Newspaper of Evening Star, November 21, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 21, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ArqriTTiD ? Geo. W Hardwick.of the Lynchburg Rrpobttran, who wae indicted for the Mill* In* of Joseph Button, Jr. of ** l?'?l?*?a, of ?**t city . ha? been arqnttted Commenting open tV? remit, Cbarle* W Riittoa, ooe of the aur Ivln* brother* of the atotn man. and editor ?f the Virgin ton aeye: " l? ??lf reowlM toato Mr, that. fo??li?r * "*? f.vnehbnrr eeart; torttn* tWt a bounty baa bees off-red open onr own life, wbtefc m?? be takes with ftnponity, there la no atteraatiee left na but to gather ?p tbe loved resiaias af ear dead, remove tbetn from where they ere diahonored by tbe eoarae einllatien of theee who, through politiraJ male?olea(4, can rejoice that i nature more noble and honorable than the Ira waa deetrOyed by tbe band of violence; and aeek Car onraeLf tbat ajfaty and peace which are denied to as bere." Ukitzd Itjitii Tioon at tbi Pn?n?.?Aa eome interest attaches at rrwniintK.mmnUnMnt aC I sited *tat?a soldiers stationed Sowtb, we w"{ tob^i correct list of tbom: _ .... 'i*5fo?- v'rfc*nl?. eight com paste* of .VtUlwri at Favetteville arsenal, North Carolina, OJK?con?j?ny of artillery; at For'. Moultrie, Sonth Carolln* *0 CotnpanJoa of artillery; at Augorta, Georgia, out ct>mPBnJr of artillery; at tfey wes*. Florida, one coot artillery; at h' barracks, near Pen*.one company of srtlilery; at Baton Ro.*,? ; i?Bll1*,,a ?J* com' pany of artillery?total abou. ^>0 m*B' X **j about 120 United States marine# *n Pensacola. The recruiting stations .*T Jefferso n, Missouri, and Louisville, have no full CoaTj*a? garrisoning them jost now. IxsraancTion i!? Nourn Cakolisa.?vke Gatesrilie (N C ) Family Visitors says that * ?1are Insurrection recently took place In Currituck, In that State, all the slave* on one plantation | having gone on with aone men, said to be Irlafa I laborers on a canal In the vicinity. The owner having collected some neighbors, ther went in pursuit. A fight ensued, during which twc of th? Irish were killed, the negroes recaptured and locked la Jail. Mmusi or a Poivsaa ?The Southern poetMm* Matilda C. Smiley, waa married on the 30ta ult , at Grape Hill, the residence of her mother. Nelaon county, Va , to Mr. Alpheus L. Edwards of Washington city. Pork packing commenced In Cincinnati last Friday week, and on Monday there wereatx houtea in operation. The weather haa been qnlte faecrnble, ?nd should it so continue, packing operations wi 1 be general in another week. fT^A dwarf, only forty inches high, while being made sport of a Columbus (Ohio) bar room th? other evening, fell off the counter backwards, mm whi killed Htvu 25 yean old, and bad been connected with a burleeque opera troupe |[7*A a'eep walking actor at Memphis, Tenn., on i buraday nitfbt decked hliraelf out aa Mac )<?th. and alarmed the household He waa quenched with a pall of water thrown on him by an awakeued neighbor. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWN'S HOTEL?C Mllto, ?; J Berry, Md: W H Bran bun. Mlaa; C B Cletnmta, 111; K Bailey, W Roee. J O'Brien, Pa; J M Reynolds mnd ly, Maae; E Drom^wle and ly, Va; M Le*r, NY; 0 Bchoberg, 8 FrT?i, Cuba; S f Petcber anu ly, Mlea L K Tyler. Mlaa B DuVal. J M Pelcber, Va; M Smeok, NJ; J A Gray and fkm,T Bmailev ana fam, Md; A R Hackett NY; 9 J Ange and 1j, Pa; J Balderaton and ly, Mdj 0 P Neabltt, > A ; j r, smiio ana iim, j 9jia, rij a as mi. J u Martin, R C Smtley, W VV Reed, VC; D Delonp, NY; G A Jones ana fam. Miss Baker, Tfi; T S\m!n*ton, J Bird. W H Wood, Md. NATIONAL HOTEL ?J S Dorsrt, Wm Cameron, W B laaacs, J D Isaacs, Va; G N Sanders, NY: A A Belknap, L'SN; O O DeMent, Md; T J W Tell, NY; Dr Hall and ly, Del, H Sautter. M T Mc.Wahon, ?; W B Hartley. C?; J H McRae, lad; Dr G Lawrence, Md: O Geffrey,J Parsful A It, H Clark and ly. S Poole and If, N V: Mis- A Marshall, Va: C Mardonald, Kng; Dr Roaa, Can; W Johnston, ill; C W Ross, James Coopea, Md; M Atcbissm and iady. Miss: W E Alcock, Md: P E Hutchlns, NH; W McDuAe.NY; George W Johnds. DC. RIRKWOOD HOl'SE?W P Seymour. NY: Capt Ben ham F Anderson, USE; IB Gutkrle, P jpougneny, ra; w Konen and ly, Md tic SAN STEAMERS' SAILING DATS ffnrm VntiB Srxrta. StMmn. L?H?. ftf. . Dawt. Sr*??B .Naw York... South'ptorr. .Nov 24 aagaroo Nnr York...Liverpool Nov M Vaiaoa boa ton. 1,1 verpooi Not 9 -atoma New York-..Hamburg Dro l Af.-ioa ?New York.. .Liverpool Dm 5 Ari|?, ?N?t York...H?m 1)?4 8 Aaia. ? ? New York_. Liverpool .. De? 12 John Bail New York.. Ciaagow Dee 24 If no m Kcaorr. Afrioa Liverpool... .New York...Nov 10 i ?