Newspaper of Evening Star, November 23, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 23, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. rveLI lin'l ADDRESS TO HU BOTS. f fohs V. colm, erina. ] Com*, Northern boy*, and Southern boyi. And '-oys fr-?m Kwt and West, Be frieaas, shake hands, and go to work ; Yoa*re had ?noo|h of rest You't? roted for that candidate That each thought best to rale the State. Election's ortr now. ay boy*? The Provident NlsotMAn<JI aka him weil, or like him ilL What odd*, since he's elected T A President should always be The ohoiee of the majority. You're had a jolly time, my boye? Performed some wondrous feats: Hare earned hgbts. <>n stormy nights, Th'ouch *11 the mblte streets ; Yoa're wo. ked with ail th* toholar'a toll, Aad irMMd yoar ooata with "midnight oil." And bow to work, to work, my boys! Yon'** h*d enough of pity ; Aad. aa the winter** ooming on, Lett father la the hajr. Nor can our labor* till the tun Doth ull ua that our work ia dona. What car* yew who'a preaident, Or what oar* you who'a kmc ' You're got the bone and inutoit, boy a, _Aad all that aort of thins, Th* North and South and &aat and Wait Can buy half Kartn, aad whip the reit! 8tak* hand*, my boy a; Tore ire, forget; Ail angry feelingt ?motner. Remember that y?n're all fty boyt, And each to e?oh a hrrotner. Btiok to your tt iret, your workatopa, farrea, A>d thus ilafv m, '-world in a.-ma " Then go to work, mr honest i>oy , And prove four noble birth Bj struggling?not ?ioor( - oarMl vetBut with tbeaturd; earth, ho*e bosom doth more treaaara hold TUa poutioa ft thousand fold. [HcmuKM Journal. So*i Smiti ?There ia a German society down East composed entirely of the Smith family The following is the roll list:?' Smit, big Smit, little Smit, Smit from de hill, Smit from de holler, Smit mlt de store, Smit mlt de blacksmith shop, Smit mlt de lager beer shop, Smit mithout any row," Smit mil a " row," Smit mit one leg, Smit mlt two legs Smit mlt de pigs. Smit mlt de pi? bead. Smit mit de pig feet, Smit mit de wick vara, anu m:i ae jaaz i?op, s;ait mil ae bologne, Smit mlt on* ere, Smit mlt two eyes, Smltdeboae picker, Smit mit two "frowi," 8mIt in it de swill cart, Smit rait de cigar sturnpa, Smit mlt peach pita, Smit mlt de whiskers, Smit rait da rea hair, ?mit mlt no hair, i?ioit!" fftnctD* toe Lore ?Marr Smith, of Newburg, Md , found list week tbat her lover had ceased to entertain any affection for her, and at a late hour la tba sight rose from her bed and walked to the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, where she aat down to wait for the express. On hearing It appcpaeh. ahe drew her night robe around her head and laid down on the track. In a moment her head ess corpse rolled down the embankment , Aamet* Siouxm mCrn.?A letter from Havana, Cuba, dated November 5. aavs: Colonel Wood, serond only to B^rnum at a abowman, ta occupying the Villa Nueva Thenar, with Sienor BUt? and hia learned Canaries, e'c. Th3 Colonel baa alao the tea lion and Albino family exhibiting neer tbe Varieties Theater He promises ua a troop* of minstrels and the celebrated " Black Swan " (|TA Are at Laeonla, New Hampshire, on Tuaaday night, destroyed twenty-live dwellings, inoluding the Cerro Oordo IIou*e, the PostOOlce, Telegraph office, and two newspaper offices Loaa one hundred thousand dollars Nearly all the bjslness portion of the village was destroyed. II 7** Tuesday last was observed as a day of Thanksgiving in South Carolina. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWN'S HOTEL ?E G Matther, A Haynes, M Haynes. T Lefby and fam, W J Besll, Aid, J Grez*, W A Price, P Icbern, Tenn; W Goodman, Mtaa; B Coin J VV Read, J Macduff. J H Thomas and If, A l.ockwood, NY; DdeGircunl, J J Jones, La; J T Hlcksell, J A Moady and ly. Miss Tucker, P Dillard. W Lyon, W Flent and /am, S A Dan 111 and f?m, Maj' J Strobblcflrld. A E t^aitenbwrry. R Gliaa. Va; R .McDowell and lv, T Sbe.-.klaa; H Van Bui, Pi; Hon M S Latbam and ?un. Cal. A Floras, Ecuador; W McClane, NC. NATIONAL HOTEL?T George, NH; J P Smlto, NY; J C Smith Va; Geo Lemmon, Ml; J DChamplln. La; W Taliiiferro, Va; W Coch rane. Mfss; C J Wilson, L VV Lathrop, L B Ju?tIcs, Pa; S R Glen, NY; L Berger, C Mezeifc, Md J T Morrell. C N Hall, Ind; L Ztmmer. Va; J H Hail. NY; C Macal-?W. Ales Murpby, Pa; G H Pendleton, NY; VV Ladd asd ly, Miss Horner, Mass; T Seybolt, NY. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?Hen J Allen, 111; W Knobe, Md; H Drybolcber, J Jenklnsay, 8 G Arrnwimltk "<l V U *- 1 J 1- " " ? " "? I " ?uu iy, y a; \s r airft aid, LSuS; K L Sir lb, K J Lowmin W Lowman, Pa. OCEANS TEAM EES' SAILING DA YB * ? Uiitib Statii. fsttnmart. Lm?i. At, Day*. *v*W -X?rw - Sooth'pton. $7r 34 ?r.,*rtxj New V ork. ..Liverpool N-?* M ....... UmimiL.. N V TgKMU, New Vork_.H*int)urf yey - Naw ^ ork...Li??p?wi.. .life 5 Ar*?o New York...IUtt?. a , "i*-o".;? rioW Yofk_. Liverpool... Di-c '.2 Joha York...Glasgow ifeo 24 MB'jm Honors AfriAA - I ivmaaaI \I._ V? L_ &? ... rwvi i un.. ,r?oT iu i.