Newspaper of Evening Star, November 26, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 26, 1860 Page 3
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i I.OCA I. NEWS. i 17 r rLonjjh T?k f*TA* 1? printed on the fastest n. an. prcea In use south of Baltimore, lte edition la so largr u to require it to W pat to press at an eerlv hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be sent In before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise tLey may not appear nntll the next day. Notici?DHttlct of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted in the Baltimokx Sun are received at end forwarded from Thx Stae Oflce. R ??.!<;toc??The churches generally w:re well attended yest< rday, despite the severity of the weather. Church ?In the mornlnsj the Rf?. Dr K itW r rrtor) difotinwd froin (ienesis 3 10 and Komns * 15. These p-?s??gcs of Scripture involved description of every kind of fjar of God, from the lowest and most slavish where religion begins. to the hi|{Vst and the irost filial in which ?t movei He ini^ht mention as among the first the of jjuiJt. which was the drend of the K n^.an l the terror of the i-ialefnctor But there 1v>.it another hind of fear of the l.erd which was the Wi?luniP? of wisdom It was that fear which ht %- from Hip consclotisnesi of being absolutely in power of God It was a fear wbicb prompted and constrained an tinwilll :?j obedience. Low ? this fear was it was yet oft^n the beginning of wisdom In nin't present and fallen state It was perhaps moat frequently the first step in that pro^r. ?s wbieb resulted in true religion. Now 'x I hit f?-nr. wbicb was at first tmse and sordid in character, would gradually glide into a "filial" I fear This fort of the agency of "fear" In the goverrinent of God In the restoration of man, 1 suggested tome Important reference* It suggested an important Irsso-i with regard to the proper training and discipline of children. They would r?*lv solely upon appeals to conscience and the be<;r: in tncli case* True, any tvttem of education which appealed wholly to fear, and relied on a sense of obligation anft gratitude, would be a very '>*te and slavish system; but thev might ?iv cf any system which permttt-d an ultimate appeal to the heart. which b*d not the words shall" and "must" attached to its code or regulations. would ufct moddled after the principles of the governinenTof God If all appeals to duty arwl interest, and aff'.T.tlon failed, whit then.' W hy. evidently, a rod must be brought out from its hiding place; and if the tight of It did not answer the purpose it nrist b? felt So in the govTK<.r? miiflt Ha 11 lira tn ri vi >ui c-vitr a iv usi vv " >w ?.? tr.tlrj by fear; suitable penaltlt-a affixed to tbe violation of mrh law*, and, furthermore, ibey be enforced. H'lkodist Prot'stant Ckurrk, strett ? Tb- mo nint: x-rvice wu conducted by the R?v Mr Vtichaela, of the Virginia Conference of the >1 K Church ?outh, who preached from the text ?>f Mntthrw. 3 11.1*2 At night, the pastor. Rev. P I. jrbt Wi!?nn, preached from the text of Isaiah, 3 lo.ll Tbe preacher briefly described the two f!b3ra< ter? referrtd to In the text?the rijjbteoua nd the wicked The term* are used throughout lb ?< nr>tur?s. and are variously aoolied Riubt rownni wrhrii applied to God i* very different froin the righteous of man. God's righteousness It ntsential to his nature, and is undivided. R::;Meou*ness applied to man in of two sort*? iesial ai'd evangelical. The first Is that which romprebends the external works of tb? liw; the i road thai which comprehends the external acts, and also the internal workings, of the hc^rt. Af'er an instructive commentary on the language ? f ih?- text and Its cotnmon interpretation, the pr< a- t > r s*'d that f ilth !s the condition of evang i -al r;ght?-onsnt-si?. which amounts to salvation; mil pr r*-ed?d to explain the reason of the condition I'nbeljef was the cause of apostacy originally. and it brought the cur?^. Faith Is mide ?fcf condition of the removal of the curse, ard of restoration to favor with God After a brief re.. .... St ? ?? ? u.itl, i?a< (}.* A i>nnn ?s<i I* ? < ' 1 HIT ?' Ak V* I ?U 1 M WIUIHinr^j ?Ur Ut?^UUIOl wm com luded with an eloquent appeal to the ? on^r-iration to follow the life of righteousness, which l-ads to salvation. At Urnrc Ckttrrk, the rector. Rev Mr. Holmead, preached in the morning from St Matthew 18 20 The richness of the promise in the teat was dwelt j upon, and it was urged that we should not take nrh promises in too general a sens*-, bu: as intend* d for exact literal fulfilment Various motives prompt people to visit the bouse of God. but no tran is a worshipper in the sense of tli?? text but be who cornea solely in tbe name of Christ. No matter what their condition in life, how poor or bow lowly, wherever two or three are gathered in Hit name He has promised to be with them. He la with them not merely in the general sense of hit omniscience, but ia there with the very presence of H ia holy spirit \V hat awe should we feel in such a presence, and with what eagerness sho'ild we avail ourselves of an invitation to t'hr'.st's own presence. How honored we should feel by such an invitation from any earthly poien| tst- and how gladly should we accept It. And hi w high should b?* our appreciation of the in' vnation when it cornea from (jod himself. 4' Mfiho'hst Epistopal Ckyrrk South?The morn1 i:ti; service was conducted bv Rev. Dr. I.eonidaa R"?*er. who preacLed from the text of GeueaW. 3.15 At night. Rev. J K Kilwariit preachni from Luk'-. 23 31. They arc both members of th< Virginia Conference. nowtitting iu Alexandria. f'X-\Uy Chapel?"I'he paitor. Rev. Mr. McCau. ley, delivered th- morning diaconrv* from Is Simittl, 7.12 At night, Rev. Mr Me Fall, of th< Hiltiinors Conference, delivered an able di? | cuiirie St Patrick'i Ckurtk.?It being the last Sund.ti of the Kcelesiaatical year, an iinpreMive termor I .. .. J k k I) 1 - # 1 J* I /? w *? i ira? u^u uy r i?urr nu? ir- iruiu vur uwpri iu the dav High muss was celebrated by i-athe W altar Tkf Voting Mr*'* Ckriftia* As*oriatir>n Prayt at Waugh Chapel, yesterday afternoon was well attended. Th?- meeting wai led bv K T Morsell Esq., Pres.dent of tbe Association One request was odered in behalf of a voting man East Waski?%ton M P Ch*rtk?Rev W'.T Dtitnm delivered an able discount? u}H>n the trx of I'mIui 118:29, in the morn iijj; and at nsgh pre*ihe?l from the teat of I*t. John, 15.12. Aii'mhty Clmrrh?Rev Mr Collins occ'jpiei tbr pulpit, preaching in the morning from th teit of 1st Corintbi.'tiis. 5 7 ..*5. At niirht th?* Sacra I writ of tLr l.nnl i Suppr wai administered. Church of th' As"n*ion ?At night service Rev Dr PiKknty preached from 2d Timothy, 1 6. Th* Nbw Ckxtkaj. grardhursi?We ar informed tliat the new building erected on th ?