Newspaper of Evening Star, November 21, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 21, 1860 Page 1
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? ' Star. V5t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 21. I860. N-. 2.422 I ."" r- i" ??? ???Ip?? 1 THE EVENING STAR M % PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, 4 (SUNDAYS BXCBPTBD,) AT THE STAR BU1LD1HGS, Ccmm of Pennsylvania avenut a*d li'A St., T W. D. WALLACE repfrs Mned 10 fMkM? t?T 01mm II ?< 1 fear, or St Mti per month. To nul aabeerlbera He priee it fljn a year, m Hv+net; 91 for ul month*; 91 for three month*; sod for lew thar. tnree months at the rate of 13 oenta a week. 8ins> eopi*a, orb cikt; ia wrappera, two ctun. rrAD7mniiif.tTi aaoald be seat to the o(Boe . More IS o'0.00k m.; otherwise they may mot appear until the next day. mm?mma?mmam?mmmmrnmmy?? AKTETIL'S WARD VISITS BRIOHAX YOCI??. It is now goln on 2 (too) yeras. u I Tery well remember, since I croesed the Planes for K?Iiforny, the Brit* land of Qold. While crania I the Planes all so bold I fell in with some coble red men of the forest, (N. B. This is rote SarI casticul. Iniins is Pisin, whar ever found 1 % which thaj Med I was their Brother, A wantid r lor to smoke the Calomel [Artemns means calumet] of Peaee with me. Thay then stole my f j-^rkt beef, blankits, etsettery, skalpt mr orcan grinder A Scooted with a Wild lloop. Luria the CheaPs tecbin speech he- sed be fbood meet me in the Happy Ifantin Grounds If he das thara will be a fite. But enuff of this ere. Keren Noose Muttons, as oar skoolmaster, who has got Talent into him, cussyeally obmrres. I arrove at Salt Lake in doo time. At Camp Scott thare was a lot of U- 8 sojer*, hosstensibly seat oat thare to smadh tWatormona bat really to eat salt Tittles A play poker A other beautiful bat sumwhat onaartin games. I got acquainted with *um of the officers Thay lookt patty scrumpsbus in their Bloo coats with brass buttings unto urn A ware very taleated drinkers, bat so fur as itin is consarned Ide willinlT put my wax figgers agin the hall party. My desire was to exhibit my grate show in bait Lake City, m 1 called on Brigham Yang. J the grate mogull amung the mormina, and . axed his permisbun to pitch my tent and onfarl my banner to the jentie breesia. He lo?fct at me in a au.<teer manner for a few min! iu A sed? " Do yon bleeve in Solomon, St. Paul, the immaculaieneiu of the Mormin Church and the I T.AttAr.^AV RavulliHiini Seil, "Imeooit"' I make it \ pint to git along plesunt, tho I didn't know what . under the Son the old feller was drivin at. lie sed I mite show. " Yoo air a marrid man Mister Yang I i bleeva ?" aes I, preparin to rite him sum free r parei.?? ' Very mmrk,'' say* he; "I hev eighty wives. MifUr Ward. I aertinly am married." " How -in you like it aa far as you her got?" aed I. He sed " iniddlln," and axed me wouldn't I like to see his famerly, to which I replied that I wouldn't mind minglia with the fair Sack <fc Bvkia in the winnin smiles of his interestin wives. He aceordinly tuk me to hi* Hair-um. The bouse is powerful hie A in a exreedin large room was his wives & children, which larst was squawkin A hollerin euuff to take the roof rite orf the house. The wimin was of all sizes 1 ages. Sum was pretty A sum was plane?sum washelthy A sum W is on the Wayne?which is verses, tho rich was not me inienshuns, u I don't 'prove of pattin verses in Proze ruins, tho ef ocouhun requires I can Jeak a Poim ekal to any of them Atlanta Munthly fellera. ' My wives. Mister Ward," said Yung "Tour tarvant, manns," ted I, as I tot down in a cheer which a red-headed female brawt me. " Besides these wives you se? her#, Muter Ward,' aed Yang, " I her eightj more in vari* parts of this conacreeated land which air Sealed to me." " Which ?" i I. gettin op A starein at him all round " Sealed, Sir. sealed." '/ " Whare bowta?" sex I. "I sed, Sir, that they was sealed'" He p oke in a traggerry voice. ? Will thay probly eontiana on ia that stile U oy gr*t extent, Sir?" I axed. 11 Sir/' te<l he, tarnio as red as a biled beet, * don't yon know that the rules of oar Church as (hat I. the Profit, may her as meny wives as I wants '* Jes so," I sed. "You air old pie, ain t y6u T" f .a nw i-o ? i - i * ? * ? uieui m is owi?<i lumi?mat u 10 uj. to be mine when I wants urn?air at present my perreto<>ul wives,'" aed Mister Yung. ' Long may they wave!" sez I, seein I shood git into a scrape ef I dident look ont. In * privit conversashun with Brigham I lernt the follerin fax: It takes him six weeks to ki*shis wives. He don't do it only onct a jere A set it is wms nor eleanin house. He iinn't nr?f An^ tA V nn? Kid ^ - ? ni-taj of urn. th<? they all know biin. Ho sex about evert child he meats calls him Par, <t he takM it for grantid it ij so. Ilis wires tiir ory expeunir. Thay allars want sutbin <i ef he don't giv it to am they set the house in a uproar. Ho sez he don't her a ininits peace. Hia wives fit* *mung theirselrea so much that be has bilt a fitin room for there speshul benefit 1 when too of um git into a row he has um turned loose into that piece, where the dispoot is settled aceordin to the ralea of the London Drize ring SuTOtimes they abuze hisself individooally. Thay her pulld the most of hir hair out at the roots A he wares men j 1 horrible scar i upon hid body, inflicted with mop-handles. broomsticks A *ich. Oocashunly they sit mad A scald him with bilin hot water. \VTien he got eny waxe cranky thayd shnl him up in a dark closit, previdy spunking him arter the etile of muthers when thare offsprings git onruly. Saintime* when he went in swimmin thayd go to the banks of the Lake A steal all his clo^e, thereby compelling him to sncck home by a sircootiua rowt. drett in the skanderlus slUe of the tireek Slaiv. "I find that the keers of a marrid life way hery onto me,'' d the Profit, '*& sumtimes I wish Ide remaned singel " I left the Profit and started for the tarern where f not tin in On m? ?