Newspaper of Evening Star, November 23, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 23, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Washington city: FRIDAY *eve?ber *8, 1990. I IT" The new Dollar Weekly Star, Oilier than aver of Mftropolltan n^*? and goaalp, and choice literary reading, la aaw on oar counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced In lta entertaining content* are the following articles: Appeal to a Bachelor?a pom by John G. Saxe; Kitty Dean's Off r?n very In We*, lag atory; Tbe Illusion! of Cbiidhood?a poem; A SkeleU?n Norel?blinhtM ho pea and broken heart* and a restoration of both; Extraordinary Love Story; The Black-eyed Lady In tii* Railroad Car; Song of tbe South; Fa*htorn for November; A Rnrallat Terribly Hoaxed ?a red balloon void for an elephant'a egg; n.i a- ? _ r* p. , - QV.U.U riiTJiw liUf VI ILK r?^i < rfci T??i?u vi uuihk 1*7 Roof*, The Poison of Rattlesnakes; An Honest Growl- Tbe Ualon?an original poem; About Corned Beef; A? Wonderful Thing as you ever Heard of; Steamboat Dialogue; Excursion from Washington by ? Washlngto also? Bos.m Common, Merchant's Exchange, Aquaria! Gardens, the Athemrum, Musical Festival. Mount Auburn, Residence of I^ongfellow, Cambridge University. Roxbury, Charlestown and Bunker Hill, Chelsea; Movements of Rarer, the Horse-Tamer?bis farewell to London; The Prinneof Wales In Amer ito?wu?i iur Liuauun t :niri nyi; un la ? e?iera Virginia?astonishing discoveries; A Good Place to Live In; Ag?'.eoltural?Sheep Culture, (editorial;) Care "and Management of Timothy Meadows; Change of Seed*; Look to the Chests of your Animals; Soot and Ashes; Save the I^eaves; Gardening and Horticulture?Directions for the Management and Preservation of Different Kinds of Frnlt; Recipes for the Workshop; Household Recipes; Self-Made Nobility; How Reuben Todd had a " Rad Spell;" An Unpalatable Dish; Humors of the Hour; A Cattle Disease on the Western Plains: How the President is Elected; Music and Electric Telegraph; Operations of the l'atent Office; Examination of tbe Wigwam Assailants; Tbe Fourth Presbyterian Church?congregational meeting?trouble In the camp; The Case of Wm H Aiarquise? tbe judgment of the Criminal Court affirmed by the Circuit Conrt; Tbe Douglas and Jobnaon Association?no fusion with the Breckinridge wing?they can't endorae the doings of tbe Dem. Jackson Association; The Virginia Annual Conference at Alexandria; Republican Demonstration at Springfield?speech jrora ioc rresiaent eiect?ne counsels moderation and the cuit. vation of brotherly feeling; Execution of Wra. D. Totty at Richmond; Secession movements at the ^o.jtb, ronservative Movements; Speech of the Hon A H. Stephens; Fort M(ultrie?" The Federal Flag"?an original poeu, Amos Kendall upon Secession?a eeriea of very able and interesting article*, Editorials?The Fugitive Slave Law; The True Remedy; Suspension of tbe Baltimore and District Banks; A Flutter; Cheek; Consultation by the South; The Kaid on the Stock Market; Resigning in a Hurry; How Modest; The New Government Loan; Department News; Editorials; Washington News and Goaalp; Local Intelligence, he., Ac.; Late news, foreign and domestic, by mall and telegraph; Interesting PersonaHtfmi' And a great variety of choice literary article*, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. This la Just the paper above all other* for persona sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Pric^ only three cents per copy, or SI 00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. ? < ? pint el the Morning tress. The Constituiion descants at leDgth upon what U calls "The Black Republican gospel according to Trumbnll " The InttUigencer argues In reply to certain Mceaaioa journals, that the I'nlon nolirv la nr.t less "manly ' than the Secession policy, and that a high degree of manliness and Intrepidity in the maintenance of Inestimable rights and franchlses is not aeceasarllv manifested by the precipitate abandonment of them all under Ihe stress of apprehended danger. Ob the Vrti| Track. General Edward C. Carrlngton, of this city, late of Virginia, we perceive by our exchanges, proposes shortly to stump his native State in behalf of the continuance of the Usion. Bis motive we heartily commend. Nevertheless, the plan he Is said to design urging upon the South is lmp'acticable In this stage of the c.isis. That am, m general convention or ail the states of the Confederacv tn ? ? ? v 7 , ^.^.wnv uif cuituy xui mc state of the times. Such a convention is in session annually?Congress?and it has year by yesr only complicated matters, until they have got into their present deplorable condition We trust be will not waste bis breath upon it, but will advocate instead a convention of all the slavebolding SUtes only. They can agree among themselves upon a proper remedy, and the Legislatures of the States they represent can carry out thst remedy. Until the South thus decides for herself what thst remedy shall be, snd enforces it in tki Union, there is really ao hope that the abolition States will set in deference to it. Ths remedy must mrow a.sau.nt'es upon tktmt which will make every man in such Stab* comprehend that abolitionUm is. la turn, afflicting their own Immediate Interests far more than it has so far afflicted the interest* of the South. Then we shall at once find them moving with measures designed to enable them to recover their interest in Southern trade of every description. As much as It has been talked of, the pocket argument has never yet been tried by the South upon the North. Let us of the Sautb, one and all, try It, under the solemn and powerful assistance of universal Southern identical legislation to render It effect* ive. Until Massachusetts ceaaea to manufacture for the S^uth, and to transport Southern products? or, in other words, nntil she ceases to reap threefourtha the profits upon Southern labor and the employment of Southern capital?her niaises cannot be made to appreciate the fact that her current enjoyment -it them is worth to her the sarrilce of abolition aacendancv t n h?r MMIMlla Hia Duty if raiOims?We are among thtse who believe It to be the duty of Mr Breckinridge to go South promptly and lend hi* influence to the discouragement of the ' nrrent revolutionary themes in that quarter; or at leaat ao to tump Kentucky upon the subiect aa that hia aupportera in the cotton State* will, every one of them, duly comprehend the fact that he strongly adviaea against the destruction of the (jovernment byway of righting wrongs that can be far more eaaily, speedily and proflubly righted In the Union than out of it. Though he would doubtless be of in niteiy most service to the good cau?e If meeting the people of the cotton States face to face upon the a u eat Ion I* u w-11 v " "' " "" . .uwwn tun up utterly repudiates the propriety of revolution Ix-caaae of Llncois'a election Entertaining aucb view*, ia it not Incumbent on him to lean no effurt on hi* pert to Induce the cotton States teaeek redress !b, rather than out of the L'niou, for tbelr wrongs at the haiida of abolitionism ? His enemies are already attributing blafailure to act, up to thlatlme, to a desire to be the chief magistrate of a southern confederacy; an unworthy motive, which, our life on It, no Man would worn more than John C. Breckinridge, of Kentucky. irr Mr- Olaaa, the Democratic poatmaater at Lynchburg, having given notice that be will not hold hla plar* under President Lincoln, the Alex Maria (Va.) Sentinel, a Breckinridge journal oL* aerrea a* follows: "We think be la wrong. Aa long aa Virginia remain* la the Union w? shall jrant ix>?t ofltcea, and we want good ni In tbeao, and our Stat*Government abeoldwtake care that none bat good men aball 111 them. . , , e ^7** Hen. R W. Barnwell, ot South Carolina, in e pvbllsbed letter, avow* hla wlah to form a Southern Confederacy, bat take*oecaaion to any tbat any pailcjr baaed upon the expectation that South Carolina, by her aeparata action, could fore* other State* te Join In ihe effort to eatabllab tills Coflfedtrif v. '?woulH *w- kl-' 4 * ?,, .? mw uigursi aegre* inacfcevous .?* \ CJ~ A South Carolina paper proposes that u Cofcinbua waa defrauded out of the honor of having tbla continent named after him, the new Southern eanfederarr be called tba Republic of Columbia. (xjT The State Convention in South Carolina la railed for the pnrpoee of StesJimf?that of Georgia for D*Ut,tr*it*c?and thoae of Alabama, Mlaaiss.ppt, and L oulaiana for C?*tulitmg. ID* From Sbilllngton we hare the Atlantic M oath lj for December, ban dan me and entertaining at wmL ... icpuuiicaiiiilll that It it " neither the one nor the other, but a mtxiurt ef botk " In Mother number 1 shall show the utter Incompatibility of seccerioa arguments with the language an4substaac? of the Constitution. A*os Knipiu. ? 1 ? I? things And, like them, It has at command % pb vslr-al force for eiecullug tb? power* committed to It " Here Mr. Madison describe* the sources of error into wliicb different classes of politicians fall in considering the nature of our Government?one class considering It a consolidated Government and tbe other a mere confederation, " whilst it it ?? ihtr the on* nor the other, hut a mixture of 6e<*." It was tbe error of federaliam to consider It consolidated, It is tbe error at secession Ism to consider it a mere confederation; It ia tbe creed of JeflVraoulM y * Kuvrrnineni, Del ween the Government of the United States and the government of the individual States, Is stamped on the (are of the Instrument; the powers of war and of taiation, of commerce ana of treaties, and other enumerated powers vested in the Government of the United States being of as high and sovereign a character, aa any of the powers reserved to the State governments " Nor is the Government of the United States, created by the Constitution, less a government, in tue strict sense of the lerui, within the sphere of its powers, than the governments created by the constitutions of the States are, within their several spheres. It Is, like them, organised Into legislative, executive, and judiciary departments. It operates, like tbem. ?n - - mm II UMIIMIHII WIS IOTODf (1 N Of was It fornried by a majority of the people of the United State#, aa a single community In the manner of a consolidated government It waa formed by the States; that la, by the people In each of tlie Statea acting ! their highest sovereign capacity, and formed consequently by the same authority which formed the State constitutions. ' Being thus derived from the same source as the constitutions of the States, it has, within each State, the same authority aa the constitution of the State; and ia aa much a constitution, in the strict sense of the term, within its prescribed sphere, it the constitutions of the States are, within their rrspectlve spheres: but with this obvious and euentlal difference, that being a compact among the States In their highest sovereign capacity, and constituting the people thereof one people fcr ctrtaiu purposes it cannot be altered or annulled at the will of tbe States individually, as the constitution of a State may be at Ita individual will. 41 And that It divides the supreme rowers of ?U.? oi government, 11 muit. more than an v other be its own Interpreter according to iU text and the fartt of the ease '* From these it will be seen that the characteristic peculiarities of the Constitution are?1 The mode of ito formation; 2. Tbe division of the supreme powert of government between the States ,h? s-? " 1. It was formed, not by tbe governments of _ v> hr ciain, gvi me; r governments Wben tbe Constitution says there is inch a thing as " tbe people of tbe United 8tates," there must be snch a people in some sense, and In that people Is vested and merged tbe sovereignty of tbe people of tbe States, so f<tr and so hr only as ft covers tbe powers granted in the Constitution. In reference to all their reserved powers, the people of the States remain as sovereign and Independent as tbey were In 1778 If I had entertained a donbt of the correctness of ray own views on this subject, it would have been obviated by tbe following lucid and unanswerable exposition 1 have recently met with In one of Mr. Madison's letters, viz : " In order to understand the true character of the Constitution of tbe United States, the error, not uncommon, must be avoided of viewing it through the medium either of a consolidated Government or of a confederated Government, whilst