>utb side of Louisiana avenue, Imtween Nintl i an?l Tenth at eeta. vrill be ready for occupancy o or about tbe first of nexth month. Som? of ou i i uxena have complained of the great length c ' time?ao contrary to what was expected ? whic f has been consumed in tbe erection of this guard tr>u?e, but It ta asserted on the otber side that th f t nif Las l*en well snent in thi? nwrnuifn nr?n. ration* and fixings for a strong, substantial, com mod,on* and handsome building, creditable t o ir city. We indulge the hope that when tb law now before the City Council* i* p?**-d, -4| relation to the Central Guardboute." it will wor well for the ends of justice, well for the publir Iand well for the police. Combining, a* the net jruird bouse doe*, all the purposes of a ternporar prison for criminal* and rowdies, with that of temporary as/luin for the houseless and pennilei stringer, It is to be hoped that it may prove correct!re for the vicious and a temporary refn? for those who, in the Inclemency ?f a winter night, might otberwis* perish or be frozen In tb street. The ' Bill in relation to the Central Guard house," published In last Tuesday's S'ar. In 11 main provision, it will be remembered, divid< fi'r y ai d equitably between three police mx^t' trates tbe duties, responsibilities, and advantage of that position, which haa been held for aom year* by one police magistrate, who, bowevi well qualified he may be for that office, caan< jastiy be considered better qualified than others < long standing and eiperieuce, who have faltl fully discharged their official duties In the dti tricts adjoining tbe Central Guardhouse Th provision rf the bill seems to be unfavorable I Ipuouc opinion, aa iar aa we near. liom at I.aut ?Aflrr a number of litlgatioi w.tti landlords and others, tbe " snake show" h at laat disappeared and gone into winb-r quarter ? '? The animals of tbilaiuuular collection have paw Into various bands, and bave been scattered in < 1 direction.* ' Ttaeanakes what tbe man awaileri I la gone," said a little fellow who used frequent I t?. patronize tbe show; tbe white mice, the youi I alligator, tbe wild cats and tame cate, tbe mo keys and the bear * ptr st'' bave all been scatters The show sterns to have been a very unfortum speculation on tbe whole, and baa coat one of t proprie'ors probably a great deal more than would be able to make with tbe same collects I "Iiuu MiumuiC tutumraiiv^. A Mawm?>th Tcbjtip ?Dr. W. R Monr? Paradiar, Baitinore county, Laa laid on o counter an Immense turnip, iiicaaurlng two f< tl*f inrti' tin c :rc umfrrrnce, and weighing i and a half ix.u.ida ? B+ltun ore Amman 1'ibaw. Mr. American' >lr. J. P Bartholo' I of tbla city, baa juat laid?no, placed on ? < ounter, a turnip wrlgblng pound* It la t llffM trp ruU i?aga turnip, raised from ?eca I ported by Mr Bartbolow. This is thb Twbstt-sibth or Novixcib, a to-ntght la tbe nlgbt of tbe Covenant l.odgr, I. O K , levee, at Odd Fellows' Hall. Look out I a good i'it.*, ? fine time, a grand time, a tirit-ri time' Go early, go all tbe time, and keep yoing ' Let's ns have an old fashioned Odd r <.ws festival, with all tbe modern liuprovemen The Nobthbbs Mabebt was well attended bur ksters and others occupying stalls and star tKia nnnriitlllf Hilt th?* g\t ni 1 t U( ICIH (Hi* u . , ? ? - mmm w, J, rbaaera waa slim. We are Informed tba( tbeie I much aufferjag among poor families in the nor rrn part of ttie city, and that many pcfaoui are a condition deuuandiug immediate relief. Tha*im;iv'.*u Day.?In conaeauence of I % appointment of rhuraday next aaa day of Than K'v;ntc- the Center Market will not be open > that day, but on Wednesday evening i>rev;oua Wjal on aucb ocoaalona. * viigihia Anbval Conrmrccc at Al?xar- ' MIIA?Fourth dtf, Saturday ?We gather from 1 tbe Gazette the following report: After the election J of local preachers and deacons, which completed the regular bmlnm of the Conference? < Re* Dr McGwigan. President of the Virginia i Conference of the Methodist TroU'Staiit Church, ( and tbe fraternal m> ssenger from that Conference, i lh?n addressed the Assembly He bad been appointed, be said, by tbe Virginia < Annual Conference of the Methodist Protestant I Cburcb, to bear to this Conference their fraternal ] and christian regards He thanked the Conference for the courtesy w^lrli had been extended to hint vMtnrdav. and SAid that the visit of I)r Ilni/vett to his Conference had given delight mixed only by regrets that ciri umstanrcs bad permitted him , tarry with them for so short a t int. Laboring In the same field*, pursuing the same methods, the two Conferences were linked together by strong ties, but the signs of the times showed Indications of a closer relation and pointed to a time when the barriers that divided the churches should be broken down, and the two churches become one In that common fellowship, which the Redeemer had praved should be given all hisdisciples His Conference had given hiin no official authority to speak for them on the subject, but he felt certain he but expressed their sentiments They felt tilad that this system of an Interchange of Irater" . .. < %._ _ a a m i *. > *.? _ a. nai s?niimeiu naa Deen auopiea,ana irusieaiuai it would lead to reajlta which all now wished for; a Union on a Uaaia alike satisfactory and honorable to both. In conclusion, in the name of hia Conference, he bade tbe ministers present God speed in the work of their common Lord and master Hia addreaa waa delivered in a moat Impressive manner and produced a marked effect. Her D Domett repied in eloquent and fitting terma, deprecating the dianeuaiona which had divided the church It waa to him, he said, a aacred moment full cf gracioua intluence. Methodiam ahould i>- one, North, South, Ka?t and Weal, mud all the Indications marked tbe tendency towards a point at which the streams having a common source, would again flow on together in a common tide. liisbop Payne said that he felt impelled to speak. He did not envy that mail wbodid not feel touched at such manifestations as had been made here Fraternal lore was the distinctive mark of Christians, and he hoped that crimination and opposition would s:>on cease among them, or be left to individuals and not suffer to taint the general body. Tbe Methodist Cburch South occupied a position of Christian courtesy and dignity; reverencing all true Christians in the right to select tuelr own methods, clinging to 1U own way and not seeking to proselytizeothers. He reciprocated In the most cordial manner the fraternal sentiments expressed on the occasion Kev. Dr. Smith, in a fervent address, urged the importance of a United Methodism in the world, but at least in the South. His remarks excited nuch attention, and were warmly received. The Conference then took up the resolutions tabled yesterday, in regard to the erection of a Southern Methodist Church at Washington Rev Mr Proctor explained, it was not intended to require the hiking up of a collection, but only to