Newspaper of Evening Star, November 24, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 24, 1860 Page 4
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g- =g THE EVENING STAR. NT LITTLE HIT WEB THING. BT joun 9, COl.vs. 0?? iifht? oh*rnb oati* to m*~ A en*rnb. fume breathing, A b' an(*i>ai m >ai wr ??NrFmtnhMTAoly mantion* ?ne hleaaed little wootbus, he roe? lit#* we* II aweetiy itnu'd, ray neat born ehiid. My darliEg littie *m thing ! Hi* little ere* w?re heavenly bine. Mt laughing little woo thing: lli? cheeka were of th? oiterrj hue, lit- hp* w?re like the sherry, too. My rney htt e ww thing. My blooming little we* thief. Feir h?ir in curl*,jn?t like a girle. Adorned iry little wee thing. Although eeoh obeek a dimple held, Mj pretty little we* thing.,, . The one upon hi* oheek excelled All dimplee that I e'er beheld, U. -i.- I I1HI. My trial* dimpled *m thing ; Puon onea, I we?n. were never aaen i Id any other wee thin<. 41 t little darling r?w apaoe. .Sly little thriving wee thing ; Beaotr n*ve htm al! her grace, Aw? ?tainped her image on hi* faoe, And ma?le htm her ovn vm thing. But no |e*a nf own wee tiling ; M* pretty boy. my only joy, Mr priceleea, peerleaa wee thing! rdid not <)rean? that I ahoald part rrnm mw Ha4r KaK. II.Ina ? H woatul hi ma* f bo roand id; heart. That 1 forgot Deatn had a Hart To atr.ko my baby wee thing. My tender ML* vm thing. Eat wh?n tlia?%ae hi* frarr a dicf aefxe, I trambliu for my *?? toing. The doctor* came, the be*t('> in t<nni,' And dragg#d my little wee thing ; They noure I th?ir neuseoua mixture* down, And changed his cherry lip* to brown. An 1 soon oonvulaed my we* thing. My patmn: lut e wee thing ; Nor tear from aye, nor mnrmuriag sigh, KacapeJ my little wte thing. The dectora went, a moraiiit'e re?t, My Iired little wee thing i One auckie from ita ..tother'a brent, Ar.d treu rn* hirdie 'scaped ita neat, >ly Mealed lutle wn thing. Again a chernb wee thing ; T"?: pretty form's no longer warm, I ve lost my lutle wee thine. They brought a coffin?quite a toy, 80 ti > w*a t)i? woe thin*,? And in it plfed mj little boy, Mr li my l?.ve, my only joy? And shut up my poor wee thine. And uieiw&T my wee ttunc ; A'd in J he earth, one rear f'orn birth, They hid away my wee thin*. [ Htmstkold Journal. Got Magoffin, of Ky., has published a letter oppoe'ng and deprecating the seceiaton of the rotten States a* not juatlflitd by the election ef Mr I.lncoln, and urging that the '? eeojjraphy of th'a country will not admit of a division?the mouth and aourcaaof the Mtaslaal ppi.rivrr cannot be ar para ted w:t boat th* horrora of civil war " h ntucky, the Governor nrt. cannot sustain South Carolina " in thla movement merely on account of the election r f I.lwoln " Additional importance la given to thia tetter by our western exchanges on th? supposition that it expresses aub tanually the sentiments of Mr. Breckinridge. 17" At the laat term of the Court at Hayna?'l Ala , Mr. R. Cherk waa fined SI,MX) for not feeding h*s negroes well. AURIVALS AT TUB HOTELS. BROWN'S HOTEL.?J T Brown, E Clagett, %V Clark and daughter. Md; C J Grey, W Robertson. J D Brown, J D Bicker*, Rev A Johnson and ly, Mrs<4 Ubodea, K 8 Pieaaanta arid ton. Col MV H Payne and fam. R W Payne and fam, R Y Mil. hell. C Good3 an, A Matthews. A Talinferro and son, P Vaidernan, Va; F F Drayton. SC; L JElkecberrv, 8 M Sanborn and ly, J ?mitb, Pa; 3 Salt, Ky; tV T Kinij and ly, Ala; D C Brayton, G Kubley, H Hart, NY. NATIONAL HOTEL?G DeCoaraey. Pa; Jno Bussin?. H H Craney, NY; H it Brown. Mass; G \V Dean, USCr?; M 3 Plumnier, J F 8 .Middleton iMd; O Bennett and daughter. Mix; J L Tyaek, V?; J Beale. NY: Jno Toy, Ct; W Wortbinvton ..<) iv \M I r ? f m~i ? " ? Frantf. *fiM; E A Marshall, Pa; E TStarn. W J* Vail and ly, NY; H F Bruner and ly, J Re?d and ly, Pa; S giaipaon. Me; KIRK WOOD J Da?i, M Flan*e?n, Ca"; R Fergxnon and ly, NY; i Whitney, Sonom; J Kln^, F8; G Chorprlnij, 0 A Miller, Pa; R R Brown, Tex; P M Eatrer, DC; F Coleman, R A Mavn, D H*n?bra*i??h, H Darrow, Col W P Sheph?rd, J A Kennan, V'a. 1^ HOVAL HAVANA LOTTERY. JL RF Naxt Drawing of tlia Rcjal Havana Lottvj, ooidncted by the Span's a OoTorcinai.t, ander tie kOf-Dsiuii of the Captain G?neral of Caba, Will Uxe p**oe a: Havana on TUESDAY. Nov**#** TT, 1*0. BOKTEO ff VMS UO 6? ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100.000. 1 ?< IK1HWI ..... ?i . --j | P' yiiMom 1 lio *.,:?? I ? do 0? 1 do S '.W IW do ?