Newspaper of Evening Star, November 24, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 24, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATTRUAY S4, ISM. pint of tli? Kl?rali| t*ress. The Constitution no In and commend* the movements at the North for the repeal of the antl-fugltlve slave lawa. The Imtflligtnter haa a long and afels article under tb? head of?? The Warning Voice of History," taking for a teit the following comprehensive word* of Sallust: " By union the smsllest Ptates thrive and flourish?by discord the greatest arc wasted and destroyed." The News of the Day* Hn? oifii ih<? time* are out rf lolat Is mast forcibly Illustrated indeed, by elreoaMtoneea involved In the eventa which are juat now occupying the Urgeat aha re of the pobltc'a attention. In Kanaaa. the late followera of John Brown? or Oaaawatamle Brow*?banded together to tb? 11 timber of from three to ive hundred, under the roomud of the mlacreant Montgomery, acarcely leaa notorious for hia crimra perpetrated In the Territory than John Brown hlmaelf. armed with Sterpe'a rlflea and revolvera bnt juat brought to Kaaaaa by him, in peraon, from Boaton, la murdering and plundering right and left, having dleperaed an Usited State* Court, aelzed a Government fort, fce. The purpose they are aald to avow la to march to Arkaneaaand Texaa. and there to eet up the atandard of lnkurreetion among the alavre The upehot of their explolta?however aoon General Harney may exterminate them, one and all? will be the generation of a belief throughout the South that this Boeton work la but the first prac ileal fruit of the election of Lincoln. From the South, we have Senator Toombs avowing (in his interruptions of Mr. Alexander Stephana while delivering the speech of which w* published aa abstract on Thursday) that It la tb? purpose rf those who would precipltats all the alaveholding States into revolution, not to permit the Southern people to act deliberately upon their plot. He proclaims that they want no Convention; but rather that the decision ah all be made upon the naked question whether the Sooth shall fold Its hands and take no meaaures whatever for the maintenance of its rights, or shall plunge at once Into revolution. Or, It other words, ha avows the determination of the discnion lesdera to be to usurp the government of the South; scouting the idea of permitting the people there to hi?ve equal voice, with them, la determining what tla r course shall be. We have also before us the last received number of the Richmond Emqnircr, once so wisely, nationally, and patriotically conducted, apologizing for and justifying this position of Toombs* Keltt, the Charleston Mercury, Ac , In its answer w ?uc urtididiiuu ui a COOlri faUYC VITgl IS p8per, that Virginia, refusing to be dragged into revolution without her content, will stand, a power for peace, between the extreme North and South From Illinois, too, we have report* of recent speeeheaof Mr. Lincoln, which (bow that he is either wholly ignorant of the state of thing* existing throughout the South, or has permitted himself to be persuaded by those around him that he has na duty to do in the crisis. Mis speeches, if accurately reported, are but such ss one would look for from th# captain of some vUltlng military or Are company; utterly unworthy of a man in his poaitloa. His mouth-piece, Senator Trumbull, is, however, iraklng speeches upon the state of the limea, wherein he proclaims for the l'reaident elect the latter's determination to carry out to the letter the purpose of excluding slavery from U. S Territories, and to auppresa secession in the South by force of arms If Mr Trumbull is an IUVi?ra hi ipraa iuui ivi .?ir. l.incoin. IDC tact only proves that the latter ia utterly incompetent to grapple successfully with the difficulties that are to surround his official position. Nothing has occurred so likely to convince all well-Informed and sensible persons that Mr. Lincoln ia?ot the man for the criaia. as this threat, In advance, to use fire and the sword upon the South. In the first place, be will not have at his absolute command a thousand troops that can be used a^alnat receding States. It be would employ more, be must go to Congress for authority and means to do so; and both branches of Congress are opposed to aay such work, as being sure to drive tbe whole South, in their present temper, into revolution. He will receive no encouragement there In a purpose of forcing Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri into tbe position of unwilling allies of tbe South Carolina revolutionists. There does not live within their borders a single man, to the manor born, who, if compelled to take up arms on one side or tbe other of such a contest, will hesitate to take them np in resistance of the application of force by the Ftdsral Government agaii .st tbe extreme Southern States. It is amazing and one of the very jrorst signs of tbe times, that Mr. Lincola falls to appreciate that palpable fact, which all but those who immediately aurround him now so clearly comprehend. U nless very soon opening his eyes to that truth, he will but take the reina of tbe government in hand to daab It to pieces In six months, beyond the possiblllty of Its eventual reconstruction upon its existing basis Surely it la time for conservative people North and South to move In our own section there exists but a single remedy?legally authorized conventions of the people of every slavehelding Ptate. which shall adopt ordinances to be enacted by their several Legislatures, compelling the Legislatures of npn-slavebolding States that have nullified their constitutional obligations in c< nneetiou withthefugiti ve-?l?ve-rendit!on question, to repeal their obnoxious laws, under penalty of the loss of all their Southern trade. Throughout the North the remedy is In popular action making It plala to those who now so evidently control Mr. Lincoln, that they may not dare to assame positions that bid fair to drive the whole South oat of th? Union in six months from the 4th of March aext rf*?NEW JERUSALEM CHIRCH, IK'ortA LL.9 Capital, fceiirteis B and C n* ? Rev. Sabin H^c?h <?