require the ministers to report to the Conference what amount they did collet t for the purpose. Tk. K..I .MAlnti.i. ^ I V- 1 M MV M>c? V?nn II (it/11 TT Oil UIIVJ-W * , auu IUC VCVVIIU amended 10 aa to make the aid in the sale of tbe books and engravings merely recomrneudatorv Dr WbeelrTght had always been opposed to tb's movement He did not like the course of movement on tbe border, lie thought that the policy that had been pursued there h d been aggressive, and tended to encourage faction He Illustrated bis petition by a reference to some facta wbi?h had fallen under his observation oq the border. This policy had bcrne its fruits now, when, but for it, a process of affiliation on tbe part of the Baltimore Conference might now be going oil His ioyalty to Southern Methodism bad been anestionrd True, his blood flowed from Puritan fountains, and had been poured out for liberty; but he was a Virginian, b>rn on a spot overlooking tbe birthplace of Washington, educated by tbe Commonwealth, and fed by her bounty, and cared for in sickness by ber kiudi.^is He bad sworn allegiance to her, and as she had taught him the use of other arms th in those be held aloft. b? was ready to use them when she demanded them Yet he thought that the enterprise iu Washington was needless; it wss in his opinion rather carnal pride engaged in the matter than true Christian spirit. He objected not only to the object, but to the manner of its accomplishment, and concluded with a warm appeal against the resolutions. R?>v J A Duncan responded, declaring that the border policy with which he had been coune; ted for eight years, was just and proper, and had only be* n responsive to thecallofthe people He illustrated this ?>y reference to his own labors In Alexandria and Washington. He said that the church at Washington had not grown out of faction, but because christian Virginians desired 1 to have a preacher of their own. Rev Mr. Wheelright explained that he had ^ made no speriUc charge of faction, but had mere ly said the border policy tended to encourage lacnoii Kev. Mr Ronrr said that no one iu the Conference knew more than he of border aflairs. lint th?- xtrife was over Dr Bond and himself stood on the sime platform. The battery at Kichmond had l>een silenced, the j,ui;s at Baltimore hushed. If iu former strifes he had done them injustice, he begged their pardon lie saw signs of union inthe&k:es. If a ,>ortion of the Baltimore Conference should still adhere to the North, he bet lievrd the greater portion would be true to Meth? odisia. to their lnter> sts, and to the State It was . a conclusive answer to l)r Whielright to say that the church proposed to l>e erected in Washington mfjht ftiuin h#? (krrntt'Ml he * r.marh*r nf ths Mai . timore Conference. r Rev L)r Lee thought that It wrai the duty of the r Conference to nustain this enterprise, because it bad been nurtured bv the Conference, and it was under tbe implied obligation to support it. fie r advocated the enterprise with great power, elo? qnence. Mid humor fending the consideration of the resolutions, he Confei>*n3e adjourned X The State Cojivkntiom C^cestioji i!? Aliit ?The (jan-tte of tl?< morning says:? " Tne meeting called and addressed by Gen. K. . C Carrinjiton. of Waahia^tnn city, at Uberty 1 Hail, on Thursday night last, re a* arm bled at Sarepta Hall on Friday night, with limited numbers, Thornton Triplett, Esq , In the chair. David Funsten, Esq , being then called for, responded, and during tbe two hours and a ball occupl d In the delivery of his speech, in which he advocated strongly the assemblage of a Cone v"utio i composed of delegates from the Southern ' States only, he was frequently applauded. Inter' rogatories were addressed to the speaker by H B. i Claggett and Win H Fowle, E*qs Those pro' pounded by tbe latter gentleman, Immediately ' prior to tbe question being put upon a scries of b resolutions walch were prepared by Mr. Funsten " as a substitute for those written by Mr. Carriuge ton. giving rise to qult<? a spirited debate Mr Fowle asked if the speaker thought it fair and right that the vote of such a small audience. ? and of one in which he saw r range faces, should e go forth to the country a* the sentiment of the JJ peopleof Alexandria, and whether it would not " be better to issue a call for a public meeting, Irrespective of party, and for the vote of sucn " meeting t<> be declared an indication of the true y sentiment vt the people. Mr Kuiiaten replied, that as a notice of Gen M Carrlngton s meeting had appeared in the Alex* audria Gazette, and as the meeting then being * held was Gen. Carrinton*s adjourned meeting, * he thought It perfectly right that a vote should be le immediately t*ken. I- tl. n VI tin.lit .......... ??1 Ik.t ?i ?v .< . c < >u o. ^ ' >k' u mat ?u<>b^ i^iiviii " preset not residents of Alexandria abstain from * votin .; but that after the citizens of the city had vot<-d the opinions of the non-residents would "* be gladly received. Col buttle said that the audience waa composed of just such material as coastltuted the meeting -1* th?* nl^lit before, and as that meeting bad been >r called to vote upon certain resolutions, this on< should do so by all means. " J. W. Green, Esq., of Cnlpep?r, said tbatif th< ' whole meeting was notallowea to vole, be wanted lo It published in the newspapers of the city that i resident of Washington city <*ould prepare reaolu na tious for the consideration of a Virginia audience M but that citizens of Virginia, not residents o t Alexandria, were not allowed to vote upon a sub ^ stitute for the resolutions, prepared by a Vlr glutan Col Ptuart then made a few remarks, preaslnt j the |>assageof the resolutions , J The question then being put, the resolution * were passed. i They recite the put and present condition o politic*! affairs aa regards Southern slavery, aw conclude by recommending a convention of th< h alavehoiding States, to consider the moat effectns meant of aecurlng the rendition of fugitive alavei and the rights of property, aa declared in the sec ond resolution, If the same can be obtained lnth ^ Union; or, if not, to adopt such measures as wll Uf best guard the rights and promote the welfare o Tt the Southern people ,1, The meeting then adjourned. *1 Akhvu of Paorisaoa A<idiiiox.?This eel iwr ebrated ar< hena;;lan. whose deed* have astonishes he the people of *11 the cities of the globe, appears a in- the The*ter to-night Kight year* have elapse* lin e Mr. Anderson wa? la*t amongat u*. Durin that period be h*a visited Europe, India. Aui nd trail*, and California, everywhere achieving fre* O. laurel* in the field* of magic. Recently, at tb for winter Garden, New VorS, be played one of th ?'e iri'Mt mccessful engagement* ever known at tb< -a- Theater. We hear that for three suc.esslve wee) el- the attendance* were *o numerous that standin >t* room could s-arcely be obtained after the dooi opened. He changed the name of the WlnU bY Garden Theater Into a Fsvchomanteum. and t ha* given the same nsme to our Theater for tt nr" period of bis stay, Intending to produce In It tt '* same marvelous rtpt rtoirt of magic and the aau lh* aeries of eitfaordlnarlly attractive performance 'n The TheaU-r to-night will doubtless be crewdc to it* fullest capacity. I he ki- r Tub Hickobt Clc* announce their fifth gran on I aaaetubly to Uke place at the Aaaembly Rooiua, < , aa 1 Monday evening, December 3. Keep a looko | for particular* la future advertisement i Ci5t*al Gvaeshouo Casm J DO Welah iltaa Lane, drunk and d'sorderly; flne and costa, 1*2 IS. workhoua* 1*i diy* in default of payment John Ellis, do; do.'JO daya. Tboa V, fit. do; ilo 90 dsya. James Heeket, (col.,) aaaault; tine ind costs. 