Newspaper of Evening Star, November 26, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 26, 1860 Page 1
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4 bmxm ^tur. i Vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. NOVEMBER 26. I860. N?. 2.426. ^^?L_?_?? ? . | THE DAILY EVENING STAR I TUBLISHBD EVERl^AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BFILD1JOS, i'or**r cf P-mnsylvania avenwi and 11/A St., 11 W. D. WALLACH. ? ^ i Papers aerTsd in ^votM* by oarri?ra M < * y?ar, or 37 oeat* p?r month. To maiJ b?orib?rt W.e pnoe is |U0 a jaar, m advance; $3 for >1X month*; fi for thr?e months; and for ! tiiM three mentis at tb? rat* of U oecta a wo?k. SiQf it oub csxt; in -wrappers, two ckst*. lL/~ ADviaTifKHnn saonld be sent to tht office before 12 o'oiock m ; otherwise they may not appear until rvex; da?. TtPu-vn K pn AftTir i F+t " The F?(itirr Slave Law. The revolutionists of South Carolina baae their present grievance at the handa of the Union upon the very reprehensible manner In which the North seta at naught its obligation to execute the fugitive slave law; their other grievances where the slavery question la concerned, being *? entirely prospective That la to eay; the fear that the partv about to aaaume the government I may Interfere in time to come with slavery In the f EttaU-a or District of Columbia, or with the Interstate slave trade ; or may interdict it in the territor Irs by the exercise of the power or Interference of the General Government **' that end, A;. Now. no Ingenuous man will deny that Lincoln himself stands aa thoroughly pledged to the due enforcement of the existing fugitive slave law m any other public man In the country. But even Mr Buchanan cannot enforce its due execution where popular ??ntlment is against It. f*c we have no hope that with Lincoln in the Presidency it can be executed even as inefficiently as at pres* it The truth la, further legislation on the subj~rt is absolutely necessary; and we sincerely believe that an united South making a formal call for that leglalatlon will soon obtain it from Congress. We mean through a convention In which all the alaveholdlng States f shall be represented by delegates elected la virtue of acU passed by their several legislature? Tfce New York Time*, admitting that the law his already become next to a dead letter upon the statute-book, and recognizing that fact aa one leading cause of the current dilficultlea between the N rth and the South, suggests that such fugitive slaves as finally escape through violations of the existing law be paid for. The suggestion is a good one; but the question is?from whose pockets shall such payment be made? I In Ireland, many year* ago, barns and other billdings were burned, other property wai destroyed. and people were killed and wounded by secret bands of violators of the law, so oath-bound to each other as that in most cases It wps found 1 mpossible to discover and duly punish the guilty. The Government, however, found a remedy that in due time put a stop to such doings. It enacUd that the counties or towns in which such outrages occurred should pay for the damage done, and it sterniy enforced that law. The consequence was, every tax-payer in a town or county wherein such outrages occurred, soon became personally interested in suppressing their repetition Thus, they were all forced to become?so to speak?detec live uu: erv auu lurriu i fwra xor iac arm? of tbe offender*. Congress may (with their consent) rauke St obligatory upon every State vrhereln a fugitive alave la rescued from tbe Lands of parties who have aelzed bim in tbe execution of the law, to pay bis value and other damage the owner may have auatained by the reacue; and each non-slaveholdlng State may enact that the money thua paid by herself shall be paid back into her treasury in the shape of an extra tax on tbe city, town or county wherein the fugitive slave may bave been rescued. Were the real estate of Chicago taxed thus to pay for tbe rescue of the negro so recently taken from the k hands 01 those who held him there in virtue of tbe fugitive slave law, the chancea are ten to one r that hereafter when a Chicago abolition mob *>ught to reacue another ne^ro coder like clrcunnauncea, there would be a thouaand pt-raona ready to prevent tbeni from thua violating the law, wh?re ten stood ready ao to do week before la-it. It la eaay to establiah a commiaaion wholly independent of State authority north or aouth, charged with ascertaining the facta, by legal teatimony, of evary alleged case of auch a rescue, and with assessing the damages, before whom the owner of - the ?lave. and the State in which the rescue occurred might appear by counsel: a commission wholly independent of local or aectional influence. rrc lue ?rrir? 01 wwi ueccwiry vo carry out auch a plan pexaed, tbe grievance concerning current violation* of tbe fugitive alave law would instmtlybe Uken out of tbe cycle of irritating questions that now endanger tbe stability of tbe Confederacy. Retaliatory leglalation adopted by all tbe slaveholding ?*tat?