-Soutn'Bloa-.New York...Nov U U Mancheatar...Liverpool .. .New York.. Nov 14 AraDia Liverpool Boston Nov 17 **xonia. ._9outh>ton...New York...Nov 18 Lei niter tialwa? Beaton NoviO Ana Liverpool New York ..Nov24 L'al'd Kiafdom Ulaacow New York . .Nov24 New Yui*. 2kiuth>ton. ..New York...Nov58 fctdar? Liverpool. ...New York...Nov27 Bo'uaaia. &onth'pton..-New York...Da^ 4 Jura Liverpool New York...Daa 1i l^i ton ftnnth'ntnn Naw Vorlr fUa n I Pai^etine Liverpool New York...Df? US Ik* California nui teamere Imt* on the 9.b, UUi.and 291? of every month. NICARAGUA; ITS PKOPLK, HCKNBtY, 1 ~ Monument*, RteeiroM. Conditio* and proposed Canal, with one kindred original nuyi Md illustration*, by E. t?. Staler; 1 vol.; prioe fj. Life and Correspondence of John A. Qoi'iitsn, MaJor General U. 9 A., and Governor of the State of Mieeieeippi; by i. P. H. Claiborne; 3 vole.; prioe |S K van Harrington, er He would be a Gentleman; by Geo. Meredith; 1 vol , 91. Th? Four Georj? ; Sketches of Mannere, Morale, Ooutaaa Town Life; by W. M. ThMkery; 1 vol., 7i or nts. CoUacee of the Alps, by tto author of Peaear.t Li/ ? in Germany; prioe fl .25 Mlomu?~A n .?rrI HVHOI01U VI OUUT?" j n?ra, do Mrs. Gilbert's Career, a new novel?freeh. BLANCHARD * MWHl'N, no 13 oorner Pa. fcv. and 11th at. QLD RICH. fflftt&tV' ?PU" MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY; Censoi?ntioas'y distilled by Mr. JunM Burnside, of Allegany County, Penaa., la the old-fashioned hocMt way, frou the ohoioeet ami most oarafklly se.eoted Rye, and in no oaee ever offered lor aale aalil adapted to whoieeonie nee by age It ia at oooe !M unit ?a Eatable, as it i? cmfatioaJlT ona of the yar?st beveragee ia (be reaoh of the pahlio. To the invalid.aa veil as to thoee in commends itself f?r ita aanveTled tua'itie* as a stimulant of the safeet, sareet, and moat baaefiee'.t description, and many of the most distinguish*! ahysieiaaa axe aaiu? it la their praeUoe with tha Lappieit rsenlli. CuKKYJt BTOCRDALE, Proprietors, M# Waluat street. Philadelphia. WM. 0. CONOVEIC, Af eat for tha Proprietors. 894 Pa. ? opfontm Willards' Hotel. FOR STAMPING A PACKEF OF PAPER, 1 LIA AND ENVKLO?E8 NO TO MATCH. charge) BOOKSTORE, PHI LP * SOLOMONS, Aimts ftrlammti't ul*brm*d Linen Pmpert, W*?T ?NU DRUG STORK. fV11 * Z* *t*m. outh .idi, Um labile f*?M b? umIiW with fr??h HedioiaM.flf JTo?l?t ArUo m, fi&? vnd ohoap^K *' Wisdov Oluii XiroMDi L*niP? for ttnt. ,8rJ2$vZn'&T1' -? " ?rs imf." A^gS^ffiHWS; KBH. N. R-?r?Ur*m Mtd God?y, for {toMato/now oo 13 OOfit woo on WOOD!!! STOVE ud KINDLING WOOD,at U>? Jovm T- i. * W. M. 6ALT, 9*? Pa. a*., b?t*Mt uu and lith kU., tP-tr iMtr'k IM WNEW CLOUS. K thu d?y rmivn from N?tr York a b?*aUI?t a??oitm?m of nrw ttyla Pall aad Winter C KO A KB, lark aa the Arab, Zonav* and other atylM. la Black and Jfrroofc Cloth*. AUo. Plain aJi Stri?ad vfciek *n? oC?- krw. _ ' ""' fDTCiwnM U..7T fARAF! INKOIL.frM UNO ft BURGBSLL. >> IS Ag*nta for Ita m3V cirai ARMEU1 (to. Wiilikin 4o. Fimt> Af?l? db. fir?T*r? W. *?w Ywk Cimmm do ? I? K1WO A RURCRBLL. -assr umnos bay CloCkinc, Faraiuinf Oooda, Hata uddWi: oeJM* AiLOF STieELLI'b SON68-laoiiaa; Tka Hii ud nfirini bom HwiuiM, wImUm orifl naliti in tb? ntrvmt lyitM or froa I toufid itAU of tk* ttoiumck. Th*y im entirely v*g?tabi* is tk*u ?oaipoMtion, and nay bo tak?n at ail Umoa with |?rf??t safety without making ay ohang* of diM, amd Ik* **>ne* *f mi 4UtmtmkU lull rnuUrt it m<| i* dmtntttr UUm I* tkihkrtu. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! Tb* g*n*u>* hav* if* ngittirn ml M*nrT C. Spalding on *a?k In. Sou! by Onigguu and all otkar Daalar* in Mad!aiaaa A Boa will boaaat by nail ?r?pa>d on r??t?tof U# PRICE, ?8 CENTS, All ord*ra akotld b* addr****d to HENRY C. SPALDING, so 12-dAwly 49 Codar aUttt, Nrr York. , ULC auaJLiie. By the aee of theee Pflli tW penodio Mtuh of Pftrvoui or 8Uk Head+tk* nay be pnmM; ud if taken at the toaauMMMDt of aa at?ok lami diate relief from pais and aiokneaa will be obtained. They seldom fail la reaaoving the Naw*m and Hiadsuht to vhiok femalea are eo aabjeoL They aot gently upon the bowels,-removing Cottirwm. For Literary Men, Srudmtt, Delinate Female*, and ell persona of stdentmry kabiti,&hey are all vaJ sable aa a Laxative, improving tke appttiit, giving tone aad nger to the digeative organa, and reetwriag the nataral elaatieity and etrength of the whole ajatem. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the reealtof long inveetigation and earefolly oonduoted experiments, ka?ing been ta ase many yean, dariag whiob time I they have erevented aad raliaMd ?. ? ' NervousHeadache . <> i l-T^t o/lrk JO" Did von #vw hav? the 8iok Headaobe! Do you remember the throbbing temples, tit* fevered row, the loathing and disgust at the sight of food. How totally unfit ton were for pie*?ur", oonversa Hon or study On*ofthe Cepha 10 Pills would have relieved yon from all the suffering whioh you then experi*uoed Kor this And other purposes you should always have a box of them on hand to use as ocuasioa requires. and General Debility. ?.&fi*AT DJicOTMLy.-Amon* "> ?? ? tm^orUst of a! I tit* groat aamlisal diaoovorioa ofUu a? mar b? oon?i dared the.f item of vaoeioation for promotion from Small Pox. the Cephalic Pill for reliafof Headaoho, and thaaae of Oui> ine for Ua prevention of Pave'a, aithor of wluoh is a aara a?*oifie, wboaa benenta wi?l bo experienced by aufTerinc huitaaity long after their diaooverara are forgottea. of?uiai ?o.u IWO millions OI DOIUOS OI oil oeieorated Prepared Q:n"and it U estimated that *ach bottl* utm at least ten dollar* worth of broken furniture, thai making an accresale of twenty mil. lion* of dollars reol&imed from total lost by this jai<i%ble invention. flaring made bu Glne a household word, he now proposes to do the world still f*rri?>e by ourinf all the aching heads with nis CeshaJio Pills, and if they areas noodaa hia will soon vanish away like snow Facts wo*t?. *siow?*?.-8?nWinf's Op ha lie Pilla are a?.ertsia oh for 8tok Headache, Bili?as Headaohe, N?rvou? Headache. Custiveneea. A Real Bleniag. Pnwsteion.-Well, Mra. Jonas, how ia that headache' Mrs. one! Doctor, all gone! the pill yon aont cared me in juat twenty minatae, and 1 wlah yoa woaid aend more ao that 1 ou hare them b&ndy. P*rtieimm.?Yon qao set them at any Dragfiita. Call for Cephalic Pi I la, 1 find the* never uul, and 1 rtoooaiead Uiem in aJl oaeee of Headache. JHj*. J<m*i ? 1 ahal) aend for a box directly, and azoafl trfi ail my aafering frienda, for they are a rtaJ bltftmi. ICTOvex xxcirawxirr. a id the mental oare and anxiety inoideitt to oioae attention to bne neea or atady, are uaoif the nntneroua oanaea of Nervosa Headache. The disordered Mate of mind and body incident to tin a diatreeeinc oomplaint ia a fatal blow to a'l enercy and ambition. Bofferere by thia dieorder aaa alwara obtain speedy relief from theee dntreeei?g attack a by uaing oa?ot the Cephalic Pi..a whenever the aymptome appear It 4aieta the overtasked brain and eoothee tn* strained and jarring nerves. and relaxea the Utnakaa of the stomach whieh alwaya aoeomaaniee ana a?gravatea the diaordered oondition of the brain. ^ Twisty MiLpona o? Doli^uu Sxvyp.?Mr. 1 r hn. or HUfllwrj WDIUi it ? mnun alight diaorder of too'ittle to exoita anxiety, wl?il? in reality it ia tlie preomraor A?d ( MMPUIOI of M*1 Of ti? BMWt fatal aj?d dM??oui diMMM. ud unieea earlr eradioaUd it WJl! bring the iuff?rer to aaaatimely a rare. Amon* the lighter eviiaof wkioh Cnetiveneea ? the M?w?ttendant are Headaohe, Colio, ih?^<"naii?m, fOB' Urea la Pilee. and otheraof tike n*tm e.whuealoag trail of friihtfaidieeaeeaauohaa Mailt nautFeirerB, Ab.>eaeea,T)yemitery. Dyapepaia, Dial r.h*a? Apoplexy f KfitapaT, farait aia, Hyaieria, i/Tfoo*'""driaaia.Melanoholy andlnaanity, firat iodic *ta thair R?rta?nce in the ayatem by thia alarming gj.n?pU*n. ot unfre^aently thedia?aa*e named origin^*" 'J1 Conat p\ti?>n. tint take on an iadependeat a*'l?t eo84 an leva the oauaeia eradicated in aa rarl y eta. From all theaa oon?ideratione it followa that ti1 diaorder ahoald receive immediateattention whenerer it oooara, and no paraon ahoald negleot to get a box of Cephalic Pilla on the firat apaearanoe of the oompliint, aa their timely aaa will expel the inaiduona approaohee of diaeaaa and dee troy tkia daageroaa foe to hanan ltfa. Bbidgit.?Miaaaa mti 1 'L to Mad her a box of Capbaita Giue, m, a :>otue,0( Prepared Pill*,? hat I'm thinking that's aot jaat. ' Miuar; bat par bap* ya'il be sjther knowing w.