Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1860 Page 2
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TilK ?TAK WASULN'GTON CITY: Tl&SUAK. 27. 1?0. ^ptnt ?f thr Jfrutng rreee The Confutation note* what H lobe* K*i-r?l opposition ? the p?*l of tb? republican 1'rna to bariJg the Cooetitut on ?o amended m to xratrrl tl? nulklM of tbfi tfotlth. The I?uU>0'?(*r revlawrs At a u fOlltt? cai I'hiioewp1**-" wiwiw. far the wiktt of free <iiscujsiou* it i*aa f?cer.yy ^I't-wtd to hold forth In its io1um|. ? in favor cf aeceasion. Tns Orrir* are already hnntinjj tbe PrealdetiWl?e< down. ss nnn In bis situation wst bnrd'.v ever ao badgered so lon? tn advance of tbe day of bis. inauguration. C^uitea thousand are ?atd to bave congregated around hint on tbe occasion of his reccnt tfrival Et Chicago, exclusive of quite as many belonging to that city Mr. Ton Piatt, of Cincinnati, whilom a flaming proaiavery l)em oc *at, seems to be ambition* cf estabiishinir hiuiseif aa Mr Lincoln's rijjbt-liand man, iTiurh t'i the ri'iLimt of nine-tenths of the membfrs ?>f Lit p: rtv wijvk political pri:??* are somewhat fixed, us Sir Piatt's notoriously are not, w< apprehend From areonntj from Springtie'.d, It is clear that an average of a thousand letter* p*r diem ar.- pcnrinp in upon Mr Lincoln?roore than nine tuciirnt and fifty of th^ni h.ivinj; been written to the i-nd of bringing the writers favorably to I. t notice a* applicants or aspiranU for office. or to strengthen tbe claims of others for place under his admin stration Thos?? who know the ropea arv well aware tbet the President elect | cannot powiWy read o^e !n ten of such letters and papers of recommendation. When they number tre thrvwaud prt diem, instead of one thousand as at present, we question whether he will take the trouble to read ?n< of them; as he can Lard lies ape being afiVttd with the disgust at office-seeking that in these,times a tfiicts all la-coming l'resldents Lxper' .uce teaches that getting up such papers with tbe idea that the head of a new administration will read them, is time and labor utu.-ly thrown away. A Ntw Washixgtox Paps*.?Last evening there was issued tbe first uuicoer of a new Was 4Incrtin c!tu evunlnv nennv naner. the IK'attonal '"6~- " */ ^ i / i i Republican, by Lewi* Clcpbane k. Co., printed in the building formerly known as the Era Office, bat recently as tbe Wigwam building. In appearance It 1? a new edition of the s?-nii-weekly h--p*b!ican, sometime Since published iirre for 11* fit of the Republican p^rty cause. The parties publishing it were formerly the printers tuid finftnrhtl a'r??ts of the National Era. In a pecu n'arv point of view the experiment Is a hard ore Indeed?in virw of tbe financial history of nit ete?ths of tbe uewsfKipeT enterprispithat have beeu und?ruken here in tbe last qnarter of a ctntury Personally, tbe publishers are industrious and enterprising citizens of Washington, and though by no means approving their politics, as illustrated in the history of-their conuectiou with lbt- agitation "f the aholition question In our midst, we wish :bem to lo?e as little as tbey well can !n connection with their prt-?ent enterprise. Mom M?rr*?? -Wesre g Lid to be able to say that money matters st-fin to be rapidly set tllng down here. Thus the bauk!u<;-ht>use of Lewis Johnsou A Co., our neighbors, and we tike ft for granted all the rest, are now buying Vistula money at but 3 per ceLt. discount, and eiling exchange aa follows : Ua New York S percent. On Philadelphia 1* " On Baltimore ii " Coin 2 " The alight reaction in the Near York stock market yesterday was the result only of the remarkable advance in prices in it of Saturday, and was more than recovered l?-day, we presume Ma. Jcsticb Task.?We see uo reason to doubt the statement now being published by the newspapers, of the resignation of the Hon Rogei B Taney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ci tb* United Htaks. which doubtless has its origin in the increasing intfrmitles of his very advanced age; nor do we do lbt that the President will nominate Judge Black, the present Attorney General, as his successor, because an abler man, or one better suited to ait upon the Supretut bench of the L'ni^d States, in times like th? present, is not to be found in the limits of tb< Confederacy. Ti*?* is Savas.iah?We have seen a letter savs the Macon TelwrraDb from the Pres'dent c one of the Savannah Banks He it iU-s tUat buti aes* Utere it in a condition of entire ptralysis. 1 1* Impossible to sell exchange upon any point, and cotton buyers hare been compelled to meet the! liabilities by surrendering their bills Of landing? substantially returning tbe cotton. He surest tae ld^a of advertising; for conslgnmen of cottor to Liverpool from planters, and shippiug then with orders for supplies In part payment, and th< remainder in specie. Tradb or NoaruLK.?Toe annual report o the Norfolk (Va ) Merchants' Exchange liiow that for the year ending the 30th of June last th< recelpta of produce at that city reached $4,l7i.3->t of which ?1 5(>ii.0VU waa in cotton. A iberchan of Memphis. Tennesaee, haa recently visited Nor folk to negotiate for the t ansaiiwion of twenty f. v. thouswnd baits of cottou from .Memphis u * that city on his own account. Ry" Ha'f erV Weekly. (Nov 14,; J ut received contain* the tirat chapters of Dickens s new novel "Great Kxpertations " The story opens In Dick i nk's best style, lu some particulara reminding th reader of "David Copperfield." The Harpers i. this, as in other features of the 'Weekly," sho\ their ta rt and enterprise KiTimiot or thuCapithl (iattrviu ?w? * r*q netted to ?tate that tbe proprietor* of tbe prof ertv embraced in th? propoir-d eaUr^emput of tfc public ground* around the Capitol will find o llr al letter* for them in the post office. JL'-TU Rakigh Standard, tbe lcudlng Brecl innd^e p:ij? r pf N< rtb Carolina, baa come 01 >>oidly agaiu*t ?rre'?'.oa, aud In favor of li^htiii tbe imltie in tbe Union. I trv TK? Ui.n llrU? I nAl.luuMA F a HV MVU Wiivv ? ?l XJ\J ehetfer county. Md , h"u been appointed J udjre i tbe Court of Ap^-tuiU lu tUat State to ?uc.eet d tl latr J udge Eccleaton. Dftornn? thi Pkavkk pok tub Pii?idkst fart ta noted that evr.ry Episcopal clerjxymt tu Charleston. Sunday before last, omif.