-s on tbe recommendation of a general slavehoiding-States Convention, would in three months after It went into operation, procure tbe absent of every non-slaveholding State Leg.slature to such a system of hereafter prevent' lug abolition slave stealing. AiraDi* ?The New York Evening Pott on the one baud, grows Indignant at tbe suggestion of the idea tbat Lincoln should step forward to all** the danger of the aeceaaion af the South* I ern States, by doing aomethlng towirda creating the lmpreaa'.un that he dealgna making a conservative admlniatrmtioo of theGovernmeut; and the Cbarieaton Mtrtury, on the other aide, inveigha In a truculent and Insulting tone agalnat the auggeatlon of the idea that South Carolina ahall permit Virginia to have a word to aay whether ahe (Virginia) ahall b* precipitated into civil warrevolution ? resulting in a thousand-fold more aacriflct* of life and property ou her (Vlrginia'a) part, than South Carolina can poaalbly be called on to make 11 revolution occurs. 1 be Mercury proclaim* that South Carolina will not bear a word that Virginia may utter so long as she remains in the Union, because last winter she (Virginia) rejected her proposition for a general conference. The editor also deliberately Insults Virginia, . t declaring her purpose in asking a Southern Cormrenee at tats time to be, to trick the South Into submitting to the inauguration of an abolition revolution In the Government Its policy la. to qoote its own words, th?t " they (the cotton States) want no conference (with the other slavebcidlng States) but in the Convention which will assemble to frame the Constitution and complete the organization of a Southern Confed rriry " Overlooking the insolence and deliberate purpose of denying to Virginia a rl^ht to participate in determining what shall be her own future relation* to the existing Government Involved in this attitude of the South Carolina disunion leaden, it ia but necessary to call public attention to the fact that last winter there did not exist, as now, a self-evident nrcssity for combined consultation and action on the P*rt of ?U the slaveholding States. Then, it was not apparent, as at present, that Virginia must hold abolitionism In check by legislation against the Interests of abolition States oa the one hand, and must also save herself from the horrors of becoming the battleground of sectional civil war to gratify the mad ambition of political and other extreme southern aspirants on tue other, by endeavoring, through a geacrsl slaveholdlnjc-States Conference, to avert tte Utter calamity. while putting a atop to taa former We r^ard lb( Mtrcwrp and the P?*t u being equally mad in the criaia Tb; former acouta the ldaar tbat Virginia a ball be permitted to protect ber own righta and IntereaU In ber own way ; while tbe latter no leaa Impudently Inalati that Lincoln tUall do hla beat to drive the &outh out of the Confederacy. tTT" Col J A Parker, Juat from Katex (the reaidenci of Senator Hunter,) atatea that a large meeting of the people, irreapectlve of party, took place In that county on Monday last, headed by Hon M R H . Garnett, at which very conaerva tlve rea^Iutiona were paaned appealing to .Jouth Carolina and other tttatea to forbeai until Virginia could *?e beard; calling on a11 tb< Li maat in rnn*#ntlm? mnA tn mnW? wore effort honorably to prt serve Utc Union and tbe guarantees under tbc Constitution. [coxmvsicatid. Populak Compromise.? The United State* Government, since Its organization, baa existed for stxty-*?ven veara under compromise* on the slavery question?thirty-three yeirs under the Ohio Ordinance Compromise,and thirty-four under the Missouri Compromise We have experimented for six veara with popular sovereignty, which is generally admitted to be '-inoperative and vofd,'' and wt-lch has arrayed section against section? one demanding that slavery shall be admitted Into all the Territories, and the other declaring that it shall be excluded from all,?principles diametrically opposed As popular sovereignty has utterly failed U? effect the purpose desired, and as some change in the present state of things is imperatively necessary, why not abandon this imoracti cable dogma, and revert back to the practicable one of a comproiuiae? Let another compromlae be entered Into, baaed entirely on population. Divide the territory belonging to Ike Government mo as to gint to eatk section on equal quantity in States and Territories, actordinf to t\e population. The estimated population of the Union ia 30,000,000: the total a ea 3,000,000 aquare miles. The free dtatea have at present lb.OOO.OOO Inhabitants and about800,000 aquare miles; the slave States 13,000.000 Inhabitants, free and alave. and also M) 0U0 aquare mllea An equal divlaion. according to population, would make the total extent of the North 1 ,?00,000 aquare miles, and of the South 1,200.000 quire mites; aaaing 10 ute present area of the .North 1.000 U00. and to the South 400.000 square milts An mi* and west line to be drawn upon the above principle, dividing the common territory, slavery to be admitted South of such line, and excluded North forever. If new territory hall be added, or one section shall increase in numbers faster than the other, then let the line be readjusted, as occasion may demand, so as to give to each section an equal quantity in States and Trrritori?s. according to population. A compromise entered into upon a popular basis of this kind would doubtless give peace to the country Immediately. A. W. Odd Fkllovship ?The statistics of the Grand Lodge of the I'nltrd states exhibit a very satisfactory state of affsirs, as follows:?Number of Lodges, 3 548; number of initiations, 408,?90; present number of members, 173,818. The number of members relieved since the organization has been 334,796, and the number of widowed families relieved 35,350 The number of deaths within the last year was 24,211. The amount paid for relief since the organization, ?7.202,374 97; amount *aid for the education of orphans, ?185,903 37; ana the amount paid for burying the dead, S1.3U6 349 95 The aggregate amoui.t of relief since the organization has been $8,478,523 41, and the aggregate amount of revenue *i'' ru.3.