( Clue nnati, will preach oa fUN'UAV MORNING next,at llo'elook. S^ats free and all e+oeatly invited. It* E?NOTI<"E.?TheMisswnChapel on P street, r.ea Fourteenth, will be dedicated oa TOK ROW <?ab>?Ui.> at 2}, o'clock p m The . Jtjsss A. DusCA.v.of the Virginia C?nf rence, wi i oftctate. The friend* of the Chapel and the P" p, 10 are lavita i to be present. It* PHILADELPHIA CONFECTIONERY. 1L < lee Cieara Water lees, Weddtn* Cakes, pfBcdCakes, Mince Pies,Pastry, Crn?Uf r 0>sler Vie#, Jellies, and a general assortment ot n;oe things in the Confectionery line, at Pt;8SELL'j), swirr Twelfth aad F sts so 34 lm* E NOTICE.?The Rev. r W.itisohi* Bishop of Marviand, Till lay the oi'ner >f the Protestant Kpisoopal ? harch abost to It on the Washington aad Rrnokville ?urrfike, seven miles from this city, on MONDAY, (he Wth lust., at 11 a. n> The pahlie are resoeotfally iavittd to attead. By order of It BUILDING HOMVIttvp OB IMM .tx~t bctwMa 1) ?o<1 K A fu'f*' ffiXXHEXSt*'"***"" of mt,r,,tW1U ? ?*' JAg Y. DAV19. 25r *-,,y!. ?ee8k, of balti? jrw^Tslsii'F Evi* fcrtOT...r.' k"\Kit?V?^?!^.**v*,th **?*' * ?"? door tArf iTini,.f Q* til# iftctur#. 110 irr:Sofsss'?iKi' t9 ?iN* N oVK mkuwt.Md will bo continued durin* thowMk. TktMMii ok far** ffotfmllT invito tboattonUowof tba DU nlio to thl* o?J?rtAlim, tho object of Wtttofa IB orlucb vttoi i Hi porta no to tbia ?ommhrp=? J. 0. O F. LL5 ODD PEL ItOW ?? LEVEE. COV KN A*. T r?Ao?*No. 1?, ODD KV^&iLUTBr " BO LS-aoTw JOHN MARK HI T K "it, No. 496 Seveath strWt, H?ht door* tbor* ' o ?? eoiot* - Odd Fallow* HallAll who wa^t"iSiVtiND of d?y GOODS ('HKAP. Marrimack Calicoaa it 14 Mala But Canton Fannaia at UK oenla 4 4 Bhirtinc Oottoni at It wort* IX* otiU amawttssss^sa * ??u All Wool WWta Fkanftala at 31, SI, 90 acata ?Mkar FlMaal at 9i vfrth 16 oanta s-ir.nrte^.on, - -u Muaoaalata* at lo otnt> waath r* ?*ata FraaafcJCariooaa at S> worth ?7 a*nta Doy ? vri?'all Wool at ff! wort* 91 aewta 4-4 Hm>t Brown tUuatm t Cotton at oanta ? 4 to 4 12 4 H??Ty notion tMiaating. .. ? . p. raw The notes op all solvent banks NORTH AND SOUTH TAKEN AT PAB. CLAGETTA MAY Are Sailing Oat their 8 too It of BUBOPBAN AND AMERICAN! 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J W Piin.vv & r>r\ inucnuip in a cause anecttDg tbe Interests of tbe whole Union If we examine the matter a little carefu!ly, we will find that it ia the politician*, and not the people, who are carrying on these diaunion operations : and that these politicians are composed generally of unreflecting, hot-beaded, smbittoui young men : who, to use tue language of one ol them, are willing to enact tbe part of Unite* end plunge a dagger in tbe heart of a Republican President; or, in tue classic language of another, in case they cannot otherwise ' diseolve this accursed Union," they cau at least (Samson like) place their "arms around the pillars of the Constitution, and drag all into a common ruin!" This is nor the language of statesmen; It is not tbe argument used by Clay, or Calhoun, or Webster ; it is mot the language of the true Southron, who isunselfishin his nature, and abhosan assassin. Perhaps it is not for long, and perhaps theli constituents may apply tbe same remedy that bai been applied to a distinguished northern agitator, who recently averred that " we must have an anti-slavery Constitution, an anti-slavery Bible, and an anti-slavery (iod," and leave them at home to worship their own idols. Coxxog Sixts. Washington, Nov. 19, 1800. CUITABLEFOR PRESENTS-Fa^ Notion C5 a id Toys, a large collection, and very ch"ap foi cash onl/. at LA M.HON D'S, 7th st. no 24 3t* p?ANKING HOU8 E SWEENY, RITTENttO"SE, FANTkCO. Will open for customers, speoie, currency, and Vircinia money accounts. Buy and sell coin and exchange at the ino it favorable rates. Plirr*??- 1 v: ? : tionwhich contain! more toltd matter for reflecting nrnda, than many a l*adtd column In other journala All who have Intercuts or sympathies with the South, (and such are mine,) If they reflect one moment, will not fall to see that thev have nothing to gain from secession; and especially no additional security for slave property. 11 the cotton States were to secede, tue slaves In Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri, would immediately depreciate In value, on account of the Increased facilities for running away, insurrections, *c ; and result Anally In making those States free lu a very short time. But it mu*t be confessed, there Is apparently a good deal of nonsense in this ineessan' cry of disunion, coming as It does from South Carolina and the extreme southern States If Virginia, or some of the other !