-d tl usual prayer for tbe President of the Cnit- d Ht.V ry^f-ST. MATTHEW'S' IM RCH -Tho. w\ IL g u? service id this ohurch on i hanka^lni TKT. the 2<KA inst., at II o'clock. n* *1 2t rv W NOTICE ?Tim K"v. Vakjicm D. Co.lir Vk_3 recent.? returned from Jeruta em, *il di Fixer a leetuie at tbe At embljr'" Chnren, corner < Fifth and I *tree??. on WEDNESDAY KVf NINO, at 7U u'r ook. < yb!U >f? iivitwl. il* nryTHE ANMVKR9ARV OF "T. O U_3 drew's Day will be celebrated bj the 8 XnDREW'9 !*OriKTY of Wuh.Kton Cily.i (j&Ltier's, on FRIDAY EVENING. Sth in.t r?upper ou the taSle precisely ?t> o'clock. Me?r.t>ers aud friends of the Society wlio have n m yet received tickets of admission oaa te stipplli by n.pp\jint to Mr. W. Bicuj.1, at the store Sibley & Guy. "tlutie whom social pleasure oharms. Whoso hearts the tide of kindness warms, \Vno hold jour e?i?? on the terms, Each aid tua others; Come to my bowl, come to arms, My frleads, iuj b others !" C CAIHKIiOK. IVea J ? - ? no u V n pno ;r 3?nr''- *"* *? *' nt-Mt, or 'Ljf m'-re e?ty, will driver * ?e?tu.L [ gir.i.haonian Institution on TUEt |)^Y ftvi NINO nut. the 27th mat , ftt h?lf-pa?t 7 o*? <r* Selject?' \Vhnt'n the om of Poeta^' Tteket* 1 ft<lm;??n?n 7ft rents.c?n be hftd At Meaara Kh\N L>\ A PTGH'r* or*',Seventh ?treet, or at the <lu th-* eve'iir( of the lecture. no *4-3t rr%-hm 1 auklphia contkctionkr llj 1?? cimm. W?t?r Ion, Widdiw Cak P'ut.d Cftkea MI ore Piea,P??try, Cr*?U f <r Oh? m?, J lltea, ana ? neiM?r?i assortment of 1. tiling* in th* Conf^ctiouOTy HM,M KUIWKI.L ore r Twelfth and F ?? do ^4 lm iry^ST^ MATTHKW KKKfrT9CHOOI> l>Jj A Sftie for th* l?nebt of the PreeSeha att*ah*d to St MftCUMw'a ckU'eb. will hf <ip?r at Wilarda'Ha on MONDAY KvfcNINu. I 'Jbth laat , aod wiit be eontioaed duriaa the w?*. The ladies .a rharge reepeotlWItw lavite the ftt'i Hot. of the Dttblie < ttai eaftertakinf, ike object whteh ia of eeea v?taJ importMoe to thia eannnu tj. e?jiyMAdt3M. *> - jw . . 7*:*) 14 -'iK e ?I | " ? -J--- ? - " DrrARTKIlTT WWI. Aixt Obdbk ?Capt. D K Jonrs, Assistant ? Adjutant (ienrral. with a rlerk. ha? h?*en directed a to arconi pnnv the Rrlgadfer General commanding the IVjurtnient of the West, on special service to Kautis Territory. p ".ISA Baron dp Wetterstedt, MInl-ter from 5w?- J den, Is at Browns . Capt DuPont. I' S N ; Surgeon L W. . Minor, U 8 N . and C H. Appl*4? and lady, 0t Mass are at W1 Wards. . fllrklntnn Ml(l h*S SOtl -MT. 0 Courtney, has opened a l*w office In \Vafl street, , in New York city. 1 i ID"The Associated Press Agent telegraphs 1 from Wasblhgtfln as follows; The Government to day received a dispatch from Minister Clsv, statin;; tbat be bad. pnrsaant to Instructions, demanded hi* passport and was on bis way borne from i'?u. Shortly alter tbi* Information came to the Executive, the Peruvian Minister to tbe United States was promptly furnished with bis passport, and thus all diplomatic intercourse between the two countries Is terminated. The amount of unadjusted cUin.s against Pern, on acccniit of the seizure aad eonHnatlon of tbe vessels Georjiaaa and l.izzie Thompson,is Sl.>O.OU>. Mr Clay has oeen our sunnier vo reru tor nearly fourteen rears SpalPketahsu Glbs ?The vMue of this glue for domestic purposes is inestimable. The alUlrultv of preparing common sheet glue for ns* led to the new article. hi a liquid ?tate the preparation can l>e used without heating, dries lowly, emlU no offensive effluvia, and ready for application It Is nut np In clan bottlea. serrrely rorke?l, and told with a itrush to apply It, at tbe low price of twenty live cents. Every Punlly should have the compound constantly on band, as thereby any article of wood, paper, crockery or jjlass can be tnend^d It will save more thsn ita cost every mouth In the >ear. The advertisement In another column, allows for what it Is useful, and \?Ui*re it can be p??a. Boston Trant'rtft , The T*t? of Kratucky. Hell , r<6 016 Hrecktuxidge S2,k? Doutflaa S5.<H4 Lincoln l.:?S6 Bell'* plurality I.J,|hO Freeklnrtdee o*er Douglas 27.1!lf Bell and Douglas' inaj'y over Breckinridge. .-/^ interesting TO hank NOTE \L5 HOI.ijer!*.?'Virginia notes taten at par TtTclothniz at the People*' Clothing store, )So. 460 Seventh street. n. B ?I have on hand a vers larseand p*nor took of Mens' and Boys' Clothiug Fori?i*hin|c GikxIs, liatj and Caps, at prices to suit the timet. J h. smith, Clothi?r. no 24 1m No. 460 7 th st, oppo. pu?t OfiLse. iyw=-union praykr meeting wilT ib 'Jof hcldeneverj day this week in the New \ ork avenue Church, (R?">v. Dr. Gurley's) to <*>rnrtienqe at a quarter past 4 o'clock, to he continued one hour. * no 5 Magnip'icknt i?p?vv>ii' cnoiw Now on exhibition and for sale at No. JI06 Pent- ! svlvaniaavenue,(WillaHe' Ilotei. beautiful holiday gifts. no27 Iw O COLT'S PISTOLS. I R Assortment of repeating "FIRK ARMS" i? complete of nearly all kind* mai'e; anil, huviag exolantvHr fo; tl)eo??h, w?? odor tnrin at I he !o?et' price*, at &TKVBNS'Salea Room, ro *T7-?>t Hrowii's Hotel. \F,W YORK BLKOANTCURTAIN MATE 11 R.aLH, AT Pit IMF. COST. The ?toci( of ailIt u<l? of Curia in Materials at the tore ofCLAGUTT A Dt>D^)N, is still complete in ail tli&t if rieh and rtesiiable. Ail or any of whioh will now be closed out at the pi jma oust nn RAFPLE F.VFRV NIGHT-A finelotofTl'RKEYS, and ?li kind* <?f other Fowl, ?1 trays on hand. to he rained every nig (it 9^^^ at my Restaurant, No. it**P Seventh tt., 63^^ above H tt. no 27-1 ni J OS. ROSENBK R R Y. M DRE?S HATS FOR GKNTI.KMEN ? Our a?auriiuent of t-a*iiionabio Ha * ia alwajrnr-v o imp ete. We aUo receive ever* week a lull^L supply i>f Hat* from Bee?>e. New York at STEVENS* SaU?Ro>m, co37 eo5t Brown'a Hxt"!SPECIAL NOTICE TO EVER VBOPY.?Go to FRENCH A RICHSTLIN'S, No. 2T* I'a. avenue, and pet your card engraving uona. Elami' e their a%>?p ?* and you will rot fail to be latmfied witb prices an?1 ?tvlee l>>B't forget the place. ? m FHKNCH * RlCHSTKlN, nn 9? V n 'i ? Ma a anna U'auni 1 t>CA BUSHELS MAINK~ r I ,?OU POTATOES, 1 6,?>< lba. Bay of Fund* CODFISH, i 60 bti a. No. a and3 M ACKEREL, Tj bbii Baldwin APPLES, (The car?;o of tho achoouer Georgia Deering.) 