>> I w u ovcrtuk bj a large krowd of Morinins, wbijb tbay surrounded me k ?taiid that thay was roin into the Show free "Wall,*" sec I, 'ef I find indiridooal who ia g >io roue It-Ilia folks into bis show free, lie lat you know." 44 We've had a Rereluhan biddio as go into A. Wtrd's bhow without payin nothin' thay ahoutid 44 Yes," hollerd a lot of femaile Mormonesses, seazia me by the cote tales k swingin me round very rapid, "we're all goin in free So sex the Ravelasnun!" " What's Old Kevelasbun got to do with my show''' ses I, gittin patty riley. 4 Tell Mister Revelashan," sod I, drawiu myself up to my full hitc and l^okin round upon the ornery krowd with a prowd k defiant mean, 44tall Mister Revelashnn to mind his own bisness, subwok only to the Konstitution of the Unitid , Suits:' "Oh, now, let us in. that's a sweet man," d several femailes, puttin thare arms rownd me in lavia stile. Beeum 1 of us Beeuin a pre est. k her wives 8eale<l to yoa." * JVW a Seal "'ft I, startin back in horror at the idee. '* Oh stay, air, stay. ' sel a tall, gaat ferunila ore whoos bed 37 summirs must bare pared, stay, k lie be your Jen tie Qsselle." ' 5tot ef I know it yu won't," set I, "Awa yu skanderlus femaile. awa! Go k be a Nun nery!" That's what I aed, j?a ao. ** A I," sed a fat chunky feuiaile. who mmt hev wade more than too hundred !ba , "I will . be your sweet gidin Star!" Set I. "lie bet two doller* and a half you won't'" Whare ear I may Rome lie still be troo 2 thee. Oh, Batay Jane! [X. B?Betsy Jane is my wife's Sir naima.) "Wilfist thou not tarry hear in the Promist Land?" sed several of the miaerabil eritters II* see you all eaaenahally ousaad be 4 I wiltiat roared I, aa mad aa cood be at tbare iofernul noneenta. I girded on my Llona A Had the Seen. I packt up my duda A left Suit Lake, wbieh ia a 2d Sodaam A Germorrer, inh&bitid by aa theavia k unprineipuld a aet of re'chit aa ever drew Breth in ?ny spot aa the Globe Artemi s Waid Writ Mat be Lear.*** wbe* vr a Tbeb ? What Is at present the most striking evergreen In S C.? A The &*a Cod i/?ain't it? What ar>- th<> favorite a J Is of day ? ? HaMOMMjAaaAdCbealiiuU * J Talking of sprouts?What la the glat of the whole conflict * The proclamation Giat issued s q 1'tted to quit oar nncontfental society Not apprretatlng tb* lavltatloc. he threatened lawsuits agv'uat aoch m bad ct e slated thla stair meat 3g*Uit blra; but upoa rrflretion, Ue prmf brinit atr?nv, nador tbe adrlre of wise mm. If not frtrrfla b* and hi a wife qott us, to continue bis residence >mou| nortbern gentlemen We hope Ei will appreciate Ma society as we appreciate ?bienc?." ten dick paper*. Then the newspaper! are sent oat, and all 017 journals come to me in that way?carefully folded up and surrounded with a band, on which ia printed my name and address, the name of the journal, the date at which I subscribed, and the date at which my subscription terminates. How much simpler and easier than all this is our system of daily and weekly subscriptions, payable to the onrrier! Among other good chances for American capitalists in Paria, it seems to me that there is an excellent opportunity to start newspaper on the "fast'* American plan. Eifvlsto* rtOM Gaonaia ?A correspondent of the New York Express, writing from August*, Oa , says: "Dr. Thayer, a llomcropatblc Doctor from the North, has been expelled from this city, as stated, lie boealed in the North, when he had returned there, that he made ?10.000 here, among thleveisnd negro drivers'?and that be bad come North to speud the money among gentlemen. Thte northern statement was reported back here wben Or Thayer returned here to sake more money among the 'thieves and negro drivers;' and tne consequence was that he was politely re am was iisusnuuga vo oonvey to my benighted intellect the information that subscriptions were only received from 10 a. m. to 4. p. m.; ao the next day, at nooa, I went ana subseribed For the daily papers of Paris no subscription is taken for a leu period than three months, and which T?rr properly it required to be paid <io advance. Then the subscription most either date from the first or the fifteenth of the month; and a person subscribing on the tenth most either not commence receiving his journal for five days afterward, or, in oase he wishes his subscription to date from the first, the clerk, when he subscribes, hands him the .... uuuiuu ilium iv>au jncv ?I B IDC J'>UrnH* of France, iu many important particulars, and in none more so than in their cumbrous, alow and inconvenient business management In this respect they have not obanged a particle for a hundred years past, and for "slowness" and inconvenience, their mahagement will vie with aoy of our slowest country journals. What would you think, for instance, in the publication office of a jjurnal of the city of New York, if, after a certain hour in the day, the clerk thould refuse to take a subscription ' I went into the publication bureau of the Conslitationnel a few days since, for the purpose of pubscribing. After some little trouble, I found the clerk who takes the city subscriptions, and he appearing very much surprised to see me, asked me what I desired; and upon my informing him, in the blandest and most polite manner possible, that I wished to become a subscriber to his "valued journal,*' he informed me as blandly, but with in evident surprise at my ignorance, that the office was "ferme," it being then a few minutes after four o clock; and upon pressing my inquiries. probably the brokvaj acted honestly enough, an<l have themselves suffered by the depreciation in stocks. The fact is that gambling in stocks is the very worst kind of gambling, and gambling on a margin is the worst kind of gambling in stocks. It is the lowest depths within tne lowest depth. It is worse than selling short on 'Chaage, or gambling at faro Jocrn alisn 15 Paris?Old Fogy Method of Conducting French Newspapers.?To those who have observed the country-looking ap rnarance of the French newspapers, the folowing, from the last letter of the Paris correspondent ot the New York World, will not be surprising : Speaking of newspapers, reminds me of how k.liioJ Ik. A ? ??