Newspaper of Evening Star, November 24, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 24, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL MEWS. Stab publUbes the List of Letter* rfnuining In the Washington City Post OflM under tb? prerMoM ?f the Uw directing them to be printed ia the newspaper having the largest rlrculation within the delivery of the office Ita total daily circulation ;? more than double that of any other Daily printed In the District of Columbia. ir^ Thflntrh Tb? A?a* la mm fmufnmd teem cud la use south of Baltimore, lta edition to an Urge as to require It to be pat to preaa it an ?arly boor; Advertisements, therefore, should bo rat Ib before It o'c' i m ; otherwise they may tot appear until the next day. Nonci -District of Columbia Advertlsementa *? be Inserted In the Baltimore Scn are received nt aad forwarded from The Stab Offlee. Wiliar??' Hotbi..?The Messrs Wlllard, with tbHr enterprise and spirit of constant Improvement, every vrar tlnd employment for hundreds of mechanics and laborers, wno are thereby benefitted by tbelr (the Wlllards') disposition to keep the wheel of Industry moving onward During \be past summer they have caused their hotel to be completely and thoroughly overhauled from top to bottom. and refitted tn a style of elegance no: inferior to that of any house of public entertainment In the country. The pa nW upholsterer, plasterer, carpenter, stone mason, bricklayer i~cabinetmaker, plumber and gasfitter, engineer, in fact workers at almost every branch t>t trade, have had occasion, since the adjournment of Con terras last spring, to dive up and down Into every corner of this extensive establishment, and e*ercise tbeir calling in the work of r?nrnr*?t?n the conaeq uenctla that W i Hards' Hotel la througbout a marvel of convenience, cleanllneaa, and good order. Nothing can exceed tb? co?y arrangement of the various auites of rooma on the aecond And third floors of the Pennsylvania avenue front, those occupied by the late Japanese Kin baas v In jvtrtl -ular. They are ?o planned that a superb parlor, sitting-room, aleeplng apartments, and dr'-asing-room* communicate with each other, with but one door of communication with tje main hall, ao that thua they are aa private aa though in a separate building. They are fitted up with every appendage which can add in any way to the comfort of the guasta Koaewoud furniture, velvet carpets, new bedding, lace and damaak rur j?ln? , costly paintings, statuettes, vases, etc , and superb pianos, are among the many comforts and luxury which abound^In lavish profusion The Fourteenth street block contains hundreds of anui apartmenta all of which aeein to vie with ?*r ii other In neatness and elegance. In no respect Is anything wanting which can render tbem desirable. The furniture Is new and costly, the Hw4 i~ r V, t. >1? .? " ? ,,c?u uvui tue u|iuvnurren, toe carpel* w*rni and of tasteful patterua, the general arrangement perfect. \ large dressing-room has been ad<?rd to the Concert Hall, which obviates the necessity for the unsightly screens which have heretofore detracted from its handsome proportions Diving down into the lower spartm^nts we find the kitchen, the engine rooms, waahery, drying rooms, and bakery,all of which are models r-f convenience and good order, the kitchen especially It is fitted with apparatus of every " conceivable design for the operations of this most t-saential part of the domestic economy of a firs* class house of entertainment. The ventilation i ao perfect that not a stray vapor penetrates beyond Its precincts to the adjoining dining-room The wioerellar contains liquid comforts worthy the a.lmiring inspection of a connossieur Coming hack to the principal floor,the attention is diret d to another new feature of this model houte. W urn'. was formerly the barber's saloon, h*s beeu converted into a magnilicent billiard room, where the Carpenters are busily engaged in setting up awe of the wurld-renowned Phetan tables Opening into this room is the telegraph office, and Mjoinlng ibis again the news-room. I'ndouhu-div ?b?* Withers VV illard '-can keep a hotel." 'Chdi for a Yoke or Oxis.-On Tuesday night. Mr T. H Osborne. of Prince George's co , Md , near Brandywlne, turned a valuable yoke of oxen into bis pasture On Wednesday morning tbey were missing Search for them being ineffectual, he drove up to the city and engaged the services of Policeman King, who went to work making inqcirles. He soon ascertained that a pair of oxen answering to the description of those lost bad been driven throug i the city to Georgetown. Hastening thither, begot on their track and traced them to the slaughter bouse of Mr Robinson. On arriving there, he learned that a man named Achrybawk had th?m in possession, on the Aqueduct ahov* (iK>rori-tnUfn ?"? * _ - ? ? . 14^ w IUC A4UC dcct, s?cbryhawk wsi not to be found; but on tLe farm of a .Mr. Crown, near by, be discovered tbe lost animal* Securing thetn there, be hastened to Georgetown and procured a warrant for Crown, and a search warrant, armed witb which be arrested Crown and took ro**es*!on of tbe stolen oxen. Crown was taken before Justice King, and E roved that Schryhawk bad brought the oxen to is farm fo> pasturage. A warrant was Issred for tbe arrest of Schryhawk.who was arrested yesterday and taken before tbe same magistrate, when be brought evidence to show tbat be had purcl ased tbe oxen from two young men who represented themselves to be from Virginia, and gave their nanus as Thomas As no clue could be had as to who or what the Messrs Thomas were, Mr. Osborne was compelled to give up the chase for them He identified his property; which, after a long discussion?In which Schryhawk's counsel contended that they belonged legitimately to bis elient, notwithstanding tbe oath of Mr Osborne to the contrary?he was permitted to take them away. Fifth District Policb ?Several c?ses of as nult and bat'-ery have been disposed of at this office during the preasent week, by Justice Thompson holdiag the parties to ball for keeping the peace in some rases, where tbe defendants were found guilty of uainit profane and indecent lanviiasr* 111 the ? m vault*. tWy we re fined under the Corporation law. On the Ma instant, three juveniles, well-knoMrn to our storekeepers who have offered of late by petty depredations. were arretted by Officer King, who found in the basket carried by oue them a piece of cctton velvet, stolen from a storekeeper on Seventh street. Two of tlie prisoneft, George and Barbara Stienill, were fully committed for court. On the 19th inst, Abraham Johnson, free negro, arrested by Officer King under the charge of stealing five pigeons, two flower-pots, and sundry articles from a widow lady ou E street, *ras committed In default of ball to answer at the next Criminal Court. This morning, a colored man was brought before Justice Thompson, by Officer King, and charged with refuting to place his hay wagon in the place designated by the Clerk of the Center Market. The offender was fined 81 and ccsts. Other arrests for the same offence were m de this morning, but the canes have not yet been disposed of. Country persons and others, disposed to infringe npon the city ordl isnce in rtlatica to market and market bouses, would do well to read that ordinance, whlcb m\y be found in >(3henhan?s Corporation Laws," page 194. Actus ros thi Occahios ?About half-past 6 o'clock laat evening. a colored man ran into the offlee of Jua'iee !