>order slave States, were to lead ofl in this matter, It would be with some show ol reason, for all of them have lost heavily at the bands of northern Abolitionists; but South Carolina, and the others whn keep up this hue and cry, have no grievance that way, as it is next to an Impossibility for slaves to be successful In running away from those States, owinv 'o theii stringent regulations Consequently, they should be the laat to complain. Instead of assuming the .lauiiiiiaiiauuu ?rc iiuij iiiwuim in ?H) until July next?tbe amount of money actually expended by strangera here la destined to be fai iarger than ever before In tbe same space of time Besides tbe bordes of office sockets?to be fai more numerous than when a new administration succeeds one of Its own politics?wbo will spend tbelr money In Washington In the next sii months, the fact that tbe proceed!ng? of tbe ner session of Congress are to be more Interesting and momentous than ever before, by far, will brin| among us tens of thousands of persons with monej In both pockets?to remain here days, weeks and months We therefore look for well nigh doubl< tbe expenditure of money from abroad here bi strangers, that marked the session before the In augaratlon of Buchanan and the succeeding three months palling and hauling In Washington foi office under his administration. Under such circumstances, la not tho fact thai " mosey is tight" here at this time, worse that preposterous? Editor of tht Star: In laat Saturday's papei there Is a very brief editorial headed A Oues " Mosrr'a Tight."?Why should money be "tight" in Washington city* Nevertheless, It Is "tight." So say all who are endeavoring to Collect money due. Oar eapltaliata and money dealers are not like those of the Northern cities, engaged In operation* based npea ''borrowing on call" upon stocks hypothecated for so much of their value when thus pledged Net one in fty of them own sixpence worth of the stocks that were lately tumbling down at the North. Four-lftbs of the money usually circulating here?of all the money upon which the business of every botfy In the Federal Metropolis Is based?corses from the National Treasury In the way of salaries and paymenta for labor, materials and goods. It comes as surely as the first of each succeeding month comes round; and being thus certain to come, it Is worth most to those who receive It, when the money market throughout the country is disturbed as at rrpsent: because at such times a <r1 v?n amount of cash will buy more of everything than when money 1* not" tight" the country over. Yet collectors tell us that clerks and others here who are regularly paid monthly out of the National Treasury, are pleading the tightness of the money market In bar of prompt payments'of demands upon them! Surely they who actually profit as explained above by the panic abroad, which is lassen lng the prices of nearly all they require to purchase, should be the last to utter such replies to their creditors' demanda. So far as this city's business prospects for tb? neit six montba areconcerned, they never were so bright before?never. All must realise that from the commencement of next week until the new DEPARTMENT VIEWS. ArroixTMEHTs mi ihb Pebsidixt ? Richard Mr AOiaW Lu M appointed Deputy Postmaster at Keokuk, Iowa. Ralph Gorneh, Collector ?f Cnatoraaat Sackett's Harbor, New Ydrk- ? Edward Lea, a Lieutenant In the U. 8. Nary. Raaiaratios?John M Harrell, U 9 District Attoraaj for the Eastern Dlitrict of Arkansas, haa resigned hit position. Natal Oanaa ?Parser T. B. Walle haa bew ordered to the Charleatown Nary Yard. Iteas Telegraphed freaa WuhiagtM. aw- A -?I .t.J P..M ?.I nk. A ur i^cui ui lur n??utiaKU a i coo from this city as follows: Washisgto*, Not. '23.?Letters continue to be received from South Carolina saving that the peoSle of that State have no quarrel with the Presient. At, however., secession, on the assembling of the convention In December, la poker, of aa certain to take place, the probability la that the questions growing out of aeceaaion wtll have to be (tactically dealt with by the preaent administration. From all reliable information received it does not appear that there are any persons of Influence in South Carolina opposed to secession. The opinion obtains In official quarters that though the South has just cauae of complaint againat the North, no State is justified in secesilon or revo'otionary movements, at leas; not until every constitutional and legal meaaure of redress i has been exhausted; that no State has the right to commit any act which would have the effect ol precipitating such acondltion of a flairs as would 1 induce other States to join her in a disruption ol > the Union, and that calmness and deliberation i might result in measures which would restori , general confidence and preserve the integrity ol the Constitution The Kami Troubles. Wa?*aw, Mo , Not. 22.?A mat* meeting wai held here to-day for the purpose of organizing a military company to go, If necessary, to the aid of our brother* on the border Resolution* were paard, among them the following : ^ Rtsolved, Tbat we do not deaire In any way tc [ Interfere with Kansas Territory or Ita citizens t while they confine themselves to their own soil, i but we owe to tbe citizens of our own Stateadut] when aaaailed by a band of mldaight assassins ' which we pledge ourselves to perform. r Resolved, That In our opinion the Presideni | should at once tahe auch decided and prompt ac , tlon in the enforcement of the laws, and supprea s!on of outlaws, aa the exigency of the times de< r inands; and that it la the duty of the Governor ol - Missouri at once to aend men and arms along oui , Western border, to protect our citizena ana en ' for-e the laws. Various committees were appointed, when thi meeting adjourned until next Saturday. 