-UJ?.. ._SouUj?toa_.New Vor? .. .Not 14 C. MMicheeter .Liverpool .. .New York.. .Not i4 Arabia .... Liverpool Boston Nov 17 kxonia ...doutcrpton....Now York...Nov IS LetneW.. Oaiway..... Uc ?ton Not? iu ? .Liverpool. ...New York . .Nov M TJni'd Kingdom. .Glasgow New Yorfe . .Nov J4 Now \or* SoulE'pcon...Kew York.. .Nov 28 KmJir Liver* )oL...New York...*ov V Boraeua.. S<>utit pton.. .New York...Dej 4 Jm ....... Liver pool.... New York...Deo 11 Fatten .So*th'pton._New'York ..Deo 12 PaleoUno Liverpool New York...O?o >6 l k? California mail a team era leave on the tfUa, 18th, and 29.a of every month. LHKATH 4. KN0WLK3, IFh, FIRE. i AND MARINE INSURANCE AGENTS. Omci Ovkk Bahk or WuuiMtuii. THE COXXECTieur~MlTTWAT. i tvv rv. S CHANCE COMPANY, Ow Hartford, COMM. PLRKL.Y MUTUAL! Dmdaods Made ud Paid Lmtt iHmdind J\fty Ptr Cant. FIRE DEPARTMENT. THE INSURANCE COMPANY OP 7 HE STATE OP VIRGINIA, Ov Richmosd. GASH CAPITA^ 9300,000. Alto. oU'tr ml* usd r*U*bl* ConpsniM. in which Ut?ic*?rod ??rUoip*M tn th? profcu witnout incurr?? My liability. acaia <* t^UWLKS, A?UTf 04m, Room 10. ortr But of Waakintvon. Entraoaa on C itrNl so 16 ROYAL HAVANA MrTTKRY. HE N?zt Drawing of UM R^Tal Havana LotVary, oondaotad by tna Spaaiaa Government. oodar tte iimttuiob of Um Captain ??naraJ of Cab*, Wlil till n&o? at Ha rasa oa TUESDAY, Norum *7, im. M0MTM0 NUMXRO 646 OMDINAJIJO. CAPITAL PRIZE 100,000. n:-? 'SSI S'nK"^r^,S o *y*o us do ?? s ? as!w 119 ALL *?9 PRIZES. Wfeola Ttifcm, IM-Bam, $ I <>-U nartwra, ft. Prutaa oaanoU at upfet at fc far oanL rtiaoonat. iJ. .aonau ao. veal :>*..*? imm at par. A drawing will fea torv*rte<i as aoon aa tha m?? r*ooni?? novu. ?^ All onWn lor aoAeme* or uokeu to be 1 W ZrT&4$vmY??J"'-0**f?h3f " * ?*rr*qt '"t ofrh^ employ era S?sX.S*fer" *" - ""SsSP. IMF* ran?!!* .' .<? {MMtuker, fcS-X3fa. .H WW vandoran ~>M : /2) \jjOr Comer of 19th ?r.J H ,u! Vl I if h?4 wit* tB? enoicMt Liquor* and Cigars. % Wirt P ri?d OjsWrs IB WMkiartMl a?Q btoMtiaW atbissUos- Fwmliss su?rU#<fwith Oystsr* m swerjr ?? IB. wd at r?Mo?*bI? yno?. m M euAai /'ENTS' PlM Oalfskia Boot*, $3.73 J,\M liBats' D- ut> o ?ui? U< Doutj t-OfMr m?rn H >ou. |t;6?au'>m Pr*nch CadskialBM t-a?trrs ?&<i iuB nand Youths' i<?jt hoots: Ladisa' Ktd. M'>rooo-j aud Goatskin* m <oi>u: Lu: ai Laood. Kutu>ned, Cou ttr?* v?4 aim, Arerr othvr ft?! oi a^i#*', *uk**' ad entlWr*?'s Boots BWi Bhos, *4i. KOSENTHALrt, PtklTn UotWMQ tth la] >fp ?ts. w lT-ooir L O A K fe! CLOAKS!! TmCwiII*, llS *"r5* 'th?0?riW<U. Irt5?. KJacw. With ina^y otner ntw Bad bBBuuLii sty ia R?;t fr?ov> bu: Frcuoh Bbbtm sriwes fr<?m fS 4o to ftt, to whioh ws uk Us BtUutjon of U>BQ,n**' TAYLO* A HUTCHISON. illOP BT'eKLLj'* SUNOS-ls?"ma, Ths IF YOU WANT to g?? good Clothing, i-uruistai afflW: war* ctse- ' ' t gratw IT New York Cr?M do. ? *? HLN& * BURCHKL.L. Hn3%ET^]i r.m u7 ui |iinnw? inat the bidder or bidders, if hit or their p'opoeai abaii be aooepted. will enter into an obligation, with good and auffioient auret!??, to furnish the artioleaproposed Blank form* for proeoeale will He farm*bed at thiaoftoe, and none will be taken into consideration unleea aub taniially agr-eiu* therewith. A:, the paper in the several o'.aaaea mast be delivered at anoh plaoeor ylaooa aa ma? be deeUnau-d in Washington olty, in good order, free of all every extra ohargeor expense. ana anbjoct to tha inapeotion, weight, and measurement of the Superintendent, and be In all reaaaeta aatiafactory Kamplea of all the paper required mar be aeen at this ofioe, bnt bidder* are raenlred to furnish, with their aropoaala, samp tea of not lea* than one antra of each of the kinds bid for,and npon which tbeir propoaala mar be baaaa. The saooeaefol bidder a will be required rigidly to oon/orm to taeir aamton." and eodoraad "Propoaala for Supplying Papar^* a>i-lawU NICARAGUA; ITS PEOPLE, SCENERY, Monamenu, Reeoaraea, Con4tt>oa and proposed Caoal, with oaa haadrad original inajpe aad tl! us'rations, by E. G. Sqaier: 1 ?! ; frioe fj Life and Correspondence of John A. Quitman, Major General U. S A., and Governor of the State of Miaaiaaippi; by J. P. H. Claiborne; S Tola.; priM ?X V va* Harrirrton. ar He woald be a Gentleman; by Geo. Meredith; 1 vol , f 1. The Foar Georcee: Skate hea of Manner*, Morale, Courtaca Town Lira; by W. M. T hackery; 1 vol.. 75 oenta. Cotfaca* of the Alfa, by the aether of Paaaart LifeinGermany: priaeRLHk Woman?& fresh aupply : Hoaaehald of Bouveriere. do ?. iuo do dtny do 16 bj to 1-3 do 4. 1,000 do fi-lio-poot do 17 btil do I IUO do nidiuii dc 16 by iS do t. SO da rojr*l d? II by 24 da 7. SO do up#r-r?y?J do tt by M do 8. 30 do impmil do 2<l-tby3l do I. 100 da dooblo-cap da IS by it da 10. 10t da colorti aicdimra, (aaaartod color* ) Class 7. 1. tfiOO reams writing paper, 16 br 26 inohes, to weigh tw?n jf-three poinds per re%m 3. 1,400 reams writing paper, 16 By w inohes, to Weigh twenty eight pounds per ream 5 3,1?0 reams writing paper, 1> by 26 tnobes, to weigh twratysis poinds 4. 