>&un bareheaded. and stated that he had entered the cellar of a house corner of Four-snd-s-half street snd the avenue where liquor la sold by a man named Frank Smith, col., and being in debt to Smith for liquor thirty-five ceuts, the latter took bis bat and kicked him out of the cellar. The night police bad not yet assembled, it being before their hours, aad tbe day men were probably at their sapper at tbe time. Detectives Allen, Busber, Harrover and Reese, at tbe request of tbe Justice, went to tbe bouse snd arrested tbe keeper, and John Thomas, John Lemon snd John Ross, col . who were there, and took them before tbe magistrate. Smith was fined 20 and costs for selling liquor without s license, snd each of the others Sti 15 for disorderly conduct. Smith tried to escape the fine by tbe plea thst he sold for Mr. Clarvoe, who Is the proprietor of tbe house. Several others who were there escaped, tbe officers having one prisoner each, who they could Identify as violators of the law. Oa, My Coc*tkt !?Mr. Editor: Can aothlng be done to an m' la addition to all oar trouble*, financial and other, I learo from the Star of yeaterday that aome nl neW-en clerks In the Departments solemnly declare " that undar no clrcumstancee will they conaent to hold office under Abraham Lincoln " Only think of that! "Under no circumstance* " What wUt Lincoln do? Will Ci not, Mr. Editor, eoggeet something to relievo la-ooaa 1 ng Administration from the embarraeament that this raab act muat occaalon It? Gentlemen, don't! Humanity demands?patriotism demanaa?every consideration demands that y?u panne and conalder Don't be raab. Wk*r? will LI?cola tad men to fill the placet of lhaas ainei leva? W here' If they cannot be induced to change their determination, I implore them not to resign btfor* the 4tb of March. Don't let them precipitate a cataatrophe upon the natloa. Pat Riot. Tbiatbtcals ii Gbobgbtowji ?We congratulate our Georgetown neighbor* on the fact that the capital theatrical company new at our Theater wlii jr*Ta p-rformaacee ia that city on Tueeday, Thursday. \Thaa halving day,) aid Saturday ef neat week Tbey will find Manager Glean a gentleman aad a scholar, aad hie company an excellent oae indeed We bear that the company propoee to get op aome very attractive and diver fled puftrMKM lor um gran ncauou m u?e Georgetown lovers of Mm drama. On Of tbs rt|t mi family paper* In the country, to wit, The Weekly Star, full M usual of Metropolitan new* and gossip. and ehofct liter* atj reading, la now on our counter randy for delivery to the public. It ta just Um paper above all otbrra for citizens and strangers adjourning in Uie National Metropolis to read an !*ui:day or to a?nd to their friends at n distnae*. Pries only ;sw.ewr2St* ^ >-*.< --S n J * -.<4 .,y? (ss a numerous ihwdiwt of Aealtra la our princlpal elty Market this morulag, and the alira attendance of purchasers g?w the market a rather uauaually dull appaaranc* far Saturday. The haystands wers oat t Inly accupted, and the prices war* about m darln* the weak past, ranging from 80 to Uiciok pet 10? pouada. A few lota of country oof k of good quality were offered at wagona and the Scalakoaae; selling for 97 30 par 1M pounds. aSEft^*338aBS^%|3 ~y >??>? ***? ?-it , ; T Ml" X? & **' fl'T X Mo?t'IIattsu.?No Hied rate of diaconnt for the Mils of our impended city banks seema to bare been settled upon by our bnalneaa men. The kills as a general thing are takes as apeeis In lbs trade of the city, and are received at par at the Tax Collector'a ottos. Some ?f tks broker*, howwrer, era charging 4 per cent, diacount oa them, but we presuBedo not find many customer* willing to allow it. Virginia money rale* at 10 per cent, discount, aad goea alow, as there ia no outlet far It. North Carolina money Is reskoaed at 15 per cent discount South Carolina money, no quotations. Our Corporation atocka are held at 94 ceata CMlt Wour ?The rain aad the condition of tbe rhada veaterdav and laat niabt pr-vented In their paths To be sure, there are plenty of lamps along the principal atreeta and avenues, bat in a night such aa laat night their uae ia not apparent when they are not lighted. They are intended for public benefit, and the public ought to hare the benefit of them when moat needed. The Odd Fellows' Levee.? Fins Time Anticipate ?We have already hinted that those who are on the lookout for rational innocent enjoyment, after the care* and labors of the day are orer, should keep a bright lookout for the coming 1. O. O. F. Levee Now, we have to say that laid Levee ia to take place on Monday evening next at Odd Fellowa' Hall, and that requlalte preparations have been made to the end that it anall go off with all the eclat doe to any demonatratioa of so influential and responsible an order. Belt understood that Wither* win furnish the music, SkhalBeld the confectionery, and Kloman the supper. We think now tnat is rather a strong card But these are only items in the bill of aC tractions for the entertainment of Monday nlgnt. Go early and enjoy It to the utmost! Caeelessnes* Repeoved.?This morning a gentleman complained to Justice Donn that while fie was walking to market with his wife, when on N inth street, opposite the market, a man named J H Wbaley threw an oyster at a boy, which alaaed the boy and hit complainant on tne ankle, paralysing his foot for the moment. Policeman Donaldson arrested Mr. Wbaley, and hewas taken before Justice Donn. Defendant said thai it was accident, for which he hid apologized; bat the complainant said be would accept no apology in such a case; a severe reproof was needed to prevent the recurrence