-H 9-2 The amount paid for relief ta entirely exclusive of special applications for assistance from widows and non-atBliat'-d brethren, ?nd of contributions made outside of the Order bv Lodge* during the prevalence of epidemic diseases, wblrh have be?n very considerable. ThbScndat Law Tjucmphajit.?The respectable and order-loving class of our citizens will rejoice tr> learn that the Sunday Law has been triumphantly sustained by both Judges and jury in this city On Monday Judge Hoffman decided In a civil suit against the proprietors of the Stadt Theater, that the law was constitutional To day (Tuesday,) In the Court of Oyer and Terminer, the jury, after an absence of 24 hours, brought in a verdict of guilty against the notorious Mndenmuller, whose blasphemous Sunday umuimaatci ? uii \jaeon, or uerinan swiKer Church, a* he called It, have so long been the scandal of the city. We trust that the result of these trials will be to put an end to the abominable desecration of the Lord's Day, so recklessly indulged in by a portion of ourforetgn residents ? JV. Y. Kxprtti. The Portland Argus sums up a case recently argued in that city In the following curt style: '-Prerinan Waterhouse ts Eliza A Water* ho'ise Petition for devorce?cause, desertion From the evidence in the case itap|>eared that the wife was an 'exceedingly pious' woman, and that abk left h?r ImahAnH All a' _ v. u>> ty Jndjfe A ppleton said she should show her piety In a becoming manner by returning to ber bus band; that snfi had no excuse for leaving him, and that if stir continued to deaert him after this notning could lxt recovered of him for her support The circumstances in the cas? were not sufficient, in bis mind to warrant him in decreeing a divorce. Libel dismissed." Holding Coreesposdents Amenable?Mr. T K. Price, a wealthy merchant of Richmond, Va , who was referred to a few days ago in a telegraph dispatch to a New York Daoer as one of a series of merchants who discharged clerks from his establishment, npi died to Judge Lyon*, of the Huttings Court, on Monday, to ascertain by what form of procedure correspondent* of northern papers could be inade amenable to prosecution for lib-1 The Judge Informed htm that he should s- ek redress for such ofl-nse in the Supreme Court A more misc hievous, gratuitous, unfounded statement than that which led to this Injury was never made The merchants whose nnmts were mentioned In that dispatch have been justly very much excited. A Fobk Swallowed bt a. Cow?Mr. J Frands Johnson, of this county, while slaughter lug a cow for beef, a few days since, found stickIn); through her upper stomach, ana tlnnly fixed in the gristly i>art of the brisket, a large hornhnndle dining fork It had evidently been swallowed some months before, and what Is remarkable, she is reported to have been very fat and thriftv- tin to th#? tirn<? *** vni^ tu? ?? , _r ? ?v ? ? kincu a uc yirsumption is that, in the effort of the stomach to discharge the fork, the tinea were forced through Its substance and into the flesh where it was fjund?Madism (Ua.) Vititor. A Hermit is New Haxpshikb.?There is a gradual thinning out of the scattered settlements In the northe n part of Coos county. Dixvllle, which ten vears ago had three fami.les, has been uninhabited for several years Odell for many years has had but one Inhabitant?a hermit. He entertains visitors hospitably, but declines all invitations to remove to the.adjacent settlement He refuses to answer questions as to hl? former history.?Boston Traveller. C7"The Sardinian constitution promulgated by Garibaldi In the kingdom of the Two Sicilies, tjrows It open to theJevra. The old Bourbon law decreed that tbe exercise of no other religion lite the Roman Cutholtc could be tolerated. To the best of our knowledge there exists now no Jewish congregation In the whole of that kingdom. The orinch of the Rothschild family that was established in Naples was no doubt restricted to domestic worship. CT I'trge numbers of free negroes are coming N'rth from North Carolina. Bauih r?n?iin? ??3 Georgia. In anticipation of hostile legislation by the Legislatures of these States now in s?Hion. V letter from Toursvllle, N. C , says: ??In anticipation of tbla, I saw twenty-three free negroes get on the cars this morning to leave the State; and am told it Is a daily occurrenc? to see numbers moving for the same purpose." |E7"Gov. Brown, of Georgia, in view of the impending crisis at the South, has Issued bis proclamation setting apart Wednesday, the 2Btb of November, to be ooaervsd as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer, and invoking the people of the State to meet at their respective plsces of worship and unite In humble prayer for wisdom . and strength to meet