- ' the mortification of reading that 6 H. A E. K. K. has gone up, as the broker said it would, to 75, and that if he bad been able to hold it he would have made his $1,000. In this way, we are told, hundreds of our young men hare lost all the money they had in the world within the last twoor three weeks. They naturally feel very sore about it, and many of them do not hesitate about accusiug the brokers of designedly selling these stocks which they knew must depreciate, and thus cheating them out of their margins. Bat very ining du in oeen me oiner way. Mnasbtrunk reads, for instance, on Monday. that 8. R. A E. K. K. is down to 48. lie groans in spirit, bat consoles himself by the reflection that perhaps the bears are plajing with it, and that a reaction will take place. The next day it is down to 47?then to 46?then at one jamp to 40. His $100 are gone, and it will take $.100 more for him to get the stock now. His broker informs him that it will be necessary for him to put up $300 more margin. He is. of oour?e, unable to do it. and the broker says the trade is forfeited, as indeed it is. Smanhtninfc's litt'e lundr d is gone forivcr downfths whirlpool which has engulphed so many millions. Perhape,in three weeks afterwards Smashtronk his additional margin to make it stand me in $50, as I can sell it to-morrow for that, and only agree to hold it for you for yoat accommodation." Dazsled by what appears to him the certainty of making $1,000 on an outlay of $100, and the possibility of making $2,000, the infatuated Smajtrunk "goes in," planks down his $100, and beoomes the nominal owner of 40 shares of S. R. A E. R R. Now he reads with avidity the daily report of the stock market in the morning papers, and if S. R A E R R. is quoted at 50i his soul is filled with joy. Perhaps the stock actually does advance a little. We know of a few cases where a very good thing has been made in this way, butUtely the ?k liucu, vu? wuuio vraac 01 me nco v?iley of Skunk creek will be poured over this road, and its earnings witl increase 100 per cent. A gentleman of jour experience, my dear Mr. Smaahtrunk, must see that under these cirrcumstances the stock of the Swampvilla, Rod-dog. and Eden Rrai'road must go up, po&siblv to one hundred dollars. Now you may take tbaie forty shares on sixty day s time. Vou shall advance me $2.50 on each share, margin, and I will hold the stook for you aixty days. You can sell it at any time within the sixty days. If the advance is only to $7?, yoor gains will be $1,000; if it advances to $100 your gains will be $2,000. Of coarse it is ridienlous to suppose that the stock will go below its present rate. If it does, however, all yon will have to do will be to put np enough [Prom the Chicago Democrat ] Goad Airict to laexperteaced Stack Specaiatara Stock Qamrlino or a Maroix. The recent heRvy fall in stocks in Naw York has been the canse of a very heavy loss to r large number of young men in this city, who have been gambling in stock* an a margin. The way this little game is managed is somewhat aa follows: A young man, aalerk in r store, r railroad conductor, a baggage muter, or something of that hind, has contrived to aeeamnlate a small sum of money?say one hundred dollais. Having got so much he is naturally anxious to a little more, on the principle that a man nsrer is, but always to be blest. He reads in the papers of the anormoas fortunes sometimes biwb oj >1 iuoi; nit in siock*?oat tnen De remembers that to speculate la stocks yon mast first bare them, and that -takes mt? money than he haa got, as he sap poses, to boy enough to make a rise any object. Bat he goes to a stock broker and lays his ambition open before him. The broker listens, sympathises, and finally enchants the young man by revealing to him the mystery of " patting up a margin." " Here," says the broker, "I have got for sale forty shares of the Swampville, Red-dog, and Eden Railroad. These shares are of a hundred dollars each, but owing to tbe present state of affairs on the road the market value of them Is only fifty dollars. On the oompletion of tbe Youcautus Branch, which connects with this LV1~~ L-l. A J - -# *1 * * AUCTION SALES. Br . GREEN. Auctioneer. ^JAKE OF EXCELLENT AND NEARLY ' n?w Houskhold and Kitchen FvniftTrai at AccT!SN.-On FRIDAY, the?Sd in?t., 1 shall ell, at 10 o'olook a. m.. at the residence of a ge?tlenian deolimng housekeeping. on Tenth street. between i. and VI sts , north, No. 348*. Furniture, vie : One Waluut Parlor Suit, *ix piefees. Mahogany, Rosewood, Marble top Center Tables, Roiewuud Heoeption Chairs and Vaaee, Heepf Hollow and Walnut Whatntot, Mahotanr Wardro'.es and Bedsteads, Marble top Dressing and other Bureaus, Marble-top and Mahogany Wash Sinks, A fine lot of Kngravmgs, of various aorta, WaJ ut Tablee and Cane-seat Chairs, One fine Cottage Set, OUt and other Looting Glasses, Feather Beds, Pillows and Bolsters, Blanket*. Comlorts. Guilts. Sheets aad Cases, Hair. Cotton top and Husk Mattreeees, Cottage,Rouble and Siug.e Bedsteads, ?"? r.i?n>iua i ?LM?, ( Brussels, Ingrain and other Carpets, Venetian Cmp't and Stair Rods, Oi!ol< th- MaU an<l Om Chandeliers, Kt.ive*, Forks. Tn and Table Spoon*, One o -mp 1't? Dinner Het, China, Glass and Ciookery Ware, Par.or Radiator and Air-tight Stoves, One Morning star Cooking ftove, nearly new, A lv|? lot of Kitohen Requisite* and many other article* too numerous to enumerate. Terma: All lima of and under 92S eaah : over 925 a credit of W> and 90 day a for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest, no 19 d A. GREEN. Auet. Br A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Tm RU8TEE*S SALE or VALUABLE BUILDin? Lots 05 T*nth stsekt wiit,iitwii;( Dand R streets north. at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, November 58th, I860,1 shall sell id front of the premises, at 4 o'cloos p m., by virtue of a d*ed of tr>- 6t to the subsoriber, bearing dat?