93 15; workhouse (Hi days l?mh r L^uln, (col ,) do ; do 1M days Two lodjjera were I accommodated Saturday night. Thla morning? Thoa. Fitagerhld, drunk and disorderly; line and costs, Ki 15 Tbos. K uaaell. (col ,) do ; do f:l 15. Mary Driacoll, dead drank; do. 15. Fire lodgers were accommodated. i'a?<a9k ihirvss about ? i he passage or me residence of D RatcliflV", Esq .In Franklin Row, was entered last Thursday nicl't.-ind a large overcoat and cap taken. This is the second time in i ten davs that this gentleman1* premises have been robbed. It it now about time for passage thieve* j to commence operations. For several years past -] they have commenced regularly a week or two be* j fore the session of Congress. Look out for tiieui. Thk Wigwa.m Cask Aoai*.?This morning, | policeman J. F. King arrested H. C Bradford, upon a U. S warrant, charging him with particl- , ting in the latw riot at the Republican Wigwam. He was taken before Justica Uonn, and waiving a preliminary examination, proposed to give bail l for his appearance at court. The amount was tiled ? at S3* XI. ^ Railroad Schedule.?It will be seen by the ( advertisement of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail- J road that a change in the time schedule took , place this morning. The morning trains leave i Washington at twenty minutes after six and 1 twenty minutes of eight o'clock; the afternoon traius'leave at ten minutes past three and six i o'clock. ( A Mistaee Somewhere?It has been sag- 1 gested to us that there must be some mistake In I 1 regard to the list of nineteen clerks, citizens of ] various Southern States, who "won't hold ottica undtr Lincoln under any circumstances." a* *ev- | eral of them are understood to be citizen* of i Washington. Hollow at'* Pill* and Ointmixt. Falliti* of the Womb ? During the early stages of gestation, many young niarnal female: are subject to a * lilting of the vomit, which causes them considerate trepidation and uneasiuess. The Ointment will lie found i u valuable in these emergencies as it entirely dispenses with the necessity for petrari,sor uiiHsliamcai agencies. The Pill* wili brace tlie enfeebled organs, strengthen the system and secure the invalid from a future relapse. These medicines are valuable in all oomplaints incidental to the femsle sex. Sold by all Druggists at 25c., 62c. ansl $' per box or pot. noSE lw HOSTETTI* * STOMACH MITT1RI 06 Opera tion of this palatible remedy upon the stomach, liver a .d excretory organs is singularly soothing ami conservative. It regu.ates, reoruits andrurifias them. Dyspepsia in all its forms yields to its cordial and invigorating properties, and it is recommended to mothers enfeebled by the duties and cares of maternity, at the safest and best tonio they can possiMy use. In all the crises of femile ;ife it wt!l he lound eminently useful, and aged persons will derive much morn benefit from its use than ordinary stimulants. Such has been the popuianty of thi* inimitable prr - --Mion that a host of imitators anil counterfeit e sprung up in various part* of the count y, in <i? hops to profit by im puling upon the public, against which we caution ail to see that every bottle they buy has th* lac mule of t e proprietors' written signature on the lal>?l, and ths words, "Dr. J Hostette-i's Stomach Hitters," blown in the glass an1 stamped in th? oao ertt'Hri for t h a nnrlr A lin nntiro ntir notfl of hftnil on the bottom of the engiaved !a!>ei. All these mark* we give to ?ecure purchasers against imposition. noifi eo3t Hobtetter & Smith. Wauid. ? 510,001 Virginia, Corporation, or Washington mon?y wanted, in exchange for all kinds of Drv Goods, at Matthews * t?ore'*,35# S-venth s?e~?t, between I and K, oast eide. tf / MAKHIED On the 22d insta"t. by the Rev. Mr. Dumm, JNO. G HOOFNAGLE.of Baltimore, to Mi** ELEANOR C. M I rCH KLL, of thia city. On Thursday November 22d, by Rev. Dr. Butler, CHAKLm E GREGORY, of Jersey City, to ALICE \V., daughter of the late John W.Maury. At Darkesville, B^rkely county. Va.,on Thursday. Novemter 22d, by the Re/. Mr. Proctor, TUOMISli FOS'PKR . t- nn . ,,f \\ ilx Ii i n/ton to Miss MARY G. HENDERSON, of the lorniT place. * DIED, On the mornin* of the 2?>th instant, of dropsy, Mrs. MAR V GI.OVER, relict of the late Richard Ulover. Esq. The f i?nds of the family are requested to attend her fui era1, at her la'e residence, 43** 1 street, ou to-morrow (Tuesday,! at 3 o'clock p. in. On the 2tth instant, at 4 o'clock p. in., at the resdenoe of h?r s<>n, Adxlphus Hall, after a painful affliction, which she bore with christian fortitude firth" period of 10 years a'>d 3 months, HANNAH >> n i 1 I\, fi^ru ?k> j rurs aiiu * miouuii. nic??wi t>i o the dead who die in the L?ord." May she reet in peace. * Usori.ktowm. Nov. 25th, 136". Mrs. JOANNA DAVIS, wifeto William Davit, has beeu suH'eiing for many month* under a *evero illness of dropny but like a nobis inner; never would reaijfn her confidence in Almighty G??l: but beinj competed to 'eave and al>sent herself from her affectionate children and devoted husband ; her fur.erai will lako p ace on Tueediy next at 2 p m., from her late resilience Dumbarton st Georgetown D. C * IFOR KING GEORGE. N Addition to h*r o:h*r regular landings, the Steamer ST. NICHOLAS, Cap'ain _|1 " ^ (ji t, will hereafter call to land ar.d p tiike off pa sengcr* at Cli&tforton1"* " 1 Taylor's) Landing, thus affording the citizens of Kiru tieorge additional conveniences lor reaching Ualtiimore, Washington and Alexandria, an she joes to Ha timore rvery fATTR D \ V, and Washington and Alexandria every rUURSDAY. no ZJ-tvr OSKASONARLE CI.OTHINO. UR ftuck of !\ew and K ega?it FALL and W1NTKR Cl.OTHING in most o.-mplete, presenting a full assortment of Overcoats, CUfrl Overcoats and Repliant Ovrcoat*; Hiack Cloth Frock Coats; Freucn lias-uncie and Heaver Frock and 8 cK ' oats; Hiack Fancy and solid colored C&saiint-re 1'nnts; Velvet, Merino, Ca*?iiitere and r*i k Vebts, Ac.; gotten up at our own manufactory in tho latest and most approved styles, an-1 under such a<l vantages as wi!l enable us to meet the view* of the most economical purahasers. NOAH WA i KKR A CO Marble Hall Clothing Kmporium, no 21 6t SO** t'enn av?nu?. Caa YARDS fi-4 VIRGINIA CLOTHS, of the JU"/ best makes, 4-4 Heavy Twilled Flannels, 5 4 Li us'y i of the best kind, Hiue, brown, gray, and white Blankets. \V rw?IA n V Brn f 1. tt?,n t IxaliKrok I' I * . 