the crisis mrough which tbey are called to pass. Mysterious Disappearasc? or Nigrois ? Several alaves. one of them a very valuable bricklayer and platterer, have mysteriously dlsan petr?d rrom Montgomery, Ala , since the election. No clue to their whereabouts baa been found, and It It surmised that a dexterously managed branch of the underground railroad has been extended to that city.?Mobil* Adv*rtu?r. Fir* at Manassas Jc*ctien ? On Wednesday night a Are broke out la the car shed of the Manassas (Jap railroad at the Junction, which consumed the shed, together with two passenger snd one baggage car. A light was seen In the shed about baTf part ten o'clock, bat as It was supposed some of the bands were at work, no notice was taken of it Loss about f3,3U0 or *4,(WO. > At Columbia, 8. C., after the opera of Norma, Miss Annie Mllner appeared with the Palmetto flag ,nd >ua? Marsellslse Hvmn lightly altered to rait the times. The effect was tremendous i O^The return* of the Virgiula election are not i all In yet, but Gov. Letcher has drapatched metaengera for the oflclal returns of tLe delinquent counties, with Instructions to report to him from ' the neareet telegraphic stations. Ucskiib or tfoLD.?The Augusta Constitutionaltst a few days aince stated that since the first of th<- present month about oo* million of dollara in . gold bad been received by the b inks la Savannah , and Augusta. irr A runaway negro slave stabbed Mr. Pierre 1 Berk net. an orers.*r at Clarahoala, La, Laat week. Re died in u few minutes. MISCELLANEOUS. ur BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the very lateat atyle*, and in all caaee made^^ftk of tha beat material. Call at once and getGEv choice. At STKVKNB'S. no 22 tf 336, betw. 9th ami K'th ata. Honk prick only! AVING on hand a very hwvT stuck of DRESS TRIMMINGS, I will olfer the sain* very cheap for Caah.and One Pnoo Only. R. C. STEVENS, 338 Pa. av , no 22 tf between 9th and loth ata. wood-wood! WOOD PINE WOOD, delivered in lota of not lesa than half oord, for *3.60 per eord. Call at the Wood Office, aouthwent corner of Thirteenth and L ate.,and aatiafy yoaraelvea. Terms cash. i,ub iw" W. K. COLLINS. FLK8! SILKS!! SILKS!" SILKS !! ! 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We guarantee to give eatufrotion to all who may puronac* of us. iri~?lilr s a \vr n tnH spi .it wno n i?. under-oover, perfectly dry, and COAL on plank floors, mean and in good order. Large sales and a ma! i profits. IH7"Or<lere solicited at ? UNION FIRE WOOD MILLS Cor. Sev? nth st and Canal, McKNEW 4 MARLOW, Proprietor. no 15-tf Kindling and stove wood Manufactured any length, and delivered to any p\rtof the city at the shortest notioe, and at the lowest possible rates, by SHERIFF & DAWSON. L/- Omoe sooth side Pa. avenue, between snd 434 iU.; wharf and mill west aide 43i street and Uanal. no 1-lm TO THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.-l have j?rt received aid will commence unloadin* to-morrow a cargo of the very best Red Ash COAL (egg and stove sizes) ever brought to this market which I ca'i send direot from tne vessel if you orders are left immediately. R. W. BATRH. Wood and Coal Dealer, oe a Corner C and 14th ?ts . n?ar Canal. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all part* of the oity, at the loveat possible rate*. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Offioe 888 Pa. aT? between 11th and 12th sts , ma 17 tT north aide. FOR SALE AND RENTTIfOR RENT-The HOUSE and STORE.onPv arnae, First Ward, opposite the Seven Buildings. The store is at present oooupied by Mr. Dyer ana shoe store. Possession given by the 1st of December next, or l?efore. For partiou!*-s p ease inqnir-of Mr. OVER, at the store, or at Mr. CAR ROL'S, next door. roatMw* WM.KMM ERT._ |70tt RENT?A five-story HOUSE, c< n'ainiM r 12 rooms, adjoining the corner of Fourth and D sts, aear the City Hall. Apply to JOSEPH FUGlfT. no 7-?oti nOR RFA'T-TKa Rdipv nnraf r- - .. < ? > ? ??ui m*vi j av a v re <1 v/v1 oct on Third rtreet, between D and E ftreets, (No 3^1) adjoining the residence of W. A. Maury, Esq. Possession given immediately. Also, the third story of the Rown Stone BuiJainc No. 403 on Pa. avenne.f south side; between 4H and 6th sts. For terms. Ao . apply to WILLIAM H- PHILIP, Attorney at-Law, >o. 40 La. avenue. no 2-^otf 'PO MKMBERU OF CONGRESS AND 1. OTHhRS.?For rent, suits of Parlors and several Chambers, handsomely furnished, in the n?w dwelling house 391 E street north, between 9th and loth sts. Apply on the premises, no 13 eo2w* TO RENT?That pleasant COTTAGE RESIDENCE,, oontaining 7 rooms, with front l>aJoonr^ large yards in front and rear, fronting H ?t, in Printing Office Square, between North Capitol and First sts. Rent ?240 per annum. Address, by letter or in perton, \VM. STICKNEY. UU o fcl I?OR SALE?A new two-storj briok HOUSE on r Fourth street, below New York avenue. The house is 2D feet front and 43 feet d?ep ; has 6- foot passage, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, and four charabors, with stairways in passage and kitohen, with koo<1 cellar under the whole house. For terms inquire at 499 Sereuth street, opposite <Md Kellows' Ha l. no 1-tf J As. 8. TOPHAM. FOR P KNT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No i'00 W est st., Georgetown, at present ooou pied by the subeonher. It has 12 