> the 3d day of April, 1W>, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8, No. 191, folios 277. Ac., one of the land reoords for Washington o< unty, in th? District of Co unihia, the following dcaorilxHi property, lying and being in the city of Washington, District aforesaid, viz: All that piroe or parcel of ground known and l*id down on the plat of said oity as the north half of Lot numbered twelve,(12,) theaouth ha f numbered thirteen, (13.) in square numbered three hundred and seventy eight.(.fW,? and oompriaed in the following met" and bounds, to wit; Commencing for the said half lot numbered twelve at the northwest ooruer of said lot, and running thonee south with the line of Tenth st eet weat twenty five feet six ; and a hall inches, (25 feet 6>? inohns:) tnance east 1 one hundred and aevan feet two inohea (1(7 feet 3 inch's) to the rear of said lot; thepoe north twentyfive feft six and a half inoh^a|25 le?t6H inches) to the p'int of division between said lots twelve and thirteen; and thenoe west with said division lin? one hundred and seven feet two inches (107 feet 2 ir.ohea) to T?nth street west and plaoe of b?gimnc; ami be*ining fort1'# said part of i.ot I3at'he southwest, corner of said lot, on Tenth street west, and running thence north vith the line oil th atreet veil twent* five feet, <25 feet.) thence east erne hundred and seven feet two inches 107f> et2 inches) to the rear of said lot: thence south twenty live (2.^ feet I to the point of division, between said Iota 12 and 13; and thenoe ?Mt with said division line one hundred and eevenfeet two moheedOT feet 2 inohee) to Tenth atreet weat and plaoe of bsnning, with the improvements, which are a brick dwellinghouse, fee. Terms oash. All oonveyanoing at the oost of the purohiser. Should the torins not be oomplied with in fivo days the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the riak and "eat of the first purchaser E. C. CARRINGTON. Trustee. nol6-d4.Ua A. GREEN. Auct FURS! PURR!! I have now ready for exhibition and sale my stock of FUR"4, to which I invite the attention of the ladies. I have taken great o?re in the selection, and ft?el assured they are unsurpassed in quality, style and workmanship. Tiio assortment consists of all the moat fashionable fcinds. HU OSO N 'j? ;HA Y^S AH LE, VAilAUl 3A D liFjf STONE MARTEN. ROYAL ERMINE. RUSSIAN FJTCH. SIBERIAN SQUIRREL, and many other varieties. FUR of all kind* for Trimming. A J&rge assortment of CHILDREN'S FL'RS, Ala >, a fine vari'ty of CAH RIAflE ROBES I 'olioit a oa 1 from the ladies, and every effort will be made to please. All Furs so d by their real names, and warranted to be as represented. J AH. Y. DAVIS. no 8 3w (Int .Con &Stat??. lat- Todd A Co. bkj! r. rasnca. vm. r. kicbstkin. NEW FIRM FRENCH & RiCHRTBIN, (Succestort to Wm. F. Bayly.) Who.esaie and Retail Dealers in BOOKS. STATIONERY, aid PERIODICALS, No. STS FB?!ISTLVANia Avxnck. Weddin* and Viaitinf Cards neatly engraved and printed. Paper and Envelope* Stamped with Initial with ont >*xtriL chares. Sulxuiriptiona received for aSl the Woekjj Papers and Magazines; alao, New York Herald, Tinin, and Tribune. Ca'l and examine oar atoak. AU bound oks eold from 10 to 9) per oent. !eas thfWjthe Publiaher'n prioea. C^Any Booka nut on hand ordered with liapatoh from London, Pans, New York, Boston, ami Pki'a4elphia. __ o? iin piREME N '8 IN3 (J RA N C E COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN Capital **00,000. Q#k? com r C ttrut and Louisiana at*., over Bank tj Washington INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHEJl PROFERTV AGAINST LO?? BY FIRE. Diascioss. Goo. Shn*m&ker, Samuel R^jJfern, 1'ttiiuici ?> lilldlll ion, Ktoh&nl Jones, John D Uarolaj. Jao>jti (itdeoi' Andrew Kothwell, Thog. Parker, Riahard Harry, II. B. Prenoh. No charge for PoIiciok JAM.*'* ADAMS, President. AbklG. D Arm. Secretary. oc 10-eo6m >AA I.BS. WOOLEN YARN in Blue, Grey B ack. White and >andoin o<? or?. Woolen and Cotton Hosiery and Glove*. Gentlemen's Ribbed Wooi Shirts and Drawer*. Th-oe goods ar? extra quality. S*i 1 k Shirts and Drawers. Menne s?hirtn and Drawereofall grades. We wnillil mil n?.rti<>iilit.r ltlnhlmn i? n... >.11 a?sorted stook uf a I kinil of Dry Goods, suitable for all o asses of persons, all of whi h will be ?old at tho lowest market prices. _ WM. R RILF.Y k HR()? No. 36 Central Stores, bet 7th ami 8th at*.. oe g?-3tawlin opposite Cent-e Market W? ? (JAB FIXTURES. k. Have in Horn, and are dai.y receiver. BAS PIXTUR BS of entirely New Pattern* and Designs and Finish, superior in style to anythinj heretofore offered in this market. We invfte eitisens general ly to oall and examine owr stook of Gas and Water FUt*ree, fee ins confident that we have the beet selected stock in Washington. All Work in the aboveline intrusted to omr oare Will be promptly attended to. MYER8 * MoGHAN. marS-tf 37*81) street. gCHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS, Youths'" and Boys' Clothing for School and Dresi Wear. Pinnti and guardians wishing to fanusk their ohildren and vardi with School ard OolUge Outfits fortheooming aeaeou, are favited to examine our resent larva and exteneive assortment BOYS' CL?tTHlN?, wbere they oan fit out their onildren of all sisee ib a few moments with every description of Retdy made Garir.enta. of substantial sad durable quality, at very moderate prioee WALL., STEPHENS * CO30-tf 398 Penn. avenue. FLOUR, BUCKWHEAT. POTATOES. AP * ... Pl'Es, ato. . 2? ^ Riobmond Family and F.xtra Flour, 5 22 L i.J* Buufcwhaat Meal, SDG buikdi White Msroor Potato*!. 1(M do. Hlua do. do. 5 do. Chestnut*. RmmtmJ to-day and for aala low in lots to suit by ... cbig,"rPiSnS? 