1 For aale by no 27 3t* J K_ BARR A CO._ 1VEWS FROM HOME.?Straog?ra viaiting Wa*hiugton will fend at our atore Only Pap*ra from ail par's of the country, < ?ut for next week? Mnroury, l.?dg?r and other Weekliea. By laat we hare a large aupplv of Knahah Almanu?. FRENCH A KICHf i KiN.iJB Pa. avenue. aoie amenta fvr tha Charleston Daily Mercury, r u SI . I1 REMNANTS. f I HERE ReTaiaa still to t>e tto'd out, at aome priee or other, a large lot of Remn?ot CARPKT1 Xlr.S of ail kinda Remnanta of OILCLOTHS t K"mo?nU of t-rerjr torn; in the FURNITURE L)H V <?<>Oi>S LIN K, winch are now ready to ho told olf. r The 'nwe?t pn?*t which they will he sold in marked id plain figures on each article. Great bargain* a;e Uure. 1 no t7 eo?it C AGF.TT A DODSOX. * WINDOW SHADES AT FIR ST C< >ST ?The , stock of al kinds WINDOW SHADEfc at the store of < LAGET1' A DODfON, in all 5 consisting of elegant Giit, Landscape, Gray Pen cilied and Gothfc: Styles, i t perhaps the most ootupl te variety t > he found any wrier" in this cit). f M??>, all widths SHADE LINENS, in Buff 1 White, Blue a d Green, w^.h al' th* fixtures s AUo, PICTURE i ORD?, ?OR I>3 and TAS sm#, in leu, i ir neiurea, riciure .Mi.j, *i;;i fan t ?n(1 pi*ia head. . Ai?o, foeautifu. TlDIK9, in ail aizea. > At C' ?t for the ea?n. no 27jeoti: CLAOKTT A DODSON._ BOOTS AXD SHOES! I O MKMBKR- '?F COMGRhW, 8TKANo GERr* VISITING I UK CITY, AND THE PUULIC GENERALLY ! Tla un'JoreiKned bete* leave to inform you that h< , ha< i > aiore one of the best a'aortinenta nfai^ m HOOT?* and s'HOKS to Ire found in tbeSftl ' ci'j, for Ludiea', G>-ntlernen'a, Miuei'IH mi Horn' W.-ar Aim. GL'M SHOES, . OVKK-GAITERS. LEG ?1NGS. Jta .. <fco. Hi* entire acock la fre*h?all made for thm *ea u aon'a wvar?in (he lw-?t ? ot the best materia v end Vorkutanatup. To wlnoh ha tavitaa your at luntioa. H. BlRNJ*.4<i??|?a.av. (A few rioora - ast of National Hotel,) no 27-eo3w (Intel.ACon ) Bet. 4H and 6th its. Slnger'o Sewing Macliine*. 3*S PENN. AVENUE, f NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDINU. We invite the auh'io attention to our new FAMii.> SEWINtf MACHINE. ThiaMaahiw ia uaaurpasaed in the h<-u?eliold. It rana amooil ' rihI iwift: $ews. h'Mis, /tils awl K*thrr.i, tews thi it bneftswiM and olota, or any tonic between thi (wo rxtreni**, in a fol anil auhatantiai aiaa H rr. Maohinea in mahopauv, walnntarw! ro?ewoo< ca?e? from Stji! to . } l<?i. Our lariro rtt.riUtnt prett mirhi*', for o>>anh trimmer* ar.d taodlera, la with otr a rtva!. tHk.Twiat. Thread, Naedlea, Uo!> i" My.uu, tc., *!w*y? 01 h*n<l at New York pnooi jn^Send for ? ?<>?T <>f I. M Smjer * Co.'i Ga " seue CHARLES A. 8P0NSLKR, 4? noZTSm A sent. In u R FURS! 1 F1JRH! _ One of tl<e largekt auil finest ?t"cks ever off?re KockMtrtin. ,e Also, lar?? stuck CARRIAGE ROUES. ? Fui* Repaired an<i Altered at short notice, by a > old, trip -rienced hand, all cheap. r. A? rii? "took ik vrry lar?(?, al: I a*k 1? a sail, at AM Furs *old at my establishment warranted a represented. HOPKINS', Corner of Sixth st. and Pa. av. ?j _iP" Sic5 Whith HtAi. no Tl Zw r>f (RATIONAL UALl.ERY OP EMINEM AMERICANS. This beautiful ENGRAVING. PiibUah?d br G. G. KVANSi And for aa!e at h>? GIFT BOOK STORE, ,, 476 PlftMSlLVAJMA AVBMCB, 1,0 eoatainaM PORTKAIT8 of moet eminent Amer r- on , Arraufod in ova1 form, makinc a very deairi .( We urnameit .'or the parlor or drawinc room. or" W ith each i'loture at time of aaie it presented i fc. ? GIFT! Or Now ia the tim? to ?p*ou'at?. ? < a'l aad examine tbi* work of art. for, withoi > additional consideration in (Jifta. it ia tae cheape M, Kcgraviaa ever oflared to the pvoiio. - -',<? , RKKLMBER, *? I'lr A I ran k* L.J a - ? n? r* *-' * r*? , ? rprsonadUDi 01 r?ra liBot Maa, **??? Ct:ar?.l ic times that l_ .. .. T*ltn MUM* *00Li," uia ??r>lfXZ?': *ra nyw Fr?n*jnent ?oto the sJest"" r<eW *? jobliahed aref ?; . n- O B VANS'* of GIFT BOOK STORE, ni- < * ? Piuui. Avxnua, ' At rt*alar pabliahara' prtaaa. no 21 tj - < ti mur. iUj4*Vl i ttClwO t 4 I j - Yr? tJUiZA: Sax Fbahcisco, Nov. 10.?The total vote In the itat*. &* far a* heard from, it 111.-16, distributed i follows _ Lincoln recel^f". T6.5H5 Douglas 35,960 Breckinridge 31,216 - TfcU Is the jnoct tewable account for | tSet accoaata^placin^ hrtm (.(NX) behind Uterotil. I ur i?ni?nvc ui ?u? ivwiiii ???" piuwuij MMola'p piarellty, but it la generally receded hAtbeVtM* ha% tone for bim. The enllTe ;? ople ? reform ticket for mttlcipal ifflceo for thucftr leele^d by iiiajorttMpraflv^ ng frdra 600 t?:?S?|0 Tbl# U the tlfUi tifr,* tie reform trovertimenfy wh.d win Inaugurated by the Vigilance Corninttto* of 1856, hai Heen it iorsed, and the majorities jutt given arc farmer than ever before David and Motri Abrarai. and J. Kdling, merrhan's. of this city, failed on the Ptb inst., for S l(Di,UtiO. Their cred.tors, who mostly reside here, are partially protected. A dispatch from Vreka. n?-ar Oregon, dated the 13tto, ht? tbr UtntulvicM fr?m Oregon kiw L?iuroln 250 majority, and Douglas Is 0 imni behind Breckinildge. Three small counties are to be heard from, which cannot much vary ihe reault. Tbe exUa pony eipre*a, with the result of the Presidential election In the Atlantic States, reached Port Churchill to day, and w?i published to th<" Sa:i Francisco papers at 9 o'clock, in six day* I'rrun St Joseph's tirest enthusiasm was produced by the news The republican committee had Issued ?rt address recommend!n? a general illumination to-morrow night. , Kspinosa, a Lower California filibuster. haa l>ern killed In a light. His hand was committing inurdera and robberies by wholesale on the I'enlnaula. The cltl?ena of San Diego hive sent fur relief to the Governor of Lower California. A letter from Walla-Walla, Oregon, dated Nov. 3. eay? that Ci\ft Dtnt,whi> bad been to the scene of the massacre of emigrants by the Indians, found a dozen of them alive, snbeiating on the dead bodies ef their companlona. One family, tiamtd Myers?conatnti rig of B mother and live rhildren, together with a brother-, u-law?were subalating 011 the body of the hnaband and father Several bad perished of starvation The Government is urged to take more efficient means to protect emlgraufs Honolulu dates to 27th tilt been received. Tb? whattner 11 pet was arriving Tlie whalinsr bark 'leor^f and Mary, of New l.oudou,WM lost nenr Jonas Island, on the 9th of June Valuable new mineral discovrrlet hav* been made at the Esmeralda mice*, and several rich veins have been located The weather was pleasant, and about 900 miners were there Silver leads were being extensively opened, and the ore U to be shipped to San Francisco, it paying *3 000 per ton. ???