* ; o ? JO appro*. lju* 1 03 M,*? ijr as* prizes. Wjo'i Ti?fe9T-i, JT-O?H *. -?, JlO-Umrtm, Q3. cfta>?d at njht at i ?er oent discount. H. ob all sol^c-i Banks taken at par. A ?ui kelorwarded u icon m the remit bee oim kbuvz. Al. err* jr? lor oh^uios or tickets to be audreoed to DON RODRIGUEZ. noS-tr Careo* Citr Post.Charleston,B.C. FOR STAMPINO A PACKET OF PAPBR, 1 . - ^ AND ENVELOPE8 NO TO MATCH, CHARGE) METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, PH1LP A SOLOMONS, A$*nXt for Ltrrenca's cthbrmttd Linen Papers, se J4 ly 33*i P%. Mh b?t. Wand 10th iU. (No ?69.1 Y THE PRESIDENT 6F THE UNITED STATES In pnraaaoee of law, I, James Buchanan. Preewleat of the United St&tee ow America, oo hereby Geo'a'i* %od make known that puhlio ?alee will be keid at the en-ier-mentioned land cffoca, id tbe State of Abkjlmi, at tbe period* hereinafter dee caated, to wit: At tke !a?d o#3* a* Littls Rock, oommenoirf on Monday, tr-.e ]?th daj ol Deoeunber next, for the <tiapo*a> el the aubiiolanda heretofore nnofTered, aitaated wiimu tke following tuwnahip*. v.i: Sow.a of la* ban un- and wett tiufijtk rri+tipad meridian. Townships 18 *n<i 19,of ranged. Townships 18 aad 19, of range 5. rhurtriay.Thejflth da? i f l>??rmber next, for l,iT heratofor. nnoff*'d itaatad witiua U? foliowing towueiupe, vim: JVerM *f the bate /mm and \vest / tkefijlk prmcimal ? mtrtdia*. ownahi?'.a, of range ?>. owa?h.p 17, of racge 21. At t ha !a?d office at CLABiisriLi.1, coitmenoin* oa Mofcdav, t>.? 17thi o7 L>?oitnber uext. tor lb* mmmti of the f ubiia lands hsretcfora unoffered sifnated witnia the foi.owing townships, *11: ffortk the lat? line and mil cj the A/ k principal _ meridian Fractional township* l and 2. of range 33. Offoe at Waibikotoh, eominenoint ?? ^ ?<ln??daT the Wth da? of L>? camber next, to: Yf? I*0<,, heretofore nr offored situated w ithn toe following townsnips, tis: 5 0"Ut t mf tkg b&AM /taW M??f ?/ ai. ?/ 1 - -" ?v w^VMifriiKi^u . mtriatan. Tk? fractions aonta ot tn- aid boundary lino, of ovaski* *>, of na|M Si, U, ZS, 24, J6, mad a. At th? Land OAn it CHinruMLi, oommeoJ' ! ' ol, oext. for tkm d! ?po?4. ol the pphiia .*n l? horeu.for# nnu|fer?d itu?tml wituia rh? fouowut* l*vnitiii and dwu of townaiups, tii: k Of '? iaj? /tiM Md w?j< ?/ lJuA/th rrMciMi .. _ , witUMW. Township ?, of ru|4 ?. v>a?ir U< VI rma?? f. Tg?MU? l?.o. rui? #. To vcitil >9. of range 9. TewnsnipS), of rarss II. The parts tooth of taoo.d boundary lis*.of town ski# 20, of ru(M it and ao. Uwli appropriated br lav for ths u?e of eohooli, antitary and otne' purpose*, together with the "fwampacd turdowM," VlU be exoluUed from th# MMI* Tte offering of the above lands will eonim*Boe oa the days appointed, and will prooeed in the order in whieh tney aro adrertisH until tho whole a>ia<l have b?en nff>re?l ai d the tales o.oeeii; bat no sa<e* *hall be kept open longer thaa two week*, and ?? private entry oi %a? oftne.anCi will be admitted as lit after tee expiration of the two week* Given uo'ier ri< haad, at the eity of Washington, thie Its d?f of^?pternber. anno Domini one tnoaean". etgst buodred aod sixty JAMK9 BUCHANAN. By 'be President: Jo*. S. tflbBON, Cooumssitaser cf the General Land OSes. NOTICE TO PRK-KMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person -t.tlt.ed to the rlsht of srs emption to aay ef tae witois the towe>h:pt and pahs of t <vc?hipe aovve m*ntioute<i " ?*-' m^rit Uftfor ft# mni & pricUo4^j? aftv?r ! cu umeuZwmt d*y? M/omtad f?r tb* Oi tfin ^iMlf Iftlf or til6 l&n^s Am bnMiag tk? trmot otindd; oti? wiW V?3f altT^ Wi^J be forfeits. JO?. CoH.Hu-.iCii.r of ti?# U?n?ni L*MlS?<U. - N,rr*:~-l nd*r r?fol*tioo? of Uio d?Mrtm?nt !' flViyT , p r \ rn n'l!^A n? ^ *1A--V1?V? t?er.?ra. L*o<j (TfBor, - - DKOABti UK COUNTERFEITS! I Til* genaiae have five mulirM of Beary C. j B?eldin? on saoh Box. Bold by Drug g ists aud all other Dealers in Modiolus*. Box wUl be sent by mail prepaid on receipt of th# PRICE, t? CENTS. 1 ? AU orders skoald be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDING, ao U-dfcwl? 49 Cedar street. New York. The CEPHALIC FILLS are theresultof lone investigation ud oarefally oonduated exp eriments, having tkMn in sse many tmn, during whioh tin* they have prevented ar.d relieved a mt amount of paic arid sufferini from Headache, whether origl catiig in ikcMtTvns system or from a deranged state cf the ttomatk. They are entirely vegetable in their nompocition, and may betaktaat all ti me* with perfeot safety wit:.out makiaxany obaogeof diet, and in at?-sc( of ssy tfiisrriMih tmj(? rmuUri H mui It idmtmuttr ihtm to ikUdrt*. OLJL^ By U>? of theae Pills the periodic attaoka oi Strvoms or Sick Htadath* may be prevented; and If tikon at ttsf connneaoemeut ol aa att%ek imme diate reliel from pain and aiekneaa will be obtained. They aeldom fail in removing the Ifuut and Htedack* to whioh fema.ea are ao anbjeot. They act gtctly upon the bowala.?removing Cosliweix. For Literary Mm, Students, DHieate Female a, and ell persona ol tnUntory |to?tti, they are all j valuable aa a lazmtire, improving the appttm, I g: vine torn* and vigor to the digestive organs, and ! reatorirg the nataral aiaatoitj and atrength of the | whole rW4c>s> Tr Wr* CURE <57 NervousHeadache ^ ?