Newspaper of Evening Star, November 23, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 23, 1860 Page 3
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t i % LOC AL N EffS. }^7"Thrujrh Tht Star la printed on the hiMt Mcun ]*rm In uae aruth of Rnltim*>rp, Ita edition * ?u iuge as to require It to be put to pre* it an ec*lv Advertisements, therefore, abould be s> at In before ix o'eioe* ra.; elberwtte U?ey m*y nv* appear until the next day. Notice.?District ot Col am Ma Advertisements to be Inserted In tbe Balttmosk S*xrie are received at snd forwarded from Tk 9ta? 0?ce. Mirrtwo or thi Ripvblicax Association 1,*?t Nioht.?The meeting at tbe "Wigwam" l.?t evening, or as largely attended as usual. About twenty-fire applications for membership were received, snd sppmprlately referred. Mr John H. Wise offered the fallowing reso lutlon, which wan adopted: R'solved. That the names of those persons who huve connected themselves with the Aisoclation within the Isst four weeks and not vet signed ths Constitution, or otherwise compiled with the requirements of that Instrument, be stricken from the roll at the next meeting If they do not then come forward and do so. Mr J.J Coombs, (chairman )?I wish to make a statement to the Assoclstlon, If there be no obi?ctlon, In order to set myself right in regard to a certain mstter connected with the recent examination late the cases of the Wigwam assailants I observe la the S nr of vetlerday (Wednesday) In Its rspurt of that examination the following: "Mr Ward here inquired whether the three . \V r?. ArnVx! .-J J -li .. .?v ~ -?v. ??uv wriv ai iwkru auu Ullcharged were not pnt on the atand at the augge*tien of Mr. J.J Coombs. The Justice ? Mr impreaaion ia that Mr. Coomba askrd for the diamiaaai of thece republican* who were arretted Afterwardi two of th?ra were put oa the atand at hia suggestion " Now, this ia a very small matter, and 1 care very little about it; but the object of that question a ad that aaswt-r ia very apparent. It wm an attempt to jfet up an excuse o? the part of those genileni?n who were proposing a com prom i?e, for bavl ii? refuaed to COlDDlv with the trrma of their agreement; nnd endeavor to make It appear that I at that examination called op witnesses, and Lad thrm eximned on behalf of the prosecntlon, and the defendants whose cise* were being examined into T? very strange, Indeed, if Mr Justice Donn should br-ve'sosecn forgotten what took place on that occasion It is strange that he should have forgotten that he himself solicited me over and over strain to tske part in that examination, and to ask questions of witnesses, and that 1 peremptorily as oft~n a* he made the reauest de?I'.acd, assuring bim that to do so would be inconsistent with mv position there. It is very singular t&at he has forgotten in so short a time that as soo i as tbc --three Wide Awakes'' (as they arc canen/ror wnom I appeared, were discharged, that I then announced that my connection with the examination waa through with, and IMt I retted as soosi as I could elbow my way oat of the crowd I never called upon, or suggested the ? sliliig ' f any peraon whatever to the atand, either th?* defease for whoin I appeared, or for the pruaecutlon. Tliere were a hundred preseut at th? t rue, who knew auch to be the fact? that I railed no wltneta. aaked no qaeatlon whatever of a iy witneaa, except In reference to the action ?f tao?e three repnblicana, who it waa abown were rightfully at the building, and there in defease of the premises Now the object of thi? misrepresentation, 1 reprat, la apparent It looka to ine aa if the misrepresentation on the part of the Justice waa a vrllUul one, but I do not charge that however, be may b? a gentleman of very D;?d memory. That ia tb^ beat excuse I can make for him rwe it ?lto Justice Donn to state here tuit he distinctly said his mind was not clear upon this point; but it was his impression that as ftoon aa theae three jr:d--awakes were discharged Mr Coombs s.ingested that they might now be summoned as witnesses He stated at the time f th*t if he was mlstdken, he trusted he might be corrected ] Mr. John H Wise (to Mr Cotmba.)?Vou were very much like rnvself; found yourself In very bad company. I think you have cause to rongratuhite yourself in getting away safely. [Laughter 1 Dr Br?-ed called npa resolution offered by him sometime i;wf, relative to the establishment of a republican library and reading room, and urged toe adoption of tbe same as a measure of great utility at this particular period. Mr Jas A Wise?Mr President, 1 will state to the association in conuectlon with what tbe gentleman has said, that to my personal knowl?*dge tbe few copies of the speech of Mr Defrees, delivered here sometime since, which 1 sent to different person* in Montgomery county, Mary- J land, had the happy effect of making fourteen converts to the cau*e of republicanism. [Applause 1 Mr A Duvali?Mr President I do not rise, sir. fnr the purpose of opposing the resolution offered bv Hr hMl an >? * n^ - J? f jyyr^M. into mv brad, and i would like to pop it out. [lABchtrr.] A circumstance has recently occurred in ibia country, air, which will have a teudenc.y to make more republicans In WashiBKt*>n citv tLiii all tbe reading-rooms throughout tbelen-tii ?n<l breadth of thia land. It Ys tb? el? tion of "Old Abe Lincoln ' fLaughter and apr-'.ause.] Who does not believe tnat his election haa convert d thia city to republicanism? Where now are our political enemies? Why. air, within the last twenty-four hour*. 1 waa in company with some hiif-dtzen gentlemen, four of whom were clerks These gentlemen A Voice ?Th?*y couid'nt ha*e been gentlemen If they were clerks. . Mr. Duvall ?Well, I waa in bad company; that s^ 11 [LaughterJ Two of them had been most violent in tLetr vituperation and abase of the republican party; and theae gentlemen are now sulicitous U> become memhers of this orjraciiation. One fr*end said to me, "Mr Duvall. you know me; y?u know ray family; and know I Lave a gr at many wsnts. Now 1 should like to become a irember of your organization." "Yea, sir." I replied, "and 1 also know a great many republican members in ttiis community who bave fiimliea, and a great many wants; and therefore 1 bave no c nsolatlon to offer you " "Weil," says he. "I'll b^t you 1 ert such and snrh a nl?c? ?? * l 1 said to buii.-'Welf? I'll bet you don't ' [Laughter] Mr. President, I will make It my special business to point out that Individual. 