1 yard* Calicoes. of all style". We have a full stock of goods in every departmental! of wh oh we will offer at tho very lowest market prices We invito all in want of Dry Goods to give us a oall. WM. R. RILEY * BRO., No. 36 Central Stores, west Building, Betw. 7th and 8th street", no 212w Oppo. Center Market. NA'O SECESSION! OW IS THE TIMK F??R BARGAINS!? Great inducements now oirered lo all persons in *a t of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS. H aTs and CaPS, at the People's Clothing ftore, No. 460 s*evonth st. Como one. com* all. and buy i your Clothing at zieatly reduced pnors. at r-r. Il.lm I U W M 1 'I' 11 "1 iAA uv it mi j lit t^.u i j ii >7| -v'/in Anew books. T FRENCH A KIOHSTKIIM'S. 8TS Pi., iv. Agents for Ike tokoU World. Fo'k* 8<tics, e!etanHy hound, printed on toned paper, foil Turkey G i t; prio< fin if ?ent by mailTli" Moral History of Woman, from the French of Kmest Lecore, translated by J. W. Palmer, M. 1) : price #1 by mail. All of Marion Har ami's Books, Nemesis. Moss i Sid*, Hidden Path and Alone; prioe oach $1.2S by mail no 81 IG. O. ITKMUTH * CO., MPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Deal. e-s in i HAVAN A CIGARS. . FOREIGN WINKs, BRANDIES, GINS, fre., No. 40 Noxth Chaki.?s Stkket, , Fi?? doors about Lixington ?t., no 22-ly Baltimore. i A 8AVE THE DISCOUNT, . AND Come to C. F. CUMMINS <k CO.'S larie HOUi' and KHOK SIOKK, on Seventh?^, L street, second iloor below Northern Mar-BHl k?-t, where notes on all aolveut baaks irefWI - taken at par. " CI7*Remember the big Blue Sign CUMMINS & co., , Boot and Shoe Store, 347 Seventh at.. ' no 24 3t near Northern Market. t <ri:at bargains in |JI DRY GOODS. f We have marked down our entire atoak of hand j -me Dry Goodi, with our large aa ortinei t ol first claaa Staple Gooda articlea, and will eom menoe this day srlling off at greatly reduoed prices J Tor cash, to reduce our large ?took Wy the lat of Jan i uary. We invite all in want of Dry Good* to ex > amina oar atoek before purchasing elarwhera. e j w. colley a co.. H no 24 2w 5*23 Seventh at., above Va. av. >f rpaE PLACE TO BUY BOOTS AND SHOES If tou deaire to boy food and cheap BOOTS an. SHOKS, and trat vith Virginia you vili find at C. K.CUMMIN8 Jt CO?'?,SBl l* 347 Seventh (tract, a?cond door Mo?f ] d Northern Market, one of the largest, cheapit eat and beat atock of SHOES in the city. Virginu 4 money taken in trade for ehoea and aatiafavtioi ? rendered in every reaped. 8 1 C/K CUMMINS * CO.,

Big Bine Sign, No. 347 Seventh at, b noJ4 3t 1 door below Northern Market, * >>MAMMOTH OVSTEES^. /<-> it HARVEY'S. ? The nnderaigned haa juat if a. !&r??i inan'v nf r the finest OYSTERSof the sea*>n, and begs leavt r to call the attention of bis friend* and the publio t< le the fact that he ha* enlarged hi* Saloon, and i .? now able to supply all who mar favor bim w th i oail with KOahI KDor BolLED OYfTERS a ,e the shortest notice. T.M.HARVEY, >? No. 9SI C *t., I>etween loth and 11th, * no 30 Opposite Theater. * I BLANKETS AN!) FLANNELS. 1 HAVE Now on hand a large assortment or fin lied Blanket*. Alio, Servants' Blank'ts, Whit l(t and Colored. Also, tood assortment of Bed Com t'urts. White Marseilles limits and large variety c " Flannels at reduoedpriees, ut a. KG AN, 5s?l Seventh st.. | no 21 6t # near Avenue House. CORPORATION OF GEORGETOWH TAKEN j FO )RY GOODS, CARPETING, OILCL' ONE PRICE-MARKED nov 21-3t BALLS, PARTIES, &c. r ji krah: rol< thi; hiawatha II ark IN THK HKt.D aha IN' i Iiot int?nd to give their KiPTH GRAND ! ;t.\ 1.1.. I?j a requ^at of they iii*ht gtt> * Hall. on 7th at, Till'R?I)AY,ttie ji* ?th of November. Ml Hy order of the UM I noJ4 itt* COMMIT! Hv , llreat ann U a L 11 a L L or THK 18SOCIATED BAKbKs> or D1ST. COLUMBIA f The Aaaoci&ted Bakers of the Dittriot of Coljnn- j IC? V ???'' ?" IIIIWI *11 Itiruun vm kr.d the puh:ic that they will *ive their fourth in \nnual Hall at the Asskmklv Room*. nn#?m kVKDNESDAY EVENING, November Thankagmnjc Kv6.> The be t arrariicpiiienu are nade to katiafv Hieir frieuda. Sohtnedei's hraap and itring haad will be in attendance. Tna *upp?r t .b.? rill l?e well stippl.ed. Tickets SI, f?'a lentleman tud ladiea ; to be had at the dour on the eveiiiug ot ihe Ball, and ei the m?mb<?rs no 2t 4t* TH K CO M M JTTEK. THE SECOND GRAND COTH.LON PARTY j of tin FRANKlIN At TIVE ASj?0- g% CI ATKiN will take place WKuNKSllAY EVENING. Nov. <S, at Franklin Hall, L> ?t near 12th. The object of tins party is to rameaMA the necessary funds to furnuli tluir eittinf-rooni. Tioket* 5>i cents, admitting a gentleiran ana ladies. Heat ooti Ion music encaged No hata or caps allowed in the room. By order Committee of Ar- 1 rangements. no 2J-6t_ 0 1. O. >. F. D D FELLOWS' LEVEE! At ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Ttk MONDAY NIGHT. Nov.26, Commencing at 8 o'clockWithers' Banl will be in attendance The Pupper will be prepared by Charles Kloman. Esq.,at the asna! price. Schatfield will furnish the Refreshments, Ac. Tickets of admission 91, admitting a geotleman and .adies. A p!easant time may be anticipated by all who may attend. no 21,23.24 26 WANTS. WANTED-A SITUATION as cook, by a respectable young womMi. who understands her business, and can come well recommended. Addross Box *2, at this office. It* AHESPECTAHi.K YOUNG GIRL WISHES a Situation as cook ; has no objection to a sist in washing and ironing. Please call at 31? Fifth street. 3 door* from K st. It* WANTKD?A SITUATION, by a resp c able woman, a? nti-se, chambermaid, or to w*U on at ble. Best of references given. Address Uox 3, at this office. if WANTKD-A middle-aged oolored WOMAN (s'&ve prpferrwl) to cook, wash, and iron for a small family Good wage* given. None nen-l apply un'es* well recommended. Apply at No. 367 1 tth st , between t. and M. no 3t WANTKO-By two respectable young women, SITUATIONS*. on? as cook, the other as chambermaie, can give good refirenc#*. Piease call Tor three days at No 445 Tenth s.t., between F and G sta. na 26-2t* SITUATIONS WANTED, by two respectable rirls, who have lived seven years in the:r iast placo; ore 10 cook * ml assi t iii washing ami ironing. and the other to do ohamberwork and plain sewing or assist in washing and ironing. A pply at No. a-i* C street, between 13th and 13S sts. no 2B-2t* BOARD WANTED?a gentleman desires Furnisheo Rooms for himself and a lady friend (board for the lady only) with some wiiiow ady.or in a very small, quiet, retired family, where they would !