&? ^ TTa5)rl JOU from ail the uffermc which tou InlVifwl*? 1 For ,fci" ?Bd other purpocei yoa sfcoBld ?iw?y? li&ve a, box ofthtmon h a ad to u oocMion require*. talusbia invention. Having made hi* G.ue a household word, he now propria to do the w.^rld still rre*t?r servioe by curing aii tSe aching li?a.'s with hit Cephalic Pills, &a<l if they are ^s good m his G.ue. H-.a<laohea will aoon vauish away like snow in J niy. Fact* wosth mown#.-Spalding's Cephalic Pi lis are & lerteiti ou e for Pick Hradaebe, Biiioaa Headaotis. Nervous Ueadaclie, Costiveoeaa, ami Geu?:ai Psbillty. G?*it Discotxxt.?Among the roost important of a 1 tae (rest mMical discovariea of this ag o may be oonsiderod the system of vaocinationfor protection from Small Pox, me Cephalio Pill for relief of He&d.vihe, and the as* of Uanine for tha prevention if Kevers, either of waioh is a sure speoifio, whose benefits will be experienced by suffering humanity 1od( aftor their discoverers are forgotten. IDrDn>?ou ever have the Pick Headache? Do you rfm"inber the thrtbbing temples, the fevered row, th<* loathing and Gisgnst at the sight of food. How totally unfit you wer? for pleasure, conversation or study One of the Cepha'ic Pills would . , -------- - ???"J vuv VI IUC M*ho Pule whenever the symptom* appear. It S Diets th? overtasked brain ar.<l soothes the strainerf aadjarnir nerve*, a?d relaxes the tension of the itomaoh which Always aocompanies and *ravat*s tiie disordered oondiUon of tiie brain. Twkhtt Millions or Dollaxs savin.-Mr. J*pa aing: has nod two millions of t>ottles of his celebrated Prepared G>u?*?d itis estimated tsateaoh bottl* raves at least ten dollars worth ol broken furniture, thus maktr$ an accregate of twenty millions ol do Ara reormm tnt>i Lr... k- >1.:. Phy*ieia%.?'Wei\, Mrs. Jonas, how is that headache ' Mrs. Jonet.?Gone! Doctor, all goo*! the pill to? sent curod me in ju?t tweuty linnates, and I with ynn would tend more to that 1 oan have them ban ly _ Pkytician.?You can net them at any Pnmniti. Call for Ophaiic Pills, I find they never fail, and 1 rccoT)in?nd them in all oases of Headaohe. Mrs. Jonti?I shall send for a box directly, and shall tell all my snflVrinc friends, for they arearsal umjtsf. ICTOvm xxcttxxkxt. and the mental oare and auxiety incident to olose attention to has nees or study, are among the nnmeroas oaases of Nerroes Headache. The disordered state of mind and body incident to this distreesing oomplaint is a fatal b ow to a'l eoergy and ambition. Sufferers by this disorder can a.vays obtain speedy relief from theee di>trMM"r "" train of frightfu77fi*?aj?ssuoh as .Malignant Fevers, Abcesses. l)ysentery. vyapaaaia, Diarrhea, Apoplexy, Kpi epsy, Paralysis, Hysteria, Hypoe*eadriasis.Melancholy and Insanity, first indicate their presence in the system by thia aiarimng symptom. N?t unfreqnently the dts:'as?s r amed originate la Const pation. but talc* on an independent exist eno* uu.ess the cause is eradicated in an rarly stare. From all these consideration* it follows that the disorder should reoeive immediate attention whenever it ?oours, and no pen-on should neglect to get a box of Cephalio Pills on the first appearance of the complaint, as their time!y use will exp?l the insidtmns approach"* of disease and destroy this dangerous fco to human lifo. A Real Blessing. "? n?uj 1U? n.-in ? n?ir w ia >u anderatuod, and (> mnoh negl??**"* Cu*urm??t. Often originating in oare?S* **d?cUr7 ta; it it retard *i aa a ""if?' 400 fttJ* ?enoe to exoite anxiety, wlu.e in reality itia tbepr#onraor and companion of man; of the moat fatal and dancerK?. ? ??***? ' un,eM *arlT eradioated it will Mrht-J ?Vi" rer i? " "itimely crave. Among the ,5A5T?V wluo|l Coativeneaa ia the uaual atKn^ith For tbe treatment of either o ass of S?adaohe tbe Cephaho fill* have been found a ?#re ud ?a.fe remedy, reli?vin< the most aoate pei"?