^? THE WEEKLY STAR. HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED roa THE WEEKLY STAR * TO 11E SENT TO YOUR FRIEND BY MAIL. IP NOT, !)0 SO 1MM 4DIATELY. tt is nVi.v a nni.t.AR a vl-ab FOR THE REST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! CALL AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT AT ONCE! no J7 M rpHE OEM OF T_H E S E A 8 O N I have thi? day received, p-?r Fxprcst. the Later Sty>?< of GENTS' FASHIONABLE DRKS} HATS; a!i<>, a iarjro and full snpp> of KRKNCH SOFT HATS, of alt styles, for Men and B?y A a my assortment of thf?e rood* 1* larre, 1 thai 6e,i at exceeding, y low pricss. A call where yoi oan get exaotly what you want is nolioited. HOPKINS. Comer of Sixth and Pa. av _ no 17-2w Sign of the White Bear. A SMALL EX PRE?S WAGON FOR SAL.f cheap.?App.'j to J. WIlKY'S Druir Store u?ar the corner of Third street and Pa. avenue. _ik 26 it [VOTES ON ANY GOOD SOUTHER? l^i Banks taken at par for BOOKS, STATION ERY, Ac., at FRENCH A K ICHfeTEIN'8, No. 27S Pa. avenue, Washtnfton, D. C. N. n.?Booke aoM at pgr nsnal low prions. no2 ttTEINWAY fc SONS', asd RAVEN. BACO? C5 A C<> ' Overstrung Pianos are the b#*?t noi manufactured. Soleacent, W 0. METZRROTL, corner Pa. ay. and Kioven:h at Pianos for rent. no 26 ?^OR THANKSGIVING DAY! Af/.VCE ME A T?MINCE MEAT' We shall have a supply of exoellent Mince Mm prepared in time for Tnanksfirinf !>* . _n_o_20 KING A H1JRCHELL. MONEY! MONEY! ... , MONEY V\ ashman and Virginia Bank Note* taken a par for HATS ami CAP.", at GI.ADMON'S Hat Store, No. 3**6 Pa. aveuue.near K evccth ft., no 26 3t Opposite Star Office. FGO To RKNCH A RICHSTEIN'S, No 279 Pfnr avenue, and look at their * ortment <>f Milttar Works, vis: Dictionary of th* United State*, Gil i Ion's Art l ent'a Manua , Rifle fraction. H&rdo Taotio*. Military Laws, 40 . Ac. / )1 the Mi'ttan Masonic. Chess, Uilliar Is, and Mechanical Book always on liand. no 26 MOORKf* 9UUII,LHUOAR DROPS-A sa'i agr-?>ab!e and effectual remedy for cough*, oids. Bronchitis, croup, Ac. in boxes at2ciMi and y? cents. Titer are decidedly the l,e?t a -J|[ t It IA in t Ka natwin an 1>U?P rtV r a/4 (it Ka nnft. viwi" iu ?<>v vwuu j i in in n ?r"i i'U* I "U i-W * uv pui'il Try them and l-e oonvincrt. fold at i AlOORfc'6 West End D'u* Store, do 26 Tw 11 -i Pa. avenne. SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS ?Fancy Notioi aud Toys, a lares ool I motion, and very eh ap It ' cash only, at LAM VIOND'S,7th ft. no?*Jlt^ j D A N K I N G H O U 8 E SWEENY, RITTENHO>'?E, FANT 4. CO. Will opan for auntomera, apecie, ourreuoy, ai Virginia money accounts. Buy and sell coin at 1 exchange at the most favo able rates. Currency aixl Virsinla montw wanted, no 34 1 AT PAR! AT PAR!! at p t din Note* on all solvent banks in Virginia, No-t ) Caro ma. South Carolina and Georgia aktn at pi b for READY-MADE Cl.OTHIHU. No inor.a D ofpnc5s. NOAH WALKER A CO., ' 36? Pennsylvania avenue, no 21 flt _ Brown's Hoisl Building. i |?OR KEY WEST AND HAVANA. ISABEL'Li.SE. Change of Sailing Dava.? Thret Tripx i November. THE U. 8 MAIL STEAMSHIP ISABEL, William Rollins, Cominsnder. a The Postmaster-General having chanced the da ofsailiBf of this Li nr. the Steam ship ariai . ISABEL will make THRKK 1R1P5^*JK3 jn NOVEMBER FROM CHARLIE-* TON for th? above Portf. _ S-% I 1 A. _ ^ I . . .... !, *? . ink unarxeevon on me in, ^5th r* mutt. l.e&rir.x Ilavan* on the 6th a?nl 17th Novkmbi and lit O cembbk. | A^!te- whioii her regular trips will bs oontinu L?^y? Charleston on the loth and tfth of Ex< Learn Havana on the let and 16tholF*cu Most For safety, speed, o >mfi>rt, and pleaxure, ti Lire oannctb* surpassed For information ?>r palace apply to T. BAI NMO.N" I Todd's Ruildtac, vVaahiQKt on; n to MOkuKOAI k. CO., 110 Ea?t Bay, CliarU ton. IT7A1I Mail matter must be pre-paid at t Pn?t Office. oo 30 lawJn A SAVE THE DISCOUNT, NO Come to C. F. CUMMINS A OO.'S !ar - BOOT and SHOE STOKE, on Seveath^^ * street, eecoud door IhMow Northern tel. where note* on all aolveat baaka areFK taken at par. YOT Keinember the big Bine Sign ^ CUMMINS * CO.. Boot and Shoa Store, 347 Seventh at., not* St near Northrrn Market rpHE PLACE TO BUY BOOTS AND BHOI If von demre to koy good and cheap BOOTS-a ftHOES, aad tfat with Virginia money, i. *ou will Wat C. V.CUMMINS* CO/0,BH 347 Seventh atreet, a?oon'l door helowf W % Northern Market oneofthelargaat.chaap- ^ eat anil beat ?toek ofttHOES in the oitj. Virgi moqaj taken ia trade l?r fchoaa aod aaUfefacti rendered in every reepect. _ , ? r"OT C. p". CUMMINS k. CO., Big Blue Sign. No. 31T Seventh at do 94 3t 1 door balow Northern M*'tw I .iTv?1??NKET8 *L*NNELB. i ? V^.Y K J*"w "P. hani * 'ar*# aoortauent of 1 i- B**lBank?U. Also, S?rnati' Blanket., Wh aid Colored. . Alto, ?oo<l fuiortment of Bwl Cm forU, White Marseille* QuilU and lares varutj ra hlannnlaat reduotd prison, H. KG AN, 191 8evwth it, or Q21-1 Mar Avenue Hmim I^RKNCH FLOWERS OF TdE VERY BE 1 if r *<j ?-? ?w, S^dlWirS Ut ?&i l4triL u i ? Jll I 4 " ATOHf 0? 6E0R0ET0W1 TAKEN J FO DRY GOODS, CARPETING, 0ILCL< % V ?j?E PRICE-MARKED ll Kf , I.,' '( BOT t?rOt uo: FOB THAWK^imN6JJAT AT tlioi? id wut of a roo.1 TUlt KKY ?f a good * ??ir of CH1CKKNS. falICKs?, frr.h? KiJCH. Bl'TTKR, or any tlunc in the Huokkt?''a line, would do welj to oall at Wm R. CUNNINGHAM'S Stall., No.. 311 and 312 Center Market. Washinjtoa,?1 l>. C., before pnrchaotne *!a*wb?rc>. no 36 3t BALTIMORE ANl? OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Mmmmmmmmam CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUN DAY, November i5th, 198<>,th? train* will run as follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON ttrnt train atft.2?a. m. Sf*?ond Train at 7.40 a. ?. ' bird tram at 8.14) p. iu.. Express. Kourin train at 6 p in. LEAVK BALTIMORE: Fust train at 4.15 a. in., Kxpresa. fecund train at a. in. Third at3.l<>p.m. Fourth at 4.20 p. ro., Expr?a*. The brat, imodI and third tram* from Washington ouueot through to Philadelphia aud ><<w York. The second and third connect. at Washington Junction with train* for th* West, Sou'b. and Nortivmt; amo. at Annapoha Junction, for An napulia. For Norfolk take the "> 4fl a. in. trai . l-or th? ancoaimodation 'of th" travel l>etwen Wailmiton an<l l.auiel, a pasaenter car will *> attached to the tonnage train whioh Icavea at 3.4" p. ni. < Saturday the 3.10 p. in. tratu sees to Philadelphia only. no K^l T. H PAII90N8, Agent. AS L W I N G M A' C HI N E FOR TEN DOLLARS, At PvMVftVT ifiVli At'VVBB Every family should have one. Parties abroad can, by remitting 310, have one sent to thom, with infractions. nott-at WALTKH HAWKF.S. 1 NOTICE. HKREHY Respectfully aun*?noe to my friends and the public thai I have, from to-day, opened a