100 reams writing J>ap?r, IS by 8 i no bee, to weigh twenty-fo?r ponad* p-r ream 3. 340 reams writing paper, IS by IS inohes, to weigh twenty fwo pound* par ream 6 V0 reams writing paper, IS bp II inches, to weigh twelve pounds per ream. All the papers designated in olassaa 6 and 1 must eon tain 480 perfect sheets to the ream, aod no "outivU" quires. They are to be made of t^e boot ma tenals, free from adulteration, finished in the best manner, out to a trne edg?. laid flat, and seourely and substantially enveloped. The papers in oIms 6 ars to lie white or blue, and of saoh weights as may be required by this oaae. Those in efassT are to be white, and of the sixes and weights speoified in th? sohodule. The right is reeerTod of ordering a greater or lees quantity of eaoh and every kind contracted for in a 1 tne classea, to bo furnlehed at suoh times and in snoh euaotitiee as the public sorvioe may reqai'a. Eaon olass w. . be oonsidered separately, and be suhjeet to a separate oontraot; bat bidders may o(T?r for one or m~rs of the olasses in the same proposal. -o proposals will be oonsidered unless aaootnea . i<mnis igptruM priming PaP*r> niM ud super-'alendered. to measureM by 33 inohpc.and to weigh City pounds to the rema of 480 sheets. Class 4. 1040 retina superfine map paper, ai*cd and calendered, of ?uoh sixes aa may be required, corresponding id weight with paper meaauncr 19 byM inohee, and weighing twenty pound a par ream of ?0 ebeete. Oiiai 5. 230 reams superfine plate paper, (calendered or anca'endered. as may be required,) !B by 84 inches, aad o( such weight per i earn aa mar be repaired. The fibre ot the paper of each of the abort ola*ara to be of linen and cottoa, free from all adulteration with mineral and other aubatanoee, aod ol a fair wbiteneee, a d pat up in auiree of twenty-four sheets each, and in bundlea of two reams eaon; each ream to oontain 400 perfeet sheet*. Uniformity in color, thiol; neaa. and weight will be repaired; and no bundle(exo:ueive qf wrappers) taryincover oi under fire per seat from tna standard weight will be reoetvea. and the'gross weicht will tn all cascc be required. Mixing of varioas tnlekne tea in the same bundle to malt* ep t e weight will be oonsidared a violation of the contract. Class 6. 1. 1,106 r?*ro? r,nkrta-poM wrniuf p*p?r, 10 fc* lg iocHtt. 1 a,000 do cap do 13 bVltl-S do for the put.lie printing tor the year ending on the 1st day of Deoember, 1861. The subjoined list specifies. as nearly as can be ascertained. the quantity. q?*!ity, and desoription of each kind of paper that will be required: Class 1. in/W reams fine printing paper, ?"oa!erdered. to measure 24 by 38 Ino'M, and to weigh forty-five poinds to the ream of 480 sheets. Class 2. 6 000 reams fine printing paper, calendered, to meakure .tt by 3B inches, and to Weigh fifty tlx pouuds to the ream of 480 siioeU. Class s 300 reams superfine printing paper, hard-sued and super ealendered, to measure 24 by S inohee, and to weigh forty-eight pounds to the ream vf 480 ?ne*ts. Prices of the bugines as established by the Patentee: 1? in. oyl'r #350 18 inches cylinder, ?Mf> Double* " J,4"0 32 * " l^MO * a ? J^nn ?) " " " 40 * 4.y? 48 M ** 3,500 " 48 *' 6,800 60 " ** MB " ? M 9,500 84" " 730. We are are also prepared to furnish, at short notice, Architectural Castings, fiom any designs that may be furnished, as oheap a* can be obtained elsewhere. Also. Steam Engines, portable and station ary; high or low pressure; saw and grist mills; hydrostatic, or other presses ; boilers for heating buildings, wrought iron water tanks; shafting, gearing, Ac., for tiourmg or other mills, and forging of ail kinds. se 13 2aw3m WM M ELLI3 A BRO. PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING THE PA* PER FOR THE PUHLIC PRINTING. OrFIC* ScrMI!*TF!fD??fT OW PUBLIC P*i*Tii?(*t Washington, Goto ber 2,<t 860. \ I n pursuaice o! the pron tions of toe "act to pro vufa for executing the poblio printing," Ac., ay rroved Aagubt 26,1862, and of the 10th section of he act entitled "An aot making appropriations for the legislative, executive,and judicial expense* of Government for the year ending June 30, I860,"approved March 3,180, sealed proposals will he received at this office, in the Capitol, until th? first Monday (3d day) of December next, at 12 o'olook. ??._ for Inrni?hin? Hi* ?