r>> >tns, with gas and water throughout, a fin* yard, stable A o , and is in agood neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A MAGRL'DKK. t.o 2b S FOR RENT.?two new threo-story BRICK HOUSES with back buildings, each hocse containing 8 rooms, with ga*. piea*antly situated ob moi street north, between M and N streets; rent . * i. 0 I ? r/i?MO\r ? uivuri??,r. v? p. o i . opposite, or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. _____ 00 ^ fr*OR RKNT?PoBKOKSton on the 1st of October 1 The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43* D street, at present occupied by the Rev. Dr. Butler, ana nextdoor to the residence of the advertiser. J. M. CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. e 18-tf FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the building immediately opposite the weet wing of the City Hah.reoently occupied by Chaa. S. Wallaoh aa an oflloe. Also the front room in the second story and the third floor of the same building. For terrqa apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 9 Louisiana avenue. ja IS tf EDUCATIONAL^ Anew select school SELECT SCHOOL lor children will be opened oath*fir?t Monday in December next, at the oorner of E and Seventeenth eta., Firat Ward. Attached to the houae ia a large garden in which the ehi dren may entage in open air exereiaee. As the number of scholars will l>e limited, application for Mini-aion af.ouia be made nnmediateijr. hull information M to terma, Ac , mar be obtained of the Principal, at Mra. LEWIS 8, No, 3T3 Seventeenth atreet. no 32-71* T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who with their daughter! to reoeive a thorough and ayatamatio education, where theirphTMoal training will receive daily and apecia! attention, under the moat approved avatem of Caliathemo* and Gymnaatioa, are reapeotfulijr invited to viait the Union Female Aoademjr, corner Fourteenth at. and New York av. MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 30-tf Principal a. FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mra. 8. J. MoCORMICK, PamctFAL. The thirteenth annual aeat-ion of thia Institution will commence on Tuenday. September ISth, in the nouse reo?utly oooupied by Sylre.ter Soott, E*q , No. 180 King street. The oourae of study pursued witl eompn*eali the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu cation, and Muaio, F.enoh, Latin and Drawing, ii desired. In Addition to day aeholars. Mrs. MoCormick ia prepared to receive a limited number of pupils aa boarders, who. tfouatituting a part of her own family, will blunder her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as iar aa possible, to surround them with the oomforta and kindly influences of Home. Rtfcrtntt.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. I>. Elias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sarigg, William H Fowle, 5sq., F.dgar Snowden, ?aq , Edmund F- Witiner, -sq., Henry Marhury, Esq., Lewis MoKenste, In., Robert H. Hun ton. Esq. W. D Wallaoh, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Watera, haq.,Jaa. .ntwisle, Jr.. Ese .Col. John W.Minor, Loudonn, Messrs. Blaoalook 4 Marshall, Meaar*. Cora* Brothers, Board, with Tuition in Xh. English Branohee, 3001 for the ana sal session?payable semi-annually, inadvanoe. Muaic and Language* at Professor*' prices. lL/~ No extra charses. aa M-ti CCHOOL FOE SMALL BOYS, O No. 877 I Stubt, First Wufc M ANNIE E. PECK, Teacher. i^uiuwr ui pnyui limiiea w iweniy. oo 10 rozm Any rele, Ba a?, B<?xo?,, or, in fact, any thiag, Mfelr tra&?port*daad delivered botweea Warnington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. mar rely implicitly upon the EXPRESS WAGONS of the un<iera>cned which ran regularly everyday between tho?eci ica. Order* entered upon the alatea of h a expreea a* the *tar Oflhe, at Bacon'* G< ooery Store, or at K Wh wler'i Hardwa'e Store, will be promptly a ttended to, and at very ??ler*tf eh-rg*. I - H> 0T1LLWhLLi bo 14-lm (Late Oabo-n'a Kxare? it 1 ?*rl DENTISTRY. Mteeih. LOOMI8, M. D.. the inventor and patentee of mo MINKRAL PLATK TKKTH. tenda pereona !> at hia oflioe id Utiaeity 1 Many peraen* oan Vfkr HMe teeth wtioviiLO oatinnt wear other*, and ao per eon oan w< ar otiiera who oanno; wear these. Pereona oallit g at mr offioeean he accommodated ' With any atyle arid price of Teattt they may deeire; but to thoae who are particular and with the purest, ] vio?uva?( rnvu^osv, B(:U mUBl JPCFIOCl UWDlBTf IRftl artoau produac. th? MI.Nfc.RAL PLATE ti,; t? more fully warranted. Room* in thia eit??No. 33** Pa. a venne. between 9th and 10th eta. Alao, 907 Arch atreet, Philadel phia. oo 15 tf Ddennbtry. R. HILLS, aftfr a eraetioa. teat of two year* feel a that he can w:tfi oonfidenoe reoom mend theCbeoplaatio ProoeeaforinaertirzNHHB artificial teein. It hat the advantage* on111" treucth, b?anty,Ci?aa.ineaa, and cheapeea. Fcl upper aeta inserted for Itt. Partial ia proportion. OAoe 306 Pa. arenae. aof "carriage factories washington carriage factory, " O Strut, Bttt?m 9lk and \0tk Strut t. We havo juat fimabed a number of firat one t CARRIAGES, auoh aa Lxtkt jm Wagon*, Park Pktaton>. Fnmily ^f UnHj I ruifn. and Butties, w'.i.ih w* will u a ver? fm&ii profit. Beina praotioal meehawoa in different braocl.ea of the nuaineaa, we flatter ouraeivea that we kuo* t Lbe atytoa and quality of work that will five aatw a faction, oombiniai lifhtneaa, comfort ana durabin c ty> i Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the ahorteet notice and moat reaannable o liar tea. K WALTER, KARMANN A ?OPI\ * Coaenmakers, eucoeaaora to Win. T. Hook. e ap ?7-dly D-Dental card. R. MVNSON Haa returned and returned hia . f rof?aa>on. (Iffioe and houae at 463 E at.,^-*Ci ?' hird door eaat of J*ixtb. In addition t VflttBa? every o'her approved *tyle Dr. M baa aM^*'"O teeth on vulctni'e Baee for the laat three yeara I and, from experience, knowa it exoe.a all othera, and la one-third leaa in prioe than gold. Hia old > patron* of Wa*h<ngton. Alexandria, and George- a town are respectful!