TOBACCO and CIGAR STORE, No Al* Pa. avenue,and that I liaveappointed mr. C. Ackmanji as my agent to condnet the buameaa for ine P. V1ERBUOHEN. Waahington. Nor. 24 1W. no 34 3t? I 1PRIGHT OR BOUDOIR PIANO.-.-A na| VJ tiifioeut artiole just received of th*_^g^ rtrtiatliraUii fKiAkarir # JL ^itna' inftkrA' fn KmM^3 Uk-iwf ??vu VMIVB> l"?* ? *'? ?v. | Y | ? -m? taie low. Ca.l ?. d see it at th? icencr. Ml *? r JOHN F. ELLIS. 30?? Pa. bet. ?th and loth it*. Old P;?uo? at great bargain*. !hi 24 IAKE HOUSE, by Fanny Lewald, translated j the Germ&u by Nathaniel Greeue. 1 vol ; 75 cent*. Recreation! of a Country Parson, 1 vol.; prioe 81.21. _ (iuesses at Truth, by Two Brother*. 1 vol.; pr;e? 9> *' BLANCHARD A: MOHUN, no 24 corner 11th st. and Penn.av. JJ AT 9 AND CAPS! The latest New York style of GENTS' DRESS HATS, M SB now on hand. B 9H The AMAZON HAT, MS SB New Style, wist opened. . H fll . JOCKEY HATS, in Felt%fip^S# aud beaver. At Rkdccks Prick*. B. H. sTINbSftfTZ. 336 Pa. ayno 24 Thirteenth itowt IFOR K IN Q 0 Kf) R G Iv N Addition to her other regular landings, the Steamer ST. NICHOLAS. Captain tier, will herca/W call to 'and ami T take off pataengera at Chatterton^ ?"* 5 <Tayloe'a) Landing, thus affording the citizen* o King tiaorge additional conveniences for reacliini Haltumore, Washington and Alexandria, a* ahi goes to Baltimore every 8ATURD* Y.aud Wa?h ington and Alexandria every fHUR-SDAY. no JU 2w _ O SEASONABLE CLOTHING. UR Stock of Now and E'egant FALL am WINTKK C1.UTHI.NO is mo*t compl^t-", pre*ont in* a full assortment of Overcoat*. Capej Over ( coal* unit Kcpeilant Overcoat*; Black Cloth Frocl J Coats; French a*?imere and Beaver Frock am I S et * "ats; Black Fauci and solid rolorwl Canti mere Pant*; Velvet. Merino. Ca>snn?re and Si I 1 Vest*, Ac.; gotten up at our own inannfaotwry r J the latest and most approved sty lei, and undor mc ail vantage* a* will enalile u* to meet the v tewa o the roust eooaonnical pura baser*. NOAH WAt KKR A CO. MarUe Hall Clothing Kinpo. ium, ? no 21 fit 36*? Penn av?nue. ' Klin VARD8 ? 4 VIRGINIA CLOTHS, of th wUU l>e*t make*. 4-4 Heavy Twilled Flannel*, j 5 4 L.iii? y* of the b?*t kind. Blue. brown, gray, and white Blanket*. Woolen Yarn, Cotton Osr ahurg*, Piaid Cotton*. 5,(fm yard* Calieoei.of all style*. B We have a full stock of goods in every deparl r meiit. all <>( which we will offer at the very !i.w*> i market price* We invite all in want of Dry Goed r to give u* a call. _ WM. R. RILEY ft.BRO., ixo. jo central stores. w?n uuiiriiog, Hetvr. 7th and 8th B?r -#U, no 21 2w Oppo. Or.ter Mark#tL NNO SECESSION' OW IS THE TIMK F- >R BARGAINS! Groat inducements are bow ofloi tnl to all p?r?<>n? i wa-t of CLOTHING, F v'FNlSHING GOOD* 4 H ATi* and CAPS, at the People's Clothing ?-(on No. 460 Seventh at. Come one, ooine all. and bu your Clothing at greatly reduced p'to**. at - noJ7 1ni J. II. SMITrt'S. 460. Anew book*, T FRENCH k. HIOHWTKIN'9. 37? Pa. /T ,t A*ml* far the vhol* Worhl. Fo'ke iv>n?a, eietantiy boutid, pnnt>?d on tone papor, full Torre* Gi t: prie? fin if sent hy mail The .Mural Hickory of Woman, from the Franc of E'n??t l.eforo, translated by J. W. faiinei; > - 1).; price fl by mail. All of Marion Har and'a Hooka, Nemeaia. Moi >. Side, Hidden Patli and Alone; prioe each 91.251 y mail no 21 e IJOUSKKKKPER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA r. n Useful Information to the Houaekeepv I s Cookery and Dom;stic Economy, 1 vol ; pric $1.25. - Woods and Water* or th?Saranaos and Raoke by Allrod H. Street, 1 vol ; 81.2S. C Henrv ?n Social Welfare and Hainan Progrea< W 1 vol.; Jl. I Hopssand Fear*, or !*cenea from the Life of o. Scinater, li* the authorol' Th3 ileir of RfdeufTj, r? I . A. . r n * * vol.; i .o*?. E<lacatii?n, hy Herbert Spen**-, 1 vol.; ?1. Ht.ANCHAKD SC MOHUN, no 24 _ e?rner of Penn. av. and 11th *t. r 4S() ,NTERIOR ADOENMENTh. J i*A PER HANGINGS, all icrade? and pricea Warranted Gold Band Window ?"lia<lt<e Buff, UroAo, an>t Blue Holland Shades, a . iizen, made ta orflar >u Alao.a htndaotne atsortment of Picture Coi and Ta??e!*,all i*?ea d oolor?. Piireiiating for ta?h. and allowin* no old ?t ?< to acoumuKta- per?on* needing th* above roo< will find it to their advantage to hit* me a call. All work ex'cn'ed and anperintendatl by praot oal men wh > have nervod a regular apprenti ces!! tk at wipix iraae. Kr r??tiafaotiun euarantied or no par retired. B8 l'leaseKiva me a call. Kerusmb-r th<* buinuer, JOHN MAKRRITEK, No. 4**6 Seventh ctroct, *.Sove no24 eolot*if Odd Kellowi' Hall 1G. O. DF.MUTH * CO.. MPORTERS And Wholesale and Retaii Del era in HAVANA CIGAR?, - FOREIGN WIVKS, BRAS'LIES, GTNS. t No. 40 North Chakle* Sikut( Fine doors above Liximftom <(., no 25-1 r Baltimore pLUMRERS AND GAS FITTERS. ,s J. W. THOMPSON Sc CO. Would ovl the attention of water takers to thi \ fall a*aortin?nt of Ptxturnn nec??w to ita inti ? ducti?ii,a?fo!low?:-IlTCHKN RANGFH.KAT TI'BS. WATKR CL''SETS, HOT WATF 0. BOILERS. KITCHEN SINK?, PUMPS, Ci Ir?n. Wrootht Iron, and Galranii^d \V ,R TKR PIPES, HYDRANT* and PAVK WASI ERS, RUBBER HOSE.Ao _ j llAviti# cnn?ri^r wilk ar??li< #?? ?* ? I ?|FVI IUI I*U W VII yi r> ym k owle?1f?. we are pr*?;ifir<-.l to introdnoe WH int<) dwelltnra wi'h a'! the latest irrproven en promptly, and ?t prices that cannot fail to tatiaf: ii ilG9 Penn. avenue. llg no 24 dtMa--1 bet. 9th and l"th ate., south aide _ rrHK NOTK8 OF ALL SOLVENT BAN! *- 1 NORTH AND SOUTH TAKEN AT PAE. . . CLAGETT k. MAY Are Balling Oat t??eir stock of L. EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN DRY GOODS ze at an immense saorifioe to oloaeout by the lit 5 January. Fine Gooda'of every detoription at aboat half oc . Mrinr aioag your Virginia ami other tfatk not an/i arat in Mr /tkanx ALaaaamaKIa Aa/wIs ^ ? ?V* IH ktcmvbouiv i/ij WWVMW about naif tha ucual prioaa. IC^Tarma fusiuvelj oaeh. CLAGETT A MAV, u BO M ?t 3^4 Peaa ar. bt ttb and IQUi ?b i8- All who wad of di Merrimack CalioeM at lu oeata | Beat Canton Fiauoala at UK oaata V 4-4 Shirting Cottoca at to w?rtfc 12H oenta J iSoent ghirtiac Cott?na at I2X ??nU Zi Alt Woo* Whrto Fiannal?