* ?. tK*i ?. k> ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. i The undersuned have been appointed sol* agents 1 in this oitjr for the manufacture and sale of the above |, and are prepare^ to aupplr all ojdera with promptness and dispaton. These engines have t>een satisfactorily introdnoed, and are now praoti- , oailjr employed in bakeries; by bookbindera; for | boxwood cutting; bjr cabinet makers; for drawing fan blowera to ventilate buildings for pumping; for { domestic purposes; elevating grain; glass outting; ] ginning ootto.i; grinding auartz; grinding paints; grinding sugar oane on plantations in Cuba; for \ hoisting; for knitting machines; by manufacturers of pla:ed wsf e; of printers' material, of ailver ware, of agricultural implements; of matches; of hooped skirts; for pumping at railroad stations and on board i ships; for sewing nuuiimM: for job printiag and , printing daily newspapers; for various plantation i uses; tar sawing and planing lumber; for picking i hair: for polishing oombs; for shoemakers' uses; for sand sifting; turning; tob^coo outting and pnlveriting; in tanneries am' w re making establishment*; for soda water manufacture; for bone crushing; malt maihing; towing; grinding outlery, &o. They are inexplosive; economical; easily managed; they require no engineers; use no water; and consume very little fuel. Any jefson desirous of using these i Engine*, can by application to the undersigned be shown a large number Of testimonials frem persons who have them in daily use, expressing their entire Olltl fW/*t inn in f Kai r Anarahnn ?'! Premiam Fancy l^ront Doom, which are worthy the attention of those aboat boiidinr?having drawn the firat premium at tn? Pennsylvania State Fair, and manufactured at * Empire Mills of Messrs. Potter & Co. OUR SASH AND BUND DEPARTMENT isalao ooraplete with all sizes and >1/16!, to whion weoall particular attention. Glased Sash oonaunt1? ou hand. Hot Bed Sash, Inside Shatters, *0., furnished at aliort notioe. , OUR MOULDING~DEPARTMENT is also oomp ete with all the styles bow in central Bse. We axe also prepared to furnish Mou.aings of any desired pattern. Also, ail kinds of Tnrned Work, Scroll Sawing, Newell Poets, Bslo?ters, , Door Frames, and Window Frames, of ail kinds. 1 Also ob hao i,a general assortment oi Glass, Patty, *0 which we are offering at low rates. Hy A call is aolioited and satisfaction given or no s&ie. N. B.?A liberal discount for easb. N. 9. CORNING, Proprietor of the Empire Sa*tu Blind < aad Moulding F.stabluhmeat, bo 8-tf No 358 Seventh street. 1 |7?AGLE IRON WORKS, JLi Coaxaa Ohio At. a.hd Thibtxijith St. MISCELLANEOUS. Sash. No. tarartp 8nnr, armiu OnMr Mmrbt n. o. corning, StTCClMOft TO H. W. HAMILTON * CO. I l*k? thia nttartinitf nf mihm tha aH*ntimi at Carpenters and Builder* to the immense stock of HASH, DOORS, BLINDS, MOULDINU*, 4o., &o.. bow in store and duly reoeivtng from the manufactory. it hu beoome a well-known fact. that the nsaUriale furaiahed from this establishment are seoond to bob*. Oar stock we warrant mansfactured from well seasoned umber, and finished by experienced workmen. We do not hesitate to soy that wo n?w hare in store the moet complete stock of the above-m?ationed articles ever before offered in this vioiaity, to whion we reepeatfaily invite the atteatioa of the publie. 9AVK YOUR TIME AND MONEY, bv purohaung your Building Materials at the Old establishment. No. a03 fte?enfh rt eet. where you will get a good artie.e at a flair prioo. OUR DOOR giPARTMRNT . is wall stocked with aN? 1 artiols of all the va pinna tivaa. ??t w' aa aiUl t nLaknaseaa A a ma 11 1a# r\f MISCELLANEOUS. THE OILY FESPASATIOH WOKTHT OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE & PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in a1! ?%rU of tiiwworld tMtify to th? tfeui of PROF O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, ud gentlemen of the Preee are lummon in its praiee. A few testimonials oalrou Ni here *ir?n /^i'Aui&r for nori axu) it will bi lmMaiihi? for you to doubt. ?7 Wall N?w Yonx, Dm*, a, IMS OtntUmm: Your not* of the 15th instant bM been r^o'ived. saying that you had beard that i had b*en beorfited by the uwof Wood's Bur K* to rati v*, an-i reqaestinK my osrtifloats of thcfaot if I hud no objeetion to giv9 it. I award it to yoa cheerfully, Imomh I think it da*. Mya<* ? about SO year* t the oolor of my hair unburn, and inclined to oun. Some five or ix rear* emoe it becao to turn tray. und the rmlp on tne srovn of ist head to lose its ?en>ibi itr and (landruff to form upon it. Kaoh of those aiaagreeabilitiea incraaaed with time, and about 4 months amoe a fourth waa added t J them, by hair utllinc off til* top of my head and threatening to make me bald. In thia unpleasant predicament I waa induoed to try Wowl'i Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the falling off of mr hair, for I had 'sally no expectation that gray nair could ever be restored to its original ooior except from dyes. I was, however, freatly surprised to find, after the uee of two bot les only, iLat not only was tne felling off arrested, but the o"lor waa lestored to the gray hairs and sensibility to the soalp. ami dandruff orased to form on my head, very much to the gratification of mr Wife, at whose solicitation I was induoed to try it For this, amons the many obligations 1 owe to her sex, I strongly reoommend all nusbands who rat as the admiration of their wives to profit by my example, and use itif growing gray or gettin? bala. Very respectfully, jBxw. A. Lavsmdik. To Q. J, Wood A Co- 444 Broadway, N. Y. My family are absent from the oity, and 1 aa no longer at No. 11 Carrol Plaoe. ~ . Siamstom, Ala., July?, U?. To Paov. O J. Wood: p**r Sir?Your "Hair Restorative" has done my hair so muoh good since I oommenoed the us* of it, that I wish to mahe Known to the public of its off ecta oathe hair, wkion of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" the hair will return mora beautiful than ever; at laaat this is my experience. Believe it all! Yours truly, W*. H. KiirasY. P. 8.?You oan publish the above if you like. Br publishing in oar Southern papers job will gat m jre patronage South. 