* in fow minute*. ?n<l by lU Mbtle power eradicating the disease of whieh faeadiehe u the unerring iM?s> Beidgit.?Mliana Want* yon to eend her a tax of Cephalio G.ue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pilla,? but I'm thinking that'a not just it naither; bat per hap* yeTi be alUMr knowing what itia Ye aee ahe'a m*h dead and gone with the Siok Headaohe, and wanu aome more of that aame as reUtived her be<ore. Druggyst.?Yoa must aa?ac Spalding'a Cephaiio Pilla. Bnittt ~Och' rare now aid you've aed it, here's the quarther and giT so the Pills and don't be all day ab<- at it aither. Ceaatlpttiea er Ceatlveaeai. urpoug uiiiu>r uuu?ui'iwii| vuitnii jivvwwt wi worm",constipation and other disordera a/tae low?!?,? w?li aa rentl acd uterine affrotiona. JDimmm of the heart are very frrq uentl y attended wick Headache*; Anaemia and plethora are also a.T?etioaa which frequently 00onion headaohe. Idi.?pa?hi? Hesdaoke ia alao very co:nmon, being uaua ly ?atinxunhed by Ue name of nervous ktadack*, iM*aatimej oominf OS auddenly in a itate af apparently sound heaitn ind prostrating at oooe the me.itar and physical energies, and in other inatana? ?t comes on slowly, he-aided by depression of spirt ta or acerbity of temper. In mast inatanoea the pail/ ia in front of the head, o?ef 8*a or both eyes, and someti 1 as provoking vomitiofc vailer tbisolass may a'so be named A rural/tut. ? - 1 I C^HnDiCHJ la the favorite urn by whioh nature mtici known asy deviation TMtmr from the aataral state of the brain, and viewed ta thlj light it may be looked on aa a safeguard intended to five notioe of dieeaao wtioh might otherwise escape attention, ml too late to bo remedied: aa< 1U indication* should never bo nesleoted. Heodaones may bo o!as*ified under two names, via: Symptomatic and Idiopathlo. Symptomatio Headache is exeeeding ly common and is the precursor of a great variety of diseases, amoag whioa aro Apoplexy, Goat, Rheumatism and all f'brilo diseases. In its rervoas form it is atmyolhetio disease of the stomach oonstitutint sick Mtadaek*, of : i 1 MISCELLANB0U9. 1 Tas Amalgamation or Lawocaom.?Tfcer* tafc_ growing Leooenor ia tni? age to appropriate tha>-~ mod ?i praesive wonti of atker iMiuutMixl aAac a w.'i I* to inoorparste then ictc our ovfluiiy* im vo<d Cepr.a 10, vhich is from the Greek, aaptfria# ' for the head," is now becomiag ponjltMd if eonsMtion with Mr. bpilriog'a groat Hnmm rwncdi; but it will soon b* used in a mora (tflU way, and the word Cepbulie will b*oome* i tommon aa Electrotype and many otkarawWKa a a* foreign words has been worn awa^p by eommon QM.ce until they teeni "natiTe III? J& the uoor born." ?ardlr Hi 'ad *n 'orrible 'eadache this afternoon, h%a 11 ateraed into tke hapotheoariee hud raye hi tor i'he naa, "Can too heaae roe of as 'eadaehe:"' "D* * it hacke'ard," eaye'e. "liexoeedincly." Mr* Ja S and apon that ' rave ma a Ceyhalie Pill, baa > 'fon ma 'oaor it eared me ? *aiot that I 'ami} realized 1 'ad 'ad aa 'eadaehe. ? i??, MHDIOWHB. v JNPE^JTINE; ^ B8IAH riTlE CHAEM. FEY MB. UU AO ITM MXTBXM1NATBP. < - \ TWB HUMAN CONSTITUTION SA*^ FROM WRECK. THE PREVENTIVE ANA REMEDY * fenu JNTERMITTENT AND BILI098 FEVERS. ? \ CURES INSURED IN A DAY. NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. INFECTIVE, 1NFECT1NE. 1NPKCTINE, INPECTINE Tfc? terrtbla naiad7 known as Man FKVER AND AOUK has smitten hundreds of thousands of pejr ooi throughout the world every year, ard has *v#r till now been m?t by mooeufal medioa inetanent that haa not produced severe MEDICINAL DISF.ASE8, whioh AiTeot the lunss. the aniMa Hm?. *.k heart, or other parts of the human organism. The INPECV1NE is the natural ?rvta?onist of all fe ere. anl vt*n it onmee ia ontaot with the ikin, is absorbed fry the interior organs, which resist easily miasma aod all tenOenoietf towards thuse maladies whioii prostrate Uss mind and body with fever. Per*- and Agae resalt from numerous eausee. No plao* . empt from the saases whioh promote the existenoe of the dts?ass. That being onoo seat ed in the svstem, ladaeee depression of spirits, lassitude, languor, paias, ehills, fever, and a long train of disagreeable eemsatioos, depriving the patient of alt eoergy, and reducing hin or her to a condition of EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why will any ene sofffcr the horrors of a debilitating Intermittent Pever. when by the use of the INVALUABLE IN PECTIN E, OK PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. the eminent modioal and majioal qualities of which are instantly absorbed, ALL TRACES OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS, ELF-CARE IB BEVTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THy WISE APPLY WHILE THB FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN 8TRIVK TO CURE. DELAYS ARB DANGEROUS. THE HVPECTUVE, ua PERSIANfBVBRCHARM, Hu oot?