^*t it is Y sea ake'a nigb dead and gone with the k*iok Headaohe, and vaau aoma more of that same It' ralavad bar b?fore. Dmggtsi.?Yoa muat nran Spalding's CaphaJio Pilla. BrUstt.?Oeh lire now and ron'vassd it, k era's Uteqoather and kit ma the Pilla aaddoa't ba all dap aboat it aitkar. Cautipatlaa ar Caatlveaaaa. No ona of the "many ilia flaak is hair to" ia aw prevalent, ao little underii'Mod, and ao oraak napIeotad as Coetivenaa*. OfctfQ originating in calk 4*vl?2he i? alao vary (unmon, being usually diani utahed hy the un* ofatrxou* Ktmdmcke, om?rVne*? oomin* on suddenly in a ktate of apparently " ' c< heaim and prostrating at onoe th? mental rrV^'iyaioal energies, and in otber inatanoes it . n alowly. b?raid?d by depreaaion of apirite ? of temper. In moat mitaoae* tbe pais r: of the head, orer one or both eyee, aad IW3K-TT. Vr ??K ^nt of other o'aaa of Headaebe tbe nlL^E!? WKV been foyn4 a aare and aafe riili^iiur lh# 100,4 *> * pain a in few Eh b^ft* abtl* f0 rad.eatia/r tbe JyU*ADACH* ia tke fivorit* aiaa by whioh ore mun know a Any deviation whatever from the natural sUM of the brain, and viewed ia tkia luhtltmaybe looked on aa a aafejuurd intended to give Boboe of djaeaae whioh might otherwiae escape attention, nil too lata to ba remedied; and ita indioationa aaould never ba net leoted. Head aehea may ba oiaeeified under two aaa?e,vu: Symptomatic! and Idiopathic. Symptomatic) Headaoha ia exceedingly aominon and ia the preonreor of a great variety of diaeaaee, among whion axe Apoplexy. Gout, Rheumatiam and all f-briia diaeaaaa. In ita rervoua form itia a?mpathetio di eaaeof the atomaeh oonetitutini tick ktidackt, of hepatio diaeaaa oonatitutiog Mim k*ad*cht, of worm*,conitipation and other dieordera ? f the io?( well aa renal aad atari ne afTeetiona. Diaeaaaa o f the heart are Tory frequently attended with Header he*; Anmiaia a?d plethora are alao nffeotiona w) ioIj freu uentiT oooaaion haad&oka. Iriinnthia MJSCKLLANB0U8. Til Ajuuaiutioii of Lahscasu.?Thar* ia? growing mod mot in this m? to MprofrUU tkt mo^t*ijrMUTi words of other luiU|N^ aiWr W ?w movinnw in?ra tovo our mii lav wo-d Caaba* to. wikch U from tha Graak, fig ul&iof ' for tha kaad/? ia now baoomiag munud in conaawtton with Mr. &aal<*ia('a ?raa4 uwdnlif nwif ; bat it will aoonoa ?a*d ia a mora ganaral way, aad the word Cafkalia will baooma as waaoa aa Klaotrotypa and bmj otkara wkoaa diatinotion aa foraia w?r4t kaa baaa wora away ^waaoa iawa until tkay aaata "natira aad to 'ardly Raaltxad. Hi 'ad > 'orribta 'aadaeka tkia aftaraooa, kaod I ?!?4?u!S tSS!-VX it haoka *ari," ea?a 'a. "Hexoaadiagly." aaya ki, aad apon that 'a gara ma a Caphalio Pill, hand >on ma 'onor it anipd ma ao qaioi that I 'ardly raalisad J 'ad 'ad aa 'aadaeka. MBDKHNX& '? JNPBCTINE; PlXSIANFKTXROEAIM; FETMRr AND AO UE BlTBEMItUTEB. THE HUJ4AN CONSTTTUTIU* SAVEB FROM WRECK. r% r j the frxtentrv* and remedy wukkll intermittent and bilious fevert. CURES INSURED IN A DAY. NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE, INFMVTINX, 1NFMCT1N*. X&FECT1NE, INFECTIVE 1NPECTINB, INFECTIVE Tha terrible ma) ad 7 known u the FS VER AND AGUE hMagijttM hmdredeof thoaeandaof Mraona throng horn tfae world every year, and haa u" ??w bmb m?t br aioMMfii medloa treatment hae not produoed UTcrt MEDICINAL DISEASES, whieh afflM* the Ivnga, the ap!e?B, tk<* lirer, Hi heart, or oll^r parte of the human organiam. The I^iPECTl^VE ie the natural antagoniet of all fe ere. and whi n it oomee ia oootaot with the akin, ia abeorbed by the interior orgaaa. which reeiit eaeily miaam and all taatfanoiee toward* thoee ?H vUek proetrate mind aid body with fmr. Fmr ud Aim rmlt from nmwoii eum. Ho flM* is exempt from the omni whiob promote th? uiilmm ofth* iMhean. That Wli| one* mt iiitk* niton, utdoeee depreeeion of spirit*, laelanguor, yaiaa, ehille. frrer-, and a lone train of dimriMbl* NiMtiou, diprivni the pattest of all eaeru, and redvotag him or her to a condition of EXTREME HELPLE98NES8. Whw Mill ?* ??- 1 * -i -... ~i vii. mm un uorrura 01 k aeDliIntermittent Fever, when by the ?ae of the INVALUABLE INFECT1NB. OE PERSIAN FEVER CHASM. the eminent MdMtl and nutciotl qulitiee of whioh we uutantir absorbed, AhL TBAOES OF DISEASE MAY BB ANN!BILATED IN FEW HOURS. BLPDiKE 18 BBTTBR THAN PHYSIC. naturb ib wi88r than art. 1 i evbry disease has a divine remedy. THB wise apply while the foolish n>Pi >r BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARB DANSEROUS. THE UVPECTME, Oft r ?non J ' * Y ** WUAftl) Hm oared UoMsda of both nxh of tk* most dreadfkl Farm*. Read and refleot WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lmi?1 BoiimII, of Pittsbarg, (or two x<tn im- j less to himself mm! eooiety? aiartyr to ChiUs and Ferw?oared la 1ms thaa three wooka, aad inrrwaJ in oight kova. Mary *. Belknat, Saadasky, Ohio, after aim oat losing hsr rtuoo M woll as strength by Interaeittest Perer, with Chills, restored to health in twnty hoar*. J. R. Tiltoa, of Belgrade, ftfaiae, brought from death's door, hawlag suffered for foar rears, mad* veil in St* vmIi, and improved