1 Know lui be isamioa* and solicltoua for an office under M' Lincoln, and has even now a petition In circulation to that effect. A voice ?.More than one of them Mr. Duvall ?Mr. President,! am going to subait a query, and 1 wish it to be solved. Look at al those who are now outside solicitous for admission here, and who hsve abased us time and a^ain?some who have ab ised me personally because, having b*en bora in the ?outh, aud seen dim of the bUsimg* of slavery, I long since connected rnyseif with this organization. 1 say how miny would bave become members, or desirous of becoming members, had Mr. Lincoln been deI -J.Lr.1 > A volet ?Not one. M r Duvail ?I have not one word to say against th*m. but warn my brothers in time. Let us be careful bow we sign petitions From what 1 hare already seen I am sure that thoae who will be most solicitous tor publ'c plunder and office under Mr Lincoln will be those who have abused him tUe m"St A Toice.?No doubt of it. Mr DuvaiL?If neccessary, I could mentloa names Dr Breed ?I have no doubt but the election of Mr Lincoln will have the effect of which the in?iikra ! ? makinor MmiklUana qurmUoQ n. will they be trtu republicans ? Mr Jas A Wise?Mr Preeldent, the gentleman (Mr. Duvall) forgot onegreat Idea In history [ Tbe speaker waa here Interrupted by a universe outburst of laughter and applause 1 Mr. Pirsldent, I do nrt believe that the majority of tbe members c>f this Association would like me to open my rtcuth in tbla meeting; but I am determined aot to be put down by any aet of man wbo come In at th? eleventh boar. [Renewed laughter ] I waa going to aay to tbe gentlemen that be forgot one very Important Idea In history, that when tbe maater of tbe vineyard went out to hire l^orera, there were some wbo came In at the eleventh hour, wbo received equally aa much aa those who bad been engaged from early dawn?a ptinyiaiy ion 'iwva mw woo baa been engaged through the heat of the day to grumble at receiving no more thaa thoae who bad coma In at the eleventh hour and borae none of this burden ; but tb? muter answered and mid: " Didst thou not agree w;th me for a penny?" Now, gentlemen, 1 wish rou distinctly to understand that when 1 take the floor to apeak, 1 don't ask It to make a long a peer b But I call anon the President here, now, to are that every ?er*on who has the flaw, no matter who be may be, no allowed to pcrieted without Interruption f~\ ..1 nana# aait aKalY K* Wtrr?f f X nnlaiia? 1 l'dr President ?It will be Umc I nidation of tke Chair to pnwrte order at ail Unjea; but It Is ! Tworifei*. !b of tbie kind, to at way* prevent tbese outbnn'e of applatiae which aometlmes follow the remark! of geotlemeo The resolution of Or Besd waa Anally Uid on tbt table On motion. Mr. Banmjjraa (Germta) ^dr??d the Association. A GBSAT Impkovcvbut Cosoibscto ?'tha work ef labelling the extensive ornithological collection nf the U. 8 Exploring Expedition of Oapt W tikes. now in the Museum of the Hmlthsonlau Institution, bat been commenced by tke Curator, Mr. J Varden, uud?r the direction and u per vial on of Prof Baird It will be a great Improvement and of advantage to the ordinary via)tor. an *<?efc specimen will be labelled with the comni"n English name aa well as the scientific, and V. * region to which tt belongs The w<rk of labelling tbU vast collection will require some weeka of rorsuat attention to complete It, aa there are manv rhoi.unda of labels to be affixed. After tb.? baa oeeo completed, the work of arranging tbe special' us in their appropriate order, regulrlujj tbejpnr tic alar attention of the ProteMC M>- j TA1T. IKD, On Thar day, November ?d, Mr. CHESTER WALHRJDGK, after a protracted ud Buffering illneea. in the ? n year of hia ?(?. The friecd* of tha family ?n r?yeetfaliy invited to attend hie funeral, from hi a late reaidance, at Ingieeide, en ?atarday> tue i<cti in?taat,at i o'clock t, in., witijont fttrther m<niAUo?. * , Waskiaitoii money vantorf. in exchange for all kind* or I>7 Goode, at Matthew* * Gore's, SM ? vectft ?lr?t. betweon 1 aad K. Tgjiil". tf maim. At Harriabnrt. Pa , on tke 7th iartant, by th? ?h AnviiTiftiMEST, lit another .column, by Mrtwi Heath k. IfOowld, Lift, Tire and Marine Insurance Agents Fins Grafs Vimt#.?Attention la called to the advertisement la another column at tne grape vines for aale cheap at the " Rlcbibond Hojjae." Hiti is xisli the approaching festival for the benefit of the Free Schools a? St. Matthew>a Parish. VV k VT1T* ? AlO Ml Vir#inia Pn??Afft.tlAli AP Association io-inorrow morning at 11 o'clock. These lectures are tm, end uv of our citizens who are Interested ia tne natural sciences are invited to b? present. Ovb 51 w Dollar Wiuu with all its vaged features of interest, is now ready for delivery,jtad ran be obtained at the Star oifice counter put tp ready for mailing. . Viw.u. UK * WI/IUUIUCUI, UUCUIl CI <111. i ncy have a first class stock of goods, one of the largest south of Baltimore, and can afford to do wall by their customers. Call In, then, and get rid of yoar bank bills. Tub latest Fashions.?Le Bon Ton for Decomber, tbe only book of fashions published that can be relied on as giving an accurate view of the styles that are actually worn. I a consequence of tue great demand for this magazine, ladies should send immediately to Shllllngton'a bookstore and procure a copy. It Pior Hi.iit will lecture before tbe Teachers' bvijk ior wj anvi joon Handly wai taken fri m Odd Fellows' Hall for behaving In a disorderly manner; he vras lectured and dismissed by the Chief of Police. Margaret Longford, (col'd.) was taken for a fugitive slave, or runaway, by Policeman Bright; sent to jail for safe keeping Jacob Coleman, (col'd,) arrested by Detective Ottteer Allen for stealing; retained for an order of his matter Samuel Croggin, arrested on warrout by Policeman Kipg; retained for further hearing. Six lodger* were accommodated. By thx adviktiazxist elsewhere it will be seen that money la wanted at Wlesenfield's ("A not uncommon want."?Don Juan) and that bills on solvent banks are taken at par at tbelr fashion.M. * " ? j mm w? ?l *m uvi wur Commissioner examine Into the matter ? Mi?sioxa*t Mxrriiie ?Last night the Juvenile Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church Sooth held its anniversary meeting lu the church on Eighth street, which was attended by m large congregation. Among those present were a number vt members of the Vlrg.nla Conference now sitting In Alexandria The snniversary address was delivered by Rev.Jno E Edward*, of the Virginia Conference; and exercises of the ordinary character for the replenishing of the missionary fund, were interspersed with singing by the Sabbath School children, and by the choir of the church. The contributions amounted to about two hundred dollars. Cimiu Guakd-hovik Casks.?Win. Campbell, (col'd,) arrested by Policeman GUI for being drunk and disorderly; committed to the work- | ? ~ V* K.