<1 thoanndi of both mxn of tha mod dreadful F*v?r?, Read ud reflect. WONDERFUL EFFBCT8. Lemuel Bonsa'l. of Pittsbarg.for two years useless to himself and society?a martyr to Chilli and Fever?cured in Imi than three WNka, and improved In eight hours. Mary K. Belknap, Baodu4ry, Ohio, after almost losing her reaeoa as well as strength br Intermittent Fever, with Chilli, restored to haaiyi in twenty hoars. J. R. Til ton, of Belgrade, Maine, brought from death'a door, having suffered for fosr years, made well m five weeks, and improved in two hours. Adolphe Monhro of Franoe, relieved in on* hoar, while travelling in the oar? of the Port Wayn* and Chioac J Railroad. II* was apparent ly dying with Chill*. Ellen R. Benson, of Look port, Now York, ret cued after nt? yoars' suffering, A perfect onre,_ Thoasand of other oases prevented and oared every month, and not a single oompJaint ol the effioienoy of the Ilf PECTIIf E, ft PERSIAN FEVER OH ARM. * TRY IT. PROVS IT. K*nw TT And make known lU wonderful powers and ni foes, that thoes who suffer, or who are threatened with snfferinc, mar be led to use a simple, in aozioas preparation, fnuiahed by Ue field of Natarefor MAN'S BLESSING ( m i > ? 1 XJN fjuwrxrvs] la told by J. B. MOORB, 113 Pa. ivtu# AND BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MEDICINE DEALERS IN AMERICA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, Bent by nail to lay part of tha United State*. REMEMBER, It U not taken inwardly, bnt la applied ontvtrdly, lecordiag to direotiou, vUU (tooomptoj eaob K*k?C*> MANUFACTURED BY I JOHN WILCOX fc CO., I 1M MAIN BTRKBT, ] RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. BRANCH OFFICE, * Ho. 98 BANK OP COMMERCE BUILDING, j NEW TO** CITY. M a-dlaMurlla ssssamssmsaui h w- hamilton ~ and PAINTK*. n? iho ?e^ler in paints, ,no. css 7tu etkctt, *w orfd aumi' w,fl ,??-tf wrm is down. r_j.oodjljght! " ^ cheap liobt! paraffineoiujmio^j?*** " **' mHss?ffgih. I .mmen?e look OI Sheet Muaio, Booki and Operjw, forever* loitrament it the Mu*io Store of W. G. M E T2KROTT, corner of Pi. it ss ssw&S&s Astf HOSiffiBKg inott ei;npie. durable, and reliable toafeeerer eat n sarpfflswYlS ??3t!2i u F*>r, ?? ? &e. In every out wtiara d*l> lT K^P- PATTISON. A rent v^-sts wsebs S2a?j?. KStessSSS "" '*-** m. n. ova |* ***?*on *Yu? rY. '*""AWW* no* prepared, "whenever reaulred in writing, ?c J on pre- paj went of the fwi of nAy cents, to inspect,

examine, test, prove, and asoertaiii tue aocuracy of refistration of any eu meter in um in tnis oity." Kvery meter, iffound incorreot, will beoondemnad, ud another, sealed and markod as true, will be set in i?? plaoe. If proved to be accurate in ita meuirvmint of fas, it wttl be sealed accordingly, and again nt in position for use. Office No. CIO Seventh street,(near Odd Fel .ows' Hall ) Open from 8 a. m., to Ad. m. CHAKL.E3 W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf Inapeotor and Sealer of das Meters. FR A N CIS H A R P E R, HJIVING OPBXXD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, Corner of Ntw York avenue and TentK street. Respectfully solicits the paironage of those w may be m want of any article in the above line. Hit endeavors snail be to pteaso. and by a striot attention to the wants of the public, he hopes to merit % hare of their patronage. His toek consists of every artiole usually to be (bund in a first-class Family Grooery ana Feed Store. ma IT-tf PIANOS. PIANOS?'The largestassortment of Pianos, Melodeona, Guitars, Vio-w? lins, Bangnrs. Best Italian Strings, Ao RVPff oordeons, Flutinas, Concertinas.Flutes,' ? " Bites, Flageolets, Olarionetts, Brass Instruments, T?.iia, and everj variety of mnsioal ware, aiao o'olook, forCURRlOMAN and the sS3?p3KSlMr% WUMiib? mc darUKUA v . xt h o'clock a. m, NATITL BOl^H^xaA]exix%^r70>ri^J QFF1CE ^^SPEglOR^AND SEALER abWtoth? ^ER^noYvi^T^^ Mij to the pr&vtaioDf or the oidicance of the Corporation approved Mir 12. lfiftt. th? Dn/i?pai??^ im muw jiii.if.owu,?s miss lasippi Centra!, iimkicc it the quickest and most pleasant route for southern travelers ! It ia provided with Firet-oiaas Sieopmz Care! ITo New Oceana.?? -1.78 Hoara. Memyhia.. ?ii do* Montgomery &3 *o. NaaUviile _ 46 do. lE^ U.S.MAIlJtI'1 ADAMS' EXPRESS are takun overthia New Lu;u Iicketa ean be obtained at the Sootb We*te<n oe, corner of Sixth atreet and Penniy trenuo, to the iollowinc points: Lrn^hboig, Brintoi, Knoxvi'Jj, Atlantv Chattanooaa, flontanlie. Grand Jncotmc, Maoon, Naalmiio, Dal ton, CoitimDna, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. inr through tickets to the various virginia springs. try Omni bp aen rind Mac race Wagona leave tbe oflfoe at 6 a, m, and p. m. JAMES A. EYANS, Ticket Ateut. ma ?-tr Corner Sixth at. mid P>. xr. I^HE STEAMER j AS. GUY Will resume her ft tripe cn TUESDAY, 21<?t of J ? February. 18C0. AV iil leave WA8II INGTON every TUESDAY ajvl#""** FniDAY. ftte o'axock iivriNnon LyuoM irr ?61 fO Memphis _?