*t 25 worth ? o?o '? All Wool V\ kite Flannels at SI, 77,5) oenta Shaker Flannel at JO worth 75 oenta R ed Flannels vary ob?*? MnntaA'Ain Halftlna Ef ? Wrtffn 55 Mnta ?' Mouaselftini at 10 oenti worth IS oenta ? Frcuch Merinota at 62 worth 87 oenta floya Wear all Wool at 63 worth ?7 oanta ina 4 4 Heavy Brown Ba^aticc Cotton at 9 oeoti lite 8 410 4 if 4 Hnavy ('ottoa Cheating, in- Cheap Remnant* of Dreai Good at halfpriei r of G?mtv G ovaa at w oeata worth 91 Lad*?a'~'0aiou" Kui Gluvaa at 75 oeata n,W,tV*ii'ku,''tGot?u"*u?ll? Cheap, i. Billa of all Banha taken at par ? cU^TT4?V^. I N^a?V'2EL?i*,<Sf4.,3,^S If, > m a f M-4 JV i?|* J ***+ 9 * r iro YiKonriA Bin votib R OTHS, BOOTS, SHOES, A: liATS. i IN PLArx.FfdUKES. R. BR ICE II ALL, 3^3 til m SCTKilTH STKEKT. \ AM05SiKNT8. ~*i' "I ~i ~ n ii airtt n ? ? vi r\ nv in<ttl#kki u i/vni liv i a .ii; c.aiiiui iiu.i OF THR Children of St. Aloytins Sun. School, A?:?nn BT A FOLL IHI HUTU, Witt tatr* ^i?rx? V, ?T^M?k?<ivtrK l>ajr,i November 29. in the K*?einent of the Church, on I And Nort* C*piU> ?lr?ct*. PART FIB?T. 1. St?r SpAnoe,! ltAiUMr. Cuu*ua vitb OrcheaWr. 2. Ciitw W e SUa4,/)irij?d We FAil. DeclAniAtou. 3. Th* Sireet Birdnsro \V?Gr?B*. F?k> ?nd Chora*. 4. Tfc? <'l?Ud M U? Kefiu*enU Sow by M*at*r W. Rand*.t. 5. InstnuiientA!. 6. Strike the Crmt*l. SoJo And Chom*. Part Sicoxi. 7. H?il Coimrhi*. < :horu? Altai OroJiMlor. 3 Lsughmt Tno. Chorua s. rue wandering Bvj. poio dj mmim e.. WhiM. 10. Bernard" del campo. Iteclamatton by Maatrr n. llo.ritet White, Red, and Blue. 9->lo ard I C(khm. 'IS. I Would not Die in r*prin( Tim. fcoln by Muter W'fu. Kiuidail. > 13. Polo hy Mhp M. R&tciifT. ? 14. Money ii a Hard Thing to Borrow. S?>lo and Chorni. Tioki ta 25 oent*. <*liiUir<*n 10 c?nt?. Duora of<*u at h*!f pint 6 oVluik. Kxareiaea to evnihience at half p?? 7 o'eloc*. no i7 Ut yy ASHINGTON T U K iTKR! EXTRA.' EXTKA' EXTRA* MAGIC! MA (ill?! MAGIC! GRAND MAGICAL GALA. .. ? MONDAY, Nov. ?i. And >'o'ln*!n? Kr?r t?e?, for FROFKSSOR AM>KR?KJN, PROFKsWJfi AM'thSOV, PROFR^i^'K ANDKRSON. who wi L METAMORPHOSE THE THEATER i _ 13HO A PSYCHOMANTRUM ! * <>? MAGNIFICENT ENCHANMENT. When ?i!! beprodnee<1 th? MOST Sl'PERR PROGRAMME I *ixl til* MOST GORGEOUS SCENE Ever Preseutei b* PKonsao* AxDtanojt. NEW TRICKS without nnml>*r?. Remodeled Modification* of the \Vh->le, MISS ANDKR!? tN, MNEMOSYNE. | MISS ELIZA AND MISS F..??RA ANDERSON EVERY EVENING. The Eut?rt*ir.n>ent at the 1 THEATER I will he instructive and entertaining, j STAHTiJNG AND ASTOUNDING. WONDERFUL AND WEIRD. performance THANKSGIVING DAY AIH< SATURDAY AFTERNOON, no 33-tf at 4 o'clock. AI TOT I ON MALKS. Bj CLEARV A GREEN, Auottoneera. ? ' 506 Ni?ik isrttt. Furniture, china. slafrs.aim ^ roci my Wan AT Apctioji ?On THURSDAY MOKMNG,r>:h inatant, we ha!! Mil. in froat of f our Auction K<? m?, at 10 o'e.cck, a general aac eortment of Household Effeota, aocb aa? ? , Makosaaj SeCae, SiiKfo ??rda, a ad tiu-eaua, - ' l?o Bedst?ad?, Chaira, and Ta?>)ea, Wardrobea, Waahctacde. Dining Tabiea, i I A>ungea. 4'ane and wood soft* Ckaira, Feather tied a, Hair Mattreaaea. . China. Gihu, and Cro?kerj Ware, * ! C*rjK>ia, Mirrora. Kitchen Furcilure. Teriaa oaah. " no 27 d CEEARV A GREEN, Ancle. i Br CLEAR V ft GKKKN. Aactioneera. 606 ytn:k itre'l. k TJORSES. COWS. MULES. CARRIAGES, 11 w*i!o>?. faimins implkmkmts, v?<,kta'} blks. Ac ,at ArcTio*,?On MOft DAY next. the 1 3 I day of Droemr>er.(ti fai r, if not the next fair day,) we shall ssJl, at 1U o'clock v m . at the rr*i.anc?* <?f Thomu C Manryler, Esq , Mstropolia View <tlia >at^ re?idet:oe of Washington Berry, rt.>ail _ oi his Farming E Heats. consisting iu pari? e 4 fine y>>un* Work HuiMi> 1 pair of Mules, S years old, 2 Morgan C<i!ts,s roars old. 4 excfVent Milch Cow*.3 Hrotkl Skiws, i 4 MMffd's.2 years old, 1 tfuil, 2 rood Faini<y Carnages f >i I and 2 ' ones. Market Wagons, Farming Caits, Ro?kawayan<l Uaggy in go-xl ord"r, >t Uoubear.d sinsle amageanti Wagon Harcsss, s Plovi, Hurruwt, Cutivat'Ti Cutting Box?s, Hoes, Rakes, Cradles, -oy thes, A o. I Oat and Wheat St'aw, Fodder y*h?oks. Head of fiue Cabi>ag?, I .Afjra int. ufTuriiia*. Together with n*ny oth?r articles which we da*m n<* nee*?sart to euameiat*. Terms of sale: All turns nndec ouh; "T?r ? a credit o| 4 ana C mouths for uotes um.a iton rily ?ndr>rs?d, hearing interest. i, n<> Tt d I'l.KAK V ft GR KKM. Au?-U_ *y By CLKARV *<tSBKX, Auctioneers. 506 Atnik arret. Fine wwf.s, branmkp. whiskeys, tiifsa cm*a?, kc . at auction ?On TUE8? DAY MOKNI.Mi.the ol Dao?nber r?xr, ws ' .shall sell at our Auot on Store. No. 506 Ninth . atrret, at 1(i o'clock a m , to oioce conaignirisnt, & Urge assortment of fine Liquors. Cigars, to.; v comprising in part? i 2.s?u%rtan<t wcht casks fin* Brandy, l* 5 .'asos Wolfe's imported Jlran Jy, _ 6 do do do t*h?rr> VVioe, ' 5 do d:> do Port (Vim, 1 5 do do Sohe:datn Schi.apt, S do Imperial Wine. af * do Dr? Catavl* Wine. u 5 do La Perle Wine, ,e Lot Cftampunons. Lot Pan is Poia, t, ?0 f\W Cic&rs, Ctioioe Brand*. 25 il. x?n bottled M<>uon<ah<? a, Bourbon, and Rys ,, Whukeja. T?rraa: AH inmi under 3? cash- owr #3n a credit a of 30, Mt. and 90 dava. for aotas satiefaotorily en,?? dorard, beariCK interest. moil CLE*.RV ft GREEN. Auata. Bi J. C. MoGUIRE k. CO.. Auetioaeera. TRLSTEK'S BALE OF FRAME HOUSE Gasp Lur ix tiik Fiht Warn*- G? MONDAY, the "4th day of Dec*inl>er. at 4 o olrck p. m., on th? prMniMi. bjrTirtif of a deed of trust t'>tn??ubao-iher, dated liiwininf 3 !. iaS6. and Dal; recorded ,, i 1b Li*wr J A. A, No l<2.f> liosiMS.etseq ,on?<>. t*? 11 i land record f?r Washington e<>? 1).I sna 1 sell . ths we?t i?a;f?>i Lot nuin^reo h?o in Square nor ra bered eightj-iour, fr<>uling 3*) feet on ;*ew Yorl t a vena#, bst?-wi 2ith and 21st ?tr?