1 see several of vour eartifioates in the Mobile Merourj, a strong southern paper. W. B.S?idt. WOOD'S HAIR RE8TORATIYK. PaoF. O J. Waon: Dear Sir: Having had the Sisfortune to lose the beet portion of my nair, from a elTeoU of the yellow fever, in New Orleans ia IW1,1 was induced to make a trial of yoar preparation. and fount) it to anewer as the very tiling needed. My hair i'now tfiiok and glossy, and no vords oan express my obligations to vou in giving to the afflioted suoh a treasure Firlsy Johnson. Tba Restorative is put up iu bottles of three sixes, via: large, medium and small; the small hold half % pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at least an per eent. more in proportion than the small, retails for two dollars per battle; the large he <M a suart, 44 per oent. mere in propnr tinn, and retails for ASO. J. WOOD 4. CO., Proprietors, 444 Brond way, Now York, and 114 Market street, St. Lou s Mo So'd in this a ty by C. 8TOTT, ST5 Pa. avenna. an 77 eoly.alw PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZEN* OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, fco. Wkmrtat, CHOLERA DIARRHEA. DYSENTERY, CHOLIC. DYSPEPSIA, , DEBILITY, Ao., Ao.. prevail to aa ?larmm[ extent: And vKertat, _ It ma at be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know < >{ A REMEDY Off. hi. P""' MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as th? moat REMEgfRF^?HA?%fcO%Eg5S^AINT8 In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition is inteaded in the sale of this ure?i Meoioine, THE MONEY WILL BK REFUNDED in all cntts when the medicine fails to ritc entire atiefaotao A?k, then at u; Drnir Store for DR. MONTAKDR'8 MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take aa directed, and if mot perieotiy satisfied Return to our Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4H Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refuud your money. Prioe? S 5 and SO Cents per Bottle. For aale at all Drue Stores erery where. JAB. MoDONNELL, General A emit, lyll-eotr Baltimore. Look to your interest, purchas. kr8 OF CABINkT FUKNIiURE. We have now in store and daily re- /mmmm oetTiag the tare est, handsomest, and oheapett lot of Caninot Furniture ever offered to the oitisens of Waahlncton.^^B^B Georgetown and Alexandria, which oordial yjnviteali who desire furia/ining tooall and M?ny ?rn >UT1U?|'IW. um IWOI SIDO'ION (Ttrr oonoeivablearticle mmhary to famish* parior, M'rifiittbii"TtT**!r*^ntnrrr our ex teneive atook is too nuneroua to particuari?% We paly sa<ne a few of tbe leading arUalee, tuaL II, VMi Kvxwood, W&.nut lad M&hogany Parlor Suite* npholstered 10 a superior manoar in BrooateJe mik rlaab, Laatiog and Hair Cloth, Gilt frame Mantel, Pier and other Ulaeaaa, 8lit Bass, Gilt Bracket* and Marble Slab*, othlo and other handeome Reoeption Chaira, In BrooataUa, Plush. Ruah and C%ao 8entJ. Eteceres, with .Marble-tops and Mirror 3aoka,

Do. Parlor Deaka and Whatnota, Roaewood, Walnut and Mahogany finraana. Waahataoda, Bedsteads and Wardrobaa, vary handeome and oheap. Cottage Chamber Furniture, in Oak, Imitation Oak, Maple and Painted, with or without Mar ble Tops, Marbe-top H*u&?ka, ia Oak and Walnut* Iron Hatr&oka, HaU Standa, ? oretariea, Bookoaaca, Shaving Stanaa, Mar Ue-top Canter TaWee, Hair and bhuok Mattreaaea, Feather Bolsters and Phlowe, Blanket p. Comfort*, Quilts, Towels, Jtfl. in addition to our atook of Furmtar* our first floor eontaina a large and well ae looted atook of China. Glaaa and J rook err. Plated Goods, Japaneae Ware, Table CnUery, Britannia Ware, Biooktin Gooda, Baaketa, Braahea, Jtc., altogether forming a oomolete variety of ?v?r? ihm. furuiah a houae in aJl'iia ap&rtiDeata C. W. BOTKLEK A SONS, Iron 11*11, No. *18 Pena. avenue, M 17-MATtatf between 9th and 10th ata. QLDRICH.MgLLOW^NDPURB MONONGAH&LA RYE WHISKEY, Conaoientioaaiy distilled by Mr JtmM Burn ride, of Ailejany County, Penna., id the old-fashioned honeet war, fro?n theohoieeet and moit carefully aeleoted Eye, and in no out ev?r offered lor sale until adapted to wholesome in by me It la at orvoe the Boat palatable, aa it ? eropnatiaaly one of the purest beverages m the r?aoh of the pablio. ToThe Invalid.aa veil aa to those in ommenda itself f->r ita unrivalled qualities %a a stimulant of the safest. surest, and moat beaefioeut description, and many of the moat distinguished Cyaioiana are using it in Ueix praeUoe with the ppiest results. Cl.KRV * RTOrrnit a o ? ,"~w^?T6SWEhu cant for the Prop-letori, 336 r%. av., M - wi opposite Willardu' Hot*!. fro R STAMPING A PACKET OP PAPER, AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. at Um METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PH1LF * SOLOMONS, jvt v?wfnvc6 9 c#4i(/rorta Linen Pa9tti* . . "Mttrtpolitan Mill*" *t,%7 ? X lT 332 P*. ?v.. b?t. 9tt and loth ata. pLOUR, BUCKWHBAT.