it is neither the oue nor the otber. but a mixture of both And having in no model the similitudes and analogies applicable to other ays eigmy. according xo secession logic, possesses all political power, while, by the ame logic. It cannot divide itself, and therefore does not poaaeaa All political power! The argument ia a ftlo dt it? It destroys itaelf. w oca secessionists say mat sovereign power cannot be Invested 1 n the Government of the U nited States, they utter a truth which 1a equally applicable to the governments of the States. Both governments are agenti in the same aenae, and both of them are governments in the aame sense. What is a State? The people composing It. Whst la the United States? The people composing them in the sense of the Constitution where It says, " We, the people of the United States." The granta of the Constitution are to the United States, meaning the people thereof and not to their government. The powers reserved in the Constitution are reserved to the States, meaning r .v. a?_?? - -? " consol.dated government; thatall their sovereign* ties could have been merged intoone sovereignty, and that the State* could thus have been extinguished? The history of the world is full of examples of two or more nations being merged Into one. and of one divided into two or more; of sovereignty lost by conquest or by voluntary sur. render, and sovereignty acquired by rebellion or voluntary association. To say that a State cannot surrender or merge her own sovereignty, is to deny the existence of sovereignty itself; f.*r how can a State be sovereign which cannot dispose of herself? And If a State can merge her entire sovereignty in that of other States, cannot she merge a part and retain a part * To say that she cannot, la also to deny her sovereignty; for sov uafc ucrn sovereign oeior? icey couia imparl that quality to their constituents. That sovereignty was Inherent in Congress, nobody pretend*; to say that it was inherent in the Colonies while parts of tbe British Empire, is absurd ; and if it be " indivisible" and " inherent," pray where did they get it, and when did It begin to be '* inherent *" And what became of the ''Indivisible" sovereignty of the British Emptre wh>n it was divided into twelve or thirteen independent States? The truth is, sovereignty is not " indivisibl* " nor " inherentIt has been divided and subdivided, acquired and lost, restricted and enlarged times without number and by various means, during the world's history. But without caring bow or where the States got their sovereignty, we are reidy to admit that they were sovereigns in 1776; but we maintain that they could and did modify their own sovereignty iu tbe adoption of the Constitution. Can any one doubt that the people of each State, if they had been so minded, could have united with the DeODle of all the Other Ktat#* anil tnrmmA ? Empire, whose sovereignty, according to this argument, or assumption, rather, waa and is "indivisible." She is, therefore, still a part of the British Empire, though in a state of rebellion, and ought to return to her allegiance! But If they mean that sovereignty cf any one nation can oot be divided, the position is equally absurd, as we shall hereafter show. It is another fundamental position of secessionists, that " sovxkktgxty is 1xhbxbxt." Inherent in what f Secession answers, In the States. Bat how did it get into the States ? Surely, tbey were not sovereign while they formed parts of the British Empire They then had no " inherent" sovereignty. Did the Declaration of Independence make them sovereign ? That was the act of Congress. If that gave them sovereignty they derived ] it from their own creature, and Congress must BIOS." If this be true, bow bappena it tbat there ia more than one aovereignty in the world? Old Adam we suppose, waa the flrat sovereign, and if " sovereignty la Incapable of division,'' bow happena It that there are ao many sovereigns among hla descendant* * If tbia poaitlon be scund, there is now bat one sovereignty on eertb, and tbat ia vested in all mankind aa one consolidated maaa. South Carolina haa been in rebellion against this "one and indivisible" sovereignty since 1776 at least! How came South Carolina to have any soverplorntv at lilt formed * nart nf th#? Rritilh Sbcbbsiob No. IV. noticbobbbcbssiob aumti.t-sovekiiostt Mot iRDirimtLi bob I.ihiiiit?Isdbpbsd bbt Stat** Cab Miioi ob Scbbbbdbb their S*otbbbioi*tt ib Whoiboi ib PaBT?1* this CorRTBT it III bbbb ulvidbd, a pobtiob Tbab*fbbbbd to thb I'bitbd State*. abd a. Pobtiob Lift ib thb Statsb?Mb. Madisob's VlBWi. To tki People of Ik* South. Sreeasionlata maintain that each of the United States retain* all lta original sovereignty; that tb? United States possess no sovereign power; that their government It a mere agency for the State*; that any of the State* may at will dismiss thia agent, and thua relieve lta people from allobltga' tlon to submit to its Constitution and laws. One fundamental position assumed by the secessionla ta la that "SnvituciTT is iiripmi ni nivi PKJPAIiTWEWT HEW. A ?Jot S. Wllioi, Esq , Commissioner of Indian Aflklra, having received a letter from Omaha, N. T . inquiring whether tbe Territory of Nebraska could tell or leaae sections 18 and 6(5 for the purpose of deriving a revenue for schools, stites in reply that there is no law granting such permission. These titles are merely re crveu, vue nuf rfiuimiu^ in iur ui'?riuuruk. In the set admitting a "land State" into the Unioit, It bti been usual to make a grant of tbo arbool lands reserved to the State In tks absence of such grant or enactment of Cor.grsv. tbe authorities In Nebraska can do no lawful act in the way of directing or disposing of school fards. Thi Mission toCistw. America ? Mr. John Dtmltry left yesterday for Nicaragua, as bearer of dispatches for his father, our present Minister to Central America. Mr. Dimitry Is anxious to rern~A K. I A ?