*t#. a:>d ranniai i ha^k al>out 115 feet.together with the improvements ln consisting of a amal) frame d*e>tlng house. Terms: One third cash: the remainder in 6 and 1? norths. with interest, aaonred l?jr a daed ol traal f oo thj premise*. ; Ali oonvejaucin* at purchaser's oost. CBAS A B E R T, Trustee. J. C. MoGL'lRE ft Co , Auoii ' BO 22 JSW*CB ????????? FOR SALE AND RENT. j- I ? I I For otktr "For Sill *nd K.???" dvtrmtmilt, m Jlr.'t pa(s-] C.f . y .. . . .. COR RENT?Hands' ineiy furniahed nuita o r ROOMS, with Board. if required. No. 504 L_ Eleventh street, between Pa. avenue and C at. no -St _ ' COR RENT?The HOUSE on Eighth street, i ; r lew doors abo?e our store, auil?feTe as a dwell "r ineor for oSces. Apply to JOHNSON * SLT a TON. earner Eighth street and Pa. avenue. no 27 eo3t* Lit rot REN T?A three- a tor t-and baeemea A- r BRICK HOUSE, aitusted on Tenth street. In tf* tween N and O streets. Rent $13 per month Ai , ! ply to 0. HAUPTMAN. No. 419 Eleventh at >al ii?ar Pa. avenue. no T7-3t* ? K?OR RENT-HOUSE No. 460 H a'mt, h? ?. r tween 13th and 19th Has water, gas, a l&rg < yard, and ever* convemeaee for a amall f&nnh i, | Apply to L.EDWARDS'Grorery.or to Or. CRA ? GIN. UJ4 Dumbarton atreet. Georgetown i no *7-aotf 1 DOOMS TO LFT.-A hudwm< suit of Rootm 11 furnished or unferciahed, near the Patent Oi fiae, with douUe parlor*, marble ma.nUe?. km fci tur<**,?nd fine yard, and oarrtage-heuae attache< Me\l* furnished, n d-aired. Inquire u No i* H, between 4ta and Mb at*. no ST e<>3t* of iy?OR RliNT?Three heauUiul PARJ.ORS, i 17 tha Uuuae Sihli <i atrial, corner Fifteenth el ... oocupied last actaion of Conjreaa by Hon. M . Humphrey, are bow for rant. Alio, the Parte now occupied bv F. de Haaa Janvier.Em., is U aaioe hoq?e. There are also several fine Roou suitable for ataxia fentlemaa o? aa?aJI families. wil t or with'iat board; lt^ ! fT'l'RNlQHKD APARTMENTS FOR HKN1 iv r ma priva'e fcmily, a Pe*mT i?ud Cbamlfr imi I iav, verv handsAinetv knaiM.ea the drat flou elevated ft v? feet above the aula walk; location vw pleasant and Ueairable; only a few yards fman tl I ma efiua tmentaru pawtc uro.jous.aad t.mnibi line te the Capitol, on N??w York avenue, tin. U floor n-oni Fifteenth atreet. no. 4*0. no *7-eoij l^OKRE.NT?A fo?r-?toxy hrowafroct DWKi I * LING.iituiUon Tiurteeiitb iL, between and M&aaachusetta tT?uuof the moat d??irab location* in the city. Th? homt la furnialiwl wii mar Me mantlea ; alto. (M and water fxtarM. wil bath-room Inemreat WM. P. 8UBUD*9 l*ai>e , N?- ftOMltth It ? ?7 ait* 17OR RKNT?A brick DWELLING HOIW ?, r No.'.no 9:sth atreet weat, between M and north, oontainiBK n>o*a aad a Kitohen Tn moderate Apply aaatdoor earth. boXIw* ! EHJK SALE?A neat two-atorr BRICK HOITBI r owntaiiiiar aix room, situated oa Tenth, h e. twaenoand P streets Teraea: One-half c?*Ji . wt jx . J14+. <*b u. ; | * AUCTION *JLU TUIS AFTXttlHJO+f ? TO-MUHKuW. B? BONTZ A GRIFFITH. A?e.iooa?r? I AR6E SALE OF FANCY OOOIK*. BOOT*. L< Saoat, L vui u? Utn, Ac , Ac-, at Aw TioW?On VVkUNKSDAY m6RNIN0, Noy*?i b*>r 28th at ?H ia frost of Ui? Auction R ?>ni?,(No. 3t>8 7lA atraet, Uft. I and k itrwu i wt> will *11 m law" utortnrat of? t op.oofor. aca wa Skaw'r, Scarfa, Woo!*n Jaoketa, Und?r Blurts. lira wart, Hotaary, cJSvSSttWttltar-. Jewel Boxee. Urctuut iw, R??ewood acOiahotanyWork Boxee. tiiver PateaTea and TaMe TfcM# Cet law, *c . Ac , . _ , Together wait a ?arte vaitetj ? Wo atuae roue to miction. Sal# Positive. Term* ee?h. Virgioia money taken at p\r. auat BONTZ ? i.mFFITH, AiaU. By J. C. MoOl IKK * CO.. Auctioneer*. <l'PKKIOR HUSK WOOD PIANO FORTE. * H Hinueunt Kmiiuii Alii Hot s KBoLli * ? mt<, tfon?it?. t.*aai*?K?. H **!?? *, Ac., at PI blw AUCTION.?O* XTKDNKSDAY MORN INK, November ieoVW>? ?ne residence of K . F. Pace, K*q . 4 4A C atreet, lilti.d *d street* went, we shall *eli all tua fucitare at. t effect*, compriuu*? Bnperi ir Roeewood eeveii octave Piaa<> Forte, t< Gmm A Co. Suite of Walnut. Green and Gold, hrocatelle eo* ered Parlor I- urniture, consisting of two Sofc? and six Cliaire. Suite o| R or# wood. Maroon.and Oarnet Itroeat# In ? varad I'arlor Hiruiiuro, cuu?i?un? 01 r ration Sofaa. two Arm and four ??!d* C"airt. Rnii>?ond |..p C?i?ro ud &?sa f*ab Twalra Plaati a??ara?l Fionch Cktirt, ai<d iva larra Rockers. Two vary a je and ale*ant Pranoh Plate Pier Glaaaea. with {*lah? and Hnirk-U, Gothic Fancy chair a. Rowwooo Cam TaMaa, Thrae n^rior Krfitk Mautai Ci<-oka. <21 dacal Hm.U 'wie F.aat InJtaand China Vum Paaierniacha TaMaa, Oraamrota, Vwrrt. Braa**!a, anc ?tii?r Cararu >l*f, tuny ?ofa. Hat Trna.asJ Ua Cuaira, KxlMna.ori Dininr TaWa. Mar'> a tup !*niaht<ard. Larcr ??t of Fiowint B u? I>i "- ?r M va. Bohemian. CM, and rr?fd.Ol????r?, Silver Pifttal Caatora. Tatu* Cut.erw. W a iter a, 8o:ul Mftin'*au? huh ???t IJMatcal*. ?Mt fc?\\ Omftm-nta! Omriwe. Two large Krei.oh J'>n.t? P?ych? C1ft*s-t. Mlbnitn) WtnlrobN, l>reaam? t.uri??( m wmnludt. Hfti me **rts Toilot Wi f, Hair *: >1 Hmk Mftttreaaea. Ife.laWi riftd P,. * ? Co'?kin? Kadift' >r. awl ?!?>vee. I' t -ii* r wrti ft * e?ra M'lTim'it ? ! K.lcbfi Hf*(Jt?itaa At2o'o!<?ck, in f"?nt of iha rrrw'*-^. r>s? p?ir njen-r Northtia Cftrnaco lWa?a. ?i*ht yaara Oil- H%n?a<>mcCftiuli t*>p K?*;: * 0?rr,**<?, One Hmiiuu> ft <1 nii^ ftfn::? < ?-- <?<?. L.?>* of Hutmi, H"r?o-c ia*rs. Ac. f a-?1 umier cft?h; <v*r ?li*t *imu a oredit > !fio tvu<1 y? <lft?.r. lor aatiftfftc-Uirt j uolw. noSd J. C M?criRK *< (>.. Aftcta. t'UTUti E DA IS Mr J. C. iVlcUliKR & CO., Aucrioi.fera 11XCKLUBNT FTRMIT1 UK A N M HIH i lUfiv; Krrtrr" ?r Pr?i ? (> . t K' DA t tiWKM Mj Nor*int?er #'lh, ?t " ' lock, At the iMid'SC of ft *el.t ou \r. llBO lin- * K knepin;. .No. 41> 1 h tr'ei. ivtwMii Ki.' f * i ?*.xth tre?t?, wo a ?? ' the ei t;r? i-ufhtti.t and PfT-??a, ociririKmi*up?rt. r KoifVoMl ?c*eo octave tian<ifoite. ? * ?'hio?erint, ?uite of Ha* <*soine Wft!n? Orimenn P o?h oov er<?d Farior Furniture, oomfriiiiit fine Tete ft tete t?? Arm ftr.d (our Pftrlor Chair*. Four fifti es iu?? tare? Chair*. Whvaot, Kni?T(i <2 MarM" top 1?Me?. Vi ?ee. RrnaMiB Var.nOM. ?iul Int ftin ?>TDPt?. Hroiiie Hat '1 r??s. ^ l?x>r OlieiuUi, Superior avlid Wall ut ! *? ?iz", Walnut KxlMaica Tab'*, SideJ'oard, Oak French I'tniut Chair*. L^arer, Cane aad Wood seat Chair* asU Ruckerc, Witidow C"rta-ri* aiid Shade*. Gold band Ffauuh CLi.a Diuner, Desert, and Tn War*. Tab Cutlery. Caatora, ?Iaa?ware, Refrif "ator. Water c ?o er, Waiter*, Mahogany. Jenny l.ind, and othe' R'dateada, MarWs t>?p Drwinj and ?