-WUI uiciiil, wc CAped 10 8P the place crowded to overflowing Prof Anderson, the great rnagican, and the M:sse* Anderson, are announced for next week. We havi been requested by several of the business men on the north side of Pennsylvania avenue between Ninth and Tenth streets, to call tbe attention of the Commlss'oner of the Third Ward to tbe condition of the gutter along that locality. For some cause or other a pump with a perpetually leaky spout Is permitted at the corner of Ninth street, which causes tbe eutter to flow continually with water. The pavement is so constru. tt-d that carriages cann-jt drive so near tbe curbstone but that ladies on shopping excursions are compelled to wade through the nuisance or forego their propensity, and often the latter is tbe case in the iririnitv wn' floor of the Twelfth-st froat. and the bar room removed farther to the rear. Potomac water add? to the convenience of the wash and bath rooms, which have been enlarged and refltted with new marble nt.xnd* and sinks; and throughout the entire establishment nothing has been omitted to make the Kirk wood House a most excellent and cozy retreat for travelers. Tui Thkatsr ?The Howard family take their farewell benefit at the Theater to-night, on wh'ch ocras-.ou will be produced the drama of "Fashion and Famine"?Miss Cordelia Howard as Julia Warren : and the comedy of -'The Serious Family'-'?Mr 8 \V filt-an as Aminadab Pleek Those who have enjoyed themselves so much this week at the bands of this talented family, will of course see that tliey have a full house tn-nl^bt Between tbe public appreciation of the Howards, and the Amiiuiiih 1?- ? * ??... ?- .uw? .gu IUC WVUMU wu in mr city, trying to operate In tbe same way. The jastlce decided that the evidence wu sufficient to send tbe case to tbe Criminal Court, and therefore committed bim to tbe county jail. Tbe charge of pawing counterfeit money was not made. Rksovatkd ?Tbe Klrkwood brothers, over tbe way, have taken advantage of the Congressional vacation to institute sundry Improvement* in and about tbeir popu'ir bouse; all of which contribute not a little to Its convenience and tbe comfort of their guests From basement to garret the work of renovation has been prosecuted with that vigor and business enterprise which characterize tbe proprietors in aught they undertake. Tbe parlors. chambers, etc , have been refitted wltb new and handsome decorations, carpets, 4c , freshly papered and painted A gentlemen's sitting ana readirur room has been r.on?trnrt*xt nimn Alter the examination of the character* of ministers, the Conference adjourned until to-day. Sikt Up res Trial ?George Livingston, the young man who was arretted by policeman King on Friday last, on suspicion of beng engaged in various unlawful acta at different times In the markets of thia city, and aent to jail for further hearing, was brought out yesterday for examination before Justice Donn Mr. Berry appeared aa his counsel. Tbe witnesses against him were dealers in theCenter Market. Mr. Stizing testified that he came to him and aaked change for five dollars. The change was given, but he returned It. placing It in the till, and asked to have It Increased to fifteen dollars Thia not being done, he left the stand, and witness immediately noticed that a five-dollar gold-piece was gone, and at once suspected the prisoner, he being the only CraoQwho had been naar.andhe having had bis nd in the till. It waa also in evidence that be got fifty centa from Mr. H. Rupert in a similar way. Also that he applied to other dealers in tbe same way, but wltnoot success Also that a r r-coromended that no new Mlsstom be established without lm peri out necessity, and that the Conference draw their quotas only in proportion to their collections- The board hoped that retrenchment would be tbe order of the day, and the board be enabled to follow the Apostolic injunction to "owe no man anything." Rev. Mr. Langbome introduced a resolution looking to an Inquiry into the propriety of instrumental muaic in public worship, and to tbe best method of preventing its use, if declared an evil. The Conferenoe then took up the regular question,'-Who are admitted Into full couneetlon!" RlcbnrdC. Smil-y was continued on trial. BenJ. T Ames was admitted into full connection, and M 9. Colona and James P. Garland, were admitted into full connection, and elected to Deacon's orders > coiumiutt to conuaer ana repori upon ibe whole subject. Dr. Lee suggested that for the preaent the matter be left .?*& judiet. It was finally agreed on the motion of Dr. Sm 1th. that the number ol the Conference be left blank, and the aut>Ject referred to a committee, consisting of Dra. Lee, Smith, and DogKett. A circular from the manager* of the Missionary Society of the Methodift Episcopal Church South, waa read, aettlng forth that appropriations had been for the support of Missions of (406,000. To raise this the various Conferences were aa?eaaed to raiae each a specific amount, that of the V Irglnla Conference being f23.000. The treasury waa empty, there was a deficit, and owing to the short crop* and financial embarrassment, It was feared that the collections would be abort, and the means of hsmwiav limit**! Th? h??r<i a VllOISIA AR?U CoXfUISCI m ALXXANn*iA ? Stcond Day, THwr*4mf ?Dr. W. A Smith thought the terma "alxtv-fburth aeaaton of tba Vlrginia Conference of the Episcopal hurcb, South." waa an anachronltm. Rat Mr. Conlllng suggested an amendment. Dr Smith aaid that aa the Mrthodlat Eplacopal Church South had exlated but fourteen yeara, the minute* were erroneoua upon the qncation of fact. Dr. Doggetl concurred with Dr. Smith, and thought It would be proper to aay "the&tthaeasion of tb? Virginia Annual Conference, being tbe 14th annual aeaaion of the Virginia Conference of the Methodiat EtriacoDal Church '? Or. D. M* Lev thought the whole date was wrong The conference really reached back to 17*74 and 75 The date waa taken from the aaatgnmeat of Conference bound*. The 9 C. Conference, which waa In reality a much younger Conference, would yet announce lta next aeaaTon aathe aeventy-fourtb. He thought that It waa due to th? "truth of Erclealaatlcal Hiatory," and to tbe History of Metbodlam In America, that the Conference ahoukl not love twelve yeara of lta exiatence He thought that the aubject ahould be deferred for tbe preaent. Rev. Mr Cowlea auggected the appointment of AMuSEMENTs. WASHINGTON THEATER. Le***# ..Mr. 8. W. Oliitn. I THIS EVENING. F?'