of sucn an accident. The fine and costs was S5 W, which was paid. iiuhuu iu u i iiuvkti, n cpimrcu ui uci uenevolent society for the relief of the colored member*. The Lamps and ths Steskt Ckossisg*.?La*t night convinced many pedestrians, male and female, of the value of light in the present condition of the Hag footways at the intersections of many of our principal streets and avenues. The footways are brohen; many of the stones sunk several inches oelow tbe proper grade, and thus forming pools of mud and water. Light ts essentially necessary, In order to escape plunging into them. Last night wa* very dark, an [ quite a number of ladles and gentlemen plnnged Into thM? noola mtiteklnir them fnr th? airvaat ?nnfi the Star of Tuesday, it whs deerntd best to let the suspicions rest against 'be parties until they should expose themselves Bill Delaney, col., was taken oa Thursday night and sent to jail, tbe information leading to his commitment being derived from Jacob Coleman, aslave. Bill came out with a disclosure of the case, which led to the recovery of the watch from Cornelia Butler, a free colore*! girl, who was engaged to be married to Coleman. Sbe trot It from Colemau, who gave It to her after his first arrest on suspicion. Delaney was dis milled from custody yesterday morning, and officer Busher went to (be girl and asked her for the watch Jake gave her," and she at once delivered it up. She testifies that he gave it to her to keen for him Jake was arrested bv Allen and lodved In tbe guardhouse. He persisted in denying any knowledge of tbe watch. He was brought out for a final hearing yesterday, the watr b being then in Allen's possession. Being asked If he knew anything about the watch, Coleman declared he had never seen it Tbe Justice asked If he would make oath to that He said "certainly he would " The Bible was put in his hands, and when the Justice askrd him if he knew what he was about to do, and he was about to reply, Allen held the watch before bis face, and he desisted Being a slave, the penalty for his offVnse is whipping, which was ordered to be administered. Jake claims to be the president of an association of colored folks called the "Brilliant Star'Association." From the printed con ?V >U?1 ? "WI? mislaying IU? llgDFK artistic talent, and more true to nature, than any similar work over Issued In this country. He boped that the members of the Conference would pare no puins to forward the enterprise. Bishop Paine said, that as this church was to b? built In the Virginia Conference, it was expected In the S.rnth that this Conference would do a great deal towards that object This enterprise was one of great Interest Numbers of members of the Southern Chrirch visited Washington; some of them were in Congress. He wished there was more Christian men there, (Amen ) The ground occupied by the Church South was the conservative ground?suitable alike to Kansas and Nsbraska?to Virginia and to Maryland. [A Voice. And Maine ] ^ es, to Maine; and, if anything will suit all N?w England, to all New England. It was not proposed to ask any one for a contribution; a quid yro quo was given In every instance, and more than a quid for etch quo Rev. Mr Edwards expressed a desire to discuss the question, but said tuat. as the session had already been lengthened, he would prefer to do so to morrow. On bis motion tbe subject was laid on the table A number of notices, &c., were given, and at I 30 o'clock the Conference was closed with the Benediction. Rkcovmt or Stolen Goods.?Tbe two gold watches stolen from the store of Mr. John Lange hive both been recovered by detectives Allen ft Co. Upon the recovery of the first, mentioned in p-, ?? ?u?7 *>? ?uc preacher* to take no action verging on politlca, the more especially In the present excited state of public affairs. These remarks excited some sensation in the Conference, snd met with unanimous approval. Rev. Dr Doggett advocated the resolutions in an eloquent and stirring speech. He felt a little regret at the Incidental political allusions which had been made in the course of the discussion. He concurred fully in tha remarks Which had fallen from the Bishop on this subject. He did not indulge in the gloomy apptehensions on the subject The Conference was bound in obligation and Christian honor to prosecute this enterprise Whatever might happen be trusted they would need a church in Washington, (amen ) Tbis enterprise was gotten up by an estimable gentleman, to give to every person the full value ->f the amount paid, and yet, out of the profits, aise a fund to give Southern Methodism a creditable church edifice at the scat of government The book proposed to be sold was one of the most valmble compilations of sermons ever issued, and ne/oivea, i na? we mgniy appreciate the efforts now being made by Bro. W. T. Smithson for the erection of a Southern Methodist Churctx In Washington city. Resolved, That we use our best efforts to aid In this work by the sale of the "Southern Pulpit" and the engraving of the General Conference. Resolved, That each member of this Conference will raise an amount for this purpose equal to 25 cents for every member of his charge, and remit the same to Brother Smlthson before the 1st day of June, 1W61. Resolved, That the preachers report to the next session of this Conference, the amount collected on their aeveral circuits and stations Rev Mr. Lawent advocated the adoption of the resolutions, and said that similar resolutions had passed several Conferences of the South and Southwest. Rev Mr. Burton was not prepared to do anything without further consideration in the matter. We did not know where we were drifting, nor what would be the end of the present course of events The political complexion of aff-iirs must have a tendency to determine the proper action upon this matter. Bishop Paine aald he did not wish to hear any political allusion In the Conference. Each man nad a right to his opinion and to exhibit It in his Itlftrscr* hilt thnnirhf it urns tha - 1 , ??1 V;boi*ia Axxval Cosrsmixci at Al*xa*- ' dai a ?Third Dojr, Friday ?After tbe transaction . of busin?s of no general interest, the examination* of tbe characters of minister* waa resumed. Ainon^ three we note tbe foilowle^: Rev. W. G . Cross, Presiding Elder of tbe Wash fngton District, thought bis district gearrallr prosperous?tbe class meetings were sttendrd by about two thirds of the ?emb*rsbtp, the collec* tlons for Mated objects had been taken up regul*rlr. *nrl <? . A 4i-~ - j i ?? lavicvvru, iiuiwiMiivanainK iQC