-..oo Bristol II <0 AtiMH Tu 00 j Kuoxni.o ..... J0<J0 Maooa ? T*. P3 Columbus *1 8C Dai ton j . 24 00 Montgomery 38 "0 HueUville rrr) J TiaMemybia^t SO Grand Junction *? C*i|N. O.J Tin P. Juno..?? K) NaahTillo .... 2i Kii \ TiaM->ui:e.?4J 0C THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 00 M1LE3 SRORT1.K, and 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME tun uj other Li*??-the Lyaohbnr^ Extannioe luui-icin i Aiit/ mu0iur< iiuii rE: Montgomery by Rail, theroe to Mobi'e by Firstolaee Packets. Mobile to New Orleana by Lais Btuamei s TWO DAILY TEAJN9~8?!iDiTi I.icljdib, Lmti W&ahlBft?B at C a. m and 6 p. m. The Steamer GKOR8E PAGE leave* her wha;I foot of Seventh meet at f jf v m. and 6V p. m. ac-1 oonnauU at Alexandria with the Or&age aad Alexandria Tram* for tue Sonthwect. O?oo?PenserlTanla avenae, corner of Sixth at. UHAH CBKCKiJ TIIBG08E TO OiUiTg, CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. g?m ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCH8UR9: Virginia mnd Tennessee, East Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis ord Charleston, Mississippi Central, Net# Orleans and JaeJkson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPH7i~ROUTE: Memphis by R*il,th??noo br First alus Packets to New Orleans. MnVTnnM f D \r ?T .. unt... " BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. Chavgx or Hovns. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 1800, trains will run a*follows: Leave Waetiington at 6 20 and 7.40 a. in. Leave Waahinrton at SJu and tjo p. m. On Sunday at 3 90 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.26 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 aad 4.20 p. m. On Sunday at 4 as a. m. Paaaeng era for the Eaat will take trains at &J0 and 7.40 a m and 3 20 p. m. For the Weat at 1Ma. m. and 3?0 p. m. For Annapolia at 7.40 a m- aad 3.20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. in. On Saturday evening the 330 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. 1? 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS ZN TZIRSII] DJLTO r j Vu iinim, u-4 ? >? w oraor tun ?e wwk'i notice) every deeonetien of SOLE ZITHER, IRON FRAME FKEyCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TR (frfESj ASHIaSD and rter 7ALICES: TRAVELifio BAGS; H/LR JfBSS: SADDLES; WHIPS, te., te. Trunks, Ae? Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at abort notice. Trunk* delivered in any part of the eity, Georgetown, or Alexandria. S^winVSACEISES9'" oelebrftt0d FAM1LY de 1*-1t JAMES 8. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. I 1 .'1 1 ? = TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES jJOOltt AND YU 8017 Ta* Wear* now mmhtttriu all kiada of BOOTS and SHOES, and torituUT rtotiTUi katta I mpftf of eastern made work of eTeryde- Mi pcoptio", aade exareaa] j to order .and willr HI beaoidlatavrob low?r erloethaa aaa keep* Mb heretofore oaarted in una oity for aaeh infcnot f'jioai la waat of ftoota tai Bboeeff aaetera ov 9TT?7 made work, will alwaja find ajooe aeeortmea u ?or.ud ? i. 10WM M|^r J|fgP | a? *-r >14 Penney lTania a^enao. ? ? ?wmiui inui. war saiea room exhibit* It thts bn? the crMtMt vmnet-y of trave.ins requisites. at moderate prices, to be found this aide of New York. A1m>, ?Y*fy deecriptskfU^dMSsiafe ^auck5. [[7'Ola Trunk* repaired or taken in exoh&nf* for MT OlM, WALL., STEPHENS * CO? Trunk Sales Room, Pa. evenua. COUTHERNf RUNK MANUFACTORY. Orpositi Odd H*il, wifhintltm, D. C. Travelers will study their interests by exaaunia my TRUNKS, VALICES Ac , before por-flBBS ohvsin* elsewere A? I use none bat theHfrgn beet material the market affords and emplo*^"1"*" the b^ct workmen, I oan confidently reoommend my work to be superior in Strtnmk and Durability to Trunks that are made in other oitiee and sold her*. 1 keen n,in?t?.n?i- I.--- ?' ?? - MiaCKJJLiAHgOOa. T ""UWiVkaW^P'" On#f??en*ly 1 nhm.II remain :n Wasbinxtov jgui sss#Nrs-"oiiK5;^Tir/a?rTM.%^ ill iitUitf Vumm. OM Gkitif woMt>T ** t*od?d (o. Pvntioc -*od OruwDbii cotui* Karnitar* in tfeebMtatyla 1 also, oal' tttt&tioi I to the Painting of Hoc fa and Brio* wall*. All nf tHi ihor* I vfll dn U uka** ulkaakoL I et. I therefor* solicit the patrona** ofay friend. Hid fellow oitiseci of the DtsCrWL PuaiaaJity trioLy observed, and work 4*m ui Ito bt?t bm* ^fi$|KkTeS^8HUti5r# 3 !! 43 I" Lwhim ay., nortk 3S, Mtns Mi and 7th ?t?. P. S Sun* pat np fre* af Chare*, aa imI. an >' 3m pIONEER ^EAM^RB^D B.OWK The rnbeerfter beg !?are to inform th? oittt m* of Waehinirton, Georgetown and Alexiuxlna that be ha* add?1 to his ion? established baeinee* the auxiliary of *tearn power for *awiar and natiht tiirintMarble and Brown Stone W*rk Id thetr various Vranohes, Marble Mailt#!