>e c?nside-ed at home. Answers must give the price, otherwise they will not he notion! All communication* strictly and positively confidential. Address "Alfred," Post Office. no 23-3t* WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons dec iniag housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand,can obtain thecatn and fair prices by appiyinn at 369 Seventh t-t. no 17 BDXT'/ ft GRIFFITH. WANTKD IM M F.DI ATKI.Y?From SS to .finnnn worth of SECOND-HAND FIRM TL'R K of nil kinds, for which I will guaranty to pay th* highest prices, and, as u*ual, at the shortest noUoe. K. HIjCIILY, DMl?r in Furniture, Stove*. Ac , oc 9 4 OH 7th st., !ict. G aud II, east side. LOST AND FOUND. ~ f OST?OnSundar evening, Nov*mtx?r 25th. from 1 i a carriazo. between 4(h and 23d streets, a black SCARF, with gold "olored border. Tlia fii.der will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the Star Office. ' no 26 C"?A M K T<) Til K SI ll-CR I ?KK . n f he inst. y FI V K CO\\ S?t wn buff*!o ami thrc.> n*i horned cows ; two iiftb<*ni full ro?l ar.d the others rp<t and white. Thcowncriirown JteJa* era will come forward, prove prop?rty. pay chargei and take them a\. a>. J. II. IIAW, no24-3t* Boundary at. yOUND?On t..e farm of James H. Cat!?ten.oii F High street road, about one mi:e from /rv iporgetown, a chestnut r"*n "ni"-?1H .y HORSK, with a switch tail and white hir.d feet. The own<f will please call immediately prove property, pay costs, and take the rami away. * JOHN STUM, no 24-2t* Manager. | 08T?On the mornine of the 231 1 "s?ait, be li tween the Pot mac boat and the Haltimori depot, two negotiable NOTES, one for :?500 anf one for .S'l(i3. pavable t> my ord?r at Richmond Va. They are of no value to any one bat myself The finder wt 1 confer a favor by sendng th?m t? me. at Richmond, Va., and bo rewarded, if desired no 24 3t* CBA8. LUMWKN. PERSONAL. JV THREE CENT* REWARD. i^OTICE.?Ran away from the *ubs?riber, on th 15th lnetant, ANDKfciW t'RIULIN, an 1 dontured apprentice to the sadd in?r and harness-ir.ak in; business ; about 16 year* of age. light hair, a?< fair compl xion; hsd on, when he left, < ap, gra psRM.iiiiii nrowu cusi. a.i p?*rsun? <*. o iur??a nt?i from harboring, "inployiu , of irusUne said appren in?, uuder penalty of the law. It* U 8. JOHNSTON. ASTROLOGIST, MADAM I. DEVISE. Do not Tatl to visit thin BhxowxKD lady befor ?h? leaves ths rity. All wli'. are 1 i troublo of an kind, ko at one* to h*?r- Madame will bring anyon to you and caus? them to love y?'ii ; will ir>ak xpaedy inornate* and great good hick ; wli a')vis in regard to Lawsuits, Travels, I.ossrg, Nmnbert Ac. Oifioe and Koception Rooms at K chmon Hous?, corner Kignth and D sta.; pavate en'ranc on D at. Gentlemen also call. no 23 fit* I HOLD A DKKD OF TRUST ON T#K PROI' arty otfered fur sale in the advertisement of \V n T. Craig, Cont'alfle, dated Nov. lath instant, f.i he sale of Bernard Mage?'? iutorest in Lot No. in Square writ of Square No U on 26th street an I'a. ave nue, which tad de*d was exeout'd to m in good futh. and for* valuable consideration, do, therefore, protest against the said sale, as bem ? k* j-v* t /~i f m wmr nH /? ution All nAra/tn WIIIIUUI nuviiui i?7 ??i mw. ?(IU vaubiuu an against bidding at the pretended sale. uo?' 7t? JOHN M1GEE. Madame* (Jhkat a*tkolo ?ist * ND DocTK*^8,/rom Europt.?This hizhl Rifted and intelligent 1 *?ly can be ooni-u ted o tho Past, Present and Future Events. Call at N< 405 Eighth it., between G and II, Washington. noi-lm* BOARDING. BOARD AND ROOMS?A fine Front Chant ber.and other Rooms, with Hoard, may be ha at No. 4SM Twelfth St.. east side, between G an 1 '11.1 I. > J. 1 V.I. ? ii. janic Duaracra ?i?u iwcuiuiuuut ou. no ?6 4t* BOARDING.?Three or four sin*!* jtenlleme can he accommodated with Board hv a ;>(.!? in at No. 513 .Maryland avenue, l>etwe-?n And 6' at*., Island. Mechanics preferred. nj 10-tf FOE SALE AND RENT. [For otktr "For Sal? and Rent" advertisements see Jlrit page ] . L^UR RENT-A brick DWELLING-HOUSI ' r No. 2-10 Sixth street west, between M and north, ocntaimng 8 rooms and a Kitoheu. Tern ' moderate. Apply next door north. co24lw* F"?OR 9ALK?A neat two-story BRICK HOU3I oonlaiiunc six rooms, situated on Tenth, b< tween u an<l P streets Terms : One-half cash I hank notes; halanoe in 6,12 and 18 months. App to A I.EX * NDKR DUKHAY.No.3T3M rtree . or VV. V W. WEAVER, General Post Office D< partrnent n<> 24-3t* I?OK RENT?A three-atory BRICK OWELl r 1 NO HOUSE, with back building, on 18th < No. 470. betwwn F and G atresia. PoaaeMir riv-n on the Mh of Deoember next. App>y tn k KIRK WOOD. 476 Tw? fth at. no 19-dtf 1 (?()R RENT?Two ROOMS in third bUvt,* r joining,with water and km, or a fine PAR LOl lithwd with ga?, in aeoond atorjr, in a pleaaaut pa of the oit*. Term* low. Apply on the ?remi?e No. 4S6 Masa. avenu-, between 4th and 5'h at< I north tide. no 14-ti DOR RENT?A three atory bnok HOUSE, oo r taming 8 room*. In good order, with gaa ti turea oomplete, on H atreet between 4th and &t 9 Alao. a two-atcry brick COT'l'AUE, with lar^ j yard attached, oorner of F atreet north an 1 14th i a e*at. To punotual and reliable tena ta the teri a wi 1 be luoderato. Apply at 446 Twelfth atre< t between U aid H. no 13-ti CLOAKS! CLOAKS CLOAK 8!!! The Camilla, the Arab. thafiaribaidi, e TheK< ineo, the Zouave, UaAlbanaa, e The Richard, the fcualian Par>k. the French rat i- With many otner new and beautiful aty if Rapt. Treoo ana Frentfh Heaver Cloth, in jpnc Irimjafc) to %, to whioh we uk the attention ..17 TAYLOR 4 HUTCHISON r AND VIRGINIA BANK NOTES |R OTHS, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS. /iV rLAh\ FIGURES. R. RRICE HALL., 373 aad 37 i SEVENTH STREET . (thUKltETOWN. f *nrrfxtbiw/V^fia/* '/'A? w ? r ?<^vnwv>? * v w'J A rwv GioKOKTOwn. November 26 1W The usual fall and winter trade lu pork has com mencrd, and our Hridge atrrtt friend, Tenney, (ILt- larg^t dealer b? r**.) is prepared to do a heavy business. notwithstanding the panic. He bought on l-'rlday last 3.(Mi pounds of tlue pork at ST per 100 lt?s. from a farmer w ho brought It to Alexan- i drla by railroad. but not liking the market there, srnt It by *teanriboat to Washington, from whence It was carted to Tenney's; and the seller aald he was well paid for the expense and trouble of (frttln^ It here, but would Lave to buy his groceri<a and "store goods'' in Alexandria, as It would coat too much to send their, home by t he route his pork came Wo hare s ated the facts iu this case at some length, and now for the " moral '* It is this: If you want to buy your pork, corn, Ac , Ac , at the chevp?