?w# 1 Benefit of | L ITTLfci CORDELIA HOWARD. And h?r Parent*. MR.and MRS. G. C HOWARD, On irkich ooeaoion Mr. Glkh.i wi ] make bis Irst appearance thia ieat>on. To oommiooo with the Drama called ! , .. ? FASHION AND FAMINK. Julia Warren..... Litt'e Cordr<ia Howara To conoiuwith the owned* of ihe ' , 8KRIOUS FAMILY. - Mr.8. W.Glenn yy A 8 H I N G T ON THEATER! EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! "MAGIC! MAGIC! MAGIC! GRAND MAGICAL GALA, MONDAY, Nor. *, And Following Evenm**, for PROFESSOR ANDERSON, PROFESSOR ANUEHSON, PROFESS' IK ANDERSON, WHO WI L METAMORPHOSE THE THEATER INTO A PSYCHoMANTEUM MA 0 NIFlrft A'T 'ENCHA NMENT. When will b? produaeH the MOST SUPERB PROGRAMME and the MOSTOORQEOUSSCENE S?er PreientO't by PsoritioK A XDIRI01V. NEW TRICKS without oumbsri. Remodeled Modification* of tnn Whole. . MISS AMDER**??N, MNEMOSYNE, MISS ELIZA AND MISS F.,?>RA ANDERSON EVKRY EVENING. The Entertainment at the THEATER will be INSTRUCTIVE AND ENTERTAINING, STARTLING AND ASTOUNDING, WUNDEKFUJU AND WK1KD. PERFORMANCE on THANKSGIVING DAY* and SATURDAY AFTERNOON, no 23-tf at 2 o'clock. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. NOTICE! HAT THE SHIELDS CLUB intend riving their SEVENTH GRAND ASSEMBLY at the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY M ROOMS on the 21st of Deoember. See particular* in future advertisements, QA no 22 2t* . THE SECOND GRAND COTU.LON PARTY ifth* V'RANk'i IV i rTi uf isan mm CIATI"N will take place WEDNESDAY fit EVENING. Nov. 28. nt Franklin Hall, 1) at ./MA near 12th. The object of this party is to raiseUHB the necessarr fuiid* to furnish th?ir sitting-room. Tioketa 50 cent*, admitting a gentler an ana ladies. Beat eoti Ion music encaged No hats or caps allowed in th? room. By order Committee of Arrangements. no22-6t 0 1. O. O. F. D D FELLOWS' LEVEE! At ODD FELLOWS' HALL, 7tk tt.. MONDAY NIGHT, Nov. 26, Commencing at 8 o'clock >? luiors u>uu win dc iu ?iveuuince j no oupper will b* prepared by Charles Klomau, Esq., at ih? usual price. Tickets of admission fl, admitting a gentleman and *rlies. A pleasant time may be anticipated bv all who may attend. no 21.23,24 26 | OOK OUT FOR THE MONUMENTAL?I EIGHTH GRAND COTILLON PARTY of the MONUMEP?TAL CLUB, at Thohh's fi% Hall, on jfl MONDAY. D^>em!r?r 10. Mm. For particulars see futur? advertisement.UNA By order of Committte. no 19 steo" WANTS. Vt/ANTED? A half-crown, tidy white GIRL, to M take charge of a hawr. Appiy 250 G it It* WANTED-An esoellent LAUNDRESS, fnot colorod,) corner of F and Seventeenth no 23-lt* BOARD WANTED?a gentleman desire* Furnished Roomh for him?elf and a lady friend f Knnrii r<ir tha 1b/4? #\r 1? ? ? ? i, ?*??? a. in a very small, quiet, retired family, where Ihey would be considered at home. Answers must give the prtoe o'herwi?e they will not be notiocd. All communications strictly and positively confidential. Address ''Alfred/' Post Office. no 23-3t* WANTED-8ECOND H*N D FURNITURE. Persons dec ining housekeepia y, or having a surp'as of Furniture on hand,can obtain the cash and fair prioes by applying at 3fi9 Seventh st. no 17 noNT/. ft GRIFFITH. Wanted immediately?From *5 to 910,000 worth of second-hand furni TURK of ail kicda, for which 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prices, aud, a. u*ual. at tne shortest notice. r. biYhly, Dealer in Furniture, stoves, fto., oc 9 4Of* 7th at., bet. G and H, oast side. LOST AND FOUND. A SHAWL TAKRN FROM A NEGRO ROY' and tuppos d to b* stolon, can be hsd by tb? owner's calling at 404 Seventh street. Iiotwe'n li a id H, by proving property and paying charges. no 21 3:* _____ CTRAYEDOR STOLEN, from U-aCity Post Office. <>n Sunday mortinr last, a large r\ gray HORSE, '.6 or 16 hands high, w|th*LI^3 sir"1! mane ar.d tail, and had on a >addie*^^^ ana bridge. A liberal reward will be oaiii to tntnn* r-turning the sami-o VV. C. HAZEL'S SUvGie, e n Be 1 St.,tretween High and Congress sts , Oeorsetowi; or t the Po*t Office. no 21-St* LOST?On the fith instant, a white and liver colored SETTER DOG. Who<sver may?as._^> have her will he nuit&My rewarded hv?-J. b'inKing her to I0ii West street, tieorre town. ^ no 15-1 aw3w* OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the verr latest stjle?, and in all cases made^fy i oj'the U'st material. Call at once and cet^DJ oho cs. At STEVENS'S, noiS tf 336, Ixitw. 9th an j lotn its. /^i wnnn_tt'imni I vfO^D PINE WOOD, delivered in loti of not !o?s than half cord, for ?3.6i) per cord. Call at the Wo?>d < ?fR~e, southwest corner of Thirteenth and L *t*., and satisfy jrou.-selves. Terms ca-h. log lw' W. F. COLLINS. PIANO FORTES AT SACRIFICES. FOR CASH OR CRKDIT ?Riad !?A Second -hand superior tone seven octave fiano Forte r>se->o d ca e, warranted, for 3130 A (food second-hand Piano,nearly new, for $150. o?s for f60, one fur S5'J, one for $i5. Call quick. JOHN F. ELLIS, no a 306 Pa. av., between sth and 10th sts. |\R. SOHKNCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP, U Do. SEA WEED TONIC! Dp. MANDRAKE PILLS, For sale by 8. B. .WAITE, corner of Seventh street acd Louisiana avenue. rrio* of Syrup, #1 per bottle. Price of gea weed Tonic fl per bottle. Price of Mandrake Pi le, 25 oents per boxThose afflicted with diseases of the Lungs, Liver or Stomach, aooon panied with pains in the Uaok. Breast or Side, should try Dr. Schenek's Medicines. and are referred to th? following certificate, one of the many testimonials of oomplets cures in Dr. Schenck's poises* on. No. vn West Fifth street. / _ _ Washington, D. C.. Nov. 2tst. I860.v D*. Schksck?D ar Sir: I suffered much lor several montnii with l.iver oomaiaint. I uaded b> a friend to try ?our Pulmonic Syrup, U4 Mandrake Pill*. I am now quite wall, and believe your mrdictite teas tMe meant of rettorin* me to kmlth ant vigor. Therefore I take muoh pleasure in recommending it to the Publio. M. 9. 8 no 22 lm T u *nkets flannels. * HAy L, Now on hand a large aniortnaent of fine Bed Blanket#. Aleo, Servants' Ulankoti, White and Colored. Alto, ?ood aeeortmmt of B?d Comforte. W hite Marseille* QuilU and large vanity of Flannels at reduoedprieea, _ H. EG AN, 421 Seventh *t., nozi-Bt . near Avenue House. ~ winter millinery. / W"*VI wi ?f 11* a ?ixv uv/.i* ^m\ NETS, comprising the latest and most de?ira-^EJ Me styles of the season. F?ls^i;iriiSK'.T^?i?Bca,5ikSfall of which we are enabled to sell at greatly red U C6v n I HUTCHINSON * MUNRO, 310 Pa. ar? noSi-d2wfceo>w Between 9th and oth its. g I L K S! SILKS!! ~ S I L K~8!if~ Pf*eeevtoat i? to saj, a Silk Robe for f 16. worth mm noun Koo?ior?au, worth ?35. We have a large oolc of DreaaGooda of every deaon prion, and we will eloaa them out at very low prices. Call MMMMiiMAur a took. WM. R R1I.EY * BROTHER, No. 36 Central Storea, Between 7th abd 8th t treats, no a tyr oppoaita Center Market. I SINGING SCHOOL. TI??ro?oaed to open a Sinjini School for the cultivation of Stored Muaio on SATURDAY EVKNING,the Mth inatant, at 6 o'clock, in the l,eotnra Rwm of the New York avenue Preabyterian Church, (Dr Gurley'a,)under the inatruo'ion S.