&<l iuiu uumc, aim iiiajr ?uuu vc uncicu. Rksiswation or an Indian Scperintkndknt.? Col. McDoAe, Southern Superintendent of Indian Affairs in California, bat resigned his petition. TUB SIGHS OF THE TIMES. Amothir Secission Speech from Mr. Ksitt. Charleston. Nov 21.?'This has been a solemnly quiet day in Charleston. Business has been impended all day, and the streets have been at silent aa a well kept Sabbath. It has been a day o 1 fasting and prayer with the religiously inclined, and services have been held In all the churches?not ordinary fast day aervicea and sermons. By no mean*. Every minister in In Charleston preached a secession sermon to-day. The Southern pulpit ia now fairly embarked on the troubled tea of politics. A political aermon six month* ago was the special abhorrence of all Southern ministers; atleast,such is the allegation. Now politics form the staple of preaching in Charleston One is reminded of the days and exploits of Praise God Harebones by the events of this day Religious and political entbnslasm are getting mingled in right Croiiiwelllan fashion. It only needs the ''trust to Providence and keep your powder dry," of "the great usurper," to link that age ana id is xogeiner From pulpit to rostrum. Congressman Keitt last night made a fiery speech?one of thoae incandescent efforts for which he is famous, and took occasion to exhurr.e the name of Preaton Brooks, and glorify his affair with Sumner. His defense of Mr. Urooks was without qualification, and elicited the extremest of South Carolina applause. So, this afternoon, Mr. Keltt was presented with a eutta percha rifle cane in reward for his speech of the night before He received it gracefolly, with a pretty speech, jtist pertinent to the occasion, and, of course, Impromptu. Mr. Keitt has announced bis Intention to resign his seat in Congress before the secession conven lion anau mm. lie la expe?i?<i 10 go into me convention. One hundred and eighty ateerage paaaengera from the North have been aent back, and more will follow The South Carolinian* seem determined to carry out this ancient law, and It ia not doub'ed that any but cabin paasengera to Chitrleaton might a? well stay at home. The American Sunday School Union thll morning unfurled a white banner, with a Palmetto tree, live itara and an open Bible, and the mottoea: "South Carolina darts resist oppression," and " In the name of our God we aet up onr banner " The Georgia merchant* are promptly meeting weir ^narinio.i uanuuies The suspension of the Richmond banks will not effect business here. The Governor or Texas Called cpox to Convene the Legislature. Nev Orleans, La., Nov. 21.?Advicesfrom Texas stat* that meetings are being; held in that Stite at which the Governor is called upon toconvene the Legislature for tbe purpose of considering what method ia proper to vindicate the rights and honor of Texas as a member of the Confederacy. {XT' The Associated Press Ageut telegraphs from Washington as follows: There have been no special meetings of the Cabinet to consider tbe questions growl ok out of tbe secession movements Harmony has hitherto characterized their proceedings It was to-day authentically stated that rtotblng has recently occurred in their deliberations to produce distraction. The President to-diy received Judge Williams' dispatch from Warsaw, acquainting him with iuc oiariiini^, ikive 01 aoairF in t\ .nras, ana adili* tlonal order? were transmitted to Gen. Harney to resort to all available means to cruch the inenrgenta. The receipts into the Treasury for the week ending on Monday were Si,43^.000, including about Sltw 000 only from custom* Drafts have been paid to the amount of about S2.000,(4)0?a portion being for the redemption of Treasury Notes?leaving subject to draft ?3.19j.0<xi. The public land* sold for the year ending June last amountto 3,401.000 acres?realizing SI,844,000. Financial Matter*.?The sufpeiislon of tb? banks gave a brighter aspect tocommercial afftin yesterday, and at once relieved the great stringency of the money market. The bank* discounted liberally for their customers, and the prospect is that in a day or two exchanges will become regulated on the new basis and a renewed movement of produce give some activity to trade The Philadelphia banks suspended ' yesterday at one o'clock. The Virginiaaud District of Columbia bank* havf also adopted the same protective measure. The New York banks have made a common fund ol their specie, resolved upon an unlimited expansion, and will not suspend until all their reeourcei are exhausted. This measure has never befor? been tried In this country, but it Is said to hav? been a strong panacea for panics in England. We give eisewnere the particular* of the agreement ol the banks and the comment* of the New York press thereon.?Ball. Am'rican. H7"It Is teleg.aphed from Washington as follows: Four hundred thousand dollar* were paid Into the I nlted States Treasury yesterday upon the late loans. It was not paid In money but In Treasury notes, which to the Treasury is the same thln^ as monev, because the loan was authorized for the redemption of such notes. It is supposed that more of the loan will be paid In the same manner. There is now scarcely half the amount In the Treasury that has usually been regarded ai necessary to the prompt and easy dispatch of the business of the department. The receipts from customs at New York are very small, and a third of these are In Treasury notes uow redeemable. rr5=?MKTROPOr.ITAN LITERARY A^gO IL < C1ATION.?The members of the Metropol itaa Association are earnestly requested to l>* punctual in their attendance at the regular meeting <?l th? Association, on THIS) Kridav/ KVKf?IN(i. at 7?a o'clock, a* huaiuess of great importance will be presented tmr their consideration. By order of U?e President. It ? THOS M. SHKPHF,RD,S*o. V3?<IT. AMUR k'.lV'S soriL TV OP m lao , .? I I Jk I V/? HAOHLL3 INGI'ON CITY.?The fourth quarterly 01 staled meeting of this Society for I860 wid be held at Temperanoe Hall, on FKIuAY EVENING.23d in*t.,at 7>s o'clock. The election of officer* for tt.e ensuing );? ?< will take place. The gentlemen who have applied for ad mission as members are requested to be present at this meeting N. B.?Members will receive their tickets of admission to the approaching celebration on St Andrew's Day. By order _uo22 2t WILLIAM DICKSON,Cor. Sec. rry?8T. MATTHEW'S FREE SCHOOLS.? 'Jof A Sale for the benefit of th? Free Schools attached to St Matthew's Chucn. will be opened at Willarls'Hall on MONDAY EVENING, the 36th iimt , and will be continurd during the week, The ladies in charge respectful ^ invite th? at-en -I.