'p cemetkmy notice. taMtetesss irioM for 04ih or utrovad not**. An^rl. n^iii. huaud. -KNY#;rprfl^. mwsib 1?th and 13th. flBBS" WIG. BRAID AND CURL MANUVI FACTORY , S*2 Penn. avenue, nwr tbeoor ner of Thirteenth W??t-A very complete uiortB'nt of Braids, Carls. Fruette*, Bandeau*, &?., ea hand: also. made to order at the ahorteet noUoe Hair work repaired or takao ia axohaufa , naa I^OLK SON?8, rtELKCTED AND EDI I ED r by J Wiliiamaoa Paimer; I large volnmeeie caotlr bo end m saoroooo: sriie 01<T decided'* the naodaomeet book yet snb/ished in the Uaited states. blancharda MOHUN. no 14 eor. Pa. a* and 11th ?t. dianos. melodeo^s. VIOLINS, Guitars, J(TBT RECEIVED, ^ Ca lot of ?::nt?'8 UNDERSHIRT? AND RAWfcRS, from aaoUon, whioh he will eell very w. ool9 la leaoe. Morwvcr it may t* mA*tiun?d in litis oonnrxion that muT iavaiids of delicate organization, ub*W? to use whisky of other brands, have found the abova moat efiuaoious and happy in its f ffroU A liberal disoount 01 the above prioea made to thatrada. ^ KDWARD HALL, Dealer ia ioe VVinea and Liauo'a, Family Groceries. op*. Center Market,

oe H-f o?X between 7lh and 8th streets. CLOAKS! CLOAIS!! C L O A I 8!!! {ha Camilla, the Arab. theG^nba'di, he Romeo, the Zuuave, th? A'hinta, he Riofiard. the bntliah !=a?k. th#Freueli y&ok wut m?OT otaar n*w and beautiful sty a? in Raat Traco and Freaeh Heaver ?:|oth,in py oo* r1" 93 5* tn $t/, to vbieh w ask tha attention of the ladies. nf> t7 TAVI.OR ? Ht'TCWtHON. IF VOU WANT to getcood t'lothinf, Furnish9***.. ^d Gaps. at lov pftoes. ooma w SMITH'S, No. 460 SereaUi street, oo 90 la I am constantly supplied with a very large stock of those fine DKF.SS BOOTS at ?&75-which I have been selllnj for many years?a* well aa the very best qual<ty of Patent Leather GAITERS at .$3 50. Fj?? French Calfskin Gaiters from $2 to $2 6a Terrna cash; no extra oharge in order to offset bftddebU ANTHONY, Aicent for the Manufacturers, seventh street, seoond hat store from the corner, opposite Avenue House, S<\i40. se 14-8m pi/KE OLD KBI^KV FO* MEDIPriet $2 pry fail on or 30 cents ptr bottU. ho">*??d foreign demand we kan for til I ftHldln MMll* i tm nnrif* m *\A tropoi, no. xbi Vy Dei?wn linn ann 11 n. OO ? 1m T. M. HARVEY. N O T I C K! KSjSV Iariah all gentlemen 1.1 V HE^H to War m mind that i ^^^^^Afadopted, mx yenrs a*o, of aellin* and BOOTS at V?atly re duoed prioea for oaah i* in auocesitfol operation. J uat received a full aupply of the latest New York atylea of DKESrt HATS. The very finest Hat $350-* firat rate Hat #3; and very (rood, fiwhiorable Hat 92 50. All of the Iat-st att lea of soft HA Pt< and CAP!*, at the very loveat Brines. a. H. BTINHMKTZ. 'J3<> Hn. &V,, no 2 near oornor Thirteenth rroet A CARD ?Having Men informed by ver?l r?speotableoitisensthatorster naw kers. sailing from buokets on f streets, have represented themselves selling Tor me, and that not a few persons have in this way had imposed upon them impure oysters, and complaint having been made to me to this effect, I have to nay that I have no hawkers selling for ine from buckets and do not allow the business to be carried on from my establishment, aa I do not deal in oysters of that class. Neither have I any branch of my establishment in any part of the oity. No oysters are sont by me to families except on orders received at my only Beoauto he sells the best articles ffi &jB at the lowest oaali prioes. f * Bi lH7"Ju?topen?J? bX SB New style* Gents DRKS3 HATS, _ 9 _ do Soft HATSand CAPS, %&?&# Misses' JOCKKY HAT8,Trimmed and Untrimmed. FURS! ? . . .. L1J FURS!! For ladies and children, in/ assortment u now latjer than ever. FUR TRIWMING8 25 to 3S nents per yard. Bill" on all solvent Bank* taken at par. A i!rawinr. will he forwarded a* soon u the recall becomes known. Ail orders for scheme* or tickets to be addressee to DON RODRIGUEZ, no 8-tf _ Care of Citv Pn?t. fThariootoo. S. C. TWHY 13 IT? HAT ST1NEMKTZ, THE IIATTEI, 18 always bin; and not heard oroakmc . H..II t.rr... > tne nMrruioB of th? Captain General of Cuhai will tale place at Havana on TUESDAY. Novfmbrb 27, 1M0. BOKTJBO N VMS HO 646 OR DIN A RIO. CAPITAL PRIZK 100,0?ft? 1 prise of?_..#lon,nno pipnaeeoL ?l.n? 1 do VSfl** Ot no VA i no #n,fino in uo ?tr 1 do ?,?*) 2P appro x. ?!? 8jDf I do 1<U?? IN ALL V** PRIZES. Wbol? Tiotots, SiiO?Hwea, #10?0 carter, I'mos owhctl at airhtat* wr ocuf. disconnt. oc 31 Corner C anu Mth tt? . near Cau&l. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parte of the oitj, at tti? loweei poMible rate*. t. j. a w. m. em.T, Offioe 894 Pa. a*., between Uth and 12th it*.. ma 17-tf north eide. TJ?OVAL HAVANA LOTTKRY. Hh Next Drawing of the Jloyal Havana Lottery. oondueted hr the Spanish Government, under and d*liverad to any p*rt of the city at the shortest notioo, a:i<i at th? lowest possible rates, by SHERIFF A. DAWSON. ICT Office south side Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4% ?ts.; wharf and mill west side 4}? street and Cana[. n<> l-lm TOTHK CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.?1 have ju>t received aid will oomiiience unloading to-nv?rrow a civrgo of the very best Re J Ash COAL(egg and stove sues) ever brought ro this market, which I can send direot from the vessel if your orders are left immediately. R. VV. BATHS, Wood and Coal De?ler, #rj?llo any part of tRe City at very low nrioes. ID* W?c?|i the particular attenti -n of our customer* and the public generally to our sp end il STOCK OF COAL, which we can ?ay, without fsar of cortradicboa, is raual to any in ?he City. We (ua^antea to give ".tisfiotiuii to all who may paro?as* ol us JO-Our SAWED and SPLIT WOOD i? kept under cover, perfectly dry. and COAL on plank flours, olfari ami ta good otder. Large tales aod mall pro & la. fTT*Orders eolitnfed at UNION FIRE WOOD MILLS Cor. >?evt nth st and Canal, McKNEW & MaRLOW, Proprietor!. no 15-tf Kindling and stove wood Manutactured a:<v lencth. Ciroular* aiftr beobtained bv adriressmi the Principal, Mi?? m7J. H ARROVEH, iieorgotown, D. C. au 22 eoSin WOOD AND COAL^ irr ^ijT;rED xo Union Fire*Wood 91111s. PINE, OAK anl HICKORY WOOD Siwed and Split at ant wuu or ?ize reomrM. *i. 1 daiiv. ADVAiwirru a<?u ua m ai.tiUOL. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on th? first Monday in September next. The course of instruction ??mbrac?s all that is tan*lit, from the rudiments to the most b -hly finlined education. The corps of teachers, t*n in number, are enunently qualified &hd experienced in their several department*. Lectures F riday evening on the Natnra! gcienoes A 7. ' u. iftaioiinii, luuooi a. VWIBC Brothers. ?... . Tiim*. Board, with Tuition in ail the English Branches, $2u?ifor the annual session?payable semi annually, in ail vance. Miirio and Languages at Professors' prices. ITT No extra charges. au 28-t( rjEORGiiTOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, V* (Formkrlt Mjss L. 8. English's.) A n fk A n T\ T 4 ftr rv I\ . < r. ? . EDUCATIONAL. PA. 3. DeVI 1,1,1 ER9, ROFF,S?OR Ot the FRENCH and GKRMAN hANGL AGES, 317 Eighth street, l??twe<>n 1, and , ill the honor to announce to the publio that he has resumed h s lemons 11 the alwve Isucuace*. and has opened at Miaa Wood a seminar?. <94K I treat, between 12th and 13th ata , a French Clan in whioh tood* ladies will b* admitted Tine ola?* will meet three times a week at half-past 3 p.m. Terms: %5 per quarter of 10 weeks Satisfactory arrangem nts made for lessons given in sohoola. Mr. de Villiera offers the best references as to his ?<al. ability, to., ftp oo 24-lm T FEMALE EDUCATION. ROSE Parents who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, where theirphysica1 training wi.I receive dail> and special attention, tinder the most approved system of Caliathemo" and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoadeiny, corner FourfMirtfVi mt an.l ^1? ? MR.'t Z. RICHARDS, Principal*. F SWALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL ALEXASDRIA, YA. Mn. 8. J. McCORMICK, Pithcipal. The thirteenth annual session of this Institution will commcnoe on Tuesday, September 18th, in the house recently occupied by Sylve.-ter Scott, Esq., No. 180 King street. The course of studjL pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Kdo cation, and Music, French, Latin and Drawi?|, il desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormiek is prepared to receive a limited nninWer of pupils as Boa-ders, who, constituting a part of her own family, will be under her immediate ear* and supervi* aion. She will endeavor, as lar as possible, to surround them with the ooinfortsand kindh influences of Home. Rtftrtnt**.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Klias Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprig*, William H Fowl<\ Esq., Edgar Snowden, Esq., Edmund F Wltmer, Esq., Henry Mar bury, Esq., Lewis MoKenzie, Esq , Robert H. Hunton, Esq, VV D Walla<ih, Editor Evenine Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq. .Jas. F/ntwisle. Jr., Esq , Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun, i??????BH i CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WABHINOTON carriagk FACTORY. * * P Strtti, Itttwim y?A mn4 UK* Strntt. ?We h>ve ju?l LniabeU a cunNsr ol first disss carriages, tuoh m /.titi *??J, Pmrk Pkoatenr. Pnwi'-y (!? ? NK riatts, and Futtjet, whutb we will ssllnJfc*= vsr* ima . profit. Bsinc praotiosl mechanics in different branobes 1 of Uis business, we fiatt?r ouraeives tbat vs kno? ? T ^ nantr of work that will tire lata (action, oombimnt lifhtDM?, ooouort and durabui VL . *?fair1nf promptly and oarefally at trad Ad to " TjtAfifisfEhubsbv Coaohmakert, suoooMora to WdlT. Book. *P _ _ THE SabaonberAarinc mad# addit!o? U ki MSWSK? SOS SO&StiBft MMHMwkHi iui vftn ninvD m, U1V n 1 W AtiONd of iul klMi ousot M mrm??J. h>4 ' from hia lone ?x??n?no? in Ui b?mn?, k? kopw , to tiw f uoral afctiafnction. \ Jul kind* of OnrriacM Wii?u fcopt oa \ *AJl'RKPA!R9n?*tiT*o?*,M4nil **? >!*?* 2 *_MUs4<*to, 1 DENTISTRY. \ M TEETH * ?-> l^e inTentpr ami pa tea tee d oith? MINERAL PLATK TEETH. al _ m i a tend* personally at hia offies in thia ottj MM b Many persona can wear these teeth wh<<*UJL-L-u c cannot wear othora, and ao peraon oan wrar othera t wno oannot wear thcgo. o Peraona oallinc at my oflioe can be accommodated t with any style ami prioe nf Teeth they may deaire; a but to those who are partioular and wish the pureat, oleauent, alroDgeat, and moat perfect denture that 5 art oaa produce, the mineraL plate will be more fully warranted. Room* in thia oity?Ko. 33? Pa avenue .between 9th and 10th eta. Aleo, 90T Areh atreet, Philadel , phia. oo 15 tf D dental card. , { R MlTNdON U.. ' -- *- - 1 profe^aion. Office and honae at 463 E at.* third door eaat of Sixth. In addition t< g>yi y _* every o'Uer approved atyle, i>r. M. ha? eet^* f T ?" ? teeth on vuloanite Hue for the laat three yeara t and, from experience, known it exce* all others. ? aed la one third leas in price than gold. His old J patrona of Washington. Alexandria, and George- I town are respectfully so ic'ted t" caM- ?n 25 eoly DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a aractioa teat of two yeara feela that he can with confidenoe reoom iM"a , mend the Cbeos.astic Process for iaaertii<r|UH i artificial teeth it has tLe advantagea or*** ''B 1 atreugth, beauty, oieeoiiaeaa, and olteapneaa. Fai . upper n?ta icsorted for ParUai in proportion. I ] ufSee 306 Pa. avenue. - se i \ DrTJ7H. McLEAN'S ~ j STRENGTHENING CORDIAL i AMD BLOOD PIRIFIKK i THE GREATEST REMEDY in tkt WORLD, fand the most I DlLIClOVS A5D ?