financial depression mod short crops of Lis district. He? Messrs. Granberry, Proctor, sod Blount, bore testimony to the efficiency of Mr. Cross, u4 his character wis passed Rev. Jos A. Proctor.?Fine preacher and laborlous man. succeeded well in Washington, and had a fine revival of religion?passed. Rev Mr. Bennett moved that a committee of five be appointed to he into consideration the state of the church. Rev Dr. Bead thought It would be proper to create a new standing loint committee of ministers and laymen upon the state of the churcn. Rev. Mr. Bennett thought that as there was a number of eminent laymen here now, some of them could be assoctstrd In a temporary committee, and a standing committee raised st a future period. Rev. Mr. Head then moved to amend so ss to direct the com ml tie to prepare a pastoral address, and the motion as amended was agreed to The following resolutions were then Intro* duced: wboru the mm* is rented, yet there I* only a corresponding number on tfae pew, without a name: hence there appears a welcomc to a stranger, ana when a pew-holder invites a friend, he haa only to look at the card and he can join thoae he wishes. 11 is generally conceded that all the churches make strangers welcome, and yet they are not partfal to the name system There is a pleasant point in the simple query of the child: "Ma, cannot you And the way to the pew without seeing pa's name." And vet the habit perpetuated la not Intended to exhibit ostentation in a sacred place. Axkkiccs. Thk Second Meeting or Bcstms# Mix 15 Alexandria?The Gazette of thjamornlng says : The merchants and business men fff this city, pursuant to adjournment, met again at the Corn Exchange yesterday morning, at nine o'clock, when Mr. A. W. Gray, chairman of the cbmmittee to prepare business for the meeting, stated that since the meeting on Thursday circumstances had o:cnrred which had rendered it unnecessary for the meeting to take further action. The banks of Baltimore and Philadelphia had suspended specie payment, which would alter the aspect of financial affairs and probably have a favorable effect upon exchanges, in view of thischange the committer deemed it useless to prepare any business for the action of the meeting, and would merely submit the following report: Your committee to whom was assigned the duty of preparing business for this meeting, believe it to be inexpedient and unnecessary to take further action in reference to the financial Interests of the community A motion to adopt the report was put and carried, and the meeting then adjourned sin* dit Thk Clarxkdo* Hotel ?This fine new house has been reopened for the season, under the proI prtetorship of Mr. D. T. Norris. Among, the I alterations and Improvement that have been made during the receaa we notice the establishment of a first-class restaurant In and the removal of the bar to the basement, leaving tbe former bar-room for an elegant sitting and reading room. These Improviments render tbe establishment a most complete and desirable hotel to stop at. Runaway a*d Smash Uf.?Aboutnoon to-day, a horse attached to a light wagon started on the Avenue, near Tenth street, and ran at a fearful rate down the Avenue, causing considerable alarm to pedestrians and owner* of coaches along the route. The frightened animal turned into market space, and brought the wagon to which he wa? attached in contact with another, by which both were damaged. Fortunately no person was Injured. " Interior Adornments."? See what John Markriter, 4H* Seventh st., has to say under this head. His stock of upholstery goods, paper hangings, 4c , are really superb, and we have nevtr known a customer of Ms to complain that he was not well done by. In fact, his reputation for good work and fair dealing is the secret of his great business success. The Theater?To-night the Howard family make their last appearance, on which occasion will be presented the "Lamplighter," "Page of History,and "Dutch Richard ." The bill is an excellent one, and will no doubt draw an overflowing house. Remember that this is the last chance to see little Cordelia Howard. "Save the Discount ?"The riace to Buy Boots and Shoe? "?See advertisement of C. F. Cummins It Co., &7 Seventh street, at the big blue sigu. He has a good stock, sells cheap, and, what is a good deal to the purpose just now, accommodates his customers by taking solvent bills at par. Photographs of H. R H., Prince of Wales and suite, at Whltehurat's, 434 Pa. av. Also just received original photographs of Prince Albert. Queen Victoria, the Emperor and Empress of France, and Garibaldi. This establishment has reduced Its prices almost fifty per cent. It Central Gpard-uouse Case* ?Frank Smith, colored, selling liquor without license; fine and costs, f'21 58 John Thomas John Lemon, John Ross, disorderly; *5.15 eacb; they w*re retaineduntil this morning. Three lod-ers were accommodated. Tub Washington Light Infantry will find a military order in another column. We understand the object of the meeting ordered to be, to make arrangements for the receptiou of the Putnam Phalanx. Wk see by an advertisement that Smith, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite the Post Office, offers to take Virginia money at par for clothing, furnishing goods, hats and caps Give him a call, and he will give you a bargain. It See notice, in another column, of a large sale at auction of fancy goods, boots, shoes, embrellas, guns. &.C., by Bontz 4. Griffith, on Wednesday morning next. See notice of a singing school to open In the lecture room of the New-York-avenue Presbyterian church, this ^Saturday) evening, for the general cultivation or sacred music. About 900 beef cattle were offered at Drovers' Rest yesterday; 400 were sold at from S2 25 to S3 25 per 100 Hit gross; 200 driven on to Baltimore; 200 to the country: and 100 lav over. Otr Gkobgetow* will ??