in two ho*rs. Adolphe Moatro of Fraaoo, relieved in om hoar, whit* trtnllmi n the oare of the Port Way no m4 Ckiatto Railroad. Uo wu ipftnit ly dying wiU Ckilla. Ellen R. Beaton, of Lookpnrt, Now York, rooeaed after htm years' eaftoiag. A ffcel oare. Thoneaad of otter eaeee prmattd and oared ororr month, and not a einale oomplaint ol the ./ ?k. I If PECTI If E, * P1RSI ANJIVER OHARM. TRY IT, TROYE IT, KNOW IT. Ami. nil kaova ito woa4arfal powers and th tnoa, ttet thoM who roffar, or vfco vt tlmtiHi tnu sarainc, may bt Id to im i aiapU, in MXi?M KtwHto't tawiikad by tb* fitld of Natai* for JfitlV* BLESSING l IiaoMbr J. B. MOORE, 113 Pa. itwi# AND BY ALL DKUQOIBTB AND MEDICINE DRALERS IN AMERICA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, BMt by Mil to M7 fit of Hi* UniUd SUtM. REMEMBER, It i> not lakM inw*rdlt. but i. *?.i ? ?rr"*~ unkwwuij, iwoNlag to flmtion, wMrt Iwwpw imI Mlhlli MANUPACTURRD BV 1 HIV WILCtI * CO., 1M MAIN ITKIXT, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. BBAJtCH OFFICE, No. 39 BANK OF OOMMRROR BUILDING, NRW YORK CITY. | M R-41a*t?Vlla I/"4* """ Will pra^tioe tn the 1?^oMtTT^ttUrtiiL HW. HAMILTON _ PAINTKE, DEALER IN PAINTS, No. iSS Tn 9te??Ti mr Odd Mim$t tUM. anl-tf PPTTV~H> DOWN. #tOTO FRENCH k RICHBTEIN* 9 UPHi.iTtlM. and look at tte new American editions of MoCanley, 6Ulom, Hueand tbe Poeu, on tinted y?Hr.MUI. if not * peri or. to the Eu- < liah editions. &u aaA take a look at urn. no? raniii i UAuyDli I All u r CiAll D Comer *f New York ir?UM and Tenth street. Respectfully eolicita the patronage of those w iut be in wani of ur arliofe in the aoeve line. Hit endeavor* shall be to please, and by a strict attention to the vuti of th* pnbUo, he hopes to merit a hare of their patronage. Hi* took ooneiats of every artiole nsaally to be fcuad in a firetelasa Family Urooery aM feed Store. aa lVtf IANOS. PIANOS?The iarcest awortaeat of

Pianos, Melodeons. Gaitare, Vio-^*w?a? ltn?, Banc?r(. Bwt Italian ntrinrs Ao RVPR oordeoM*,h'lutinas, Concertinas. Flutes,' ? * * Files, Flag eol?tta, Clarionetts, Bra** l natramenta. Drama, and every variety of mualoal ware, also aa immense stool of Haeet Musio, Maaio Book a and Opera*, for werr laatrunient at the Mualo store of W. G. ME rZEEOTT, eorner ofPa-av. and llth street. Bole Agent of Bteinway A Soa'e Ba?o^Raven A Co.'a aad Koabe 4 Co.'a Plaaoa. H??|SW;'KS moet Bimple.darable, and reliable aoalee ever eat ia aee. rirstolaaa premiame have bee* awarded thma by the United States Fair and Virginia Afrioaltaral Society; Virginia State Ag ri suitnral Fair; Fraaklia Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York flmFtto Vermont State Fair. &e., Ao. In erery oaee where exhibited they nave received first olaaa premiums For aa e at if Louisiana a venae, Depot of mller*B Chil ed Iron Safes. <*W-1t K' C. PATTIBON. Aiaat. H|/A8mN?'rON SKWIN8 BOOMS. liA&ismicjk-tsi i.?. e. Laaaa. e.i.aen. i. l asmv. "? '?? " v-oOT. ii hiotw i*j ue accurate in na measurement of c&s, it wfli be sealed aooordinfly, and wain eut in ?osiuoi for ate. Offlo? No. A10 Seventh street,(sew Odd F?l.owe' Hall ) Oeen from 8 a. m.. to S B. m. , .. .#CHARbE? W. CUNfclNOHAM. Jf H-tf Inspector and Sealer of Sac Meters. F a A N C 18 H A R~P K *. ~ HAriite OPIOID A Pi Mil \r non^lTD XT i kin onun ana^een QFFICE %^o8aPEC10|RAND SEALER Wabhinoton. July IS, IMS. NOTICE IB fiEREBY GIVES. Tfcat.agreoaWy to the proviaiona of the oidin&noe of the Corporation approved May 12. 1880, the anderaigned if now prepared, "whenever reemred in writing, and on pre payment of the lee of fifty oenta, to inapeot. examine, teat, prove, aad aaoertain the aoonraey of reitiatration ofany gas meter in mae in tnia otty." Every m'ter, if found moorreet, will be oondemned, and another, eeale^t and marked aa true, wiU be o#oe at 8 a. m. mkI p. m." JAMBS A. EVANS, Tioket Areat, >g-tf Corner Sixth ?t. ana Pa. aT. THE STEAMER JA9L 6UY Will rerame faw 1 tripe on TUESDAY, flit of February. 