*1 J DELIGHTFUL j? Lf < cnitniAi. ml rlt u trictlr ?ei- f Pff touflc and bla Com pa and, procjrtd by th? di*lill*- HMT iwa of htrbt, n.d bitki. Ytllew HE Black ftcMV, Birupa- t'A fills, Wild Chtrry B*rk. and Dandtli wi , ^ ff 4i*coa m) NJJ - _ Th* "lit* r MslLgr';..,s:;:fwiBi < &forttaklnft^ ;:^?33?lfttr Utioj. diaullin*, producing a (Ulicioat, ?xbiUralinf apirit, *nd lh? moat Hi/allibU ratna-lj for rcnovatiuf th? 4mu?l avatare, t and r*Monn( tba tick, mS'triaf, ud dtblliuud lATtlid M i haalth and atrariftb. wt.r, an - CORDIAL Will afactaally c?ra L??er CcnapUut, Dmipiu, Jaandiea, Chronic or Nar?ona DaHlity. Untitx i>rih< Kidnap*, an4 all d<aaaaaa truing from * <imr4trid Linr or ch, Opapapara, Haartborn, Ic ward Pit**, Audit* or Btcknaaa of the Stomach, Kallnaaa of Blood to tha Haaa, Dali F ir. or Bwlmrmnf in tha Haad, Palpitation of tha Haart, Fallnaaa or Wtigiii in tha Storoach, S-.ur fc.-ncutiona, Cboktu* or SBOocaung Faallnp wban lajir* down, Drpoaaa or YaUoW. a of tha Skin and Epaa, Nijfht Swaata, la ward Ttvara, Pain to tha Small of th? Back, Cbaai, or Stda, Saddao Flaahea of Haiti Dapraaaioo of Spirit*, Prifbtfal Draaiai, LtDfior, Daapondai ep or aap aar*oaa diaaaaa, torn or Flotcha* cmi Ui* Skin, and t'*?*r and Afa? (or Chilli and few.) OVKK A MILLION BOTTLES ha?* b**n aold dannf tha laat *i? naootha, aad ia a* taitanca ha* > failed in antira aauafactioa. H bo. thae, will aaSar from WtAlntw or Dthilitp whan Mi LEAH'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL vill car* poa 1 Ho Innfvj* can coor?p au idaqaa.a idta of tha immadtaii aad alia oat miracalaaa cbanja prodacad bp taking thi* Cordial in tha diaaaaad, dtbilitatad, and abauarcd a?r?o*? apatfra, whaifiar brokto down bp aicraa, waak bp natara, or tof airtd bp aackncaa, tba ralaic i and Bnairuif arfui aauan ia raaiorad to it* manor hralth and ricor MARRIED PERSONS . or Mlin, conaciona of Inability from thmvr ctuu, will 1 Bad MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a ito- 0 roafh rafautrater of Uia ajaiara: ai*d alt vh? mar ha?a in erad lhan>ialT?i by impravtr iodnlgancM will flud la ibla irdial a c?nam ?nd apaadr ramady. TO THE LAMES. * Mi LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORPIAL la a ao*ar- r ifn and ipaad^ cora for lnctpiant Conac .;uon, Whitaa, Obatractad or UiCcnlt Manatreatioii: l/icouuoanct of I'.-wa , or loTolBotary Piacharf* lharaof, Palling of tha Womb, ' Olddinaaa, Pointing, and ail dtatataa iucidant to Kamalca. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT 1 Ctttf tr M lni|<r. Till it According to dutctinat. It will ttiraalttt, ttrengthtn, tod lr. tigorttt yon tod ctatt Hit ? blooia of bttltii t* nioont tout chttk tftio. Every b?lu? it f wtrruiltd to fi?? tutitf>cuou. t FOR CHILDREN ? If roar children tr? tlckly, par.? or ftflhcttd, Mf LLAN'8 CORDIAL will mtkt thtm klillli, ftt, and rokui DiU; oot t raomtnt; trj It, tnd jom will Lt ctu?uictd. li U dtlicioM ttttkt. CA UTION. B?wtri of dnurfitu or dttltrt who nny try to ptlir cpon you torr bitttr or tarttparillt trtth, which thty eta hay 0 cht&r, by ttyiac n n ]wt ?? rocd. A*?id tach rate Atk for MCLEAN'S H" -itkoTHSNlNii CORDIAL, tad uk? r oothiar tlx. It m tht ooly rtntdy Um wiii purify tht 1 Blood taoroBfhlT a ad tt tht ttait timt ttrtafthcu tht tytttat. Ont ttupooafkl ttkto tvtry morning fitting n t certain prtTtntivt for Cholfrt, Chillt tad Ft??r, Ytllow Ft'tr. or ti inr prtvtltat ditttn. It it pat op lo ltrr* botiltt. Prict d oiy $1 ptr bottlt, or * bottltt for $S J. H Mcl.EAN, n Belt propria tor of thi< Cordial; alto, McLtan'a Volcanic Oil 5 Linimtnt Principal Depot ou lit corner of Third tad Pin* etrttu, St. Lomit, Mo. ? McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLO.) Thi only f? ud coriatn cor* for Cancan, Pllra, T?- , mart, vollutf* ud Bronclult or Cottro, Puilriii, N?i- ' rolfia, Woakuoaaof Lh? MimIh, Chrooic or Jul.minatory RhoumaiUa.SuffaoM of Ik* Joiuis, Comncod Maoclct ?r Lifaratnta, K?r?ehi or1V>o<hach?, Brniato, praiua, Fiaah < Cola, Woonda, Clean, PtTor Inn, Caked Brtaat, 8cr* Nypita, Bora*, fcaUe, Sort Thro*;, or any talamiaaiuie or B Cm, no difaranca bow a**era or long tha diaenae mar L to aimed, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT <( i cartaio ramady. Thmu'ili of himu betn je ha** boon a*?ad a lif* of die . craptnda and njioory by tho ** of thia inealnabla ramadr. MrLEAWS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT . Will rtli?T? pain almoat instactanaoaoly, and it will clean, C panfy and haal tfa foolott roroo in aa in credible short timo. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS A Mri ri t'Wi rnDiTt^n I IVIMVVT ,. ,I _ . . f_ " u< reliable reread? for III* car* of tfifia, R nr^otit, . Windfall*, Splint*. UiMUnl Larapo, Nodea or B? elliar* ? It n???r failed to ear* Big Haul, Pelleeii, Fiatala, Old Rannir.f S.rea, or flwtanT, if properly arplied For Spruoa, Brotaee, Beratekm, Crack a J Heele, CcaJte, Saddle a r Collar Uaila, Cau, Scree, or Vtwtdi, k?u infallible 1 remedy. Apply u as diractad and a car* la catttu ia eeery kiatanca. Than trite no lonfa* with the many vorthleee Liniment* ? of arad to y?a. Obuin a eappl* of DR. McLICiNI Ci.Lt * BRATED LINIMENT. It win cor. too V J. H. MCLEAN, Sol* Pmpne-or, U Corner Third and Piaa aw., Bt. Locm, Ma. P CHARLES HTOTT, ?T5 Pa. a?., eoie ar*nt in Waahingt ton; R. > T. CI?EL, Uoorretown. hM MWI; j r?OUGnb, COLDS. HOARSENESS, I V; TYL KR'S COMPOUND SYRUP OP GUM ARABIC This pl?aa*nt act! popular Cough R*m*dr toi b?en ?o long known aod xteoaivrly und, that mo?? P*n_n? have bteomt familiar with iu rxtrao'dii a ry em<toT. It ovn d* had at all tn? mum pal dra* *U>re* at 3S?nd incept* a hottla f a d?n.ft e.>4m* Embroidery stamping. <m aii kind, of j material.done in the best manner, at C. P. ?J SCHMIDT'S Toy ani Fanejr Store, No. 69 pa. u avenue, between 21 ?t and 22d *t* , where can be foond a Kn*at vanity of heautiftil Pattern* f<* a Yokes and Sleeve*, Cellar* and Cuff*, Skirt*. Pan- I talet*. Band*, Clipper*, Cloak*, etc. Pteaeeciva me a eail and axaann*. oo 25 lm' b. hall ISRAEL ING WH er^'u^'fine FAMILY I saUneM *treet. between D and I xxiieiana av. ae Mf . FrKNCH R RlCHSrllN 8, No. ?T8 Peaa W?rt?Visi Dictionary aIU* Uaiied Scmm.t?ii1' J Art I ?pf? M?oa?i. Kit* frMtirr H^rOM fclwty on hfcnd ? <* ] pHIClKRING * 8ON8' UNRIVALED PI1 aoi 306 Pa.?v? betv*?9thtad J?h ?u. pARArH^t CA^UkEJ'FIMCANn] j, s A baMttiul J i? MPMraan to MMt P?rm, ( hMB| oiMS tJltyKM ItlN * BELL C orner of liti aad' B strMto, TPhUi^oi ?it?. ItT C?h for all hrxh mf Oft* ? ? MfitiVfllSft ttxsszsnzS iry^*?HS * w i^riif itook. *'nS?S?lJ'T^ JIKW faCi. ci^^ua, camm w/aJB^?v3VB lilVVS" &t'?od?r,V whioii tUy fUwr !