-st rates you must have a railroad to bring the produce to your doors If It ( coats one dollar to take a hundred pounds of pork to a neighboring city, and two dollars to bring It | unr, tuiiBuuiriB urrc IIIUSI p?iy luP UHHTfUCf Alto, if It mat* a purchaser five dollar! to send a package of goods home from Tour ilow which your neigbltor sends home for two dollara. you muit throw away your profit or lose a custom- ] er. From these premises we might build up | an argument In favor of railroada in general and | tbe long talked-of Georgetown branch of the Loudon a.,d Hampabire road in particular, throwing in a word or twoasto what might be accomplished , , here if there was a little less talk and a little more action, l.ut in mercy to your readers we forbear. auu tun win uurarivn wuu mrowing oai a irw blnia In the hope that oid-r and abler men will give the subject some consideration. and that good to our sturdy little city may result. J*o mote It be We hardly think It worth while to remind vour readers that Covenant Lodge, I O. O. F , of our city, Lire a I.evee at Odd Fellowa' Hall, in Washington, thia evening, aa thoae who like an hour or two of pure enjoyment in agreeable company have been talking of the matter for a week or two. We can safely promise all who attend a good time. The accommodating proprietors of the Union line of omntbus?a will have coaches in ?aniiiK wi tut vavy i am aau ijcvr^cwwiij idre, i 10 cents We are promised to-morr?w evening an entertainment at Forrest Hall not often iciven here, that is, a tlrst-rate theatrical performance. Manager Glenn deserves the thanks of our community for his enterprise, and we hope he will receive tbe liberal patronage he deserves. %;e the programme In another column. * Tfte singing-school concert at F'rrest Hall on Friday evening la.-t. for the benefit of tbe Ladies' 1 Union Benevolent Society, was well attended, 1 notwithstanding tbe stormy weather, and was In every way successful Of the performers?vocal and instrumental?we hear that they acquitted themselves in the most satisfactory manner, bavtni> i .r.-r... i .V-- 1 ? ----- - v. vu BU tC *UC lOOi W UiLU ?OB a very creditable one. indeed. 'I here were present at the meeting of the Republican An>k ation on Fr.dat evening last. only the secretary and five or six members Without transacting any business. they adjourned till Tuesday (to-morrow) evening Thuse who want to save the discount on Virginia money, and spite the brokers, will do well to notice Teuney'a ad ve.-'.iseiiieut below, ?s it is belter to get two dollars in uroceries and three dollars in currency for a V, than stand a stiave of ! 10 per cent. We learn iu*t as we riose our letter, that Dr. Lauck was tnrown from a horse th s morning, and was stunned and uad bis Ljad badly cut His Injuries are not of a serious nature. amRflimuvv a nvkrt'vits; ? v ? V TV AT *-? V AV A A *?/ r^r'MAVOK'S OF KICK, IKjf GKoR?kTo\v??, D. C.. Nnr 20lh, l?6'J. Be it faMC* that in conformity with man. )t a-V I u?fcte, I ii?rel?y respectfully recommend to the citiseun of this town to atwtaiu front tecular employments. as well a? frivolous aiumemenu, <m TH I KSDA \ , the 29th mutant, ami t-? oli?rvj the name a* a special season for th? offering up approbate tnanlc giving to (iiKl for Ion* coutu ued; if.-H'at<<>rix or iii?rc> ami goodu^-as in maintaining in our land the influence* of Chmtianitt an . tha lile.snuKB of Constitutional Government; for de ir, eranoe trom National ncourpes; for preservation of i lifo anJ health, arid seasonable supplies uflo<>?l and I raiment; and, al>ove an, ;or the <oi.soling promises and sure li<;pes of a more ble?;>ed inheritance in tUtf i life which i? to come. RV AL?L?1M>\, no 2l-.rtw..'w Mayo'. 1 | IV EW BOOK*? 1 1 l Neine*i?, Rutlidge, . I Bulah, Mr?. (Gilbert's Career, ( The \ >Meraau> (laughter. The Mitistet's Wooing. With a lar<e assortment of Juvenile Books ard Garin* for the Holiday*- At t . no -S-jt .MIS* iHII.MAS'S.ti'o tetmrr. F'ORREST HALL, <; EnRa Frn rr.v. , THE ENTIRE COMPANV or TOE WASHINGTON THEATER Will appear%t the alw>ve-named Hall on THl?nAV.Nov.?7. J THANKSG1VINO DAY, And SATl'RDA\. December 1. On TUESDAY, N'.venilier 27th. a ' Will be performed t.te rom?df, in 3 act*, onl'ed the | SKRIOL^ FAMILY. , Ainin?<l?b Sl?ek Mr. S.W.Glenn Mr*. Domain Min A. P Mann 1 To oouciude with tne mi'*ic\l farce of JENNY LIN I). Jenny Lindiwi'h s*>nO~? Mi?sM. Shaw Graiibjr Gag Mr. J.T. Raymond Doors open at a quarter to 7; commence at half. : pa?t7. AdintRkion only 6" cents; ohildren La f price; # colored people 'i5 cei.ts. no 24 Jt ni)HPriH*Tio\ r>K; ki r.w v i is - TRICT, MaKVLAM), and .IKMNiA BANK NOTKs at par for Groc rier, * d thr e 1 dollar* in specie given ia change w en iwo doi a-* w<> tli is bought at Tennej's, corner High and - Kridge sUectx, G??rrttown, D C. The subscriber will continue t? sell at the same price* as before tho suspension Hi* stuck i* large t and well assorted, comprising: almost every article usually found in a first clans Grocery Store. _ ! Also now on hand and constantly receiving dn ring the season large ?.ipp:t?-s ol lieih slaugiuer<d ? Hogs, suitable lor fatuity use. ? no 24 6t W H. TKXXF.V ? \lr A1AINK POTATOES, 'j ?? E Have at our wharf, on hoard th* schooner ?' | Petrel, from Uuck*p >rt, Main!, 1 ??t bushels of ? MAINE POTATOES, which wi 1 l>e *oM low I fiotn the vessel. E. PICKR ELL A CO.. - no 2S 3t Wa'nr st.. Georgetown. l. |~ 100 BBL8. OF FKIMK C1UKR, >r wU?T Arrived aul for aaie cheap lor cash. 1 i no 13 A. SHIMN. * IU8T RfcCEIV ED? J 10 hhds. prime Porto Rieo SUGARS. * l&tbbls. Old Rye WHIfKY, 25n bbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES, 30 bli.a. Oruehed and Refineii SUGARS, ?t l<a*? Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhdn.dow priced) MOLASSES. i- For gain by JOHN J. BOGl'E. ?e 10 I \f ASSEY, COLLINS 4. CO.'S FHILADEL: I 1?1 FHIA DRA I'GUT ALE.?We are constantly : receiving freah auppliM of the above delightfu: bey: erace, a:rl icTite ail peracna who want a puiean i adulterated Ale, to rive it a tn.M. ARNY * SilINN, Ajenta, fe t 4T Green tt? Georgetown. Great bargains in dry goods. SELL IMG OFF TO MOVE. d At I ehall move to my nrw building. No. Pa ave.on the 1st of January, I shall commence thu day toarflloff at gr^at y reduocd pnc a iny entir* _ t >ck of I>R V UOtlpi* in store No. 521 7m street n The st?>ck is l?r*o and well a-kotted, oompriMng F I every aticle usually found in the Dry Goods line. " Call early andjset Ifargams. HENRY EGA.N, 521 Seventh ?t? T no21 -Ht near Avenre Hou?e. DR. SUHENCK'S PULMONUTSYRTTP^ Do. *EA WEED TONIC, " I Do. MANDRAKE PH.L.K. ? For tale by S. B. WA1TE, oorner of Seventh treet and Louuiaua avenue. . Pno* of Syrup, % 1 per txitt'e. it I'noeofSea ^ eed Tonic SI per bottle. Price of Mandrake Puis, 25 cents ptrb>x 1B Those atilioted with diseases if toe l.unfs, l.iver _ or Stomach. acoon parted pains in the Back, Breast or Side, should try Dr. Hchen-k's Medig' eines. and are ref-rred to tii * followin* oerMfic\?e, ln one of the raauy testimonials of complete euros in i. ; Dr. Schenck's possess on. / l No. 4?T West Fifth street, / Washikgtox, D. C.. Nov. 2tst ?86<M D*. ScHiciiea?D ar Sir: I suffe ed much loi ? i several mentis with Livar complaint, I was per j- suaded by m friend to try tour Pulmonio Hyrop, U. aai Mandrake Pilla. 