1*0. Wil! l?re WASil INBTON erery TUESDAY KR1 DAY, at* o'clock a. ra.,and ALEXANDRIA atludf-paatt o'oiook, for CURRiOMAN and the intermediate l,an'linfa. On her return tripe, she will leave CURRIOMAN eTery WEDNESDAY uU*o'oiook a. m. LUOIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. AAlexandria. fe? I Nashville do". H^The D.8. MAILud ADAMS' EXPRESS aretakea oror UuiNnrLuie, TlokeU can be obtained at the Routh Weetern Oftoe. oprner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania areane, to the foiloirin? points: Lynchburg, Bristol, KnoxTlUe, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Hur.tsnlle, Grand Jncstion, Maoon, Nashville, Dal ton, Columbus, CT* THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. li rflmnlhnw und Rum* Wunni laau tha 00 MILES BBURTERjTand a? MOCKS LESS INTHHE than an? other f*l?e?the Lynchburr Kxtoneion baioc sow eomtletod, aa also the Miaauaippi _ Central, makinc it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It U prorided with Firat olasa S.eepim Can! (To Neir Orleana. . T9 Houra MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firatolftu Paoketa. Mobile to New Orleana by Lake Btsamera TWO DAILY TRAINS?Svhdats Imcibdib, Lwft WMklMtoB at 6 a. m ud 6 p. m. TheSteamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wkarl foot of Seventh street a t ?M a. id. and 6\g p. m. and ooaneota at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Traina for the Sonthweat. O?oe? Pen nay Irania avenae, oorner of Sixth at. UMiii cHiora> mouu to ??r obuuiis. Lynohbmrc #1 *> Memphia ?93) m Bnatol . . 1*no Atlanta Ji on Knoxnlle . >010 Maoon ?* ? Chattaa<>ofa~ Columbus ... JB A) Dalton .... in Montcemerr JB ? HuntaviUe 27 UP J *iaM?m?fiia.C M Grand Junction SO on N. O.J Tia 6. M NaahrHle a* <01 \ Tia Mobile.?< ? THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL a?J i ? ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Aleeon-dria Railroad Emst Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, ? , . , Nashville arid Chattanooga, MunjtJus and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Nov Orleans and Jaekton, TO NEW ORLEANS! Merajhu by Af.^enoab^Firrt olua Paokste to New Orleans. ror Annapolis at 7.40 a m- and &tn p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday ?Tetfini the 3JO p. m. train |OM to Philndalphia only. _ jeU-d TH.FAE8QNg.Afgt. new orleans in Tannzi z>ATii wit* Tia CHOICE OP THRBB ROVTB8. Chanoi or Horse. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 15th, I860, train* wili rnn mfollow*: Leave Washington at 6 30 and 7.40 a. m. Leave Wa*hin*ton at 330 and (JO p. m. On (tnnday at 3 an p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4J5 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at S.15 and 4JO p. m. On bandar at 4 26 a. m. Paasengera for the Eaat mil take train* at ftJO and 7.4it a. m and 3 30 ?. m. For the Wert at 7.40 a. m. and 130 *. m. ? ruia aaiiverwi in uj part of U* eity, Oaorgafcnrn, or Alexandria. 8#^vakS&ia?S" "M1LT d>Ii-1? JAMK8 S- TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Qrroriti Odd Allotts' H*ll, Warhtntton, D. C. Trayeiera trill study their interacts by mwdui T TRUNKS, VAL1CE8 *o , before fir-aim ohjunoK elsew*re. As I use none hot th*Hnf{ W; material the market affords and employ^?"? best workmen, I can confidently reoommend my work to bo superior in Strtnttk and Durability to Trmnks that ore made in other cities aad sold hare. I keep constantly on hood, and moke to order (oo one week's notioe) every description of SOLE LEATHER, I HON FRAME FRENCH DRESS si, ikPciAi^twiUirHit NWSS; SADDLES; WHIPS, 4*r., tc. , Trunks, Ao,, Repaired and Covered, in a workm^nlike manner, at short notioO f ? ?i? ??? TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SH0E8. | gOOTS AND TV SLIT TM* flow map tartarS* alt kindi of BOOTS iS, and ooostaaUr t?t?nii Mtenaidt work of nwrdt-IW xuide ?xpreul; to order, mm will ? W k much lo^er prtoe thaahaa h?on* iv ooargod la Qua oilj for w?ok inferior In *ut ?f n~.?- ?-* itr Md? ?oTk?r:! SSnUaSUSESSff ! main & '.orat ^ i?HJ >14 Pennsylvania ^rcnae. fcVVK HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS LwAraste? Uree* uj Piokinc Trsaks. Otr traak^**"* sale* fwn exhibits at this time the greatest TV'*** M traveling re^niattee at moderate be fcF^'i^'&n^^B^S'TAucgs; CASPKT |[?08, 8ATCBKL8. Ac. IIT'Old Trunk# repaired or taken inexohan** for new ocee, WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. Truk Sales Room, mar n-tf SflaPa. arson*. gOUTRERN^TRUNK MANUFACTORY. IT M -?>** MIBOKUiAMOPa. I THK IMfJN WIL'. STAND. KOM1TTK1 I - WHO'S rresident Conne*ien?!y 1 ahall remain in Wttk MU* wl ibc in all ito branch**. Old Glamar prompt ? m tended I*. Puatini Md OrnameaCnc C?*i* Fnrutura in the best et??e. 1 uw, oai< ilMttn to the Punting of Roof* fad BYtok \\Vit. All or the fSovf 'will do u oh*a? an th? ck?uNt I therefore solicit the patronage of mj friend* and fellow ottiMaa M the District Panetaahty atriotij obaerred, sod work dose in the tost man43 1: a3!