> < M< wWPf*. ? W-tf Woo. *XH. c ? A L l9IPi.AT.,Bnw ljninHtflH* ill Md W*rf faa* A. B.W y<j? kssftB-saiamnxttatomnm Mt-t0>T kTEAVKMNG T1UNU. Hire ju?t i?0WT?d tfc# l?rfMt Maortmrnt nA AR PK*?fe ?B*^ FLOU* 88*MT?SION MILL FEED. CORN^StiTLL**.. +*.. Wl "t8lfclicl?*?ft> PtMK. Price SI.00 per btttit, or tfi tor |I.M. Deliver#*io any Addreaa, *e?,nrely picked fro bwrrtbon. Dnctm Ptkptom* m all Co?*nrrr*t!ob? ' ret 6uruUe4! Adrlce GrtOi tl AFFIDAVIT. bla!^?~MrdHA5!SRBU If irom, doth my. tu? prmrtlmm outoin do arootio, no meroarr. or Mir .i^u/ioua a roc*, at are purely vegetable. H. T. Hr LMBOLlT Sworn and auhaoribed before ma. thia ad day of loiMlhar. l^M p HIBBERD Aldmmmm, Ninth atraet. above Racta, P^ua. Addreaa letter* for inforaiation in oobAleupe to Vho aadearor to diapoee * or tsxib orr aad otbii" aiTicLaa on the sxrvranoii arrauraa faimHoid'a oaaina Prepara&ona, ** mm fiiiMaoii"lo M M laiprored JlooeWaak. Bold by S. B. Wain, AM Beronth atrooUaad R. !. Font. Ja. aorur Venn. ** * u>4 Rlmiu <IO FAMILY SHOULD Bb WITHOUT IT m&rt Pnlsnm. Afffrwry, #? wylwiwil ""HELM JSECSli xt.OToST" eKCRtATi" LAfK* n all their Rt?f o?. At .ittie eraens s? jittle or bo ounce Ib Diet; No tnooBToatenoot And m Kxrotm i. t "am a freeaent desire aao fives strength to Jnnnte, Uiereoy Reno Ting Obetrucyoas. Preventing ann oaring Ptnctares of the Urothra, Allaying Pain a:<d 1 uflamiatum. eo frea?ei,t ib pe oiaa* of disease! and nil Pouonon* and worn out Matter. THOUSANDS UFON THOUSANDS who bavb j>a*w tub victims or ovac&a, ad who hav* paid komvyfw to be ou'Pd ib atbort ime. have fntind they wore deoeived, and thai the POISON" hna, by the w of"powbbfvl aa bi:??*nt?." been dried bp in the system, to break >ut in an a?g rovoted form. Bad PSKHAPS APTKH X A URIAH t. Uae Hilkjolu'i Exiuct Be est for a. afsolodi and disease* of the t KIN AR V OR6AN8. Vhether ex-tituu in MAi.E OR FEMALE* rrom whatever oaase originating nt.d bo aaatter of HOW LONG 8TAND1N6 haeaeee oftheseorramreeairetheaid otaPiwe?i HELMBoLD'S ERTRACT BUCWV 18 THE 6REAT DlL'RETlC, ind la oertain to have the deeired effect id all j)n aaes FOR WHICH IT 18 R KCOMM KJN DED i ftdmtt of tkr most ro?*nbU mmd rnywiitli umrtr will aco.mjpanr the mediomee certificates of curbs. 7l* O? V^HICH TUB tATTMT HIT KirTtL V. no oan ?aj that ther are notfr^vect. ? h>. owad ry thoa* "DTKL.FT'L blSEApLK" "INSANITY AND CtmSUMPTlOfl.. Ka&y arr ?*?> of tit* n*na? o? the>r aaffariac, rHF. R m&W&VLVM, And tk* M' Otmtk* H rwiiwiyfiw ^N^rmVfo^ ONCKf AFflEC^Sb WITH ORSAMC WEA*Nki? Lequraa tM aid of RMitiw U aUOTurUM* Tkxck Hiuuou't Fx'" H&TOTftaiPeafc. 4 riiii will coirrr^c* tu Hon lurntii. FEMALES?FEMALES?FEM ALBS, )LD OH YOUNU. blNVLB, MAHKJKD, OH in TO 'EMALES, (ho *x tract Hucba ia iMjulltd by Ay othor remedy, m in ChUroaia or KrKcuon rrorularitj. Paitunlnaaa, or Suppression of Cmomwy Evacuation a, UI aerated or ho.iThoa* atata f the I'terua, Leuoorrbcsa or Wiutaa. *4tf>rtT.ityf Ad for a 1 oomplainta incident to the a * ? better naiux from lodiaorotlot, Habita of Diaatpafioa. t in xne DECLINE OR CRATfOE OF LIFE. an tnmow tam ma eiciu-t inr A?nih Hp. >Tb into h?* UiT %e ion, by which tiM WATKR V OR CALCERO^? MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HLLMBOLD-8 EXTRACT BI'CRU, For TnUm LrniDf from Exmmm. H&biu ot Dissipation IAril Indue, "Hoc or Abo**. Attm4*d w\tK iktfoliywint Symptom* ~ ndi*po?iuon to JKiertaon, Lom of Powot, yom of Memory. i> ffloL.ty of Brwtl<tut. \<*k Nervei, Tranbhnt. iorror of Dimmc, WiU-fy vr+V. )imn??? of Vmon, PUo is t*? B*ok , ci?er?* LMaitttde the Maaoiil&r St?u?ib. lot Hand*, Fltifcinj of the Body, Jrjnoto* ut tb? Skip, Kru?u?>tti mi UifFi*, _ PAL Lib COUNTENANCE. Tn?fe aymptom*. if ftiioved to fo on, vhwk Uu> oedioia* inv&riaM? rem?r*a, aooa follow* 'mpntuxry. fjtp/tv cpii ri fir rrr* ' *1*1111 nrcontt ll|i>.lMir0l0ail Utl? th*' r ffioe of their own aooord. Henoe ariaaa what we erm fclimatatim. Time ma* too >mp nh the %td" but often life is not I?r,j enoagh. or ia acriiood 10 the attempt, whiie thi? "Aon Cva?" oeaitat onoe, And with aaf^ty. 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Priee-TUllKfc C&NT& , irr P"itmwt*i wko Mt M M?Bti W*i M ftl loww acotnmiatioa of #> oeuis. MEDICINES. pkvs'k and~aock ia eane*d by the tn i*?n> ?r *iiiv?uo* woli^ fro* ieo*t*d aud decayinc vetctatioa in "iciet *o? a. Wteon ahaortKd into the oir?a.?tioTi. it k**>?? aa irritating virua in Olooi, vtiick 4*i?a|N IM letUoya the be*ita of the whoie aynan. Mikivi ong aoujht. and have at length foaad aa antidote. AYKR* A?1 K CURE, rbtoh ae?trainee tfcia ulanoai >?taaa la tie >lood,aud ebmaiataa the Law W> itfrvri tie x>dj fu action nyonthe eyetem ksmraftabiT eare. m-i ita care oi m?f mad An*, and k tad red <x>ai > <w*t* eettain. If tafcaa ia aeaaoa It ?nh Um virua from the eyateniae it i? at-eorbaal, and thaa teeaa those who aee the - era*1' free fro* tta at aoia. keeps the system in heaita. althoich ex M>eed t.? the Cons??aentiy it ae>l oaly inrea, but aroteeta from the great raMety or ff>?loaa whioh a-e tadaeed by thia maJigaant lain mce, each *a Remiu?nt Fever. Chill Ferar, Dumb, ir M*?k?d Age*. P%rtodiaal Headache. or BilUnue lead ache. tfillioua Kevera, Nearaieia. Rheum* am. Gout. B.iadntae Toothaoe, Ea-*ehe, Ca arrh. Aathma, Pa jitationa, 'm.fu! Affeotioae of he Paieea. Hyetenoe. Colie. Pa?*<yaie. aed Pata u AfT*c lona of tie Htnmaeh *nd BowMe,all of rtiich. when ariairc ii?ja thia eauee, will be foaad o **anm? m<re or leheOie intermittent ty?e. Thia Aucb Ctn".raiaoTe* the oaaae of theee derange neat*, and ouree the die**ae. This it acoomyliahee hy atimulatmg the exerato ie? t<> expe; the virua frina the ayatrm, and theee