-l / Vw 7 Vlt* ?ne onieci 01 which ia of*uch vital mipottanoe to this comrnuDiUi . no ao^a^fcduoth fnrra0" P*AYKE MKKTINO will be t>-5 Goldeneverv day tiua week in ths Now York avenue Church, (Kov. Dr. Guriey'a) to oomraenoe M * Barter paat 4 o clock, to b? oontinned one 52ULL no 6 |Y3?DKMPSEY & OTQOLE, Js-3 WE DOING AND VISITING XNQRArERs, raffirrNu\TvtLOilii3. A,,ONl;RV' . ??p?.w** *7 &tp WABHisaTON. AT P A R ! AT FAR" AT PAR."! Note? on ail solvent b*nk? in Virginia, No-tfc Carolina and r eor*ia -akcn at oar :??? ^g^y.'aiaV'T^. VA CARD. ' 1RG1NIA AND CAROLINA MONEY AND OF ALL OTHER STATES, . _ _ takxn at pa.1, and Goods told at the lowest market price for oaah. A superior etook of CLOTHING nowonhmd, and having to employ now one hundred and Iffi hand*, vhioh we wi?h to keep in employment dorpurohMO^018' W# WU *xtr? maaoemen'* tc (ioods made to order ia tbe beat atrlee WALL, 8TK.PHF.Nh ft CO , ??8 3w Pa ay . bet 9 h and iftth >to. IVI jj jVpj'r| O p poii V H*r o w n' -JT A&SfVlSk .V.n?r'P..,,Zi. . 4P'?n may bo left at A<UmavrKiate! *on 8ev<nth t- n*ar nog-dt^ ' r.RwiS CLEPHANE ? CO. Tub .JJOaiKRY AND GLOVES. ?*-? MarAnaMlnu 1 The undtrncn'td Will bef in the publication of a 2rriL ucdeir ** above titie, on MONDAY, 26 th in?t. _ A*y11." tf*liTW|i to elti tubftftnbera ?t 6 oea'e 'VT .i' *? hwibere fct 93 SO ?er annum. 'pkI? ; t'lj*,n*nt? willNt inrerted on liberal terms. . J??k',n r'???1' ?* the corner of Icdi?n? Mecond ?t. SuL?criptiona, advertiae i/ AT PRICES TO SUIT THK TIMES, i Ahd Qyt P?ic* Omit, At STEVENS'S PANCYSTORE. DO 21 tf a HO, b+tj. 9th and 10th eta, MONEY! MONEYS MONEY!!! 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UA.L.. k.1- ^ _ s money t , monfcy money wanted wanted > wanted at wiesenfeld's, at wiesenfeld'.-i odeonhall,atwle8isnf1!fc^ 8deon hall,! deon hall, Coknkk fou*-and-a-!l?i.p St. cor.ikr koch and a-half st. > Corner Fuck a?o a ualv St. And Pknniylvasia Avxxci, And Pennsylvania avixri, And Psnnstlvasia arun, fashionable clothier. fashionable clothlkk. other merchants In the Territory, hive removed their good* to Missouri. The roads are lined with teams leaving the Territory. Mr. Haffnnge, postmaster at Mapleton, was arrested to-day and threatened with hanging, bu. be succeeded in making his escape Kansas City, Nov. 21 ?Rumors are in circulation here of the burning of Fort Scott, but they ' are not generally credited > Philadelphia,Nov 23.?The New York papers publish a dispatch frotn Warsaw, Mo , stating ' that a handbill has been circulating there calling t the citizens to arms to arrest the raid of the outlaw Montgomery and bis cut-throat fol!owers. A meeting w, s held, and a call on the President for , assistance adopted | The Governor of Miaaourl has taken promp , steps to protect the citizens on the Kansas border. A meeting of the people of Leavenworth have . made a call on Gov. Medary to enforce law and oader. The latest from Kansas City states that Dr. Massey left Fort Scott on Tuesday. Tb? report of tbe burning of the town was untrue. Five men had been mardered by Moutgomerv, and olUers Lad been captured and probably killed ao. Youra, etc., J. William*, " U. S. Diatrict Judge for the third judicial district of Kanaas." Kaphas, Mo., Not 21.? United States Marahal P: T. Colby and party, of Kanaas Territory arrived here thia eveuing. They bring the following particulara relative to tbe operations of Capt. , Montgomery and hia^gang of Jay-ilawkera, numbering Ave hundred men: Foet Scott, Nov. 19?United Statea Judge Williaina and the otber otticera of the court have ! iH-en obliged to flee to Miaaouri to eacape attack from tbe Jay-Hawkers. Samuel Scott, of Lynn connty, waa taken from i hia houae on the morning of the 18th inatand ' hung. Many of themoat prominent citizens have been arrested, but as yet their fatt is unknown. Measis Reynolds k. Co , of Fort Scott, Meaars. Crawford &. Co.. of Chonteans tradim? Dost, and ennai recruiw. .Many or bit men are newly imported. He baa taken possession of Fort Scott, and other towna on tbe border near tbe Missouri line. He has murdered Mr. Moore, a irrand juror, Mr. Harrison. Mr. Samuel Scott, and Mr. Hinds, and obligtd all United States oflcers, including myself, to Ht for our lives. His own expressed design, made in a public speech, as be said**rithout concealment, is to keep possession of Fort Scott, and other places naar tbe Missouri liue, to prevent a lire in the rear,while he cleaned out Southwestern Missouri of slaves. ?o far, he has carried out literally his declared programme. Tbe citizens of Missouri, on the Osage and Merimator river, la Bates and Vernon, are flying from their houses into the interior. He boasts that he baa money and arms to equip and sustain 1.000 men My court was broken up by them, the U.S. Court for tbe southern district, aud 1 suapect that they have aetzed the recorda, and also the recorda of the land offlr* M h* nnhl Irlv ifn-lirMi h? ivr.uli) An muuwuii]cr)r,iinu isirecior rennyion,io toe number of 31*0 to SOU, armed with Sharpe'i rifles, dragoona' saber*. navy revolver*, and oowle knives, have suddenly commenced a war of extreme ferocity on the law-abiding citizen* of 9ou?bern Kansas, tn the counties of Lynn and Bourbon. Theae arm* arrived by the wagon load, at or near Mound City, about one month since, In boxea marked a* donation* for Kan*** suttert-r*. Montgomery baa been In Boston during a part of the nummer. and retirrned with plenty of money, to I The Treables la Kansas. Luvixwoiti, K T . Not. 91?The state of afTbirs lu Bourbob sad Lynn counties, In this Territory .cause much talk, speculation, sad excitement here Msny rumors are afloat in regard to the movements af Captain Montgomery Various reports say that be has from three hundred to four hundred men, fully armed and equipped, and is threatening the' ilvf* and property of the prosiavery men In the vicinity of tbe counties above alluded to. The citizens at Fort Scott are reported as expecting an attack, and they are removing their goods and chattels. Nothing had transpired up to 3 o'clock on Monday. WllllW. Mn \'nv '21 ?A mMWncrar rsl^Rxl here to-day bringing the following dispatch, which baa been forwarded to the Administration at Washington : Clihtox, Mo, Not. 21.?