^ POTATOES, AP5 & r>?"ss Siiitt Msr i do. CheatnntaK earned to-day and for ?a!e low in lota to nit br D. L. MORR1SON it CO., *f>* Ooraer o/Twelfth aod B ala. XVrn ? NEW CMJAKB. ATI8RSUS ti^the ??UieSw ?lw?je be auppUod with frr.h Hed.cice.fltf Ffcnor ?nd Toilet Artiotea, fine aod aWiV Soape. Painta, Oil* and Window Glaaa, KeroJen* and ? there*: Oil ar.H limni fn- ?erow?n? K"kLY TK?' W*l"jk'l=\ > 014 ? ... dealer in paints. NO. 58a Tth gnnr, tar 044 WkU&mi HmM. _ ??-tf PPTTY~!8 DOWN. CJOOD LIGHT! U CHEAP LIGHT! i uy mis i/mcM>BuuMrvirui<lT<rgiiiiftAfrM?Jtai? Society; V?riium State A*n?nitur^Fair;Fr?nEn hutitttt* I'*ir,Penn?TlTwnv, New York Stela Air, ! VwTrwnt State Fair, Itc., Jto. It w?ry o?m wmh "Ma!.'."""'- >O.F?rTOO?.W XJLTA&mWTOn BBWINe ROOMS. ID4MiiMMmioort NortkifF*. iff HEygy*"**1 .? i?m J. t. * UHi>. .MOT*. V. k 4VDT. g|l pii^dm W. HAMILTON ~~~~ PAINTK*. .trtftttr ud neapecuunjr roiioiu the patronage of ttm W mar b? in want of any artWs in the above lino. Hu endeavors ahali be to pteaaa, and bj a atnot attention to the want* of the public, he hopes to merit hare of their patronace. Hu lock oonaiata of every article usually to b? foumd in a first-class Family 0rooery and Peed Store. malT-tf PIANOS. PIANO??The largest aeeortment ol Pianoa, Melodeons, Onitari, Vio-^gBSSMl hna, tiangors. Beetltaliau Strinia Ac RfPP oordeors, Flutinas, Conoertmas, Flutes,' ? if' Glee, Plageoletts, Clarionetts, Hraaa InatrnraenU u na, and ere17 variety of mastcal vara, aiac an immsnse stool of Sheet Music, Mnaio Booki and Operas, for every instrument at the Music Store of W. O. METZEROTT, oonasr of Pa.av and llth street. Sols Agent of Stein vay A Bon'i Baeon Raves A Co.'? and Knabe A Co.'s Pianos. 00C tf HHOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING B0ALB8 These Soalse are offered toIks publioMtS most ample, durable, and reliable soalee ever nt ii aee. Pi rstclaaa premiums have been awarded thsai VUl HPf BttW ?t. ?afl r?. ?T. T^HE 8TEAMBR JAS| ?UY WU1 rcrome km trifi oa TUESDAY, (lit of ? February, 18?. Will Imt? WAtfH JL*4|b? INftTON every 1TJKSDAY FRIDAY, at o'elook a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-Mats o'aloek. for OURRIOM A.N and the SK^^i'SaxS".^ WEBi&SbSV and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. m. NATH'L BOtfs^Afft. A^^^na^" OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF OAS METERS. _ Washington, J air 11,1*8. NOTICE 18 flERBB Y OIVSN. That, agreeably to the provisions or the oidinanoe of tha Corporation approved May 12.1*0. the undersigned ii no* prepared, "whenever roauired in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inapeet. examine, teat, prove, and aaeertain the aooaraoy o| registration orany gaa meter in nae in thia city." Every meter, if found incorrect, will be oondemned, and another, sealed and marked aa true, wili ha aet in i?? plaoe. If proved to be aooarate in ita measurement of gaa, it w*l be settled aooordintly, fr l?-tf Inspector ana Sealer of Pas Meters. PE A N CIS HARPER, j FAMILY GR<?$ERY?A^BVBJSD STORK, ^Corner jj New York armu* mnd Ttntk MtmI, *t Wl I fUkiUMOVUll^i W 8 rani Junction?.? K><yi|N,O.J na(*. Juno.-ti ID ^MhTlll? ..Sf ?'l \ ria Mobile. _4f 00 THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia aoo MILES 8BORTEK. and S4 HOURS LESS IN TIME Lian any other Lii?-the Lynchbori Kzteneion bain2 now completed, an also the Miaaiaaippt Central. makine it tUe QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It la provided with Firat-ciaaa Sleeping Can! {To New Orlaana T8 flotia ESSZUI lETThe U. 8. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over tide NevrLxne. ?okefea ou be obtained at the Sooth Wee tern >e. corner of Si?th street and i*eanajl vania avenue, to the folio vine point#: Lrnohbarf, Brutal, Knoxnlle, Atlanta, Chattanuoca, nuntanlle. Grand J a notion, Maoon, Naahrille, Dal ton, Coioiqbu, Monttome^h^^emplu* ? rrr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. C^Omnlbuaee and Bacrace Wifoti leave Uta oSoe at a. m, and p. m. ^ ^ JAMES A..BVANP, Ttckt^fi, NeukvuU and Chattanooga Momphi* and Charleston, Mistissijrpi Central, Now Orleans and Jaekoon, TO NEW ORLEANS! ? . MEMPHTsT ROUTE: Memphis by Rail, thence br First ols>ss Ptoketi to New Orleans, MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail. theno? to Moblie by Flratoliss Packets, Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Svwdays Ii*ctWD*?, Lsbis waulirtn at A a. m. aad 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PaGE leaves her wharf foot of Seventh street at ujtf a. m. and 83* p. m. ard oonneotn at Alexandria with the Orange and Aiexand ri a Trains for the Sonthwest. Ofioo?Psn&arlTania