1 The following handbill Is now circulating t through the country: To Asms! Waesaw, Nov 22? Our State has been Invaded ' and our frtenda murdered, by a band of aboil tlonlsts from Kansas. Under the lead of Mont gomery, Fort Scott has been taken by tbem, the i Circuit Court has bet-n broken up, and some ol tbc Grand Jury and citizena murdered. Missouri ' Is threatened. A military company is to be formed ' en Saturday next, and let the i?ople come ic en mane. Our country is In danzer. Rallv rally! Let 11s prepare to defend our homes, i D. C.Hallou, D. F. Alkiandkr, i Mark L Mkass, J. K. B Uakklzt, Jamb* Atkinson, Committee )' Col Roberts, of Vernon, pawed Oceola yenter, day u a messenger to the Governor for aid. It was rumored on the streets to day, but sine* dented, that Ball's mills, in Vernon county, bad been burned by Montgomery. Montgomery declares that be Intends carrying \ on the war uutil be frees every negro '.n south , western Missouri,^e quantities of guns, revolvers, cutlasses, and other war implements have been shipped to Kansasas'-food for the suffering ' Tbe) were Bent from tbe East. Unless tbe President sends out troop? to take and bang Montgomery and his men, we may expect for many months a reign of terror on the border. Leave*worth. K T., Nov. 22 ?In view of the Eresent state of affairs in Southern Kansas a call as been Issued for a public meeting to sustain Gov Medary. in enforcing law and order in the Territory Tbe call is signed by a number ol prominent citizens, who have heretofore acted with the Free State and Republican parties. Kaxsas Citt, Nov. 22 ?Dr. Massey, of Fori Scott, arrived here this evening. He left Fori Scott on Tuesday last. Tbe rumors of tbe burning of the town on Monday night are incorrect, He confirms the accounts of the murder of flvt men, and the capture of others, who have proba blv met the same late. Capt Montgomery and his gang of Jay Hawk ers are well armed with Sharpe's rifles and navj revolvers They have plundered tbe town ol Parts and arrested many of its citizens. Tbe people ha?e petitioned the Secretary of th< Territory, in theabsence of Gov. Medary, to conn ' to their assistance with Federal troops. ' * Btwinti MACHINE A ? FOR TEN DOLLARS, 1 r r sf8 P*?JWTLVAJ?IA Avkm-s. r.very family should have one. Partiei abr<~a< . ^ 910. have one sent to them, witl n?*-? WALTER HAWKES. T NOTICE. i ...,P?i?.P.??Pi^ R"?ProJf?Jiy announce to mr friendi I and the publ.c that I have, from To-day. cps .ed i 2 OBACCO and CIGAR 'STORE. No /l ? Pa avenue,and that I liave appointed Mr. C. Ackxa^i aa ray agent to conduct the t>u?inetg for me w. ., . ? _ P. VIERBUCHEN. Waehington, Nor, u. 18S5. no24 St* PRIGHT OR BOUDOIR PJANOS.-A m*? nifiovnt article joat received of ?' ?., ? -j-brat.d^Chiokerijac A tona' make; . _. . .w ** I 0 u mxro Ik >X? HIT #Koncy. * * I JOHN P. ELLIS. 306 Pa. av., bet. 9tli and loth ?U. , -Old Pianoa at great bargains. no 24 LAKE HOUSE, by F&nnv Lewald, translate 'be German by Nathaniel Greene. 1 vol 75 oeote. Keoreationa of a Country Paraon, 1 vol.; prio< $1.21. fiueaaea at Truth, by Two Brothera. 1 vol.; erici 160. . BLANCHARO * MOHUN, bo 24 earner 11th ?t. and Pgn^-.gV;. || A T 8 AND CAPS! ' The latent New York atyle of GENTS' DRESS HATS, now on hand. H]R The AMAZON HAT, fcSYH New St?le. jnat opened. ^ W9HL? Muiei' JOCKEY HATS, in Felt aijd beaver At Rsdvckd Peicm. B. H. 8T1NEMETZ. 836 Pa. av.t no 24 near oorner Thirteenth atreeC i HOUSE KEEPER'8 ENCYCLOPEDIA o Useful Information to the Houaolreep*r ii Koonomj, 1 Tul.; prio< ; shafts?"" *Dd EMk" 1 T^""'?rn 8005,11 '<*r*and Hnnun ^rosreaa J4B tStSUOg} Eiiue?tiun. b, 1 * ooruer of Penn. av. and llUi *t. SADIES' AND MlflsIjF ; LADIES' AND MI88E8'URS* ' E??*t Arrival from Newport?! ^ImmSBSE: Freah Arrival from Nev York! Cheaper than Ever! JBBft Cheaper than Kv*r looter0** wm ^?tr* 3sS3?? toi^uu.bRt,(rlf, w^t?w?augW' HUE TRIMMINGS ??nd ?5 eenti ji,r Tftrd. ^?WW>Mfc>r 1 no * B- H* STltfEMET*. ii*? Pa ? .. no ** near Thirteenth at. J)LUMBEE8 AND GAS P1TTEES. ~ w m J.i }Y' THOMPSON A CO. BofLfcSB. KITCHKN 8lN^,PJmM.Cm ' TFR WP?r5 Hvni'?nd *?JT?n-aad W A J k?, 3tRAv E&tVil""1-1 v K WASH k iiS* auperior advactagaa, with pr-otio^ i^to dw?!in7ae with \? ,ntr?><Sno? Watei **? )f * ^ M Willi Ail tho Ateat iniBrovAn ioki promptly, anS at pnoe. that ran not faffiititlj* I ?o2< dtMar 1 hat 9th and'loth U^iSJth &?. ROYAL HAVANA I.OTTERY.-Th? follow >n? numbers draw th# pr:ncipal priiaa in th< ar \wi?k of ftovainher 7 ldtio: ' fig* /iSjJcMi I 20/M Sfcr *? * Noa, 33, 1560.1877. 21*1. S477. 4<Mn kmc . gg!*&''iss ^in'eS2'252? S0?IW' 2tt"7?21W.21234* 23230, JFMoflbilttlibrfttfld Lotterr will saS^nfjar^.p^-*" _ DON RODRIGUEZ. A T PAR! A T P A H " *6 AT PAR"' PAR.! for READY-MADE S^HIN^ of,no-. NOAH W? CcST*-' no33? Brown'? Hoi it* Viiudlp'g. V1RG1NIA AND A CAED* and oWzyiSAKB-ys!isg,BYM< Good, told at tin loM'iMrkat price for n.u.1, "MOfiw firown'a J?**1"' nt^\ L FVB8! FOREIG V wlnEs, BRANDIES, OINB, No. ?0 Nokth Cnatu Sum, Am doors above LtxtHftom J go a-If Baltimore, *pbe National republican. 1 The nnd*raiia#d will begin the publieation of a 1 daily evenina payer, under the above title, on MONPAY.SthiMt. t It will be delivered to eitr aubaonberi at 6 o?n*? ? per week ; to mill eub?eril>ere at $3 50 per annum Adtertiaementa will b* inserted on liberal terme The publication cfioe i at the ooraer of Indiana < avenue and Second rt. Subscription*, advortiaementi.and oommumoationa may be left at Adaro1 aon'a Periodioal Store, on Seventh at. Bear the ? City Po?tOfioe. bo 22-3t LEWIS CLBPHANK A CO CMORF. PISTOI.S. OI.TB REVOLVERS, old and new modal; Smith ft We?*on'e ^ ^ SEVEN SHOOTEBB; Sha'f'a.Allen'a.arxloth^ oe.ebrated maker*: ^at U> hand, and depot FIREARMS H(H| of ererydeeertp- 0P3V<Wv ' contains 51 PORTRAITS of moat eminent Am?ri i o%ns, arranged in oral form, makinc a v?rr desira? ble ornament for the parlor or drawing room. W ith each Pioture at time of aala ia irtaeoUd a GIFT! Now ia tha time to sp*cu'ata. * ./&} "4 exMiiM thia work of art. for, without additional consideration in G.ffca, it ia the ohaaaaal Kr/graring over offjrad to the pallic. P . i li em ember, ' ' iiSrifttfESgSaa' **> 11 .i."TE,*P * * ' ?(?U," f M ,M 'hose who are now prominent actor t upon iifa'a atage. - 1 aftlatl#f,aW B00k"M,00> a?p?Wiaked are for g. o. evans'8 GIFT BOOK STORM, 478 Pm?, Amvi, r al regular pabliakara' prioea. noatf