-The Abolition Ma, with armanewly Imported from Bostorf or the. Last. under the command of Capt. Montgomery, numbering from 300 to 500 men, and increasing in numbers, have attacked Fort Scott, tows, and broken up the court, compelling myself and all the officers of the United States District Court to fly for our lives. They have taken the tawns on the Missouri line, the Fort Scott law office, Ac. They intend to lavade Missouri. [Signed] J. Williams. U.S. Judge Third Judicial District, K. TA military company will be organized In this city to-morrow, to aid in the suppression of this outbreak. At a meeting of the citizens of Clinton, Henry county, Mo , to-day, it was resolved to raise a volunteer company to defend their homes, and. If necessary, the western border of the State. A committee was appointed to wait on the Governor of Missouri, snd lay the facts before him, and re- j quest a supply of arms. The following letter has been addressed to Gov. Stewart: " Clinto!*, Mo., Nov. 21, 16G0. "Sir: lam hereto inform the citizens of this place of the following facts, and 1 have been requested to present tbem to you as Governor of the state. The abolitionists, under the command of AUCTION SALES. Br WALL & RA1NARD, Aittionwn. Roan hoksk at auction -o? Saturday wor Si2*th in?t., II o'e ock, we will ? !!. in frost of U)? Auction Kocmi, one Kou HTerms ouk. It WALL A BARNAEP AreU. By A. ulbb.ii Auctioneer. DV VIRTUE- OF A 0KED OF TUU&T, I) Wrint date en the 4th day i f May, 'M-i, eat recorded m L'.ber J.A. f~flo.l97,folioil'l,?ti?<i , one of the land reoorda of Waahinitoa ooanty. in the Diet tot of Colombia, the Hoaeehod and mtohen Furniture is the heaee and precni*** No * * ? oa th* e?at aide of Biztb street, hstweea D ai d E at?? will be aokl at puW o auction t<? the hiahoat Did d?ri, on rUKf>DAY the .7ta day ef NorimUr. I860, at Wo'oiook. The following oomprise a part of the effreta to be fold, vis: iwtewwu pv iv, v^nvrr j ?oiv?9 Pier Tablet. Arm and Side Chain. Rosewood tl4K*rn, Reception Chaira. Foar Brocatelle and l.aoe Curtains. Hat raok, Chii.a Vmm, Parisian Cart TaMe, Walnut Bedstead, Dressing Bureaus. Walnut Wardrobes and Mar Ma-lop WmMu4, Cherry Reds'eads. .Mahojunr Bureaus, Ward olww, Wasbst*i d? and Tables, Set Cottage Furniture. Secretary and Lounges, Extension Tables. H efncerator and Waiters, Mabogany Sideboard and Car s seat Ckaira, Union Chairs and Bronx* Candelabra*, Feather Beds. Pillows and Bolsters, Hair,Cotton top ami Husk Mattresses, Quits, Comforts, MlaakeU. Sheet* and Can, Krusseis, Ingrain, Stair ana other Carpets. One very fins Silver plated Tea Sat and Cake Basket, China, Glass and Crooker? Ware, Cooking Ranee and other Stove*, A large lot ?f Kitoben Requisites, And many other artiolea too numerous to anamar ate. Terms oash. By oroer of the Trustee no 23-d A. GREEN. A?atBy J. C. McGUIRE & CO., Aaotioneara. 1 EXCELLENT FURNITURE ANU HWUSEa keerixa Efficti at Public 3*lk.?On FRIDAY WOK MNG- November 30th, at 10 o'elook, at the residence of a gentteir.&n declining hoseekeepmg. No. 461 K rtr?*t, between Fifth and Sixth streets, we s'all aeli the eLtire t-arniture and FfT-cU, comprising? Superior Rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, by Ckiokering, Suite ot Handsome Walnut Crimson Plush covered Parlor Furniture, comprising ine T?U atete Sofas, two Arm and four Parlor Chairs, Four Handsrme Fator Chain. W hatnct, Rorewocd Marble lop Tabies. Vases, Brussels, Venetian, and Ingrain Carpets, Hat Tf?. Floor Oileloih, Superior solid Walrut Bookoase, Large sise. Walnut Extension Table, Sideboard, Oak French Dining Chairs. I.our*e. Cane acd Wood seat Chairs and Hookers, \v indnw Curtains and Shades. Gold band French Cnua Dinner, Be?art, and Tea Ware. Tab e Catleryt Cantors, Glassware, Kerng vator, w ?tv ?oo>r, Waiter a, Mahogany. Jenny Line, and othe. Bcdeteada, M*rbla top D'erung and P'ain Bureaus, VVaolia'aud. T? iletStt*, Clock, Entm?lled Cottage seta, Hu'k and Mom Mattresaea, ^oirrers aad Pillow*, Child's Bedstrad, Crib, acd Brddinc, Cooking ard other Stovea. Together with a general assortment of Ritohra Requiait**. Teimo: #?> and cr.der, oath; over that mm a credit ol nixt> a'd nicety dais, for aatisfliotorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. _no 23 d J. C. McGl'ire 4 CO . A acta. Bt A. GRKEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PER ?o?al PaorxaTr, Fimiich ahd F.itt-bb*, Auctioii.?Mir?u*tt to the provisions of a deed of trust, executed to the undersigned, as Tru?tee. dated lsfay of 9ej?t rnber, 1W0, and duly rr-onrded, 1 shall ?ffer fur safe, on the premises now occupied br I'biiip Decker, known as So. 639, corner of Rth an-' L streets, Navy Yard, Washing ton, on FRIDAY. 3fHh November, instant, at ! o dock, a. m., all the property oonveyed id said deed, ootsiating of the Household and Kitchen Fun itnre; which comprises th? ntual va lety. Consisting of Chairs. Tables. Beds and Bedding, Carpets, China and Crockery .At. Alto the au ire coa'onU of the Conf ione-y More and Bakery now occupied l>y fa d Decker, nontitting of f andies.Cakes, Faney Aitic'es Jart, Ovens, Pane, 4c., Ac , and one excellent Draaght Horso ar.d Carriage. A so. a Oarrya I and ^ameaa, Ac., 4c. The terms of J*a e will be rash. I' the d*y should prove mo^ment. the same will take place the ne; t fair day thereafter. CHRISTIAN F. SCHMIDT,Trustee. no 23 eo&da A. GR K* N. Aaot By A. GKEEX, Auotioj.eer. Government sale of the followIXG MENTIONED AETICLkS lit TH1 W^ASHI^O Ton IliVt lAh'J, AT ArCTI?S. TO TRI HIGHBUT iSiuoit ?On* 14sn dt; of December nut, 1 fha'l ??:i a' treNavy Yard, in thii oit;,*t 12 o'clock, m.. the following arfiolea, visTwo Suction Engine*, one old Tennoning Ma ohine. Old Pumpi, lot of old Leathern Hose, 0:d Rope Jack.7 empty Carhoy?,one old Stove, A lot of Kence Haling, Office 'tepe, Ir?f ilrAAt I Jimnt lot a d UmnArrm akH RIawam Terms caeh in specic. By or?W of the Navy Agent no l?-law A. GRREM, Anft. IFOR KINO GEORGE. N Addition to h?r other recular landings. the j*te*nicr ST. NICHOLAS, Captain JT? >. Gut, will hereafter call to 'and tak^ off pa**enger? at Chatt-rton^^?-^ ^* iTayloe's) Landing, thua affording ihe citizens of Kuu >?orre additional convenience* for reaching !