>f by Tenney'i advertisement that be wants V irginia money for groceries. Wa>itkd. ? s 10,000 Virginia, Corporation, or Washington inonfji wanted, in exoh?n^e for all >|||UI UI 1/1 j uiiuiK.ltl .Ulllllltiws T Ituri I, 13H S venth street, between I am! K, east aide. tf MAKRHflT On the 221 instant, at the residence of ti>e bud*, by the Rev. K. Nusent, JOHN P. PRATER, 10 fARAH A. BROWN, all of this city * On the 15th instant, at MoKendree Chapel Parsonage, hy the Rev. Win. Hamilton, WM. H. Miss ELIZABETH S. PUGH, all of th.seity. * On the 8th instant, at tho Thi-t?eT)th street Baptist Churoli. by the Rev. G. W. Samson, GEO K GE W. PARKER, to MARY FRANCES COOPER. * PR. J. J. PORTER AS REMOVED To No. 13'J Seven Buildings, Pa. avenue no 21-2aw3w* I- FOR KING GEORGE. N Addition to her other regular landings, the UT Mipuuv A kj i Get, wiJI hereafter call to lunci in<\ take off putaengera at ChatterlCD^ ""' tTayloe'a) Landing, thua affording the citixena of King George additional convenience* for reaching ttaltiimnre, Washington and Alexandria, aa aha goea to Baltimore every 8ATURD\Y. and Waahmgtonand Alexandria every THURSDAY, no 22 2w OH SEASONABLE CLOTHING. UR Stock of IMew and Elegant PALL and WINTER CLOTHING ia moat complete, preaent1 nk a full aaaortment ol Overcoat*. Capei Overooata and Repellant Overcoata; Black Cloth Frock Coata; French Caa?une:e and Beaver Frock and S ck coata; Black Fauor and aohti oolored Caaaimere Pant*; Velvet, Merino, Caaaimerc and Si k Veata, fto.; gotten up at our own manufactory in wiv iBwnauu uiu>i ppruvsu aiyiea, ana under BUCtl advantage* aa will enable u? to meet the vieva of the moit economical purahaaera. NOAH WAi.KKR A CO. Marble Hall Clothing Emporium, no 81 fit , 36a Penn avenue. I SINGING SCHOOL. T la propoaad to open a Sinking School for the onltivation of Stored Music on SATURDAY EVENING, the 24th inatant, at ti o'clock, in the lecture Room of Ihe New York avenue Preabytenaa Church, (Or. Gurley'a.) under the inatrucion of Prof. cu4klm E. Dailxt, of Alexandria, Va. The Sohool will ba under the patronage ot the vanva. Persona of every denomination. i both adnlta and children,) who deaire to avail themselva of this opportunity of mstrnotion, are oordia ly invited to it ia proposed to nee the "Jubilee" aa the book for inatruotion. Terras for the oourae of twelve weeks, <1. no 20-5t _ YARDS ?-4 VIRGINIA CLOTHS, of the t)uu beat makea, 4-4 Heavy Twilled Flannels, 5 4 Linatya of the beat kind, Blue, brown, gray, and white Blanketa. Woolen Yarn. Cotton Oanaburge, Plata Cottons, 5,WW yards Caliooes, of all styles. We have a full atook of good a in every department, ail of whieh we will offer at the very lowest raarket prioea We invite all in want of Dry Goods to give us a oall. WM. R. RILEY A BRO., No. 36 Central Stores, west Bnilding, Betw. 7th and Sth strreta, no 2itw Oppo. Cetiter Market. I SNYDER. _ PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Hu removed to the oorner or Twelfth and F t?. He le prepared to introdnoe Water aud Gaa upon tLt mo?t favorable tern*, aad guarantiee enure satisfaction He baa on hand a lot of COOEING and other STOVKS, whioh he will eeil leu than ooa'.aa he vMMi to get rid of them. oo 17 CL<" '"CLO 77^P ?ESSi3i.-?.r(i3w

With many other new and boaotiial pty ee in Rept, Treoo and Freaoh Bearer Cloth, in frioee from ISWto f?, to whioh we aak the atlsaQon of the iMtea. no 17 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. PAPER BAGS PAP MR BAGS, PAPER BAGS. Stsea ranging from half pound to twentT pouada, ofdi,W?llrefr^fe[ft%^ m, ft. B.-A lot of old Newapapera, aaitable for wrapping paper, hi Nle. .. bo IT tores complete, on A ahe?t, between 4tti mud 4ti?. Aiao, a tvo-ttory bnok COTTAliK, with larR? F*fd?ttwJi?a,oora?rof F etreat uorth aaj 14th at. Ml To puactual and reliable tenauta tha terna KUMr&?fr +*'M 446 '"'w * M I .3 m wa??1 th? - ? *" ssr toa?-iw? WM, BMMMT. !?%?: *??? ?Jfe" i fiv"?S No. 496 M*m. avenu?, betwMu 4th And 6th Jtt/ north ml*. bo leg" POR RKNT-A thre? itory brio* HOUSE, oon* lAlnin# it MWuna ib cn.oi Ardor a.,tK <r*a C? ? WIMI i sauilirut, Pivudicu UU U BtrPBl, IWU UOOTI from Nineteenth. Th? house is furnished through- 1 out. s^d contains ail modern imprnvements. Possession given Dcoember 1st. Inquire on the premuss. no 22-St* npBREE MILKS FROM WASHINGTON * and Alexandria you can lease for A rears so acres of LAN D?best for gardening? with the privilege of cutting and eellinc ail wood on the premises. Apply totf. TOCHMAN'S Law O&oe, m thebui'ir.g* of the Washington Bank, No. IT, entrv from C street. no 22 X* L'OR RKNT?The HOUSE and STOKE, on Pa. r avenue. First Want, opposite the Seven Buildings. The store is^at present occupied by Mr. Dyer and Boarditic House. The present proprietor 1* going south. The business will be disposed of i reasonable. Inquire ft ia Penn. ave. If P)R SALE?A neat two-story BRICK HOU9E, eontaminc aix rooms, situated on Tenth, be twsen O and P atreeta Terina: One-half caah in t>ank notes; balanoe in6.12and 18 months. Apply ti ALEXANDER DUEHAY. No. 3T3 M street, or W. V W. WEAVEK. General Post Office Department no S4-3t* i^OR KENT-Those beautiful PARLORS, in F the house 253 G street, corner Fifteenth st., occupied last session of Congress by Hon. Mr. Humpnrey. are now for rent. Also the Parlors now occupied b* F. de Haaa Janvier. E?q., in the same home. There are also several fine Rooms suitable for sivgle ge.t emen or smtll fami ies,with or without b?ard. It* rpo RENT-A new three-sto j BRICK HOUSE IU OHUMB *CBI UI cl|H?r? lit) M VB7>10 lir^eilN Ha. ave nu?. which ?vd d*ed ?m executed to rar in good f?ith, and for it valuable onrsideration. 1 do, therefore, protect acainst trie said ala as heme without authority of lav. and oautioa all persona against bidding at the pretended sate. no2" 7f JOHN M*QF,K. Madame morrice,*hx gkxat artkslogist amd Doctesss, from Europe.?This highly gifted and intelligent l*dy can be consulted on the Paat. Present and Future Events. Call at No, 40ft Eirhth st., between g and H, Washington. no3-lm* FOR SALE AND RENT. [for otkir 11 For SaU and Rtnt" advtrtutmints, t$t first pug* ] OR RENT-A brick DWELLING-HOUSE. No. 810 Sixth street west, between M and N north, oontaining 8 rooms and a Kitohen. Tfiri moderate Apply next door north. no 24 Iw* iboR 8ALR?The rood will and FIXTURES I* with th? Hunlahnlil ? ?* iu> n mm I/, a, ok iff i i M. WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From f5 to ?10J*e worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK orall kinds, for which 1 will guaranty t?> pay tli* highest price*, and, as u* the shortest notioe. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, 4c., nc.O 40* 7th rt., bet. G and H, east side. "lost'AND FOUNDT" PAMF. TO THE SUBSCRIBER.on the 89d ir*t? V F1VK COWS? two hufftloand three horned cows two of them full red ar.d th ejWr others red and white. The owner or own-JLJki ef* will come forward, prove property, pay clarge* and take them away. J. B. HAW. no 24 3t* Boundary *t. F'OUND?'On the farm of James H. Causten, on High etreet road, about one mil# from e\ Georgetown, a chestnut roan colored T^STTI HORSE, with a switch tail and white hind 1 feet. The owner will please oall immediately, prove propsrty, pay costs, and take the ?ame a?ay. JOHN STUM, H i 24-2t* Manager. IOST?On the morning of the 231 iD*'a~t, bei tween the Potomac boat and the Baltimore depot, two negotiable NOTES, one for .?5nn and one for $103, pa?able to my order at Rto^mond, Va. Th?y are of no value to any oae but myself. The finder wi I confer a favor by send ng them to me, at Richmond, Va, and be rewarded, if desired no 24 3t* CHA9. LUMSDENTKRRIER PUP?Lost or stolen, on Wednes- 1 day evening last, a b aok and tan Ter rier Pup, having on a r>d velvet ?"