- Louisiana ax., north nide, batween 6th and 7th ats. P. ^ pot at free ?f oharge, aa nanal. p^*"Eisms?wmAND "uwN The nbcoribar beg* loare to inform the eitiaena of waan^njiton,.Georgetown an(T Alexandria thai p,(iT"r for *wlIMt Md nMWiuffcc w tWo"e **ork ill tkjpr r%. L.? -i i^110h*!U ^mr bJ? M*n*>l?, Ttbto ud 'vMh!?* ' Ti>p?, Tiiy, MonafetanU, Tomb tad H?M *W?, gV>?. Willow Unliu, sT?, rd EIl5* ?large atook onuUu -H, t? ^.ro7l V*1 h?nd?,*t the lo*?l nun, bl*to furniih M&rta* PhfiASi! Low * ,t,?,*" *> Mroluned in New York. 'twiM Marble in b ook ot alibi &t the tami jOy-TtrnidUI. Asw ySi?, mJ on .S&JE? PwM.aIml ?& ' ?? hMr,,jL 1?T* Utl J of fEsKiswsw'iisi3?i?& rxtmur St,am SfgrbU and Brown St on* Works, rl. *t., oor_ThirV?nlh it, _ ___ WMbinrtifH. u. C. |MPORTANT TO HOU?KkE?P111 ^ B.Jt^PURKKK * CO.*8 Goarantaad not oaiy ABSOLUT ELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but' croud from fraab Spioaa, mImM and olaanad or M *rnw?djr for the puraoae vitboat rafrraoa* (lined with paper.)to frcrfot miurj by keepinc, Itweif*** wh'lS "I ordinary troaoA 1 n ^*>7* W r short. We rarnirt WolH,^admatlT , iff WATCH REPAIRING AND8ILTER WARE manufactory: I hart one of tht bMt tiUliluhmnU, Ind furnished with aoomptete set of tool* for repairuig *?,-j desonption uf fine \Vfetches, ud f/U particular Attention five to the name, by fhoiDurh competent workman ,aud a. work cuartontied Al?o, every deecrtp ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental. mamifactu'ed under my own supervision. which my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealer* in general and repreaaated ae their own manafaoture. H. O HOOD, ee 6 S3S Pa. arenue. a?ar ?Hh et. RENTS'SHIRTS, VT COLLAR**, TIES. STOCKS, _ HAS DKERrHIEFS, And all kia??? of GENTS' tflRNl}?HING GOODS, at 25 p?r oent. ess than any ether store ia the city. At _ oo 19-lrn SMITH'S. Seventh et. ___ ft fPMAN l\ SIMPSOIIJ The above PURE WHISKY,Copfh Dmtuxks from Malted Gkai-n, being iipttmr and uniform in quality. and fclchly improved by age, i? preferred br eonraia?ra to a l other Whukiea, aad particn larlT . reooinin?nded_ by the beat p*ra>eiana and ohemisU %s ?09see?iDK *11 the requirement* of a Tome An levator mmd HtwudUl At ml. V?,*%,J' KiUdelphiA, and in the distillation of thu Wkinky, it proved bj ana'7 n ft to hA th* anfUst (nrl anv*?? mK# I*. ?).. iTTTaIj vs I Awl can ?,? had in W&.hmrton of Samuel Bacon * C?* i19 p* *r * R- ' Rj?n, W?? Kfc?tM ao*n*r D; K?on?dy & Pmrh, ?rt8 tVeet nil M ;tai?r mr * Semmea, 40T Pa. av^ J. H Wjleon, 387 H*. ?v; Barbour 4 8?nunM, 64 La. a* ; H. C. Purdy, 403 Pa. aiy Wm. Bryan, 44 Market 8*.; Moor?. Citwll & Co , SB7 Weet Tth ?t; 6 F. Ua liak. SS6 N. J. av ; A. Gadriis. Jr.. * Co., M, aorner kagt mh KJ ja.rd Hall. 40 tfarket BpMw ; E. DISPATCH I w VJ/Tg??? the_Picui! Am mmUmtt wiU kmrrm, nn *m wU rmmlmttd fmmiiUs, It It vary detirable to Urt mm okeay ud eonreoie&t ni far repairing Paimituw, Toya, OrMttrr.te riLDUI6?l PREP Ail ED SLIT1 jJl ?o?h emerfflttaiee- and no household ?m aford to be without it It is always ready and a> ? f Vok,n* There ia no longer a aaoee o?Be, ahell.E?" 1">*r ornamental work, so hhIv with lad tea of refinement and taste. >re*??wt?on la need eold, being obemioally held in aolaboa, and eoeieeeing all toe aluabie qualities of the beat oabiaet aakera' fine. Itpiftybe nsed ?n the plaoe of ordinary mnoilaie, being raatiy more adhesive. "USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." Priu, U oenta. N. B.?A Bra ah aocompanlea eaoh bottle ITMewU D*h, Ho. ?S Cedar street, New York Addreea HENRY C. SPALDING A OO, ^ Be* No. 3,600, New York. AS&SSssSSSB* sE&maES***'-*'* ooiu uy ?ii prominent stationers Draj fists, Hardware and rarnitnre Doa sri, Grooere, ana Kaiicy Stores. Country merchants shoild make a note of SfAL DljflFS PREPARED OL UE. vkeo maklnf ap their list. It wills taad any c.i mats feio-ly i'Miu*>>?1 (*" O^Vl , f?'*?V/or ?? *. (U? ?./??< '4^yfv \ ?fttmm >iii^iio/w?] i ffe ] ' ; *^?85* ! ?* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAUEY . WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS inmin&f WITH THE SIGNAJUREOF < ONIW^^^OTHE^ARC All IMITATION AID A COUNTERFEIT 1 OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SMTH WILLIAMS! NEWTORL tOR SALE IK WASHINGTON BY r Mr IAISOVK 4 I SO ----- z7 D 71 JACKSON, ** f I A ? T M * K * 3. ~W> *?_ T U A N J0?.-?0? KTHIN6 NE W.-NoVII. Mor? MM Wril^MNklKMM. r|iJF#?T't? tiUNPOWUH, . in?a fm Ik* D%*tr%et *f Cttmmb**. mjsrzniiZ5&mxr3-j?K ~A?i r>?* ^ t f I D tl " " Aai ? Ml dm aacabUttunaat. vhera wu t* fcappy to I* aivaacr orUai a foraaperMH Coaiaotioaa of ki* ova A AU?5?ord?n for Djiwri, 8?m*^ Bail*. u4 j Private i*art)?a, whiokwill Im wttm ay li ku u- i uajlaUaat*!