- M^NEY MONBY!!,MONBTy - for cash. WALL. 8TEPHEN8 A To" j no a Sw Pa. avennc, bat. 9th a^lo^ata ; I MPORTe8s?a?EVVhof^Lu and ketafl de?i. era in AND PENNSYLVANIA Avixri, i And Pxnnstlvania Avknci, AND I BNNSYLVAN1A AVXJICI, j FASHIONABLE CLOTHIER. FASHIONABLE CLOTHIER. FASHIONABLE CLOTHIER. BILLS ON SOLVENT BANKS BILLS ON SOLVENT BANKfl BILLS ON SOLVENT BANKS TAKEN AT PAR TAKEN AT P*K TAKEN AT PAR AT THE ODEON. AT THK ODEON. I no 28 6t AT THE ODEON. Rational op eminent This boaatiftil f ENGRAVING. Published by ^ a j f , G. G. EVANS, r And for M!e at his GIFT BOOK STORE, it will br the most accept able token ol j remembrance those in washington calf send to tha'.r friends at a distance. " SINGLE COPIES ONLY THREE CENTS! no 21 at \ MONEY I MONEY MONEY WANTED WANTED WANTED AT WIEPENFELD'S, k AT WIESENFBLD | AT WIESKNFELD'S, r ODEON HALL, ODEON HALL, ODEON HALL, cosrsk focr-and-a-half 8t. . Orner Kocr and a-half St. I r.nlvvv Pnr? mn a ??? - tt? Freeman, WmC Sluipbj,J s White, JaaL, f'eart'xi, Wm H Maekrie, J Wat*, Tho* Field, W DtHI Minor, JuoW Wbitliker, J U _ Fouee, W A Murphy, Juo Wallu, J N J Forreet, Uriah Mehler.H Wilkiui, J P French. PO Manger, G Webber.JnuF Foley, Morn Miller, F W Weyrick, Joe Floth, Jno Maui, E Welle, H r I'aunce, Jno Mnee. Com White, Hon G C Filer, Jeremiah Moreion, 0 W William*, GH Fiereun, J D Merrill, A WilUame, Geo ! Funke, Henry Morcbeod, A Winnie, Edward [ Granger, W McOeier, D William*, ER . Gray, Jno A C McGinler.Jae Wdeworth, E C 1 Grimee, Ja* H MeKee.JaaW Whtiler, I) P ' Gulic, J H McKeller, Tho* Wall, Clinton r Gamnon, G W Nichola W G Wright, B C [ UUUIier, Geo Neriii, W H Webeter, A Graven, E Nea*y, Tho* P?3 Walton, Alno* Greenwood, A D Newton, S B H7XBTTBBS MUST IK ALL CASK* BX PR IP AID. I Not24 WM. JONES. P. M. ! HAVE YOU SEEN THE DOLLAR W EEKLY STAR T r IF NOT, CALL AT THE STAR OFFICE f WITHOUT DELAY. . IT IS DECIDEDLY THE BEST COLLAR ! WEEKLY EVER PRINTED. ? NO ONI WHO DK8IBB* TO KNOW WHAT GOBI OH IN WASHINGTON ?HOCLD BE WITHOUT IT. Boyd, iflr C Jeuka.Wm Ruaaell.J . Bovert, Chae Jouea, Nicholae Roberta, H M, C Jewell, L R?i Uiv, W O I Bartletl, Chat Johnaoo, Lt J D Shank, W F Bradley, C Johnaoo, Geo W Stepney, Waab'loo t Bradford, C C Jarrii, Edrar Smith. W L Brawler, A Johna, E W B n . ? i. Thoa Clark, W J Juaii, D W C Smith. T Coir man, R P Jeinper, Alean Ictnlu.hl Cof.reli. Robi Kellorf, Win L Bhackeiford, 0 r Crai;, Ll P?3 Kellorr, Wis Bchermerborn, M L f Cuehmau,G?n Ktnf.T G 8inford, M N Craper, L V Kniaer. N P Scanlao, Mich Carr, Jaa Anight.SM Sutherland, L M Colliua. Jno H Kidaell A Phillipe Snyder, Jacob ! Caldwell, Jno Kibby, P H Spriuginau, J W Caaey.Jno Kelleher. Mr?3 Shoeiu.ker, laiah Cramer, Jaa Kayeer, Joa A Sidoo.JnoH [ Cbamplm, lr, J D Keene.JoaR Suligert, Jno Cornell, Jno C Kennon,HW?3 Bpraf ne, Capt J W Colliua, Jno J Kimball, F A Snowman, Henry Craifbill, J A Lenox, Walter Se**ere, Henry Caeanauch, Jai Lnckea. Thoa Shit 14a, <? A Cordee, Henry Layport.8 8 8tn?rt, F S Chauneey, Henry Lawrence, laaac Smith. Frank M > CUrk, Ceo AO Lanre.Nie Smith, Ldw*rd?3 f Canlflelit, Jaa Lania, Mi. ton O Smith, CB I Cuinptnn, R H Laureman, Mr- Sehafer, CW Cri?to(uie,D Lemmon,JL Stewart, CB?i I Colliaon.CC Likbey, Joe?3 Stew.irt, Cbaa A 1 Down, Noah Lemmon. Jaa A Towal, C Dyer, Jno J Lanof, A H?3 ""hompaon, Wm Daruall, Moore, W H Thomaa, W H Deaehamp, M Maaon, W Todd, Jno B Donoho, Hurh Miller, P 0?3 Tra< era, Jno M?3 Dewit, Rer H O?3 Maaon,Waantnrtoo Tobin, Janei Di?ey, Henry Malone, M B F Thommua, Geo Dodge, Franklin?3 Mitchell, Tealdy, D Dodge, Frederic Maraball, Tboa Willi lira, WO?3 Elhaoa A Telfair M-tinjIr, Dr T Webb, W J > Evereon, Norman Miller, Thoa Wheat, W H i Erini, Mr Mtrick, H H Wildio, Capt 8 Elliott, Chaa Maruerity, R H Wilit, Jut Edeltn, Alfred Meliiie, Dr W B Waif. Jaa # RLI9T OP LETT J* 8 KMAININS in the Post O?os. WuhimUi City, D. C.t JVoTMBber SI, 1MB. [Ordered to bo ineertod lb the Erratm Star, it being the aewapater htnni the largeet oirouiatioo of any daily paper published in Washington.) 117" All peraaoa applying for letter* id the follow tag lirt, will flitoe tar the? an uraruia LAMES' LIST. Aadtrsaa.MiaaKaic Dickaaa , Mr* 1 P Mala (an, Mri M Andirin, G W t*w,Mn Lui; Mlhr.M ci Bbi for Mia* i'ordM Elliajaisa Joasofe't Mitt n? 11,Misa Bit t?a Andsraiw, Mar? Ell*. Mrs C lit E AnswUla, Ckw1< Krsaok, Mr* I C Narris, Mr* M A Brooks, Mrr Latatia Paltaa, Mih Mary Pllttr, 8i4aa* BoMa, Misa Aaoit Puhtr, Mrs W? Randall, Mil X W Brown, Mn S Gnfa,Mri]ul Rsddon.MraMJ Barnsa, Miaa G?r- Hitchcock, Mrs B Reiiney. Mrs Mar* trnd* M Hrartmsa.MissM'* Hmith, Mat VIH Basil. Misa Eliia A Hiiivij, Locr Smith, Mi.a Talalsk Bosmtn, Mrs M H Hamilton, HraXliu tu^u, Mua Ea? Barer, Jans Eliia Hnlromb. Mrs E D L Bcckeiihsm.MissM Hardlt, Mrs A J Bparry, Miss Laara Cox, Mrs Mar* (C F Brace) luakjp. Mar* A Carroll, Miss Ann* Kcarn, Mrs Mary sllwood, Misa C C, for Ranoors King, Mrs (Urah Amur Mack Rutland, Mrs M a Todd, Mrs PT^ tswuiMMgiMiin, mm* b?n?, 1*1IM ADDl n 1 III, Pin B r U C McMabon, Hannora Tbotnaa, Mim Bailie Carter, Mr* Reb'ea Mom, Mr* J do E u Bar**, Mr* F Carroil, Mr* Martin, Mi** Arn** B Collin*, Mr* Marr W Wheader. Mta* ft'an P?cijr, Mi** Kat* Mathavt,Mr*8**a* Wall.