^.Pr2fV,JH^*Lf,, & of Alexandria, Va. Th? School will be under the pationace ol the i; nuron. Persons of every denomination. iboth adults and children,! who d?aire to avail themaelva of thia opportunity of instruction, aro oordia ly invited to tt ia proposed to uae the "Jubilee" m the hook for instruction. Terms for the oourse of twelve w?fcs, |1. no 3Q-M Anew select school SELECT SCHOOL for children will beopened o?tn?nr?i .m uuay in ueoemoer next, at in corner of E and Seventeenth ate.. Firat Ward. Attached to the houee i? ft large garden in wtuoh the ohi dren may engage in open air exeroicee. Aa the si # Stb?^f ,fey\Mri""j~.V?dfi?r; lfcno., 6?4 lim, nitrated, cloth extit, <1 25. nog tf [\flORE NEW DKKK8 GOODS OPENED i 1V1 THIS DAY. I ? GREAT BARGAINS. _ We ere eeiliag in h& ad tome i>reee Ooodejnel rwJ iTfd, to which w* deeire the tp<-o,a! ftttenrion of Ml puroh&eera before m&Ting their eejeotioce eteewbere. J. W. CObLKV * C<J.. do \l-iw 893 Heventh ?t., above F*. rh?. D"- 8ELDEN W. CROW. " "FPICE?4#1 TBHTH ST., Bijwiu E AMD F, ID* Advioe to the eoor^'thontoherre from U : 10 o olook every morning. bo 1?-*v of Emert l.ecore, iranal&ted by J. W. Falmei; M. D.; price SI By mail. r Allot Mnrion Har and'a Boofca, Nmbmii. Hen Sidr, Hidden Path and Alone; prtoo eaoh #1^5 by pnai. no 31 More sirw books by catholic auTHORS.?From Mr. M. D RObSELL,?"Tei th strnet, oppuaiie Avenue Honee. we Trianph ?i the Cath- Lo Church in the early a*ea, by AmioroM Monahan, D. D ; 12ino., 572 pafea; oloth extra; prioe ft. Roaenmy, or Lit? and Death, a tale of our own tints', by Dr. JT V. Huntington, I'luatrated by For overcoats. PANTS, VESTS, HATS AND CAPS, 60 to SMITH'S, No. 460 SeTe&th at,, ow Ooanait* Vniit OflFoft. GREAT BARGAINS. WO CHICKEXING PIANOS In beet order. One for 9 US and on* for ftl2& -wi'I b? ?old upon muathi* hi inenta of flu at the Aluaio Store of W. (1. MET/KROTT. nolo Batchklor'9 inimitable hair dye. ?nd all firat-uaea Toilet Articiee, for awe at GIBBS'S Win, BrMd. and Curl Manufaotory, '.144 Pa. avennw. rmarliHb ?t on ?-S?n At FRENCH 1EkTo?F^S. *TS Pa. av. A**nt? for the whole World, Fo ka Sonta, ele<u}tly bouud, printed on toned rI*0 GROCERS, CONFECTION ER8. SKGAR DEAI-KR8 wid RKPTAUHANTS. PAPER BAGS PAPER BAGS. PAPER BAGS. Hixes ranging from half pound to tweatr pounds, of diflerent qualities of paper Jar. sale h? FRENCH * R1CH8TEIN, 478 Pa av. N. B.?A lot of old Newspapers, suitable for wrap ping paper, for sale. no 17 . fREAT BARGA1N8 IN PIANOS.-One very VI nioesev?n-oe?a?eCarvrd Piano Forte, having been in use a short tune only, the owner leaving the city, for sale for #300.Mi ?Ti One very ni e Rosewood f'hickerint Piano for M135, at (he Masio Store of W. G. METZER< >TT, >o!e Agenoy of Stetnway & Sons' Overstrung Pianos- no ? 1. ' PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Hat removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F etg. Heia prepared to in'rodnoe Water and Gaa upon the mo?t favorable terms, and guarantiea enti.e at i faction Hehaa on hand a lot of COOKINO and other 8TOVKS, which he will cell 1ms thin oo*t. aa he wish?4 to net rid of them. no 1? the rima laotoriee, Silver plated Ware on fine Alhatta, warranted, A large atook of Coal Oil Lamps, numerous patterns, Paper Lamp Shades and Chimuiei, Cut Glass Globe*, Hyacinth Glasses, Fanoy Artielee, Tore, &o , Sc.o. C. K FOWLER St CO., 504 Odd Fellows* Hall, no *6-eo6w Seventh street. T RMVnb'll Fresh lot of green and black TEAS. At L. A. DEI.!. WIG'S. no 17 Iw Navy Yard. 9 10 housekeepers wa?hinstun,9 borge c# town and vicinity. We invite the attectirr. of Houaekeepe r? to our vary larre and heautifu' itock of CHINA, ?1.A*S and EARTHEN WARE, whioh in now rendered complete in every department by ou/ reoent importations We deem it unneoeeasry to enumerate artie'.ea, a* we have every thiiiR that ia uiua It kept in the China Busineas, from rioh deooraied Frenoh Chin* Dinner and Tea Seta to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and aa we import the majority of oar gonda, we are prepared to famish the beat Quality,either t-? the wholesale or retail trade, aa low aa any of the importing houaea of Baltimore English an1 Ani?rioan Cutlery of superior qnalitv, Al?o, Horn, Buck and Cucoa handle Cntiery from \ urura t u<miiu,cwj in nil u~y?: illi^uis, CARPETS, CURTAINS, OIL CLOTHS, RUG*. Ao..ur po-- floors. ! HOUSE i 1NKNS, COMFORTS, BLANKETS, Ao.. I>a?ernent aDd the "vault*." One prioe only; the valne marked in plain figare*. Al! paro*:? oftrelnlly packed free of charge An examination of sloe* incur* no obligation to purohaM. perry a BROTHER, Dealer# in f.-?t cla*s d't Uoodn, Penc?Tl?ani8 avenue and 9th street, no 17-5t " Perrr Building." New raisins, currants, citron, LEMONS, CRANBERRIES, WALNUTS, ALMONDS,and OLIViS OIL At L. A. DELLWIG'8. BROWN. YELLOW, and COFFEE 3UGARS, CRUSHED and POWDERED do At L. A ilKLLWIG'B. fable Boarder* alto aooommodated. no 13 2t* BOARDING.?Three or four iirule gentlemen can he accommodated with Board by applying at No. 513 Mary and avenue, between 4>? and 6'a eta , I?lat,d. Mechanics preferred. no 10-tf The styles, the quality, the prices. Onrstook of fLOAKS, SHAWLS.and WINTER WRAPPINGS for Lwhea (are aaiJ by puroha*<ra) to excel in fell the above point* Our atook of t)RY GOOOS ^for family want* la it i Ai/n.M r. Hwnnivn, thi um?T fl*T*OLn!" oiht AMD Doctrbss, from Europe.?This highly 6iflo<l and intelligent lady can be con?u ted on ti? Paat. I*recent and Future Ever.ta. Call at No. 406 Eighth *t., between G and II, Washington. no2-Im* BOARDING. Boarding at ninth street.?ono of the mod deniable Ropr"*, furnished with gas and water.^is now^ vacant at 4.53 Ninth atreet, to you and cause them to love you ; wilt make speedy marriages and grsat pood lurk ; will ad viae in regard to Lawsuits, Travels, Losses. Number*. 