* ao lioited t > oaH. *u25-eoly c T CARRIAGE*. HE Subeorlberhannf made additional* ki taotory. niaxicf it now one of the in ?1|A T\\ ?* Wia ? * tu uiv i/i?uivit wttcio m? iat mire | minutaotujinrCAKRIA6F. fc U6HT^KB2 r WAGONS of *11 kmda cannot be anrjMaed, ud t from his lone experience in the buineet, be kopea to (ive f*ner?l satisfaction. 11 kinds of Oarriat es u4 Ligkt Wiftu tift ei nat RKPAIR8 cMtlr <ei?,a?4 ailerOrs preapt J ij MltniMtc, 8eee?4-lujU C*JTi*f*a taken It exekanse for ? ? t UN, ANDREW TjoYCE, I * i?-tf ?*ra?r mt Uth im K rte- ; Dr. J. H McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A*D BLOOD PIRIFIKK THE GREATEST REMEDY m tkt WORLD, t tie etrictly a aci- VB I ' entific and Vegetable Conipoand, procured by tht kroi tioo of roota, berbe, ^HkXl and barka. V t low VX 8 BWck Runt, S-.rtnf.* pWLljjJ f Bark, and Dandelion '.art*lata lie ComThe entire active ?r ^Ka / remedial principle l f of each ingredieut le 7~^"*^^Hii^p ] SiS?,;"1" latin?. dietllliog, prodacing a daliciona, e?hi;- rating epirit, and iba moat infallible remely for renovating >be dieeaeed ye'.era, I and reetering the eick, eafferuag, and debilitated invalid te health and etrength. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will effectsally eare Liver Complaint, Dyepepe'a, Jaandice, Chrome or Nervoaa Debility, I>ieeaeee of the Kidceye, ' and all diaeaaea arleing from a disordered Liver or Stomach, Dyepepeit, Heartbarn, Inward Pilee, Aeidur or Siekneee of the Btomacb, Fullneee ef Blood to the Head, Dull Pain or Swimming in the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, PaMneee J or Weight in the Stomach, Soar Ernctatione, Cboking or Safocating Feeling when laying down. Dry n??t or TelloWneee of the Skin and Eyee, Nlgnt 8veata, Inward Fev?re, Pajn in the Small ef the Back, Cfceet, or Side, Sudden Pltj.hM of H?(t, Dtprataioo of flpiritt, Frif hi/al Drumi, Itufior, Dt?pondtn:y or u; i.trTona dmiii, Sorts or Blotehtt on ihi 8ku,u4 fmrud Ani (or Chilli and Fitu.) OT1tK A MILLION BOTTLES hart htto oold daring th? latt (is months, and id no In- t unco hat U failt4 in ri*taf tour* aautfaction. Who, tbia, will aalfsr from Wtalnttt or Dtbilit/ whin MtLEAKI STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will cart you 1 No lu|?(t can eonTty ?.n adtqc&it idta rf tht imiatdiatt and aJmott ratracaloat things prodactd hy taking thit Cordial In tht dittattd, dtbilitittd, and ahatttrtd litrvcat ysttm, whsthsr broktn down by txcrtt, w?*k by natart, or iapairtd by tlckntit, tht rtltitd and ant'tiof orgaxu latiou it rtttortd to itt prittint htal'.h and ?igor MARRIED PERSONS or othtra, ccoteions of inability from wlittuvtr eaut, will And MiLKAN a STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a thorot gfc rtgtutrator of tht systsru: and all who may hart in )artd ihtiuttlvtt by imprvptr iodnlgmctt will And ii^Uut Cardial a etrtaiu and tptt<ly rtmtdy. TO THE LADIES. HcLIANl STRENGTHENING CORDIAL it a toTtr- | aim inaa^a f lira for Inr.iniarf r mtaiir>tnf U'Kiaat Obatractad or Uifflcnl'. Manatrcatioo, lucontiiitact of firm* or ln?olantary Diaeharg* th*r*of, Palling of th* \V imb, Giddinaa*, Faialing, ug all diac-aaa incident to Pamalea. THERE IS AO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Bifir no lMfir Ta.k* it according to direction*. It *?ill i atimalata, euengihen, and icvicorata joa and cinee Il,e bloom of health to rooani yocr cheek again. Every battle m i warranted to give eauefaction. FOR CHILDREN If yoar cbildran art aickly. pun* or adictac, McLB A N*8 I CORDIAL will make tbam healthv, fa , lad rot net. Dthy I not a moment; Uf it, and 70a will be oacvir.oed. It u de- 1 licioaa to take. CA UTION Beware of drag git la or daalere who may try to palm apoo yoa aoma bitter or eareaparilla traah, which the j eaa hoy chaap, by eayiog it la [Bat aa good. Avoid aach rarn. Atk for McLKANU STRESlUTHENING CORDIAL, anu take nothing alaa. It M tha only ramtdy that will pcnfy tha Blood UtoroagblT ?ndet th? aaiaa time atraagthaa tit evatem Ona teaapoonfal takaa every morning faatiag la a certain preventive for Cbolara, Chilla and Paver, Tallow Parar, or uy prevalent diaaaaa. It la pat be In large bottlaa Price only 91 par bottla, or boulaa for $S J. H Mi LEAN, Sola proprietor of thta Cordial; alao, McLean e Volcanic Oil LinimanL Principal Dattot or. tha anrnar of Third ,nH Put* striata, Ml. Lorn*, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) Tb? only ufi u< tirula cart for Csacin, Piles, Tumors, walliofi and Broaehili or Coitra, Pinliui. Nsuralfia, WstkiitH of Uis Mnsclss, Chronic or lnIcmm?iory | Ulinitun, lofolM of Us Jouu, Coetractad Mnsclss or j Li|tmsou, Earachi