*, Mim Mary Da?u, Marfarti R Mar*kail, Mr*EUu GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Andrew*, TP Hirruaii, W R North, OB Adam*. Jam** Hard**, Lt W J Nob;, J a* M P?I Ajer, Danl J Hiicheua,C*pi W C Norri*. J?* 8 Antrim, Dirt H*ilma*. W Neer, Jae S I Armatroa^, D Hotton. Ttioma* Niehol*,U*oD Audrtw*, A F Hanloa, Tinmthr O'HalUrra*, Ja* , Baker, Wm E Ho*kii(.TH O'Keefe, liuc Baud*rman, Wm Ki*lej,l W O'Doonell, P i Bennett, Wm Hickey, Pat O'Connor, E [ Bai.p, U Hitchcock, L B Purdoe, W C ' Barker, Thoma* Hall, Jno Pow*ll, Robt Beoiin,T C Hi?r*. Jt.o H Peuuiortoe, OCcer ' Buckeuberr, T P Hera, Jno Peter*. Mr [ Burrow*, Sil** E Hill, Jno Parrott, Jno Baker, Richd H Haakell, Jonathan Peuit, Hudaoa Bxuer, Paol He in pie by, Jno Pratt, P R Brown, J W Hendereon, J J Peter*, Cha* Booth. J W T Htiper, J N * P A Queen, Ja*?t Boylt, Jamei Hancock, A J Rankin, W G 1 Better, Jno Hoyi, t 8 RaUchi, Th*o 1 BrowninrftJohnaou Hinman, C H Roland, Tho* 1 Brown, Geo Hardl*, Cha* Rilejr, Pat i Baker, Geo C H it, Alex Rickatt* A Newby Briaton, P M Hodman, A Rigc*, Mr Beckwith, E Iurle*ol,JR Rjatr, Mitchell 1 Balianf, Danl Jackaon, W H Roach, J?* Root, n i i?>. iv- n?.. '? AMUSEMENTS. WA8H1I^TlWWelw,. LITTLE COR'iK*AHOWA?P. MR. tod .n|K8?V cTeuVwARD. Mr. S W. GLENN M Dnteh Ri?fe*rd. OTWBKi tnc ?.ampijcItvii. PAGE OF HlSrORY.ftad DUTCH RICHARD. jnr Oa Prof Akdcimii, Mm rMowisd W>??rd of th? North. wiH appear. ORRB8T HALL. GKnRGKT<iWN. THE ENTIRE COMPANY WASHING T O*'N T H E A T K I Will appear at the above-aaaed Hall oa THl'ESDAY.Nov.fT. THANKSGIVING DAY, 8ATU*DA^rDeoo?b? t. Oa TUKSDAYTNt y^abermh. Will be performed th*> Coined;, ia Saeta, ealted tha SURIOUS FAMILY. Aiainadab Sleak Mr. &. W. Glean Mra. Dal main Mm A. P Maaa To oonolude with t?? miMcil farw of JENNY LIND. _ Jamy Liad (vi'h aans) Mi?a M. Shaw Granny Gag Mr. J.T. Rkynoad Door* open at a quarter to 7; oomneioe at kalfpa?t 7 Admiaaion odIt 3D eenta; children kafanee; colored people 25 oer.ta. mo MJl \y ~a'b h IN G TON THE AT E R! math a: extra: mxtka: MAGIC! MAGIC! MAGIC! GRAND MAGICAL Q7LA.n%3n^. ^ MONDAY, Not. *. And Followipf Er#nmc?,for PROFESSOR ANDERSON, PROFESSOR ANDERSON, PROFESSOR ANDERSON, METAMORPHOSE THE THEATER INTO A PSVCHuMANTEUM MAG N1FICENT*E NC HAN ME NT. Wh?B will be produeed the MOST SUPERB PROGRAMME And the MOST GORGEOUS SCENE Ever Presented by Pbpfxmok Ahdiiiok. NEW TRICK9~withont cumb*r?. Remodeled Modification* of tn? Whole. MISS ANDERSON, MNEMOSYNE. MISS ELIZA AND MISS FvORA ANDERSON BVKKY KVKK1NU. Tb? EntorUinmert It tk? thkaikr wiU be instructive and entertaining. startling ano astounding, wonderful and weird. perfo'rmance thanksgiving day and saturday afternoon, no A-tt at 2 o'clock. AUCTION^ SALES. By j. c. mcguire k. co., Aaotione?ra. Choice assortment of fruit?, PlUIlVH, PB'iiBBVBD MbaTS, PlCKLB*, CaSDIB* MoCLpjijULASS^CASB^ Jtc.. AT ^PUBLIC AlCIIOS -"B lUMVAl MURMiTItt, H-Tfin ber 27th, at 10 o'clock, at the Confectionary eatauliahmant of Mr. T Potontini, aouth aid* of Pennsylvania avenue, between 9ik ?cd lOth atreeta. w* ahail aall hia entire atook to meet a pr poaed change in hia buemeaa We name in partPreserved Pineapalee, f eaohes, Apmcota, Straw bar ies. Raspberries, Freeh Fruita, Peaches, rears. Ckerriaa, kc., Capera, Piokles, fine Olive Oil. Sardines, Lobsters, Trutfces of varioas kinda. Beautiful aaaortment of Franoh Fancy Candiee, Flowera.and Fruits, (Arse quantity of breach Paper for Bon Bona, Quant tr of Covered Glas* Jara with Caodiee of %1! kind*, Prunes, Cordiala, Nuts, Copper Kettlea, Moulda. and other atenaila neoea aary to a first olaaa Confectionery, Two Counter Glaea Caaea, Glassware, Pair of fine Gas Chandeliers with Cat Drop*. At It o'clock? In front of th? premises, M excellent Horse, Covered Wacon, an*. Uarneea. Terma : 925 an 1 a.idfr oaah; over that aun a credit of 90 and 60 daya, for aatiafaotorily endorsed note*, bearing ictereet. no 24 d J C MoGUIRK ft CO.. Aaeta By BONTZ & GRIFFITH, Aae loneera. Large sale of fancy gooim. boots, SHosa, L v.bkklla*. , a c , at AccTU.H-On Wr.w>KSDA\ MORNING, November 28ih, at o'clock, in front of the Auetioa Room*,(No. 309 7th atreet, bet. I and K atreeta,) wa will aell a targe aaaortment of? Fancy Gaooa. Hoot a. Shoes, Umbrellas, Woolen and Stella Shawla, Sea:fa. Woolen Jackete, Under Shirts, Drawers, Hoiaery, Table Clothe *c., Ac.. Chi a Vaaee, Perfume Bott ea, l Jewel Boxea, Ureaaing Caaea, Roaewood and Mahogany Work Bozee. Mirer P.a.ed Tea and Ia"?le Spoona, Table Cat lory, Ac , * c , Together with a targe variety ofartioiee too name rous to mention. omie rovii've. ? Term* c??h. Virginia raoner taken at par. n?S4 BQMTZ A GRIFFITH, Aaota. Bj CLEAR Y k. GRKLN, Auctioneer*, 406 Ninth Urtet. POSITIVE HALE OF HANDSOME PARLOR A???..I?2C.!?,,0I?,F.F*,!,TU" CABPITB, Ac.? UboA TlRDAv M"Ri\lNt?. tfce latof l)*pem ?k?Jl Ml ,?toar * action Room*. No. 306 Ninth at Oct koaiaaing at 10 o'olook.alarf* and h&ndaome a??ortn-tnt of Furmtare, rarasta. so., ovnnvtinc < f? kOMtArul ParlnrRniU ? -.L B . _ ? . ww? vu.Mi WVVVIVU iH 11UH OIW?l I V Silk, Ro. ewood Marble top Bureau*, Walnut s?cfaa, Tate ? 'l>tM acd CMtor Chairs, Walnut and Mahocany Wardrob**, Do do Marble-top ttideboa'ds. Rand tome Rosewood aad other Parlor and Fatey Chairs, Handsome Jenny Lind Cottage Bedsteads, Roaewood and Walnut Marbetop Tablee, Walnut and Mahogany Marble-top Wasiiaiaka aad l?tand?. Handsome Gilt (decorated frame) Mirrora, Roaewood and Wa nut Etegeree. I Wri iog Stantfaand Whatnots, \ Feath'er B?da. Ptliowa ai d Bolatera, i Fine Hair Mattreaaaa, Shuck and Cotton <o. Tapestry, Three ply and Ingram Carp?ts, Together with a general assortment of Household Furniture. Terms: All sums under 990 oaah; orer that sun a oreoit ! 