4o. Office and Reception Rooms at Richmond House, corner Eighth and D sts.; private en'ran^e on D st. Gentlemen also call. no ?3 fit * I HOLD A DEED OF TRUST ON THE PRuPerty offered tor sale in the advertisement of W m. 5. Craig, Cnns'able. rfated Nov. 19th imtant. for e sal" of Bernard Mage*'* intereit in Lot No. 1 in Sq jare went of Square No 14 on 26th street and t*a. ai'ft nu*. which sa a d^ed was executed to in good f?tth. ai:d for a valuable cor. alteration. I do, therefore, protect against the said sale, as being without authority of law. and caution a:f persons against bidding at the pretended sa e no2" 7t* JOHN MAGKK. m <v a nt un tfn (i nine rv a Fori further information inquire of M<?OK^S i CISSEI>,7th street, Washington. no2-lawlm* EH>R SALE?A email FARM ofao acres, situate* r at tho Little Fall*, having a aomfortabledwelling-house, oorn-house. stables, Ac ; well-fenoed and watered; within four miles of Washington ; 1A acres in cultivation, the balanoe in handsome woodland. It is peculiarly desirable as a oountry reel denoe, being perfeotfy healthy and i..jst romantically situated; excellent fi-tiing and hunting. Inquire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bridge, Little Falls. de7-aawtT personal]A STROLOGI8T, A MADAM I. REVISE. Do not fail to visit this rknowhxd lady before eh* leave* the city. All who are in trouble of any kind, go at oneeto her Madame will bring anyone No. 48ft Mtu. avenue, between 4th ancf 5th U.', north eide no 16-tf |?OR RENT?A throe story brick HQUSE.oon* taming 8 rooms, in good order, with ga? fixtures complete, on H street between 4th and 5th. Also, a two-?tory bnok COTTAGE. with large yard attached, ooroer of F street north an 114th st. east. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms wnl bo moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between <i aad H. no 13-tf CLINTON HOUBK, n'.w occupied by P. W. l)nr?nT will !> fnr r?nl nn 1?? Un>i?> loci No. 470. h#tw??ii F and G streets. foueuion k'.v-Vi?, ?' December next. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD. 476 Twe fth at. nol9-dtf I^O LET?A coirmodioua three-story HOUSE, building, wine, aide lot, stable, Ao , completely furnished with ail th* modern improvements, en the of H and Twenty-first streets. Possession nvrr> immediately. no 17-lw? F'OR RENT?Two ROOMS in third atorv-adjoimnjr with water and km, or a fine PAR Lb R. liehWd with fa*, in aeoond story, in a pleasant part of the Cltv. T?rmi !? A nnl* n. L> rv(? u" urn OlMl LV/Uf\* W AStlfjfti | and 1RONER. teheal?o underatanda nursing children. A<? 44 yeara For partioulara oall at Onco at 394& I atreet. aa the owner wiahea to dia* poae of her- immediately. no>l-3t* F^OR RENT-Tbe HOUSE and STORE, on Pa. J! avrnne, First Ward, opposite the Seren fiuildioga. The atore ia at preaent oooup-ed by Mr. Dyer aa a ahoe store. Possession given by the 1st of Deoember next, or before. For partionta's please inquir?of Mr. DYER, at the atore, or at Mr. CAR ROL'S, next door. coao-iw* \VM. EMMERT. I70R RENT.?A threo-etory BRICK DWELLr INH HOIJHR- with hm^lr "?i- - $ FOR SALE AND RENT. [ftf Otktr " Jbf 0*J? mtd Rent'' advertisements, trtMrt r?f ) HI AN DSOMKLY PURNIBHEI) ROOMS, in* L p'i\-*te family, in th* \Ve?t ErA m?y be had by M>ir?utM P. L. E-, City Post Ofioe. no >l-8t?o* mn u CNT- a ? - n? ? | v/ * i?n now uirw-iw y Dn.n>i\ 11UL I with t, aituat?*l ?a U itreet, fm J doors from INineteeath. Th? bi u?8 la fmntxhMi throatfront. a d contama all modern improvements. Poaprasion gireu December 1st. Inquire on thaareniiaca. no22-st* Three milks from Washington and Alexandria you o*n lease far 5 rears X acres of LAND?beat for Hardening?with tiie privilege of auttinc and sell inc ail wood on thearemi?es. Applr toO. TOCH MAN'S Law Office. in the bui ?* of the Washington Bank, No. 17,ratrv from C atreet. no g 31* rino at l i? a a?a _? 0 i GEORGETOWN. CwTupendenc* of Tks Star. Vimmwa. NoTemkor 23. 19? Oor bonks sospeoded yeotordsy. as ?m rxpoetod. There ?u no excit-ment, m every one sfemed to understand that sncb s course was Inevitable, ??*ci ?ur ?u i|irDiion in netsnooring mum At I we Intimated ye*tor day would be the ease, their action haa been approved by the butlneea community. and all teem to breath eaaler this morning On Monday evening last, a young gentleman of msiH loat more than Ave hundred dollar* cash, and great waa hi* astoniahment next morning when he discovered tbe extraordinary diminution of his "pile " It was considered possible that a companion might have taken it, by way of a Joke, and warranto were Issued or a boat to be Issued for the arrest of the suspected parties, and the police officers were on the alert On Tuesday morning s roll of bank notes, which bad been trampled on and scattered, were picked np on Bridge street, near the omnibus stand, by a colored boy named James Dover Dover took tbe money to another colored bey ("Clem," ifc the employ of Mr. R Jones,) who turned his back on Dt-ver to count tbe money, ud afterwards told bim there were nine note* of SSO each on tha Bank of Metropolis, and gave him aome good advice aa to not lett'.ag anybody fool htm out of the money. Aa Clem had gone to Dover i mother and repeated the advice, and alao stated that be had found "another S5U note which nobodv waa going to fool him out of," he waa arrested, and though be denied having any money aothtaown, the note waa found upon him He was, however, on recovery of the money dismissed by Justice King, as there was no proof that be bad not found It. We have been thus particular in stating the facta in this case, in order to exonerate Innocent but suspected parties One night this waek the residence of Mr. John McDaniel, on Waahingtoo street, was entered by bold and aklllfbl thlevea, who carried off a large quantity of clothing Mr McD. 1 oat all hla "coats and things,' even his uniform aa a member of the Potomac Llgbt Infantry, and tbe ladles of the family were almost literally left with " nothing to wear." Som' of the dreneea stolen were of tbe most costly dr<crlptioa. Housekeepers will do well to be careful, and atand ready to give these depredators, who are evidently masters of the art, ana have very " taking ways," an extra warm i reception. Complaints are daily mads by realdenta outside of tbe Corporation limits of our twocltias of petty tbefts and annoyances in spite t-f tbe very stringent law in relation to trespasses upon publlr and pri rate pruptriy wiiDiD tLe uinrict of Columbia i passed at tbe last session of Congress Justice King a short time since issued warrants (tbe first, we believe, by any msxistrate) against parties charged with violating this law, but they were not convicted for want of evidence A word to tbe boys. We bear every day of i windows broken, playmates injured, and other acts of recklessness by iacipient rowdies; and one case was mentioned to us of some of these promising youths who set up curbstones across the footways in the dark spots at night in order to see aged and infirm persons tumble over them. Some of these youngsters may find their names in me piar idu weir ooaies in limbo if tbey don't mend their ways. The Singing School concert at Forreat Hall this evening, for the benefit of the poor, will, we hope, be well attended, notwithstanding the unpromising appearance of the weather. Don't forget the levee of Covenant Lodge, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Washington, on Monday night. It promises to be a grand affklr. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS W maine potatok*. % ? Have at our wharf, on board th? schooner Petrel, Irom tiucksp-irt, Mains, 1600 bushels of MAINE POTATOES, which Wi-1 he noli low fiom the vessel. E. PICKRELL ft CO.. no 23 3t W>t?r St.. Georgetown. Repetition of CONCERT! The SINGING SCHOOL CONCERT will be repeated a* Fnrrest Hall on friday evening next, for the benefit of the Ladies' Union Beifvolent ow??T- BO 19-+OSI J..a_ 100 BBLS. OF FR1ME C10KK, Ij'T Arrived and for sale ?he*? for owh. no '? ARNV ? gHIMN. JUST RECEIVKD? 10 hhda. pnm? Porto Rioo SUGARS, MO bbla.??id Rjre WHlcKV, 250 bbls. HERRING and ALEW IVES. Wbbls. ?Jru?hed tod Refined ?UGAR^. ? ba?" Rio and Java COFFEE, 15 hhds.dow prioed; MOLASSES. Foraalebv JOHN J BOG IE. in i\fASs?EY, COLLINS & CO.'S PHILADKL1M PH1a6ra(jSHT ALE -We ire^natanffy receiving freah supplies of the above deiightft; beverage, and invite ail peraona who want a pnrtuadulterated Ale, to give it a tnal. ... I m, , . TAKE NOTICE! ikv Tak,6/.* liicda of Virginia mon?r for my book debta and fjr Boota, Suota, aud Trunks. All peraons indeb'ed to me wiil pieaae ca 1 and settle up, or 1 aha 1 be compelled to give their accounts into the hands of a oollectnr ...? P .HOOVER. Iron Hall, nu4i r? ?v . iwrwwn inn aoo UTn m CHILURfcVS BOOKS, *o., 4o. VJO To FRENCH *. RICHSTEIN'h No. 878 Petu avenne. and ex%iniue Uur extremely !arge and Ix-autiful assortment of Children'* Book', ( awne, Ao., the ?ne?t a*?ortm*nt ever cffered before in this city, tin early, before th? ruin, and m?ke jour p<* fctiom. A !*o, a larce and varird a?*ortmei.t f Di^ri' for 1861. Will be received it next steamer a compute assortment of kaaiiui Almanacs. no 21 ? TO THE LADIES. RS. C. A. LBIBIN Would respectfully inform h?r former patron*, and the 'antics generally, thai she has removed to No. 3H4 H ?treet, between 13th and 14'h st* . where she ha* enlarged facilities for carrying on fashionable DKK??M AKINO in a)! ita branches. The latest fashions received as soon as published. N B ? wveui fine Rooms to 1-t, furnished or unfurnished. Apply as above. r.f> 1 Sw if 'RKAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS. VJ SELLING OFF TO MOVE. I ahull more to my new baiidioc, No. 3*3 Ta ?v? , on the lit of January, I shall commotio* this day to setoff at treaty reduced prio's my entire 11 >ck of DRY OOllW in store No. J21 Its street. The stooH is large and well a**orted, oomprikinf very a tioie osually found in the Dry Goods line. Call early and set bargains. HENRY EGAN. 321 8-rentli stop 21-lot near Avenue Housf. NOW OPEN THE obiqihai. gift book store, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'B, Next door to Clay's (late U. S.) Hotel, between Third and 4i streets. G. G. EVANS, in orS?r to aooomaoodate hia lefiona of cuatomera throughout the United Statea, has located A BRANCH STORE of hia widely oelebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Waahlngton City, at 478 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, whore can alwaya be found a complete atoek of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of tht UNITRD STATKR AND r.IIBOPK. Every'book i? sold at the PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATES, and A GIFT worth from Fifty CenU to ONE HUNDRED DOL LARS is presented to EVERY PURCHASER at the time of the sale. Being extensively encased ourselves in the PUBLICATION OF BOORS, and from onr large sale* enabled to purchase entire editions from other publishers, we oan offer INDUCEMENTS to our patrons not elsewhere to be obtained. OUR~GIFTS RE ORNAMENTAL. USEFUL. AND VALUABLE. Compnunc a Thousand Vanetioa ; Among whioh we nam a? ?old and WIyw Watches, Goki Chuna. Ladiee' ey.endid Black and Plaid Silk Drw? P?tteraa. Parlor Time Pieoee, 8i1t*t Plated Ware, Co?t!y Seta of Caoieoe, Bt??aic,Plorenti?e. Coral Garnet. Ttur*aoia aad Lara Jewe.rr, V7UIU UVUftDl*! x PUOI1I auu * ouo, ilkftta' Neck. Chaieiau.e Clmins, ttents' Boaoib 8tad wd 81mt? Button*, Poaket Knives, Port Monnaiea, Jfco., Ac. The ellixea* of th? District and ricinity are rea*eotfaliy larited to axamiae oar atook of Books and Sifts, whether desiroas of parshasiag or aot and by ao doing wtll bo enabled to judge of the advantacea to bo derived from oar popaiar system of oondaotiag Book aalaa. lCT"Can for oar new stasatftod C*taJ ofue, w tier si n oar method of doing baainees will bo foand fally derailed. [?7" Persons aondiac far books from a distanoo will reeoivo same attention u thoseh *t oar ?i??. the (ifta, in all ?tm, eeoey^aying the yorrta?. 0. e. EVANS'S GIFT BOOK EMPORIUM, 476 Piniu. irnvi, Mlt-tf WMhM|to?, P. C. l n i .n in i ' uci i n . :fncr UJ? iw Ttry u?^f ^ Cm*, and On Pnc* OnTj. _ _ UlSa^^T^^'gSi: % mm of 98,000; ae insurance MarkMt. fUXTWOBB. Nwr. PlMT *rm?Howard no Mies. Wheat trm. red ! luafl *B, white SI ?*ftl SO. Cora Meady, white and yellow 60a63c Proetitoua dull; nni tit. Lard lie. Coffee itoady at 14c. Whiaky trow at XMi)(c. MEs?&?>c^r Flansal UNDER(*H1KTV and 1-KvWF.IS A full aasertaeut of um. at low mm o..< y?Att w*m.*.Sa> JUWft'&WU o, D.BP Dctxoit, No*. fil.?Tkt ahlp Kockat, wllfc ? cargo at ti,OOQ bush Hi of wbw from Chicago t? buffalo, collided with the bark Octu Win, on I>ake Huron, oa Monday algkl andaoak tn dn)? water. Tb? vessel and cargo or* a total Ian, thutigk fnlly insured The Ocean Win waa lightly damaged. The Galeai mmi Chicago lrtlraod. Caicsoo, Nov tl ?Tha Galena aad Chicago Railroad to day declared a dividend of In per cent t payable In N?W York on the first of iann ; The ftanaateng UUoa Fnctory Fire Bostoh, Nov M.?The otacblaa shop of the Nsumkvag Cotton Factory waa aaotrsysd hy fir* lank night. O.C.8m!th, machinist. aoataiaod n Contois 93 % a93 H . f ainpiimmLary Ltree U Gav. Btrti. Bo?tos. Not. ?K com pit mentary waa given to Governor Banks and iadjr last night by the citizen* of Walthaoa, Irrespective of party, at wbkh the Governor wm praaanted with a ktvIm of silver plate, and Mrs. Bank a a valuable fold watch The contemplated departure af Govaraor Banks for the West cat*-* Bach regret among Lit neighbor* t alltilaa mm Laka Haraa. inir later news The King of Sardinia has formally accepted the sovereignty of Naples. Garibaldi Um r? signed the Dictatorship. and baa gone to hia island home. Flour dull, and 6d. lower on the week. Co n dull, and holders were pressing their stock ou the n^rket?closing Sd.alj lower. Provisions steady. ! and left The horse* w -re told In Smte Fe a few di\? ago. Since that time the Indians hare retell*ted. by going in open dav to Hatch * ranch, and driving off 46U