*' i fluFiii with a be>l button attached. Was taken ? from Massachusetts averue, between 14th and 15th sts. A liberal reward wi'l he giv?n. if returned to GREEN'S Grocery Store, rorner of L and Thirteenth sts. It* PERSONAL. ASTROLOGIST, A MADAM I. DEVISE. Do not fail to visit this rknow.ikd lady before she leaves the city. All who are in trouble of any kind, go at onoeto her- M adamo will bring anyone to you and cause them to love you ;jwill make speedy marriages and great good luck ; will advise in regard to Lawsnits, Travels, Losses. Numbers, &.o. Offioe and Reception Rooms at Richmond House, Eighth and D sts.; private en'ranoe on D st. Gentleman also call. no <3 6t* I HOLD A DEED OF TRUf*T ON THE PROPertj offered for sale in the advertisement of W m. T. Craif, Cons?abl?, datsd Nov. 19th ia'tant. for the sale of Bernard Mage?'s interest in Lot No. 1 ? ?... nrri> >>?n .'ilid van i ?in> ??J coveuiu St., between D Mid E. no 84-8t | BOARD WANTED?A gentleman desires Furnished Rooms for himself and a lady friend (board for the lady only) with some widow <ady. or in a very small, qui<*t, retired family, where they would be cnside'ed at home. Answers must give the price otherwise they will not lie noticed. Ail | communications strictly and positively confidential^ Addre?s^Alfred/|J>08t Offioe. no23-3t* tVANTED-5ECOND HAND furniture. fw Persons dec'rning housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash ami fair prices by applying at 369 Seventh ?t^ A 1 1'?.\ Will mite place WKUNKSDAV H EVENING, Nov. 28, *t Franklin Halt, 1) ?t ,jM near 12th. The object of this party is to raiseUHfc the necessary *n furnish thfir sitting-room. Tickets S? cents, admitting a gentlerran ana ladies. Bast coti Ion musio engaged No hats or oapa allowed in the room. By order Committee of Arrangements. ____ no 22-6t_ 0 1. O. ??. F. DD FELLOWS' LEVEE! At ODD FELLOWS' HALL, ftk ?t~ MONDAY NIGHT. Nov.36, Commencing at 8 o'clock. Withers' Band will be in attendance The Supper will be prepared t?y Charles Kloman. Esq., at the usual price. Schaffield will furnish the Refreshments, *o. Tickets of admission 91, admitting a gentleman and .adies, A pleasant time ma; lie anticipated by all who may attend. no 21,23,24 <S6 WANTS. rl*KACH KR.?A lady, who has had experience in 1 teaching the usual English branches, music, and Fre'ch, desires a SITCaTION. References given. Address L. L., Washington, P. C. It* WANTED?A MAN, to take subscnp ion for a new illustrated edition of Brown's Family Bible. To a suit%ble man, good wares will be nuAii inalv I A MCUna DTPD < Aft t Dia have the honor to inform their fneods and the pnblio that thej will rive their fourth w urSrfi> c&U the A?s1*bly Rooms, on/ffa WEDNESDAY EVENING, November 28,bA (Thankiigi vins Kve.) The he t arrangements are made to satisfy tlieir friends. Hotuoeder's brass and tnng band will be in attendance. Tne bar will be well lupplied. Ticket! 91, for a gentleman and ladiea:tobehad at the door on the evening of the Ball,and ef the membera. no 3* 4t* thk COMMITTEE. The second or\nd cotii.lon pakty FRANKcIN active asso- m f CORPORATION 07 6EORQETOW 1 . V , V * DRY GOODS, CARPETING, OILCi ONE rRlCE-MARKE1 no* 2?-3t BALLS, PARTIES, &c. HURRAH! FOR TI1E HIAWATHA BOYS ARK IN THK HKLD AOaIN' hey int-nd to giv* thoir FIFTH GRAND RAl.l. K. - ? ? ?. O .v.?ra> |>| >ucil Ilien<I?,ai (7* Thoew'* Mall, on7th st, THURSDAY, toe ? 29th of November- iu By order of the ||B no 84 2t* " COMMIT rETT THE THIRD GRAND COTILLON PARTY 0* tbi m BA?*HKUL CLUB M WiM be ifiven at ! POTOMAC HALL. rot. M*rVl**d ar.faA and II (A tt., On MONDAY, December 10 Particular! in future advertisement. By order ol Committee. It* Hurrah, fur the HICKORY BOYS ! The Fifth GRAND ASSEMBLY of the HICKOKY CLU B will tike p acea? the WasHintton Ausmhly Roomi, on MONDAY EVE- SB i NING.Dee S. Tickets SO oent?. adnuttint gentleman and ladies By order of the Com-uHfc raitt*eof Arrangements. For particulars see future advertisements. It* n 4. v*REAT ANNUAL BALL op thk ASSOCIATED BAKERS or D1ST. COLUMBIA The Associated Bakers of the District of Colum. V AKD VIEOnriA BAHK VOTES AT FAR OR LOTflS, BOOTS, SHOES, fc HATS. D IN PLAiy FIGURES. R. BRICE HALL, 3T3 u4 374 SEVENTH STREET. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS nryMAYOR's OFKICK. < Lkjf Gioisitowx, D. C.. Nov *?th, 1W>. Bt it knotcm that in oonformity with many >enrs' ( nup, I hereby respectful It recommend to the eiti- ( sen* of this town to abstain from secular employ- . meats, as well as frivolooa amusements, oa THURSDAY, the 39th instant, and to obeerve the 1 sams as a speoiai season for the oflennr op appropnate thanksgiving to tiod for Ion* oontit-aed man- I Ifesiations of mercy and goodness in maintaining | in our land the influences of Chnstiauit* and the ( ' blespiacs of Constitutional Government; for deli*- , , eranoe Iroin Nati??r.?J ?nonr??>?- tnr ? j life and health, and seasonable nuppiiea of food and ? I raiment; and, above all, for the consoling promisee and ?ure hope, ol a more bles?*<1 inheritance in the M** 2aw"i? ??me' HENRY ADDISON, Wtr ?. MAINE POTATOES. J P * V Hare at our wharf, on board the eehooaer r main/K^T.-raI*!* 1-?nn bwkcta Of f MAINE POTATOES, whioh wi'l * sold low K. PICKR ELL A CO.. ! P?28 3t Water st., Georgetown. ^ J .!?* I00 j?L8- 9F FRIME CIDER, b FUST Arrived and for aaJe oheap for oaeh. r oM ARNY A 8HINN. IU8T RECEIVED- ? J 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, r lin bbia. Old Rye WHISKY, a 2S0 bbla. HERRING and ALEWIVES. 7, M bbla. Cruahed and Refined ft'G ARr, L ? baga Rio and Java COFFEE, ? 10 hhda.i low priced) MOLASSES. | For ?ale by JOHN J. BOGL E. ae 10 p THE UNDERSIGNED CARPENTER AND ? BUILDER ofieri hia aerricea to the pablio of Georgetown, Waahington, and vieinity, and will v oontraot for or en peri " tend the oonatrnction of pnblio and private building*. plana and apecifioationa will be furniahed at abort notioa. offioe and ahop on Conrresa at. Georgetown, immediate- #. 