it turti f Mu; Ti*. All 4raadfM u( 4aair au* kitll <LMI a alW i m (a aa anumalv |W i ibnw 4i af Thi| Haaafikaan n aba* Mkaata aod krtllaal laialUu, wka KkarvM ka' leutMk Uauotcf Saatiaa vtU Ua Uutin a/at*cama w vUa4 M iuuij tfea l iaf lff , say aail vufc Ml aaa*rtafa, ktiaj avaraaf fkyaal tnhfe. atfwia ia>m^, lahniUM. fta . ap**4t.T mil a vka fitcaa ktaaa'.r * 4ar tk ana af pi. J. at; ratah Mri; taaMa an kaa aa a faauaaaa aa< anMaxla rail fas Ma akili aa a pky :a^a. umct da i turn rtnt^iciimir, Ml fea*4 aMana*[ haa liWwa awaat, a la Man kw Ha aaraaa r U aa< laaaaarra atai aa1 mmmhn. kaaaaa mm to jZmmrQm, IbaktN at ika U*U f f ni M,tw<^,aiiiui btn aa* af tka mm aariaart CalUfaa tm ika liltl lluii, u4 tha rmwi nrt af k H IH ku Mapaat ta ita kaaMb *r Lwiw, rm, PMiitaMli u< iMftoM, has *facta . a*ma at th# aaM aatnaaWg caraa Ukal a l a*aa ksava; bu; lr klaJ waC. ru>f u>( ta IM kaa4 aai aaaa vkaaulaat; rrati nrtnaraai. kai- alarMa4 M aafkaa ante, kuVhbaai it* fi a asi klaaWf. auao4ad nai tea* VNk tafnaf aaaan af B>b4, vara eat*4 hwtOaMt*. Tin ruticaui nones, Ta*>| Man ai> atfaara vita ba a aai r* t*aaaa*i* a kj tanua fracuca ia<il|a4Ja wkaa alaai a haktt <a a> % Iaarma4 fraaa a i! w f tiaM, a* at aahaa*, ika afacaa af vtlat ara alfktly fall **an wkaa aaiaap, tad if act iwM. rae4ar rnarruf a laipaaaakU, aad 4aamp tat ak( aaM Ml, akaMf kffl; laaatftauiy. Taaaa ara aaaaa af Uaa aU uf aabatMy afaaa aaalaaaf by aarlr hakau afraaik *aa i Waakaaaa aflka laal a*4 liaaka, Aim aa tU laad, Diaraia af li(li.Uaai( Maaulaj N n, Mpattun af ika laar^Djafapaf, Narvaaa InttaMO wii|MJia 1 Iltwil, Mai UakUMf, IJKM#IM af Cafiaaaipiiaa, 4t. IONTALLT.-Tm lutfii tlitMaa ika 1 aaa * ta )m draadad L a af Mamary, Caofaaiac f Urn, .^ wutlM flfirfti, fwWiffi, i'ltiiw >alf 3muaal. Um af *altl 4*. au.ara Ml a/ IN artta pa mvon PMIUTT-Wmnfc m m I*4fi v*al la lb a eaaaa af tfsait dacitning haakk. 1 lag ikair *tjm, k > 1 waak. pala,a*i aaa aod iiuMu4,ta>1ii(iata| kl ff akaatiha a>aTmpta aaf DlM M or IMP&ODKIICB. 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Let u nar.'n ooncluaion. tb*t MrtlialM onrea are not er> tight fr,m tita 1.1 iterate tM iiht aciai, but tbey *r voiunt/^red fro* the boot raepeotabie aoaroea ao-l i mfj the higheat tirw to Which it ii KNibl* to oommtrd ao wlwbw aaecifia to paVic arproral. We may add atao tkat the o rataw prop*, tie* of the medicine are e* nailed only by iu roatorabve effeota, the i?iU recovering from diaeaao with renewed oonatitat>onal n or. Por sale by all reeveetabie Drugri/ta ia lUa aity.and by the proprietor. MRS. M COX. (Note reoaiae anleee her namtii b.owa aa the bottle and her aea. oa the o<>rk ilT Prioe f I per bottle, mix bottle* lor fit aittni. K. *. T. CI8SEL. muut, Georgetown. 0 C.. Wkoieaale Arret for tneDtatr ot, and trill acpply the trade at my pnoea. aa W-tr PROPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDEM." Yoar attention and examination if mytetfall; eolieited to xaaune tae oeiebrated New York GL'TTA PKRCBA ROOFING aad the GUTTA 5KRGHA P^iNT tor painting tin roofe. T*lf utta Peroha Roofing aal Paint ia aeknoWiMged br nil tha beat areiuteota in Maw York eity to ba tae beat and oh^paa! K' 'fir k aad Paiat la Muit ansa. It can ba seen at li. WT MAMiE-TOji*S Pa.nt ?tr reT#H Sevaath atreat CA*rTEL ) i HAMILTON are tha sole acenta for Waaaiaftaa, Georgetown, Alexandria aad the Boaia. Por ftv iiMrw roBmonii tunove. 00 II if 279 ' ffiSPE'1- MT _ f a. Arm., FOR El 6 N FRUITS, Pa. An. MUliaiU. CONFF.CTIONS. WiUmftAi. frSn K'' ec s iatn U> Hit *ttecU*ii of hu fnydaMl & K^LPntlly to bit N w Stor*, andor WD Wo'a Hotij, jaat orr^, t* colo^i.ob vilfc Ids oid yfcert > wi.l btuwrh f3 3^ :,wb,& asa-r, fits? \^.\rsiz2 ih^gxs;, ~ "*Jr A __ WM. T. DOVK * CO. *fMMItcw rrmr a to xecata any order* wUk W PLVHb[S&, eA^Og^KAM PTTT1N* IL7~ Btor* on M atroot, f r doox sortt of nUEK Ol.n IVK WH1HIV -a> kurf - |SSS s; aWSgfiSBS? rfcUPO*T, GUNrtJWDE*. u jo^TB^wEtaaasafc,. Bolt Atmci Tm tk* District of (waawk JS^^e^sstsss^sr.wee t> C Crderewisiio h#lweltiw *eeef AdMps* K r* ' Coibmih. Wwkmtoi. P. c. OALTiMORE VU ^^IGSiaxSiWrr/1 ""jfeggmSL 275 "T" STB JACfsON, ^ u. nu ^ > ^

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