a7enae, corner of Blxth at. BAOOA8S CaniCKStD TO ?rw 01L1AM. Lynahburg Itk; Memphis 8? W Bristol 00 Atlanta? M 00 Knoxnlie 10 00 Mioon M ? CitMt&nooca____.3too Oolnwbas C CD Ijaiton .. ?. ai 00 Montgomery... ? M 00 Lea re 6*lbmore at S.M MM p. xnT On bandar II4 36 a. m. Paiwagen for the East will take traioa at 4J0 and 7.?o a. m and 3 an p. m. For the We?t at 7.40 a. m. and X30 p. m. For Annapolia at 7.40 a m and 8.25 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. ra. evemnj the 1^0 p. m. train fo?m to Pjel3-d? l*?nly' t H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS 137 TTTTtBU DATAI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orangt and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and TmAWM. Bast Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Oeorria. ? wwi*iuou, a oMi wuuueouj rooommica nij work to be an pen or in Strtngtk and Durability to Trunk* that are made in other oitiea and eo.d here. I keep oonatantly on hand, and make to order (on one week'a notiqe) every decoriptien of SOLK LEATHER, IR&N TRAMft FRENCHDR ESS mmd WOOD BOX TF.ugkS:ASHLAND mmd l}Mwjggs> *" Trunk*, 4a., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at ahort uotioe. Trunka delivered in any fart of th* oity, Oeorcetown, or Alexandria. ?EWIN^5!1chiSLS!'* F""LT d# >5-1. JAMES 8. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRKCTORY.! or Hovsa. ON AND AFTER WEDNK9DAY* Jan* 13th, I860, train* will ran aa followa: Leave Waahington at 6 20 and 7.4A a. m. Leave WaaJucgton atSJ0andt.90 p. m. On Snnday at 3 X) p. m. Leave Biltimor* ?nH ? TBUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. gOOTS AND SHOES TO SUIT TftH ! W are now mannl&otiuinxall kinds of BOOTS ad SHOES, ud ooratantTV rocemn* npp j of eastern made work of evert d> IW ortption, made nxpres*!? to order, an J wiliW ] So sold at a mnoh lower arioe than has been * m eretofore oharted ia this oity for maoh inferior article*. Persona ia want of Boota aad Shoes of eastern or ait? made work, vili al way a fiad a food aeeortmeo ia atora aad at the loweat pnoes. 6it? aa a oalL GRIFFIN * BRO., II i-r <14 Pennaylvaaia avenue. LT4VK HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS 1. arrived thia day. embraoint all snail?wa Ue. and sues of Sole Leather, Dree* and Parkin* Truaks. Onr trank^*"*1" 2ies room exhiMta at thia time the rrsateet variety traveling requisites. at moderate puoea, to be and thia aide of New York. Also. everr Soaon* BkiUtfWgKglriL1CE6' ,JEr Old Trunk* repaired or tekon In exohaat* for uv out, WALL, STEPHENS * CO., _ .. Truk Btlat Room, >rll-tf im Pa. gOUTHliRNTKUNK MANUFACTORY. Orpontt Odd fkU0w?D. C. ?^msi\isa^!^vsssm # < MISQgULAWBOUS. T" ConM^a??tir 1 iWl mill la WaaJtiaftoa u4 in * ! all it> hranohea. Old Gluing promptly utMkd#d to. Painting and Ornanjantiaf Cotc?re Faraitura is tlie beet etTle. I also, gall aWtUoa to the Paiattac of Roofa ud Briok Walla. /Ju of tho above I will do aa oh?*? m Ua fk*ur>L 1 therefore aohoii IliaBarron*** />? <? and fallow OltUMI of Uj*' oL IfiSE tnot.T obaer?ad, ud work dooa ia the baat aaaTo? will flaaaa mta4 roar iton aad "tot at M. and 7th sU. P. S. Bjcaa fat a? free af oharga, aa aaaal. pONEBEIITE?g?^^AIII> BROWN The aabaoriber baga leare to inform the oitiaaaa of W aahjr rton, Georgetown and A.exaadria tiyU he haa lidd-d to Lia long ?at*bii*h?d baaiaaaa tie aaxiiiarr of ateana power for aawioc aaJ r.&lu&itaring Marble aod Brown Stone Work In their *rioaa br?iiohrt, Mar die Mac tela, Tabia tadWaeh tar.J Top*, Tile, MonatnenU. Tomb aad Head snoM?, .Window LmdMs, 8*1. a, 8Um ud uHavingii-obuMtlargeatookoHtAUAC Marble m biookjrora fcrat hkcda^tUi* lowett ratae, be feel aoonfiaent of being able to ftanuah Marbia ft? ** S*?. ^?rctiM??d it NeV York. E&ian#i(phl*i?wrJ,*lhfl,or*- Ttio trWa aappUecf ISf? in New York, ai*i oa iMoaamoV! kvu'TB fafiMl _ ALTX RUfHKRFOfcD ftmstr Stum MarbU amd Brjmm Sum* ITarfca, _ ? . oor,ThirVenUi at, &u a 3ro Wuhinxtoc. D. C. JMPORTANT TO HOUSB1BBPBE& E. R. DURKKB * CO.** Guaranteed Dot onlr ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from fritb Spioea, and cleaned by aa expreealy for the pnrpoaa without refareuee to ooet. Tb?r &r? beautifully paeked is Uafoil. (lined Witt caper.) to prevent lajarr by keeping, ar.a are nUl wwrtt, while the oraina-y ruiMl SpicM arc a!moat invariably abort, wj wnal them, in7^"t ?f 'tre.rth wd noh*? o(i?ver. oKYUIiy ALli vUfltrAKIBUHi M ft ainile trial will abandantiy prove. Manajbotured only br fiu-^w.u "ihEsgmsB*. ^ATCHREJPAI^TyNO A^S^YER WARE I hare one of the heat e*tabliahmenta, aad frrninhed with a complete set of tool* for repairinc every deeoripuon of fine Watehae, and fM particular attention itive to the Mine, by *ApK t'loroaeh oompetent vorkmaaAnd a. work cuarfcntied Al'O. every deacrip ion of elandard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured uuder my own Ruperviaion. which my ouatomara will find far auperior in quality and finiah to northern ware old by dealera in gengral and repreaented ae their awn manufacture. H. O HOOD, ? * P*. Ivwm. aear 9th 1 WOOD! woods STOVE tod KINDLING WOOD, at the iowiM joswbte pr;oa* T. J. A. W. M. 6ALT, asa Pa. av.. txrtwaaa llLh aad \T.h ?U., W-tf worth 7i^ FREEMAN & SIMPSOHC The above PURE W H1SK Y,Cofrn DrrrnAM! Miltis 6ltiR| 1?1d| iDMrior and uniform in quality, and highly improved dt act. it preferred by consumers to ??! other Whiskies, and partioa lariy recommended by the beet physician* and chemist* as aossessinf all the retirements of a ISR? Intfitomtor tmd Rrmtdxai Atmt. The Sohujik'.u Water ot Philadelphia, nsad la the dia'iilatlon of this Whisky, is pro ved V^Saly sis t? be the softest and pureet water in the United i *? ?,.'B niay, in a treat decree, be attributed the excel!