>n I til nn're. Washington ai>d Alexandria, at rhe ?o?r to Baltimore ? very SaTI'RDaV. and Washington anJ Alexandria every FHURSDAY. no 2i 2w O SEASONABLE CI.OTHINO. UR Stock of Mew and E exact FALL and Wli\TKR CLOTHING is most complete, presenting a f"fl assortment of Overcoats, Capon Overcoat* and K?pellant Ov-reoats; Black Cloth Frock Coata; French <2a*-ime e and Beaver Frock and S ofc'oats; Black Fancy and solid colored Caaiim?re P*ats; velvet, Merico, Cassimere and Si k Vesta, Ae.; gotten np at oar own i.iaruifactorr in the latontand most approved etvlea.aad under each advantages as will eraht* na to meet the vieva of t h? mntf AAitnAmiA*] ?>? r? )>? ? NO A li WAi KER * CO. Marble Hall Clothing Emporium. 6t 369Penn avenge. ^nn YARDS *-4 VIRGINIA CLOTHS, of the JV'u beet inakefl. 4-4 Heavy Twilled Flannela, 6 4 I.inoy* of the bast kind, Hlue, hrown, graT,acd white Blanket*. Woolen \ arn. Cotton Oerahirgs, Plaid Cottone. 5,000 jardu Calicoes, of all style*. We have a foil fclock oI good:. in every department,all of which we will r ffe. at the very t.weet market pnoee We invito all in want -?f Dry Gooda to give u? a cali. WM. R. RILEY * BRO.. No. 36 Central Store*, watt Building, Betw. 7th and 8th etrreta, no 21-2 w Oppo. Center M>rk?t Gas Fixtures, THE BEST ASSORTMENT F.VE* OFFERED * IN TH'S CITY. Tho?? who desire to *eiect from new pattern*, with the advantage of a reduction in prieee, will oall early and fxamir#. -v We would alao call the attention pf person* about introducing cat i to their dwelling* to oar inor?a*ei facilities, and oonsrquent low price*, for thi* bratioh of our trale. In* itinx all who decire thrir work done promptly, and fr?e from cat 1 altacet, to cail at i'a. avenue, )>etween 10th ai..'. Uth *t*., tooth side, nogitjanl i W. THOMPSON k. CO. W DIARIES, DIARIES! r F Hiyc a complete assortment of DIARIES iwi iwji, mi euoesnu prion, _ . BLANCHARD * MOHl'N, no so i Intel.) Pa. av. and Eleventh at. The undersigned has jast xSI^V reoeived a latce i-ipp'y of the finest OYSTERS of the tetkuii, and b?(i lea re to call the attention cf hu friends and the public to the fact that he has enlarged hia Saloon, and is now able to supp y all who may favor him a oall with ROASTED or BOILED OVSTER8 at the shorten notion. T.M.HARVEY. No. ?!?1 C st,, between 10th and 11th, po*? Opposite Theater. l\fEW CLOAKS, JUST RECEIYKD. Our prevent stock of Lad tea' Wrapping* is for supsnor to any former season, our sooond story roorns beini eulirely devoted to bat branch of oai IMfUKTA^iT .. TO THE '.A DIES ! cheap 1,n* CLOAKfNO CLOTHS fry Cl.4ik.CM to ortar for only ao oaata. Cloak Patterns oaly 25 onati. I CJoaka out and Patter n? .urnnhod zratii to tliOM 1 f Cloaking Cloths of aa. i Cloak* made to o.der at oaly ft. y^ir?illVL fn?y Cloala, auoh aa Arab*, /'^aga?, &.B?T?Cloak?. 8miin, Ao.,Ao. ?''X"? *t M?Xw"kLL8\ I1R ^-NWH.TF. BOUgR BE8- ? The undfnirnfvl vmibl mnat raala.rfti tl 61 whereUism?U rfMT |? aooummod&le Um hum M ??1 ma Lh? Sto-?ilwafc Any o^i^RK/LEiaSSoi^^. I uMtorsijrnod.vlnch ran r?f?lftiiy rr?rya?? bstweoa I UoMoitiM. Ordors entered upon Ue slates of ku tur?Ht' tht Rtor Ofiottit BMoa'iOtoMry Mor*, or M F. Whoelrr's Hirdvare Store, vill be prompt"' ? "a" ? tfsncwiEL. no 14-1"" (Lot* Oabora's Express. pAMILIES WANT A HEALTHY DRINK ! THfcY WANT IT ^U|B^TRMPEHATB aad COLIN EAU'8 TABLE BEER 18THE THING ! It is Ims intoxioatmc than cider, ud is kr aora mlAtRhU uii atHnirtKfmiBff Iv wliU Dkl vUj^ VUv0i * For sale by all Qrooers, locate a ilaafr-M oe?U & quart, *"r a*4-la Tarai: Oh fourth r?*h; tte mIuh la , 't. U. ad 94 month?, with inUr*?t. Moved by ft did of treat on tic no* WALI.tHAKNAKD.AMte. $agt?s3^Hl i ? jr. ??r fon.on on in t- ouneonu MrMl mi. I and on tic north oa a II tt>et r?M, a f+rt ?hU tract. It la nmul by Pia?r Br%aeht which mm Umtili h.u4 it tmi aciip. A t gauar iku > om of tha momt 4aauat?ai? aftaoa on tha bon?4ari*? of th? Matrc?o a. a*4 uSiovur who ra?id a in No th C*r?!la*,iivM paramyon orJ^r* to mU, it t(1 of* an appoit*. nitj to ( arc th? ?ub? it proMUt j a ink iuri ft?*. Uinlm S3 |?TN 4 r*reb?? of b^Mttfbi irom of wwiwwi. loag kn<rv?M th?fr**ht?'ewrtfbr : S'^.rsS&LT tai?atf i matt dMi ?bl* baiMiog utu, U>? tr?et riInfiiit o^rr??t, ftt 4 t'HNk m. m. 5K^:ss.?kTaapeff?i V*JY V^LUALK PftOFEKTY NO&TS OT I Iwrnni. os ru Fmut rtp itwt Oft PlHXT HftAJVCB KoiD. All Mt>i I'm TWBIA boms. heiriDg interMt. ao 22 d J. C M o U? R R A CO-.A aeta^ pONSTA BLE'9 8ALR Of VALUA BLE Real v> Estate.?By of fi*a vnli of wmIim imu d dj Jot. N. Pearson, a Justice el tika reaoe in and for tha <>f Washington and Distriot of Columbia, "n Ot? l?th day of November, A. D. ltt'.ii favor of John J. Bocae acaia*t llu iumi and chatteit, lauds an 1 UsssmiiU,righta and credits of Bernard Mages, and one other writ of *Eoeai Hon issued bt Robert White, Jnstioe of tie P?*.aoe in and for said ooantv.oa tha 14th of Noram bar enrront.ia favor of ue said John J. Botaa, . alao against the iomi, Ao., of aaid Bernard Malts. Ihav? levied aaon all tha aatd Barnard Magae't t taraat la and to that pteoe aad aareal of Bh d kaavaaa that part of lotaaaiberaa oaa <1 > tare treat of square nam bored fourteen, f14.) eg twenty fire (36) feet on nth street sad ?sawi|<f?) fhet oa Ppaa. a*., and shall yrosssi to mm, mi i'in-r OVNQ UIIOIDU. Mahogany *?fa. Hat Tre*. and Bali Chairs, Extension Dininc Tab's, Marble top Sideboard, Large wt of Flowing B!ue Dirtier Wars, B'hetman, Cut. and Pressed. Uia?sware, Silver Plated Castors, table Cutler/. V\ altera, BoiMl Mahogany hich tost Bedsteads, with heavy Ornamental Co.nioe, Two large P.ate Pitobe Clsssee. Mahogany^Vardrobes, Dressing Bursaas and Handsome Cottags Sets. Toilet Wara, Hair and Husk Mattresses, Bolsters aad Pillows, Cooking Radiator, and other Stoves, together witk a general assortment ot Kite ben K e^ si sites At 2 o'olock. in front of js r ami see. oae pair superior Norther a Carriage Horses, cigkt years One Haadaotne Calash top Family Carriage, Oas Karoaehe a< d one equate t ami if Car nags. Lot of Harness, Horse-eovers. fro. Tarns: 930 aid under oath; ovar that sum a credit of? and 90 days, for sat.sfactorilr endorsed Ir.f run, Stair aud ofber Cartet*. Hair. Cottoafp and Huit Mattreaaee, F' * h,r B -d?. Pil oti and R<>i*ur?, H ankets, Comforti Sh?eu sod Cnw. Cooking, Air Ugui sad other Sloven, Toroth^r with a (corral aaaortnent of tltrtw Reqmaitss, Hernia: *11 lumi nf and nnder #25 oaah ; WW fi25 a credit of s tad 4 in<>ntka, for approved enorawl notes, bearing interest. no g-d A GREEN. Aset Br i. C. McGl'IRE A CO., Aectioneers. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PIANO PORTE (7 HiRwon Pnsirtit *ir HvnuoLt arrscia, House*. Cuiusn, Harks**, Ac , at Ptblic Acctiok.?On WKDNK>DaY MORM1 Mi, November lOo' the reaidenoe of K - P. Pace. Kn . 444 C street, Ntirwr. litand 2d street* wast. we ahall aell ail hia f mature sad effect*, comprising? Superior Roaewood *?t*d octave Piaao Gnabe A Co. Bsite of Walnut. Green and Gold, broeatelle oov ered Parlor Fnraitsre, oonsisun* of two Mm and aix Ckaira. 8*5te of floeewood. Maroon,and Garnet brooate'ie covered Parlor Furniture, consisting of Preaoh tWas, two Ar<n ant. four ?ide Chairs. Roaewood Mable-top Centre at^a Boia Table*. Twelve Pluah oo rered F.eneh Chair a, and twa large Rockera, Two very, large and elegant Freneh Plate Fist 61aeaea, with Siabs and Bracket*. Gothic Fancy Ckaira. Roaewood Cud Tables, Tk'ee superior French Mantel Clock*, (SI say a) Handaome East India and China Vaaas. Papieriuact'e Tables, Mante. Ornameuta, P. S. The Houae U fur rent; inquire of "tie Atotaoceer. no t? By A. GRbkN, Auctioneer. UOU8EHOLD AN1) KITCHEN PXiKNIII nil at Adctiom ?Ou MONDAY, tke ?th imtant.l ball ?e; , at in o'?,ock a. m? at the reeideito <>r a *ectl?roan dec ining noueek**tmf. on L street. between S?Ui tnd 1* k ate. north. (No. MS) A ceneral aeaortinent of Firiutai'*, vii : Due Parlor Suit, conaieiinf of Chatra, Bofaa ud Rookert covered with T*aiea*k. Mahogany J*ofa?, Chain wl Pootatoola, Do Mar hie top Cei.tar anu Fancy Tables, Do Seoretarr and W'tpttoot, Lkf Damaak covered Sola* and Eaay Chaira, Daraa?k, Laee and other Curtain*, Gilt-frame G aaa.Chica Vaaea, Mahoaaoy t>.debo*r> at d Dre??in* Tablea. Cane, Woo'->eat Cbaira and Loungee, Beditea^lv, Bureau* and Wardrobe*, Washatanda. Toi inwrl Bultr t*r? of a>ost lilt; n omi Walrut and Maho^anr Parlor 0n.tee, oonaietinc of Bolas, Trte a-Tetee, Arm, Rocking, m Parlor Chairs, Walnut Bo"Vc??m. [Wka, ami Wba'noU. Roaewood Mar bio top Carter Mid Sofa Tables, Lounges, F*ney Chair*,aid Tebles, Gilt frsw.e Frenoh Plate *act? I and Pier Aum, IHmesk and l,aoe Curtains, Cornioeand Shviea, Vrlret Uruaacia, an<1 luc'ain Carpets arid O.le.otha thronehon* the Hnoie. Ptatr Carp'ta. Coeoa acd India Matting, Wainut a?d Oak Kxteefioa l)<mnc Tables. Oak Fr n:h D ni c Jhairs, Side Tab es. Large qi?a.ntitr of White atn-<eUkina Table Ware, 61a*swa>?. Table Cutlery, Wa'U-ra, Hilver Fated Castors, ice Pncliera. Cake Daakets, i*p<>o(.a. and Fo. k?. Roaewood, Mahogany. Walnnt, and Pa'nted Drsss ing Bureau* aud Waahstaads, with and without Marble- u>p?. Jenay Lind. Frenoh, and Cottage Bedsteads, goIi't.Oak aad Painted Cottage S?U, Feather H*ds. (t< ifters.aud Pillows. Toilet BUU, dupenor Cerled Hair and Meek Mattrseees Large quantity of Blankets Comforts, Quilts, aad Bed Linen. Pama?k Table-eloths. Napkins, Towels. Reoiatur, Open Grate, and Air tifht Btorw throughout the ho are. Together with a large vwiety ot Household Articles not neoeeearr to enumerate. Terms : #30 and under oa*h; over that son a errdit of one, two, three, and foer months, with interest, secured by app'oeed endorsers. CHA8 T.XiKIPHTH, Iraatee. I r v 11.1 i b k a rr> a C<unte- Soalea. Store Fixture*. kc A 10. a fiat yorn Horee, 6 ywrt IJ bos! apring, Sfruit v> tiiiii. H* r?"n. Ac., c. f>nna of #5n v d ao'inr ouh ; o?er far a cf da <130,to and it days, for tpprutal end< r?od i?o(ea. beating iLtereat. _?^21d THOfc. DOWI IAC, A?OC By J. C. MoGUIKK * CO.. Anfaoawn. TRUSTEE'S* SALE OF FUKNlllRK AN? I KrPfcCT# ?>P TUX LtAS ATXTTX HuCII- Oi MONtiAY MORNINO, November X, wad ooxtinning from day m<U* until the whole ia ?iapoaad ol. t>j villa* ot two deeded trn t u> ti.eeube rir er, duty recorded among the ian<t reeordt for V\ aab inc onunty, I aha'l ?"!i the entire Furntn-een1 KffMtloftll* UfvHW Hou?e. OQ a're*t, hetvaen 14th and 15th street*, cnirrnimf the Farn. rrnrn. mr hipiuti >u>oi VI ?mn1 r. vnh| ODIlltlOl OfHIMS . Porto Pico and Loaiaiana Rbla. Crashed, Pulveriaed and Coffee Haiara, CkHUtts; powdrr, Yiuur Hyenaa?d Haok T?>, Ubta ?Dtt ssacka Rio, Java, Maril and Wroaad Coffeea, BbU. W< lien Sirs*, Orleans and Porte Btoo MoHtdft. B?mi, bbia. I ard, oaaka Soda, Bblft. Rio*,boxee No.i sad15oa?.h< xeeTohaooo, B~>xee t*p?i ro, Adamantine and Mould Cand lee. Do Kaitinft, drum* Kim. fra la Oataa, Ca?ke Rice, boxee Stare h and Pepper. Box** fcaatport Herring. I* ke*? Naila. 2.COO Iba. Cordare, <.'odS?h. 10 nan Began, Painta, Oila, Yaraiak, Pitak. Taraentine aad Tar, Bnahala prime Meroer Poiat ?ee. Wrapping Paper, J i Monumental Wbuky. bble. Nectar WjuftBbii.VibaoD'a X XX Whiaky, 10 bhla. Piekled Cod and Haddock, Cham pat re and other Wiaeeia glaaa. Pure Biackbo ry Wine, Ja*<a oa Hum aad OM Pootnh Wbteky, Bbla. appi Braac,s i'rooaCogaae MiMdy, m..liana Gia anu Port Wlue, BM*. Keatacky Rye Wh ek?, Shelf ??oode, coD?i*ting of? t*? oat OU.&pioea, MaaUrd. Biaokiac.Cataar.Aa. B'ootna, B?cke<?, B*?ktU. io P nf ,r' '? wm .k.ri, 9 mi AUCTION SAIJSS. THIS AtTERNOOn * TO MOLliiOW, ? By A. GRKKN. Aaetiaoaac. HOU8KBOLD FrRNlTURE. ROR9F. WiGO*. ClTTKA. H LAM, ARB CloriUf Wai.ii atcrimi.?On PA 1 I RuaV MOKN l.NO, U?Mth inatant, I ?ha!' II, at l? o'aloa*, m mj * action Store, at uto ooraar oi 7U and 0 tU , Bo MP. ria ? ahotaay Sofa*. Ckair*. and Tahlas, Do (la<l;*-toi Waehelaade. Ward'obaa, Do?k?. Loaac*a, hh rao*. Bix>kcat*. Wain at Maaoc^Lj Marbi? t >r Draaciag Buraaaa. Two Fib* Cottaa* t- tt?4a Ptl'AVa Rivl IL> at*-1 nfcir~ r,,U?tTTo*. aid 8 b uck M?ttr<??'?. Cm* and Wood-trtt Cbatra aud K?k?ra. ttruiM a, loirtiB. M4l oik^r Ctr^ttii rooking, Air titht. an-i oth*r Ptovaa. China, tfliw. and Craokary Ware, Aud many oUier arUolan too nirawoti to eaaa? rat*. aoB-d A. OIKEN, Awl FUTURE DATS Uj THO*. DOWl ING AHUomw, Oioritinm, D.C. r AJtOB SALE OF (iROCKIIKft. L.1QUOR9, Li Pt.HTi.Oiu. Hoana x*d W aooji, Ac ?Ok MON Da V *ut. the *Ui u>?t ,at IP o'clock, at Um tor? So. 9 J on Wa<#r ?tr?*t. I ?hal *! ^vitaoat

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