*, Table and Waah* taDd Top*, Ti!^ Monuments, Tomb and Head '? *? iu?'uw i/ ;w , cil , ?iiu Platform*. Harinin.-ch%?ed* largestook otltallas Marble ta block, from hrst the oweit rates, he feels oonfiuent of bring aMe to famish Mark e X\.?,rk u Kw M lt caa pnrohased in N?t Tori. Philadelphia, or JUait'more. The trade supplied with Italian Nisrble in Llook or s'abs at the same rate ae furnished in >?? Vork. and on aeooannod?tto c term*. Also, on hud. a large susplr of I uimoeStone, \\ iter of Ayr Hoc* and Polishing Puttj at New York prioes. Kneonrags the enter prise; it wi J be an soenlsition to the oils. ALh*. RLTHKRFOftD. Pionttr Sitatn MarbU and B*cvt* Statu Workt, _ Pa. ar.t oo^. Thirteenth st, an 21-3m Washington, D. C. jinruni&n li 1U BULitbkbKPKKtt. K. E. DURKKK * CO/B Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat j round from fresh Spicea, aeiected and cleaned by uc expreaaly for the Furpoee without referenoe to o..?L They are beautifully packed in tiu(oii, ('.ined vitii paper.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are full weirht, while the ordinary ground Spicea are a1m?t>t invariably short. We warraoi them, inpoii;t ol ctrength ard richness of flavor, BEYOND all comparison, aa a ainrle iriai w,ll abundantly prove, Manunotnred ouly by E. R. DURKEE * CO., 1??1 Pearl at.. Ni* v^, WATCII REPAIRING AND SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the heat eatablixhmeata, aad farnUhod with a complete aet of toela for repairin* every deao<i|>tion of fine Watehea. and p&ruru <vr attention Kive to the aamn, by dMff tiorouch oompotert workman And a. work EuTrarT tied Al*o, every dnscrip ion of standard SMl.TKR WARK. plain and ornam?atal, manufactured under m* own supervision. whirh my oustoniers will find far superior in qualit) and finish to northern ware old by dealers in fftnerai and repreeentod as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, 0 S 339 r*. avenue. Dnr ?th ?t. WOOD! WOOD!! W_ O O DS! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD.rtttoIOWM possible prico. ^ r T. J. Jt W. M. GALT, 993 Pa ?r? Net w ton 11th mm! l3tF ill., TT>n H-tf north all) [tSMAH cc SIPSOK'J mFAMllY RYEjg FAMI1Y RYtl The above PITRE WHISKY.Corrra Dtkttllkb noK \ULTsn Gjuki, bein* lUMnor and uniform in quality, and buhly improved by ac?, is preferred by ooEinmeri to ail other Whiakies, and partiou larly rocoicmeiKied Dy tie t*?t physioians and Onamista fus ?o94e?8inf all the requirements of a Tmw l?*itorator and Remedial Agtnt. The9o?iuylkiirWat? ot Philadelphia. used iB tno distillation of thia Whiaky, ia proved by analr g? to b? the softest and purest water in the United rCAtffl : itnd tn rhin m&* in ? > tributed the exoellenoe cf this Whisky. For salo by FREEMAN A SIMPSON, _ . Phenix Distil I err, ?Q^Ai:?18ol,nTlk?l1 rirer, Philadelphia Offlnes?96 Wall street, New York ; 109 South Front street, Philadelphia. . Ab<1 t?e fcad in Washington of Smnaal Baoon n' tr ^ a?:?R- J' ftjon, WoatWh St..corner D: Kennedy k. Puth, ioS West 7th st; m?rray &. Sommes, 407 Pa av.; J. a Wilson, S?T Ca*?T'm J?yi?ur * ? mmes, 6* La. av;H. C. Pirdy, 403 W-j.Brraii, 44 Market Pp.; Mo?rp. CiiseJ1 & Co , 387 Wast 7th st; 6 P. ?a liok, 666 N- J. av ; a. Gaddis. Jr.. * Co.. M, oori?r.V-V^Uihj Kdsrard Hal!. 40 itfarket ^paoe ; E. t ^ W0*<WTI (! ^5>V<* DfSPATCH I ^ bit# tU_e_FIeeei! T*\^ ! At mttiimts will kmppm, mm mi wtlt-r*sni+ud fmmiliu, it ifl rerj desirable to have some cheap and convenient way for retairiac Farm tare, Toys, OrMkirTikl. IPALOme'l rBKPARKU 8LUI meets all anok emergencies, and no household eu atford to bo withontlt. It is always ready and ay to the suokiue point. There ia no longer a n?f?aeity for limping ohair#, spmterod **"E??ra, headieaa dolle, aid broken oradlea. It ia iurt the article for cone, shell, and other ornamental work, ao popclai wi?h ladies of refinement and taste. This admirable preparation la tatd oold, b#tBg oltomioally held in aolution. and poaaoaaiag all the Yaluab.e^niiiuea of tao beat oabibftmakera* glae. It ir.ay be need in the plaoe of oral nary maeilage, being rwtly more adhesive, M CSSFUL IN M VMR J HO USRT Prist, t* oente. N. B.?A Bratfe Mch bottle. Wk$iu?U Dwt, No. <8Cod?r tfreot, Now Yoffc Addrow HENRY c. SPALDING A CO? Bo* No. S.COO, Ntw Vork. ?** * M Iff PMklflr* in Cmos ooctunipc Fov. rSTst aftSffi*.* nualljr to eT?rrlo?Mhold.^Il Afild hf AJl Mrr\n->i *??**? n ? - . rii.uuaom OLMl'OK% l/I U|(ISII] Hard we aad runuture Dealers, wrooers, ud Ft'-.csy Stores. SSoBnt^y merchants shodd make a note of 8PALffG'S PRE PARKS HLUK, when making up leirhst. It will stand anj olimate reio-ly f L, ' ;?