*, vHfc iEiwmffmpt?m aad dia- 7 g whioii k? ha* t. !*???> U?wi mm A WM.T.OOVKkCO. I ARK Now pw^tontnto ur ort? wttt I W PIAV&INIJ, ? A*H OR 'ITEAM PITT1NC ' 117 dun* ob tu slraot, a 5w door* aorta af Pa. i KHSSffi Tlvana. Marjlanrt and Virnnia, war ranted para, I ttao, Impouad N rand in, Haoaaaay. Otard. Daaay Co.. Jo!m Robmt, Aa. AlM.PiukiW irVL I ? I your attaatioa and rxaanaaUoa it raapaotfallv oiicitad to ?maiM tba Nov York IHawRSft Gotta PeroKa Roofim anaPan.t i? aoknovladf ?d by all th? beat aroUitooti in Now Ywrk city to ba the heat and ohea**at Rooftrc and Paiat ia_?*i?t MM It aaa ba wwa at H. W. HAMILTON "ft Paint Btorr. 414 Sareatt atr***. CA*FIELD 4 HAMILTON are U? aotaacaala for WaabiaAoa, Goorftown, Alexandria aad tM SoalA. For fur tbar informatioa addioaa aa abov. ? U tf 279 "9-?SSSWu 206 Bag*laava ta mJ! theattMtiaa fhmfa Mi L KaVabUa gaaarally to kia Utara, aiar Wb j k^nTa H?tef, jaat opaaad, ta ooanaaiaa vilfc hia I aaotabl* ?oarci*a and ju.ufy th? hi( taut .n W&iCb It U BO?alb>? U) tonniMd BO nlMhl* % pooi&c to pub 16 approval Wt mar addaW that tie curative prop?rtlB??>ft*?#m?HliCine areaaaa!)?d onlfby iu r??tora ir? -tocta. tbe ??rUrn rMonr im fromdiMM*with reaawwl oorrtitafnnal vijor. Por aa.a br all racpaotabl* Drr*f??t? ia Uii? <Uty, and b? tk? proprietor, MRS. M COX. Nob# ?m?im &<* bar nam* ia blown aa Lba ottft and bar Mai oa tbe o<>rk fTT-Pnaa $I per bottl*. mx hottlca for ML Wk?Ui+U a tan. K. n. T. CISSEL. Drafftnt. * Georgetown, 1> C.. Wbolenale A rent Tor tbe D<a ' triet, and wtil aappiy trie trad* at my pnoea. Ml>-? , nROFF.BTV ivn DTtll nvna iw tb&t truly Yfclnfchie kziowo as iNDiANrfftpKfj*}! [ in^cprrroif. With riftrd to tint ?m??t infaJliMe n?oii? I rTfel *rJu"??ct h?. ^.kw In X>?mM term " . S1? **id?ftOM of Una treat itm; tn am* 1 tfttqfd by ooMtftot arowaJt of Mrfttin aflVcta and " \ U?? hftppiect raaalta from U dm are aftar *21 otkar vV raiwwiM ftcd the l*?t medical akiU have J LM ma mt.ib oonclaaio?, th*t Mrt toatM t tnraa ?r* not aonfht fro* the liffterail* and aaaor- I Clftj. hot LllA* irr ToiiBtoarail fr..m IU .1.1 I pioiMLi ?xiui??tot,f eftoete tfKrud; or Wim WitLopi tlaeir iiiiua >? mea.ta, ! *< ail fn?4i of aumanity *uo all rtrcf?m of aewp*' Mil inM JL u? lc eaLefclniac t;i?ee valaable Vegetable Art** f for Ue nimmi ptuw aj.d *d?tora<arf Lmmti L witti ?hitli the oo*:tiy 1? floodec, and thereby *4- ' a?< lu'Li l):e?a#e ae4 Draakeew A _ C^ABLE* WID1MFIELD * COhrepneto \ 7* Wjhu^etreet. New Yar*. Wat tunc to a, W/afFfit/itE^jSr8 I For Dieeaeee ofthe Kidney a,B!iM?raM Urinary Or can a. and eepeeia y for Femal* cerer fail to ear*, ano are warianted to give aaue^CHA^LES WIDDiriELD Jt CO- . I jeT lyj Agent. Waehinctra. P C. j?y m eifw m ?' APPLY TVE^KKMEDT RKJOJCM VI* HEALTH. m Friend, do you au-er.' Are to? the Ttotta of aay afthoae nimeroaa aumenta wtucb. ariae trtNB i? aaHty of the hlood-'^What are they, do yoa aek f lather a??. what are they not! The blood u tho eoarce of life and health- and it te the tret aiewent of oar being to reepocd tour eaaee which *(! ?? th* eyetem, aa the palee uumTiMt atteete The ever prerajliDR Nearaigia. the irritating F.ryeipaaas, the aahtle Scrofula, the aeor.iaine ttheamat?e?, Nerfleao^a heir to, derive < heir jiideoaa ori^in m>? the | TIE MAN 1 THUVtANLM lull *;U- n Itlll I llaa Ik* Uai ii'initi. inn. ui tk* i.atr.traaa qmui tim *-' afaratiaoa fiiMuiU k? Dr. JiktM, wna???< k* M * U* ?* *? MM,, rf A ff""' ?|U? u< l|?> tki l(Mk, k, JdMHtwi.Jir.1 til <( ItaiutMlai -T-Iiia f M1U;. t* ptnau, m lk< |U^T DlTTTtiOVKKlioDI IMPERIAL WINK BTTTEH8. an BOW twlac *aa4 frop Mum to tb? Orwt ftarf l^ko. anl the wuraraaTvertbct of ill vbe m Jh?n either uimAimh ?r m a tfcat thay are uuirMttd in ti>? vorid. Dr. Ik^? naod w jTT.Vi "A!n fist01*" * yaarjbofora wr MrctiMoc of kir: th? *o rirht to man rEactc* a?d preMLt tiMD) for Mkie to the pvblia. Per Uta core of IiiAipuBt Corjr?matioa, lurflreatJOa, DyrNm*. PUN. IitrrtM Tama )7 Co? fT"?1}" *f if ^ a tooj?. th?y P*? twJond d'jvt-t a wotl laviJaaUie ravecy. Audi fron Ueii niMiciML ?roirt m they art a par*, wbo.e ??tna and dalij htni Oarerac*. ?rodaeinf a. the mm mmm iniaxa l?? HIM m IH pUMII IM??, M m (An iku u ill-uaii hmi iktu n <nU ?f4w?*ir; I dmrt bin fraa ?ppl*u.f U 1>?M w*i?, tr?m iImu* u< J mp*:ukdkT. cm kafnir.d km hlla mm it) kuida if ifniriBi iod dnif Rinf muilM, *k< Mc*f?ki* ?f ctrihf, tick kn ptCMor; mWim, blip Ma Mlh Wll MMh.MM ilnf II lb? MMjiMt ft! 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