orToothschs, Bruits, Trssb Cat*. Woasdi, Clcsrs, Fi?ir Bern, Cakad Brevai, Sort N f f iss, Bnrmi, Sc*lda, Sori Throat, or any Inflsmmaiiaa or pus, bo diffirioci how siTiri or lost thi diitus ni ETts luatid, McLEAN ? CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a csrtaia rimsdy TSoaaaada of ha man bsinfs ban baan laTid a lift of dia enpitadi aad mtiiry by thi aaa of thia i&valaabla rtmedy. MrLEAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will riliavi pain almost laitanU-iiioBily, and it will cliaa, Vtarifw and Kaa I tka fnrIaal inraa in an inrra<tiKla aK.trf timA FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT la tiie only nh ' ui reliable remedy far the tort of Bpifli, Rinrboaie, Windfall*, Splinta, Unuatnral Lamp*, Nodee or Swellinn It neeer failed to cure Bif Hitd, Polleril, ritlilt, Old Ranniof Soree, or Sweeny, if properly applied, far Sprain*, Brail**, 8c rate bee, Cracked Heel*, Cbafea, 8addle or Collar Oalla, Cat*, Sore*, or Wound*, It i* an infallible I reraedy. Apply it a* directed and * car* I* certain 10 i?*rj ( ma lance. I Than trifle do longer wtth tha many wonhleee Liniment* offered to to*. Obtain * aapplr of Da. MCLEAN'S CELE- j BRATKD LINIMENT. It will car* ron. J. H McLEAN, Sole Proprietor, Comer Third and Pine eta., St. Locu, Ma. CHARLES BTOTT, Wit Pa. a?., aola ajeat in Waahin* too; R, 8. T. CISSEL, (ieorg a town aa M-D*Wly gCHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS!"" * mm m w~? a > . > 4* M f Xouthf arm novr uiot/utig jor b<aooi and I)rest Wear. ' PtrnU and (urdiuii wishing to fermah their o hi d ran and wards with Sob t*?i ard Col Iff 0 Outfits for the oomiQC aaaaon, are invited to examine oar present tarca and extensive assortment BOYS' C L' >TH IN <tr. where they ou fit oat their children of ail aiaea in a few mom eats with ever? description of Ready made G*rir.onts, of aubetantial and durable quality. at rery moderate an0"a WALL STEPHENS * CO., an SWtf 393 Penn. aTecne ROUGHS, CO LD?y HOARSEN ESS, *?. COMPO UlfD SYRUPJor Q UM AM A BIC This pleasant aud popular Coutn K*ttw!t has been so lone known and extmatvely used, th*t T.oat persons have become familiar wit* ite extraordinaaettoa?y. It mi b* had at all the arino pat drag rrea at 3S and 3A o?Bta a bottle. ae2> <19mAeo4m* MDROIDERY STAMPING, oa all kinda of material.done ia the beat mauner, at C. P. SCHMIDT'S Toy aa I Paney Store, No 60 Pa. arenue. between Slat and 22d ?ts . where csn h* found a cr at variety ol beautiful Pa'tnriu for Yoke* ana Sleeve*. Collar* aud Cuff*, Skirt*, Paatai-ti, Band>, Slipper*, Cloak*, etc. Pleaeagire me a call and examine. oo 28 1m* WDUBIE*. DIARIFS! K Hare a oomp.ate a*aortm?nt of DIAKIES for IW.all siseaaad inott, .. caJF^RSMKBCk M THE WEEKLY IHJLLAK STA^ Thia ?<oeU?t Family m< Nm Jotiitl-Mitouuac a greater vwiaty of trterwtiat rwrttt thaa oan I* fonad in any othtr? u MbUafced oa Prid?? aonus*. Tn?-(M wurwHi, 4a a^Mu. Bingi* oopy, pm atnm. >1 M Five oopiea . __ ? ? . i ? ts Tn oopiea ? . i . * W Twenty fire ?apiM . . It invariably ooataina tfc? "Waahlnftca Nm" that haa made 7V D*u* Itwwi Star oiroa.ata ? vurouf noil U< OOllUf. fl I" Bi&fi* oopie? (in wr^pp^n1 am to ptuesred it th? ooacter, imn>?di?t?!y tftirtk* imm of tb? ptftr. Pno??THREE CENT?. MISCELLANEOUS. THE OILY PREPAB.ATIOH WOBTBY OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE k PATR0NAG1 FOR STATESMEN, J COOKS, ?.LERGYMEX. LADIES, and G EXTL EMEX ?n ail p\rt? of th? world testify t?' th? rftcMi of >ROF 0 J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, hi? (ouwoniou ui uio rr'Ti Mfl n umii! mo 11 1Q |t| traiae. A few taattmoniala only oar t?e her# giv*? iMei oiiftr for more, and it will be lmpoaa. Ue tor rou to doubt. 47 WALL Stbkit. N*W YOEK. D?C. *>. t??. Gtntltmm: Year not* of til* )Sth loitut hM >een received, ?aying that yoa had beard that I iad bean benefited by the naaof Wood's Hair Reitoratt va. an'I relocating ray oertifioate or the fact f I had noobjeotion to give it. I award it toyo% eheerfully. baoaaea I think It loa. Mt ac? ia about .W yeara ; the color of ? air aubtrn. and inclined to earl. Some Kva or nx yeara ainoa it becan to tarn (ray. and the aoa p >n thecown of my bead to ioae ita a-naibi ity ard Ifcndruff to form upon it. Kaoh of theee diaagrae LbllitiM inniaa?il with hu uH ?t??i a ?k.. tmoe a fourth *u added to tLem. by hair ftllmi >ff the tup of d; head and threatening to uk? me Aid. 1b this nspieasatit predirameat 1 was indaeed tn rr Wood'* Hair Restorative. mainly to arreet the ailing off of nr hair, for 1 hu really do expeota ion that tray hair ooiiid ever bo restored to It* iriginal oolor except from dTee. I vat. however, ! reatly sarerieed to fend, after th? use of tvs bot lea only, 'bat not only vai tne facing off arreated. iut the C"lor waa ?stored to the gray haira |M lenaibility to tba soalp. and dandruff c?aeed to form >n my head, very muoh to the gr?tifioation of ray rife, at whoae solicitation I waa induoed to try it. For this, among the many obligations I ova to lar sex, I strongly reoominend all nusbands who a ue the admiration of their Wivee to profit by my xample. and useitif growing gray or rating Sa 4. Very respectfully, Bkn A. I.avvmds*. To O.J. Wood it Co.. 444 Broadway. N. VT My family are absent from the oity, aad 1 am ao onger at No. 11 Carrol P aoe. Ala., July SB, ltW. To P*o?. O J. Wool: ZVar Str?Your "Hair testorative" baa done my hair so raaohgood su ca oommeiioed the us*of if, that I wish to make nown to the public of its efl ects onthe hair, wh'on tre great. A man or woman ran ben early depn vrd if hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative' he hair will return more beautiful than ever; at east this is my experienoe. Believe it aU : Yours truly, Wa. H. Kmut. . P. 9.?You oan publish the above if you like By lUDiiamnc in oar tsmthern paper* you will ?et liart MtroDt(? ??ith. I aee aeveral of toe Mrificatea in the Mobile Mercury, a atrona H< uthrrn per. W. UHnoT. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. P*er. O J. Weoo: Dear Sir: Haviuc had the mafortune to lose the beet pertion of my Mir. from be effente of the yelow fever, in ISew Or Mm in Ml, 1 waa induoed to make a trial of year prepare ion. and found it to anawer a* the very tl ing leaded. My hair ia now thiok and gloeey. and no rorda o%n express my obligation* to yon in linnf o the ajfiioted auch a treaanre Firlit Jobn*oh. The Restorative ie pet up in bottlee of three eisee. ri* : iar*e. medium and small; the smaU hold half . Pint, and retaita for one dollar per bottle; the meIfum holds at leaat 30 per oent. more in proportion ban the small, retaila for two dollars perV>ttle ; he large holda a euart. 40 per oent.more in propor jon, and retails for &. O. J. WOOD * CO., Proprietors, 444 Broad raw N> a w Vnr^ ar?1 111 Ifsrket atraat fit I /\n < m Bo'd in thU o tj by C. STOTT, 37 5 Pa. t?*coe. an 87 eoly,alw r PROCLAMATION ! O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON. GEORGETOWN, *?. Wktrmt, At the preeent iwwb o the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC. DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY, A?., Ae.. prevail to an alarming ex Vent: And wkereat, It msit be of the FIRST CoNSEVtCENCK to every family to know of A REMEDY or r*iis, jffere bia MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the muit CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THK PUBLIC that no imposition is intended in the aale ef tins Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED tn all tain when the medicine tails to five entire saUsfactin hak, then at any Drni Store for DR. MONTARDF/S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. take as directed, and if aot perfectly satisfied Return to our A?ent, D.B. CLARK, ESQ., 4K Street and Pennsylvania Aveene. who will refund yonr money. Prioe?3ft and 60 Centa per Bottle. For aaltat all Droj Htores everywhere. jas. McDonnell, General Acent. Jyll-eotr Haiti iwre. t |LD RICH, MELLOW AND PU RE It n P ki aj i rv r> ? a vy o t n n o i u c. n MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conaoientioualy distilled by Mr Jim*? Burnaide. of Aiiegany County, Penna., in the old faahiooxi Lodmi ia?, fron) the ohomeat aud n,o?t carefu.iy elected Rye, and in no om? ever offered t<>r sale until adapted to wholesome dm by a<? It n at onoe the moat palatable, as it ia empuatioaly one of the pnrest beverages in the reach of It a puhlio. To the Invalid, aa veil aa to thoee in >?>a>th, it oommenda itaelr for ita unrivalled qca>it>ea aa a timu !ant of the safeat. surest, and rnoat bMefieaat description. and many of the most distinguish** physioians are using it in their piaeuoe with the happiest reanita. cl>ERY * 8TOCKDAI.E, Proprietors. 32?s Waiuut street- Ph.lad '.ciua. w*. c. comov tk. Agent for the PrntiMori, Its f'a.av., ae 2? 8m opposite Willarda* Hotel. A CARD ?Having been iofortned by aevera1 re peotable oitisenr that o?ater naw / \ fcer?, Mllmg Ironj nuckeis on umyv f streets, have represented themselres as ^UiMf selling for mevand that not a few per on* hare in this way had imp- -ed upon them impure oysters, and corcplaiut antic l<e-n made to me to effect, I hare to say I have oo hawker* selling for me from backets and do not allow the business to t>e carried on from my eetairhshment. as I do not deal in oysters oftb*lc,*??. Neither hare I any branoh of my establishment in toy part of the city. No oysters are sent by me to femiliee exoept on orders reoeirsd at my only Depot, No. 891 C street, between l??th anlll h. oo ? lm T M. HARVEY. W6A8 FIXTURES. E Hare in store, and are da* y reoeirmg, 9 AS PrTT/fK SSnf nntir?!? New pRttArm RjuilWif ni lod Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore iff-red in this market. We invite ottixeas setjerai T to os.ll and examine our stock of tins and Water Fixtures, feeliu* confident that we have the test leleoted stock in Wash .n|; to a. All Work in the above line in trust ?d to oar oare nil be promptly attended to. M VERB * M00HAN. mar 6-tf ?T? D tr?I W TRAVELING TRUNKS E Have just reoeived the largest assortment and now ofl r the most extensive vanqt*?WTTB olfol.K I.KATHKK. LADIKS' DREl?Bt%fl md PACKING TRUNfto.H AT BOX^S.^M" V AI ISES. CARPKT BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac., in thia city, which we are soling at verj low srioea. WALL. STEPHENS A C6 . ' oo 2S if ?88 Pa. iTOm*. F LOUR DjAfS&kMMMOPI C orntr of UtE and' B atrMti, C?hoaidforfcUkiadoof Praia. ? pLUUR. BUCIWIt^AT. POTATOES, AP MP bbii. ??r Ritkwwi Family u4 Kstit F)o?r, M*C lh?- FrMh OiotM Back viMM Moat. 8? bushels VV' biU Moroar Potaloae, 100 do. Hue do. do. 5 do. ChMtDDti. , . . . SHSSSSS1"*^ I

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