*?ain Bareac*., T? net Set*, Clock, Enamelled 0?-tta*e >eu. Hu?k and Mo*a ."flkttree***. Po'ster* and Pillow*. Child'* Bed*tead, Crib and Bedding, Cooking and other ftore*. Together with a geoeral aaaoitnient of Kitchen Requiaitea. Term*: Ssn and nwler, cafh; over that earn a oradit of sixty ar.d ninety day*, for eatiafactori y endorsed notes, (marine n (tmi. no 23 d J. C. McGTIKK A CO . Anet. /CONSTABLE'S fAl.K Of VAI.l'AIII.KRm Estate.?Bt virtue of 6?e writs of extent < n issued 0> Jo*. N. Pearson, a Justice of the Peace in and for the Count* of tYasbincton *i,d District ot Colombia. ?n toe l?th daj of November. A. D. 186", in favor of John J. Bocue the jixx1* and chattels, laeflsanl tenement*.nchta and cred it* of Bernard Mate**, and one other writ of ?x?iu Uon issued by Itoixirt While, a JutUoe of the Fear?> in and f<>r sa.J couutt.oi the Mth of No vemher current,in favor of the Mid John J. Boca*. aleo against the roois, As., of said Bernard M%*ee. 1 have levied ut-on a<l the said Bernard V.a 0 ? r? r A.t in B rtil ?n that it i Afie anH nar/?al n f t |?W V I *-? V U MUU V7 Wl?? f ?UU P?l vvi "I * f round known aa that p*rt of lot numbered one (I > mxiutr? vtntuf i^u*r? niml>?r?d fourteen, i 4. front I tit twenty fire <?>) fe?l on iftth alrnot at d aevetry (7C) fee*, oc I'e^u. av? aod Kail proceed to ell th- mine to aatirfy ?%id eix writ* or execution at pub'io tale to the fci*he?t bidder for oa?h. oa the preiDi?ee. on FRIDA V, the ?*h ?l?y of November current, at 4 o clock p in. The premieee will be aold auVject to an encwm hrance of 9?*?, payable with ini*reat oa the 18th day of October, a. 1>. no W-td WM T. CR AI6. Constable. By A. GREKN. Auctioneer. ADMlNISTRATORTiSALF. BV ORDER OF tub orphans' Court, of hochehold afi!> KlTcnm FroMTTR* VVaTi kl?,*c., at AUCTION. On FRIDAY.**h mat at 1?o'alock a. m.. 1 aha I a?!l, attha ate rendenoe of Geo Jutiuun, dee d, all the Pera??>al Etfectaof thedec aaed. at thacorner of Mer'land avenue and r*ixth at. I* and. via: Mat-orany Sola*, Chairs. Tab ea %nd Bureana, i Walnut Can* ?e?t a?d other Chatra and Ixoatee ItatfaioA'l*. Feather Ue<l*, *nd Bedding, WardroMa, Looking ti.aacet, P:ctnrea and Curtains, Carpeta. Oilatotha, Mattinc and Ruga, China. Glaaa and Crockery Ware. On* Gold and one Stiver Watch, and one Gold Chain. Coo. nj and other Storee, with a good iot of Kitch en Rr<i uiaitna. And man) other article* whioh we deem nnneceaaarr to enumerate. Terme of aaie : All aama of and under oaah ; over $30 a credit of 2 and ? moutha, for aotee aat ufaotority endoraed, bearing interest. GKUR6K W. JOHNSON, Administrator. o*-M A iiRM \ A n pt By BARNAK L) ft Bl'OKKY. Auctioneer*. IritrillMM. D. C. TRUSTEE'S SALK.-By Tirtaa of a dead of truat. duly recorded in Liber J. A. 9? 179 ?t ' m(n 183, Ac . of the I nod record* of the Diet not of Columbia, 1 nail publicuoUoa,oa WEU1 N K5J)a\ , Nov.l4tb.lii6", at 4 o'clock p. m, a part > of Lot 1T!?, in Bea'ty and Bawkina'a addi'iou t<? ' iiininp lortheaaaeattheeontheaat corner of Market %im1 t-onrtii at* , and ruaaiaj a?.u h witn Market at 32 fc?t < inchea, mo.* or leas, to H. ' TninnM'a lot; thenoa with hi* iot eastward t T? f ' fret, more or loea ; thenoe northwardly K feet a lochea to Koartti at, and Utanoe weal ward ;y W feet to ')i6 batiimini > Term* One third oaaV; remainder in no*a? at *, 12 ami II months, ?ecu red bp a dead of truat on taa premise*. If the terms cf aale be not oomplied with in five ' daysfr'-m time of aale, property will bo reao datthe nak of defaulting purchaser. All eoaTapaaaiBf at o???t of purchaser CUARLKS M. MATTHKWS.Trnatae. BARNARD A dIICKEY, AaoU. no? T.Th.S.M* rt* C7-THK PURCHASER HAVING FAILED to vuinalt with the term* of Mis, the property wi.l he rfii' dll ?>i? n?k on FRIDAY, Nov V?'h. iHsft. CHAKLEfe M. M A TTHEVV?. Trusts*. _no?4j BARNARD A BUCKRV, Asots. - Bt OLEARY * ORREN. AiotioaMri. I 506 Smtk Urft. 1 POSITIVE SALK OF HANDSOMEPARLOR A A.SD Hor*BuaLi> Fcmitcb.1. Cakpkt*. Ac.? - OubATl KDAV MORNING.tbe IMoi Dsosra i hs* mil, we shall Ml, at our Aiotioi Kooai. No. 5O0 Ninth st ert. bssiuuiug at to o'c.ock. a .arge . and Lauds?ius a?sortaxnt of Furniture. Carpets, Ac., o muting of? Romwoo4 Par >or Suits, oovsrsd tu nek Brooal is Silk. it Kp.ewood MarUe tap Bureaus, . *- Wslnut r<ur??. Tete s-Tetee ?nd ceeeor vewre. Walnnt aad Mahogany \N ardrnboa, ? Do do WarUtUjt Sideboard*. Y HiutlKime RoMvuod ud otiier Par .or aud Fa-oy Cktin, ' Haodaonm Jenoy Li ad Cottag* B*dat*ada, KoMVood aeU Walnut Marl? t top Tabi**, J ' Wa.aut and M&bogany Marh.e to* WaaLatoka acd Htanda, Hams >nt* Gilt <d?eoml?d frame) Mirror*, _ Ko**wood and Wa nut ttef?na. . wri log fftanrta and Whatnou, r* F*atb* ar B*da. PiMova and tlnl*t*r*, [_ Fin* Ha r Mattraaaoa. Slick and Cot to a do. . a T?p?*trr. Tbr** p y aad lugrain Carp*ta, 7 Toother with a nentrai aaaoruaont of Hoa**bo d < rirnmre. - T>rm?: All aaia* ?n<i?r $? cub; our that nm B a orMii ?-| V, (naad 90d?y* will t? fiMtu for *ati? L., factonlj endorsed notM, bearinc interest. r. i*>? o fUKAWV A f?R KKS . AufU By wTiX A BARNARD A-ot?ooetr?. Corner Stntk St. mmd ?M* rtdf Pm i> K VERT VALUALE PROPERTY NORTH OF WHHi*TIHI. OH TBI PoVBTBBBTB STBBBT - OB PlItBT BBAMCB, il? SB, B COLrJIBlA P Collbcb. AT * rrTlos ?Ul WEDNKMI?a\ aF? TRK NOON, itk Itecambfr Mlt, at 4o*?l?rk. w? r, will Mil,*tt>>* A??IM R<NH^IMl>ai?U?tlMt ry of laud oa th?. FoBrteenth urM road, aad j?t*t to north of the eity, Ooftaf#, and m kaowomthbyiataftteditibiobbfu** holakwd" fd MUM. rMordad m Um ? ? t'a ci^u Lots. oj?jBMUBf 33 BorM 4 perchM of t> autifal grovM of ?> 1mm u tkm h>nrila MUrl far I a?4 pleaeare aartiee. 'I'M KMhM i? MMiifti, the neighborhood good, uxl it u *>nt!" iiiant ?nd aoc<*?itue from the cit* by one of the ,, b-??t mfc tn thin iw>kl|. Divided it wuaM a ake nuit deal atne building aitea, the trart aateod.i.? II the greater portion oa the Foerueelh *tr**i raid. _ and on the aorth on a 24 f?? r?i, a rart ?>l enid Si, trMt. It la watered by n??y Draneti. whkh ryu? N tttrongh it. and ni??r?ii eprioga. m A'togatter thta m cm of the mwU 4Mua|>l*l?i of mi'I on the U>and%riM of the m?i ? aa the owner who ree:d*e in North Car* fna.tive* . R, f*r*artnr? ormi to eeM. it wt'l otfer ai opportj* \ Ml; ha Meare the aaaie at probao y a f reai eacri *" tl3?a*,fc-'r*^?IlL4*A*!IA*D,Aaa^. ? ? "X i.k'i #