Government boef cattU. The Gazette la out In a long article condemning the soldiers In their attack upon a small band of peaceable Indiana who came tn to trade, with ne intention of committing any depredationa liuslaess in Saute Fe very dull, money scarce No news from the Plains of special Importance. One Day Later from fcnrepe Niw York. Nov 23 ?The steamship Africa, from Liverpool on Saturday, Nov 10, touching atCjoeenstoM-n on Sunday, has arrived here, brine There are rumor* also. that one or mora Charlestou bank* have suspended, and also a Urge cotton house. The names are sot given, but the report needs confirmation From Sasts Fe. Ikdefendkscb. Mo., Nov. *1 ?The Nrw Metlean mall arrived tiiis evening, a day behind time, Laving been detained by heavy snow storm* News Ma reached 8auta Fe from the volunteers in pursuit of the Navajee Indians Th? campaign was vrry socceesful. and a large number of Indians were killed and taken prlaoaera, and more stork than they are able to take cars of; also, sufficient corn to last them through the wluter They h?ve applied for more men totake care of the stock The soldier* from Hatch's nnc'o made em attack upon tome Caiuancue Indiana tuat came into Cm pi to to tr*de They tired on them while they were M the trading bo ise, took all their horses pipmnt. \VHiu:se, Not. 2t?Ths Banks of (his eltjr all suspended specie payments this morning. New Oblbahs, La . Not. W?It Is reported that several produce firms of this city have sua pended payment to-day. New Von, Not. ??Our f nanclal editor* express the opinion that the condition of affilrs this nfUTnoan evld> ace a hea thy a ale of trade There Is more cheerfulness aiuoug business men, lbA tUere bss been more diacouniing to-dsr than a?T day for two weeks past. Tb? Banks are nrnvnffesting ev*ry disposition to aecoaimodste and n* fs!lores are repor'rd. The quotations for speda are unsettled, but they msy be rated st 3 to & per cent The latter for small purchases. Ar&C'T*, Not. 2* ?It is reported in bank circles to day, that Got. Brown will veto any law sanctioning the suspension of bauks, unleaa tte State of Goorcta secedes .H ? ?|^c< wiiiwrruw Mr. Lincoinwlll remain here about two daw an** then return to tfpringfleld The Fluaclal Preaaare. Philar>atrhia, Nov. '22 ?The actio* of th? Bank Preaideuta auapendiar apecie paymeataduring the present exigency !? generally regarded with favor by our bualneaa men aad the pi?, having been determined on aa a precautionary measure to enable the batiks to expend their discounts and preventive of a panic Like that of 1857 An immediate meeting of the Leglalatur* has been auggested for the doable purpose of relieving banka from the operation of the banking lava and considering the legislation of the Mate on the Fugitive Slave law. The Bank of Cheater County will svspead tomorrow. and all the country banka of this Slate will probably take?fce aaiut course. Nokfolk. Nov 22 ?The Branches of the Virginia Bar ka at Norfolk and Portsmouth and the Farmer* Hank nf Vnrfn'k i? Mr? Lincoln received quite an ovation at (hit point, at well as her husband 8 be bora bene if admirably, bowing gracefully to tbe crowd, and shaking hsnds with those who spnroa Led bar for that purpose in tbe car. On the arrival of the President elect at ths depot in this city he was met by s few gently men who took the party in private carriages to tnc Tremont House, wbers tbey are quartered The arrival of Mr. Lincoln was not known in this citv except to a select few, hence there was ao demonstration at the depot Mr Ham1 in ia sviw^t^l - - weu acne by We will try to do wetl l?v them in all |itrU of tbe country, North and Sooth. with entire conhdeace that all will be well with all of as. A federal aalute was flred while the tmln # topped at Blooailngton Aft r Mr Lincoln concluded hia ?peecU, Senator Trumbull wat called out, and rtapaaded hf l*fl if County?I am glad to mwl rou after longer separation than Iiaa been eotnmrn Viwem rou aad me I thank you for tbe good report you made of the election in Old McL?*n. The ptopie of the country have again 11 ted up their affaire foi a constitutional period of time By the way, 1 think very much of the people, as en old friend said be thought of women He aa'd when he loot hta first wife, wbo had been * greet help W uim in his business, he tbougnt be waa ruln-d?that he could neTt-r And another to fill her piece At length, however, he married aeetker, who be found did q jite aa well as tbe tret, end tbet bis opinion now waa that any womac would do well who waa well done by. So I think of tbe whole people of this nation?they will ever do well W towards nic 1 am not In the Uablt of makia* i^ffchn now, and I would Uwrefon ask to be excused front entering upon any diacuaaou of (be political topica cf the day 1 am clad to a?? ao tn*nv bappr and to to ao manr pleasant expressions Again thanking you for thia bonor, I will pa*a on my journey Bowln* to the entbuaiaatlc crowd, Mr. Lincoln entered tbe ear. which waa already in motion At Hloomlngton a rery large crowd assembled, and after many calla Mr. Lincoln appeared *r<i spoke again, as follows Kellow-eltllcns Of Hloomtnvtnn aiul U|>I * > Although the viait of Mr. Lincoln to tbla city was not (cMrally kaowi la thia r*ute, rot en?4a of pro pi* wtabltd itmr? depot, tod congrata latory demoaatrationa were made at tbe Wwa of Lincoln. Several hundred Udiea and (renl'iaaa aaarmbled at tbe depot, aad abouted for Lincoln until be appeared, wbea aome eotbuetaeUe 'Sucker'- Introduced him aa tbe Prealdeat of tbo United Statra Tbe crowd cheered vociferoaaly, when Mr Lincoln aa Id: Fellow-ciiliena: 1 thank yon for tbla mark of rour klndneaa towarda me I bare been ahut op (a Springfield for tbe laat few moatba, aad therefore bare been unable to greet too, aa 1 waa formerly In tbe bablt of doing I am pawing on my way to Chteafo, and am Lappv In ?olag ?o la he able to meet ao many of my frtenda ta Logan county, aad. If to do no more, to exchange with rou the complimeuta of the aeaaon. aad to tbaak vou for the manv H?<?m L? ??"? ?* THE LATEST NEWS TELKQB APHIO. M*?n?ati of Ur PrMMfit Bloct Cbicaoo, Not si ?Mr. Llacola. tbe Pr?M?l elect, left Cpriagfleld for this cMr at tl o'clock tt:? forenoon, accompanied br Mra Llacola, it nator Trnmboll and family and Dot Piatt a ad wife, of Ohio. Tbe conductor permitted four Ironed con Tictt one a narderer to oakar tbe car and take amti oetween Di? tollw of Mr. Lincoln and Senator Trumbull. A larfre concourae of cltlzeaa wara preaent at tbe depot :a Springfield to wltneaa tbe departure of Mr Llncolu He heard mar j a "God blaaa you,'" asd -Safe return **

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