/ ??/?/(- 4 r (lA* Jdnt ?0 , I* r' iifJ /lif Mrmrna*k*>e,) f~m I *?? , 1> f) < /-. V JL ip*Min/|ih?ii(?k?. ^ , mmm\ ?inr tit M ?*? drt-r?d upon flint a mnrf mrth''S , 6^4#v, t ,? *-. tknim. tk* rJii, irh+*.;* ; tUitmltlbnkt fton 't t?!m. Jt it r*-k t ' WtOtlll /lr? rtfilM.. u\ r $| CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAILEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT U IS iniimitnf WITH THE SIGNATURE OF on THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.EDA1Y, sole: proprietor nmnwuiiiiis:KVTML ?OM BALM Itf WASHINGTON BY BARBOUR 4 SRM.MXS ** . BUTTK* HOUftK. DUj rwirtti IrMhudmwl.iaOaalmpMb275 rcTrN Til JiCIION, r L A S T E R X A H, 1'tts ao^ ify'tiiuf. ft- i? ctwkhs p,: ?' 306 y%. ?T? bnumthul '4T^ A WM. T. DON F * CO. A.RE N&* prepared to exoento u) onUr* vtth ptvia<r<5 . ?ASTO!! ?TLAM FITTING BUBINEB?* E7* Stor? oa 9th etreet, a few door* north of P?. yenta, where may bo futr.-l a oomdet* ftmorts>Mn PURE OLD RYK WHISKY.-Os baad HTfrt bra:id? ofPara Old Ry<? Whi> ky. Coyer Diot&lled. niarfe by the most relish'* di?ti!ler?T? Per.nttlmiift. .Maryland and Virrtnta, warranted para. Also, I rap or ted Krandiea, Her.naaap, Otard. D*rv A Co . Jalaa Rob'.jta, Ae. Abo. Paaali and A??.? Brandy, pare Hoi)aj.rt 6;n, old Jart.aioa uc ?L Croix fqoi, and Wise* cf averr variety, alt of ptaadard branl*. A choioe lot "f Cicara and Toba-^o. YOime A KKPHART. Ac?*?, M 14.ty ?v? ! *< >th an/Tm>i ?i?L Dcpont^ gunpowder. " For u e at niacufactaren pnoe?,br JOHN J. BO<ilt:. fiioMnowi.p. CS?le Jrtncy (m tkt District if rWn?tia. A tare mbrMtar ovary variety, jfeHraya a toanJ, ?ad delivwrad free to aJ part* of ti?a I>?ot-iflU Ortla<s can a.eo baicft at th?->jfto* of Adaree* faff** Com paw*. Waahington, D. n. RALTiMORE i*UBibhir?,tl3Sry?Bth atroet. CA^FlELD 4 HAMILTON ere the ?.*o uclU fur WmIubcUhu Georgetown, Alexandria ead the South. For far ther information add' eea ea above. rm lt-tf O"70 *7 hOTKNTlNl, 1>(U: ?/?/ >K.*OKTK Of ?t\J\J tXftiiiiiu. FSfi^8rTi?iVK,'v??i*'iSk fie* a Imm to eail th* attentien of kirn fnet?4a iW the eabjto severally la his New Htore, oilier W?|lartfa Hotel, jut o peuvi, U ooimuob en Ik kia old establ 1 phnieT.t. where he ?lI he haw to reMiee ear order* for aepenor Coonwtioaa of klaewa Importation. Xiao, ail orders for Dinner*. Beffort, Bally, aad frteaw Fartm, whioh will be aereatf pla kie ? uaitable atrle, arith ue aame aromptneea IM dle?fl>k wfciak be baa hitherae akoWm mi MOsilz TW SStf"RU* skbs% ?2m!smsw? ? 4u ii-tr pitOPKRTY OWNERS AND BUILDErST" Y.-crattenUon and examination it resp*et,'nl!y SfVfS-'if? to <*USUH tka oo.obrated New York PKRPH 2*^Msrr F0uF^? U,*PLXTA r?.?? o k T for WntlBl Hn roofa. Tlui Gut?* P?roha Roofing and Paint is a?kaovle<lr*<] b* all ?)< best arohitrota in New York eif? to be tae best and oheapeat Kooinj and Pain: in aiial ?>oe. It oan he aaeo at fi. \V. UaHILT^V ^z'^FKTsii&gmi0,^ artfi sass? U. led by ecnaU^t a\owajt ol unvr* .ffWu aad f"i'? its i ? tiro aftwr ajl otii*r rejBMiM ao.1 itie toil medioa. tkili have fail**. L*t * !.!# Con?!a?ion, .utt cnrdlUmtm curt* are Lot fought from the illiterate *1,0 iceerleiaT.Tatt^are voluBteerBd b^rnltoiJSrl jMsotAbl? ,,wr?s and jo?Ufj the Uifheat Um? la which it U ro??\ ?? to eoiroiend eo nlut e a ???iSo to prfb ic ?f prormi. We may thkt the oatatire properW ?fthe nset .cine areaaua^led pni?i>y !U mtortur* cinU, the mUm roouTMlns froretlice&ee*r:th reoe\ro.l cor.?tit*tioi>*i Ti*or. UHAKL.ES WJDPJFIELD * COProfrietorc, Wi liamat., NeVj'ortt, Ag?pt.J W^VnrU-n, lT'q. JOYJOJ TlHE ,,CK APPLY THE KKtfKDY fi BJOTCKVN HBALTH. FrteuJ.dojooitff*' Ara ro? tbe >>?tUB of Bar Ot Ijj' 89 LiiiTi^ronp wkich &riM from ibrunty of t?e Mood/ Br. to,, d" RfcUjor Mk, */ ?: Brr they not/ J1* tmxxi u t?e 3,,*1S"* and il is Ui? first tlNMr.i of our being to return to act caca? which ajaota ETJKcL1SW5,S*:%*IrntatiTxc Kryaij^iu.tK# btle Sero'u.a, the Sfconmioj Si bfnnMitm, Nf>ijro.a Debility, Dya,*^ Li^ o^a^at Vu2 U? ?lL^r "???o<-?on, Brw the herabarieu llii that KS." V?lr t?l df,Tlv? tt"lr r<Uw>? unj::ri frots jT*^ ^!L',*r'" ccfitif wi:h th* blood?*1 HIT re?uBreM of nature for tta Bid, ?? to oommagd -> 7o?r oobfioence Bad Baa that truly Ya)p*r>,? icftrtie&w^nt knowr ka Jiklcu, a ii au **.m rMiuut ? Ionic, th*y ar* bewithout e.ajriniuM jSB rwnlU, l*t all fri?n<l? ?f himaaity acd ah adtoocte* of tamparaaM imIiI C'1? in* u?m va aatt? V*r*aST ffltton for the m\K<T*l ?r? shm %r<1 tdimtm+isd 1 trmort f e-'Vr I? TI?ckI?<i. tad th^TO p*e?,!y aid in Naaiaiiaf Dts*a*e and Drt&keneee lira tM I'jiu. OlfARLES XJTDDIFIELD * OQV/u-Miugum. 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