*nc* of this Whisky. Por uln hr PVKRUlVA ft I HMAM . Phei .x Distillery, Ontfie Pohuyltaii river, Ph.idelpiua Offlxsee? 9G wail stroet, New York ; 109 South FroDt etreet, P.hLiadelpbia. .And oen be had in Wancington of flannel Baooo * ?SL? ?.'? p* ; *. J. Ry 3a. W??t ?th ?t?corner D: Kennedy * Purh, MS WMt 7th it; MnrR&wbiri "ssja/ j Moore. CiKeeU i Ci. ? Wfcito* Co 63 La..v.; Joha B. k. Co . S23 Weet Ninth ?t- mg-im if /J? KXnaHTl 01 IP ATOM! ^ ^0*TltTe the_ Piece* At mertdmlt wttt kvrtm. mm 4m w*U-r?eulmti4 fmmiliu. It ia Tsrj desirable to have mm okeap aad convenient way for repairing Futtin, Tore, Croekery, An. SPiLDine*! FUTiAKD 8LU1 meets all such emercenniee.aad no koneekoM ena > afford to be without It. It u llnri ready aod up to the Uokinc point. There la no longer a mmsitv for nnipisji chairs, apuntered ^uawa. kendleaa dona, end broken eradiee. It la iuat tke emcis for oone, shell. nod other ornamental work, so popular with Indies of refinement Mja fate. This admirable preparation la need op id, beinc ofcemioallr held in solntion. end ??? ?-' tt>? TaJaabU 4U*litlM of tke beet cadine'. makeri' 1. 0*. It m*y be naed in the plaoe of ordinary mnoilftf*, being TMtfr more adh<MrfT*. M VBMFUL IK irxir HOV *.? aaoonyaoiae mmk bettl*. WhtitfU J?<t No. M Otdv ariK, ff?r Y?1 m Btov-Cin aaoompaorwx eeeb paufcace. ICr A alaila. bottle of 8f ALBINO'S PRE 1 PARED GLUE -will aave tnua its ooat aa, nuaHy to every hoasoaold.^2i Bold by all prominent flf hnawi Druditat j?ardvgre^aad r*nutve DaK^rMa^ iJ i j&VllHKiCMtl?B?S?fc thmn.rt. itwf]r.^d^r0Ti^u " , SfcgjKi ^sagEhsss:, i fl^ilsPSP' : 1 ksMMzd i wjmW9 CAUTION. ' PWOASERSSMOaU BE CAREFUL IN. PURCHASING THE VAUEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DAIiT'S IIMIII|VIMllllim imHAUMi AfiUMAIIU VALLtT WHM ON All IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WILHJDALT, SOLE PROPRIETOR namviimii sinew ml MOM KALW rm mtmvrrmmmtw 7 M, luSow/iiMMn I JOHN J. BOG I E, G*oE6rrowjr,"D"C.. S?U Ar?ut fm tka District ?/ Mmmmfcx??? <Vywi?nT7waak>a?ton. D. (I ?! >??1? gALTi*OEKBuTTK hoijme Dtiir raociTinx frfth Mid tweet, in OochM putIf > fl*M, 275 XTYB1S 275 t JACKSON, f Pnnii. Atkiolb. ?** ww \mk wt n?* ti mu *J*_ MM ? ?* *, S?ta JnSs^W. I MiSt i*11 J^lIBordw with ET Btof* on ?U ftiyC door* sortk ?f Pi. rkU PO* T8 ? U N POWDUL, ~~~ Lf For ?Ji? *t MlB<MUrtrt ?H??. K* Pot fie br ail reeaeo table Drjfcieta id Ifena oitr.Md by t^e proprietor. MRA M COX. Nou tannine ncleee hf?r * -? M fciowa on tbe bottle aoo bar aea! on uie aork fyTPrioe 11 par bottle, six bottlaa for Rfc xruutau Jtmt. R ?. T. CI88EL,. Dnucift. Georgetown, D C.. Wbolaaale A scot for the Dm that, and will anpp! j the trade at my pnoaa. MW-tr jpROl'ERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Yonr attention and examination le reepaotfmll? Oileiteo to TiaiM Mjl_|ilrtifti1 New York Gotta Percria Roofin? enO Pairt ia aoko.>w>e4?e? by all the baata-dateou in Naw York atty U> aa te-Wrt'"a Mifesw Kuit Store, #19 Heve?th atraet. CA"*FTEL?? HA MUTTON are tba aola aranu for waaaiaftco, Geurcetui c, A .examine and tfce ftoath. For (kr tkar information add^eee aa aboTa. oa II u (HQ ?. POTKNTINI, OAfi oi uioee uunaoroae aiimocte which vim 0 >m im uritr oftae WUtn tSij, rfi yuf aall Rather aeLwhat are they net.' The b.ood .1 Ue (MrM ofliak and haaiU. ud it la the firet element of oar h*ia< to reep^nd to ui ?ui? winch effect* th* (jmrn.u the pnlte iniai fi hi t a&.eeta The t?* CHTramac Neuralgia, toe I rri t*no? lirye.ifaiaa, tho btle Sorofala, the agonicii^g Kheametiem, Nertdu Debility, Drapepe^ Larer Complaint with iU *>r?or |y>: rffljectii c. at J the caniberleaa llle that neea ia heir to. derive their h>d*rxu? ?ngm from the biood. I>ea ciM.y the* arid gently with the Mood. ui? tM TttoluiBi (muiran of natara lor Iti m. i and iinr ae to comn.end to your oonfideoee aad ue tut truly ra-uake medieamont known M TlfDIAW rtsE TJLBLi^COCTrOM. _ f With record to thfe amoet infallible eeeoifle tovilir aentimect Laa apokoo In decided torwit. end the eridecoee of thie great eftoaey are eta- \ tained by eoaatant arovtli of eu rati re eifeeta ud | th? happieet reeulta from ite ue are after all other ' refBodiee and the beet modioli akiTi have fared. 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