1 j north of the Poit Office. au T> 3meo HENRY WINOATF.. K IVfASSEY, COLLINS * CO.'S PH1LADEL- ? 1*1 PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oonetantlj ' receiving freah aupphea of the above delightful bererage, and invite all peraona who want a pnre anad altera tad Ala, to aire it a tritf. ? ARNY A SHINN. AfenU, v Ca IT Green at.. Georgetown, ; BOARDING. " Boarding at 44* ninth street.?o?e Jj of the moat deair&ble Room*, furniahed with tl KM and wat?r, la now vacant at 453 Ninth atreet, l' which will bediapoaed o| on moderate term*. Table Boardera alao accommodated. bo S3 2t* F BOARDING.?Three or four aiagle gentlemen oan he aooommodated with Board by applying at No. 513 Maryland avenue, between i\ and ?'h ata , Island. Mechanic* preferred. no 10-tf o Im TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take ail kmda of Virginia monev for m; n book debta and for Boota,Shoea, and Tmnka. All perauns indebted to me will please ca'l and aettle up, or I Kha'l he compelled to give their aocounta into the handa of a oolleetor S P. HOOVER. Iron Hall, ? no 21 Pa av . between !>th and luth ?ta C Go r. n " - ? ? n-vuuiDiii o n?i <ia renn avenue. and examine their extremely large l' and beautiful a*aortment of Children'* Book*, L Games, 4o.. the fineat assortment ever offered be- ? tore in thia city. Go early, before the rush, and mSke your selections. Also, a large and varird ? Mcortment <f Diaries for 1861. Will be reorived (y " next steamer a compute assortment of English n Almanacs. no 21 a NA'O SECESSION! % OW IS THE TIME FOR BARGAINS'? Great inducement* are now offered to all persona in J*nJL,of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS. * ATSand CAPS, at the People'??C.othing Store, ?, No. 460 Seventh at. Come one. eome ail. and buy r, your Clothing at ureal I v reduced B'icea. at _no 17-1 m J. H. SMITH'S. 460. 1 /Ov NOTICE. /On A A . . REMOVAL. jCWA a V V I have removed mv Q Q ? PAWN OFFICE n to 351 C street, between 4X and 6th atreeta. Imme- n diately m the rear of the National Hotel, where ? the bualneaa will be continued aa heretofore at the old atan4 |no lj-6m] ISAAC HKRZBERG. d Mto the ladies. d RS. O. A. LEI BIN Would reapeotfully in- f form her former patrons, and the ladiea generally. I that ahe has removed to No. 3*4 H street, liet we- n 13th and 14>h ats., where ahe ha? eniarrad f&eilitiea r for carrying on fashionable DKK^SMaKING in all its Wianches. The latest fashions received as oon as published. N. B ?Several fine Rooms to let, furnished or unfurnished. Apply asabove. no 7 >w c (^RKAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS M SELLISd OFF TO MOVE. S As I sh*ll more to my new building. No. 343 Pa. ave , on the 1st of January, I shall commence this t day to sell off ?t creaty reduced pries my entire . ?t'.ek of DRY GOODS in store No. 241 7tii street. The *:ook is large and veil avaorted, comprising * every article nsuallr found in the Dry Goods line. . Call early and get bargains. 1 HENRY KG AN. 541 Seventh ft., no St-lot near A venae House. NOW OPEN c THE ' I ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, , AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVERTS, Next door to Clay's (late U. S.) Hotel, between Third and 4i utrrets. O. G. EVANS, in order to accommodate his * leciona of euctomara throughout th? I'nited States, g has located A BRANCH STORE of his widely oelebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Washintton City, at ? 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ? where can always be found a ooinplete einck of the ? STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of th? I IT WlhT r* VtrPi.Q * mtv ntmonr' vniir.1/ CIA A ClO Ail U Dtivvrfj. Every book it aold at the c PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATES, and A GIFT worth from Fifty OnU to ONE HUNDRED DOL LARS ii prearnted to EVERY PURCHASER n at the time of the sa!e. d Being extenai rely en tared ouraelrea in the PUBLICATION OF BOOKS, and from onr larje ulu enabled to parob*M entire edition* from of r publishers, we can offer l.MilUUfcM TS I to our patrons no* elsewhere to be obtained. t t oum eiKTs ARE OBNAMENTAL. USEFUL, AND VALUABLE, Comprising a Thousand Varieties "* k Among which we name? Sold and Silver Watchea, Gold Chauie, Ladies' splendid Black and Plaid Silk Dress Patk terns, Parlvr Time Pieoes, Silver Plated Ware, r Costly 8eU of Cameos, Mosaic, Florentine, Coral, F Garnet, Turqsoit and Lara Jewe ry. Gold Loekets, Penoils and Pens, Ladies' Neck, and Chatelaine Chains. Gents' Bosom Studs and Sleeve Buttons, c Poaket Knives, Port Monnaies, fee., Ac. The eitiMns of the Distriot aad vieinity are respeotfully invited t< examine oar stock of Books and Gifts, whether desirons of purehasiar or not and by so doing will be enabled to judge of the advantages ti be derived from oar popuiar system of oonduoting Book sales. Call for onr new olassified Catalogue, wherein ear method of doing buaineu will be found fully i detailed. \ rnr Pereone tending for book* from & dietauoe * will receive attention m though at our a to re, the gifU, in all oeeea, aeoonpaaying the parehate. G. 0. EVANS'S f GIFT BOOK EMPORIUM. 476 Pbnka. Avsmra. j mo 10-tf Washington, D. C. I |\&. SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. \J Do. ??KA WKED TONIC. Do. MANDRAKK PH.I.S, \ ro? ui* ot ? w ai i n, ouroar o[ Bav*nth ? trert and LoiiatanaaTenup. Pno* of Srrur, 1 wr bott'a, n Prtaatf&ea WaadTonia HwbottH. sj^iSssai^sMi?? fc&, einea. and are refeirad to U? fcliowia* aertiiaUa, ( one of ttio m voj taatiaoaiaia of oam? lata oar ? i n Dr. Sohcnck'a coimu on. No. m Waal Fifth ?treei. # , Washington, it Q? Nor. itat IM.( J : i is?j? , &ASU*2'tf?? v^nsvh,-sfe ~TJ3*S?&r" ! , arc?- , _ \ THE LATEST NEWS' _?