30, 60 aad 90 daya will be given, for satisfactorily eLdoraed notes, bearing interest. no 24 a CLKA^V MiRKliN, A nets. By J. C. MoGUIKh k. CO , Auctioneer*. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PIANO FORTE. o hmd?OXI puknitcbx amd HOCSEBOLD kFricis, Hobsbs, Ciiiusm, Hakkes*, Ac- . at Prsnc Acctioh.?On \tednkr-i>%V vu.rv IftM, November 28th, at lOo' (he residence of K. F. Page. Em 442 C street, between 1st tod td streets west, we shall sell all his funitare and effects, oomprieing? Superior Rosewood seven octave Piano Forte, by Una be * Co. . . Suite oj Walnut, Green and Gold,brocatelle oovered Parlor Furniture, eonsiatiag of two Solfcs and six Chairs. Suite oi Rosewood, Maroon,and Garnet brorate*la oovered Parlor Funiture, consisting of Freneh 1 ' Softs, two Arm and fovr feide Chairs. t| osewood Ma ble-top Centre aad Sola Tabies, waive Plash ootared Fieooh Chairs, aad two ' large Rockers, Two very large and elagaat French Plate P?ar Glasses, with S.,\bs aad Braaketa. Gothio Fancy Chairs, Rosewood Card Tahlaa. Three suserior Frenah M*nt? /? -? ' Hand no me Eaat India and China Vaeea Paaiarmaohe Tablet, Mast*) Oroameota. i Valval, Bruatela, anc oth?r CarHU Oiioloth. Mahof an #of*. Hat Tree, and Hal! Cbaire, Extension Dining Table, Marble tot Sideboard, Larga act of Plowing Blae Dtfcaer Ware, Bohemian, Cut, aad Praaaad, Glaaavare, , Silver Plated Caators, Tabla Witlm. V\ alters. Solid Mahogany high roat Beds tea as, with heavy Oraarr.tntal Coral**, ?wo larga Frenek Plata Pay aba Clattaa, abogasy Wardrobaa, Dreaeing Baraaat aad Handaoma Cottace Mats. Toilet Win, Hair ^ad Haak Mattraaaaa, ??? letars bad Pillows, Cooking Radiator, and othar Stovtt. together with a general aaaortment of Ritohec Requisites Atl o'olook, in front of rbe eremite*. oaa fair sayenor Northarn Carriage Horeee, eight jtar? Ona HaDdtome Calaah top Family Carriage, Oaa Haronohe ard oaa eqaare f amily Carnage, Lot of Haraeet, Hone-ootara. be. Targu t *) and aadar cask; over that tarn % oredit of00 and 90 day*, for satiafaotorily endorsed notae. bearing interest. no3d J. C. MoGUIEE k. CO., Aaeta. Br J. C. MoGUIRK * CO.. Aaatiottra. T|HRUSTBK>8 SALE of frame house airs Lor in tii Prnax Wa?V-?? monday, tb?S4ta day oCpeoamMr. ai4o'alook ?. m? oa the preunites, by virtaa of a dead of trait to the a?bI ao fiber, dated December S4.lg?, and dalr raoordarf tKVest kilf ol Lot BUDMnd fir* in ? &)? !? eT4z^ ? month., w.Ui iatoroat, * , < on th? freeueee. 7 * ,*e* ?r ** * AU woTUHciai ?.t r"r"v-Tir'i onit no ?2fcw*d?J' C; M.AoWKWr2& JgBST FANCY SOOM, TO SUIT THE TIMES AT P*lCa* ?2?5SSB&S&sifja? JlmRfbasnhrss'tJts ImUi vl ' eriersld eetUlt wi le ?<?i * I jitj toMMf* tk? aaiu? itKvbkbyiirM.M"" I T?naa : Oc? fourth nub; lb* fe*l?ae* tat. tt*ui f k BiKNARD. Aieu. T * L bfMui<1, tM ueisfeborhoud good, tad it ia ?of7" nieofaad ocwiIHe fro. dSTolty by oh rftbo wanMBi W? nu OM 01 ntmW| A. U. I ltoo, IB fcvor of John J. Bof ue ?M?t the |MM tad enaitola, loodeajnd tenements. ri|hta u4 ore*- V ita of Bernard NacM.uf one other srrit ofexeoa- I ?on taaued br lobart Wkid, * J Baboo of the I aaM ib and for aaud eonntr,oa Us MU of N<?vwnber current,in fkvor of Ut aaid John J. Boss*. aleo acaiaat the food a. ft.*., of aa* Borc^rd Ma- I |t*.ni?*a)srtM npon aH tha wk Damrt M*. I |M'a I tereet is aai to Uat pteoe aad parts ? A rroand known aataat part of lot auabered oa? (l W In Miara vast of aqnara nimbored fcurtoea.< l* I gBariB^^ss > current. ?L4 o eiook p m. The prmiMt *ii. bo eoU auhjeot to bruno# ofTjsnd, payable with interest oe tke tfth Bt WALL * BARNARD- Auctioneers, Cesstsr Wsd it. mmd aeasfc esds P* I VKftY VALUALK PROPERTY NORTI OP I WiauwToi. of r*m rocntsnra si**** I OS PlKIT Hli?m inin *ww ? - lW??Bta. m-iKTUXi Him (Xian 1 IHOIOrW, Of ChicVenn*, Suite ol Wilm Crimson Piu*k eor 1 ered Parlor Parri'ura, eompnaing tx Tot* stete *Wa*. two Arm ud four Parlor Cha.ra, Sour Hui4r m? Fire? Ciitirr-WkMnot, orewo d Marbl* or 1 able?. Vm?, Brua**la Venetia i, and Inoain Carina, Broi.ze Hat Tr?>e. I- ioor Oilcloth, S*up?uor solid Walnut Bookoaee, large si??. Walnut f.xien?irn Table, Bidebnard, Oak French Cininc Cbaira. Loign, Cane a&d Wood seat Chair* ana Rocksra, Windnw Orta na and Shade*. Gold hand French Cnua Dinner, Psaaurt, and T?a Ware, Tab e Catlery, Castor*, Glassware, Refrig trakor. Wat* ewer. Waiters, Mahocaoy. Jens; Lind, and otnar Bedsteads, Marble top {Veering end ?'tsin Ksreans, Wa?hatand. T( iletV ta. Clock, K-nameilsd Cottage r-<s?, Hu k and Moss Hittrasees, bolster* and Pillows, Child's Bfd?tea?7Cnb. ar.d Bedding, Cookisg and other P tores. Together with a general assortment ef Eilekea Requisite*. Term*: #90 and snder, oath; over that saic a oredit of sixty ard ninety days. for aaUsfceteri ' andorsed notea, bearing iPtere*tno ? d J. C MoGUIRK * CO . Anets SMMBTABLK'S aALK O K VALUABLE Real V> Estate ?By Tirtaeof i<a writs of eiaeutjon leaned Lj Joa. N. Psaraon a Jaatioe of tha P?aae la aad for the Connty of w ashing ton and District - e?-a- * * * & m Ext'uica TaJ?!ea. Rflnientor and Nutiti, Mtbottm Sideboard ud Ca> ? *?ai CUin, Union Chair* and Bronit Candelabra*. Feather Beda Pillow* and fiulif la. Hair, Cot'oo top ano Husk MtttrniM, Qn It*. Comfort*. Blaitketa, Sh?*t? aoc Cawn, Hruaaelr, Ingrain, Sta r and other Carp<<U. Oneirorj fin .-Surer p a tad Tea tet atd take Baa k?t, China.-Glaaa and Cr< oker* Ware, Cookinp Ranee and othar Storr-e, A large lot cfKitohen Requisite*, And many other artiolea loo nunaeroaa to eaaaier J at*. Term* cvL. My order of ih* ? ?