1 am now quite well, ami kn I h* 1909*0 UAdr ?M tTA ? f An t e\ f v?cfA* Md j. I me 10 htalik am vtgor. Th?ref>re I iak? much r>asure in recommend? I in* it to the Pul'lio. M. S. S-? I- I no a Im rt' CHILDREN** BOOKS, *o.t to. \JTO To FRENCH ft RiCH?teimt> No. , ; Peon avenne, and examine their - treme ? targ< " | and beautiful assortment of Ch..drsn*? B *>k? _ Games, Ac., the finest assortment ever cffereJ be __ fore m this city. Gw earli, before the msn, &n< _ m*ke your ejections. Also, a larce and variM h ! assortment "f Diaries for 1861 Wil.D* received i' r.' next etesmer a complete assortment of En^lis] a imauaus. no ?l_ ns riio GROCERS, C ?N>ECTION ER8. St G AI ;t. DEALERS and rkptauh am*. ' PAPSK BAGS PAPKK BAGS, PAPER BAGi ? Bisee ranging from naif pound to twentr poaudi in ofd.tierent qualities of paper, for sale m PRKWCH ft R.CH8TEIN, a7?Pa ? . N. B ? A lot of old Newspapers, suitable fc wrapping paper, tor sale. no 17 jk- | [NCURKEvr MONEY wan emu in South Carolina, and all Southern bank not? lea taken at pa* in exchange for goods. of *3aq P JOHP< * KLVANS ft CO.. S#9 Pa. av.. between 9th and 10th eta.. aoS-lw < Ale*. Gas.) Waahiactoa, p. b. THE LATEST NEWS- TELEGRAPHIC. THREE DAYS L4TEK FftOH Ef KOPR Cap* Race. Nov 5tt.?The ?ir?nuL p Arago from Southampton on the 14 th pwi^r-d ber*to-4ay The general newt ) not Important Tbe bank of England bad again advanced In dV connt raWs U> 5 -wrceat. and the Sank of Franca had advanced lo 4 % The aett lament wf the Ch'ne*eQu*??'on been dflm>?d for wml of money, ana the allied army waa to inarch on Pekln, followed byL ord Klein The army reached Yank-Tain Yth on tbe l'?tb of September. O0cl*l dlnpatrbrf to the British Government, however, atate that peace bad been concluded The Prince of Walea' fleet hud not rear hod England. Co .VIICIiL, . l.i vm root?Welneadav moraine ?Tbecotton ale* for Monday and Tueaday reached enly IS.iMt balr*. Including l.tMW f,,r apecalat'.o* aid e?p?rt, and tbe market cloae** dull, nominally tin- M?*>d, and Fr d?r * q iwUt ona v err barelv maintained Breadatufl* ?Flour d<tll a d U lower W beat quiet; lower qualities ?err e?aler. bat quotation* were uncbanirrd; red vv?-?tem iuki ?i*?' Southern red IJWld aUtlud ,* \V? I.'?**! lit , and white SoutLern 13-C14.?((? Torn bad l?el:ned, mixed and v llow 3:*>da3^a.1d , white utetsa Provision* ?Beef heavv Pork quiet ite&df. Lard flrin atUJaW Ttl|?w General Produce ?^u^ir and coffee re d) Rlee Arm Naval (tore* dull Couuli 93 *1 ?!ii >, . Mtrrmrili *f Llacola a?d Haalll Chicago, Nov a.-Mn?ri Lincoln and H?m Itn were re-elvlntj laitort at the Tremont parlors J.., 1' ?k? ^ x ?. - ? r.TrryiDin^Qurini; loe noiirioi rfcepnon p<a*rd off pleasantly It ?ru estimated that th?-re were about 2.t*iU peraons. member* of ali parties. In attendance During tbe afternoon. Mr Lincoln and party visited some friend* in tbe city Wm Krlingg, M C from the third district of this State, arrived l**t night, and Carl Schurt, of \V1? , and Hon Robert Scbenck, of Ohio, to day Mr. Lincoln will remain In tbl* city over Sunday Mr llamlln aUo remains. leaving Monday for Waabington via Cleveland, where he will top over a day. Cuioeo, Nov 24 ? Meaara Lincoln and Hamlin hive had a comparatively quietday. Muat of tbe vultures of other State* left yeaterday. not aupposing the President]."I party wonld rematn ovr to-day. Tb?r? are a iew local stickera wbo still persist In boring Meaar* Lincoln and Hamlin with invitation* to eat dinners and anppnr*, much to the disgust ?f maiiv of tbe better portion of the community, wbo would like to pay their re*pecU to the President and Vice Pre*;d? nt elect la a quiet war Moat of these table parties are tba la geniou* hut not very expeoeive invention* of oth'-eseeker* Mr Lincoln is too much for them He refusts to promise place* to any peraoa. much lesa to tboae wbo have barraased blm. and tried o mono|>oiize fait time since be bu been here News Frtm Mriict New Oele*k*. Nov 21 ?The steamshipTen new* has arrived bere with Vera Cruz date* of tbf 21st instant Tb?? news of the capture ofCuadajara Is eonfirmed Seven thousand men were expected at Morelta to (Tiarrb'.witb the literals on the cltv of Mexico The British Legation at the elty of Mexico bad been robbed by force of a million of dollars belonging to British bond holders Great excitement prevailed throughout the country in contoq'leoceof it The Pssy t* xpre?s. St Joseth. Nov 21?Th?- extra pony epprcn which left Fort Keaniev on Wednesday. Novem her 7, with the election n^wi, arrived In Salt Lake City In three diya and four Lours?disance. ntn? hundred and fifty mile*. The last forty-five miles was mad'- in three hours and ten minutes, aud this fiirty-flve miles of the route Is the most mountainous iff the whole road. Tbs regular pony express, leaving St. Joseph on the sth Inst . arrived at ?*alt Lake, distance twelve hundred miles, in four days and twenty-three hours. It bad been snowing for thirty-six hoars when the pony left Salt Lake City Later f ?n t aiifsraia St. Josiph'*, Sot. 25.?The overland express from San Frannaco on the llth, Lw arrived. In Oregon. Lincoln was 250 ahead, with three counties to hear f om The election news from th? Atlantic aide was couveved from St Joseph'S to San Frannaco in six d ?-s. by an extrs p?nv express, whicbrearhed the latter place on the 13th. An Illumination of the city iu honor of Lincoln's election was propostd. The gene al news was unimportant I i?a?ter sii Lake V .._ .HI Tk. n?n n, I lur U'lhuK l/ninvii ? v'? ? j ?? a ut ??v? ?? Valley, with a cargo of 1 .*< ? bbls of tiou?, bound from Milwaukee to brand Hitcii, weul aihote, yesUrd iy morning, at the mouth of the Muskegon river, and became a total wreck No li*? Wff? l.?t. The boat was valued at ',<*<). oa which there was a small insurance. North < urollr.a Lrgiilatirr Ralkigh, Nov 25 ?Mr. Cungman baa beer^ nominated for Senator bv the Democratic caucus The legislature ye?terd*v rlivW-d Hon M E. ManlvJudtje of the Supreme Court There la considerable talk among the legislators of secession . Heavy Fro?t. Kc NrwOklka*s, \ov 23.?Tiwre ru a beary frost in tbU region tL!( mnrulnj' Mwri Walter Co* k Co . and Fellowea* Co , cotton factors, failed on Friday. B?ltw?r? >lark?ta UaLTiMOl*, Nov ;N> ?Flnnr it quiet, Obto and Howard at City Mills ft 75. \V beat Itdull, red SI (".'>3*1 IS; wnitefi *)ifl 45 Corn is dull: o'd white and \>.i?w fxia6.V ProTislons dull and unrhanffwl but nominal Coffee quiet; Rio 14a H^c. W hisky dull at li'Jge. !*?? York nark*M INtw Vote. Nov 'J6 ?Flour lew active and unchanged. Wheat dull and lea* firm Corn a trifle lower with a better butlaer?. Whisky unchanged. NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STOKE, AT 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENI E, Next door to Clay'* (/ate IT. 3.) Hotel, betwren Third and 4i streets. G. 6. 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