_T_Elil?QEAPJiI9firifiCB Rnn New Yout, No*. S3 ?Tbe itww Afrlc* ar < rlVMd UD Victor EtaaniWs reception at Naples wm a most enthui ?aUr sthir. Tbe operatioas inlNl Gaata mi tbe Uad aids till continue*, and ttc ImI dfptrtwt ?T ttt nKlog rrriiMod wm toasHsrud ImalMil It ?ras reported that U* eonaudrf of btru ted eomiDfiOMl n?vottatloM with Uea Kuti far U>? evacuation at the fortress At tbe Lord Mayor's baaq<iH la I/nndo? Lb a ?nlv Europeaa Ambassador* present were tbaaa ?f France and t*ard ala Count Pe a.gnr apoka r >r the diplomatic corpa ia a cordial and fr ead y banner. The projected cottoa company af Maac haste r la i?urai nj a deflalto shape A strong dtreetloa laa been formed, with a capital Caed at XIM.OOU iter liny Tbe development at tba Dbarawat cot. ?D If Id of In 11a ta tbe prl act pal object af tba nmpany ftaathera laaaerratiaa AreoTa, Not 23 ?Little of that sentiment retarded North as coaservatire prevt is ta tbe > u.u nrn, ooiwrnUM > fipni ^1 ta the esolatioos ( firred In ttoe (jeorgta Legialatare by >! r Barclay. as follow* : Rr*oir<d. That the Infa rita and honor of Geor'la demand the re pes i bv the Northern State* of nose law* obstructing the rendition of fugitive*, tecauae aoch laws arc aaconstltnllsoal, aa dela red bv the declalona of the So pre me Court R<*ilvrd. That the interest and honor of Gsorla demand the enactment by Congress of law* rmoTlng tha ob tructlona to the Introduction of nd providing protection la 'he Territories of all roperty recognised by the Constitution and the ecisiona of the Supreme Court Rttolcid, That the repeal of those lawa contetnlated tn the first resolution, sad the enactments ontemplated In the second, are the oaly cond' vm? u|>un wDicu urorjtn can remain, eoMlltent rltb her rigbta and self-respect, In tbe Union Kidnapping of Free Nt|r?M Siviiiii, Nov 23 ?It baa been rtinor>4 here ?r srvrrsl days. but discredited, that all free neroes. teamen, were forcibly taken on the night ftbe 17tbfroro the b*rk .V W. Bridge, off Cumerlsnd Island, coast of Camden countr, and were 01 afterwards beard of It ia also rumored that tbree free negroes ssllrs, a portion of tbe crew of the brig ^Vlngold, re re taken from Fernandlna jai 1 and removed to arts unhnown Tbe Fernaodlna Flortdtan of le 21st aaaeru the truthfulneaa of tbe report, and [tributes the cause to retaliatory measures, but oademns the proceedings Judge Putnanr, In is charge to tbe Grand Jury, denounced thene eta The editor of tbe pspsr nays it is probnbl* lat tbe Legialature will pass an act preventing iortheru vessels from bringing such crews to londa ports. . Frsns ( karlMisa Chari. jestoh . Nov. 23?Tbe Farmers' Kihange Bank suspended specie payment yssStrav Hearv eastern orders for cotton were count*rlandrd The ateamahip NaahvtUe took ovt nearly <60 teeragr paaaengera A boot 300 more will be ah> ped thi> week Ther came from tbe North, and rill be aent bark at tbe expenoe .?f tbe gteamahl p Company by order of tbe Mayor. Cotton la at 111 lower Prloaa are lrra^ular. aad Ivor rath kiivan K*l# ? M ,J ?-? link the iu*petition of the northern banka will ave an Important and favorable effect againat ecraalon There baa been a torchlight procession to-Blgbt, rlth tranaparenciea. and tbe motto, " Tbe South mat govern tbe South " There were also music nd firework* leveineats ef Messrs Liacsls aad Haaila Chicago, Nov. 22 ?Hon. Hannibal Hamlin rrtved tbia morning and waa presented to Mr. lincoln, George V.', Gage, of tbe Tremont House, erforming the ceremouy. Thia forenoon tbe 'resident sod Vice Preeideat elect, and ether lembers of tbe party, visited tbe wigwam and ew post office This afternoon tbey have been iimiiiii ? uuainoi in a piiTiw utuirr 10 lorrow thry have a public reception in tbe Tre lont Houm parlor*, between ten u>4 Iwrlr* 'clock. Mr. Hamlin and Senator Trumbull leave t*stor ay morning for Waahlngtoa, tbe former going lirect and tbe Utter via New York. Several oluiclana are here from different parti of tbe Jaion, none, however, of any prominence Jeverner Brawn af Georgia, Opp?4 talk* ftnapeniian of Baaks?Reported aa*)>easitn at C karleatea Acgc?ta, Nov. 83 ?It ia reported ia Bank dries to-day that Gov. Brown will veto any law in<-t'onin? tbe suspeasiou of tbe banks unless tbe Hate ?e ears Ruutors are in rirruUtion that una ?> m?.? ?? be Charleston binka have auapended. Alao that lar^e cwUoo house baa auapeoded. name not ;iren Both repots n-ed coufirmatlon. ..ater frsat Ca!ll*raia?1 h? Political Aspect t lh? Stat*. * S*t JopxpH'a, Not tS.?The overland express if the 10th haa arrived here The steamship Sonora sailed for Panama ob h r egular day, with Sftib.OUO In treasure i be election returna ataovr that Llncola la 1,150 .head, but the returua are not complete TL? <egi?lature, however, haa a Douglaa majority, rh'rk a .1 - a - '- r ' ? -VVU.V- WUIVUSMV CXHAWI ill r I'l lenator G win Ltlrit from the 8?ath. Savannah, Nov. 23 ?Thia la the gloomiMt veek on record In our ctty. The aalea of cotton lave amounted to only 734 balea Forced aalea of trrlitig exchange have been made at 86. No hit g s doiny In domeatlc freight*. Krturn ?f a Fi|illn Slave. Richmokd, Not. 22?Deputy MaraUalt from <ew York arrived here t >-dav with a fugitive in heir charge, belong ng to a citizen of Renin cky. rhe negro la in the county Jail, whete he will rtnain until called for. Iirpmnt ia Mlmiri t* Kr^l Meatfeai *!' Bald. S*r Lon?,N#T tt -Tbt Gotwtw h?i?f4ff?<l >ut Gen Frost's brigade to resist the Invasion of a?* outlaw Montgomery , ben Harney lias left for leaven worth. Th^BttUa Baaks Botros, Not 23 ?The Clearing House Cain aittee bas recommended the banks of this city to [ (count their entire receipt*, and the adoption of system similar to that adopted by the New York >aaks North Cirollaa Legtelatar*. RaLxiflH, Nov 23.?'The sospeasioa of th? No. 11 'srolioa ban kswaa <eg aliaed by the Legislature o-day. There was ao other bus: at si of loterrst auancted to-day. Gsreraor VF lae. NotroLK, Nov. *t.?Governor Wise has offered lis services to Governor Gist, of Beath Carolina, n case of an emergency; provided, be is not reaired by a sense of duty to retn\ia la Virginia The ttrtrila Lr(i*latsrr. MrLLiiosviLLt, Nov. 33 ?A bill remorlag tie ^strictlon* on ><anks relating to suspeaeicns, ussed the Senafe- to-day by a vote of 92 to it. Ralk HiaiMuiM Tekhtoji, N J , No*. SB ?The Bank* of this ity have appended specie ptvunt. Htlttatr* Huuu. V&i.TTnu. N#t. M ?Flour iiaadv; llowird t and Ohio ?5; CHr Mills held at S4 87 Wbn.1 lull and lower; red f 1 tSaffl 15; white *1 tta 11 43. Corn steady; o'd white and yellow Mafrh ; tew do SftaOUc noTUlaM dull and nominal, a-aapork?l? Coffee steady at 14al4?e. Whlaky Loll at 19Va20c. Wow York Markota. Nbw You. Not 34?Floor a shade frmer RThMt quiet and Terr ?tm. Car* fvoviilona teady. WhtikyqnldttW*. W? DU..E. or 1861. all MM and BLASCHARD * MOin*. * ? 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Dr. Gnrley's;) and though it would be presump* tloua after the beautiful description of that edifice zlven in the 8tn?, to add more than baa already been written u to the chaste architecture. yet there Is one feature noticed that I think deserves commendation, and must nee-1? make the church itself popular, so for as strangers and itinerant visitors are concerned. I mnn that feature of a diagram in the vestibule where each pew Is deslensted bv a number, and althnmrh i?~n v.