-< A. REKM. A?t. Br J. C. MoGUIRE k. CO., AaetioaMra EXCELLENT FURNITURE AN1)T1?('KK- A JCi kbipi!?o Errtcrt at Frattc ^tn.-Oa FR'- r DA> MOK M.Mi. November 90th, at ? o'clock, I tithe taaidenoe of a Ik a*e I eping. No. 461 fc itrwt. between Fifth ar.<t \ ***? we all eel I the er.tire l-uraiture J at,a F ff-oU, ooinerificf? I nur. uoaos-i'>i tofl Hut MimniM, g h?r B da, Pil owe and Boiatrr-, ilcto, Coaafortt, ?K?*ii awl ' -ea. I king, Air tight and other Stove*, ether with a general aaaortnent of Kitohea Ra*ai*itac, Ttrmi: all auma ef and -oder $sa oa?h over 23 a credit of ? aid < montha, for approved erwdere?d notea, bearing int-reat no g-d A 8RKEN. Anc*. Br A. GREEN. Anctionear. By virtue of a deed op trust, be \ ring date on the 4th day ? f Mar, '** '. ?? recorded iu Liber J. A. H , No. 197, foioa W, et ?<<,, on* of the iaad raooici* of Waaftingtoi o. unty. m toe Diat ict of Columb.a the Honamoid aod * itoh- i n Fnrnitare in the hon*e aod prenuaeaNo 4 <>n th? e<ut aide of Sixth atreet, t iwm a D and B will be aoId at pnbl o auction to tfce kiKh?*t bi?i dera, <?n TUEPDAY-the .Tta day ?f November. 1W0. at in o'clooK. The foVowing compnte a part of the efleota to be >old, tii : Roaewood rora?. Canter Tahlea, Pier Table*. Arm and Side CUaira, Eoaewood htag-rea. Reception Chair*. oar Broaatflle and l.aoe Curtain*. at rack. Chi..a Va?e?. Panaiaa Card TaUe, Walnut Bed?tAad. Dreaairg BureeueWa'nut Wardrobe* aod Marble-top Waahatani. Chert Reda?< Ada. M?hogaav Barf a?. Ward.ohee, Waahat*ndaand Table*, Set Cotta*e ^'urnitir*. MMrntua I inter eu, aecuad t>j app ored endoraora. CHAS T GRI^ITH, Irirtw. J C. McGUIRE k. CO., Aacta. P. 8. The Hoih it for rnt; inquire ofthe Aae tioneor. no W By A. GREEN, Aiotionaar, a Household and kitchen firm. Tea* at Acction ?On MONDAY, the M inatant, 1 ahaJ 1 ?el ,at lOo'oiock a. n>.,at tha raai denoe <> a gentleman dooming houeek*< on L atreot. between 9th a ad 10 h ata. norta (So iOJi a fono'al ooaortmcnt of Furniture, vig OtiO Parlor Suit, oonn,eiiE?; of Chaira, Bofaa and Rockera oora'ad with Tain a# k. Mahogany Sofaa. Chairaand PootatooJa, Do MarMe-top Cot tor and Fancy Tablaa. Do 8'orftarj aod Whatnot, Do Damaaa ooverorf 9olaa and Ear? Chair*. i Dama?k, Laoe and othor Curtain', | Gilt-frame Glaaa, Chir a Vaaaa, Mahogany Sideboar* and Droeaing TaMee. , I Cane, Wood-aeat Chaira anu Loangoa, J Bed?tead?, Bareana an<i t*ararobo?, Waafcatanda, Toilet y*tt. lowtl Raoar. Ingrain, stair and or her Carpet a. Lvif quutit) ff *Vl.iteMo?e Chin* TakU War*, Glassware, Table Cutlery. Waiter*, Wlw Flated CMteri, Ice Pitohara, CUi Bukru, Spoons, ktd Foikr. Rotewc' c. Ma^oganr. Walnut, an J Panted Dress ing Bureaus and VVashstasds, with and without Marf> top?. Jenny LM. French, and Cottace Beds trad*. ?o.i(i Oak akd Fa i.ted CottacerrU. _ Feather B?ds. Banters. and Pillows. Toilet Stet?, Aupoiior Curled Hair and Husk MaUinw Large suaotity of iJiaakots Comforts, Units, M Bad Linen. Pai?a?k Tab1 "-cloths, .Napkin. Towel*. Radiat, r, Omi Brate, aad Airtight Btom throughout the bouse, T of ether wild a large variety of Household Arti eles not neoessa'y to enumerate Terms : f* and under aa*h; over that sua a a credit of one. ?n. Ikra*. tril tnmr amiiki Am.i 6 n- rt*H B?tw. 5 yaara 1 j oril Sprint V* k|on. Btmn. A.r.. *?. i naa of aai?: MSB and a-Miar oa?b ; ?* * f r ? *r dit mm ?to;i, for tproTtd n4ontt <>t*a, b?aiinc ibitrHt _ ?n-4 tmpc. DOWl !.*?, Ami. Br 1. C. MeGUIRK * CO.. AaottoaMra TRUSTEE'S SALS OP FURNITURE AND 1 Krricri or the uavitbtti N?t*i -Ot MONuAV 'MoRNiNG, NoTMibfr M, Md ooa tiouiDf trow day to day until tha who)# is dtapca*-! of. t>| virtULOl two da*<??l trirftoUMdhl 'rit>*r, duly raoordai Mnong tha land rraorda f.,r W hIi Luc oountj.l aball a#U Ue aatira ForBita'twl t ffxrti oftha Lafayatta bona*, on K iifwi, K? tween l?tb and 15th atreeta, covfrwif t*a Furai??r of tKMit aiiti room a t ud Parlor Sanaa, aaaaiatina Aoiaa, TfU k T?(m, Arm, Rooking. *M lor ufnlri, t Bo'iiguw, Dwka,ud Wto'iota. Roaawood Mar hla top Canter and Pofa 1 ablaa, Loancea, Fancy CUaira, ard Tahlaa. Hilt |rtm? Frenjh Plat* Mantel and P?w W'aaaaa, pair aak and Laoa Curtain*, Coruaa and Shadaa, rival, firanaala. aud lacra*B Careata and O.U o,< t:i? throughout the Hoa?a, Stair Carp. U Cocoa and India Matting, Walaatand Oak KitnitiaaJDiium Tat?aa. rwk tr,..k n - ... u ... r. ? H . AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DATS By TIOe^DOWLINe. AMboiM,. f ilGE HLE OreROCK>in.UtiCoiti IJ Paixts, Oil?. Hoati arc Wami, i(-oa HON DA V *?it. m* at* ?t i* ' look, u u,? toro No. Iloa Wnir ?t ort, 1 skali ow,wjuk>? titwto. th? titmiin stock of Jmn p. brooa, Mite of? .. . _ C boats Ubi po*d?r.Y???i Hyooa ud Hick Tat*. Hk>? m4 book* Rio, J?v?, tfarot ud tero?M Bblt GHaoo ?ir*p. Orlaooa m4 Porto Rioo MoImm, _ fMB. Mao*, tlWl I Wt, OMil BOO*. bta. Rio't box** Mo. 1 and Jgoaf,boxaa Tnbaauii. ism 9p*,n. a<iiiuiim?mIN<ki)4 Do Ramaa. drama Kna, Iraila JUataa. Baka Rioe, buxoa SlatcH and P*PP*r. * ? Kaatport Herri Bf. 1*kaca Na?la. !,? Iha. Corda**, iMftk. W MB Bfftra, Ptinia, Oila. Varaiah. Pilch, Tar ml Una udTb, Wall 'la >riw? Maracr Potat *a. Wra/pir.| Papar, B? ot l?. Mona?jw?tai NVki?ky. bbla. Nactar \VhT?. Bbl.VtCVa^XXX Whraky, W bbta. Pickled Cad Ctf?HM and other Wiaaa ta (laaa. Para Black bary Wiaa, Jam oa Rom and O'd Hootch Whiak*. libila. App! Branu.l itcm Cognac nraady. M.i?aad Gia aau Port W tar, BU?. Kantacky By* Wh ak?, 8h?lf OOBIl*t!Dg Of? aat OH. 9pio?a, M uat*rd, Blaakiai, Cataap. 4a. B ooTii, Buckata, Baaaata. &.?. Ptatforoa ftca a waighi'ic J.raa poanla, iVartor Nm!m. illAni Initaraa A*